A-JAX and Ladies’ Code: Two Blatant Examples of Mind Control Culture in K-Pop


Illuminati mind control symbolism does not only exist in the Western world. In Asia, the widely popular K-Pop scene is also replete with the same imagery. We’ll look at the symbolism of A-JAX’s “Insane” and Ladies’ Code “Hate You”, two blatant examples that prove the elite’s symbolism is truly international.

K-Pop (pop music from South Korea) has garnered an incredible following across the world as its machine keeps creating new boy and girl bands and music videos that become instant YouTube hits. The “Korean wave” has hit not only Asia, but also Latin America, Northeast India, the Middle East, and North Africa. However, while K-Pop appears to have become somewhat of an alternative to Western pop culture, it is not exempt from the Illuminati symbolism and the Agenda found in Western pop. In fact, the symbolism is often more blatant and in-your-face with K-Pop videos, causing me to ask: Is K-Pop truly an alternative to Western pop or just an effective way for the elite to get its message across in Asia?

A quick look at K-Pop videos such as A-JAX’s “Insane” and Ladies’ Code “Hate You” is all it takes to realize that mind control symbolism is as heavily pushed in K-Pop than it is in the West. In fact, both of these videos basically read like a MK-101 manual, using all of the symbols associated with it and portraying the stars as slaves. K-Pop has effectively become another outlet for the elite to promote its “mind control culture”, even alluding to its sadistic practices in stylish videos aimed at young (and unaware) people. (For more information mind control, read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control.) Let’s look at the videos and see how they fit right in with the MK Agenda that is also pushed in the Western world.

A-JAX’s “Insane”

A-JAX is one of these K-Pop “idol” boy bands that were completely created by a record label and reality TV. Their video “Insane” contains all of the hallmarks of MK symbolism. Furthermore, it clearly depicts the singers as mind-controlled slaves who are hypnotized in a mental institution and dissociate to a world full of MK symbolism. How much clearer can it get ?

The video takes place in a mental institution room, where the band members held there are constantly hypnotized by creepy doctors. Throughout the video, the members dissociate to an alternate world while physically staying in the room. Causing a slave to dissociate is the basic premise of Monarch mind control and the video clearly refers to this. Why expose children to this sick practice? Because it is part of the elite’s Agenda.

The singer is in a hospital room where he is constantly hypnotized by a creepy handler figure. The clock behind him shows random times, probably noting the fact that MK slaves lose all sense of time. Above the singer is a Baphomet head (we do not fully see it in this shot). This symbolic figure is the anchor point for the slave's alternate worlds.

The singer is in a room and hypnotized by a handler. Throughout the video, the clock displays random times, probably emphasize the fact that MK slaves lose all sense of time. Above the singer is a Baphomet head (we do not fully see it in this shot). This symbolic figure is an anchor point for the slave’s alternate worlds.

The slave in the video compleltely follows the script of MK culture - he dissociates and the act is represented by him "going through the looking glass".  He therefore literally goes through a mirror and dissociates from reality.

The video completely conforms to the “codes” of MK culture: Here, the slave’s dissociation is represented by “going through the looking glass”.

As seen in previous articles, “going through the looking glass” is the classic symbol for dissociating from reality. It was taken from Alice in Wonderland, a story that is used as a tool to program slaves.

When the slave goes through the mirror, he enters his “internal world” as programmed by his handler.

In one scene, the "dissociated world" is represented by a room full of mirrors.

In one scene, the “inner psyche” is represented by a room full of mirrors.

Those behind the making of the video appear to have a good knowledge of Monarch programming, because this is exactly how the internal world of Monarch slaves is made to be.

“In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch slave’s mind, countless mirror images are made. The slave sees thousands of mirrors everywhere in their mind.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

The concept of hall of mirrors to represent a slave's mind is often used in MK-themed media such as Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" (read the article about it here).

The concept of hall of mirrors to represent a slave’s mind is often used in MK-themed media such as Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” (read the article about it here).

The slaves then goes through another mirror and ends in another VERY symbolic scene: A room that solely consists of dualistic black and white patterns.

The pattern of this room was not randomly chosen: Dualistic patterns are used to program/hypnotize MK slaves.

The pattern of this room was not randomly chosen: Dualistic patterns are used to program/hypnotize MK slaves.

This painting by Monarch slave survivor Kim Noble clearly shows the importance of the pattern in MK programming.

This painting by Monarch slave survivor Kim Noble (read the article about her here) clearly shows the importance of the pattern in MK programming. The similarities between the music video and this painting is too striking to ignore.

The video clearly shows that the scenes of dissociation are happening in the slave’s mind.

After seeing this guy in the checkerboard room with wind blowing at him, we see him in the hospital room facing a fan, implying that he is physically there but his mind has dissociated there.

After seeing this guy in the checkerboard room with wind blowing at him, we see him in the hospital room facing a fan, implying that he is physically in the institution but that his mind has completely dissociated.

This singer has dissociated to another room. There are pentagrams all over his clothes. Combined with the Baphomet head behind, this scene refers to the black magic rituals that happen during the slaves' programming.

This singer has dissociated to another room. There are pentagrams all over his clothes. Combined with the Baphomet head behind him, this scene refers to the black magic rituals that happen during the slaves’ programming.

At one point, its eyeballs creepily turn towards the viewers, emphasizing its importance and letting you know that "it is watching you".

At one point, the Baphomet-head’s eyeballs creepily turn towards the viewers, emphasizing its importance and letting you know that “it is watching you”.

What kind of institution room has a Baphomet head right above the patient's bed? A MK institution.

What kind of institution room has a Baphomet head right above the patient’s bed while he’s being hypnotized? A mind control programming site … nowhere else.

Shots of the camera monitoring the slave emphasize the fact that MK slaves are constantly monitored and controlled.

Close-ups of the video camera tell the viewers that these A-JAX guys are not simply “Insane”, they are being monitored and controlled by their handlers.

The slave holds the "key to his psyche" but, as we can see here, it consists of two ends, hinting to the fact that slaves do have the key to their own mind.

The slave holds the “key to his psyche” but, as we can see here, it consists of two rear ends with no key, hinting to the fact that slaves do not own the key to their own mind.

All of this leads to the ultimate goal of Monarch programming: The fracturing of the core persona and the creation of new ones.

The multiplication of the slave in new personas.

The multiplication of the slave into new personas.

Almost every single frame of “Insane” is filled with imagery associated with and used in MK programming. While the song is about them being “insane”, we clearly see that there is a lot more going on there. The singers are actively being hypnotized, monitored and controlled to dissociate from reality. Combined with occult symbolism, the video gives a complete picture of what MK culture is all about.

Ladies’ Code “Hate You”

Reading the title of the song and a translation of the lyrics, most people would believe that “Hate You” is about a girl that hates her boyfriend but cannot leave him. However, the imagery of the video communicates something a lot more disturbing. There are absolutely no references to a love relationship in the video but plenty of references to another kind of relationship: One between an MK slave and her handler. Not only is the video replete with the basic symbolism we’ve seen in previous articles, it symbolically portrays the sick relationship between a programmed slaves and a sadistic handler.

The girl is sitting among dolls, representative of the slave's alter personas. On the wall are tally marks, typically used by prisoners to count days behind bars. We therefore understand that the girl is "confined" there. For a split second, the image of a caterpillar appears on screen.

The girl is sitting in a room full of dolls (which represent the slave’s alter personas). On the wall are tally marks used by prisoners to count days behind bars. We therefore understand that the girl is “confined” and held there against here will. For a split second, the image of a caterpillar appears on screen.


The image of a butterfly then appears on screen, symbolic of  Monarch (a type of butterfly) programming.

Immediately after, the image of a butterfly appears on screen – the symbol of Monarch (a type of butterfly) programming.

When we combine the dolls, the tally marks and the butterfly, we obtain a clear reference to Monarch programming.

“The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly.

When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

While the two above frames are pure mind control imagery, the rest of the video makes everything clearer regarding its true meaning.

Here the singer innocently (yet  creepily) plays with a marionette.

Here the singer innocently (yet creepily) plays with a marionette.

She then becomes the marionette, controlled by unseen hands - a classic way of depicting an MK slave.

She then becomes the marionette, controlled by unseen hands – a classic way of depicting an MK slave.

The other singers appear in similar scenes. They first play the role of the handler, then the slave.

The singer holds the doll in a weird, restrictive way.

The singer holds the doll in a forceful, restrictive way.

She then herself gets held by unseen handlers.

She is then held herself by unseen handlers.

She gives this doll a cruel and unusual punishment: she burns one of her eyes using a magnifying glass.

This singer gives the doll a cruel and unusual punishment: she burns one of its eyes using a magnifying glass.

She then gets the same treatment, implying that she is a puppet herself. Also, this in another way of doing the one-eye sign.

We then see her with an eye patch, implying that she got the same treatment and that she is a slave herself. Also, this is a slick way of flashing the unavoidable one-eye sign.

Another one-eye sign in the MK themed video.

Speaking of the unavoidable one-eye sign, here it is again.

In this scene, between the two singers is a plate full of dolls that were torn apart - a symbol used to represent powerless and fragmented slaves. Like A-JAX's video, there's a horned figure "presiding" over the scene with a doll in between in them.

In this scene, the two singers are sitting behind a plate full of dolls that were torn apart. This is a symbol used to represent powerless and fragmented MK slaves. Like in A-JAX’s video, there’s a horned figure “presiding” over the scene.

Here this singer is strategically placed in front of the horns, appearing as if they are sticking out of her head - implying that she's an MK handler. She holds a dolls head while weirdly brushing her hair.

This singer is strategically placed in front of the horns, making them appear as if they were sticking out of her head. This indicates that she is playing an MK handler. Here, she is holding a doll’s head while brushing its hair.

For a split second, the image of a Baphomet-like skull flashes on her face, emphasizing the fact that these horns are not there for random reasons.

For a split second, the image of a Baphomet-like skull flashes on her face, emphasizing the fact that these horns are not there for random reasons.

She then holds the doll's hair, confirming that she was a handler basically torturing (scalping) a slave represented by the doll.

She then holds the doll’s hair, confirming that she was a handler basically torturing (scalping) a slave represented by the doll.

A slave literally bound to her handler.

A slave literally bound to her handler.

As the large number of screenshots taken from this video suggest, “Hate You” is pretty much a non-stop compilation of Monarch programming imagery. The members of Ladies’ Code are made to play the role of handlers and slaves, symbolically recreating some of the horrendous torture actual slaves have to live through. The chorus, which repeats “I hate you” three times to end with “but I love you”, can be interpreted as MK who despise their sadistic handlers, but that are nevertheless programmed into feeling something resembling love towards them. Sick? Yes.

In Conclusion

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you can by now easily recognize the specific set of symbols that is used by the occult elite its promote MK culture. Those who are part of the Monarch programming system have created a disturbing culture surrounding it, complete with esthetics and symbols that are now omnipresent in mass media. All of this is packaged with catchy tunes and good-looking performers, which causes young people to subliminally associate this culture with positive feelings, even making it fashionable. As the above videos prove, this is all becoming increasingly blatant and interpreting these videos through the mind-control lens is almost impossible.

While the mind-control culture appears to have originated in the United States, the exact same set of symbols and meanings are also present in the booming South Korean pop scene. The fact that this is happening proves two things: First, the set of symbols I describe in videos is NOT a result of coincidence. It is cohesive imagery that originates from Monarch mind control. Second, it is obvious that at the top of all music industries, whether it be in America, Europe or Asia, the same occult elite are promoting the same Agenda. Why does Baphomet have to be in all of these videos across the world? Because the horned head represents those in power, and those in power are not your locally elected politicians, but a global elite. Through these videos, you are being told what the elite believes in and the sick practices it engages in. Are people rebelling against this? No, quite to contrary, they are dancing to it and paying money to purchase it. I guess A-JAX aren’t the only ones who are Insane.



    • Hey Vig, great article as always. You do have a couple small typos that I think may distract new readers. Just tryin to help, thanks again.

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    • In the Hate You video, did anyone else notice the word "HIVE" flashing by at 2:39. This is seriously messed up. How else can that be taken?

    • Ehhhhh. I've read vigilant citizen a few years back when I was into the western music scene. Then I realised it was full of the illuminati symbols. I liked kpop because I thought it was 'safer' and much more innocent.

      I have to break it to you guys since you've mentioned ladies code here. 2 of them have died in an accident. 1 died during immediately. While the other went into a coma and died shortly. 3 other members are still grieving. I'll spare you the details. Just Google Ladies Code care accident. Plenty of search results.

      So vigilant citizen could you dedicate an article for this car accident. Whether it was really 'accidental' or not?

    • Hey mmmbbb…

      Maybe they will get away with it here on Earth but not after they pass away. I have always heard as a child there are special places for people like that… even though when I was younger I had not idea of what that meant.

    • Extraterrestrial on

      One has to wonder if the use of of white Caucasian dolls was also symbolic, especially the Barbie doll. You can't tell me they don't have dolls in Korea with Asian facial characteristics. Probably the white Caucasian dolls were used because the target audience is young white girls in N. America in these videos. Like movies where multiple scenes are shot with different endings or targeted toward specific cultures in mind, I would have to wonder if dolls with Asian dress and facial characteristics are used for videos specifically shown in Asia. Which means we may just be looking at the N. American/European version of these videos.

      • this is the beginning of the MK takeover in the K-Pop industry. South Korea is a puppet world of the good ol' USA.

      • You've said it! I cannot agree more. In S. Korea, big 3 agencies(SM, YG, JYP) have taken over the whole music industry and all of them understand what they need to do in order to succeed in this business. This is nothing compared to "IDOLS" manufactured by SM entertainment.
        You've gotta check out sm girls "f(x)" whose song titles are "Electric Shock" and "Pinocchio (Danger)".
        Can it be more obvious?

  1. i am reading your site for more than a year yet and it is truly getting more and more blatant!
    i remember Pop Videos were about having fun with friends dancing around but nowadays almost every Pop Video contains black magick, being a slave to a handler in a mentally ill Hospital and culture of death. i am so sick of this crap.much worse than kesha

  2. Not surprising at all. Maybe people involved in K-Pop see the trend in the western world and they say: "Hey, these people love Baphomet, dolls, dualistic patterns, mirrors and mind control… and they are making big money. So that's the formula? Then let's do it!"

    Too bad. Korean girls are sooooooo lovely and cute.

    • Im sure most of the big companies in Korea know its more than just a trend. These singers are very manufactured. Kpop manufactures their singers even more than some western record companies. And tge masses just eat it up and follow trends. Stupid. Thankfully nothing about kpop and none of the Korean singers appeal to me.

    • I'm Korean. Believe me. They know this. And sadly, this is not the first music video that depics dolls, Baphomet, dualistic patterns, mirrors and the theme "mind control". I do not watch TV but I even know 3 more music videos which describe the same. I think a lot of Korean young girls sold their souls to "evil elite group" to get money and fame. There are 3 major music companies and the music videos and songs made by these companies are just soacked with this agenda. And there are lots of evidence that these companiese are connected to "So-called- Jew's-capitalism" e.g Rothchild. One of the CEO took a picture with a French Rothchild. Can you smell a rat?

  3. What? Really? Anyone who denies this is truly a fool. This takes "in plain sight" to a whole new level. Maybe there is an inverse relationship to the amount of obvious illuminati symbolism in mass media and the public's level of intelligence. We are truly dumbed down.

    • Thank goodness we have V.C. because none of us readers on this site are 'truly dumbed down'! I believe it's up to us to spread the word among our friends and family and then fight back against these new 'norms' of society! 😀

      • Thank goodness we have VC to research and point this out to us. Because I never could stomach the mainstream music garbage in the first place. And now with all these–I can't even call them subliminal messages, because they do a such horrible job at masking the imagery–with all these unsubtle images . Kids don't understand the symbolism . But since it's in a popular music video it must be cool. then they go out and mimic these obscure activities they've seen on the tv with their friends.

    • I agree,

      I hear people defending these videos as "it's just fashionable", but how can they be so stupid. For a start fashions are very short lived and this occult themed fashion/music/media has been going on for quite a few years now and is not stopping for breath. And if most people are ignorant to what is going on in videos then "it's just fashion" does not make sense either. Who is benefitting from this?

      Seeing as "Pop" music is supposed to be light and moronic – then why do these songs and videos contain such negative imagery? I cannot believe that anyone could to see a single positive message in any of these videos.

      Surely a psychologist would have afield day with this stuff????

      • I agree 100%. Fun, light, positive, go-lucky song does not equal dark, negative, sadistic, sex of a music video. Makes no sense. And lets ot get started on Blurred Lines (although I would like VC to do a report on it for kicks) and Miley Cyrus new song that talk about doing drugs. WTF.These songs that talk about casual sex and hardcore illegal drugs are on the radio for all to hear, and played over and over again like a f*cking broken record, and for what?? Parents dont seem to care enough to ban together a file a case against the music industry??

        Sorry for the rambling and language, but its a little discouraging to have people call you over reacting when I say naked woman dancing around a sign that says, "Robin has a big dick" is morally wrong.

  4. Absolutely disgusting..Heaven help us!
    Also, while reading this article I was noticing other imagery too and was wondering if anyone else thinks the same… For example, the chandelier in the room with the Baphomet on the wall behind it also resembles a Baphomet head. The blond doll that the girl was forcefully playing with looks just like Taylor Swift, etc. that I noticed.

      • No, the one who was the top of Americas most wanted right after Osama Bin Laden for a very long time and was just sentenced.

    • He was a volunteer in prison. It shaved off some of his sentence. He had horric nightmares for the rest of his life, so bad that therapists refused to treat him because his dreams were too disturbing for them.

      He was an ultra-violent sociopath, but he was also n FBI informant, and the Feds enabled his murders for like 20 years. They gave him info on his future murder victims and then helped him get away with it. Their complicity is more common than you'd think, there's an eerily similar story about Mafia boss Greg Scarpa who's FBI handlers helped him commit murders for years. Donnie Brasco was good friends and a vocal supporter of both gangster's corrupt handlers.

      Back to Bulger, when he was a young hood he was seemingly immune from prosecution; his friends had lengthy rap sheets but his charges were always dropped. The bio I read's author speculated that he had a guardian angel in the form of Jesuit priest that played a big role in his life as a youngster.

      Whitey's brother was also one of the biggest politicians in Massacheusetts, and close friends with Ted Kennedy. He was hosting a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at the same time that Whitey's victims were being dug up outside the building, and you could apparently hear the macines digging on the live telecast.

      The brothers are the basis for the TVshow Brotherhood, and Whitey is the inspiration for Nicholson's character in The Departed.

      Personally i think the Illuminati's role in gangsterism and organized crime is a subject that hasn't been explored nearly enough.

  5. I am seriously confused right now about myself and at times wondering exactly what is going on with me!

    I have always love the alice in wonderland story since I was young and always used to sit in front of a mirror with it tilted as if the world inside it was on a hill and wished I could just roll into the mirror into this other world. I think the reason why I felt that was because I was trapped in such an abusive family. I have always felt my mother hates me or actually that she doesnt care enough to even hate me and I have recently broken off contact with her and the rest of my family because of her. I am also beginning to wonder why I have some of the thoughts I do at times and have often wondered where they are coming from, its almost like they are being pushed into my head by some outside force but where from!?

    I really dont watch much of mainstream television or listen to the radio much if I do listen to music its usually older stuff which I choose to listen to rather than just passively listening to it.

    The synchronicities in my life are constant its like I am being attacked by them they are so frequent and its making me question my own reality. Am I really here in this world I have always thought I am in or am I somewhere else and this is all some messed up fantasy. The world makes no sense, its backwards and upside down and I feel like these constant synchronicites are like clues to tell me that this is not reality. So where am I? Am I really here?

    Myself and my daughter are also very ill, ill as in probably dying tbh am not sure what one of us will go first tbh things are so bad. Surely this cannot all be real? Maybe I just wish is wasn't. Its no wonder the worlds so messed up with all this crap being forced on people who don;t even understand what they are seeing or listening too. When will it all end?

    • Anon, please hang in there! Everything you've described makes it sound as if you are undergoing a spiritual attack and the fact that you come from an abusive family situation makes it that much more apparent to me. Please go online and check out information pertaining to 'spiritual warfare'. I think taking the proper measures will certainly help you feel better and get away from the lingering darkness that's latched on to you. Good luck and God bless!

      • Thanks I definitely will Ive thought about this a few times being a possibility. There seems to be no other explanation I almost feel like somethings pushing disturbing thoughts into my head, am sure they arent coming from me. I have no problems accepting I have a dark side and am not all sweetness and light, am sure not many people are but this is just disturbing. thanksx

      • That's most definitely the classic signs of a spiritual attack and please don't let the evil that's hanging over you like a dark cloud get to you…that's just what Satan wants. You can overcome this…don't give up hope! 😀

      • I have been atacked by demons or entities from other dimensions. They usually are awaiting in the dreamworld to unleash their violence on people, but hey, that's not our fault, they are evil and if they are atacking you it's because you are truly a good person: You have to repeat yourself that you are free and you want to break free. Before you go to sleep, repeat these words: I am free and my spirit within me will protect me from them.

      • Wear a cross on you and do your cross three times. It will go away and never happen again. An evil spirit will never attack a Chriatian home. I am sorry for the non Christians but it is true.

      • I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but negative spiritual entities have the power to influence and/or attack literally anyone. Being a Christian, alone, does not exempt you from the possibility of spiritual attacks. Even Jesus himself was tempted by evil. But anyone, with the help of God, can resist these dark beings and be morally just. It's not always easy, but it's always possible. Juss' sayin'.

      • an evil spirit will never attack a christian home…..um I'm pretty sure evil spirits don't care if your a christian or non-christian, atheist or pagan – they will attack you and I'm pretty sure that's why they'll called evil spirits.

    • We all have dark and disturbing thoughts. All of us has a dark side. I have similar feelings of confusion and doubt. This is when we are at our weakest. More apt to be tempted or just give up. You must bring yourself into the light, especially with a young child. You see all the evil in this world, from this site alone. Sorry im not trying to lay a sermon on you but it helps me.

      From the depths I cry for your help.
      If i cannot feel you tender touch
      Or hear your loving voice
      Then please forgive me for being lost.

      • My daughter is 19 so not so young. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate the time it took even if I might not always agree with it!! All the best!

      • Whatever you do find God. You may not believe in him but he is the only light in a world so dark. I know you see how dark the world is and by the content in these videos and on this site Satan is very real. He is trying his best to make us all fall but God gives us the power to see these things. Find God. He is the only way.

    • dont give up life, God create us on purpose,as long as you are breath,you have time to find GOD, if you have a copy of Quran translation,is a good start,and may GOD give you a comfort threw it.

    • If all the religious tips are not for you, try focussing on the good this world still has to offer.
      Maybe things like ''you must believe in jesus or god'' don't work with you or your kid, i know they do not fit me either. But i know that mindfull focussing on the good the beautifull, the health, the sweet etc. etc. helps me and some friends when we are depressed or worse. Not easy, it might take excercise.
      All the best for you and yours!

    • Anon,

      I do not believe you are possessed by demons. I think using a separate entity called "the devil" or "demons" often helps people to make sense of the darkness within them or around them. Not that I don't believe in evil, because it clearly exists, but I think often times, we can be our own worst enemies. A heart not completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit and in daily relationship with Him is susceptible to its own darkness without any outside help. In Romans, Paul talks about the warring of our flesh and our spirit. The flesh represents our "dark side" or our humanistic desires that go against our spirit, which is in line with the Holy Spirit and the desires of the Lord. Until we crucify that flesh, we still susceptible to its darkness. That is why Jesus said to take up our cross DAILY and follow. That is also why Paul says he was crucified with Christ, but yet he still lives. Yet it is not him that lives (meaning his fleshly nature at war with the Spirit of God), but Christ that lives within Him. That is true life. God is love and light. If you are battling thoughts that are contradictory to this, please know that you are loved and most treasured. You are here, you are real, you have value, and you have a purpose in this world. I will be praying for you.

      Put another wonderful way, there is a Cherokee story that goes like this: An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside of me" he says to the boy.

      "It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One is evil- he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good- he is joy, peace, love, hope serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside of you too- and inside of every other person." The grandson thought about it for a minute and asked, "Which wolf will win?"

      The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

      Let us all feed the good- and overcome darkness with love.

      • I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your responses and advice. I will definitely take a lot of it on board. I feel as if at times the more I become a better person the more crap gets thrown at me although it will never ever make me change and I will keep fighting. I guess if I wasn't a fighter I wouldnt be here anymore so I guess that says something.

        Thanks again for taking the time to read and reply and for everything else too it really is greatly appreciated! I wish you all the best also, guess we just keep plugging on! x

      • Haha did you get that story off of Real housewives of Vancouver?!!! You totally got that "The one you feed" story off of that!!! Hahahaha

    • You're not possessed by demons or being attacked by satan. You're experiencing symptoms of derealization, google it and seek help from a doctor. Good luck :)

    • Hello Anon, Check out V2K (machine that uses mind control ie. frequencies on various people all over the world and sends words and images in response to your thoughts) and David Icke's site – he talks about this world being an alternate reality. Go to youtube and look up V2k and there are even societies against electromagnetic attacks by the government. Also, keep busy and do not read these websites for 6 mths to let your mind relax and stop thinking of these things. xo

    • Stay STRONG. I will pray for you and your daughter. The forces of darkness are targeting you, but you must remain pure in your faith. The devil is a LIAR!

    • Have you researched your family's history and genealogy? It's not uncommon for a mind control experiment to begin on a child in their own home with their own parents as the initiators. Then, some children aren't taken further down the road due to the strength of their minds, making them unsuitable for further programming. This can be very disappointing for a parent who has failed to produce the desired results and leads to rejection of the child by the parent.

      I would look into this if I were you because you say some very telling things about your childhood and current afflictions that make me put this possibility forth. I know because that's what happened to me.

      Look for masonic connections, strange medical connections, trace your genealogy to see who your family is related to and where you come from. These programs are quite often carried on in a generational pattern.

      Kudos to you for cutting off contact with your abusers. I know that isn't easy, but may save your life and that of your daughter.

      Also, don't discount the spiritual aspects of all this. People everywhere will say Satan isn't real, but that's just because they are frightened at the thought of an actual supernatural evil being who wants to kill us all, but it's true. Jesus said it was true very clearly, multiple times. Anyone who says they believe in Jesus Christ but wants to "cherry-pick" from his teachings is simply deluded at best. Jesus said he gave us dominion over Satan through the power of the name of Jesus Christ. If you believe and call on Jesus to banish Satan, it will happen.

      That's about all I know at the moment and I am strictly speaking from my own personal experience.

      It has helped me to read (or listen to on youtube) Fritz Springmeier, Derek Prince, Brice Taylor's book "Thanks for the Memories" and, of course, The Bible (try reading it with an open mind, not with someone else's opinions). There are many more that speak about how a family participates in ritual abuse and mind control.

      I wish you and your daughter the best and God Bless.

      • Yeah Ive thought about doing that, have tried to do that but I dont know my fathers side of the family I never met him but I guess that rules him out. Ive wondered sometimes though if he is my father or if there was something else going on that Ive never been told.

        Ive also wondered because of all this stuff I seem to not remember things from when I was young, my first memory was hiding from my mother after she came back to get me, after that not much till I went to school but its weird its like patches of time never existed? Maybe its just my shit memory I dunno.

        I have wondered also too with the whole MKUltra Dr Euan Cameron as my family name is Cameron although there are a lot of us about. Its just weird though how I cant remember things, I know we never remember everything but heres loads of time and I have little memories, there are some but there are times that never seemed to exist or have forgotten or something.

      • so you're telling this woman she might be a product of a mind controlling experiment??? ………………I have officially seen it all. I seriously doubt that she might have ancestor that involved in that kind of mess. This is worst than when i read about a woman who's grandmother was a native american shaman who said a prayer for her granddaughter but her best friend said her grams let in spirits which attack her and now she needs Jesus. I just find that as insult to her grandmother culture.

        The entire human race is more than likely gonna have ancestors that were not Christians that's a fact – some of our ancestor might have worshiped the greek, roman,egyptian,celtic, african, asian, india,native american etc gods and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I just dislike when people insult their own ancestry like they were this evil beings.

    • Please know you will stay in my thoughts from now on. I will be sending you light and love. Our shared current existence in this world of forms is an illusion in its self. Read the book "A New Earth" from Eckhart Tolle. I think it would help. It did for me. Blessings and Love to you.

    • this sounds like the enemy is attacking you just like everyone else is saying. I'll be praying for you and just know that you have the strength to tell the devil to leave you alone and cast him away. Start making little decisions daily that are positive and that God would like and the enemy will start to see he doesn't have a hold on you. Just pray, and pray and pray and he will leave!

  6. Please VC… do an analysis on Justin Timberlake's song/music video "Mirror"! He won the MTV VMA 2013 for a category or something..

    • I'm pretty sure VC did do an article on this back in the winter (?) when Justin Timberlake's CD was released. I do remember reading something and I'm pretty sure it was on this site. I'd check the article archives…

  7. I think this video makes it more clear than any other……… that the "one eye exposed, one eye covered" is the Monarch symbol for "slave" like Vigilant has suggested……. and that the idea for the symbol, is that losing one of your two eyes reduces your vision to a one dimensional, no depth perception, lower dimensionalized shadow version of yourself, an ignorant, easily controlled, slave version of your full, original, complete selfhood. Understanding that this is most likely true, makes this all the more tragic and absolutely sad, the idea that humans are being quarantined into experiencing only half of who they are meant to be; and that the symbol for this tragic set of circumstances, The Covered Eye, is being heavily promoted and subconsciously shared (through Monarch videos) into the living rooms of all intellectual, spiritual, and physically developing children, teens, and young adult men and women, in the hopes that they too will suffer spiritual handicap, and arrested mental development, and succumb to the very forces that control the puppets that they are told to idolize through Mainstream Masonic Television …i.e. "M"TV

    • You are right. I never heard of the Monarch Slave, but I know about the Illuminati and their Satanic worship, also the Freemasons. Seems to me like in the past year all this stuff about Illuminati is coming to surface and they're supposed to be a secret society. They are behind the music and movie industry and most of the famous singers & stars are made so by the Illuminati. If they reject, Illuminati will see that they are murdered or fail in their career. We need to expose the Illuminati and Freemasons for what they truly are on FB and social media and to family. There are many people who have no clue what the Illuminati is.

      • Uhhhh not really. Eyepatches will not catch on, unless you're a raver and the teenage population are not all ravers.

      • The biggest pop stars wearing them for fun and style is not pushing enough maybe? I didn't say it would be the next big acccesory for the hiphop and disco urban rock society 😉

  8. You know what I noticed? There are so many ladies in my hometown carrying around Michael Kors bags. I see "MK" everywhere! If only they knew…

    • I will educate myself to MK. This stuff needs to be exposed. Many people are promoting evil without knowing it. They don't know what Illuminati is and think you're crazy if you mention it. We need to educate others about all the evil that lurks around the corner and right under our noses. We need to block the video and music channels from our home tvs so youngsters cannot become indoctrinated with the evil that persists. If we all quit watching their trash much of it would go away.

      • After reading this I immediately thought of Mary Kay makeup! It has the initials MK on the eyeshadows instead of just spelling it out. I could be overreacting but I thought it was something to think about…

    • are you perchance living in jakarta? i've seen a sudden surge in everything Michael Kors. especially their bags and the ever present MK. idk if this has anything to do with the slave program but hey, one never really knows for sure…

      • Micheal Kors is another Jewish little so and so. That's why he is so famous. His watches are rubbbish, his bags are distasteful. I was given one in gold and passed it to my niece 2 years ago. It was horrible and plastic.

      • hmmm maybe his mother is Jewish. I used to have a friend in the past with the same surname and an Irish first name even though his mother was a Jew woman from Germany whose parents immigrated to England just before the WW2. His father's surname was Anderson from ireland. You never know with those peeps.

    • I think about that all the time, thats why I refuse to buy and big label branded up the ass accessories. Such an ugly simple logo too…

  9. I watched the Ladies Code video – and now I'm thinking about the duality of the lyric, ringing in my head… "I really love you/I really hate you" – pretty clever hidden meaning in the lyric relating to opposites, one of the occult's favorite subjects.

  10. As i said many times before: nowadays the pop corporative industry is more heavy, filthiest, more extreme and shocking than the most of black/satanic metal bands! In fact, compared to this "evil pop", black metal bands looks like child's play! LOL

    It's all inverted, my friends – banks steal, the mainstream media disinform, the schools dumb down, the pharmaceutic industry spreads illness, the food industry is poison, pop culture now shocks people, etc. Welcome to the Inverted World!

    Maybe this is already the NWO.

    • Well, different strands of popular cult-ure and music in particular play their role along the way and become less influential once the baton is passed on – the main idea is that 'there is something that will appeal to everyone' so the net of distraction, debauchery and self-indulgence is spread wide enough to capture the maximum number of souls.
      Yes, inversion is extremely important esp within masonic circles.

  11. Everyone needs to watch the film Mulholland Drive by David Lynch. It shows you how films, videos and actresses and actors get "created" in the industy. Watch with an open mind, and think laterally.

    • Twin Peaks lays it all out, the whole series could be seen as how mind control, secret societies, satanism and ignorance has destroyed America and the world.

      • That's what the twin peaks was all about? It didn't appeal to me back then. I found it quite irritating to watch so didn't do it after a while.

      • That is my take on Twin Peaks when re-watching it as an adult. I think that Lynch clearly knows about this stuff and to the average viewer who has no idea about the occult, it can appear as a "wierd, quirky show etc" but I am sure that if the VC readers take another watch, then they will say "oh God, of course, it is so obvious now".

        There are a lot of themes in the show both positive and negative and I would like to think that Lynch has a sentimental side and was trying to let people know what has been eating away beneath the surface for aeons.

        It is also interesting that the first season of Twin Peaks did really well and then with the second season the network started giving him lots of hassle, so he ended up almost walking away from it. He wanted the show to go on for years and evolve over time. I wonder now if the ptb saw exactly what he was letting slip on a prime time show and then neutralised the show.

  12. As i said many times before: nowadays the pop corporative industry is more heavy, filthiest, more extreme and shocking than the most of black/satanic heavy metal bands! In fact, compared to this "evil pop", black metal bands looks like child's play! LOL

    It's all inverted, my friends – banks steal, the mainstream media disinform, the schools dumb down, the pharmaceutic industry spreads illness, the food industry is poison, pop culture now shocks people, etc. Welcome to the Inverted World!

    Or maybe we already live in the NWO.

  13. I think every single person who reads the music industry articles on VC should go over to YouTube, find the coinciding music video/s mentioned in the article/s, and just comment: VIGILANTCITIZEN DOT COM Expose the darkness.

    • Would change very little as depends on combinations of number of eyes opened and neural channels opened and the music tends to anaesthetise and get listeners right back to intended place. That is why music producers are a corrupt bunch of people – even though on the surface, I find them to be absolutely adorable and intriguing. Most of the successful ones also function as handlers and programmers either as part of the day job or otherwise.

  14. Creepy, sad…..no…not the K-Pop!! The fact that the Illuminati have to descend to this level with this ridiculous, overplayed, overshown symbolism.
    But then again as Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show would say "Too much is never enough".

  15. Lord forgive my sins on

    I don't know if websites like yours exist in South Korea and regions where K-Pop is widely listened to, but the audience should be made aware of the actual meaning of this symbolism. Let's spread the word in this part of the world.

  16. as soon as the nazi Rothschilds and their allies take hold of a nation, mind control and torture become its culture over and over until it destroys itself. America is at the brink of destruciton after decades of this abuse, and now korea is taking over – notice that these nations are always billed as 'the emerging economies' (same as brazil who will be hosting the olympics, india, and parts of africa etc).
    What the nazi's lost in ww2 they gained in america (cia, nsa, fed, etc) and eventually the world by franchising its formula out to the 'up an commer's like korea and russia.
    I wonder if parents are going to take responsbility and start raising their kids right instead of handing them over to a corrupt government as military fodder?

    • It has been stepped up recently as he head towards the end days but it has been building up for centuries and can very much be seen in classical music from years ago

  17. blackrocker4eve on

    Many people in the general public TOTALLY missed N'Sync's album cover "No Strings Attached" when it first came out in 2000. This just proves that this has been happening on the pop scene for decades which really dates back to The Beatles. The Beatles, David Bowie, to two of the biggest pop stars in the world during the 80's, Prince & Madonna, etc.

    • Then what about master of puppets? By Metallica?
      Master of puppets is pulling your strings..Blinded by h you can't see a thing… Master master…
      All so called artists were always singing of the things they know about…

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Good example..Yeah, I'm very aware of Metallica. This was always more prominent in the rock genre initially. But by the 80's, The ILL wanted it to become more mainstream so artists such as Michael, Prince & Madonna were really buckwild with the images and symbolism. Prince especially. He's still doing it to a degree now but in the 80's, basically he laid the blueprint for all of what hip hop/rappers and now pop are doing. Prince was doing all of that by 1981…

    • One of David Bowie's original albums was "Hymns to Baal" NO LIE…google it. And Springmeier talks about "Yellow Submarine" programming which involves snuff films. He also mentions a film involving Madonna and a High Priest who is sacrificed.

      • Hm… actually that's a recording of a Bertold Brecht play, "Baal", in which he played the main part. Just saying. I'm not denying that the guy was very into symbolism at one point but I don't think you can really put him into the same bag with modern pop stars – his interest into the occult was genuine and there's not much evidence to support that he was ever a MK victim.

      • I am quite sure that Mr. David Bowie is actually a handler or programmer. Have you seen "Labyrinth"? Springmeier discusses in his book how that movie is used in programming and VC has also done an article on it.

  18. The Korean conflict happened at the height of the Cold War, when the Manchurian Candidate style brainwashing was supposedly being developed. I wonder if some kind of covert operation was introduced into South Korean culture then.

  19. Literally EVERY K-pop music video looks like this. It's unable to be watched, just disgust with every second of over-packaged symbolism. I think there should be more articles about k-pop so its fans would occasionally find them, sadly it would be troublesome, because it would take a lot of work 'cause every found video fits in and there's a lot of them.
    There's a new video of a hugely known rapper G-Dragon, there's nothing but symbolism and his fans call him "original and creative" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8T6771Sdj8 I don't really recommend to watch it, also the song is repetitive and sticks in head like is made for hypnotizing.

    • couple years ago I discovered K-pop and really liked it and soon wouldn't listen to anything but it. I thought it was a refreshing escape from the disgusting music that we produce here in America. they didn't sing about drugs or sex or killing people and they didn't degrade women in their music. it all seemed innocent and upbeat but when I discovered VC couple months ago and started seeing the symbolism everywhere I was so disappointed. G-dragon used to be one of my favorites but over the past year I felt something wrong with the way he was dressing and his videos especially Coup D'état and She's Gone seemed sinister. now I stay away from any kind of music except Christian rock. any song that doesn't glorify God I wont even listen to

  20. I still can not believe they would do this to children…but can understand the feeling (as a child) helplessness.. My heart aches…

  21. Thanks VC. How sad the K-pop performers are not original. Not a thing from their own culture. Demeaning, and they all go along with it. Take note of the retro electric fan, these are said to be used for hypnosis and scrying because of the slower strobe cycle.

  22. Errrrr Nice video, i dont think its blatant in any way and no-one would even realise the occult symbols at all :-/ (Please note sarcastic face).

    Ya know what for me its just getting to the point of What.The.****…… I just wanted to point out that in the 11th pic, in the hospital room, the time is 10.55. Add up the digits and you get the number 11, which is an occult number and realted to numerology, which the kabbalists, magicians, freemasons etc. follow. The video is flooded with symbolism and hidden meanings but all hidden in plain sight – But really all the people commenting should know the score by now…..You should know by now that there are too many coincidinces for it to BE JUST A coincidence………..& of course Thank you VC.

    • blackrocker4eve on

      Yeah that's true BUT I believe The ILL thinks using an actual goat head would be way too obvious. It's a reason why deer heads are used all the time in videos…

    • And there is a definite trend to use animal heads in ordinary houses as fashion (not grand ranches). It all alludes to the presence of the beast. One friend had three up on the wall of her baby's nursery room 'because he likes looking at them while falling asleep'!

    • There might be different associations with different horned animals. I get the impression that deerheads are used with starters, or newbies., or promoted members. Works with politicians and board-members?

    • It's technically not a Baphomet head, but all horned animals have always been used for Devil worship. So basically the same crap. Deer's are more Dionysian but it's all the same.

  23. Asia has ALWAYS been about controlling its populace; it even historically used music to control the masses in the villages, especially China. This is no news to those in Asia…it has just decided to candy coat its message now in the pop culture and join the modern era. Theirs is actually more creepy to me, as they ARE more blatant and in-your-face than most in their movies, music and art.

  24. As i said many times before: nowadays the pop corporative industry is more heavy, filthier, more extreme and shocking than the most of black/satanic heavy metal bands! In fact, compared to this "evil pop", black metal bands looks like child's play! LOL

    It's all inverted, my friends – banks steal, the mainstream media disinform, the schools dumb down, the pharmaceutic industry spreads illness, the food industry is poison, pop culture now shocks people, etc. Maybe we already live in the NWO.

    • Well said. It is inverted. Strong reminder for us not to be part of the ugly worldwide deal how to sell humanity onto darkness.

    • We are already in it. Havent you seen the cameras?
      George Orwell knew it as well as i do now, as well as many have before me.
      Darkness reigns for a while then light blasts through to kick its ass.
      Cant defeat light.

  25. As usual, idols portray very unique characters… But there's no way none of this exposure is getting any attention from hallyu fans, for the media out there is far too busy writing about celebrity scandals, which are way more relevant to most of them than this.

  26. When the singers cut the red ribbon tying them to the gentleman in the sunglasses, it's a reference to an eastern belief that the "red thread of fate" ties to you important people in your life. It's usually (more commonly?) believed to link you to the person you will marry. But anyways, in the video, it's a symbol of the girls wanting to break that fate.

  27. Some of my friends listen to kpop and try to force me to listen to it as well. But I hate it. A lot of the singers lip sync during performances, so they dont sing live. And they are so manufactured. I know some western singers are manufactured too, but trust me not as much as these kpop singers. Most kpop singers are so manufactured, they are like robots! I would much rather listen to real music by real talented people instead of this robotic manufactured kpop crap. And the videos are usually creepy and stupid. Its like they take inspiration from Lady Gaga…

    • actually, kpop singers work really hard. a lot of them start training at a really young age, and they are sticklers for perfecting their craft, i will say that the producers and record labels do treat them unjustly, and there is not a lot of room for originality. please do some research before forming an opinion. one of the most dangerous things about humanity is that people make up their minds before really understanding something…or they dismiss something because they don't understand it.

      • That doesn't mean they are not manufactured. They are trained at a young age to perfect their craft, yes… But they are still manufactured and its obvious.

      • i never said they weren't manufactured. i just wanted to point out that many of them do have talent. its how they are marketed that tend to piss off western audiences.

  28. So… I've been a reader of this site for quite a while now and I've been asking myself the same question over and over again…. What do we do with this knowledge? Do we just sit back and watch or protest? I really do not know…

      • Begin to pray deeper. Pray for understanding, pray for these "entertainers", pray for your own soul and others. I take this information as a reason to dig deeper, love harder and understand my God, Yeshua. We are the one percenters we must all take each others hand. Be blessed.

    • what we can do with this knowledge? well, this will help us know what music / artists we should avoid patronizing because they are obviously evil. We do not just sit back… We can inform and warn our loved ones about the esoteric meaning of those music / videos so they will not be ignorant. you would not want to hear your kids to sing something that was created to honour and praise the devil.

      these things were already foretold to happen. the holy scripture says that the world will become more and more evil before the Lord Jesus returns. and as we can see and hear, it is indeed really happening. they are getting more blatant, move evil. so in my opinion, i don't think we should protest because this really has to happen as foretold. but what we can do is to stay vigilant so that we will not deceived. hopefully, the information that VC is providing us thru this site will enable us to discern if a music / video is something that we should not patronize.

    • Let's all get together with our AK's and go kick some butt! Bring some rope for the perpetrators and blankets for the victims. Just keep educating others until everyone gets pissed off enough to do something about it. I mean people are not buying the mainstream media anymore so maybe there's hope.

    • Smile, be happy and enjoy the light as often and as much as possible – knowing that its probly not gonna be a happy ending for us is a good place to start imho
      Created as slaves thou shall live as slaves forever.
      Unless we choose not to. But hey, im one guy trying and it doesnt bode too well not wearing the mark of the beast.

  29. anything doll themed is usually creepy. women have always tried to base their looks off of dolls, barbies, etc. but what is it about korean girls that are so addictive to look at?

    • I don't find Koreans addictive to look at. But dolls to creep me out. What is it with girls and dolls? Its even creepier when they try to look like Barbie or something.

      • Regina is a girl lol… Im not saying girls don't watch po rn, but I doubt thats what she meant. I assume she was talking about their faces/style in the music videos… Anyway Iim not attracted to Asian po rn… Probably because im not into Asian girls & as a Christian im not into po rn… I don't need to look at strangers to satisfy mysef, but whatever.

      • Swedish po rn used to be top quality. At least there was plenty of eye candy. Japanese is the worst I've ever seen. horrid!

  30. I dont know what creeps me out more… The symbolism of this video or how blank faced & skinny some of those girls are. The bleached blonde from "Hate You" looks anorexic. Seriously needs tobeat something… Looks like she lost weight.

  31. I used to be a Kpop fan and the symbolism in videos and performances is really blatant. If you think all this symbols are just a coincidence then you are in denial. The creepiest thing about Kpop is that the "idols" are trained from a very early age, they are told what to say and how to act ALL THE TIME, they are not allowed to have an opinion and their personalities are completely manufactured. Basicaly they are like robots and must be perfect all the time

    • They also sign contracts that are dead-end and have them as slaves for years. SM is notorious for doing this to their trainees/idols and have been to court so much :(

  32. What i dont understand is this: the same symbols and messages repeat over and over in virtually every main stream music video…yet there are very few picking this up? And those who don't simply say "its coincidence doesnt mean anything…not every circle in a triangle represents the illuminati" dont u hate when people say that? Unbelievable…

    • Or they say it's just fashion. As though Baphomet, black and white Masonic patterns, upside down crosses, one eye, creeped out Mickey Mouse, police state and MK Ultra imagery are somehow normal.

    • I feel like they are complete idiots and sometimes I want to slap them awake. But then I take a deep breath and I'll explain things to them in a rational manner. I'll show them facts and tell them what the symbols mean. It takes a little extra effort, but then they tell their friends and so on. I'm very knowledgeable on the subject and I still don't get through to everyone. But I have gotten through to many and I love the AH-HA look they get when they realize something. The lights start coming on.

      • many will dismiss masons as at worst a fraternity of immature men, and mk ultra as failed experiments. and i am not one of them, but even ifthe man behind a purse is evil, it is just a purse at the end of the day. it just seems a minor issue to me

  33. everyone needs to chill and take EVERYTHING online with a grain of salt (if not, a spoonful!) VC is a great writer however, I'm not going to start living life scared.

  34. This comes as no surprise to me – as a k-pop listener, I've seen a lot of things that involve such symbolism. But I don't really think that it's all just copy-paste from the Western music culture – don't underestimate the power of Asian secret societies. It's all about who has more power and control – and the methods to achieve that are always the same. It is said that all K-Pop singers are trained at least 3 years before being presented to the masses. What exactly does "trained" mean… well, I think you can answer that. Also, the South Korean producers are known to put extreme amounts of money into music videos – the clips are always bright, confusing… and symbolic.

  35. I'm the one who sent in Hate You! As a fan of kpop, I saw the video and immediately sent it in to VC. There are a lot of these types of videos recently (see Dream Girl by SHINee and even Dora Dora by U-Kiss) but this one gave me such a creepy vibe that I couldn't help but share :( thanks again for covering asian media, no one is safe anymore!

    • Actually, K Pop analyses have been circulating for a while now and Vig has covered them in the past. the April and Wayne YouTube channel do a good if sensationalist job of it too

      • VC did an article on SHINee's "Lucifer" over a year ago. I've seen the MV myself on TV and I was pretty much distressed by their last dance pose.

    • Only 1 out of 100 people in Korea would recognize them. They have never been close to winning even a week at the top of the charts, and it is unlikely they will ever do that.

      Perhaps Vig got tired from the Shinee fans when he/she did Lucifer, and chose acts hardly anyone cares since it is very unlikely that the followers of these minor acts will invade this site in droves.

  36. I'm a fan of Kpop. There isn't anything you can listen out here without being told that you're insane, Illuminati, symbolism and other stuff. What should we listen to? Even if it's kind of creepy and I FIND IT CREEPY. ( I still like it and I'm not the only one). And that is their plan…We can't stop.

    • Umm… no one is forcing you to listen or buy their music. So technically you can stop if you really want to. If you don't thats fine, its your choice… just remember that you still have a choice.

    • You just have to make the decision for yourself regardless of anyone else. Nobody is forcing you to believe anything or denying you the right to choose?

  37. Now I know why I've always hated Dolls & Clowns…

    It's not just Music Videos we see this kind of thing on, but also in car Adverts like Honda and most noticeably NIKE fashion adverts.. There's trending Symbolism, that co-inside with recent music videos.

    Things to watch out for are one eyed Bears (like Miley Cyrus wearing that outfit at the awards) as found in the Honda Odyssey advert a gummy bear with his left eye missing. Another bunch to look out for are Keys, Elephants and Spirals (also found in the advert). These can also be seen in Avril La-fucking–whore-bags music video splattered around the place.

    • There is an established crossover between marionette/mannequin programming and dragonfly programming and probably kitten and tinker bell programming too and kpop places itself bang in the middle of that overlap

  38. And to think I just became a K-Drama and Kpop fan,I'm really sad I don't know why illuminati must filter its way into everything.CURSES(in mojo jojo's voice)

    • I have shown my children about mnenomic circles,which are EVERYWHERE in tv and video games.
      I do try and stress to them that the circles are not evil,it is the intent behind them that can make it so.
      The practices work but it's the intent behind them which makes for such a difference,

      In one way we could turn it around on them and beat them at their own game,
      now enough people are really aware and able to communicate throughout the world.

      I laugh at their extreeme lameness!
      The gig is up. :)

  39. The first image that flashed up on the "Hate You" video – I think is a Dragonfly , which I presume would be to trigger Dragonfly programming (Sexual Programming).

    • Well, I think they pretty much cover the entire spectrum of progs tbh – I fail to see a single type that has been excluded. It is a bit like cramming for exams – making sure you get in all of the key words into the answer before time's up!

      • Yeah that is a good point!

        They want to trigger as many programs as possible, which makes me wonder, as they (ptb) have been in full trigger/activation mode for a while – does it mean that people are deprogramming better than they thought or do they have another trick up their sleeve?? As It appears that they may be crumbling behind the facade of total domination.

    • I wonder what would be the sum total of a multiple programming overload – would it trigger the suicide alter or would it strangely un work itself as deprogramming??

      • I know what you mean and have wondered that myself.

        I think that most highly programmed people will have a suicide alter by default. As deprogramming is a long and painful process, people need to be vigilant. I think that faith in self and God Mind help and being aware of what is going on, in regards to programs and triggers, help to block it to some extent.

  40. They released this videos ages age… They are still not known. In kpop terms they are rookies and have not gained any fame with their videos..

  41. I have always been intrigued to know, when artists make all of these sadistic videos. Are they:
    A) unaware of the underlining message and just act out what they are told to do scene for scene under the false pretence that it will be a 'cool video' or
    B) are they themselves aware of the message they are pumping out to kids and all for the dehumanisation of the masses or
    C) are they themselves under mind control so themselves have no clue of what day or time it is or what the hell is happening
    I know it's way bigger than the artist and unseen power forces but surely they too are partly to blame. I get that once they sign the dotted line they have no choice and cant say no but do you think sometimes they dont want to do some of the things they have to Or do you think they are unaware/not within their right mind?

  42. Gaga just did a very creepy full on Wizard of Oz show on Good Morning America that looked more like a school production than a professional TV appearance. How many times can we expected to get excited about a retread of a retread of a retread of the same old symbolism?

    • I personally am sick of it. I was never a Wizard of Oz fan to begin with. This shyte is ad-nauseum! Who likes this garbage anyway, besides themselves. I don't get it. Why are these people still making money. Who is buying this regurgitated crap?! Please make it go AWAY! I hate music now. It is so awful, robotic and fake and just full of their MK gimmicks.

  43. I would like to request an article on Dubstep. I really enjoy this style of music, preferably without words or song remixes. I was on a different sight yesterday and it actually stated that Dub contained frequencies from the depths of hell and that it was encrypted with all of these demonic sounds. I really love instrumental music because it allows you to paint your own picture of what you want the song to be about. I understand that some of the DJ/producers(ex Skrillex) of this type of music are used as puppets as well, but does the music contain those types of evil frequencies? I am also up to any comments as well. Thank you and be blessed.

    • I have been thinking a similar thing for a while now about Dub Step. Although there are some talented people making it, I do think that the frequencies used are very negative and the rythyms used are hypnotic – almost like a swaying clock.

      I went to a free party a while ago and as soon as the dub step began, it was like a lot of Astral energy was pumping through the place. I felt like I was covered in a layer of soot afterwards. And of course drugs like mdma and ket help to put people in very dark places. I can imagine that the dark ones absorb a lot of energy from these gatherings.

      I also wonder – as the body is made up of 70-80% water, think about how these frequencies and tones affect peoples bodies. Regarding the Japanese scientist who tested the effect of positive words and negative words against water (crystals?) and how they reacted when magnified. I cannot remember the guys name, but I am sure most people know who I am refferring too.

    • Hey there,40 year old ex raver here who is thinking that if dubstep is crap like skrillex with all those screeching noises,then I am in total agreeance with you. That music sucks badly and has no feeling,soul or rhythm.
      Everytime I hear that shit on our local youth radio,I complain loudly to myself about WTF is this horrible stuff and turn immediately off.
      MDMA and the right music,people and surroundings can be a positive experience. BUT in the usual suspects…dirty,dingy nightclub,desperate lowlives etcetc it opens people up psychically to negative energies and forces,people who probably are not trained Shamans and have no ecking clue about what is really going on with their consciousness.
      This is when the programming can take place as well as possession by a number of different negative things.
      I believe strongly that the right sound,vibration and melody plus the active movement of the body through dance can be a transformative and healing force..
      A DJ should take you on a journey that uplifts and inspires one into a more expanded and loving universe.
      One day we will be all dancing and grooving together again!

  44. Did you also guys know that all kpop idols are trained in secret for 4 years before releasing their first album? 4 years!!! They recruit them around the age of 12-13 to have them ''ready'' (aka fully MK'd) by the age of 16-17 (which is just the perfect age to exploit them as sex kittens)
    Parents sign those contracts without thinking in hope that their kids will become a money making machine, but the reality is that they make around 3 to 4k a month (which is not that much when you know that they train for 10+ hrs a day, are always on the road, diet constantly and live on energy drinks/stimulants, those in the bussine are fully aware that those kids will end up with many serious health issues later in life but no, gotta milk them while they still can!)
    Korean's mentality has also completely shifted since group idols became popular, now 1 on 4 girls has plastic surgery, heck it's now common that the parents pay for their surgeries as a graduation gift, what a self confidence boost it must be when you know that your parents are ok with having your face redone!
    What a sad sad world…

    • I'm not really supporting Kpop but seriously not all of them train for 4 years. Some who already have the talent(due to past dancing experience etc) can be trained for 1 year plus only. And also, you should check out Sistar for a dose of healthy kpop bodies.

    • Only major acts like SNSD, 2PM, Big Bang and IU touch sizable sums. Even Suzy(MissA) , who has more than $10 million (US$) in endorsements, has not made more than $500,000.

      It is unlikely that the members of these minor acts would ever see big sums, although if they are lucky they could eke out an existence of Kwanghee of Ze:a (a 3rd rate group).

      • Actually a lot of the idols are millionaires and there are dozens who didn't ever train for a year. And having plastic surgery isn't even that bad and if it wasn't frowned upon in the US peole would constantly do it so please stop being ignoran and know what you're taking about.

  45. Anonymous person on

    The red ribbon around their wrists is a "red string of fate" reference.

    In Asian cultures, this is a belief in a string of fate that connects people who share a destiny, most often lovers. It's most frequently portrayed as a red string that wraps around the pinkie finger of one lover to the other's, connecting them spiritually, though there have been depictions that use other parts of the body; for example, wrists, such as what we see in the video. It's a fairly common visual metaphor in East Asian culture, to show how, for example, a couple in an anime are "meant to be".

    It's a binding metaphor, but not one for a slave/master relationship. More like soul mates, rather.

  46. The thing is that the more they enforce the idea that everyone is "free" because they can do whatever they want (sex, drugs, etc.) the more they tighten the noose around real freedom. Please wake your friends up! I don't care if they think you're crazy. I did it and annoyed everyone at first, but now they are on the same page and see things clearly.

  47. As Vig wrote some time ago, don't focus so much on the marionettes instead of those who are pulling the strings. There is a WEALTH of information available about the latter. You should use these articles as a basis for looking beyond as that is their greatest value IMVHO

  48. The ugly reality of kpop idol auditions:

    This one KBS show recently did a special feature about idol trainee auditions, and what the real deal is behind closed doors.

    One trainee was found stating, “Even I knew that I wasn’t able to show off my full potential during my condition, but they gave me a positive review. But after I passed the audition, they demanded that I pay $2,700 USD.”

    The trainee was also asked to call the director of her agency without alerting him that he was being recorded. When asked about the contract fee she was forced to pay, he replied, “There are no agencies these days that support you financially 100%. Since we do support you 100%, don’t leave us. Even if you say that we forced you to provide sexual favors, you really have nothing to say in the end.”

    Another trainee hoping to become an actress later gave her own account, revealing, “The agency said they were looking for a small role and wanted to meet me in person. They instead dragged me to their home and force fed me various drinks, claiming that they needed to check my limit. After a while, they taped my mouth shut so that I couldn’t scream, and further claimed that in order to become a celebrity, I needed to have sex with him.”

    What was even more shocking for viewers was that this all happened before she entered her third year of junior high school.


    The April 19 broadcast of tvN’s enews focused on the sex abuse scandal that has recently rocked the entertainment world. During the interview that day, Noh (the interviewee) discussed the hidden and shameful truths of the entertainment world.

    Noh revealed, “What shocked me the most was the fact that a certain agency CEO had sexually abused a sixth grader. He would touch her thighs and breasts, and would forcefully kiss her against her will. He did all sorts of bad things.”

    “I was particularly shocked when I saw the nude pictures that were taken by the CEO in the news. He took advantage of the trainees and took the nude photos of them saying ‘he would make them a star’. He used his position and took advantage of kids who didn’t know any better,” Noh said.

    Furthermore, Noh revealed an even more shocking truth. The agency trainees were ordered to have relations and get sponsored by famous broadcasting directors, producers, company CEO’s and investors.

    Regarding this issue, Noh revealed, “The agency CEO would order his trainees to go to a "meeting" with people drinking there. But who has just a "meeting" with people drinking? They had to go there to serve and entertain."

    He added, “The same (sex abuse) behavior can probably be found in 8 out of 10 agencies. The public never hears about them because the incidents are rarely reported due to the victims’ fears. There is going to be a lot of victims [in the coming days].”

    source: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/9077701.htm

    • It doesn't surprise me one bit. How d'ya think these models book the ad campaigns, front cover shoots?etc.,….Also actresses and what about the casting couch in the film industry??. A lot of actresses have admitted that there is a casting couch, like Megan Fox. How d'ya think they get those film roles?

      • That's odd, certainly that's how they become successful in the entertainment business, however it's their life to live it how they choose. It might not work for you or someone else, it works for them. They sleep around, they get cosmetic surgery and so on. Now let them get on with it and the rest and focus on preventing youngsters you are familiar with from idolising those individuals and also explain to them what's going on so they keep in mind that success is not everything especially when it's achieved through questionable means.

      • Yeah. And the casting couch crap doesn't just affect women and underage people such as teens/children, it also affects men – especially young men who are not yet well known and want to establish a career. Except that males are even less likely to speak out about it. I feel sorry for anyone who gets taken advantage like that & im sick of pedophiles/perverts getting away with crap like that. Fame and money are not worth exchanging your soul for. These people feel like if they have everything they want here on earth they will be happy, but in reality that just makes them temporary winners. Life on earth is short, and they will lose badly in the long-term. People, especially youngsters, need to be taught their self-worth and what is right/wrong behaviour, so that they don't let anyone abuse them like that. Those poor people will never see money or fame, they'll just get used, abused and then tossed aside. The perverts who let that behaviour and abuse happen need to be imprisoned for a long time! And those who get away with it – don't worry, there's a special place reserved for you in hell.

  49. Fantastic article, VC. I wanted to throw something out there for conversation or maybe to someone reading that has experience with this or knows someone that does. It's my understanding that artists who are young and relatively unknown have little, if any, creative input on their videos. If they're fortunate enough to secure a recording contract, they're pretty much told how it's going to be and what their video will be like with no say in the process (and we can debate the use of fortunate with regard to securing a recording contract at a another time).

    Are these artists told what their video is trying to convey or are they merely told where to stand, what to wear, and how to dance? I'm of the impression that until an artist develops some clout they are at the mercy of the corporation that is footing the bill for production and distribution leaving them left to wonder about the true meaning behind their videos just like everyone else.

    Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Brad,
      great post, this is something that I've been wondering too. I honestly believe that artists don't pay too much attention to what they are conveying, probably believing the whole 'ignorance is bliss' statement as everyone knows the industry is 'cut throat'.

      I personally think there are two types of artists: A) those that are recruited at a young age and are real MK slaves eg Britney and B) those who are give up their rights sooner or later for longevity or they just don't have the choice eg Katy Perry. I guess either way they get told what to wear, what to sing, how to dance and act.

  50. It would be interesting to sit down with the producers and managers behind the scenes to hear explanations on why the concepts of these videos were chosen.

  51. Hi Everyone,
    i'm a fairly new reader and have one question…Do you think these artists actually go through torture as depicted in their videos aka end up being actual slaves or do they just say 'yes' to every idea that comes out of management for money and fame and blatantly ignore what they see??
    I know there have been/still are real MK slaves in the music industry eg Marilyn, Britney etc but not everyone is a proper 'slave' right?

    • It depends upon your definition of 'slavery'. Some people might consider s****ing their way through A List Hollywood with an endless supply of candy the real making of them. Others would see them as victims of specific programming which has eroded their actual freewill to such an extent that they are effectively rendered slaves.
      As for the puppet artists, it is a bit like heroin addiction where the craving for a specific end-result becomes so disproportionately great that the means (however shocking) justify the end – so they might steal, prostitute themselves in every way imaginable though it all collectively loses it's stand-alone shock value and moral relativism completely flies outta the window. If you can get them craving the fame, power and money like napalm, what harm will a little (or a lot) of satanism cause?

    • Moreover, slavery and torture are marketed as more appealing than ever before.
      Think of the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, the burgeoning BDSM scene worldwide and historically accurate acting out of dreadful torture scenes (there was the Max Moseley case in the UK involving a detailed Nazi role play after which his lovely young son took his own life). Slavery and the generation/suffering of pain and is sexually appealing to more people than you would ever know, even relatively boring couples. The industry puppets would actually be enjoying it knowingly.

      And if they have been Dragonfly or Montauk programmed then the worst of what you see in the videos does not even touch the tip of the iceberg so it would be at a level of desensitisation which would lose them no sleep, let's just say.

  52. My question is if those singer has been also programmed. Are they a slaves? if the answer is yes…we need to investigate where we can find those location where those people are been programmed, WHERE? In some Hospital? in some school? Why never listen any news about those MK centers? Are those centers a TOP SECRET from the Government? and why they want to year after year show to the population those techniques of MK Ultra? They Agenda of tha Elite is to have all the population UNDER MIND CONTROL?

    • Unfortunately, it is not a location specific form of slavery although there are obv boot camp places where it is laid on real heavy. It is said that it is possible for you to be programmed within the four walls of your home which sounds really paranoid but if you dig it, you will know that there are a number of plausible elements to it. For the programming to trigger initially, actual interaction is required but not really beyond, just the threat of further

    • Well spotted, is to do with a specific ritual designed to give the record more 'power' in the form of sales and $$$$ – and don't assume that they only use paint to do it either !!

  53. I use to think that some of the older videos and music artists weren't as blatant as they are now, but they were! Pink Floyd comes to mind and also 311, I know, that was only the 90's, but they use a lot of free masonry symbolism on their album art.

    I was watching Gwen Stefani's "Whatcha waiting for" music video and the entire video is a salute to dissociation and programming that ends up leading to her being inspired musically. Her solo stuff and even some of No Doubt was loaded with occult symbolism and imagery.

    • Please no, don't give train-wreck Miley anymore attention. She doesn't deserve it. I know most ppl watch her videos because they are trashy and controversial, so lots of people just want to see something that they can gossip about/criticize. But I think its best to avoid watching it completely, because they are desperate for the attention… Thats what she or her handlers want, so don't give it to them. I just ignore Miley's existence now. She's not alive in my world.

      • I would not say that. She needs help she is in much more desperate situation than you and me. Add her recent engagement… gossips… reminds something. May the Lord help deeply troubled soul.

  54. You guys should go and watch Naughty Boy's 'la la la' video. They literally sacrificed a little kid to some horned looking thingy. It was disturbing to watch.

  55. I wish you would write about Fifty Shades of Grey. There's definitely an occult theme in the books of slave handler , checkerboard floor etc.

  56. VC readers: I think this information should be printed on flyers/posters. They should be posted next to concert ads on telephone polls, etc. Right?

    • Yes but we know nothing about Korean pop music. Who is aware of their music eh? So how they will be affected by Korean music unless you are involved somehow with the country.

    • Unfortunately, it would be impossible to pull this off under the NWO. Besides, a lot of mind control information which is subtly communicated through timely color choices as well as subliminal messaging is shockingly explicit and incredulous to the extent of being too offensive to communicate anonymously and publicly.

  57. I listen to kpop and have been listening to it for years. There is way more symbolism than there used to be. I feel like in 90% of the videos you'll see someone covering one eye at some point and you can always find something else. It's worse there than here because they don't have as much variety as us and pretty much all their music is controlled

  58. When I saw A-JAX in the title, I thought you would talk about their first music video which is also very clear; a girl with two personas, represented as a puppet in front of a TV, then shots of her with bruises etc … It screamed monarch to me, just like these ones.

    I listen to kpop a lot and it is so unnerving not being able to fully appreciate it because I spot these signs right at the moment and it leaves a bitter after-taste … I can't stop myself from supporting these boys because they are so talented and determined, but knowing that I'm giving my money to let this shit go on makes me sick.

  59. Vig mentioned the way in which torture would be inflicted upon the singer but then show up on the marionette (and vice versa). This alludes to the fact that both the 'handled' and the 'handler' are controlled by the same evil force and vulnerable to it and that there is no real power differential to speak of. The stipulations of the man made contract (or record deal) and the Industry family trees may give that impression but they really function as a house of cards and only those ensnared within their web have any reason to be fearful due to loss of perspective.
    Likewise, people must not view the struggle as the Illuminati vs. the underdogs. It is simply God vs. satan and about soul-counts, not head counts.
    You need to know that the Illuminati are not simply a bunch of evil people who breed other evil people. Most handlers have multiples and can function as evil tyrants during worktime but be incredibly loving, doting parents and brilliant friends the rest of the time. Their family may not know this for a long time and still love certain alters they have been exposed to, even after discovering the truth.
    Don't blame them for you losing your own souls any more than you blame yourself just because they are several floors higher up than yourselves within that pyramid. You are luckier than them if you are on ground floor because you have the priviledge of looking all the way upwards (and even seeing the sky above it) if only you walked to the edge of the bottom strata. Those in the middle layers are so trapped and tied up in all of it that they are blocked from above as well as below and it is probably much harder for them to ever free themselves. Not impossible, just harder.
    I was always taught that ubiquitous pyramid basically has a triangular base and joins up to another identical one flipped 180degrees (join them and you would get a kinda cube but that is another story in itself).From your level of the pyramid, you look straight across to the flipped pyramid in order to determine which level you have the most knowledge about – not power, just knowledge and understanding. Hence the lowliest people right at the bottom can fully see what satan is doing right at the top and are often god fearing though yield little worldly power. Likewise, the apex of the original pyramid joins the widest base of the flipped pyramid which is why the select few can tap into the minds of the majority of the population and we need websites like this one to try and educate. But imagine being trapped in the middle – you look across and you pretty much see people exactly like yourself so it is much harder to effect changes in your thinking and spirituality.
    Sorry if I lost anyone there – I am not as good at explaining it as I am at recalling it!
    Every soul (or should I say human soul) has as equal a chance to make their choice.

    • Just to add that this is the real reason why they are very keen to expand the middle classes and create self-made people and levels of management. To a degree, pushing everyone up is a good idea as it shifts the consensus and creates financial motivation, desire for more power and obfuscation and discombobulation.

  60. Some stuff on this website seems questionable or a "stretch," and then some stuff is blatant. This is blatant. Stay strong, people! Knowledge is power! Love conquers all!

  61. Killuminatti Girl on

    They are not even trying to hide this any more. I regularly visit this sight so I can point out the symbols and their meanings but I think this is too blatant, weird, creepy and sickening for anyone to think it doesn't mean a thing. Thank God for this site because I have literally been put off music and I am more careful with what I expose myself to.
    Well done VC and Thank you.

  62. all this Kpop singers are always and I mean ALWAYS wearing Mickey Mouse ears, the funny thing is that nobody think its weird. I mean since when is fashionable to wear Mickey ears?? They wear it in every single video and performance. lol seriously

    • Yes, overloading to the point of ridicule makes it easy to laugh it off and thereby minimise it's impact but it causes the same spiritual damage as the more tastefully packaged version

      • Just read about a Katy Perry shoot today where she has fashioned her own hair in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears .. I guess if you don't have a pair to hand, why not make them!!

      • yep and I think that was a set up too. The life of these idols is totally controled. She didnt post that picture by accident, there was a purpose

  63. I listened to the second song on youtube and had it stuck in my head for like 15 minutes!!! I literally got freaked out because it was just ringing in my head and the message was so primitively negative: HATE!!! I HATE YOU!!! It does seem like real life mind control. Very negative vibes from this, not even just "dark," like some art that takes you to the dark side, but just NEGATIVE. There's a difference between "darkness" and "sinister." This is sinister.

  64. some of the pop culture coming out of asia is absolute garbage. worse than some of the tripe being served to westerners. the worse part, so many people follow it ??? no accounting for taste or intelligence.

  65. This is the price South Korea is paying for being a "developed" country. Another "nouveau riches" story. Before the coming of the US troops into South Korean land, in the 1950's Korea War, this Asian country was a poor, desperate one. Since then, Koreans received economical, political, educational, cultural, technological and commercial aid from the United States. And the results are highly visible now. Global corporations, hi-tech industries, a strong influence in the world, a cultural poise, performed in this case by this K-pop phenomenon…But stop for a minute and look at the other Asian countries that don't have South Korea achievements. They are less perverted, have no greedy eyes and still live a traditional family life. Instead, South Koreans, for all their megacorporations, wealth, K-pop and marketing, have one of the world's highest suicide rates, and when they "invest" in poor countries like many of Latin America, the only thing they do is arrange "maquilas" or infamous factories that treats workers like slaves, making them work 14 hours a day, with brutal manners (including sexual harassment of female workers) and nasty ridiculous wages. And South Korean corporations are buying million-acre land extensions in Latin America, Africa and Asia, making them the new landlords of the XXI century.

    So, with this "culture" of K-pop, South Korea became a new tentacle of the infamous beast that grips the world. Along with the rest of "developed" countries, South Korea gives new meaning for this quote: "Weakness follows strength, decadence follows prosperity, depravation follows opulence."
    Now South Korea feels strong, prosperous and opulent, to the extent of sacking poor countries and sporting hubris. But the history is dynamic, and some day in the future, South Koreans will face only their naked hands…

    • One correction – not South Korea alone. We all know what is up to Western World. Soon the world as we remember it will become barely recognizable. That is not decadence that is decay which brings about powerful judgements upon us.

  66. About the last screenshot from the Ladies Code video:
    Anyone noticed the one slave on the left cutting the red ribbon and in the next shot shes lying dead on the floor with the handler controlling a new slave on the right? Truly sick…

  67. I have uncertainties about Kevin Max and Toby McKeehan of the former group DCTalk. I do not know if I am being too suspicious or if I am on to something.
    When Kevin was in the movie “Imposter” (spelt incorrectly), he did a thing in the movie that seem odd. He wanted to spend time with his child and his wife in the movie agreed for him to be able to see her. He hugged his wife in the movie and his hair covered his right eye. His left eye was exposed. He somewhat looked at the camera with that left eye as it zoomed in at his face. He stared in a manner that seemed ominous.
    Also, I recently found out that he helps with orphans in Haiti. However, I cannot help but thinking that it may escalate into taking advantage of the already disadvantaged children. He has a song which seems pretty good that he sang lead in the group “Audio Adrenaline” titled “Kings and Queens”.
    Plus, in the video “Supernatural” in a live concert, he is shown using catholic imagery of “Mary and Jesus”. I do not know if he grew up as a catholic.
    Further, Toby in the same video, while singing, I think “Since I Met You” (I cannot remember the exact song now), he looked as if he were pointing to his crotch. It was not all the way. However, it seemed odd.
    He made a song about God “stealing” his show (“Steal My Show”). I do not know if he is being sincere, but incorrect about something concerning God. He also sings that he gives his life, plans, family and career to God to take it away. I admit I started to wonder if he is making a pact with Lucifer in this song.
    God (Yahweh)does not steal. Now, I know that John 10:10 explains who does.
    Now, I hear that he is at “Camp Electric” which I admit I do not know what that is and where it is located. Maybe, it is a place where he may perform. All I can think about is satan who fell like “lightning”.
    I am wondering if both of them were “monarch” children.
    I also wonder if they are making somewhat good songs and mixing in bad songs so there is confusion.

    • TobyMac is definitely Illuminati, releasing songs like "Losing My Soul" and even "Ill-M-I". Absolutely distasteful excuse of a Christian artist.

    • Don't be pessimistic. Some people, we don't know who to judge, will go to paradise. I belive their target is to take everyone down with them. They won't achieve it, don't worry.

  68. I was a listener to Kpop and let me tell you, there are too many MK related themes or even satanic to some extent. One of the major fad now is a shirt with ''Satan 13'' written in a BIG AND BOLD the size of the whole back. Then even their talent contest which is equivalent to the X Factor has a big pentagram as its logo. But of course its not in your face however, you can definitely see it at once if you are a reader of this site. The name is Superstar K.

    Plus every artist is manufactured. They train for years in their respective companies tight watch and none of them can be out in the public prior to their debut. They say they train for acting, singing and dancing but I don't think that's the case. Some even train for 10 years before they can debut as an artist and most of them start as young as 10 years old. They have no musical freedom or freedom AT ALL. The company dictates what they do, how they should act, how they should look etc. Even their own income isn't in their control. Some artists only gets 10-20% of their total gross net the rest goes to the company. Most kpop fans know this but they don't care because they are too blinded and obssessed with their idols that they literally make them their gods. I am not exaggerating. I've been a fan for more than 4 years but I quit Kpop. Too much negativity in my life because of it.

  69. Did anyone else notice in the A-Jax song how many times the singer flashed in and out of frame when his head was perfectly aligned with the Deer head on the wall? coincidence? I think not…

  70. Of black magic and Satanism, speaking of these things, miley herself is busy promoting sexualization to teenage girls making her the iconic MK ultra slave who "hates it….but loves it" especially when she "loves" to be "instructed" to do the bidding of the elite.

    From the US, to Asia, and the rest of the world….this disease never stops but yet it makes us more vigilant to what is happening around the world as we speak.

    Clearly sickening, and yet sinister and satanic with its dark symbolism and black magic as mentioned. All the more reason to realize that the world is slowly falling under the NWO of elite higher-ups.

  71. K-pop has always freaked/creeped me out. The last time I was in Korea town getting yummy korean food, music videos like this were playing on a loop and I was getting really stressed out. It was really bothering me, now I know why!

  72. Reminds me a lot about Cyrus and her outrageous antics as I kind of thought of her own mother as Miley's very own handler since she is getting royalties and benefits off of her own daughter who might endure the same fate as Marilyn Monroe and amy whinehouse just like what her concerned father Billy just said.

    And now in K-Pop, talk about spreading false entertainment to Asia where this sort of activity is seen as being fun for everybody.

    Its a shame that everyone thinks there's nothing creepy about this when in reality, it is.

  73. Anyone interested in this kind of thing should definitely read 'Prohibition A' by Mike Hockney (and any of his other books)

  74. You chose two minor acts hardly anyone follows.

    Very few people in Korea have even heard about them , much less their songs.

    I am waiting to see when you do Psy and IU. Chance s are you will never do them.

  75. The last picture is actually the scariest one. If the bond is broken it looks like the woman dies. So resistance is futile, and no resistance is agony.

  76. Vigiforalongtime on

    We all have known this for quiet a long time now, the easiest way to get to them is "Stop buying there products" especially there music C.D's

  77. Just a thought VC………………
    the fact that this is occuring in Korea is hardly suprising considering that the survivors of the brain washing used on american service men during the Korean conflict were the seed group of original MK Ultra experiments……………………..(Or am I telling tales outside of school, <G>).

  78. also you notice that this girl don't smile at all!!!!! in all the pictures,she looks like she is afraid of something or someone. Her face look terribly miserable!!!! Wow!!! I can't belive our society has become this far!!!!!

  79. That really weird moment where insane and like EVERY A-Jax song comes on….like I noticed the creepiness when the son debuted.sad

  80. Yes. Looks like what we are told repeatedly was Lie. They are secretly monsters and they are overly & openly against Islam, looks like there something I must know.

    • dude they killed hippies and now they are against Muslims there must be a logic behind ALL THIS LIES & MUSLIM and ISLAM HATE

  81. I don't understand why you find this so surprising, VC… This symbolism, and the machine behind it all, is not exclusive to American culture. It's the New WORLD Order.

  82. Even Japanese things have symbolism like this. Seriously, look at the anime "Black Butler". You don't even need more than the first episode, but it does get even more symbolic later on…

    • In the anime you've mentioned all those symbols you can see are an important part of the overall plot, not something picked randomly to appeal to the audience more or even brainwash them, so to me it doesn't seem like a completely valid example. I tried to find a better one and first thing that came to my mind was "Bleach" with the main big bad posessing the mind control powers (think about it after having read/watched it all – what had really happened?). But thinking of something full of symbols "just for art's sake" I guess "Xxx holic" and "Code Geass" are quite good examples.
      Overall manga/anime is kind of a tricky thing, because eastern symbolism gets mixed with pieces of western culture (not only sole symbols but pieces of literature, fine arts, architecture, even music) and it's really hard to tell when "innocent" art turns into something more ominously meaningful and where it is just meant to expose some pieces of reality in contrast to using the same symbols as a part of some sinister agenda.

    • Um, sweetie the symbols in that anime/manga are a part of the story line. Ciel Phantomhive is an 11 year old who has made a faustian contract with a demon he names Sebastian Michealis. He made the contract to find out who killed his parents which is reveal to be an angel who is an hermphrodite named Ash/Angela and they want the world to be purified because they see it as unclean and want men and women to be one once more.

      • The second season deal with Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. Alois Trancy real name is Jim Macken and he made a deal with Claude because he was told by Claude that it was Sebastian who made a deal with his little brother and of course ate his soul. So it all goes wrong when Claude taste Ciel's blood and wants him- he kills Alois and brainwashes Ciel merging his memories with Alois. Alois just wanted someone to love him which he finds from Hannah is the demon that made a contract with his brother and so makes a contract with him. Sebastian kills Claude and Hannah on Alois wish turns Ciel into a demon which Sebastian can not eat Ciel's soul and thus remains his butler for all eternity.

  83. I like K-Pop and J-Pop but I think since Psy song Gangnam Style was so popular last year – more and more westerners are listening to K-Pop because before the only people that ever listened to K-pop or J-Pop were nerds/otakus like myself. Sadly I hate it when music from other cultures that want to be become world wide can't do so unless they americanize their videos their persona because if they don't they don't get played on the radio anymore. Like seriously I haven't heard anything new from James Blunt or that artist that made that song 'Pocketful of Sunshine' – to pretty much be famous especially in America you gotta do what all the other A- List celebs do.

  84. 2 ne1 the video I'm the best , is full of illuminati simbolism , it's everywhere , there's 1 eye there's a pyramid , and a bunch of slaves

  85. Everyday I drive past a K-pop studio and every day there are at least a dozen teenage girls waiting in front of the doors for a glimpse at one of these "stars". It's absolutely sickening how people eat this up, yet how can you blame the public for being ignorant? But I have the feeling that if we spread the word this kind of ignorance can be defeated. Who can look at Vigilant's site and NOT realize just how blatant all this symbolism is getting?

  86. Wouldn't the fact that these people need to remain attractive take away from this whole mind control theory. If it were true MK slaves would look much older than people of the same age due to the amount of stress they would endure during the torturous process. I

  87. The fact that there are music videos created like this showing us all this world of Monarch Programming… does it mean something is being done? I mean, are the producers of these mvs trying to get the message across on Monarch Programming and informing/warning us about it?

  88. K-Pop and J-Pop (Japan) are very popular in Asia. This new pop music has melodies based on English lyrics, but sung in Korean etc. Yes all their videos have this blatant symbolism. It is deliberate. Clearly it is made by Western illuminati producers, as asians cannot and had not made such music before. It jibes perfectly as masons are moving their factories to asia and taking over there as well. They love asian group culture, snickering as they market synchronised robotic dancing and singing as something new and "expressing yourself" when it is the old Asian conformity ethic.

    BTW the author of Alice in Wonderland is a pedophile who liked taking nude photos of little girls. The story was not for his daughter but someone's daughter!

  89. Actually, the most interesting thing is how it has evaporated through the years.
    I have followed east asian pop culture for many years, from the time when people barely knew South Korea existed.
    When I began my interest in the Korean pop, it was very pure! And generally, the Korean society was very modest and "innocent". However, this uniqueness gathered a lot of interest (which is how the kpop wave practically began – people were sick of all the talk about sex & hatred and murder in the western music) and the more international fans kpop got, the more the industry felt like they had to "adapt".
    The entertainment companies started to investigate what is popular in America and the west, and then bringing it into the kpop to "get more followers" (not realizing that it was the ABSENCE of the western music that attracted us all in the beginning…) Collaborations and deals with the American music industry began.
    – And that's when I started smelling illuminati. I had never seen occult symbolism in kpop before but after the companies started getting serious influences from America, I saw it more and more. And these days – it's literally EVERYWHERE. I don't even listen to kpop anymore, because kpop is not kpop anymore. Kpop these days is just so full of "hidden" (yet SO RIDICIOUSLY OBVIOUS) messages and brainwashing that I feel sick seeing it.
    Additionally; the music industry hadn't been too keen with "sexy concepts", until a certain Hyunah (4 minute) debuted solo (just turned legal age…) with "Bubble pop".
    Bubble pop was the first, ever, ridiciously "sexy" (Sorry, but I'd call it "shamefully disgraceful") music act & concept, to get ENORMOUS recognition in Korea. Like, seriously. Before Bubble Pop, all "sexy concept groups" would get dissed by the people; called "sluts", "disgrace" and much more.
    However, Bubble Pop created a huge BOOM in the kpop industry. Millions of guys in Korea got seduced by Hyuna, and the companies saw their opportunity. – and there the whole craze with sexy girl groups started (= ruining millions of Koreans… + ruining the Korean culture and traditions)
    BUT! The funny thing is how this debut song is very sneakingly connected to illuminati (and their & Monarch's goals. for example ; making women sex slaves)
    In the beginning of the music video, there is a image shown for less than a second. Before it even starts, a red and black PENTAGRAM is displayed. The pentagram is then opened from the middle and Hyuna "coincidentally" walks straight out of it – and the music video (new era of objectified women in Korea) begins.
    I suggest you to check it out for yourselves!

    All in all, I wanted to show how it's only when America comes into the picture, that these things happen.
    And, kpop is not kpop anymore.

  90. I've known about this for about 6 months now, every so often I return back to this site to see if there are articles about videos or movies I've been analyzing. And it never fails. But the sad part is I find myself appealing to it. Sometimes I find myself just giving in. So what's worse, not knowing or knowing and still going along. We have to really start taking an active role. See what's happening is, the entertainment industry is not even trying to conceal these subliminal messages, they are using the art of hiding in plain sight. Until all that's lecture these images and people become accustomed to seeing them. Until the thoughts and ideas of them trigger the meaning in the videos and numbs the mind of it being okay.

  91. I didn't know much about K-Pop until after I became a Christian. K-pop is overtly evil. They don't even try and hide it.

  92. I have a question ( maybe because i am currently tired and did not read all of the article ): if they truly are "mind control symbols". Why would they ( those damn illuminati ) put them in the "mind controlled" subject's videos for everyone to see ? Aren't these things suppose to be secret ? Maybe because the mass don't think of them as symbol or anything and just think of them as "cool" ?

  93. Maybe there JUST music videos, have you ever considered that? The music video is used to visually represent a song not to show conspiracy

  94. Hey VC I think it would really convince people I link to this site by just linking other instances/articles where identical imagery is portrayed. Like for example the monarch, just put other links under it with music videos that included the same thing. Or when there's checkerboards, link it to other articles/music videos so it seems more real and not coincidental. It would just be a good tool to convince people who don't read this site. Preferably, link it to other well-known artists videos. Like "click here to see kitten programming in Kesha's/Beyonce's/Lady Gaga's video ____"

    You do this sometimes, but I think it should be consistent. Thumbs up guys so maybe we can get this! Thanks VC, keep it up.

    • Yes, EunB passed away early this morning (September 3rd) as the result of a car accident. The entire group was involved; their manager was driving them to their dorm after a live performance. Her fellow Ladies Code member, RiSe, is still unconscious… and unfortunately, it's not looking too good.

      Let's keep the members of Ladies Code in our thoughts / prayers.

  95. EunB and Rise (two members from Ladie's code) died from accident. At EunB's funeral her casket had a blood red Cross on top of it. Was it an inside job?

  96. RIP RiSe and Eunbi.
    Can you please watch their video "kiss kiss"?
    It has a hidden meaning,but people say it's just a coincidence..

  97. It's really scary!
    now that I think about it, Bigbang music videos are was really creepy. I just never took the time to really study it. I just stay away from anything that creeps me out.
    What happen here is all but coincidence.
    Some choose to ignore it but I won't.

  98. I'm pretty sure they were just trying to go with a creepy cute theme??? Mk ultra shit is obviously creepy, maybe they just added refrences in there to go along with creepy cute things. Broken dolls and such are used in a lot of popular jpop and kpop culture. I'm pretty sure Its not because of mkultra though. The "slave bound to her handler" is probably a reference to the red string of fate that binds one person to another. "I hate you, but I love you" There's a lot of relationships like this. Like you love your significant other, but yet you hate how they act sometimes, maybe they cheated. Also why are you complaining that the video doesn't fit the song? Have you been stuck under a rock? A lot of videos don't match songs, it's not something that rarely happens. I can't say much for the boy band considering that I don't care for them, but like this is super disrespectful to Ladies Code. You know what they say, don't look too hard into the abyss, or else you'll just see yourself. It's just a video, don't think too much of it.

  99. I'd love to see an in depth article about the K-Pop training system. From what I am able to understand they are moved to a "boarding school" at about 9 or 10, where they are then brainwashed, given plastic surgery, and groomed for the media. I found it interesting that the Wikipedia page for K-Pop suggests that the movement began after the arrival of Western entertainers in Korea… specifically when Marilyn Monroe played a USO show for the troops in Korea. There she is again, the original MK Kitten Marilyn. Seems to me the powers that be put a branch of the Monarch system in place and dubbed it K-Pop.

  100. But hang on, isn't it also possible that the artists involved in creating this video were sending us a warning and attacking mind control, I don't see how you can conclude for sure it is promoting it rather than warning against it. This is a genuine question, if I'm missing something let me know.

  101. Saaaaad because its can happened one influenced one to get initiated… There's only one thing that at end light will always win over dackness… May thier soul R.I.P.

  102. not surprised at all .. like korea and kpop suddenly became popular all over the world .. they sold their selves(not regular koreans i meant idols.. actors …) .. although i used to like sj , tvxq , shinee and so on .. but i really questioned myself a lot … how the hell did they become so fu** popular !!
    and yup that's the answer . not hard working nor anything you want money sell yourself fullstop.

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