Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” Brings Illuminati Mind Control Symbolism to Japan


J-Pop is a force to be reckoned with in Asia and, like all major musical markets, it is not exempt from the occult elite’s Agenda. Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” is all about Illuminati symbolism and the elite’s favorite theme: Portraying artists as mind controlled slaves.

In the span of a few years, I published several articles on K-Pop (Korean pop) and J-Pop (Japanese pop) music videos as they are intensively used to propagate the elite Agenda in Asia. Perfume is a Japanese girl-band that has been pushing that Agenda for years (I wrote about how they were all about that one-eye sign in 2011 and about how they promoted transhumanism in 2012). Perfume is now back and is more blatant and ever. Pick Me Up has indeed all of the elements of a typical Illuminati narrative and, as usual, they are concealed behind a fake premise.

For the unsuspecting viewer, the video of Pick Me Up appears to be about a timeless philosophical theme … shopping. The video indeed begins with the girls walking around while holding shopping bags and whatnot. Then, things get weird. While most YouTube comments say “Wow, that was so creative”, the truth is that there’s nothing creative about Pick Me Up. It is yet another video as portraying pop stars mind controlled slaves who are coerced into saluting their oppressors. (If you never heard of Monarch mind control, read this first).

Let’s look at the video.

Pick Me Up

As stated above, the video begins with the members of Perfume walking in Tokyo at exactly 23:59pm. Something is about to change – a brand new day is literally upon them. As they walk by a clothing store with male mannequins on display, we realize that the mannequins are actually alive and are creepily watching the girls.

This guy's got the entire "2015 hipster doofus starter pack". More importantly, he represents the MK system monitoring MK slaves.
This guy’s got the entire “2015 hipster doofus starter pack”. More importantly, he represents the MK system monitoring MK slaves.

The girls then see strange things happening around them. They are then lifted from the ground.

Standing in front of a hypnotic pattern, the girls lift off the ground. They are being "picked up" by the MK system.
Standing in front of a hypnotic pattern, the girls lift off the ground. They are being “picked up” by the MK system.

The above scene represents the girls in the process of dissociating from reality. MK slaves in a state of dissociation are said to feel weightlessness, as if floating on air. The hypnotic pattern in the background highlights the fact that this is a psychological process happening in their heads.

The girls then find themselves in an alternate world – which represents their psyche in a state of dissociation. There, we see Perfume posing as lifeless mannequins, trapped behind an invisible window.

These mannequins represent the girls' alter personas waiting to be "activated" through MK programming.
These mannequins represent the girls’ alter personas waiting to be “activated” through MK programming.

During their stay in the world of dissociation, we see a several images representing their state of Illuminati slaves.

They flash the one-eye sign a few times to make sure you understand that this is about mind control.
They flash the one-eye sign a few times to make sure you understand that this is about mind control.
 At one point, Perfume makes it extra clear for us : They form a triangle with their hands above their heads (it is even highlighted by white lines).  They then lower that triangle over one eye.
At one point, Perfume makes it extra clear for us : They form a triangle with their hands above their heads (it is even highlighted by white lines). They then lower that triangle over one eye.

This, of course, is a reference to the ultimate Illuminati symbol, the All-Seeing eye inside a triangle.

While this symbol has become a mainstream, "LOL Illuminati" type joke, the occult elite is still dead serious about it - it is still sacred and a representation of their rule on the masses.
While this symbol has become a mainstream, “LOL Illuminati” type joke, the occult elite is still dead serious about it – it is still sacred and a representation of their rule on the masses.

We also see images relating to the mental state of MK slaves.

Mirror reflections are seen throughout the video representing the fragmentation of the slave's personality into several alter personas.
Mirror reflections are seen throughout the video representing the fragmentation of the slave’s personality into several alter personas.
he girls are also seen walking around a dark room filled with stairs leading nowhere and "blank" mannequins representing potential, programmable alter personas.
he girls are also seen walking around a dark room filled with stairs leading nowhere and “blank” mannequins representing potential, programmable alter personas.
The above scene is clearly inspired by Escher's drawing "Relativity".
The above scene is clearly inspired by Escher’s drawing “Relativity”.

Escher’s gift for creating images that confuse the brain have been exploited by MK handlers to program MK slaves.

“The art work of the European artist M.C. Escher is exceptionally well suited for programming purposes. For instance, in his 1947 drawing “Another World”, the rear plane in the center serves as a wall in relation to the horizon, a floor in connection with the view through the top opening and a ceiling in regards to the view up towards the starry sky. Reversals, mirror images, illusion, and many other qualities appear in Escher’s art work which make all 76 of his major works excellent for programming.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

After dwelling in the world of dissociation for a while, the girls complete their programming and their alter-persona gets activated.

The core persona frees the alter-persona that was trapped behind the window.
The core persona frees the alter-persona that was trapped behind the window.

The core and the alter persona run together in order to escape creepy mannequins dressed as shady men.

Do these mannequins who are spooking the girls represent MK handlers who are often MK slaves themselves?
Do these mannequins who are spooking the girls represent MK handlers who are often MK slaves themselves?

Seeing that the mannequin-men are closing in on them, the core and alter personas have no choice but to jump into the void. This symbolically represents the MK handler pushing the slaves towards the completion of the programming.

The core and alter persona are about to jump back into reality.
The core and alter persona are about to jump back into reality.

By jumping into the void with the alter persona, the core completes programming. The activated alter is now a real entity that can be triggered by the handler.

Back in the real world, the girls notice they have new shopping bags. Because … oh right … that video was about shopping.

In Conclusion

Perfume’s Pick Me Up is more proof that the repetitive pattern of MK imagery found in music videos is a worldwide phenomenon that transcends musical genres and cultures. It is proof that a single, powerful elite is in control of the music industry across the world and forces its symbolism upon it. This shouldn’t be a surprise as all music labels with distribution means are owned by a handful of mega-conglomerates that control mass media outlets. For instance, Perfume is signed with Universal Music group (the largest music corporation in the world), which is owned by Vivendi SA, one of the five conglomerates controlling the entire entertainment industry.

So, as long as these people are in charge, the music industry will be populated with puppets who have no control over their creations and forced to propagate the elite’s agenda. While there are artists who have the fortitude of resisting to the temptation of “selling out”, there will always be desperate artists who will look up to the music industry giants, begging them one single thing : “Pick me up”.


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Kpop and jpop fans are the most delusional in the world.
That music is full of illuminati symbols its so obvious , people who wont see it must be blind or in denial. ALL the groups do it and its even more blatant over there.

I wouldn't say more blatant. We have "stars" here openly talking about alter personalitys and promoting all kinds of insanity in interviews. This crap started with America and Id be willing to bet that at least half the time these foreign music stars are just trying to be cool and imitate America.

lol are you serious. USA is not the center of the world!! I live in latinoamerica and the illuminati agenda is obvious over here too, in TV, in music, in everything basically

I am not saying USA is the center of the world, but the USA has chosen by the Illuminati to spread their ideas and agenda over the world by making it look cool. Many countries still think of the USA as representing freedom and success and thus want to imitate them.

revenant and natalia, ure both right! simple as that 🙂

"This guy’s got the entire “2015 hipster doofus starter pack”. More importantly, he represents the MK system monitoring MK slaves."

An absolutely GREAT caption. It seems like over the last 20 years or so, the fashionistas have been forcing people to adopt really stupid-looking appearances and clothing. From the bald heads, baggy pants, shorts that aren't, over-sized baseball caps pulled down over ears, etc., humans have begun to look more and more neutered as each generation comes by. Oddly, purposeful sexualization has been forced on them as children younger and younger participate in and think that promiscuous sex is just normal.

Caption was HILARIOUS…..I see a$$clowns walking with beards like Civil War participants or cough drop box labels and I just roll my eyes….

That caption was the best thing I've read in a while! I love VC's sense of humor

Also, the elevation of females and all things feminine over males and all things masculine. This represents the elevation of emotion over intellect.

Yeah and the rise of black people in America is the representation of the dark overcoming the light. /s Please try not to use your own prejudices as a way to sound like you have insight into esoteric knowledge.

Hey Freddy, I really liked your sarcasm.

Robert, please don't use your own prejudices as a conspiracy theory. Women can be intelligent/intellectual as much as men can be emotional. Also, you can be both (intelligent and emotional) at the same time.


Be carful, they are everywhere. For those who have kids or youngest sublimes, make sure you look into the game they play. I have seen the the three six sign on one of the games, and one person send me an invitatation to play a play, which had a pentagram sign. It was so disturbing. Even in some of the Disney cartoon, you will find some of those sign. Just keep praying.

Ahhhhh…the games. It’s frightening to see how they have taken over the minds of both young and old here in Japan. There is something to those games that just isn’t right. Many will scuff and say it is just a game, but there are elements to the game that are brainwashing people. You can feel the addiction each time these games are advertised. Nobody in the media protesting though. Things will only get worse as evident in the commercials in general.

A lot of video games have those symbols and themes but are actually anti illuminati. Deus Ex, Assasins Creed, And the Prototype series are all excellent anti nwo games. Prototype 2 had posters and graffiti in the city warning of the dangers of vaccines. The Mass Effect series is very anti depopulation agenda and anti statist in a more subtle way(the government isn't evil but is very inept and hinders the main characters in their blindness). Other games like Shin Megami Tensei show you how the Japanese view American society and their feelings about being bombed in WWII with the majority of Americans still thinking its a good thing and if you choose the Neutral route is very pro freedom and anti left/right paradigm and anti occult.

@ RevenantDusk, in this life, in this world one can't have two believes. A person is for something or he isn't. If any game company uses the satanic symbols and claims at the same time to be against the illuminati, it false. If they use the pentagram, therefore they work for satan. If I see any game with those damn symbols, I won't even try to play.

Who's talking about pentagrams? You mean the Shin Megami Tensei symbol? Further more if you research the history of the pentagram there are 2 versions. One is upright and is an ancient symbol going back to Sumerian culture at least. The Greeks used it as a symbol of creation and early Christians used it to symbolize the 5 wounds of Christ and therefore salvation of mankind. After a while Satanists took the symbol and turned it upside down to symbolize the opposite, and while the original symbol had the top point symbolizing the head of a human pointed towards the heavens and recieving Gods wisdom, the Satanic upside down version is the opposite and therefore and insult and mockery of God just like the inverted cross and the practice of performing rituals at 3:00 AM because supposedly Jesus died at 3:00 PM.

Duality. Thats all, two brain hemispheres two different points of view. Unity = Next Step.

So the cross is also an evil symbol because of the inverted cross and they are one and the same? What about the swatsika? It was always meant to be a nazi symbol even though it was created thousands of years before the nazi's and represented peace?

The cross is the symbol of the sun god. Constantine, a worshiper of Sol Invictus, made the cross the symbol for Christianity. Old coins show Constantine with Sol Invictus and a cross. In fact, Constantine and the Roman pontiffs corrupted Christianity with paganism to such an extent that has no resemblance to the Christians of the apostolic age. Also… all the other religious symbols are pagan in origin. The star of David is the star of Remphan or Saturn, a.k.a. the star of Solomon. The star and crescent is Ishtar falling from the moon god Sin. Christians still celebrate the feast of Ishtar (a.k.a. Easter). The ichthus is really the vesica piscis, which is the symbol for the female genitalia. There are a lot of old depictions of Christ bordered with the vesica piscis, to symbolize him coming out of Mary. It's really creepy when you know what the symbol… Read more »

This is all true, actually now that I think of it isnt the cross also a symbol of Esus who was said to have died on a tree?

I still think the cross itself could still have a good meaning despite the older meanings. The pagans don't have to have a monopoly on it.

Never been a fan of Easter or the ichthus, or the Star of David. Especially knowing that Ishtar pretty much represented everything that's destroying modern day society.

I still maintain that the original upright Pentagram isn't really evil. As far as I know originally it was a symbol of creation and then came to mean different things to different people but none of them evil until the inverted pentagram came around. Still not sure why pentagrams were brought up to begin with with.

The pentagram is pagan. All things pagan are "unclean" and the term evil literally means "unclean." It is a symbol for the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. It is kinda the basis for the Fifth Element movie.

It may not be Christian in origin but it doesn't represent anything evil. I'm not saying lets all start wearing clothing with pentagrams and decorating churches with them but inherently all it symbolizes is the 5 elements, as you said before, and thus nature and creation, which comes from God. Doesn't symbolize Lucifer, doesn't symbolize anything perverse, doesnt give tribute to any gods or demons, just symbolizes something natural that God created. I'd be much more worried about the rampant use of Baphomet horns, inverted pentagrams and crosses, Skull and cross bone symbolism, All seeing eyes, various Masonic symbols, etc on everything nowadays. My main point is that like the pentagram or not, it doesn't mean pledging allegiance to Satan or worship of any sort of evil entity's. Should Christians use it? Probably not but by your logic Mazda automobiles are Satanic and evil since the company name comes from… Read more »

There are many games and movies that have these themes: massive conglomerate antagonist (elite) and a small resistance force that fights against him. More often than not, the resistance to the elite have to be super powerful and can do things no common human can do.

So what does this really teach people?

1. It is inevitable that some sort of elite group will take over the world;
2. You will need superhuman powers in order to stop them; and
3. Since you don't have superhuman powers, then you can't stop them.

So what you think is anti-illuminati is actually pro-illuminati. Ain't that something?

I couldn't agree with u more. its freaking hard to admit that the games we play, songs we listen, movies, food and all we like is actually directed to us with a PURPOSE. cause we somehow still believe that everybody's doing their own thing, being original, creating fun stuff, making their money, following their hearts.. right? its a compleeeetely different idea than the idea of salvation; of being with God; of going through this life embracing its true meaning: to know true love. to know God. to meet our Father and rejoin in true peace and love. to be with Him everyday day for eternity. together. me, u and everybody here reading this comment. it sounds old and impossible because we live in this world and thats what they preach. the owner of this world already knows he's defeated. he would do anything to trick u and let u think… Read more »
It's really a case by case basis. A lot of times special abilitys and powers are to make the story interesting or can be taken as a metaphor for the potential of someone's mind and willpower once they've broken free from brainwashing and fear. Not all story's even have this. Assasins Creed main characters have no powers or abilitys other then being highly trained and excellent assassins. Half Life 2s main character is a human scientist with no powers at all who ends up leading a resistance against a nwo type government with a transhuman police force. Shin Megami Tensei 1, 2, and Strange Journey have human protagonists with no powers other then a computer device that lets them control supernatural creatures and demons. Strange Journeys neutral path(there's multiple endings depending on the players morality) is a rejection of the elite occult religion being pushed through music and TV and… Read more »

many games use the satanic symbols for example corpse party, painkiller, most kotobuki games, silent hill, witcher 2… the wasting of life in front tv while playing them has to be the main goal of satan there.

"Even in some of the Disney cartoon" ? I'd say : especially in some of the Disney cartoons…

The Frog Princess was the absolute most blatant for that! Pentegrams, outright voodoo, shadow people…the movie was horrible in so many ways

I think there is a bible verse about frog demons

So now all references to or depictions of frogs means demons. Meanwhile God Himself created frogs.

You people amaze me.

The elite mass mind control is truly global. they operate worldwide.

The Illuminati believes in double meanings. They're not going to come right out and tell you they have compromised these girls and many other celebrities heavily. They're not going to tell you that you have to sell your soul to be "successful" in Hollywood They're going to cover their butts to make it all seem legit and harmless. The ones who think the people who see that the Illuminati is not a hoax are not "conspiracy nuts". They're pretty smart and pretty vigilant.

The pop in East Asia has always been like that. Consider why':
South Korea has been a US vassal since 1950
Japan has been a US protectorate since 1945 and a US vassal since their entry into the Trilateral in the 70s. Formalized in the 90s with the stock market crash.
China underwent cultural shock therapy during the Cultural Revolution. It destroyed the traditional basis of anti-West resistance (that was built up since the 30s).

'illuminati' is just MASONRY. the all seeying eye is the 'god'/deity of masonry (inbetween the two pillars and atop the ladder). People cant do anything productive to celebrities and monarchs, but with a lodge in every town, its clear to see how far their influence goes.

wtf I thoughtthe traingles were because they’re a three-person band!

at the ends you’ll see a billboard with text “setan”

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, he same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of… Read more »

from the inception J-pop has has been like this. Look back and you'll see. Evil doesn't live in a bubble.

VC, could you do a piece about Ghost B.C., the Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in 2008?

Please do an article on the kardashian/Jenner/whatever. Newest video of Kylie putting her hand down her sisters pants. That family is so weird. What's up with them?


Am I the only one who thinks it more than "coincidence" that trolls are posting in larger numbers since the "server problem" caused 1000s of comments to disappear from other articles?

My first thought (other than "what the hell happened?") was that VCs been hacked. He's probably the most popular truther site, and now they want to mess with him, and us.

Its probably going to get a lot worse. More and more trolls, shills, and other random issues. Hold on to your britches (or whatever the modern equivalent of britches are. Jeans? Belt loops?) Folks, we're in for a bumpy ride.

I missed the "server issue"… when was this?

Lol at your modern equivalent comment

Who are these "trolls"? People who don't agree with you? I don't see any trolls here. Also sometimes websites and other man made things malfunction or crash you know. Not everything is the fault of "them".

"…put your tray tables up, and your seats back into an upright position…" I have noticed this, but It actually started several months ago. I started to notice it more with the Ferguson discussions, but I figured that was just due to the subject matter. But now I'm reading more and more of it in the comments. I'm all for open discussion and disagreement, but I've noticed the comments on this sites have gone from respectfully disagreement (usually) to the "yoo soo stoopid!!" and "all ___ s are ____bad/some else questionable" comments much more often. A lot more name calling, a lot more race blaming. and a lot more very juvenile and/or off topic comments. Almost sounds like that article I read a few years back about people paid by groups to BE trolls on online forums. But the problem is, many people don't require payment — they were "born… Read more »

I'm afraid VC is getting retaliation or something worse. lets pray for him, he's been doing an amazing job for years now and God knows it. lets pray for his security

mike mandel hosted a very significant video in which freemasonry was exposed… as of late you can find his hypnosis videos on youtube. what to make of it?

It's sad to see those young stars, with no exception, are affiliated with such a load of crap and hoax.

The opening scene from the new comedy central show Trevor Moore high in church, mucks on the Illuminati and the pledge an artist must do to sign up with a mainstream channel. Would be nice if you can analyze this first episode.

Sadly, this shows just how weak mankind can be as it pertains to our inmost being, or spirit that all have been created with… And of course here lies the test for us as well… Will we spiritually enslaved by Lucifer's vices, or will one be set free by the Spirit of the Living God… Granted to those who repent, and believe on HIM… And that is the key, and very why the media, in its various forms, propagate immoral behavior on such a grand scale… Even back as far as the 1920's, this has gone on within America… It has been a process that has been effective in the overall scheme of things… Hence, the world we currently live in has been enslaved by carnal desire that only weaken those who fall prey to lawlessness… And there lies the mystery of lawlessness as Paul described in his 2 letter… Read more »
1. "Lucifer" means morning star and the reference is to the King of Babylon Belshazzar. The morning star is the planet Venus and is the brightest "star" in the heavens or sky (not counting the sun). FYI, the Messiah is also called morning star. It is not referring to any fallen angel. 2. The "mystery of lawlessness" is that which is not founded by the Torah, specifically the greatest commandment, which the Messiah himself proclaimed, Deut 6:4, which is typically referred to at the Sh'ma. It is the single most important verse in the entire Tanakh and even the whole Bible. It establishes a single deity. The Trinity, which Catholics themselves dub "a mystery," corrupts this simple teaching; thus, the Trinity (which is not scriptural) is the "mystery" referred to. 3. In prophecy, animals or beasts are nations. All the beasts depicted in Revelations are nations. For example, the "red… Read more »

Wow! You seem extremely educated on a few different religions! The interpreations and their meanings, too!

Just wondering, with the talk of all holidays being pagan, are you a Jehovah's Witness? I stumbled across their site and it deems holidays and birthdays as pagan celebrations, therefore they don't partake in the "festivities". I can't imagine being the only kid in school who isn't allowed to celebrate birthdays. I went to school with a couple kids who weren't allowed to trick or treat as, or with anyone dressed as, something " evil" but they still had birthday parties.

Thank you for the compliment. I am not a JW. JWs still believe in a supernatural antithesis to God and they are essentially Arian in belief. I belong to a different group and we have some great differences with the JWs. If you are interested in discussing then you can email me at my screenname at gmail. I also have a website if you Google my screenname. It is still a work in progress.

I personally do not celebrate any holiday or birthday.

Thank you. I agree, all Christian symbols are pagan, astro-theology everywhere! But, hey, all religions are pagan at their core. Not that religion is a bad thing, more like who is in control.

Too bad most people are still stuck in the dark while failing to realize that the hidden symbolism staring right at them in the face is more than just normal everyday entertainment unaware of their own denial to reality of "illuminated events".

MK ultra obviously nothing new in this scenario just like in K-Pop with the ever-present "triangular" symbol but I sure as hell wouldn't want the elite to be "Picking me Up" as the "agenda" of control and slavery goes global.

Its not just k and j pop though. Jay Z, Beyonce, and others have been doing it for years

both right! it's the control all the way! the people are even more controlled than the own artists/famous in my opinion. cause they somehow know they are part of the industry
but people just buy whateaver the industry makes it cool and trendy! we think we have an opinion but its not even our own! we are controlled in what we eat, buy, do, sing and talk! lets search for God and His wisdom! He loves us truly and He wants life and not death!


If someone tells you that you're nuts, just ask them WHY in the world is Louis CK is flashing this one eye gesture in the middle of his sitcom for NO reason at all !!! It's the most awkward and bizarre thing I've seen in while.

Just search you tube for: louis ck makes the illuminati 666 okay sign

He's either trying to stir up controversy OR there really IS something insane going on.

everybody already did it! google ANY famous people/artists on the ''spot'' and you will see

the way discussion is suppressed and diverted is really evident on youtube. before the google buyout youtube had a live reel, which might have shown anything, any opinions… why it may have started a nationwide discussion and maybe a revolution or drastic reforms for the good of all.
look at youtube now… what they feature are either extreme emotions, violence or minecraft… or whatever the heck is trendy… there is no true discussion…. it is mass distraction.
do you really think that annoying voiced guys get millions of views without being featured on youtube? always something racially controversial, or crazy, or stealth commercials, or music, or military industrial complex news.
the other sites are just google clones. it is all tightly controlled.

what is the color of that dress? who cares.
how about how do we solve the nation s problems.
video replies were kind of a discussion on youtube, but got cut out.

I have tried contacting VC to do an article about Langley Fox and her dark art. she is the daughter of Mariel Hemingway. I have been unable to get a reply from VC

Thank you for yet another excellent article.