Does Ladies’ Code “Galaxy” Celebrate the Death of Two of the Group’s Members?


The K-Pop group Ladies’ Code was hit with tragedy in 2014 when two of the five members of the group lost their lives in a car accident. “Galaxy”, the first video made with the remaining three members, is rather strange …because it is all about celebrating the number three.

K-Pop (Korean Pop) is basically the result of the occult elite implementing its twisted music industry agenda in Asia, complete with its symbolism, obsession with mind control and even dark rituals. Behind this is a particularly exploitative entertainment industry, one that is riddled with accusations of mental, physical and sexual abuse. In 2009, a Korean actress even revealed that she was being used as a sex slave (and then she committed suicide).

While there is no shortage of Illuminati-laced content in K-Pop (see my previous articles on the subject), the case of Ladies’ Code is particularly dark and enigmatic. The video that preceded the death of members RiSe and EunB was astonishingly prophetic, while the video following the tragedy is eerily celebratory. Let’s look at the strange course of the group and the symbolic meaning of the new video, Galaxy, by Ladies’ Code.

Clearly Controlled

In my first article about Ladies’ Code (written one year before the fatal car accident), I explained how the video Hate You was a non-stop compilation of mind control symbolism. The video indeed portrayed the group members as MK slaves using classic Monarch mind control symbolism. Here are some examples.

The video contained symbolic images screaming out mind control such as this one: A girl trapped in a room, counting days like a prisoner and surrounded by dolls, which represent multiple personas. Butterflies quickly flash on screen – a reference to Monarch mind control.
Litterally bound the her handler.
An MK slave literally bound to her handler. Just one of the countless MK-inspired “tableaux” in the video.

On September 3, 2014, the group was involved in a violent car accident that took the lives of members RiSe and EunB.

RiSe and Eunb's memorials.
RiSe and Eunb’s memorials.

The accident occurred right after the group released the single Kiss Kiss. And, as I explained in my article Was the Death of K-POP Stars EunB and RiSe Foreshadowed in Their Last Video?, that video was strangely prophetic (I also explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding the accident).

In the video, members of the group visit a dead guy in a casket. When EunB approaches that guy, he gets up and kisses her. She therefore got a litteral kiss of death. She lost her life one month after the release of that video.
In the video, members of the group visit a dead guy in a casket. When EunB approaches that guy, he gets up and kisses her. She received a literal kiss of death.
We later see her being the target of shots while she is doing the One-Eye sign. A reference to being a sacrifice for the elite?
We later see her as a target while she is doing the One-Eye sign. Pure Illuminati sacrifice imagery. She died only a month after the release of this video.
RiSe (the other member who died from the car crash) kisses a poisonous frog.
RiSe (the other member who died from the car crash) kisses a yellow frog with black dots.
In another scene, we learn that black dots on yelllow means poison and death. RiSe therefore litterally kissed death.
We learn that black dots on yellow means death. Therefore, RiSe also kissed death. The name of the song? Kiss Kiss.
We later see her strapped to a chair while being rolled towards a wall. RiSe died after the van crashed into a wall.
We later see her strapped to a chair while rolling towards a wall. RiSe died after a van crashed into a wall.

One could argue that these predictions are actually the result of an unfortunate coincidence. While this is possible, Galaxy, the comeback video of the remaining three members, only adds to the creepiness.


After the death of EunB and RiSe, the group became a trio – a group with 3 members. Coincidentally, the first album released by that trio is all about the number 3. The 3-theme begins with the name of the album, Myst3ry and the album contains 3 songs.

The cover of the album features the girls wearing dualistic patterns. The group also has a new logo: A tri-dimensional triangular shape that clearly evokes the number three. The title of the album also contains the number 3.
The cover of the album features the group’s new logo: A tri-dimensional (3) triangular (3 sides) shape. The title of the album also contains a reversed number 3.
The CD booklet contains cryptic images and words such as "Here Glows the Dark Universe". Is this a reference to the dark, shady world of the occult elite?
The CD booklet contains cryptic images and words such as “Here Glows the Dark Universe”. Is this a reference to the dark, shady world of the occult elite?
In another page of the booklet, we see the trigger of a revolver being pulled by a lab tool. Those who "pulled the trigger" on the sacrifice did not touch the trigger themselves.
In another page of the booklet, we see the trigger of a revolver being pulled by a lab tool. Those who “pulled the trigger” on the sacrifice did not touch the trigger themselves.

The first video for the album, Galaxy, focuses on the number 3 even more heavily, and the result is rather disturbing. The video features the remaining three members of the group – looking rather depressed – in a variety of scenes that keep reminding them that two of them are dead and that there are only three of them left. It is as if the group’s handlers are mockingly placing them in symbolic scenes celebrating the death of their friends.

One could argue that the girls are expressing, in their own artistic way, their grief and whatnot. K-Pop (and most pop music) however does not work that way. Artists have little to no say on the contents of their work. They perform what they are told to perform and that’s about it.

Not unlike the group’s previous videos, there is a strange, unhealthy vibe going on.

The video begins with the members playing three-player chess on a triangular board.
The video begins with the members playing three-player chess on a triangular board.

Right from the start, we see the girls forced to face the fact that there are only three of them left. The triangular board game invokes the idea that there is no space for anybody else.

Later in the video, we see a red King being knocked over on the dualistic (black and white) board. In occult symbolism, this represents ritual sacrifice.
Later in the video, we see a red King being knocked over on the dualistic (light and dark) board. In occult symbolism, this represents ritual sacrifice.
The same exact color codes and symbolism is found on Michael Jackson's album cover Blood on the Floor. From the name of the album, to the strange symbolism, it is all about ritual sacrifice. Note that the black strap on his arm is used to signify mourning.
The same color codes and symbolism are found on Michael Jackson’s album cover ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’. From the name of the album to the occult symbolism, this album art was all about ritual sacrifice. Bonus fact: the black strap on his arm signifies mourning.

To make sure you understand that Galaxy is about Illuminati symbolism, the video features two clear One-Eye signs.

Two quick One-Eye signs lets the viewers know that there is a second, occult meaning to this video.
Two quick One-Eye signs let the viewers know that there is a second, occult meaning to this video.

The rest of the video is centered around showing objects in groups of three – including the singers themselves.

Three scissors.
Three scissors.
Three cubes with the number 3 facing up.
Three cubes with the number 3 facing up.

There are many other occurrences of the number three throughout the video. One, in particular, is rather disturbing.

In this choreography scene, on the three group members stand up while two of them remain bowed down. Is this a veiled reference to the two "fallen members"?
In this choreography scene, in front of a giant triangle, the three members of Ladies’ Code stand up while two dancers remain bowed down. Is this a reference to the two fallen members?

Throughout the video, the girls are waiting for a call from a phone that can only dial the number 3.

Forming a triangle around the phone, the girls eagerly await a phone call.
Forming a triangle around the phone, the girls wait for a call.

The fact that the phone can only dial one number is an apt representation of the living conditions of industry slaves. Cut off from the world, these artists are thoroughly managed by their handlers, who exploit them to exhaustion and force them to perform in videos depicting their own servitude. Who can these slaves call when they need help? The number 3 and that’s about it.

When the phone finally rings, the girls pick up and then leave swiftly. Maybe their handlers called them.

In Conclusion

After releasing the videos Hate You (about Monarch mind control) and Kiss Kiss (foretelling the death of two of the group’s members), Ladies’ Code made a perplexing comeback with Galaxy. Simply considering the fact that there are three members left in the group because two of them died, celebrating the number 3 is more than mildly chilling. This feeling is amplified when one understands the mentality of the occult elite ruling the industry, who is bent on rituals, numerology, symbolism, mind control, and the power of sacrifice.

In a veiled and symbolic matter, the occult elite reveals their dark deeds, gloating about the fact that nobody is even trying to stop them. Ladies’ Code embodies and displays all of the elite’s obsessions so blatantly, they should be renamed … “Elite’s Code”.

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Prince died, Queen turned 90, Baal sacrifice 19 April. Full moon 22 April.
Need we say more?
Ladies’ Code music full of illuminati symbolism.
No….we don’t need to say much more, except, WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

Yes, Prince has dies. This seems a little eerie.

Thanks man. Sad day indeed 🙁

Chyna died in strange circumstances as well

I don’t know if this goes for the rest of the world too,but in my country,an open scissor means bad luck or, a curse.No one is supposed to leave a scissor wide open after its use.I see three of them in these pics,open and atop a mirror.Could this also mean something ?

With the scissors and also the “3 blocks” atop a reflective table – This could be a reference to a number of occult practices.

The first that comes to mind is scrying – which is a tool of divination.

The second could be a reference to a portal (which often is associated with scrying as an unwanted outcome) through which malevolent entities can move between the spiritual and physical realm.

The third could be purely symbolic and represent a “shadow self” (in a kind of Jungian fashion).

Anyhow…Just some food for thought.

yeah but those scissors or not open, but there might be something attached to the members mind about that…

Another illuminati sacrifice… Prince dies in “strange circumstances” to hear something like this when you know that it was not…

This article talks about his rebellion against his record label, just like what Michael Jackson did and we know who controls the major record companies.

Another thing I just read about was that Prince spoke out about chemtrails and other conspiracy topics related to the government in interviews. Could this be a reason he may have been targeted or under the radar? It seems like those who speak out about something of that nature end up dead. May his soul rest in peace.

Sacrifices are done in 3. Country singer Merle Haggard, former wrestler Joan “Chyna” Laurer, and now Prince were all probably blood sacrifices probably because they promoted things that the elites didn’t want. Merle Haggard, although a hypocrite made the song okie in muskogee trash talking liberal hippies and drug users while Chyna was on a reality show promoting trying to better herself by getting sober. Prince gave interviews telling the truth that Washington was not the first President and rumored to be disrespectful to President Obama when they met in person after performing at the White House for him being a deceiver who purposely made a ton of promises in 2007 he didn’t mean. The elites do not want the public to want see sobering or hearing truth kept from the public as trend setting.

What about Doris Roberts? She passed on 17 April 2016, more closer to Chyna and Prince than Merle

Victoria Wood too!

Good on Prince for that. I’m learning stuff today about him that makes me respect him even more. He was also anti-nuke.

(As in, good on him for seeing through deception, I’m not endorsing being disrespectful. I wish there was an edit button here.)

Not endorsing being disrespectful? Wow. Here is one more lost sheep. Keep sitting on the fence.

Yes, whenever you see multiple occult connections you know that it has to be a sacrifice. Supposedly the dates between April 19-May 1 is a sacrificial period to the Beast. Also, Prince died on the Queen’s birthday. There are several things that are more than just coincidences.

Yes and then there are things that just happen on the day they happen on.

yes. Exactly

There was a blind gossip item a few days ago about an African American celeb who has AIDS and will die very soon. A lot of people were guessing it was Prince.

I read BG off and on and there have been many times where their blind items ended up being true. Of course the Blind items are just a tragic hot mess. Beyond it’s function for the elite, Hollywood is just truly a CESSPOOL of lost and dark souls.

whats ‘a blind gossip item’

A blind item is a news story, typically in a gossip column, in which the details of the story are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed. These days they do reveal names. A lot of them involve celebs’ dirty secrets that include drug use, sex parties, prostitution, cheating, etc. The stuff you would never read about on official news/gossip sites. I only commented here because it named Prince and so I don’t think this time it was a sacrifice.

Queer of England celebrates her 90th birthday today. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though.

Prince died, chemtrails? Illuminati? He was out riding his bike Sunday and was fine and everyone said he was fine. Your not fine and then dead without a reason.

I don’t see conspiracy in his death, but who knows what the investigation will show. Chronic radiation sickness can look like flu, and you can seem fine and then not fine. It goes in cycles. Maybe Prince had a heart attack. Radiation makes people drop from cardiac arrest when they “seemed fine”. He was also a vegan, so he ate what IMO could only be radioactive produce all the time. Rain is known to bring radionuclides down on the crops. So sad he’s gone.

This Ladies’ Code thing is creepy. The mirrors theme can mean scrying the future.

The Narcan shot they gave him can worsen heart problems or cause arrythmia or in severe cases heart attack: Poor guy.

What complete nonsence.

You wish.

Why are you on this site? Every comment you make goes against what these believe speak of. I smell a shill.

(Referring above to radiation we’ve been getting in the U.S. from Fukushima for the past 5 years.)

It’s interesting that they all wear white too – I believe that in Korea you wear white (not black) to a funeral. So this really feels like some creepy ritual. My heart goes out to those girls.

It is the same for South Asians (Indian and Pakistani) they find it strange that Westerners (Muslim or Christian) wear white for weddings. In their culture white symbolizes death.

Muslims traditionally wear green for weddings and white for funerals. It’s just some people in the Middle East became Westernized, so white wedding dresses became popular. But the same is true in other Asian cultures such as Japan and China. In Europe its just the opposite, black is the color of death and white is the color of purity and innocence. That is why they wear white on their weddings.

I know this stuff is real, the symbolism means a lot to THEM, but why the sinister pomp and circumstance? If they’re the only ones who understand their twisted codes and messages, then why go through all of this? Why kill 2 of the 5 members just to get to the number 3? It’s crappy music. It can’t mean much to the average person, so why even bother? I wonder what it means to THEM? Must be pretty important if they go through all this trouble. Maybe that’s how they get their jollies?

You Might Not Feel It But Your Children Will

This is thousands of years of tradition they are following. They gain power through these “black” magick rituals, make no mistake. Magic is very real — people must realize this. They have spent a very long time making us believe it does not exist, that it is just myth. This effectively removed most of their competition; we let our guard down… we were deceived on many, many levels. If you doubt what I say, simply ***LOOK AT THE POWER THEY HAVE GAINED*** How do you think they attained it?

There IS, of course, “good” magic also. And it is far more powerful. Use it. It works! COUNTER THEM. There are many forces allying against them which are gaining strength. All is in process of being revealed. Pay close attention, and do NOT fall for their tricks. (And NEVER watch TV.)

Join us.

So how do you learn to practice good magic? And what does it do? Can you be sure it is good?

I’ve seen people do hydrokinesis/aerokinesis so I’m open to the idea magic/special powers exist. But you used a lot of big words while giving very little information. Who is ‘us’ that you want is to join and where do we find you?

“You Might Not Feel It But Your Children Will” – why such nick? does it symbolises something?

good question….i think its what we all would like to know?! why go through all this trouble for some album, and i live in the states, so…how will it sell out here? it won’t!?!

You have to realize that the world is much bigger than the States. Do you know the vast number of people that live in the Eastern hemisphere? The world does not revolve around Americans.

Its much more deep. Its how the elite enjoys itself. Entertainment industry is the way to please the dark pleasures of the occult.

Is it just me, or in the last pic the telephone looks like an eye…?

Maybe coincidence, who knows.

No coincidences in this video. This was blatant Illuminati crap from start to finish.

Yes. Reminiscent of the Eye of Ra or Horus. Good catch.

I don’t think so. That telephone looks like…a telephone

Yes it does actually now that you mention it and even the black cord from the phone looks like the slant of the eye as well as the smear that goes to the corner of the eye in the eye of Horus symbol.

Note the disconnected phone. They await a call which will never come.

Who gives a s**t what movies say and do. The entire TV and movie thing is idolatry and wherever idolatry is practiced in a culture all kinds of sexual perversion is soon to follow. The religionists make all kinds of noises about how the perversion brings in the idolatry. They’ve got it backwards. History proves that the idolatry brings in the perversion. But they will never admit it because they love their TV and movies.

In 2013, a movie inspired by the suicide of actress Jang Ja-Yeon was released. It’s called “The Secret Scandal – Norigae”. I recommend it if you want a better understanding of the darker side of Korean entertainment industry including the casting couch, sexual exploitation and mental abuse. here’s the trailer:

The video is rampant with other symbolic images — there was a quick shot featuring of a close-up of the scissors that cuts to a close-up of an eye, and it’s pretty jarring. Is this to suggest putting an eye out, trying to mask the truth or turning a “blind eye” to the deaths of the two other members? Another part that struck me was when the girls wear patterned outfits that blend right into the wall behind them, which makes them looks like floating heads (a symbol of mind control?). If I were to assume “it’s all just coincidence,” I would say between the focus on the phone, three members, and 70s vibe of the song, the video is hearkening back to Charlie’s Angels, but I do think something more sinister is at play here.

Queen Elizabeth turns 90, Prince died at 57.
90-57=33 degree freemasonry.
They even left their secret code as the prime suspects as the ones who sucked out his years ritualistically to give to the queen and her empire.

…particularly since I see everywhere that QUEEN ELIZABETH is really a shape shifter who is actually double her human age and is actually a Reptilian and we all are looking at a Hologram every time we see her. Princess Diane was killed for exposing that fact, among other facts. She kept saying: “they’re not human” I remember when she used to say that, but now I know what she was talking about. She actually saw them shift at the beginning of her marriage, to Charles, at a ritual that she was forced to attend.. She was told that her role in that marriage was only to bear children, and that was all. This was arranged between the Queen and Princess Dianas grandmother, of all people, to sell out your own granddaughter like that. They kept her drugged up the whole time she was married to Prince Charles so that she… Read more »

Hi VC, I was wondering if you could write more articles about Kpop. Some of the groups are not so blatant about the messages they convey. I would like to suugest the group BTS who have a series of music videos about a single story 1. I need you 2. Run 3. Young Forever. They have a lot of theories and I am quite sure it would be interesting to decode the meaning. I saw some references of rituals in their latest videos Fire and Save Me. Another popular group EXO have all their music videos in a series starting with their debut to their latest music videos. It is said that the concept was developed back in 2006. Thank you

OMG! BTS is so obvious with their signs and messages. The last music video is too much. And the most interesting part the members cannot fully explain the meaning of their videos. It’s because they’re just puppets and even don’t have control of their lives.

Prince died of “the flu”

They’re saying he had left the hospital after only 3 hours, 6 days ago, after an opiate overdose, against doctor’s advice. :/

You Might Not Feel It But Your Children Will

“They” say lots of things… none of which should ever be believed.

I read it was “flu-like symptoms”, but that could mean anything and not necessarily literally the flu.

According to the habitual liars in mainstream media who cover up the illuminati NWO conspiracy and it’s agenda.

How dare you? If you actually followed ladies code, you would know that had a tight bound. Celebrate? You’re a sick person. How dare you. Sojung had survivor guilt and went into depression, as did zuny and ashly. However they decided to keep the dream the three of them had alive. Did you completely ignore the scene with two heart beat sounds at a fully set table for two people? The telephone scene was as if they were waiting for the call? Did you not even look into the lyrics. Honestly. So disgusting ofg you

Is that why they’re doing the All-Seeing Eye symbols and dancing in front of a pyramid? After having already foreshadowed the ‘accidental’ deaths in a previous video?

You must be new to this site.

why are you saying accidental as if it’s not accidental? this incident could of been a coincidence and here you are believing all these conspiracy theories. the pyramid represents three members and dancing in kpop videos is quite common.

On the Galaxy vid: The table is also an obvious Delta – the original female shape in sacred geometry. Any occult dabbler worth their salt knows that one.

Vigilant Citizen, you should check SM’s new act called NCT.

And, please, Vigilant Citizen, could you look at BTS’s Run, Young Forever MVs, there are butterfly and death signs, labyrinth cages. I love this group so much among other kpop groups. I really hope that I misunderstood. Thank you.

Let’s NOT bring BTS here…one of them understands English very well…also you don’t want ARMY here too.

I don’t get your point. If one if them understands English very well and you don’t want Army here, so people shouldn’t know the truth and VC cannot do an analysis? I wish VC could make a good analysis for k-pop groups, especially those with visible signs!

I’m just saying that Army isn’t the most sound mind of young individuals, a lot of them came from One Direction and Exo’s fandom and you know how they are. You know Namjoon understands English; and he’s not religious anyway, so I doubt it would matter, he could even delve into this further. You know the signs that BTS does, you have read the theories of Armies and countless theories from Vigilant Citizen to develop your own truth, that most likely wouldn’t be too far from his.

Have you looked into Sewol ferry incident 2 years ago in Korea? Innocent death of 300+ students which no one explain why they had to die. Other than sacrifice.. no explanation seems to make sense.

The band “red velvet” released a music video called” One Of These Nights”. Many people say it’s an “occult hommage” to the sewol ferry incident.

“homage” (sorry for my awful English)

And the kpop group Red Velvet did a video about the accident. How appropiate

Write an article about akb48!

Off topic, but can anyone confirm if Prince is dead. Media here in South Africa are saying that he is. Apparently earlier this month his death was a hoax, but now appears to te true. Anyone in the USA confirm this? and if so, is this the sacrifice (last week of April)

Yeah. He’s dead.

look! in the last photo the phone cable seems to form the Osiris eye!
am i crazy?


Can somebody explain to me why Illuminati need a sacrifice? I’ve know from the first Kpop was introduce to us, they have been involve with Illuminati. But I just don’t understand, just for money and fame? Then, what? I just don’t get it. It’s really sad that lots of people still adoring them knowing that they are worshipping devil! I’m so glad all of us in here realized what happens today, what coming towards us. I’m Muslim , and we , Muslims are really against Illuminati. I do feel really sad to what happened to us and our generation today. May we be prepare for what coming next.

Wasn’t the car crash on September 3? Just to add to the 3 symbolism. 3 and a multiple of 3 (9)

the 3 symbolism now, are you kidding me? kpop groups have tight schedules and people dont really use seatbelts much in korea. also, it was raining which could have also caused it. the september 3 thing could have been a coincidence

The triangle represents the Triangle of Manifestation…..

im surprised you never make an article on EXO’s debut MAMA hahahaha the symbolism is pretty legit

When I see all the repeated MA-MA-MA-MA…etc. in the lyrics, I can’t help but think of the Ouija board stories where MAMA comes up in conjunction with ZOZO (and some other related Z-word names). Along with these names being repeated over and over again, they’re often accompanied by very rapid infinity symbols or circular patterns from the planchet.

Most consider whatever this or these entities to be, is demonic in nature (and their/its real identity is illusive as they claim to be one and the same at times, but also pretend to be dead friends or relative at the start…so we know they/it lies a lot).

Maybe it’s nothing, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I wonder if the two girls that died even knew that their part in the video was going to lead to their death…probably not. But from an outsider looking at this, it is an in your face evil agenda in which the lives of two young girls were sacrificed. Sad.

well usually these come in three in holluwood, Prince, Chyna, Doris Roberts have died. Also in April. RIP.


You people are twisted. These girls have been through plenty and you saying their first comeback since the accident was some sort of “illuminati agenda” isn’t helping anything. This is not only complete nonsense, but it’s also unfair two three girls who lost friends in that accident.

1) It isn’t nonsense

2) Nobody here is picking on the girls, people here want to stop these ‘accidental’ deaths

3) Illuminati is real

4) These girls are no simply ‘losing friends’, they’re – wittingly or unwittingly, more likely the latter, since the mind control aspect is most probably real – taking part in what is essentially a ritualistic celebration of these poor peoples’ deaths. All the while, the whole world watches and does nothing about it

It’s surprising you can be so naive even having read this article. Perhaps you simply haven’t looked into this topic enough. VC already pointed out the same group using the same symbolism in their previous videos. Some of you still think it’s ‘coincidence’. Sigh… Waking people up is clearly going to be an uphill battle!

dude, the guy didn’t say people were picking on the girls, they said that the incident was some sort of “illuminati.” imagine yourself in the members (ashley, zuny, sojung) position, do you think they would be okay with you calling this ‘accidental’, yes with the quotes or illuminati? things can happen coincidentally and sometimes coincidental things will be called, “illuminati.”

*to three girls who lost friends in that accident. Furthermore, what do you get out of picking at everything these girls have done in the first place?

Wow. And people persist in thinking Illuminati is just a conspiracy.

Show this to everybody. Show it to your country’s officials that you trust. We have to act on this, not just talk about it.

“Just a conspiracy theory”… Mind-boggling.

Ladies code are not the only KPOP group that has been hit by tragedy around them. The KPOP group, MiB, had 3 stylists killed in a dorm fire. The fire occurred around 3am (the Devil’s hour – the time when black magic is thought to be at its most effective) and a day before the full moon. The first two stylists died then the third a few days later ( A day before Friday the 13th). The fire also broke out on the day they planned to make a comeback for their new album. >.>

And What’s the difference with the American show business?? Non.
American singers (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj) are also slaves to the system that are under Mind control Mk ultra and Hypnosis.
And when these pop singers stop being useful for the Luciferian Hollywood Business, they are ignored like Britney Spears and at the end they all end killed by the industry.

we are waiting for more kpop im so sad for my daughter cause of kpop she doesnt eat anything expect milk and water i want to show her bad side of kpop industry

Omg! That’s terrible. Please, be careful! You know, kpop idols have very strict and unhealthy diets, many of them only eat once a day. This is totally unhealthy.

there’s no way it was coincidence.. they were murdered and the 3 left probably terrified in to submission.. cant someone help.. there should be a police investigation… I know theyre corrupt too but the video literally predicts their death

murdered??? what the flipping f**k? i never knew a car accident was a ‘murder!’ damn people think coincidental things are something else

so many celeb deaths – especially in music industry – since December 2015 …..Lemmie comes to mind as an early one, Bowie was obviously a huge one, Merle Haggard just in recent week or two, now Prince ……. what is going on?

Prince’s collaborator Vanity also died in February at the same age of 57.

Prince died.

Don’t worry VC. I’ll find a way to strike at the beast as if it were a mortal man.