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The Toxic Agendas and the Blatant Occult Symbolism of the 2022 VMAs

The 2022 VMAs was a non-stop barrage of agenda-pushing and blatant symbolism that simply cannot be ignored. It was a reflection of the highly toxic climate of today’s pop culture, one that has been weaponized for indoctrination. Here’s how Lil Nas X, Nicki Minaj, BLACKPINK, Bad Bunny, Anitta and others were used in this sad spectacle.



Ever since I began analyzing the VMAs back in 2009, I highlighted the fact that MTV’s yearly ceremony is essentially a theatrical performance, complete with recurring actors and an overarching narrative. The goal is to promote specific artists and to showcase how they comply with the elite’s agenda by using blatant symbolism.

The 2022 VMAs was no exception. A limited number of actors took part in this play (notably Nicki Minaj, Jack Harlow, and BLACKPINK) as all kinds of globalist-elite-friendly agendas were being promoted to millions of young viewers. And, in 2022, that agenda is simply toxic.

Indeed, the sheer depravity and absurd hyper-sexualization that permeated this show had me thinking on a biblical level. It’s not about “sex sells anymore, it is about more than that. On some occasions, words like “Sodom and Gomorrah” popped into my head because there was a dark, spiritual aspect to this sad spectacle.

The VMAs were not merely about being “sexy”, it was about weird, twisted, unnatural, and exploitative sexualization that’s clearly motivated by malevolent forces. This sexualization is not about “free expression”, it is about the exact opposite. It is about control, submission, and even humiliation. Through symbolism, we understand that the “artists” that are celebrated during these awards are actually slaves of a powerful system that is using them as a weapon for mass indoctrination.

Think I’m exaggerating? Let’s just look at this cursed spectacle and you decide.

Pre-Show Madness

For some reason, the VMAs was hyper-focused on butts. To an absurd level. It’s almost as if the makers of the show believed that all of its viewers were toddlers stuck in the anal stage of development. And I’m not only talking about female butts.

The first performance of the pre-show featured Saucy Santana dressed like a woman and twerking all over the place.

Saucy Satana shakes his butt while wearing one of Beyonce’s outfits.

Also, there was this guy.

The name of the song: Booty. The chorus of the song:

Yeah, I know you like my booty, booty, booty, bootybooty, booty, booty, bootyBooty, booty, booty, booty, booty

Sodom and Gomorrah.

At the end of the pre-show, Dove Cameron performed the song Boyfriend.

Dove Cameron and her female dancers are dressed in masculine clothes.

Here’s the chorus of the song:

I could be a better boyfriend than himI could do the sh*t that he never didUp all night, I won’t quitThinking I’m gonna steal you from himI could be such a gentlemanPlus all my clothes would fit

The song is about Dove convincing a woman that she can be a better “boyfriend” to her than her own male boyfriend.

To sum up the Red Carpet show, the first performance featured a bunch of men twerking while dressed as women. The last performance featured a woman dressed as a man and singing about being a “better boyfriend”.

In short: A complete reversal of the sexes. I said above, this is not merely about being sexy, this is about twisting human nature and confusing young viewers.

All of that, and the actual VMA’s did not even begin yet.

The Blatant Symbolism of the VMAs

The entire VMAs were rife with obvious symbolism that strongly hinted at one thing: The occult elite controls everything.

Most awards were preceded by an animation depicting a “hand from above” bestowing a gift to those under. It represents the elite handing out an award to the compliant slaves it controls.

As you’ll soon see, nearly every artist at the VMAs performed under a pyramidal structure that gave the entire show a strange, dystopian vibe. The message: The elite owns these slaves. Even up-and-coming artists performed under pyramids.

Conan Grey, a male singer (who was dressed in women’s clothes) performs under a pyramid. The message: The elite is “incubating” this artist for the future.

The VMAs also managed to convey the fact that being under the elite’s pyramid comes at a cost.

Lil Nas X’s Humiliation

The first award that was given at the VMAs was followed by a strange scene that might be a classic case of “humiliation ritual”. When Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X won the “Best Collaboration” award, Lil Nas did not want to get up.

Then, Jack Harlow forced Lil Nas to stand up. The rapper was clearly embarrassed as he attempted to hide his privates using his purse.

Once on stage to accept the award, Lil Nas said:

“Wow, I’m up here like half-naked.”

Lil Nas X was still clearly embarrassed as he tried to hide from the viewers. This image basically says: Yes, he got an award, but at what cost?

This is what probably happened: Lil Nas was forced to wear this outfit and “they” knew very well that he had to go on stage while wearing it. In numerous previous articles, I stated that Lil Nas was a male Sex Kitten slave of the industry. This forced humiliation was part of the price to pay to be an industry slave.


As explained in past articles on this site, K-Pop is 100% part of the occult elite’s agenda. And BLACKPINK was been “chosen” to make it big across the world. The group’s performance at the VMA’s could not have been more obvious.

The performance began with fangs descending from a cloud, in front of a lit pyramidal structure: Satanic occult elite.

Then things get even more obvious.

BLACKPINK performs in front of a giant eye inside a triangle which happens to be the favorite symbol of the occult elite.

Yes, I’m talking about this symbol.

The all-seeing eye inside a triangle.

To confirm the fact that BLACKPINK was chosen by the elite, Lisa, a member of the group, went on to win the Best K-POP Video award for her song Lalisa.

Here’s the cover art of the album.

It’s basically a massive one-eye sign.

You comply with the elite, you get shiny things. But at what cost?

As you can see, the elite fully infiltrated K-Pop. And it is doing the same with Latin music.

Latin Music Infiltrated

The 2022 VMAs featured several Latin artists and all of them managed to display complete submission to the occult elite.

J Balvin and Ryan Castro performed the song Nivel Del Perreo next to weird CGI of a girl shaking her butt. Yup, there were lots of butts at the VMAs. More importantly, they performed in front of another version of the eye-in-triangle symbol.

Some might say:

“Triangles do not necessarily mean Illuminati bro.”

I know. But here’s an actual lyric that was rapped by Ryan Castro during this very performance.

“Yo te como el triangulito como Illuminati” (I eat your triangle like Illuminati)

While this line barely makes any sense, it was said in this specific context for a purpose. It confirmed that these triangles you are seeing throughout the show symbolize the elite.

Anitta’s performance confirms this fact.

Anitta’s performance began with her sitting in front of yet another eye inside a triangle.

At one point, Anitta says:

“Did you think I wasn’t gonna shake my ass tonight?”

As said above, the VMA’s were strongly focused on butts. As soon as Anitta talked about “shaking her ass”, this symbolic thing happened.

The “hidden hands” (seen earlier handing out awards) literally open the doors of the pyramid to Anitta.

The message of this scene: Shake your ass (be an industry slave) and the occult elite will “open the doors” of the industry.

As explained in a recent article, the Brazilian singer Anitta has been hard at work doing the occult elite’s bidding.

Left: Anitta makes a blatant one-eye sign in a picture that was used in a New York Times article promoting her. Right: The cover of her album Version of Me revolves around the concept of MKULTRA alter-personas.

To confirm that she’s a “chosen one” Anitta won the award of “Best Latin Video”.

Throughout the show, Anitta wore a red dress that strategically exposed her left breast.

As explained in my very first article about the VMAs, red is the color of sacrifice and initiation. Furthermore, initiation rituals in Freemasonry require their candidates to walk around with their left breast exposed.

A Masonic initiate with his left breast exposed.

Bad Bunny is another Latin artist who was awarded at the VMAs. As seen in previous articles on this site, everything he does is in full compliance with the elite’s agenda.

Bad Bunny constantly wears dresses in photoshoots because he has to push the all-important gender-blurring and demasculinization agenda.

Bad Bunny won the Artist of the Year award, which is pretty big. However, he had to do something first.

During his performance, Bad Bunny kissed one of his male dancers.

Bad Bunny is not gay. He has a girlfriend and everything. During an interview with the LA Times, he stated:

“At the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man. One never knows in life. But at the moment I am heterosexual and I like women.”

So why did he kiss a man? Because he had to. It’s about using sexuality for submission, compliance, and humiliation. He had to comply with the agenda and expose young viewers to this stuff.

Sure, he won a trophy. But at what cost?

Nicki Minaj Extravagenza

Nicki Minaj was all over the place. She was a host, she won the Video Vanguard Award and she performed for like 13 minutes. And, once again, the thing was rife with symbolism regarding her status as an industry slave.

Minaj’s entire performance revolved around the concept of her being a Barbie doll aka an MK slave.

In Monarch mind control, MK slaves are submitted to trauma such as electroshock therapy to cause dissociation which facilitates the creation of new programmable alter-persona. This is exactly what happens to Nicki during her performance.

Her set begins with her rapping in a rather natural, normal way, with some introspective lyrics. She’s her natural self. Then, she starts spazzing out.

Lights flash and Nicki flails around as if she was being electroshocked.

Lightning bolts further conveyed the concept of Nicki being electroshocked.

After the shocks, her voice and demeanor change. Her alter-persona is now on stage.

While performing the song Monster, Nicki tortures a woman for no particular reason. MK slaves are sometimes used to torture and kill other slaves.

Like other artists at the VMAs, Nicki performed at the bottom of a pyramid. Also, notice the Masonic checkerboard pattern floor.

A clock containing the symbolism of the Blue Lodge Freemasonry. See any similarities with the screenshot above?

After the performance, fans of Nicki Minaj (called Barbs) paid tribute to her. It was ridiculous. One woman said:

“Queen! You taught me to always put myself first and be completely unapologetic about it.”

Huh, qUeEn … that just doesn’t sound right. Isn’t ALWAYS putting yourself first the literal definition of being selfish? It’s also the main tenet of the Church of Satan … but that’s none of my business.

Then, a guy says (while nearly crying):

“You’ve always been my inspiration for strength and confidence. You’re literally the reason that I’m alive”.

Really? Nicki Minaj is the reason you’re alive? How? What exactly did she do? Was it when she supported her brother who was sentenced 25 to life for child rape? Or when she supported Drake, the child groomer? Or when she supported her husband who was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender? Or the fact that she named one of her alter-egos after child rapist Roman Polanski?

Then, another Barb says:

“Her music is everything. We owe her everything. She is everything, OK?”


After being described by her fans as the sweetest person on Earth, Nicki begins her acceptance speech by yelling at her assistant in the crowd because he didn’t give her her phone. Seriously, you can’t make this up.

The VMAs contained a bunch of other strange, hypocritical moments.

Winning … and Whining

At one point, Bebe Rexha comes out to present the “Video for Good” award. She says:

“The nominees for Video for Good push us to be better, to be ourselves, and to be nicer to each other.”

Then, Lizzo wins and she comes up looking like this.

Lizzo is supposedly “pushing us to be better”. Here’s the first word of her acceptance speech.


So inspirational. She really is making us better.

Then, she ranted about “laws that are oppressing us”. Of course, she wasn’t talking about actual laws that are oppressing us but about abortions (because the elite is obsessed with killing babies). Then, Lizzo addressed comedian Aries Spears who dared to make jokes about her.

Indeed, Spears said that he couldn’t get past the fact that Lizzo “looks like the sh*t emoji” and that she was “built like a plate of mashed potatoes”. Lizzo said:

“And now for the b*tches that had something to say about me in the press. (…) B*tch I’m winning ho!”.

Instead of ignoring the jokes and, maybe, saying something meaningful, she just used this platform to yell obscenities on the mic. It’s exactly like the Nicki Minaj situation described above.

Here’s a little message for Lizzo: You’re only winning because they want you to. When they’re done using you to push agendas, you’ll be 💩 to them.

Then, the hypocrisy mixed with virtue signaling continued.

Later in the show, Billy Eichner came out and he was very angry.

Billy was there to promote the movies Bros. He said:

Bros is making history as the first gay romcom ever made by a major studio and the first where every role is played by an openly LGBTQ actor”.

Hold on, Billy. If EVERY role is played by LGBTQ actors, isn’t that the exact opposite of being “inclusive”?

Then, Billy actually guilts people into watching the movie.

“I need all of you in theaters because we need to show all the homophobes like Clarence Thomas and all the homophobes on the Supreme Court that we want gay love stories”.

Wow. I didn’t realize that the “homophobes of the Supreme Court” banned gay love stories. Then, he went on calling people in the audience “sinners” in a playful way. Sodom and Gomorrah.

Eminem and Snoop in the Metaverse

A few months ago, I analyzed Mark Zuckerberg’s pathetic attempt at making the Metaverse cool to young people with a creepy and disturbing ad. Well, they’re at it again. This time, they’ve recruited Eminem and Snoop Dogg to promote this dystopian virtual reality world that’s controlled by tech giants.

The performance begins with Snoop smoking a gigantic joint and Eminem saying that it’s getting him high.

Then, the marijuana smoke transports them to the Metaverse.

Yes, they’re equating being in the Metaverse with being high. That’s how low they’re willing to go to sell the Metaverse to young people.

Fake, Metaverse versions of Snoop and Eminem perform in “trippy” places such as this place populated with horned beings.

Snoop and Eminem probably got paid a lot of money to promote the Metaverse. I hope it was worth it because it was definitely a low point in their careers.

In Conclusion

The 2022 VMA show was a non-stop barrage of toxic messages and occult symbolism that were directly sponsored by the global elite. This sad spectacle was blatant proof of how popular culture is now used to not only indoctrinate the masses but to actually confuse and demoralize them.

For years, I’ve been highlighting the gender-blurring agenda that’s permeating societies across the world. The VMAs is a perfect reflection of the absurdity of this agenda. Every single year, the VMAs push this agenda a little further, knowing very well that those who dare mention anything about it get shut down as “transphobic”. Now, it has come to the point that most men at the VMAs are overtly feminine.

What will it take for people to realize that none of this is organic? That it is all part of a sick agenda? Maybe if all of the artists performed under a literal Illuminati pyramid? Maybe that would make things obvious. Hold on, that’s exactly what happened.

Nobody in mass media dared addressing any of this. Because they were too focused on the butts.

The 2022 VMAs, summed up in one picture.


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