Beyoncé’s Performance at the 2016 VMAs Was a Twisted Occult Ritual


Beyoncé’s performance at the 2016 VMAs was a medley of her latest offering “Lemonade”. Not unlike the visual album itself, the performance featured occult symbolism while pushing more of the race wars agenda.

The 2016 VMAs did not bring much excitement to music fans – just a bunch of stale and predictable songs performed by a bunch of stale and predictable pop stars. However, Beyoncé’s performance, with its length, scope and grandeur clearly stood out from the rest. It was as if the people at MTV made sure that all of “oohs” and the “ahhs” were reserved for Beyoncé who, once again, had to be the queen of the show. Music awards likes the VMAs know exactly what the news headlines will be the following day. And, this year, it had to be about Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade contains a bunch of symbols and messages the elite wants the population to absorb and the VMAs made sure that it was properly celebrated. As I described in my article The Occult Meaning of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, the visual album is replete with occult symbolism placing Beyoncé in a dark and transformative ritual while bringing her legions of fans to follower her. Where is she taking her fans? Let’s look at the performance.

More Lemonade

Beyoncé’s VMA performance recreated most of the ritualistic elements of Lemonade, complete with the same color codes. It was however shorter, and more obvious.

The performance began in a classic ritualistic fashion: With Beyoncé and her girls dressed in virginal white garments.
The performance began in classic ritualistic fashion: Beyoncé and her ladies dressed in virginal white garments representing purity and innocence.

The occult elite’s rituals are about soiling purity and innocence in order to bring about dark metaphysical change. One by one, the girls around Beyoncé get shot and die, falling in a pool of red light.

In the end, everyone is dead except her. She is the “chosen one”. A hooded man marches towards her.
The hooded man brings Beyoncé forward and lets her go, as if saying "This is the path you must take".
The hooded man brings Beyoncé forward and lets her go, as if saying “This is the path you must take”.

While some claim that this hooded figure represented Trayvon Martin (who wore a hoodie when he got shot), the symbolism goes clearly deeper than that. This man who guides Beyoncé to the next stage of her performance represents those who guide Beyoncé to the next stages of her career. He represents the occult elite, those who put her in the spotlight and make sure she gets all of the spotlight. Of course, all of the spotlight comes at a price.

After the stage of purity (white), ritual sacrifice (red) comes black - the color of completed occult transformation. Beyoncé is doing what the industry is expecting from her - shaking her booty.
After the stage of purity (white), ritual sacrifice (red) comes occult transformation (black). Beyoncé is now doing what the industry expects from her – shaking her booty. The good girl has gone bad – the industry’s favorite narrative.

In the first scene, the ladies dressed in white dresses getting shot is said to represent the killing of Black people at the hand of police. But the symbolism goes deeper than this. If you’ve read previous articles on Vigilant Citizen, you already know that the occult elite’s rituals are coded in three colors: White, red and black. And this is exactly what happens here.

Beyoncé is not “taking a stand” against anything, she is taking part of a twisted ritual that mixes the occult elite’s obsession with blood sacrifice with the actual suffering of real people in the real world. In short, she is on the side of those who actually allow these horrors to happen: The elite.

A few years ago, Beyoncé appeared at the Grammy awards surrounded by police in riot gear - effectively pushing the police state agenda. Her "opinion" is whatever they decide what agenda needs to be pushed.
A few years ago, Beyoncé appeared at the Grammy awards surrounded by police in riot gear – effectively pushing the police state agenda. Her “opinion” is whatever “They” decide what agenda needs to be pushed.
As the performance progresses, Beyoncé is given a fur coat which can represent the material gains given to puppets of the industry.
As the performance progresses, Beyoncé is given a fur coat representing the material gains given to puppets of the industry.

Now that Beyoncé has been selected as a “leader of her people” (as if mass media allowed anybody else in the spotlight), she starts giving orders. Indeed, during the appropriately named Formation she says:

“Now all my ladies get in formation”

And, of course, her ladies do.

Apparently, ladies should listen to Beyoncé's orders. They lay flat on their backs around her.
Apparently, ladies should blindly follow Beyoncé’s orders. They lay down around her.

As the camera pans out, we realize that the ladies formed a symbol. Well, two of them.

The performance ends with the ladies forming the Venus symbol which represents the female sex.
The performance ends with the ladies forming the Venus symbol representing the female sex. Or is it?

On second look, we realize that symbol is separated in two distinct figures: An open circle and an inverted cross. While people in the crowd are in tears, giving a standing ovation, they are actually clapping to an inverted cross, the symbol of satanism.

This final moment sums up Beyoncé’s entire performance: A twisted and deceptive display filled with double meanings that end up telling the viewers: I’m on their side, not yours.


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You know what else rubs me the wrong way? When I spell Beyonce on my phone and my phone automatically auto corrects it to Beyoncé. I had to go back to erase the é, to show you guys what I’m talking about. Like why is her name so important that it automatically spell it and spell it like the above. Who the heck is Beyoncé? You can’t say anything about Beyoncé or you’ll be call a “hater” on any social media. Social media is the death sentence. I just returned on social media and I feel so out of place. Just to see the stuff that are being posts, the idol worshipping of celebs. Everyone is in competition, everyone’s doing the same things. Everyone do things for likes and followers. It’s so bad. There are not many that are awake in there.

I was just on iTunes, and I clicked on the comments and reviews for Lemonade. So many blasphemous comments like calling her God and Beysus. What in the world? She could sell feces to these people.

I wonder why they call her God. Is she forced on the public to represent the new Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess ?

my wife likes beyonce not sure exactly why but i encouraged her to buy tickets to one of beyonces shows.. think i was wanting my wife to have fun and go with her too like a date night. i could really care less for any of her music but my wife says i cant really understand because im not a woman, but it would really make sense to me if i were a black woman. ive analysed it but im too sensitive to art to bring myself to watch or listen to it. i cant get past her voice.. just any of the generic sounding/looking stuff. is hard to appreciate what really just seems like a big expensive product that my wife has bought into. it would almost be akin to me getting hardcore into garth brooks or anything else that is commercial and lame. i dont know what to… Read more »

Dude, just show your wife these articles. Let her see who she is really looking up to. I doubt your wife wants to worship the devil, which is essentially what this is.

You need to talk to your wife about WHY she needs to look up to Beyoncé. A strong person doesn’t need to look up to anyone, a strong person makes it’s own path. Help your wife empower herself.

Why she needs to ‘look up/ do research’ on ‘Beyonc’, you mean…

SoI omitted the ‘e’ at the end of her name because I am so lucky we are not on social media. I would have been stung by many ‘bees’ by now…

dude…you need someone to talk to

I love Amanda Palmer! Well, tbh I haven’t heard much of her newer stuff in the past few years, but she’s quite talented and seems like someone you can have a conversation with. Last time I saw her, she had just started her solo career. Before that, she and Brian were The Dresden Dolls and took time to meet with fans after their shows. She did that as well when I saw her solo. Tickets were also really well priced; like $20 every time I saw her or TDD. Not everyone can handle a voice like hers, though. I do understand why people wouldn’t like her. Good luck at the Beyonce show! I don’t understand her popularity. You’ve now got me questioning A.Palm. I do know she recently published a book and had a baby. Is she becoming more popular than I thought? I hope she hasn’t sold out. She’s… Read more »

You are a good husband. Just go, I heard she is an excellent preformed live. Like Tina Turner, but for our generation. Beyonce can really sing well without all the auto tune. We girls love Beyoncé. I do not care for all the occult stuff, but I do not believe Beyoncé is part of it. She does have deep New Orleans roots, which is prone to voodoo, but who knows. That is between God and her. She will stand accountable, like we all will. It is appointed for all men to die, then judgement. Follow back up on this blog so I can hear how the concert was. 🙂

Beyonce is very much into the occult. There’s no way she would do any of this if she wasn’t. And she’s always talked about being a Texas girl only mentioned her Louisiana roots last video/song. No, “we girls” don’t all love beyonce. At all. Don’t put me in a group of blind women who worship beyonce as a god.

Thank you! I second that and I agree 100000% too! She’s nothing but a lost, demon possessed blind soul leading the blind to their own detriment & to their own demise. She could care less about anything or anyone else but her fame and fortune, no matter what cost. It’s sickening to say the least, that these people in the entertainment industry are only satanists, with their own agenda, which will be to the lost souls who blindly follow along like sheep to the slaughter. If only more people would speak up about the insider truths to the reality of their agenda for the rest of civilization who continue watching their “idols” dumb them down to further corrupt society as a whole.

“All us girls” do not. Do not believe her singing, as she is very obviously produced, which these days includes auto-tune. Her fetish about her own behind and the behinds of her “dancers” (therefore, most/all women) is degrading. I am not a body part. I do not uncover parts of my body and push them out to sensationalize myself or my words. I believe in both sexes being equal, not one being “b*****s and ho’s” for the other, and therefore dressing and acting that way. What a horrible role model — but what a victory for cultural Marxism, which would destroy all that is decent in the world.

hell no, she’s not a goddess, she’s THE goddess. Bow down b*****s!

Gosh I guess the stupid beehive is everywhere. She is a flawed human being who faked pregnancy and birth. Where is Blue’s reall mom?

Wake up and realize that who you’re “bowing” down to is nothing more than another human being who worships Satanic forces & has no desire for those who worship her satanism in her music,etc. It’s not worth losing your body and soul over the loss of your own salvation, in this idolatry, full of pure demonic wickedness! Beyonce isn’t a god, she’s not even close to the ONE & ONLY TRUE:GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST, YEHOVA, the CREATOR of both Heaven and Earth! She’s a grasshopper in comparison to our true Christ, whom, HE, HIMSELF, will, upon HIS return for HIS CHURCH- will have EVERY KNEE BOW down to HIM, & EVERY TONGUE CONFESSING THAT HE, ALONE IS GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS CHRIST, the ONE who ALSO created YOU for a purpose other than to serving the rich and famous, who care nothing for your soul.

Readers can tell from the concept above and the language used, what a bad effect she and the thugs she associates with, have had on society. Thank God for Trump. No more thugs in the WH.

Right because a billionaire racist devil worshipper is so much better than the “blacks.” SMH

It’s pretty sad. I’m really sad for these people.

I’m not. They’re stupid to worship her.

I think she does sell what amounts to feces.

You know what’s worse? I once tried to write the word “beyond” and it was auto-corrected to her stupid name. Disgusting.

You sound racist

Stuck in the oh-oh’s. That era is over, thank God. The word has no meaning anymore.

I agree! It’s so much easier to tune out of social media than to have to deal with the blind zombies who worship these celebrities as of they were God Himself. Most people consider you a “hater” if you don’t agree with their idolatry and their worldly carnality pleasure of anything in opposition to the Holy Word of God. I checked out of social media, so to speak, for the same reasons because I feel like it’s not worth the effort in trying to convince the dead, deaf, and the blind goats to get in line with the sheep and to follow the lamb of God, Jesus Christ, our one and only Great Shepherd. I’m not saying that it’s a waste of time to witness to the lost but I know that God has given us the discernment to know whether or not we’re wasting time on certain individuals who… Read more »


Thank you so much Selene for your clear eyes and mind to give and hold on to that Truth about those who have completely sold out to the devil and for the wise need for discernment.
After all, Jesus The Lord COMMANDS us to move on(dust our shoes as witnesses), wherever His Gospel is rejected and for us to move on to those still crying out for Him!

I tell this always.


On* there.

@ Ria
Beyoncé is the french way to write her name.
The sign above the “e” is a phonetic sign.

I know and I get it but how come other French names don’t get the same treatment? It’s been programmed for her name to automatically spell that way on our phones. They’ve made her a huge deal.

My middle name is french (Rene) and on my iphone it does include the accent. So it should be all french names not just Beyonce.

Renée does. That is my middle name…French, but I spell mine correct

Renee is a real name, I’m pretty sure Beyonce is just made up : )

Thats why i turn spell predictions off.

Sure thing! So they can’t cast ‘spells’ on you. good on you!

it’s called a diacritic