Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”: A Video Glamorizing Kitten Programming


Lil Wayne single “Love Me” (featuring Drake and Future) appears to be another rap song about easy girls and so forth. The symbolism of the video, however, adds a more sinister dimension to the song: It directly refers to Monarch Mind Control, specifically Kitten Programming, and even refers to its techniques. We’ll look at the symbolism of Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”.

At first glance, Love Me appears to be yet another song where rappers brag about how many “hoes” they got. While some might shake their heads at the unoriginality of the subject matter, others might shake their heads at the way women are portrayed in the video. However, I’ll add another reason to shake your head: Love Me refers to the most terrible practice on earth, Monarch Mind Control (if you don’t know what I’m talking about read this article). In short, Beta Programming (also known as Kitten Programming) is used to create brainwashed sex slaves.

This programming eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instincts devoid of inhibitions. This training Program (usually for women) is for developing the “ultimate prostitute”. This is the most used (by the abusers knowledgeable of the Project Monarch) program.
– Mark Phillips, Operation Monarch

As we’ll see in this article, the video contains ALL of the possible symbolism relating to Kitten Programming and it also emphasizes the slave status of the women in the video. Lil Wayne’s girls are literally locked in cages and depicted as animals. They are also shown in situations that subtly allude to actual MK torture techniques that used to traumatize slaves and cause them to dissociate from reality. Of course, everything is portrayed in a cool and fashionable matter, to make sure young people embrace all of this with even realizing it. Let’s look at the meaning of the video.

Women as MK Slaves, Rappers as Handlers

In the very first seconds of the video, we see a semi-subliminal image that announces what the video is all about.

For about a second, the fire from the lighter takes the shape of a Baphomet head.
For about a second, the fire from the lighter takes the shape of a Baphomet head/goat of Mendes. This is a kind of “stamp of approval” of the occult elite and an important symbol used in MK programming.

The song is about how women apparently love Lil Wayne. In the video, they, however, don’t seem to have much of a choice because they are TRAPPED IN CAGES, inside a very dodgy-looking compound.

While singing about how women love them, singer Future is surrounded with women locked in cages.
Future sings about how “b*tches love him”… but he’s not about to free them from their cages. This contradictory scene somewhat relates to how MK slaves are programmed to identify with and even “love” their handler through confusing mind games.

Locking slaves in cages an actual Monarch Programming technique to discipline, traumatize and dehumanize the victims.

A painting by trauma-based mind control survivor Kim Noble (from the article The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas) depicting a dissociating child locked in a caged and observed by a handler.
A painting made by trauma-based mind control survivor Kim Noble (from the article The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas) depicting children locked in cages and observed by a handler.

The many close-up shots of girls during the video all somehow allude to an aspect of Kitten Programming. Here are some of them:

She has feline prints on her face (which is used in mass media to refer to Kitten programming). To make sure you get the message, she also has cat eyes and is licking her paw.
This model has a feline print on her face (which is used in mass media to refer to Kitten programming). To make sure you get the message, she also has cat eyes and is licking her “paw”. At this point, the video is basically screaming out KITTEN PROGRAMMING.
Licking a blade is maybe sexily dangerous but also refers to the trauma used to create Beta Programming products.
Licking a blade is maybe sexily dangerous, but also refers to the mix of inhibiting lust and physical abuse involved in Kitten Programming.
This headgear is reminiscent of BDSM stuff but is also a way to represent a slave mind being trapped and controlled by a handler.
This headgear is reminiscent of BDSM stuff but is also a way to represent a slave’s mind being trapped and controlled by a handler.
Kittens are trained to truly embrace their state of servitude. This model appears to be loving her chain very much. A little too much.
Kittens are trained to truly embrace their state of servitude. This model appears to be loving her chain very much. A little too much.
She has a huge butterfly covering one of her eyes, which is probably the most blatant reference to Monarch mind control in the video.
This model has a huge butterfly covering one of her eyes, which is probably the most blatant reference to Monarch mind control in the video.

In the video, Lil Wayne somewhat plays the role of the handler, where he’s basically in control of these mesmerized women.

Here, Lil Wayne is in a bedroom that is full of water with women swimming in it. Aside from the fact that this water will probably cause a lot of damage to the room, it is another way to show slaves in uncomfortable settings and might be a way to subtly refer to water torture that MK slaves must go through. Also, notice the frame with butterflies in it - a way of reminding you that this is all about Monarch programming.
Here, Lil Wayne is in a bedroom that is full of water with women swimming in it. Aside from the fact that this water will probably cause a lot of water damage in that room, it is also a way to show that these slaves are literally “out of their element”. Also, notice the frame on the left with butterflies in it. Yes, this is all about Monarch programming.

One of Lil Wayne’s first rhymes is:

“These hoes love me like Satan, man!”

We then see a quick flash of this image:

Lil Wayne as Satan, man.
Lil Wayne as Satan, man.

This line is perplexing for a few reasons. Why do these “hoes” love him like Satan? Is he implying that they were loving Satan to begin with? Whether it was intentional or not, this line has profound implications in the realm of Monarch Programming, as slaves are often victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), are made to participate in traumatic rituals (where female slaves become “brides of Satan”) and so forth. Sometimes MK handlers tell their slave they are Satan himself while they are abusing them to further trauma.

“Alters within a Monarch slave are conditioned by their servitude to believe that their life is controlled by Satan, who is
stronger than God. Where was God when they needed him?”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Another one of Wayne’s rhymes is strangely reminiscent of the kind of dialogue a Kitten slave would have with a handler.

She say “I never wanna you make you mad,
I just wanna make you proud”
I say “baby, just make me c*m,
Then don’t make a sound” a MK handler.
Soulless … like an MK handler.

The last part of the video is also somewhat disturbing. It begins with “kittens” entering a white room.

They move like cats to identify them as Kitten Programming.
They move like cats. You know, like in Kitten programming.

They then reach a bathtub full of red liquid (blood) and, for no apparent reason, make a big mess.

The girls are all covered in blood, rolling around in it and everything. Is that supposed to be hot or something?
The girls are all covered in blood, rolling around in it and everything. Is that supposed to be hot or something? Who in their right mind would do that? Nobody. But these women are NOT in their right mind.

Once again, this scene subtly refers to an actual Monarch practice that is used to traumatize slaves and engender dissociation.

“In searching for traumas to apply to little children, the Programmers found that these natural phobias which occur in most people from birth will work “wonderful” to split the mind. Along this line, the following are samples of traumas done to program slaves:

C. Immersion into feces, urine and containers of blood. Then being made to eat these things. These are standard traumas.”
– Ibid.

While the real-life implication of this scene is horrible, everything is nevertheless portrayed in a cool and stylized matter, where the models keep doing sensual faces to the camera (in real life, these faces would be completely distorted with pain).

In Conclusion

Like many other pop songs, Lil Wayne’s Love Me has a simple surface meaning–him not caring about haters as long as his “hoes” love him–but the music video adds a very sinister underlying meaning. Regular readers of this site understand that there’s an undeniable pattern of reoccurring symbolism in popular culture and Love Me definitely adds to it. Indeed, in this video, ALL of the symbolism that is associated with Kitten Programming (one eye, butterflies, animal prints, etc.) is represented in the video, along with various references to real life Monarch Programming practices. While each individual element could have been present in the video to symbolize something else than MK-Ultra, tell me … what are the odds that ALL of these symbols being “randomly” inserted in one, four-minute video? As is the case for other videos reviewed on this site, it is not about pointing out single instances of random symbols, but understanding each piece as a whole and the hidden realities it refers to. One these hidden realities is Monarch programming, one of the occult elite’s favorite practices, one that can be traced back to what Springmeier calls “generational satanic families”.

While rap has always had a healthy dose of macho bravado, Love Me is a deformation of this “tradition”, as it adds a sick, perverted twist to it, including allusions to violence, abuse, and even torture. As years go by, this “pushing of the envelope” becomes more apparent as the original culture around hip-hop is slowly but surely becoming “Illuminati-friendly”. Like many other movements in society, hip-hop has been co-opted by the elite to be used as a tool to indoctrinate young people. Are there still real rappers out there? Yes, tons of them. But you’ll probably never seen them on the Grammys.


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I am just appalled at how i actually used to listen to this music 24/7 without KNOWING! Still do sometimes to be honest i'm only 20 years old i am still trying to stop myself from be reeled's just hard sometimes being surrounded by others who refuse to want to know the truth ! This Agenda is really scary and every time i notice the subliminal messages or read more VC my hearts just drops! It's Scary… I just wish people would educate them selves more about this type of reality and not Money, Cars , Clothes, Social media, Materialistic things and sad to say but even College which is also a programming institution..everything is aimed towards money..we need money to live but i wish we didn't. Sad.

This s**t makes me EXTREMELY ANGRY. These types of videos are helping to shape young men's minds with intense female hatred and a high disrespect of life, love, and hatred of women–the very beings that brought them life. I wish I could tie up n torture that little piece of s**t, lil Wayne. I heard some stuff from a very good source that he's very into black magic. All of these guys care about is having a f*****g orgasm!! They will do anything to get it–r**e, degrade, debase any woman just to get a cheap thrill. These kind of videos are RUINING THE WORLD for women!! How can men take us seriously when models choose to be in these videos, and scumbags like Wayne are making them! I am very, very disgusted that this insane s**t is on tv, for anyone to see. These are not videos about love and… Read more »

Well done again VC

Wow…This s**t is sick. The only reason I've even seen Lil Wayne's videoclip is because of this article…which I came across by pure chance – nosing around the site after reading the fantastic article on Eyes Wide Shut. Otherwise, there's not a chance in the world I would have ever seen it (The only reason there's even a TV in my house is because it was already here when I moved in; it lives in a corner, unplugged and covered with post-it notes: Blank TV screens make for great bulletin boards, a much more useful & less harmful purpose, if you ask me). And the point I'm trying to prove with my otherwise irrelevant mention of my TV's re-assessed use is that our lives are ours to live, and our realities ours to shape. Indeed, there is an awful lot of sick, perverted, disturbing, malevolent, twisted, sickening stuff going on… Read more »

Is there anything we can do about or against all this satanism and illuminatic bullshit??

Last year in February, I was 8 months pregnant with my son and for some reason, I was so into this song. I use to wake up to the video and go to sleep to it- something about it attracted me. I was also miserable and depressed during my pregnancy- was r**e and molested so many times as a child I don't keep up with any more but anyway, I can never forget it was february 6, 2013 and I had an OB appointment. I did the norm- got my kids up for school and got dress for my appointment so my husband could take me to my appointment. That morning I sang that song and I felt different- can't explain- like something came over me. On my way to my appointment, this red bronco out of nowhere just t- boned us. My jawbone was broken in 3 areas. My… Read more »

Man that's just sick.

the worst thing of everything is that people really like this awful video they have more than 100,000 millions views and almost half of people like this video so you can tell why the society is so f**k up

Makes you wonder if a lot movies depicting women locked in cages while dancing, whether they were strippers, or go-go dancers, was a subtle form of depicting kitten programming. I remember quite a few movies with women dancing in cages from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. And now that American popular culture has been debased to the point of perversion the elites have decided to unleash blatant mind control programming upon the unsuspecting masses in movies, music videos, and tv shows and ads. In fact I remember seeing a TV show or ad showing the black/white checkerboard pattern in a cushion on a couch just the other day reminding myself that this was a form of monarch programming for the masses.

Just to reinforce VC's point where he said for the swimming bedroom "…it is also a way to show that these slaves are literally “out of their element,” we all know that kittens hate water so the analogy of the girls (kittens) in the water (flooded bedroom) and being out of their element seems really appropriate!

I dont know if you people did notice in the p**n industry this stuff is quite common and since i know what beta kitten programming is i noticed that stuff all over p**n like they have the butterfly,tendrill,dove tattoos and that is triggers for the victims like they put girls in cages like a more bdsm thing and is horrifying to watch this stuff because they are dehumanizing girls in a way thats so messed up and yes i did research on the p**n and its darker secrets and its messed up like they are actually showing people how to make a sex slaves like the bdsm videos that they put girls in cages in peeing on them etc…i know im quite off topic about the music video but im just saying where this stuff is more common in

Jesus. Whatever happened to “F**k tha Police”?

The kitten is obviously referring to Ariana grande
Her kitten ears, paws, and the whole hair style

The snake is obviously nicki minaj reference
The awards where she comes out as a snake
And her many other references

So who is the butterfly in reference to?


So disappointing. I used to enjoy Lil Wayne's music (in the same sense one might like, say, Snoop Dogg or the Backstreet Boys or something), but he and his music have definitely taken an abysmal turn for the worst as of late. Between this and his blatant approval of child delinquency (just look up his 'Get Smoked' remix from The Dedication 4, and then look up some background info on Lil Mouse; who was just 12 years old at the time) it is clear that the Powers that Be have taken hold of his lips and brain. It's even more of a shame when you consider 'The Carter's open affiliation as a Roman Catholic in the past. I don't know if he was ever baptized, or what, but showing up in a music video with horns on bragging that you are 'like Satan, man' does not strike me as something… Read more »

Its sick, indeed. Its all about perspective. But don't make yourselves sick with all this. They will only manage to control your lives as long as you let them. So let them do what they want. If we didn't pay attention or glamorize it by watching then they wouldnt be such a problem. Good stuff to know. Bad if your obsessed.

And the water the women are swimming in may be a reference to marine witchcraft which is a great source of sexual immorality and every form of perversion.

Great eye opener, thank you.

All the red paint=Redone

Oh one of the most occult but children love them is Walt Disney. The store of Cinderella.
The cat is Lucifer. So women crawling like cats gives the myth cats are evil and use in witchcraft and etc.
Dogs are good, and spell backward is God.

First lets hit off with paint as blood. I keep telling people the evil search for blood. Now do me a favor read Proverbs and highlight about the wicked. Number two for my people who they say is crazy for seeing monsters. We live in the last days so yes vamp things and many more since mankind do not have no knowledge of heaven nor what is really in hell. You see him in bed he is waited on hand and feet. So I think the women are in the water so it could be the beast of the sea mention in Revelation. Everyone was marveled and followed the beast. Rev. 13:3. Rev. 13:5 His mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and was given authority to continue for forty two months. Rev. 13:7 It was granted for him to make war with the saints and over come them. Funny he… Read more »

First off anyone who knows about the media and the illumintati I send you my love cuz it ain't easy knowing the truth. People think your crazy and full of s**t. But the truth we all know is the one's trying to keep their control are losing it every day as more and more of us wake up to the truth that they are exactly evil. Except instead of being afraid, how about we show em who's boss and each work on our spiritual wholeness and open to the enlightenment that is here for us now. Namaste and f**k the system not with resistence..but with love!

It's pretty easy to combat this s***e…. the off button.

anybody notice the line from aaliyah?

Also i noted in the 1.20 part you can see that girl with a serpent tongue, who does that?

This video is so f****d!!! It's crazy how desensitized people are to both symbolism and outright disgusting entertainment because when I see it I automatically feel uncomfortable, and just angry.. you know, that people in my century are so dumb. Were all doooomed. Atleast we don't have FEMA camps in Canada…that I KNOW of.. :O

It’s going to be ending of mine day, but before finish I am reading this enormous post to increase my experience.

Keep in mind that Lil Wayne was indoctrinated into all of this at a very young age as well. If I am not mistaken, he was extremely young when he was signed with Cash Money.

F**k kitten programming and Illumiti s**t, this video and song is just so f*****g degrading and sexist!

Well, I am 14 and I have been watching this video in complete inorance of the meaning of what I am seeing. Thank you all for exposing this to me as I have been a mindles follower of "lil wayne" and other rappers without noticing any underlying meanings. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to share this knowledge with friends and classmates at school, I am…frightened? of the imminent, hmm, I suppose ridicule would be the right word, that I will endure. However, I am happy to have been enlightenned on this subject!

Thank you!

I can just see justin bieber as the next sex kitten

F*cking sick sh*t, I can't say it any better. Since when it's been fashionable to openly worship the devil on a mainsteram RAP musicvideo? I'm not religious myself, but the line has been crossed a long time ago with this anti-feminist bullshit propaganda.
It's been horrifying to notice how the Illuminati agenda was effecting on my mind too.. Only a few years ago I wanted a tattoo with the 'All seeing eye' symbol because I thought it was 'cool'?! I'm so glad I never did. I guess that tells something about the effect of the mass mind control that we're exposed on daily basis.
This site has opened my eyes in new ways, especially the pics of the month posts. Keep the posts coming, you're doing a great and meaningful job here! Thank you.

Bulshit, al ds r sign f EnD Tim€, we Believer we shld bware of Allah wrath……… May almighty saves us 4rm Satan n his disciples Amin!!!

I could not read this, these images freaked me out tooooo much……arhhhh…gave me chills. Sitting alone here at 02:32 in the morning 😮

Wow! This all reminds me of this Skunky Beaumont guy. It is beleived that he uses hidden patterns and pictures in his rhythms and even in the waveforms that can imprint masonic symbols in your memory. Here's a music video : He also has more music here I really think this kind of thing should be illegal.

Went to watch the video after seeing this.. Just horrifying… Me an my wife discusted.. These singer and actors so full of them selfs its sick… Not humble at all like they claim.. Only mk women and money hungry women who are blind to gods truth want these freaks… And lil wayne has the nerve to say he belives in GOD… Get inline with other elite fakers like obama… For there sake i hope they turn there life around and accept jesus.. But i doubt it… We will be justified… This newsaunce doesnt go un noticed…they think they can own the world when theres a powerful god up there.. Uh uh no way.. Just cause hes been quiet doesnt mean he dont exist.. Hes watching and waiting… Im not perfect no one is but the things they do are insane.

But did anyone see that bug crawl down his face? What was that about?

His time will come…. and the Baphomet whom he worships won't be giving him a pat on the back but a searing sword up the ass for eternity. Besides, he is a kind of sex slave himself. Birdman and a bunch of the CashMoney cats raped him at age 14 I believe, and now this is where he is at, sadly just as disassociated with reality as the women in the video… line all these fake rappers up against the wall… you know the rest. But maybe a bullet is too good for them- as Above The Law once said, "Time Will Reveal". I feel all these comments on here, why is this even allowed to exist? I never thought I would grow to this age and see these things all come to pass….

Why would Satan punish the ones who or on his side? That doesn't make logical sense he would still be doing the bidding of jehova. Satan is in a prison guarded by ANGELS. The angels are the punishers doing the bidding of a terrible god. The prison is this universe. We were all put here and we are making the best of it. So get used to it. You don't remember the real reason we were put here. But you sir were part of the rebellion. We all were. We had our memories wiped and forced to worship that dog who created us for his sick pleasures and bow down to him. But Satan remembers and we are hatching a plan to make everyone remember

Check out 2 chainz video featuring kreayshawn called "Murder" or "Murda"….very blatant and sadistic

you will never see illuminati crap in a atmosphere video. hes very opposed to it. and of course u dont hear him on the radio or crap mtv. he likes being underground.


Yeah death metal rising. May well children hear the sweet sounds of the abyss

Lil wayne has been in the industry since he was little & he stated that he was raped ( his own words) by a woman. The guy who brought him nto the industry birdman, baby, whatever he is going by now, made a woman perform oral sex on him at 11 with a room full of his adult friends around. Then there was that fiasco with lil wayne and birdman kissing each other in full view of the public and he calls him daddy. Doesnt that seem suspicious to anyone????

Le them eat their own guts, disappear and leave the rest of the populace alone.

Like the guy on top of me I would like a few questions answered because again, this makes no sense whatsoever. PLEASE I WANT THESE QUESTIONS ANSWER, FOR THOSE WHO CLAIM THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS FOR ME. 1-Is it possible artist are just doing the one eye signs and other signs just because their told to do so in their videos? 2-Do artist know they are under mind control? 3-If the answer is no, then how do you explain the video with B.o.B dissing the illuminati, or videos with artist such as tupac and DMX dissing the illuminati. What did they break free? that makes no sense, and if they did, why not just announce the illuminati publicly. 4-If the answer is yes, then why do they continue to make videos symboliising all of this knowing their evils and why… Read more »
Ok, I will admit that this video, along with many other hip-hop and pop videos lately, has a lot of "occult" symbolism. I'm going to play devil's advocate. Here's the thing: It's provocative. Especially in the hip hop world, as Blacks are some of the most devout Christians in the country. Themes of Satanism and the occult are a way for artists to seem "unhindered" by the moral dogma in the black community. It's similar to when white boys started wearing their hair long to upset their parents. As far as I can recall, Jay Z came out with a video several years ago featuring a lot of occult symbolism. Suddenly we heard cries that he was part of the illuminati. This made him seem dangerous, dark, esoteric, and he decided to embrace the image for publicity and intrigue. After that, the rest of the pop stars and hip hop… Read more »

And now Lil Wayne is laying in the hospital fighting for his life….God is sick of all this foolishness and these celebrities exalting themselves above the knowledge of God!!! And blatantly exploiting sin and perversion!!

How about Lil Wayne having seizures and they just started happening in recent years??? Interesting, and he is 30. Going to keep an eye on him. Sounds like he can't handle what the Elite are doing to him…

It seems that his debt maybe about to be collected:

I wonder if his seizures have anything to due with his programming…..and he will be another sacrifice for us to worship.

even for people who dont believe ine the illuminati…what the hell are we teaching are young kids with these type of videos??? they are so close to being rated R…

did any of you complain about his How To Love video that was anti abortion and pushed understanding, acceptance, and safe sex or do you just cherry pick to gripe about things you're scared of? I guess the actors who play Harry Potter, vampires, and werewolves are selling satanic b.s. but our preachers and popes are all innocent? I prefer my wolves to appear as they are, not as we want them to be and not as sheep.

You drive home and sit in the same chair that you were sitting in that morning before the phone call. The phone rings and you pick it up expectantly. Another trigger word is given, and you are suddenly unsure why you are standing there with the phone in your hands and no caller to talk to. Weird! You hang it up, laughing slightly, and look at the clock and cannot believe you've really lost so much time! Its now 3pm, and the children will be home soon. Your chores are undone and you sag, thinking you might put them off. You are exhausted, but do not know why. Maybe you need sleeping pills or something. After the kids get home, you go about the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. Julie asks you where her teddy bear is. You have not seen it all day, you don't know, but thinking… Read more »

This is the second part, for some reason it came up first. I also did not put in the whole thing; it was way too long… read the first part (underneath here) first, it will then make sense.

Nice story. I hate to let you in on a little secret but, people don't need secret mind control facilities to make people do whatever they want them to. There are a few very simple, very obvious tools…money and drugs. People seemingly sell their souls, their time, their kids, their lives every single day for a slice of the devils pie. Want to see the real devil? He's inside of us, as is God. We each choose which we want to serve, no handler is necessary.

I never said they 'needed' them.. but 'need' never stops one from 'want', does it?