Was the Death of K-POP Stars EunB and RiSe Foreshadowed in Their Last Video?


Two members of the popular K-POP band Ladies’ Code tragically lost their lives in a car crash on September 3rd. The imagery of their last video depicted them literally flirting with death. Were they the first Illuminati sacrifices in K-POP?


In 2013, I posted an article entitled A-JAX and Ladies’ Code: Two Blatant Examples of Mind Control Culture in K-Pop in which I analyzed Ladies’ Code’s Hate You – a music video that was all about Illuminati mind control and sadistic handlers. The disturbing imagery of the video was yet another proof that the South Korean music industry was subjected to the same sick Illuminati agenda as in the Western world.

The video portrayed the singers as puppets with strings controlled by unseen handlers.
The video portrayed the singers as puppets with strings controlled by unseen handlers.
Dolls representing multiple personalities; markings on the wall indicating forced confinement; a butterfly flashing for a split second : All symbols alluding to Monarch Programming.
Dolls representing multiple personalities; Markings on the wall indicating forced confinement; A butterfly flashing for a split second: All of these symbols alluded to Monarch Programming.

One year later, two members of the group lost their lives in a violent car crash.

Police inspector Lee Ho-dong told the Associated Press that the crash happened when band were returning to the South Korean capital after filming a TV appearance in the south-eastern city of Daegu.

The van driver was treated for a minor injury before being questioned and may have been speeding on a wet road to meet a tight schedule, Mr Lee said.

“We are investigating the exact cause of the accident,” he said. “But it’s difficult because the highway section where the crash occurred did not have a closed-circuit television camera.”

He added that a camera from inside the van had been sent to the National Forensic Service.
– BBC News, Ladies’ Code singer Rise dies after crash

Singer EunB lost her life at the crash site while RiSe passed away a few days later, after hours of intensive surgery.

Shortly after the car crash, a few strange facts surfaced, causing some observers to believe that the van used by Ladies’ Code was sabotaged. First, the van was not the group’s usual vehicle but a rental that was “used for the first time”. Second, the airbags did not deploy. Finally, a wheel completely flew off from the vehicle. This is a rare occurrence, especially with recent vehicles.

Pictures of the van used by Ladies' Code. One of the rear wheels completely flew off the vehicle.
Pictures of the van used by Ladies’ Code. One of the wheels completely flew off the vehicle.

While this entire event can be written off as an unfortunate accident, there are signs of it being a pre-planned Illuminati sacrifice. The most troubling of these signs is the group’s latest video Kiss Kiss which clearly gives the group a kiss … of death.

Does Kiss Kiss Foreshadow the Tragedy?

Although the lyrics of the song Kiss Kiss are kissing a boy, the video gives the song a darker meaning: It is about, literally, the kiss of death. Released less than a month before the tragedy that killed singers EunB and RiSe, the video portrays members of the group exposed to death in several ways. Here are key scenes from the video.

The video begins with the members of Ladies’ Code visiting a dead man lying inside a casket. The girls oddly act as if they are attracted to him. Later in the video, each member visits the dead guy and attempt to kiss him (why?). When EunB (one of the two singers who died in the car crash) visits the man, he gets up and kisses her.

EunB litterally receives the kiss of death. She lost her life one month after the release of this video.
EunB literally receives the kiss of death. She lost her life one month after the release of this video.

In another scene, EunB is shown sitting in front of a target while arrows are shot at her.

EunB doing the Illuminati One-Eye sign while arrows are shot at her.
EunB does the Illuminati One-Eye sign while arrows are shot at her.
Inspired by the tale of Guillaume Tell, EunB must stand still as an arrow is shot above her head. The arrows form kisses on the target - kisses of death. EunB clearly does not appreciate the exercise, as if she was forced into it.
Inspired by the tale of Guillaume Tell, EunB must stand still as an arrow is shot above her head.  EunB clearly does not appreciate the exercise, as if she was forced into it.

In the video, death is also represented using poison.

In this scene, we see a vial of poison turning a red apple yellow with black dots. This pattern will represent death throughout the rest of the video.
In this scene, we see a vial of poison turning a red apple yellow with black dots. This pattern will represent death throughout the rest of the video.
A poisonous frog, which is yellow with black dots, floats towards Zuny using black balloons (representing death).
A poisonous frog, which is yellow with black dots, floats towards Zuny using black balloons (representing death).
RiSe, the other member who died from the car crash, actually kisses the poisonous frog.
RiSe (the other member who died from the car crash) actually kisses the poisonous frog.
In this unsettling scene, a black tree branch (representing death) enters through a window to "offer" an apple.
In this unsettling scene, a black tree branch (representing death) enters through a window to “offer” an apple.

The video ends with a strange scene, and considering what happened to the RiSe, it becomes even more troubling. RiSe is indeed shown moving towards a wall on which there’s a black face.

The black face is surrounded by six arms pointing towards it.
The black face is surrounded by six arms pointing towards it.
If one connects the arms with lines, the symbol looks like the Seal of Solomon - giving the "death kiss" an occult, ritualistic aspect.
If one connects the arms with lines, the symbol looks like the Seal of Solomon, giving the “death kiss” an occult, ritualistic aspect.
The Seal of Solomon as depicted by occultist Eliphas Levi.
The Seal of Solomon as depicted by occultist Eliphas Levi.
In this scene, RiSe is sitting on a chair while she is "rolled" towards the wall with the black face that represents occult death. Strange fact : RiSe died after the van crashed into a wall.
In this scene, RiSe is sitting on a chair while she is “rolled” towards the wall. Strange fact: RiSe died after the van crashed into a wall.
The machine however stops because Zuny pulls the plug. Strange fact : RiSe died in the hospital several days after the crash and after several hours of brain surgery.
The machine, however, stops because Zuny pulls the plug. Strange fact: RiSe died in the hospital several days after the crash and after several hours of brain surgery. Was the plug pulled on her?

In Conclusion

The girl group Ladies’ Code was featured on Vigilant Citizen in 2013 because their video Hate You was replete with symbolism alluding to Illuminati mind control. A year later, two members of the group lose their lives in strange circumstances. Whether it is a classic case of synchronicity or a classic case of Illuminati “foreshadowing through symbolism”, Ladies’ Code’s last video was all about its members being “kissed by death” and symbolically flirting with their own demise. While several strange, symbolism-laden, celebrity deaths were covered on this site, it is the first time that such an occurrence happens in South Korea. One might, however, say that this kind of sick event was bound to happen as K-POP has been replete with Illuminati symbolism for years.

Illuminati control over an industry is not simply about surface style and symbols, there is a deeper, darker aspect involved with this. The death of EunB and RiSe might be proof of this.


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You become famous and you have to pay with your soul and your life. It's just not worth it. I love to sing dance dance and I am good at it. I danced in college and choreographed and I sing now at karaoke. Everyone tells me why don't you become professional. I don't want to deal with Hollywood. Not everyone there is bad, but the nature of the entertainment business, at its core, it's just not worth it to me.

Two beautiful young women, dead. For what? A little bit of fame and money? Not worth it.

That little bit of fame and money, well, that's just the outsiders view. There are more sides to it.
Those sides are the the reasons we are on this website, not just the fame and money of a few girsl and boys..unfortunate girls and boys.

Erica, did you not notice the part about them being mk ultra mind control slaves with multiple personalities? This means they were born into this and abused/programmed from an early age. They did not just give up their lives for a little fame and money, they are trapped and controlled and make very few actual decisions of consequence concerning their own lives usually. I still agree that fame is not worth it and I'm not condoning poor life choices by celebrities, but these mk ultra slaves are born into this, it's multigenerational and they have been under monarch mind control programming for the majority of their lives and it is extremely hard to break free. VC has great articles on mind control if you haven't read them.

I'm sorry, how do we know they were born into this, much less anyone else who becomes famous (at whatever age) and is then seemingly forced to propagate an agenda? Are all celebrities and singers born and bread MK ultra slaves? Maybe I'm just missing the history of these girl's childhood somewhere on here.

I understand the symbolism used in the videos and what it means, but isn't it possible that some of these victims are inserted there by default (through fame)? I think it's important to make a valid distinction between being born as a MK ultra slave vs. becoming one through the industry.

Yes, I have read the articles. Maybe some are born into this, it's true, but maybe not all. I do not know if Girl Code members were, do you? I believe in free will. God gives us free will and at some point when you become an adult you can exercise this and change your life. Even those in the most dire circumstances. That is my belief, maybe you disagree.

There are countless people who do quit the industry. It can be possible with faith and a strong will to break free. Miracles can happen.

That's why the video was called Kiss Kiss, instead of Kiss, or Kiss Kiss Kiss. Because only 2 members were to receive the Kiss of Death.

Also in that picture of EunB sitting in front of the Target Zone, notice not only does she have one eye covered, but her elbow is positioned to where it covers one eye of the demented looking face on her T-Shirt.

Hey! Anybody know anything about that face on that shirt? It appears as though more than one of the members is wearing it in this video

I don't know what it is but seems to Maleficent, and also reminded me of the face of the demon that appears in the movie The Exorcist.

I also noticed this face in the shirt. It´s so creepy…


Actually that face does appear to have an undead vibe to it. So its energy might actually be "In" the shirt so to speak

I have a severe color blindness called Achromatopsia. Can someone tell me what two colors the face on their t-shirt is made of. Is it Black t-shirt, yellowish/orange/gold face, and red eyes?

Yes the shirt is black with a yellowish / orange face with red eyes & lips on it.

I'm a South Korean with a doctor friend and he notified Rise's death to us 2 days prior to the official announcement. Was there a reason to keep it a secret for whole two days or did the medical staff decide she was in a hopeless state anyway? I dunno. Anyway, everyone seems to be in a grave shock because Rise practically rose to stardom while everyone could see her struggles and performances through auditioning programs. EunB is the youngest, and Rise was the most well-known member. Their deaths are no less than symbolic as tragic as they are.

I believe the related sacrifice was non-specifically communicated three weeks before actually?

Zuny is the youngest though, even she's singing "I’m the maknae who is prettier than the unnis" in "pretty pretty" ,and Sojung is also a bit more younger than EunB was

It gets more and more suspicious!

That's so sad 🙁 RIP Rise and EunB 🙁 I can't believe sacrifices started in Korea too 🙁 I believe this is triple sacrifice, how usually illuminati does sometims – after their car crash other TWO accidents happened: JB: "GOT7 member JB is the latest K-pop idol reported to be a car accident this week. JB or Im Jaebum’s van was hit by a city bus at 11PM on September 12. His stylist and manager were also in the van." Thankfully he didn't have any injuries. and Seungri: "Reports have emerged that BIGBANG Seungri’s car flipped over in a car accident this morning at 3:30AM KST. Seungri was driving his Porsche when he hit a Mercedes Benz in lane next to him. His car hit a guard rail and flipped over. Both Seungri and the other driver were transported to the hospital. Seungri received treatment and was able to go… Read more »
Kpop in general is full of symbolism. Kpop stars start training when they are kids and they are not allowed to have a GF or BF because they must live to please their fans, their handlers force them to have plastic surgery and sometimes they only sleep 2 or 3 hours a day because they have to work all the time A lot of the girls in kpop are sex slaves and thats why they use cat ears all the time (just like Ariana Grande), the boys are used for sex too and sometimes they force them to crossdress or use make up to make them look more feminine. This video of Ladies Code has a lot of symbolism, the man in the coffin was dead when the other girls kissed him but when its Eunbi´s turn he wakes up and he is the one who kissed her instead (this… Read more »

I posted your first article about them on twitter and Rise retweeted it. Not sure if she understood what the article was about.

Did u print it? u should post on VC community!

No I didn't even think about it until the second article now it doesn't show any more .

This happens far too often to be "just one of those things". Something sinister is happening to these people. And, it is tragic.

Definitely a ritual sacrifice by the elite.

It can't just be coincidence that the fruit that appears in the Kiss Kiss video is an apple. The Bible says You may eat of any fruit in the garden but if you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge you will surely die. The fruit of knowledge is always portrayed as an apple. Hence the black tree branch with apple.

In 'Kiss Kiss', the dead man wakes up and kisses EunB; unlike Ashley, EunB is kissed BY the dead man, BIG difference! RiSe kisses the poisoned/venomous frog. Also, the black figure on the wall has its eyes closed; it then opens its eyes, willing to kiss RiSe. Zuny pulls the plug, which prevents RiSe from kissing it but she still got effected. Both EunB and RiSe perished and lost their lives!

Lastly, a frame of the video shows the conveyor belt and five wheels and a half. The next frame shows three wheels and a half; the minivan has lost one of its four wheels. Maybe the video director subconsciously knew of the accident and subsequently implanted such symbols in the video. Maybe it was a very well planned sacrifice but all of it is not mere coincidence.

their "Pretty Pretty" MV has been released EXACTLY one year before this accident happened , where theyre singing "take it to the move, you know you're not alive"
also for their Inkigayo comeback performance for pretty pretty (130908), RiSe and EunB wore a really strange dress-thing over their actual outfits ,Sojung, which got injured seriously, also wore a small version-part of that strange outfit-thing, while Ashley and Zuny didnt wore such a thing at all..

Man this is so f***king creepy like my skin just crawled from reading this article. Like how & why would you just take a person/people life like that. The fact that Vc always has proof to support thier claim really leaves you speechless.

That f**king sinister!
So sorry for these two girls, very sad. 🙁

VC already analyzed Hate You and Kiss Kiss. There is another song of theirs that has an equally disturbing video: So Wonderful. It features a girl or mannequin lying still and wrapped in plastic, reminiscent of a murder victim in a body bag (or the body of an accident victim waiting to be autopsied…). It has a long scene of a man seemingly repairing a broken mannequin, but at times it looks like he is embalming a young woman instead. All very disturbing stuff. Serious road traffic accidents are sadly very common in the kpop industry, due to very tight schedules all over the country, sometimes clocking several hundreds of miles a day, driver fatigue and poor driving conditions. Even so, it's hard not to speculate about the disturbing imagery of so many of their videos in light of this tragic accident. RIP EunBi and RiSae, I truly hope you're… Read more »

there is also this to keep in mind: if invited on to a kpop tv show the group must show up on time or they are banned from it.
on a dark night after only 2hrs of sleep I almost went through a red light myself. avoid driving drowsy!


Not sure why nobody has commented on what is the actual ladies code which is obvious within the First/last capital letters within names (occultists love anagrams, of course).
Bune is the demon of burial (appropriately wrt the video) the 26th of the 72 spirits of Solomon
Seir (also spelt Seere and Sear) is also a seal of solomon which appears in the Goethe who is the seventh spirit

Both are readily invocable by occultists and exorcists

I was curious as to why they had certain letters capitalized in their stage names. Thank you for sharing your insight!


Thanks Elise!! I was wondering the same thing! You just gave me something else to do a little research on!

Coffin, wall, plug. Hit the wall, pull the plug, coffin. Is life art? Is art life? If it's true, it's horribly sad. If the industry faked the deaths, it's a cruel thing to do to the fans. Can someone help me understand why, K-pop, which is Asian/Korean use European mythology symbols?

B/C globally the west is still in charge. Not for long though…hopefully

Thanks eastmeetswest, I'm kind a slow sometimes. Of course, they use Euro myths as well as several current American and Euro music in order to sell more! Duh.

It's very likely these two were more aware and therefore unwilling to be controlled than their American counterparts who are much more willing to do anything for fame and fortune. Unfortunately dumb-downed Americans seeking FAME (False Admiration Masking Evil) are easy to manipulate.

The more they resisted and became increasingly aware of their predicament and the 'sacrifices' they were going to have to make probably made it very easy for their handlers to decide they were no longer valuable.

Perhaps there are some interviews by them that may give us hints as to what was happening. Example, Katy Perry admitting she sold her soul, or Amy Winehouse saying she was being forced into a 'pyramid'.

The problem with the Amy interview was that she seemed beaten up by life at that stage and not in a frame of mind that could be relied upon in a serious context. She almost spoke of it as an afterthought referring to a hallucination. I would not say she was particularly against them, she was defenselessly wrecked by her own addictions. However, her minders certainly come across as possible handlers. Last week, in an interview, her mother described the last time she paid her a visit. The minder had apparently lifted the inebriated Amy out of her wrecked home and washed and bathed her and combed her hair (her mother wrote that the stench of alcohol was still unbearable). The minder carried her down to her mother in her semi-lifeless state. It is hard to know the power balance of the illuminati drug cartels to her own tendency to… Read more »

Seems to me EunB and RiSe were perfectly obedient but still got sacrificed for some reason. See, EunB and RiSe did *everything* they were asked to do in 'Hate You' and 'Kiss Kiss'. See the way EunB covers her eye? Was it all her idea?

Do you have any connection on what might have happened with the G.R.L girl? Apparently she committed suicide, just a few days after their first number one, there's been a lot of hush on it

Noway she committed suicide.
Simon Cowell is their manager…see was a sweet girl…i met her and she and the entire group seemed grounded…
But a sacrifice?
I predict GRL will be more popular than ever. And like I said , they were great, when we meet them…sweet.

simon cowell isn't their manager, its doctor luke who was managing this group..but yeah simon do have a currently popular girl group under his label

Crazy s**t VC. thanks for keeping me informed. love you.

Like the cleaning of a house , it never ends !
Interesting article vc

;( those flowers around EunBe look oddly sexual and kinda phallic too… How do they get away with this stuff? Couldn't someone tell the police and investigate – who gave them the car? Why is the video soo suspect – they couldn't just dismiss it.. Maybe they were killed to scare the other band members

Just glad that you posted this here. It's sad how these two girls were Christian. I didn't know until one pastor posted meaning of their mv in his blog. People replied that their company's owner is also Christian and many entertainers in this company are also Christian (some are famous). I even was shocked and thought it's too early to make a decision about this accident since Rise didn't die soon. She was famous from MBC's 1st audition program called Star Audition seaon 1. That's why many were sadden to her story. Honestly this group wasn't that famous and even member Eunbi's dream was that their song reaches #1 on the chart. But they did reached #1 as many fans and people listened to their song "I'm Fine Thank You" It really broke my heart when I saw the article that how Eunbi's dream came true. I even wonder why… Read more »

Am I the only one who think the video is a reference to snow white? Instead of the kiss that bring life maybe it's the kiss that bring death? Just a thought.