The Occult Meaning of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”


Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade wooed critics with a rich tapestry of sounds and images. There is, however, a deeper level of interpretation that most critics did not consider – one that heavily draws on occult ritual and symbolism. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

The surprise release of Lemonade prompted a perfect storm of media attention. From gossip sites asking “Is Beyoncé accusing Jay-Z of cheating?” to music critics proclaiming Beyoncé a “singular genius” and “Black woman superhero”, Lemonade got plenty of the pop culture spotlight. However, amidst all of that talk, almost nobody has addressed an obvious trait of that visual album: It is heavily occult, spiritual, and ritualistic, and it alludes to metaphysical concepts that give the story a deeper meaning.

Indeed, most observers kept their analysis in very shallow waters, reaching pandering conclusions such as “it’s about strong Black women and non-Black women should not even attempt to understand it”, without even addressing the 50% of the video that goes way beyond that simplistic premise.

The album is described on Tidal as “every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing” and the overall the theme is said to be “the empowerment of black women referencing both marital relationships and the historical trauma from slavery”. However, the occult imagery of the video tells a story that is far more complex … and far less “empowering”. While throughout the video, Beyoncé appears to be speaking to an unfaithful husband, various clues indicate this unfaithful husband is not Jay-Z or her father; instead, it is Beyoncé’s true father and husband, the occult elite’s music industry. After giving her life and soul to be part of this industry, Beyoncé is now married to it – for better or for worse. But the industry is not faithful to her and treats her badly. Through symbolic imagery, Lemonade explains what was required from Beyoncé to become, in her words, the “baddest b*tch in the game”, how it left a permanent mark on her, and how she will now be used to be a “leader”.

Written and Directed by the Occult Elite

Music critics claim that Lemonade is Beyoncé’s most personal album, making it seem like she sat there crying with a pen and paper, writing her heart out. But that is not how it went down. A quick look at the album’s liner notes reveal that the album was written by a team of 72 writers … the song Hold Up alone was written by 15 people! The video part of the “visual album” was put together by seven directors, including some of the occult elite’s favorites: Jonas Akerlund and Mark Romanek. Akerlund alone has been mentioned several times on Vigilant Citizen due to the fact that he created highly symbolic videos such as Britney Spear’s Hold it Against Me, Lady Gaga’s Telephonean MK-ultra themed commercial for Versace, and many more.

Akerlund has a clear grasp of the occult elite’s imagery and seems to specialize in depicting pop stars as mind-controlled puppets.

In Hold it Against Me, Britney is trapped inside a room full of monitors and attached to intravenous lines. In short, a MK slave.
In Hold it Against Me, Britney is trapped inside a room full of monitors and attached to intravenous lines. In short, an MK slave.
In Telephone, Akerlund had Lady Gaga and Beyoncé doing the One-Eye sign after killing a bunch of people.
In Telephone, Akerlund had Lady Gaga and Beyoncé doing the One-Eye sign after killing a bunch of people in an all-American diner.
In his Versace For H&M video, he clearly depicts models as MK puppets controlled by the a ruthless elite.
In his Versace For H&M promo video, models are depicted as MK puppets controlled by a ruthless handler: Donatella Versace.

In Lemonade, the same ideas are communicated – but insidiously hidden under a thick layer of “strong Black woman” narrative. Beyoncé was always an industry puppet, but now that puppet has been sent back to its “people” to become a leader. In other words, she is (still) Maria from the movie Metropolis (the elite’s favorite movie).

In Metropolis, Maria is a leader trusted by her people. The occult elite uses android to take on her likeness to mislead the people into following the elite's plans. Here, the android (before taking on Maria's likeness) stands before an inverted pentagram, hinting that the people that control her are all about occult and Black magic.
In Metropolis, Maria is a trusted leader of the working class. The elite kidnaps her and creates an android that takes Maria’s likeness. That android is sent back to the workers in order to mislead them and push them to fall into the elite’s trap. In this screenshot, the android (before it took on Maria’s likeness) stands before an inverted pentagram, hinting that the people that control her are all about occult ritual and black magick.
Beyoncé as Maria from Metropolis at the BET Awards in 2009. The elite already told you what shes about. a long time ago.
Beyoncé as Maria from Metropolis at the BET Awards in 2009. The elite told you a long time ago what she’s truly about.

Did Beyoncé do a 180 for Lemonade and suddenly become about “empowering her people”? Not really. The same occult elite still owns her person, as well as her image and all of her material.

Think about the immediate response following the release of Lemonade: Accusations, finger-pointing and suspicion towards Jay-Z, her father, and a witch hunt against women who are suspected to be Jay-Z’s mistresses.  Is this truly “empowering” anyone … or is it about more self-destruction? Let’s look at Lemonade.


The hour-long visual album is a tapestry of song clips, poetry passages, and video shorts put together to tell an overarching story. Strongly inspired by Beyoncé’s parents’ native states (Louisiana and Texas), the imagery of Lemonade (and even its title) taps into the roots of the Deep South. However, it also taps into the roots of occultism.

The entire video is permeated with the concept of duality, which is expressed with the opposition of black and white, good and evil, love and hate. Also, the video depicts two distinct realities: What happens above ground (for the world to see) and what happens underground (after all, the word “occult” means hidden).

Married to the Game

The first poem of the video sets the table: It simultaneously calls out an unfaithful husband and an unfaithful father, in words that can also be applied to the music industry – the “home” where she has spent most of her life – and the real “cheating husband” to whom she is married.

I tried to make a home out of you, but doors lead to trap doors, a stairway leads to nothing. Unknown women wander the hallways at night. Where do you go when you go quiet?

You remind me of my father, a magician … able to exist in two places at once. In the tradition of men in my blood, you come home at 3 a.m. and lie to me. What are you hiding?

The past and the future merge to meet us here. What luck. What a f*cking curse.

The industry is full of “trap doors” and “stairways that lead to nothing” for artists who will forever remain pawns. The occult elite, bent on ritual and black magick reminds her of her father, a “magician”. In her words, “what a f*cking curse.”

The video then proceeds to retell, in symbolic terms, Beyoncé’s first contact with the “dark side”.

Dressed in black, Beyoncé commits self-sacrifice.
Dressed in black, Beyoncé commits suicide … self-sacrifice.
Beyoncé ends up in a room underwater - symbolic of the womb and impending rebirth. There, her old self sees her new self.
Beyoncé ends up in a room underwater. We see her old self see her new self.

The underwater room represents the womb. While underwater, Beyoncé is in a formative and transitional period until she is ready for rebirth. The poem recited by Beyoncé alludes to the periods of purification required by occult initiates before they experience initiation.

I tried to change. Closed my mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less awake. Fasted for 60 days, wore white, abstained from mirrors, abstained from sex, slowly did not speak another word. In that time, my hair, I grew past my ankles. I slept on a mat on the floor. I swallowed a sword. I levitated. Went to the basement, confessed my sins, and was baptized in a river. I got on my knees and said ‘amen’ and said ‘I mean.’

Midway through that poem, things get increasingly darker and Beyoncé gets increasingly agitated, jerking around as if possessed. From purification, it becomes about black magick.

I whipped my own back and asked for dominion at your feet. I threw myself into a volcano. I drank the blood and drank the wine. I sat alone and begged and bent at the waist for God. I crossed myself and thought I saw the devil. I grew thickened skin on my feet, I bathed in bleach, and plugged my menses with pages from the holy book, but still inside me, coiled deep, was the need to know … Are you cheating on me?

After believing that she "saw the devil", Beyoncé says that she "bathed in bleach" and "plugged her mensies with pages of the Holy Book".
After she thought she “saw the devil”, Beyoncé says she “bathed in bleach” and “plugged her menses with pages of the Holy Book”. Initiation.

Soiling, disgracing and destroying Christian artifacts (especially the Bible) is a standard part of a satanic ritual. Occultists have always considered menstrual blood to be potent and charged with “life force”, which is why it is often used in occult rituals. This particular verse is, therefore, a clear reference to black magick. It is an initiatory oath towards the dark side.


After a gestation period inside the womb, where Beyonce was initiated in the ways of the occult elite, she is ready for rebirth.

Beyoncé emerges from a temple surrounded with water the same way a baby emerges from the womb after the water breaks.
Beyoncé emerges from a temple as water gushes out the same way a baby emerges from the womb after the water breaks.

In this sequence, Beyoncé is also an embodiment of the goddess Oshun of the Yoruba people.

Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality. She is considered one of the most powerful of all orishas, and, like other gods, she possesses human attributes such as vanity, jealousy, and spite.

Beyoncé’s dress color is also associated with Oshun as she is associated yellow or amber and the metal gold or bronze.

A classic depicting of Oshun.
A classic depicting of Oshun.

After death by self-sacrifice, a period of seclusion and occult initiation, Beyoncé is reborn. She the occult elite’s minion now. She looks sexy and fabulous and she is let loose in her community. Does she do good and help people? Not really. She actually does the exact opposite.

Beyoncé walks in the streets of New Orleans and starts breaking cars with a baseball bat. She's not only breaking the car of her cheating husband - she's breaking random cars.
Beyoncé walks in the streets of New Orleans and starts breaking cars with a baseball bat. She’s not only breaking the car of her cheating husband – she’s breaking everybody’s cars.

At one point Beyoncé sees a beauty spa that offers “Free facials today”. She breaks its window. Sexual innuendo aside, considering that this type of business is nearly always owned by local small business owners and in context of her other destruction, one can ask: Why is Beyoncé attacking her own community?

This video might represent the “meltdown” phase many industry slaves go through after being re-programmed by the industry.

Industry slave Britney Spears attacking a car during her infamous breakdown in 2008.
Industry slave Britney Spears attacking a car during her infamous breakdown of 2008.
Despite knowning that that the images from this CCTV camera will go directly to the New Orleans Police department (and most likely the media), Beyoncé attacks it. Self-destruction.
Despite knowing that the images from this CCTV camera will go directly to the New Orleans Police department (and most likely the media as did her well-publicized real-life CCTV experience), Beyoncé attacks it. She is aware of her actions.

Then, Beyoncé gets inside a monster truck and crushes a bunch of people’s cars. Take that Beyoncé’s hometown!

After that public meltdown, Beyoncé pleads with the elite. Broken by the programming, she is ready to be built up … in the elite’s image.

If it’s what you truly want … I can wear her skin over mine. Her hair over mine. Her hands as gloves. Her teeth as confetti. Her scalp, a cap. Her sternum, my bedazzled cane. We can pose for a photograph, all three of us. Immortalized … you and your perfect girl.

In Monarch mind control terms, Beyoncé is ready to take on her alter persona and to become the pop star the elite wants to put in front of the masses. Fierce!


After a couple of angry songs where Beyoncé rebels against her cheating husband, things get ritualistic again. While, above ground, Beyoncé appears to be a strong, unapologetic woman, things are different underground.

Dressed in red and surrounded by fire, another ritual takes place - sex magick.
Dressed in red (color of sacrifice) and surrounded by fire, another ritual takes place – sex magick.

Beyoncé then recites a poem charged with occult meaning: It is about sex magick.

She sleeps all day. Dreams of you in both worlds. Tills the blood, in and out of uterus. Wakes up smelling of zinc, grief sedated by orgasm, orgasm heightened by grief. God was in the room when the man said to the woman, “I love you so much. Wrap your legs around me. Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.” Sometimes when he’d have her nipple in his mouth, she’d whisper, “Oh, my God.” That, too, is a form of worship.

Sex magick can be defined as “sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits”. Not unlike the menstrual blood mentioned above, physical arousal is considered by occultists to be extremely potent and can be channeled for magickal purposes (see Aleister Crowley and the O.T.O).

The rest of the poem invokes darkness and the lore of witchcraft. It again references images associated with black magick.

Her hips grind, pestle and mortar, cinnamon and cloves. Whenever he pulls out … loss. Dear moon, we blame you for floods … for the flush of blood … for men who are also wolves. We blame for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts.

In this context, Beyoncé is a programmed slave used in magick ritual – a Beta Kitten. Appropriately enough, the next song, 6 Inch, is about prostitution – what Beta Kittens do.

Six-inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business
Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness

She works for the money, she work for the money
From the start to the finish
And she worth every dollar, she worth every dollar
And she worth every minute

In the poem that follows, Beyoncé addresses her mother, while denouncing abusive husbands and fathers. Also, she is referring to the occult industry that became her father and her husband.

Mother dearest, let me inherit the earth. Teach me how to make him beg. Let me make up for the years he made you wait. Did he bend your reflection? Did he make you forget your own name? Did he convince you he was a god? Did you get on your knees daily? Do his eyes close like doors? Are you a slave to the back of his head?

Am I talking about your husband or your father?

The words above describe mental, physical and sexual abuse, the kind that MK slaves go through. After reciting these horrible words, Beyoncé sings a song dedicated to her father. One cannot say that Lemonade is kind to Black male figures.


After anger and rebellion, Beyoncé settles down, accepts her fate and wants to reconcile.

Baptize me … now that reconciliation is possible. If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious. 1,000 girls raise their arms. Do you remember being born? Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother? There is a curse that will be broken.

After a period of tribulation, Beyoncé (and her followers) are ready to be renewed. Baptism.
After a period of tribulation, Beyoncé (and her followers) are ready to be renewed. By depicting a baptism, the video hints that this is not about Jay-Z, it is about something bigger.

The song Sandcastles features Beyoncé and Jay-Z sharing intimate moments. Jay-Z is the bad guy that Beyoncé forgave.

Why would Jay-Z even accept to appear in such a video? 1) He has to. 2) All publicity is good publicity 3) This is not really about him, he is simply a proxy to the true subject of the video.
Why would Jay-Z even agree to appear in such a video? 1) He has to. 2) All publicity is good publicity. 3) This is not really about him, he is simply a proxy to the true subject of the video.

Afterwards, the video focuses on a few regular, every day, Black people. One of them goes on to praise the Lord.

“Thank you, Jesus. I just love the Lord, I’m sorry, brother. I love the Lord. That’s all I got. When your back gets against the wall and your wall against your back, who you call? Hey! Who you call? Who you call? You gotta call Him. You gotta call Jesus. You gotta call Him. You gotta call Him ’cause you ain’t got another hope.¨”

However, things are different underground. Beyoncé is not like this woman standing outside. She is inside a dark, cavernous place – and her mind is somewhere else.

You are terrifying … and strange and beautiful.


She is still obsessed by the dark side, and probably always will be. Despite this fact, or because of it, she has now been chosen to lead her people.


From there on out, the theme of freedom and liberation takes over. In a system that is tightly controlled by the powers that be, “liberation” can only be championed by the pawns those powers have created. In other words: controlled opposition.

During the song Forwards, pictures of Black men deceased at the hands of police are held by their mothers.
During the song Forward, portraits of Black men killed at the hands of police are held by their mothers.

Like Maria from Metropolis, Beyoncé was sent by “them” to become a leader. Her team of 72 writers and seven video directors decided to co-opt this issue to give her credibility and legitimacy.

Beyoncé then moves on to praise her grandmother for metaphorically turning the lemons of life into lemonade – not without using occult terms, of course.

Grandmother, the alchemist, you spun gold out of this hard life, conjured beauty from the things left behind. Found healing where it did not live. Discovered the antidote in your own kit. Broke the curse with your own two hands. You passed these instructions down to your daughter who then passed it down to her daughter.

While these words invoke hope and strength, Beyoncé’s final words are about pleading “the magician” (the occult elite) to bring her back together. She is not free or liberated from anything. In her own words, “her torturers became her remedy”.

True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturers became my remedy. So we’re gonna heal. We’re gonna start again. You’ve brought the orchestra, synchronized swimmers.

You’re the magician. Pull me back together again, the way you cut me in half. Make the woman in doubt disappear. Pull the sorrow from between my legs like silk. Knot after knot after knot. The audience applauds … but we can’t hear them.

Ending Credits

The album ends with the song Formation – a widely publicized single that got airplay at the biggest televised event on Earth: the Superbowl Halftime show. The song begins with Beyoncé basically saying “You guys, stop saying that I am Illuminati! I am rebellious super Black Power girl now.”

Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess
Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh
I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin’)
I’m so possessive so I rock his Roc necklaces

So, after calling people corny because SHE’s been pushing the Illuminati Agenda, she goes on to claim that she wears Givenchy and wears Rocafella necklaces. Maybe one should point out that Rocafella Records was named after the Rockefeller family (the primary occult elite family in the USA) and that the label’s hand sign is this:


Beyoncé … you’re still corny with that Illuminati mess.

In Conclusion

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is dark, complex, profound, and works on several levels. However, it is not a “personal” album. It was composed by 72 writers and the “visual album” was produced by a team of occult-friendly video directors. It is a carefully crafted product of the music industry that contains the same messages other pop products. However, in 2016, the cultural context is shifting. The police killings of Black people in the past years has caused grief, unrest and racial division across the USA. Always remaining “relevant”, Beyoncé’s team has crafted a plot that taps directly into these issues, while cleverly weaving throughout the occult elite’s own imagery and agenda.

While Lemonade appears to be about empowerment and freedom, the occult “underground” imagery depicts Beyoncé as exactly the opposite: a slave who goes through the rigorous initiation process of the elite. She is not a rebel. She is Maria from Metropolis. And she is not serving you lemonade … she is serving you the elite’s toxic Kool-Aid.

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As a black woman, I was completely appalled at how many women saw this as her “most personal album” when it’s completely garbage. This is not dedicated to me or any other black woman. This is her attempt at relevancy and trend. And the mere fact that she had that many writers, proves she is nothing more than a puppet for the industry. How dare she say, this is for women who have dealt with cheating men. Seriously? This was not art, this was a way to lead the masses into complete destruction. There are hundreds of thousands of women willing to do whatever she says, and it’s utterly ridiculous. As always, excellent work, VC!!

thank you for writing this but I couldn’t agree more. I thought I was in a twilight zone when I heard the same things. empowering?! How was formation empowering ANYBODY especially blk women other than just her!? I told a coworker after she says to me I need to listen to the words, it’s so deep, I said no maam, I READ the lyrics and there was NOTHING empowering about that song except for another ode to the great beyonce!sometimes I get so angry how blinded ppl are when it comes to her. one of the MOST OVERRATED singers of all time! always thought this and always will. she is a walking, talking, singing and dancing contradiction. a carbon copy of anyone and anything that “inspires” her, just a glorified thief.

yep beyonce the queen of narcissism.

and i thought i was crazy. there’s nothing empowering abt a song talking abt a woman fkn her husband and going to red lobsters and i slay and hot sauce….. i swear u av a lots of goons 0out there that buy into everything that is thrown infront of them. gone r d days wen music was pure and videos were just pictures telling a story. nowadays every1 istrying 2 make a foolish statement. smh this world is crazy.

And showing a topless black woman with mastectomy scars. Really empowering, not.

I agree to disagree. As a black woman who takes joy in studying our history from the time we showed up here in chains, the imagery is quite powerful. If you have ever watched the movie Daughters of the Dust you would recognize the direct connections. As I posted in the comments, the scenes from the beach are related to Igbo landing when Igbo slaves drowned themselves in defiance to slavery. Shout out to the Art directors and writers who drew inspiration from actual black history and packaged the beautiful imagery.

If you are knowledgeable about yourself, no MAN/WOMAN can make you their patsy, so I suppose that is why Im not so up in arms.

The very first slaves in the New World were Indians, then white men were enslaved, then finally, African Americans. And slavery was begun and perpetuated as an economic institution in Europe and England and extended to the Caribbean and Africa and the New World. Odious resource though it might be, slavery was an economic institution of the first importance. (p 5)So people ought to think about it and put the issue of slavery in perspective, stop dragging the hurts, rage, and victimizations of centuries past into the present. It had nothing to do with the color of the laborer, but with the cheapness of the labor. (pg.19) Slavery was not something peculiar to black people.It goes without saying that slavery is wrong, but it was an acceptable practice at the time, mostly to benefit and strengthen the colonial powers.As with most social and moral issues, there were those for slavery… Read more »

I absolutely and totally agree with you! I feel sad for Beyonce because she has been deceived and mind controlled.

Facts and as a black woman as well..I am equally outraged that a elite appointed demonic idol would need 72 writers for such middle school lyrical babble…what an insult that this type garbage is so popular. It totally undoes ALL who have fought for education rights and musical creativity and diversity..As a musician as well..what a complete outrage. I am astonished at the biblical lyrics..absolutely offended that this song is being viewed as any sort of woman empowerment for any race with offensive biblical lyrics thrown in subliminally..thanks VC for the continued musical updates… I want all parents to keep up and make sure certain things aren’t playing in their house and around your children’s

The 72 is an also an occult biblical number.. when ever you see 2 7’s or 3’7s they are referring to God and heaven, and attributing the same powers to themselves.. And while many may be convinced it shows African art in it, that message and “empowerment” is used to hide the occult mind control underneath, granting people to think that Beyonce is a leader of anything, when most high profile artist do not write their own music, nor are they allowed to with out hundreds of A@R elite producers combing over their stuff. Beware of false idols..

I meant to say children..apologize.

Did she really say she used Bible pages as tampons??? Or did I misunderstand that?

Yes she did do that!

She sure did smh.

To put it bluntly, probably like she did, she stuffed her cunt with the holy bible. Take that – beerdrinking superbowl christies. And now fot the apology : I’m sorry to be rude, but why not be direct and honest?

DDd- You sound just as stupid as Beyonce. Please learn how to write and spell so the audience can better understand your babble !!

It’s OK to be direct and honest I prefer that since I don’t understand half of what Beyonce sings about. However what is a “superbowl christies?” Is that something rude? Please explain.

I generalized big time here, to make a statement about the projection of the all-american-familyloving-footballminded-godfearing-we-must-all-eat-sprouts-at-christmas-and-drinking-by-the-gallons folks I get via the same media that gives us HoneyBooBoo and the news. You can, though, imagine me waving my hand and shaking my hair in rhythmic motion while making it. The rudeness is just used as a coating, to enforce reaction.

The rudeness is used as a coating, to reinforce your ignorance, I bet that’s what you meant.

When I heard that part I knew she was on something completely different smh

You didn´t misunderstand anything. She actually said that.

I remember the case of a neglected 12 year old who was taken to a satanic cult by a “family friend’. She claimed that she was raped with holy hosts and crosses, so you bet they probably r**e people and fetch their menstrual blood with Bible pages. Poor Beyonce.

We’ll, she says “holy book,” so it could be any one of them, but we all know which one she’s referring to, especially if there’s a picture of it in her video. It’s beyond sick. Jesus will not be mocked. Literal hell to pay. “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

How does this have 120 likes? VC attracts crazy relgious people way too much.

LOL If you’re on here reading this article of the illuminati-themed visual album of Beyonce and see no relevance of God in it, then you my friend are still sleeping. If you believe the illuminati exists then you would have to believe that God exists because for all the evil in this world there is good and “good” is God. Pointe blank period. It kills me when people say they believe in spirits and ghosts and illuminati and what-not but can’t bring themselves to believe in God. That makes them sound SO STUPID.

The best lie the devil ever told was trying to make everyone believe that he does not exist…

Too blind to see the demonic activity being played in media. Not completely awake yet it seems.

She talks like someone possessed by a demonic entity .

Um she is.

She talks like someone with very little education. The words she says here are carefully scripted by writers, memorized and regurgitated by her. The words she recites here are not hers.

Of course. Beyonce barely finished highschool. Her daddy was too busy being Joe Jackson instead of encouraging her to go to college smh.

So what. She reviewed and agreed to them.

How can you sound like some one with little education? Are you shaming her for her accent?

You can write something that infers you have little education. Such as your comment.

please shut up you lack sense

Stop It with that random foolishness! Is that all the ammo you’ve got? Did you even read the post? Her words aren’t her’s, is what Katrina said, and that’s her opinion, who would recite words written by someone else if it would make them sound stupid and uneducated? Umm Beyonce does….ALL THE TIME! And yes, lets be real, people can speak like they have a limited education; however, in this context no one cares about her accent, Beyonce doesn’t care about her accent, she’s a puppet, reciting other peoples words, singing others’ songs, stop defending her, she’s not gonna pay one bill for you….EVER, so stay on topic, or go somewhere else….please!!

Yeah I have a similar accent and found that very offensive

Calm down. Beyoncé doesn’t give live interviews anymore. She can’t sound intelligent. She never went past Freshman year of high school. Her vocabulary and manner of speech are affected by this. Listen to some of her past live interviews.

She is not a bright person. Perfect candidate for being a puppet.

Wow i didn’t knew that Beyoncé didn’t graduate from freshman year of high school. And is true, she doesn’t give live interviews anymore because she doesn’t wanna exposed her new satanic alter persona Yoncé.

Her alter persona is Sacha Fierce, but probably she has more than one alter


Thank you!

she is Possessed she even admitted it

Yes, Ma’am, she did.

Beyoncé is what you would call an occult witch – Hypnotising people through her lyrics, imagery, music, dance, videos etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if incantations were read on the master copy of “Lemonade”. The images above are laden with hidden meanings, reminding me of Rhianna’s AntiDiary album. Thanks for the breakdown VC 🙂

I heard a pastor speaking one day about his time in a satanic cult he was in before being saved. He said he would go to these huge rituals in the middle of nowhere and there he met several celebrities and others who worked in the industry. He said that the demonic presence was so heavy that a few people were actually going into seizures and dying from it. He witnessed babies getting sacrificed over scripts to novelas(Spanish soap operas). It wouldn’t surprise me if they did way more than speaking incantations over Beyonce’s album. These people are way deeper into he Occult and way sicker than we can ever imagine.

Where did you listen that story? Sounds pretty interesting!

It was very interesting for me, but it must be traumatizing for that guy. It was a pastor that came to visit our church one day. I’ve heard all kinds of crazy testimonies like that over the years. Something else I heard, Idk if its the same guy or not, is that he would infiltrate churches and try to break them up. He would go to the front row and the demons he brought with him would always disrupt the person giving the sermon, making them stutter or whatever. People would eventually stop going and he would move on to another church. But one day he walked into a church with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and while the pastor was preaching he started convulsing and spitting up blood so he had to run away. He realized he was on the wrong side and converted. Crazy stuff! Spiritual warfare… Read more »

rihanna’s antidiary album also has occult imagery and lyrics. like the phrases that are written in braille. rihanna is also deep into the mind control and abuse of hollywood. that’s the reason she looks soulless and sad most of all the time.

I liked the album and saw the occult imagery in the visual album. I listened to the whole album several times over the course of 2 days, non-stop. I started feeling oddly angry and wound up. I stopped listening to it.

@Kate and @ElleJay. Stop listening to devil worshipping music.Just to let the both(and anyone else who isn’t aware) of you know, any music that isn’t worshipping the God of the Bible is indeed worshipping the devil.There is no gray area about this.There are only two choices.We can either ask God for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.Or we can refuse to do that and essentially by default worship the devil.Any music that doesn’t glorify the God of the Bible is indeed satanic and comes from the pits of hell.

My cousin fell into depression

Funny you say that Kate, I got a anxiety attack after listening to it for a few days- ive never felt like i was being attacked in my sleep but I was.

Had to repent, her music has definitely been bewitched. but John Todd said all masters *new and old* have to have incantations placed upon them before sale

Did it feel as though something was pressing down on you and trying to “get inside”?

That’s the way I felt when I bought Brandy’s last CD. It was the weirdest, darkest feeling and I couldn’t stop playing. One day, I realized the energy I was feeling was coming from the music. Her album was released right after Whitney died.

Which cd

Brandy Watson on Whitney’s death.

Be careful listening to her music these days. Be careful listening to any music these days including some of that Oldies music as well.

Oops! It should read:
Brandy was in on Whitney’s death . . .

It is said that Miles Davis ”B!tches Brew ” is an incantation to bring the devil. I believe this album might be doing something similar.

Be careful about playing these albums too much.

@Apres Ski. You told them,”Be careful about playing these albums too much.” Umm…. They are anyone else should be listening to the devil’s music AT ALL.

I meant to write. “They SHOULDN’T be listening to the devil’s music AT ALL “.

I love this article but I feel like there is more. I just can’t put my finger on it

@Bree my sentiments exactly. There is something deep, dark and evil contained in the music and videos.

Yeah, I agree. I used to love Beyonce. Now, I just see her as a puppet. I genuinely wonder if she knows she’s being used or does she have no idea?? I feel like she has to know–right? And, a video like this is NOT okay to put out, so everyone involved in it shares some of that responsibility. The insinuation that this video is about Jay-Z cheating is a cover/ a lie. It is most definitely about pointing the finger at police/ government/ authority figure and fighting them…aka RIOTING. This is a call to arms, subliminally, to the viewers–getting you, the viewer, desensitized toward rioting and fighting. Kids who watch this will think rioting is so trendy because Beyonce did it in her video! It makes me so angry. And, It’s gross and desperate. She’s killing her career, in my opinion, by putting stuff like this out. Beyonce, we… Read more »

There definitely is… I wish this was a more in depth multi-part series like we used to get more often. Lots of things not really touched on. Still enjoyed reading though!

This is not a joke. My mother recently stated that she had a dream about Beyoncé and Jay z. My mother explained in the spirit, Beyoncé doesn’t look like the same person you see on your TV screen. She looked so possessed and wretched in the spirit. The same as Jay Z. The dream she had about them both bothered her so badly she had to pray for them both and may God enter into their lives before it’s too late. My mum doesn’t even listen to Beyoncé or Jay Z music so she wasn’t sure why that dream occurred to her. Now this may sound funny to some people when it’s explained. LET’S NOT BE NAIVE. This agenda is everywhere and these are the kind of artist that are pushing this in the music industry so that we can follow it. What Beyoncé has done with this album I… Read more »

TBR I believe you! I had a similar dream when I was younger. I never used to listen to music and I still don’t. when I had this dream I was so freaked out! There were dead bodies everywhere and Beyonce was there with an evil smirk on her face and her teeth were so long and sharp. A lot was happening but I shall conclude this by stating: THESE PEOPLE (CELEBRITIES) ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM LIKE ON THE OUTSIDE! It’s Like they put on a mask to lie and deceive.


I had a dream about beyonce too, it was more like a nightmare. she was performing in a parade, & when she came out I was disgusted & terrified. I got a seriously sickening feeling that I needed to get far away because something bad was going to happen . & she came straight for me & grabbed my face & made me look her straight in the eye.. she had a evil sinister smirk on her face &when I looked at her it felt like i was dying & she smiled.. she wasn’t human. I felt an overwhelming evil coming from her. then I looked around & everyone was dead. she killed them all. don’t listen to, or support her/her music. pray for her & everyone.. evil exists. only God can save us.

Your mother is there to warn you to STAY AWAY FROM THEIR MUSIC & IMAGES!

Did yo see Kanye at the Met Gala with “blue eyes”? They say “blue contacts ” but that is his True Soul.

They look like you and me so we won’t run away in horror as to their true faces and bodies. They are actually extremely ugly. Hollywood is full of ugly people and this includes the Music Industry.

Couldnt say it better if i tried.

God Bless you and your dear Mother.

and Happy Mother’s Day in advance.

@Apres Ski: Whitewalkers- a made people controlled by others and have blue/greyish eyes. Even mythology has elements of truth.

Whitewalkers are from Game of Thrones, they don’t actually exist. There are plenty of evil things that DO exist in the world, so stop trying to distract and confuse everyone, moron!

I couldn’t care less about the occultic nature and symbolism seeing as how these things are meaningless to anyone who doesn’t worship them or give a f**k..such as myself! The real travesty here: lmao@a team of 72 writers and this is all they could produce? F*****g hilarious.

you may not believe in the Devil, but that doesn’t mean he’s not there.

THE REAL REASON you refuse to believe in things of this nature is simply because. if you do , YOU WOULD NOW BE CHARGED WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY of doing something about it, exposing her and all of your other artist whom you probably ADORE!!!, so you made a decision, stay ignorant to the Truth, play it safe just so you could get a good night’s sleep.

innocence and ignorance are two VERY DIFFERENT things.
and you WILL NOT BE OVERLOOKED when (that time) comes because YOU were too scared or foolish to just simply OPEN YOUR EYES.

but hey (Stay Vigilant)

Excellent comment. I took a screenshot.


I would be on board with you and about a year ago I would have said the same thing. But this is more powerful than you can imagine. This imagery is not meant to instantly control the unknowing masses, its meant to condition and instill in their the meaning of black occultism. It doesn’t happen overnight but its videos like these that, over time, push the public to accept the overall agenda of the elite.

She sucks and thinks is the princess of Egypt.. ahaha

“Beyoncé … you’re still corny with that Illuminati mess..”

Beyoncé looks plastic, behaves plastic and makes some disgusting moves in front of her baby girl Blue. What kind of mother is that? A disciple from hell.

I, a black woman, wasn’t at all “empowered” by this bs. anti-beyonce, anti-feminist

Well said. I would point out however, that none of us need to be empowered. That is what the devil want people to think they need. We need to have the Lord’s power guiding us moment-by-moment.

Ament to that @Synickel

Well no one should empower you except yourself. You hold the power to yourself.

We need The Lord God in everything

“And she is not serving you lemonade … she is serving you the elite’s toxic Kool-Aid.” Vc you kill me lmao!
“Beyoncé … you’re still corny with that Illuminati mess” hahaha! I love it it’s great!

Sure, if it wasn’t so tragic, perhaps it would be.

‘Illuminati had invaded popular culture – so funny, LOL!’

79 likes. This community sometimes… Good grief.

Do something about it instead of LOLing about it like a raving moron. Thanks.

The black belts on those white outfits look like inverted crosses. How does this slip by the masses?

I’m sure any upside down crosses are just a coincidence!

Wow, the sheeple appreciating Witchonce are truly retarded…

i was saying the exact same thing. i guess the masses were trying to see through the clothing catch a glimpse of her boobs.

just a thought.

how many times are these people getting ‘reborn’ i thought she went through all that good girl gone bad years ago, with crazy in love!??

With the last album “Beyonce” she did some interviews where she expressed that Sasha Fierce (her dark side/alter ego that has been discussed here before) was no more and that she had become one with Beyonce, where as in times before she said that Sasha Fierce was a completely unique identity.

Lemonade is, in my opinion, her way of saying that she has now completely integrated with her alter (one of the last sections is titled “Reformation”). This time her rebirth is as BOTH Beyonce & Sasha.

Sounds like an introduction to a 19th century vaudeville act, a cheap story to sell tickets. Beyonce sells superficial Stuff with an agenda, not art for the good of humanity.

I’m not completely sure how any of this ritual stuff works but maybe there’s different tiers to being reborn. Maybe she is moving up in the ranks.

I think part of the ritual requires one to tell the story over and over again…like a celebration. They do it every chance they get..award performances, tours…

Exactly! What’s the purpose of all this, if she went through this already

It is subliminal messages to the weak minded people who buy this crap. She is further promoting racism to keep the people divided. I have saved articles on cops killing unarmed white people and the main scum media doesn’t blow those stories up, nobody knows about them, pathetic. Byounce is just doing her job to divide the races so the elite can take control of the human race, destroy America and she gets a very nice paycheck and life of mansions and private jets. She could care less about humanity. Money pollutes her mind, you can only worship one god and her god is money that she will do anything for.

Well said!

Cops who killed unarmed white people are more often than not, convicted! Also, the killings are typically NOT motivated by racial bias. It doesn’t diminish the fact that a life was taken, but when blacks are killed due to racial bias AND there are no convictions, the narrative becomes different.

Are you kidding????RACISM??? When are people like you going to realize that civil rights were for ALL PEOPLE. Yes the movement was for ALL PEOPLE. Emancipation? Yea for the better of the ENTIRE COUNTRY AND WORLD. You need to stop playing the white victim before you wind up surrounded by men in white sheets and dead children at your feet. You know damn well black people don’t control the media. But black lives matter doesn’t mean ONLY black lives matter. It just means black lives matter too in addition to everyone else’s I suggest you read up on history and tuck your racist slip in.

Uh what? Nothing you said in your rambling had anything to do with what Sara was trying to say. And you are wrong on BLM. Have you not seen all the All Lives Matter people (that was created in response to BLM to push the message that all lives matter) getting beaten up and attacked by the BLM. BLM is funded by freaking Nazi collaborator George Soros, and I’m supposed to believe they mean well? I agree with your points and that it is important for ALL people to come together before we are enslaved by the globalists, but I don’t think you understand that BLM has nothing to do with that idea. In fact they perpetuate the exact opposite and stoke flames of racial division everywhere they go.

Stop telling us what our organization is and what it isn’t. That kills me when white people try to do that instead of actually doing some d#MN research. First of all, a man named George DID NOT create BLM. Three women did. Alicia Garza, Opal Tomei, and Patrisse Cullors. Every black person knows that BLM wasnt created to say that we are the ONLY ones who matter. It means we matter just the same as everyone else and the law clearly doesn’t think so. Why is it that everytime black people want to stand up for themselves, uplift or encourage one another, white people see that as an attack in them and start throwing temper tantrums. News flash! Everything isn’t about you! Pro Black does not mean Anti White! That’s like being at a funeral and someone telling you that they lost a loved one to a car crash and… Read more »

These are the kinds of narratives that kill any and all credibility of conspiracy theorist circles. You can find occult imagery, the anti-christ and hidden agendas littered throughout the entertainment industry, yet refuse to acknowledge the fact that this system was very much built on institutional racism and division. Until we’re collectively willing to admit that this insidious agenda has been carried out on the backs of Black people and other people of color, they continue to win.

People challenge their world view on so many things but refuse to do so on racism, and refuse to recognize how that fits into the entire picture…it’s sad.

This world was built on the backs of outsiders. Irish were f****d just like other cultures.

Only racist see a problem with black lives matter. Like when Kanye said bush doesn’t care about black ppl all the hidden racists started screaming how bush doesn’t care about anyone. That’s not the point. Of course all lives matter. But it’s been centuries of abuse on black people and that’s the issue. Responding with all lives matter diminishes the entire point which is to call out the abuse to end. Of course that means end it for all. Please tell me when black activists only supported black rights. Don’t believe media that discredit them. Whites n blacks started the Underground Railroad and naacp. you are supporting suppression of truth. You probably also spread the myth that blacks sold themselves into slavery and that Irish were dlaves similar to black slaves. While there is some truth there the message is just to get us to ignore discussion on discrimination and… Read more »

Only racist see in black and white. And you my friend are on that boat. Boo f*****g hoo your people are not treated worse than mines. My people were here before you all and we’re decimated to make way for yours and the white man’s. A band of heathens that fight theatre wars in order to steal land. You think that black and white checker board is just some random symbol? Freemasons are black and white Smarten up you racist moron.

Thank you

I agree

Also stop with the enslaved crap. You are not going to be enslaved and are not a slave. That is a slap in the face to all actual slaves in various cultures. It’s crap. #firstworldproblems? Buying a cd and watching a movie doesn’t make you a slave. Stop using that word inappropriately.

We are all people. I agree we don’t need to fight ourselves but don’t u see you’re doing the exact same thing. You claim the “elite” create factions but what are you promoting? The elite vs the regular crowd?? Who is elite? Upper middle class families who own a bakery or grocery store could be seen as elite in a small town. It’s relative. It’s creating division and puts you in a weak mindset. Referring to another group or person as “elite”? It’s crap. Some have some don’t. Every one with money and power isn’t evil. Every one with out money or power is not good And holy. It’s a weak mindset. There’s no illuminati. Stop spreading fear. We are all beautiful people with the ability to change our own reality. But what one person wants is naturally going to disadvantage someone else. I could go on but I feel… Read more »
Really really? You’re already a slave and you obviously don’t know it yet. History? Which history? The made up one? The one you learned in school and got indoctrinated in? Silly Really… Monarch mind control spans all walks of life. VC points these off. The word slave doesn’t just have to be associated with North American slavery or black slavery. It’s a word that’s much older than that you know. George Soros does fund BLM silly Really. Do you know who that is? Do you know what he does? Do you know what he’s involved in? How about Occupy Wall Street? That whole movement? Did you know that his publications started all that jazz? Do you know who he is? What he does? Are you (this person who goes by the moniker of really) just like him? Do you have billions? Do you believe in Lucifer? Obviously if you have… Read more »

You are in the dark you are just speaking grammar cos you know how to

Yes Obed, Really is really confused as to how this world really works and to whom this world really belongs to. But maybe one day Really might get it.

Council of Africans United for the Truth on Christ
This is well said – in reality there is no such thing as an elite – as that creates sepertion but sir… The system that the world is operating under forces there to be a rich and a poor. It forces there to be those who are in control of resources and those who are subject to purchasing resources. So yes we are all beautiful people with the ability to change our reality but tell this to a five year old kid in Somalia who has been living in harsh poverty and that is all he knows and understands. That child’s mentality is that he is depending on a system to supply him with enough food and drink to survive each day. Bu then what is the end of that? The child is never taught that he can create a better reality for himself. He is taught to except this… Read more »
Oh wow. So profound but not really hitting the mark. Think bigger if you may and try and identify why it is that there are so many poor and so many suffering from hunger. The middle class of North America and the western world are continuously being enslaved with debt. Fed GMO food and being starved without even knowing it. What do you think GMO food does to your body? Do you think the banking barons and high ranking oligarchs of the industrialized world starve themselves with GMO foods? Let’s stay on topic if we may. Do you call the shots in your country? Can you murder r**e and steel and stay above the law? If you can then I assure you that you are “elite”. And there are entire families and corporations that are in this echelon of existence. I don’t even understand where you guys (including Really from… Read more »

Sorry that response was not meant for you up there. There was another fella who had another notion but since I’m on a PDA it’s hard to pick the right response sometimes.

You sound like a disgruntled employee or unpopular kid who doesn’t get the reason he is unpopular is because he’s actually a jerk. (For all you simple minded readers NO I am NOT saying that all unpopular kids are jerks or that being popular is a goal). I need to get on a computer to respond to your crap fully but can’t right now. It’s so sad to see you have supporters. Stop blaming the world for your problems. Stop trying to create issues. Americans choose to go into debt. And guess what else? Going into debt isn’t that freaking bad if done responsibily. They are not slaves. Believe me I Know History outside of any classroom and I am humbled by it. I admit I don’t know everything unlike yourself. Yes slaves existed before in various cultures. REAL slaves. Not indentured servants. Not “middle class” Americans. Disappointed that you… Read more »
Oh really… this is meant to EMPOWER WOMEN?! How about you Empower women not by shaking your ass in a thong on stage for an award show while your baby girl is at home or in the audience watching her mom degrade womanhood to sexual objectification!!! HAVE SOME DECENCY, ACT YOUR AGE, GET SOME CLASS! How about you teach young girls to respect their bodies by not making very lame songs about being ‘bootylicious’! She’s NOT about empowerment… She sold her SOUL looooong time ago. Now she’s the devil’s pawns in indoctrinating young girls and women to blindly follow her into spiritual oblivion. She’s a PUPPET of those that want to erode FAITH in the hearts, minds and souls of girls every where, especially ‘black women’, because they are the backbone of black men, and an empowered black man, is a THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT and the POWERS THAT BE.… Read more »

She wears a leotard on stage instead of proper clothes like a ballet dancer in rehearsals or a gymnast. Yet she isn’t doing anything as physical as ballet or gymnastics.

you so mad at her! Decency, stop shaking her ass, have some class lady why dont ya, huh? Misogyny Misogyny Misogyny.. you are a sexist and a woman.. damn. I bet you think you are a feminist too. if you believe women are equal and you believe a woman has the right to chose their own path, then she can look how and do whatever she feels. WHAT DOES NEED TO HAPPEN is people raise your children not to be sheep, in the sense, of raise a strong willed and strong minded child who is not easily influenced by the judgement and ridicule of others. The world will always be polluted with “trash” but you raise your children to leave trash where they find it. Raise children who dont follow the crowd. .. cause an EMPOWERED HUMAN could never be DEVALUED by world class twerking by a pop star. Its… Read more »

Twilight language. Google it… Wait! Why would it take 15 writers for one song? Not a single one of those high paid industry people has enough talent to churn out one forgettable pop song!? I’m in the wrong business, I can knockout popsongs all day long haha! Freddie Mercury wrote Bohiemian Rapsody all by himself, and recorded it with one producer. The music industry is just pathetic, gone are the days of real talent. Then you add this perverted agenda to destroy our very humanity, and it’s the ultimate tragedy. Solution is… don’t even bother with the mainstream.

You know if someone add’s even a word to a song the artist has to put them down as a writer so they won’t get sued. She even sampled other artists and gave them writers credit.

The part where she is surrounded by fire reminds me of the ending of the 1975 occult horror film “Race With the Devil.” It’s about 2 couples on vacation who accidentally witness a girl being sacrificed so for the rest of the movie the cult who performed the sacrifice pursues them and you can never tell who’s part of it and who’s not. Anyways, in the end of the film they think they’ve escaped and suddenly they hear chants and their RV is surrounded by a ring of fire as they scream and the credits roll. I just thought I’d share that because it may have a connection.

June Carter Cash wrote a song called “Ring of Fire.” Lyrics: I fell into a burning ring of fire/I went down down down and the flames went higher/And it burns burns burns/The ring of fire/The ring of fire.

WOAH. So she really is re-enacting her own sacrifice. How insane is that.

Brilliant review as always VC. Thank you for reading between the lines and going against the masses!

What’s amazing is this album and anything she and all the other so-called pop stars have produced over the last 20 years is pure, unadulterated crap. The music has become nothing more than formula garbage that has to have a lot of choreography, lights and dancers to engender even the slightest interest. The only people with an IQ above 50 that like this crap, are teeny-boppers, who go for whatever the industry tells them is great. And herein lies the greatest shame. Most fans who listen/watch this crap are little kids who are hearing all this vile lyrics, and sexual imagery. The worst being the unashamed way they are profaning God and Christianity without the least bit of subtlety. They are completely out in the open now, and don’t care if you know their secrets. These dumb performers sell their souls for a few bucks, and the result is the… Read more »

Do you have kids? Most parents I know don’t let their kids freely listen to music especially little ones. If that’s who you surround yourself with I suggest you change your environment.

My little girl loves EDM. Loves to dance and run around to it. The imagery and videos are very strange. Knowing this, I educate her on why these things are bad. That while you may like a song, you should be VIGILANT on the agenda being pushed. We can’t always homogenize ourselves from the world, but we can be aware of it. 1John 2:15 states “Do not love the world. He who loves the world does not have the love of the Father in him.” Most people love anything but the One who made them.

What the hell are you talking about? Can you read? I have a 16 year-old, and he doesn’t even know who Beyonce is. He’s grown up on a homestead teaching himself electronics, and has had a electronic repair business since he was 12. He produces videos and also classical music on Garageband. He knows how to drive farm equipment, cut down trees and process them for firewood, etc. He has never watched TV or movies, and is one of the happiest, manly young man I have ever known.

Who cares about this evil puppet and her husband don’t listen to her music never did never will.

I don’t get the tastes of people now. Has the education system become so bad in the last 25/30 years that people can’t distinguish between art and something dark/unhealthy?

The lyrics alone here are just horrible. What woman, black/white/Asian/etc actually thinks about wearing someone’s skin, even metaforcally (sp) even in anger???

That should tell you something ain’t right with someone. But……#sheeple

VC, you get serious points for slogging through all this filth, in order to write this very informative article. Thank you.

I got the chance to see the thing myself, but after, no, within minutes i got so bored that i had to zapp through and pick up a collection of moments. That was more enough to come to the same conclusion as VC, but VC is way better at putting it to words. I have lost patience with this act long ago and drink too much coffee for a second chance, so it seems. Turning of the sound helped by the way, with digestion.

She’s pathetic and her camel husband as well. Hellyweird as a whole are disgusting. At this point I believe she willingly is doing all this stuff. She knows what’s she’s doing and they will all pay for the utter disrespect against our father God/ Yaweh and Yahushua

She and Gay Z sold out for some money.

There is only one unforgivable sin, and I’m fairly certain these celebrities willingly do it for fame and fortune.

I feel the obvious the agenda here is to recruit more black people to the “dark side”. Typically we are the most resistant when it comes to defying religion, and we have so much power in our words and actions by nature, as we have influenced pop culture since the beginning of time. The powers that be on the dark side have seen blacks make huge moves in large numbers in recent events (Black Lives Matter, Election and re-election of Obama) Now they’re using Beyonce to target US specifically to to lead us down the wrong path. A long time ago my grandmother told me, there would be a great war between “good” and “evil” for our souls. I thought she meant Judgement Day. She said “No, no. Waaaaay before that, right here on Earth.” Super scary how willing people are to go along with this.

I don’t usually make comments like this but today I am

I am not a Christian. I see lots of non Christians discrediting get his because they are not religious. You should not discredit this. Magick is real. Witchcraft is real. It’s been hidden by the elite and we’ve been conditioned to look down on those who do it (Salem witch trials anyone). You can perform white magick or black magick. I have performed magick before, but I would never do so with the intention to harm another being. Energy is very important for this. Masses screaming your name is a hide amount of energy which allows you to complete your spells. I am not religious but I know there is evil in this world and there is good. Do not be deceived.

Hi, I don’t practice wicca (can I call it that?)but I was thinking, too, of white magic. I don’t understand the practice fully but it seems to me, that white magic spells are very similar to prayer. White magic doesn’t scare me any more than “visualizing” positive change and the strength to enact this change does. And prayer to God may be more potent but surely you’re on the right track if your intention is good and kind and compassionate, no?. Some of the responses to this article I very much agree with, but the word pagan and occult and magic are very evil words on this site! It’s an interesting viewpoint and I’m glad I found the site, although it feels so doom and gloom– as everything does right now! But yeah, I’m glad a witch(can I call you that and know I’m not being derogatory?)added her voice here–… Read more »

@Kat. You wrote,”I have performed magick before,but I would never do so with the intention to harm another being. ”

Umm…. black, white, purple or any other color of magick is straight from the pits of hell.It is without a doubt evil and a sin.Unless you’re perfectly fine with the thought of you spending all ETERNITY in the lake of fire.I advise you and anyone else reading this post(who isn’t already saved),to ask the God of the Bible for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior before it’s to late for you.

My beef is when rituals of other religions are dismissed as witchcraft and/or satanic. That is the problem non-christians have with the analysis and these comments. And then the “holier than thou” act as if Christianity is not responsible for some of the most violent crimes against humanity. Christianity, too, was spread by the elite along with the bible. So Christians, themselves, should educate themselves and stop being so quick to point fingers

Copying a comment from @Council of Africans on the Truth of Christ: This is the point I always try to bring critics of Jesus Christ to. People never go and read for themselves His actual message – no. People look for inconsistencies that other men have twisted the truth from and poke holes in our belief in Christ. There is so much power in receiving Christ that manifests itself through your conscious effort to understand and know God for yourself – I’m also deeply surprised at the number of people who say this article contain racist undertones but I read this and i see no attack on black people within this articles. This was analysed with me being a black man and knowing and fully understanding how institutional racism has been used as a tool to keep my people dis-empowered for the longest of times. However if you are a… Read more »

You are absolutely right. No matter what religion you are, the energies created around us can be very powerful. I turn to Jesus so most of the time I just automatically shut off when I see or hear Beyounce. But whatever religion you are if you stand for all things Good in life you should be incapable of liking Beyounce and her satanic entourage.

The Bible says that magic and evil doings through pagan-type rituals, even the “good,” white magic, is real and has power. But the only reason it’s powerful is because it’s demonically charged. Even the “good” stuff. It’s not of God, the Creator.

@Dixie. Exactly! That person and others like her or him, actually believe there’s a “good ” magic. All colors of magic comes from the pits of hell.The people who participate in any witchcraft are committing a grave sin. They need to repent now! and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Let’s not forget all the eyeballs watching, ears hearing, and spirits absorbing all this. The amount of magickal energy is so potent. And Beyoncé collects the most. Constantly. Adding to this, her fans are typically quite unhinged. The story is quite clear.

It’s interesting how her energy harvesting isn’t more noticed. And I haven’t gotten into her musical/magickal hypnosis.

Sorry for my spelling errors.

I have been reading articles on this site since I was 15. And even though I’m not christian, I enjoy reading VC’s articles. The theories about the music industry and its top performers are always interesting and creepy.

Not to argue, and just out of curiosity, what’s keeping you from believing in Jesus?

He said Im not a Christian, not I dont have religion. .. Thirsty much?

I, for one, have had far too many spiritual experiences that go so far beyond the Christ story for it to hold any water for me. I believe that Christianity and other organized religions are tools created by the elite to enslave and control the masses, just as is all the newer technology they use. The mere fact that Christians believe they are born sinners and therefore bad, is proof to me that the entire thing is a farce created to take the true power away from the individual and the whole of society. I believe that we are all born inherently GOOD, not the opposite. We are not dependent on a bearded guy in the sky for our own spiritual salvation. It’s already built into our very DNA. After all, the Christ story is virtually identical to dozens of other mystery religions that were popping up at the time.… Read more »

I think you need to read the Book Of Acts once or thrice…

All the things they don’t care to process. Nicely said. And I love Jesus by way of the Gospel of Thomas (please save your pitchforks and torches) via the Dead Sea Scrolls. The mysticism and freedom and simplicity of Jesus is not translated in the bible the same way. Jesus wants us to be our own masters as Sons of the Living Father, as the Kingdom of Heaven is in each of us. He did not want us in institutions listening to some mans interpretation of what God is. That is the heretic. True freedom in knowing who you are on earth and in God’s heart. I will quote some scripture which sums up what you are explaing, my friend: These are the secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded. 1. And he said, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”… Read more »

I’d imagine all of the lies and propaganda that go into feeding a perverse version of that religion out to the masses would be an effective deterrent.

The Christian and Bible reading bit of her image is just another alter come about the MK Ultra mind control. Many of those ‘Christian’ celebs aren’t real Christians but controlled that way.

The lies and propaganda have been very effective. So many people have been turned away from knowledge and salvation because the “powers that be” have turned true/original Christianity into a joke. They know the power that would be released if people would stop following the pagan god of Sunday and tap into the true identity of Jesus Christ and his Word.

Council of Africans on the Truth on Christ
This is the point I always try to bring critics of Jesus Christ to. People never go and read for themselves His actual message – no. People look for inconsistencies that other men have twisted the truth from and poke holes in our belief in Christ. There is so much power in receiving Christ that manifests itself through your conscious effort to understand and know God for yourself – I’m also deeply surprised at the number of people who say this article contain racist undertones but I read this and i see no attack on black people within this articles. This was analysed with me being a black man and knowing and fully understanding how institutional racism has been used as a tool to keep my people dis-empowered for the longest of times. However if you are a black person and you think that our black religions from Africa aren’t… Read more »

Could not have said this any better!!!!!!!

@Council of Africans on the Truth on Christ, uthethe kakuhle tata.

Correction: Adele said last Tuesday while on tour in Denmark, ” Beyoncé is Jesus F**king Christ.” I am done with Adele.

Just like the Beatles once claimed to be more famous then Jesus Christ. Do not use the Lord’s name in vain….

The part about knots reminded me of one line in the Koran “I seek refuge with the Lord of the rising day…from the evil of the women who blow on knots” (113:4)

What does “blowing on knots” mean?

It means “performing magic/witchcraft”.

Good review, I was waiting for it I knew that this whole thing cannot just be about cheating Jay-Z. There’s too much spiritual element to it. But I couldn’t really find a red thread thru it and thanks to this analysis it makes more sense. Funny though, that most people will just see it as empowering art without looking for a deeper meaning. So what’s the use of this hidden narrative when only few understand it? To effect peolpe subconsiously? I don’t know, maybe it’s just ridiculous?

Council of Africans United for the Truth on Christ
Well thought out and analyzed as always – this woman is misleading the people – deception is rife in the world. Manstream media ate it up as we knew they would. This woman is indoctrinating our children to witchcraft right before our eyes family. Look it’s good that these platforms exist to poke holes in the lies “Mystery Babylon” is feeding us but we as God’s people need to reclaim social consciousness before it’s too late. Thats why more & more pop-stars are getiing into political sphere. Cause society at large is socially conscious and it would greatly benefiit the elite if they can get the worlds most adored and revered humans to push Luciferian and Satanic phliosophies onto the minds of people. Aliester Crowley’s predication of the religion of magic taking over the world is become truer and truer everyday through various moves the eilte is plotting. We need… Read more »

I don’t know who you are but if you have a blog or anything I would love to follow it, it seems as though as a person of God you have a lot of useful knowledge and God has definitely blessed you with His wisdom.

FURTHERMORE “Another aspect of Yoruba culture and tradition which is making the rounds on social media is the symbolisation of Oshun, a water goddess who is also the goddess of beauty, love, and wrath amongst many other elements. Beyoncé personifies Oshun in this video where she dons a yellow dress and commences to deliver measured doses of destruction along with smiles and ominous laughter.” Google is free #yourwelcome

I have been doing some research (for information sake) on the culture and religion of Santeria aka Voodoo and Oshun is one of the main spirit gods they worship. I am a christian and one of my favorite rap songs was Bible on the Dash by Gunplay (miami rapper associated with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group) In a recent interview on Drink Champs the rapper Gunplay was asked how he beat a case where he was caught on film pistol whipping his tax preparer because of a dispute over $…. anyways in the interview he admited he had asked a friend how to beat the case & he introduced him to santeria. He said he had to sacrifice chickens and goats to beat the case. I was baffled to say the least but I started looking in to what santeria is and i guess it is really popular down… Read more »

That was very informative TeamJesus. Thank you!

So this is an African goddess? I think there is a new youtube mini show about a new african female superhero and at the beginning a woman was praying to the goddess (I think this was the name she used I can’t remember) and then she was possessed by her and became a super warrior. It’s called Oya I think. Just came out last week. I think you can find it on YouTube

Yes you are right. I just watched the beginning of it on YouTube. “Oya: Rise of the Orishas”. It has over 98K hits.

Wow dayum had no idea thanks for the info. So tires of black Americans claiming this video is an ode to black women and we ALL worship at altar of Beyonce which is a lie

@Gigi. Since Black Americans aren’t the only people saying that.Are you also tired of other black people(Africans, Jamaicans,Bahamians, etc..)or the non black people for saying that?

I didn’t watch it. My husband watched part of it and said it was too demonic (he’s a fan of Beyoncé). We discussed it and came to the conclusion that none of this is about their marriage. It’s definitely deeper and more sinister. Hope other articles are written.

Oh Dear. Beyonce be like ‘I am SUCh a huge artist!’ While in reality she is just a pretensious and f****d up.

Such an articlate awesome article and all true. IT is very sad to see her followers so possessed to the point they are bullying innocent people or people who do not agree with them either being called an uncle tom or racist. They claim Beyonce is empowering black women and speaks for ALL of us. I would like to know to know how because many of lyrics in her album is so vulgar and not child material.
Beyonce will lead so many thousands into taking the mark of the beast no questions asked She is a wonderful tool and puppet for the elite to use. I wonder if they made her marry Jay Z ? Vigilant Citizen you and black child should team up one of these days

their marriage was really a “buisness transaction” so they teamed up to lead the “SHEEPPLE” astray.

“You come home at 3 a.m. and lie to me.” Hmm, 3 a.m. is an interesting symbol too, since is considered the devil’s hour (2 a.m. is considered the withching hour by pagans and 3 a.m. is the devil’s hour. Why? Well, the Christian belief says that Christ died at 3 p.m., so the devil chose 3 a.m. as his hour to mock Jesus’ death. Remeber that in Satan’s realm everything is reversed). Its not the first time Hollywood artists use this symbol. For example, last year P. Diddy (Sean John, Puff Daddy, whatever) launched a fragance called 3AM and he released a VERY sexual commercial video for 3AM that’s full of symbolism. He said this about the fragance’s name: “The concept for the video represents one of the things that 3 a.m. is for me. It’s a very one-on-one time. It’s a time to have fun and push the… Read more »

You need to chill. The bible is not the truth. The very same elite pushed this religion (and all other judeo christian) on the masses

No, the Bible is THE truth.

The correct words were “witching” and “Remember”. Sorry for the typos.

My personal opinion; this music of Beyonce’s doesn’t ’empower’ black women, it turns them into industry slaves just like Beyonce and her ilk. It’s more of a case of thinking for yourself and studying what’s around you, than looking up to these industry-possessed slaves.
72 writers for this drivel!! You’ve got to be kidding!!

Why are so many of the biggest pawns in their game, that often have seemed to end up as sacrifices, black men and women? For example and most recently Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince. Such an unfriendly industry that pretends otherwise. Ack!

Because many of the people doing the sacrificing are black people. Regardless of what you believe, there is no white master. There are white and black checkers. And that’s the freemason takeover game.

Black is powerful! 😛

How do you reconcile the claim that the poetry and prose were written by 72 music industry writers with the fact that a large portion of it is actually poetry quoted from the works of expatriate Somali poet Warsan Shire?
The poems of Shire’s which Beyonce adapted were “The Unbearable Weight of Staying”, “Dear Moon”, “How to Wear Your Mother’s Lipstick”, “Nail Technician as Palm Reader”, and “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”

Straight out of a typical women’s magazine.


Thank you for sharing that!

I am so glad this post was made because God knows that women literally worship Beyonce and it makes me SICK. Beyonce is a SATAN! She uses her songs to spark controversy. How on earth is that even empowering women? Empowering my ass. she hides behind that “black girls rock” facade but deep down she is trapping souls with her whack music. I am so disappointed and disgusted by her. Devil worshipping b***h. Who did she think she think she was deceiving when she said “Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess”??? STOP LYING BEYONCE WE KNOW YOU ARE ILLUMINATI! I hope sooner or later, these stupid young girls that see beyonce as their “idol” will think twice and learn! Smh

I don’t understand what Beyoncé sings about and clearly that is a good thing.

She’s talking about CLONING STATIONS at the part where she starts talking about wearing the other woman’s skin and hair. That’s where demented things like that happen regularly… Check out her 2016 Met Gala dress, it resembles fair complected human skin! I doubt this is her idea alone – too sick and twisted.

It seems to fit the concepts of cloning, MK-Ultra alter personas and sacrifice all in one in my opinion.

I’m a black woman and I must say this demon witch isn’t fooling me. I’ve known she was wicked for years now. Smh this is why I pray for discernment everyday. Thank God for answering that prayer. I didn’t find lemonade to be interesting, deep, or anything of the sort.

Adele is obviously fully signed up, complete with blasphemous public statement: some kind of initiation?

“How is it even possible that she only ever gets better? How is that possible? She is Jesus f—ing Christ,” Adele said at her Denmark concert about Beyoncé’s new album “Lemonade.

Adele is officially a loser, she probably has much of the same crowd of fans as Beyonce does who will love to hear such a stupid remark and be eating it up. And she should be careful… John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus and was later shot to death. Kanye West compares himself to Jesus and is widely despised and a laughingstock. To name a few. Good grief.


Is that a veiled threat? Are you suggesting that you would support violence against anyone who uses YOUR religion’s iconography in a way displeasing to you? Are you about 3 steps away from acting just like a Muslim killing someone because they told a joke about Muhammad? NOT EVERYONE FOLLOWS YOUR RELIGION, and certainly less do than in the time of The Beatles!

Christianity is dying and you “Christians” (really, Anti-Christs) are THE REASON IT IS HAPPENING.

Getting your undies in a bunch over nothing there, friend… and did I say a word about “my” religion? No. So calm down. I’m just saying she is now in the same category as a few others who said similar things. Who came across very stupidly when they said that and they didn’t end up well, by the way. Fact.


You wouldn’t know Jesus Christ if he came to your front door. His message would sound like “Communism”, to your ears. You’d probably shoot him down for “trespassing”, or else want the government to send him to Guantanamo Bay for being brown.

You manage to be both incredibly hyperbolic yet insanely boring. Good day to you.


[After shooting John Lennon, Mark David Chapman took out his copy of Catcher in the Rye and read it until the police arrived. He was quoted as saying to them, “I’m sure the large part of me is Holden Caulfield , which is the main person in the book. The small part of me must be the Devil”. ]


You would kill non-Christians if you had the chance. Or should I say “Christians’, since murderers don’t follow Christ, by definition.

Also, Lennon wasn’t shot because of his Jesus comment…Chapman was a schizophrenic alcoholic who heard voices and was obsessed with Catcher in The Rye. That’s why I think you’re full of s**t. You know perfectly well that his murder had nothing to do with that “Jesus” comment; it was the actions of a sick-minded man.


Lennon was shot because he was anti war and had power. CIA arranged the hit.

Never liked her never will actually
She deserves it
She sold everyone out especially her friends during her destiny’s child days all of that for the price of fame
She wanted fame so bad
Well she got it now

The person who I am really sorry for is actually Britney Spears at least she tried to battle them and break free in 2007
But she failed
While Beyoncé always wanted the industry love
And choose this path
She could have escaped the industry after destiny’s child was over in early 2000’spring but she didn’t

Aww, Britney! Her shaved head was what made me start liking her and I don’t think I could hate her again(I did in I wish her well. Funny, though, you guys refer to “them” as the industry people, whereas I always assumed “them” was her parents. Because I always think it won’t be Beyonce or Britney or KimK or Taylor etc who we’ll be talking about 50 yrs from now. It’ll be those crazy parents prostituting their children. Yeah, she’s not as obvious a fame-w***e but we’ll never forget about Destiny’s Child. So sad.

I’m disappointed at this analysis. As an African the “dark magic” and “occult” references and interpretation here make me sad. This is our religion. A bible is just a book – treating it as such does not allude to satanism. I went through the same thing when I realized how much pain we (black people) have been through because of this ghastly religion. The dark goddess she embodies is Oya. She even mentions the thunder, lightning and violent winds which are her forte. And the baptism scene is Yemaya. Just google Yemaya rituals and you’ll see the exact same imagery. I know Beyoncé is a pawn. But this disrespect to black peoples roots and religions is appalling. I’m deeply saddened by this analysis. Dare i say, it’s borderline racist

Sorry, the Holy Bible is not just a book. It is Holy.

Thank you! Although I disagree with the racist part. She is paying homage to the Igbo Landing, Daughters of the Dust, spirit of the ancestors, etc. its all there. And i enjoyed it thoroughly. Not the music so much, just the imagery.

So I guess when VC criticizes European Paganism that is racist too. He is analyzing and criticizing the occult. That is what this site is about. Just because it is African occult does not mean that he can’t criticize it without being labeled racist!

Down vote me all you want. Do you need a safe space for your hurty feelings?


Yes, in a way. Demonization of all non-Christians has been used to suppress and destroy ALL people’s cultures, thus, is a form of racism: Black, White, Native American/MesoAmerican, even the original, Ancient Jewish Paganism, all have been destroyed. Go look up God’s wife, Asherah.

As a former practitioner of occultism I can say with all honesty that they were suppressed with good reason. You are being deceived about the true nature of witchcraft and occultism. It is not empowering or harmless.

Lmao at Christianity causing you pain. You know Christopher Colombus was a jew? Do you know what a crypto jew is? The same way jews control a portion of the muslim world through Wahabis they control a part of the Christian world as well. And that is who mistreated your kind and my kind alike.

The bible is not just There is a poetry weaved into it like magic. The writer was clearly ahead of his time. Be WORDLY minded and stop paying attention to the world. The answer is in the etymology of the words we use and speaking correctly. You will see if you take the time to observe that we as a people do not speak properly. Thus the images we project when we speak are not in line with what we want.


So it was Jews running the Spanish Inquisition, then? How fascinating! (You’re one sick motherfucker).

Success induced by hidden dealings comes at price, depression, battling demons, different personalities. I noticed those first few scenes she was in a field with a hoodie on, and then in a high rise with the hoodie on…as if she was trapped not matter where she goes in life…that’s what I got from it. Eminem made a similar expressive visual scene in video. He was sitting in glass cube, while the outside world kept going about its everyday life. Once disconnect yourself with God on a severe level like that you will always regret it, but Satan reminds them that they have money and unlimited powers…(as agreed)…smh…so they create this artificial happiness like her other biography. A peace of mind is priceless… And the devil knows this, greed for some people is more powerful than relationship with God…

Beyoncé and Rihanna are being exploited by the music industry. like Prince once said: How could i describe the contract of an artist with a major label: SLAVE. All the artists that are signed to major labels are Slaves. So being confident with your sexuality is one thing and let that the music industry exploit your image only for money is another. Because that’s the only interest of the major labels how much money can they get from you. So in a couple of years when Rihanna and Nicki Minaj stop being a good business, the music industry is going to throw her away and pick up the NEW POP SENSATION! Like Prince said: the only advise i can give to new artists, is that they don’t sign contracts with major labels. RIP PRINCE he was a smart guy that always spoke the reality of the music industry. This is… Read more »

Both Beyoncé and Madonna look and act like prostitu*es on stage. Enough said.

Maatha pitha !!

Oops sorry, thank you VC for this lesson in evil so I may stay alert. Adele said the other day that Beyoncé is Jes** Christ. I am deleting all my Adele downloads.

How did you not address the imagery in “Sorry”? The bus is said to be carrying them into the afterlife. I was looking forward to this post and it mostly didn’t disappoint, except for misquoting a few lyrics, but I wish you hadn’t left analysis of that out.

Before that song starts… there’s a jewel box playing the core music from Swan Lake, which we also heard in Black Swan (a movie covered on this site). I was most surprised that part slipped through, as I thought that was a major connection considering the movie’s similar occult themes of duality.

That fact that you write off self-empowerment of a hyper-oppressed demographic (Black Women) as being a “shallow” or “pandering” endeavor is exactly why so many people don’t take the conspiracy theorist lot seriously. You dig for the deeper meaning of so many things, yet you refuse to recognize things like institutional racism and/or misogynoir. Fact is, white supremacy is a key factor in all of this.

You can’t continue dismissing these things and attempting to erase the racial aspect of the elite’s oppression while claiming you want to dismantle the system and pursue freedom.

Wow. Go tell that to pro black militants who want the world to believe they were here first and invented everything. I seen a video called the Mayas were black. The in cas were black. The olmecs were black. The real native Americans were black and the so called native American is white washed. .American black people are f*****g delusionaland that’s why no one gives a s**t about them. You kill each other in record numbers and blame white people for “enslaving” you 400 YEARS AGO! THE FIRST SLAVE OWNER WAS BLACK! Black people were there at the inception of America. And those that figured it out try and keep it secret so that they can continue this black tragedy story. Blacks are just as much to blame as whites are for the genocide of the true human race. The copper skinned man that was made up of all races:… Read more »
Listen, descendant of albino mutants… calm the f’down. Good thing or you Im a successful entrepreneur and in the words of the weekend ” my suite cost your whole life” so I have time to kick sand around the box with you, kiddo. Aren’t you lucky?! You might learn something new today, lil mutant! Lets start by saying, me loving myself does not mean I hate you. That’s the problem with America, The white power structure is SO VERY THREATEN by the self love of other races. Latinos, Asians, Blacks being SELF empowered has NOTHING to do with anyone else. Get the f’ over yall selves, its not always about white folks, as you so flagrantly claimed above. All race/hate mongers do what your so pissed about, my dear. White supremacist , such as yourself( and i don’t know if you are even white but I ill continue speaking to… Read more »

I’m mixed, so there’s no place for people like me, except where I already am, and I am happy to be a modern human. I honor all of my ancestors, equally.

You can call me a “mutant” all you want, but you’d have to say the same about Beyonce, since her mother is Creole. Just remember that racist hate-speech hurts more people than the ones you think you are targeting. Do you think Beyonce or Obama are “half-mutants”?

“Albino mutants”…so-called “reverse racism” is still plain old racism, and you cannot fight fire with fire. Buying into “Nation of Islam” conspiracy theories does NOTHING to help the black community. They killed Malcolm X, remember? And Islam is JUST as bad as Christianity, when it comes to foreign forces which separate peoples from their ancestors. Don’t fall for this bullshit. Look at the real science. Yes, a “mutation”, but one which helped white people adapt to a very specific climate. We all know that white people are sensitive to sunlight, but did you know that black people can suffer from vitamin D deficiencies, in very Northern climates, with little sunlight? Sure, “black people can live in the cold”, but they WILL eventually run into health problems unless they supplement vitamin D from some other source! All peoples ARE their lands. I actually have a grander theory about this, if you’d… Read more »

That’s funny, because if I were to judge all white people based on YOU, I’d have to conclude that they are all neo-Nazis. GOOD THING I DON’T JUDGE ALL PEOPLE TO BE THE SAME, BASED ON SKIN-COLOR ALONE, RIGHT?

You are complete trash. I almost feel sorry for you.

And the fact that standard African deities and rituals are now Satanic and evil. Or even trying to pass it off as a white owned OTO ritual. Why are the Afrian rituals demonic yet the white mans bible is truth?!


the Bible belongs to everyone. Go read a Quran, since your so obviously offended by racial pretenses.

although racism opression 100% still exists and I do think that female empowerment is the most important thing women need to do for each other – and beyonce is freaking great at it.

I do however think her “style” of empowerment is just going to end up having us party Dothraki style all over the dance floor.

AND that is not empowerment.
its freaking disgusting.


Ms. Lady! Thank YOU 🙂
As ive already said in these comments.. that imagery had ALOT going on in terms of paying homage and respect to Africans/Afro Americans spiritual customs and traditions.

Apparently, if it isn’t a white Jesus then its the Devil…


As far as I know, the OTO has never been interested in any African religion other than Egyptian.

The bible was anglicized by white people. Not written. Smarten up you self hating idiot.


“Self-hating idiot”, yet is obsessed with race…like a poor, uneducated, white trash trailer-denizen would be. You cling to your “whiteness” because you don’t HAVE anything else. And YOU talk about “self-hate”?

Hegel would be proud of this….. In the USA the elite finance the white extremist and the “Maria” Beyonce…. So they will create the answer to this opposed axis. Divide and conquer is the motto. We must use the ability to see the whole picture, and we must not stop in every detail, because we dont have the time to do so. We cant even be together in the “against evil” side, because we are worried more about jesus vs coran vs oriental philosophies…. Divided we will be conquered. Im kind of an atheist, but im sure the elite believes in their spiritual message, so i study it even if understand life in another way.

Keep seeking the Truth, dude. It’s there but the path is narrow and not many find it. 🙂

This comment is lengthy so bear with me. There were a few things about her project that caught my eye. The fact that she had 72 writers and 7 video directors was probably the first red flag. The number 72 is extremely significant. It’s known to be one of the master numbers: “By definition, a master number is one that encompasses patterns that replicate the frequencies and vibrations of certain energies of the manifested Universe.” It has many other meanings to the occult, such as Osiris being enclosed in a coffin by 72 evil disciples. There’s 72 goetia demons. Saturn’s volume is 72 times that of earth…on and on. And 7, of course, is one of the most powerful and important numbers to them as the following excerpt explains: “This number includes word/sound manipulation. 7 represents completion and perfection, it links in a subliminal sound and shape fashion to 11,… Read more »