Azealia Banks’ “Yung Rapunxel”: New Artist, Same Illuminati Symbolism


Azealia Banks is a new rap artist garnering a lot of media attention. Unsurprisingly, her first major single is dedicated 100% to Illuminati symbolism and the Elite Agenda. We’ll look at the occult symbolism of the video “Yung Rapunxel”, more proof that the Illuminati Agenda is becoming increasingly prevalent with each new artist going “pop”.
Azealia Banks signed with Interscope Records (home of countless “industry puppets”) in 2011 and since then, she’s basically been all about Illuminati symbolism … and a strange Internet controversy. I first heard of Azealia Banks in 2012 when the music producer Munchi got mad at her and tweeted: “Go be a puppet b*tch to someone else“. Azealia then replied “@originalmunchi thinks I’m in the illuminati… I’m being very serious right now.”

Munchi then posted more details on Facebook. Regarding the “Illuminati” reference, he wrote.

“I think she is in the Illuminati (thirsty for fame and success by portraying occult references in every step you take is not something i want to affiliate with. Even less because it is a hype nowadays, it’s f*cking music yo).”

One year later, watching her first single Yung Rapunxel, we can conclude that Munchi was right. Of course, she is not IN the Illuminati. She is just another face used to push the same Agenda that is being pushed by countless other artists. Yung Rapunxel is indeed a rehashing of a lot of the Illuminati symbolism described on this site, mixed with some disturbing images for extra shock value. There is no deep storyline going on, just some strong visuals that blatantly communicate that she is completely on board with the Elite Agenda. Let’s look at the symbolism of the video.

In Your Face Illuminati

Yung Rapunxel recalls the name “Rapunzel”, the fairy tale princess who was trapped in a tower and who used her long hair to allow her Prince Charming to climb up to her. However, the video has absolutely nothing to do with any of that: It’s all disturbing images and Illuminati symbolism. Nothing more, nothing less. As usual, the artist is portrayed as a person with little to no control over her own mind, surrounded by the elite’s symbolism and, to top it off, some police state promotion.

The video begins with an image that sums up the whole situation at hand.

An owl with an eye of a different color flies out of Azealia's head, who also has one eye of a different color. Yes, another one-eye signal by a pop artist. Also, the owl is the most ancient symbol representing the Illuminati (also, see the symbol of the Bohemian grove). Does the fact that it flies out of her head represent the fact that she's been brainwashed by Illuminati?
An owl with an eye of a different color flies out of Azealia’s head, who also has one eye of a different color. Yes, another one-eye signal by a pop artist, very original. The owl is the most ancient symbol representing the Illuminati. Does the fact that it flies out of her head represent the fact that her mind is owned by Illuminati people?
The first grade of the Bavarian Illuminati was called "Minerval" and was represented by Minerva's Owl. This pendant was worn by actual Bavarian Illuminati initiates. The logo of the Bohemian Grove is also inspired by this symbol.
The first level of the Bavarian Illuminati was called “Minerval” and was represented by Minerva’s Owl. This pendant was worn by actual Bavarian Illuminati initiates. The logo of the Bohemian Grove, the elite’s yearly gathering in California, is also an owl.

Inside Azealia’s head, there’s some hypnotic stuff going on, all related to Duality. MK Slaves are programmed to have a dualistic mind, with one personality mirroring and opposing the other.

Inside Azeala's head, there are multiple symbols representing the concept of duality such as the waning and waxing moon and the circular Ying Yang symbol. The ancient symbol of the Hamsa hand is also there, with an All-Seeing eye within it.
Inside Azealia’s head, there are multiple symbols representing the concept of duality such as the opposition of the colors black and white, the waning and waxing moon and the circular Yin Yang symbol. Also, the Hamsa symbol (the hand with an All-Seeing Eye) is there – probably to add an All-Seeing Eye to the mix.

The above symbols closely resemble an important symbol in Wicca: the Triple Goddess.

A Triple Goddess pendant.
A Triple Goddess pendant. In Wiccan mythology, the opposite of the Triple Goddess is the horned god, which represents masculine energy.

In another scene, the concept of the union of opposites is depicted in classic occult symbolism.

In this scene, Azeala is riding a bull - which represents the masculine energy. Above her is an upright moon crescent, a symbol representing the female principle. The combination of these symbols is basically the union of the opposites through sex magick.
In this scene, Azealia is riding a bull – an ancient symbol representing the masculine principle. Above her is an upright moon crescent, an esoteric symbol representing the female principle. The combination of the two with the sexual connotation of the scene make it a representation of “sex magick” through the union of opposites.

While not inherently “evil”, the symbols described above are definitely not there to communicate profound messages about the meaning of life. They’re there because they represent the occult elite, ruled by secret societies like the O.T.O who revel in that symbolism. In short, it is about indoctrinating people with symbols they know nothing about because they represent those who rule the world. One scene appears to be reflecting this idea.

Swallowing a pill: Great way of representing being brainwashed.
Azealia swallowing a pill that’s actually mini “Beats by Dre” audio speaker. A great way of representing “swallowing” the Illuminati Agenda through entertainment acts.
Here Azaela raps with a giant triangle with All-Seeing Eye in the background, complete with owls flying around her. Yeah, that's a lot of Illuminati.
Here, Azealia raps in front of a giant triangle topped by an All-Seeing Eye while owls fly around her. Could this be more blatantly Illuminati?

As if all of the above imagery wasn’t enough to make this video an Illuminati manifesto, there is yet another crucial part of the Agenda that is in this video: Police State imagery. In the 2010 article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music, I described how videos are used to normalize the concept of a repressive police state. More than three years later, the trend is more prevalent than ever. Yung Rapunxel is yet another pop video featuring, for no apparent reason, police in riot gear.

Yet another video with police being violent. Meanwhile, police is being violent in real life.
Go away, nobody wants to see that in a music video.

At first, Azealia “rebels” against the police by doing something that is beyond useless: She breaks a glass bottle on the police’s protective gear. Of course, this “rebellion” causes no damage the police squad at all. What’s the point of that scene? Is it a way of saying that it is useless to fight against the police state?

Well, Azealia apparently thinks so because she gives up and she even literally bends over backward in front of the police.

Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on shield and bending over backwards is not a winning strategy.
Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on a helmet and bending over backward is not a winning strategy.

With this, I pretty much described every single scene in the video – all of them having some sort of relation to the Elite Agenda. Oh wait, I forgot about one scene:


Kill it with fire!
What is this? Kill it with fire!

In Conclusion

It is rather difficult to watch Yung Rapunxel without being slightly annoyed and disturbed by it. Many “edgy” Illuminati videos indeed leave viewers with a “wrong” and “uneasy” gut feeling because they tend to tap into negative energy. Judging by Yung Rapunxel’s YouTube “likes” and “dislikes”, this video is definitely not a fan favorite – and I’m guessing that those in charge were kind of expecting that response. But yet, it’s there, as if to say that the Agenda is more important than the artist. Her Interscope Records label-mate Lady Gaga also released disturbing Illuminati-fueled videos and in doing so alienated a lot of her fan base who didn’t relate to that crap. But, once again, the Agenda is more important than the artist. If people get tired of an artist, another one will get signed and push the same thing.

Some might say: “LOL Azealia be trollin yall consparacy peeps with that Illumanaty shyt!”. That’s what I’ve been told countless times about Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna and many others. Those who attempt to rationalize this strong current claim that these artists are doing it on purpose to get sites like Vigilant Citizen riled up. Does it make sense that all of the biggest stars in the world, with the million dollar machine backing them, are gearing their entire product towards “trolling” a few Internet websites in order to MAYBE get mentioned by them? That doesn’t make sense. The fact is: The music industry is used by the powers that be to indoctrinate young people and push a specific Agenda. And if a rapper jumping around in front of a pyramid, All-Seeing Eyes and owls and submitting to an oppressive police force is not enough to convince you, then I guess nothing will.

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How can people be so guillable and stupid to think this music is normal….. ;___;

Besides the disturbing video I just want to point out that this song is a clear example of how music has gone down the drain these days. She Doesn't sing, hell.. I wouldn't even call it rapping, just an angry girl screaming some stuff over a beat!! Or should I say screaming for attention just like most of the talentless fame w****s in the industry nowadays. This is NOT music people! and if so then my farts must sound like symphonies to the people who listen to this crap.

kill it with fire f**k that… burn it to f*****g ashes divy the ashes up into as many individual portions as possible and scatter each portion in different places far far away from each other. preferably in bodies of water, in lava pits, vats of acid and outer space if it all possible

Ra + Punx + El = Ra(Satan) punx (destroys or makes a fool of…) El (Elohim – God).

The face with all the mouths (the one that should be killed with fire) seems to represent possession. She cannot freely speak or see for herself. All the mouths move on their own, as if they are their own separate entities. Perhaps it also represents multiple personalities through mind control.

Shizzzzzzzz that… that last pic is horrifying. Im reading this at 12 midnight and you popped that last image there. Why VC why XD

Just take a look at a comment she replied 6 months ago about one of her videos on youtube.

“Besides, even if there WAS such a thing as the illuminati and a new world order…. what are you going to do about stopping it? Complain on the internet? …… You know big brother’s watching you. O_O”

I found it here

“LOL Azealia be trollin yall consparacy peeps with that Illumanaty shyt!” -best words describing her art))

Besides being filled with symbolism, it's also flat-out painful to listen to. The combination of Illuminati symbolism and a lack of talent makes it agonizing.

If you think more clearly,all these things that singers,actors e.t.c. do are completely stupidities…Why would they sell their soul to devil for money and fame in this earth and then regret it in the next life for an eternity???
I realy hope that one day they will ask forgivness from God and they will walk in the path of the real Light…

They and many other mindless drones in the music industry are probably often times unwittingly part of the wider 'agenda'. Record execs or those associated with them who are likely to be the real behind the scenes 'illuminati' power brokers have worked hard over the years to ensure that their creative directives calling for the same type of 'themes' to be pursued in music videos, ultimately attain a semblance of familiarity among viewers/artists which can in turn pave the way for mass desensitization and blind 'acceptance'. As a result, while the past few years, has seen 'Illuminati' imagery/symbolism go mainstream, the VAST majority of those who have heard of the term and/or researched it a little will in their trance induced conditioned states brush off the whole idea as delusional nonsense advocated by nuts on the margins of society. Thus, the majority of directors and artists alike whom most likely… Read more »

Not surprised, Azealia Banks has openly talked about practising witchcraft in a doc. interview with broadly.

Im starting to believe that the video's are no longer for the "NORM" consumer. But, perhaps they are for the ones that have already been traumatised by the elite and are set out to the world among us. Because it dont make sense to us other than these occult symbols that we see on nearly all music videos. TRIGGERS for the masses (MK) to prepare for a riot maybe, war, genocide, mass murders et cetera….

Point I am making is that maybe these videos are no longer about telling a story to those who are "the Norm Masses" (obviously) but just maybe they are really for those already under the elite spell who are assuming normal lives waiting to be triggered for their part in the world take over NWO?
Just a thought, I wouldn't mind some replies to what Ive just said.

Why does this matter get on with your life if they sell their soul its them live yours and stop worrying about it

great post. fact is tho the imagery DOES attract massive attention/publicity. If this song and video were more 'normal' (whatever that means lol) then both the artist and the song itself in my opinion would get next to no attention. The fact it attaches itself to such imagery, regardless of any deeper agendas, does mean this bellow average song now suddenly is guaranteed mass media coverage (and not just from conspiracy blogs) and suddenly becomes 'all the talk'. Regardless of all else this fact, and obvious twisted promo technique can not just blindly be ignored. Its like that saying 'any publicity is good publicity'. Illuminati association has almost become fashionably cool in this pop world now, like Munchi said "its a hype". Artists know association with such pretty much guarantees at least a low level of success, Money and fame are the puppets God (prob more so than actual Satanic… Read more »

It's pretty easy to combat this s***e………….. it's called the off button

Controversy and playing on conspiracy = attention, works every time. The blatant illuminati symbolism will stop when it is no longer in fashion and doesn't get the youtube hits that sites like this give it and help with its success lol

Even if it was true there is nothing more to it than ‘controversy’ it would still mean these ‘artists’ are completely selling out and have zero integrity, intellect or artistic talent in what they do. Regardless, I’m sure most of whatever demographics make up Azealia’s shitty fanbase would watch her stuff even if it wasn’t ‘Illuminati’. How many of her fans – people dumb enough to want to actually watch something like this – are likely to be able to make the connection between the owls here and a group like the Bohemian Club?

Is there a way we can stop this.

why not???

I've heard of her. Her first single was 212. The video is pretty normal. It's really such a drastic change from that video to this. There's really no other word then she's following some sort of a path many are following. That Lil' Wayne video is still the weirdest one though. But at the end with the mouths on the eyes. It reminded me of madonna's bedtime story video.

This is why I don't like most of videos clips that are being made today, lots of s**t symbolism

While reading this article, I often read her name Azaelia as AZAZEL, who we all know who that is in mithology!

But minister and pastors now preached the person of Jesus as the Gospel. mixing it up they cause confusion and so therefore deceive millions into accepting false hope of accepting the name of jesus alone without works, what Paul preached is, Jesus died for all so that if any repent and accept Jesus that he is the Son of God and accept the Gospel he preached he will be qualified to enter into the Kingdom of God as long as he continue to obey all of God's law and commandments and such person does not sin. 1John 3:4…. Waky waky people the devil is all out to decieve you…. The Devil will deceive many into accepting his mark, and dont be deceived the mark is not gonna be in any chip, If you want to learn what the mark is? reply this comment and put your email there I will… Read more »

This has been on for so long….. my blog is coming out very soon people, please y'all need to check it out and learn how satan has decieved the whole world Revelation 12:9…. So many so called minister are on these too deceiving people according to Matthew 24… Jesus said all of this will happen so am not bothered or surprise but I will admonish everyone to watch and pray the most anoying part is they have perverted the true Gospel that Jesus preached when he was here…. Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God Mark 1:14…

If they get away with it, it will be genuine human sacrifices next.

These videos are an indication of how sick this f****d up world really is.

Quote on last photo: "What is this? Kill it with fire!"

pmsl.. that cracked me up

Pathetic crap loaded with subliminial messages… we older/ awake folks see right through it… the sad part is the younger generations ie our children don't… so they are sucked in… god help the innocent before it's too late

The picture with her and the ox is familiar to Dumuzi the son-husband of Gula-Bau Who is also wore a lunar crown representing his godhood.

"And if a rapper jumping around in front of a pyramid, All-Seeing Eyes and owls and submitting to an oppressive police force is not enough to convince you, then I guess nothing will."

Okay, you are TOO funny! It's all true for sure…but I just can't help laughing at the way you worded this!

Another very well thought-out article.

remember how jay z is always referring to young? young this, young that, young b…. who is young. i'm thinking he must be satan. it's a creepy name. now we have yung Rapunzel or whatever. weird.

i really liked the video TBH, and yes i know what its all about but sometimes we just tend to see what we want and I think that she made it simple what means shes just doing the opposite

I definitely do not want to argue with you, but you should check out the articles on this website that deal with the various types of Illuminati symbolism. I used to be involved in the occult and the owl and pyramid eye are not the symbols you normally try to utilize in that sphere (she's described on Wikipedia as being in the genre of witch-hop; she is obviously involved with the occult). In other words it becomes obvious that she's using dark and (literally) powerful occult symbols. I would say that there's a high chance that you haven't seen the articles mentioned here and/or done extra research to see if they're backed up by facts. I recommend looking into Wikipedia to do your research; if there's no citation than it might be a dubious fact (I have an account on Wiki-P). Note: If you have obsessive tendencies, I don't recommend… Read more »

Sorry about some of the typos. I usually proofread my comments. 🙁 I myself am obsessive, like that.

I'd have to actually disagree with the title of this article. Same Illuminati symbolism it is not. That video is more intensely Illuminati than anything Jay-Z (or Shay-Z as I like to call him) can ever concoct. Really freaky video. Somebody needs to kill the history of this video with fire. Smash it…pulverize it.

People need to remember that they are subjects to no one. You decide yourself how you want to interpret Things. No one can tell you how to understand the world but yourself. You are responsible for your own thoughts. If you feel appalled and afraid because of the supposed Illuminati symbolism then you are in fact being brainwashed, because you react on what someone has told you to believe. Not what you see with your own eyes, and that's the only thing that matters in the end. This can only be dangerous if you let it be.

The Lord don't like ugly! These people really dont understand what an eternity means! Wants Jesus returns all that crap they worship will lead them on a one way trip on the scorching highway to hell… They can have it! God bless!

I think she get's it, she has "the brains" and she is doing it to provoke…I think she is against "the illuminati" or however they are calling themselves…she is a real artist,she is not trying to sell herself, listen to some of her interviews and you can see what she's about….and in this song she's singing about being free, being sick of it all, fighting against the police, and she's completely overdoing the illuminati theme for a reason! Don't judge that quickly just because you would like her to be stupid soul-selling greedy person…hold your frustrations and leave space for different opinions

You forgot to mention how talented she is and how thought-inspiring and awe-provoking her production is when you called her a ‘real artist’

That is one disgusting video! Totally demonic! May she find the true and Living God!

azelia banks is one of the reasons i do not like rap music. her and nicki minaj are tutti heads. may they find peace before it is too late.

You should see new video clip of polish artist – Doda , name of song is 'Electrode'. I thinkt this clip is full of sybolism… 😉

Her name reminds me a lot of the name Azazel in Deuteronomy.

Sorry for my cursing BUT GOOD LORD THAT S**T CREEPED ME OUT TONIGHT I AM NOT SLEEPING!!!!!!! I couldn't even watch 2 minutes. Why did I commit such stupidity? What is sad is YT comments. So many…. retards. Lord just by hearing "Danger danger" No no noooo Lady Gaga's BTW is nothing like this. I actually find it more comfortable than that that thing I just saw. LOrd lord lorrd have mercy. How can someone watch the whole video? How is it possible? Horror movies are way more comfortable than what I just saw. indeed kill it with fire. I am more glad to hand you 400 gallons of gasoline, 3000 ounces of alcohol, 20000 cigarettes you name it VC. Cuz I ain't even exagerating. whoever saw the whole video is my new hero. Anyway Iam (kinda) done of rambling. But that was so ratchet. Speaking of ratchet, she and… Read more »

Another pawn of the illuminati promoting their evil schemes, and yes somebody burn her

The evil, demonic, horrifying pictures speaks for themselves. Too f*&^ing creepy to watch, although I haven't seen it yet but I still get the idea of this little puppet becoming another one of the illuminati's b*****s.

The video is clearly checker-boarded and symbol-infested all over just the way the elite likes it.

Made me feel sick to my gut

this is great, but i kinda hate how all of you react like "go back to god !!!!!" chill the f**k out, it's better to raise awareness and just try to be more picky with everything you do to live a more sane life. For some, "going back to god" isn't the answer at all. It's better to be of SUPPORT and try to show them the right way.

I think it's funny how fast some of you eat these articles up. Being knowledgeable is one thing but to try to associate everything with the "Occult" is a joke. Hell, if i was an up and coming artist, I'd use these symbols too to make you people look like fools and the more you'd watch my videos to decipher, the more money I'd get 🙂 It's a game. Some of you actually think Tyler the Creator and his crew are illuminati puppets as well. Lmao. Azealia is definitely trolling, do you think this 21 year old girl from Harlem who isn't even well known is an illuminati puppet for real? Wtf would be the point? Isn't the point to be very famous and rich? Her album title is "Broke with expensive taste", yeah that's so illuminati like. Oh and to top it off, you clowns stay calling these artists… Read more »

Yeah, ok they can sing somewhat if their voices are edited enough. But "their" music still sucks. I agree with you on all other points though.

Rihanna for instance. I can't bear listening to her vocals.

Have you never heard Justin sing acoustic live? Or Beyonce or Lady Gaga live? With no editing, they are very talented. And, well that's good. It's good to see some people actually have some sense.

No one would waste the money it takes to produce these music videos etc for mere random imagery. The message is getting more blatant with each video and the target audience more desensitized. Which begs the question; what are they trying to prepare this generation for? What do they want them to regard as the norm when they finally introduce fantasy as reality? Vampires, monsters, zombies and bloody rituals …would we have condoned this content 30 years ago? I remember reading about the controversy over a character in the movie Gone with the Wind using the word "damn". Wow! We've come so far haven't we? I shudder to imagine the future of this world.

As an MC she's extremely talented and her beats are sick. The girl has talent.

People need to begin to separate the artist from the clauses in their label contracts.

maybe the talented artists should form their own record labels so that they don't have to bow to the evil ones..

A lot of music distribution today is monopolized by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group; or the music is distributed on independent labels that are signatories of the RIAA, which again is controlled by the "Big Three" of the distributors.

You should see the album artwork for her mixtape, "Fantasea."

it's a shame, because i REALLY thought she would be different. she's so talented… really a shame.

Does this brainwashed bimbo moves her stupid ass in front of the green screen with no f*****g idea of what her video is going to look like? That makes only sense to me. Because if she is knowledgable of how video is going to look she has to be f*****g retarded. Not only a puppet, but retarded, like f****d up in the head really hard.

Time to kill illuminate but the only way to do it is not physically but spiritually.
If more people would wake up and follow Christ, they would disappear like a fart in the wind.
They only have power because too many of the worlds population are sleeping and don't recognise this evil.if people wake up to this evil and turn away from it they will become weaker. It is all in the hands of us.
Evil has it's purpose on earth but these singers are just beyond stupid. They will have such a hard time when they die that they will be regretting every piece of their satanic life.
The things they do for money, it's despicable they clearly don't have any morals or decency.
I would rather be poor than support that trash.