B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” or How to Make Mind Control Entertaining


“Out of My Mind” is considered to be an upbeat and funny song about B.O.B. being completely crazy. A closer look at the song’s lyrics and video, however, reveal that it is yet another attempt to glamorize one of the elite’s most despicable practices: Mind Control Programming. We’ll look at B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” and how it refers to Monarch Mind Control.

B.O.B.’s Out of My Mind is about him being a crazy so, fittingly enough, the video takes place in a mental institution. While most would stop their analysis there, a closer look at the song and video reveal that B.O.B. is getting a specific type of “treatment”. Some people are “out of their minds” due to mental health problems, but others are there by force. Those that have mental health problems usually get treated by competent people while those who “lost it” by force get treated extremely badly. They are violently abused and traumatized by sadistic handlers until they completely dissociate from reality – literally going “out of their minds”. This is what we call ritual abuse, the basis of Monarch Mind Control (for more information read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Out of My Mind is a cartoonish, yet blatant, description of the process of Mind Control.

As we’ve seen in previous articles on Vigilant Citizen, making Monarch programming cool, fashionable and, ultimately, acceptable is an important part of the elite’s Agenda. On a regular basis, we see popular artists releasing material that is rife with Mind Control and Illuminati symbolism, in order to keep the elite’s Agenda fresh and new  – making sure it stays on TV, radio and getting plenty of hits on YouTube. Performed by two of rap’s hottest artists, Out of My Mind gives Mind Control imagery yet another go at the airwaves. Despite its disturbing nature, the video is presented in a lighthearted, sexy way, which comes across as positive and attractive to young viewers. Let’s look at the video’s main scenes.

B.O.B. is Not Receiving Proper Treatment

The video begins with B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj locked inside a cell and acting all crazy. On the wall behind them are carvings that appear to be made by someone that is crazy and paranoid, but, on closer look, one can decipher words and symbols directly referring to Illuminati mind control. There are several All-Seeing Eyes, a symbol that not only represents the occult elite but is central in actual mind control programming. This ancient occult symbol is at the center of systems used to program MK slaves and was even used by the father of mind control, Josef Mengele.

“The All-Seeing Eye is placed in the center of Star’s systems, just like Mengele would put in an All-Seeing Eye.”
–  Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Behind B.O.B. are weird carvings such as the All-Seeing Eye inside a spaceship. There are also unsettling phrases such as “They are us” and “We are them”. Who are “They”? Is this a reference to the elite controlling these artists and making them their pawns? Hence …”We are them”?

Not only does the All-Seeing Eye represent the occult elite, it also represents constant surveillance and monitoring, that there is no escaping the handler’s grasp. For this reason, many MK slaves become obsessed with the symbol and find themselves drawing it everywhere.

“Because the slave is monitored from so many different unseen methods, it does begin to seem hopeless to some to ever be free of Big Brother. If you add to all this, that the slave has been programmed repeatedly that there is no escaping their All-seeing eyes, then it is easy to see why so many slaves acquiesce & just comply.”
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

At the bottom left, we see a carving saying “They see” with a creepy eye in between. Who are “They”? Maybe the symbol right next to it bears the answer: An eye inside a triangle, a symbol of the Illuminati.

While B.O.B. is jumping around in his cell, some unfriendly looking fellows, who do not appear to be caregivers, march toward his cell. At the center of them, an evil-looking, Josef Mengele-type appears ready to program the rapper.

Looking like a sadistic mad scientist, the man in the middle brings B.O.B. a straitjacket. He is accompanied by four agents dressed in riot gear.

At this point, it should be clear that B.O.B. is not at a typical mental health institution. He is at a programming site, run by high level “scientists” and heavily armed governmental agents. As seen in previous articles, normalizing police state agents is also part of the Agenda.

B.O.B. is taken by force somewhere to probably be abused and tortured by the creepy scientist who is coldly looking over in the back.

Of course, the video sugarcoats the dark reality behind it, by making every appear fun! and sexy! Therefore, the tools used to torture B.O.B. are brought in by nurses in outfits that are .. .non-regulatory.

While Monarch programming is atrociously cruel, videos like this one make the concept trivial and even unconsciously positive to young, unaware viewers.

B.O.B.’s lyrics in the first verse refer to him being evaluated by “they” and even names classic mind control techniques. Here’s part of it:

“My brain is on vacation, they telling me
And I’m bi-polar to the severity
And I need medication, apparently
And some electrocompulsive therapy”

The main goal of mind control is to traumatize victims severely enough to cause them to completely dissociate from reality. Once this is accomplished, handlers can program new alter personas into the blank slate that their brain has become. While dissociated, MK slaves are literally “out of their minds”. In B.O.B.’s verse, the phrase “My brain is on vacation, they telling me” aptly describes an MK slave that has dissociated from reality. The lines “And I need medication, apparently/ And some electrocompulsive therapy” refer to two important techniques of Mind Control: The usage of drugs (“medication”) and electroshock torture.

“Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electroshock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories.”
– Ibid.

As if to emphasize the importance of this technique in the song, we hear an electroshock sound effect during B.O.B’s verse – a sound that probably terrifies actual MK victims.

Dr. Minaj

The next part of the video is B.O.B.’s “Psych Evaluation”, performed by “Dr.” Minaj. We soon realize that she is not there to hear about B.O.B’s feelings, but rather to practice a technique that is extensively employed by mind control handlers: To humiliate, insult and demean victims to further their trauma. Minaj proceeds to diss the hell out of B.O.B. and his career, making the rapper come close to tears. In this excerpt, she ridicules one of B.O.B’s hits:

“Now can we pretend them airplanes in the night skies
Are like shooting stars?
Well, you gon’ really need a wish right now
When my goons come through and start shooting stars”

Of course, in actual programming, handlers are a lot more cruel, sadistic and hurtful but the basic concept is nevertheless present.

Minaj then goes into stripper mode and hints to the fact that she might be under mind control herself.

Dr. Minaj removes her white coat to reveal a sexy outfit with a prominent leopard print pattern. In mind control, feline prints are used to identify Sex Kittens – products of Beta programming. Minaj’s stripper-like demeanor confirms her being a Sex Kitten.

It has been reported that MK handlers are often under mind control themselves and this scene appears to describe this fact.

Towards the end of her verse, Minaj says:

“You know, I graduated Summa Cum Laude
That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati”

It is rather odd to refer to these “crazy Illuminati rumors” while playing the role of an MK slave/handler in a video promoting Monarch mind control. Also, nobody with even a little knowledge believes that Nicki is “part of the Illuminati”. Rather, she is one of the several pawns used by the industry to promote an Agenda … and she will probably be dropped as soon as her “cool factor” is gone, like hundreds of other pop stars before her.

In what appears to be a moment of lucidity, Minaj offers to free B.O.B. from his shackles. Her handler alter however appears to kick back in and she leaves the room somewhat confused and embarrassed.

Parole Board

After his weird encounter with Dr. Minaj, B.O.B. is taken to the parole board.

B.O.B. enters the room pushed by an over-armed police guy and with his head covered so he doesn’t know where he is. I’m pretty sure they don’t do that in a regular mental institution. However, keeping victims confused and in the dark is a common tactic used Monarch programming.

While B.O.B. raps before the parole board, one of the judges gets all hot for B.O.B., asking him to call her. Yes kids, being an MK slave is very attractive.

The video ends with B.O.B. and Minaj looking lost and confused, asking repeatedly “If I’m here … and you’re there … and I’m here … and you’re there”. Hmm, are they confused about who they are? About their core and alter personalities? That’s how MK slaves feel. B.O.B. then whispers to Minaj: “Shhh … they might be listening”.

In Conclusion

At first glance, Out of My Mind appears to be a fun song about being wild and crazy, but a closer look at the lyrics and the video reveals that it actually refers to extremely specific aspects of Monarch Mind Control. Once this fact is known, the song suddenly stops being fun and turns into a disturbing case of normalizing and glamorizing of the cruel practice that is Mind Control. We see and hear references to trauma, dissociation, being drugged, electrocuted, roughed up by government agents and even manipulated by handlers. While all of this sounds horrible written out, catchy rhymes and sexy nurses make the pill easy to swallow for young viewers who will probably jump around screaming “I’m out of my f*cking mind!”.

In the end, Out of My Mind is yet another example of the elite’s Agenda being marketed to young music fans. Mind control is heavily used by the elite to keep a stronghold on various areas of power, particularly the entertainment industry. While not all pop artists are victims of Mind Control, most have signed contracts that make them pawns of the occult elite and force them to give up control of their creative creations. While rappers used to be about “fighting the power” and “representing the streets”, they are now seen in cells, confused, and abused by cops and mad scientists, talking about being electroshocked. The music industry has been hijacked, folks … and while videos like this may make it obvious to some, most will just laugh and say “You’re out of your mind”.


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Fantastic and well written article, VC. Sometimes I go through your music business section and find that there was an analysis or two that I've skipped over and I'm really glad I backtracked to see this monumentally blatant use of monarch programming symbolism. B.O.B even exclaims in his first verse "I am psychotic, but there's no remedy (permanence of monarch programming). This is not figurative, this is literally." With this, I'll laugh at the people who state that all of this is "interpretation", when B.O.B calls attention right in the song that this is a literal message. Also, at the end, before B.O.B whispers "they might be listening", is more whispering between the two that is a little harder to pick up on. B.O.B mumbles a bit and says something that sounds along "Lets get you out of here" to which she replies, seemingly drugged and confused, "yeah…yeah..". While these… Read more »

Hey VC (and everyone else)- have you heard about this open anonymous letter about a music industry meeting about rap music in the early '90s? It's unreal, and totally jibes with what you are trying to demonstrate on this site. Please check it out, it is totally worth the read:


There is limited resources throughout the planet and I think the general purpose of programming is make people feel like they are on a smooth even mood, when you watch tv not to get overly excited, or overly depressed. If you study psychology you will find the same techniques they use in hospitals are what they use on unsuspecting viewers. I think they are trying to look out for our best interest as sad as it sounds, but at the same rate I think someone under programming can be woken up at anytime on request and discover what is really going on. The world is interesting place and to fill your time with entertainment shows is like cutting yourself short, this world is really interesting and if you take a moment you will understand how beautiful it is, be with good energy and don't believe the lies.

Thanks again for the informative article.
I now always know what the cheetah print means. I keep on seeing it everywhere!
Even in Willow Smith's 21st century girl she has the cheetah print leggings.
And she's pulling skyscrapers out of he said and there are even more blatant Monarch references in the vid. Such as, well, the whispering in the little kid's ear towards the end of the video, and then the little kid has a Monarch butterfly in hand.
Did anybody notice that Effie Trinket also has a dress made of monarch butterflies (I think in Catching Fire)?
This video of Nicki's also reminds me of The Monster by Eminem feat Rihanna.
Because just as well, the rapper thinks he's crazy like when he says "I need a straitjacket, face facts"….

What I don't really understand is that B.O.B. is known for dissing the illuminati in several songs such as Paper Route and Missing. Now he's in a music video where he's crazy? I don't think that's a coincidence…

Many of them are mind controlled and past victims of abuse. Their ability to act for the camera is their disassociation from reality in action.

You post such eye opening material…I always find myself coming back to your site and thinking wow…I was listening to that song and didn't even have a second thought about it…Scary stuff

What about modern country music? Is it a part of this nwo/illuminati stuff too?

Did anyone see the white guy in the cell at the end just befor he's shown without the "stuff" he used to tie his head, the head of the ram/dragon-looking monsters towards the "I'm here, you're there" part…? Hmmm?

i love your comment the Vigilen CItizen Keep it up from Jos Nigeria

To the person who wrote the article and others, if you were to make a song and video wouldnt it be about the subject matter of secret societies and contain as much information as possible? to reach as many people as possible with the most impact?

What if BOB is into this very subject as many other are? obviously we all are cuz were all here at the same place studyin it. What im sayin is that a person isnt necc'ly "in" on the secrets etc just cuz they project an image of it.

This is so damn old and repetitive it's not even laughable anymore. Besides promoting all this Mind Control crap, listen to all the words of songs nowadays, clubs this, f&^k so and so for the night, throw up the bottles in clubs, and all that other garbage. Every year, different artists and lousy beats, same message. It's drummed in peoples' heads so much thats all they want to do. "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die"-(can't remember the scripture, but it speaks volumes about alot of peoples' fatalist viewpoint, they don't care about anything anymore except the here and now)

Man, just wanted to let you know that you write very well. That conclusion was amazing.

Talking about the subject of the text, you made pretty obvious what the song is about.

scary fu'kin s**t dude…

Hey, has any of you guys seen the MV Ponponpon?? Isn't it weird that there are eyes everywhere???

I always wondered one thing when thinking about this "one-eye" business. After the popularity of web cams sky-rocketed to the point where every computer is fitted with a built in camera. You ever wonder if "they" are watching you while you're on the computer…and off. Think about it. Hackers have accessed people inside their homes this way without their knowledge. Who's to say "they" aren't doing this? B.O.B. is an artist I find to be consciously aware of many things. He knows what's up. I always wondered why there are so many talented female rappers out there but they are not given proper exposure. They want any and all rappers male and female to be shuckin and jivin fools who do not even remember the roots of rap as a tool to stand up against social inequality. These artists are not only NOT good role models but they are reiterating… Read more »
A Chic Named Slickback

Culture Vulture, read David McGowans "Laurel Canyon" (The chapters can be accessed online through his website) This will give you the basis on what is behind the veneer of the entertainment industry.

I'm not sure if you already did this, but you should do an article on Pyramids by Frank Ocean because there's illuminati symbols everywhere in the music video youuu neeedddd too doo thissss please ugh its so weird i used to like frank 🙁 but then i saw the pyramid in the end with the light shining at the top :/

Wauw, I just listened to far east movements 'turn up the love' He sings, no illuminati, then he makes a 6 with his fingers, and another band member passes by with a seeing eye necklace.. Well played..

First of all the bible is not the first form of MINd control. Satan has always been the author of confusion. See when in sodom and Gommorah the people were so brain washed by satan that they began lust after the angels. This is why homosexuals and lesbians are hated so deeply because God abhors such blaspheming. The destruction of your temple is your doom. Being in BondAGE lets God know who you serve. In this video they were representing their owner . Lust , lesbianism and homosexuality work together. These are some satan's most strongest spirits to date. Knowledge is power…. do your research and if your relationship with God is strong you will understand what spiritual bondage truly is.

Yet another great article from VC. Thanks for keeping my eyes open! Just wanted to find out what your thoughts were about Farm Aid. I just returned from the concert this past weekend and I was saddened by how much Illuminati symbolism was present at an event like that. I guess it's so surprise… It's just sad to think that Dave Matthews and Willie Nelson would turn into some brainwashed puppets.

Just wanted to see if anyone else went to Farm Aid and had the same experience I did. And as always, keep up the good work VC!! There may be no hope for any of us but at least those of us who open our eyes will die knowing we couldn't be fooled too!

Speaking of how to make mind control sexy – or in this case add it to clothing, check out this messed up site:


Look at "awareness" watch the vid… look at the guys shirt.

…Explore the site. Now…. I don't know if this is the designers of the shirts are doing this as a joke against conspiracy theories…or if this is just REALLY blatant symbolism…. what do you guys think? Either way, this is some crazy s**t. Lol, excuse the language.

Didn't mean to post twice

Speaking of how to make mind control sexy – or in this case add it to clothing, check out this messed up site:


Look at "awareness" watch the vid… look at the guys shirt.

…Explore the site. Now…. I don't know if this is the designers of the shirts are doing this as a joke against conspiracy theories…or if this is just REALLY blatant symbolism…. what do you guys think? Either way, this is some crazy s**t. Lol, excuse the language. <3

hey VC where are yoU?? We need a new post!

And not a mention about the "Gangnam Style" thing. I think it is fairly illuminati, and it drowns K-Pop in a shot.

Oh well. Psy can bribe VC a lot of money; Psy's father is a billionaire.


This necklace is suppose to mean anything? It's very difficult to see it in the video.

don't forget to include this site in your research:


isnt it "electroconvulsive therapy" the "electrocompulsive therapy" lyric must be a play on words! And i checked out the lyrics (nothing riveting trust me..) and saw "onomonopia" in verse 3 for B.O.B 2nd line..i was like, "wtf is that mean???" smh

Nicki is the best, she tells the barbz to stay in college, stay safe, and achieve something in life and not be lazy, perfect rolemodel.

Regardless if it's about Monarch Programming or not, it fetishizes torture and mental institutions which is dangerous all around.

Please someone talk about the death of the american ambassador in Libya. Is there anything more obvious and blatant as: September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack was carried out in USA, then USA invaded afghanistan (supposedly Bin Laden was hidden in there, the prime suspect) and later Iraq (because supposedly in Iraq, were producing chemical or nuclear weapons, and was also the source of creation of terrorists, and that the country represented a danger to the West). Well, after 11 years on September 11, 2012 the american ambassador in libya is murdered in a "TERRORIST ATTACK???", because of a movie depicting an evil prophet Mohammed??? was the ambassador a film-maker??? I believe in Libya there are few american people living in community, so why they didn't attack these ppl? why the ambassador? he was a politician for God sake!!! what the hell is going on again? and when american government… Read more »


I really hate it when more and more upcoming artistes are being mind controlled.

I try to control what I listen to know, but it's getting harder and harder.

Thanks for all the effort you put in to warn us about these things.

I really appreciate it.

Also are you going to do an article on the VMA's this year??

Just wondering.

Thanks again!

Where are the nice new posts?

Looking for them…

If this comment gets posted twice, blame it on the computer I used. I watched the video. They look and sing like a couple of robots. The song is devoid of any emotion, devoid of soul, and devoid of talent. It's nothing like the popular music that I used to listen to when I was growing up. Also, BOB says something in the song about calling FEMA, as in FEMA death camps! I was appalled.

I watched the video. They look and sing like a couple of robots. This is nothing like the popular music I listened to when I was growing up. It's devoid of any emotion, devoid of soul, devoid of talent. I hate it. I can't get how anyone actually likes this soulless crap.

s**t like this makes me not want to presume my dream in the music industry.

@Christiansforlucifer says:


I like your new look CFL. It suits you.

is this what music come to sad

I guess the producers and big companies are thinking that satanic and illuminati symbolism is polemic enough to generate profit. And that's why things are getting creepier and creepier every day. Maybe "Illuminati-Puppet Pop Star" is the new "Sexy Satanic Crowley-Loving Rock Star", in the sense that controversial imagery is used to make money.

It doesn't mean that the message is "less dangerous" than before, obviously. What we have now is a blatant display of glamourized slavery, what is awful for people of any religion. And messages that confuse and harm everyone. Homosexuals and heterosexuals. Men and women. Christians, Satanists, Atheists, monotheists, polytheists, you name it.

This is not about religion, guys. I must remind you of that. This is about politics, and freedom.

Check out the newly 'made over' Courtney Stodden. She is being UNVEILED by the 'industry' to their satanic followers. She is wearing the ever-present Illuminati Red Dress which is loaded with symbolism, and she has been given a new image. Gone is the cheap, tacky makeup, now she is made up to be more appealing to the masses. Unfortunately for Stodden, she wants fame so badly that she is likely to do whatever she is told and will eventually pay the price. Keep an eye on her as she is one that they will use and eventually destroy. Her Unveiling in Red is a signal.


What the Red Dress represents: http://nwothesis.blogspot.com/2010/01/lady-in-red

Just research 'Illuminati Red Dress' for more.

If only more people knew the real costs of fame. Being a celebrity just rips your soul out and you are mindless robot, a product to dress up and direct as pleased.

Man, I've been studying symbols/history/religions and anything spiritual and one day I bumped into a video of this girl (btw no idea who she is or was at the momento I only know she's a pop star)

and there is an interview where she's talking crap, and in a flip of a second her eyes turn a different color and shape. a freaky guy took the time to slow the video down to show it was real!!

and yep, you couldnt blame it on the lights, that was something from another dimension for sure

the crazy thing is that there were times in history where seeing this was pretty common, now its mostly hidden, it is said though that those channels will be more "open" a few years from now so we might see more of that more often!

its the devil- its not only mind control but devil worship in the works. don't believe the whole thing on reptilians and all that reptilian eye crap, its just the devil present at that moment with those people. remember he comes in the form of a reptile, and G-d has a way of showing us peoples' true colors. The final goal is not just business and elitists owning everything but for everyone under them to lose their religion. Another thing about mind-control as well as hypnotizing or momentarily disassociating that people don't really know is that you open your soul up to allow the evil one in. It has a lot to do with the goals of these people and also the young kids and everyone into the hollywood and music crap which is all to create fake heroes for kids to follow is that they want them to forget… Read more »

Hey, you're studying symbols?

I saw so much things and I want to know their meanings.

Everywhere, in a lot of movies, tv shows and games I keep seeing a circle with a dot in it…In symbolism it mean "s" but I thinks it have a big signification.


And here an example that I find on VC's forum…A paint from James Franco.


And I find some weird stuff that is swastika-ish…In that kind of position…


In some case it's look like this…


The only thing I know is these symbol can be rotate and it have something to do with the sun + The mitsubishi logo is just like this.

Thanks and sorry I do what I can in english.

Its crazy how I never realized what I was hearing in the 90s or album titles and Songs really meant for instance- bullet with butterfly wings by smashing pumpkins. Hello weapon in the form of a butterfly he was crying about mind control in that song. Nimrod by green day. Enter sandman by Metallica should just be called enter devil never never land hello child mind control and possession in one.by the way green day always had these slick hidden meanings and what seems like stupid cute art work really has meaning like their eyes exxed out on their new album. Everywhere u turn around its about the devil or mind control. I used to think marylin Manson was creative and different and even a rebel just like lady gaga fans today. Guess what they are all paid heroes in the end and teach the same story. Now it's even… Read more »

I'd also like to point out the song "B.O.B" (Bombs On Baghdad) by Outkast which was released in 1999 , I believe, a few years before 9/11 and the war in Iraq where Baghdad is located, as long as we're discussing mind control and symbolism in songs, I think the song was meant to condition the mind of the listener in advance, before the event occurred. Also, Outkast isn't a political band so I wonder why they were singing about war in the first place.

many MK slaves become obsessed with the symbol and find themselves drawing it everywhere. I DO IT ALL THE TIME DOES THAT MEAN IM BEING CONTROLLED SUBLIMINALLY NOW IM REALLY PARANOID THANKS ALOT :'(



I was in a psych ward a couple month ago and if I made a song about it would that make me mind controlled because they weren't to nice to me

Think about it: If the Bible was a form of mind control, the LAST thing they would do is take it out of schools. They would promote it–NOT forsake it. It is written and it will happen. They don't want us to be aware because the Bible has true power. The Word is power! I'm just sayin', that's all!

Thanks for the article, VC! Keep up the great work!

I'd like to see VC cover more older music videos. I definitely agree with the symbols but I don't think that necessarily means Illuminati. It just seems like using these symbols are just a trend in videos. That's why I'd like to see more historical analysis