Beyoncé’s Performance at the 2016 VMAs Was a Twisted Occult Ritual


Beyoncé’s performance at the 2016 VMAs was a medley of her latest offering “Lemonade”. Not unlike the visual album itself, the performance featured occult symbolism while pushing more of the race wars agenda.

The 2016 VMAs did not bring much excitement to music fans – just a bunch of stale and predictable songs performed by a bunch of stale and predictable pop stars. However, Beyoncé’s performance, with its length, scope and grandeur clearly stood out from the rest. It was as if the people at MTV made sure that all of “oohs” and the “ahhs” were reserved for Beyoncé who, once again, had to be the queen of the show. Music awards likes the VMAs know exactly what the news headlines will be the following day. And, this year, it had to be about Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade contains a bunch of symbols and messages the elite wants the population to absorb and the VMAs made sure that it was properly celebrated. As I described in my article The Occult Meaning of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, the visual album is replete with occult symbolism placing Beyoncé in a dark and transformative ritual while bringing her legions of fans to follower her. Where is she taking her fans? Let’s look at the performance.

More Lemonade

Beyoncé’s VMA performance recreated most of the ritualistic elements of Lemonade, complete with the same color codes. It was, however, shorter and more obvious.

The performance began in a classic ritualistic fashion: With Beyoncé and her girls dressed in virginal white garments.
The performance began in classic ritualistic fashion: Beyoncé and her ladies dressed in virginal white garments representing purity and innocence.

The occult elite’s rituals are about soiling purity and innocence in order to bring about dark metaphysical change. One by one, the girls around Beyoncé get shot and die, falling in a pool of red light.

In the end, everyone is dead except her. She is the “chosen one”. A hooded man marches towards her.
The hooded man brings Beyoncé forward and lets her go, as if saying "This is the path you must take".
The hooded man brings Beyoncé forward and lets her go as if saying “This is the path you must take”.

While some claim that this hooded figure represented Trayvon Martin (who wore a hoodie when he got shot), the symbolism goes clearly deeper than that. This man who guides Beyoncé to the next stage of her performance represents those who guide Beyoncé to the next stages of her career. He represents the occult elite, those who put her in the spotlight and make sure she gets all of the spotlight. Of course, all of the spotlight comes at a price.

After the stage of purity (white), ritual sacrifice (red) comes black - the color of completed occult transformation. Beyoncé is doing what the industry is expecting from her - shaking her booty.
After the stage of purity (white), ritual sacrifice (red) comes occult transformation (black). Beyoncé is now doing what the industry expects from her – shaking her booty. The good girl has gone bad – the industry’s favorite narrative.

In the first scene, the ladies dressed in white dresses getting shot is said to represent the killing of Black people at the hand of police. But the symbolism goes deeper than this. If you’ve read previous articles on Vigilant Citizen, you already know that the occult elite’s rituals are coded in three colors: White, red and black. And this is exactly what happens here.

Beyoncé is not “taking a stand” against anything, she is taking part of a twisted ritual that mixes the occult elite’s obsession with blood sacrifice with the actual suffering of real people in the real world. In short, she is on the side of those who actually allow these horrors to happen: The elite.

A few years ago, Beyoncé appeared at the Grammy awards surrounded by police in riot gear - effectively pushing the police state agenda. Her "opinion" is whatever they decide what agenda needs to be pushed.
A few years ago, Beyoncé appeared at the Grammy awards surrounded by police in riot gear – effectively pushing the police state agenda. Her “opinion” is whatever “They” decide what agenda needs to be pushed.
As the performance progresses, Beyoncé is given a fur coat which can represent the material gains given to puppets of the industry.
As the performance progresses, Beyoncé is given a fur coat representing the material gains given to puppets of the industry.

Now that Beyoncé has been selected as a “leader of her people” (as if mass media allowed anybody else in the spotlight), she starts giving orders. Indeed, during the appropriately named Formation she says:

“Now all my ladies get in formation”

And, of course, her ladies do.

Apparently, ladies should listen to Beyoncé's orders. They lay flat on their backs around her.
Apparently, ladies should blindly follow Beyoncé’s orders. They lay down around her.

As the camera pans out, we realize that the ladies formed a symbol. Well, two of them.

The performance ends with the ladies forming the Venus symbol which represents the female sex.
The performance ends with the ladies forming the Venus symbol representing the female sex. Or is it?

On second look, we realize that symbol is separated into two distinct figures: An open circle and an inverted cross. While people in the crowd are in tears, giving a standing ovation, they are actually clapping to an inverted cross, the symbol of Satanism.

This final moment sums up Beyoncé’s entire performance: A twisted and deceptive display filled with double meanings that end up telling the viewers: I’m on their side, not yours.

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You know what else rubs me the wrong way? When I spell Beyonce on my phone and my phone automatically auto corrects it to Beyoncé. I had to go back to erase the é, to show you guys what I’m talking about. Like why is her name so important that it automatically spell it and spell it like the above. Who the heck is Beyoncé? You can’t say anything about Beyoncé or you’ll be call a “hater” on any social media. Social media is the death sentence. I just returned on social media and I feel so out of place. Just to see the stuff that are being posts, the idol worshipping of celebs. Everyone is in competition, everyone’s doing the same things. Everyone do things for likes and followers. It’s so bad. There are not many that are awake in there.

I agree! It’s so much easier to tune out of social media than to have to deal with the blind zombies who worship these celebrities as of they were God Himself. Most people consider you a “hater” if you don’t agree with their idolatry and their worldly carnality pleasure of anything in opposition to the Holy Word of God. I checked out of social media, so to speak, for the same reasons because I feel like it’s not worth the effort in trying to convince the dead, deaf, and the blind goats to get in line with the sheep and to follow the lamb of God, Jesus Christ, our one and only Great Shepherd. I’m not saying that it’s a waste of time to witness to the lost but I know that God has given us the discernment to know whether or not we’re wasting time on certain individuals who… Read more »


Thank you so much Selene for your clear eyes and mind to give and hold on to that Truth about those who have completely sold out to the devil and for the wise need for discernment.
After all, Jesus The Lord COMMANDS us to move on(dust our shoes as witnesses), wherever His Gospel is rejected and for us to move on to those still crying out for Him!

I tell this always.


You know what’s worse? I once tried to write the word “beyond” and it was auto-corrected to her stupid name. Disgusting.

You sound racist

Stuck in the oh-oh’s. That era is over, thank God. The word has no meaning anymore.

@ Ria
Beyoncé is the french way to write her name.
The sign above the “e” is a phonetic sign.

I know and I get it but how come other French names don’t get the same treatment? It’s been programmed for her name to automatically spell that way on our phones. They’ve made her a huge deal.

Thats why i turn spell predictions off.

Sure thing! So they can’t cast ‘spells’ on you. good on you!

My middle name is french (Rene) and on my iphone it does include the accent. So it should be all french names not just Beyonce.

Renée does. That is my middle name…French, but I spell mine correct

Renee is a real name, I’m pretty sure Beyonce is just made up : )

it’s called a diacritic

I was just on iTunes, and I clicked on the comments and reviews for Lemonade. So many blasphemous comments like calling her God and Beysus. What in the world? She could sell feces to these people.

I think she does sell what amounts to feces.

I wonder why they call her God. Is she forced on the public to represent the new Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess ?

hell no, she’s not a goddess, she’s THE goddess. Bow down b*****s!

Wake up and realize that who you’re “bowing” down to is nothing more than another human being who worships Satanic forces & has no desire for those who worship her satanism in her music,etc. It’s not worth losing your body and soul over the loss of your own salvation, in this idolatry, full of pure demonic wickedness! Beyonce isn’t a god, she’s not even close to the ONE & ONLY TRUE:GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST, YEHOVA, the CREATOR of both Heaven and Earth! She’s a grasshopper in comparison to our true Christ, whom, HE, HIMSELF, will, upon HIS return for HIS CHURCH- will have EVERY KNEE BOW down to HIM, & EVERY TONGUE CONFESSING THAT HE, ALONE IS GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS CHRIST, the ONE who ALSO created YOU for a purpose other than to serving the rich and famous, who care nothing for your soul.

Readers can tell from the concept above and the language used, what a bad effect she and the thugs she associates with, have had on society. Thank God for Trump. No more thugs in the WH.

Right because a billionaire racist devil worshipper is so much better than the “blacks.” SMH

Gosh I guess the stupid beehive is everywhere. She is a flawed human being who faked pregnancy and birth. Where is Blue’s reall mom?

my wife likes beyonce not sure exactly why but i encouraged her to buy tickets to one of beyonces shows.. think i was wanting my wife to have fun and go with her too like a date night. i could really care less for any of her music but my wife says i cant really understand because im not a woman, but it would really make sense to me if i were a black woman. ive analysed it but im too sensitive to art to bring myself to watch or listen to it. i cant get past her voice.. just any of the generic sounding/looking stuff. is hard to appreciate what really just seems like a big expensive product that my wife has bought into. it would almost be akin to me getting hardcore into garth brooks or anything else that is commercial and lame. i dont know what to… Read more »
I love Amanda Palmer! Well, tbh I haven’t heard much of her newer stuff in the past few years, but she’s quite talented and seems like someone you can have a conversation with. Last time I saw her, she had just started her solo career. Before that, she and Brian were The Dresden Dolls and took time to meet with fans after their shows. She did that as well when I saw her solo. Tickets were also really well priced; like $20 every time I saw her or TDD. Not everyone can handle a voice like hers, though. I do understand why people wouldn’t like her. Good luck at the Beyonce show! I don’t understand her popularity. You’ve now got me questioning A.Palm. I do know she recently published a book and had a baby. Is she becoming more popular than I thought? I hope she hasn’t sold out. She’s… Read more »

You are a good husband. Just go, I heard she is an excellent preformed live. Like Tina Turner, but for our generation. Beyonce can really sing well without all the auto tune. We girls love Beyoncé. I do not care for all the occult stuff, but I do not believe Beyoncé is part of it. She does have deep New Orleans roots, which is prone to voodoo, but who knows. That is between God and her. She will stand accountable, like we all will. It is appointed for all men to die, then judgement. Follow back up on this blog so I can hear how the concert was. 🙂

“All us girls” do not. Do not believe her singing, as she is very obviously produced, which these days includes auto-tune. Her fetish about her own behind and the behinds of her “dancers” (therefore, most/all women) is degrading. I am not a body part. I do not uncover parts of my body and push them out to sensationalize myself or my words. I believe in both sexes being equal, not one being “b*****s and ho’s” for the other, and therefore dressing and acting that way. What a horrible role model — but what a victory for cultural Marxism, which would destroy all that is decent in the world.

Beyonce is very much into the occult. There’s no way she would do any of this if she wasn’t. And she’s always talked about being a Texas girl only mentioned her Louisiana roots last video/song. No, “we girls” don’t all love beyonce. At all. Don’t put me in a group of blind women who worship beyonce as a god.

Thank you! I second that and I agree 100000% too! She’s nothing but a lost, demon possessed blind soul leading the blind to their own detriment & to their own demise. She could care less about anything or anyone else but her fame and fortune, no matter what cost. It’s sickening to say the least, that these people in the entertainment industry are only satanists, with their own agenda, which will be to the lost souls who blindly follow along like sheep to the slaughter. If only more people would speak up about the insider truths to the reality of their agenda for the rest of civilization who continue watching their “idols” dumb them down to further corrupt society as a whole.

dude…you need someone to talk to

Dude, just show your wife these articles. Let her see who she is really looking up to. I doubt your wife wants to worship the devil, which is essentially what this is.

You need to talk to your wife about WHY she needs to look up to Beyoncé. A strong person doesn’t need to look up to anyone, a strong person makes it’s own path. Help your wife empower herself.

Why she needs to ‘look up/ do research’ on ‘Beyonc’, you mean…

SoI omitted the ‘e’ at the end of her name because I am so lucky we are not on social media. I would have been stung by many ‘bees’ by now…

It’s pretty sad. I’m really sad for these people.

I’m not. They’re stupid to worship her.

On* there.

Beyonce just continues to disappoint. The whole thing is just sad.

It’s never anything new. She’s been doing the same old routine for several years now. The only difference, her thighs touch again. Nothing wrong with that. In just sayin.

Lol, u killed me with that one. What’s happened to the thigh gap, no longer pushing that I see. Can anyone tell me what she meant by that God quote and why wasn’t it mentioned VC?

Dude. Kanye can barely sling thoughts together to form sentences. He tries so hard to sound poignant and intelligent, but he just fails so miserably! I barely understood a thing he said. The entire show was sad. All that money, and not one doctorate degree among them.

I know. The College Dropout. You can tell.

That’s not fair at all. College Dropout was an amazing album its speaks volumes about his transition from an artist to a blatant puppet. You can see in his interview with Ellen after his “vacation” when all of his teeth were replaced with diamonds or whatever. His eyes are vacant, he seems pretty out of it, and Ellen is just making him seem crazy. Then he drops that visual album with the phoenix woman, and MJ symbolism. He wasn’t always so damn stupid, don’t forget “We don’t care” or “Jesus Walks” I might be totally wrong but I’m pretty sure he was bought, put to sleep, just saying I don’t think he was always THIS much in their pocket.

Consiquens was the ghostwriter of those songs, KANYE IS FAKE

His name is spelt Consequence and he wasn’t the Ghost Writer for “Jesus Walks”. That song was written by Rhymefest and Kanye already admitted that. Kanye is a talented writer and Producer so he’s far from a FAKE but yes he has gotten some help from time to time like most Artist. For anyone who knocks “The College Dropout” , “Late Registration” or even “Graduation” isn’t listening properly. That’s when Mr West was saying something on the Mic and those are all great albums the 1st one is a Hip Hop classic. Yes I said Classic and I grew up on Nas, Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Brand Nubian, Biggie, LL Cool J, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, NWA, Public Enemy so I know a Classic when I hear one. But it seems once Kanye lost his Mother he has gone down another path.… Read more »

The degradation of women, the push toward police assassination and killing whites, the bragging about “bling” and the graphic descriptions of private matters….have led the thug culture to where they believe it is the road to success, rather than hard work and education.

The fact that you are on a website that promotes truth, yet you are hailing bigotry & racism, while insulting equality & pride in one’s culture, pretty much shows your level of intelligence.

It’s crazy how in those particular albums he spoke against the very system he now serves.
Also as a side note all those college degrees are a source of programming and not necessarily something to be proud of. If there is anything that I have learned it is that a person can be StreetWise or book wise either way they are still worthy of respect

Don’t lump all College Dropouts in w/ Kanye. The pages of most college textbooks, these days, aren’t worth used toilet paper -they’re pushing the same agenda Kanye & Beyonce are.

Its pathetic how the people in the audience treats these idols like something superior. Kanye speech was embarrassing and he made no sense but all those idiots were clapping for him and acting like he was saying something important

I agree, I watched it too and I could not figure out why people were screaming? he made no sense! and then the next day there are articles all over yahoo as if he had just given the speech of the century! incredible, how stupid the sheeple fall for that!!! and don’t even get me started on his “hobo-ish” clothing line

Hypocrite, YOU watched it !

Yes! I feel the same exact way. the audience cheered and laughed during his pauses, I thought I was missing something. I kind of felt like he was a big joke to them because he was talking but not saying anything and they seamed so entertained by it.

I really think that these awards shows are really just big rituals…that can explain why all those people are just so entranced by those celebrities…like while they’re there they can’t even think for themselves…creepy

I agree….sad.

Yep, the lemonade has gone sour. Beyonce probably enjoys her position, but their must be some regret that she’s not an artist anymore. Glamour is a lie, it’s a counterfeit glory that does have a bitter sour taste, the fruit of this drink is shame. She’s drinking from their chalice, not pouring her heart out in song, which was probably her original dream. She has it all, and nothing inside.


She’ll be used and tossed like Janet, Whitney, Mariah, J-lo, Diana Ross, Donna , Madonna etc… Her music sucks, over-hyped and she’s passed around and looks miserable and displaced..Every-time, I here a mention of Becky that’s laughable, she running with hair that’s not her own, I would respect her more if she snatched the lace front wig-off , I’m ready for her and Rihanna to be replaced and the shift is about to happen. This era of music is horrible..

Wow Chris, you should be a writer or a poet. You have a way with words.

To those skeptics dismissing these articles: It’s interesting how VC can point out the color-coded ‘good-bad’ transformation following the white-red-black scheme in article after article after article. Guess it’s just ‘coincidence’? And, I suppose the upside-down cross insult is just a coincidence, as well, it probably really is the just the female symbol (even though there’s no reason you’d need to put it there). Oh, and the let’s-worship-Beyonce cult of personality, too, nothing weird about it. Would you seriously take part in this ritualistic debacle like these stage performers do, even for money and the ‘fame’ of being near almighty Beyonce? I think I’d pass. I was going to write to you, VC, about how I think you should be careful not to read more into these symbols than can be 100% proven. For example, that the coat Beyonce was given being a representation of wealth given for her services,… Read more »
Why is it always Christianity and not Islam or any other religions? While I’m not an avid partaker of the news or anything, even I’m aware that Islam has been under attack since 9/11. Tptb are out to destroy the Muslim faith, faith in God in general, and the msm is doing a damn good job. “All Muslims are terrorists” therefore anybody with brown skin gets treated differently than a white person. Christians aren’t being attacked in this way. Jewish people are generally left alone because, well, they run the media and make no secret of it. Idk much about Buddhism or other faiths, so I can’t speculate on why they’re left alone, but I do know other middle-easterns have over 100 gods and goddesses; kinda like Pokémon but in a religious sense. So my guess is; they’re of no real threat to the agenda since they’re not worshipping the… Read more »

It’s not the skin. It’s that it is a totalitarian system of law, a political ideology whose goal is a global caliphate. Since 7th century, whenever they have power, they took up jihad again. There are a lot of sites and books to study that really open your eyes.

I love it. So true

Yes the Catholic Church and they know it is.

The way the elite and modern society vilifies Christianity is, conversely, one of the reasons Christianity is all the more validated for me. The fact that they are apparently so repulsed and terrified by Christianity means there must be some truth, some power in it. Or else why would they be exhausting so many resources in all spheres of education, music, art, and politics to try and dismantle it, even openly mock it?

Open Circle to me means: Change, Growth or Extension of the circle.
In Zen buddhism the Symbol enso is painted as a closed but also as an open circle.
According to Wikipedia many zen buddhists believe that the way the enso is painted by the Artist Shows the mental state of the Artist: only a Person that is mentally and spiritually complete is said to be able to paint the completed enso. hope this helps.

Youre right, the devil or Satan that they devote all their rituals and Sacrifices to, is a fallen angel from the Christian bible and Christian religion. They mock Christianity yet worship and idolise a key character from the Christian bible. without Christianity their would be no Satan for them to worship. Go figure.

The elites cerytaonly seem to be terrified of Christianity. To me, that says it all. Use the power and authority God Almighty has given you against dark forces.


the open circle reminds me of the shape the Vatican is laid out in if looking down on it from above, its a womb, the birth of the NWO

I would say more the continuation of the Babylonian Priesthood, which is based on the concept that man is or can become ‘god’. That is the theme of the Antichrist and his minions.

Exactly!! “Worship yourself!! You don’t need anyone else!! You’re the best!!! You can do whatever you want! If you worship or have faith in God you’re weak! Weak!!”

weird how these popstars dont wear clothes anymore. _Beyonce, Britney, Ariana, Nicky Minaj, etc. All of them performing half naked and looking like strippers.

Madonna started the fad of female nudity as empowerment. Short step from that to the “b*****s and ho'” status.

I was trying to shop for school clothes for my girls, came across this store online, I thought ok, here’s a place, after I began scrolling the pages I noticed all the clothes were showing the stomachs, the shirts seemed nice until I clicked on them, and the whole back is out, or they are cut all the way dwn to the bellybutton, I thought is this the prostitutes online shopping store? My point is, this “kitten programming” or “diva programming” is…or has gotten out into the mainstream, we probably already have a bunch of followers dressing like this, thinking they are “flawless”, and “boss b***hes”, and “good girls gone bad.” This is sick, girls are gone wild, they are “sexually fluid” now, the men are women, going all out to be better women than…women, most of the males are “dwn low thugs.” I have no issues with anyone’s sexual… Read more »

Cheerleaders wear the same amount of clothing. So do Victoria’s Secret Maodels and they broadcast on primetime. Not saying it’s right, but why pick on them when plenty of others are half-naked as well.

because it has nothing to do with the music??? why all these popstars are performing in their underwear? its been years since the last time I saw sa female singer wearing pants,

Lady Gaga performed in a pantsuit ripping the piano recently, but she has gone back to being an artist again. IJS.

Not exactly weird… The sight has plenty of articles on sex kitten programming. Which was created in effort to make sexualization of the female more common place and mainstream. Heartbreakingly sad if you ask me. More so to the fact that the music industry is a huge pimp and the women of the industry are its prostitutes.

exactly and that was my point. Its sad to see all these women performing in their underwear. I dont see male singers half naked on stage… I only see women looking like stripers and a lot of times acting like slaves to these men. In britney performance you can clearly see this

Brilliant. Glad others can see it.

I noticed they want her to be the undefeated “queen” especially because that night she won every category she was in. She beat Adele’s Song “Hello” when it was the number one for months. The Beyoncé song that beats Adele wasn’t even number one. I think other artists are being screwed just to give the illusion that she’s queen. I don’t like Adele, I can’t even listen play her songs anymore after her calling Beyoncé “God.”

It was fan voted, nothing about sales or being #1

guess that made Kanye West happy…what an idiot. I can’t stand ANY of them.

and then he’s freaking running for president in 2020…God help us. I hope America is not crazy enough to elect him.

No way.

There won’t be an America in 2020.

Yea especially when Trump wins. There’ll be civil war for sure. Even if Hillary wins. Either way America is screwed and heading to doom.

MAGA. It was a patriotic victory for the average man.

I scanned this entire crap-fest, and she was the very obvious ‘focal-point’.

Non-stop chaotic and satanic propaganda is exhausting to sit through, so
I ‘inspected’, rather than ‘watched’, it. It’s the most offensive and absurd
waste of time one might imagine. At best, it is absolutely worthless, as is
the entirely controlled “entertainment” Industry: Truly Revolting.

The sheer feeling of bleakness, misery and contempt for any, human tenderness and empathy that’s coming out of the music world today, makes me want turn my back on this whole, rotten industry and its rotten fruit, for good. The hip-hop genre started out as fun and now it’s about promoting hate, cruelty and narcissism.

Stop buying their garbage, even piece-mail by downloaded song. Not for yourself, not for your kids.

Uuuuhhhmm I wouldnt say the hip hop industry started out as “fun” but more of an expressive outlet for a seriously oppressed people

The glorification of thug life has made it so much worse. Plus, there is the trend of blacks beating up whites with no punishment. Things will change.

The first hiphop songs were about being happy. Having fun. Dancing etc. Only when gangsta rap trash came out did people start apologizing for it and calling it an “outlet for oppressed people. When in fact it was nothing more than trash that has had generations of black youths conducting themselves with ignorance, impregnanting women in their communities and running from responsibility, dealing drugs to eachother and murdering other blacks at ungodly rates.

It was never an “outlet for oppressed people”. It was a fun positive peaceful genre until those who must not be mentioned hijacked it and turned it into what it is today.

In regards to the hip hop argument, you’re wrong. Was The Message a fun song? NO.

I couldn’t help but to shed a tear for the people in the audience watching with their “eyes” closed. As well as for Beyonce. May God have mercy on her soul.

She needs prayer!

She deserves everything coming to her.

Fortunately since MTV is so irrelevant these days, nobody actually saw this performance.

No, a lot of people saw this, some people watched just to see the symbolism, which is sickening, others are Bey-stains, and some people like award shows. Either way, people did watch.

Out of 300 million, not many, most pre-teens.

6 million people watched, as well as over 20ml replay viewers on their facebook..?

Never believe media numbers


I didn’t watch that s**t, nor watched rebroadcast, people performing on those shows are beneath me and bunch of clowns performing a Ringmaster

This is completely irrelevent to Beyonce but today i heard a song called “a million years ago” by Adele from her latest album and part of the lyrics are: Deep down I must have always known That is would be inevitable To earn my stripes I’d have to pay And bear my soul I know I’m not the only one Who regrets the things they’ve done Sometimes I just feel it’s only me Who can’t stand the reflection that they see I wish I could live a little more Look up to the sky, not just the floor I feel like my life is flashing by And all I can do is watch and cry I miss the air, I miss my friends I miss my mother; I miss it when Life was a party to be thrown But that was a million years ago She literally says she sold… Read more »

Ordinary everyday people sell their souls too. Witchcraft is rampant because people want money and material things, and will steal from and use anyone to get them. Families are being destroyed for the love of money, children are being corrupted because their parents are teaching them witchcraft from the cradle. The entertainment industry is just a mirror image of what is happening in society, and society’s disregard for souls and love of all things evil are reflected in the images and personalities in the entertainment industry.

Eminem did the same in “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”:
“I sold my soul to the Devil, I’ll never get it back”

DMX made comments about meeting the Devil early in his career.
Most artists do regret it later in life. Others don’t care.

But somebody planted it in their heads that they cant break free and that they are condemned and that God wont take them back.
They were told a lie!
God will take them back, they only have to ask God’s forgiveness and believe that God Loves them that much. This is the point why God sent his Only begotten Son to the world to demonstrate that God was willing and Jesus was willing to sacrifice his Life for his missing beloved sons and daughters!
There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!
They just need to hear this and maybe over and over again, they can come back to the Lord!

I agree with this! it’s a lie that you can sell your soul. You are not your own, you were bought at a price! I actually have, and do, pray for these celebs from time to time. They need it.

I agree with you completely, but these artists that sell their souls and then regret it will have to WORK HARD to avoid Satan’s snares and demons that will try to get them back. My grandmother used to say that faith without works is dead. These people not only have to ask for God’s forgiveness, they have to put their lives in His hands and build or rebuild their faith in Him and completely change their mindsets, lifestyles, choices, etc. They will always be under attack. Satan does not give back what he feels is his without the intervention of the Holy Spirit and a fierce, all-consuming commitment and love of the Most High God on the part of the repenter.

I think you’re quite right, GodIsLove. In my own regretful experience as someone who dabbled in the occult and New Age crap before coming back to Christ, I can tell you weird temptations come back to haunt you. It can be very hard to break free, and it’s very bizarre how random symbols and temptations to return to occult junk come back to haunt you, especially in the night. But I found one and only one name that can put all that BS to flight, and that is the name of Jesus, and the sign of the Cross.

Amen. God Bless You Asher. You lean on Jesus always, and also call on the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, strength and courage in your walk with God.

Rihanna is being exploited by the music industry. like Prince once said: How could i describe the contract of an artist with a major label: SLAVE. All the artists that are signed to major labels are Slaves. So being confident with your sexuality is one thing and let that the music industry exploit your image only for money is another. Because that’s the only interest of the major labels how much money can they get from you. So in a couple of years when Rihanna stops being a good business, the music industry is going to throw her away and pick up the NEW POP SENSATION! Like Prince said: the only advise i can give to new artists, is that they don’t sign contracts with major labels. RIP PRINCE he was a smart guy that always spoke the reality of the music industry.

And sadly, that also seems to be happening to Troye Sivan. He’s a young up-and-coming singer, has an increasingly large fanbase around the world, and he just signed a record deal with EMI, which is a major record label. His singing career took off pretty immediately. In one side, I’m happy for him cause he’s a really nice guy and his hard work has paid off at last. But in another side, I feel incredibly sorry for him: thinking how he’d be taken advantage of by those who have power within the industry 🙁

and that’s part of why they killed him

What I find amazing, is that people continue to watch TV.

I don’t think people watch TV. It’s replayed on social media. And YouTubers talk bout it and make it viral.

Agreed. The only TV I own is an old analog one to take in an occasional movie. When I visit the homes of friends or family, I’m amazed by the garbage on TV. I’m equally amazed by the pervasiveness of it…and the addiction. I suppose I was like that myself before I woke up. But the way they need it on all the time, even when not paying attention to it. And how they stare, mouth agape and glossy eyed at the screen while inane commercials and hypnotic jingles rip through their heads. It’s really sad. Anyone on a site such as this who is trying to start waking up, let me recommend the first and one of the biggest steps: dump TV programming.

No TV for decades. When I catch a minute on the TV at the Dr’s office, I break into laughter at the idiocracy.

Haha. I know.
People continue to boggle my mind.

I “watch” it through Vigilant’s website. No TV since 2010, so I “missed” a lot of this crap. That is why I come here, to keep myself informed of the latest luciferian trend to dumb down people.

I stopped watching television, the minute I finally discovered the viciously ugly truth. I only read or watch news from the alternative media, whom I consider as truly reliable.

Really sad the US is opening the way for making Satanism acceptable soon it will be everywhere. Mark my words.

It’s diabolically brilliant. You could never have gotten a whole population to embrace vice and satanism on religious grounds alone. But by slow calculation–a fad here, a song there, a celebrity does this, a political statement over here…and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of a very vicious (vice-filled) and borderline satanic society, inculcated to believe not so much that satanism is “true”, but that it’s so “cool”. They got to the youth by portraying it as cutting edge, playing right into adolescent rebellion, using our own psychology against us. Cold, and terribly inhuman, all of it.

They are already pushing for Satanism to be excepted in schools.

She’s changed so much. It’s sad and pathetic. She has vocal talent. But she’s so raunchy and nasty. From her lyrics to her performances. Like you said, stale. These pop stars do the same thing over and over.
I didn’t know what Ariana graves was even saying during her performance. Looked up the lyrics. Good grief. Girl singing about riding d*ck and walking sideways. So many young, like teen girls, admire her. Why? I’m grown so I take it at face value. But these teens and tweens have no clue.

It’s a transgender.

God bless you for sharing this video. It appears they’re about to thrust the inverted cross into the unholy womb of the w***e of Babylon signifying the conception and formation of a one-world religion; just like the ancient Mystery religion mentioned in the book of Revelation. You’re now going to see the Pope as the impresario of this amalgamation, joining Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Wiccans together; many of the spiritually dead Christian churches will join for this unholy alliance.
Yes, it’s really happening.

It says in the bible that during the end times Christians will be persecuted worse than anyone else and forced to take the mark of the beast. Its already happening. Look on social media and major news websites at the comments. People mock God and Jesus and curse religion as the root of all evil. More and more are jumping on the religious hatred bandwagon and saying the bible is fabricated. Just proves that the bible isnt fabricated as everything it said would happen is happening. Word for Word.

Errm I don’t see any Christians being persecuted, that would be the Muslims.

You must be talking about the US. Christians ARE persecuted all over the world. Pay attention.

Most of today’s Americans are not believers in G-d and are not followers of Jesus: Who gets persecuted by the society for dressing MODESTLY? Not “Christians” because many (women)dress immodest and some as downright w****s of Babylon. Muslims and Hebrews are pesrsecuted and MOCKEd for dressing like the mother of Jesus–the man so many falsely claim to follow– NOT “Christians.” “Christians” are against prayer in the name of modernity. G-d is timeless. Jesus said that there will be those who say his name but not of him. Who drinks, does drugs, imbibe on alcohol, weed as rites of passage,tempiral enjoyment of the flesh, or simply because man’s law made it legal? There was a reason why Prohibition existed and it wasnt just taxes, earlier Americans knew it would contribute to the miral decay of society: bar fights, deaths resulting from drunk drivers, destruction of property, children being used as emotional… Read more »
I consider myself to be awake consciously and spiritually and have been working for many years now to help wake up my fellow brothers and sisters and I see organized religion as the root of much evil on this planet and view it as just another control system put in place by the people we are fighting to remove from power. I see the Bible as a device of theirs to help them in their plans to control and dominate. Think about it, if they wrote it, they’d be creating a world where revelation was a reality now. It’s a mix of predictive programming and manifest destiny. You are proof that it is working. Let go of religion, just let it go. No one ever needed it to have a relationship with their Creator and live a life full of love for all living things. Religion is responsible for so… Read more »

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Therefore, satanic fakes did not write the bible and revelation JUST to make it come true. You wouldn’t even be “woke” if it were not for the bible since every prophecy that is now coming true that all “woke” people call out came from the bible.

What you say about Religions may be true but please don’t let it blind you to what the Bible can bring you. you will be surprised how the Bible agrees with you regarding religions. But as it is i don’t want to spoon-feed anybody, if you really want to know the truth you will diligently study both sides and then choose. As it is the way your talking you haven’t studied at all and you just keep repeating what others are saying. Dont be a puppet and don’t choose to be blind. Your under this assumption that Christians are under some kind of spell and they need to wake up. Im sorry you met a lot of fake Christians to give you that impression and yes they do exist. Still,Jesus Christ existed, he was foretold in the bible, He Arrived, Israel was thrown out of the Holy Land both in… Read more »

Most Americans are not real “Christians” that’s why they are not persecuted (material gain, liars, troublemakers, backstabbers and pop star/politician idolatry) ..honest, decent people are persecuted and they are the ones hiding behind a banner of “Christian” victim. Being a good, kind, decent person isn’t respected anymore.

Lemonade is actually pretty sad… I feel like Beyoncé just looks sad all the time, nowadays. And when you watch the movie, I feel like she’s at the same point as Eminem; Married to The Game, but it’s been unfaithful to her. I Really don’t think she enjoys her life, and I worry about Blue, Too. I pray for all of Hollywood. People have been freed before.

Just a random interesting point about the colour codes of the occult. Here in Africa we have what are known as sangomas /traditional healers /”witch doctors. ” They are easily identifiable by the cloths and beads they wear, which are always without fail red, black and white. It seems the colours of the occult are universal…

Not to mention all the other announcers praising Beyonce and Rhianna. They literally told the viewers to worship them. Not in those exact words but close! Even if I didn’t know anything about this hidden symbolism stuff, I’d wonder why these award show performances were so dark and ugly? I thought they wanted peace. That’s what one announcer said in a poem inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Riiiiight.

Rihanna was the high level slave of the Vma’s receiving the vanguard award like all the other slaves. (Britney Spears and Michael Jackson) Also she has been pushing the occult show business with her ANTI-DIARY videos and her bloody video that talks about torture. poor girl she is under mind control like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian!

Rihanna’s album named Anti is blatantly referring to Anti-Christ.

Beyonce had over 30+ writers on her album. She didn’t write her songs. Most of her song writers are white people. She has no control over anything they have her do. She’s just another puppet.

I remember when Beyonce first started out she always thanked the Lord and said she was strong in her Christian faith. How the mighty have fallen. She has a daughter, does she want her daughter selling herself out to the devil and Satan worship like she has? Just curious, these superstars who Satan worship in their music obviously believe in the devil- they make fake sacrifices to him On stage. We all know where the devil resides and where his followers go after they dIe. They go to be with him in hell. Who in Gods name would choose such a place to go for all eternity? Maybe they think the devil will reward them in hell? How could they be so wrong? The more they sin on Earth, the worser their punishment in hell. Maybe Beyonces being mind controlled and her thoughts arent her own anymore? The Beyonce we… Read more »

You feel this way because the BEFAKE you thought you knew never existed! S/he has always served Satan. The so-called Christian person we first saw was an absolute lie in order to pull people in. Once the public loved “her”, then s/he could show its true face and people would go along with it and call it the “evolution” of an artist. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

According to what I’ve read, her daughter’s name has “great” significance. Blue Ivy is Eulb Yvi which apparently the name of Lucifer’s daughter. I’ve also read that Ivy is supposed to mean Illuminati’s Very Youngest. Most, if not every child, born in Hellywood are often sell outs. None of those relationships are real and I’m sure most children are born just to continue the bloodlines and to grow up knowing an understand the cult. Heck, it was rumored that Kim and Kanye made 100% sure (through playing with genetics) that Saint would be a boy and they were apparently going to name him Christ with a K. People in Hellywood act as if their children are nothing more than accessories so I really doubt that any of them actually care. Most children grow up to sell out anyway.

I will never understand why people don’t call Beyonce’s “team” on the obvious and laughable bullshit. She trumpets her “Jackson 5” nose (after having at least two nose jobs to date – which Jackson does she mean, specifically – and when?) and insists storing hot sauce from lousy, unhealthy chain restaurants that she hasn’t visited in decades (without cameras present) as key markers of her blackness. I don’t understand why black Americans, specifically, aren’t laughing at her almost aggressive phoniness. I guess that’s part of testng how dumb people can be.
Beyonce Soros, Inc. Nothing subtle about it.

Beyoncé Soros, Inc. Comment of the year.

You’re reaching. She got a nose job for the same reason White people, Arab people and Yewish people get nose jobs – to improve their profile and photogenic-ness. We black people would be dumb to take her decision personally. African Americans are a mixed race people with noses from small to wide; we’re not all the same. And Beyonce never said where she buys her hot sauce; it could be Texas Pete or Tabasco from a major chain grocery store for all we know.

I see your point. But she’s dishonest either way. Parenthetically, I rarely see nose jobs I like on anybody. And don’t get me started on that damn contouring!

Sick of Beyonce being shoved down our throats. I cant wait for them to pick a new ‘queen’

This is mad because my Mother was telling me she had a dream about Beyoncé and Jay Z and let me tell you she said it wasn’t a pretty sight. It was so bad she jumped out of the dream and started praying for them both. She explained that Beyoncé and Jay Z is not what they look like on TV spiritually. In the spirit she said they looked very wretched. Similar to like a zombie look-a-like what you watch on films. Now, my Mother doesn’t listen to any of these artists, so for her to have this vision confused her as to why this was brought to her attention. Maybe God was telling her something to send me a message as I’m a singer and love Beyoncé as an artist but after reading this has scared me dramatically. Think I need to be aware of this more often.

You haterz corny with that illuminati mess.

Standing ovations for you for cracking this one, VC! You’re the best!

I have the right to dress and act like a prostitute. That’s how Beyounce empowers women. Madonna did the same thing before her. That type of behavior degrades women and kills the soul.

How about you simply Google pictures of Beyoncé when she isn’t performing on stage and then please let me know when she looks like a prostitute. Artists wear costumes. Ballet dancers, Olympic athletes, magicians, trapeze artist, etc. no one wears that or is expected to wear that in regular life.

while the outfit at the vmas showed her rear end it was obviously done on purpose for haters like you lol. Kiss it and move on.

Your so called artists dress up like classic ‘people who have sex for money’ for a purpose. They want to project that image, or their ”managers” do. Did you read the articles here or just looked at the comments?

Your so called artists dress up like classic prossies for a purpose. They want to project that image, or their ”managers” do. Did you read the articles here or just looked at the comments?

Again, Google is your friend. Do you believe doctors wear scrubs all day too? Or perhaps those who work at McDonald’s wear their uniforms in church?

Also, prostitution is a terrible thing and you are adding more negative energy against the victims instead of the actual cause.

You are ignoring my question and directing a negative statement in my direction immediately after it. That is a very old trick in some books mentioned on these webpages too. Google them.

I never even watch this anymore. it is seriously disturbing to me. everyone WORSHIPS beyonce. it is so strange to me. if you want entertainment go to her facebook page and read some of the comments, people literally argue back and forth about how much of a god she is. I read a few years ago when katy perry did her dark horse performance at the vma’s that Natalie grant was there and in the middle of the performace she got up and left. She made a public statement only after she was murdered on the internet saying she would not compromise her soul or her christian values to please anyone. i really admired that. a song she wrote and performs about the nature of the industry is called “i will not be moved” it is a great song.

Rihanna was the industry slave of the VMA’S she received the vanguard award and she made 3 performances. She is a high level slave like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. Remember her ANTI-DIARY occults videos and her bloody video that talked about mind control MK ULTRA and Torture. Beyoncé and Rihanna were the two high level slaves of the night!!

The last photo, formation looks like the Vatican. Beyonce the obelisk.

Beyonce isn’t losing her grip on pop culture, she’s lost it.

The entire entertainment industry is made up of demonic ass wipes who worship Lucifer and themselves.

Seriously! We need to stop referring to these scumbags as “the elite”. This implies that they are somehow better and superior to us. Whilst they may have some esoteric knowledge and control over the media and celebrities, they are most certainly not out betters! I suggest that we stop giving them more power than they deserve with this ridiculous “elite” label. I am open to suggestions as to what to call them, “scumbags”, “arseholes”, or my own personal label is “fannies” which belittles them and reduces their power. I love your articles VC, so please adopt a new way to describe these wankers who think they are all powerful when in reality they are a bunch of sad little men abusing their knowledge to exploit others.

I knew you were going to post an article on this. Note at the start of the performance the background text written in reverse and Beyoncé looked like a straight up demon surrounded by that fire. I mean just look at her eyes – Scary man. She just looked possessed.

Another great dissection of pop culture’s death obsessive, shady elite. Although I feel like you missed the fairly obvious duality symbolism of the cross (masculine/active principle) and the open circle (feminine/passive principle). It seems, to me , to represent the end of the ritual and the conception of the rituals affect: Beyoncé and her handlers agenda impregnating the impressionable minds that are absorbing this nonsense

so blatant and obvious. She even made sure to mention Jonas Ackerlund. Basically the guy that does all the videos nowadays that are ritualistic and unbearable to watch.

Ideas on the symbol at the end: Male and Female symbolism–the open chalice/womb from witchcraft symbolism awaiting union from the upside down cross (which, if witchcraft symbolism, is a dagger/athame here, a phallic symbol). The singular woman between the awaiting womb and the phallus is the seed and Beyonce stands in the middle of the expectant womb as the Egg. So what we saw at the end was a witch ritual for Beyonce’s supposed rebirth as whatever. Perhaps the open circle also represents the invitation to the initiation of those viewing. In wicca at least, during the 1st degree initiation, the circle is opened to allow the initiate entry. The high priestess stands in the middle to accept the new initiate. In this case, Beyonce’s got her coven forming the circle, she stands in the middle as the High priestess, and the circle is open, awaiting for–who?–her fans to come… Read more »

Thank you for always putting it in perspective for us!
Beyonce is nothing more than a media created no-talent individual as well as not intelligent. She is a tool!

I disagree, she is very talented vocally, in dance and as an overall stage performer. But she has become a tool of dark forces.

I agree. I think she is a good performer and singer. Too bad she sold out and her music these days is really bad. her old songs were better

I don’t think she is talented. Her music is trash, her dancing looks like she is having an epilectic seizure, and her videos are beyond wack. Have you ever seen her act? My god, terrible. She ruined that Austin Powers movie single handedly.

Hahaha you’re right about her acting – it’s atrocious. But I stand by my opinion that she has amazing vocal range and is a very talented dancer and stage performer.


Thinker,You must have never watched her dance without a group of dancers , camouflaging her flaws, she very uncoordinated…but your under a spell like most people, because you adore her, it’s like a relationship, you don’t see everything that others or your friends see, until you fall out of love… Then you see everything and you need to change your name also, because based on your posts your truly don’t thnik clearly.

DontAntagonizeMeWIthMyNameHoe you lost when you went after their username. Whatever your opinion is on her talent is irrelevant at this point because the point still stands that she is their tool. Stop obsessing over parts of their opinion that don’t matter. Stop trying to distract from the ultimate point of their opinion. Maybe you should use your head and realize that personal taste and what people find talented is subjective, but a musician’s participation of being a tool for those in power, willing or not, is not.

I don’t know anyone who watched it and no one I know talking about it the next day so that’s good.

the white red and black comes from alchemy

Although I love this website dearly and honor and respect what you post, I am slightly disappointed in the analysis of this review. I also think the major satanic ritual performed at the VMAs this year was Kanye’s video. To me it has a higher need to be addressed than Beyonce’s performance, though you do make valid points.

The occult gets more blatant every day. These people have sold their souls for a mess of pottage. Deaf, dumb, and blind. The Devil’s chattel.

Beyonce = (Tina’s Child) = Destiney’s Child

The message they got from the book of Isaiah which inspired the group name Destiney’s Child back then…

Isaiah 65:11-12
11″But you who forsake the LORD, Who forget My holy mountain, Who set a table for Fortune, And who fill cups with mixed wine for Destiny, 12I will destine you for the sword, And all of you will bow down to the slaughter. Because I called, but you did not answer; I spoke, but you did not hear. And you did evil in My sight And chose that in which I did not delight.”

The fur coat is like wings of butterfly. I wonder why you didn`t notice this.

Was it apparent in the performance or after? Maybe it was missed if VC was only watching the performance? (Do clips cut off before showing the coat in its full effect?)

it’s fur ,anyway; it’s disgusting!

Anna was linking the significance of butterflies which represents monarch mind control, which VCS missed in this article.

I understood it; I was just pointed out the fact that Beyonce , in addition to being a beta kitten slave, is a huge hypocrite: she said she was a vegan because she wanted ” a spiritual and physical cleanse”.
I’m not a vegan but I think her behavior is kind of contradictory, don’t you think?

I read this article when it came out. I stumbled on another article on yahoo about how people need to stop shaming Blue Ivy. I was so disgusted after reading the VC article that I guess I was compelled to comment on the fluff article on yahoo about how people need to stop calling Beyonces daughter ugly or leaving troll comments or whatever. I just said I was sick of Beyoncé and the false God of celebrity worship. Man I got replies Accusing me of being a racist hater of successful black women, my daughter wasn’t worth a damn, and I was a paleface pancake rear end having white women who the sun hates and afflicts with skin cancer. Whatever to all that but the fan base of these degenerate celebrities is scary ignorant and I guess I’m glad to know the threat is real…there are some profoundly ignorant and… Read more »
While you might have some good points, I’d look deeper. If you listen to her words, she has vengeance for a male figure who transformed her. In her fiery ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ as she embodies a fierce lion-like being (hair and fur really help with this imagery), she mentions ‘You’ll never recreate her’ and that ‘We just gotta let it be’. Could she have been a woman brainwashed in the industry who has broken through and regained her own power? Not like the sad display of Ms. Spears who is clearly not calling her own shots and seems to be a corrected pawn. Beyonce seems different to me, more aware. She seems vengeful now for things done to her. Maybe that’s not the case but it’s interesting to look at it from a different perspective than the stale one that’s starting to be repeated on this site (though maybe that’s… Read more »

You would be referring to her father….

What else would you expect from Beyonce, but an occult ritual?

I won’t watch sick stuff like that….wonder about people that do.

Check out Bon Iver’s instagram… now that’s gross. Those are pictures from the lyric video for his new song called 33 “God”. It’s so in your face it’s “laughable”.

December 2017 someone’s 20 year contract is up!

I thought she had a life contract like most of them?

Maybe that’s the hook? Or it’d a lifetime but that may not mean always being famous, wealthy, etc but that it means there’s no getting out. (Although it could be like that Starbucks for life game where it’s not actually a lifetime but x amount of years). Maybe that’s why bey works so hard to stay in their favor?

Looks a bit like the Blue Oyster Cult symbol to me.