The 2014 VMAs: All About Oversexualization Pushed by Music Industry Puppets


The 2014 VMAs were focused on a single theme – a theme that was expressed using most of the stars of the show. From Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande to Iggy Azalea and Beyonce, the sight and the sounds of the VMAs were about one thing: Oversexualization using Illuminati puppets.


Last year’s VMAs were all about Miley Cyrus acting like a fully programmed Beta Kitten. This year, nearly all of the performers who took the stage were acting like fully programmed Beta Kittens. When the “highlights” of an award show are the butt implants of Nicki Minaj and (most likely) Iggy Azalea, you know there wasn’t much substance there. After the show, MTV reported as “news” that Austin Mahone said about Nicki Minaj:

“Her butt was just huge. That was all I could focus on.”

This pretty much sums up the 2014 VMAs: a dumbstruck audience staring at butts for a few hours, mixed with some industry pawns getting shiny trophies. While some viewers might say “That was awesome!”, let’s not forget that the target audience of MTV are born around the year 2000. They are the ones growing up watching this, absorbing the sights and sounds. And the sights and sounds of the 2014 VMAs sent a clear message to these youths.

Oversexualization means, simply, “sexualizing excessively”. Yes, making love is a wonderful part of life, but when this act is debased, corrupted, exploited, and sold to young, immature minds, it can produce lifelong negative psychological and interpersonal effects. However, to the occult elite, those effects are desirable because it produces a population with “loose morals”, which is just the kind of population they are looking to create.

One giant creepy All-Seeing Eye is letting you know that the elite is sponsoring this fiasco.
One giant creepy All-Seeing Eye is letting you know that the elite is sponsoring this fiasco.

As usual, the VMAs featured small selection of performers. Even “crowd reaction” shots were focused only on a few guests, namely Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian. In short, the 2014 VMAs were all about the industry kittens.

Here’s a look at the main stars of the VMAs and their main message. You will probably realize that they are all similar, almost as if they were controlled by the same people. Newsflash: They are.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is another children favorite (she was first seen on Nickelodeon TV shows) who is turning industry Kitten.
Ariana Grande is yet another child TV star turned into an industry Kitten.

Ariana Grande mastered the “I-am-so-young-and-innocent” look during her TV career. That look is now combined with skimpy outfits to please perverts around the world. Even the host of the show, Jay Farrow, addressed the uncomfortable feeling caused by Grande’s act.

“Ariana Grande is killing it right now. I’m attracted to her and, you know, I feel a little weird about it because … she looks kind of young, don’t she? You should not be a grown man enjoying Sam & Cat just like your five-year-old nephew. He’s like: “Uncle I like her”. I’m like: “I like her too baby, she’s amazing”.


Sam and Cat was a Nickelodeon show primarily aimed at children under 12. As with many other children favorites, both stars got sexual.
Sam & Cat was a Nickelodeon show popular among children under 12.
Grande's co-star Jennette McCurdy caused some controversy when revealing selfies "leaked" online. Subjecting young fans to these kinds of transformations has become an almost necessary ritual in the entertainment industry.
Grande’s co-star Jennette McCurdy caused some controversy when some of her racy selfies “leaked” online. Once again, young fans witnessed the transformation of a young girl they idolized into a product of the Beta Kitten industry.

Ariana Grande is currently getting a huge push from the industry to launch her career. Unsurprisingly, she is already pushing the messages and the symbolism that comes with being an industry puppet.

In her video "Break Free", the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in used to launch the spaceship. A great way to promote the occult elite's philosophy to clueless viewers.
In her “Break Free” video, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is used to launch the spaceship. Not unlike Madonna, Britney Spears and other industry Kittens, Grande is into “Hollywood Kabbalah”.
The seal of the Illuminati pawn.
The official seal of the industry pawn.

Nicki Minaj

Re-read the title of this article to fully understand this image.
Re-read the title of this article to fully understand this image.

As documented in several articles on this site, Nicki Minaj has been used to push all kinds of Agendas in the few past years. Her latest single, Anaconda, is a continuation of her doing exactly what the industry wants her to do. The song samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back and repeatedly uses the line “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun” which can be translated to “You will not attract guys if you do not have a gigantic butt like Nicki Minaj’s”. When Sir Mix-A-Lot rapped this line in the original song, it was kind of funny and amusing. But, in the context of Minaj’s song, it became a way of making young girls feel inadequate.

If you’re able to not focus exclusively on her butt and listen to the lyrics, you’ll notice that each verse is about Nicki banging a different guy. Because he has money. Pretty uplifting.

This dude named Michael used to buy motorcycles
D*ck bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel
Real country ass n***a, let me play with his rifle
P***y put his ass to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil
Now that bang bang bang, I let him hit it cause he slang cocaine
He toss my salad like his name Romaine
And when we done, I make him buy me romaine
I’m on some dumb s**t

The last line of this verse is quite accurate. But things get dumber. A part of the song repeatedly says “Oh. My. Gosh. Look at her butt”. Meanwhile, during her performance Nicki shook her surgically enlarged behind continuously. It’s these moments of clarity where you realize that our civilization has reached a new cultural low and that we are not far from Roman-style all-out decadence.

Of course, one might say: “It’s a fun song about big butts! Get over it pal!”. Well, okay, pal. Let’s look at the other performance given by Minaj:

Usher bangs his head on Minaj's behind and then slaps it.
Usher bangs his head on Minaj’s behind and then slaps it.

It was not just one song. The entire awards show was all about selling “it” through industry puppets.

Official seal of the industry pawn.
The official seal of the industry pawn.

Jessie J

Jessie J and friends after performing "Bang Bang"
Jessie J and friends after performing “Bang Bang”. As if to highlight the real message of the awards, Minaj could barely keep her clothes on.

For some reason, Jessie J is always invited to big events. Maybe it is because she’s always been down with the Illuminati Agenda. In this case, her single Bang Bang fits perfectly in the overarching theme of the 2014 VMAs. Here is the chorus of the song:

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute tell you (ah)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute tell you (ah)

Jessie J is just another puppet selling “it” to the youth.

Official seal of the industry pawn.
The official seal of the industry pawn.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

After trying for years to make it in the music industry, Iggy got buttocks implants and that is pretty much what she's about now.
Iggy Azalea got down and dirty while performing Black Widow.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora have both been featured on Vigilant Citizen because they push the Illuminati Agenda (see my article on Iggy’s  video celebrating Kitten Programming). In the VMAs, they performed the song Black Widow, which is the name of venomous female spiders who eat the males after mating. Guess what the song is about? Yup, copulating with a guy and killing him afterwards. Vengeful, evil copulation mixed with death. That is the kind of crap the industry loves to promote.

Two performers, two official seals of industry pawns.
Two performers, two official seals of the industry pawn.


A lot of legs spreading during this award show.
A lot of legs were spread during this awards show.

Not unlike the VMAs of the past few years, Jay-Z and Beyonce acted as the “royal family” of the awards. Beyonce was given the Video Vanguard Award and got to perform a whole lot of songs. Beyonce being awarded in this edition of the VMAs makes sense, since for years she has been the main figure of the Kitten industry. As stated in several articles on this site, Beyonce has been used to push all aspects of the elite’s Agenda.

As expected, Beyonce’s performance got rather raunchy and explicit. Here’s a verse from her song Partition.

Driver roll up the partition please
I don’t need you seeing Yoncé on her knees
Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
We ain’t even gonna make it to this club
Now my mascara runnin’, red lipstick smudged
Oh he so horny, yeah he want to f**k
He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse
He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown

This was intertwined with a confusing bit about feminism.

I am not a big fan of any term that finishes with -ist. And I do know why Beyonce is standing in front of it.
None of this makes sense. To top it off, it was followed by her singing “Bow down b*tches”.

While Beyonce was performing, the camera kept cutting to Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.

"Look mommy is on the stripper pole now".
“Look, mommy is on the stripper pole now”.

While the presence of Blue Ivy was somewhat heartwarming, there is a question that is needs to be asked. Is anyone else bringing their kids? Why is she so present and publicized? Does she need to be in that spotlight? In the context of these VMAs – which are almost ritual dramas, yes, she needed to be there. She is the heir of the royal couple. Like all of the young people around the world, she witnessed a few hours of intense oversexualization. And then she saw her mother get a trophy for it. The Agenda is about implementing values to the younger generation. And Blue Ivy represented that. And that is how the VMAs ended.

Official seal of the industry pawn.
Official seal of the industry pawn.

In Conclusion

This year’s VMAs did not contain the usual occult symbolism that is described on this site. In fact, it did not contain much substance at all. It focused solely on an key part of the industry agenda: Sexualizing the youth and exposing them to debasing, degrading messages. It is about associating art, music and creation with the exploitation of lust. As seen in the lyrics and images above, the “stars” of the show are not independent artists, they are puppets part of the same system, all linked together under the “one-eye sign”.

In an ideal world, this kind of spectacle would prompt viewers to question the state of modern society’s mass art and culture, which is constantly sinking to new lows. It would make viewers wonder why all this “music” has become a homogenous cesspool of overstimulating, mind-numbing messages. Unfortunately, most viewers will have just one reaction to the 2014 VMAs: “Look at her butt!”

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Man. I've been following U for years. And I gotta say, the line
"For some reason, Jessie J is always invited to big events"

OH man!! I have never laughed so hard!

It's funny because it's true! She a no-hit wonder!

Good times man.

This website makes me realize how god-awful kids shows are. I mean the writing/ plots.

Makes Power Rangers look like Six Feet Under.

my hubs noticed the eye right off the bat. I like some of Beyonce's songs and that is about it. She is a great entertainer and a great singer. But she has definitely changed over the years. She is very inappropriate and it is very annoying that so many females idolize her. I certainly don't. Ariana is a puppet and it totally shows.

I used to work in the music business & I loved that s**t, I got laid off before I got in too deep but there were all kinds of warning signs. It definitely isn't the world you think it is, it is the most cutthroat business I've ever been privy too. There are things going on that you wouldn't believe unless you saw it yourself – and even then you would question what you saw. All I can tell you is it's much deeper than sex, drugs & rock & roll and if it's a career in the music business you are seeking be prepared to sell your soul if you want to succeed.

How come Joan Rivers dies on Beyonce's 33rd birthday? Joan was born in 1933 and dies at 81, Beyonce was born in 1981… 33 is a very important number in Freemasonry. Also, her heart stopped during a little throat surgery, how convenient

I for one thanked God for her demise for it serves as a clear warning to obnoxiously arrogant people that they are powerless compared to God and whilst they may throw fuel into the fire in order to ensure deeper stigmatization and oppression of those who are already destitute and bereft of all modern comfort, ultimately, they can fall down in one fell swoop.

Crossed my mind…she was 81. Which sums up to 9
She died on beyonce's 33 bday
She died at 1.17 pm adds up to 9 again. Weird

wow this is scary

All exactly as planned. It is no coincidence that the notorious child molester/ child killer Jimmy Saville was so close to so many of the "elites" in the UK.

Make no mistake. This p*******e network is global and no doubt many of the "elite" in the music industry are part of it. If you were a group of super powerful p********s wouldn't you want to do everything to make your evil "normal" to the masses?

This is also why there is so much sexualization of youth from APPARENTLY different organizations such as the the public school system, the UN and Planned Parenthood to name a few. At the REAL top of them (going beyond their front men/ women), they are ALL the same organization which is why they act as if they are one unit. They ARE in reality.

anything to say about the recent slew of deaths? Robin, Joan, Simone battle?

3 out of the first 4 songs performed were written by the same artist, Max Martin: Ariana Grande – Break Free, Jessie J – Bang Bang, Taylor Swift – Shake it Off & later in the show, Maroon 5 – One More Night

This man has written almost every major pop song in the past 2 decades yet his name is never mentioned or thanked by anyone.

What is Max Martin to the elite?

I think this comment is the most underrated. I had no idea all these Poser musicians are having their songs written by the exact same person. Sounds like Max Martin is one degree removed from Lucifer. Follow that man to his studio, and Lucifer is probably in a dark corner closet, or on the roof, laying the recordings onto the Master Copy of Vinyl in the middle of a Five Point Pentagram

I wonder if he is also the one who has introduced this 'devil voice' to all the music we get these days, across all genre's. At some point in almost every song these days, there is a dark, really deep and creepy voice that speaks in slow motion and that is very hard to decipher. It always stands out as weird and ill placed.
I think its there to put some kinda hex on the listener, otherwise, what is its purpose really?
Have you heard it?

He is big in subliminality 😉
The backtracking for example is just ONE example.

hey, it's the first time i hear about this voice, haven't noticed it in the songs yet. it's like with the symbolism in music videos, at first you don't notice it, but when you do, you see that it's been in front of your eyes all the time.


That music video for the 80s rap hit "Me, Myself and I" is blatant in retrospect.


I know what you're talking about.

Eminem made fun of it on a song or two. He hates someone something fierce.

I also wonder who it was that introduced that dark, devil voice to every goddamn song. And it's there in all genre's; pop, dance, rap, rnb and for musicians acroos the board too. Oh, how it disturbs me so! You could be bouncing along to a happy little tune and then there is this deep voice saying words that you really can't make up. Have any of you heard it? I would say I first heard it with Lil Wayne and Future's song, 'Love Me' and since then, it is absolutely everywhere!
I sometimes feel like I am being hexed or that this is part of some ritual and immediately change the channel.
What do you think?

I have never heard of that voice, please tell me some recent pop songs in which it comes

Try. 'We can't stop' and '23' – Miley Cyrus, Love me – Lil Wayne & Future.

Can't seem to think of any others, but if you hear it once, you will pick it up in many songs!

It is just what demons sound like. It is not the voice of the devil as his chargeout rail would be off the scale and eat into the budgets of music companies (so would not be in the vested interest).

Great sidetrack. This is why i keep coming back to these comments. A lot of people forget that the music, the hits, the soundtracks, it is all made by a group of people, not just the singers, trumpeteers and triangle-players.

Jessie J is behind a few hits, too … she 'gave' Party in the USA to Miley … that song catapulted her to new heights of fame outside of her teen base and paved the way for her to then change her image and keep on singing the hits

Our society is degrading faster each year.
I hope there will be many of us who can maintain our selves and be a light to those who need it.
The world has failed us but let's not fail the people who still need help.


Maybe Beyoncés little feminism performance piece or whatever. (I didn't see it. ) doesn't seem to make sense through traditional eyes, but it seems to make sense to me knowing their agenda and knowing they have a reason for every detail.
Seems to me after promoting feminism to throw bow down b*****s right after may be creating a mindset of what it means to be a feminist.

"Oh I'm a feminist for woman's rights and that means I'm better than you b*****s now let's go be w****s! We are woman and we have the right to s**t around that makes us strong!" Seems like setting up more moral less ignorant generations.

I JUST READ ALL 3 PAGES of these comments and I can't believe NOBODY commented on Taylor swifts performance!! It starts with her LAYING DOWN IN THE CENTER OF THE ALL SEEING EYE with "men in suits" (the industry/elite) standing over her and then standing up and raising her from the eye.. Funny also how the FIRST TWO LINES OF THE SONG are "I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain" then it has the SUITS chasing her, she goes under an ARCHWAY made up MORE SUITED MEN while more walk out (funny how the men portrayed as the elite are literally her archway/door) it amazes me that nobody mentioned this because when i saw her performance start that one stuck out to me IMMEDIATELY moreso than any other performance!! I've been on VC since 2009 and so I cant help but watch ANYTHING anymore and find the… Read more »
what goes on at these awards is nothing more than an ode to satan. To get into a stripper club in any country one has to be an adult, and an age limit is set in each country. Yet at these awards shows, and in the vids of these women celebs, anyone can view them no matter the age. What is the diff to what they are doing on the stage and in their vids, to what strippers do. Other than they don't end up completely naked.The dancing is sure no diff. They say they are doing it to empower women. Yet from all we see, they are still empowering men. And in reality degrading women. They are teaching that a woman's worth is still in how good she looks, and how she can shake it in the bedroom.. And that she doesn't have much more value than that. Because… Read more »

I really don't see any difference between those women and pole dancers and prostitutes. With all due respect to prostitutes and pole dancers.

The ironic thing is that when they are all asked about it, they all "believe" in God and have a fantastic, close and personal relationship with Him.

What a mess.

Would you include models within that category?

They are talking about their god lucifer when they refer to God. I am not saying that in a vindictive sense either. Some are more conscious of it than others.

I think pole dancers and prostitutes are better persons than those singers. At least pole dancers and prostitutes do it earn money for themselves, not to brainwash a whole generation of children and teenagers. And I also sure they would watch their child what they are doing.


Meh, some let their junkie lovers molest their children. And I'm sure some would seize the opportunity to brainwash children for big bank.

When will the madness stop and people finally wake.up and stand up for what's right!!! These people turned a holy symbol about true enlightenment and turned it into evil like how the nazis used the swastika for evil and fear'!! We're allmost at the breaking point that if we all don't do anything about this this evil machine will get to big to fight back!! If it's not the occultism then it's men who have to much money and power and waaaay to much influence on our world!!! Or could be aliens for all we know lol…

In about 1998ish there was a TV show special called something to the effect of "World's Most Banned Commericials." (or at least banned in the US) The main reason the commercials were "banned" was because all of the sexual innuendo. I remember one of the commercials was advertising something (deodorant??) that made you so strong that some dude was doing pushups, without his hands. I remember being very surprised and disgusted at the imagery. Obviously most of it was just gross (on the level of your 5th grade classmates during health class), but it really did little to highlight the products except leave you with a nasty reminder of it in your head. Like shoes (Dr. Maartens??) that somehow involved urinals. My browser was having its usually conniptions showing images, but I did read parts of this article and the comments earlier yesterday, so I knew what to expect. Or… Read more »

If you pay close attention to Beyonce's performance you can she her switch between alters. During the part where she was on that chair(I don't know whats it called) before partition a giant eye flashes and she is in the middle of it. After this she switches into the yonce alter to perform partition you can she the change in her eyes and her voice is lower. She also changes before bow down when she throws her head back and forth. At the start and end of the performance she was in her main alter

The Parents Television Council asked the VMAs to tone it down this year. Instead, they sexed it up AND Bey and J brought their kid! It's like they were saying, sorry people, we do what we want and this is what your kids are going to see. You can read about the Parents Television Council – they have a website. They released a great press statement about the VMAs.

very powerful article. if those "seal of the industry pawn"-pics alone dont open your eyes you are dead already. watched this today (not really, it was muted on a screen to my right and i glanced over from time to time) and was literally SMH nonstop. every time i looked i saw an ass or spread legs. grande, minaj, jessie j are really a weird trio. a man-woman a ghetto stripper and… a cute little girl. dressed like a stripper too. srsly wtf. the comments about her from the host couldnt be more obvious- this is all about LOLITA fetish (read nabukovs lolita or watch the 2 movies by same name, preferrably the old one from kubrick). beyonce, as usual, only in a bathing suit with high heels (a 20year career without ever wearing pants lol) was doing her usual vulgar choreography. why it went on forever, hell i dont… Read more »

and what happened to lolita? she went to marry a young man and the end is well known.

Besides the fact that the music industry is without a doubt in the outhouse, and the music is not only gross, but really endlessly pathetic repetition, it is beyond comprehension that anybody considers this junk quality music, or even entertaining. It has to say something about people's minds either being destroyed of all morality, or controlled by years of brainwashing in public school, fixation on TV and movies, and whatever else the Illuminati have cooked up to destroy us.

As an aside, symbolic of the loss of brain cells in the sheeple, is the fact that a huge butt is considered sexy. What's that all about. It looks deformed or a body part of an extremely obese person.

These music awards shows keep getting worse and worse. I don't watch them on TV, but I can clearly see what goes on with this website. They seem very low class, and sleazy, very low IQ, very evil. This isn't beautiful art, but is very embarrassing.
Anaconda video seemed to represent Satan or Lucifer in the garden of Eden as a snake (phallic symbol). In the background, you can see Lucifer flying in the sky, then it morphs on the tree as a monkey creature, possibly representing man? The whole video seems like a tropical themed adult video. I'm surprised that this is allowed on TV. I find it depressing, to think this is considered entertainment.

Why can't NM just go away shes such a bad stain in this Industry.

The whole industry is a bad stain.

If anything, NM makes the implicit explicit, taking it to such a weird level that it is easier to reject.

I am super disheartened by Blu Ivy being there. All i can say is i hope Jesus comes back when all the hollywood and music industry babies and children are still young and innocent and will sweep them up to love and purity and safety. I also pray that their parents turn their to Jesus so they can be with their children for all eternity in happiness and joy.

I am disheartened that they named her Blu Ivy.

Sad debauchery on display and most are too numb-brained to even see it. Thanks, VC.

I'm very very afraid for the pure soul that is Ivy. Her parents have been using her for media attention and more since her conception. It's certain that she'll, just like Willow Smith, be made to be an Illuminati princess. With one's mother being Beyonce, the pressure and demands on her will be the most traumatic the world will ever witness.

All these swirling 666 incorporated on the stage and other decoration! Wow! Wake up world. Yes, we all have butts and genetalia, so do animals. It doesn't mean we have to behave as such. Correction: animals are behaving more humanly at the moment.


i wonder do her parents expose her to rituals?

because if her parents obey these things

then this girl is in real danger

Amen to that Lea!

I could barely watch this travesty this year. I, too, was looking for the signs and symbols that are staples of these "ritualistic" award shows. What I found was appalling on a whole new level. I saw the entire thing as being totally women focused, sexualizing women and not celebrating them, while overemphasizing their body parts. The worst thing of the night was the obvious…..the grand master and mistress of the dark exposing their baby to this kind of evil. Blue Ivy watching the sexual displays but worse, watching her own mother do the things she did on stage, in front of all the impressionable young ladies who "idolize" this "woman" while barely dressed. Who, in their right mind would expose their child to that kind of thing and FEEL GOOD about it!?! No parent that I know. The end, when her "beloved" brought Blue Ivy on stage, made me… Read more »

I wish I could like your comment more than once. I agree with everthing. Only I don't thing Beyonce and J-Z felt bad about their child having to see this. They are already so brainwashed they don't know what they are doing. Don't think Bey' tears were about her child having to see it.
Wow I am glad I a'm not 14 anymore and being influenced by this cr*p.

Thanks everyone for the comments! @Ludivine, I definitely don't believe her tears had anything to do with her poor child seeing that evil permeating the stage all night. I sense she knew Blue Ivy is an "offering" J-Z is Beyonce's handler and they get that famous through obedience to their "god" which ISN'T THE God! Theyare brainwashed, conditioned and programmed and what a horrible price to pay for money, fame and possessions! They CHOSE this path and iI can only pray they find their way out! Something tells me the "king" and "queen" are in it for the long haul though!

I hope Blue Ivy we be saved one day from these 'parents', she is such a pure and innocent soul. It's heartbreaking to see.

The innocent and pure ones have a special place in my heart and God's heart as well and this really broke my heart to see just as you said! Yes, I too pray that she is saved from this evil and from her so-called "parents." Before it's too late!

The King and Queen don't mind offering up a child the Queen never personally gave birth to.

I completely agree wholeheartedly!

In the U.S. you go to jail now or boom boom shot by a cop for giving food to homeless

I fully agree, well written.

I agree with you 100%.


I do not……….

I agree that Miley is a total Illuminati victim and "slave," but I think that underneath all of the evil there is at least an attempt to do good.

I agree that it probably was not terribly succesful.

But hey, I happen to feel sorry for her, just like I feel sorry for Britney. Both are waking tragedies. Only difference—–Britney has already been destroyed by her handlers—–Miley definitely will in the near future.

Same for Perry.

Beyonce's 33rd birthday was Yesterday, I wonder if she had to sacrifice anyone to receive her 33rd degree in FreeMasonry? Did anyone famous die yesterday? Anyone? Anyone?

That young girl from American x faxtor

The botox per capita allocation in LA quadrupled last night. Supplies were running low and drastic action was taken to reverse the trend.

Joan Rivers? But they are unconnected.