New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave


Paige Young was the November 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Month and, after years of being used by powerful Hollywood men, she shot herself in the head. She was found dead laying on an American flag, next to a pentagram laid out on the ground, in a room full of pictures on which were written “Hugh Hefner is the devil”.


The flurry of abuse allegations against Bill Cosby lead to a closer look at the long forgotten story of Paige Young, a Playboy Playmate in 1968. The woman briefly “dated” Cosby and was passed around by Hugh Hefner and “dozens of Hollywood leading men”. A recent article in the Daily Mail describes Paige Young’s life in Hollywood and the gruesome details of her suicide. Many details in that article provide clear indications that the Playmate was a Beta Kitten Monarch slave who was handled by the Hollywood elite. (If you’ve never heard of Monarch Mind Control, read this article first)

Like most Playboy models, Paige Young was young and naive when she became the Playmate of the Month in November 1968. She was soon swept up in the disgusting world of the Hollywood elite, where she became a literal sex slave. Ex-model Tamara Green Young while she was “dating” (“servicing” would be a more accurate word) Bill Cosby in 1970.

‘I was there seeing my boyfriend and Paige called me and said Bill was on tour and she was travelling with him.

‘They picked me up at my friend’s house and I remember sitting in the back of a stretched black limo with them both and Bill wanted to score some drugs.

‘I called around and found a bag of pot some place on the edge of El Paso.

‘Paige was in to her drugs and Bill wanted to get her some, she was along on the trip like his pet dog, she was a very subdued person, more like moon on the water in terms of her personality.

‘They were clearly well acquainted with each other, it didn’t seem like a new thing. As far as I know they dated for a while.

‘Paige always seemed in a stupor, a daze, like he was controlling her. All I remember is that their relationship wasn’t healthy.’

‘Paige was a young thing who was very much taken advantage of by the men of Hollywood, she was intelligent and talented, it’s a tragedy what happened to her.’

The sentence ‘Paige always seemed in a stupor, a daze, like he was controlling her’ is significant as it perfectly describes the mind state of an MK slave.

Bill Cosby and Hugh Hefner (a leading men in the world of Kitten Programming) have been friends for decades.
Hugh Hefner and Bill Cosby.

Page Young’s friend Richard Sample explains how she was passed around and manipulated by Hollywood elite.

‘She told me about all the men who had abused her. She said she had an affair with John Huston, and that he had done things to her, abused her.

‘I remember one incident in which John hid her shoes to make her think she had gone crazy. It was only a small thing but she was really bothered by it.’ (…)

In another story Paige confided in Melanie that a relative of a major celebrity had made a sex tape of her.

‘She was terrified of it coming out, in that day you knew your career was going to be over once it got round.

‘For weeks all she could think about was getting hold of that tape, she thought it was going to ruin her.’

Young was also a regular at the Playboy grotto where star-studded orgies were known to occur.

At the age of 30, which is about the age where most MK slaves start to break down, Young was found dead in an apparent suicide. The details of her death are symptomatic of the mind state of a Monarch programming victim.

Former model Melanie Myers, who still lives in Hollywood, remembers that fateful day clearly.

‘Paige had the whole thing planned out down to the last detail,’ she said.

‘It was Palm Sunday and she came to tell me she was going to kill herself.

‘She stayed in the back house of the duplex where we lived and I was at the bathroom window.

‘She comes up to the window and calls out to me, “I want to show you something.”

‘I was like, “What are you up to now Paige?”, I couldn’t be bothered with any more of her drama.

‘But she was like “No you’ve gotta come and see it”. So I go to her apartment and she gave me a guided tour of her suicide scene in her bedroom.’

Myers says that what she found still haunts her today.

‘It was chilling,’ she recalls. ‘There was a large American flag draped across her bed and there was a pentagram laid out on the wooden floor.’

Myers added: ‘I remember her showing me around it because it was somehow important, but I didn’t know what it meant.’

But it was the bedroom wall that shocked Myers the most.

‘It was covered floor to ceiling with photos of Hugh Hefner,’ she said.

‘There were news clippings, magazine articles, everything you could think of. Written across it was something like: “Hugh Hefner is the devil”.

‘The whole wall was a shrine saying, “I hate Hugh Hefner”, the crux of her anger was against him.

The description of Young’s suicide room contains several revealing details. First, dark occultism is a integral part of Monarch Programming which leads MK slaves to become obsessed with occult symbols. This probably explains why a pentagram, a symbol that is used in ritual magick, was laid out on the floor of her room.

MK slaves also develop an obsession with their handler/programmer whom they often end up referring to as “the devil” or “Satan”. Not only do MK handlers force their slaves to undergo horrific torture to induce trauma, they subject them to all kinds of Satanic rituals. Some accounts describe slaves being forced in to a “black wedding” with Satan himself (played by the handler) in a ritual designed to cause intense trauma.

Friends of Young believe that the elaborate setup of her suicide room was an attempt to bring mass media attention to the sick ways of the Hollywood elite. Like most MK-related deaths, mass media either ignored or spread disinformation about her life and death. All facts pointing to the dark side of Hollywood have been swept under the rug. To this day, most sources still wrongly state that Young died of an “overdose” – the usual official cause of MK-related deaths – despite the fact that police reports clearly state that her death was due to a gunshot to the head.

“Memorial site wrongly claims that she passed away from an overdose of sleeping tablets, as does the site

And website, which features several glamour shots of the brunette, incorrectly claims she committed ‘suicide by barbiturate overdose’.”
– Ibid.

One can even wonder if she was actually “suicided” by those who controlled her, as she was increasingly talking about “leaving it all” – a sign of her programming wearing off. Whatever the case may be, the life and death of Paige Young provide yet another glimpse at the dark side of Hollywood – one that is filled with powerful sadistic men and helpless slaves who suffer for years until they disappear … forever.


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I have always hated Hugh Hefner, that dirty old man. Isnt he dead yet? That Pervert!!!

Honestly it sounds like the Playboy Mansion is just a legal prostitution ring for the rich who wants access to some of the most attractive girls. A lot of the stories about Bill Cosby are also connected to the playboy mansion and this time in his life. I think that a lot of these women are tired of being victim to their past and circumstances. Not sure why a women would want to be a playmate in 2014 specially when you know that Hugh Hefner does have sex with all of the girls. Marilyn Monroe was another person while these same kinds of torture and standards of sexual vice and control destroyed her.

Don't even want to imagine what goes on in the Playboy Mansion. Heard he is a major handler, can only imagine the mind control he sets up.

I've actually been there when I was 19 as a nude painted model. I'm 25 now. I was asked to go out to dinner with him the next night and to test for playmate but fate interveined and I had to leave. I always wondered what would've happened if I had stayed but now I look back and I'm so happy my playboy career was stopped short. Definitely weird things take place at those parties. First of all the house is so dirty and is stuck in the70's. One of his gf's at the time (his now wife) look almost under a trance the whole night, barely smiling. I was naive back then and was asked to go to Hef's room afterwards…I went up there and saw probably 10 girls all having sex on his bed and he just sat there smiling. I turned around and ran out. Never been… Read more »
I can imagine it being dirty I heard that he doesn't even change the mattress over the years from all the different playmates that has lived in that house. I am sure the only ones who get preference are the ones who marry’ s him and the one who are his regular concubines of they are even considered on that level. One thing that I have observed about most men not all is that they feel very entitled to the use of your body and how it can only fit their own personal agenda if you let them which I am sure the Playboy mansion is all out perverse manipulation of very deep and traumatizing sexual abuse at its finest. Yeah glad you got outta of there!!!! Sexual Abuse can really destroys a person mind, foundation and set of standards expecially when it is at the hands of a very… Read more »

I heard from a buddy whose friend sells mattresses, a regular customer….jamie dimon….he buys so many mattresses its just fkn weird

Pictures or it did not happen.

Ask his daughter Christie for some pictures, she was VP of Playboy Enterprises & in the house all the time.

yah okay.

Where did you go afterward? Didn't they notice you just took off? have they tried to stay in contact since?

i wonder how he makes profit from playboy magazine now when there's internet …

Probably has lots of wealthy donors and supporters in high places too. Believe me, they would not let an industry giant like PB fall or an old boy like Hugh Hefner fall unless they want him to.

He probably makes his profit online as well.

He is a truly GREAT man !! u wanna talk pervert how bout ellen the degenerate el sicko lezbo and her twisted freakshow on TV, Hugh Hefner likes girls and that is NORMAL a lost concept to the generation of today where everyone seems to worship all the homos , very disgusting and satanic.

Ohio st Univ

So sad that you have not been lost already, the proof that cavemen still walk with us. Horrible woman-hater go get an education and learn to respect women.

F**k off you vile woman hating perv.


Bill Cosby was trying to buy a major TV network(look it up online). He was talking about putting on positive black entertainment and all of the sudden he is the biggest r****t ever, everyone came forward and all of the sudden he is Hitlers right hand man. People only come out of the woodwork like this when they are payed to for a reason. Now just to let you all know, I am a white guy from West Virginia, I don't particularly buy into all the race issues. But even I can see that this is a smear campaign against a normal person(ridiculously rice) trying to do some good.

That is such a great point. I'm a black woman from New Jersey, so I know when something stinks:)

Black guy from Texas and said the same thing!!

I think you are being fooled now as the women were then.

I remember hearing how perverted Cosby was in the 70s. Ladies complained back then, no one cared.

I am a member of the facebook group “We Support the Survivors of Bill Cosby”. I have been researching and following this Cosby r**e topic since 2005. There are over 50 women who have come forward and given affidavits. Cosby is a r****t. It is HE who is guilty of smearing his victims. You should read up on it. You are very WRONG and clearly dont understand that Cosby is friends with Hefner and his powerful friends.

Zionist tactic

What did all that accomplish? Nothing…you know the handlers have reasons for the things they do. You should be more vigilant and read more into the reason these things just pop up and happen

My only problem with this article is that it doesn't name names. The bottom line is that what Bill Cosby was doing is "standard operating procedure". Lots of other guys, and are, were doing the same. Why aren't they being named? Cosby was probably no worse than many major players in the industry. Don't pretend like Cosby was the one bad apple, the whole barrel is rotten.

30 is the age mind controlled sex slaves are killed. It sounds like she was programmed to kill herself.

I always wondered about Hugh Hefner.
His "I was a champion of sexual liberation" spiel always sounded way too glib.
As his part in Beta Kitten programming now reveals, "sexual enslavement" rather than "sexual liberation" was more like it.

Sexual liberation my ass!! More like exploitation with a faux feminist label slapped on it.

I was wondering when Hugh Heffner's name would come up in the midst of all of this Bill Cosby controversy. There have been several former "Playboy Playmates" that have come forward about Cosby and I'm sure he wasn't alone. I can only imagine the things Hugh Heffner did to those girls that is not being told about.

Also, how come you don't ever hear long news stories about the white men who have done similar stuff like this? Now, I know, cosby is f****d up and it sounds convincing, but he's black….have we all forgotten about that director who is involved in pedopihilia? That one white director….oh, yeah, bryan singer! i googled him…

See what I mean? The black man gets f****d over, but what about the other directors/actors? Even in their own horrible circle they throw the black man under the bus.
Not defending cosby, just mentioning the obvious.

I think Cosby is CIA, they protected him for a long time…

If ur introduced to an industry where ur told any woman u want is urs. They are all slaves. They're even more wild on drugs. Then u discover it's true. Maybe these sex slaves slipped into their alters then came back into their core personality after the ordeal. Is it Bills fault they were programmed or The handlers who programmed them. Most men go to the mansion for the sex slaves. That's what it's known for. I believe u incriminate yourself the moment you indulge because these females are under hipnosis the moment u meet them. That's misleading from the start but if u didn't program them are u a r****t cause they took drugs and you had sex?

It is my opinion that it is just as bad to use a slave (assuming that you are aware they are mind controlled) as it is to program and be a handler for a slave. The programmers and handlers wouldn't bother to work with the slave unless they knew there were "customers" who were willing to buy the product. All of these people are the lowest scumbags of the earth.

1. Any and all of you wishing death and destruction on anyone else, that makes you just like them! We are all children of God! Everyone. No exceptions. Ask yourself why are you wishing their death, their suffering and their destruction? Should you not instead be wishing, nay, praying for their salvation? You think that what they do, what the have done or what they will do will make them taint eternity after Christ forgives them? Come on people! Love God, Love your Neighbor, Jesus never used an asterix to tell you which neighbors deserved it.

she was a very subdued person, more like moon on the water in terms of her personality.

If that isn't a ringing description of a dissociative person, I don't know what is

I'm not quite sure about the allegations against Mr. Cosby but I will say that he has pissed someone in the Hollywood elite off and they are letting the cats out the bag.

Which they are all guilty of everyone single one of them has seen some sh!t or created it. None of them are innocent and like the world that they are created it is us that need to get a clue because you do have the ability to protect your home. You also have the ability to block out the evil thing that is tying to come in.

Blackmail, perhaps…

Yup, I couldn't agree with you more. I think along the way, Bill grew up and developed a conscience, which is why they murdered his son, Ennis, almost 20 years ago.

Eric Hufschmid also has a pretty good perspective posted on his website at Huge Questions.

His first born son being killed is, IMO, a more likely sign of ritual sacrifice. Cosby probably signed over his son's life when he sold his soul for fame.

Another example off the top of my head is Francis Ford Coppola, who's first born son was killed in a boating accident, by Ryan O'Neil's son.

was wondering when someone would mention his son!

Brilliant, worldly men that run multi- million dollar companies trusted Bill Cosby to represent their products to a majority of Americans, paying him oodles of money to make them oodles of money. Yet the average American can't understand how a naive, starstruck 15-20 year old would trust that same person and follow him to a room or party? The same person doesn't question why their parents trusted him enough to buy Jello for their kids, yet a young teen girl is suppose to know better not to trust this famous and rich man than adults?? Where is the logic in that? Parents already give him a thumbs up by buying the products he represented or encouraged the family to watch his "family friendly" shows, yet we can't understand why young women were just following our line of reason by trusting Bill Cosby! They should have better judgement than adults. SMH.

I do agree with what you've said.
But you left out one part: Almost every woman that came forward said they voluntarily when up to his room/where he was to….., have tea and crumpettes? Play monopoly?

First rule I heard adults say to females off to college: NEVER GO TO SOME GUY'S ROOM ALONE- unless you're ready to fornicate with him. This would usually be to 18 year olds.

These women were NOT 18. Nor did they deserved to be drugged and violated.
Obviously this is not true about EVERY guy, but there is no way you can convince a thinking person they were not old enough to realize this issue in some form would not come up.

I do believe they assumed it would NOT be like that.

oh shut up about the rules for women. I’m sick of that crap. stop telling women to ‘be smarter’ and do something about how women are viewed as property instead. it’s people with opinions like that that let this stuff go on


Good points

John Huston also raped the daughter(Tamar Hödel at age 14) of the Black Dahlia killer.

all those people are sick perverts. weren't houston's daughter and sil connected with that jewish pedo who lives in france? all of them are part of the same group.

Woah. I wonder if he raped his own daughter.

Simmer down if Cosby did what he did..he didn't do it just to white women…haven't you seen the news

If is they key word. The media is known to ruin the character of many artists …remember what they did to MJ. about those children. I hear Bill was making a few big power moves too. They don't want no dark skinned man in power! I'm not saying he didn't but I'm not joining a bandwagon of women who don't know how to dial 911

You are an idiot. Why do blacks make everything about race? Have you noticed that we have many blacks in high government? How about the POTUS. Clearly race has NOTHING to do with any of this or much of anything else. Your low IQ is a factor in you ridiculous statements..


I was intrigued by this 'Black Wedding' business, so I just googled it. The first thing that came up was an article about 'Game of Thrones' , how the viewers were left shocked and disturbed by an extremely violent scene, dubbing it, 'The Black Wedding'
The actress who played the bride, said how much she loved it….

Hugh Heffner is gross – I can't imagine any woman willingly going to his bed. No wonder he needs to use MK Ultra mind controlled girls – no one in their right mind would have relations of any kind with him.

VC, I've been doing some digging, but this seems to be more your arena of research. Is it not the trauma based conditioning also effectively the Luceriferian Initiation that such as David Sprangler who is attributed as a founder of the New Age Movement who is quoted along the lines of 'People who enter NWO will have to swear loyalty and worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age who has not undergone the Luciferian Initiation'?

I find many similarities between the Luciferian Initiation and MK Ultra's upgraded Monarch MInd-Control up to and including the 'possession stage' of the process in which the victim undergoes during fracturing their personalities to disassociate. Would this be an accurate assessment?

far as theyre concerned, if they dont, somebody else will. So may as well be them. please be my enemy for friendship sake.

Is Kris Jenner the female version of Hugh Hefner? Are the Kardashians and Jenners MK slaves sex kittens?
The case of the Kardashians and Jenners is horrific. Is the mother the handler of her own daughters?

Probably. She did the rounds when she was younger. Why not pimp her own daughters out.
Look what she's doing with those younger girls.

All the evil MK ULTRA handlers like all those consciousnesses of evil are terrified of being accountable and will anything and everything to stay alive because they fear death and final judgement. The body is not the person it's the consciousness within that is the real person. All consciousnesses are accountable for their actions and all those consciousnesses of evil will experience the worst of their crimes from their victims perspective from all their past lives all at once repeated over and over again in a moment of time that would seem to them to last an eternity with no escape until the evil consciousness is dismantled. Possession of a body can occur when an entity or entities (consciousnesses) take over the host body and displace the previous consciousness that resided there. The quickest ways to become demonically possessed include sex with a body that contains demon consciousnesses (can be… Read more »

I think Hugh Heffner wears Depends now.

That's put me right off my food. Thanks a lot!!

Talk about signing a death warrant if one wishes to seek fame and fortune at their own expense of being used as a puppet and discarded when finished

Bill Cosby doesn't look creepy at all standing next to 'The King of Perverts'

same thing i thought, like he was looking off to the side keping an eye on someone

This is the first time I'm hearing any of this stuff about sex slaves and Cosby and Hef being handlers of Paige. All I know is that Paige Young was the first playmate centerfold I ever saw. And at age 12 I fell in love with her. As much as I could possibly understand of love at age 12. I'm 58 and to this day I still have her centerfold. It is a perfect and beautiful example of how female beauty should be displayed.. Pure and natural. Peter Gowland, whose works I have admired in my career as a professional photographer did a magnificent job of lighting her. I am so distressed to finally learn the truth of what happened to my first crush. I was on Bill Cosby's side since these allegations first started…but now? F//k him!

The latest female victim to come forward on the news tonight, claims she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby at Hugh Heffner's westside Los Angeles mansion. No wonder we see the two of them together in the photo. Hugh may be a pimp, who provides women to certain men for some reason. I wonder if Brice Taylor has any memories of Bill Cosby. She states in her book that Bob Hope would film p*********y with her in it, and then he would take her to Hugh Heffner's mansion and show the films to Heffner. These two men have no morals. Scumbags.

OMG. Hollywood=the WORST place on earth to be in the now.