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Drake Accused of “Grooming” Millie Bobby Brown

The 14-year-old star of “Stranger Things” revealed that Drake has been texting her regularly. Many believe that the 31-year-old rapper is actually “grooming” the young actress.



Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

During an interview at the Emmy Awards, Millie Bobby Brown discussed her friendship with Canadian rapper Drake. She said:

“I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly so fantastic. Drake is a great friend and a great role model. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great”.

When asked about what kind of advice Drake gives her, she replied:

“About boys, he helps me.”

When asked to be more precise, she replied:

“That stays in the text messages”.

While this interaction between the two celebs could be viewed as an innocent friendship, Drake’s current rumored “relationship” with 18-year-old Bella Harris is not very reassuring.


Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Bella Harris posted this on her IG account.

It did not take long before internet sleuths discovered that Drake was lurking around Harris since she was 15.

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Considering this fact, many see Drake’s relationship with Millie Bobby Brown as creepy and predatory in nature.

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

While it is currently impossible to confirm what exactly is happening between the two, one must admit that “giving relationship advice” is a classic way of flirting while gaining the trust of a love interest.

One thing is for sure, as discussed in previous articles on this site, Millie Bobby Brown was pushed in the darker recesses of the entertainment industry at a vulnerable age and it is rather difficult to see this unfold.

Child Star

The world discovered Bobby Millie Brown when she starred in the Netflix’s Stranger Things at age 11. As explained in my article The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things”, Brown’s character (named Eleven) is an MKULTRA slave who developed extrasensory perception (ESP).

Soon after, the kids who star in the series became high-profile celebrities and Hollywood got weird with it. One odd thing many have noticed is that the kids – especially Brown – were being overly sexualized.

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

A headline from

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown in a fashion shoot featuring lipstick and holding it like a cigarette. Everything to make her a “grown-up”.

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

All kinds of people have been posting all kinds of weird comments about her.

Last year, gossip magazines were overly eager about sharing details of Brown’s relationship with a 15-year-old boy named Jacob Sartorius. It was all rather weird and.

She’s also been hanging out with the Kardashians, which is a great shortcut into the dark, bizarre side of Hollywood.

Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Millie hanging out with Kim K.

Let’s hope that Millie Bobby Brown gets some stronger guidance and stops getting involved in … stranger things.

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Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

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Why the hell is this young girl hanging around with Kim K? She’s the lowest form of illuminati trash…


Exactly. What does a 13 year old and a over 30 grown a-s woman have in common? Not a damn thing.

D D d

They have in common that they use the media. And the media uses them. That’s a lot in common. Do you get groped at the cashregister at the supermarket and pulled out one third of your hair by an ignorant mob? Screeming youngsters under your bedroom window?
To use this common ground to invite minors at your place to enjoy your lavish alcoholled lifestyle is another thing.


Same reason that rappers do features on very young artists songs and water down their usual perverse image… to get exposure to younger audience’s and get hype from the younger crowds that wouldn’t otherwise appeal to them…. it’s a commonly used tactic by old washed up Illuminati puppets to mingle with the younger puppets.


Maybe Kim K is like an older sister to her? Aren’t there siblings with that kind of age difference? I’m like 50/50 with this one :/

Oppression’s Enemy

It’s also interesting to note that W magazine named Millie Bobby Brown as one of sexiest actresses when she was only 13 years old, and one of the reasons why TV is sexier than ever. There has also been countless other incidents involving the young stars of the show being sexualized by grown adults. The first of many of these cases began on Oct. 30, when Ali Michael, a 27-year-old model, posted a rather unnerving message about Finn Wolfhard. On her Instagram, Michael posted a picture of Wolfhard with the caption, “Not to be weird, but hit me up in four years.” Keep in mind, she is 27, and Wolfhard is just 14-years-old. Make no mistake that all these bizzare events aren’t just coincidentally taking place. Rather, they are being carefully orchestrated by the powers that be. The first step in normalizing anything is to first bring it to the surface, and that is what we are witnessing today. Drake is just playing his part in the grand scheme of things.


That is so bizarre/gross. I just looked up Finn Wolfhard (don’t know who he is) and he LOOKS LIKE A CHILD for goodness sake!

Poppy Seed

Chilling, disgusting and sad to see this unfold, they are pimped (in the sexual way you know) at they same measure at they get exposure.


Hey, @Poppy Seed. Are you a Poppy fan? You are aware she’s an illuminati puppet, aren’t you?


You comment is well written. We are witnessing a darkness once kept hidden but now slowly being brought out into the open; a normalising of an old pathology. The fact that it on the media; that actors, musicians, and other public personaes are involved is a clue. These are NOT the sons and daughters of politicians(not that it has not or will not happen) but symbols; media images that people are trained to look up to. This is the public face of the evils of trafficking and occult predatory behaviour directed at the most vulnerable of our society–little children and teens. If…the media figures, Kardashians, Drake, Gaga, Cyrus, etc are victims of MK, etc., they are now representing it; moving to higher levels where they are essentially serving as agents; handlers as it is often put. The countries of this Earth are ruled by old families that are cults. Blood cults(in more ways than one) and their ancient pagan religions are still being practised. Note the middle and last name of the young actress. “They”(not the victims) are continuously laughing at us, the common men and women who are trying to figure this out; put the pieces of the ancient… Read more »


Remember back when the Olsen Twins we’re about to turn 18 and the media was in a total frenzy over it? Every tabloid rag had some kind of story about it splashed across their covers. A website went up that featured a clock counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds to the moment of their official birthday! Even Bob Saget was making the interview rounds to tout his incredibly inappropriate jokes sexualizing those girls whom he had known sense they were infants. It was so creepy and weird. Now the Olsen Twins live like strange reclusives, and Mary Kate is married to some gross, much older billionaire “handler” type. On the darker side of Occult practices there has always been an obsession with youth, and the powerful Magickal properties that the youth possess (especially within the blood). Juxtaposed to that is Hollywood’s obsession with youth. The truth is that on a hole, adult actor’s are just better actor’s. Their more experienced, more dedicated, more interesting, and more versatile. Yet Hollywood is all about the youthful “It Girl”. There’s something extremely ritualistic about the “It Girl” scenario. One could look at it as that seasons choosen sacrifice. Usually she’s someone whose… Read more »

Sadie Slays

All part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia.

Truth & Light

Here parents are ok with it


Here? Well, in my country it’s kinda the same. I see 12-16 year Olds dating old men and giving birth to children and a lot of sexual abuse on the news. It’s disgusting how most men and women here think it’s okay to give their daughters to these perverted psychos. Most of the times even the police doesn’t give a damn even when they clearly know and see that a 30 year old is dating a 12 year old girl. This world seems to be getting crazier instead of evolving and protecting the innocents. And now I see on TV that a young girl who needed a heart transplant wanted Drake to visit her in the hospital and he did…. What the actual hell?! Drake is a pedophile for the love of pink stars and poop colored rainbows!!!!! How can children admire that trash!?

Cry Me A River

In 1957, 23 year old Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin, 13 year old Myra Brown. She still believed in Santa. In 1959, Elvis Presley met his future wife. He was 25 and she was 14. In 1975, Steven Tyler purchased the guardianship of a 16 year old girl (Julia Holcomb) from her mother when he was 27 so that he could legally take her with him across state lines while he was on tour. Colored over a “grand romance” and a “decades long relationship”, Celine Dion was 12 years old when 38 year old Rene Angelil became her manager. They went public with their relationship when she was 19. In 1984, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman started dating Mandy Smith. She was 13. Although they did not marry until she was 18, Mandy says she was 14 when they first had sex. Mr. Wyman has never been investigated, much less prosecuted. In 1991, 32 year old director Luc Besson met and eventually married model Maïwenn Le Besco when she was 15. Their relationship inspired his movie Léon: The Professional (1994), which followed an emotional relationship between an adult man and a young girl. In 1993, Jerry Seinfeld picked up… Read more »


One: “Not OK” is bad form. Just say “evil”. It’s easy. Saying “Not OK” is tantamount to admitting you’re afraid to mention that evil exists. “Not OK” is kiddie talk. It’s a cowardly phrase that projects cowardice, even if you pound the table three times when you speak it, and try to screw your face up and look mad. Two: And aside: Roy Moore was looking for a young wife. He found one. He’s still married to her, more than three (four?) decades later. Wow, what a sicko he was, wanting purity for a lifelong wife. They are both blessed today, with kids and grandkids, even though he is still vilified by people who hate the idea of marriage and sanctity, monogamy and fidelity, and who idolize people like Drake and the rest of your list, none of whom ever wanted or got a lifelong wife. Cognitive dissonance is exemplified by the masses. And, if I may repeat myself, “Not OK” is such a childish, cowardly phrase. Imagine Indiana Jones saying that to Molaraam Sularaam? “Pulling the still-beating hearts out of virgins is NOT OK!! Harumph!” The phrase doesn’t really have a lot of gravitas, to say the least. It’s… Read more »


Dude, shut up. No one needed four paragraphs about why saying “not ok” is bad form when it clearly isn’t; a good chunk of the media and people in general act like this is okay, she says it is not.

Seriously, after that ramble no one is jumping to take writing advice from you. And interjecting a bunch of stuff about how Roy Moore is good? Boy howdy.


I understand your comment and your frustration therein. I share your passion. This is a sick world we live in, run by pedos.

It’s not ok. It’s sick, perverted, and yes; EVIL. Absolutely.

Jesus is your only way out of this hell. Believe, repent, pass the message on.

Common Sense Not Common

Great, R. Kelly 2.0


With R Kelly, isn’t that a bit extreme? Those women / girls are not allowed to escape, use the toilet without his permission and there’s other stupid stuff like when he p****d on that girl. Aaliyah was even younger than the girl on Stranger Things right, wasn’t she 14 when they got ‘married’ let alone dating?


If I ever catch an a 30 something year old man texting my barely teenaged daughter… so help me! And to say I miss you so much?! The grooming is blatantly obvious with this one…


Keep your teenagers away from smart phones and laptops etc.

Try to keep them interested in reading books and analyzing the world around them. Rather than being “entertained” by gadgets. Don’t “pacify” your children with technology, give them constructive things to do with their limited time on Earth.


This is what I have been talking about. The kids on Stranger Things are very much in trouble. This is why we should all keep an eye on kids. The predators are just waiting for their time to make their move. Drake is a handler no doubt. If I were the parents of these kids, I would hide my kid from those evil people.

In other news, VC, please feature Beyonce’s former dancer accusing Beyonce of witchcraft. The dancer said that Beyonce molested her through it. Scary stuff.

this is the end beautiful friend

I was just reading about that earlier. I’m certain that VC will cover that story once some more facts come to light.


He did do an article about it right after this one, got it in my inbox


This girl looks so strange… In some pics she looks like a boy, and sometimes she looks like she’s 30. I don’t get why is everyone so opsessed with her – Hollyweird, media, public. I hope she doesn’t end up like Britney, Lindsay, Demi Lovato and other child stars.


I was thinking the same thing about MBB’s looks, too! This little girl was sold out by her parents! Certain insider Hollyweird sites have said her parents are ruthless when it comes to marketing her.

I see MBB’s programming breaking down in a few years, like, Britney and Amanda Bynes it just depends on how valuable she is to the industry. Sad since she has no control over what is happening to her.

My guess is Millie came to Hollyweird already MK’d since she’s obviously being groomed by someone who has been in the industry for awhile now. Remember Amanda Bynes did “date” Drake around the time her programming broke down. She tweeted Drake had down syndrome eyes, then quickly deleted the tweet.

Thank-you VC for noting this sick display of illuminati grooming!


They love that she looks, or they made her look androgynous. They like the dual look, the confusion of not being able to identify male or female.

They love switching gender roles and identities; anything to stray away from the natural order of life.

They love confusing people into thinking they don’t know who they are, they love distorting reality and blurring lines. They will always be empty vessels steering evil ships through dark waters where there is no return and no peace of mind, ever.

They lure you in, make you believe they will give you all you desire and want. Then once they have you, soul signed-off to lucifer, your soul is screwed, unless you make one hell of a U-Turn to Jesus. Pun intended.

Don’t dismiss Jesus, dismiss lucifer. AKA satan.


I blame the parents. Where are they?


Probably taking their share of cash to be quiet about or dellusional with the grandeur of fame of their children?


Pimping her out to the highest paid celeb they can find….


Yo, WTF. Drake was cancelled already due to his insufferable recent musical releases.. however, this is downright disgusting

D D d

Now you know where his mind was when making that shaity music.


He tryna impress the babies to keep them interested in his creepy azz.


Drake is gay and is a pedo for preying on young girls, who are not adults.

Nothing wrong if you choose to be gay or lesbian, with consenting adults. Same for straights. Consent must be given mutually.

Shame that people don’t see these “artists” for the sickos they really are.

Mr h

Hi guys, you are really doing good job, you are very courageous to attack this satanist elite like that! sorry for bad writing I do not speak English I am French. We also have in France this problem, even more recently, see you what our president put in his presidential office:, after having opened Presidential with the eye and the triangle (have you see ?!), now he puts a pentagram in his presidential office, f-----g psychopathe! when my French friends still deny the reality of all that, I send them to your site, it’s really great, thank you for what you do.
I have a question for the believers I have difficulty answering: or put God in all of these facts? why let them do it? why let them have so much power, money, influence, why they let them manipulate these hollywood kids, torture them with the MK? I never understood why these people have so much of the influence, Lucifer archetype is so powerful that it makes them rich and powerful, why does God do nothing against this destruction of creation ?! Thank you for your work.


The numb-er one law is Free Will. Free will to choose what we will, dark or light. But our Free Will has been co-opted so entirely by darkness and the illusion that has become our reality that it’s almost impossible for anyone to awaken from the ‘dream’. How is it free will if no one knows what reality really is?

Make no mistake, there will be a correction. Divine intervention is coming, and what’s more, the dark ones know it. They know their days are numbered. It’s why they are getting more blatant – they are making mistakes now.


AMEN @ operaghost

May the Lord continue to bless you. Praise be to Jesus that there are still Christian soldiers out there.

We must stand together my friends. Be strong. For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against evil in high places of power!!!


Don’t you think he is leaving it a bit late


operaghost I agree. Also Mr h, money is ‘man-made’ and only gives you power and influence on Earth. Another point is that Hollywood is an option, these manipulated and tortured kids have parents who clearly have not promoted (enough or at all) to them, the disadvantages of being rich and powerful. Money is not everything, is better to die poor than to die with no belief


You can actually see that this drake person is a total creep.


He has an extremely dark countenance.


Yeah and sadly lots of young people admire that piece of garbage!


But Drake is not the enemy. satan is. FACT.


As far as I can read between the lines, there will be no guidance there. She was probably sold out as a slave by her parents so she is blind about the whole deal… poor thing.


This is why the break-down of the traditional family unit is paramount in the deterioration of our social fabric globally!

The more homes are divided, the more children get lost through the cracks. Not to mention all the poor orphans out there who suffered for years under the hands of cruel care-takers. Not to mention the human-trafficking involved with these types of children who have no-one looking out for them but the Lord.

See children suffer, only in the flesh temporarily here. Once they pass, they are taken care of for all eternity. They are innocent after-all. So ask yourself why we see this agenda to force children out of their innocence as quickly as possible. Corrupt them so they cannot be saved!



I find this shocking. I guess Drake thinks since I’m a big star now, in the “club”, I can get whatever I want. Pedophelia is really normal to people in that industry. I’m afraid that MBB’s parents are looking the other way so she can become a bigger star. Seen lots of magazine spreads of her and all of them style her way older than her years. Calvin Klein put her in a sleezy commercial too.


That’s disgusting

jimbo jones

Good! go after drake! I hope this takes him down


He’s been their beloved pawn for a while now. His clothes lines is OVO with the owl… All that success of his comes with a dark price tag.


…. that he will pay afterwards…


The most disturbing aspect to all this is she’s hanging out with Kim Kardashian.


Not really, instead it should come as good news to internet conspiracy theorists, christs, kings and prophets alike, as she’s the wife of Freemason West, which is the friend of the savior of Greater Israel, Donald Christ Trump.


Here, in my country, he wouldn’t be considered guilty for pedophilia since the legal age here is 14. But I really think that 16 is much more appropriate as a legal age of consent. People aged 14 still act like children and are not mature enough to have sex, and also are still far from finishing school. So many girls here get pregnant being 14 years old or around that age, and this is a tragedy in their lives. But in the case of Drake, I think he should date someone aged at least 18, because he is too old to date teenagers.

VG Fan

Are you in Brazil? Maybe that’s why the country is in turmoil. Children having feral children. But it’s great for sex tourism
(mostly european perverts).. it’s how the money comes in to corrupt politicians. Sad.

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