The Police State Agenda in Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”


Why do music videos these days often feature police in riot gear and violent repression? Is there an attempt to normalize the concept of a police state in mass media? Two recent and blatant example of this agenda is Jay-Z and Kanye’s video “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”. Even though these songs are different in style, their underlying message is similar and is on par with the police state agenda of the world elite. This article will look at the meaning and implications of these videos.

What does Jay-Z have in common with Adam Lambert? At first glance, nothing at all. At second glance, they’re mainstream artists part of the music industry and at some point, even though they differ in style and substance, they are expected to push the agenda of the elite. As we discussed in the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music, the entertainment industry is used to promote and normalize the concept of a police state in the eyes of young people. Since the publishing of that article in early 2010, many other artists have featured an oppressive police force and violent repression as part of their works. From performances in live shows to music videos, there is a conscious and constant effort to associate the cool and sexy aura of pop stars with the otherwise abhorrent sight of riot police in a free society.

Two recent examples of the perpetuation of the police state agenda in popular culture are Jay-Z and Kanye West’s music video No Church in the Wild and Adam Lambert’s Never Close our Eyes. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the fact that these songs are two different genres that aim to reach two different markets, they both contribute to the saturation of popular culture with police state imagery. While the authorities are not necessarily portrayed as the “good guys”, they are nevertheless there, as if their presence at any kind of public demonstration is normal. Let’s look at the symbolism and the underlying meaning of these two videos.

No Church in the Wild

No Church in the Wild has rather profound philosophical implications. The lyrics are of course up for interpretation, one of which is that the song is a rejection of religious dogma to embrace a more humanist (and maybe hedonistic) way of life. The title of the song itself is a figurative way of saying that religious institutions such as the Church are unnecessary human constructs that are not found in nature. That being said, the video consists of lovely footage of trees and streams … oh no, actually the video is about a bunch of dudes getting beat up by riot police. Why? What’s the relationship to the lyrics? I am not totally sure, but the video is pretty much five straight minutes of angry rioters and violent police repression. A great way to desensitize young people to the concept of police state.

The video begins with a guy lighting up a Molotov cocktail in Prague (although some shots appear to be taken in Paris, France).

In the video, the rioters do not appear to have a valid cause and they are clearly portrayed as the aggressors.

So, right away, we are right in the middle of a confrontation between police in riot gear and young rioters. There is no prior explanation and the rioters have been given no “noble cause” to defend. Even if they do, the viewer is not made aware of it, sort of how mass media relays stories of riots across the world. We’re just seeing senseless violence that is initiated by rioters.

The rioters are angry and aggressive. Without a back story describing the source of their grief, it is rather hard to identify with them.

The policemen do not take this crap for long. The young guys charge, violently, giving police an excuse to take out their shiny weapons and retaliate with even more violence.  And boy, do they bash on them.

This guy gets clubbed back to sanity.

This one gets his feet swiped off to fall on his back while other policemen apparently laugh at him.

This one gets a face full of tear gas at point blank range, a lot like student protestors at UC Davis. I am pretty sure that this is NOT the way the user manual recommends using tear gas.

All of these scenes happen in slow motion with a cool beat in the background. As Dave Chappelle once said in his legendary Chappelle Show, everything looks cool in slow motion. Even police clubbing down a young defenseless guy. Is police oppression being glamorized in an indirect way? Here’s a strange juxtaposition of images:

This guy got chased down by police cavaliers and got smacked right on the head with a nightstick.

Right after this scene, we see a shot of a statue that gives a deeper meaning to the violence shown.

Right after we see a rioter get clubbed down by a policeman, we see a shot of a statue of Theseus clubbing the Minotaur. This story from Greek mythology esoterically represents the slaying of man’s “lower animal” side in order to achieve illumination. Is the video saying that the rioting masses are the “lower animal” side of society that needs to be tamed (or slayed) by the illuminated?

The video features several other dramatic shots of sculptures found in Paris, notably a few from the Arc de Triomphe. As we’ve seen in the series of articles Sinister Sites, sculptures and monuments in major cities are often imbued with the symbolism, mythology and philosophy of the world elite and the secret societies behind it. Since these massive monuments are often commissioned and funded by members of the world elite, it is rather expected that they represent them and their views. In the context of the video, showing these stone monuments implacably overlooking the chaos that is happening on street level is a reminder that the elite is seeing what is happening and probably approves of it. After all, isn’t the Masonic motto of the world elite Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos)?

Later in the video, day turns into night … and strobe lights, the kind we usually see in clubs and raves, appear in the riot scene.

Police in riot gear surrounded by strobe lights. They are really trying to associate police with stuff young people enjoy.

Usually when strobe lights are on, it is because something cool is happening, like music, partying or dancing. That being said, why are they around police in riot gear? Are we trying to confuse young minds with good old-fashioned cognitive dissonance? Just in case you might be confused: Being repressed by police does NOT equals a party.

At the end of the video, nobody truly wins or loses. Rioters fight back and appear triumphant while police still stand their ground. In other words, nothing has changed and status quo is preserved. An elephant makes an odd appearance in the streets of Paris, reminding the viewers that the “wild” in question is, in fact, our society, where people act like animals and the strongest one wins. In this wilderness, there is no Church, no respite from the savagery, just the stone gaze of statues overlooking the violence. These sculptures represent the puppet masters, those who pull the strings on both sides in order to advance their agenda of a more controlled and repressive society.


Never Close Our Eyes

While Adam Lambert’s song Never Close Our Eyes differs greatly from No Church in the Wild, it still exposes young people to the same kind of imagery and ends a similar way: An illusion of victory by the revolutionaries – with a special emphasis on the word “illusion”.

Never Close Our Eyes takes place in a dystopian future (in mass media, the future is ALWAYS dystopian) in a setting that is reminiscent of George Lucas’ movie THX 1138 or Michael Bay’s The Island, where Adam Lambert finds himself living in a tightly monitored community (or prison), surrounded by emotion-less and zombie-like denizens.

Never Close Our Eyes is yet another video set in a dystopian future, characterized by the omnipresence of surveillance cameras. If we are not already in this vision of the future, we’re definitely heading directly towards it.

In this giant compound, the inhabitants are constantly under surveillance, are fed and sedated with pills and have their individuality repressed through eye color removal.

Adam and his mates must enter soul-sucking machines that remove the color from people’s eyes – representing the lost of free will and individuality. Isn’t that what TVs are for?

Adam’s eye color however stays the same – meaning that he rejects the system’s indoctrination. He ultimately gets fed up and starts an uprising. A funky uprising.

Adam doesn’t feel like doing back-breaking labor anymore. So he gets up in defiance and runs away with a few other rebels.

Adam and his crew then run towards the exit in order to escape the Big Brother prison.

So up until now, one could say: “Finally, someone who stands up to this NWO crap and delivers an inspiring message”. Most critics effectively describe this video as “Adam Lambert destroying Big Brother with dance”. But does he really destroy Big Brother? Let’s look at the rest of the video and see what really happens.

A bunch of officers meet the rebels at the fence and shoot smoke at them – turning the place into a dance floor!

In No Church in the Wild, police were surrounded by strobe lights and in Never Close our Eyes, they walk around with smoke makers like those found in clubs. Wow, riot police always really bring fun everywhere they go!

After getting smoked, do Adam and his friends fight harder to tear down the fence and run away? Nope, they stay behind the fence and start dancing. Does that equal destroying Big Brother? Last time I checked: No.

After being smoked out by the police, Adam and his friends are shown dressed in colorful attire and performing super funky choreography. Take that Big Brother!

If you look closely at the dance scene, Adam’s clothes keep changing, which may hint that the whole thing is just one big illusion or hallucination. Were they drugged by the gas? Is this all happening in their heads? Is all this dancing just “smoke and mirrors” making them believe that they’re free and happy? One thing is for sure, the entire thing seems to have confused Adam and his friends because, at the end of the video, they actually run back to where they came from!

Hey gang, freedom is the other way! Why are you running back there? Why are you so happy? Why … awww screw it I give up.

To sum up the video, Adam rebels against a highly monitored system where everyone is controlled and sedated. He runs towards freedom but, when he is met with police with smoke guns, his rebellion turns into a colorful party and, when all is said and done, nothing really happens. The rebels get all happy and cheerful, dance for a while and run back to Big Brother.

We can parallel the conclusion of this video to what happens in America and the world. While the masses are increasingly getting our rights revoked, our privacy eradicated and our freedoms taken away, we do nothing about it. We are distracted with smoke and mirrors, television and cinema, escapism and denial. We celebrate a contrived and fabricated illusion of freedom, then run right back to the comfort of the elite-controlled society, allowing the elite to pursue their agenda uncontested. As Frank Zappa said: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”


In Conclusion

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild and Adam Lambert’s Never Close Our Eyes are two examples of a widespread and continual effort to promote police state imagery on TVs, movie screens and computer monitors across the world. Associating cool artists who are adored by millions of people with riot police not only normalizes the concept of a police state but also creates an unconscious positive association in the minds of the viewers. Meanwhile, in real life, protests across the Western world are increasingly being met with riot police. Violent repression, brutal arrests and sophisticated weaponry are being used with less and less restraint and are even becoming the norm. Peaceful protests are often purposely sabotaged by paid agent provocateurs who incite violence, “legitimizing” the police repression.

Do not be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that make up the news and music videos: The presence of heavily armed police forces during public demonstrations is not normal; rather, it is an aberration in a free and democratic society. However, this obvious fact seems to have been forgotten as police state laws and tactics and weaponry are being deployed with increasingly frequency across the world. But there is nothing cool or normal about riot police … even if they are shown with strobe lights in a Jay-Z video. Even if they dance around with Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Even if they’re in all the video games. An oppressive police force is the opposite of normal in a free and just society. And if riot police ever do become normal, the elite will have accomplished an incredible feat: Duping the masses into accepting a police state, without it even knowing it.




  1. it amazes me that people find the concept of these videos fresh or new.

    the guy that directed the kanye/jay video is the same guy that directed two of M.I.A.s videos. the first being born free which had a genocide theme

    • I agree with you. But you have to understand the sheeple. They just follow the leader.

      Kanye & Jayz are hugely powerful in the music business and the sheeple think that the videos that they make are 'unique'' and 'innovative'. Everybody wants what they have…..but at what cost?

      The illuminati are not very original are they?

      I wonder what would happen if Jayz & Kanye were to make music videos with no secret police, masks, mind control, etc,. That'd be the end of their careers.

      • Does calling others 'sheeple' give you a feeling of superiority? Aren't we all puzzles in the same game, even if we think we know more than the 'masses'?

        We have all been brainwashed since birth, for generations.

      • Most music artiste aren't in th illuminati/freemasonry, they work for them (they are their bosses) and carry out their agendas. They are too poor to be a member of these secret societies!!

      • @ Marozia

        You need to cool it on the sheeple shtick cause, like it or not, you are one of the 'sheeple' you are referring. You are no better than the rest of us so get your head out your ass and face reality. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

      • I want to reply to NukeXtreme and Rorir:

        THANNNNKKK YOOUUU!!! I am SO sick of that WORD!!! Everytime I see someone using the word "sheeple" that's how I always feel: like, "Who the fuck do you think *YOU* are?!" You two expressed how I felt in a much more calm way.

      • @Me

        Why are you so upset, =) "sheeple" is just a word.


        Why are you taking that so personal. Like IT or not, "sheeple" again is just a word.


        It has nothing to do with superiority, "Sheeple" (the ignorant) is just a title, a symbol. Sheep are blind followers. Most of our human race is ignorant to what the Elite are doing. (Yes, we are all ignorant to a certain extent, because we know know nothing compared to what there is to discover. But in this case, they are. And Yes, we all have been there, I know I have. i have been a sheep.

        Saying we are all the same is such a simple, yet complex statement to make. The world would not be what it is today, if we were all the same. Yes, we are all human, we have a heart beating in our chests, every one of us. But we are different, Not one of us the same, each of us has our own finger print, our own individual soul.

        We are all different, that is what makes us the same. No one is different by being the same as someone else (hope I'm not being confusing) Our differences should unite us, not separate.

        With that being said, there are those of us who are Vigilant, and those who are not.

        "Sheep" People "Sheeple" Is only a word, I WILL say that it is slightly degrading, calling our people less than a person. just a mindless drone. Its not nice nor pretty,

        Neither is the condition of the world we live in today, But its the truth.

        I know "Sheeple" My Mom (God bless her soul, I have tried and tried with her) Half my friends.

        But I don't give up on them, My Dad is getting there, he's ignorant, that's all. Not Stupid. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Our uninformed Brothers and sisters are not stupid, Most have no clue, Some don't want to know, and others just refuse the idea completely as pure fancy(Due to years of brainwashing)

        But I Know in my heart, they know, we all know how life is supposed to be, some just have to remember that's all

        Sorry this is so long, I just dislike confrontation =) I never took the whole "Sheeple" thing seriously =P People need to lighten up and love more.

        Maybe we can call Our people who haven't figured it out yet, Late Bloomers

        Cause thats what they are, and in time we all will be Big beautiful Powerful Full Bloomed Flowers, Wiping away the Illuminati/ Reptilians/Elite/What ever With Flower Power =)

    • TellHIMhelostitsover on

      Go to youtube.

      Watch the video.

      Scroll down to the comments.

      Read the first 10, that's it.

      People haven't a clue.

      • Sadly its true, been seen that from the very start of youtube. Even the smarter fails on tryin to get a mature and wise lecture of reality and whats happening around us since I dont know when.

      • 6 of the comments I read were by ppl who knew Including one of the top rated comments,

        A little encouraging.

    • I want the truth on

      I highly despise a lot of mainstream music, and the mainstream music, lyrics and music videos just bore me nowadays because after a while, everything seems to be slightly tweaked copies of each other. The music video for K-Pop boy band BigBang's "Fantastic Baby", though not as recent as these 2 MVs, should have been included in this article as well because the video is chock-full of esoteric as well as police state symbolism–riot police with senseless rioters, one-eye symbolism, owls, make-up to make the lips look like teeth of skulls, distortion of reality, etc.

      However, I note that even supposedly independent ("indie") artistes and bands are turning to using symbolism adopted by the elite in their promotional material such as photographs, album/single covers and music videos. I'm not sure if they are blindly following the trends or whether they, too, are puppets of the industry.

  2. "Everything looks cool in slow motion"…it's interesting you bring that up. Have you seen the video for "Fun: We are young"? The bar scene is all slow motion violence. I only watched the first minute of it…what's fun about smashing a glass bottle against a girl's head???? It seems like violence against women is being popularized now too….so disturbing.

    • I agree. The tv was on last night after we finished watching a video, and a commercial for some tv show came on and there was a shot of a woman getting slapped across the face by a man.

    • I wonder if we don't have to be polite to women automatically if that gives us more space to cut medical benefits to Grannie after 65 and more easily suggest euthanasia for her problems?

      Also when these women want children we can have some space to tell them their DNA profile is not optimum and let the resources go to another citizen? We don't have to waste time putting their feelings on some exalted sacrosanct pedestal?

      • Estamos Juntos on

        It has nothing to do with shariah (arabic word that actually only means law). It is the so called (new-world-order's style) 'liberation of the women'.

        Instead of being protected by this so called 'freedom from slavery' propaganda, they are more and more being exposed helplessly and being told: "if you want to be the same as a man, you have to handle it like a man does".

        Women and men are NOT equal, they are not the same etc etc…

        The elite, through its vehicles of mass deception and manipulation, make a drama out of *domestic violence*, showing the women the only way out is to be freed from her condition as a woman. She must get over family life. She must get over her NATURAL behaviour of devotion and surrendering to the household life. I'm not saying it is absurd for women to work. But the intention is to make women become like man.

        And "if the women want to become like men, little by little they have to learn that they have to accept having their faces punched. It is bad if your husband does it, but if it happens in another situation, be independent and defend yourself, weak woman". That's the message.

        Everything would be a lot more simple if, instead of this so called liberation and independence of the woman perpetrated by an elite that *does not care about us* and *handle their own women very strictly*, social programs showing EXACTLY that women are not like men made the men be educated and understand that women are *no*t supposed to be treated with harshness (*at least physical one*) in critical situations.

        But instead of teaching men how to act, they let many men act like animals if they want, and just say to the woman "just go live your life without a man, without a family", that is not natural, that is artificial, and that's why we see such a great part of the population psychologically collapsed: because they don't even experience a healthy family life.

      • The idea is to change the mindset of women with ideals like freedom and democracy and independence so they can market products to them. A free "woman" is easier to sell to. .

      • My friend, Shariah Law has nothing to do with what the Illuminati/Freemasons portray. Do your research. It is that very same perspective that you have which the elite wish the masses to have. You need to be very open-minded. You sound like you watch too much CNN or SkyNews or Al-Jazeerah. No disrespect, sincerely. We are ALL the intended victims of the elite. We will only be free once we unite. As Iv'e said: do your research…


        First of all clearly men and women are not the same but they are equal. God made us for each other BUT he did make us equal and not make women to be treated with disrespect and to be beaten. You said that it's about liberation of women, and that the illuminati is trying to make women be like men. Trust me no women wants to be a man, we see it a blessing to be born women. Men also are nurturing and cannot be fulfilled without a family life. No-one should get beats from their partner male or female, and if someone beats you you SHOULD leave even if it is your husband. God gave you emotions for a reason to tell what's right and wrong, believe me it's not going to be the woman that's judged for leaving but the man for causing harm to someone that he chose to marry, making a declaration and promise to him. Remember a marriage is spiritual in gods eyes, and you can't harm anyone of gods souls. God made someone for acetone it's your purpose to find that person including leaving the wrong person to be free to find the right one, your responsible for that.

        Still don't understand when men write on what women really want, pathetic.

      • Pajamas ignorant people like yourself amaze me everyday. I bet you have never opened a book about Islam to see what Islam really is about. You are just a programmed dummy, it isn't your fault I guess. Did you know that Islam was the first religion to give women to right to inheritance? That never existed in Christianity or Judaism. That is just one example.

    • What's fun in violence full stop? The entertainment industry has been hard at work for a long time trying to desensitize the public towards violence. Just look at any comedy, somebody is always getting a slap on the face or a kick on the balls. Usually it is men who are treated violently, but nobody starts to think that maybe there is something wrong in all that, because they are so used to seeing it. Seeing women getting beat up still causes a reaction because we are not used to that yet. But give it some time and that will change too.

      • Foxhound I don't understand your mindset. A free person, woman, whatever is not easy to sell by all accounts. On the contrary someone who doesn't exercise self-control and is quite often deprived is easier to be a sell out. But then again it depends on the personality/nature of the individual.

      • On a similar vein, has anyone noticed that we regularly observe vomiting, belching and farting displayed in movies, video hits, tv sitcoms, animated shows and cartoons and people seem to think it's humorous! It all appears to reflect the general moral downturn of humanity and I think we should put the lid on VOMIT!

  3. Candle of the Meteor on

    You know, as much as I agree with Adam Lambert part, I thought that Jay-Z's video actually put the police in a bad light. Were the protesters angry and violent? Sure, but the video actually made it seem like the police were oppressing the people, and the violence was just added in to pump up the "FUCK THA POLICE" mentality, a mindset which many of Jay-Z's listeners hold.

    Just my two cents.

    • I think that is the whole point. To make it look like Jay-z and kanye are saying F the police and at the same time desensitizing people to a police state. FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!! and while you're at it here are some strobe lights to make it look cool.

    • Come as you are on

      From the article: "While the authorities are not necessarily portrayed as the “good guys”, they are nevertheless there, as if their presence at any kind of public demonstration is normal." It is not about a good or bad light, it is about getting people used to the idea of a police state.

      I watched "No Church in the Wild" and I did NOT get the F the Police vibe we used to see with groups like NWA. Back in those days, it was just real and honest. Today it is nothing less than propaganda disguised as music videos.

      • Estamos Juntos on

        That's why NWA was portrayed like a bunch of criminals pretending to be artists and Jay Z is portrayed as cool.

    • Kanye and Jay-Z are agitating the kind of chaotic, nihilistic rioting that is doomed to failure and gives a reason for the authorities to retaliate with worse violence and tighter control. They are inciting chaos to make way for the new order. Kanye and Jay-Z are agent provocateurs, and in the video there is what looks like an Illuminati agent provocateur: at 0:30 there's a man who covers one eye with his black-and-white checkered houndstooth bandanna.

    • Jay-z glamorizes violent protesters, rioting etc… which is exactly the justification needed to justify violent repression from the 'authorities' and radicalize the police state…. Order out of chaos…

    • Agreed completely. This video was definitely NOT glamorizing the police, rather a bit of encouragement to stand up and fight the power that oppresses us (something like riot control would fight rioters.)
      I mean, just watching it gave me a strange desire to start a riot and wreck something, you know what I'm saying? Maybe I'm missing the point with my interpretation, but that's what I got from No Church in the Wild.

    • Ok well I am EXTREMELY CONFUSED. I have been following VC and events in the entertainment industry for a while now. I still have some unanswered questions and at the risk of sounding melodramatic: my future depends on it. I am an aspiring singer with a similar vocal range and ability to Adam Lambert’s who I have often been compared to. I have been offered a few recording deals back in South Africa where I am from but I made the decision to turn them down because of all of this that is happening. But I am still in two minds about how this could affect me and the severity and power that we seem to be giving this force.

      Of course its undeniable that this type of agenda in the music industry is very real. For example: Adam Lambert tattooed an eye of Horus on his arm shortly after his entry into the music industry and his “better than i know myself” video depicts duality, baphomet and other blatant symbolism. But then after watching “Never Close Our Eyes” and relating the music video to the lyrics, I actually took away a more positive message overall that goes against illuminati agenda. Resistance against a police state agenda (I see the funky outbreak of dance at the end as symbolic as ineffective as dance and colour might seem towards guns), oppression and never closing one-eye. Is it not all about perspective and the lens from which we view our worlds?

      Surely it goes with anything in life that if we keep looking for evil in every single thing then we will find it? Please enlighten me because right now this is destroying me. I so badly want to express myself musically and pursue my dreams but of course without selling my soul or my morals. Don’t we always have a choice even if I had to sign with a label, as long as I keep myself in check? Aren’t we giving them way too much credit for what they are doing? I know that sounds ignorant and I know that all this has contributed to the moral degradation in our society and more but I don’t know why I still feel two minded about all this despite all the writing on the wall. Something is not clicking with me

      • Hi Iyaan! I hope you’re doing good!

        You know what…? I had the exact same dream, the only difference is I’m a guitar player. Right now, I’m in Hollywood for musical studies. Is there a better place to learn about the industry? =P

        There are a few things I’d like to say to you, because I’ve been in the same state of confusion at some point. Since it’s something really personal and that I respect that, I’d rather talk to you about this in an e-mail, if you want to. I’d be glad if the way I see and live it can inspire you to do the things that you feel right. Here’s my e-mail :

        I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep singing and doing what you love to do. There’s no greater truth than love, isn’t it?



      • go digital, my friend makes his own music on his computer and sells it all online without record producers. you won't make millions (which i doubt any of these "successful artists" do) but you can still be creative, make music and most importantly hang on to your soul. 😉 as a believer in Jesus Christ i would also like to say that there is always hope in Him despite what is going on with this crumbling world. :) hope you reach your dreams! God Bless!

      • This does not just apply to the entertainment industry.

        You wana make it big in any industry legally/officially in the Babylon system matrix, you have to follow thier rules. Making it big in the matrix will compromise you.

        And when the matrix comes crashing down, you come down with it.

        I have seen people whose talents could earn them billions, but they know illuminate cant give them that tranquile peace of mind a clear conscience has to offer.

        Direct your talents to your personal spiritual development, thats what talent is for in the first place.

        i am engineer, and examples from many engineering principles have helped my spiritual development.

        At times i even think engineering principles came from spiritual examples and not the other way around.

        I got to be one of the best musicians in the galaxy myself, but i use it to chant to lift my spirit during meditation.

        I should be billioniar with some of the business ideas i have, but at what price to my soul and eternal life.

        You wana thrive, yes you can, but not on the illuminati road, instead on the road of true understanding and self control.

        The more you see of the world inside, the more you undertsand the limited significance of the world outside and all the fame and glory it promises. See how it leaves all its victims empty inside and filled with drugs.

        You can get high doing breathing exercises and meditation, and right there you notice everything happening outside has precursor of events inside the mind, that means sometimes you can see stuff before it happens.

        Sing to your soul not the music industry, tell it good things, and you dont even have to use real words, chant it freestyle naturally. ITS TIME TO GO NATIVE ON THE ILLUMINATI MAYHEM ITS WHAT THEY DO!!!

        So Help Us God.

  4. This doesn't surprise me at, these artists are paid to push the agenda so this was very expected. Can you please do an analysis on the 2012 Olympics? I did some research and found out that there is a planned bomb attack. Thanks :)

  5. No Longer Blind on

    Good thing I'm not a fan of today's music… I'm 18 but I prefer songs from the 60's – 80's. I have listened to those songs in the radio but never watched their music videos, knowing that it would be full of crap symbolisms and subliminal messages. Before, I really don't understand why most of the music videos are different from the message of the song… but yeah now I know what the propaganda is since I've read your articles VC. Kudos :)

    • monkeytripigsy on

      You think this brainwashing and propaganda began last year, or do u suppose it's been ongoing for a while? Maybe even back in the 60s-80s? hmmm, read some more VC i think.

      • No Longer Blind on

        I know… Beatles, Madonna, Rolling Stone (just to name a few) incorporate hidden messages on their music but it's not like I like them all… It's hard to identify which songs has it or not… Again I'm talking about my preference of music and compared back then most songs nowadays are more blatant, lyrics having bitch, sex and drugs… It's getting worst and more blatant each year. Not because I learned about this stuff I would stop listening to songs, music is my life.

  6. Sick of this world on

    I'm so sick of it all, i hate livin in this world, people are so ignorant and accomodated that they will let it happen, they will start thinking it's sexy and cool to be monitored and they won't do anything to fight against it. But what can we really do about it? We cant fight against guns and tanks. Oh my goodness, everything in this world is so screwed up.

    • you said it! that's why people will allow an implant in their arm to access vip areas of clubs. true story. how are people so blind?

    • Estamos Juntos on

      And if we are in this world, is because we deserved to be.

      The laws of nature are in perfect harmony. Even the chaos derived from the shaking of wings of a butter etc gets controlled in the end. We're not innocents being here.

      But when, differently from the majority, we finally realize this world is worthless, we just have to struggle to get out of here.

    • You should read 'Endgame' by Derrick Jensen. No illuminati there, but it explains wonderfully how the world became a mess.

  7. I like the analysis of both videos but the message I got from Jay-Z is more about using violence to fight or rebel against oppression and authority. With Adam's video I get a message that says although you are being repressed and controlled by Big Brother you have to rebel against the oppression by NOT giving in and finding another less violent way of managing the oppression and being able to still live an existence that the minority cannot possibly win a physically battle against oppression but can win a mind over matter battle by "dancing" and temporarily ignoring the impression in order to cope with being controlled. I choose the Lambert video.

    • In my minds eye lamberts video is saying that you can fight all you like against the state but you will not win, they have you fenced in, he retreats and they go on to entertain themselves by dancing. Are they dancing to the tune of the their own drum or that of the state. They are not dancing and looking happy as though they have found another way of dealing with it!

      They look almost zombified ( is that a word?) i can only assume that the substance that was blown at them was somehow intoxicating or so mind bending that they began to dance. You dance when your happy not when you've been defeated.

      It's pretty much a genuine reflection of our lives ( well mine at least). the system has conditioned me to believe that I'm happy when I know for a fact I'm really not. I go shopping now I'm happy, once that's worn off I'm sad again, I watch my favourite programme I'm happy again, now I'm sad again, I talk to a friend so I'm happy after a while I'm sad again, why am I sad I don't really know, theres no one thing i can put my finger on but I do know that if I am not being entertained Its hard to be truly happy. Is it because I feel void life really is just void without GOD.

    • Yes, but you are obviously intelligent, and use your brain and find different ways of looking at things.. Unfortunately, the average American teeny-bopper is not going to think like that.. The sad truth is that these videos produce the exact desired result, I see 13 and 14 year old girls going around wearing almost nothing, drinking and acting as crazy as they can because apparently, being a hot mess is really cool.. Thanks Kesha.. And they'll sleep with anyone, even guys 18 or older.. They wanted a dumbed-down, highly sexualised youth? Well, they're getting it.. And it's not as if they come from bad, poverty stricken, uneducated families.. These are girls come from good families, with parents who do teach them better and do TRY to instill morals and values, however, with lyrics like, "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" and seeing sex, and out-of-control behavior everywhere they look in the media, then they assume that this is what it takes to be cool and fit in.. Not saying that these "artists" shouldn't be allowed to dress how they want or sing about what they want, it's just a shame that most of it has no real artistic or creative value, no substance at all, and that it is 100% directed at the youth.. Oh, silly me! I forgot.. That's the whole point! Mindless entertainment to create a mindless generation..

  8. The masses will never wake up. Let's remember that in every revolution, it's always the minority of the population that gets things done. During the American Revolution, it was a handful of colonists that overturned the empire. Everybody else was just hiding under their beds, waiting for it all to go away. The masses cannot wake up because they are already dead. Plato even described the masses as "The Dead". Only individuals wake up. Only individuals become illuminated. I want to have nothing to do with the public.

    • I don't like how the term masses is used so often. That term is practically a term of the illuminati. in the way you use it, you are saying most of us are just cattle, so let's just give up hope. the truth is, many people will be complacent. but enough will not be complacent and will make things happen where needed. furthermore, where did you get this information about the american revolution? I disagree. Do you expect every woman and child to be on the battlefield? A revolution was not won with 20 guys. I think a positive attitude goes a long way to winning this battle, so cheer up and put your shoulder to the wheel.

      • agreed, not to mention the "american revolution" was no revolution at all. More like the first major illusion to take place on US soil

  9. but why would people want that in real life? if they see it in a video what,i wonder could make them want or accept it? idg that part

    • I had the same thought. Then I thought of a debate I heard on the radio where a young guy was saying that the government should have a role in our healthcare, even down to telling us what foods we can eat, like the soda ban in NYC. The host was incredulous that this young 20 year old would think that level of infringement by the government was acceptable. To me, this is the start of this type of police state desensitization. It starts with these seemingly small things that chip away at freedom now being acceptable in people's minds, and works it way up from there.

  10. Lol I felt like I was reading a Cracked article with this one. Very humorous. XD

    I want to mention the elephant in the No Church In The Wild video. When I first saw it, I thought to myself "The rise of the Republic." That in turn means: The fall of Democracy. "Show me what democracy looks like!" It's not in this video.

    Also, this video is the unofficial video. The official video for No Church In The Wild is something completely different, yet, still just as symbolic and horrifying. I looked up Romain Gavras, the director of this video. He's worked with M.I.A and we know what she's all about.

  11. also about almost 2 mins in, the police violently crack the rioter in the head, he starts fleeing on all fours. this to me is very symbolic, for it portrays the man as a savaged four-legged beast/neanderthal. they then proceed to corner him like a rabid canine and beat him some more. APPALLING.

  12. Truth Terrorist on

    All of these videos are promoting riots and violence. Why? So people will start rioting. Thus a globalist police state can be justified and seemingly necessary. (remember a few months ago when Jay-Z was selling 'Occupy All Streets' shirts. They want Chaos so that people will be desperate for Order i.e., Police State) They're just a bunch of agitators, deceivers and manipulators and the world is WAKING UP to their wicked schemes, thus a revolution is INEVITABLE. All I know is that in the end GOOD wins, EVIL loses.

    • ResearchInfo on

      Exactly, @TruthTerrorist (lol at the ID).

      Great article re what you describe: SYNARCHY @ site, Part VI, re Ron Paul Agent Provocateur. What "they" want is for Americans to tear down & destroy their own government, so "they" can reap the benefits & take over fully. "Revolution" is Not EVOL! The propaganda is so deep millions are falling for it, seems mostly hotheaded young guys. Wake up & don't fall for it.

    • i think that ther will be more agent provocateurs in the future w/ Christians, having "fake christians" attack police to justify us being harrassed more and more in the future, because there are already alot of people who think religion is dangerous and will support this.

      • Most likely. That's exactly what they've done in the Muslim world. Had fake "Muslims" spark violence so that everyone thinks Islam/Muslims are necessarily violent, and so today the sheeple of the Muslim world tries to "apologize" to the world on behalf of their "extremist Muslims", as if it ever even existed the way it's paraded. That's how you get people pitted against their own fellow brethren.

  13. At this point i think that all they want is attention by putting all these messages in there videos and music…or they could just be controlled… who knows

  14. ResearchInfo on

    Are the background stores real or props? Ditto for store signs, etc.?

    1st Photo: Looks like S21 on the cop's helmet. Summer 21? (=777 = London's # from the 7/7/2005(=7) bombings. Maybe a repeat, Grand Opening Zion Olympics 7/27/2012 (=21 = 777).

    3rd Photo: Tank says 131 CE. CE means "Common Era" which the secular scientific & intellectual globalist communities (Christ haters) chose to replace AD (Adonai; Day of Our Lord). So 13/1 CE could mean January of 2013 CE/AD. The big store sign says MEGATEX. Something big planned for Texas in Jan. 2013?

    Other store signs in same photo can't quite see…

    BUY … TIL (behind tank 13/1 CE); also B Y(?) C sign (?); & another that says CINSKY GBCHOD(??) Is that a foreign language?

    Just thinking out loud…

    • Yes, the sign is in Czech. Shooting in Paris must have been too expensive so they've gone for Prague or more likely another Czech city like Brno instead.

    • Google Translator did not recognize the words below, but recommended an alternate spelling listed below

      CINSKY OBCHOD = China Trade

      • 'Cinsky obchod' means both 'Chinese shop/store' and 'Chinese trade'. It is a common sign on shops in the Czech Republic where often Vietnamese people sell cheap Chinese goods. I know, because I lived there for quite a few years. But of course it is quite possible that in this video it is used as a background in order to refer to trade with China in general.

    • Thought AD meant "Anno Domini"?? Not Adonai, which is a hebrew substitute for Gods Proper name…the 4 letters, which although i am not Jewish in the least bit, I wont write here) They speak Adonai instead of that name when reading aloud or studying in public.

  15. Just remember. Bush Jr. passed laws that makes it easier for any president to declare Martial Law and the right to have the military policing the U.S. He supposedly snuck that in legislation. We're too occupied with sporting events and entertainment. The elite will manufactor a reason to put us on lock down.

  16. its really quiet amazing that thru this site i am aware what really the real scenario happening up to this point of time, day and year.. it amazes me so much that VC is able to find the real meaning of the videos and music that, without knowing it continually corrupt the mind and bring psychological effect especially those of children and the youth generation..

    …so sad that some of youth still patronize those kind of music…

  17. I noticed an interesting lyric in Lamberts song, it sais "why can't we live like there's no consequence, and always live for the now." To me, this could be referring to moral-relativism or a kind of less morally inhibited attitude towards our behaviors and decisions while also having a blissful care-free attitude towards future concern. Don't worry folks, you don't need to make any critical judgements about that!…as if! Seems like just the kind of attitude that would benefit groups who have plans which may bother those who have stronger convictions and concern for our future. Also, I've been observing the current Pepsi advertising campaign on posters and on the website that's been saying 'Live For Now' all over that looks to be targeted mostly with a younger crowd appeal to it. It's like this generation of youth are being encouraged to be pacified into living blissfull consumer ignorance so to leave the world shaping to powers that want to be making the future! Well, it's either that or get violent in Jay-Z's video, right? A lot of moral mind traps hidden in half truths and legitimate outcry's. I recommend also watching Nicki Minaj's Pepsi ad music video which is also worth dissecting.


    Dear Vigilant Citizen and all readers, I thank you all for your involvement and activity on this amazing website!! You are really raising awareness and exposing the elite's agenda.

    I wish to share with you this video on Youtube that shows a discussion on INTERNET MILITARIZATION and how the government spies on us.

    I really hope you will find this useful.

    We are Anonymous.

    We are Legion.

    We do not forgive.

    We do not forget.

    Expect us.

  19. Terrell Thompson on

    FIRST OFF PEOPLE PLEASE STOP ASSOCIATING THIS MATERIAL WITH FREEMASONRY. We are being very annoyed by the false accusations, rumors and lies about our fraternity. I see many many confused people getting misinformation. No Jayz is not a Freemason. We have not seen him in any lodges or meetings. No the Country and The World is not Run by Freemasons either. Here's a Story of A very confued person answered by A fellow freemason. I've Also seen VC post on certain topics regarding masonic symbols and they are more than wrong. Just because a person uses a masonic symbol by no means does it always relate to Freemasonry. Lady gaga etc are not free masons. My name has a T in it. But does my name have to do with christianity NO. Just because a symbol is used doesn't mean it has the same meaning in other places.

    Light, I think the major problem with your confusion is that you think that if a symbol means one thing in one place, it must mean the same thing everywhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, just because someone depicts an eye, doesn’t mean that it means exactly the same as all other eyes. You are talking about the eye of Horus, not to be confused with the all seeing eye, which can be found on the top of the pyramid on the US dollar bill. The other symbols you mentioned as well, they aren’t even all Masonic symbols, and just because you see a symbol somewhere that is similar to a Masonic symbol, it doesn’t make it Masonic.

    I’ll give you an example. Have you ever seen someone sign a letter with an “XO”? That is shorthand for kiss and hug, where the X stands for the kiss and the O stands for the hug. Now, suppose we apply your logic to this. That would mean that everytime you see a railroad crossing, which also uses the symbol X, it must mean that they are talking about kissing, or that a movie that is rated X, actually stands for kissing, or on a treasure map, the X spot would actually be the kissing spot.

    Obviously this is not the case. In each of those examples the X symbol stands for something different. Quite the same is true with the sybmolism you are referring to.

    A “Masonic Floor” so to speak is the same floor my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was a child. Does that make my grandmother a Freemason?

    As for Baphomet, well, I’ve been a Mason for a long time now, and the only time I’ve ever heard any mention of whatever Baphomet is, was from non-masons. No mason has ever mentioned Baphomet to me.

    I hope I’ve given you good examples of how your interpretation of symbols might be a little one sided, and hope this gives you the opportunity to rethink your hypothesis that Lady Gaga is a Freemason.

    • Terrell Thompson on

      The last part t my post was an answer to a individual who was very misinformed about Lady gaga, baphomet etc

    • Im not sure how far you are into your Masonic 'degrees', but you can rest assured that from their initial teachings you know less than the average researcher about the Occult.

      These symbols used in pop culture have multiple meanings, unknown to the untrained eye of course.

      most do not realise the impact on the subconscious and therefore the conscious mind.

      Most major 'stars' are trained in occult meanings, practices and triggers on the way up.

      This maybe part of their programming and even unknown to them.

      using your example; –

      X also means expansion, cancelling out, depending on the colours used, and also represents Saturn. It also means kiss of course, but you can see it depends on the context and colours used.

      The black and white when coupled with red are trigger colours, for specific programming.

      This is why the chequerboard logo is so iconic, it has several meanings relating to duality mainly.

      Red will always be involved somewhere, when you see the black and white, esp used in clothing.

      True, the implications of masonry in music and the people in it, are made often unjustly, they have occult training that is not from that institution per se, they are told to use occult symbolism and dont necessarily know what it means or why they are doing or wearing something..

      I doubt anyone would tell you if kayne west was spotted in a lodge anywhere either!

      Masons don't correlate the two because most masons haven't a clue about any of this until they reach the 32nd degree, up to this point you are being played to test your servitude and secrecy abilities. The whole organization is more of a social club than anything else, until you reach the end, which few do of course…

      • Are you blind? The word mason was not even used in that article or anything relating to the masons.

    • Terrell did you even read the article? Not once was the word "Masonic" even used. It wasn't even about anything Masonic. I'm pretty sure you barged in here, skipped the article and posted your Freemasonry PR bullshit.

      FYI nobody cares who's a Freemason. We're dealing with orders that are way higher than you front-porch Masons. You guys don't even know the real meaning of your own symbolism. So please go back to your lodge, bring your disinformation with you and let us discuss the real issues.

    • TT – you are no way a Mason. Or too dumb. Or maybe you think we are too dumb. I bet the average VC viewer knows more about Albert Pike, Eliphas Levi's, Manly P. Hall and high level rituals then you. Get a clue and don't try that "we just help others" crap here.

  20. people will get implants on their hands to get access to V.I.P areas of a club?has the level of human vanity reached this point? are you kidding me? you know, if "normal" human beings have become so degenerated and have completely lost touch with their true spiritual side, choosing rather to indulge in the ephemeral joys that come with superficial instant gratification, is it really a wonder that the "elite" view them as such? brain dead animals that are completely susceptible to manipulation? if the public, hypothetically speaking, adhered to a form of spirituality that was truly marked with the divine nature of God, then i think that the "elite" being gnostic-luciferian in nature would not be a threat. i mean sure, the devil, their light bearer who has "blessed" them with esoteric knowledge that leads them to "illumination" also ensures that they have material wealth and political and social influence, but their spirituality, although powerful, would be limited; the eternal nature of God would be absent from it, and the public, i.e. those not initiated into the mysteries, would have nothing to fear, for they, regardless of religion, would have the true nature of God within them and with them. but that's not the case is it? the "masses" have completely rejected anything that has value within it, replacing Love with lust, abandoning honor for instant gratification and tearing down any foundation that seeks to develop anything that hints of the divine in man, replacing order with more "liberal" points of view and justifying a lifestyle plagued with the ugly influences of materialism, vanity, over-sexualization and glorification of violence and gore. you know, if you step aside for a moment and look at the little you can, cause non of us truly have "God's point of view" , the elite's actions, while completely sickening, satanic, nefarious and evil are justified by the public's lifestyle. i think that all of us are faced with the question of choice daily, that is what it means to be truly free, to have the power to choose, which, ultimately, despite any external influences lies within us. no one can force you to do anything if you don't want to, sure they can influence you but no one makes you do anything unless you let them, unless you manifest their thoughts and ideas by your actions, you are always free, even if your society lacks any notion of liberty and promotes suppression by virtue of a police state or strict laws. if the public chooses to deem these videos and messages as "cool", cool being whatever the populace accepts as being desirable and an embodiment of the epitome of whatever their physical lusts seeks to have and be, then why blame the elite? the elite aren't forcing anyone to listen to all their filth, quite frankly, they are only "elite" in the aspect of social influence because the public chooses to deem whatever garbage they produce as "cool". The public gives them the power, one could say that the public is in fact, the "elite". why? because the concept of "elite" doesn't exist without mass acceptance and approval. the elite becomes a model of whatever the public sees as "trendy". think about it, if we were in a world where, jumping off a bridge were the "in thing" , wouldn't we all be paralyzed, and wouldn't the most paralyzed of us be the "hippest"? isn't the most cruel, ugly, vile and stupid being in a society of barbarians the epitome of what the society itself stands for? so if the elite are the "elite" of this society, then they are the epitome of what, currently, from a spiritual, mental and corporeal point of view, the public epitomizes, at least to a certain extent, not fully. i'll stop there, i'd probably type for an hour if i go on, i'm just sharing my thoughts. so will these videos continue to be accepted as cool, further pushing the agenda of the "elite"? yes. will people continue to idolize things that most adherents to this site view as "demonic, evil and satanic" even if on an unconscious level? yes. will people like Vigilant continue to be viewed as loony conspiracy theorists who have lost all sense of sanity and spend their spare time spreading their conjectures? yes. will you and me, who know the truth and spread it to our loved ones, families and friends, be laughed at, mocked and even hated? you betcha! ultimately, will a new world order, ruled by the "elite's" Christ, who will be the anti-Christ be created? yes sir it will and you, me and everyone who fights it will be massacred or just tortured for fun by these monsters. at age nineteen, i get ridiculed and labelled each time i try to talk to my friends or workmates about this. but if no one is interested in setting up a society where what we all consider as "good" you know, love, freedom, family and so on (or "conservative" by the current mainstream media) then fuck it. there is no hope and i give up on trying to tell people about the truth. let sleeping dogs lie. sorry if this comment sounds judgmental, i'm just pissed.

    • Trez, I agree with most of what you said… Except, I believe the public has been "led" to believe this or that is cool or popular. In other words I disagree that the powers that be just give the public what they want… I believe the powers that be actually SHAPE what the public wants… Then gives it to them. This is done in a variety of deceptive and manipulative ways. Take for instance the saturation of alien/ UFO themed movies out of Hollywood. I know no one who says, " man I wished there would be some good alien movie's come out… Hollywood shoves them down our throat. Programming is done in layers…. At the end of the day… The public likes something and they don't even know why

    • Trez i understand where you're coming from, you are very smart for your age and if there were more people like you that cannot be fooled by these devils, the world would not be where it is today. Unfortunately i believe most people do enjoy all the trash thats being dished out to them despite the fact that the powers that be actually do shape what the public wants and give it to them. At the end of the day its up to an individual to make the choice of whether to have it or not, just like you did.

    • Hey Trez,

      great post…honey the chip as club access thing has already been done. Trust me, within the next decade we will all face having to have a chip…would post more, but very tired ; )

    • Sheep and Shephards trez, except these sheep are in a fking slaughterhouse. and the shephards are too. except the shephards must pretend to be sheep to survive, of course, until they are chosen next.

  21. First off, "no church in the wild" directly Translates to God can't save you, perhaps of from what's to come or the world is the animal kingdom wild and there is no God here to save just order in chaos thay rules. Either way these guys denounce God again. I could say they are artist and their trying to be poetic and make you think, but the lyrics don't have a leg to stand on, which makes it out to be propaganda. There is nothing to suggest a back alternative idea or argument that would imply another view. These guys aren't poets, which is what an they SHOULD BE! They are mere rhymers of of nursery rhymes with a blatant agenda. Ooh yeah that riot cop with the S21 hat = Agenda 21

    • That comment illustrates precisely the meaning of 'sheeple' discussed earlier in the comments. Many prefer to remain in ignorance and be led even if wrongly so, rather than inform themselves and form an opinion independently.

      • i disagree. i do not own a t.v. or listen to secular music. in the past, i have done so to the detriment of my spiritual growth. i choose not to go down that road again.

        hence, having a site like this, a person like this, who feels compelled to illuminate others by what he/she has discovered through these instruments of evil, is a way for me to keep aware of how fast and furious the enemy is closing in. though i am concerned for those who fill their minds with such filth, it is ultimately a personal choice.

        if i am to be called a "sheeple" because i choose not to indulge in the flood of ignorance and perversion that is drowning the majority via television and "music", then so be it.

        I AM a sheep, that's what i am. and The Lord is my Shepherd.

  22. Vigilant Observer on

    It's really simple. How else can the Elite achieve their utopian "New World"? "Order Out Of Chaos" or "Ordo AB Chao" anyone? All this symbolism and imagery from the media (tools of the Elite) is subtly designed to propagate & condition minds, predictably for mass revolution. Mainstream artists like these are simply bad influences. Just to illustrate: When one is in the company of someone who encourages bad behaviour, it often tends to rub off on others…if they allow it. Will we continue to allow ourselves to be entertained by such artists? I won't. At the end of the day, they're all ultimately acting as puppets for the ruler & god of this wicked world, our archenemy – Satan the Devil.

    The entire world is being misled by his INFLUENCE. The Holy Scriptures confirm as such & more. 2 Corinthians 4:4 states: "…in whom the god of THIS world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving ones."

    Moreover, "The Devil took Him (Christ Jesus) up into a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me." – Matthew 4:8.9 (MKJV)

    How could Satan offer all these "kingdoms" (Authorities / Governments / Powers) if he didn't already own them?

    Wake up people!

    • There is only one god and that is the one who created this world. Satan is just a tool. There is no battle between good and evil, god has all the control.

    • um. actually Jesus already owned them. Satan has been given power for a season. so, the real joke was that Satan was trying to tempt Jesus with what was already His.

      such humility is unimaginable to us; that the Creator, Owner, and Master of all would willfully and joyfully submit to being mocked and despised by his own creation to show us the true meaning of humility and obedience.

      oh do we have a lot to learn.

      • Vigilant Observer on

        Agreed, there's only one true Creator & Almighty God, which every intelligent creation owes their life to. And indeed there's much to learn but did Jesus really own these 'kingdoms' being offered by Satan? Please check the context.

        Did you know that in verse 3 even Satan acknowledged Jesus' identity as the "Son of God"? To be the son of somebody would obviously identify that person as an individual, not an equal. This is contrary to the teaching that Jesus is 'God the Son' (thus implying that the Son & the Father is the same person).

        Keep making sure what you learn about during life is from a trustworthy source.

      • my context is the Bible, God's Word, which is easily the most trustworthy source for The Truth that i have ever encountered in my near 45 years on this earth. i'm not sure what you are disputing; whether Jesus is God or not, or whether He is our creator or not. according to God's Word, He is both.

        Colossians 1:16-17 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

        Revelation 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

        John 10:30 I and my Father are one.

        John 14:9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?

        i am sure i can find more scriptures regarding this, if you are interested. the Word is clear that God is Three in One; Father, Word (Son), Holy Ghost.

        not that i understand it totally and completely, because if i could understand everything about God, then He wouldn't be Who He Is. although, i can correlate it with humans; we are also three in one — body, soul and spirit. that is also one example of how we are created in God's image.


  23. The fact is, Adam never described this song or his new CD as anything but a look into his personal life, a "Trespassing," he said. Then along comes the director for this video, and Adam purportedly saw a brilliant re-imagining of his love song. Indeed, in at least two filmed interviews, Adam used the term "New World Order."

    Let's just say Adam Lambert has fully "seen the light."

    BTW: The video for his "Better Than I Know Myself" is….interesting.

  24. Adam Lambert on the video of Never Close our eyes

    from Wikipedia

    Speaking about the video, Lambert said, “The one thing that I was really excited about was maybe something sort of science fiction. Something kind of New World Order, in the future. Something not of this reality. When we put that out there, a gentleman called Dori Oskowitz came back with an amazing treatment. This director is a really cool guy, totally on the same page as me.

    • Here is the behind-the-scenes where Adam Lambert talks about the meaning of the video. He also mentions everyone being under an "all seeing eye" and that it's all about how we choose to see things. Maybe it's not so bad after all if we choose to to see it that way. In other words, the new world order isn't so bad once you comply and become a zombie like sheep.

    • @Dornio-san.Thank's for posting what Adam said about his music video.All though I bet that stiil won't be enough to make some of these people on here that support him and think he doesn't know what he's doing,to believe in fact Adam does know what he's doing.In my opinion people are right to say that jayz and Kanye West aren't innocent and they know what they're doing.But Adam Lambert is far from innocent and he's aware of what he's doing.Adam said he wanted to do a (key word)New World Order type of music video.Adam also said,"This director(Dori Oskowitz)is a really cool guy,totally on the same page as me."It seems like from his comments,Adam is on the same page as the director who did his music video with a New World Order theme.So,why don't we try to get out of denial.Adam Lambert,isn't innocent and he has no problem pushing the elite,New World Order agenda.

  25. In as much as these videos were overseen by the 'industry' rather than independent releases with a real message, my read is that the treatment is an effort to devalue what OWS is trying to bring to the public eye. Police brutality in the US is on the rise. It has only been over the last 10 years or so that law enforcement has taken to the streets not only in full riot gear, but outfitted like a member of the military. Report after report of battery of US citizens who are peacefully congregating to exercise their First Amendment rights come in daily. We just had a blogger have her phone taken by another cop for filming the arrest of an acquaintance due to unprofessional behavior by by the officer.

    If the idea of a police state is presented as entertainment then the industry believes it has done its part to continue its desensitization of Americans and brainwash them to the point that people like the majority of the current GOP, funded by the Koch brothers, take over this country to the tune of really mediocre music, movies and art. It is sad that Suzanne Collins gut-wrenching trilogy, triggered by the erosion of society, has become yet another tool in the industries chest to make what could easily become reality into an entertainment source and the foundation of a million useless blogs of "Team" whatever. Lambert is a fan of the Hunger Games books and has stated they were an inspiration for the video. Sadly I feel, he was led to believe he was promoting a real social message but was just another artist fooled by "the man".

    • I agree about Adam Lambert being 'led to believe he was promoting a real social message but was just another artist fooled by “the man”.' Adam honestly seems to have a good heart, so I can't imagine him intentionally promoting police-state imagery. But Jay Z and Kanye on the other hand (judging from interviews I've heard by them) know very well what they are doing.

      It's also interesting what 'wddb2' and 'Dornio-san' posted in an earlier comment, about Adam initially describing the songs in 'Trespassing' as a look into his personal life…but then along comes this director with this 'brilliant' treatment for him. Suffice it to say, Adam *did* mention he wanted an NWO/Big brother theme…and opening our eyes to rise above it, but I believe TPTB took advantage and misled him in a different direction. (Also, is it the same director for Nero -Promises? Because the MV sure are similar)

      Nevertheless, it's not as bad as Kanye/Jay-Z's MV. Adam seems like a nice guy with good intentions, just a little naive and too trusting. Hopefully, with more time in the industry, he'll be more aware and conscious of the type of messages he's (unintentionally) portraying and influencing on the public.

      • I have a friend who lived in the same LA neighborhood as Lambert before he got famous. He bagged groceries where she shopped. He's not a nice person. Plus, his father worked for RCA when he was born. He's in it up to his eyeballs.

      • Cool story Lauren. My cousin Danny shared the same house with Adam before he got famous, and I got to meet him once. 'Adam I have to say was nice, but to me it felt kind of fake but that just MHO.'

        I once printed out an embarrassing photo of him in green body paint and asked my cousin to get him to sign it. 'Adam was supper P.O.ed when he saw it his voice went all high pitched and he said "What the F***!" "where did you get this" Danny is all like just sign it. Adam said "You owe me for this!" LOL! My dad and I just laugh all night long about it, I thought he would be proud of the picture… i guess not…'

        Then I shared those photos on facebook so my friends and family could make fun of Adam behind his back. LOL It was soo funny. So yeah, he didn't seem very nice when I met him either, kinda fake. Not sure what I did to trigger it.

        BTW, the whole event was documented here:

      • So taleaG are you trying to say your cousin is Danny Gokey from American Idol? Are you sure you're not making this up? It's kind of weird you would say "they used to share the same house". Well of course! They were #2 and #3 of the 8th Season of American Idol. That was the Idol house.

  26. such interesting discussions here. just to clarify on Adam Lamberts video though……. the physical environment is a big brother type of control but this is a symbol for a more general thought control. The people in the video are enslaved in a colorless world where they are told what to do and when, they are "fed" the same generic crap every day and when they digest the pills and the images they become thought controlled. Its is illustrated through a physical prison but is in true a thought prison.

    Adam rebels first by refusing to eat the pills IE: refuses to digest what he is force fed and when he first crushes the first pill he sees color.

    So Adams revolt is NOT a physical one, but a mental one. He is able to stand up to the guards by simply choosing to do so. This act of deciding to think for yourself, choose for yourself and reject what society, authority, tells you is the truth of information and actions…..IS the act of rebelling.

    Once they "see" for themselves and they see in color and become individuals….not drones….

    this is why they are colorful….they dont need to scale the fence as that was never what was keeping them prisoner.

    Message: think for yourself, dont become a drone just going through the motions of life, be free, be different, be creative, be yourself, enjoy…….be fierce, be fabulous

  27. Hey VC if you are reading this ….Please do a post of Foster the People's Houdini music video. It basically portrays the band members as dead people being controlled in the background by handlers dressed in black. it's really disturbing and worth writing about in my opinion.

    • KindaWeirdedOut on

      I just watched that and I’m upset that one of my favorite bands has come to this..that was extremely disturbing.

      • i am a bit confused though, it seems like they are trying to expose the real truth of what goes on in the music business…not sure if they are on board with the industry's agenda….i heard a while ago that Jay-Z wanted to sign them but they refused because they didn't agree with his vision for the band.

    • I had not heard of this group, but I watched the video – WOW!! And, the sad thing is I read through the comments and no one seemed to be totally disturbed by this concept/visual! It was a joke to them! It was shocking to me, but I guess the PTB have done a good job by desensitizing society, cause it was blatant and scary, but it didn't disturb the majority of the commenters/sheeple! What a world we live in… God help!

  28. This video actually follows the story George Orwells 1984 very closely. Anyone who has read it know that in the end Big brother proves to well organized and too powerful to defeat. The book ends with the protaganist saying " i love big brother." This video is sending that very same message: that in the end the revolution will end with everyone accepting, perhaps even loving, their enslavement. The fundemental argument of Dosteyevskys" the grand inquisitor"

    is also present here. Does anyone see it?

  29. Thanks VC for making me laugh with this one. Reality of it all can get really dark and you have to make some light of it. Adam Lambert seems really naive and could be caught up in it all without any real awareness of what he is portraying in his videos. Jay-z and Kanye on the other hand, have been in the game long enough to know what it's all about. They're obviously drunk on their fame and wealth and are very aware, and accepting of their role………and could care less about us little folk.

    *To the music artists on this blog that are confused. Never give up your gifts from God. Continue your passions and ask God for his guidance…..wonderful things will transcend. Keep a strong spine and never compromise your values. We need more of you out there!

  30. A mental rebellion is not anything that would bother TPTB. Heads aren’t being cracked on Wall Street for their mere “creative” thoughts.

    Just “be creative”? Read Lauren Hill’s lengthy public letter about this subject.

    • Disagree, thinking for yourself if the very first act TPTB want to contain. Why do you think they took control of the media and all information being "fed" to people come from a small handful of people?

      Why have they done away with most actual news and replaced it with yelling heads? Why is outright lies and complete nonsense allowed on the air with no one seeming to care at all?

      The lack of creativity in mass media arts is astounding and yet no one rejects the crap being shoved at them, instead its all consumed with a bucket of fake popcorn and fake butter and a gallon of sugar water. Why are music awards given to people who literally cannot sing? If people WERE thinking and creative they would demand better. We are being trained……….

      Why has so called "reality" shows proliferated all over teh media? shows that are populated with the worst of all people? Who are celebrated AND rewarded very handsomely for the WORST behavior? The role models now found everywhere are mean and hateful, they are angry, backstabbing lying cheating stupid slutty degenerates.

      We are told this is how to ''succeed" to become rich and famous. In all walks of life, compassion, sympathy, kindness and intelligence are devalued and degraded.

      Wall Street: Greed is good.

      Why are drugs pushed on everyone? Why is it the norm to drug children into quiet obedience? Once we have accepted these behaviors as the norm, the callous drugged population will care nothing for its fellow man and therefore, for itself.

      Ok that was a long rant, sorry but it DOES all start with whether you are going to sit still and take it or reject the new norms society pushes on you, drink the koolaid and care not for the consequences.

  31. You mention presence of riot police ‘not normal’ at a protest. Human nature being what it is someone usually ends up pushing someone or blocking free movement etc Tempers flare and then we have conflict. Vancouver had the masses in its streets during the 2010 Olympics with no problem. However police presence was smaller and located well back after the next year’s Stanley Cup playoff when fans went berserk in the streets and much property was destroyed. How to know when baser human nature will take over?

  32. My immediate thought upon viewing the Jay-Z/Kanye video was that of meaningless violence. We are presented with videos like this and people watch them and think "AW YEAH HOW COOL LOOK FIRE AND GUNS!" This ties in with pop stars dressing up in military outfits and straddling tanks to make them look sexy. All this is shown to make us think it's "cool" to join the military, join the police, etc. because violence is cool and sexy.

    That's how I viewed it anyway.

  33. Rachel Carmo on

    I know this is a radical point of view, but maybe they're just cool videos. I taught poetry at a major educational institution when I was younger and took great pleasure in dissecting every word, every line of a poem. Then one of the authors came to give a lecture and much to my surprise and consternation, I have since gotten over it, he explained that the words were just words. They meant what they said and they sounded good. There was no heavy meaning, no hidden agenda.

    I should have been more embarrassed than I was, but the whole thing was so darn funny that by the time I stopped laughing, my public humiliation was old news.

  34. We'll the Agenda is pretty obvious after reading the Lyrics of " No Church in the Wild "it has the typical psycho babble to influence kids to question God , have "threesomes" and do " coke on black skin " , you know all the wholesome things that the " entertainment " Industry pushes , cause they care bout kids .

    It's interesting with all the people getting killed protesting for their Freedom , Kanye and Jay-z rather then show some social concern or support of people's movements around the world , he commercializes and propagandizes the images , trying to equate them to mindless mobs needing their heads beat in and the pattern is easily there from " Lady " Gaga simulated group sex while wearing a cross on her crotch to to this garbage, they all have same agenda .

    Jay – Z and Kanye can question god , religion all they want but what do they want to replace it with the love of his Bentley , threesomes and coke ? and poor little Bobby Dylan , " still paying the man below " in a you tube video because " Everybody must get stoned "in the 60s or 70s when ever it was made , wast enough for the psychotics who run " entertainment " .

  35. It would've been awesome to have explored the lyrics…

    These guys are actually really good at coming up with lyrics that are quite ambiguous. From what I understand about the lyrics is that they're speaking about the relevance of authority, both material and spiritual. Much like the analysis, the rioters and police just carry on, while the strings are being pulled from a higher authority, the question is… has this always been how it works?

    These lyrics are really interesting as they use comparisons to establish the importance of authority to various groups:

    What’s a mob to a king? What’s a king to a God?

    What’s a God to a non-believer who don’t believe in anything?

    A King/Pope (or in today's society, celebrities) may be seen as a kind of god/idol on earth… so what does a king think of god when he has so much power and wealth anyway?

    Does the fear and love of god mean anything to a non-believer, who isn't concerned with being answerable to a higher being? Does that mean they're more capable of committing sin than a person who does?

    Very interesting questions come up from just two lines out of their entire song… pretty darn good poetry if you ask me!

    • Thanks for the lyric analysis, Nikki! Thumbs up, btw.

      I'm with those commentors here who appreciate VC very much but wonder still why it's not even up for discussion that musicians/songwriters WITHIN a corrupt system could not be attempting to editorialize on it, warn other artists about it, wake others up about it, etc. The addition of music video visual elements only seems to convince me that the format is a music video, whose audience expects certain elements, and when those are absent, feel bored by watching just a documentary short film.

      In other words, if an artist wanted to create a music video that informed fans about the dangers of the encroaching police state, how WOULD they or SHOULD they go about it?

      Just wondering…

      Thanks VC and community, keep up the vigilance.


  36. Terrell,let me give you an example regarding your comment. I am a muslim and i try to abide by islamic laws,as a muslim suppose i wear a cross or go to church on sundays or praise jesus instead of Allah(no offence)etc,will i be still considered a muslim?,remember when the dog is sniffing a bone chances are he is going to take it. (Sorry english is my second language)

  37. I thought it was interesting that KANYE AND JAY-Z ARE NOT IN THEIR VIDEO. Portraying themselves as elite and not being present in this state of chaos but almost overseeing it, or giving a warning to the masses because when this riotous police state comes to fruition, they won't be a part of it.

    Lambert's video reminds me a bit of Sucker Punch, they could be dissociating from their oppressive lives, never intending to physically break free at all.

  38. Thanks, V.C., for another excellent analysis. My hope is that more young people will stop watching these type of music video propaganda pieces, TV shows, movies and video games and get back to the basics, like reading, conversing with friends, engaging in recreational activities and sports, etc.

    More people need to turn off their TVs and electronic devices and get back to the basics of living and communicating with others. Also, by not buying music made by Illuminati-promoting artists like Jay-Z and Kanye, or not watching their videos or music shows, we the people can send a message to the powers that be that we do not support their messages nor their propaganda. As consumers, we still have power and influence through our purchasing power and entertainment choices to influence what or what is not popular or in demand.

  39. I'm an avid visitor,first time posting.I would like to appreciate the entire community here as well as secret arcana. I'm grateful to not feel so alone anymore,I've become much more aware since my first time here,I dont' believe everything i see or hear,I am well aware the agenda.vigilant encourages us to think,which is a blessed thing in itself.I see the things these guys portray.I see it daily now & share where it helps.this is very scary & blatant.I was hoping you would talk about this,has anyone seen puff daddy's new artist french montana's shot caller remix video?it has so many symbols,he's sitting on a pyramid rapping & rick ross has a masonic chain of some sort,video has nothing to do with the song!also Kanye's new sneakers have Horus inside a pyramid!how much more do we need to see,I would appreciate any more info.STAY VIGILANT!!!

  40. You know what? Well, thank you VC for your honest work in all these years. I'm reading ever since it all started.

    I have no feat about the agenda for whole human control, but what I feel when I read you`ll give up your life, you doubt everything that is good, it makes me sad. It's so sad to read that you only point facts out – I don't know your level of awakening, but – WE CAN DO IT!

    We have the power, the agenda is NOTHING without us, it's a mind game, you know?! :)

    WE ARE MANY, they are few.. and if we figure that out,.. there goes their way of life.

    Think about art, love, feelings. Get organized and focus on true enlightenment which is found if you believe in your self.

    No religion necessary, but if you follow one, it's your thing. We are ALL in this together and we can have peace, if we live it and therefore demand it, what ever happens in life.

    The awakening IS GOING ON and they throw everything at us, desperately.. because they know about our awakening to the true self, which is spiritual – their system is based on mind and the fabricated reality.

    YOU CAN DO something. Listen to your heart and follow intuition if you are ever at odds with it…

    So many peaople are trapped in the system, because their mind-patterns and thinking about self and the world doesnt change at first. So, do that now.

    Get organized – Non-Cooperation en masse with the system – that is the answer.

    Plans are being made right now, but please make an efford .. my goodness me: WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD



    Don't follow anyone or anything but your heart – not your mind that is so utterly programmed. Create your destiny and in some time we will travel to the stars.



  41. You know what I think the point of the "No Church in the Wild" vid is? I think it's a subtle way of trying to push people further away from Christianity and associate it with repression and violence. Think about it – yeah the song doesn't match the video, but the visual, combined with the lyrics are meant to plant that seed. They show you a bunch of people getting the shit-kicked out of them by a bunch of cops then you hear "No Church in the Wild" being repeated over and over.

    Basically it's their way of trying to teach people to associate Christianity and organized religion with negative stuff, without hitting you over the head with it and being obvious.

  42. I also think that the point of the Adam Lambert vid is basically the Illuminati trying to say, "If you give in and accept our ways, your life will be a party", or trying to create that association in people's heads, of tyranny and enslavement with good things. Just like Vigilant said, they show them getting tear-gassed, then suddenly they're dancing and partying?

    I really think this is just the Illuminati's new method of trying to teach people to think how they want – so that the concept of tyranny and enslavement, immediately makes you think of positive, fun things, and the idea of Christianity makes you think of Big Brother beating down on and surpressing the populace. They want you to see church as bad, and being a mindless slave as good, and that's what these videos, are probably for.

    • Your life will surely be an endless party if you succumb to their ideals. Nice party to have all sorts of old people instilling fear in you, assaulting you from the age of 2, traumatizing you and killing your mind, body and spirit. From what I read that's absolute dictatorship which is the opposite of a sense of exhilaration.

      • Of course. That's the whole point. Misleading false advertisement, a bait-and-switch deal, whatever you wanna call it. They want us to think that if we go along with what they say, things'll be good for us. We know that isn't true though.

    • I mostly agree with you here, but i think that lamberts video is actually hinting at the clever means of opression that the elite will use to supress rebellion. There is no escape in the video. They get to the gates and they are gassed/ drugged. We can interprett this a few ways here but one way to view it is that those seeking freedom wont be met with agression, but instead, by the clever means of pacification. The illusion of freedom is the name of the game and as long a people believe they are free, they will not rebel.

      We all have to ask are selves what true freedom is and do people truly have the strength to be free?

  43. VC, please can you do an article on the LONDON OLYMPICS 2012. Some people are saying there is going to be a biological/nuclear attack, whilst others are saying that there is going to be a manmade alien invasion. I would be interested to learn more since I live in the UK and am pretty darn scared!


  44. Futures Trader on

    Be it known that USA and Canada are ALREADY police states. You are now being asked to get used to it through these videos which itself is not an option because it already is. Resisting arrest is an offence. Police is now present every morning at rush hour in New York City, Toronto and London UK subways; police patrols streets during and after Friday/ Saturday nights in the entertainment districts of various cities. Plus with NDAA in US and anti-protest bill in Quebec, the stage is, from a Biblical perspective is now set for the rising of the anti-Christ prophesied by the prophets; they must first supress the public before the anti Christ can arise. I for one will move out of the West and by the time this stuff gets to where I will move to, HOPEFULLY I will be already very old or gone!

  45. Speaking of how the entertainment industry encourages and promotes violence ; I remember watching tom and Jerry a couple of months back and I was indeed did our parents allow us kids watch that?. .Much of what I saw was tom and jerry trying to hurt each other using various means such as guns, a sledge hammer…knives, dynamites and explosives! It all seemed so funny and innocent while I was a kid but watching it now that I'm all grown up and being that we live in a society,where people get violently murdered daily…I can't help but think that perhaps Tom and Jerry ( Just like most cartoons now ) was a successful tool used to align our generation to the new world orders mentality…?

  46. I always like to see the videos before I read about them and when I saw never closed eyes

    I was like: wtf guys your going the wrong way D:< so he could of just been leading then the wrong way you know the false leaders … yup

  47. DeeperThanAtlantis on

    No Church in the Wild is referring to End-time prophecy according to the BIBLE. The Lord is going to gather is elect (Church) right before the Anit-Christ is revealed and put them in the (Wild)erness in the Saudi Arabian desert. The Lord is going to make an Oasis out of the desert for 3 1/2 years, and he is going to proctect us while we wait out the holocaust. Unfortunately, there will have to be some believers who will NOT be in the Wild, and will have to keep preaching the Word and they will be beheaded for their faith, but their reward will be a hundred-fold. I truly believe that if more people STUDIED the bible instead of just going to church, the stress levels of people will go down. The Bible tells us NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THESE THINGS, as they are needed to pass so prophecy will be fulfilled! By the way, if your preacher preaches on Sundays, he is a minister of Satan. The 4th commandment said REMEMBER THE SABBATH, AND TO KEEP IT HOLY. The Sabbath has ALWAYS been on the seventh day, which we now call Saturday. If you call yourself a "CHRISTIAN", THE LORD, is going to hold you accountable. YAH BLESS!

    • @DeeperThanAtlantis, I was baptized a Seventh-day Adventist in 1986, when I was twenty years old. I taught Bible in their school system almost twenty years. I only mention that to avoid getting flamed (when did that ever work! 😉 when I sincerely ask you for your Scripture references on the bit about Saudi Arabia. Daniel and Revelation are an interest and specialty for me, as well as eschatology, and I'm intrigued by your conclusions about it. I don't need any proof of the seventh-day Sabbath, I have plenty. I no longer represent SDAs, or teach in their schools, btw, although I remain convicted on many points of their doctrines, historically.



    • I agree with you 100% about the 4th commandment. I often wonder why this is not preached about. But soon it WILL be a major issue when the "SUNDAY LAW" comes into to play. We all will have to publicly pick our sides.

  48. When I saw this video a week ago I knew it would be VC material lol. I just had to jump in and point out that the "green strobe lights" are a kind of non-lethal weapon employed right now to temporarily blind adversaries. I highly doubt riot police would use them in this situation however; they're not practical for riot control at all. But the idea I'm sure is they 'look cool' and let our… benefactors, demonstrate the technology they have at their disposal.

  49. Someone noticed in kanye's lyrics the thing about the girl in leopard?

    It's remind me the "beta programming"…

  50. I dislike Kayne West tremendously and Jay Z is blah but he is obvious in the know about the Illuminati and their agenda. He flashes it every chance he gets!

  51. The machine in the Adam Lambert video isn't taking away their eye color. It's having the effect of diluting their pupils. Apparently everyone was digitally put to sleep, or maybe a better term is "switched off", except for Adam who remains awake. Could be symbolic, but if it can't actually be done yet I do believe it's probably on the way… Whatever his feelings on things it's obvious Adam's been illuminati for years.

    Great analysis except that it doesn't look to me like the protesters in Kanye's (was Jay Z even in in the filmed video at all?) video are the instigators. Rather it looks like we're just seeing the middle of a long-standing conflict as everything looks a mess in the beginning. It doesn't show who did what but I'm reminded of the riots in Europe and other places.

    Always think twice before taking philosophical life lessons from Kanye or Jay Z, kiddies.

    It's obvious what's happening, but people are so self-absorbed these days they've practically forgotten there's a world beyond their own little life. Thoroughly distracted.

  52. DeeperThanAtlantis on

    @XYZ, Are you talking to me? To go to bed? What does that mean? Everything I said is backed up by scripture. What are YOU talking about? Oh, nothing at all. U are the one sleepwalking, TRUST ME! @Faith, thank you, I am a black male and all that I am trying to do is wake people up with the Good Book. A lot of people CLAIM they love the Lord, but they have no clue who he really is. Many people don't understand that the BIBLE is a book of prophecy! @Randomname, that is a good one! Quiz time for anyone that can answer, How many years will The Messiah rule before the Father comes down?

    • I think people are mostly confused about the ending…where he runs back to Big Brother after their dance. An explanation is that the big brother gate that imprisoned him was a mental one, not a physical one (I think he states that in the Behind the Scenes).

      So, at the end, he escapes the dull sheep mentality by 'never closing his eyes' and opening his mind to new possibilities (represented by the colors at the end).

      He did not need to confronting/acknowledge the gate since it was a social construct. That's why he and his friends runs the other way…the prison that imprisoned them was one created by society, and by ignoring it and looking the other way (thinking differently), he finds freedom of expression and individuality.

      As he says in the lyrics 'it only gets better, if you want it to.' The first step to freeing your mind from social oppression is to mentally reject their indoctrination, and actively begin thinking for yourself.

  53. People need to be careful what thy watch and listen to, all popular music is embedded with frequencies, subliminals, colour codes, NLP and backmasking.. Everyone is being triggered all the time without even being conscious of it.. People have no idea when they go from one alter to the next.

    These 'stars' are programming icons and they are there to program the populace.

    The more you watch, the more embedded the programming is..

    It takes time and alot of patience to deprogram from this mainstream crap –

    So why continue to pollute your psyche & mind with this trash ?

    • I hear you. That's why I stopped watching television. A few years ago I was really into that show about weight loss, The Biggest Loser, and I used to watch it every week. That was years ago, and it was the last television show I ever watched. Honestly, I liked movies and TV as a youth, but around 2000, I stopped going to movie theaters regularly after seeing the first "Scream" and "Stir of Echoes", two horror films, the first one portraying a young girl being smashed in a garage door in a disgusting, brutal display of sick, and the second one portraying another young girl being raped and beaten to death, which I find reprehensible.

  54. Oh, I agree that TPTB are cognizant of the power of brainwashing and the need to squelch independent thought.

    However, Adam's video shows that glimmer of independence leading to…..dancing. Not exactly "Give me liberty or give me death," is it?

  55. The Illusionary Beas on

    It's a good thing these elites are all guilty of high treason, theft and racketeering, otherwise we might actually have to riot like this to get any results. We can just go RICO on their bitch-asses, and stay on the right side of that police line. I mean, the conventional authorities can't all be corrupt puppets.

  56. Syrus Magistus on

    If that's the case, then they're distorting the tale of Theseus severely. Remember that other movie-article, The Hunger Games? The Minoan entity in this equation is the goddamned Illuminati, and this mythological double-standard really undermines their whole propaganda machine in my view. They do not deserve to act like they're the "Enlightened Ones" and everyone else is just a stupid animal in need of taming. We should totally sue them.

    • They delude themselves if they truly consider themselves enlightened, when in reality they are purely animals. Animals are devoid of critical and rational thinking, likewise the ones who claim they are enlightened share the same traits.

      • They are fools, worshiping the devil as the highest god. He has fooled them. He will lose in the end and they will know it when it's too late.

  57. Police presence putting a clamp down on people's rights and freedoms…how can the sheeple be so blind? And all have no idea about the iron fist rule that the "illuminated ones" are gonna bring down on them with the police.

  58. No one mentioned the elephant that appears at the end of the video… I read this one on someone's blog: The elephant is the Self, deep within the Collective Unconscious, the Feminine principal. Is this emblematic of the Sacred Feminine/Goddess Worship?

  59. I didn't see the Throne video as glorifying riot police. Rather, it seemed like it glorified the rioters (those guys looked pretty fashionable in their keffiyehs, for one, and Kanye loves his fashion). I especially got that impression from the notably slow-motion scene where one rioter takes down a mounted cop with a pole, and takes his horse. That doesn't glorify the police at all.

    I took the video as being inspired by the recent excessive police violence at OWS protests. I know for certain Jay-Z had his piece to say on the OWS movement. Perhaps that explains the slew of riot police in recent music videos. They're in the news, they're in the social consciousness.

    Following that vein of thought, I took the video as a representation of the collective masses taking down the organized and oppressive hierarchy (police in the video, "The Church" in the lyrics), making the city into the wild.

  60. Widely Awake on

    I watched the Lambert video before reading the article and it reminded me of The Island. Not surprised VC mentioned it. I've been reading the articles about music videos on this site for years. It's getting to the point where the messages are blatantly clear, I read an article here and think "that's what I was thinking." What's sad: If I try to discuss with the "blinded", I'm made to feel like a crazy conspiracy theorist. Sometimes, I just want to give up. What can one do about the masses controlled by a sinister elite. Revolution? Ha.

    Will Man ever wake up? Will the truth be exposed? Sigh. It's not looking good. All that's left is prayer. Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or just someone with good, pure intentions in the soul. It's time to pray. If not for us, for our young.

    Godspeed to us all.

  61. ever spun around when urinating in a public restroom and stating over and over in a monotone robotic voice:

    "Drop it!" "I am Robocop!" "Thank you for your cooperation!"

  62. Come see Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" video and tell me what you think! :( There's so many of them and I'm kinda confused of the plot, I hope VC will review that one.

  63. I'm on the same page with mostly everything you say, but with this post im noticing errors in your thought process. everything doesn't always need to be looked at as negative. I feel that kanye and jay z chose sides with that video and they chose the side of the people! they don't want to make us accept a police state.. they want to spark the fire in the average sheeple to wake the fuck up and do something. I personally respect them for this video because I feel that they are trying to take matters into their own hands.

    • I think what you don't understand is that Jay-z and kanye don't actually have a say in choosing their videos so if it seems that they're on our side it's only the agenda of the powers that be. Do you really think they can blatantly send a message like that and get away with it if it was a warning.

  64. I watched West's video for "Runaway" a few times, and found it incredibly disturbing myself. I think Selita Ebanks is portraying a fallen angel/demon because it shows her falling from the sky in a blaze of fire at the beginning of the video. There is a scene where Kanye sleeps with her right before you see her image in red against a black background. Why is she red? In my opinion it's because the Devil is always portrayed as red in images. And then there are the lyrics he sings about being "headed home, up the stairs, and to my surprise, a nigga's replacing me". When I suggested that those lyrics refer to death, someone replied, "No, he's saying that his girlfriend cheated on him." I don't believe that. I remember when West released one of his first singles in 2004, years before he sold his soul to the devil, and I liked him much better then. He seems like an empty shell of a person now.

  65. The only logical answer is that most of the world are morons. What other answer is there when over 50% of the human debris on this Earth supports those flying drones. It makes us safer! They say. disgusting.

    • I don't like to look at them this way, but yeah most people accept radiation in food and the air too because a lot of them don't even know what ionizing radiation is. And they would rather go along with the crowd thank think for themselves if it means being different.

      Do we blame them or blame the government for dumbing them down with chemicals? I won't side with the murderous elite, but it's hard having understanding for people who don't care what happens to us unless it's a Twitter, Facebook, or other pop culture trend.

      It's like Auschwitz. Most people think we're being led to a happy sudsy shower, instead of what the plans really are….

      • I really want to LOVE people. But it is impossible to give and recieve love from other people if this is the mindset.

        The radiation thing is horrible Fukashima is far from over and is only scratching the surface.

        The Earth has a natural protective barrier that protects all life from radiation. So what do we do? Create radiation where we have trapped all life now under its ominous hand. To me the man created radiation is the wildcard for if humans survive. We are now not just destroying our ecology that sustains us but tinkering with the Genome now. Game set match on that one.


  66. If the elite can dupe us into accepting radioactive particles in our food without question, then they can dupe us into anything.

    This police state acceptance brainwashing actually works on some young people who aren't up on history and the people's side of the story because they have not yet learned to question the official elite side of the story.

    Real sneaky of them with the rave touch to glamorize the oppression. I can't believe how much they stick this mind control contradictory imagery in so many videos.

    The back-breaking slave labor in the video is scary. Note the physiques on people. Soldiers will be robust, thick, well-fed. The slaves will be slim, light, probably encouraged or forced to be vegans and not healthy ones either. The elite I imagine will be somewhere in the middle, still well-fed and with all the best of futuristic medical technology. Which highlights the colorful retro 80's-like costumes of the dancers in the second video – is this a clue to the masses being limited to civilization's outdated technology and medical perks (while the elite has the priveleges of the future)?

  67. every bar/lyrics explained on this website

    One of the most talked-about tracks on Watch the Throne, “No Church in the Wild” is an existential renunciation of traditional, organized religious worship

    Reminiscent of Cassius in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

    The fault, dear Brutus

    Is not in our stars

    But in ourselves

    That we are underlings

    let's not forget Eminem's and Lil Wayne's video for "Drop The World" and Jay-z Rihanna and Kanye West Run this town video are all similar

  68. couple of months ago, i saw this video clip from Dr, is called new world order, and also it had the same chaos and riot theme as in these music video, and in the midst of all there is a woman on a big screen behind Dr, Dre and she says the new world order has begin, and all civil rights had been suspended .or something in this concept.i dont listen to Dr, Dre, so i didnt know which year it was produced , well it was back in 90's i guess. it only shows how they always feed ppl with this crap. but these days it is just soooo obvious

  69. "Adam Lambert finds himself living in a tightly monitored community (or prison), surrounded by emotion-less and zombie-like denizens"


  70. It is a symbolic message to your subconscious to cut off your lower or weaker nature, this does not illuminate you, it keeps you trapped spiritually from wholeness, that is what both videos are about. That is what everything is about, which is why it is a constant part of the media, hiding one eye, it's all the same message, different ways to tell it.

  71. Surely if you believe in God and religion, then you must know, that they cannot do anything which God has not willed. Therefore the chances of them actually ever getting close to their agenda is very slim.

    Stop going overboard and relax. Keep with your religion and just remember, too much of something is bad.

  72. What I don't like about the word sheeple is that it is a hint to the sheep in christianity. Christians are called sheep in the bible and Jesus is our shepard. In the bible it also means that sheep are not the most intelligent and need someone to look after them, but in a gentle self-sacrificing way like Jesus did on earth. And there is a big difference between a spiritual shepard and a gouvernment shepard. The bible is clearly not an advocate of big gouvernment.

  73. if you type 'jay z' in Google, 'jay z illuminati' is now third from top of the highest searches

    More people than ever are aware of these people's existence

    Things are truly coming to a head in 2012

    • I watched one of his videoclips last year -I might admit it was the first time ever- and I got so terrified that I had to google the name of his song. That's how I found this website as there was an extensive article about JayZulu.

  74. We can't do much about anything even if we tried so I say sit back relax and let the brainwashing begin.

  75. We can keep criticize the artists and the wrong message they're spreading, but we better get on our knees and pray for Hollywood that God will purify Hollywood and use it in His plan. Hollywood needs our prayers. There is so much brokenness!

    • There are so many long-suffering people all over the world with real problem to worry about than delusional hollywoodweirdos tbh.

    • GOTTA Read More WORD on

      Just wondering if you believe that satan and the likes of the Jerry Sandusky's need prayers also? How about I pray for our soldiers, the weak, the infirmed and the innocent and unless you were asleep when you wrote this I might need to pray for you. Hollyweird is full of evil doers knowing exactly what they do and why they are given much riches. Jesus said that they– (the serpents and the pit vipers)are of their father the first murderer and do the works of thier father and belong to the synaguoge of satan and unless they have been mk ultra'd (thus my praying for the innocent/ or victims if you will) will I pray (ex: Brittany Spears or those that show they want out).In the end we are held accountable to God for the blood that is on our hands from our evil and disobedient actions unless we repent and turn away from such.

  76. My apologies if I misread the main idea of this videos, I have two theories as why they might show such rebellious scenes in such music videos.

    1st I think this videos target the youth ,they want the youth to be conditioned to revolt against authority figures and by doing so the targeted group tend to show social learning and they may end up having trouble with the law… day they might end up on the dark-side of the road: the prison, then drugs etc….

    2nd I also think they are trying to give mixed cue of authority figures ( they're trying to condition the mind to generalize stimulus ). In other words ,I think they are trying to depict or paint religious beliefs with an authority figure so people rebel against religious values .

    Well that's my take let me know what you think…

  77. i think they are telling you that this is what we have to look forward to. some police will be doing the illuminati bidding. and for those of us that try to buck the system this is what's going to happen. police state. slave state. or die.

  78. I think what alot of us fail to realize is that there really is nothing that we can do to stop any of this. We focus on mere men the members of the secret societies and entertainers as the enemies but the REAL enemy is the SPIRITUAL POWER behind the men. I know alot of folks dont believe in God or the bible but the fact of the matter is what bible prophecy tells us is not separate and apart from what is going on in the world today. Our hope and our help is in beginning a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the ONLY one who will save us from this mess.

    ♥ God Bless

  79. Uh, to the authors. If it has not already been mentioned, Jay-Z's video is correlating the state to the church, and atheism to anarchy. Considering the implications of the video are strongly anti-Christian, what follows from that juxtaposition should be rather obvious. Nothing changes at the end of the video precisely because the theocracy is still alive and well; the government is the new church, the president is the new pope, and the people are still the parishioners. God is not dead, he's just become a social institute.

    I hate rap music and this is even obvious to me just from the first few lines of the song.

  80. I think the elite think they are better partly because they know things many of us can't even imagine. Like they know firsthand that some of them are reptilians. And I think Adam Lambert may be a reptilian. Look at photos of him – snake and reptilian signs everywhere! (Maybe they are flaunting the imagery lately also as a sign to others like them, so that when SHTF soon the various alien/demon races can spot each other and such.)

    Or maybe it's symbolic. I don't think the snake can be all bad, seeing as it also represents Kundalini which IMO is an extremely important energy and some would say is everything. It also represents awakening on not only the Kundalini awakening level, but also on the snake in the garden offering the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (just like Katy Perry video – "awake"). So I think the elite may be actually promoting Kundalini awakening, yet perhaps also punishing or controlling certain kinds of awakening. The awake ones may be rewarded yet also controlled?

    "Never Close Our Eyes" could also refer to the fact that the Kundalini-awakened have their "third eye" open so that even when they are sleeping they are "awake" because the third eye is always receiving information through the head. There are various ways to see the third eye but in the reptile sense I believe they are talking about the pineal gland which in reptiles interacts with the parietal or "extra" eye so that they know whether it's day or night whether or not their eyes are open.

    Also note Adam's iguana hair, and of course the always-striking and at times sinister-looking eyes. – snake – claws×400.jpg – spiky like lizard spines – snake on shirt

  81. Lets be honest with ourselves people, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Gaga, Madonna

    and some many others have sold their soul for fame, fortune and little power,

    in this industry. Who wants to be poor all their lives, come from hoods, trailer

    parks and struggling? I myself as a chrisitan, I could never sell my soul to the

    Devil forany amount of money! Jay-z says he never read the bible!, He has a

    song he made a little while agao called, "Lucifier son of the morning", what

    God -fearing person would make a son that glorifies the enemy of Jesus? I

    spoke to a crediable Rabbi about Kabbla, he said it was Jewish mystcism.

    Ungodly practices. Madonna is suppose to be a priestess! A lot of media

    society, on down to the Presidents of the United States Of America, the

    finanical system, the real reasons why the U.S. have ever started or been

    involved in any war, is very elite-federal reserve illuminati/Satan worship!

    It's not an attack on my country America, it's just Godly and historical truth!

  82. I found an interesting quote in the comments section when reading a story about a cop who raped a single mom leaving work one evening. He claimed he had ptsd, which is mind control gone bad basically. And though I don't condone the act, I understand as my baby's father is dealing with ptsd everyday from doing 9 combat tours over the past 20 years. Thank God he is retired and does not want to be a police officer.

    "Working in law enforcement, I see a lot of disconnect with those who have served in the military and those with college education. Unfortunately, those who come from military and go straight into police work do not get extensive psychiatric testing for PTSD to make sure they can conform to society. Unfortunately, 4 year degrees are not required and only a high school diploma or military service is. Our police force all around the country is hell bent on becoming extremely militaristic even in cities that doesn't need it..i.e Orange County. I agree that there needs to be a lapse in time from military service to police work, at least 3 years. There is constant conflict between military and college grads in law enforcement. When most of the Brass (Lieutenants,Sgts, Capt.) are ex-military, then tend to hire more ex-military and continue that military point of view. I believe as a society we have come too far, diplomatically, to revert to some pro-military type police work. We do not live in a 3rd world country with unruly citizens, so let's not patrol like we do. " by agreed

    Ahh yes, the police state doth cometh…….

  83. lalalallala on

    i remeber i saw a simspons show. its new. it was about the government watching us, and it had muchines with the one eye symbols. it wasnt even hidding it was right there in your face. got so scared and shocked. i turn that shit off and whatched domething else. how can not ppl beieve this shit. its everywhere,

    its sad i gues seeing is believing isnt enough anymore

  84. May I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone that actually

    understands what they are discussing over

    the internet. You certainly realize how

    to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more

    people have to read this and understand this side of your story.

    It's surprising you're not more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift.

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  86. This is only new for people who are not of color. Foreign brown people and African Americas all over the country have been introduced to police in riot gear through civil rights.. and to police brutality through racial profiling. The idea of needing to take action over the police or a martial state is not new or foreign to members of the black community. In the suburbs cops aren't found around, but in every major city.. like mine.. there is a cop posted on every block with a dash cam.. cameras everywhere.. and now thanks to technology we can record some of the police brutality.. but this isn't news breaking..

    only for suburban white kids

  87. I think you are just a little disillusioned here. No church in the wild means there is no order in the wild. Church is order but that institution is falling to the wild the rioters

  88. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like

    you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few

    pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog.

    A great read. I will definitely be back.

  89. Well, I've seen the video multiple times and I really like it. I think the exact opposite of what you think. I had some kind of feeling that I wanted the riot crowd to win. I wanted them to beat the cops. And at the end, they kinda do. You see them climbing a statue. One man kicks down an agent of the statue. You also see fear in the eyes of the agents multiple times. I don't know what the riot was fighting for but I had the urge to join them. They didn't seem to be out just to riot and destroy thinks, but to actually fight for something.

    • Annonymous Brainiac on

      I have to agree with you here. I´m not denying that there has been a far-too-excessive proliferation of state policy imagery (and, possibly, agenda) in mass media lately but… I just have to wonder: Is that truly the end game? How could one possibly know? And, for that matter, if "the Elite" hold all the keys, who´s to say that they, too, filter out information that may or may not advance our culture and understanding of life as is?

      Who´s the victim and who´s the tyrant? Is what I have to ask myself… If someone is being bashed down into oblivion, and they´re too oblivious to know that that is actually the case, who´s to say they won´t benefit from that? Who´s to say they won´t grow because of it?

      A slap in the face is also a wake up call… but not, necessarily, a call to arms.

      We all have symbiotic relationships. We all trade something for something else. That is the nature of any relationship. We have something they want, they have something we want. Otherwise… deal´s off.

      For the most part, however, we remain unawares of what it is we expect, what it is we want and what it is we have, and, especially, what we don´t have. So we have implied contracts that are based on our own personal expectations, life experiences, personalities, fears and traumas.

      So, I may ask, once and for all… what do we get from being ruled? What do we get out of being sheeple?

      Perhaps… the comfort of knowing we need do nothing other than follow our primal urges? That we need do nothing other than we are currently doing? Or, possibly, just possibly, that we have no need to stand up for ourselves, and take back what is ours, for that terrifies us. Chaos may ensue…

      It is said that people have the governors they deserve. If that be the case, the Illuminate rule this world, and they are as we think them to be… What does that say about us???

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  92. Hey u all missed the point the real symbolism of the video is religious oppression by force and oppression of the free will of a state to control what your religion teaches you

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  94. Is it starting to sink in now? The bible states that all of this must and will happen,I was just reading about the Skull and Bones (a secret society deeply hidden at Yale University),The Brotherhood,Freemasons and the Knights Templar all which are connected to the Illuminati.We know where the illuminati stands as far as world domination,both bushes fomer father & son potus and secretary of state nominee john kerry are all members of Yale's devilish secret society Skull and Bones. People we need to wake the H up and realize that the lack of knowledge is the reason this country is in the shape it's in.

  95. The Illuminati isn't gonna give us a choice as we can attest according to what's described in the videos above and the Ron This Town video also created by Jay Z and the crew.Pay close attention to the lyrics as well as the images and you'll see where Jay's loyalties are and it ain't in GOD,I can tell you that much is a fact.He's more entrenched with the ways of lucifer and you can tell by the hooded sweatshirt he's wearing which displays Thou do what Thou Wilts,which is a saying associated with another illuminai faction The ORO and you can look that up as well. People the time for playing or sitting idlely by is over.

  96. I'm disappointed with Adam Lambert's music video. When I heard that Bruno Mars wrote it, I thought the music video would be kinda cute and sexy. I hope Adam's third album is different.

  97. I think the post about Adam Lambert video is exaggerating. Besides. When police tries to smoke them, they have a colourful shield which symbolised individualism and with them – they protect themselves. It means that if everyone fights together – they get stronger. Dance symbolises freedom. At the end they're happy and celebrate freedom!

    I think this time the video was really wrongly interpret.

  98. "What was, what is, and what will be."
    From my point of view, only a full on revolution can stop this. Yet the people of the world are not ready for such a thing… yet.

  99. Ellen Cherry on

    People on this site are a little cuckoo. As a former Comparative Literature major I know how tempting it is to analyse everything to death. It's kind of like mental masturbation. But I always stopped short of drawing conclusions that can't be supported by the text (in this case, the images) being analysed. A lot of the statements in the analyses above are exaggerations, or even deliberate misrepresentations, to skew the conclusion to the one that was pre-selected by the author. Take Adam Lambert's video for example. It is just a simple video about rebelling against "the system" or "the Man". That's all.

  100. Ellen Cherry on

    When Adam mentions the New World Order that he presented in the video, from the context of his words, he is obviously talking about the order / govt / system – you can call it Orwellian, Big Brother, dystopian – that he and his fellow prisoners rebel against. When the guards spray them with gas/smoke, it doesn't "turn the place into a dance floor". Instead, the resistance of the rebels turn the gas / smoke into color, and turns the place into a dance floor. It is their resistance that is the catalyst. You see the guards drop their equipment and run away. And the dancers are free now, so it doesn't matter what direction they run in. Pretty simple. In fact, one of the reasons I don't like this video is because it's so simple and obvious. It certainly doesn't make a police state or its agents look attractive or cool – they are presented as these scary expressionless masked automatons, who in the end are cowardly and easily beaten.

  101. Police states came to my house today be cause they were searching a terrorist or something like dat…my family members were like "there is the poliiiiiice 😀 " and I was like… DAMN! 😮

  102. I'm gonna disagree on your opinion about the Kanye/J-Z video. It simply tells about the French riots that happens every so often and about police brutality. I know this might seem weird to say it but i understand exactly what the director's message was about.(I believe he's french). This is about the oppression of the youth and their portrayal as criminals even if nothing in France is done to help them have a better life. The director has portrayed theminority youths of France very well, i know i was raised there. And yes the police there hates the young males from poor suburbs.I'm not giving them excuses i just know where they are coming from.Great video!

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