What Happened to Prince?


Prince’s death was unexpected, shrouded in mystery and full of strange facts. In short, it was a typical Hollywood death. What happened and why?

Prince was the exact opposite of most pop stars of today: He was immensely talented, completely original, fully involved in artistic creation and extremely outspoken – especially against the music industry. More than being in a class of his own, he was in a world of his own, floating in a giant purple bubble while masterfully playing his guitar.

Prince was not merely a singer – he was a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a record producer, and an actor. He was keenly aware of the workings of the music industry and often fought bitter battles to preserve the integrity of his work, his image, and his legacy.

While his enigmatic and eccentric persona never ceased to amaze his fans, the discovery of his lifeless body inside an elevator left the world with one final enigma: What happened? Before we look at this death, let’s look at his career.


Prince spent his entire career battling “record label tyranny” which lead to some memorable outbursts. In 1993, when a deal with Warner Brothers went south and left him without control of his work and without the advances he was promised, he orchestrated a rebellion that only Prince could think of. In a perplexing (and often ridiculed) move, Prince replaced his name with an unpronounceable symbol. People then had to refer to him as “The artist formerly known as Prince”.

The Love Symbol on the cover his 1993 album. Although he never explained the meaning of this symbol, it contains both the symbols for male and female (which goes with Prince's androgenous persona) crossed by a trumpet-like instrument (representing music).
The Love Symbol on the cover his 1993 album. Although Prince never fully explained the meaning of this symbol (other that it “came to him during meditation”), one can easily discern an amalgamation of the “male” and “female” symbols crossed by a trumpet-like instrument. It might be a visual representation of his androgynous musical persona.

Although this move was widely misunderstood by the public (and media), Prince clearly explained the rationale behind it.

The first step I have taken toward the ultimate goal of emancipation from the chains that bind me to Warner Bros. was to change my name from Prince to the Love Symbol. Prince is the name that my mother gave me at birth. Warner Bros. took the name, trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing tool to promote all of the music that I wrote. The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros…

I was born Prince and did not want to adopt another conventional name. The only acceptable replacement for my name, and my identity, was the Love Symbol, a symbol with no pronunciation, that is a representation of me and what my music is about. This symbol is present in my work over the years; it is a concept that has evolved from my frustration; it is who I am. It is my name.
– Michael Heatley, Where Were You… When the Music Played? 120 Unforgettable Moments in Music History.

During his legal battle with Warner Brothers, Prince appeared in public with the word “SLAVE” scribbled on his cheek.

Prince, with the word "Slave" written across his face is shown performing in New York's Rockefeller Plaza on July 9, 1996.
Prince, with the word “Slave” written across his face at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza on July 9, 1996.

Prince also enjoyed speaking about unpopular issues such as chemtrails, religion, and morality. Here’s a 2009 interview where he speaks his mind.

Several years later, Prince was still going at it. In 2015, he compared artists to “indentured servants with little control over how their music is used”. In a rare interaction with media, Prince stated:

“Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word – slavery. I would tell any young artist… don’t sign.”

Prince said those words in August 2015, in his Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis. Less than a year later, he was found dead at this very location.

Strange Circumstances Around His Death

As it is the case for most unexpected celebrity deaths, there is a lot of information, misinformation, rumors, gossip and conflicting reports floating around. Here’s a quick sum-up of his last days. At the time of writing this article, the cause of his death is unknown.

On April 7, 2016, Prince postponed two performances from his Piano & A Microphone Tour, at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta; the venue released a statement saying he was “battling the flu”. He rescheduled the show for April 14, even though he still was not feeling well. While flying back to Minneapolis early the next morning, his private jet made an emergency landing at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, so that he could seek medical treatment. Representatives stated that he suffered from “bad dehydration” and had been fighting influenza for several weeks. Prince was seen in public the following evening, when he shopped at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis on Record Store Day, and made a brief appearance at a dance party at his Paisley Park recording studio complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota, stating that he was feeling fine.

He attended a performance by singer Lizz Wright at the Dakota Jazz Club on April 19, 2016.

On April 21, 2016, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at Paisley Park, which also served as his Minnesota home. A 9-1-1 call was placed at 9:43 a.m; he did not recover with CPR by emergency responders and was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. He was 57 years old.

Although reportedly “combating the flu”, Prince was active and healthy enough to attend concerts and perform a couple of shows. Things took a mysterious turn on April 15th, when his private jet made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois – even if he was at about 40 minutes from his final destination.

According to some sources, Prince was treated for an overdose.

Multiple sources in Moline tell us, Prince was rushed to a hospital and doctors gave him a “save shot” … typically administered to counteract the effects of an opiate.

Our sources further say doctors advised Prince to stay in the hospital for 24 hours. His people demanded a private room, and when they were told that wasn’t possible … Prince and co. decided to bail. The singer was released 3 hours after arriving and flew home.

We’re told when Prince left he “was not doing well.”

We know authorities in Minnesota are trying to get the hospital records from Moline to help determine cause of death.

We have made more than a dozen attempts to reach Prince’s reps for comment, but they went radio silent.
– TMZ, Treated For a Drug Overdose Days Before Death

Strangely enough, every time there’s a strange celebrity death, the word “overdose” is thrown around almost immediately.

The next day, Prince appeared at a concert and somewhat prophetically said:

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.”

The same day, a popular gossip website cryptically announced that a famous African-American celebrity had AIDS.

MediaTakeOut.com just received word that a VERY popular African-American celebrity – who has recently been in the news – now has what is being described as AIDS. Obviously since we are not able to 100% confirm the story – we’re going to leave it as a Blind Item. We want to make it clear we are NOT talking about Magic Johnson.

This report REALLY hurt our heart.

According to a person EXTREMELY CLOSE to the situation, the celebrity, who is known for having a very EXTREME sexual past reportedly contracted the illness sometime in the 1990s. He kept the illness quiet but began taking his medication RELIGIOUSLY up until about two years ago. Here’s what we’re told by a VERY trusted entertainment insider:

[The celebrity] believed that he was cured, and he had some crazy [religious] people who told him that God cured him. So he stopped taking his medication and the sickness came back. Now doctors say he’s dying, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

We’re told that the celebrity is expected to get sicker and sicker, and eventually pass. It can happen as soon as the summer.
– Mediatakeout.com, Insider Claims That A VERY POPULAR African-American Celebrity . . . Is Stricken With AIDS . . . Not HIV

A few days later, Prince was found inside an elevator in his studio.

Strange fact: One of Prince’s most famous songs is Let’s Go Crazy. Not unlike much of his writing, the lyrics of this song can be traced back to his Christian beliefs, where he uses the word the “de-elevator” to refer to the devil. He sings:

And if de-elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy – punch a higher floor

And later:

And when we do (When we do)
What’s it all for (What’s it all for)
You better live now
Before the grim reaper come knocking on your door

Tell me, are we gonna let de-elevator bring us down?
Oh, no let’s go!

In a morbidly symbolic setting, Prince’s body was found inside an elevator. Did the “de-elevator” finally bring him down?

Plenty of facts need to be checked and questions need to be answered. One thing is for sure: When things are shady, the truth often remains in the shade.



  1. Well the only thing for certain here that we can all agree on was written by VC in the first paragraph. Prince was one of the few remaining authentic stars in music. That being said, if anyone might want to fake a death to get out, it might be him. But how likely is that? If the royal moniker means that someone famous will be killed in lieu of an actual royal personality, we might want to pay attention to some of these pop princesses. Some of them getting closer to being worth more dead than alive. Some of them also have travel in their near future. Children toss around words like princess and legend these days, but it’s clear that they do not understand what it means to be a legend in the literary sense of the word, which is not something they should wish on anyone.

  2. There is this interview that he did with his ex wife Mayte in 1995 where he has hidden his entire face with a scarf and is talking to the interviewers through her and she (he) said that he was glad to be free from Warner Brothers because they had him under hypnosis. It really makes you think..

  3. Prince died on the Queen’s birthday and it happened during Beltane, so some have pegged this as a blood Sacrifice to Moloch.

  4. Opioid withdrawal does cause flue like symptoms. So, if he was a long time user of certain painkillers, maybe he got back on it with a wrong dose.

  5. Yeah, HorrorVillage, you are right. I would bet $$ on the fact that Prince, and perhaps Chyna too, were sacrificed by MKUltra. We have our very own hollyweird Mayan sacrifice machine at work courtesy of our illustrious CIA.

  6. Prince was a jesuit catholic. Page 71 in Fritz Springmeier’s Deeper Insights claims that this group is involved in mind control. He didn’t seem to be under mind control, and was an independant thinker.

  7. Revelation 17:4-5

    4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

    5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

    What I thought of when Madonna turned around on her throne.

  8. Read between the lines. “Prince” the “performer brand name” owned by the record company “died.” However, the man named Prince likely retired covertly in a far away country to protect himself. Elvis did this. Dave Chapelle did it a while. Get it? Stop taking media information so seriously. They lie with a smile on their face.

  9. If anyone starts talking about chemtrails, take it as a big red flag to warn you of someone who is not interested in evidence based thinking.

    • If anyone tells you that exhaustionfumes are not unhealthy, nothing to see, check out, analize, take it as a big red flag -waving in unison with party-rules and propaganda-memo’s about conspiracy – that the person is a puppet, and not a thinking person.

  10. God bless prince and the horrible rumors need to stop an if no one has anything good to say about this man they need to shut the f..up

  11. RIP Sweet Prince. I’m devastated by this man’s death. Thank you VC for trying to bring some sense of this tragedy. Evil, evil, evil work is afoot.

  12. Surprised no one has mentioned the obvious resemblance of ‘little sweet’ from the Diet Dr. Pepper commercials to Prince. I noticed it before his death and now think it’s reminiscent of the cola commercial (can’t remember which one) that had the Whitney Houston lookalike in it. I think it’s an interesting trend to look into.

  13. I want to add to previous comments that whilst I believe and can see it was about money from his music, he beat them at their game and therefore was not as much use to them anymore and it was definitely symbolic of the dark side getting rid of someone, the elevator, the doc with pills, the date and the queen… I do not feel his Soul was trapped or hurt or beat or anything that we have seen in others. I dont feel like they did it how they would the other Horrendous ritualistic murders. If it was a ritual they failed.
    I see It was money and a tribute offering to Q Liz 90th bday and her Purple reign. But He was too Spiritually Evolved for them to stop him from souring in the “afterworld” already. You can take his physical body but he was born way more evolved vibrating on such a high level DNA wise and through and through to have such a low vibratory system such as the dark side even touch him. For me this makes me sadder but able to deal with it knowing he is okay now. He saw it coming probably a long time ago as he made so many prophetic songs and said some uncanny things with a phenomenal Associative Horizon.
    Unconditional Love As Always <3

  14. You mention that his “Love Sign” was a combination of the male and female symbols. If you want to know what the rest of his symbol was Google “Alchemical symbol for soapstone”. I believe it is connect to the idea of achieving “gold” by unifying both the masculine and feminine.

  15. I knew someone was going to die soon. I even told my wife…now she says I scare her becuase I told her about how the REAL world is. Before I was introduced to this site, I would have never realized how many times sol called “Elites/celebraties/historical events” happened between 4/15 and 1/5

  16. Prince was a homosexual. His songs were filthy and he wrote about masturbation and crossing dressing. His stage shows were all about lewd sexuality- so what?? He would not be someone to be “cured by God” when he blatantly denied Jesus Christ. His music was nothing more than satanic mind control garbage. Idol worship is all its about. Sad times.

    • Actually his music was original, innovative, and brilliant. It was far from “satanic mind control garbage”. Don’t lump him in with the empty-headed pop stars like Katey Perry, Beyonce, etc.

      And Prince may not have been a perfect human being, but he was thoughtful and brought a lot of joy to people. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  17. I don’t believe the media that claims that Prince had no will. It totally goes against everything he stood for when he was alive. He encouraged so many celebrities to own their own stuff, and have control over their art/music etc. So you mean to tell me, Prince dies with no will and now all of his possessions get thrown to the wolves to take (not meaning his family)? Prince would probably roll over in his grave if he knew how all of this is going down. How long did they search out for his will? Where did they search? Why did they give up on searching for it so quickly? None of his lawyers know anything about him having a will? This whole story and how it is being played out is a mess, it’s totally against his character. Just because TMZ has been pushing the “Overdosed on Drugs” narrative, doesn’t mean it’s true. Makes me think about who TMZ is really connected to. So if there is no will, the real question is, who will get control of “The Vault” where he has all of his unreleased music? I think this craziness is all about who will control that Vault. I wouldn’t be surprised if Prince revealed a lot about the industry and it’s illuminati connections in a more raw form, no more hidden messages in his music in the Vault. Could you imagine what would happen if that music got released? Futhermore, I wonder if his will is in the Vault? I believe Prince has a will, the question is where……….
    Just some of my random ponderings with the whole event. Still mourning…..#RIP PRINCE

    • Thank you Nikki! Yes, yes, and yes to your ponderings. There is NO WAY I am buying this story. Prince fought for years to retain the rights to his music, but they want us to believe that he left everything up for grabs. Several people have stated that Prince was a shrewd business man. I find it hard to believe that his attorney/friend for the past 25 years never discussed the importance of having a will. Especially, after what happened with MJ’s estate. I hope Prince’s death will not be in vain.

    • Thanks @ Nikki and : Truth…there us=is no way one can convince me Prince left no will or instructions to what would happen to his stuff in the event of his death. The lies being spread about him having AIDS and him being a drug addict have caused me to think there is much more to the story than meets the eye. I suspect that the powers that be started spreading lies on websites days before his death that he had AIDS. I suspect that they wanted to cover their trucks when they eventually killed him. I also believe those that someone in his inner circle could have been used to kill him. I also believe that those in his inner circle who are truly loyal to him know the truth but are afraid to come forward coz the media is being controlled with those unseen forces. #RIP PRINCE

  18. Prince = 6 Rogers = 6 Nelson =6
    I Will Die 4 U = I Will Die 4 / 21
    (U is 21 letter of the alphabet)
    Found in elevator.
    Prince “love symbol” baphomat.

  19. Mind Control Assasins explains that Prince’s Love Symbol is actually taken from Dr. John Dee’s Medieval Symbol for a DEMON or DEMONS. His symbol was as evil as he was.

  20. Prince was a media character and this character obviously died a few days ago and there won’t by any other productions made by that prince character any more. But all this does not mean, the person who played this prince character also died. Without all this makeup and costumes this person who played the prince character can’t be recognized anymore. He simply retired and won’t be recycled anymore by a comeback. On the other side people sometimes just die and maybe he simply had a stroke or something.

  21. I always thought something was afoul when the news first broke. Rich people don’t just drop dead on the elevator from the flu these days. I’m not saying it can’t happen, it’s just unlikely. As for the opiates that were in his system, he was clearly being treated for issues with his hips. I wouldn’t be quick to say he had a drug problem.

    He was also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and they have very strict moral standards they adhere to. They do not smoke, practice fornication, are politically neutral and will not act on any ritual that involves religious practices not supported by the Bible. They absolutely are not drug abusers. While it is true that some JW’s do get involved in those things, the ones who do are removed from the congregation and disfellowshipped if they demonstrate they are not willing to correct the problem. This was not the case with Prince. He was still in good standing with his local congregation.

    I can’t say this for a fact, but if there was foul play involved, it would be because Prince was no longer willing to push the mainstream agenda for the occult elite. Prince even refused to perform many of his own songs, because he no longer agreed with their sexually immoral content.

    If he was privy to information about the activities of the occult elite in the music industry, which is very possible considering he was a major pop star, but was now conforming to standards that placed him in direct opposition to that institution, I can see where they would want him out of the way and silenced.

    • Well said! This carefully crafted story of Prince and drug use doesn’t make sense to me. Supposedly, he’s been using pain killers for years, but in one week his whole life implodes?! Sorry, I’m not buying it. Not to mention, out of 40 years in the business not once have we ever heard of him using drugs. This whole story has a sinister tone to it.

  22. His brother in law said he did not sleep for 6 days so Prince was going through hell for 6 days. Now reports are coming out from a Doctor D that he supplied Prince with Fentanyl and Dilaudid for years and years up until 2008. Reports are coming out that he had HIV but I don’t believe that one.

    I was a DIE HARD fan since 84 and his music spoke to my heart and inspired me to pursue music and to play around with my vocal ranges which is extensive.

    But again, we will see what truths we can find in this case of mystery. We can tie a lot of things together but things need to make sense. We can and will get down to the bottom of this.

    It’s all about the facts and then going from there trying our best to put our emotions to the side and looking at the whole picture. Time will reveal.

    Waiting on those toxicology reports.

    • “His brother in law said he did not sleep for 6 days”

      Neither would I if I knew my life was in danger. I’d be wide awake!

  23. He was been dead for 7 days. There are still unanswered questions but what we do know is that his people said he was battling he flu. He did make the prophetic statement for us to save our prayers for later and then 5 days later he was gone.

    His sister Tyka said there was no will, and Prince didn’t get to complete his memoirs.

    He died Thursday and his lifeless body was discovered in an elevator.

    An autopsy was done Friday and the body was released to the family. He was cremated on Saturday with a small group of family and dearest friends.

    He didn’t have a will so how do they know he wanted to be cremated?

    We do know that he was administers a save shot and this is used when an overdose of opiates are in the system. His brother in law said Prince told him that he had not slept for 7 days. Prince was going through HELL in those last 6 days physically, psychologically and emotionally and spiritually.

    He made 4 runs to his local Walgreens to pick up prescriptions for whatever was ailing him. They said he appeared more nervous then usual and agitated.

    There are missing pieces to this story and there are facts that we already know.

    The toxicology report will tell us much more information.

    If Prince would have elects to stay in the hospital I believe he would be alive today but he refused and died in his Paisely Park compound……..unnecessarily.

    He could have reached back out to the hospitals for help. I am CLOSELY following this story as I was a DIR HARD Prince fan and I won’t let emotions or speculation get in the way of good sound judgment and common sense. We will see what comes out of the wash in a few weeks.

  24. I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that Prince ironically died on the celebration of the Queens birthday or the fact that SNL made a “parody” of Prince the very next day..

    • What about a selfkicking jimmy-who-loved-acting-out-on-the-same-stage-as-prince at that party he kept talking about for minutes when eulogiing..

    • That didn’t happen. SNL did those sketches years ago. Prince himself loved the “Prince Show” segments. Don’t post inaccurate information.

  25. Some of you fellow commentators are just plain nutty. Way to manipulate the numbers so the stars align and you can spew nonsense to whomever will buy it. maybe the elite did sacrifice him, or maybe they didn’t. We will never know, but it’s quite possibly that this guy simply had a massive heart attack in his elevator at his home. People do die of natural causes.

  26. Also can we discuss the usual suspect half- assed 911 calls and lots of people lurking around the locations of these celebrity death. Princes 911 call and time line following his death is just as sketchy:

    A transcript of the 911 call from Prince’s compound only added to the mystery.

    An unidentified male called 911 from a cell phone early Thursday morning and stated in a matter of fact tone: “Hi there, um, we have someone who is unconscious. Um, we’re at Prince’s house… so, yea, um, the person is dead here.”

    After repeated requests from the dispatcher the caller said he did not know the address to the complex.

    “OK, get me the address please,” said the dispatcher for the 3rd time.

    “OK, OK, I’m working on it,” said the caller.

    “Concentrate on that,” said the exasperated dispatcher.

    “And the people are just distraught,” said the caller.

    “I understand they are distraught, but –“

    “I’m working on it, I’m working on it.”

    Several precious minutes ticked by before the address was given to the dispatcher.

    “You can cancel anybody going to Aubudon, confirmed DOA,” said the dispatcher to an emergency services employee.

    “He was dead at least 30 minutes before they called 911,” whispered a well-connected insider. “What were they looking for all that time?” she wondered aloud.

    • The caller was probably that weird ‘Raffles’ guy who always seems to just happen to be ‘around’ when celebrities die. He was the guy hanging around Whitney Houston.

  27. Last instagram shows prince’s pic with his face slightly turn to the side blacking out the right side of his face. This picture focuses on his left eye. The instagram says: ” JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WHERE SAFE”

  28. A few things stand out to me. For one, seems like he was going back and forth between stating he felt fine and that he didn’t. I don’t know many seriously ill people who attend shows and make appearances in a bad condition. If he weren’t in a bad condition, there would have been no need for an emergency medical landing. It doesn’t add up. So, his people were with him to demand a private hospital room but they didn’t care enough to stick around so that he didn’t have to die alone in an elevator? There’s an entire day unaccounted for, I believe the 20th. Not to mention those lyrics of his….

    • “So, his people were with him to demand a private hospital room but they didn’t care enough to stick around so that he didn’t have to die alone in an elevator?”

      Thank you!!!

  29. no no no…Prince faked his death, just like David Bowie, Just like Michael Jackson, and just like Elvis.
    They have graduated to the magic world beyond the Ice where the “elite live”.

  30. I never like his girly-boy persona, and I think his music was way over-rated. But, I do admire the way he stood up to the industry.

    You might want to know that from the middle to the end of April is the highest festival for occultists. It is when they do their blood sacrifices. Just sayin.

  31. Hey VC, don’t know if it has anything to do with Prince (though it might), but did you check out the “demon magic”-videos on Youtube by “Xendrius”. It chronicles performers of different sorts who have traded their souls to evil entities for different powers, among others great musical skills. I don’t know if Prince is among these, but it is very interesting, nonetheless.

    Thanks for your articles, besides that! Always a pleasure (if morbid :P). God bless.

  32. Prince died so the Queen could live. All part of the illuminati circle of life. Look at the dates, days, times, ages and months. It all adds up to and blood sacrifice.
    Again the death of wrester Chyna was a ritual sacrifice too (too bad it wasn’t Blac Chyna…she would’ve been a better sacrifice according to my dad, but that’s the way it goes!)
    I mentioned to several of my work colleagues about the Palmyra arch (Temple of Baal) and how between April 19 and May 1 are blood sacrifice days. I actually marked the April 19 down in my calendar 5 months previously. They said I was crazy. PS; they don’t read VC.
    Good work VC exposing the illuminati for what they are.

  33. Prince had recently joined Tidal, which had not been enjoying as much success as it was previously thought. Everyone knows once a musician passes, their songs re-enter charts, and people want to listen to their music. Therefore, a lot of people will be joining Tidal in order to listen to Prince’s catalogue. Also, Beyoncé released her “visual album” Lemonade also through Tidal. Due to the buzz around its release, a lot of people are bringing up the Rachel Roy/Jay Z/Solange/Beyoncé fight which took place in an ELEVATOR… Prince reportedly died in an elevator. Is there a connection?

  34. Sounds to me like this is a sacrifice by the elitist Illuminati One World Order
    Especially being this time of year you knew something big might happen
    I don’t think him being found in a elevator was coincidence either
    They will probably say overdose but it’s most likely that he was taken down the same way they took down Scalia, Whitney and so many others
    Prince will be missed

  35. Also worth mentioning is that he had only just won a settlement from his 18 year battle against Warner Bros. And also that cryptic message on Instagram ‘Just when you thought you were safe..’ that was posted 3 days before his death which has since been removed but plenty of people screenshot it first.

    • Put up m’little big-up for VC and further on my snappy awkwardly ( ) / -ing above.


      Prince – sadly dying too young – brings a quickening among the ‘vigilant’. Underlines what this website aspires to and achieves. Safe-space for popsters coming-out. Encouragement for truthing as normal, thrashing, smashing, crashing. A bridge for the good times we’ll lose, if we don’t win. May pop, or call it what, rise and start citizening. God be with you.

  36. my mother read a website blog on yahoo news that prince died from an overdose of percocets and was seen pacing by the elevator . i have not read much into his death but prince was a very smart talented man used and abused by the industry as usual. as far as an occult sacrifice everyone can spend hours on numerology and how far the occult goes to control talent by any means necessary is sickening. what really bugs me now a days is every artist has a handler / not manager . and these handlers are always seen with lucifeian logos on their clothing or tattoes etc. i have been on pain management for yrs now and your tolerance to opiods after taking them for a length of time only makes u feel normal not high and would take a lot of pills to overdose ..

    • With this one, you must be careful when interpreting the ups and downs, I guess. Really careful. No matter what personal opinions you have.

  37. Why did it take so long to kill him ? Why didn’t they killed him earlier ? Was he going to reveal some bigger secret ?

  38. L.A Reid also said on CNN that Prince refered to elevators as being the devil. Another person close to him said he rarely if ever recalled Prince usuing the elevator, very weird that he was found in one if he abhored them so.

    • He definitely did! Per a friends of his:
      “He hated elevators. He always used the stairs. His hip must have been really hurting him and that is why he used it. Or he might have just gone into the elevator to do it.” The insider added, “If he know he were near the end this is where he would have wanted to die. He would have hated dying in a hospital or his bed. That is where normal people die, not Prince.”

      Here’s LA’s entire quote. It seems a bit cryptic:
      “One time when I was with him privately, he said, ‘You know what the elevator is, right?’ I said, ‘No, what’s the elevator?’ He said, ‘Well, the elevator is the devil.’ It scared me. I don’t like to talk like that, ”
      I bet you dont like talking like that LA Reid.. smh!

  39. Omfg prince died because zebras are illuminati. They are black and white and show the duality of black and white in their stripes. Thanks VC for such an enlightening article!

    • Zebra is a racist term – don’t be a jerk. And by the way, Prince was 100% Black. Both his parents are Black. Just being light-skinned doesn’t make you biracial. “Purple Rain” was a work of fiction and did not reflect Prince’s true family.

      • Zebra is a racist term? In my world it is a beautiful animal. Don’t you go dissing an animal that walks on four legs instead of two.

  40. “Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word – slavery. I would tell any young artist… don’t sign.” = That’s why I live in a huge mansion & have millions of dollars

  41. As a classic music fan, I’m not the least bit impressed with the “talent” supposedly possessed by popular music stars.

    I’m not singling Prince out. But I am including him as one of hundreds of popular musicians who leave me totally cold.

    That said, I am deeply impressed by Prince’s defiance of the Illuminati controlled popular music industry, and his by courageous “truther” political stance. I’m sad to see him fall victim to their truly demonic machinations.

  42. Dr. D just came forward and said he was Prince’s drugdealer and that he took massive amounts of synthetic heroin. Maybe Dr. D’s story is a cover for the real cause, aids.
    RIP and thanks for all you gave…

  43. I find it rather interesting that TMZ is always the first media outlet to break the story on high profile deaths. And are also extremely quick to introduce/promote the drug overdose scenario in such cases. (Which other outlets are equally quick to adopt, and run with.)

    Very fortunate guys, to always be in the right place, at the right time, when big news breaks…

  44. Awesome article as always…this was definitely an “illuminati” blood sacrifice…they always get angry when the truth is spoken…I do admire Prince’s “outspoken” nature…God bless!

  45. Behind the death of Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chyna, Tupac, Paul Walker…. are the illuminati. The media lie! Always lie!

  46. Please do not believe anything the media reports. The “powers that be”have been planning this for quite some time. This is all playing out like a carefully constructed hollywood script. Prince’s last Instagram caption said, “Just when u think you’re safe”. Shortly, after his death someone removed that caption, but a vigilant fan captured it before it was taken down. Just google it. I just finished watching Slave Trade: Prince’s legal battle with a record company. If you really want to know why Prince was dissected yesterday like a frog in a class room experiment, watch the documentary. I think Prince failed to realize that although he had forgiven the record company, they NEVER forgave him. I don’t believe for one minute that Prince OD’ed. He was way too health conscious. He had a pretty strict lifestyle, one you don’t easily divert from. I believe he unknowingly, was given some sort of drug by a TRADER (friend) in his “inner circle”. The plane having to make an emergency landing was just a build up to his demise. TMZ is ran by the masters. How do you think they’re able to get so much info. I just wonder when will people start speaking out against murders that are disguised as drug overdoses?

  47. Not sure if this is relevant, but the rapper Future put out a mixtape a few months ago call “Purple Reign”. I think we should analyze that, there could be a connection…

    • agreed!! Also his Ex/ Baby mama posted she wished the “lord” would have taken Future instead of Prince… i know she serves the dark lord not our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ so I thought that was really creepy

  48. His Instagram is filled with cryptic yet very telling hidden messages. His last post is a blank picture and the caption read *JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE” they erased his caption! He knew what was going to happen. Rip sweet Prince

  49. Prince was brilliant and did it HIS way staying apart from the Hollywood mainstream music industry filth. I had the price ledge of seeing his Purple Rain concert in 1994 with Sheila E. Opening up! RIP

  50. Prince was a genius in every sense of the word. I am deeply saddened by his death. I grew up listening to his music and him alone with Bowie, are an inspiration to me as an artist. I do not care how”weird” he looked to the boring society. He was a true artist. And he was a black man that was not afraid to be black. I will miss him greatly.

    However, I find it highly suspicious that he died soon after he got the rights to his catalog. He stood up for what he believed in, his music and artistic freedom. Many artist today don’t even care about their art. He was one of the last icons of music. RIP Prince!! 🙁 Your music will never be forgotten nor will you.

    • Yes, and history shows they are a dark company. Something is not right, including with the way the autopsy report is being handled. This just sucks! I know people die, but the way Prince went out, something in me won’t settled with natural causes or a sick related death.

  51. That’s three celebrities this week. The first being Doris Roberts (Marie Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond”). Anybody know anything about any of her extracurricular activities?

  52. The death of Prince should be associated with that of Robin Williams. The deaths of them constructed the pattern of Prince William. The movies Battleship and Pacific Rim depicted the death of the elder brother. The two pairs of brother in fact referring to Prince William and Harry.

    These two movies actually metaphorically refer to the looming WW3 ie, The Anglo Saxin Mission, which is a two-day war, involving nuclear bombs and biochemical weapons to wipe out Chinese race over the world as depicted in the last scene of the movie Surrogates.

    I, as a Chinese, have been looking for the rolling out of this unprecedented war for years. With the death of Prince, as well as other events, I come to believe that the war will possibly roll out later today, 24/4, till 25/4. Israel will attack Iran later today and the event will be immensely dramatic.

    • As others have pointed out, Prince’s death is yet another hyped media event that contains an oddly coincidental association with Batman (Prince recorded the Batman movie soundtrack, as we all know).

      The Prince + “Robin” Williams = Prince William thing is also interesting when considered from this perspective. Why should a coincidental association with Batman intrude on so many of these hyped media events? Never Aquaman or the Hulk. Always Batman.

      Batman v Superman and all of its sinister messaging is still playing in theaters. I admit that it really does lead me to wonder.

  53. Prince hurt the Shady Music business bad. His immense body of work remain. Hey VC, thanks *a lot* for working on getting the RSS feed back!

  54. I just find Prince’s death really suspicious. Prince’s last Instagram post was pretty creepy in itself. He posted with a caption that read “Just when U thought U were safe”. Apparently, that post was deleted and re-posted without a caption. Maybe he had AIDS and/or the flu. Let’s not kid ourselves, though. He had money and lots of it. He would have had access to the best doctors and healthcare that money could buy. We’ve had so many famous people die the past few days, its unreal. I have no doubt they were all sacrifices. He definitely spoke out and he “needed” to be kept quiet.. A dead man can’t talk.

      • Tracy (Prince) died soon after a long fought civil war,(with warner bros.)
        Just after I’d (he’d) wiped away his last tear ( won his rights back)

        Sometimes it snows in April ( just when you thought you were safe)
        Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
        Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
        And all good things, they say, never last

        I know this song was written years ago, but it reminds me of Prince’s battle with the label.

  55. Does anyone else find it odd that Tidal (owned by Jay Z) is the only streaming service to offer the bulk of Prince’s music?? Seems rather ironic that Jay Z would profit so greatly from Prince’s death.

    • Also another interesting twist to this mysterious and untimely death. If Jay Z really cared about the legacy of Prince, he would make sure that money would be given to Prince’s family. I would hate to think that Tidal/Jay Z was on board with the death of Prince so that he could profit. I hope whatever was done to cause Prince’s death, that some how they were sloppy with their plans, and what they did would be exposed. Enough is enough…..stop killing the legends……#RIP PRINCE, MJ, WHITNEY……etc.

      • “I would hate to think that Tidal/Jay Z was on board with the death of Prince so that he could profit.”


    • AIts known far & wide that JayZ and Beyonce have gone to the Dark Side. I’m sure JayZ will get points to help his failing Tidal.

      Just like Demi Moore got points for having a dead body in her swimming pool last summer & just like Jim Carey got extra points for that girl he was dating who died.

      And let’s not forget that step daughter of Morgan Freeman who was murdered to be sacrificed.

      They’re all in it together because they have to keep their Death Cards full to please the devil.

      Sad but true . . .

      • WOW! you really need a break from the internet! Seriously, your mind is polluted with a bunch of speculation, and trash talk!

      • Why the hell would Prince sign his s**t over then if he had fought so hard and for so long to get away from the Warner Bros label? thats sketchy as hell. that makes me think even more so that he knew they were coming. but why would he sell out to them? thats so unlike him… unlike him…

  56. That stuff about Jay Z owning Tidal and that you can only get his music through Tidal…creepy.
    Greed is a crazy thing. Maybe Jay isn’t even out of the woods because if he stands to make big money off Prince someone is bound to start looking at him funny also.

    I told my friends about that elevator part of Let’s Go Crazy yesterday. I didn’t not know it was a metaphor for the enemy per se. (Just death in general)

    Also when he was taken off the plane, I knew things weren’t looking good. The media must think we are dumb.

    It’s just NOT worth it to be in the music industry, And that’s sad to say because Prince was immensely talented and was able to share his talent with the world, but the industry is so dark and it’s not worth playing with that kind of fire.

  57. Prince’s last instagram picture that was posted last week is a picture of him showing one eye, with the caption “Just when you thought you were safe”, the caption was deleted but the pic is still up

  58. You can only get Prince music through Tidal owned by JayZ and the rest of the satanic crew. Tidal is/was failing miserably and I was happy about that, for once Satan does not win. But now they are going to make a boatload of money of Prince. He’s worth more dead then alive.

    And I can’t help but thinking that he was murdered for that reason. God forgive me if I am wrong. I hope I am.

    • I was wondering the same thing especially because his twitter was flooded with tidal links and ads. I think that was one of many potential factors but there is nothing solid to prove it. Its just common sense that he will make tidal more popular but i think his death was more sinister than that considering the occult significance. I think he is a sacrifice to satan.

    • My thought exactly! Prince always took pride in that you couldn’t get his music online and you still had to buy it the old school way through cds, records, etc. And it’s available on Tidal?! That is no coincidence, never in a million years.

      • Not true. Prince was a big self publisher who had a very cryptic online presence where he would promote secret paisley park garage sales and downloads of his work. He just didn’t like others controlling and profiteering off of his hard work, without his consent or approval.

      • Prince also had an online website “NPG Music Club” that abruptly shut down last week, adding more weirdness to the whole thing. He regularly released new music there to download.

      • Prince himself made the deal with Tidal. Prince didn’t like music in MP3 format because it is too compressed. Tidal with it’s high fidelity and the fact the it pays artist the highest royalty fees made it attractive to Prince so he reached out and made the deal.

    • That’s a great point. And on this weekend, the release of Lemonade which have everyone talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship will help steer any attention away from that fact.

  59. Prince late last year signed on to Tidal. Tidal was failing – could it be he was Jayz’s sacrifice to save tidal & make millions – everyone knows an artist is worth more dead! Now you can only get prince music thru tidal

    • Giving JZ too much power, his time is up he and his wife are fading, he may need to watch his back with all this tidal ownership


    • Thank god , I downloaded the tracks on another site. I bought most albums myself on vinyl back in the day. I refuse to use Tidal, not gonna make the murderers’ of Prince rich over his dead back.

      • Of course this is how you destroy the giant….take what their greed is. MO NEY. IT WILL DESTROY. BUT TO GET SOMETHING MEGA LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO WAKE UP FROM BEING BRAINWASHED.

    • If he did HE and…they all will have the same fate…they are no more than prostitutes. They too will have to face the same fate. It comes with the hand shake….to be the temporary so called Icon

  60. It was also the Queen’s 90th birthday. Many buildings/attractions around the worldwere scheduled to be lit in purple, representing the monarchy, that same evening. Canada’s Niagara Falls were lit purple that night, for the Queen. Though many were confused if it was in honor of Prince. Was his death, a sacrifice? And the outpouring of grief and attention, used to direct to the Queen? No one questions that her, Prince Philip (Kissinger, Rockefeller, Soros etc) are all extremely old and still active in all manner. Prince’s death doesn’t make sense. There are pictures of him riding a bicycle near his home a few days ago. It’s blatant

    • Purple is a symbolic color for death. I’m catholic and on good Friday, the altar is purplel and priestss wear purple to mourn christ’s death. Blue is a royal color,n not purple

      • I agree with you Tanya. I was watching the news last night and saw that The Falls were lit for the Queen, not The Prince. My antennas went up when I heard that. I’m not sure yet, but I think that there is something quite eerie about all of that. Especially with the name Queen and then Prince dies. Perhaps someone else can unfold all of this. I just hate when legends like this die at the hands of the elite. Usually they are able to get away with the “It was drugs that killed them” narrative, with past Legends. However Prince wasn’t a drug user from what I’m learning, so I wonder how they will try to spin this one. #RIP PRINCE………

      • This is freaking insane. The queen has had 90 damn birthdays. Why on this one would they paint tbe waters purple. I am so mad right now. Sick of the media flooding the lies of an overdose. TV …is not anything short of a repeatedly repetition brainwashing spying object in our homes cars phones. These occurances didn’t just happened. They were planning this all the time….its all about greed always have and always will be. That piece of paper call money carries a lot of weight. This line goes back so far tbat only people that follow history will ever understand. Others will speak out of fear

    • I don’t think he od’d either. But everywhere was lit up in purple. A couple places were here in Boston and they don’t usually do that for the Queen’s birthday. It was 100% for Prince

  61. I read in a news report yesterday, I forget which site, that Prince, when he was a kid, had epilepsy. His parents didn’t know what to do, but they did their best to help him. However, his mother told him that one day he came to her and told her that he wasn’t sick anymore; that an angel cured him and told him he’d no longer be sick. He says he doesn’t recall ever telling his mother this, but she did. Was it the musically influential angel/demon Metatron that also spoke to other artists, including Santana? It’s very rare that there’s a person who can play pretty much any instrument shoved in their hands. He was very talented. Like this article states – one of the rare few.

    • People practise playing the instrument, before showing off. I am sure he did too. That he was able to learn so many is an indication of a talent few people have, but not uncommon.

    • One thing about playing instruments – you learn one, there’s plenty of related instruments that you can play decently just from playing that one. Learn one type of guitar, you can play other guitars (and basses) reasonably well because you know how guitar instruments work. Same with strings, keyboard instruments, horns, woodwinds, percussion and even DJing – talent transfers well, especially on familiar ground.

      It also makes learning other, unrelated instruments easier because learning the one instrument makes you learn how music works, even if you can’t state it directly. As an example: If you know the guitar and pick up a flute, you already have music theory in your head so figuring out the basics of flute playing are made that much easier.

      • If it’s that easy, that learning the saxophone can help you play the trumpet or French horn, as an example, then more people would be doing it. It may not be uncommon for people who’ve devoted their lives to playing music, but to be famous and talented in the industry is a feat. His talent, like many others, was special and seemed to come from a gift rather than practice.

      • I played by ear as a kid, when I had access to instruments. But I could not get strings I didnt have one around me to grab to play it was occasional so that maybe why -.But Had No problem Drums, Piano, Sax, Clarinet, Flute once you get the mouth right ( I was 10 and under) et al related instruments and I still can if you give me something now I’m just out of practice because I have so many interests – and that was before I could read music too…Once I read music I didnt need to do it more than once all the way thru and I had it. So Flute and Guitar I struggle to say YEAH thats easy to cross over too but I lack string experience and access. Violin is on my list though.

    • Seems like you might be right Jerry. I’m thinking the same thing. Especially with the name Prince, the color Purple is a royal color symbol for the British people. They could have sacrificed any artist, but how fitting to their plans , that it would it be and not coincidental that it was Prince. SMH……#RIP PRINCE

      • The British Monarchy only *appears* British. It has been entirely usurped. Look closer. Understanding this is key to understanding *who* is actually orchestrating the unprecedented evil and deception that has enveloped the World.

        There are many sites that deal with this topic. Seek them out. Once this is understood, defeating that evil becomes quite easy. God Bless.

  62. there’s loads of one eye symbolism on his Instagram and he refers to himself as “Eye”… and he was a jehovas witness.. was he still when he died?
    I think maybe not because he divorced his wife and they are very strict about divorce – you can only do it in extreme circumstances such as adultery or violence.. not sticking to those rules would mean being disfellowshipped… its interesting

      • For one, JWs are neutral in politics and Prince was not. He had been fundraising for Obama and “black lives matter”. He also was still singing a lot of explicit music. I don’t doubt that he genuinely converted at some point, but those things alone mean that he wasn’t following the Bible principles that are so important for Jehovah’s Witnesses to uphold.

      • “he wasn’t following the Bible principles that are so important for Jehovah’s Witnesses to uphold.”

        IMO, that’s the problem! Being a Christian isn’t and shouldn’t be some sort of club that if you don’t follow or uphold “our” principles you’re OUT! I mean where in the Bible does it reference fund raisers? I don’t think God was angry with Prince because he held a fund raiser for obama and black lives matter. Honestly, people should work out their OWN salvation with fear and trembling..

      • Hi Everybody on the JW speculative bandwagon here please read – you need to actually talk to a Jehovah’s Witness because LISA ( and not just you dearheart okay 🙂 ) You’ve worded it “I THINK” Some prudent advice to all is dont ‘I think’ because that’s just speculative, “I THINK” gets thrown around too much and dilutes the TRUTH and it is then emotion and speculation. Instead my fellow VC fans and Evolved Awake Curious Passionate Beings try wording it as a question if you are UNSURE – because there are NO Stupid Questions but many stupid/silly “I THINKS’ so try “Does anybody Know if this or this is okay with JW’s? or whatever you may be unsure of and you will get hopefully an educated informed answer and ALSO do your research, dont talk about what you do not know as a rule in LIFE. Then you can always make informed decisions and offer guidance to those trying to decipher and get okay with the atrocities of the dark side.
        YES, JW’s can get divorced and still be part of the fellowship, without violence or adultery. KATARA – My Intuition and also through his lyrics it was very clear that he was a spiritaully evolved being. Thats a 3rd eye simple symbol. He wasnt making it overtly obvious or subversive/subliminal, He, if you study the man was aware, awake, enlightened or whatever you want to call it.
        SARA – Yes JWs can be Rockstars, YES Politics – in Australia its compulsory to VOTE so the JWs have to once they are 18…. And He CHANGED his explicit music and explained in an interview that he saw kids at his shows and that he knew he had a responsibility as a role model so after CREAM things changed. GOOGLE IT.
        I have studied many religions and ‘ways’ from very early in life as I had a very crappy family thats putting it mildly, I was born with the curious nature and some gifts not dissimilar to Prince, and its human nature to belong to a tribe, I did bible study with JWs to name but one plus my Best oldest friend was raised JW and shunned her family and the church for over 25 yrs shes back there now, 6 yrs in and its done her the world of good to have something greater than herself to believe in and use as a moral compass and shes clarified some things for me on what it means to be JW recently giving me a fresher course.
        TRUTH – Mate We all need something greater than ourselves, which bible are referring too also?! 7 billion individuals on one planet all will have their own name for their “way” because we are all individuals. Words Only exist on this dimension – this density. Judgement and all those words- all that divide all that duality. You can look from far back enough that you can transcend DUALITY and see where all are coming from and be free.
        Unconditional Love is the Way. Open Your Hearts Energy Field and you will be free. Anger towards anothers beliefs its wasted energy especially if youre coming from a hypocritical or uninformed point of View. There are many ways. Everyone needs a way and some people thats there evolution. They settle for Catholicism or JW or Islam or any of the other kinds of religions and their neo branches from there.
        Personally I live by the 7 virtues, the way of the warrior and I know there is GOD and I am also a scientist and studying Shamanic healing which I can explain in scientific terms just like any ritual, its intention, EMR and sacred geometry – thats WAY Over Simplified but theres your 3 keys to tapping into God or whatever energy floats your boat)
        I also believe – if your beliefs fulfill you in the way that mine fulfill me NOTHING IS MORE BEAUTIFUL. Its all I could wish for every human or being, Secure and Benevolent and Fulfilled in the most positive of ways..Because after being abused from age 3 to 14 and searching all the ways/somewhere I belonged I found one that resonated with me and I respect anyone that has a WAY to a certain extent ( clearly not the luciferians like the Q Liz)
        But the foundation it gave me to have found a way, mine is internal, if my crops dont grow its because I didnt care for them.. not Gods fault. I respect peoples ways because I understand not all people are dynamic enough to question everything or be part of All and not just One… I also refuse to be a hypocrite of what I say I am. But I know emotions are a choice – cavemen didnt have the plethora of emotions we have today we made them all up. So Pick the one that works for you. Not against you. As in dont make yourself feel bad over someone elses Bag! I could go on but this isnt about me. And that all just poured out of me….

        Prince is a RARE Genius, I get sadder by the day, the Rainbow over Paisley Park made me smile with more than hope,for real that if anyone could have that energetic effect here from another density aka dimension it was him. He was a HUGE Energetic Force here in the 3rd density and we only get finer/higher EMR vibrations as we evolve… He may have been sacrificed physically, but his spiritual evolution was Super Evolved from Birth and I cannot feel him trapped. Like I feel others and I mean ‘feel energetically’ So this was about money and timing and that annoying Q Liz. But not trapping of the Soul of Prince. That Loss to us is So Sad.
        I was perturbed (but also aware of the subtext) by Q Lizs bday being mentioned so much here, the msm was all about her bday and Princes passing (as an aussie living in the states – We dont mention her that much in Australia seriously I dont get why her bday is brought up outside the commonwealth countries at all but the states seems to have a thing for the house of windsor. Yet Beatrice of Netherlands, Q of Lichtenstein, DeRothschilds, Rockefeller etc are all the same bloodline and are they mentioned here like the windsors? – Thats an actual question if anyone can answer that Id greatly appreciate it, as she is not the boss of all monarchies or the bloodline)

        I am certain it was no accident and the dates – april to may every freaking year its danger time. The symbolism of his death I can see more as money related and sure sacrificed but not in the way so many others are sacrificed as Ive stated. True Talent is what it is and back when he started out they didnt have the media outlets we have nowadays and didnt need so many puppets…Some talents were just exactly that. And people made money off them…

        Everyone has already, along with the awesome VC connected the dots here. I love this site. Been coming here for so many years its at least 8 yrs??!!. Ive been down the rabbithole since before the internet was a baby, so Ive extensively researched the crazy, the real and the horrific and can weed out the bs from the real.
        VC I love your mind and your work. Thankyou truly, Ive ever grateful for your dedication, It made me sad when you were away but I understood as its a filthy rabbithole to be in and You must also have Great Positive things in your life, what you see and hear and study daily affects you. But your work is invaluable and timeless to me and many others I’m sure ( am I right peeps?!)
        I ask with Unconditional Love to You All PLEASE pull yourselves up if you see you are speculating, Be AWARE – especially when Grief is involved. Its bad enough we are aware of the dark side of this. – MJ I cry still every year. And I will Prince I just get sadder with Prince because its about money and not his time but hes okay – once we leave this realm theres no mind no labels.
        We are all grieving this Beautiful Man – whom Dressed like an Awesome Rockstar 18th century Dandy which is Mint IMHO! Not many can pull that off in this day and age (if any! None come to mind?!! Anyone??? ) and I wish there were more and I hope Prince fashion hits the stores just secretly between you me and the gumtree!, I dont love 80s clothing with hindsight on my side – but Prince Dandy Yes Please if only for a season. I will have a hard time getting my hubby to wear it but one can hope!

        His lyrics were 20 years ahead of their time…. He was seriously tapped into something brilliant and visionary and gifted doesnt even touch the sides with him. The INDUSTRY didnt make him that, He was Gifted/Savant like even. His Associative Horizon was Phenomenal and I’m certain his lyrics will continue to shed new light for years to come, prophetic like… ie the easy one – ‘1999’ and the whole Y2K overclock 00 thing.
        They just profited and used him as they do. Thankyou for reading this unintentionally long essay/comment. WOOPS.
        My Unconditional Love to you All. Have the Very Best of Days and may We remember and learn more great things from Princes lyrics and carry the positive on. He deserves that. Hes still got gifts to give us. 🙂 <3

    • It’s been part of his music for a few years, he created the group 3rdeyegirl. My guess is that it was Prince’s way of showing the middle finger to the music industry. And from my knowledge he never stopped being a Jehova’s witness.

  63. When the first story came out that Prince died; the flu was thrown out there. Yet, the night before a video surfaced of Prince singing breathtakingly-not someone with the flu…the notes he was using and the strength. I guess now “they” realize this and overdose is being thrown out there to AIDS

    • I was at the concert in Atlanta. No way in hell was that man sick with the flu. His voice was amazing. We even commented on how his voice sounded EXACTLY like his studio albums. He was flawless and energetic. So I have known it was complete and utter b.s. since day one. Sorry, just not buying it. And it’s downright pathetic what they’re trying to do to besmirch this man’s reputation. Prince is a genius.

      • Actually, your gut literally has a “second brain”: the enteric nervous system. It contains as many neurons as a cat’s brain. But yes, always trust it.

  64. This is crazy because in one of the previous articles VC said that the end of April is always used as time for sacrificing ..

  65. Chyna may have died for real (ritually killed), while Prince faked his death big time just like Bowie, Walker and Rickman. Sheeple need non-stop distraction and their emotional energy needs to be harnessed by them so connect the dots.

  66. someone supposedly deleted his recent captions on Instagram, as well, including something like “Just when you thought you were safe”

    • I think he was just being himself. They chose him because he was naturally suited to their agenda. Contrast that to Bowie who certainly understood “the big picture”, having independently studied, but likely, also, still would have been as he was, regardless.

      Although, from Prince’s conversion to a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001, and onward, I speculate that Prince was indeed beginning to really put the pieces together (that is, understand how the messages he had previously been promoting were related to a larger agenda).

  67. So he was supposed to be healthy enough to be home alone and get into his elevator and walk around but not to walk back out?

  68. Don’t know if you missed this or forgot about it, but still worth mentioning: Supposedly, Prince’s profile picture on Twitter changed from three circles creating a triangle shade across his face to being removed, unveiling his eyes closed, a tear, and the third eye sometime around the time of death. Now it’s been reported that the tear has been removed. Also, one of his last tweets was cryptic: “I am #transformed”. http://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/did-princes-twitter-account-foreshadow-his-death https://twitter.com/prince

    • There is an obvious ‘one eye’ reference in the Billboard piece about Warner Brothers regaining control of the Prince back catalog.

      “A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros Records and Eye (sic) are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship,” Prince said in a statement


      This deal marks a new era as the ability to terminate master recording copyright after 35 years was granted in the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 and became effective in 1978, the year that Prince’s debut album came out.

      So we have an anniversary celebration pop in sales which can be compounded by the death of the performer. Jackson’s estate made far more money after his death (USD billion+) than he ever did when alive, constantly battling the music ‘industry’ for payment and control consistencies.

      Who knows what went on behind the scenes as this unfolded, but the symbolism in the days leading up to Princes’ demise is very sinister IMO.

      The ceo of WB is Cameron Strang.

      • Part I:

        You mentioned the CEO of Warner Bros. being someone named Cameron STRANG. I just read a few minutes prior to now about an episode of the USA television cartoon, “The Simpsons.” In this particular episode, what I read was, Homer Simpson becomes a celebrity assassin, I forgot why. And he goes to assassinate three different celebrities. From what I read, the other two celebrities that Homer Simpson murdered were murdered in a stupid, slapstick, humorous way. Only Prince’s death was violent, gruesome, and uncharacteristic of what I would have thought the Simpsons to show on their cartoon (I stopped watching many, MANY years back, so who knows).

      • Part II:

        How did Homer Simpson’s character choose to murder Prince? He STRANGled Prince with Prince’s own guitar strings and I think stabbed Prince repeatedly to death, again, with Prince’s guitar. It was strange, reading it.

        I recall seeing pictures of their 9-11 predictive episode online–it was terribly egregious (with how blatant it was), but if I recall properly, someone said the images that Lisa Simpson held up, perhaps only appeared for a quick split second.

        The American Dad cartoon predicting Paul Walker or someone else’s death…again…never watched it (never thought the show was any good when it first came out, regardless, in addition to that, it had hideous animation like Futurama and the other poorly drawn/animated cartoons. I was used to growing up with great animation, so to see this computer-class 101 brightly colored and terribly non-detailed animation made me think, I remember, that they just weren’t picking people with any talent in the entertainment industry anymore). But regardless, what I read about that was disgustingly in-your-face…the American Dad cartoon’s Fast and Furious 7 thingy. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but I recall some website pointing out so many details. Anyway…

        One more thing. I just read that exactly 16 years prior to Donald Trump being in the elections for President that the Simpsons had an episode which aired in the year 2000 in which Donald Trump had been elected, and then the next president of the United States (Lisa Simpson) stated that Donald had run the country into terrible debt, bankrupting it (hmm, that’s kinda been a running president’s joke, because they’ve all been doing it for quite some time) anyway… the USA needed China and I forget who else to bail us out of debt. Hmm…maybe not so accurate on their predictions as we’re already in a bad way and have been for too long. ANYway.

      • Part III:

        Yeah, my prediction…for many reasons that I won’t bother stating, as this message has already gone one too long already is this: the zombie thing, I think that that has some type of significance for the future in one way of another. We’ve been zombied out thanks to the entertainment industry. I have reasons that go totally outside of the web (of lies)/Internet. Also, I hope not, but perhaps it is relative, but I think that bad things will happen soon for us. I think there have been so many warnings (not from the monsters indebted to the devil, but from non-wicked sources–or at least many non-wicked-seeming sources, other sources just seem to be deliberately delivered by God in a way that is not all loud and earth-shaking (alluding to God’s speaking the Ten Commandments to Israel on the mountain that Moses was first approached by God at (with the burning bush miracle, etc.).

        Anyway, all we can do is be obedient to God, and He will lead our feet and guide us. I am in need of following my own advice. I do recall many instances in the past that I marveled at how I avoided some bad things by just following God in little (seemingly no-big-dealish kind of ways…not that that exists, ALL of God’s laws, commandments and statutes are important light to our feet). I think it strongly, that God has us somewhat in a life that is like playing a strategic board game…one in which every challenge or riddle you are met with…if you solve it morally, you move closer and closer to the right direction, and if you only see as you move closer, to the end reward the dangers that you avoided and narrowly escaped, simply by going…the right way. That’s why I’d say that God’s word is, as the Lord Jesus Christ said, a light to our feet, a light or guide to our path.

        That’s why I NEVER call darkness “light.” I hope that everyone else would fix the semantics a little too: like constantly referring to the darkness and the blind as being “illuminate.” They are deceived, about as confused as a little child ignorantly referring to a lemon as a carrot. As those with light (truth from God) in our eyes, we must be the adults in the matter. And not acquiesce to Satan’s children, by going along with their ignorant insistence on being referred to as things which they are not. I would no more have a blind man operate on my eyes than I would call a blind, devil possessed, and doomed human being a member of “light.” They are in darkness.

        Other words that need to stop. The referring to a child molester and/or a child r****t as a p*******e. An audiophile is a lover of music–or something. A bibliophile…a lover of books. At least this is what has been pushed down our throats shortly after the term p*******e became the near 100% replacement for the term “child molester.” As if it is the desire to program people into believing that a person who does that, is in turn, a “lover of children.” How disgusting! I PROMISE you that that was a progression and a change that was deliberate, and that is all done for the next phase. Which is already taking place now. To not only identify children (16 year olds-18year olds) as people who WANT unwanted, uncomfortable, and disgusting attention and then, one day, “relationships” with these disgusting and amoral dogs (and I apologize, truly for insulting dogs). These miscreants are vile and more vile than any other word that I currently know.

        This was long. I hope you’ll read it. Thanks!

      • Part IV:

        Oh yeah, the media ALWAYS lies. Their father so telleth them to do so, and their consciences have perhaps been seared enough along the way that they are willing to do so without question. I’d link an article here, but I don’t know if this site appreciates that kind of thing. But Oh well, God can lead us. And whether we’re all pleasing to Him and on the path to heaven, or whether we are disobedient to Him and on the path to Hell (contrary to what someone posted earlier, God is 100% ALL ABOUT us being obedient to Him–both Old Testament and New. He wants, demands, and will not accept anything less than obedience. We are His children. If you had a child who refused to obey you, at some point, after offering forgiveness and the payment of sins by said child’s big brother paying for said child’s messups, at what point to are you angry and you just let the child continue down the path of some other messed up kids father (the devil in this case)?

        Preachers may lie. Websites may lie. There are a LOAD of “false prophets.” Lots who lie and say they were spoken to by the Holy Spirit of God, and they KNOW that they are lying! But know this, we are STILL held to God’s rules…whether we know them or not. The same punishment will be metered out, essentially, to the one who broke the rule in ignorance as the one who broke the rule knowing better–that punishment being Hell…for eternity. That said, the fire and suffering will be kicked up another notch it seems for those of us who know better and still do NOT.

        Just read an official King James Version of the Holy Bible online, with the original italics in them (because most onlline versions and even print versions did away with the italics, which make a BIG difference in the speaker’s point. We need to know what God put emphasis on to get what He was saying to us–in His “Father form” and in His “Son form.”

        The End. And yeah, Read the Gospel According to Saint Matthew. Search Google (yuck and sigh, but they seem to get the results easier, and other search engines just use their results anyway, sigh) for one online. I’d post links but I don’t want to disobey any rules inadvertently.

      • Part V:

        But yeah, after you’ve read Matthew, read Moses’ first five books in the Old Testament. Keep going if you please. Obey what God’s Son says, God commanded us at least two times to do so while His Son was walking the earth in flesh:

        “16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:

        17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”
        -Almighty God (Matthew 3:16-17)–>or Matthew Chapter 3, Verses 16 through 17,” if read aloud.

        and here as well He, the Creator, commands us to do the same:

        “AND after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,

        2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

        3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

        4 Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.

        5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

        6 And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid.

        7 And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.

        8 And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

        9 And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.”
        -Matthew 17: 1-9

  69. Prince’s death was ritualistic. He died on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. His former girlfriend Vanity died at 57 as well three months apart. Their total is 114=1+1+4=6. The Bull is aka Baal which pagans sacrifice people. The music industry is a cult and that is what they believe in. Prince’s old label Warner Bros will make untold millions off of his death. He is worth more dead than alive.

  70. Why is there so little talk about his announcement to publish an autobiography in the near future?
    He lived with and worked for the system, and against it at the same time. Lots to tell. Many people’s images are involved. And with that, their carrieres, copyrights (or even estates).

  71. On another note: What was Prince doing walking around the parking lot at a Walgreens? People like that don’t go to Walgreens! He looked extremely agitated and probably couldn’t wait to get his hands on whatever he was taking.

  72. I was just telling my husband last night, since he’s at least bi-sexual, he probably had AIDS, which weakened his immune system and the drugs took him out

    • Excuses me? ”..since he’s at least bi-sexual, he probably had AIDS..” ??
      What little community you live in where the options are so limited that within hours you come to thAt conclusion? Mindblowingly smallminded, in my humble opinion.

      • It’s not small-minded. It is well-known that those who participate in bisexual or homosexual activities have significantly higher chances of contracting STDs. It wasn’t my first thought, but I’m sure Sparrow wasn’t alone in her/his opinion, and I don’t think any disrespect was intended.

      • Be sure at rest,Conception, it was not the disrespect that blew my mind. I think the train of thought of the little bird was not even close to that track.

      • So this is why the AIDS is so high in African countries where homosexual activity is quite rare, right? .. smh

  73. I thought of VC when I heard of his death last night, (it was night in my part of the world) It’s just so sad … I guess like the man said, we all have to get through this thing called life. Some sooner than others. 🙁

  74. Thank you, VC. I hate that they say Prince died of an overdose. Any true Prince fan knows he lived a very healthy lifestyle. I hope you will inform us more once there is sufficient information.

  75. Prince was killed because of his rebellion to the hollywood industry. He said it loud and clear all music artists controlled to by major labels are SLAVES.
    Singers like Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj are also Slaves to the system. they are under mk ultra and hypnosis, since the beginning of their careers and if they also start to rebelling against their hollywood handlers they are also going to be killed.
    PRINCE WAS A SMART GUY THAT ALWAYS SAID THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION. So the luciferian show business killed him, to show him and everyone else, that you can’t go against the system.

      • He had just gotten ownership of his masters from the record company. They did retain royalty rights. His death will send record sales through the roof. Who gets paid? Warner Brothers. Same with Michael and Whitney and Sony.

      • But, Prince was back with Warner Bros. with his band 3rd Eye Girl. Why would he do that? Prince had no problem making albums, music or money without Warner Bros.

      • I believe Prince had to re-sign in order to retain ownership of his music. I believe it was part of the deal. What he didn’t know was that WB had no intentions of fulfilling their end of the bargain. They knew he was living on borrowed time.

      • But Prince is way more than that, try billionaire status. How? He was the brains behind Michael Jordan’s shoe line for Nike. Yes, That was all Prince! If it wasn’t for Prince, Michael Jordan wouldn’t be a billionaire himself! So in actually, Prince is a billionaire.

      • If we follow that logic, we should all keep an eye on George Strait, the current “King of Country” music. He is 63 years old.

      • Janet Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé and Rihanna are other artists who own their masters (not their complete discographies).

        Is it a coincidence that there have been rumours than Janet is seriously ill spreading (which she has denied).

        Beyoncé also seems to have a strained relationship with Columbia (which is part of Sony) after the leak of her album 4 in 2011. She doesn’t do very much promotion anymore, and it was reported that Columbia practically had to beg her to perform at the 2014 VMAs. They’re still making a lot of money off her, but I doubt that they like that she’s is acting independently to them, and dictating her releases to them (she has been keeping her label in the dark until the very last moment in regards to her last 2 album releases).

      • I’m convinced JZ has much more to do with Prince’s demise. What I don’t understand is why Prince chose to sign on with JZ’s company to release his music knowing darn well JZ and his troll wife are with Warner Bros. But I will always live and respect Prince.

      • Probably because he got his masters back two years ago. They lost billions in that deal. Ticked them off. You might ask, well, why didn’t they kill him two years ago then… because that would have been way too obvious after they just did that to MJ. So they waited to kill Prince, but to us VCer’s, it’s still obvious.

  76. What happened to Prince? Simple. He DIED. Nothing strange or sinister about it. Does there have to be a bizarre motive behind every celebrities death? I’d bet that a lot of working professionals would say the same thing about how “evil” the bosses they worked for were. They’re slaves too, with the bosses earning the big bucks. I’m well aware of how bad the entertainment is, but I just don’t believe this is one of them. My brother had Hiv, too, but when he stopped taking his medication he died of AIDS.

    • Here’s the thing with famous and powerful people dying prematurely; they are not isolated in obscurity and poverty, unable to do everything possible to fight back and get care. What we’ve seen recently from ill celebrities who die prematurely (like Silicon Valley celebrity Steve Jobs) is a conflict of behind-the-scenes influences, telling them what to do and how to care for themselves and knowing the system, some of these people are likely occultists with hidden agendas.

      Also, if a celebrity is battling with possible death or addiction, it’s like these people come out of the woodwork to grab onto what they might see as the ‘energy” of this transition.

      Timothy Leary — who actually worked to introduce LSD into cultural prominence — was known to show-up and have private sessions with many celebrities around their deaths or the deaths of their close friends and family members. The entertainment industry has an elaborate, internal web of the same people who seem to “take care of” the same problems celebrities are battling. The desire for privacy holds many of these people hostage to in house — meaning in-LA — “experts” at dealing with these issues.

      • That Tim also showed up at lots of drug infueled parties where he was a shaman and introduced a lot of people to hard mind altering drugs – before they went on and became famous for the agenda-fullfilling industry-outlets. He is mentioned in various biographies to have guided them through the personal trips … You know, people are very imprintable on lsd for example, and the effects last decades. The tentacles of the distributors reach far, maybe even tot your streetcorner where they sell cheap copies of the drugs celebrities take in.

    • Well this primary website is to look at different motives of peoples’ death in the music industry and so forth. So you came at the wrong place to complain lol

    • Let´s say that I am a celebrity and have diabetes, which I don´t, but let´s suppose. So there is a risk for me, but it doesn´t mean I have to die. Then, they orchestrate my death on a pagan holiday. They place me in Krispy Kreme and make me eat donuts and the paps come to take pictures. Then, I need an insulin shot because I am doing terrible. I am killed in a confusing way. People say, “oh she was diabetic so why was she eating donuts”, “she was rushed to the hospital the other day”. Pretty obvious and stupid game to try to cover up a murder. More or less they did that to Prince. Anyway, there is one of those controlled conspiracist in youtube saying that Prince is faking his death. I hope he did.

    • Agree. I believe the entertainment industry is disgusting and I see the symbolism all the time
      But why do people think every death is fake or a conspiracy??? we are human and we will die eventually, just because these people are famous it doesnt mean they are inmortal
      I believe the AIDS rumours, he probably died because of that. It makes sense…

    • No offense but what are you doing here if your eyes are still closed? Obviously VC is not doing anything to open them so how about you safe the unnecessary comments and keep living in your purple bubble?

  77. The wrestler, Chyna, also died within 24 hours of Prince. A masculine woman and a feminine man. Make of that what you will.

    • Unfortunately, often benefit from such treatment. Immediately after the David Bowie died Alan Rickman. Yes they consist of massive casualties. And that is really scary.

      • things are just warming up! wait for it….. more celebrity deaths to come. THEY are not done with causing pain & chaos

      • If the celebrities sign up and consent to it, it’s hard to feel empathy. They contribute to bringing this satanism to our doorsteps. If iI was approached and told I’d have to have sex with squirrels and worship a goat’s head, I’d turn and run. One has to wonder about the mindset of celebrities (and globalists).

    • Well, we’re in the latter half of April. I didn’t know about Chyna until I read your post. Hm. According to what I read in the Findadeath forums, she was dead for a few days before she was found. I’m going to have to do some reading.

      • they’re saying accidental overdose. What breaks my heart is how a: the WWE shunned her and b: they’re pretty sure she died alone and no one bothered to check on her in those days before she was found. I still think she was untreated bipolar.

      • I’d suppose that it has something to do with the name Chyna; the real China had better watch out.

      • Don’t be simple. men and women have more in common than you think. the idea that there are only two dividing lines is the result of simp thinking. The elite want you to hate or like something, but to understand something and know the difference between the right and wrong version is the key. the elite appropriate causes, especially those of social justice, or those that are trending to pit pro and con against each other. what about the fact that caitlyn jenner is a vapid, stupid, self loathing, person who has nothing in common with the common struggle of a working class trans, pushes socially conservative agendas against them? 50 shades of grey was loathed by the bdsm community for it’s breach of ethical boundaries, stalking, etc. but loved by suburban housewives everywhere? you may even hate certain genres of music, but would you appreciate them more if they were substantive and were true to their pre commercialized roots? All these puppets the power elite put forth to represent ALL communities are distorted, hateful, and ignorant versions of ourselves. Don’t believe the hype. Bill Clinton appointed Trump’s sister as a judge but you never hear that in the msm. As Above So Below: divide the topics into 4s; 4 elements, 4 directions, 4 seasons, etc. It’s not one is good , the other is bad. both sides of each conflict are good and have been turned bad. they have their shields. they appropriate and distort; pitting their funhouse caricatures against each other and saying “this is who you are, defend this or else” don’t be a partisan wing nut, think for yourself. you don’t care what others do on their spare time, as long as it don’t hurt you or the world.

      • Proof or GTFO. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. I’d be more inclined to think that Prince did. He was cremated so fast and autopsy results are coming in so slow and the family doing a quiet, VERY private service. You could easily fake it that way. Bowie had looked ill for a while. A lot of us wish it wasn’t true, but it is. He’s dead.

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking…his death was fake. I saw msn article the other week titled something like “Bowies fans can imagine he is still alive”. It was a suspicious use of words since it was only about some artwork on his last album cover. It seemed fake from the start.

    • She gave up the masculinity bit after she gave up the ‘roids. As much as she let her felinity return, she was still more masculine than most modern-American & -European men.

      • “felinity”? Were you trying to say femininity or were you suggesting she was subject to “beta kitten” programming? Because she didn’t seem the type, at all.

        I think you meant “femininity”.

    • Well after adding up a few numbers, I came to the conclusion ( could be could not) that 7 was the number used that day for these two blood sacrifices. 7 which sounds a lot like 11 the number of death symbolically focuses on the “Worship of woman” or “worship of female energy”, which as we all know Prince had a lot of. The same can be said about Chyna, she did not have female energy, thus the counterpart of Prince. This number also symbolizes “The Perfect Death”, as in, death of wisdom and loss of control. This implies that the masses are blind, and have no control over what they see and hear. Deception. Another death being flaunted in the blinded eyes of the masses.

      I could go on but I think you get get where I am going with this. Everything has an occult meaning to these people and it’s always about a secret message. I am curious to know if there is any truth to the rumors of his fortune being left to his sister. This would be the ultimate F U from Prince to the evil people of the industry.

      • not if you ask donld trump (sorry, couldn’t help myself, also, if there is to be a modern antichrist, it’s him.)

      • Well, it is interesting that Beyonce had a special on HBO which pretty much became the talk of the music town and is about the worship of women. I’m surprised VC hasn’t written about it yet.

      • Damn! If he would had on my birthday. 4/25, they still would got him either way. My number is 7 too.

      • “All 7 and we’ll watch them fall
        They stand in the way of love
        And we will smoke them all
        With an intellect and a savoir-faire
        No one in the whole universe
        Will ever compare
        I am yours now and u are mine
        And together we’ll love through
        All space and time, so don’t cry
        One day all 7 will die”

        —–Prince “7”

      • Due to his obsessive need to pull all his work off the internet, I’ve yet to find a clear copy of this song. Also from the moment I heard it on the radio, I knew all the words, like I had heard it sung by someone else, I was never able to track down who, or when. They were just ‘there’ in my head

      • the timing, the lyrics, the whole thing, and I never owned the album it was on. I have no idea why or from where they came

      • Not really, because they’ll put the screws on her and threaten to kill her too if she doesn’t sign over his songs.

      • She looks more like she needs rehab than she does his estate. And her greed grab was SUPER fast. people are saying that he did have a will and that she’s trying to beat his attorneys to producing it. Whole thing was ugly to read on her end.

    • A real death is announced before the fake death. Farrah Fawcett died on the same day as Michael Jackson. She had cancer and her death was real. It was announced before Michael’s fake death.

  78. Queen Elizabeth turned 90 the day Prince died at 57. 90-57= 33 degrees of freemasonry.
    Prince also died on April 21, 2016.
    April 19-May 1 is an occult 13-day blood sacrifice ritual.
    The Palmyra Arch of Triumph in London was erected on April 19, 2016, originally to be called The Temple of Baal Arch. Baal was a pagan god mentioned in the old testament of the bible in where human sacrifices were given to the pegan statue Baal followed by orgies. It was part of pegan worship in Palmyra’s ancient world.

  79. Prince was too health conscious to die of an overdose unless it was given to him unbidden or surreptitiously by someone else. If it’s true he died in an elevator that is doubly fishy.

    • Michael Jackson decided to leave sony music…he owned 50% of their entire music catalog… ends up dead a few weeks later. Prince recently got his ENTIRE catalog back from warner bros… ends up dead a few weeks later. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence?

      • And? Your point? Why wouldn’t his death have been related to that regardless of the time frame? I have spent time in the industry and seen one thing, people who are the controllers hate those who are able to get control back. They will stop at nothing to regain it.

      • He could hv won the lawsuit yrs ago and just gotten possession of whatever he wanted in the lawsuit from the defendants….just as with other lawsuits…e.g. payout can take yrs to get to the plaintiff’s hands

      • Frank Zappa also fought Warner Brothers for years. Some say his prostate cancer wasn’t natural. He was also awake to the NWO.

      • Frank zappa would not be a good example…consider the death of his child and look into the Laurel canyon scene. Also his song ritual dance of a child killer

      • Zappa did not have a child that died. He also fought Warner Bros and won. He owned his masters. He was no occult puppet.

      • And they just bought back his half from the estate. Something they couldn’t accomplish for decades….


    The only conspiracy here is the relentless agenda of burying the greatest African-American artists of our lifetime with scandalous labels. “P*******e” “Junkie” now “AIDS”? MJ, WHITNEY AND PRINCE, ALL TARNISHED BY THE MEDIA!! THEY WILL GO DOWN IN THE HISTORY BOOKS AS NOBODIES!!

    • They won’t go down that way in my heart, particularly Prince. Someday when it is my turn to exit this plane of existence, I hope I get my chance to meet him.

    • Some people slander with sexual related illnessess, to spread the fairytale that one begets what he or she deserves, ergo, sexual freedom against vd’s and or worse. Others do not have that agenda and can see such freedom as liberating for all.
      Whatever the case here, be sure there is an agenda..

    • This when the media starts to make stuff up and it’s insulting. Now they are hinting about an overdose of Percocet with no evidence and no autopsy report. Here we go with the lies

      • I believe that’s why Prince fought his record company so hard, he didn’t want to be “made” by them.

    • Finally!! Someone who speaks the truth! Demoralizing someone’s character after they’re dead, really? Prince was an icon, a musical genius who changed lives, funny, an generous… What the truth is behind his death is his own! Let him leave this earth with the same respect an honor he had while he was here. Who the hell are we to judge! There’s only one true judge who determines our fate an makes the ultimate decision. It’s easy to point out others sins to deflect from our own. If any of these horrible allegations were to be true would that really even matter?! As if knowing any of that were to be true and thinking that it would ever in a second change how I felt or what Prince did while he was on this earth. He left his Prince all of the world an changed music and lives as we know it! So to the media and haters I say When one man tries to take away another mans dignity it’s merely because they have no soul of their own! Prince you will forever be loved an missed!

  81. Its just sad…he also had just got custody of his cataloges. I find his death strange…very strange…thanks VC for this article

    • Go on his Instagram account! Very telling especially a picture of him face down on the floor with a box of chocolates that says “CHOCOLATE OVERDOSE” the candy is a symbol of the pills they’re claiming he overdosed on. He knew they would do this to him.

  82. Celebrities always seem to die at the same time in 3 like Merle Haggard, Chyna and now Prince. A lot of people started to believe when someone dies that 2 others will follow as it’s some coincidence but it probably isn’t, especially at the end of April when Satanists in power see it as holiday season. Sounds like a blood sacrifice because a millionaire with access to the best medical professionals dying of the flu just sounds bunk. Then again maybe Prince was dimwitted enough to get a vaccine shot or share. drugs with fans, which spreads the flu but doubtful because he seemed educated about the NWO from his interviews.

  83. A great article as always VC. I’ve been a diehard Prince fan since I was a kid and am truly saddened by his passing. Long live a legendary artist, singer, songwriter and overall musical genius!


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