Was the Death of K-POP Stars EunB and RiSe Foreshadowed in Their Last Video?


Two members of the popular K-POP band Ladies’ Code tragically lost their lives in a car crash on September 3rd. The imagery of their last video depicted them literally flirting with death. Were they the first Illuminati sacrifices in K-POP?


In 2013, I posted an article entitled A-JAX and Ladies’ Code: Two Blatant Examples of Mind Control Culture in K-Pop in which I analyzed Ladies’ Code’s Hate You – a music video that was all about Illuminati mind control and sadistic handlers. The disturbing imagery of the video was yet another proof that the South Korean music industry was subjected to the same sick Illuminati agenda as in the Western world.

The video portrayed the singers as puppets with strings controlled by unseen handlers.
The video portrayed the singers as puppets with strings controlled by unseen handlers.
Dolls representing multiple personalities; markings on the wall indicating forced confinement; a butterfly flashing for a split second : All symbols alluding to Monarch Programming.
Dolls representing multiple personalities; Markings on the wall indicating forced confinement; A butterfly flashing for a split second: All of these symbols alluded to Monarch Programming.

One year later, two members of the group lost their lives in a violent car crash.

Police inspector Lee Ho-dong told the Associated Press that the crash happened when band were returning to the South Korean capital after filming a TV appearance in the south-eastern city of Daegu.

The van driver was treated for a minor injury before being questioned and may have been speeding on a wet road to meet a tight schedule, Mr Lee said.

“We are investigating the exact cause of the accident,” he said. “But it’s difficult because the highway section where the crash occurred did not have a closed-circuit television camera.”

He added that a camera from inside the van had been sent to the National Forensic Service.
– BBC News, Ladies’ Code singer Rise dies after crash

Singer EunB lost her life at the crash site while RiSe passed away a few days later, after hours of intensive surgery.

Shortly after the car crash, a few strange facts surfaced, causing some observers to believe that the van used by Ladies’ Code was sabotaged. First, the van was not the group’s usual vehicle but a rental that was “used for the first time”. Second, the airbags did not deploy. Finally, a wheel completely flew off from the vehicle. This is a rare occurrence, especially with recent vehicles.

Pictures of the van used by Ladies' Code. One of the rear wheels completely flew off the vehicle.
Pictures of the van used by Ladies’ Code. One of the wheels completely flew off the vehicle.

While this entire event can be written off as an unfortunate accident, there are signs of it being a pre-planned Illuminati sacrifice. The most troubling of these signs is the group’s latest video Kiss Kiss which clearly gives the group a kiss … of death.

Does Kiss Kiss Foreshadow the Tragedy?

Although the lyrics of the song Kiss Kiss are kissing a boy, the video gives the song a darker meaning: It is about, literally, the kiss of death. Released less than a month before the tragedy that killed singers EunB and RiSe, the video portrays members of the group exposed to death in several ways. Here are key scenes from the video.

The video begins with the members of Ladies’ Code visiting a dead man lying inside a casket. The girls oddly act as if they are attracted to him. Later in the video, each member visits the dead guy and attempt to kiss him (why?). When EunB (one of the two singers who died in the car crash) visits the man, he gets up and kisses her.

EunB litterally receives the kiss of death. She lost her life one month after the release of this video.
EunB literally receives the kiss of death. She lost her life one month after the release of this video.

In another scene, EunB is shown sitting in front of a target while arrows are shot at her.

EunB doing the Illuminati One-Eye sign while arrows are shot at her.
EunB does the Illuminati One-Eye sign while arrows are shot at her.
Inspired by the tale of Guillaume Tell, EunB must stand still as an arrow is shot above her head. The arrows form kisses on the target - kisses of death. EunB clearly does not appreciate the exercise, as if she was forced into it.
Inspired by the tale of Guillaume Tell, EunB must stand still as an arrow is shot above her head.  EunB clearly does not appreciate the exercise, as if she was forced into it.

In the video, death is also represented using poison.

In this scene, we see a vial of poison turning a red apple yellow with black dots. This pattern will represent death throughout the rest of the video.
In this scene, we see a vial of poison turning a red apple yellow with black dots. This pattern will represent death throughout the rest of the video.
A poisonous frog, which is yellow with black dots, floats towards Zuny using black balloons (representing death).
A poisonous frog, which is yellow with black dots, floats towards Zuny using black balloons (representing death).
RiSe, the other member who died from the car crash, actually kisses the poisonous frog.
RiSe (the other member who died from the car crash) actually kisses the poisonous frog.
In this unsettling scene, a black tree branch (representing death) enters through a window to "offer" an apple.
In this unsettling scene, a black tree branch (representing death) enters through a window to “offer” an apple.

The video ends with a strange scene, and considering what happened to the RiSe, it becomes even more troubling. RiSe is indeed shown moving towards a wall on which there’s a black face.

The black face is surrounded by six arms pointing towards it.
The black face is surrounded by six arms pointing towards it.
If one connects the arms with lines, the symbol looks like the Seal of Solomon - giving the "death kiss" an occult, ritualistic aspect.
If one connects the arms with lines, the symbol looks like the Seal of Solomon, giving the “death kiss” an occult, ritualistic aspect.
The Seal of Solomon as depicted by occultist Eliphas Levi.
The Seal of Solomon as depicted by occultist Eliphas Levi.
In this scene, RiSe is sitting on a chair while she is "rolled" towards the wall with the black face that represents occult death. Strange fact : RiSe died after the van crashed into a wall.
In this scene, RiSe is sitting on a chair while she is “rolled” towards the wall. Strange fact: RiSe died after the van crashed into a wall.
The machine however stops because Zuny pulls the plug. Strange fact : RiSe died in the hospital several days after the crash and after several hours of brain surgery.
The machine, however, stops because Zuny pulls the plug. Strange fact: RiSe died in the hospital several days after the crash and after several hours of brain surgery. Was the plug pulled on her?

In Conclusion

The girl group Ladies’ Code was featured on Vigilant Citizen in 2013 because their video Hate You was replete with symbolism alluding to Illuminati mind control. A year later, two members of the group lose their lives in strange circumstances. Whether it is a classic case of synchronicity or a classic case of Illuminati “foreshadowing through symbolism”, Ladies’ Code’s last video was all about its members being “kissed by death” and symbolically flirting with their own demise. While several strange, symbolism-laden, celebrity deaths were covered on this site, it is the first time that such an occurrence happens in South Korea. One might, however, say that this kind of sick event was bound to happen as K-POP has been replete with Illuminati symbolism for years.

Illuminati control over an industry is not simply about surface style and symbols, there is a deeper, darker aspect involved with this. The death of EunB and RiSe might be proof of this.


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You become famous and you have to pay with your soul and your life. It's just not worth it. I love to sing dance dance and I am good at it. I danced in college and choreographed and I sing now at karaoke. Everyone tells me why don't you become professional. I don't want to deal with Hollywood. Not everyone there is bad, but the nature of the entertainment business, at its core, it's just not worth it to me.

Two beautiful young women, dead. For what? A little bit of fame and money? Not worth it.

Erica, did you not notice the part about them being mk ultra mind control slaves with multiple personalities? This means they were born into this and abused/programmed from an early age. They did not just give up their lives for a little fame and money, they are trapped and controlled and make very few actual decisions of consequence concerning their own lives usually. I still agree that fame is not worth it and I'm not condoning poor life choices by celebrities, but these mk ultra slaves are born into this, it's multigenerational and they have been under monarch mind control programming for the majority of their lives and it is extremely hard to break free. VC has great articles on mind control if you haven't read them.

Yes, I have read the articles. Maybe some are born into this, it's true, but maybe not all. I do not know if Girl Code members were, do you? I believe in free will. God gives us free will and at some point when you become an adult you can exercise this and change your life. Even those in the most dire circumstances. That is my belief, maybe you disagree.

There are countless people who do quit the industry. It can be possible with faith and a strong will to break free. Miracles can happen.

I'm sorry, how do we know they were born into this, much less anyone else who becomes famous (at whatever age) and is then seemingly forced to propagate an agenda? Are all celebrities and singers born and bread MK ultra slaves? Maybe I'm just missing the history of these girl's childhood somewhere on here.

I understand the symbolism used in the videos and what it means, but isn't it possible that some of these victims are inserted there by default (through fame)? I think it's important to make a valid distinction between being born as a MK ultra slave vs. becoming one through the industry.

That little bit of fame and money, well, that's just the outsiders view. There are more sides to it.
Those sides are the the reasons we are on this website, not just the fame and money of a few girsl and boys..unfortunate girls and boys.

That's why the video was called Kiss Kiss, instead of Kiss, or Kiss Kiss Kiss. Because only 2 members were to receive the Kiss of Death.

Also in that picture of EunB sitting in front of the Target Zone, notice not only does she have one eye covered, but her elbow is positioned to where it covers one eye of the demented looking face on her T-Shirt.

Hey! Anybody know anything about that face on that shirt? It appears as though more than one of the members is wearing it in this video

I have a severe color blindness called Achromatopsia. Can someone tell me what two colors the face on their t-shirt is made of. Is it Black t-shirt, yellowish/orange/gold face, and red eyes?

Yes the shirt is black with a yellowish / orange face with red eyes & lips on it.

I also noticed this face in the shirt. It´s so creepy…


Actually that face does appear to have an undead vibe to it. So its energy might actually be "In" the shirt so to speak

I don't know what it is but seems to Maleficent, and also reminded me of the face of the demon that appears in the movie The Exorcist.

I'm a South Korean with a doctor friend and he notified Rise's death to us 2 days prior to the official announcement. Was there a reason to keep it a secret for whole two days or did the medical staff decide she was in a hopeless state anyway? I dunno. Anyway, everyone seems to be in a grave shock because Rise practically rose to stardom while everyone could see her struggles and performances through auditioning programs. EunB is the youngest, and Rise was the most well-known member. Their deaths are no less than symbolic as tragic as they are.

It gets more and more suspicious!

Zuny is the youngest though, even she's singing "I’m the maknae who is prettier than the unnis" in "pretty pretty" ,and Sojung is also a bit more younger than EunB was

I believe the related sacrifice was non-specifically communicated three weeks before actually?

That's so sad 🙁 RIP Rise and EunB 🙁 I can't believe sacrifices started in Korea too 🙁 I believe this is triple sacrifice, how usually illuminati does sometims – after their car crash other TWO accidents happened: JB: "GOT7 member JB is the latest K-pop idol reported to be a car accident this week. JB or Im Jaebum’s van was hit by a city bus at 11PM on September 12. His stylist and manager were also in the van." Thankfully he didn't have any injuries. and Seungri: "Reports have emerged that BIGBANG Seungri’s car flipped over in a car accident this morning at 3:30AM KST. Seungri was driving his Porsche when he hit a Mercedes Benz in lane next to him. His car hit a guard rail and flipped over. Both Seungri and the other driver were transported to the hospital. Seungri received treatment and was able to go… Read more »

This happens far too often to be "just one of those things". Something sinister is happening to these people. And, it is tragic.

I posted your first article about them on twitter and Rise retweeted it. Not sure if she understood what the article was about.

Did u print it? u should post on VC community!

No I didn't even think about it until the second article now it doesn't show any more .

Definitely a ritual sacrifice by the elite.

Kpop in general is full of symbolism. Kpop stars start training when they are kids and they are not allowed to have a GF or BF because they must live to please their fans, their handlers force them to have plastic surgery and sometimes they only sleep 2 or 3 hours a day because they have to work all the time A lot of the girls in kpop are sex slaves and thats why they use cat ears all the time (just like Ariana Grande), the boys are used for sex too and sometimes they force them to crossdress or use make up to make them look more feminine. This video of Ladies Code has a lot of symbolism, the man in the coffin was dead when the other girls kissed him but when its Eunbi´s turn he wakes up and he is the one who kissed her instead (this… Read more »

It can't just be coincidence that the fruit that appears in the Kiss Kiss video is an apple. The Bible says You may eat of any fruit in the garden but if you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge you will surely die. The fruit of knowledge is always portrayed as an apple. Hence the black tree branch with apple.

In 'Kiss Kiss', the dead man wakes up and kisses EunB; unlike Ashley, EunB is kissed BY the dead man, BIG difference! RiSe kisses the poisoned/venomous frog. Also, the black figure on the wall has its eyes closed; it then opens its eyes, willing to kiss RiSe. Zuny pulls the plug, which prevents RiSe from kissing it but she still got effected. Both EunB and RiSe perished and lost their lives!

Lastly, a frame of the video shows the conveyor belt and five wheels and a half. The next frame shows three wheels and a half; the minivan has lost one of its four wheels. Maybe the video director subconsciously knew of the accident and subsequently implanted such symbols in the video. Maybe it was a very well planned sacrifice but all of it is not mere coincidence.

their "Pretty Pretty" MV has been released EXACTLY one year before this accident happened , where theyre singing "take it to the move, you know you're not alive"
also for their Inkigayo comeback performance for pretty pretty (130908), RiSe and EunB wore a really strange dress-thing over their actual outfits ,Sojung, which got injured seriously, also wore a small version-part of that strange outfit-thing, while Ashley and Zuny didnt wore such a thing at all..

Man this is so f***king creepy like my skin just crawled from reading this article. Like how & why would you just take a person/people life like that. The fact that Vc always has proof to support thier claim really leaves you speechless.

That f**king sinister!
So sorry for these two girls, very sad. 🙁

VC already analyzed Hate You and Kiss Kiss. There is another song of theirs that has an equally disturbing video: So Wonderful. It features a girl or mannequin lying still and wrapped in plastic, reminiscent of a murder victim in a body bag (or the body of an accident victim waiting to be autopsied…). It has a long scene of a man seemingly repairing a broken mannequin, but at times it looks like he is embalming a young woman instead. All very disturbing stuff. Serious road traffic accidents are sadly very common in the kpop industry, due to very tight schedules all over the country, sometimes clocking several hundreds of miles a day, driver fatigue and poor driving conditions. Even so, it's hard not to speculate about the disturbing imagery of so many of their videos in light of this tragic accident. RIP EunBi and RiSae, I truly hope you're… Read more »

there is also this to keep in mind: if invited on to a kpop tv show the group must show up on time or they are banned from it.
on a dark night after only 2hrs of sleep I almost went through a red light myself. avoid driving drowsy!


Not sure why nobody has commented on what is the actual ladies code which is obvious within the First/last capital letters within names (occultists love anagrams, of course).
Bune is the demon of burial (appropriately wrt the video) the 26th of the 72 spirits of Solomon
Seir (also spelt Seere and Sear) is also a seal of solomon which appears in the Goethe who is the seventh spirit

Both are readily invocable by occultists and exorcists

I was curious as to why they had certain letters capitalized in their stage names. Thank you for sharing your insight!


Thanks Elise!! I was wondering the same thing! You just gave me something else to do a little research on!

Coffin, wall, plug. Hit the wall, pull the plug, coffin. Is life art? Is art life? If it's true, it's horribly sad. If the industry faked the deaths, it's a cruel thing to do to the fans. Can someone help me understand why, K-pop, which is Asian/Korean use European mythology symbols?

B/C globally the west is still in charge. Not for long though…hopefully

Thanks eastmeetswest, I'm kind a slow sometimes. Of course, they use Euro myths as well as several current American and Euro music in order to sell more! Duh.

It's very likely these two were more aware and therefore unwilling to be controlled than their American counterparts who are much more willing to do anything for fame and fortune. Unfortunately dumb-downed Americans seeking FAME (False Admiration Masking Evil) are easy to manipulate.

The more they resisted and became increasingly aware of their predicament and the 'sacrifices' they were going to have to make probably made it very easy for their handlers to decide they were no longer valuable.

Perhaps there are some interviews by them that may give us hints as to what was happening. Example, Katy Perry admitting she sold her soul, or Amy Winehouse saying she was being forced into a 'pyramid'.

Seems to me EunB and RiSe were perfectly obedient but still got sacrificed for some reason. See, EunB and RiSe did *everything* they were asked to do in 'Hate You' and 'Kiss Kiss'. See the way EunB covers her eye? Was it all her idea?

The problem with the Amy interview was that she seemed beaten up by life at that stage and not in a frame of mind that could be relied upon in a serious context. She almost spoke of it as an afterthought referring to a hallucination. I would not say she was particularly against them, she was defenselessly wrecked by her own addictions. However, her minders certainly come across as possible handlers. Last week, in an interview, her mother described the last time she paid her a visit. The minder had apparently lifted the inebriated Amy out of her wrecked home and washed and bathed her and combed her hair (her mother wrote that the stench of alcohol was still unbearable). The minder carried her down to her mother in her semi-lifeless state. It is hard to know the power balance of the illuminati drug cartels to her own tendency to… Read more »

Do you have any connection on what might have happened with the G.R.L girl? Apparently she committed suicide, just a few days after their first number one, there's been a lot of hush on it

Noway she committed suicide.
Simon Cowell is their manager…see was a sweet girl…i met her and she and the entire group seemed grounded…
But a sacrifice?
I predict GRL will be more popular than ever. And like I said , they were great, when we meet them…sweet.

simon cowell isn't their manager, its doctor luke who was managing this group..but yeah simon do have a currently popular girl group under his label

Crazy s**t VC. thanks for keeping me informed. love you.

Like the cleaning of a house , it never ends !
Interesting article vc

;( those flowers around EunBe look oddly sexual and kinda phallic too… How do they get away with this stuff? Couldn't someone tell the police and investigate – who gave them the car? Why is the video soo suspect – they couldn't just dismiss it.. Maybe they were killed to scare the other band members

Just glad that you posted this here. It's sad how these two girls were Christian. I didn't know until one pastor posted meaning of their mv in his blog. People replied that their company's owner is also Christian and many entertainers in this company are also Christian (some are famous). I even was shocked and thought it's too early to make a decision about this accident since Rise didn't die soon. She was famous from MBC's 1st audition program called Star Audition seaon 1. That's why many were sadden to her story. Honestly this group wasn't that famous and even member Eunbi's dream was that their song reaches #1 on the chart. But they did reached #1 as many fans and people listened to their song "I'm Fine Thank You" It really broke my heart when I saw the article that how Eunbi's dream came true. I even wonder why… Read more »

Am I the only one who think the video is a reference to snow white? Instead of the kiss that bring life maybe it's the kiss that bring death? Just a thought.

harvest moon sacrifice?

Not sure if someone mentioned it, but the same thing happened in Josie & The Pussycats, a favorite of the occult elite.

In Eminem video " Like toy soldiers" Eminem best friends got shoot. (He is also his best friend in real live).

Fiew months later… the same guy got shoot in real life…

All on this in a song talking about the sacrifice of a soldier…Just listen to the lyrics while knowing about Eminem best friend sacrifice… it's creepy…

Definitely an illuminate sacrifice imo. How weird is it that they say when these celebs are "sacrificed" they always die in 3's. That other girl from that G.R.L band committed suicide and then these two = 3 and they died on the 3rd of September. Probably a sacrifice for the Harvest season. The Kiss of Death – look at her Lip print top and the lips on the black and white spiral trance pattern. She also kisses the frog a reference to the story of the "Princess and the Frog".

3 people died in the accidet. 2 girls and their manager

The manager did not die. That was an errant report which is untrue.

Did you notice the lips on the black and white target contain an eye? This ever present eye symbolism is creepy and predictable.

Well, I agree with you, the lips seems to have a little eye inside… But if you look closer, they are just little holes made by the arrows… But looks a lot with eyes!

The target also seems to display a duality spiral, which is ubiquitous in the industry as well.

in the hate you videos, an X is over some of them../is that another predictive programming?

i notice thes ame thig, also, RiSe and eunB were wearing white clothes and be marked with X i was pretty sure that eunB was the most programed one, acctually she was the first who died and in the kiss kiss video she was the mode exposed at deadly simbolyc issues, rise was a sacrifice too but i'm pretty sure that eun B was programed to be murdered.
I was sure that this was an illuminati sacrifice even before to read this, guess i was right. Teh keys are tje hate you and kiss kiss videos. And i'm pretty sure the will not the last. They always tell us about their plans same way as the did here. We have to pay attention.

The William Tell myth is deeply esoteric and may go back to the mythology of the Near or Middle East. Idries Shah claimed it was a Sufi teaching story. It falls in the category of the 'master shot' type of story, which is a symbol of a divinely guided strike. I remember reading a version of that kind of story that was Islamic and a hero has to shoot a parrot – I believe it was from Moorish Spain, I'll try to find it online. There is an older version of the same theme in William Tell in a story called Palnatoki in the Gesta Danorum, one of the earliest Danish literary works.

I found the story I was thinking of. It's actually Persian, and it's called Bath Badgerd, which translates to something like The Castle of Nothingness, very Sufi. It's analyzed in the Jungian book Individuation in Faerytales by Marie Louise Von Franz. Basically the hero has to shoot a parrot that represents something like material illusion, and he can only do so when he closes his eyes and trusts God to guide his hand. It influenced a story from Moorish Spain called The White Parrot, also in the same collection. It's a very interesting book for anyone interested in archetypal psychology.

"Whether it is a classic case of synchronicity or a classic case of Illuminati “foreshadowing through symbolism”, Ladies’ Code’s last video was all about its members being “kissed by death” and symbolically flirting with their own demise" I'm worried that Vigilant Citizen makes this "synchronicity" disclaimer out of peer pressure from the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, and Mark Dice, who insist that anyone entertaining Illuminati Celebrity Sacrifice rituals, are part of a Conspiracy Theorist Absolutist Lunatic Fringe (Paul Joseph Watson's words verbatim). Never mind that Celebrity Sacrifice Rituals are one of the most profoundly obvious applications of NWO and Illuminati in modern day society, outside of obvious engineered crises used for War Propaganda. Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson don't want you to look at the evidence. They invoke Carl Jung's Synchronicity premise to explain all the coincidences, and urge you to stay away from the evidences, by releasing… Read more »

Mark Dice is a bully! It shocks me to see how hard he tries to discredit people who question events. If he denies it was a ritual, whatever happened, he also has to explain why he thinks it was not a ritual. But just because he laughs at people's stupidity does not mean he has given a logical answer. Maybe he is actually bullying himself, he definitely has an issue! I think is very personal to him.

I doubt he is. It is just to avoid foul mouth making a video about him discrediting his work. You know the game, posting online videos discrediting the truther credentials of others who previously posted online videos thereby undermining all the good work collectively; ironically, their own too.

Couldn't say it better myself. VC has been invoking the "synchronicity" clause a lot more in recent articles whereas he was much more bold in past years regarding the Illuminati agenda. Paul Joseph Watson used to be more bold about it as well. But the spotlight shines more brightly on Watson these days with Alex Jones' star rising and thus I wonder if he fears being labeled a kook.

I sure hope VC is not caving to that same fear.

Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson are gatekeepers. I can't even listen to Mark Dice anymore, because not only does he mock brain dead sheeple public, instead of helping them. But he also craps on actual conspiracy researchers, who have taken the time to research. I suspect Alex Jones is to a certain extent as well. They will reveal much info to a certain extent, but they wont touch on the Zionist or Luciferian agenda that much.. Maybe they have gotten their marching orders, not to touch such issues, or maybe they practice and partake in the bloodletting too? Who knows..,

All in All, I trust Vigilant and others who research MK Ultra and SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and blood sacrifice more so, for their work has opened up why the elite do such things, and not just the how..

Me neither. I have never really got stuck into them but in every one I have come across in passing MD is really condescending and hateful towards the victims of the handlers he is ironically claiming to be exposing. You almost get the impression that he was a failed handler himself in a past life. He actually makes Alex look gentlemanly!

Whether Watson and Dice invoke Jungian Synchroncity is beside the point. After all, presumably none of us believe what we believe based on "authority."

Personally I don't see a conflict. Sometimes it's Synchronicity. Sometimes it Illuminati behind the scenes shennanigans. Both can exist side by side. Merely saying that one exists doesn't mean that the other doesn't.

The key is to exercise one's own judgement on a case by case basis.

If someone were to say, "Nothing is ever Illuminati shennanigans!" then, yes, I would definitely be suspicious.

Imiss eun b

wow I thought this was an honest accident… this is so sick and sad

I guess they gotta advertise "we can kill anyone anywhere with impunity" or people would leak info on these MFers!

Interesting fact: the little circles below the girl (in the scene where she is moving towards the wall with the black face) are, according to Freeman Fly, the mark of the beast.

Well they do look like X 's that could mean she's gonna be X 'd out soon.

Jesus this is horrifying.

I'd like to research the use of symbolism and imagery, and how/why our subconscious minds are receptive to it while our conscious minds are often unaware. I don't just mean with this VC stuff, but also how it is used in marketing and advertising and Jungian philosophy. I read recently that Stanley Kubrick was very influenced by this kind of thing and that's possibly why the imagery in his films is so effective. Can anyone please recommend some books for me to start with, or even any courses teaching this stuff. It's endlessly fascinating. I think a lot of what is reported on VC is conjecture and open to subjective interpretation, and I don't really "buy" the whole illuminati stuff (without wishing to draw a debate), although some of the imagery is very powerful and does make me wonder "WHY was that editorial choice made? and WHAT is the meaning… Read more »
Ell, my explanation will not be very popular, but think about it for 60 seconds… Symbolism is nothing more than a form of comunication dedicated to hide information in plain view. Symbolism in its intrinsic form has nothing magic or supernatural about it, its just another language. Symbolic language can serve to hide information in plain view and also to make the reader think, that way the information retrieved by the reader will have much more value. You can see this on the bible for example, symbolism all over it, dont commit the mistake of interpret the bible literally, you will retrieve nothing more than insanity… One very popular mistake is to think that a symbol only has ONE meaning, wrong! Fire for example can depict sexual behaviour, purification, cleansing, the user of the symbol decides the meaning. You can tell that you going to wash your trousers with a… Read more »
That's interesting, thanks for your reply. (Re. Caps below, I'm not shouting, just highlighting!) I agree that symbols have many meanings and is just another form of language. However, I'm not sure I agree that symbols are specifically designed to HIDE information in plain sight. Symbols for their most part are designed to COMMUNICATE mundane, daily information such as where I can park my car and where the nearest hospital is. This is an ATM. There is a telephone over here. I read a thread here the other day about symbols used in company branding, i.e. several car companies using the "spreaded wings" symbol. This was interesting and of course companies and advertisers use certain colours and images to do one thing: MAKE US BUY THEIR PRODUCT. They're not trying to turn us into slaves. They're trying to make us HAND OVER OUR MONEY. I guess what I'm interested in… Read more »

Yes, symbols were not specificaly designed to hide information, but symbols CAN HIDE information and they HIDE information.

About advertising symbols, companies use them in order to achieve one of their goals, profit, our money yes.
But what if there is an hidden agenda? What if is not only our money these companies are after?
Who or what control the companies…? The answer may be on symbols…

The death of these 2 korean girls was a ritual, you need to announce the ritual beforehand, more people watching, or in the know, more energy gathered…
The videoclip was the announcement of the ritual, but only those that have the right key to the symbology used, understood what was going happen.
Now, who made the ritual? There is an old saying: "Follow the money…"

9/11 was a ritual too, many annoucements were made… 😉
Follow the money…

What a load of tosh. It has been amply proven that beyond $10m money stops mattering and actually incrementally reduces your happiness. It is certainly not important to the elite.

I was writing about money spent…

Gather 10M, if you start feeling sad you are Gandhi my friend… 😉

hi Ell, You should read "Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own" by Neil Sanders, you can also find some of his Radio and TV appearances on youtube .he's not a religious kind of guy, just a researcher in psychology and media studies.

Thanks, Ga-in, sounds interesting. Will pick it up.

I dont want you to feel like Im giving 'steps' to do it, I'm just resuming what I've done, and maybe it works for you too, ok? =) Weel, I think you should start looking for mind control movies here on VC. He has a review for thousands of them. I recommend to keep reading VC (lol buts true), look in previous years and different topics. Search for pattern, not only in symbols, but meaning of clips, songs, movies, what the impacts in the world/culture/minds etc. You''ll see they all use the same pattern, but in different artists, with the same ''goal''. Just keep studying and read the bible! Lord gives us wisdom ''for free'', ask for it, search for a relationship with Him. Don't freak out and start losing yourself, keep focus,searching and praying a lot! I already read : Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's… Read more »

thats me, there is the lord of the bible and then there is the Creator…
The lord of the bible dont give much wisdom…

And do not forget to look around you in your daily life, as the symbolism used by plocal entrepeneurs and politic minded folk is already widespread. At least in Europe… You will recognise that the linked people have linked ideas and use big words for small changes, to hide the background of small print.

Ell, I think you can find all the titles as PDFs if you do a search.
I've read Thank you for the memories and it's really eye-opening!

Thanks, ean, will take a look.

Thanks for the tips.

I've ordered "Subliminal: The New Unconscious and What it Teaches Us" by Leonard Mlodinow which may be interesting.

I'll read some reviews of the books you recommended.

Will politely decline the bible and prayer though, lol.

Ok, I'll pray for you then 🙂

Good research!

Oh, none of the books I read are nooooooooooooot about religion, and theres no need to be a christian to read it 🙂 Hope you like it

Thanks 🙂

keep looking and learning…you will see.

great article as always VC, I'm truly impressed.

VC, a public favor and acquittance for Muslims who are being persecuted for a something they didn't commit, can you do a 9/11 article showing who was really behind the attacks? And why they were Carrie out? Why the war on Islam as well…

Is it because we identify the one eyes messiah?

We here are all on the same team no matter our religion; the same people who own the music industry/Hollywood also run the media and governments, so consider the sources when it comes to Islam.

Many thanks VC yet again and peace to all 🙂

I'm sorry but it ain't fair to say NO Muslims were involved in 9/11… Al-Qaeda is an Islamic terrorist group, just like ISIS and ISIL.

As patsies yes, but these are obviously all Mossad ops. The problem arises because mainstream Islam is a corrupted religion from the off and there are many factions that do privately or publicly support the terrorist stance and are quite happy to be used in such a way. In the end times, the King Messiah will offer the Muslim majority the chance to accept the uncorrupted version of their faith which has been kept from them for generations.

Are you serious Elise? you too as well?

Have you learned nothing from this site?

What right do you have to call my religion corrupt? All you know about Islam is what u have been fed by the Zionists…

How many Millions were persecuted and killed by the Church over the course of centuries? i though so…

Now do i go and say Christianity is corrupt? of course not, irespect and love him just as i do Muhammad… you know why? because that is what my holy book instructs me to do… Shame on some people who call themselves Christians…

To each his own i guess.

If you love the Prophet then you would also love and accept his lineage, not just the family members that have been approved by the mainstream faction. We await the return of the Mahdi who will show the majority of Muslims where they went wrong.

Elise, please enlighten me. How will the returned Mahdi show the majority of Muslims where they went wrong?

Katie the only way to learn about Islam and the only thing you can trust is the Quran…Elise obviously has a hidden agenda.

No I don't. But since our religions are essentially so different and I have not claimed them to be the same at any point then don't you agree that it is rude to criticize my beliefs and denigrate my faith any more than if you were to do so in relation to a post by a Christian? It is what works for myself and my immediate family and what we are sticking with so what does that have to do with you personally or have I missed something?

Elise, mainstream Islam only exists on television and your head, therefore dont exist.
If you truly understand what i wrote you will learn that many things you wrote so far are wrong.

Tarikko, i wish Vigilant Citizen creates an article about 9/11 too, it was a massive ritual, but also served economic interests.

The Sunni ideology is pretty consistent across most of the Muslim world. I don't understand what you wrote, I don't want to learn from you and I don't appreciate being dismissed as wrong by someone who has made no positive contribution to any discussion to date. You remind me of my dad actually. If he came on VC (strictly by accident), he would choose a name such as yours, create an air of mystery and believe that he was getting everyone thinking differently (just for his own amusement). Then he would go back to the usual silver surfing activities.

Elise is selling shia propaganda

More like you are selling sunni propoganda? Why does your religion not make any sense. You follow people who killed the family of your prophet in terribly gruesome ways at Karbala.

and moreover, you know that makes no sense at all. There is no credible justification for cherry picking between members of the Abrahamic lineage. You clearly have a lot to learn. My other half is an enlightened man and he has tangible proof that the Shia are right from the source. I would never become Sunni ever.

"Finally, I don not dabble in the occult. When did I say that or are you trying to put words into my mouth?"

Didnt you say your other half is a Jinn Master? care to elaborate? isnt that what the occult is about? dealing with Jinn?

You didn't answer my questions yet again.

Still waiting

Well, as much as I adore him, we have not fused into one human being. Jinn masters redirect the tortured Jinn back towards God by directing them into repentance. Unless you have those powers vested in you by God, you would probably not understand.

They also remove the influence of black magic and demonic possession to bring people back to the true faith. You don't seem to understand their purpose.

I both answered yours and posed some questions to you. I await a reply.This should be interesting.

El ise, im going to tell you what black magic is:

Something you dont understand.

If you understand magic, it stops being magic, in other words, magic doesnt exist…
Many charlatans across the centuries gained money with "magic"…

I am not sure to which of my points you are responding. I disagree anyway because there is the original magic of Babylon which has modern strains which is all fully functional many centuries later. How would you be in a position to refute that? Arguably if it were encoded in DNA but not encoded within yours then you could not. All hypothetical of course!

No El ise, the original magic of Babylon, as you call it, was science…
The world was a bit diferent in those times…
If you lived on Babylon on those times and you were a practicioner of the so called "magic", you wouldnt call it "magic" but something else.

By the way, about Jinn, one word:


I bet you tell yourself that so you can fall asleep easily at night. If only you knew what I did you would never delude ys into believing most of your own assertions!

I dont need to tell it to myself every night, i already know it.

You see, when you do "magic" actually you are controling atoms, light, a number of partícles…

The world is not what you think it is El ise, i've been trying to explain it…

that's okay Endo.Other than what i believe to be the relevant scriptures, I gain all my spiritual knowledge from one man and I am happy to leave it at that even if it qualifies me as blind or inept in your eyes. There is no point attempting to enlighten me on your terms. None whatsoever.

Its not my terms, its universal terms.

You wrote that you come from a luciferian background, please tell me, what is lucifer?

She is still in a Luceferian background yet she doesnt know it

Insulting the Companions of the Prophet and his WIFE…

Worshiping Ali

Not accepting the Quran as the ultimate authority

Dealing with Jinn

Please don't get me wrong, to each his own. Just don't call yourself Muslim…

You are not only deceiving yourself, but also other people

Don't dictate to me what I should or should not call mysel;f. Your opening post earnestly sought the support of those outside your faith yet scratch beneath the surface and it is so obviously the usual Sunni hypocrisy of disliking anyone who holds differing views. Half of what you list there have been refuted as lies but you still regurgitate them

You are what is wrong with the 90%plus muslims who are Sunnis. Your religion emerged out of betrayal and bloodshed of innocent members of the family of the very same Prophet whom you profess to follow. Makes a lot of sense, right?

By the way, we follow the uncorrupted truth of the Quran, without the Sunni manipulated nonsense footnotes and word alterations. We believe in the power of the Mahdi, the Light who will return and reduce the Sunni faith into the dust. Of course, sunnis say that they await the Mahdi too albeit having killed most of his family, makes a lot of sense once again, right? You are not an illuminated man, you have not been given a special role by God like my other half to influence matters in the world and the world you (patently) cannot see. Accept this as your lot rather than denigrating people and beliefs lying beyond your line of vision.

You should be grateful to Mr VC for editing out the horrible insults you hurled at Shias wrt our marriage practices and general integrity. The world is realizing that the Shia are level headed and reliable and trustworthy bringing an obvious distinction to light. Most people are already aware of how your women indulge in the Western lifestyle on the quiet, duping their own families by putting the headscarves on once they step out into the public gaze. I have heard of drug abuse, abortions, fornication and many other things. Shia women are morally upright and never go down this route of duality.

Boy you are delusional… Come see the Shia women here in Beirut…

I dont wanna be dragged into this Sunni Shia conflict

I explained to you several times now. I am MUSLIM.

My prophets are Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Noah…

My book? The Quran.

I dont care what happened 1500 years ago, i didnt participate in any killings. Since you wanna talk about it, you know the Shias are the ones who abandoned the Grand children of the Prophet… They told him come to Iraq we will protect you and they turned their backs on him… You wanna say it, say the whole story.

It does not matter.. That was a Fitna and you fell right into it. I dont go insulting Ali or ANYONE. I follow the Quran that is my teacher…

You say the Quran has been changed and you pretend to be Muslim? shame

and please refrain from lying, no one attacked you.. you came here accusing Muslims to be corrupt and saying where the Messiah will prove us wrong. I just need to look at the Quran to know where we went wrong simple as.

Anyhow im done with you… go seek your answers with that Jinn you are keeping at home. Let him delude you even further

I spend time in the Lebanon regularly among enlightened people. We go there at least once a year.

This Friday, I will request of the living messanger to address you since I should not have myself. i would never speak to a sunni man in real life and I sure have not been missing out on anything

you will see

Here we go again… I tell you who i follow?

I follow the Prophet, his example, The Quran.

He is my leader… not Ali, nor Umar.

The people who killed The grand kids of the prophet were not Muslim. Just like ISIS now.

Charlatans pretending to follow Islam.

What is Islam for you.. come on define the meaning of being Muslim.

And stop with the Jinn subject. WE AS HUMANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. God erected a Barrier between the worlds for a purpose.Do not Transgress that barrier. Once you are dealing with them for whatever reason, you are disobeying the command.

I reiterate that I do not deal with Jinn but having said that, both myself and 'Mr Elise' come from hardcore Luciferian backgrounds with satan being talked about every day of our childhood more so than any member of our wider families which occasionally gave rise to various unique experiences. We found each other and we found our faith and it makes us really happy and completes and defines who we are. We both come from certain bloodlines, that was important to me in order for us to establish a mutual past which we could jointly acknowledge and evolve from. I would only ever marry into the one bloodline because it would be very difficult to get along with regular people.

Elise you are becoming more vague with every post you make.

I think what you are dealing with is sending way astray from real Islam..

Instead of you bringing him to the light, he is taking you into darkness and you fail to see.

Anyhow, to each his own… My only gripe with you is that you call yourself Muslim and you may deceive people

This is not Islam you are preaching. Anyhow, May God show you the correct way.. cant say more.

Let us end this convo it is going nowhere

You don't have answers to my questions but it is a decent way to quit, I hand it to you. I Cannot see why you believe yourself to be the authority on that one. I specifically identify myself as a follower of the Abrahamic lineage, I have never claimed to possess the same faith as yourself or any other posters on VC. I am a Shia, we follow the Abrahamic lineage and accept Islam, we are Christian, Jew and Muslim in the purest sense. You were probably born into Sunni Islam, you have never been anything else, you have never actively chosen a faith having viewed it from the outside. I am a rookie, I don't seek your acceptance, I have my own spiritual path to follow in life which is obviously unlike yours. A word of advice – onloy God can judge people, you (and other Sunnis) can become… Read more »

I am not selling a Sunni agenda. I identify myself as a Muslim. We are not a religion divided into sects, but it seems you like it the other way round.

Why have you been quoting from Umr and Abu Bakr then and trying to exalt Aisha (not just once but several times over the months). They are bad seed as far as I am concerned who were fully complicit in the matyrdom? Islam is many things to many people. My duty is to uphold the values of my other half who does happen to do positive work in the spiritual realm as well as the human one. I don't really know how you would define your faith, that is up to you. I aim to keep my family happy and promote a healthy way of living with loads of varied experiences as well as time for prayer and reflection. I am blessed enough to have the time, resources and motivation to do it.

Tell me Elise, what islam you talking about?

You worship Ali, while the essence of Islam is to worship the Created and NOTHING CREATED.

You believe Ali's work to be equal to the Quran.. are you listening to yourself?

You insult the family and companions of the Prophet

You dabble with the occult (that by itself is enough to land you in hell)

You divide Islam into sects while it says clearly in the Quran (woe to those who divide their religion into sects)

Shia Islam is esoteric Islam. Sunni Islam isn't – what on earth are you doing on such a website if it is forbidden to you to be here?

I don't divide the religion into sects. I acknowledge Shia Islam as the one and only true Islam because it fully honors the Abrahamic lineage not psychopathic usurpers who derailed the religion back in the day. I am Muslim I am Christian and I am Jew in the purest of senses. Finally, I don not dabble in the occult. When did I say that or are you trying to put words into my mouth?

Sunnis never just insulted the family of the Prophet. They butchered them to death in Karbala

One of the problems with religions are their old books, every single one of them has been corrupted trough the centuries.

One must be careful when dabble trough books like Bible, Quran, etc…
The "God" presented in those books is really the Creator…?
Food for thoughts…

The Creator and nothing Created*

Your dad is certainly a great guy it seems. 🙂

Exactly Elise, you dont understand, but you attack and insult anyway…
Such positive contribution you give…

I understand everything that I will ever need to know. My spiritual beliefs are not up for revision by the likes of sunnis or sufis.

You still have many things to learn, because you are "here"…

Hi Katie, I trust you are familiar with the origins of the original division within the faith. The Mahdi is the light, he is a direct descendant of the prophet who will reveal the impostors who posed as 'friends' in order to usurp the authority of the lineage of the Prophet and derail the religion forever more. The Wahabi/Salafi mindset is what you see ruling the Muslim world in the majority. They are very critical indeed of the esoteric beliefs of the minority. They cause a lot of the bloodshed associated with modern Islam as they are taught to preach hatred and division; hence the success of i s is. The Shia mindset is very different and proven to be a lot more peaceful in the true essence of the Book. Shias are fearless in their ability to speak out against the injustice yet level headed wrt acceptance of the… Read more »

Seriously… you support the sect which permits lying (taqiyya) and temporary marriages (mutah)? Which are haram and fully contradict teachings of the Quran? About truth, justice and purity? And the sect that insults the Prophet (saw)'s companions, and his wife Aisha (r.a.) called Mother of the believers in the Quran? Seriously. Shia islam is a humungous deviation and the sheikhs are sick! Have you listened to them?
The Sunnis are the best Muslims I have met in faith. Whereas all Iranians I have met, coming from a Shia dominant country, have 100% lost Islam.
Whoever wants to learn Islam, please learn from the Quran and teachings (Sunnah) of the Prophet saw, and most importantly, seek guidance from Allah swt.
May Allah swt correct your ways Elise. Ameen.

We represent the pure continuation of the Abrahamic lineage as far as it will go. We acknowledge that all people with faith in the Unity of the one Creator are our allies and in essence, taking it back to the un-corrupted word of God in all three faith traditions, a true Christian is a true Muslim is a true Jew. Indeed we have a lot of love for Torah based Judaism and recognize that despite the fact that politics may have corrupted the majority of the followers of our religion way back in history, there are good people among them who will have the chance to accept the true Messiah (the Mahdi who is the Moschiach) before the End Times.

I would urge you to learn more about the Shia faith and spirit Kate if you are interested in such things. You would be very welcomed by all Shias for sure, regardless of how far you wished to pursue your interest. I have the benefit of being with someone who is a true man of God who guides me personally but there are many great Shia people who can enlighten you better than myself.

Are you serious?

You are on this site and you still believe the Illuminati owned media?

Who do you think has founded and funded these groups?

The CIA/Mossad are behind them.

I can't believe it… You believe this group conducts satanic rituals, yet you believe what they tell you?


why would they be the sacrifices for the illuminati? They are not even famous to begin with. So many people i know only heard of them bc of the car crash. But i don't deny, the relation of the MV and their deaths are kinda sinister. I'll choose to believe it's coincidence.

You do not live in south korea
good day

What do you think about Robin Williams's death and that Family guy episode?

I know the episode itself is 2 years old but what are the chances of it airing the same day of his death?


Please, search more about predictive programming

How is it that cartoons, and OFTEN family guy, have episodes that foreshadow things like this???

I think because of the car crash, it has made K-Pop more well-known. They have achieved more fame for the K-Pop organization now, because of the car crash. And maybe that was the reason for the "sacrifice".

Sacrifices are usually of higher ranking satanists of lower ranking (usually younger) ones who are on a particular blue energy line. Paralleling the more conventional understanding of sacrifice where the strong force dominates and draws life out of the weaker force as their blood is a palatable offering to their particular demon or overlord.
Given the amount of symbolism appearing in the Kpop videos of more successful groups, I would not rule this out at all.

Hence, Princess Diana sacrificed to maintain the dignity of the Royal family or MJ sacrificed to maintain the reputation of Sony. They were huge stars in their own right but the machine which they had been a part of was still more powerful and they would have self-instigated their own enslavement before their bleakest days arrived.

That accident is just what might make them even more known and celebrated. 'So Wonderful' sold 383 707 units and 'Kiss Kiss', 112 969 units which isn't bad at all! The dartboard has lips with eyes within them. EunB cover her eyes. 'Hate You' has even more such symbolism. It's got Illuminati written all over it!

Sojung was blonde in 'Hate You' but not anymore. In 'Kiss Kiss', she has short wavy brunette hair, EunB, short straight black hair with caramel streaks and RiSe, long blonde hair. Ashley is the one sitting next to the branch and Zuny is the one who pulls the plug.

This is even more disturbing considering the English translation of the lyrics: Even if I say it, I can’t express it (oh girl) It’s like a sweet berry (probably) Melt my heart, I don’t know, I’m still young But still in my head (oh kiss) I’m so shy, I can’t open my eyes It felt like I was being electrified (probably) I like this electric feeling, it was good up to that point But if you keep going on, I don’t know what I’ll do Oh oh oh oh (kiss kiss) kiss Oh oh oh oh (kiss kiss) Not yet, not yet Not yet, not yet Kiss kiss kiss kiss Oh oh oh oh (kiss kiss) Oh oh oh oh (kiss kiss) No more, we can’t do this Not yet, not yet Kiss kiss kiss kiss You came too soon, I’m not ready You came right away but I have… Read more »

What do you mean by its a coincidence?

it isn't so difficult to change one's appearance, if you know what to do or have the resources with which to do it. and there are many, many places one can get lost, if you so desire.

now, if someone offered a load of money to "disappear" and escape from a life of fame's trappings, yet maintaining a lavish life on the other end, how many would decline? even if the reason's behind the offer weren't understood, would they care?

celebrities can and do evade the media, when it suits them, despite contrary public protestations.

bet a few names of those who've passed come to mind, yes?

Wish that was all it is. Everytime i see articles like this one, i pray to the Lord that it was somehow possible that these people were still alive. Michael, Whitney, Amy and now RiSe and EUnB. I've often fantasised tha they managed to get away. But i know fr a fact that the elite are really, (up to a point), all seeing. THey would never let anyoe get out alive. I have friends in the industry. They live lives so full of fear, that they fear to answer their phones or be alone because they know that they could be killed.

Makes you wonder! Nice catch VC continue the great work.

ok so I'm just speculating probably, but I went ahead and checked out some short bios of the group members on an asian website and it was declaring that "so jung". Is basically the leader of the group and she was born on September 3, 1993……..so Was the death of EunB somewhat of a sick birthday present from the elite? here's the link and wow if I wasn't creeped out enough her pic is awfully sinister……

sojung is not the leader… ashley is..

I have a question! Why they keep showing these symbols everywhere?? Why they just dont keep this illuminati sh*t secert??

@ Adam: Because they need to normalise the world for this sh**. They need to get them to see it and accept it, or at the least, NOT reject it (which is what majority of ppl are doing). The point is that there can only be 2 sides: The opposition and the rest (this includes those who give their silent consent, since if they were opposed, they would make it known). THis is in preparation of the coming of the Antichrist. They are preparing the people for his arrival, so they will be blind (normalised and in acceptance already) to his "religion". They are weakening the people's hearts so that all he has to do is tip them over the edge. Question is, what side are we on and what are we doing to prepare for his coming? There wasn't a prophet that came that didn't warn his people of… Read more »

my question exactly

It was secret for a long time but there exists an external agenda which is dictated down to the mystery schools etc. ti reveal the agenda at a particular point in time.

I think it´s the only way they can actually exist and achieve their goals… They use us to make this whole illuminati thing as ordinary as possible >> so poeple think it´s normal and live by this beliefs without realizing how wrong and stupid it actually is.

Yeah that's So Jung not Zuny who was trying to be kissed by that frog on the balloon.

I knew it! I knew something was wrong: a (K-)pop star dying in an "accident", it's too deja vu. Then when I realized it was members of the same asian group you made an article about I knew it was it. They use and abuse people and then kill them, this is atrocious. What is this world we're living in?

@ SANE , there have been endless interviews where artists openly admit they sold their soul to the devil for fame and fortune. How would one ever know if this is not the evil that plagues the music industry cashing in on their souls? To receive the fame and fortune there is a price to be paid…

Ladies' Code never received fame or fortune. They struggled with physical album sales and I can almost guarantee that if the members themselves made any money at all, it would most likely have been minuscule. The Korean music industry is massively different to the American music industry. So just because American or western artists have admitted to selling their soul or whatever, that doesn't mean it applies to the Korean industry.

Ironically, that accident may cause Ladies' Code to become a lot greater than ever before (if Ashley, Zuny and Sojung keep it going)! They've now sold over 112 000 units of 'Kiss Kiss'. Also, maybe their record company or other people involved with the girls had a spiritual debt to pay to certain entities…