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Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim



Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim

The victim was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks and subjected to rounds of electroshocks, experimental drugs and tape-recorded messages played non-stop.

CBC News recently reported that the Canadian government reached an out-of-court settlement of $100,000 with Allison Steel, the daughter of Jean Steel, a woman who was subjected to horrific brainwashing experiments funded by the CIA.

The settlement was quietly reached in exchange for dropping the legal action launched by Allison Steel in September 2015. The settlement includes a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting Steel from talking about the settlement itself. However, the existence of the settlement and its total amount appeared in public accounts released by the federal government in October.

CIA-Funded Torture

Jean Steel’s ordeal began in 1957, at the age of 33. She was admitted at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal after being diagnosed with “manic depression and delusional thinking”.

Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim

The Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Canada

In the following months, Steel became a victim of CIA-funded MKULTRA experiments conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron.

Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim

Dr. Ewen Cameron was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association (1952–1953), Canadian Psychiatric Association (1958-1959), American Psychopathological Association (1963), Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965), and World Psychiatric Association (1961-1966). During the 1950s and 1960, he was funded by the CIA to carry out experiments for the MKULTRA mind control program.

Cameron’s experiments aimed to “de-pattern” the victim’s mind through intense trauma in order to “re-pattern” it afterward. In other words, he was researching the basis of Monarch Programming – the mind control program that is often discussed on Vigilant Citizen.

Cameron believed a combination of chemically induced sleep for weeks at a time, massive electroshock treatments, experimental hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and techniques such as “psychic driving” through the repeated playing of taped messages could “de-pattern” the mind, breaking up the brain pathways and wiping out symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Doctors could then “re-pattern” patients.

However, the de-patterning also wiped out much the patient’s memory and left them in a childlike state. In some cases, grown adults forgot basic skills such as how to use the bathroom, how to dress themselves or how to tie their shoes.
– CBC News, Federal government quietly compensates daughter of brainwashing experiments victim

Hundreds of pages detail the horrific experiments Jean Steel was subjected to.

According to a report written by Cameron, Steel was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks. One series lasted 29 days. A second lasted 18 days. The sleep therapy was accompanied by a series of electroshocks.

“She was extremely confused and disoriented but much more co-operative,” Cameron wrote in his report.

Nurses’ notes on her charts detail repeated doses of sodium amytal, and how Steel would pace the hall and rail about feeling like a prisoner: “‘It’s just like being buried alive. Somebody please do something.’ This was all said screaming at the nurse and doctor,” one note said.

Steel then began to exhibit bizarre behavior. Her daughter recounts:

“When you wanted to talk with her about something emotional … she just could not do it,” Steel said. “Her emotions were stripped. It took away her soul.”

Her mother would sit alone in the dark, writing codes and numbers on the walls.

“One time I came home and the ceiling was spray-painted with red swirls all over it,” Steel said. “She would take wallpaper and cut out little sections of it and she would pin it to the whole room.”

While MKULTRA is viewed by mass media as a “shameful episode of the past”, it is also part of our present. The program still exists in a much more refined version under the name of Monarch programming.

Here’s an interesting 1980 documentary about MKULTRA experiments in Canada produced by the CBC:

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Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim

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I also forgot to mention something that’s alarming. All those missing children that are kidnapped never to be seen again, makes me wonder if they’re being trafficked and offered in cult slayings. I was watching a YouTube video of a man saying his wife and daughter were almost kidnapped for trafficking coming out of a Target. They were completely surrounded by 3 vehicles and luckily they got away. It reminded me of my weird experience coming out of a Kmart where I had a man and vehicle following me. The excuse was he was a worker at Kmart and was picking up carts. I knew it was BS because he had no uniform or tag on and there were shopping charts a few feet down but he decided to follow me? He proceeded to make small talk but I cut him off and entered my vehicle and quickly locked the doors and left. But before I did, I noticed he signaled the car and he walked off. This is our reality people. Women and children are being kidnapped for sex and possibly the occult. I wouldn’t even doubt that the government officials themselves kidnaps runaways or people who are vulnerable… Read more »


Wow . I was so touched by this comment. This is coming from a person who is very cordial to others. I tend to be kind of chatty and open to friendly talks with other people, your comment made me remember to be more aware of things like this and how easy it could happen.Wow


People (99%) are brainwashed, they don’t see the obvious anymore, they see what the elites want them to think. MK-ultra is alive ! The experiments have ended because it was time to put them in practice in the real world thanks to the medias. The medias are brainwashing the world population every minutes of every single day. And if you don’t think the same as them, you’re the bad one. Wake up people, leave the matrix (contrary to the eponymous movie directors who are deep inside).


The other day I was at Panda Express eating dinner with my 4 yr old daughter. a man walked past us and gave me a creepy look. then he came over to our table and told me my daughter was beautiful and stared at her with an evil smile. something about him alerted me that he might work to traffic children and women. He proceeded to ask me if I was passing through the area or if I lived in the area. I gave him a sharp look and said I was passing by. He asked where I lived and I again looked at him sharply. then I lied and told him Los Angeles. “and youre just passing through?” he asked again. I nodded while looking at him with a “TRY ME” look on my face. he seemed to get a little nervous and shifted his look to my daughter again who was looking out the window. “shes so beautiful….take care of her,” he said. Then he said it again “shes very beautiful.” TOTAL CREEP. just the way he looked at her with those ugly beady eyes and creepy smile. after me and my daughter were ready to leave he… Read more »


I’m sorry you had that experience. I’m also sorry you felt it was necessary to lie for your protection. In a situation such as that you have every right to tell the offender in no uncertain terms to get out of your face.

Shaking My Head

For the life of me, I don’t understand why you didn’t stare at him and say, “what’s it to you, are you TRYING to act like a pervert, or does it just come naturally?” or something equally subtle. And then pull out your phone and call the cops very openly, so he could see what you were doing.

Your account makes me wonder how many women have been kidnapped, because they were being TOO DAM- NICE, instead of standing up to an obvious thug?


Yeah, if you think someone’s acting creepy or perverted, don’t be afraid to tell them, and to ask them to get out of your face. There is some kind of weird disconnect sometimes, in asking directly for what you want. Some clarity needs to be there in order to put exactly what you desire into words, and then do it. Don’t be shy. Yes it can be jarring when someone does something COMPLETELY outside of social norms, or acts in a completely unexpected way. I see many women get a “deer in the headlights” look when she doesn’t even know how to begin processing the weirdness that’s happening- it’s happened to me, too. But you gotta hit the “reboot” button on your senses. Claim your space and make your thoughts known. You are a strong woman! And I’m damn proud of you for staring him down, but you can take that a step further. He’s not telepathic… so don’t expect anyone to know what you’re thinking. You don’t have to play nice all the time, missy… say what’s on your mind! PS. I’m a girl, and I’m sick of seeing other women and girls expect men to treat them how… Read more »


OMG So sorry about your experience. I would have been freaked out as well. Glad you are ok though as well as your daughter! I always warn my kids and tell them that if they stagger off without me, they have a habit of going off to look at fun things, that they will never see me again if someone snatches them. That if they get taken, they will never see me or their family again, possibly even die at the hands of strangers. I always try and scare them to get them to understand because their kids and sometimes they have no concept of the gravity of being taken never to be seen again. I get weird looks from people who probably think I’m crazy, but I’m not risking my kids lives. I would die if something were to happen to them. I also purchased a stun gun and pepper spray and carry it with me everywhere I can. it gives me a piece of mind knowing I can do something. Hopefully, I will never have to use it.


Wow, these stories. I am glad you are all safe and alive. Once when I was in highschool I was hanging out with friends at their home and the time I left to go home was not incredibly late, maybe 9pm. I started my car and was startled because a louder vehicle parked on the street about 15 feet behind me started theirs at almost the same time and their lights were bright. I thought weird but maybe a coincidence, right? As I began to drive away though, so they did in the same direction, and very close behind. As I got a better look in the mirror it looked like a large white van with dark windows and after the first turn they followed me, I decided to start to taking random turns all over the neighborhood rather than going directly home. Guess what? They followed me through EVERY single one. Left, right, left, left, right, left again…. I was freaking out because there was no way they weren’t following me on this aimless drive. So I headed to a much busier street/area of town thinking that would be safer and we ended up at a stop sign. As… Read more »


You are very lucky, you were being targeted. Always follow your gut instinct. Unless you are a crazy person, then you’re just f----d and cant be helped. Your gut instinct is always right, even if it wasn’t…the worst that happened is that some stranger got offended, big deal. I always check my surroundings for weird s--t…and recently celebrated my 42nd birthday this week, so it’s working. Don’t be paranoid, just be wary at all times. Always lock your car door first thing when you get in your car. Just use common sense

Jimbo Jones

How can people do this to others? Where is compassion for others in pain? Sometimes I feel that we are all in hell.


I have the same feeling.

causeisez so

because soulless entity psychopaths walk this earth.

JoAnne Braley

Everyone has a soul, but the ones you are speaking of have sold them to the devil.


Nothing alleviates empathy, mores, and decency like unsavory, amoral company. Association accelerates degradation of morals by installing its own warped standards.

Statism, collectivism, utilitarianism, socialism are all vectors that expose us. Pure f-----g evil.


“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!”

– Shakespeare


Hell on Earth… It’s what the Builders are building


The Builderberg


It is Limbo. I never understood the stupid Catholicf idea of “Limbo” until I got a bit older and realized this plane of existence can be Heaven or Hell, depending what you focus on. You can focus on Love & enjoy life, or dwell on Hate & suffer Hell. Love is the answer.


Is love the answer? No, consciousness is the answer.


No God is the answer. God is love and God is consciousness. There literally is nothing without God and everything with him.To reject him is to reject the gift you have now (life, earth, life on earth) and you’ll be rejecting his even greater gift, life after death and love everlasting.


Sorry, don’t want to be nitpicking but this is a bit confused: Limbo was a theological hypothesis about the destiny of unbaptized but good souls. It is not an in-between equally distant from Heaven or Hell, it is firmly on the side of Heaven as there is no punishment in it and during the final judgment is speculated that the souls in it will ascend to Heaven. And by the way was basically dropped as a hypothesis some time ago. This is not to state this as a reality or something you have to believe in, but just to specify what it really was as an idea. In general Catholic theology has no “space between”, even Purgatory is basically the dressing room of Heaven, even Creation is intrinsically good as a work of God, but ruined by the consequences of sin (again, just stating things for clarity and maybe your general cultural interest, even if you think them false).


I don’t think you still understand the idea of limbo. The apostate catholic ‘church’ recently ditched the idea that after death unbaptised infants go to limbo/pergatory. SO MUCH FOR CATHOLIC DOCTRINE NEVER CHANGING-THEY CHANGE THINGS TO SUIT THEMSELVES. The Word of GOD (Holy Bible) never changes. They teach this nonsense and tell lies to families. Please read the words of Jesus Christ in the Bible for yourself. He is the true Head of the church and will never lead you astray.


… So in other words, Catholics aren’t “stupid” after all.

There, I finished your logical train of thought for you.


I don’t think you still understand the idea of limbo. The apostate catholic ‘church’ recently ditched the idea that after death unbaptised infants go to limbo/pergatory. SO MUCH FOR CATHOLIC DOCTRINE NEVER CHANGING-THEY CHANGE THINGS TO SUIT THEMSELVES. The Word of GOD (Holy Bible) never changes. They teach this nonsense and tell lies to families. Please read the words of Jesus Christ in the Bible for yourself. He is the true Head of the church and will never lead you astray.

JoAnne Braley

Evil has found a way into these people who are filled with pride that they can accomplish something to become well-known, without a thought to the hurt or inconvenience of those they “practice” on!! Satan takes over and overrides their conscience so it is dulled and just as in “The Prince.” their end justifies the means.


I wouldn’t have settled for 100,000. Sometimes even millions is not worth it if a life is ruined. You cannot buy a whole life with money. If they did this to my mum, I would want to ruin the people involved, not just financially but their reputations, careers, everything. I would go very public so that other victims would have the chance for their stories to be heard also.
I know that the bible tells us not to be vengeful and that it is not our place to pass judgement but getting a payoff for something like that would be cold comfort indeed.


It’s not our place to be condemning, but judgment is an aspect of being a spiritual person and knowing the Lord. 1 Corinthians 2:15

& yes I agree with you. No amount of money can pay off this damage.


I hear what you’re saying–but this isn’t about vengeance, it’s about JUSTICE. It’s also about preventing the same hell-on-earth from happening to other people in future. I don’t see anything vengeful about wanting to make sure that these satanic psychos are not able to live their lives every day in a normal way, as if what they’re doing to other people is okay. It’s not okay!!! Some years ago, I met a nurse whose grandmother had been murdered by nursing-home staff. (Yeah, I know, that never happens.) She knew medical procedure, understood what had happened, could prove it by what was written on the charts etc., and had the opportunity to DO something about it… but instead she chose to whine that “Well, nobody’s perfect,” and other similar dreck, and did absolutely NOTHING. On Judgement Day, this nurse is going to meet other people who were subsequently murdered by the same nursing-home staffers, and they’re going to tell her, “You had the chance to speak up, but you didn’t. Your intervention would have saved me from being killed in the same way as your grandmother. I would have lived for 10-15 more years if you had made the effort to… Read more »

just reading

It seems that there are always jobs for high functioning psychopaths in the deep state.


One day everyone will meet their maker. This includes psychophats, cowards, psychiatrists, presidents of the american psychiatric association and torturers of helpless victims who have been put into their care.

It will be called judgement day and it will be the day of the Lord.

12 And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened. But another scroll was opened; it is the scroll of life. The dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds. 13 And the sea gave up the dead in it, and death and the Grave gave up the dead in them, and they were judged individually according to their deeds.


Reminds me of Eleven’s mom in Stranger Things, constantly stuck in a traumatized loop from having been shocked. It’s shameful what governments and so called professionals have been permitted to do to people.

Sean H.

Yes I agree. I watched the Stranger Things 2 season over the weekend and they show how the government DR. electro shocks the mother to put her in a vegetative state. Although Stranger Things is entertaining in various/nostalgic ways it is rife with MK Ultra references. I wouldn’t be surprised also if the actress EL/Eleven/Jane is a victim of Mind Control her self. Often the handlers allow the victims to do these movies because it helps to reinforce the programing as they participate in scenes that mimic the programming. Will pray for her…


You should watch the extra mini series “beyond stranger things” where the actors and creators all talk about the show. The actor that plays Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) makes some odd comments about her deep connection to the character that abuses her character in the show.


Wow! I didn’t know that! That is too horrific for words!! How can a parent do this to a child?! When you first find out about the Holocaust you think, how can mankind be so evil and then you feel that it will serve as a lesson to the future. You then find out that under Operation Paperclip, all the N--i doctors were given a free pass to America to continue their experiments in secret. We now have these exact same tests undergone in the concentration camps on actors, sportspeople, news reporters, politicians (and probably every other walk of life which isn’t as well or completely documented) We have no idea of the numbers of victims involved in this and just think, most of us spend our lives idolizing people who have been programmed through this system! In your wildest dreams could you think of anything sicker than this? We don’t need to watch any more tv or films depicting this or showing the occult references, we know it is real, it is so blatant! What more proof do we need!! If we carry on watching, aren’t we too part of the problem? Aren’t we consuming products derived from horrific… Read more »

kev allah

It’s supposed to be nostalgic to catch all of us that were born pre Internet.

Pineal Vision

I worry about all the kids on that show. I worry about all the kids in the industry period. Oh who am I kidding. I am worried as hell about all the children on the planet right now.


They still do it but on, now they do it on all the entire world population. TV, movies, video games, internet, leftists extremist groups (feminist, antifa, …) : their only (real) goal is to shape minds.


Govern = control; ment = mental; Mind control.

D D d

Trauma – rinse –
and repeat


Like Dixie mentioned before me, this is very reminiscent of a lot of TV shows and movies being played out. Stranger Things screams of all of this desensitization, being re-born (Will) via fire, experimentation and trauma (8, 11, and 11’s mom), etc. The new season 2 symbolism is plastered all over they don’t even try to hide it, like when El is sitting in 8’s room and you can see the hand and eye symbol in the background. I’m hoping VG will go into depth about this as well as shows like Dollhouse. If you know anything about it, it stars Eliza Dushku, and she basically offers herself to an organization for 3 years. In these 3 years they reprogram her to a doll state (dumb unknowingly), and when someone hires her, she has to go out and be a different person every time. Eventually though her personality begins to crack and she becomes ‘englightened’ remembering all those special skills she learned as a doll, like fighting, shooting, killing, hacking, etc. Which brings me to another show, Westworld. A perfect example of sentients or AI robots who are becoming awakened and enlightened. Being reprogrammed to live out stories and aspiring… Read more »


Why did you mention the Zionists? Aren’t all these shows you mentioned showing hints and symbology related to the illuminati and the Ultra MK mind control program?
“Why throw this in our face? Are they warning us?”.
I don’t think they are warning us! You know, there are a lot of people who have already read stuff about illuminati and even with all the obvious and in-your-face symbology, they still DON’T BELIEVE in the existence of the illuminati! Most people are skeptic and will only believe in something if there is COMPLETE proof of its existence. If there are ‘only’ hints and symbology, they tend to simply not believe in the theory. I don’t know what is the reason. Maybe the devil’s time is getting short and he’s becoming desperate.. Like in the bible passage: “because the devil has come down to you with great fury, because he knows his time is short”.


Probably because Zionism is the all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. I’ll spare the extensive explanation of the Zionist Protocols and the connection with what most view as evil, e.g., Theodor Herzl and Bolshevism, and simply ask, “who do you believe writes and produces the shows that were mentioned?” The communication/entertainment “industry” is owned by the Zionists (symbolic Joos) and the symbolism in “plain sight” is there to humiliate the goyim that perceive it.

Believe/belief is interesting. It is defined as: Believe [bih-leev] – verb – to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so. It relates to the victim mentality indoctrination. They have been led to believe illusory things. Few ever developed the ability to think independently, but rely upon a common narrative supplied by their masters. Many will never comprehend the truth since they subscribe to the lies they are fed.


Because if you read about the Zionists – there purpose is to make Israel an independent state and their purpose, from the article I read, is to build the 3rd tower – which in Apocolypse reffers to the end of times and the rising of the AntiChrist.


If you tell somebody you’re going to harm them before harming them the humiliation is bigger when you finally do harm them. Basic psychology. It’s about breaking the Human spirit. Look at the Denver Airport murals.

Because we’re dealing with the lowest scum of the Earth they never openly admit anything since this would create actual proof but instead only ever make sure to leave lots of ‘hints’ and ‘winks’ to maintain ‘plausible deniability’ and to be able to dismiss any dissenters as ‘conspiracy theorists’.


Never forget the elites are deviant evil people. Just remember the 2 coreys and what happen behind the scene at hollywood (weinstein is the just the tip of the iceberg sacrificed to push the feminist agenda). Evil people have wicked sense of satisfaction. They laught at saying the truth but seeing nobody react because they know their mind control over the pople is real. Its a test (99% success) and a wicked satisfaction for them (and probably too some king of ritual to show us all their satanist symbols).


Speaking of symbolism… El = El Elyon, Elohim, Israel (Isis, Ra, El); and how Eliza “offers herself to an organization” “to be a different person” is equivalent to selling her soul… acting. I commend you for being cognizant enough to question the symbolism and intent. I stopped watching TV seven or eight years ago after comprehending that it served nefarious purposes that are not for my benefit.

You’re probably spot-on regarding the desensitization question. Little manifests spontaneously when the prospect of free-will is present. The “boiling frog” concept is fundamental to the Hegelian (divide and conquer) dialectic.


Revealing it gives them more power…. The more exposed to it, the more energy, the more power they receive to continue their so called Great Work… Research, you’ll find the answers…It’s occult… Hidden but not undiscoverable (not a real word I know…but you get it)


If you watch the video MK Ultra : CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) – the fifth estate
@7:11 the chairs in the photos form a pentagram


Everybody is so concerned about so called “terrorism” which doesn’t even exist as they tell us, that nobody sees the real truth… everybody is mocking Islam and Sharia like there are no other problems.. If you want to know where the real truth is, watch where are all the arrows targeting. This is simple as this. Sometimes you have to permit that the laws made by humans just does not work here! Because you have to follow the rules of the Creator! It’s almost incredible to imagine how huge the hate of Satan is towards humanity… he knows how he will end and tries to take as much as possible of humans with him


terrorism is definitely real. not to long ago a new attack happened in New York City .A lot of these things this website post is about other worldly beings and things that are out of the norm but in reality everybody goes through it. then there are few who hold there gun and go with what they believe. the question is how do we get it out in the open and look in a perspective of how these people got where the are in the first place. what’s there background what’s the rest of the story?


I´ve read the Koran. It´s revoltingly stupid. Almost all the chapters mention the same 12-15 stories, and very little else. It mentions Hell and Fire and Punishment many hundreds of times (yet the book itself is not that long). It´s always repeating the same lines over and over again. The same short description of Heaven is given even more times than that of hellfire and it´s shockingly uninteresting. Another point that´s quite shocking is it´s view on women, basically the only thing it has to say about them is how to marry them, have sex with them and divorce them (even how to divorce children!) and how they are always worth only half that of a male, when it come to inheritance and giving any sort of testimony. Women do not get anything else, no advice – nothing. I encourage people to read this evil book (I can´t stand to hear people talk about it like they know it so well, when literally no-one that I´ve asked about it has read it). It´s the most effective mind-control tool in the world. The fear & cruelty it spreads can not be compared to anything else. It´s has destroyed incredible cultures and… Read more »


You are severely misguided. The hate in your post, is positively seeping out through your written words. Vile.

This world is hell for the believer, and truly, people like you make that crystal clear to me.

Max Basil

I do not know which “Quran” did you read but I humbly suggest you to read Edip Yüksel’s “Quran: A Reformist Translation”. Words in old Arabic is translated and commented heavily and mistranslated occassionaly by patriarchal clegymen who have no real place in our lives.


They do not make those experiments to use them only in hospitals, it is to be used against people who simply leave their homes to have a social life. and I have been a victim of their specific design synthetic drugs, for almost all my life. they annul your memory, without you knowing, at what time it happens, and I am alive, thank God. be careful and pay close attention.


Can you elaborate further Rosario?


It is difficult to summarize my case because it is very, very complex. In fact, I had to write a whole trilogy to recover my whole life, erased from my memory, because they not only tried to nullify my memory on many occasions, they also tried to kill me several times. I started writing a book to help me understand and retain what was happening in my life, and that became a trilogy, because all my life I have been threatened. But in the end I discovered who are all those criminals. They belong to Luciferian organizations, with many members working for the same cause: to eliminate the truth, and love, and the human being. I write my books in Spanish, and before writing the trilogy, I had already published another book about ancient history, in which they also destroyed entire villages, and today only ruins are seen that have been reconstructed and misinterpreted by archaeologists. They use all kinds of artifice to eliminate truth and love, and eliminate the legacy that Jesus with his angels have left for the whole Earth. This is the platform where I publish, in case you or anyone else is interested in taking a… Read more »


what I tell is of interest to the whole human being, because not only I am threatened. All human beings must help each other, because we are in serious danger, many have already sold their souls, and do not hesitate to deceive like any of the devils or witches that Lucifer has all over the world. Our attitude is determined for the next coming of Jesus, and we must be vigilant to identify who seeks our good and who our evil.


Evil never sleeps.


name the people who are involved in this experiment, name them right now and maybe they will be able to be set free, but until then, if no one says anything, nothing will anybody get done


Yes and also Predictive programming. I was watching the video where the American TV host Wendy Williams fainted on Live TV while she wearing a Statue of Liberty costume for Halloween and it happens before the terror attack in Manhattan. Wendy Williams stated it was due to overheating but it definitely wasn’t a normal faint and a lot of people online were saying it was an Mk Ultra glitch etc. It was though she saw a ghost or something demonic before she fainted. Y’all should watch the video. Don’t forget what happened to Al Roker on he Today show, Brittney Spears in that interview and when Katy Perry fell on stage while performing – It looked as though are battery was dying and she switched off, really weird.


It’s been a while since the last time I commented but I feel the urge to do this today. I’m sorry for its lenght, and forgive my poor english. Thank you all you beautiful people, wherever you might be, for telling your stories and restoring my faith in humanity all over again. I went through an incredibly difficult time involving extremely weird, toxic and incredibly hurtful people. I almost gave up on people, but God the Almighty himself took me out of this misery. It was very tough, there were weeks where all I did was waking up and going to sleep crying. So much so that I could barely touch my eyes from the pain. Today I understand and know who these demonic people where and the reason they tried to break me. Now I look back and smile, thankful to Jesus making me learn, being very careful and not be naive anymore. Prayer is the most powerful tool ever. I know. The Lord himself and His mighty Angels protected me every single day throughout my terrible time. Do not cease praying. Anyway, whatever belief you have, or none at all, please read this. Please, for God’s sake, if… Read more »


Freemasonry was born in Scotland, not surprising that the Dr was of scottish origine

kev allah

No it wasn’t it comes from Spain.

kev allah

The concept of freemasonry derives from the people who conquered the world and they are from SPAIN. down vote all you want I gave you a gem l.

kev allah

So was William Wallace a scot.


It’s really important to remember, it’s not just women and children who are being taken. It’s young boys, too. Don’t forget them.


Of butterflies and kittens, this is nothing new that most women and children being kidnapped for this is a dark reality nowadays. Mass media is a complete brainwasher itself and an effective tool by the Illuminati to control and subdue the populace.

I pity the victims of this heinous act as well as celebrities these days being used as pawns for elite propaganda and glorification of satanic rituals and occultism. People today are “doing what they wilt” as Crowley would often say and promote when he was alive until that black mass-style ritual he had for a funeral.


reminds me of Bojack Horseman’s mom

Alexander Hunter

There was a previous settlement in the early 1990’s with eight other victims of this same experiment with Ewen Cameron. This experiment was heavily financed by the American CIA. The goal to be able to scrub a persons mind and then reprogram it with whatever you want can lead to any dastardly scheme you can imagine. According to many researchers there was a Project Monarch in which children were either sold by their parents or abducted around age 5. They underwent physical and mental torture the likes of which I won’t describe here. This was to induce the fracturing of their personalities and then reprogramming them with alters or alternative personalities complete with triggers to bring them into action. Check out the book: Silent Weapons about two sisters or Tranceformation of American by Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips, also Starshine by Brice Taylor. There are other great tools out there too, just to get those who want to know started.


Even the damn world today is indirectly under monarch programming with all the sheeple buying into whatever the elite sells to them just to keep them submissive and under control. The Canadian government doesn’t seem too different from its American counterpart where they’ve allegedly used MK ultra on people just to use them as guinea pigs for their own evil use.

But then again I know that any who tries to expose the Illuminati is bound to get “disposed of” by unusual means where they kill them and set up a fake suicide overdose crap like what happened with those in the “27 Club”. Its quite sad that the Canadian government is just sticking up to its southern neighbor and the amount of dark deeds and secrets its involved in.

Keep it up as usual VC, your articles never fail to enlighten me on whats really going on in the world today in relation to the dreaded New World Order.

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