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Drake Accused of “Grooming” Millie Bobby Brown

The 14-year-old star of “Stranger Things” revealed that Drake has been texting her regularly. Many believe that the 31-year-old rapper is actually “grooming” the young actress.



drake millie Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

During an interview at the Emmy Awards, Millie Bobby Brown discussed her friendship with Canadian rapper Drake. She said:

“I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly so fantastic. Drake is a great friend and a great role model. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great”.

When asked about what kind of advice Drake gives her, she replied:

“About boys, he helps me.”

When asked to be more precise, she replied:

“That stays in the text messages”.

While this interaction between the two celebs could be viewed as an innocent friendship, Drake’s current rumored “relationship” with 18-year-old Bella Harris is not very reassuring.


2018 09 20 15 51 38 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Bella Harris posted this on her IG account.

It did not take long before internet sleuths discovered that Drake was lurking around Harris since she was 15.

drake harris Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

2018 09 20 15 54 03 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Considering this fact, many see Drake’s relationship with Millie Bobby Brown as creepy and predatory in nature.

2018 09 20 15 13 37 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

2018 09 20 16 01 20 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

2018 09 20 16 01 44 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

While it is currently impossible to confirm what exactly is happening between the two, one must admit that “giving relationship advice” is a classic way of flirting while gaining the trust of a love interest.

One thing is for sure, as discussed in previous articles on this site, Millie Bobby Brown was pushed in the darker recesses of the entertainment industry at a vulnerable age and it is rather difficult to see this unfold.

Child Star

The world discovered Bobby Millie Brown when she starred in the Netflix’s Stranger Things at age 11. As explained in my article The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things”, Brown’s character (named Eleven) is an MKULTRA slave who developed extrasensory perception (ESP).

Soon after, the kids who star in the series became high-profile celebrities and Hollywood got weird with it. One odd thing many have noticed is that the kids – especially Brown – were being overly sexualized.

2018 09 20 16 36 47 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

A headline from

IMAGE Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown in a fashion shoot featuring lipstick and holding it like a cigarette. Everything to make her a “grown-up”.

2018 01 11 11 30 16 Start Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

All kinds of people have been posting all kinds of weird comments about her.

Last year, gossip magazines were overly eager about sharing details of Brown’s relationship with a 15-year-old boy named Jacob Sartorius. It was all rather weird and.

She’s also been hanging out with the Kardashians, which is a great shortcut into the dark, bizarre side of Hollywood.

http 2F2Fo.aolcdn.com2Fhss2Fstorage2Fmidas2F34916c2f340af20ee6b44097c66106fc2F2062622292FScreenShot2018 03 31at7.31.14PM e1537475994631 Drake Accused of "Grooming" Millie Bobby Brown

Millie hanging out with Kim K.

Let’s hope that Millie Bobby Brown gets some stronger guidance and stops getting involved in … stranger things.


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