Nicki Minaj’s “Only” or How Rappers Give Tribute to Their Elite Overlords


The lyric video of the song “Only” depicts Nicki Minaj as a dictator in a Nazi-like setting. Her acolytes Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown represent various branches of the occult elite. Why would rappers want to glorify a regime that killed and oppressed millions – especially minorities? Because they are puppets of the elite – and the elite secretly loves oppressive dictatorships.


Lyric videos are usually simple videos that display the lyrics of a song. Leave it to Nicki Minaj and her crew to turn a lyric video into an upsetting nod to violent dictatorships and a tribute to their elite overlords. After “channeling” the convicted child molester Roman Polanski with her “alter-ego” Roman Zolanski, Nicki Minaj now plays the role of literally Hitler. While some might say that the video is  “a way to tell yall that Young Money runs the rap game”‘, it is not. The only reason Young Money is getting major exposure is because its “artists” are actively pushing the elite’s Agenda (see my numerous articles on Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne). It is also worth mentioning that the dictatorship emulated in that video sent millions of people to concentration camps and massacred most of them. And that only happened a few decades ago. Who would want to be associated with that? Nobody, except Illuminati pawns who are told what to do. The occult elite has always secretly approved of Nazi Germany’s ways (see how Operation Paperclip brought 1500 of Nazi workers to America). And, through the gradual denial of basic rights and freedoms combined with increased police state tactics, the elite is actively looking to steer America back in that direction. Nicki Minaj’s video is attempting to make that entire awfulness seem cool and sexy somehow.

Only is however not only World War II Germany. It is about today’s occult elite and its totalitarian tendencies. Each artist in the song portrays a “branch” of the elite – an “angle” from which they control the masses. Rap used to be about “fighting the power” – it is now about “serving the power”. For this reason, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown are portrayed as heads of an oppressive, dictatorial and militaristic regime – which is where the elite wants to lead us.

Nicki Minaj: Charismatic Leader

All dictatorships need a charismatic leader that the ignorant masses will fear and idolize. This role is played by Minaj.

Minaj is standing in front a bunch of war planes and an antenna used to spread her propaganda.
Minaj is standing in front war planes about to wage war somewhere. Yes, apparently, war is now cool. An antenna used to spread her propaganda.
When Minaj says "Yo", the sound emits from the antenna and turns the world red. That's the role of propaganda from the political class to spread the agenda of the occult elite.
When Minaj says “Yo”, the sound emits from the antenna and turns the world red. This represents how politicians spread the propaganda of the elite that stays in the shadows.
This is a replica of the Brandenburg gate during Nazi Germany. Only difference, there's Minaj's big booty atop of it.
This is a replica of the Brandenburg gate during Nazi Germany. The only difference is that we see the logo of Young Money on the banners instead of a swastika … and there’s Minaj’s surgically enlarged behind atop of it.
Nazi parade under Brandenburg Gate, 1930.
Nazi parade under Brandenburg Gate, 1930.
On each side of Minaj are dark cloaked figures. Who are they? Are they the shadowy elite secretly controlling the charismatic leader?
On each side of Minaj are dark cloaked figures. Are they the shadowy elite secretly controlling the charismatic leader?

Chris Brown – The Military

The elite relies on a high tech military might to invade countries and oppress its own people through a military police. Chris Brown plays the role of the General.

Chris Brown as a General standing in front of assault weapons.
Chris Brown as a General standing in front of assault weapons.

Notice that Chris Brown is wearing the uniform of an American general – hinting that the video is about a modern day dictatorship. It is about the occult elite looking to bring a New World Order. Other images point towards the same direction.

Images of modern missiles blasting off are shown while Chris Brown is singing. Why are we to bop our heads and dance while looking at images of military weaponry? That's some brainwashed propaganda material.
Images of modern missiles blasting off are shown while Chris Brown is singing. Are we that brainwashed that we’re expected to “groove” while watching missiles exploding?
We also see at several occasions images of CCTV cameras. High tech surveillance is an important part element of the NWO.
On several occasions, we see images of CCTV cameras filming you, the viewer. High tech surveillance is an important part element of the NWO.

There were no surveillance cameras during WWII. Showing CCTV cameras lets you know that it is all about the police state the elite is trying to bring about right now. In the past few years, there’s been a constant effort to show surveillance cameras in music videos to normalize their existence. They want you to stop noticing that Big Brother is watching you.

Drake – State Religion

Why is Drake, who is Jewish, taking part in a video that is greatly inspired by Nazi Germany? Is he aware that, if he lived in Germany during World War II, he’d be sent to a concentration camp to live in horrific conditions until his execution? Anyways, in the video, Drake is dressed as a Catholic priest but his “Church” is not about Christianity – it a State religion created by the dictatorship.


The logo of YM is on the banner inside the Church (and on Drake's pope hat) indicating that this religion was created to serve the interests of the dictatorship.
The logo of YM is on the banner inside the Church (and on Drake’s pope hat) indicating that this religion was created to serve the interests of the dictatorship.
The book of Young Money. It is probably filled with terrible rap lyrics.
The book of Young Money. It is probably filled with terrible rap lyrics.

Lil Wayne – Mega-Corporations

Is there a more corporate looking person than Lil Wayne? The answer is: Yes, there is. Lil Wayne nevertheless represents mega-corporation who are owned by the world elite.

Lil Wayne in a power suit inside a boardroom about to make important business decisions.
Lil Wayne in a power suit inside a boardroom about to make important business decisions.

Mega-corporations are the “business branch” of the elite and have a say on international decisions (research corporation CEOs who attend Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission meetings). These corporations own the means of production of several industries and own nearly all media outlets.

YM logo on billboards - letting you know that the elite uses mass media to promote its dictatorship as if it was a product.
YM logo on billboards let you know that the elite uses mass media to promote its dictatorship as if it was a product.
Lil Wayne's face on TV lets you know that your TV shows and music videos are used to promote the dictatorship.
Lil Wayne’s face on TV: Movies, music videos, and TV shows are used to promote the dictatorship.

In Conclusion

The lyric video of Only caused controversy due to its nod to Nazi Germany. But it goes further than that. It is about a modern day dictatorship, complete with high tech surveillance, advanced military weaponry, and mass media propaganda. In short, it is about the various ways today’s elite is trying to bring about a totalitarian government to the world – the New World Order. Although the video makes the artists appear powerful and in control, they remain pawns, used to put an “attractive” face to the regime the elite is attempting to bring about.

Why would these artists accept to be associated with war, oppression, death, human suffering, and militaristic madness? Because nobody asked for their political views, they do as they’re told. And that’s is what Young Money is truly about.


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214 Comments on "Nicki Minaj’s “Only” or How Rappers Give Tribute to Their Elite Overlords"

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Catholic has nothing to do with Christianity, they go against everything the word of God says. Pope or any man, be it pastor that wants to be like God or behaves like a God to the folk is no servant of God. When all is said and done the war is between good and evil, God almighty and lucifer the fallen angel. The only thing Satan seeks to do is to deceive humanity because we are created in the image of God, he wants to distort our identity so that we can take on his image. Even so come soon Lord Jesus.

This totally reminds me of the Pink Floyd's Goodbye Blue Sky music video.

i believe this video is subliminally exposing elite human trafficking and rituals. its odd that Nicki is wearing a black veil as a priestess or bride. i also saw the baphomet indirectly displayed during a screenshot of Drake. i was extremely surprised that there were no children in this video as that would be TOO obvious!

Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me and he says the things I don’t want to say. He was born just a few months ago (Created by Project Monarch) I asked him to leave but he can’t. He’s here for a reason. People have brought him out. People (Handlers) have conjured (created/made) him up.” – Nicki Minaj

just a random question: do you think Kanye West could be Kim Kardishian's handler?

I agree that Kanye is Kimmy's handler, but remember, he's under mind control himself.

yes and he forced her to be platinum blonde this time.
The illuminati prefers their mind control slaves blonde that's the reason most of all famous actresses are blonde because it is a way to hail their egyptian gods.
i even saw a pic of KIM K and kanye wearing the same thick bracelet that looks like a slave bracelet.
So yeah Kanye is one of her handlers.

So the official video is out and it looks to be some sort of freaky-deeky, satanic, death worship ritual orgy. Is anyone surprised?

Crazy article have yall seen how lil wayne went on Twitter airing out cash money records saying he wants out pretty much it's pretty crazy

Great work! Also, did you notice the 666 logo right at the very start of the video?

Drake is a catholic priest to show the Vatican's influence of the illuminati. The Vatican has always been an illuminist cult and the Pope was giving orders and advice to Hitler during WW2. The p********s in the Vatican, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, etc… is ran by sun worshipper's who mock Christianity. This politically correct sugar coating the truth to not offend Catholics is bad and so is not mentioning the Rothschild Zonist Mob out of fear of being labeled a nazi by sheeple.

So how much did Young Money pay you to write this.? So controversial…not really, this whole new world order thing is boring. Videos like this do not get any attention anymore becuase nobody is really buying that this will ever happen.

If you study esoterica you would know that we are on the lowebd of an upswing in the Yuga cycle. Great things are coming, stop being afraid of movies and words. Go out, live and love!


You can tell there are still a lot of people that need waking up. If you go to youtube. The video has more then 9 million views.The comments on the video have many defending the artists, song and depiction of what this article is saying. Many are saying that Nicki apologized and so did the person that made the video. A lot of lost souls.

Why in the hell would a woman want an alter ego after Roman Polanski? Just sick! Does anyone have that answer?

Trolling us? Evoking how victims internalise the victimiser? Both?

I don't think you WANT an alter ego tho…from my understanding it is the handlers that are responsible for creating alter egos…

Damn Zionists and their dictatorships. First the Jewviet Union with all its Marxist-Leninist crap, then the Zionist-puppet state Nazi Germany and now the Fourth Reich, 21th Century America. Death to the Socialits and their global dictatorship!

Hey do you think you could review the actual music video?
I was watching it the other day and I couldnt get thru it because it was so disgusting also there are some hand gestures that I was wondering if you could tell us what they mean if you can read them.
In the video the hand gestures are shown for a split second and thats why i think its something brain washy.
The whole video is jus errie and twisted hopefulky you check it out

It was about nicki being a dominatrix and she hurts men for pleasure.
In reality drake is doing the one eye symbolism when he is rapping also makes the devil horns and the triple 6.
I believe that video is about sadism & masochism from women to men in a disturbing way.
that's the reason they are all in black because black represents that you don't have a soul in a spiritual way.

I listened to an interview with the video director. I believe his intention is to wake people up. From what I'm seeing when I look at the world, there are two branches of elite. Some of them (and probably the more powerful ones) don't care at all if people die. In fact it's being encouraged due to some issues above even our access/comprehension (think Ice Age, famine, etc.). They want to cull the population in order to save the planet (see the Georgia Guidestones). In this, I agree with them. (For instance, what the hell is happening to the bees? And there are now more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild due to hunting/slaughter. Very sad.) Their methods however, is where I have to say NO. That's where this other branch of elites comes in, trying to get this message out (through movies & music videos &… Read more »
Also, each role that each artist is depicted as speaks to the role they play in the industry. Nicki on a throne, idolized by the brainwashed while shadow mystery figures watch and instruct her. Chris Brown is a General that has many mindless soldiers taking his lyrics as law, living the life the lyrics told them to live, doing stuff the lyrics told them to do. Drake and his emo rap music with his right hand flapping in the wind as he exclaims "yes lord!" A real thing with hip hop: rappers, and one of their method of brainwashing involves making a sermon out of a song verse. That's why they have INFINITE cosigns in their ad libs, mirroring black church preachers (uh..yeah..uh huh..what). Each rapper tries to have one that will only be said by himself, so when you hear it, you instantly know its him. Drake, in some… Read more »

she apologized for the video on twitter, calling it art???what?
–if they are so apologetic, then they should pull this video off YouTube immediately– terrible way to welcome in the holiday season– it doesn't even make sense,
wasn't Hitler for tall blue eyed blondes?
–she would be gassed like most the rest of us, if this terrible tragedy ever occurred again.
since when did people stop getting angry over WWII?
All this Illuminati puppet music crap is doing is calling for the Apocalypse.
We are all to blame, not just a room of secret suits.
Even if we aren't aware of it, even if we ignore it, even if we perpetuate it by talking about it online.
Taking in negative imagery like this is hateful, and we expose ourselves to it out of curiosity,
then we complain about it.

Controversies over musical crap like this is nothing new to digest. As mentioned in passed comments the real music and art (original) is outside the "mainstream" elite's agenda as they continue foretelling the events to come in due time when the NWO seizes totalitarian control thanks to these lousy puppets who are only just pushing it further non-stop.

Made me think twice and change my tunes towards the kind of music I want to hear. Well done VC, your articles just doesn't get any better than this

There is something strange about San Diego. (sorry San Diego, but I must be honest). This is the only locale where there is a building shaped like a swasika (Naval military residence?). Witch ceremonial areas have been found in wilderness areas of San Diego County. (Ellen Lacter, therapist, has website about this.) This MKULTRA Cold War hotbed is engrossed with Naval Intelligence mind control Nazi technology. Operation Paperclip probably brought some of the Nazi mind control psychologists and psychiatrists to this area in the 1950's and 60's. Hopefully, San Diego is no longer involved in these government activities. I pray that our country will never be involved in these evil experiments again. Nicki Minaj should create a video expressing her direct opposition to the Nazis.

I don't think anybody actually listens to these lyrics. Maybe kids take it to heart but that says a lot about their parenting. Trust me if women were really this easy I would be much happier. I just think this generation has done a really shitty job at parenting and now its starting to show in pop culture. I remember girls wearing skimpy clothing in like 4th grade. We brought this on ourselves.

Did anyone notice how the shrouded characters next to Minaj appear to be the angels next to the Ark. Actually the entire picture resembles the Ark

You guys can't feed into this, these plp who worship destruction, war, chaos n confusion kno we are co creators of this reality, do you think for a sec these guys would give out hints n signs n put them out there just like that? They kno they must fill our minds n hearts to manifest them there plans. Practice peace and love, preach and spread, smir that s**t on these ba al, set worshipin as mthafuvksahs lol we are one love one heart one mind and they for show kno we r one conscience.

I really agree with you VC. But what I don't understand, and what I've searched an answer for which I've never found is: WHY would they let us analyze it to be this way, WHY would they let us know? Isn't dictatorship a part of secrecy? I just don't understand. To me it seems like they might just as well HELP us to be aware of what is going on… you see?

I think it was Arizona Wilder who said there is a law the Satanists have to follow called the law of release, or something like that. They have to release the truth. I think it might be like God allows the Devil all this license but he is required to also put the truth out there. The truth gets mixed in with disinformation, but for the discerning, you can seperate truth from fiction.

I'm not sure the animation is pro elite but the "rapping" is awful. There are loads of really great rappers out there that make this look like childish rubbish. Why would you want to speak of your own people in that way? Why would regular people want to buy something that is asking for the exclusion of all black people that have no money and only want to include black women that are lacking in intelligence or morals? Weird.

"Why would regular people want to buy something that is asking for the exclusion of all black people that have no money and only want to include black women that are lacking in intelligence or morals?"

This psychology comes into play when a group in power suggests to the group not in power that they can buy their way into exclusive inclusion. In the end, the ones who make it “IN” never feel at home; deep down they know a rejection of their kind (gender, race, class) is a rejection of part of them.

Alex Jones is a shill.

This is the first time I am disappointed in Alex Jones. I thought he was against those in power, but now I am confused. I have heard he may be a disinfo agent. If I was a director and wanted to expose the elite, I wouldn't do it with Nicki's enlarged bottom and Nazi symbolism, without DIRECTLY expressing disgust about both. I would directly comment about the dangers USA faces.

Alex Jones interviewed the video's director, Jeffrey M. Osbourne on 13 November, 2014. Please, look up the interview on YouTube. Osbourne uses Nicki as a platform to decry the police state all around us, and the control puppets the system uses to cynically manipulate public thought. PLEASE, take a look.
Be lifted up, be not afraid.

Raul, I took a look at the Alex Jones website, and sure enough, the director claims he is anti Nazi and is trying to warn us about our future. Excuse me, but why is it necessary for him to show Nicki on top of a Nazi like building showing her rather enlarged bottom? Oh… is this necessary to warn us about our big bottom future??? And Lil Wayne has already done videos with women locked up in cages, so I know what he is about. And he has very bizarre references to Nazi, Catholic, big business, military, and Satanism. These are all connected no doubt. What is the director trying to warn us about?? I think this director was trying to create outrage and controversy to get attention and make a lot of money. This military dictator stuff is very "in" right now, and he knows how to make a… Read more »

Has B'nai B'rith or maybe the Jewish Defense League said anything officially about this video? Imagine an old woman or man who had concentration camp experiences seeing these images flashed on a television somewhere.
When punks wore swastikas it was a way of saying to their parents' and grandparents' generation, "thanks a lot, ***holes" – an attack on the corruption of previous generations. This time the images seem to suggest "lie down and get used to it". Jewish groups specifically should be laying waste to the record company executives who OK'd this clip. The performers are just talentless, brain dead props. Blame the executives.

Anyone else noticed that the woman in the 2nd picture kinda looks like Rihanna? She even has a different hairstyle compared to the 1st pic.

Doesn't matter anyway, the meaning and symbolism behind this video has a clear agenda for everyone to see.
I definitely think they want the masses to just be submissive towards this sort of idea; either say there's nothing we can do so just conform, or to make it seem cool and appealing.

Hi anon27, I also thought that lady was 'Rihanna' and in the first pic the guy with general hat on right of Nicki looks more like 50 Cents rather that Cris brown.

Correct me if I am wrong, but was Hitler raised Catholic? I remember seeing pictures of Hitler with Catholic leaders. But then I also heard that Nazis were into the occult and Black mass. When the Nazis escaped Germany after the war 2, officials in the Vatican helped them escape in the rat line, to Argentina. (History channel, "The Nazi Hunters") Why would officials in the Catholic church help the Nazis? But the Satanists of the occult hate the Catholic church (thus the black mass, and upside down crosses, to rebel against the church). The 2 black robed and hooded characters to either side of Minaj on her throne, remind me of Satanists. Savali, an x illuminati member, claimed that human sacrifices took place in the basement of the Vatican. Perhaps the church has been infiltrated by a few evil characters.

Minaj’s surgically enlarged behind!
Black Israelites are always hassling me on the street, telling me to bow down!

Thanks VC for this article. Off topic, has anyone seen the official Illuminati commercial? Things getting real, real bad….

I can't stand all these morons who call themselves stars. All the puppet masters that stand behind them all. It's revolting to see what the society has come to. Tasteless, classless, pointless, demeaning, pro Nazi. Disgusting.
Makes my blood boil to think that my great grand parents and grandparents sacrificed lives for us and fought for peace while these stupid, ignorant creatures brain wash people with this terrible cr*p.
real stars are people who are doctors, pilots, teachers, nurses, mothers, bus drivers, cooks. ..list goes on. Who work hard every day, save lives, teach our kids and so on. Without them life would be nothing. They instead get paid low wages and could hardly support a family. SAD

Your great-grandparents and grandparents didn't fight for peace. They did the NWO's bidding just like the military of today. The subversion has been underway for centuries now. I agree with everything else you said, though.

has anyone seen on infowars about this video? The director claims to be whistle blowing in this.

I actually feel bad for nicki in this situation. She had no control over the imagery in this video yet everyone is biting her head off, how about going after the person who actually came up with that concept? If you want this to stop go after the chess player not the chess pieces.

She knows EXACTLY what she is doing! She sure has you fooled. Your on the wrong Website!

-Jazie Bee™

She is as much to blame for it. She signed the contract and knew what she was signing up for. She gave up that control to her handlers she's not stupid. At the same time she likes to rap about how great she is because she's rich with her enhanced body parts and being an indecent woman while talking down on other females. I don't feel sorry her or the rest of these celebrities!

Screw you and your feel bad for Nicky. This b***h is a liar and deceiver just as she deceived you thinking she doesn't like this..ITS HER F*****G SONG! Get your head out of your ass…she a perveted pawn selling sex to children and a phony at that. So screw you NM and screw your sympathy for her

"Why is Drake, who is Jewish, taking part in a video that is greatly inspired by Nazi Germany? Is he aware that, if he lived in Germany during World War II, he’d be sent to a concentration camp to live in horrific conditions until his execution?" Answer: No, he won't have been sent to a camp. Why? Because he isn't a REAL Jew but a fake SATANIC (Rothschild) one. How do you think that George Soros, who is also supposedly Jewish, was able to work with the Nazis? Didn't they know? Of course they did!! In the words of Hitler he was a "good (Satanic) Jew". Did you know that during WWII, people like Mengele brought in high ranking Jews to consult with him? What? Yes, they were SATANIC (Fake) Jews who helped Mengele conduct his mind control experiments. They were NOT prisoners, they left at the end of the… Read more »

I heard that the Vatican bank helped to finance the rat line to Argentina to help the nazi's escape. Also, are Satanic (fake) jews the same as Zionists? I heard that Zionists are not the real good jews, as the real good jews are our friends.

The Vatican did help to finance the Rat Line. The "inner core" Zionists are Satanic/ Fake Jews although the vast majority of Zionists are good people who simply are Israel supporters. They have no idea what is REALLY going on. The REAL Jews are our friends and it saddens me to see they way they have been treated by their own "elite".

May I propose the more positive thinking that it's a good thing that they put this out, and that their intention might be to wake people up? Either that: – the actual artists are giving a nod in this direction, by not-so-subtly associating modern goverment with the nazi-regime. I remember that Chris Brown has twittered something about Ebola being used for population control – and while his statement may or may not be groundless, it at least shows that he is aware of the "alternative" news and other "not-official" theories… – the artist who made the visuals came up with this. I dunno, I just got a "not-positive" wibe from this video as an illustrator myself… Please don't attack me, just trying to propose an alternative view for discussion 🙂 At least it's good that this video could help people wake up to the evil propaganda in thia world! Sorry… Read more »

Oh my, what a coincidence! My name is also Sarah, I'm also an artist and I completely agree with you. (Your English is perfect, and way better than most native speakers, lol!)

Sarah, I feel where your coming from but in this day & age I don't think for one second it would have been released much less nonchalantly put out there by the Maker or Artist themselves B4 higher ups (Music Label, Sponsors, ect..) looked at it from all angles to calculate the possible backlash when doing so. The way you describe it could have possibly took place some time ago, but with how the Internet has helped destroy a lot of these Music Labels & their profit, I feel they micromanage it to the point of being anal about it. Now, if one looks at all the statements about it coming from the creator of the video, it's kind of refreshing to finally see in this day & age someone standing up & taking a stand on what they've done & not apologize for it after the backlash comes (to… Read more »
These videos are a lot like that: they are very provocative, but they have no real value, other than to tell us that some one is deliberately trying to distract us from more important things. (kinda like the woman in the red dress from the Matrix) They are teasers for more info. agree with you, icu8124me, that the song has NOTHING to do with the imagery, but then why would some one waste time producing those particular images? And furthermore, why in the world do I want to know why or who was fornicating with whom? (or who won what media award, or wore what dress to what event, etc) I certainly don't need a song to tell me about it for the next 3 minutes. Or even worse watching music industry people pose as harbingers of a dictatorship when we ALL know they'll be the first ones to be… Read more »
Very interesting name you have there… But what I see here is a bunch of cognitive dissonance. Singer says one thing, video shows another, the video artist proclaim another, and then no one knows what it in world you're talking about. But you do get everyone talking about… nothing maybe? Or just distract them from something more important. I really think this are "teasers." I still use yahoo alot, and I finally had to learn to just IGNORE the news blurbs. Why? because they are always presented as teasers in the home page, and make you click on the article just to give you the one word you actually want to know about the "news." Case in point — today, the title says: Feurgeson verdict announced, but you click on the article (again yahoo) and the REAL story is: the announcement will come today, later this afternoon. Instead of just… Read more »

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
by Ice Cube.

Check out that video.
The images portrayed in that video are even more horrifying.
The criminals shown in that video scare me more than Nikki's animated fiction of a theme.

ice cube has even done the one eye thing at 0:54

Please understand also that these artists are used to brainwash and degrade Black people as well. If you listen to this music it is all so insulting to Black people…(b*****s and "n****s"). This is not the legacy of rap music and hip hop culture. As an African American woman and a human being, I find it intolerable and disgusting.

The heartbreaking thing about it is that the kids of today (of all races) are being inundated by this trash and its having devastating affects on them.

I thought I was the only one who saw this pattern. I'm from Africa and from the likes of Snoop dogg and the lot, for years now have been calling women B*****s and H**s it's disgusting really. And what's so sad is that women actually sing and dance along to this degrading music. Now we have female artist singing this crap and degrading all women. What happened to elevating the females of this world? We just seem to be a piece of meat to be used and abused…. Not a very positive message for females of the future.

No Jill, you most certainly are not the only one. The Nicki Minaj and Little Wayne of today were the sambo and mammy or Sapphire (or other racist stereotype) of yesterday. This is divide and conquer through psychological warfare. They teach Black men to degrade and despise Black women, White people to loath and fear Black people, Black people to despise themselves and each other and women, particularly Black women, to degrade and devalue themselves. These are just the same recycled tricks. But, to those who are unaware (namely children), it continues to have devastating effects. It also affects the way people deal with one another. Read the Willie Lynch letter and you will have a better understanding of all of this.

To be clear, by "they" I mean the sick, power hungry lunatics that have been running this game for centuries (not Nicki Minaj or Little Wayne).

Look over at Alex jones infowars site, they are saying the opposite, that the video producer is speaking out against the elite LOL.

A great example of compartmentalization. I saw that interview with Alex and Jeff Osborne. That WAS the INTENTION of Osborne. However, as the interview made clear, he was doing what he was told (paid to do). Because of this I think the result was a glorification of the Police State in spite of his intentions.

"Why would these artists accept to be associated with war, oppression, death, human suffering and militaristic madness? Because nobody asked for their political views, they do as they’re told. "
Exactly. I wonder, that why nobody questions their motives. They didn't want to become singer/artist/whatever, to propagate viloence, sex. ALL of them tried to become like this? NO! Everyone needs to recognized, they are puppets.

The photo up there of a nazi parade apparently couldn't have been taken prior to 1933, much less in 1930 as Hitler & Co. came to power in 1933. Just a minor mistake.

Even here in Australia, this videoclip was considered controversial.
The 'pope/church figure' while it may be Drake, also looks a bit like Obama, maybe saying that Obama will be the leader of the 'New Religion'.
CCTV cameras 'And You' no doubt means that we are being watched and the 'and you' means that particular people will be targeted for either internment or extermination.
The corporate L'il Wayne also has the look of a young Charles Manson……does anyone else see that?

The interview the director did with Alex Jones the other day is very interesting. He wanted to make a comment on how the US is turning into a fascist dictatorship. The guy is awake and totally anti NWO. I personally had to watch the clip with the sound off as I couldn't make it through the video with it on.

If the guy was actually awake and concerned for the people paying his salary, he would not have had the stomach to make this piece of trash. NWO puppets can be very convincing.

S'il n'y avait pas des gens pour ecouter voire aimer ce genre de chanson/clip il y a longtemps que ces marionnettes auraient plié bagages….

Are you trying to show off and impress?
Traduisez, s'il vous plait. Nous parlons anglais ici.

Not a lot of people know that the so called and self professed "elite" tried to overthrow the government in 1934. Gen. Smedley Butler – USMC – was recruited to be in on the plot, but he blew the whistle on the conspirators instead. No punishment was meted out to the guilty. They simply promised not to do it again. Having made that promise, they went right back to work on their Pinky and the Brain schemes to "rule the World." Yes, this stuff is in your face totalitarianism, coming soon to your neighborhood if the rich and powerful have any say in it, and of course they are the only ones who do have a say, in the US, and virtually everywhere else. Short of taking to the streets with pitchforks, we can stop buying the "art" produced by the clowns who spread this revolting propaganda, stop buying the… Read more »

Read a ficitional book awhile back about the how Charles Lindberg, Henry Ford, and friends (rosevelt maybe as well) alied themselves with Nazi Germany during WW2, and had Jews all over America running for cover.
The reason I read the book was in part about a blurb I heard about Smedly Butler and some one else that talked about how the there were higher ups in government that were secretly in favor of Nazism, but due to certain political pressures, they sided with Britain.
Even though it was fictional, I was pretty surprised to see how many influencial Americans actually agreed with Hitler, or I would have been if I hadn't heard about the American companies selling good (like trucks and factory equipment) to Nazi Germany at the time.

"The occult elite has always secretly approved of Nazi Germany’s ways (see how Operation Paperclip brought 1500 of Nazi workers to America). And, through the gradual denial of basic rights and freedoms combined with increased police state tactics, the elite is actively looking to steer America back into that direction"

Which is interesting as if you look at the Vigilant Citizen article about Denver International Airport (sinister site)
its all about the Nazis, WWII, Biblical references and One World Order

There is something very sinister indeed with the One World Order's ties to Nazis and WWII

Do these artists realize that Hitler said he did not like America because of the Jewish and black people here?
How bizarre that the people Hitler were against today are promoting what he wanted
This is too bizarre

I agree with the person up top who said that people will refuse to acknowledge the TRUTH in these last days. It is amazing to me that people still cannot see the spiritual warfare that is going on. As a matter of fact Jesus did say not everyone will be saved. My only hope is that more people will wake up and stop letting the enemy win. God bless all of you!

Wicked article VC man, Thanks……Funny how the video features Nazi symbolism throughout and the Director is also Jewish. How does that make any sense? Well of course it makes sense because they don't care as long as it generates money and makes them a huge profit. The Zionist Jews own all the record labels and have been exploiting African Americans and making money off them for years. Interestingly I also read a few days ago that the Young Money Entertainment Label is in financial trouble and maybe going bankrupt, mainly because of lawsuits and the IRS – (Wahoooooo!!! lol) and people are wondering if Drake, Tyga, Nicki could be released from their contracts. Also, just so people know is that Hitler stole everything, twisted it and put his own notion on this ideology we call Nazism. He travelled to India and stole the Swastika, which is a Sanskrit word and… Read more »
Yes, BluBoy, I am from India and for us Hindus the swastika was originaly in clockwise direction and it's symbol meant good luck, you can see the symbol in temples and people's houses in villages in India but Hitler used the symbol turned it anticlockwise and made it get associated with nazism. Our ancient Hindu texts explain about vimanas (flying saucers) and it was given to the tibetan monks for safe keeping , which the nazis stole and the book also explains about nuclear energy science and vedic maths and the nazis stole this concept as well to make the atom bombs. There were also many ancient vedic sacred texts on ayurveda herbal medicine preparation which nazis copied and is now being used as formulas in medicine preparation by big multinational pharma companies and is being taken by elites hence the people who are elites have long lives and are… Read more »

Yes, exactly Future. They steal it, invert it and create their own ideology…and then use it for propaganda.

The building in the video is the Lincoln Memorial, not the Brandenburg Gate. Washington, not Berlin. I think that makes a big difference.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for his wonderful analysis!