1. shit sounds horrible.

    does surprise they act like robots lol whole life revolves around technology

    • Awesome techno – Flawless three part harmony – Visual presentation and choreography that puts anything Western pop has to shame. Robots? No. The fact that some moron could think that simply shows how amazingly they perform their art. A-Chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi have been performing together since they were twelve years old, and now sell out 50,000 seat venues in a minute… and they don't need to act like 'ho's or flash their private parts to do it. Maybe you need to learn the difference between J-Pop and Western pop… or maybe you just need to get your ears cleaned.

  2. Who really listens or likes this music? I think the illuminati need to stick to good music rather than this crap. It is lame lame lame

    • Big Pefume Fan on

      What you are failing to realize is that music is different all around the world. The group you're insulting is a chart topping platinum selling A-list artist over in JAPAN, the market their music and image was created for. Japanese people listen to this kind of stuff and i happen to be a big fan. Now i hate this song, which i've said in my post further down, but they have a lot of good music. Not that i want to defend perfume but please listen to more than one song before making your judgement. If you feel the same way about Edge, FAKE IT, Fushizen Na Girl and The Best Thing then i totally understand that you just don't like them.

      People immediately jump on things that are new and foreign to them and call them things like sh*t and garbage, when many foreigners feel the same way about all the young jeezy, soldier boy and neyo that gets played over here. One thing about Perfume that you can't deny is that you can't get this kind of music in America, while just about all American genres are available over in Japan. And again, for the record, Chocolate disco is a stupid song. This performance is actually half of their performance at MNET. The video starts off just as their latest hit single Nee begins. Read my lower post for more info.

      • you guys are completly off point..this is not even close to being about weather the song is good..the group is good..or if japenese music is good..it doesnt matter at all..the point is the symbolism..you guys are arguing points that dont belong on this site..proof positive that what they do works..you ignored the symbolism and immediatly people are arguing about thier sound

    • Africa Jacobs on

      Actually they earn about platinum on their records, this isn't popular in america because its Japanese, DUH! and also this is barely proof they are in the Illuminati so you cant fault them on that. Your just insulting Japanese cultural music now…

    • They have a fucking enormous cult-like following in America and they performed at Cannes. They are pretty fucking massive.

  3. I don't understand why the Japanese group Perfume would continue singing the same sentence without any meaning to it?

    I won't be surprise very soon J pop and other Japanese music will show occult symbols since I saw Breakerz http://blog.hicbc.com/blog/sayurin/images/0427brehttp://natalie.mu/media/0903/0302/extra/news_large_konan__BREAKERZ.jpg

    They seems to be addicted to showing that hand signal whereas one of the band members seem to switch his hand signal either hands. (I did check out mangareader.net they started to release newer mangas depicting occult symbols) Please forgive me if I quote the links from those blogs.

  4. I have a friend who is totally obsessed with this group. He's always posting videos on Facebook and he thinks they're the most adorable thing ever. I have noticed a lot of symbolism in their videos. Im not sure how to tell my friend about this group….

    • Big Pefume Fan on


      if you wouldn't mind telling me about some of this symbolism you've seen in Perfume videos? I mean besides just the one eye stuff which we've just witnessed above.

  5. another opened eye on

    i hate this feeling too. i am at my place with my boyfriend and he plays all the crap lil wayne gaga or whatever more is out there and i freak out, but without saying anything. i don't want him to laugh at me or think i am going crazy. i believe in all that but i found out by myself by mistake or not. so i don't feel the right to go into his head and say anything. but at the same time i hate letting him in this darkness:( sometimes i just wish my life would go back to normal, like it was before vigilant citizen.

    but most of the times i thank god for letting me know all that. it made me realize so many things around me. see so much crap that i was doing thinking that, that was the coolest thing in the world.

    i am closer to god now.

    thanks vigilantcitizen.

    • Please understand that everyone who begins to walk the path of illumination will feel this way.

      You can show your boyfriend the door but ultimately it is up to him to decide whether he will walk through it. Everything happens for a reason so it is clear that you are not meant to live ur 'normal' life anymore. Trust me, this is very good fortune.

      I'm happy to hear that you are closer to god =)


    • Hey opened eye, I totally get what your saying. Sometimes I wish I could just un-know everything I have learnt about the world. But then like you said it has brought me closer to God and in my opinion that is a very good thing. It can get really lonely when your ''awake'' so to speak and the people around you aren't but be strong and have faith :) Btw if you haven't already I suggest you watch ''the arrivals'' it proper deep.

      • You should tell your boyfriend what you know. If he wants to reject it, that's his problem. Would you feel worse about not telling him what you believe or leaving him in darkness? Don't worry about what others think of you, ultimately there is only one judge that really matters!

      • another opened eye on

        thanks for your suggestion. i will pray to god to give the right words to speak to him about it.

    • i totally understand how u feel….i've talked to my ex n' a cyber stranger about this before, they want PROOF!! n' i showed them this website….all they say is these are all bullshits n' topic closed…. =.="

      • Remember the truth comes at the cost of Ignorance and sometimes Ignorance is just too blissful to let go. But when your eyes are open to the truth expect a war cause your going against the mainstream and WE ALL KNOW HOW PEOPLE LOVE PEOPLE WHO IS NOT IN THE "IN" Crowd LOL

    • I find that I have that problem. I absolutely LOATHE lil wayne and just about every other rapper out there thats extremely mainstream right now. They talk about nothing important and they all seem to think theyre God.

      Its annoying. My ex listened to that crap and it would irritate me to no end because what you put inside of you becomes a part of you even if its just a little bit. That stuff seriously begin to change him into what he would like to call a "thug" and he would say it was because of that music.

      It needs to go.

    • A lot of people. They are enormous in j pop and are supposedly the biggest techno/pop group almost world wide but definitely in Japan. They are famous in Japan, Remember that, That's why you probably don't like it like every other American saying this music isn't good… HEY EVERYONE! THEIR MUSIC IS JAPANESE.

  6. As an American historian and Asian historian I hate with every fiber of my being what the Illuminati is doing to cultures around the world. They are attempting to completely replace cultures with their own culture. The Japanese would never come up with this occultic stuff themselves. What part of that performance looked Japanese? You look at some non-Illuminati Asian music videos and you can see their own culture in it. But this stuff? No. The Illuminati hate free thought and cultures that they did not create.

    • Its horrible! A standardized art form and sense of nationality = a standardized nation = an easier way to maintain control. Lets put it this way, if you create a society's standards and belief system, then you'll surely know how they'll react to your next political move…before they do.

  7. Why don't somebody analyze the new queen of K-Pop, IU, promoted as the "Taylor Swift of Asia"? The 17 years-old looks very fishy to my eyes.

    • Nothing's fishy about IU. I personally love her and her songs.. I could see why she's at the top and it's because of her God gifted talent in singing and writing music. Please don't confuse the difference between a person who sold their soul to get the top rather than one who had did it with their talent. On the side note, you are talking about the industry of Korean music which has been known to have some influence from the west but not ALL. They are not even controlled as of yet and for those who say the posted music is terrible, have some respect just because you don't understand the countries language and/or the genre of the music.

      • I totally agree, its influenced by the west but not by all artist. To me IU has an amazing gift!

    • At 2:10 of this video it reminds me of one of those murals from BoA. You know the one where it looks like a Fema Camp and above the net is those heavenly happy creatures in a circle above all of us.

  8. They flash a triangle in the beginning of the video, amoung some other stuff. 5 point stars. You name it.

  9. Translation paraphrase:


    Chocolate Disco (repeat over and over)

    Calculating girl and a boy expecting something good.

    Girl's heart is fluttering and boy pretending he doesn't care…


    basically meaningless lyrics like half the ones we hear in U.S.

    Even my Japanese Girlfriend couldn't make much out of it…

  10. You guys over analyze everything. Enjoy life instead of being scared of everything. Bunch of mindless sheep.

    • I hate to say this but it sounds like you brought some intellectual baggage with you.

      There is a difference between being scared and being informed – I'd wager that the majority of Viglant's readers aren't scared at all. Sure, there are people who cannot handle this sort of information but you don't know who does or doesn't belong in that category.

      If you think this article is over-analysis that's cool but you don't need to be a dick about it. Now if you would explain your position while being a dick then that would be completely acceptable. But you added nothing. Maybe you could explain away all of the coded symbols used in the illuminati music industry, maybe not. It doesn't matter.


  11. ^The problem with that sentence is you're assuming that thinking a lot makes you enjoy life less. lol

  12. A random thought on

    G what u gotta understand the illuminati is just a name like the freemasons/ the rosicrucians/ bilderberg group/ the council on foreign relations/ zionists/ skull and bones and many more and without doubt all the above and more have offices and people working for them in every country on this earth. this is not just some random idea thought up by conspiracy theorists. it has been well documented and proved beyond any resonable doubt a network worldwide exists amongst these societys.

    • Big Pefume Fan on

      I love Capsule as well they are the bomb. I love Perfume too their electropop is banging!

      But i am a christian though and i love God MORE.

      Perfume won't change that. Capsule won't change that. This site won't change that.


  13. It's a fun, upbeat music with three girls singing and dancing in unison. Notice the green-colored, "sunball" in the background, eh? I wonder what that could mean, hmmm.

    • Omg, I really like that anime. It's probably one of the most girliest and cutest and most innocent sounding aroung. I hate this corruption!

    • woah, they are all right in your face, just how many symbols could they put on the costume of the guy?

    • Big Pefume Fan on

      I just watched that BoA video and all i could see was the checkerboard costume and the weird masks…What's so bad about it?

  14. sigh I like Perfume, but there music itself is a bit of a giveaway, always cute-sounding, techno, dance pop, obvious stuff Sony Japan and music fans are gonna like and the beats ALWAYS hint at computers and robots. What I do want to know is what's the name of this song so someone can look up the lyrics.

      • Big Pefume Fan on

        Yes, the end of the Dream Fighter performance is particularly sad, where they put up the one eye symbol and then act possessed or something. That part always bothered me.

  15. Ever since the K-pop group SHINee put out their song Lucifer, I've not been surprised one bit by the foreign music industry. Its undeniable that the shady, sneaky, dirty bastards have infiltrated every culture…. At least I'm down with the "in the know" crowd.

  16. i.go.by.rian.yugi on

    ugh they're so REVOLTING. how can anyone tolerate that inhumanly high pitched voice?

    it goes without question this gaggle of J-pop idiots are completely oblivious to what they're doing and perpertuating.

    they are the peak of ignorant puppet, ultimately this is the type of artist elitists want instrumenting the N.O.W agenda

    like they have no originality or character/personality. vacant eyes. souless tone of voice, pointless lyrical content….

  17. I've never seen or heard of this band before. I have to admit, i rather like them. They are so cute and girly and feminine. They seem very different from the oversexed female pop stars in america. It's like as soon as they turn 18 they are stripped naked and put in front of a camera (Miley, Rhianna, and we all know Taylor Hicks is about an album away from wearing pasties and singing about getting banged in the back seat of the car)

    I do however see the roboticness of their performance. The Lady Gaga eyes thing and those sherpa hats are just weird as hell. Messed their cute little outfits up too!

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BqGofCW68U

    One of the most symbolic music videos (let alone J-Pop) I've ever seen. I mean, just so blatant.

    glass box, ribbons wrapped around her arms, being shown in a shattered mirror, her face splitting, bunch of material possessions raining down outside her glass box

    outside of the glass box she has:

    illuminated eyes, huge black wings, one eye stuff

    • Big Pefume Fan on

      Yea that is a terrible video and i love Koda Kumi. She always said Beyonce was her biggest inspiration so i guess that says a lot.

  19. Here's another girl group called AKB48 that is being promoted in very shady ways
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_1ObyG2-1Y – Very questionable lyrics
    http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Hb5uPyywd5g/ – Gruesome depiction of transhumanism, bad quality vid since people complain about the video you wont find the original version easily only the dance version

    I swear man, this is like the game Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas on the pc where people who went to live inside a vault to escape nuclear fallout end up being test subjects on varying experiment which ended with the entire population dead with only a "select" group of vault for the elites that survives.I'm seeing different things being pushed all around the world but in the end its all one sick experiment

    • Forgot to mention that the Japanese entertainment industry is a front for organized crime, all from the music industry to Gravure and AV industry. Although it looks like they have strict regulations for these stars(like smoking/drinking while under 21 can get you booted from the industry) in actuality desperate newcomers are often pimped out to people in power(government officials,bankers,moguls) for side-income to support themselves not to mention what they are requested to do at some auditions(pose nude). So the motivation to corrupt the viewers is there since they make money in all things illegal, people who don't believe this are welcome to do their own research

  20. like many people, once you start to realize what's really going on in the world,you sometimes can't help but tell people that you know about it, and most of the time, they laugh at you or say that you're crazy…oh well, i'd rather be crazy than a zombie…

  21. ok i listen to perfume and I noticed this long time ago but I'm not going to burn all their music and hide inside a cave. As long as the song does not contain swear words I'm all good. It is the words that are dangerous and being a perfume fan, the words in their songs are so simple idk why people are worrying so much…

  22. isn't it funny how when there are articles about pop stars "no one" likes [i.e. lady gaga] everyone is like "yeah, she is this and shes that", "the Illuminati is real", and "she is a devil worshiper" …..but as soon as there's an article on a pop star to they're liking everything is suddenly HOGWASH? [yes i said HOGWASH]….stop reading the articles if you don't wanna believe this stuff exist….its insulting to Vigilant Citizen. PLZ AND THANK YOU!

  23. Big Pefume Fan on

    Sure it's easy to call out artists you don't like, but soon as someone you like gets mentioned, the game changes. I've been telling my friends for ages how they shouldn't listen to Gaga, or Wayne or whatever and here Vigil is calling out an artist's whose music i've listened too literally thousands of times. I cant' say i haven't noticed them before.

    Before i get started shredding them, i hear alot of people saying how bad this music sounds. This is one of their earlier songs and i can't say i like it. Their newer stuff is very electropop and dance/disco infused. I really like the vocoder and the composition. It's all by Yasutaka Nakata, an artist who creates music for acts like capsule, ami suzuki, coltemonikha, MEG and more. I've heard him mentioned by a commenter on this site before so he's probably deep in too. I just like the production, which can be used to worship God if you're clever (more on that in a second.)

    It came out in 2003 if i'm correct, but this performance is from last year. You know what? Now that i think about it, they perform chocolate disco ALOT. Moments where they could be promoting their new hits or what have you, they're singing chocolate disco, which itself didn't perform very well on the charts. Why would they keep performing a song that even perfume fans everywhere could care less about?

    I literally asked my brother "gee i wonder why they are so *hellbent* on performing this garbage track all the time" and it's obviously because of that cutesy one eye dance that you'll probably have to keep yourself from breaking into at work. They flashing that sign in that performance whenever they get the chance, even though it's years old!

    I am here to say that I am a big Perfume fan and that i see alot of one-eye symbolism in their music. Perfume may fool the entire country of Japan with their super cute presence, alvin and the chipmunk vocals and eye catching style and choreography, but they too are perhaps being used to further the illuminati agenda. The saddest thing is that christianity has such a tiny following in Japan and yet, the devil is still prevalent.

    I've been actively reading this sight for about a year now, and It didn't surprise me to see their names up on the site. A few things you should know:

    This song is named chocolate disco and from what i can tell, it doesn't have much of a meaning,.

    Perfume rarely has deep meanings that i can pick out in their lyrics because their music is aimed at youth lyrically and at clubs and parties conceptually. Weird right? Music for kids and adults? Two birds with one cute, techno rave stone.

    They have a distinct robotic flair to all of their choreography and have a certain appeal as Robotic or Electric girls, which fits snugly in with their heavily synthesized voices and electropop music.

    They have a song called electro world which talks about a new, electric world (?)

    They have a song called computer city which talks about the saturation of the world with computers and tech

    They have a song called seventh heaven which discusses dying or disappearing into the seventh heaven (?)

    Their hit from last year, Fushizen na Girl is particular for a few reasons. The very first scene in the video depicts them in rich red costumes (blood, sacrifice) on a masonic checkerboard floor. This continues throughout the video and they dress the same way every time they perform.

    The lyrics are also notable. "can't stop feeling; I'm an unnatural girl" The name of the song literally translates to Artificial Girl or Unnatural Girl. Transhumanism much?

    Plenty of one eye symbolism in the GAME performance, Polyrhythm, lots of their songs. The one eye symbolism is all i could spot and sometimes a few off lyrics, but the Fushizen Na Girl video is a dead give away if i've seen one, if the lyrics didn't do the trick,

    One might ask themselves:

    "If you know all this about them, and you've been reading this site, then why do you still listen to them?"

    Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that if you know who you worship, there is no need to be afraid of these songs or videos. I've been a practicing christian since i can remember and no amount of Perfume, or Lady Gaga, or Beyonce is going to change that. Now, i can't say what oversaturation of this will do to a person, because i don't listen to much english language music and the upside to Perfume's music is that you can easily insert you're own gospel lyrics where they sing Japanese. I do this with a lot of lyrics. That performance you showed is the second part of their performance at MNET. The first part is a show of their latest chart topper, called Nee. Just for an example, this is how i sing the song (you'll understand when you hear it)

    Pray, Pray

    Pray, Pray

    There's no need for you to feel alone anymore

    Pray, Pray

    Pray, Pray

    Jesus has your back and of this you can be sure,

    After all, music was invented to worship God, so taking it back from the devil worhippers only 1Ups them. Now don't get me wrong, i love this sight and i love what vigil is doing, but you are supposed to take the information in stride. Perfume is coming out with an album and i can't wait to steal it from them off the internet (stealing is a sin but Perfume isn't without it and we all fall short of God's glory) and i'm probably going to listen to it a billion times and when i go to sleep at night, guess who i'm still going to pray to?

    Thank you

  24. Big Pefume Fan on

    And Vigil, while i love your work and your site, i have to say that that single sentence of information up there doesn’t really tell the people anything. That one symbol enough doesn’t do very much. If i did it right now, it would be meaningless. If you want to go at perfume, you can really go at them. You’ll have to peruse perhaps their entire career in order to get enough for a substantial post. Hell, they even do that symbol in a number of other performances. If you want to call them out, do it the right way, the substantial way, the way you do it for all the artist that Americans listen to. Please and thank you and keep up the excellent work,.

      • Big Pefume Fan on

        Thank you openminded, as you can see from my rant above, seeing them definitely struck a chord with me. Like i said i always had the suspicions, but seeing them on the site was eye opening.

        I also forgot, they have a song called Linear Motor Girl. Take from that what you need to. BTW the video is so transhumanism.

  25. the song is called chokoreito disuko (chocolate disco)

    this is the music video of that song. pause at exactly 2.04, and you will have a surprise, a wonderful pentagramm (pointing downwards) on the girl's *****

    this symbol doesn't exist in japanese culture, it won't have the same meaning for the japanese viewers,

    but for us it (the pentagramm and the one-eye) means that the free masons and all that shit are already controlling music industry in japan.

  26. haha! Reading this is hilarious you guys sound like paranoid freaks.

    i mean really? Perfume dancing illuminati signs? Their dancing is supposed to be voguish, composed of posing and such. (chocolate disco is pretty old by the way try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edyARJq9sgM )

    here take this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MdaHEDjjQk
    probably one of the most relaxed music videos.

    Now go count all symbols!

    personally i don't care if they are part of the Illuminati or what ever there music is much better than the non-possessed american artists.

  27. Are you serious! I've been listening to Perfume all this time not knowing what that eye thing meant! I feel so stupid, I can't listen to them anymore. Although I have to admit they are kinda cute

  28. This is why I listen to vocaloid. Elites will never truly grasp it. It's all fanmade songs for fans like me. Sure it's robotic but the voice is for song writers to share their songs with the world. I doubt Sony or any other illuminatti controlled company can fully control vocaloid because there are literally thousands of songs being written/made even right now

  29. Okay guys, bear with me, I don't want to sound rude or something, but I'm literally laughing at some of your coments. Perfume, seriously? Have you ever thought that they are, perhaps, a technopop group? I mean, it's a musical style where only the rythems and the beats are important. Do you seriously expect Perfume to sing about the meaning of life, or free will or Descartes or God or sth? Does that make them Illuminati puppets? It's just a matter of how you interpret symbols; and symbols don't represent just one thing alone. There are countless interpretations. And ofter the analysis people make is quite…extravagant? For example, I'm working on Voltaire's Candid and I was assigned to draw the characters and the landscapes represented on the book. And for the logo of the project I drew the book's title with a rose underneath. Does that make me a Devil worshiper or an Illuminati puppet because it is also related to Masonry? No, it doesn't. Why doesn't it? Because I've consulted various symbols dictionaries and the rose is a symbol which depicts rebirth and blooming towards perfection. Am I going to assume a valentines card is meant to make me want to worship the devil just because it has a couple of roses drawn in it? No, because it is a completly different context. And it makes sense, considering the book was wrote during "Iluminismo" (sorry, as you can see, my english is nowhere near as good as yours!), the historical period packed with ideas of freedom and access to knowledge, and equality, all the ideas that originated the French Revolution. The book criticezed absolutist monarchies. Moreover, the declaration of the human and citizen rights of the 26th of August 1789 has the all-seeing-eye in it. And, for example, Voltaire and Marquês de Pombal were Masons and while the former wrote several critics to the political systems that opressed the people and wrote about freedom and God, the latter completly reformulated and developed Lisbon and reformulated the Coimbra's University and introduced all of the "Iluminismo"'s ideology that allowed Portugal to develop. What I'm trying to say is, sometimes people tend to read waaaay to much into things. And no, that doesn't make you extremely open-minded and "free" of the elits control, it makes you believe in things with no fundament because you're just trying to find hidden meanings just for the sake of it; when many times they aren't even there! It's like saying, oh, singer x looks at the camera with it's head slightly turned to the right, that means he wants you to etc etc etc. And singer y is wearing black and white clothes, it must mean he is being influenced by the masonry bla bla bla. You have to analise the context as well. And, even, sometimes, it is just a fashion choice. You might come across as being ridiculous, just saying.

  30. Oh so, in ナチュラルに恋して Kashiyuka arives at a shopping mall; flying, though, so that must mean she is a fallen angel because although her dress is white, her hair is black, so she's in fact trying to decieve people into believing she's good when she isn't. Then her naive friends sense her presence and start following her around and are being decieved by consumism. They are also in an endless catwalk because kashiyuka is trying to ground them to an intensive shopping session to make them her slaves.

    I mean, isn't this ridiculous? It's a video promoting a clothing brand and cosmetic products, jesus! Oh wait, it might just mean they are trying to controle people by exposing them to material good and —. No, it isn't. It's just a simple music video.

  31. The group Perfume out of Japan seems to be doing something interesting lately. Yasutaka Nakata, the maker of Perfume's music, and allegedly their lyrics writer has released his main group's (called Capsule) album…. which is filled with horribly bad music, very unlike Nakata (titled CAPS LOCK). What is really interesting is that this seems to be on purpose , as if to say" i died", last track named Return alluding to a gnostic rebirth.?.. will he change his name soon, just like other prominent popular artists, including Beyonce, Snoop Dogg did ?
    Meanwhile Perfume releases a video which is a departure from their colorful happy image they followed consistently so far. Dressed in black and grey, the vid for single Sweet Refrain looks like a wake by comparison to just about any other of Perfume's music videos. Looks like no coincidence to me.