MTV VMAs 2013: It Was About Miley Cyrus Taking the Fall



The 2013 edition of the VMAs was not about music. It wasn’t even about the symbolism I’ve described in past years. It was basically MTV saying: “There is nothing to celebrate in pop music this year, here’s an awkward, cringe-worthy display of everything that is wrong in the entertainment industry”.

I’ve written extensive articles about past VMA awards because they were filled with occult symbolism and messages. This year, not so much. It was about promoting major artists and their newest albums. But mostly, it was about providing a “shocking” moment that would get mass media talking for days. Miley Cyrus provided it.

Miley Cyrus: The Industry Slave Chosen to Take the Fall

Miley Cyrus’ display at the VMAs was qualified by many as “trashy” and “embarrassing”. It was indeed a strange sight to see. It was as if she was doing it on purpose to embarrass herself. Well, here’s a moment of clarity: It WAS done on purpose and, moreseo, it was ALL staged. People commenting on Miley Cyrus appear to forget one, massive detail: There is an enormous marketing machine behind Miley Cyrus and there always was.

Miley's image has been heavily marketed by Disney since the days of Hannah Montana - a girl who (appropriately enough) had a stage alter persona. Hannah Montana products often had butterflies on them, maybe a slick reminder of how she was a Disney programming slave.

Miley’s image has been heavily marketed by Disney since the days she took on the role of Hannah Montana – a girl who (appropriately enough) had a stage alter persona, with a different wig. Hannah Montana products often had butterflies on them, a slick reminder of how she was a Disney programming slave.

Until 2013, Miley was signed with Hollywood Records, a record label that was founded by Michael Eisner, the CEO of Disney. Hollywood Records also owns other child stars such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers. Every artist in the record label’s stable has a carefully crafted image to be marketed to its target public. Miley is now working with Britney Spears’ ex-manager Larry Rudolph and signed with RCA records – one of the biggest music labels in the world that owns the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ke$ha.

As a product of Mickey Mouse programming, Miley underwent a classic “good girl gone bad” treatment. Once a good, wholesome daddy’s girl, Miley has turned into a bratty freak who keeps sticking out her tongue and twerking for no reason. While most people are probably tsking at Miley, they do not realize that this whole thing coincided with the release of her new album – and that it was all ordered by her handlers. In other words, she was selected and programmed to be this year’s main example of a “good girl gone bad”, a process the occult elite wants the public to constantly witness. They want the masses to see innocence and wholesomeness turn into sleaze and trash. They want pop culture and the youth in general follow the same process. While alchemy is about turning stone into gold, the masses are made to witness the opposite process.

Miley’s VMA performance is about a child star who was beloved by millions of young people showing what the industry has done to her. It is about shattering the innocence of her fans by having them witness her metamorphosis into one giant sex-obsessed caricature. I’m using the word caricature because it is safe to say that Miley was not 100% herself during the VMA’s. Her demeanor was characteristic of a Beta programming slave who had the switch turned “on”.  It was, however, not only about being overtly provocative. It was also (and mostly) about being annoying and embarrassing herself – as if it was a sick, humiliating ritual. Dressed and styled to look like a bratty child, jumping around with giant teddy bears, Miley’s performance was all about getting a negative reaction from the public while continuing the ongoing agenda of denaturing everything that is related to childhood.

Things got even stranger when Robin Thicke came out to perform Blurred Lines. As its name somewhat stipulates, that song blurs the line between being a flirty and all-out creepy. Its video has a strange handler-slave vibe, where Robin, Pharell and T.I. are all sharply dressed while the women dancing around them are completely naked … and being sung lines such as “You’re an animal”.

While Blurred Lines appears to simply be a "fun and sexy video", the fact that the singers are fully dressed while the models are completely naked denotes a strong relationship of dominance. Forcing slaves to be naked while the masters are dressed is a classic psychological ploy to make them feel powerless, vulnerable and inferior.

While “Blurred Lines” appears to be nothing more than a “fun and video”, the fact that the singers are fully dressed while the models are completely naked denotes a strong relationship of dominance. Forcing slaves to be naked while the masters are dressed is a classic psychological ploy to make slaves feel powerless, vulnerable and inferior.

It is therefore not a coincidence that Miley sang this particular song during the VMAs. Her whole act goes with the spirit of the song and, like in the video, there’s a handler/slave relationship going on in during the performance.

From beginning to end, Miley did acted extra raunchy - like a Beta slave - while Robin sings wearing a dualistic black-and-white patterned suit,

During “Blurred Lines” Miley acted like a true Beta programming slave – while Robin acted like a handler. His strange suit featured a dualistic pattern that is used during the programming actual MK slaves. There was also something strange about seeing 20-year-old girl (dressed to look younger) rubbing herself on this 36-year-old (married) man.

As Miley was going crazy on stage, shots of the audience revealed how it was not amused. Facial expressions were ranging from shock, to despair to “WTF”. One could almost feel the hate emanating from the room – and the entire nation – while she was performing. And that is what “they” (Miley’s handlers) were gunning for. Miley was primed and set up to take that fall. Miley was even ridiculed during the intro of her own performance. The MTV awards needed its trademark “shock” moment and the industry needed its “sacrificial lamb” to keep its sick, occult, MK-Ultra system going.

The one-eyed pedo-bear shirt she had on told her entire story.

Bear with one eye closed letting everyone know whose behind this staged disaster.

The one-eyed, wasted pedo-bear basically told the world who was behind this staged “false flag event”.

While the “controversy” around Miley might help her sell more records for a while, the ongoing public humiliation that is forced on her by her handlers will most likely lead to some kind of meltdown in the future. In an article published in 2011, Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus stated that her handlers (that’s the word he used) cut him out of the loop and told him to “mind his business”. Like other industry slaves, Miley has no contact with her family. In the interview, Billy Ray added that “Satan was attacking his family” that he was afraid to see her go down the same tragic path as Anna Nicole Smith (a Beta Kitten slave) and Michael Jackson (killed by the industry).

This performance and the public backlash that followed is proof of the tight control the industry has on its slaves. I am pretty sure that, deep down inside, Miley knew that this is all ridiculous and embarrassing. But there’s nothing she can do about it.

Lady Gaga

There wasn’t much more to the VMAs this year. I can imagine MTV execs telling Justin Timberlake’s people:

– What song will Justin perform?
– His latest single.
– That’s not enough. We’ve got a lot of dead time to fill here.
– How many songs do you want him to sing?
– Huh?
– Make him sing EVERY DAMN SINGLE he ever recorded. Bring back goddamn NSYNC if you have to. We’ve got a whole of free time to fill here.
– Um, OK.

But seriously, other than Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga also got a little attention. Her new single Applause is basically a continuation of her “Fame Monster” theme where she’s a performer that desperately seeks attention and fame. Gaga is ready to do anything to get it, even if that means doing the elite’s bidding and throwing around its symbols.

Gaga began her performance with her head stuck in a white square - maybe a way of saying that she's a "blank canvas" that is ready to be painted in any way possible to get applause.

Gaga began her performance with her head inside a white square – as if saying that she’s a “blank canvas”. She is ready to be painted in any way possible to get applause.

We quickly see who “paints” Gaga.

During her first verse, Gaga wears the wig she had during her first album. She does the one-eye thing to make sure you know that her blank canvas was filled by the Illuminati Agenda.

During her first verse, Gaga wears the wig she had in the videos from her first album such as Paparazzi (read the article about it here). She does the one-eye thing to make sure you know that her blank canvas was filled by the Illuminati Agenda.

During the second verse, she wears the wig she had in the video Telephone - a song about MK programming and killing civilians...rememver?

During the second verse, she wears the wig she had in the video “Telephone” – the video was about  MK programming and killing civilians … remember? She does the one-eye thing again so you know that was also part of the Illuminati Agenda.

In the last part of the show, Gaga unveils her last "persona" - an embodiment of the goddess Venus as depicted in "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli..

In the last part of her performance, Gaga unveils her last “persona” – an embodiment of the goddess Venus as depicted in “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli.

Why did choose to embody Venus? The association between the planet Venus and lust goes back thousand of years - from the times of Babylonian goddess Ishtar, goddess of sex and lust.

Why did Gaga embody Venus? The association between the planet Venus and lust goes back thousands of years – since the times of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of lust who was associated with Venus.

Gaga spent the rest of the VMAs as Venus, basically sitting there in a thong, letting people know that she is now Venus, goddess of lust. There is also a second, occult level to the importance of Venus in occult mysteries.

“As the morning star, Venus is visible before sunrise, and as the evening star it shines forth immediately after sunset. Because of these qualities, a number of names have been given to it by the ancients. Being visible in the sky at sunset, it was called vesper, and as it arose before the sun, it was called the false light, the star of the morning, or Lucifer, which means the light-bearer. Because of this relation to the sun, the planet was also referred to as Venus, Astarte, Aphrodite, Isis, and The Mother of the Gods.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The “Mother Monster” is apparently now the “Mother Goddess”. Gaga’s performance was, in short, a tribute to her past personas, and the “birth” of a new one – one that fits with the mythology and symbolism of the occult elite.

In Conclusion

While mass media backlash against Miley Cyrus is solely directed at Miley Cyrus, the big picture is completely being missed (or ignored). If “observers” and “critics” took their faces out of her bony behind and took a step back, they would maybe see what is truly happening: Miley Cyrus is, more than ever, owned and controlled by an enormous machine. Her image, her music and her performance is fully determined by her handlers. For some sick reason, she was chosen this year to embarrass herself and to traumatize all of the young people who grew up watching her. Miley was offered as a “sacrifice” to the public while adding to the complete breakdown of popular culture. Her performance was choreographed and staged to be as annoying and distasteful as possible. From the bratty hair, to the unflattering outfit, to the constant sticking out of the tongue, to the obsession with “twerking” without having the physical attributes to pull it off … it was all planned to piss the world off.

While the masses are laughing and pointing at Miley Cyrus, those who handle her are laughing and pointing at the masses … because they’re falling right into this sick humiliation process. While I am not looking to add to the Miley Cyrus noise, someone needs to say it: She’s a puppet and we need to look at those who are pulling the strings. We also need to look at what they are doing to people such as Miley Cyrus and, more importantly, to our youth in general. This is not about a single girl who lost her way, it is about a system making the world lose its way.




  1. Kushite Prince on

    This girl as completely lost her mind. This is obviously Mk Ultra stuff.Just like Britney,Rihanna,Selena Gomez,Amanda Bynes,Lindsay Lohan,Christina Aguilera etc.. The list goes on and on. These poor girls want fame and fortune but it comes with a price. You can make millions of dollars BUT you have to give up your soul. I think becoming a sex slave for some fat ugly old men is disgraceful! But we all have to make our choices in life. And they all made theirs. Just like Marilyn Monroe before them—-they did for the fame. I think if many could do it over again—they would turn down the offer. One thing to keep in mind though. When you make a deal with the Devil—-he always collects his debt. Pray for these girls. Only God can save them now. Peace.

    • There was also something very pedophilish about the performance. With her grinding on Robin who happens to look like a middle aged man, the teddy bears and the throwing of candy. Just plain creepy.

      • Reminiscent of the Brittany performance around '96-7ish? Her sister took the stage with Jon Voight, wearing footy pajamas, portraying the young innocent Brittany, then Brittany comes out nearly naked, for the first (and unfortunately not last) time and dances suggestively around Mr. Voight. Do you guys remember this????

      • Ambassador Merlyn on

        It's all payback for that achy, breaky heart song. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole family has been tortured and mind controlled as a result. Almost, almost I have the attitude…. and rightly so for them. Mountain trash hill people under the dominion of the beast.

      • While your comment is so far off and out of line, I admit it made me laugh xD
        "Its all payback for that Achy Breaky Heart song" LMAO

      • Kushite Prince on

        You're right Brownie. Those teddy bears were very creepy! But this reminds me of when Britney Spears was on the cover of Rolling Stone back in 1999. She had on these tight shorts and was holding a teletubbie. It was a very sexualized photo of a teenage girl. I think it's a signal to the elite that she is a sex slave. To be honest I think Britney,Christina and Selena Gomez have all had sex with men while still under age. That's why I don't believe Billy Ray Cyrus acting so upset. I think he sold his daughter to Disney a long time ago. They all know the deal they're making with these sick bastards! The whole industry id run by homosexuals and pedophiles. Even knowing all this I still feel sorry for these girls. It's really a sad sight to see.

      • What do homosexuals have to do with it, heterosexual men and women are more likely to commit sexual offenses and are charged with sexual abuse even more so!

        Dysfunction and Abuse start in the home by sick parents, raising sick children for hurt people, hurt people.. not on TV! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! It becomes a generational dis-ease!

      • It doesn't matter sexual preference or who and what your are, our society is sick twisted and morally bankrupt an no matter how self righteous anyone including myself wants to get we allowed this shit to happen either by ignoring it or by outright ignorance because if it's not us we just don't care it started in the tail end of the 70's and has just snowballed since……. that's simple fact humanity has in no way made progress it's quite the contrary we have regressed.

      • Who said "homosexuals" are running the industry? if homosexual men were running the industry we would probably see images of over-sexualized boys not teenage girls. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who feels like most (or all) of the beta kitten programmed slaves or whatever are girls, specially young girls.

      • Strange, i think there are obvious examples in the music industry of guys who are subjected to the same sjid. (Easy one : think boybands) They just have a different part of the market? Or.
        Maybe you just are focussed on the girls :-)

      • its not the the music business that does that, it is more the TV, Commercial, and Movie Industry as well.

      • sorry but you should put in question miley's mom first and if not period… she says her moms has always bee for this stuff, this "free spirit stuff" and encourages her to do it.

      • I think she was invoking the Yuletide demon "Krampus" who is a creature in Bavarian folklore with devil horns, a long tongue that licks children, he comes to take away the bad children to his cave, etc. I think it was some sort of ritual for that entity. Look up the term, and see what you think. I'd say this was just another Satanic ritual.

      • Very satanic. Sticking out ones tongue in myley's implied way is very satanic sexual. Do you see the connection with KISS (kings/knights in satan's service) and mick jagger?

      • That's an interesting theory. I was just thinking her tongue lolling out made her look really loose and mindless – like an animal – like a dog in heat really.

      • Not just pedos, all fetishes are being pushed as well…Furries are now quite common. Getting us to act like animals… Even dressing little kids up like them.. Every where I go has ears and tails… The layers of perversion is staggering, especially after checking out these fetish worlds. Dollification is so popular now too, especially with young girls. Bdsm is now main stream.

      • winston smith on

        Ah yes, "Judge not lest You Be judged" – the mantra of those who seek to defend the depraved acts of their heroes. If someone steals, are you not to call them a thief? By your logic, we should all stand by and condone it.
        And, before you come back with something about being "haters," we hate the sin, not the sinner.
        Furthermore, in your effort to appear tolerant by saying we shouldn't judge others, you have actually judged everyone who does not believe as you do.

      • OH YEAH!!! Thank you Winston! I have pointed that out to people who get all pissy if they are shacking up and someone calls them out on it and puts them down! I say,"you are judging their convictions"! Saying, "dont judge me" is a scapegoat. I tell peeps all the time that i am judgemental and intolerant …"I AM RAISING KIDS!" hahahaha!!

      • that didn't make sense… my point was the person(s) getting called out for whatever, takes offense and then calls out the "judger" and then judges the convictions of the "discerner"(judger) … aye caramba! Hope that was sensible…don't judge me! hahahahahahaha!

      • The thing about that Bible passage that says Judge not lest ye be Judge… Christ was addressing hypocrites… they are the ones who should not judge.. and rightfully so. But, in order to be an effective and true Christian you must certainly judge.. its referred to as, "discernment". you must be able to recognize righteousness from wickedness.. and the Bible also instructs its believers to not have anything to do with wicked people as far as personal relationships, friendships.. so in order to know who to avoid and not let influence your life.. you must judge them.. by, by the standards of the Bible itself…. hope you understand now! because honestly i found you tossing that in the comment section a bit random.. and not only that.. it sparked ignorant sounding comments. If you don't believe me try actually reading Matthew 7…. the only ones who use this "judge not lest you be judged" mantra are typically non-believers trying to use it against believers… and go figure, you look up with hypocrite means…. guess who is really a hypocrite in that situation… the people trying to use the belief against itself.. a belief they don't even have.

      • The Truth Hurts on

        One thing about hypocrites tho, is that they don't know that their hypocrisy, whatever Mileys failings God is going to judge us all the same, also you're completely missing the point of this article. Miley didn't choose any of this she was only a child when she joined disney

      • She auditioned for a role several times and got turned down. She definitely wanted it. You guys seem to forget that most kids dream of being on TV and in Mileys case she had the famous dad with connects to make it happen. I hate it when people say all these kids never wanted this. Thats just bogus. Hell, I wanted to be famous at some point in my life. The point is Miley is at that age where if she doesn't have proper guidance she's gonna fall and hard.

      • Everyone's Brother on

        Well put. However, I think that too much judgment of others, whether spoken or thought, can also be a downfall. It can cause some religious people to make comparisons of themselves with those who have greater sins, leaving them to conclude that they are better and more righteous people. While this may be
        true, to constantly think that way induces pride, one of the greatest sins we can commit. Mary Magdalene repented, and anyone else can too. We must not try to put others in their place. If they are willing to listen, and if we can respectfully communicate our beliefs, people can change for the better! Judge the sin and avoid it, avoid judging the sinner.

        Now when the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would have known who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him, for she is a sinner.”
        -Luke 7

      • truth in truth on

        This is exactly true… All of humanity has been given the gift of discernment to know the difference between rigt and wrong and in most cases and in decision making there is usually a right and wrong and wrong should be boldly called wrong. With that said however, we have all made wrong choices and it is not our place to condemn the wrongdoer. Christ offered help to overcome wrong habits and traits of character and by the power of the Holy Spirit people can still have that same help to overcome. We should lead by example and let our influence testify and at the same time be determined to take an unyielding stand for principle.

        1 Corinthians 2:14,15 – The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

      • out of context Linda – you clearly don't have an understanding of what that scripture really means.

      • that is funny. Why do people do that instead of stating the facts. She is a puppet, and does what she is told to keep the money running… She knows the difference between right and wrong but loves the almighty dollar too much.

      • There are different levels to "knowing" just like knowing what the Bible says and then having revelation of it.

      • Here is that verse in context:

        Matthew 7:1-3
        King James Version (KJV)
        7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
        2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
        3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

        You don't read the Bible it sounds like. It's basically saying have a pure heart before you judge others, not saying it is wrong to judge (just be pure before you do it to others).

      • If I did what Miley did, I'd be very worried if people did not pass judgment. You can't just live life not batting an eyelid when things are clearly amiss.. maybe this will be a wake up call for her, she needs help and has since said as much herself.

      • Matteo DeMagdalena on

        Ms Linda has a point…. Saying something is against God's will should be backed by scripture, but we still aren't to stand over people in judgment. Sinners are sinners and need guidance, not judgment. Let's not forget that it isn't out place to judge anyways.

        Truth be told, we have seen the degradation of morality and sexual privacy for DECADES. This is nothing new, just a little more extreme. Let us all seek the Lord and His will. Let Him be our Teacher.. Including sitting with sinners and helping others find God's law. Remember, He came for the sinners, not the righteous.

    • in all honesty you can't claim that and say its an undeniable fact… you're essentially saying people cannot be controlled to any sort of degree.. especially a degree such as FULL control.. there is enough evidence to support that mind-control is very real… and its very applicable depending on what your ends are…….. therefore, its not something people int his world are not going to utilize… or not try to perfect….. its way too powerful… same goes for hollywood.. if you believe ALL movies are purely entertainment and fun… you have be one ignorant, naive tool…. a power like that would not be left to waste or go unchecked….. its a ALL very carefully orchestrated.. they cant just have a few artists or movies…. all the industry is controlled form the top.. by the people who set up this country and ran it from the top from the beginning…. thats how they are sitting at the head of so many posistions of power.. corporations.. producers of mainstream music and movies.. they own MTV etc… don't get it?? its not just about the severe sorts of mind control MANY individuals are under… its about the manipulation and control thats being down to EVERYONE… in the planet.. and thats no exaggeration.. that is the goal.. thats the only practical logical end… control everyone and anyone.. dont let anyone slip through the cracks…… and i dare say you dont believe in mind control BECAUSE OF MIND CONTROL…. you need to wash all that propaganda and false info this world has filled your head with.

      • It's called MK Ultra Project Monarch. Please awaken and do the research Noelle. They are "blind" only in the sense that they have been forcibly programmed into that so-called blindness.

        Mind control, Noelle. And when you awaken Noelle, you'll percieve the extent to which you have been mind controlled, hence your comment, "these (poor) women, they are so totally blind."

    • HateAllofThis on

      You are so pitifully mistaken. Hollywood operates much like the mafia. There is no getting in and getting out at a moment's notice. There are contracts that must be met and if these girls are being signed over by their parents when they're kids, by the time they ARE old enough to make decisions themselves, it's too late. They are so deeply intertwined in contracts and such, they can hardly breathe. That's why, I truly believe, so many commit suicide or go on drug benders. To end it all the only way they believe they still have control over.

      • MK Ultra is BS! That person do have a choice? You really think that will be an excuse when they are giving an account of their actions to God? "Sorry God I was under mind control I couldn't help it!" It is SOOOOO funny how NOBODY said mind control when it comes to metalheads and rappers but when females do shock value stuff then it's "mind control" and they can't help themselves! Shut the hell up!

      • True, Miss Sherri, that's a really good point. There seems to be a lot of sexism and double standards when it comes to celebs doing stupid stuff. Often girls just want to be slutty – they find it liberating and empowering.
        I'm not saying MK doesn't exist but I hate it when people are like "Oh, poor girl, it must be MK" like women are incapable of being sexually autonomous.. or thinking for themselves full stop.. enough with that

    • I agree. My first thought after seeing Miley Cyrus, the broken, virginal teen bent over in a suggestive, sexual pose, is that she has lost her mind.

      • Ummmmm, she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth…I highly doubt she is virginal (who can blame her haha) and she was experimenting with drugs (salvia) while being connected with Disney. Miley lost her "innocence" a heck of a while ago.

      • Filler, let me fill you in, as you seem to full of you know what. MK Ultra Project Monarch programming ensures that the victim (Miley) has no control over their behaviour. Do the research and wake up. Of course, that's your choice.

        Miley had no choice – no choice when her manager/handler Hemsworth was "paired" with her, no choice in terms of been "virginal" or not (who can blame her hahaha), the sick jokes also on you Filler, fella. You have the lesson; I suggest you put it into practice. As of now. Otherwise you will remain equally as enslaved as is Miley and many thousands of Holly Wood/Disney victims.

      • @Padraigin
        You seem to have proof of all this. If you would be so kind as to give us conclusive evidence that this is happening to Miley that would be great. Otherwise it just seems like you pulled all that out of you rear. Even VC does not have conclusive evidence and does not speak as such which is why I still read these articles. In the end its all just speculation. Personally I think Miley was high on that stage. No mind control needed for that. And whoever organized that performance should be shot.

      • There is a lot of proof out there if you'll do the research. The CIA paid a Dr. Ewan Cameron in Canada to use electro-shock therapy, drugs, and repetitive tape recordings to completely wash people's minds and reprogram them. Both MK Ultra and Project Monarch declassified documents are rather easy to find in books or articles. There is an overwhelming amount of drug abuse, butterflies, occult references, Eye of Horus, handler/slave motifs, etc. going on in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry. We're completely inundated with these symbols everywhere we turn. If you read into these "rehab" centers, there are also many articles about their nefarious purposes of reprogramming these people when they break down. If one looks objectively at the behavior of these stars like Miley, we can see that they are most likely being abused. Where there is smoke, there's fire.

      • @LBC
        I think you misunderstood what I said. While I know there is evidence of this program existing, there is know concrete evidence that its being use on these celebrities. Its still just speculation and theory. You can't say with full conviction that this is what really happened unless you were right there in person. Thus without conclusive proof, saying it happened this way for sure is wrong. Not calling you out, just saying. And I don't know why people would think Miley can't make her own choices. This girl is 20yrs old and she's not retarded so she can make decisions for herself. I think this is just her making bad choices

      • @filler
        What does her engagement have to do with her virginity? Are you saying she lost her virginity once she got engaged? And did she lose her virginity to drugs? Please explain because your statement doesn't quite add up.

      • Really? How did your friend catch up with Miley? Don't worry, this comment won't be as sarcastic. Does your friend know about this website? Because either your comment is bogus or I just don't understand

    • I forced myself to watch about 35 seconds of that VMA ("Vomit More America") nonsense starring Hannah MkUltra – er, oops – Montana aka MkUltra Miley Can't-be-serious??? Cyrus…sad, indeed. Miley, Gene Simmons called: said he wants his tongue back.

    • i agree mostly, but i dont think they 'choose fame and fortune'. these poor sad girls are programmed from birth, i am sure they would love nothing more than to play on a farm with other children. theyve never had or will ever have that choice. think of that for awhile.

      • I don't think if you took away the fame and fortune it would make the child happier. I mean if you think about it the perks that come with all that are way too tempting for a grown person let alone a child. As humans we are greedy no matter the age. And Miley didn't exactly grow up in poverty. Shes never been a stranger to it and she chose to get into showbiz. She made audition tapes and worked her butt off just to get the role.
        Her dad did the best to raise her the right way in that environment but he did not lock her down. He let her use her God-given free will to choose her own path in life. And she has chosen. I think we should leave judgement to God who is perfect in all things.

      • You do not exactly make good decisions as a child or understand what you are getting into and the consequences , and once they got their hands on her they altered her state of mind we have to hope she sees the light however it may be too late. As a child you are innocent even if you are greedy

    • Sucking all the joos cocks from Joowood, soften her head & she's ready for anything now! Maybe sucking a rotweiler cock!

      • @Fateless One; Prove him wrong. Maybe it is your ignorance that is more than bliss. Or maybe you're a yid yourself or an ignorant shabbatz goy.

      • @Big Burt
        Yeah use all the degrading terms you can think of. Shows how ignorant you are. Bet you feel real happy calling people names. You sure you are not compensating for something "Big Burt"? Say hi to Hitler for me ok while you're sucking him off in Hell you Nazi douche.

      • Have a break, some people will never get over the fact that they have seen bigger dicks on other people…and that they will never grow one of their own.

    • Cushy, you make/made sense up until the part where you say "And they all made theirs". The MK Ultra programming ensures that the person is captured and enslaved from a young age. As in, when they are children. All of the people you mention, including Miley Cyrus, had no choice. They had no clue as to the depravity and perversity of the adults that were the managers, the minders, the handlers. To associate choice with forced captivity is Orwellian. Not that I think you are part of the mind control agenda – just that you are ignorant in the most important area – namely, did this person knowingly and willingly choose to be programmed to be an MK Ultra Project Monarch "asset" or were they thrown down the well without an iota of comprehension as to what awaited them. You now know the answer to that rhetorical question. No choice, no chance.

      By implying that they willingly sold themselves to the beast is to tempt the typical response of humans to another’s plight; namely, " they chose it so they must accept the consequences." The deepest empathy is required in order to even slightly stand in the shoes and appreciate what these abused and deconstructed/reconstructed humans are enduring. Empathy that will fade to indifference if the observers (us people) believe that they chose to be abused and debased.

      You get the point, you have the lesson. Please use it wisely. And it is not so that only God can save them, as you put it. Humans can and have assisted with these matters, albeit not many and not enough. Waiting for another entity – your God, to do our work is plain foolish. And you’re no fool and neither am I.

    • Sometimes there's no choice, look at Drew Barrymore, her mother used her at a young age to get access to the Hollywood nightclubs and who knows what else. They are not artists but rather products which are packaged and delivered to you at home in your TV. Fast Food of the Music Industry.

    • MK Ultra slaves can't just walk away, you know. She may not have realized until they started the beginnings of the conditioning and by then do you really think they would have just let her walk away? She was most likely lied to and tricked…. look how many people have no idea what is going on in the entertainment industry. This woman and all others in that industry need our help, not our complacency or judgmental pissing on them for being tricked… even if she DID make the choice initially, it still doesn't mean she didn't want out very soon after or even now. People make mistakes and it seems far too common that outside observers to people's lives sit there and watch them suffer instead of helping while clucking their tongues at their "bad judgment" forgetting that they themselves are NOT fucking perfect and make errors in judgment too! I's disgraceful to sit here and judge another's error of judgment KNOWING the person is being mind-controlled and tormented while being forcibly prevented from leaving, instead of trying to figure out a way to help get her out of such a highly controlled and hellish situation! So many people out there just sitting there poopooing others caught in the traps instead of trying to dismantle the traps, save those who have been trapped, and destroy the predators to stop them from continuing to prey on everyone!

      And NO, WE can save them is we actually get up off our asses and DO something! Stop waiting for some god to save us from these wolves while they systematically destroy society and laugh. We have to stand up, we have to rebel, we have to HELP people…. get them away from their "handlers", YES it will put our lives at risk but you know what? If WE don't actively resist these wolves we ALL live and die like simpering slaves! What's the point of pointing out all of these crimes if nothing will ever be done about it? We might as well shut up and accept our slavery then! Or bloody well fight for our freedom and if we die it will be with honor instead of cowering to these jackasses!

      What do you think the general public would do if it "woke up"? Do you think people would just sit there and LET these bastards poison and rape and kill them if they knew the extent of all of this for fact? They would bloody well snap I would hope and kick the bastards out of power! It is crazy how people are just sitting there watching all of this and doing NOTHING! Any animal that is threatened will fight tooth and claw to defend it's own life or that of their children… what are humans doing? NOTHING! Animals have more survival instinct than us! The elites have been conditioning us into complacency and inaction while they poison, rape, kill and even suck us dry!

      They have been even having success remotely controlling humans ins tudies now! They talk of a nanodust that can cause links within the brain for computers! They are setting up drones, supersoldiers/ cyborgs and developing robots for military control… they engineer viruses for genetic warfare, they are poisoning the food, air and water, they are setting up Codex Alimentarius to control food and destroying our food supply, replacing it with GM crops we will depend on them for future seeds, they plan on wiping out 85% of the population of the world! They are also using Agenda 21 to bring in more control!! What the hell are we all doing just sitting here!!?!?!? The longer we wait, the more they have put into place! Massive Surveillance systems, tracking systems (RFID), facial recognition software, need I go on? Stop watching and DO SOMETHING!

      • And hey, it is also very possible we will not just die if we fight! We learn their traps and do our best to both avoid them and dismantle them! But doing nothing is not the answer, and just sitting here here watching is also not the answer! We may well win if we fight, if we try to even help rescue these MK Ultra slaves!

        Geez, what worked for Ghandi may not work in every situation. We may have to actually fight. Doing nothing, just watching or just yelling at the elites to stop will do nothing! They plan an 85% culling of the entire population of the world! They're even deforestng, purposely, certain places.. they may well destroy the ecosystem as well as everyone else! All for power and control! They will not stop, we have to stop them! If it turns out the god you believe in doesn't actually exist, then if we follow your advice about waiting for god to save victims of the elites (and us, ultimately) , we will fail as we sat and waited for god to save us rather than actually resist to save ourselves from the wolves jaws!

      • That's why they are so sly because they are the ones who are cowards. Why don't they come clean and say they are s***n worshippers then? And the fact that they own everything and they are behind every decadence? Cowards of first degree. They have been working on the sly for the cause for hundreds of years and they will last 7 years. That's how intelligent and strong they are. 7 years of absolute dominance after all the crimes hundreds if not thoudsnds of years and with all their ancestors burning in hell?

      • sittingcoffin on

        NAnomachines injected into the human brain – and don't forget whatever is in chemtrails. People are supposedly finding nanomachines in the fibers resulting from Morgellons.

      • sittingcoffin on

        What something would you like people to do? Im not someone who thinks the elites might not win this battle.

      • No, I am just not brainwashed by a ton of TV and movies to think that "good" always triumphs. Theyre doing a very, very good job at controlling this realm, if you hadn't noticed. Have you tried talking to anyone lately? Anyone under the age of 25? I mean, if you can catch their attention while they aren't listening to their ipod or staring blankly into a cellphone. And again – what something is ANYONE supposed to be DOING?

      • Tamara! It gives me the creeps to read your text. We must hold together, we must do something. Im from Germany and i want to meet people like you!!! We will find us. It is very sad that the masses dont know how much this people need help.

    • Well the path wasn't chosen by Miley and most of the others you named because they were young children when it started and had no idea what they were getting into. It was their parents who made the choice to seek fame and fortune for themselves, not the kids. And by the time they realize what is really going on they cannot get out–see Michael and Whitney! It's based on the belief by too many that money brings you happiness so much so until they are willing to sacrifice their children for it. And the beat goes on and on and on!

    • I don't think that Miley really had a choice in the matter. I think she was raised in the industry and has been an Mk ultra victim for years. Same with Britney. Other celebs like Rihanna, Katy perry, and Kesha, I think those are the celebs that signed away there soul. Either way their owned, but I don't think every celeb was subject to mind control.

      I personally would actually join the illuminati just so I could gather proof and out them to the world. On like national tv. haha

      • HAHAHHAA That is hilarious that you would join just to see the truth and then expose them! Guess what!? I thought about the same thing, me and you are thus connected!

    • These girls aren't making a deal with the Devil. The deal was made before they are even born. Read up on MK Ultra and Mind Control Monarch Programming. These people are recruited from "suitable" blood lines and molded since birth by trauma, electro shock and other tortures. They never had a choice.

      • Can you really believe anything you see online or on a screen period? How do you know if that's the truth or a scripted piece she was made to say?

    • MrFreethinker on

      @K Prince- You're missing the whole point. Ms. Cyrus DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE. The programming, often traumatic, that they point her through as a child, completely robs her of her ability to make certain choices, particularly when one of her alters has been activated (such as the Beta program). Everything about her is sculpted, molded, honed, tempered and otherwise crafted by her handlers. She did these things because she was programmed to do these things. My heart cries for this child.

      Fame and money had nothing to do with it, at least for her as a child…if anything, the parents wanted the fame and money.

      Wake up. Don't blaming the victim for what the criminals are doing to her.

      Peace and love.

      • MrFreethinker on

        @me — ugh for the poor grammar and choice of words (point = put, ie. put her through). Don't blaming = don't blame.


      • Where did she lose her choice? We all have choices. But she chose the money over integrity. She is caught up in it just like many other young women are. We always have a choice and escape. But money is the root of all evil, is it not?

    • I saw an article where Miley said she wanted to destroy the self of her past and that she "gave up everything for this". Was her soul included in the bargain? Likely.


      In as sense she is BUT NOT THROUGH Typical programming…
      Just the power of persuasion… highly concentrated though, but more similar to the way kids are persuaded by watching people they like on the television..

    • Miley is not to blame she was born into this with here father probably the one to introduce her to the insustry. God bless her.

    • I think it is really important to understand that it is not the fault of these woman what has happened to them because they are forced into the mind programming of an entertainment slave where their mind is fractured by extreme trauma at a very early age from torture or from watching other children and even babies being tortured or killed. The fracture or dissociation in the mind, which is cut off from their normal mind, then becomes the alter they program probably using hypnosis. At this point on this show, Miley does not have any control over what she is doing.

    • "Only god can save them now" is a load of bullshit… don't take it the wrong way… i believe in god and what not, but just saying "only god can save them now" never gets anything done. They need to make a conscious decision to stop selling themselves for greed and fame and leave that fantasy bullshit life behind. Otherwise they will remain a puppet until they die!

    • No reason to worry about the devil.
      The lord Jesus Christ will not be mocked, and I'm sure he is watching Miley and her smilerz.

    • If you go back to awhile ago when they had that picture of Miley (who was barely legal at the time) dancing on that older man who was some type of industry executive. That was a sign she was headed towards destruction. Crazy enough i enjoy mileys music and hope she doesnt fall into that trap. But most of Disney stars never end well. Except for Justin Timberlake lol

    • exmkultraslave on

      ughhh! she didnt willingly become a slave…these freakin old illuminati men will start raping you when you are only a few days old…my abuse started when i was an infant by the c u l t. us survivors are THAT – survivors – its not mileys fault, she probably doesnt know how to get out. i have had to fight my entire life to stay safe from my handlers and yet they always send more people to abuse me even when i fight, this is what happens if you try to fight, the attacks get worse. i pray for miley

    • I Believe In The Power Of Christ-Our Creator-The Goddess & The Devil As Well. I'd Be A Fool To Not Believe That With Light's Force Is Dark Force. Sending You Light Miley & Your Family As WELL-All Broken Down By The Unleashing Of This Undgodly Entity –
      " I Am you Out There On That Departed Sea Of Lost Hope's & Dreams"

      • Just like Ashton finally revealed his real name is Chris. Wonder what's going to happen to his career now?

      • Demi is more of a nickname than an alter ego. Like Liz for Elizabeth or Jules for Juliana.

        Oh let me just say….holy cow was Gaga's body incredible!! Wowzers!

      • Also some of the Jewish actors/actresses who changed their names over the years. How deep does the rabbit hole really go?

      • Stating a fact on

        They change their names to become more marketable. Actors wih ethnic names have trouble landing roles. As well as plain names. Also If you become part of the actors guild no two card carrying actors can have the same name, which is why people revert to middle names or nicknames instead. There's a logical and real reason for that sometimes, not always sinister.

    • Jellifiedskunk on

      Miley IS her alter ego, her real name is Destiny Hope, and she had it legally changed to Miley a couple years back. :-(

      • What's in a name? That's so sad, it's like her parents had hope for her and she went and broke that. Why 'Miley' hope and destiny stood for something

      • If I recall correctly; Billy Ray had said that as a baby she was always smiling so they had nicknamed her "Smiley" and her brother was unable to say it properly and it came out "Miley" so that's where it came from. It was a nickname, but I believe she did have it changed to Miley permanently.

    • It could be anything, although Miley or Destiny Hope are good bets.

      Thing to remember here is that MANY stars end up changing their name. The cover story is that every star has to have a name of their own.

      Makes me wonder if Changing One's Name is part of necessary things done to become a "star." Even if you find all the "MK Ultra" and Multiple Personality stuff a far reach (and before you rip me on this, I have known a couple of people with Multiple Personalities), you must admit that this changing of names has to have effects on the people whose name is changed.

      • That eeminds me to Madonna song American Life:
        Do I have to change my name?
        Will it get me far?
        Should I lose some weight?
        Am I gonna be a star?

      • What is wrong with changing your name? Personally it would be nice if everyone had their own unique name but do you know how many people on this planet has the same first name? I mean like seriously it crazy

      • exmkultraslave on

        true story, i have changed my name from what it used to be because .) my handlers used that name against me 2.) i am the "new core" in here. :) glad to see a sensible comment

      • Um……it's Destiny Hope Cyrus. Although she's lost all hope so that name doesn't really fit anyway

      • Please people get your facts straight – Miley is short for Smiley which was given to her by her parents when she was little because she smiled a lot. She did not create any alter ego.

    • I think its her new producer hiphop elite mike will he's way older he post distasteful photos of her twerking on him and his friends mike will is behind alot pf illuminati hits

    • Looking back on how she used to appear and comparing it to now.. definitely. Just like Nicki Minaj with her "Roman" and countless other "alter egos"

    • exmkultraslave on

      alters are NOT demons, they are fractured parts to your soul from severe child abuse. i am à survivor of SRA/MK and i have thousands of parts and they all follow Jesus Christ, please do you research before judging

    • Its that Kali Godess from India, checkout her Google images. The tong outside. In Miley performance she was tenderizing her long her (???the hair she does not have) to be like long haired Kali.

      • I was waiting for someone else to notice that. You're right she channels a demon named Kali. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!!

    • Miley looks like a chick that likes having fun she's real, but their controlling her way of living. Moreover her dad needs to help, however she's over 18 she's not a kid so Billy ray trying to control her would be tough. Because she has handlers and their not the good kind. Is funny how Rihanna the most slutty whore was like not trying to watch is funny too see how hypocrite that whore is perhaps she was piss, cause it wasn't her the center of attention. Then Taylor swift a whore who can't live without a guy she needs to have a boyfriend like every five minutes isn't even being criticize by the media smh… Everyone in Hollywood and the masses are hypocrites.

  2. eithier way it was or is…it was just a sad and deperate scene to witness…very disgusting and humiliating….people always have the option to do what is right, not convinient, and they are always informed of what the consequences are, they just choose what they want…thats how i see it

      • winston smith on

        I feel sorry for you, Linda. You've been duped, honey.
        Put yourself in her mother's shoes for a moment. Would you be proud of this, in any way? Aside from the bizarre "dancing" (which was about as fluid as someone in the electric chair) with bears appearing drugged, how about grinding on a married man with children with her butt cheeks exposed, faux masturbation – and in front of millions, no less!?

        That's *disgusting* and you should face the facts. Wake up!

      • yes i guess i am sad and disgusting, cause no matter how bad a situation is, we always have the option to do what we need to do again, we know of the consequences…it has to do with what is convinient or not, …its all bullshit…i feel no pity for these people…for her or her mother…and yes i am a mother and guess what im also a daughter and should have my parents chosen this life for me, f-that bullsh!t, people learn the hard way to decide for themselves and deal with their own action plan when are children gonna stop blaming parents for everything wrong, learn how to grip a handle on the spin control and decide for themselves, and if the parents are the problems…then remove them from the equation…not literally for the ones who are assuming "oh no you did'nt write that"..just kick rocks and keep it moving..there comes a point in life when people with issues should'nt blame their parents for every single thing wrong…and f@ckin own up to their situation and change it, and frankly this all seemed planned out, how else do you explain disney channel playing "hannah montana" movie just a couple days right after….brainwashing is for suckers that have nothing to offer, thats why they're such an easy targets to "brainwash", they're empty canvasses and souls with no direction or purpose, until they decide what they want…and if you dont llike what im saying..then i will kindly archive your trail of comments, up my @ss…and round the corner to the "i dont give f@ck" cabinet…thank you thank you

    • You can't CHOOSE if you're been brainwashed from childhood! Why is that so hard for people to understand? If you'd read the literature, you'd see that these kids are picked and groomed from birth, and often, they are chosen from families who've been involved going back generations!! There's very little choice involved when everthing around you has been controlled from day one.

      • people NEVER want to think that it can happen to them so they automatically assume that these kids chose this when its obvious they have been put into this world since children….people always wanna maintain that sense of control and think that they "choose" so many things when in reality…we are all brainwashed , it just depends on how much we are and if we're fighting to purge ourselves and not just take it as "normal" like most people do

    • If anyone made choices, it was the parents. At least now, any parent who lets their child into this business needs to have their head examined. The children were not making any choice.

      • winston smith on

        Yes, Louise and genesis. In light of her being sold into this at an early age, and likely still programmed, I need to amend by previous remark about being in her mother's shoes. The shame would only be felt by a mother who wasn't complicit. Miley's father has distanced himself, but her mother seems to be loving every deranged minute.

      • Remember tho that many of the people who can be mk'd the best come from generational abuse. In cases like this I always wonder I the parents are being controlled too, Miley's mother is probably as out of it mentally as her daughter.

  3. I thought she was meant to evoke Krampus, the yuletide evil spirit usually shown with his tongue sticking out. And the two top knots on poor little Miley were supposed to be her horns.

      • Soldier of God on

        Same difference actually! The creator of Mickey Mouse and the Disney empire are definitely demons by nature and for all intents and purposes, EVIL to the core. Years ago I read about the symbolism of one sticking out their tongues was to invoke an evil spirit. She was emulating the same gesture that her "teddy bear" outfit was!

      • I've seen the tongue sticking out in lots of Hindu and Buddhist iconography. There may be some esoteric reason for it.

    • Yes, Krampus is a demonic lust demon. And very interesting: connected to the Nicolaitans (=destruction of people; Thayer definition)

  4. Great Article. I check your website weekly, and as expected, I knew there would be an article on this tragic VMA show. Miley was so obviously doing as instructed, from her forced rauchiness, innapropiate dancing on a married man, and even the fact that Robin Thicke's wife made a public comment that she was not offended by Miley grinding on her husband! It's so obvious that all of this was staged, and although I only watched the VMAs to see how awful it would be, I am still shocked at the lengths they went to embarrass her and stir up controversy. Our world is a sad, sad place !

  5. Joyce @ on

    Even Rihanna was surprised that THAT performance! 0___0 I didn't think she even wanted to be there at all. She went because her fans asked her to go. That was horrible! When Gaga performed, they said the boo's at the beginning were fake. They sounded real to me lol Poor Miley…

    • Did you see the look on the Smith's family faces and One Direction? Even the artist's themselves couldn't believe what she was doing. I'm surprised VC didn't touch more base on the dancing teddy bears. That was just really weird to me. For her to sexualize an item that has always been linked to childhood.

      • Did you even watch the show? I did, the show and the backstage cameras and they clearly didn't react like that to Gaga's performance. Also, the boos were part of the performance, you can check it out on ladygagaofficial channel where she uploaded a video before the performance. (That's for Shanice). You all need to get your facts right.

    • Actually I think Rihanna's expression has been widely misinterpreted…she looked satisfied to me. Satisfied and smug!

    • everykneeshallbow on

      Rihanna has done more sexual degrading acts on stage and her and miley are handled and told what to do .There is none better than the other when it comes to this they both lose out.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Rihannas projection of her sexuality is much better than whatever Miley was peddling. It was literally gross to watch. Rihannas performances may be pornlike but there was NOTHING sexy about Miley.

      • I'm just wondering rihannas bf seems to be everywhere together she might be in it just as much as rihanna

    • It all was rehearsed , people. For camera-angles, lights and such. Most artists that perform, do soundcheck. And have a chance to see their co-artists. So a lot of the reactions on camera during the show are faked as well.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Exactly!…Will Smith's family i.e. his son and his daughter comepletely over did it with their "shocked" look…Will himself didn't show any surprised "Oh my God!" look but his kids did and that's one of the things that gave it away that even their reaction was comepletely staged and rehearsed..The MTV awards have been doing this for years…They have cameras set up on specific artists in the audience so it's cued up when they want a "reaction"…It's called "showbiz"…

  6. Worst thing ever that she still has many young fans.. They definitely pick the right celebrities to carry out their indoctrination.. no doubt about that.

    • Yeah Miley's performance was trashy and yucky to watch. But Robin Thicke is WORSE. Hobestly Robin Thicke is ugly is EVERY way. Like seriously UGLY. He grosses me out so much & he comes across as really creepy. His songs like "Blurred lines" is horrible, its not even real music! I mean if anyone honestly thinks thats a good song they have poor taste in music, because thats not a great song. And the video is the worst part. I know young guys who hate the video because even they find it tacky and pointless. It just makes no sense. Its disgusting to watch a bunch of weird-looking stick-thin girls prance around in a g-string while an ugly dude like Robin sings a lame rape song. Anyone who thinks thats ok has no class, no integrity and no respect. I was surprised Pharell chose to be in it coz he has more talent than that, so I dont get why he would stoop so low. If anything I think Robin Thicke deserves way more hate than Miley. I was disgusted by Miley's performance but I pity her. Im disgusted by everything about Robin Thicke & I despise him. Im so glad Katy Perry knocked his shitty song off the charts.

      • You take too seriously a bunch of weirdos. But I have to agree with you, his song 'blurred lines' is a tad irritating, he mainly shouts and groans. Yet people have different tastes, some migt like it.

  7. Honestly, I just stuck around to see the few seconds of Adam Lambert presenting an award. Did anyone notice Miley's mom in the audience near the end of her performance? I'm more disappointed with her than I am with Miley for allowing this to happen to her.

    • Yes, miley cyrus mom was giving her a standing ovation, i'm like how can you after that. Take your daughter off stage and help her!!!

      • I just don't understand her. Kinda made me think of Mean Girls where Regina's mom is encouraging her to be slutty at the talent show.

      • what did you think of it linda? I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I was just stating my opinion.

      • winston smith on

        I didn't see her mother there. But, it all adds up, as she and her father sold her down the river to begin with, and are still cashing in, no doubt. Truly shameful.

        This is the type of thing that only existed in strip clubs not too long ago, now it will be commonplace at school dances. This is not "empowerment," it is encouraging young women to reduce themselves to nothing more than sex objects at an earlier and earlier age.

        BTW – one detail I noticed not mentioned by VC: her shirt with the stoned bear sticking out it's tongue is also giving the good ol' "one eyed salute."

      • winston smith on

        My mistake – VC did reference the one eye in the caption of the photo. It's such a creepy pic I scrolled past quickly first time round! That whole tongue thing was off-putting from the beginning, and she's been doing it incessantly for months now. Been over it for some time.
        It's enough to swear off the interwebs altogether.

      • Jellifiedskunk on

        @Winston: sorry to burst your bubble, but its been goung on in school dances for YEARS, happened every single time I went to middle school dances in the late 90's, in fact one of oyr local high schools stopped doing dances a few years back due to persistent lewd dancing. In realty Miley is bringing to light what is all ready wrong w/ teens and has been for tears.

      • winston smith on

        "…has been for tears." Indeed!
        Actually, I'm not surprised. By bringing it to the forefront of "entertainment" at an awards show, then having it echoed throughout media for days afterward, her handlers are attempting to make it socially acceptable, and even desirous, in the never-ending quest to destroy what's left of the family. Women reduced to broodmares, and men wholly unaccountable.

      • it makes me think of the verse in the bible that is becoming more and more truthful and apparent as time goes on:
        " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20

        feminism is nothing more than the degradation of women and society to be presented as "empowerment" and "liberation"…since when is it good to sleep around like a man? what good does it do? nothing, in fact it leads to death eventually…sleeping around, STD's, unwanted kids, abortion, DEATH!

      • Give it a break. Just because someone has multiple partners doesn't instantly mean they do not practice safe sex, use condoms, avoid pregnancy etc. There is a lot of irrational talk around here at times. It is as if there are only three options for many here. Total abstinence, puritan monogamy, or utter sleazy chaos. The world isn't that simple folks. Not everyone believes in God and it doesn't mean people don't have standards and principles or don't want to be good people. I don't have to live my life as you see fit according to your doctrines. I feel good about where I am with God. I'd say you have a narrow view based on your personal beliefs. You have every right to have those beliefs but please don't think you can push those ideas on me any more than the music industry or anyone else or any other institution!!! I don't like what is being fed to the kids today anymore than you do, but ADULTS should be able to make their own personal choices without other people, the government or corporations thinking they/you are entitled to take that right away or impose what they/you want.

      • You really don't get it. Big corporations are in fact "imposing what they want" by creating a pop culture where anything goes sexually. If you think "ADULTS" are making their own choices without being influenced by that destructive culture, you are truly blind to reality. People are brainwashed by pop culture to believe that freedom means sexual license.

        Little do they realize when they follow that destructive path that it is not the road to freedom at all. The creators of the destructive culture know full well that living the life they portray in their movies and music videos leads to emotional bondage. That is the goal. People trapped by the pursuit of sexual excess are stunted individuals who can't effectively participate as members of a free society. With the masses neutered politically, the elite can have their way. That is the goal. Sadly, the elites are winning this battle and you don't even know you are in a war.

      • You have a delusional view on what feminism is really all about. I would probably bank on you being a total mysoginst. Please do your reasearch. The feminist movement started up because women were tired of being ruled in a society controlled by men. How is that degradation? Women weren't allowed to vote for a very long time much less work until it benefited their man ruled government (world wars 1 and 2?) all of a sudden women mattered and the media went from pushing the agenda of "stay at home moms never getting ahead in education" to "get a job because your husbands are out fighting in a war brought up to stimulate our economy". It wasn't about women fighting to have sex as they please. Men already do this and it's still applauded in today's society.

        I agree that what Miley did up on stage was pretty embaressing and sad but at no point at all was she displaying a message of "empowerment and femininity." At all. The whole performance actually made me feel so sad and sorry for her. :( I pray she breaks free from the dark path she is following. And to all the so called "feminists" shaming her for her behavior saying trite things like "Feminsim took 12 steps backwards after seeing her on stage" please sit down. Enough with the ignorance. The Internet is a bountiful source of information, take the time to read as much as you can and always form your own opinion in the end.

        I've been an avid reader of VG for quite some time and have never commented until now. I can't just sit here and read someone bashing Feminsim and blaming an entire movement on the MTV backed performance a 20 year old manufactured pop star.

        Look up the definition of Feminism, it is a movement that strives for complete gender equality. I'm done for now, I hope to instil come sort of peace and hope in you guys. Always welcome to talk anytime.

      • Feminism was a way to increase the number tax/debt slaves. Coincided with all the other Communist inspired propaganda of the time.

      • Also, some of the first women voters were saloon owners/Madams. They were small business owners. They were true feminists, not the frauds who work in gov. today. Most gov. workers are dead weight, to put it nicely.

      • Rubbish, feminism was sponsored and started by the NWO for two reasons: taxation and indoctrinate future generations. You're delusional to believe women are so free now.

      • i think her dad actually cares about her though. it seems genuine enough. but who knows anymore? the mother though is bullshit. no mother would let their child do that. even the actress who played her mother on the show said it was terrible. probably got payed off to let her daughter do that.

      • We would never put our kids through this.

        Furthermore, many of us have cringed at the experience of Fame. There's something unwholesome in Fame. Even at the low levels I experienced, I saw its ugly aspects and have turned away.

        So trust us (or at least me) when we disparage Miley's mom (and Dad). They deserve it.

    • Her mom was beaming…. Don't you get it?! Her parents want this to happen! She is serving the agenda and they are reaping the rewards!

    • Adam Lambert? You don't realize he's as big a tool as any of the other people VC writes about? In fact, I think VC has written about him too. Why would you sit thru that crap just to watch this manufactured hack for a "few seconds"?

      • Because I like his music. I don't think he is that far up there though. I was heartbroken over the article about his song and sometimes avoid it on Trespassing. Sorry for derailing.

      • It's not just one song. His videos are full of occult symbolism. He actually tweeted a defense of Miley and said she was just have fun. Yes, because pedophilia is a regular laugh riot. Either he's an idiot or he's in this up to his color-enhanced eyeballs. But is you like his music, well, hey, that's all that matters.

      • It's not just Adam though. Justin Timberlake defended her too. I'm sorry you feel this way.

      • Agreed. I don't think Adam is in that deep though, since he's still pretty much under the radar.

    • I wonder I this is a case of generational abuse, Miley's mother could be as controlled as her daughter… I feel that this is the case more often than not.

      • You're very right. It is VERY much about generational abuse. Most likely, the whole Cyrus family (as it is with almost all Hollywood actors) has been involved with the Illuminati for many many many years (and not necessarily willingly). I read somewhere (I don't remember where) but it said that there are 13 families that started the Illuminati hundreds of years ago… and if you go back in these star's geneaologies, you will find that they most likely somehow branch off from one of the 13 families. I will try and find the link.
        It is very sad. These people have many alters (most of which have no idea of the other alters) and each alter is programmed into a certain function. This specific alter Miley showed us was a beta-sex alter. She has no control.

  8. The comments you make in your conclusion are spot on. I didn't watch the VMAs, but I saw read the articles about the 'performance'. She was clearly drugged/hypnotized/MK'ed during that performance. There's no way in the world a sober person would parade around like that. And of course, 95% of the negartive attention is placed on her and not Robin Thicke at all. I've been tempted to Youtube the performance, but I think it would be too disturbing to watch. This whole transforming a good girl into a bad girl is becoming overwhelmingly disturbing and it's bothersome that the public continues to blame the victim instead of the monsters that create these victims.

    • winston smith on

      Good points, Bob, especially in light of his "song" encouraging date rape. I had no idea, since I've avoided it at all costs. But, this is a quote from Cyndi Lauper during an interview on an Australian radio station:

      "She’s in a song that literally says that the blurred lines allowed you to—when a woman says no, that she means yes—and that is frightful because that’s date rape. It’s like, that’s okay, it’s cool. And there she is, a young twentysomething trying to prove she can hang with the big boys and girls, you know, basically simulating a Girl Gone Wild video onstage. And I just felt like it was so beneath her and really raunchy, really raunchy."

      So, on top of the overt skankiness of it all, the dirty old married man she is grinding on sings in praise of forcing yourself on women. And yet, millions out there think it's so hip and cool…

    • Agreed! Robin Thicke's song walks the "blurred line" of making Advances at a women and persisting and convincing even after the attempts aren't reciprocated. It's Absolutely atrocious. The media loves to promote rape culture…

    • "There's no way in the world a sober person would parade around like that".. Oh, but they will, they will. Bunch of those kids who grew up watching Miley on TV.. her fans.. they will see this as a norm, as something that can and.. yess – must be.. done to be attractive.

  9. great explanation VC. i just feel very bad for Miley especially her father. i wonder how he is going to feel after he watches the VMA. :(

      • ^^This. I think VC put up some photos somewhere of BR posing in rather disturbing ways with Miley in some photoshoot from a couple years back. It always seemed to me like HE was a famewhore trying to relieve the 15 minutes of fame and attention he got from his sucky Achy Breaky song. And not only does he sell his daughter, he gets on her show, too. I really feel like Tish is probably controlled, too. A sick, sad family- and Miley's little sister? God help her, I worry what being in such a family is doing to her. :(

      • Billy Ray is no better than the mom, hes riding on his daughters "coat tails" ..Billy is just living thru his daughters success,, since he was just a ONE HIT WONDER back in the 80's,, shame on both parents I say for allowing Miley to get as far as she did …

  10. Youtube comments: "Did you expected that she would be a child forever? She´s a grown woman!"
    Unfortunately, this world is getting more dumb and EVIL everyday. And now we have a possibility of war in Siria… WW3?

      • I agree, if they are going to act like that they do not get to be called "women." The same goes for men, those titles should be earned.

    • I'm thinking this whole thing IS a distraction from the impending war with Syria. While people are watching the VMAs, the US is pointing missiles at Syria. This kind of thing is a big smoke screen to distract people.

      • Actually I heard about the possible war in Syria after the Miley "performance", that's how distracted everyone is.. and most of my friends my age (early 20's) don't care about the war, but I'm still seeing posts about Miley today… Not ONE on my facebook about the war from friends… It's just so weird.

      • sittingcoffin on

        That's the word. Goes along with my theory the old tribes are making their new Babylon over in the Middle East.

      • Thank you! Hit it right on the head! I personally stopped watching the VMAs after 2009, then the rest of them a year later, but America is living in a culture of distraction, if not the whole world.

    • That is the thing Camilla she is a grown woman. You can't change the world, the only thing you can really do is not allow anything by Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, etc. into your house and refuse to support the machine. You can't censor evil, but you can educate yourself and learn how to avoid it.

      • But we have to fight! Next thing we know there will be REAL SEX on stage. Think if Gaga decides to do it.
        She will have support! Fans will defend with: "Express their art" or "She´s a grown woman". We can´t let this happen! Think about it, laws to defend this "right", teenagers even more boundless!

      • Let the animals get on with them and let's mind our business and life. They want to do their own thing, let's concentrate on what we can do to improve ourselves.

      • I am not sure if it will go as far to showing real sex on stage, if it does use the power button on your remote comtrol or get rid of the cable. As for the fans defending her, people are going to put whatever garbage they want to in their minds, if they choose to wallow in a cesspool let them. Arguing and telling them they are wrong is pointless to people who are blind, they have to come to the truth on their own. A few wake up and realize that entertainment is meant to keep us on the basic level (food, sex, water, etc) and begin to make positive changes, while many still fall farther into the pit. As for laws regarding the age of consent for sexual activity, teenagers are always going to rebel and push the boundaries, a ruling elite knows this and it is not so much as giving the right for teenagers having access to sexual health/contraception information and to make decisions regarding their own bodies, it is to protect social predators that have entered into positions of academia, law enforcement, clergy, social work, and correctional facilities. Look at how many teachers and corrections officers are in the news are just getting slaps on the wrists for statutory rape.

        How do you fight it? That is the question I want answered. You can't storm into the executive offices of Disney, MTV, and NIckelodeon and demand that they put on wholesome entertainment. You will most likely be arrested or worse killed. Representatives and Senators are useless since they are pressured by lobbyists to act in their interest, instead of the American people. So what is the real solution?

      • It will go far. Everything Gaga does is considered revolutionary, she have a massive influence in our youth.
        Kesha is other bad example that would have support.
        I feel your frustation too. I wish I could have the answer for what we need to do…

      • I think they would go so far as to show real sex on stage. I mean they are not too far away from it now. That is about the only line that hasn't been crossed yet! And very few would turn it off or get rid of the cable. They would be shocked initially and talk about it forever…but they would watch because we're so inundated with sex until it doesn't even register anymore!

      • I think if people do decide to watch the initial reaction would be "OMG they are actually doing it!" after a few times people will get used to it.

      • They are already doing it on camera just click on MTV Geordie shore and valleys.
        Enough said. And it's totally normal for youths because a lot of them watch those shows.
        I weep for the future generation

      • By the way did anyone see the uncut version of "Blurred Lines" on youtube? There was always something kind of creepy about him, I couldn't quite put my finger on it….now I can!

    • I'm a little disappointed with people's attitude towards human sexuality here.
      Miley IS a grown woman, who IS a sexual being. Why are people demonizing sex?
      I think that everyone shouldn't be casting stones at Miley and her sexual acts but rather at where and at whom this display has been exhibited to.
      So instead of saying 'What she is doing is despicable' (is it really?)
      maybe we could all put it: 'That sort of behaviour isn't acceptable for an immature audience'


      • She can keep her sexuality for her bedroom or whenever she spends quality time with her alleged fiance. You don't need to prance like a chimpo in heat. If it's not a big issue, then what's the point to behave like that? No stones are casted, only a mere observation. The ones who make it an issue are the ones who rely on shock tactics.

      • Sexuality is fine, but its also private. Keep it in the your own bedroom, you don't have to share it with the world. Its not sex thats disgusting, its society's attitude towards it – making it a public commodity and oversexualising young men and women – thats the problem!

        Oh And I dont care if Miley or other people in the public eye don't want to be rolemodels – they are! She wants money and fame from her audience (generally teens) yet she doesn'twant to set a good example to them? Well too bad! You want fame/money? It comes with responsibility too. Everything comes with at least some level of responsibility.

      • nope,they get their fame and money without being role models,as you can see. so your idea is mute.

      • You can't be serious?
        Read the article more carefully…"We also need to look at what they are doing to people such as Miley Cyrus and, more importantly, to our youth in general. This is not about a single girl who lost her way, it is about a system making the world lose its way."

        Miss Cyrus has been abused and handled and a very sinister and evil way by an evil and sinister industry.

  11. Then there was Kendrick Lamar in the performance wearing a Jersey with a 7 7 7 on it, an Aliester Crowley book. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

    • Yes, not to mention the black/white/red color code of clothing they were wearing, or cat inspired (bruno mars, katy perry). Who can forget the downright blasphemy from Jared Leto introducing Kanye?! This whole awards show was a complete mockery from beginning to end!

    • exactly, I was trying to explain this to my husband…he looked at me like I was crazy. I mean that outfit that Robin Thicke had on…clearly handler material, no one would wear something that atrocious unless there was intent.

  12. "This is not about a single girl who lost her way, it is about a system making the world lose its way." Could of never said it better myself.

    • YOUNG PEOPLE ASK – Am I Obsessed With My Appearance?

      – Quiz: Am I obsessed?
      – Why do I have a negative body image?
      – Should I change the way I look?
      – The best makeover ever!
      – Julia’s story

  13. im so glad u covered goodness miley cyrus..that tongue thing she was doin was absolutely disgusting and not sexy…

    • idk why people don't understand that the tongue thing is another tie to mdma. if you've ever tweaked on any kinda speed for that matter, you will lick your lips raw.

      • sittingcoffin on

        I associate teeth grinding with speed and uppers way before lip licking, but that's just me

  14. I've been reading your webpage for a while, and to be perfectly honest I'm still mighty skeptical of a lot of the things you say here. Nevertheless, it's hard to come up with a better explanation for last night's "performance." But the more I think about it, the more I realize that it honestly doesn't matter. Even if there isn't a vast Illuminati conspiracy, even if it really is just Disney executives behind all this, your comments are still right on the money. No child star does a thing that isn't scripted way in advance by entertainment executives, handlers, consultants and all the rest. There is no way a 20 year old can tell a massive entertainment conglomerate that they are going to put on a spectacle like this and they just passively go along with it. There's just too much money at stake. Try as I might I simply cannot think of another narrative that makes sense.

    • Like you Outside, I'm skeptical, but without the information on this site the Cyrus performance would have been inexplicable. Sadly I'm now less skeptical.

    • I've also been following this site for a while, with an attempt to be objective. I think about the messages I see and the lessons I've learned. One particular course stands out-Marketing. We learned about what's called subliminal advertising. Looking at history, mainly the psychedelic and free love era, I am a believer of the claims made on this site. If you look at the whole degenerative state we are in, it's mainly due to the music industry. While rock and roll helped to usher in the mess we're in now…oversexed, dumbed down and hopeless. I can think of blips of time when music's attempt at innocence became overshadowed by the weird, bizarre and animalistic.

      I'm surprised though that your article didn't mention the strange hairstyle Miley is wearing. Those things on the top of her head look like horns. Well, all I can say is it pays to be informed and educated. Ignorance is bliss, that is why these poor people get caught up in this crap. You have to have the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD!

    • Outside,

      You're only skeptical on what VC writes because you simply don't want to believe that it's happening in today's world and that society is in fact living behind a facade, where everyone shouts how wonderful the emperor's new clothes are.
      Sliding down the rabbit hole, as I've been doing for some time now is not a pleasant experience. Trust me when I say this, but I simply couldn't accept conspiracy because I truly believed we lived in a society of benevolent leaders and people who cared for the people. Oh how wrong I was. Then I started to dig deeper and deeper and uncover horror after horror, kept purposefully away from the masses in order to keep them slumbering away ignorantly and happily to the lies they see as truths that makes their reality.

      You have to look at it this way, for there's no other explanation once you've dug deep enough. The people who are running the show, come from bloodlines who've been running the show for thousands of years. These people want to horde all the money, all the resources and all the people as slaves for themselves. They are a psychopathic elite who couldn't care whether their actions kill one person or a billion people, as long as they keep getting wealthier and remain in control. The way they achieve this control is the obvious and that's by owning the main stream media (msm), Academia & the Arts and the political and judicial establishments.

      I do not watch TV, or read the msm. I come to Vigilant's site and painstakingly read the latest round up of people demolition from his incredibly knowledgeable and perceptive point of view.
      You don't want to believe what VC writes because it really does paint a society where we have no control in, with truly evil people at the top pulling the strings and pushing the buttons. Realise that regarding Miley Cyrus, this isn't just the destruction of her, but all those youngsters who have followed her career. Like some juvenile messiah, now screwed and twisted, her loyal sheep will follow her over the edge of the cliff and this is exactly the plan of her handlers. They want to see the destruction of society. They need the destruction of society in order to build their new one – out with the old and in with the new. It's a society of decadence, of depravity, of complete control over all, where all slaves are happy, because their life is all about fun, which they are given daily courtesy of the film, music and video game industries. It's about people burrowing their heads in the sand, ignorant to the reality around them and coming to accept that Gods walk amongst them and must be worshipped. These Gods are of not of course Gods but men and women like you and me. It's about deceiving and continuing to deceive humanity and they're succeeding courtesy of wilful ignorance by the populous.

    • "just Disney" is a lot worse than most people think. Check out Katherine Albrecht at who has been documenting the program to stick RFID chips all over the place. Disney is one of the leading edges, currently programming little kids to accept "swipeable" everything as a normal procedure. You know where this ultimately leads, right? Mark of the Beast.

    • Apparently she sings about "Molly", a new trend in drug abuse. I also agree she was drugged and def possessed. I pray for her soul.

    • sittingcoffin on

      Shes always on drugs these days. Most celebs are. If theyre not smoking or snorting, theyre popping pills.

    • For someone who has experience on taking those things it was very obvious that she was either on drugs or under some kind of trance/hypnosis. I wouldn't want to believe in "conspiracy theories" but in this case that seems like the only plausible explanation, not to mention this has happened to so many other similar artists dating all the way back to 1940's when the music biz was starting to get very big money wise.. do some research and educate yourselves, don't believe what mainstream is telling you.

  15. You know how in The Ring the telephone rings and says "7 Days"?
    For Miley I guess the telephone just rang to say "7 Years"

    Club 27 anyone? I really don't want to see her go down like Amy Winehouse, all we can do is to pray for her and hope she gets out of this. Though it may seem like all hope is gone.

  16. I felt sorry for Miley when I watched that performance. I agree VC and fellow readers. She looked completely out of it, and the performance was very shocking and uncomfortable to watch. Even the audience was stunned. It was so forced, and creepy and I'm surprised that it aired without any edits.

    I remember reading an interview where she said she desperately wanted to shed her Hanna Montana image. Maybe she was targeted by the industry because she was easy prey. Nevertheless, I feel bad for her.

    • Read the whole context of this article she has been used as another sex symbol in the music industry by the controlling highrarchy of the world.. she was last year the perfect example of the amount of humiliation it takes to forego popularity .. !!

  17. Don't people get how the entire industry, all of it is entirely manufactured? It's all a big joke, a joke on you. Turn away from it, ignore it. The phrase get behind me Satan applies, but any of these people getting behind you would surely sodomize you. It's all an industry of over-sexed ghouls. I've had enough, ages ago. I do my best to ignore all of it; tabloids, mainstream media, I have no TV, and the internet is still full of crap but you can control the flow of it yourself, thankfully. Be mindful and stay true and as pure of heart and spirit as you can be.

    Bless and empower everyone who wants to be free of this.

    • You are exactly right!!!!…the best way for all of us to fight back is to just not tune in. I also don't have a TV, don't read tabloids…the most I get is from VC, and even this I have to moderate. Let's help to preserve the performers dignity by not witnessing their degradation, and keep our own eyes and minds from being needlessly defiled. The best defense is to ignore. All we need to know we can get from VC anyway!

    • I find it interesting when you and other people say the Internet is full of crap while telling us how you ignore all the crap in the media. Yet. The Internet was first given to the public as an information tool, not a crap tool where people spend thousands of dollars just to share minutia about the drivel of their days and show exactly how self-absorbed they are.

      If used correctly, the Internet is, out side of each other, the most dangerous tool we "lowly but vigilant citizens" (nod to VC intended) have at our finger tips. Leave the crap aside and use your computer, laptop, whatever computing device, to gain information and knowledge – and spread that knowledge to everyone you can!

      …AND to VC:
      a friend of mine just stumbled on your work through this commentary and says you're doing important work and give him hope knowing that there are people like yourselfwho see the powers that be for what they are

    • This is called Overcoming…that's what Jesus did. Just remember to pray…pray for the whole world…even the evil ones. That's the only way to win.

    • I'm going to add here that the internet is probably our last bastion so to speak. Think media ownership. And then think about why the American government is pushing so hard to control our freedom to publish online with cyber laws.

      BTW — SOPA is back. Anyone who hasn't been paying attention should look it up.

    • I totally agrea with you because I did the same few years ago… only internet and no TV anymore.. that's the best and clever choice to make. I think that many people will come throwing away their TV and rejecting the medias.. it is just a question of time. People are aware now of what to expect from the music & movie industy : only crap, mind control and low level morality

  18. Robin Thicke is really disturbing. Blurred lines is a horrible song with an even worst message. Hopefully an article on him soon.

    • Jellifiedskunk on

      Thicke has been around for years and his music has always been overtly sexual, hasn't changed, just suddenly he's huge and now ppl say he's creepy. Oh well.

      • He's "been around for years," but only NOW is he mega-popular; only NOW has he succumbed to the powerful.

        THAT is why he humiliated himself last night.

      • I wonder if he would have performed his blurred song at the Oprah Winfrey show… But mostly i wonder if she would have reacted to it with praise and glory-buy-his-record, like an earlier record.

  19. They are trying to mess with our siblings and kids..
    they are trying to mess with the minds of the next gernaration…

    its getiing worse and worse
    the kids need to here this cause all these people think that because shes or anyone of them is alone on stage
    that they have total controll but thats not true this is enter-taiment in a large scale mann they show this live arounnd the worldd yoo

    …. i just saw this video about kanye when he was at Kris jenners show to presnt the pic of his kid and
    she ask him why here why now ??

    and he says i think its like a agenda that write me in a certain type of story and he said i feel like this a place were i can express myself without having a agendaa to just sort of be savee.

    they are neever alone and with evil ugly sardistic shhit like that how can miley or gaga come up wth all dat shiit by themself and on that they come up with the same shiatttttttt allwys some sort of sex in there even though they are not having sexx….. what does that have to do with music
    you aint tom jones Bitcchhes cause the song is called sex bomb but tom jones added some real musicc in that shitt

    how they do there work iss just disusting
    cause they are talented nbody can dieny that….
    but miley should stop singn thses stupid songs…..

    I use to love disneyy i was like i will show these movies to my children like the lion king etc…
    but now if you look ddeeper into disneyy there will be no horror storyys more creppy nand scary like the one
    aboutt disnney in generall …………………

      • sorry if idont meet your expetaions…. i am not from the us or uk and we are not in school are wee…
        are you a teacher if soo disappear into a classroom and if not why dont you be a teacher and stop reading my shitttt if the spelling is yo problem am not writing shit for you so you can give me some grades
        TRIX soo hmmm….
        let me spell thiss

        Fuckkkkkk youuuuuuuu very much 😀
        and Hawee a GraDe Daiyyy 😀

      • Because the brain trix uses to read cant figure out the coherence beetween the ohter words to paint the picture

        therefor Trix dosent understand the sentence so she or he gets annoyed i guess
        ….expetaions…. it would take to much skill for the brain so…

        i figured since i dont want to give him or her a hardtime and make their brain melt
        by reading my with spelling mistakes overloaded comments.

        i thought it would satisfie trix or others if i spell it right….:D

        but honestly i dont really bother window
        but it seems some people care more about the spelling than the stuff that went down on the VMAs or in general the entertaiment industrie…..

        its just to many english teachers round here dammit you dont get no promotion by gettin pissed bout some random persons spelling on the vigilantcitizen…..

        but hey fuuuck that look for the spelling mistakes if that gets you off -.-

        By the way..
        Great Article VC!!

    • Touche', but just wanted to add that there was speculation that a Joe Jonas sex tape was going to leak around the time their single Pom Poms was going to be released a few months ago.

      • That probably has more to do with their fans growing up, they're just another disposable boyband, these don't last long.

      • Reminds me of Hanson. They are still doing music and have a small fan base but it never passes on the radio. Alot of people think they haven't done anything in 10 years. As for miley it was just akward. Like that kid in high school who tells you absurd stories, that you know are untrue, just to look cool, but end up looking stupid. I'm not sure about all this mind control stuff but if it was her choice just looks like she's trying way to hard to get rid of her Hannah Montana image. It's not sex, or even sl utty y it just looks obnoxious

        Just look at their dating histories – reads like a Holy-Wood MK dreamlist … Miley, Selena, Taylor etc etc

    • Disney is far too savvy a machine to be used as a springboard by any dumb artist without extracting from them everything it intended to at the outset

  20. This was the first year there was no host, the first year this event was in Brooklyn where a silly white guy won best Hip Hop artist. I think they are breaking all the rules, and I hate to see what is coming next.

    • shittt… right they are breaking all the rules
      I just realized that… damn….
      thanks for the comment….

  21. Anyone remember of Mischa Barton, Marissa of The O.C?
    Man, there is so much examples of woman who have their lives destroyed by this nasty media…

    • Viacom went into damage control mode and pulled every Miley VMA video off of youtube (these had hundreds of thousands of views) as the comments were 98% negative and "dislikes" outnumbered the "likes" 20 to 1. It was a complete and utter branding fail and they know it, which is why Miley is now being blamed for going way raunchier than she did in rehearsals.

      As for serving as a distraction/diversion to a ME war, that is a real possibility.

  22. What did people honestly think was going to happen? She's not going to come out wearing a cardigan, sit on a stool and strum 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore' now is she.

      • Duncan Lawson on

        Exactly. Now it's all about the image, the symbols, the shock value and the quivering, writhing, pouting, gurning paroxyms of extreme, critical mass grade, unsexiness.

        VC the pic at the beginning of this article is just plain wrong. It's not just wrong, it's chicken omelette wrong. It's probably printed off as a poster by Satan and is plastered over every wall in hell.

  23. The fact that these "masters" always have a fetish for sunglasses is what gives it away. It's like they want to observe the people around them without anyone knowing what or who they are observing.

  24. Miley (all celebrities really) is just a puppet who sold her soul to the satanic system that pervades the world – the reality is the devil who is pulling the strings. See the truth behind the illusion, the deception being promoted before you.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

    In the end, it's the devil not man we are at war with. Resist the devil and he shall flee. Refuse to remain blind and enslaved. The satanic elite, aka Illumination are only servants of the devil, doing his bidding. Jesus is the truth that sets us all free.

    • Let's remember that she was about 12 or thirteen, the same age as most of these child stars (particularly the female child stars). I doubt that a 12 year old would willingly 'sell their soul to the devil' for riches and fame. If there's any blame to be placed, it's the parents who allow their children to be sucked up by this machine. By the time the star reaches maturity, they've become so immersed in the monster that is Hollywood that they cannot/are not able to withdraw from it easily. I agree that she is a puppet, but these Hollywood people seek out young girls to exploit them to the world. I'm sure when she was a little girl, this is not how Miley thought she would turn out.

    • Anenome Ofgobalgov on

      Well said. Follow your conscience, We the people, and you cannot go wrong. The NWO globalists have as part of their plan, the breaking up of family values and christianity. In order to bring in their evil one world government they need to break down all that is good in society, that gives is social cohesion. They are purposely sexualising our preteen children as part of their plan. How to win – stop and walk away. don't watch, don't buy their crap, make sure your children understand exactly what is right from wrong. Be watchful of what is influencing them.

  25. oh she definitely looked posessed/MK'ed, I feel so sorry for dad who seems like a decent man (I clearly remember when he talked about how his family is being attacked by satan but Miley's & her mom's response was extremely negative claiming that he man has become senile)
    Here's what he also said in another article:

    *Regrets: Billy Ray Cyrus has revealed he wishes he and daughter Miley had never joined the cast of Hannah Montana

    The father of teen superstar Miley Cyrus has claimed that the Disney show Hannah Montana wrecked his family, Billy Ray Cyrus spoke out after a string of scandals sullied the once-wholesome image of his multi-millionaire daughter, who is now 18. ''I’ll tell you right now, the damn show destroyed my family'' the country singer said.
    Cyrus, who played Miley’s father and manager in Hannah Montana, even claimed in an interview with GQ magazine in the U.S. that his family is under attack from Satan.
    ''That’s what saddens me the most. I’m scared for her. She’s got a lot of people around her that are putting her in a great deal of danger, I hate to say it but yes, I do. I’d erase it all in a second if I could'' he added.
    Her father, who recently split from his wife, Tish, said he saw the warning signs even while he was still filming the final season of the Disney series with his daughter : ''I was going to work every single day knowing that my family had fallen apart, but yet I had to sit in front of that camera, I look back and I go, “How did I ever make it through that?” I must be a better actor than I thought.'' he told GQ.*

    Her mom however seems to enjoy the cash flow she's getting in return for selling her daughter to the industry, she tweeted after the VMAs: ''Living the dream day after day. God is so good, I'm so blessed. Mom, manager, producer. Doesn't get better than that!''

    • OMG her Mum's a twat – seeing her daughter exploited/exploiting herself like that – how can she even talk about God and be thanking……. Her God must be Satan to feel 'blessed' after something like that. Its just sickening, poor Miley :(

      • The dad is probably a monarch slave to. Just google pseudooccultmedia miley cyrus and do some serious research. Her entire family is MK ultra. You must understand how deep the rabbit hole is.

      • Exactly what I've been saying, these things are so often generational abuse. The whole family are victims and abusers, which makes it more difficult to find someone to blame.

      • Reminds of the lady in the Bible who told her daughter to dance seductively for the king (the daughter's step father) for the head of John the Baptist…the way parents sell out their kids for their own personal gain sickens me.

      • Salome. But don't feel sorry for Billy Ray, at least not as an innocent victim. Did you think country stars are safe from the handlers and don't have to go through what rock and pop artists do? Think again. In the book, Tranceformation of America, the author who wa a slave, says that the country music industry is even more infiltrated than Hollywood. Judging by what I've read about how MK slaves are made, usually the fathers are raping their own daughters on a regular basis. In my view, he is only claiming this stuff, because he wants to keep his own image wholesome, and garner pity from the kind of people who buy his albums.

    • I don't feel sorry for him. He's the one who signed the deal with devil for her instead of letting her grow up and make her own choices! These parents need think before they act!!

      • Actually, Miley originally auditioned for the role of Lilly Truscott, Hannah's bff. Then she auditioned for the main role and producers thought she was good but very young. She was 11 years old when she tried out at first. She auditioned multiple times & failed. Jordan McCoy apparently was supposed to get the role of Hannah Montana until Miley Cyrus ''cried & begged' (because SHE wanted to be on the show so badly) her dad to step in and so he told Disney that he would play the dad for free in the first season. Singer Jojo was another option but she refused.

    • All I ever knew about Hannah Montana was the name. I never saw the show and fersure didn't know Billy Ray was a regular. If he saw it all going down 'way back when, why didn't he take his daughter by the hand and walk away then? Any man who is serious about taking care of his family will do whatever it takes to get it done. I'm callin' b.s. on Billy Ray's whole schtick.

  26. I reckon it was a mixture of cocaine and programming to pull off the 'performance', which is probably yet another trauma (when she wakes up and realises)….

  27. "Miley was the one star in the room who truly understood what the MTV Video Music Awards are all about!" – Rolling Stone – You said it!!

  28. Would be great if posters never brought Jesus into it every time. it alienates a lot of people who don't feel comfortable with Christianity specifically. We need to talk in terms of one monotheistic God across all faiths in order to make some headway on this one.

    • Miley's own Mum was talking about 'God' and thanking him after the VMA's and her Dad has been talking about Satan attacking his family, so, whether posters are religious or not it is relevant and necessary.

    • It would be nice if commenters wouldn't bash people for posting about Jesus. One day it will be apparent that HE is the Son of the one TRUE GOD and every knee shall bow and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!! I pray that you find Him before it's too late.

      • But I firmly believe in one monotheistic God the same as you Christians – I just don't think you need to go down the whole family tree route. It alienates people who are attempting to find their own faith and leads them away from God altogether towards other 'gods'. Sanctimony is wrong in itself.

      • Where has God said that only Christians will be saved from eternal damnation? You should learn from people such as Sean Stone who are prepared to look for common ground between believers in one God rather than preaching division and superiority.

      • God said it In the Bible. What and who do you think the Bible was written for? You don't know? Well, Google this passage: 2 Timothy 3:16. The whole New Testament has 'Salvation From Eternal Damnation' written all over it, and it begins with Jesus Christ, The Savior of Humanity.

      • What exactly do you guys need saving from? I believe in god but I don't believe you have to worship him as religions teach us.

      • You believe in God? Do you also believe in his instruction? And in Jesus, the son of God? If so, read the Bible. It's a good book. You will find God's instruction tells us to worship him and glorify him. It even says to fear him. Those are not "human" words… Those are words from a being who has provided everlasting and abundant life for you if you accept it the way He has provided it. In short, if people would get off their self satisfying "High-Horse" and realize their agenda is miniscule in the grand story of life, true life would begin for them. It's not religion who teaches worship and servanthood. It's the bible…it's God. I'm not perfect, and I do have moments of weakness, but I will never deny God or Jesus' teachings. I do believe in Heaven…and I want to go there. Do you?

      • but how do you truly know if those are the words of God? this book was written how many years ago and translated from one language to another. Also there are books missing from the Bible which is most likely locked up in Vatican City where the only way you can get access to that building is by the pope himself – which I really don't see many people getting access too. There is alot about history that we truly don't know and have to rely on books which may or may not be accurate.

      • As well as rewritten by scribes over and over. Get one word wrong and you get yourself a written version of the telephone game.

      • Quantum physics on

        Sorry to break it to you. Man is the creator of the bible, last time i checked they wrote it, not God. so whatever you think he or she or it said, probably didnt. I believe in God but the bible is just a human perspective of what they think God represents/is. There clearly is a force and intelligence that allowed us to exist. But it's the same one as everyone else's. God lives through you, you are God. Try to understand. Jesus is our brother, a man who allowed the love God to flow within him, as we all have the potential to do as well. Jesus is a teacher/example of being Godlike.
        -one is all, all is one

      • Christs love is real on

        There is only one way in which that path is narrow for a reason! To deny the Christ is to deny Gods capability to do the most wonderful thing for your life on earth and beyond! Christ had to pay random for your sins with his life being the ONLY perfect person! What you see all around u is Satans purpose to confuse u and separate u from the truth but the word of God says there's only one way and that is through the son! God can not accept God being in everything because he cannot dwell in anything for he is holy! But he will come wherever u are if u ask! This is a choice which is love in it purest form not having this forced upon u! Ask him yourself to reveal himself! You try him!! Come to him in heart and he will show up in your life. Don't dismiss such a hope because you don't know! So much will change in your life! The favor of God will protect u! U can bear your burdens on him. It's the key to a life of peace beyond what money can buy! Oh that liar the serpant! I pray you all decide to believe! Your soul depends on it and time is not for us! Say father I believe I am a sinner and Jesus is the son of God! I ask u to come into my life and please save me!! That's the beginning of the rest of your life made new!

      • according to the Gospel of Thomas….(77b) …Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." … other words you dont churches and priests to know God…..God is everywhere

      • God doesn't need or demand soldiers, keep your holy war to yourself and please keep God out of it.

        Matthew 5:38-41
        You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.

        Luke 6:27-31
        “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

        James 4:1-2
        What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members? You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. And you are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel.

      • Which doesn't automatically rule out unbelievers. Also, as you may recall, self proclaimed Christians that perform miracles may still not get to the Father.
        "Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’"

        OTOH I see no reason to get from Jesus to an indefinite monotheistic God. Pick one religion (atheism included) and follow it with your own personal responsibility (because if a Just Judge will ever examine your behavior, "that guy told me to do this" is NOT going to save you), respect all the others as much as possible, and no more.
        There can be only a small set of true religions (again, I consider atheism one possibility). So, if you go for an average, you are surely sacrificing the most important aspects of the true religion(s), because the false religions were conceived to fight those very aspects.

      • Life is short. When our bodies die, we'll answer for our actions. Questions to many people will be, "Why didn't you believe in me? When I sent you so many signs…when all I did was teach you and love you, why did you deny me?" Those will not be the questions asked of me.

    • Your Humble Servant on

      Hi Amaryllis,

      Like everyone else here, you're free to frame your comments in a way that reflects your personal faith or convictions. But suggesting that other people adopt your view because you're uncomfortable with theirs accomplishes the very opposite of healthy and comfortable dialog.

      *Disclaimer: I'm about to talk about my Christian perspective on this article*

      I for one believe Jesus Christ (who I believe to be God) has given us crystal clear insight and understanding into the underlying motivation behind the "occult elite" and the agenda that VC has articulated so well.

      In the Bible, in Matthew 4, Satan tempts Jesus Christ by saying "If you will bow before me, I will give you the kingdoms of the World". Jesus did not challenge Satan's claim to be able to offer this. Elsewhere in the Bible, we're told that Satan is indeed the prince of this world (yet, for a finite period of time…).

      Jesus responded by saying "Get behind me, Satan! For it is written, 'You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve.'".

      This exchange sheds light on the discussion at hand: The kingdoms of this world – which are 'spheres of rule' which are often accompanied by money, fame, and pleasure for their 'rulers' – can be offered by Satan to those who would worship him in disobedience to the true God.

      The people aligning themselves with the kingdom that the music/entertainment industry is promoting (a kingdom that worships Satan, sin, and self ) are getting monetarily rich, enjoying a season of fame, and the pleasures that come with it – but at the highest cost possible. I cannot believe that they truly understand what is at stake.

      Jesus Christ said "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? "

      There is a time coming when Satan will be destroyed (Revelation 20:10). The only reason God is waiting is His long-suffering (2 Peter 3:9). He's suffering as long as possible for our sakes. He hates what's going on more than we do. He loves you and me and Miley and everyone else here and is allowing as much time as possible for people to repent (turn from Satan, sin, and self-centered ways) and be rescued from this mess by Jesus Christ. (What?

      We should be looking at Miley (and Paris, Selena, Amanda, and other victims) like a little sister – a human being made in the image of God – who is being publicly abused and mocked by Satan and his followers, who hate us all. The reason us Christians respond by saying "pray for her/him" is because we recognize that underneath the fleshy illusion we live in – there is a spiritual battle raging on for Miley's eternal destiny and all those whose destiny can be influenced by hers.

      To conclude, "Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:11,12

      Accept, or reject as you must.
      Offered with respect and love in Christ Jesus.

      PS: thanks VC.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post YourHumbleServant but I pretty much believe in all of that too without identifying it as being the exclusive preserve of Christianity. I regard Jesus as being a great prophet and some of his followers are great people but with all due respect, there have been great messengers both before and after Jesus and believing in that does not take you any further away from the very same God.

      • I suppose we would fundamentally depart wrt the fact that God has suffered/is long suffering. I belive that God has granted permission to Satan to bring about this state of affairs as a lesson to mankind and it is God alone who will eventually rescue us from this mess. I also believe that through belief in God alone and the Old Testament, we can arrive at the same level of understanding.

      • “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

      • A quote by C.S. Lewis that you might want to take to heart before claiming Jesus to be a great prophet but relegating him to the level of just another great teacher, and rejecting his divinity and title as Saviour of the World/Only Hope For Salvation.

      • Jimmy

        Well you obviously believe that with a passion but I think we agree to disagree. Spiritual absolutism like that pushes away more souls than it saves. I believe that he is one of several prophets to have said great things and God has revealed his message through them all in progressive stages. By your logic, they are all a bunch of lunatics, excepting one because that's where you placed your marker and pressed 'stop'.

        I think it is all too easy to possess such dogmatic views from the comfort of an Ivory Tower or the US Bible belt but the things Vigilant writes about are very much based on the world well outside those confines. It is a world I know very well first hand as I am sure he once did. Some of the people I have loved the most in my life exercise control in that world and/or have chosen that world and rejected God. I don't come on here to pray for Miley. My emotional investment in this is well beyond that.

        I despair for you that you have effectively identified Christians as being the only people who worship the true God. Where has Jesus asked for that? God judges every soul on it's merits.

        You should seek inspiration from people like Sean Stone who have moved beyond such restrictions.

      • I cannot agree with what you are saying. 10 Commandments, #1 You shall have no other gods before me. And also Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me." I appreciate your humanity and seemingly genuine concern for peoples feelings, but what your are advocating is generic spirituality. Sadly that will not qualify one to enter into heaven. It is not considered politically correct, but accepting that Jesus died on the cross to cover our sins, repenting, and believing in God is the only thing that will save us. After we're in heaven we will be judged on the merit of our souls and rewarded accordingly. And while it may offended someone I would be a cruel and selfish person if I didn't share the truth.

      • And also Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me."

        You heard him say that did you? or was it reported based on evidence several times removed by people who had a particular agenda in mind. I only take the word of God as that which he conveyed directly through one person without the obfuscation of layers and committees

      • So God speaks to you directly, then? The one person you speak of is probably no better than the layers and committees you disdain. In fact, that one person is probably a crank.

        But you're a hippie who believes that the bloodthirsty Allah is just like Jesus Christ, or some such nonsense.

      • C.S. Lewis I doubt was an occultist – his Chronicles of Narnia novels has many christian overtones

      • I guess you are a Muslim:
        I swear by the Book that makes manifest (the truth). Quran 44:2
        I swear by the wind that scatters far and wide, Quran 55:1
        I swear by the star when it goes down Quran 53:1
        Nay; I swear by the moon, Quran 74:32
        I swear by the mountain Quran 52:1

        In Judaism and Christianity:
        ‘By Myself I have sworn, declares the LORD, because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son, your only son,’" Genesis 22:16

        "I have sworn by Myself; the word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to Me every knee shall bow…" Isaiah 45:23

        "For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself." Hebrews 6:13

        I by no means want to offend or to side-track, but I felt you must know this.

      • I never said that – I acknowledge that there is one God – the God of the Old Testament

      • Christs love is real on

        How do you split the bible in half and believe the part you choose!? Self righteousness is not holy! You've twisted the story! This is evil! I rebuke the spirit of the Anti-Christ … The same spirit that has its hand in this Satanic order…. I am no longer convinced that you want to know the truth. You've made your own truth! Fool !!

      • Well all I will say is that regardless of who is right, there will be times before the end of our lives when those who are misguided will be allowed to put things right for themselves spiritually. Don't lose the opportunity. I await the Second Coming in much the same way as the zealots on here, albeit for a slightly different reason.

        Just be prepared to accept what Jesus tells you at that point rather than throwing secondary-evidence scriptures around (fundamentalists are so used to doing this btw that it will be some challenge). You have lost touch with your own youth because you are information processors who do not have the humanity to reach out to these young people and touch their souls in a relevant way and bring them back onto the right path or at least provide them with a meaningful glimpse of it for future reference. Therefore, my spirituality is worth more to me as I can actually do that and they want to know it from me.

      • Amazing response! If you lived in my area, I'd want to hang out and talk and be friends. Grace and peace to you, dear sibling in Christ.

      • No one should be afraid to talk about, apply disclaimers or hide their beliefs in any way. THAT is mind-control.

      • Your Humble Servant on

        Hi Mil,

        I agree – posts have no tone. But my disclaimer was tongue-in-cheek.

        Bless you

      • Holy fuck can you guys quit being so religious and discuss the VMA's? It's not religion I dislike: it's the fans.

      • If God is our creator then that makes him our father and so as a parent why would yoy allow tour children be led down this path – why not stop all the evil in the world and destroy Satan which would be by definition his son since Satan was an angel before being the prince of hell. Why allow your children to suffer? Cause by human definition that is not good parenting.

      • God is the good father who loves his children. That is why He gives us free will. He does not force us to love or follow him. We are free to follow Him or our own path. But usually when we follow our own path it leads to destruction because we are not as wise as we think we are. We are the cause of our own suffering.

      • God is a good father who loves his children … The samw one that allowed Noah and his family to live while he drowned everyone else which would be men,women,and children ….somehow i don't find that very loving.

      • He didn't save dinosaurs from extinction, either. If he did, we probably wouldn't be here judging his actions. Do you see the problem, now?

      • Well if one believes in the evolution theory then dinosaurs are technically still around today just in a smaller size.

    • As a Christian, I agree with you. True Christians do not need to flaunt their beliefs. Nor do any Christians I know claim to be perfect.

      However, even if you believe in "monotheistic God across all faiths", that must include Christianity. Therefore you should not discount his teachings. I suggest you research Jesus, learn what Jesus taught his disciples. I think you will find it's very enlightening.

      • I believe in the Old Testament for sure. lt was as far advanced at that point in time as divine knowledge had been revealed. Our God is one and the same.

      • Well that isn't really "monotheistic God across all faiths" as you previously stated. In fact you have narrowed your view and then accused others of having a narrow view.

        Pot meet kettle.

      • The Old Testament was a re-write of older Sumerian myths/stories and the New Testament storey is predominantly a re-edit of older pagan and Egyptian myths(the virgin birth,the marker/star in the sky ect) The Christians took it even further and built there temples and places of worship on pagan sacred sites they also made pagan days of worship there own (christmas, easter ect.)

      • So is there a pagan myth with a man/god sacrificing himself for the sins of everybody and then defeating death to prove everybody else can?
        And, if an event duplicates an older myth, is that automatically a distortion of that myth? There are many other possibilities, especially if you consider prophecy as feasible, or when there is a wealth of myths to pick from…

        As for the temples and days of worship, pagans simply switched to Christianity without much fuss and influenced it. The reason for them accepting the new religion so readily, and if the contamination is good, evil or irrelevant because all those rites, and temples and all do not prevent good souls to get to the Father, it's an interesting but unrelated problem.

      • The "god" of the old testament was Satan. "You will know them by their fruit" Do not be fooled by your creator. God loves us so much he became (for a short time) a creation of Satan, hence the sacrifice! Do you not see?

        He tries hard but occasionally light shines through the physical/material universe that he created. The prince of lies. This truly is the ultimate lie.

      • Lex et Veritas on

        I agree with the comment from "Skeptic." How else could Satan offer Jesus the entire world when trying to tempt Jesus Christ our Savior.

        Do you believe Buddha offered the path to "enlightenment?" then why not believe Jesus offered the path of "salvation?"

        A single ray of light has an entire spectrum of colors.

      • Satan "showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 'All this I will give you,…"
        It is interesting that the offer is of the KINGDOMS and the luxury associated, and not the entire world nor the universe. So the only safe assumption is that rulers rule thanks to Satan. Paint me surprised.

      • That's what though too. How come he offers all the kingdoms is those rulers don't belong to him? Good point.

    • You miss the point.There is no one Monotheistic God across all faiths. Also, what do you think is the point of this site and the nature of the Illuminati? Who do you think the Illuminati is against? Is it not Jesus of Nazareth? The Only Begotten of Yahweh?

      • The entire struggle is between God (who created Jesus but is NOT Jesus) and is the Judeo-Christian-Muslim God of the Old Testament and Satan. It is about the fact that God allowed Satan leave to seduce a number of his believers away from the right path and whether we, at the level of each individual soul, choose to follow God and achieve heaven or follow Satan and end up eternally damned. However, there are a great many intermediate states and only God will judge each soul on it's true merits, not Christians on the VC forum.

      • The God of the Quran and The God of the Bible are not the same.
        They say, ‘God has begotten a son.’ God forbid! Self-sufficient is He. His is all that the heavens and the earth contain. Surely for this you have no sanction. Whould you say of God what you know not?
        —Qur’an 10:68

        The LORD said to my Lord, Sit you at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.
        — Psalm 110:1.

        We could have a long discussion, but this is not the place to do that.

      • It is God vesus Satan as God has allowed Satan leave to seduce a number of his followers towards damnation. The conflict is played out at the level of the individual soul. The curse of overly – organised religion is that you develop a secret society mindset thinking that you are the chosen few and everyone else is damned and doomed. It takes additional spiritual enlightenment to be able to work your way out of that and most people never manage it.

      • To even imply that Christians think they are the "chosen few" is to completely misunderstand everything about Christianity.

        Nobody is born a Christian. One becomes a Christian by acknowledging one's sin, repenting of that sin, asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness and taking Him for their personal Saviour. The "chosen few" are only "chosen" because of the CHOICE they made, a choice anyone can make, and NOT because Jesus or whoever picks and chooses who He wants to save. Jesus saves all who choose Him as their Saviour.

        This secret society mindset you speak of is an invention of the atheists who simply don't want to live by the Bible's rules. It has absolutely no bearing on reality whatsoever.

        Anybody can become a Christian, and all those who do will receive the gift of life. It's not an exclusive club or secret society. If you feel that bothered by people's commentaries on Jesus and whatnot, you should probably examine whatever absurd hangups you have over something you so easily dismiss. It's obvious that the problem is on your end, and not anybody else's.

      • It depends on the Creator. I am of the opinion if someone is genuinely sorry for his/her actions surely yes.

      • @ Child I'm not certain about my character, so I'd lie if I gave you an answer to that. Probably not but then again I'd be upset by my hypocrisy as in theory I'm for it however in practice is a different kettle of fish. Although it would be more satisfying to be able to forgive others. Besides it would be better for everyone in the long run. Don't forget we are only humans, difficult to please/forgive/forget/love etc, our abilities are limited, however G's is everything we are not.

      • If i have to go to heaven and be surrounded bu child molesters,serial killers and hitler then i rather stay on earth

      • Yes, it's very convenient isn't it. Believe in me and all will be forgiven.. sounds like Satan pulling another fast one, no?

      • I've been doing some research and oddly came to the same conclusion. Apparently the Gnostics believe something very similar, the god of the old testament is actually the devil who created the psychical universe, earth and humans not the God of everything.

        For whatever reason, the old testament "god" created us to worship him as the true God but the truth comes through in Jesus and men like the Buddha. The "devil" tries to keep us secret from the true God via sin. Jesus was born of the true God and given authority to spread his message, to lead people away from the physical universe into the light of truth. However, given 2000 years the "god" of the old testament has corrupted the word. But still the basic truth can still be heard, if you listen. This is why quotes from Jesus seem to contradict each other. Some sound like a peace loving God and other sounds like an angry old testament "god"

        Interesting stuff, if you have time I suggest you research it yourself.

      • Gnosticism is blasphemous. "A house divided, cannot stand." No, there is clearly a God who creates and a "god" who destroys. One cannot be the other. And one cannot destroy what has not been created. Therefore Satan cannot exist without God the creator.

        And before you go into a whole bunch of Old Testament stories where God has destroyed such-n-such, He does not destroy but ALLOWS those to destroy themselves. If they do not seek His face and His will, they will be left to deal with their consequences and/or left to the deceptions of their own mind or the deceptions of their "god", Satan.

        For mortal man, it's all about consequences for actions and choices we make. Judgement Day is all about that because SOMEONE has to pay for our poor choices that result in sin. Jesus has paid and allows you to share in the payment through His divine authority as the Son of God. All you need do is ask. That's the "Gift".

        So it comes down to one choice…….Jesus? Or your own advocacy?

        Methinks we, individually, would not make a good lawyer against an omnipotent and omniscient God. Just saying.

      • Oddly their are groups that agree with you. Gostics for example believe the psychical universe (including man) were created by the god of the old testament. However, there is twist, the "god" of the old testament is actually the "devil" and not the true God of everything. He tried to keep us secret from God but has failed so now he tries to keep God secret from us.

        Occasionally, the truth comes through. For example, the Buddha and Jesus. But quickly become corrupted after they pass.

        Its very interesting, worth studying.

      • So when Christians argue over faith vs acts, they are actually debating lie vs truth. One is a deliberate lie meant to encourage sin and the other is truth meant to encourage a good life.

        Additions and subtractions to the bible were common in the past. However, they mistakenly left quotes from Jesus that Jesus actually spoke. Perhaps the devil, despite creating the universe and man does not have complete control over them. The true God has given us free will so that we may find the truth.

      • You think Satan created Adam?? Explain how you came to this conclusion please..
        So you must think that Jesus is God but then wouldn't that mean that Satan is the creator/Father of Jesus also…?

      • I do not think one thing or another, I was quoting what the gnostics believed. And from what I understand Jesus was the son of the true God, the God of everything. Satan is the creator of the material world.

      • Lex et Veritas on

        God loves, even us whom he did not create but sees our suffering. God loved his son so much he for a short time came to this material existence, the realm of the devil, in order to teach us the truth.

        At least that is what they believed anyway.

      • Why not. That doesn't mean anything at a practical level. It's still impossible to consider repentance as a free "get out of jail" pass, unless you think you can fool an all knowing God.

      • I dont wish to question your beliefs tho i do believe everyone should, at least occasionaly, question there own beliefs. But i must quesion you statement

        "This secret society mindset you speak of is an invention of the atheists who simply don't want to live by the Bible's rules. It has absolutely no bearing on reality whatsoever"

        There is ample evidence of secret societies opperating in Christianity…for example in the Vatican you have opus dei , the Knights of Malta of which the prolific child procurer Jimmy Savile was a member, to name but a few.

        so i must say, that,that statement has absolutely no bearing on reality whatsoever.

      • In short, Illuminati means illuminated or enlightened ones. Should you believe in such a group then you must also understand the name celebrates their knowledge whilst acknowledging the ignorance of the masses. Their nature, as with most secret groups/clubs/societies is to operate quietly and share/keep secret knowledge amongst themselves.
        VC used to do a wonderful job of posting symbols/images associated with the occult (you could put the "illuminatti" in that box) and give a brief synoposis of the symbol, it's origins, what it meant, what it has been perverted to mean, so on and so forth. Never did VC post or comment that this is a "Christian" website; and he/she hasn't yet. Matter of fact, I've yet to see VC post a Bible verse. If this were a Christian site, the owner would most certainly quote from the Bible and/or have posts dedicated solely to God and His glory.
        Sadly, it is you and most other commenters, that have missed the point. This site is/was built for learning about, then applying critical thinking to piece together symbols from the elite and powers that be– not Bible thumping and preaching that Jesus is the only way. And I AM a Christian…but I'm not here for a religious fill or to down others that praise the same God differently.

      • There aren't any threats. Only be given facts to make up your mind. It's your life, live it however you wish. Bear in mind there are consequences though.

      • Tell that to your "christian" brothers and sisters. I find it impossible to have an intellectual debate with them as they spend most of the time thumping the bible. They also seem more concerned with the "old testament" than "the new testament." Very strange indeed.

      • well, if they forget about luke 6,37 it's their problem, there are consequences for everybody, not just the unbeliever scum 😀

      • "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven"

      • John – The fact that you say that "bear in mind" part makes you contradict your previous statement. You can't possibly know there are consequences. You might believe there are, but you don't know there are. Religion just might be another tool used by the powers that be to control the masses. Believe in me or burn forever. Sounds like a nice God. A real god wouldn't demand such things or need that power trip.

      • Johnny Utah if you're trying to challenge me fair enough, however be certain that it won't always work. It doesn't affect me if you want to believe or not. As long as you will be eternally content, that's what matters eh. Let's not argue for the sake of it.

    • Ok, hold it right there. You're understanding is messed up. I give you one week to read and get back to me with one iota of coherent and true understanding of Islam. If not, you are just as mind-controlled against Islam as these Disney puppets.

    • You are more ignorant than enlightened in any faith and you demonstrate what happens to people who are so convinced that they are right to the exclusion of everyone else that their souls effectively become diseased. Sorry to anyone Moslem posting on here who has to read such lies and bigotry as I know your religion has never advocated this moonshine.

      • Christi love is real on

        You both are fools. Don't be deceived. To quarrel over equal untruths is even more disgraceful …. Ur lips speak much but the soul is empty … Leaning on your own understandings! The truth can be as big as Jupiter and you'll still see the clouds! Confused spirits find no rest! This is no debate! Christ is the way and there is no negotiation or other explanation. The truth needs no support!

      • Yeah right, because we don't entirely agree with you then our souls must be empty.
        Well all I will say is that regardless of who is right, there will be times before the end of our lives when those who are misguided will be allowed to put things right for themselves spiritually. Don't lose the opportunity. I await the Second Coming in much the same way as the zealots on here, albeit for a slightly different reason.

        Just be prepared to accept what Jesus tells you at that point rather than throwing secondary-evidence scriptures around (fundamentalists are so used to doing this btw that it will be some challenge). You have lost touch with your own youth because you are information processors who do not have the humanity to reach out to these young people and touch their souls in a relevant way and bring them back onto the right path or at least provide them with a meaningful glimpse of it for future reference. Therefore, my spirituality is worth more to me as I can actually do that and they want to know it from me.

        I think I probably would rather identify myself as Moslem rather than Christian tbh despite having rec'd a staunchly Catholic upbringing as they are prepared to acknowledge the incremental acquisition of knowledge by man via prophets spanning the ages. How can you prove that Mohammed was less perfect than Jesus?

    • Christianity has nothing whatsoever to do with "God". Christianity is about imposing a Hierarchical Order, and brainwashing its victims into blind faith that the Hierarchy is the fount of all their thoughts beliefs.

      Anyone interested in "God" will dispense with the false trail of all priestly religions.

      • God/Dog
        Its at the top of the Queens coat of arms you will find a tiny wee dog on top of the crown. Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome story goes they were left on a BANK of a river as children (ancient custom to expose their children to the elements) they were abandoned and supposedly reared by a She-Dog. Anyway antichrist's like to do things backwards and it seems @mijj is right on the button. GOD=DOG in honour of their founders. Along the way, the Bible was created from Man to control the Masses of People who believed in Ra the sun-god and all other deities of other cultures around the world. I mean if they had said it was created or inspired by a dog rearing the children who founded Rome how long would you think this would have lasted let alone be accepted by the masses. Spelling it backwards perfectly hides the truth. The upside down cross is a perfect example.
        Well you do your own Spiritual thinking, this is just how I see it. I have prayed to this God of the Bible with no help just more crazy turmoil. Then I prayed to Papatuanuku = Mother Earth (in Maori culture) and got an immediate result me and my friend were saved. So I guess my people always had a Guardian to protect us (without the bible) but we slowly came around to the White way of thinking now we too fight like cats and dogs over Christianity. But, its all good because slowly some of us are turning away from Indoctrinated false religions and gaining back what we had before we were influenced. Our Relationship With The Earth
        Thank you V.C for having this wonderful site.

    • I am so sorry that you do not feel comfortable with Christinaity but your discomfort does not change the truth that the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is the true and living God and he reigns. He is the God of Heaven and earth and his son Jesus lives and is the way, the truth, and life. Their is no life apart from Jesus so you can not leave him out of the equation. Your discomfort may lay in the fact that deep down you know this is true.

      • God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is the true and living God and he reigns. He is the God of Heaven and earth AGREE
        his son Jesus – no, DISAGREE
        Jesus lives – agree
        Their is no life apart from Jesus – disagree
        can not leave him out of the equation – absolutely agree, why would I want to?
        Your discomfort may lay in the fact that deep down you know this is true. – I know what is true, I am not seeking enlightenment from those whom I believe to be less evolved spiritually and constrained by family, custom and culture

      • Christi love is real on

        How is it you've gotten that far only to stop yourself at the door! Some deny because of lack of knowledge others deny because of foolish self gratification. The word says lean not on your own understanding … This is beyond your carnal intellect! Go deeper! Your almost there!

    • Well all I will say is that regardless of who is right, there will be times before the end of our lives when those who are misguided will be allowed to put things right for themselves spiritually. Don't lose the opportunity. I await the Second Coming in much the same way as the zealots on here, albeit for a slightly different reason.

      Just be prepared to accept what Jesus tells you at that point rather than throwing secondary-evidence scriptures around (fundamentalists are so used to doing this btw that it will be some challenge). You have lost touch with your own youth because you are information processors who do not have the humanity to reach out to these young people and touch their souls in a relevant way and bring them back onto the right path or at least provide them with a meaningful glimpse of it for future reference. Therefore, my spirituality is worth more to me as I can actually do that and they want to know it from me.

    • Media Subversion on

      Christianity is brought up because it is relevant to the discussion. The elite, illuminati, jewish central banking cabal or whatever you want to call them are satanists. Who is the number one enemy of satan and satanists?

    • Woehahaha, one G*d, one government, one bank, one president one world one way of thinking for everybody yeay we got one here….

    • For u to ask posters not to bring up Jesus, while discussing the subject as such, is really silly. ..bcs in the end, tht is wht ths is about. Had she believed more in Jesus, our savior, ths topic wd hav never com up about her. But instead, she hs chosen the opposite. We are all gonna have to pick a side eventually. There won't be no ”happy medium” side. Either God or satan. So u nd to figure out which one yr more comfortable, not jst discussing but also, who u want to hav yr back. Prayers for Miley n her family.

    • There is only one God names Yehova who manifested himself through Jesus(Yahshua: He whom save His people or He who delivers His people). He is the only way and this is why the world is the way it is cause everybody want to do want they want to do and not what the Almighty commanded.

    • Religion is the tool to keep everyone oppressed and to not question the powers that be. It teaches us to be subservient to our master. Basically to just be mindless slaves, quoting bible verses everytime someone challenges your beliefs. I'm just wondering why the bible reciters visit a site like this? It seems the answers you find on this site are at odds w your try nature and beliefs. Are they not?

    • j. d. randomfactor on

      freedom of speech is great until someone mentions Jesus… have your opinion, they have theirs….

  29. Great analysis VC. But I also think that the shock of the VMA was meant to distract people from what's really happening in the world. About what's happening in syria now and how the us is preparing to attach them, plus a possible war in the middle east that people are oblivious about. I am so sorry for what's happening in the world now have got no words to describe how low the human race has become, it is just operated by satan's worshipers who got blinded by the money.
    As some body once said "stop world I need to get off…"

  30. I agree with VC on billy ray seems like a good guy as he tweeted on the night of the VMAs ""Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love …less hate,” and followed up later by tweeting " "FYI 'Love Not Hate' Late last night I was watching devastating news out of Syria. Chemical weapons used on innocent children is unacceptable!” .
    He knows that so many people will be reading his tweets after the VMAs to find out his reaction on miley's act but he took it as a chance to try to re-direct people's thoughts into what really matters in the world, as if saying wake up people dont fall for this media propaganda it;s just a way to distract you!!.

    I am really hoping people would wake up and find the truth one day .

    • You must question why would Syria use chemicals on its own people after the UN inspectors were inside their country, and why would the us, England, and france all want to use military action before the discussions scheduled at the Geneva peace talks? Looks like a false flag, a pretext to go to war: Isaiah 17 fulfilled. Buckle up, we're in for a bumpy ride. Make Jesus your Lord and Savior.

      • Hmmm…the West using military action…isn't that what Bush did back in 2003? But people still support Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, who ran against Bush in 2008 and 2012 and yet continues to do the same exact crap Bush did.

      • The presidents are just posterboys. Nothing more nothing less. The machine behind it is the same for the left right and middle. The trick is to only let the people see the chanced faces and not the ones that stay behind the scenes and continue to push their agendas. Rumsfeld anyone?

    • I don't believe Billy Ray. He's a handler, a slave, or both (one can be both, apparently). He's part of the smokescreen, the dialectic: talking about Syria it seems like he's being directed by others, most likely to push an unsavory agenda. yvmv, but that's what I get from his seemingly out-of-context (or diversion from Miley) message.

    • Media Subversion on

      And don't be silly enough to believe what the contrived mass media parrots about syria. It is all brainwashing designed to sway your opinions to favour those of your elitist masters! The US/NATO funded Free Syria Army terrorists were obliterated by president bashar al assad's true syrian army so the Israeli directed US/UK/NATO governments needed another excuse to invade syria and oust the non compliant syrian govt. This is very important. Don't fall for the same UN inspection crap they forced upon us before the iraq invasion. Mass media lies. It is totally corrupted, owned and contrived. After syria, iran will be invaded, all for the sake of erratz (greater) israel. Why should the USA, UK etc fight wars for the war mongering terrorist state of israel? Can these countries afford any more wars? How desperate are they for world war 3?

    • u r still asleep if u think this guy is good after THAT tweet!

      this tweet makes it crystalclear to me- he is evil too. the night his daughter embarassed herself for the whole world to see was full of blessings to him? that world peace comment is as stupid as the world peace comments from girls in a beauty contest. EMPTY PHRASE!

      but to try to warmonger the people into another unjustified war far far away, that is not an empty phrase. that says everything i need to know about that man. thanks for the info.

      btw everybody who regularly visits this site should already know that evil forces are first and formost in politics and military powers, not only in entertainment.

      and they kill on a big scale. mass sacrifice if u want…

      • I have been doing more research about it after posting my comment and I have to say I agree with you, her dad is no better than any one around her. Read more of his tweets and watched some of the interviews this family is so broken and has let the evil in beyond what I can imagine. Money money money that's all they care about desperate pathetic lost evil souls

  31. weneedhelpnow on

    Americans need to learn who controls the media and their country.
    It's really not that hard to finds out a certain group of people are the ones who truly controlled the media.
    I stop going to the movies after learning so much about Hollyweird and next is cable

    We Americans need to stop supporting our destruction. Hollywood have been used as a tool for control and destruction.Our destructions/failures will not stop until We the people say we had enough and take a stand.

    • I feel like I'm watching the collapse of the Roman empire, only speeded up. We've gone to end stage cultural decadence in my lifetime, the only place to go is total annihilation or complete reinvention. Since we're now talking about bombing Syria for using chemical weapons (when we've polluted Vietnam, Iraq and who knows how many other places with the same compounds), it's pretty clear which one we're choosing. Media circus a distraction from the activities of empire. The real show is in the Middle East.

      • Hey Fleur! How ya doin'? Obama has some control over what we do to Syria. Afterall, he's the Antichrist… (I'm being half facecious, half serious).

  32. Sexualizing children is the agenda. The show was rated pg14 but the target audience is 10-16 if not younger. An especially suggestive trojan condom ad aired repeatedly from the start of the program. The juxtaposition of the innocence of teddy bears and the very adult bumping and grinding is, indeed, blurring lines. For all intents and purposes, she was nude, essentially baring it all for the whole world to see. No matter what anyone wants to say, she will always be associated with disney. Her fan base is primarily comprised of preteen girls, and grows with every Hannah Montana repeat and merchandise sold. What is the message that is being sent here, and to who?

    "If you want to destroy any nation without war, create adultery or nudity common in the young generation." Saladdin

    • Spot on. This is child molestation by the media and the merchandizers and the public and government officials who look the other way.

    • Remember the victoria's secret fashion show? Justin beiber sang and they tried to make everything child like. Including the models. While I know that children shouldnt be watching it in the first place alot still are. and just the fact that a lingerie and underwear company was putting out child like images is disgusting. I think this occult crap is real and part of it involves the rape and murder of innocent children.

      • It works two ways; sexualizing children in their own minds and sexualizing children in the eyes of adults. Britney spears appeared in Rolling Stone magazine cradling stuffed animals and proclaiming "I'm not that innocent". Jodi Foster and Brooke Shields both played child prostitutes, with Brooke appearing fully nude. She was also objectified in a series of Calvin Klein commercials and billboards. Dakota Fanning's character is raped in hounddog, which was described by some critics as erotic, coming of age etc. etc. etc… While Hollywood is quick to proclaim "ART!" I say perversion, initiation, conditioning. More and more Disney/ Nickelodeon/child stars are going off the deep end, and no one ever thinks their child could follow. Worse still,parents are eager to sign their children up for stardom without ever considering the cost…

      • No wonder Brooke Shields was in bad terms with her alcoholic mother. At least she had a break from it.

      • One of Britney's first videos had her dressed in school uniform with a mid-drift top and ponytails while she danced suggestively and pouted for the camera! They ran that video on Disney and Nickelodeon every chance they got! It was everywhere…you couldn't escape it!

      • There's an interesting message hidden in that song if you play it in reverse. In the Hannah Montana theme song, too. Regardless of whether anyone believes backmasking has any affect, it's a big part of crowleys doctrine. He believed in it and instructed his followers to do it.

      • "Baby one more time" says "sleep with me I'm not too young" and the Hannah Montana theme songs says "love for sale" and some other stuff. Don't know about mileys new song.

    • blackrocker4eve on

      @Cognizant, your post, I believe, is the most intelligent post I have ever read on here. You hit the bullseye perfectly..I'm in the music industry as an artist and producer and let me tell you, just the little that you stated is accurate as hell…People, even the folks on here, have NO clue had deep it is….

    • I covered my daughter's eyes every time that stupid commercial came on. They promote the show with acts like 1 Direction and Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, but then open up the show with condom ads and Gaga in a thong. MTV is torn between Disney and soft core porn…which are polar opposites. I believe it's done purposely and it's disgusting how careless our media has become. A few years back they were trying to crucify Janet Jackson, yet Selena Gomez SHOWS UP to the red carpet with her boob hanging out of her dress…SMH and don't get me started on her porn drug filled movie Spring Breakers….

      • Why are you letting your daughter what such a program if you are aware of what's going on? It's not like you are an ignorant parent and have no clue. Parents that willfully subject their children to like a previous poster said sexualizing of the child in their own mind…are just a big a part of the problem. You should guard your child's eyes and heart. That is your job. Don't let them idolize these celebrities.

      • I watch stuff with my kids and they see all the imagery – they are the ones pointing out the symbolism and then telling their friends! We saw the movie Now You See Me and my 12-year-old kept leaning over whispering to me every time she saw an illuminati symbol- she saw so many white rabbits in that movie – I only saw four bit she observed three times as many as I did.
        Our kids need to be aware – so they can share with their friends! We also read the latest books together – the three dystopian book series- Hunger Games – Maze Runner- and our favorite – Divergent are so amazing – their message is so clear- do not trust the government. Divergent is so good – the govt condemns anyone who is different from the masses and can't fit into these five groups – what's going on in our culture is similar!
        Ok sorry I'm rambling – we need to educate our kids on this stuff folks!! Discuss and share – let them see it and think critically for themselves! We need to THINK!!

      • They even allow their daughters when they start primary school at 4 years old to go with painted nails. Painted nails, mini skirts but then again you get hammered if you turn up with jeans and a t-shirt. It doesn't make sense, they haven't heard of pedophiles? Certainly the mothers are also responsible. I know a man in his mid 30s whose ex-wife comes from Thailand. She's actually 5-6 years older than him. So her daughter when she was 6 was foddled by her nephew who came from Thailand from a visit. The father went mad when he found, however she only worried about her nephew. Then she had a b/f 10 years younger who was constantly in touch with her 8 years old daughter. Why a 30 years old man does constantly exchange messages with his g/f's daughter when the little is away. Why he doesn't want to do the same with her older brother? And why a little girl needs a mobile phone? aybe her b/f was 'interested' in her so he can find an easy route to groom the child. Certainly it's the mother's fault and causes a lot of friction between her and the ex.

    • hermiticwonderer on

      Agree completely.
      The sexualization of children is top priority and there has been a steady drip, drip of fowl pedophilic imagery, stories, people and scenarios accosting the American population for years.
      Just as the frog sits in his boiling pot so do we sit here as more and more raunchy sexually explicit events directed towards children take place. Where is the line? I always wonder how an actual mother or father could convince themselves that somehow any form of sexualizing their children is OK?
      I do not have children currently but I would never allow someone else s child to be degraded or thought of as a sexual object.

    • Thank you! I was waiting for someone to post a comment like this. Everything in pop culture today, especially music is aimed at children with a heavy emphasis on marketing! We adults (for the most part) can't stand it but it's not for us and they don't care about reaching us…they want the kids! I never watch those awards shows anymore cuz I don't even know who most of those people are. I don't buy the music and I don't watch videos and most adults I know don't. But the kids know! And it is next to impossible to keep them from it because it's part of their world so even if it's not allowed in your home their friends do it and they have all the electronic gizmos to get it on their own. That's the agenda the co-opt the kids…the younger the better!

    • I'm not sure that's the agenda. Our whole world revolves around $ex. And it sells, it's really that simple. These companies are only after money. What better way to advertise than to get you to watch. Shock and awe effect. Here we are days later still talking about what this 20 year old girl did on an MTV show, lol. As if it's somehow significant in our everyday lives. That's the whole point. They are good at what they do, like it or not. Do you know how much more popular Miley Cyrus just became because she rubbed her butt on Robin Thicke? She just made more $$$ for her label.

      They don't care if it was cringe-worthy, it got the job done.

      PS. Maybe we should wrap our young women up in robes and cover their faces around town, this way they can avoid being desirable, that's the Saladdin way.

      • This was about selling sex to kids, my friend. You've got the witch of Waverly Place walking around with her breast hanging out, Hannah Montana erupting from a teddy bears penis, 1 Direction; enough said. The entire thing was marketed to little kids from the start. Who do you think is really watching that crap? Of course they made ridiculous amounts of money. Tweens rule their parents pocketbooks. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez merchandise is flying off the shelves. If any of the artists featured on the VMAs has a line of SpaghettiOs, you'd better believe your local Walmart is out of stock. Of course Miley Cyrus is more popular now. Every news station is broadcasting that Hannah Montana is dead. Somebody's got to take her place. The whole point is that this IS significant in our everyday lives. Who do you think is shaping our young minds? Very odd future, indeed.

        PS. I suppose we could go the Good Christian route and forcibly shave our young women who aren't wearing a head covering as Saint Paul suggests.

      • Disney has always been about selling sex to kids – there was a south park episode about it years ago. Not sure where south park stands as far as the agenda but the theme of the ep was that, straight up. Disney sells sex to your kids without you even thinking about it.

      • Yes, but even in nude effect underwear there was nothing desirable about Miley on that stage. It was gross – my boyf practically puked…lol but no, it's really sad smh

    • Media Subversion on

      Watch David Duke and Dr William Pierce's videos on YouTube concerning the sexualisation of children and the subversion of the masses.

    • miley has been acting like a ho for about 6 years now. if you allow your children to idolize her at this point, you should be ashamed of yourself, not blaming her. if you allow your 10 yr old to watch MTV, you are also to blame.

      it really annoys me when people constantly blame the media for everything. dont you realize that consumers have the power? the only reason the media can get away with this stuff is bc people support them! stop spending your money on these clowns and they will disappear. end of story. the sad fact is most people are sheep and will go along with anything popular. we give these people the power to destroy us.

      • Money doesn't matter to these people. Money is only a concern to lower castes (us). Boycott by not buying, yeah, thatll reverse everything. We cant get GMOs marked in the USA but boycotting Gagas new album will really hurt the NWO. Good luck with that.

      • That would hold relevance except the songs are hypnotic and contain pretty high level mind control subliminals, much like tv shows/commercials do. That's why artists will sell their records for $1 on amazon – the point is to get it to the masses no matter what the cost. As long as they are LISTENING, the artist remains relevant regardless of actual sales. Control is the point, not money.

  33. I also thought it was freaky that apparently 'furries' are now being mainstreamed. And since Gaga lowered the bar, every music performer now seems to think it their mission in life to out do each other in creepy strangeness. Race to the bottom, literally.

    • blackrocker4eve on

      Yes,…and even THAT was designed…Let me state, all the people that Gaga has emulated and copied,..Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Grace Jones, Cher, Dale Bozio (if ya'll don't know who she is, google her name and hit images) Michael Jackson, Prince, Bowie, etc, they all came from a creative place with Madonna being the least. WHY do you think Madonna is visually the one Gaga bites from the most? Madonna and Prince are the 2 MOST responsible for over sexualizing pop culture in the 80's. It's just that in the 80's people as a culture could see through Madonna and Prince and it didn't really have any negative effects. But the seed was planted from both of those artists as MTV played them non stop…Gaga was hand picked to carry the torch to a culture that is more empty headed and sadder than any other generation has ever been…

      • sittingcoffin on

        Britney was handpicked but bowed out after her breakdown. Then the search for whomever would become gaga went on. Lina Morgana was in the running, but sadly jumped to her death right before Gagas album release.

      • This is the period of keeping everyone happy. Happy enough to ignore what ugliness is going on. See: her current press. All she talks about is being happy. Reprogramming did her well.

    • The furry bears are a reference to rave culture, where ravers take MDMA ("Molly" as Miley call is in her song) and wear ironically childish clothing, including teddy-bear backpacks.

      • Sorry, you're going to have to Google 'furries' in a s*xual contest to understand what I'm talking about.

      • There appeared to be no references in that performance. It was all pretty explicit.

        Look up "God of this World". He rules the world. This performance flows up to his hands. The ante has been massively upped in recent years. His influence and guidance has been very successful. He aims to corrupt and claim us all. The so called elites and everyone below them on the pyramid of power are also on the menu.

        Leave the ravers out of it. Although,.. he's got them on puppet strings too. Very slick.

        We're down here for a reason. Figure it out.

    • new beginnings... on

      They are used as distractions from greater issues- politics and money. Usually the things they don' want t you paying attention to. This would take up a lot of air time on the news, for a while… The problem is the system, but we also have the upper hand here. Let's make a better world, family of earth.

  34. Miley was definiteky on coke. There is nooo way she could have done all that shit on stage,sober,knowing how ridiculous she looks and yet she had so much confidence. Coke + something else im positive.

    • Not necessarily. Was at a bar years ago who had hired a stage hypnotist as the nights entertainment. The hypnotist asked for a female volunteers, he then hypnotized them to masturbate and have orgasms on stage. These hypnotized girls acted identically to Miley at the VMA's.

      • I doubt she was on any drugs- i have seen plently of young women like Miley dance just like that without the use of drugs nor alcohol.

    • What is the big deal? Yeah it was trashy and over the top skanky but she is an adult! If anyone is pushing her into the over the top explicit behavior it's the public! Did you really think she was going to be Miley forever??? She's 20 not 12! All this "mind control" accusations is a bunch of junk! Let this woman grow up! Every little girl has the "Miley" mode and that is clean behavior but as you get older you want to be sexy so what!

      • Name five twenty year old women who act like that, because I know zero. Not counting celebrities.

  35. anyone notice that at the beginning of her performance she moved her hands as if playing with a long hair that is not there? she looks hypnotized. like she don't know she is there and what is she doing she was obviously on drugs while "performing"

    • Maybe it was the Hannah Montana character in the beginning playing with her imaginary long hair. And we could see the transformation from the girl Hannah Montana -> experimenting with grinding against teddy bears -> "full fledged" sexual woman grinding against a much older married man?

    • maybe in the beginning she was in another alter..maybe the hannah Montana one & then later was programmed or triggered to switch alters…it really seems that way to me.

  36. I think this South Park's Episode is very interesting and true.

    So sad that she has to be exposed this way. But I think her obedience will turn her to a new star level on the industry, Taylor Swift was humiliated by Kanye West and after that she has evolved inside music industry.
    Maybe, this public humiliation is like a rite, something that the artist has to do to show her submission.
    I don't know. But this Miley is not herself. She is a mix of Rihanna, Madonna and Pink. I don't like her haircut either it seems so masculine.
    They have changed her to someone else stronger and brutally sexual at once. I think the younger girls are surprise with this person but it will get used and like her. Madonna was shocking when she appears now it's ok.
    They are pushing her to the most nasty behavior so she can influence this new generation to be a model for them.

    • It's interesting Taylor was humiliated one year and this year it was her turn to humiliate a person, Harry. When I saw the clip of her saying that as she accepted the award it seemed so weird and staged. Then When they said they were partying together after the show I thought, yeah it really must've been staged. He really didn't seem fazed by it either when asked about, almost seemed like he expected it. Weird how they all take turns in this process of humiliating each other.

  37. I never look at the VMAs as I consider them a huge waste of time. But I felt curious this time because I was expecting a lot of imagery and symbolism (reading VC for a long time makes you this paranoid hahaha!!!).

    I have never liked anything related to Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus. But her recent appearances, videos, interviews and image are simply painful to watch. It hurts the eye, big time. I saw her performance at the VMAs and it was not only very awkward to see… it was disgusting. The whole bear dancing stuff was very pedophile-oriented. Pretty blatant, and very dark. Also, and please forgive me for this comment: Miley Cyrus does NOT have a body to appear semi naked in anything. It's just embarrassing for her. If you are going to appear with these revealing clothes and playing a sex-slave, then at least show an awesome, almost sculptured body. But seeing her with her tiny thighs and adolescent-like body is something horrible. I know all males here can understand where I'm driving at. I'm NOT justifying sexy stage performances, kitten-slavery or anything like that at all. Not a chance. What I say is, if you do something, at least do it well.

    Two things I don't understand. If anyone wants to jump in, then be my guest:

    1. Why would any performer (like Miley) blindly accept anything they are asked to? Where is dignity there? Can't they just say, no, this is ridiculous, I am not doing it?

    2. Why VC says that we are being mocked by the elite while we laugh at Miley's ridiculousness? As far as I can tell, the only person heavily mocked on Sunday was Miley. I rather believe we "the masses" had a huge awakening by seeing how low this industry is.

    • 1. her handlers have got her on a short leash…miley's sense of dignity has slowly been erased throughout her career by excessive mind-control…i reckon the mental abuse and the want for fame , money and attention has created miley's current alter-persona…this new "sexy" good girl gone bad image which has recently gotten alot of attention from the media….this new personality can't just say is trained to blindly accept any form of humiliation…the girl we saw on stage during the vma's definitely wasnt miley……but a robot…..know what i mean? her humanity is not there anymore! shes just a slave now! and thats all she knows….

    • 1. Miley can't say no because she is an MK Ultra slave, meaning there are people that literally have complete control of her mind and her life. Her parents sold her to the industry at 11 years old and she's been a victim of it ever since.

      2. The fact that Miley was mocked for her performance is why VC said we are being mocked by the elite. The masses laughed at Miley getting on stage and acting like a trashy sl*t. The elite laughed at us because "we" (the masses) laughed and mocked a girl who is under complete mind control and had no control over the humiliating things she was forced to do up on that stage.

    • No getting out. on

      Ever heard of the mafia, Chris? Well the music industry is like the mafia when you reach the higher levels. Think about it this way: Once you start making big enough bank for them, they own you. If you don't comply, they either pay people to write bad things about you and destroy your career, or harass you with stalkers and other scary things…or KILL you. That's why she can't say no. They would not take any chances on a piggy bank like her saying no to them.

    • Re: her somewhat pre-pubecent figure:

      That is another element to all of this. They want to push such warped fetishism into the mainstream. LOTS of people, unfortunately, LOVE looking at females who have bodies like Miley's, and love it even more if they are REALLY AND TRULY underage, and don't just "look" it, like Miley. I know most grown men don't, but these sick bastards want that "fetish" to become more mainstream, and for people who deal in such perversions to not feel so ashamed about it anymore. That is what they do with all deviant acts. Each one of them is slowly becoming "acceptable" with the brainless masses. It was time for "tween/underage, and LOOKING like they're underage" fetishism/pedophilia to be slowly introduced to the masses, so that they become desensitized to it.

      • Wow… I never saw that side of the coin… but seems pretty reasonable. Great input.

    • I think they lose their dignity a long time ago…privately. So doing it publicly is nothing to them when they have none of it left.

    • The answer to your first question is no, she and all performers do what they are told. The biggest myth (I think) about the industry is that the artist is in control of their career when it's the opposite! They are heavily controlled by record company, managers, agents, etc even without mind control! Once they sign they lose their freedom. I had relative who had chance to sign a deal and sent my mother (a lawyer) the contract we were dumfounded by what it said. I wish I had made a copy but basically he would've signed away his whole life and they would be in control of EVERYTHING HE DID!! Add mind control to that and they are done!

  38. Gaga had a Facebook status the next morning that said "That performance was so much fun I don't remember a thing! It felt so good to be on stage: there's no place like home *clicks ruby slippers*". She was clearly an alter that night and I'm assuming that status means she went back to the core.

    • i think she just had so much fun and it went by so fast she didn't really remember anything. kinda like when you perform for a crowd or give a presentation and afterwards you don't remember anything because you're just relieved it's over and that you got through it

    • I actually didn't believe you until I googled it. The sons of Satan have no shame. Their day of reckoning is at hand.

    • Alot of singers/rappers say that in interviews. I think i heard two chains say it not too long ago about when he met kanye. He said it was like he didnt even remember he just went out and did it. Beyonce said the same thing about sasha fierce. Obv its something like channeling or monarch programming going on.

    • Child of Isis on

      I doubt its mk programming or channeling a demon. Have you never performed in a talent or did a presentation where you were so excited that when you were done that you couldn't remember the whole thing? Im a dancer and when i am done dancing its like i cant remember getting on the stage or dancing in front the crowd.

  39. Just a distraction of the upcoming war. Probably didnt have enough time to think about symbols they could impose on us, so just give us a cheap show, ridiculous enough to have us talking about it for weeks.
    (Sorry if my english sucks,im german)

    • Yep. U.S. unemployment is sooo bad, race riots, economy tanked, truly we are in a huge depression, there is no money. Nothing like a war . . . I'm predicting a draft by 2015.

  40. She would never do that… Shes engaged and she used to say that she would not play a role for movies or series if her fiance felt disrespected, she said it was not worth it to upset someone u love. now, look at her. that's not miley. she was a christian girl that used to wear purity rings and sing about love. shes so under MK now, its so sad. LETS PRAY, she needs help.

  41. Really good article. However you also ignore that this entire elite structure plays into a pre-established Patriarchal society, where the domination of men is assumed as natural. Turning women into literal slaves is a Patriarchal society's function. Witness the fact that the sex trafficking industry makes $33.9 billion ANNUALLY in this world. (

    The conditioning of girls to be docile and ready to sexually please boys, and turning boys into pornography addicts and violence consuming machines, is all part of the game. It's only getting worse and worse. Of course the blame is now sat on Miley Cyrus…what about the disgusting Robin Thicke, whose song and music video are all about the domination of women by men, the objectification and commodification of the female body? And, questioning women's ability to say "NO" when a man is pressuring her for unwanted sex. This is rape culture as much as it is Illuminati…they go hand in hand. Let's stop blaming the victims and start looking at the demands that a large number of men create for this exploitation of young women.

    • Exactly! This culture is disgusting. I wish the world did end in 2012 sometimes. As hard as it is for normal people with integrity to watch the over-sexualisation of our culture, I feel even worse for God having to witness what a disgusting mess his creation has become. I know he still loves us, which is incredible considering I want to abandon and distance myself from humanity. Whats worse is how today's society makes things like pornography look "normal", when in actual fact some of it is child abuse & even porn with consenting adults is often very traumatic for the 'stars l' (most will only ever do one video or photo before they quit due to humiliation and guilt, very few actuallygo on to further engage Iin the work and become popular). Yet people ignore the sad side of it and how it can destroy people's lives and families. Also while human trafficking is horrible for girls/women, it does happen to young boys too (people just don't talk about it as much but it is an issue).

  42. In spite of her terrible music, I have to give her and her team credit for accurately predicting everyone's reactions and successfully pulling the strings of the media. This was a business move that probably had been planned years in advance. She stole the spotlight, pissed the old people off and gained thousands of new adoring fans through standard Shock 101 type tactics. She also managed to really piss off some feminists and politically minded black people as well as ordinary parents and the common hateful religious people, lol. Of course, all of this creates a storm of web traffic which increases her web presence, which in turn makes her yet more money.

    Funny Stuff, but if I were a contemporary R&B hip hop music star, fan or mogul, I'd probably be pissed off, since she is changing the way their genre of music is perceived. In addition to the claims of racism, sexploitation and general crudeness, she is accused of stealing culture from a whole genre black artists. Her twerking is only the tip of the iceberg though. Anyone really looking can see that she also is stealing from underground culture that coincidentally hip hop artists have been stealing from unabashedly for years. Her dress and dancers had to do with Furries, her bikini is of common Fetish Culture and her hair was a Techno Rave version of an established Goth / Deathrock haircut. So much appropriation from other sources and no one is happy about it… except her and her team. I guess it's all a part of today's IGM ("I GOT MINE") culture.

      • Does anyone notice how often the word "channeling" is used as of late? Out of context, at that? Or, IS it IN context? "Channeling" is a demonic "tool"/act.

    • I disagree. Viacom went into damage control mode and swiftly pulled all videos of Miley at the VMA's on youtube after realizing 98% of the response was negative and the dislikes outnumbered the likes 20 to 1. They miscalculated, resulting in a complete and utter branding fail. Oddly, the official Miley video has more like than dislikes which is the complete opposite of what was occurring on every other youtube channel that uploaded her video. This why they are now blaming Miley for their miscalculating of the audience and societies reaction-they are saying that the rehearsals were much tamer and they don't know why Miley raunched it up that many notches. Many of the comments were from her fans who stated that they were no longer going to support her or her music-that type of response from hardcore fans can hardly be deemed a promotional success. I'm glad their plans failed, but at the same time, I'm worried about Miley. Everyone thinks she was on drugs which was not the case-she was hypnotized-that's all thats needed (have seen this before live at a bar once where a stage hypnotist hypnotized female volunteers-2 of whom I knew-into masturbating and having orgasms on stage.) People who believe she was on drugs are falling right into the hands of the handlers who will punish Miley for this performance, despite them being the ones who orchestrated it. Drug abuse is a handy way to rid yourselves of a celebrity once they are no longer bringing in the profits projected for them.

    • Please ! She didn't steal the show ! There was no show ! A few stale performances, no symbolism, no host, no nothing……besides anyone could have did what she did. I mean any artist. They played her like a fool as they have been doing the past few months ! She's already been convinced she's headed in the right direction by her handlers,,,,,therefor making it easy to make her do anything ! It will get the people going. Pure mind control. Here Miley do this, this is cool. She's already in that mindset. "The new Miley", lets shed that Hanna image. They have her at a point where she will do anything. This is what " new" Miley should do !

      On the other hand What you all are calling a mouse looks like a " ratt" to me ! "A trashy female" ! More symbolism if you ask me !

    • Hateful religious people? Please. Atheists and people like you are just as hateful.

      I am sick of this demonization of religious people – you're playing right into their hands when you say crap like this, and I bet that when they do finish their takeover, the Christians will die first and you'll be right there, jacking it off to the deaths of these "hateful religious people" you detest so much.

      In other words, you're part of the problem.

  43. Soldier of God on

    Great post VC as usual! This entire "show" was a vile, evil, and twisted orchestrated fiasco! God was mocked, Miley was humiliated, the world shuddered. Yes, true, that's exactly what "they" wanted to happen, however, to the extent of disgust and depravity was really overboard! As is everything Satan shoves into the public's eyesight. She is, and has been, paying a price for a very long time. It saddens me that the world continues to enable this kind of treatment of our youth. They buy her cd's, they buy her promo stuff, they go see her in concert. The more this is done, the more ammo is given to Satan to continue this depravity. It's appearing to him that the world likes it! She started very young indeed at the hands of her own parents approval! Although some may feel she has a "choice" whether to perform the way she did Sunday or not, she DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE! She was being forced, controlled and in many ways bullied into performing this horrendous act like a "good little girl" should! The duet with Robin Thicke totally disgusted me to watch and to see his perversion displayed as well! Why would a grown, married man choose to perform a duet with a 20 year old who was absolutely dressed up to appear younger, and allow her to do some of the things she did to him….in front of everyone? SATAN! That's why because HE is writing their paychecks, he is their BOSS and he controls the successes and failures of those who either choose to "comply" or choose to run. Those that won't "comply" never see success… a child of Disney, she had no choice. As an adult of Disney, she still has no choice…..industry puppets are everywhere and the evil is growing darker and darker. I needed a bath after watching this display….it made me cringe! The Lord is not going to continue to take this much longer……woe to those who call evil GOOD and good EVIL!

    • I completely agree with you, my friend. And yes, more people should be criticizing Robin Thicke. I find his actions even more vile than Miley's, as he is "mature", at least in age. Together with disown recent disgusting songs and videos, he utterly disgusts me.

  44. One angle I haven't heard anybody talk about is that this may be a way to corrupt our female youth. Think about it. Hannah Montana was an innocent girl, then she "grew up" and now she is prancing around like a total slut. This whole "good girl gone bad" is supposed to make young women think that this is how it's supposed to be, and I'm confident there are A LOT of Hannah Montana fans who emulate Miley and are going t enter into their "bad girl" phase thinking that it's the process of normal development. Miley is definitely a puppet and that puppet is supposed to lead lots of young girls down a dark and inappropriate path. So sad.

    • She could just be trying to stick two fingers up at her Dad.. he recently split with her Mum and is obv quite religious – it's common for girls who grow up in strict religious homes to rebel
      That does not make it alright tho

    • It's all to support the idea that being a "bad girl" is a natural evolution of childhood. Soon the trend of "good girl gone bad" is gonna be a normal thing, or is gonna be the right and natural direction that a child have to take in their lives to fit into society. And look how many examples are being used right now: Britney, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Amanda Bynes, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus…

      • good girl gone bad has been done many times before, my first encounter with it was in 1978 with the movie "Grease" – Sandy's transformation. The VMA's Cyrus show took good girl gone bad to a new and very extreme level. Just think, next year some up and coming star is going to have to outdo this production and make it look tame in comparison. Oh joy, I can't wait. /sarcasm

    • steve, i think you are spot on.

      Miley's performance was designed to trigger the latent programming young girls have absorbed growing up in this twisted media hyped culture and flip their "good girl gone bad" switch.

      just like Rhianna (she litterally has an album named "Good girl, Gone Bad"), Beyonce, Christina Aguelira , Britney Spears, and so many more. also i liken it to the "Black Swan" archetype portrayed by Natalie Portman.

      our young girls are in trouble. the levels of rape and sexual assault are at an all time high. its a silent war being waged on women. look up the term: femicide. almost ALL the girls i grew up with and many women i know now are survivors of rape, molestation, or sexual assault. the effects of rape are devastating to a persons psyche and personality and can take a life time to heal—if ever.

      men never have to get on a stage buck naked to be accepted as a musician, but women always do it seems. why is this? (2000+ years of patriarchy might have something to do with this)

      • Speaking of black swan, if you have seen gaga's applause video there is a part with her head on a black swan.

    • Agreed. This is the scariest part to me, all those teenage girl Miley fans who will feel it's cool to turn "bad" like their idol. VC pointed it out nicely in the article.

  45. @p0is0nedkoola on

    Do you buy your tin hats or make them at home?

    This whole article showed me how clueless you are to the world in regards to pop culture.

    See, it's very simple
    Hip hop aka "black culture" is the new Rock n Roll. That's what the kids love, that's what popular , that's what's mainstream. The kids all want to pretend they're from "the hood" , use the N word to each other and so on.

    Miley Cyrus is not "taking the fall" for anyone or anything. She's simply jumping onto what's popular and that is hip hop. She knows that the way to get interest is to talk about Mollies, "Twerk", do songs w/hip hop producers/rappers and so on.

    She's not breaking new ground, she's not doing anything that some "machine" put behind her.

    Few years ago , Miley was doing covers of "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana onstage because that's what she thought was rebel music. She said Radiohead was the most important artist in her life etc.
    However, as she go older , it was clear to Miley (& other middle class/middle America kids) that rock was a dead subject.
    Put a Led Zep album at a party nowadays and kids will look at you confused. That time is over.
    Put on some Rick Ross, French Montana etc etc
    So Miley , since she has no original thought in her peabrain, just jumped on the bandwagon, bought the "hip hop vixen" set that they sell at Target and TA-DAH.
    Miley's hip hopping too!

    So chill out with the weird attempts at suggesting Miley was part of anything other than a failed attempt to be relevant to a culture she knows nothing about.


    • It was a complete branding fail by her handlers. Viacom immediately went into damage controk mode, removing all the vidoes of her performance off youtube-her hardcore fans stated they would no longer support her.

      BTW-Rap and hip hop is not to all young peoples liking. Taylor Swift and the Pistol Annies are very popular with youth. There are different cliques among youth-those into goth, punk, emo's, pot heads, jocks, nerds, rednecks, metal heads, and the rave crowd to name a few. Not everyone likes hip hop or rap, I've spoken to many young people that despise it and they are not religious or do gooders either.

    • If you looked at the music/entertainment industry over the past 100 years you would see a general desensitization to extremes. Mostly taboo extremes, whether done knowingly or coincidentally, it is happening.

      Since it appears systematic in nature many on here assume it must be planned. I am one of those people, I see a general pattern to the chaos. And it is not good.

      I am mainly afraid for the next generation. Since every decade they seem to push the extremes in order to be "hip" and get "shock" factor. I guarantee they will be killing puppies on stage in order to "shock" the audience. It will be the only thing left, since all of this will seem "old" and "innocent" to the next generation.

    • You should read vc's bio, he is in the music industry, as well as has a degree in politics and communications (I just checked his page again, I didn't memorize all that :p)
      So what qualifies you to know more about "pop culture"?

    • you are right – cause if you noticed during the pre-show almost everyone who was white was trying to talk 'hood' and I was just like really??? there was a young woman celeb don't really know her name but she had a hat on that said 'ain't no wifey" and called her style it's urban meets girlie. It's like MTV does the show in Brooklyn and everybody has to use urban vernacular now – it was freaking stupid.

    • Tin hats? Whether u buy yrs or make yrs, u obviously hav worn yrs too long!!
      Yr whole reply to ths article, shows me, how embarrassingly clueless u are to what's really going on in the real world!!
      We here, in the real world, do not wear tin hats, by the way. 😛

  46. This whole Miley performance is to keep the general public talking about her and how her performance was disgusting. While the Elites plan to destroy Syria in the next few days.

      • My theory is a takeover of that general area to recreate a Babylon for them but I have no reliable information, just a hunch.

      • No clue, however a monk who was terminally ill in 2005 saw a vision that everything would start from Syria. When he was asked to elaborate he passed away.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Erm, but the balls been rolling since who knows when. He could have easily have seen Saddams death as the "start"

  47. The silent observer on

    Hey…hey…hey people, it's the end of duality. Everything is coming to its crashing conclusion…Darkness has already lost.


      • But most of them do anyway including behind-the -scene people such as handlers. Will and Jada, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, Bono and his wife, many others I could name ………….

      • I will never understand tge idea of an open marriage. Marriage is a commitment between 2 people who are loyal, trusting, respectful, faithful and caring towards each other. If you want to sleepwith other men or women, ddon't bother making any sort of proper relationship or commitment to one person because it almost always ends badly!

      • @ And Lo,, They can shove the sexual energies where the sun doesn't shine. We gather, the more depravities, the more energy from the satisfied de**ns who we can't see and have a laugh at our expense. And when we pass away they terrorise us and fight for our souls. Then they expose everything we have done and wait to take us and abuse us in eternity. That's why they want people to die young as the younger you are the easier is to be manipulated and experiment with things. Then they take your life unexpectedly without being given any time to reflect on your actions and prepare yourself. To cause you eternal damnation. People usually act in a bad manner because they are influenced by the same d****s who put thoughts in their minds.

  49. i saw it as the industry officially making a mockery of 'urban' music and culture while simultaneously saying 'and now its our shit' letting miley parade the 'worst' aspects of said music and culture around while making an ass of herself. BEFORE this unfortunate performance this is the direction miley cyrus was taking. suddenly she was a 'bad girl' and she was always pictured with a black artist usually a hip hop artist juxtaposing her new found 'badness' with 'hip hop' and black and urban culture. as if she couldn't turn to hip hop and not become 'bad' or a complete whore mess for the public. That's the biggest thing i got from her performance and also learning that not many awards were given to black artists that night and that justin timberlake was given the michael jackson award (GAG ME WITH A FUCKING SPOON). i just feel like it was some "MAINSTREAM HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN PIMPED FOH BLACK PEOPLE"

    the few things i noticed just off seeing parts of her performance on the news (smhlol they played damn near the whole thing over and over as if there were no news in new york city, where i am, to report)

    1) the pedobears
    2) she comes out stroking fake hair acting like a cat (beta shit)
    3) the 'horns' and/or 'cat ears' on her head
    4) robin thickes black/white striped suit, probably to keep her in her altered state
    5) kendrick lamar's 777 jersey (he strikes me as an artist trying to michael jackson his way in the business if you know what i mean. he KNOWS judging by his music)
    6) the horrible singing and performing
    7) the one eye open and tongue sticking out on the bear outfit (looks like its supposed to represent miley who couldn't keep her tongue in her face or both of her eyes open at once for extended periods of time)

    Like i said i didn't watch the show but someone i know said it was the 30th anniversary for some reason they didn't make a big deal out of that at all. Not even sure what that might mean in context but i found that odd.

  50. The way you attack this, is by taking back the medium. The medium is not evil, it is neutral. It can be used for good or bad. A sword can be used to take a life and also save a life. Nuclear energy can be used as a mass weapon of destruction, or it can be used as a tool to save a portion of mankind.

    The artistic world was at one time in largely the hands of Godly people. Not necessarily evangelical Christian. That is not a necessity. Simply, people as a whole who give respect and due honor to the Creator of the Universe. We had it at one time. We can get it back. One artist and one video/film at a time.

    Here is one example of quality music, poetry, and visual art:

  51. just a theory on

    My theory on the tongue out thing is that Miley was portraying the Kali Goddess of chaos and death. They like to have the slaves portray secret society gods and goddesses. This is not to say that Kali in the Hindu religion is "satanic", but some of the aspects of Hindu spirituality have been adopted and corrupted by the powers that be.

    • She is beyond the point of thinking for herself, she is neither worried nor confused about anything. If you told her what you know she'd have no knowledgeable response unless she is programmed with one. She is a human robot.
      Perhaps in a couple years the programming might start breaking and she might realize, then she'll be the next Spears or Bynes, end up in rehab. That's the point that you can really start feeling bad for her.

  52. I think there was also a kind of passing of the baton.While Miley got the horror and disapproval of the audience, gaga seems like almost a relief. Gaga was known for the shock and awful performances in the past. This year she had an ascendency performance.

  53. I STILL don't understand. What do you want us to DO with this information sir? You tell us that there is a fire, but the fire isn't on Miley its behind the curtains!! OK….that's great, but we don't ever find out where there fire extinguisher is. What do we do with this information???

    • He's informing you on what he believes is going on which is pretty accurate but honestly if you're looking for more and even if you're not move on from this website and go forward on your spiritual journey in5d is a great website. Illuminati brainwashing elite stuff is only the beginning to figuring out this world and the truth.

    • Well, here's what I'd do if I were you:

      1: Be careful of what you consume, if you consume. To quote INXS, "Listen like thieves, take what you need."
      2: Avoid videos. Many songs are actually more tame and less offensive than the videos that accompany them.
      3: Search out other websites. There's much more out there, look for it.
      4: Keep an open mind. There's stuff out there that seems true but is false, and stuff that seems false but is true.
      5: Tell others. Some people may not want to hear it, but more do want to hear it.

      Finally: considering that it seems that most PEOPLE disapproved of what went on with Miley Cyrus, people are opening their eyes and ears. That the VMAs felt the need to do this (given VC's interpretation) seems to show people looking for alternatives and away from the show on the stage (or radio).

  54. The whole scene was sad, humiliating and degrading for Miley. Is this what her handlers wanted? Do they want to destroy her? Get her to the point of no return and then….and then WHAT? Kill her off? Drive her to suicide? If that's the case, they are doing a very good job of going about it! Sad and desperate girl.
    Is Miley so desperate for attention that she HAD to sing "Blurred Lines" (a nice illuminati videoclip, handlers & slaves everywhere) with Robin Thicke? (Robbin' thickheads like the audience of their dignity, money & morals, more like). Sounds like a great name for a handler, doesn't it?
    RE: Miley's alter ego – yeah, I'd also like to know that too.

    • mileys new bad girl sound is either beginning or coming to a close end..its really hard to tell..but considering the amount of hate shes receiving for her new image…i reckon the elite are throwing her off the train….as many comments have stated, miley may be on the road to disaster…very much like amanda bynes, lindsay lohan, etc (all child stars)….with her handlers steering the wheel……absolutely no idea…but i can tell ya, lots more controversy to come with this poor girl.

  55. R.A.W.vesselforGOD on

    After reading this article, I went back and read the article posted on this site from Feb. 2011 where Billy Ray Cyrus expressed his concern about his daughter and her behavior. Well *sigh*…he definitely knew what was comin.

  56. There were so many qualities about her performance that were disturbing. I feel like this was her final initiation into the satanic music industry. There always has to be that shock performance, like the super bowl with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, the Britney and Madonna kiss, Kanye West and Taylor Swift and we know that these are completely staged and fabricated to humiliate and have the puppets show their loyalty to the ones actually running the show, their handlers. I feel like these awards shows are like a salute to the sick perverts who control what the masses see.

  57. I am terrified for my 18 month old baby girl. Performances like these will seem innocent compared to what they are coming out with next. Look at the transition, it's getting worse and worse. By the time my daughter is 16 they will probably be killing puppies on stage while having relations for the "shock" factor.

    In 15 years they will literally be performing satanic ceremonies on live TV. Once everyone is desentized it will seem normal.

      • Hahaha, I was thinking along those lines. Unfortunately, even they have been infected, I used to live near Amish country (central PA), I have seen some crazy things.

        Maybe a deserted island, I hear living in a sail boat can be fairly cheap.

    • I suggest trashing your tv. There is nothing on it that will influence your child for the better and it's going to be telling her how to act, how to think, who she is, and what she should become, her place in society and what she needs to buy to make her accepted by society.

      Trash the tv. She will thank you.

      • Good idea as I have found the negativity seeping into all sorts of different types of programmes on TV now and there is a lot of cross referencing going on often in the name of 'comedy' which these days is just people slagging each other off. Switching off will make your life better though not immediately for most people as their friends and family will still be TV addicts and they will have to find alternative solo activities or make new friends. You will still be living in a TV dominated world and people trying to talk to you about TV programmes they have seen and think of you as strange for not watching them.

      • Yeah even the Sprout channel has some occult shows about Magic crystals and sorcery. My 2 year old son watches Sprout all the time until I catch these innuendos and take him outside for fresh air.

      • Tell me about it, I had to turn it off completely. My daughter was becoming obsessed with Elmo. To the point where she would start screaming and hitting us when Elmo was not on the TV. Something definitely going on there.

  58. VC, i was WAITING for an article on the VMA performance since the second i saw Robin Thicke's suit! 😀 My gut feeling wasthe same. Keep up the good work.

  59. Viacom went into damage control mode and swiftly pulled all videos of Miley at the VMA's on youtube after realizing 98% of the response was negative and the dislikes outnumbered the likes 20 to 1. They miscalculated, resulting in a complete and utter branding fail. Oddly, the official Miley video has more like than dislikes which is the complete opposite of what was occurring on every other youtube channel that uploaded her video. This why they are now blaming Miley for their miscalculating of the audience and societies reaction-they are saying that the rehearsals were much tamer and they don't know why Miley raunched it up that many notches. Many of the comments were from her fans who stated that they were no longer going to support her or her music-that type of response from hardcore fans can hardly be deemed a promotional success. I'm glad their plans failed, but at the same time, I'm worried about Miley. Everyone thinks she was on drugs which was not the case-she was hypnotized-that's all thats needed (have seen this before live at a bar once where a stage hypnotist hypnotized female volunteers-2 of whom I knew-into masturbating and having orgasms on stage.) People who believe she was on drugs are falling right into the hands of the handlers who will punish Miley for this performance, despite them being the ones who orchestrated it. Drug abuse is a handy way to rid yourselves of a celebrity once they are no longer bringing in the profits projected for them.

    There is still hope for Miley, I believe god intervened so the performance would not be a success to draw Miley back to Himself. We all need to do some hardcore praying for Miley-for her deliverance from these vampish abusers and to open the eyes of her mother-that her mothers heart be convicted. Pray for Miley's protection.

    Anyone else notice the stage teddy bears had sad and expressionless faces?

  60. I think Robin Thicke should be ashamed of himself… Miley is only 20 and doesn't even look that – she looked like a bratty child – the teddy bears for emphasis – acting overtly, grotesquely sexual… so messed up and disturbing

  61. Hey, where's Dr. S when you need him? What with all the "furries" and ponies/bronies and animal masks nowadays? There seems to be some weird subculture occupied by young hipsters to use these cute animal personas in sexual ways. I want the scoop on that! What's it all about??

  62. Billy ray was the one who sealed that Faustian pact on her behalf … it must guilt him every day for the rest of his life. As for the Viacom staged panic, who knows whether it even happened? Where was this reported (take your pick of the range of corrupt news networks). How do you know that this was not the Industry's attempt to kill off this mess of an artist …. with a noose (supposedly) of her own making. She has been embarrassing them for a while now and is no longer a sound investment. Just like the Madonna-Christina-Britney kiss ritual was designed to push Britney into the abyss and raise Christina's star – I think that Gaga has now been promoted to Madonna's position. Expect a similar ritual involving a couple of puppets and the new -matriarch at an awards ceremony soon

    • it's not an attempt to kill her career, look at her record sales today, if they want to get rid of her they would draw the attention away from her not towards her

    • I don't think Madonna is ready for giving up her throne yet, I do grant her being empress for being the smartest in pop..

  63. There is nothing MTV wants to push more than drunken indiscriminate sex, the "hookup culture" begins & ends with MTV programming. A blond shrink on Dr Drew said the panel sounded old & didn't understand young people when they criticized Miley's antics… I guess we need to get with the Illuminati, or be labeled "uncool" by a middle aged blonde bimbo TV shrink. Crap, I forgot to wear my OBEY t-shirt today!

    • I'm not afriad to sound 'old.' The 'old' people are SUPPOSED to be scandalized by things like this – otherwise who is looking out for kids? SOMEONE has to be mature and responsible. Or we're doomed.

      • I recently read that this is the age of "child worship" according to ancient Egyptian lore. Apparently the entertainment/ music industry agrees.

      • Yes, and child worship in not a good way. Not childlike wonder and creativity, but childish egocentricity and destructiveness.

        Seriously, when are grownups going to get over putting up with being shamed for acting mature? I'm all for respecting kids and not putting a trip on them that they're worth less than older people or their viewpoint doesn't matter, but it absolutely is up to the adults to look out for kids. This kind of thing is all about unethical adults exploiting kids for sex thrills or financial gain, and it needs to stop. And an out of control kid chiding a concerned adult in an ageist manner is not someone whose viewpoint does need to be respected, actually. The grownups need to start setting healthy boundaries even if some kid thinks they are uncool for doing so.

      • I think anyone of any age who was raised with strong Christian values would be scandalized. If young stars are routinely sexually abused & these young stars, at some point are lost to drug addiction, why do parents keep feeding their children to this disgusting Hollywood machine, which eats the young without a pang of regret? Anyone with an ounce of sensitivity can feel this growing evil, it just makes it more tragic when it's displayed on TV like it's something to desire.

      • Anyone of any age who has any decency, self respect, integrity and morals should be disgusted by Miley's performance and the horrible sexualised culture we have.

      • but the blonde bimbo PsyD with the big hooters says we need to loosen up and get with the times. There has to be a correlation between the rise of depravity and the rise of bimbo PsyD's int his country.

    • Ok I know they want to sexualise children but whats the point I mean how is that going to benefit the plan in the future

    • Women get outraged at other women that tell them to be chaste and hey, lets start wearing more clothes than walking around half naked. Totally brainwashed.

      • You mean JZ's child! She is not Blue Ivy's biological mother! She was never pregnant. This is a prime example of the public believing what they're told instead of what they see.

        In the words of Richard Pryor: "do you believe me or your lyin' eyes?"

      • They might have used Beyonce's eggs to have a child though a surrogate. That makes her the child's biological mother.

    • That would have been a distraction. Not her time to shine, her fans still circulate her latest hairdo, so they're entertainted for a while.

  64. I watched the VMAs only cause of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
    They're My my favourite artists at the moment because not only they're like one of the most down to earth people ever, but also They made it all without the help of any major labels.
    Not to mention their songs have pretty good messages too (They also won an award for 'Same Love').
    Hope this fame thingy doesn't change them.(I'm sure it won't!)
    as Macklemore says:
    "Make the money, don't let the money make you.
    Change the game, don't let the game change you.
    I'll forever remain faithful.
    All my people stay true"
    Forget about the Fame!
    I wish them the Best<3
    Stay True ~

    • Sorry to bust your bubble, but Macklemore has also sold out now. He did the salute and was collabod with Jennifer Hudson (who was dressed like a witch fyi, and sacrificed 3 members of her family for her current success). Very rarely do you reach that level of success these days without compromising yourself somehow.

      • Maybe he was forced to perform with her, who knows? maybe he just "Acted"?
        Can't judge a book by its cover.
        You can't read what's on people's mind. You won't know their true feelings.
        just because he performed a song with Hudson doesn't mean he's one of them…
        He really did it for the equality and gay rights and I respect him for that.
        His songs are mostly about his feelings/beliefs and positive things especially fighting for who you are instead of changing for others, and I have a feeling that he'll STICK with it himself.
        at least I hope so, cause He has been staying like this and making music for 10 years or so(from 2000) and although he wasn't that famous before 'Thrift Shop', he always kept on singing and making music even if his fans were few cause he wasn't doing it for fame.
        He was doing this for his fans and to spread the positive messages to the people.

  65. Find this interesting, the Smith's family reaction shot that is circulating, was originally attributed to Lady Gaga's performance the morning after the VMA's-now it's being attributed to a reaction to Miley's performance.

  66. Truth & Light on

    I wanted to "unsee" it. Remarkably trashy. Don't forget her eye were dialated. She def was on something. All they do is sexualize women. Sad sad sad.

    • It is disgusting! My youtube showed me the unrated version while I was at work. I was like OMG!! Trashy. How could those models be so dumb as to let chauvanistic pigs exploit them?
      Did anyone else notice that white music stars (aside from country music) are being applauded for acting like wig gers?

      • Ambassador Merlyn on

        I caught a piece in the Daily Mail ( UK ) and in their article on her they showed a picture of an actual casting call poster for one of her upcoming concerts. I defecate you not, the casting call was for authentic, thick, ghetto type women. Don't believe me, google it up and see for yourself.
        Put that in your pipe and puff it up.

  67. "To be perfectly honest, Miley Cyrus' performance on the MTVMAs tonight even made me uncomfortable." ~ Satan

    (comment from yahoo news article)

  68. that was so offensive to the eyes and ears..
    so if this was an Illuminati work they r obviously lowering their standards from year to year shouldnt they recruit someone with some better qualities so ppl would be attracted to them and follow them ..they should fire her that was beyond them she doesnt kno how to sing, dance nor move it wasnt even sexual its an empty minded girl jumping on a stage like a monkey and she looked like one actually ..

  69. I love Miley, I've always looked up to her. When I first saw Hannah Montana she was basically the coolest person ever. After that VMAs performance though, I'm literally sad and disgusted. The posters I had in my room of her I took down, I will always love her but I won't be apart of this. I'll always pray for her because I know she's a good person who lost her way. I don't want to see her like this. I wish I could help her, I wish I could ask her why being famous means so much but I probably won't get a straight answer. But I know that she's a good person, I wish she could see that there is so much more than that life

    • Good for you. This shows that you think for yourself and you have the right attitude. We must continue to pray for these lost souls that are caught up in the Hollywood web. I like what you said that you love her but won't be a part of her current madness. You're very mature and have the right idea. I'm glad to see that you're not making excuses for her outlandish behavior.

      I feel sorry for the "slaves" as VC calls them because they are in way over their heads.
      Peace and blessings to you.

  70. If you looked at the music/entertainment industry over the past 100 years you would see a general desensitization to extremes. Mostly taboo extremes, whether done knowingly or coincidentally, it is happening.

    Since it appears systematic in nature many on here assume it must be planned. I am one of those people, I see a general pattern to the chaos. And it is not good.

    I am mainly afraid for the next generation. Since every decade they seem to push the extremes in order to be "hip" and get "shock" factor. I guarantee they will be killing puppies on stage in order to "shock" the audience. It will be the only thing left, since all of this will seem "old" and "innocent" to the next generation.

  71. Alchemy is about turning lead into Gold, but to Satanists everything is reversed, so perversion and depravity is their version of Gold.

  72. Oh wow, I was totally thinking that this reminded me of Pedo Bear! And Robin Thicke creeps me out anyway. I hate his song and video. There is a funny parody of it and him being creepy. VC was spot on about this guy. That whole black and white suit is so blatantly obvious. I was thinking that he was a tool before but now it's confirmed!

  73. OMG Loved your article. You hit the nail right on the head. I started a convo on my facebook & twitter about this but more along the lines of how Parents should be childrens role model and not entertainer's or public figures. Boy did people get upset over that. Why is it people think just because someone is in the public eye that makes them a role model? Says who? The MEDIA? PARENTS? PEERS? Who gives these people that title? I know it's not me lol It's THEY who tell us these people are our role models! & people actually follow along and buy into it then get pissed when THEY screw up what they've titled ROLE MODEL. People actually said to me "if someone is in the public eye they have no choice but to be a Role Model" so basically those people have been BRAIN WASHED into thinking that way. So basically then Charles Manson is a role model because he was in the Media & public eye! Anywho I hope you understand what I mean lol. To much to say, to little time to say it. GINORMOUS squeezy hugs & *smooches*

  74. Wow, everyone should read this article. This is definitely the best insight I have read about the Miley Cyrus VMA performance. I've seen your other articles posted elsewhere and this particular one deserves to be posted everywhere. Outstanding!

  75. i dont know what you are talking about or where you got your info from, but this article is a bit far from the truth, to say that Disney is the one who pushed her to do this is absurd, NOT DEFENDING DISNEY AT ALL, but all of this is from her own doing, people who ran across Miley through the last 4 years would understand, i had the dubious honors of once seeing her, i was DJing at a club in Detroit called Vain, in 2010 , where she was shooting her movie L.O.L, mind you that the club policy in Detroit is 21+ (but then again money talks) she walked in with her 14 to 17 years old entourage (about 15 of em) and she was 17 at the time as well, her publicist was buying the bottles of vodka and liquor to her table where she was shugging from like a pro, freak dirty slutty dancing with both males and females in her entourage, and i seen in it my own 2 eyes, the lines of cocaine on the table she was snorting from, one local photographer was able to get a pic of her doing cocaine but his pic was bought by Disney for NOT TO BE PUBLISHED, he is a close friend and i read all the emails, so the girl was on a bad path where Disney tried to cover for her, it is all her wrong doing, its all by her own hands, although i don't deny the fact that MTV didn't have crap to show this year and wanted a cape goat to take the fall theory is plausible!

    • HateAllofThis on

      Can't you see that if Disney provided the publicist, who bought the liquor in the club, and bought the photos of her doing coke, it IS Disney's fault?! She was a kid! Thinking this way is one of the reasons why so many of those kids just kill themselves. So many people pointing fingers at the victim and not the crooks who did these things to them.

    • You actually think Disney was protecting HER?? They were protecting THEMSELVES! They've got a movie coming out and the only people that are gonna watch it are little kids, if a sandal like that got out many parents would not be taking their children to see that movie. Please, it's about the money.

  76. South Park predicted this in their episode where Britney Spears is literally sacrificed to the cult-like people of America so they can grow crops… then at the end it's announced that Miley is the next victim. 😛

  77. I don't know what to think about Katy Perry. I thought from the video of her burning her blue wig it symbolized her leaving the illuminati. Also, I thought maybe her song was sticking up for herself against being controlled. After this though I'm not sure. She was wearing a leopard dress with butterflies. Any body have any thoughts on this?

  78. Jason Gascoigne on

    You could say, that; I'm "awake" to the esoteric agenda of the occult. So I completely understand what your saying, but I'm also 24 years old and spend a lot of time with both the older and younger generations. I have friends who are 15 and friends who are 50 so I see how each generation views pop culture, which gives me a good 'middle of the road' perspective. I completely agree that there are occult/esoteric meanings to these performances, and that there are 'witches and wizards' conducting occult rituals using magic wands made from the wood of a holly tree(AKA Hollywood magic ;). But I can't help but wonder if their 'spells' really work, or if this is all just a bunch of 'make believe'? Or in other words, do these 'spells' and 'incantations' have any real power? Or is it it only psychological. Do they only have power if you believe they do? Because I saw they VMA's and I see the occult symbols, but I don't think I've been put under a spell by it.. I'm not a fan of most of the performers, although I think some are alright, like Macklemore, Daft Punk, some of Justin Timberlake's stuff is good, but most of it isn't for me, but I think hes a humble, caring person. But for those who idolize many of the performers, I don't think they're being put under a spell, just simply being entertained. Magic, in a supernatural sense, isn't real. That doesn't mean that there aren't some psychopaths, particularly in the social circles of the 'royal' families of Europe, who think they have magic powers, or that sacrificing small children gives them power. I may have been wrong, bI ut have seen people make strong arguments that wealthy royal psychopaths of this caliber exist. There may be some subliminal messaging going on, but I don't think that it has much effect on peoples behavior if any.
    In my opinion I think that the real story here is, "Why are people getting upset about some 'exotic' dancing? Why is sex still taboo in America, while things like violence, murder, rapists(shows like CSI don't actually depict rape scenes, but commonly describe how victims are violently raped and murdered) and finally shows like America's Next Top Model teach young girls how to be sexy, and that's good(i agree). But the idea of teaching young girls how to have healthy(not that the VMA's do) sex lives is taboo. Its okay for kids to be sexually attractive, but not for them to have sex(even though they're going to have sex no matter what). It seems reminiscent of a time when premarital sex was punishable by death. I personally blame the churches and the elder generation. I understand that no grandparent wants to think about their grandson, or daughter especially; having sex. But it ignores the fact that teenagers are going to experiment sexually, and that the best thing we can do for them is to not only educate them on how to protect themselves from STDs, STIs, and unwanted pregnancy. But also to teach them what is normal, how to please a man/woman, and how and when its appropriate to engage in sexual activity or 'losing your virginity'. Having personally learned most of these things on my own over the last decade(lost my virginity 9 years ago), I know that young people these days deserve a more honest explanation of how to have healthy sex lives. Because right now all their being taught is what STDs are, how to use a condom, and what its like to take care of a toy baby for a week. Don't get me wrong, some education is better than none, but I think there needs to be more information about what healthy sexual relationships can be. I say 'can be', because different people are looking for different things.

  79. There's no occult meaning in either performance.
    Especially in Miley's. All of the stars are just disgusted at what they were looking at.

  80. And don't buy the sponsors' products or anything else the least connected with MTV. Also contact your TV providers and suggests MTV be placed under adult entertainment. Boycotts work.

  81. In Stanley kubrick's "The Shinning" and "Eyes wide Shut", there are teddy bears within both movies. These teddy bears symbolize something very strange. Maybe pedophilia. Miley has on a teddy bear outfit. There is Def a message here.

  82. This is truly hilarious. People are actually getting frustrated, worked up, drowned in the apparent murmuring about what she did. Remember this is a world that is based on esoteric symbolism. People are drowning like peter in the water currents of the news of miley cyrus instead of taking a step back. We can't keep drowning in literal interpretations of events that happen but see what is the occult or hidden meaning behind the process. Also another thing is how we as society keep pointing out the "badness" of others. Remember scarface – "say hello to the bad guy, you need someone like me" We like to point out the faults of others without reflecting on ours – as above so below. If i am frightened or ashamed of her then there must be an aspect of me that I am frightened or ashamed off. Can't be double-minded and unstable, drifting to and fro by the winds and currents of myths and symbols. Also interestingly cyrus stretches out to sound like sirius. She is having a great fall. Well at this time of the year the sun and the sirius star is dropping/falling – begins after july 4 – hangman day when sun begins descent after reaching peak in june 21. Also the month of the virgo is upon us starting 8/22 – can you dig it. Have the guy in beetle juice attire expressing the duality of this plane not being affected by what is going – having feet in land and water. Remember in football the referee is wearing the same black/white attire. He is in the game but not affected by the outcome of the game.If you don't like what she is doing don't watch it. After all it is an image coming to your U(uterus)-tube at your home and you are actually getting pissed off about an image. The image did not come out of the TV screen into your house materially to change or hurt or harm you – laughing out loud. There is so much more – the rabbit hole gets deeper with symbols. The media tricksters are having a field day because they know people's eyes are wide shut.

  83. No offense to her Dad in any way. I like him, but you can take the person out of the trash, but you cannot take the trash out of EVERY person! When some souls ? are born – they are just born to be disrespectful to all of life and what is considered holy……

    I find her both repellant and disgusting…….My teenaged SON is very ashamed of HER too…..what does THAT TELL YOU?

  84. this is the time when "SPARTAN-IVs with MJOLNIR GEN2 Armors" are needed to beat the hell outta this mess.
    this is ridiculous, i thought Miley was a little bad as Hannah Montana, i mean……yeah VC i see the pattern very clearly….and this is not the first time that is happening. we've seen it with other singers outta there.

    In other words, it became clear to all of us that what VC is telling us is somewhat a reality an also it is too obvious for…..i mean, how come people not notice this??

  85. I fear that Franz Ferdinand have gone down the same route with their heavily promoted latest album using all kinds of symbolism in their promo videos. The lyrics of their songs now seem a bit suspect.

  86. Babylon is falling on

    This is Bread and Circus for the mass's ROME IS FALLING. the only way to top this is "have shit spray out of your TV". how can i turn off this stench. VC keep up the good work …… Can you do the royal baby hoax… OH . Read "thanks for the memories" by brice taylor – its a compete history of CIA hollywood – and she names names.

  87. Miley Cyrus a victim of D I S N E Y or Drugged induced slavery needing elementary youngsters. Don't hate the victim rather boycott the Master. Ignore the origin of the problem.

  88. All this is leading towards acceptance of open sexuality and nakedness, lust and promiscuity. They want people to be aware of sexual ritual and to encourage partaking in group sex overtly, instead of behind the scenes, in order to garner that creational/psychic energy for their own gain. People think that seeing these possessed people cavorting around sexually in public, whilst semi naked, is just for shock value and attention, but their ultimate goal is far more sinister. They want the public to accept it by desensitisation and to do the same.
    The teddy bears, animals and cartoon characters are often part of beta programming, where abusers dressed up in these costumes to make the child accept the sexual abuse and to create alters. This also refers to sexual ritual where the participants often wear animal head dresses to invoke the specific animal energy and also bring forth animal alters.
    Miley is possessed by demonic forces, demons and reptilian entities stick their tongues out at people.
    There are many shape shift videos on UT that show this serpent tongue greeting that they do to others to show who and what they really are.. If people do not spiritually protect themselves, they can become hosts to demonic astral influences.

    • Group sex is now being normalised even for teenagers now. The powers that be do want people to be walking around almost naked and this is why the streets of most towns and cities all over the Western World even on the coldest nights in winter are full of young people dressed for a warm summer's evening as they do not bring a coat with them whereas most people would be wearing warm coats, gloves and scarves. They have to be blind drunk to be able to put up with the cold while wearing very little. Total nudity is part of the transhumanist agenda as robots don't wear clothes either.

      • Maybe not teens, but I mentioned group sex and swinging as depraved and I was laughed at. Heterosexuals relations between and a man and a woman are "vanilla".

    • britney spears programming had little girls walking around dressed like prostitutes. it worked very well for the psychopathic pedophiles of the world. i think that it is more difficult for them after britney.
      parents woke up. now they are upping the desensitization and sexualization of youth. watch a cartoon of late. these cartoons are highly disturbing like some drug induced reality that make no sense whatsoever but to make little kids minds confused.. look at lady gagas outright illuminati symbolism, and katy perrys outright pedo agenda. and on and on. monsanto had a BIG part in this also.

  89. I think this story was mostly made to take public attention from much more important problem – possible war with Syria and may be even Iran. The world may be on a brink of war and look what general public is discussing. I am sure that if we look back in the history, we shall find same situations happened before. Stupid scandal to cover what really was important and serious.
    Tastes differs of cause, but i really think that among modern pop stars she probably has the best body. At list she is tall and her legs are long. :) However I did not like the performance as well as many.

  90. No offense to her Dad in any way. I like him, but you can take the person out of the trash, but you cannot take the trash out of EVERY person! When some souls ? are born – they are just born to be disrespectful to all of life and what is considered holy……

    Miley herself is ACCOUNTABLE. She is a puppet BECAUSE SHE CHOSE TO BE ONE. Let it be known that when a person chooses to be 51% BAD they are in full consciousness of that decision. Lucifer cannot take one over if one chooses to SAY NO. They SELL OUT, PERIOD. Miley SOLD OUT. Only God can show patience or mercy to her now as I have none left. She evokes a sense of hate…….she is fully possessed by 'whatever' now……greed, lust, evil……don't care… is all bad…..

  91. Well this is so blatant and it was predicted in a south park episode 'Britney's new look' at the end. The whole episode is about Britney's sacrifice for the harvest and after she's been killed by camera shots they see Miley Cyrus on TV in a supermarket and it zooms into Stan's Dad who says 'Looks like next harvest will be even better and everyone starts singing in Latin. you have to see it to believe it. Poor Miley.

    • The Country Music industry is full of handlers and programmers according to Springmeier. You all really need to read his book.

  92. A couple of posters have mentioned this and i actually think this was a big fail for the industry 'controller's'. A lot of people were shocked and appalled by what they saw- surely this is a good thing? A sign that the tide is changing….. I think it backfired. I know young kids who are now aware of this stuff….. they would not be sucked in by it at all.

    And quite a few here commenting that it will only get worse….. depicting for us in gory detail what the future may hold for these kind of performances/rituals. Well how about we create something new… and have a little faith that the people are changing and waking up and that things will get better!!!!!!!

    Your articles are good VC- but it's getting old now. You've educated us all so well we can all spot this s*** a mile off! Why not offer alternatives? Links to music or singers that are not puppets of this sick machine. Have suggested this to you before… don't understand why you don't do something with your power and influence? If not then it's all on repeat, repeat, repeat, and as someone pointed out in the comments, what is it you want us to do with this info? Just read it and agree how awful it all is? Surely you and we can do better than that?

    • I think that VC needed to make it obvious to get people to see what is really going on. The power to do something lies with you. VC can't do that for you. He is only one person.

  93. Miley VMAS , 1. Pedo Bears 2. One of the Pedo bears handing out candy (take the candy kids) 3.Drugged up looking Pedo bear , and winking eye tung onesie. 4. Face in the butt of the Pedo bear. AKA MK humiliation invoking degrading sex acts ( human waste, pee, ex..) 5. Robins, duel Black and White outfit ( Handler) 6. Disney Inspired glove, to remind you who's touching and controlling are children 7. 2 Chains duel black and white outfit( complete with Eye of Horus on one arm, and what looks to be screaming small people on the other) 8. The 777 Alester Crowly reference on the Red Jersey of the Other Weirdo( don't care to learn his lame alter name) 9.Robin Thick rocking with yacht props and money and wine props ( Showing he's with the Elite). And if you notice it go's , Miley(Mk victim) Robin (trained and complete handler ) 2 Chains ( Going through his Handler training) and Finally the last Puppet ( being initiated in to the mk handler program via intro by Alester Crowley and the color RED) . Lady GaGa 1……Well there was just so many I can't count , must be from my mind being melted by the bullsh*t I just watched. And let us not forget the Lovely skull and bones moon men, the Vortexes in the back ground, every ones need to ware black and white, the X's , black upside down cross, and constant panning to ONLY MK puppets . Oh Sheeple, and you still don't see it SMH.

    • i didn't see any upside down crosses? or skull and bones? and what's wrong with vortexes i think they're just supposed to look cool? and most people didn't wear black and white, and besides black and white is fashionable nowadays. look, this years vmas just didn't have much symbolism, you're trying too hard to find it.

      • But there WAS Skull and Bones being represented in the KAWS character as the Moon Man award! I would like to know more about this artist. In this interview:
        the interviewer asks the artist about his "childhood," but he refuses to answer directly. He answers the question with a question then promptly redirects the conversation elsewhere! So what DID happen to this guy where his main, profitable, character is an ashamed entity with X's for eyes, and Mickey Mouse gloves, and its "hair" is admittedly a skull and bones representation?!!!!

        I hope VC can dig further into THAT one, especially considering they made an inflatable balloon for it during the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I remember it coming at the end and it was in the same exact pose of hiding the face, in disgrace, or shame, and I wondered then how that creepy thing would be in a parade where many children look forward to those floats, mostly cartoon characters. I know there has to be something nefarious going on with it. I can't find anything online so far so if anyone can add to that, that'd be great! Time to get tot the bottom of it since its appearing is becoming quite happenstance lately and unceremoniously encroaching into the homes and minds of the American public with little to no fanfare or explanation. It presents as a victimized child, all grey and faceless.

  94. We all have to remember that all this sick stuff is NOT the MK slaves' fault. I wish Miley & others could break their programming. I didn't watch the VMA's, but the photo here & the article is quite disturbing. Everything is getting worse.

    Also, I wonder if this year's VMA's is used as a distraction for this right here.

    People are focused on VMA's, while U.S. is planning to attack Syria.

  95. just as they humiliated taylor swift a couple years ago with Kanye west inorder to lift up beyonce. They used Miley Cyrus" self humiliation bettlejuice( robin Thike) to lift up their new goddess Lady Gaga. Nothing new here folks.

      • im not saying she is new im saying she is being lifted up into place on the alter as the new goddess. When they glorified beyonce with the taylor/ kanye shamble beyonce didnt just pop up on the scene. What im sayng is lady gaga put in her time doing and spreading all the messages and propaganda they asked her to and now they are lifting her up.

  96. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    People have been calling Robin Thicke Beetledouche lol… I can't believe he is actually suing Marvin Gaye's family simply because "Blurred Lines" sounds like classic Gaye. What an asshole thing to do sheesh.

  97. Okay this might be a stupid question but here goes. So you know how celebrities start "fads"? Could those be possible triggers? I thought about it and I figured maybe people could help answer my question. *sigh* what has our world become.

  98. I am a bit surprised that VC hasn't gone more into the pedophilia theme of Miley's performance – the whole thing was saturated with it. The bears, the pedo bear image on her corset, and the obvious disparity of age between her and that revolting man Thicke. Miley's slight frame and hair give her the appearance of a highly sexualized pre-pubescent child or slightly pubescent teen in this performance. Anyone notice the side kick black woman who was throwing candy at the audience? "Candy little girl?" is the stock phrase for child grooming and endangerment.

    Look up the meme pedo-bear to learn about the history of this symbol and how it was used at first to mock pedophiles, later was assumed to be the mascot of pedophiles, and now appears to celebrate them. How many small children who saw this performance will beam with delight when someone comes towards them dressed as a big bear? In coverage of famous child sex abuse ring cases, it has been shown that adults will dress in animal like and other wild costumes to molest children, so that if they are ever asked about the abuse, the children's stores will sound like made up tales "A big bunny came out of a room and touched me…" and can be easily dismissed.

    That disturbing person Allan Thicke's part in this isn't even discussed, and his wholly out of tune whack performance ignored including "Your a good girl" phrase repeated over and over while Miley bends forward and "twerks" his genitals…ugh, it is just so obvious and disturbing, yet VC correctly points out, all the talk is about Miley herself and nothing about the set and setting that has now been distributed into millions of homes where children live. It's basically child sexual grooming on a very major, mass scale, and very few even realize it. The only silver lining on this black could is that the majority of people feel queasy and disturbed by this display instinctively.

    Just as children are groomed to be exploited by child molesters, Miley's performance shows the grooming and the results of the grooming as well. Last year it was a satanic ritual with Nicky Menage, now an open celebration and display of child sexualization and grooming. Human sacrifice will surely be the next theme, perhaps with jungle clad Katy Perry and her new Roar video. Ugh. Just. Ugh.

    • You reminded me of a Russian man who passed away and went to hell. Some dreadful d****s with masks kept people in rooms and threw sweets (allegedly) to them. The people in the rooms were in a terrible state. His soul was desperate to return to his physical body which did take place. And we worry about trivial things, you know how to remain young, how to gather more properties/money, how to obtain more degrees when we forget the real meaning of this life. Yes we live once but it's a brief life and not utilised the right way. The world is not what it seems, good luck to everyone of us.

    • excellent pist…very informative. I myself was abused as a child sexually and the bastard used teddybears and candy literally to get me to do things to him.

  99. This could be a critical turning point for the entertainment industry and popular culture in general. While it is certainly possible for things to go further and hard-core porn to become mainstream and accepted on broadcast TV (in the 60s, we thought that it could not get any more graphic than Jim Morrison simulating a sex act on Robbie Kreiger on stage; now we know that there well may be no limits), this well may be the point where it becomes clear that 1) the mainstream corporate entertainment industry feels that the only way to keep itself relevant is to push the envelope further and further, at which point more and more people will begin to reject mainstream culture and look to the underground, like the early 1960s (of course that culture was quickly co-opted by the industry; that is a cyclical pattern). and 2) that pushing the envelope in terms of decency is no longer "exciting" or "edgy". Interestingly enough, of all the comments, I see very few, if any, that believe the performance was actually erotic; most people seem to find it simply shocking for the sake of shock.

  100. As far as the music industry today eg mtv, it's pretty sick and most of it is not Christian, most of it isn't even proper manners, most of it isn't even repeatable, most of it should never have been written, most of the contributors to troubles in society and culture

  101. To heck with all those handlers, puppets and slut monkeys. We're on the brink of a war with Syria and god knows who else. We know what to expect out of the VMAs….shock value. It's not even music anymore. The war for our minds continues. Stay vigilant.

  102. "Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking." This is an exact line from the new Jay-Z's album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Now why would he say this? Perhaps he knew Miley would take the fall in a building he helped construct – gleaming with Mason architecture and nomenclature. Example: a location beneath them arena is referred to "The Vault." A place where the elite can gather. My research also tells me there are 13 of these "vaults." We all know the significance of that number…

  103. Why would the elite want to show a disgusted reaction from the audience? Isn't that a good thing? That they're not enjoying or promoting what she's doing? Bit confused.

    • It's not always as obvious. This move could have simply been about desensitization. Most things like this are only meant to push the envelope that much further. Miley took the fall, quite