More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”


We’ve seen in several previous articles (notably The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music) that the normalization of transhumanism is an important part of the Agenda in mass media. The merging of humans and robots in order to for a new kind of “upgraded” transhuman is a concept that is heavily promoted in movies, music videos and video games.

Almost all major pop stars have been portrayed as a robot at one point or another in their career. Not only does this make the concept of transhumanism cool and sexy for young people, it also makes a profound statement about the nature of the industry (pop stars being robots with no minds programmed to perform).

In Japan, the widely popular group Perfume brings the same message and imagery to young Asians with videos such as Spring of Life. During the entire video, the members of the group are robots that are being tinkered with by unseen programmers. During the chorus, they do a dance routine attached to wires – not a lot of freedom going on there. Also, they hide one eye a bunch of times to salute those who control them.

At one point, the fembots appear to be feeling love and start acting more naturally – which is the next step in the development of this technology: Natural looking and feeling robots that can even simulate emotions. Here’s the video.

While this video in itself will probably not change one’s outlook on life and the concept of humanity, it is another piece in the gigantic puzzle that is mass media around the world. This particular video is aimed at the millions of young people in Japan, but other videos and media are aimed at other people around the world and of different age groups. The combination of all forms of media pushing the same idea ultimately normalizes it – especially when the idea is promoted to young people. So, whether you like transhumanism or not, it is being aggressively pushed around the world.




  1. i know this is very old but I would just like to point out that this video has nothing to do with transhumanism at all. This video is about the group leaving one record company and moving to another. They were not happy being in the record company. They didn't have a lot of freedom ( hence the cords attached to them during the dance scenes almost like leashes ). They were being forced ( programmed ) to act and be a certain way. In the final scene where they unplug each other, that's when they decided to cut ties with the record company and move to a much bigger one.

    Idk that's just what I got from watching the video

  2. I get what you alla re saying but one thing that hitts me is the realisation of the lyrics in perfume songs, they often sing about innocent things like in most of theyre songs and i havent seen them as nothing but cutsy electro singers with theyre visual art just being art. so this makes it difficult for me bcus what do you determant to be soly art (like if you like the visuals of a shape or a pattern). bcus when I see American music videos the satanic imedge is clear in comparison like Kesha Rihanna and so on show skin sing sudectevly and so on. While Perfume songs i have read translation and nine times out of ten its about either being a girl in love, having a nice day, everyday struggels and finding streangt. and if the lyrics hint at annything more its verry clean like 1mm (theyre newest song). So for me when it comes to Perfume it has to be theyre smbols soly that they are making and the fact that it can be precived as art and nothing more but then again symbolism of something completely ells and its killing me that I dont know! does annyone get what I mean ? -_-" WITH THAT SAID I WOULD NEWER WANT TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING THAT HAS A SINISTER OR A DARK AGENDA AND SUPORT IT ~ sorry for the bad English ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. 1)Perfume aren't sexbots. Look at their clips and lives. They don't have anything about sex. If you want to see sex robots, go and search AKB48.

    2)Jpop music isn't trash. That changes people to people, but if you don't like it, just say i don't like it. Perfume even have an "Best female J-Popgroup" award. Yea, a trash(!) group can take an award like that

    3)Illuminati started to "show" themselves so badly around 2011/2012. Example, int 2003 or 2007, a lot of persons didn't had any ideat about Illuminati. Perfume used "robot" style and their symbols for a long time. That group is like 10-year-old. Also, they used futuristic theme for a long time too.

    • IKR! They do a lot of electronic dance music with loads of autotune, why wouldn’t the robot idea appeal to them? As for the triangles, they’re a three person group. Do the math guys.

  4. This is probably one of the best Perfume conversations ever. Im glad we are all obviously insane and skeptical about the evolution of music.

    Reasons why they are real people and not "sex robots": at 1:39 in the video Nocchi makes a huge mistake and almost falls on stage. In fact this entire video is mistakes made by these "sex robots".

    oh an here are a couple more videos including mistakes:

    Part 2:

    Of course there is going to be symbolism in a music video. When isn't there? Perfume is very symbolistic to their past in school and in their (mostly previous) insecurities.

    Part 3:

    If you knew anything about traditional Japanese "dancing", you would know it was primarily with there hands. Perfume tries to imitate the style with their own twists to it. They can dance, but instead they do their own style which makes them stand out. Unlike every American artists and a lot of k-pop who just do grind and crump for four minutes.

    Im pretty sure the only comment that was level-headed and made sense in this thread was:

    "Well actually i like the song, and i think if it would be an english song and with a different video then there would be more people who would like the song. And its ignorant to say that the song is garbage

    you have a other music taste so there could be people who have a other music type than you."

    Feel free to respond with comments that have no logical ground.

  5. Too bad – this song is awesome nonetheless. J-pop, let alone Japanese media in general, is a hundred times better than Western pop, regardless of all the symbolism in both.

  6. I'm sorry, but I think the review for this music video is very pessimistic.

    I think this video actually represents the idea that we have all been plugged in and controlled by the system, but once we begin and learn to LOVE, we become happy and more in touch with our human spirituality. This is evident in the music video because once love is "programmed" into the "robot girls", you can see the emotion and they become more realistic instead of emotionless and depressed individuals.

    Unconditional love for everyone is simply what it takes to be a good person. Turn the other cheek. Do not judge, and be tolerant of others and their beliefs. It seems horribly contradictory to claim to be vigilant and yet only support your own beliefs without considerations of others.

    This is simply my two cents, I do enjoy this website and the conspiracy THEORIES, it adds to my day. Although in reality it honestly seems a little ridiculous to think the whole world is against you.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you. I didn't even think that was especially difficult to work out from the video. I think that if people try really really hard to look for alleged symbolism in every music video that exists, they'll find it regardless of whether it's actually intentional or not. It's the same way you can see shapes in clouds and whatnot.

  7. Nah, J-Pop isn't globally relevant enough to be actually affiliated with it, but it does seem like they're emulating and catching on with the symbolism trends in Western videos.

  8. One thing to add for those who say '' Japs are obsessed with Cyborgs, robots bla bla ..and its going on for years "".

    firstly you say ''going on for years'' well lemme tell you folks, its not like years in a sense that some 300 or 400 years ago…

    technology is a bud that grew right after 1970's!! and btw if you study Jap history,

    japanese sought technology after WW2 when they hit with a thought that only technology can save them from repitition of events like Hiroshima, Nagasaki!

    thats where their so called obsession started …

    To add to this Jap media being a Satanic propaganda thing, when infamous Pokemon came out in 90's it was a major hit in the world except few countries that banned it.

    Out of them was Saudi Arabia.. and the reason Saudi Government banned Pokemon was what lies in this video of Perfume ,- the one-eyed thing repeatedly shown and emphasized.!!

    So here is your answer if Jap media is a Satanic propaganda or not…

    people don't limit your thoughts of Luciferian agenda being applied in Western media only.

    I live in so called Islamic state of Pakistan and everyday i see, there are blunt symbolism used in our paki media…yea …this Islamic state has a media with logo of fire and an eye,..

    some channels have Egypt Pyramids as their symbol…

    i wonder what the f**k does a cheap paki channel has to do with egypt pyramid,

    then if you listen and learn (VC), you have the answers ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. heloo VC i have a question. At the beggining of the video, there was this part where the girl was sitting in the chair and the robot arm was like yuh know, pointing at a part of her, was that even necessary?

  10. Cyborgs, Robots and Androids have always been a major figure in Japanese media, in movies,anime and manga and video games. So this isn't anything new and there truly is no new agenda. Japan has been perfecting life like robots and they seem very real! The next step in our evolution might just be this tranhumanism step and finding ways to become more advanced. Personally I can say that this video can tell how computers or robots can somehow develop their own identity from what they were created for. Somehow a soul can be made from a computer, something lifeless and follows commands. I think that's inspiring.

  11. when i saw the machine thingy working on the the girls robotic forarm i was all like luke f*****g skywalker!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  12. As much as I love Perfume… As soon as I saw this music video, I couldn't help but cringe at the symbolism. The covering of the one eye, the entire theme of them being controlled/ programmed and re-programmed by some unseen force. Their robotic movements, coupled with their dead expressions in those scenes…It all felt wrong to me, I don't like seeing Perfume like this. Someone on Youtube commented that both the music and the video made them inexplicably sad.

    Sometimes being enlightened is tough work…

  13. The Japanese have been obsessed with robots-androids, cyborgs and all kind of sci-fi stuff for years!!! If you think this video is something special or represents some recent phenomena, you are mistaken. Please look at some Japanese media like manga and anime, you will have this kind of stuff going on for decades, there are special genres for this…

    • I couldn't argue with that. I recollect I used to watch some Japanese-S. Korean films in the cinema theatres in the 80s with all sorts of destructive humungous bad robots, androids etc. They were very popular back then.

    • I just watched this…this is as blatant as it gets. If people call that art, they are just as sick in the head and lost as lost can be! I already can see some of the comments now…it was only a dream, dreams don't mean anything. Ugh, SMH. It's only going to get worse. I can see this guy Performing with Nicki Minaj or Jay Z or Rihana and everyone just loving it. I've been studying this cap for a while and it still makes me sick to my stomach.

  14. Koda kumi – pop diva

    utada hikaru – you make me want to be a man, devil inside

    olivia lufkin- little pain, into the stars

    a lot of jpop songs are about illuminati. Also mangas like ghost in the shell, yu gi ho etc…

    • Wow, powerful stuff. Must have had a hefty budget to achieve such high production values– large cast, superdigital w/filter effects, the works. Notice that it's related to a video game, which are pretty effective tools for the illuminati in tricking people into participating in their agenda. I'd bet it's something like a "preventative strike" type of disinformation, cooked up now to quell or undermine some future protests against "augmentation." Some people say that they're supposed to give warning before actually carrying stuff out. Besides, we all know how they love to brag.

      • That is a good point, I hadn't considered how expensive that probably was to make.

        What I consider things like this to be is a sort of justification in their sick minds. They can tell themselves, "Well, we gave them hints, clues and in this case showed them the future. Since they are too stupid to get it, they must deserve whatever fate we deem them worthy of."

  15. Hi VC. I hope you will also review Big Bang's latest music video "Fantastic Baby". It's very similar to Brown Eyed Girl's Illuminati video. Please do a review.

  16. i just finished watching Gadget Show and they did an episode on advanced robots. they traveled to Japan to view a computer hologram of a J-pop artists is concert and the amount of ppl coming out to support such rubbish was alarming! the show featured a new technology that connects ppl to their own personal robots; basically you wear this helmet that allows yo to wake the robot up and see and do everything the robot does, if you turn right, it turns right, turn left and it does the same, if the robot sees ppl, you see the same face as it sees it. the thing that shocked me was that if the person connected to the robot through the helmet looks at their hands, they dont see human hands made of flesh and blood, THEY SEE THE HANDS OF A ROBOT!!!!!!!!!! brings a whole new meaning to robot-humanoid. you are literally the robot and the robot is literally YOU!! God created man in His own image, why the heck would anyone want to look and feel like a machine with no real life, love, experience or personality? THE DEVIL IS A LIAR YALL!!

    • Most probably because they are uncomfortable to be naked in front of someone else?

      I can't think of any reason other than that.

    • You'd be surprised to know what people are willing to get it on with. Then again, knowing humans the way we do, you probably wouldn't be.

  17. I love how everybody on VC says "Omg i will resist this bs!" or "be vigilant!" also adding "I will not succumb to this" even though you use your computer daily probably. Like typing in words is gonna do the slightest of good to apposing the nwo. People need to actually stand up to this, sacrifice what your willing to give for humanity(thats if you even care about your fellow brothers and sisters) if your not even doing sh*t then why bother commenting. Educate other people. Not just blabber about triangle this, eye that, checker board floor over here. Tell them to watch the hell out. Speak up if they see anything out of place in their area. Protest if you have to. Apposing the nwo isn't just about typing and praying, you need to take action for what you want for now and the future generations. Think about others not just yourself.

    "How can I set free anyone who doesn't have the guts to stand up alone and declare his own freedom?” – Jim Morrison

    • hahahah i completely understand you

      sadly i am right now only alone i do speak against people i try to open theyre eyes i come on this site for information there arent people like around me theyre all the same :/ the fact is ๐Ÿ™ i cant do much right now but when the time will be right i will take the biggest actions i can :/ cuz i must help other people not pray to god to save my sorry ass XD

      no god no master no mistress thats waht i say to those who try to make me beleave in theyre faith

      ''how can you know the truth if all you know is lies'' me :3

  18. I agree!…they're poking fun at the millions of monarch slaves made, and many slaves themselves do the modeling…sick!

  19. hello ๐Ÿ™‚ how are you i hope doing well this really isnt about the deal much but i must say it so im sorry if you dont want to hear it but if you do continue reading :3

    transhumanism isnt the best thing i see it as the same as cybersex ( which is just weird) im not on god side or devils side im on human side yes you heard me human side nor good nor evil but the thing we were born in balance between the both but now both sides are starting to go flipping nuts ๐Ÿ™ i wish there would be that balance again

    im not too friendly with god either and i dont care about satan either cuz in either case your a slave your all life will be slavery unless you do whatever you want unless no one affects you unless no one tells you not to……………….who is your god? money is your god while you pray to die and go to your precious heaven i dont i care about this world we live in and that we can make it a better place a real future not this illuminati nightmare with real leaders who understand and with real people with real goals to acomplish

    humans are slaves your religion enslaves you your goverment enslaves you and yet people walk around praising god is great and that you love your country i dont care about contry animore i care about its culture only the chosen ones are really free and your not them

    one person said this ( i would wash the floors of heaven just to get in there ) and im sorry but thats the most pathetic thing i have heard in my entire life where is your honor? where the hell is your honor?!?!?! your nothing just a slave and it only prooves it thats why i bow down to no one my heart belongs only to me and people beside me who i know i can trust not some gods up there……

    im not a slave to religion now i gotta get rid this horoble bullshit of a goverment and people can have atleast a little more freedom that they got now and that theyre rights wont be stripped till the last where you wont be watched or heard every second and im going to fight for that there is no maybe there is only i will :/ my heart doenst allow me to stop

    thank you for your time and please dont reply with hate :/ or something about god loving i got other reasons too why i hate god but i aint gonna write them down so it would only piss me off ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you again and never forget people beside you

    • I couldn't agree more with your commnet brother, kudos. It's a shame how alot of nature is being destroyed because of us. I connect more with mother nature then with religion, because nature gives us everything we need to survive, I'm actually gonna be connecting with my shoshoni roots. Ancient Natives of all culturals we're the real human beings, whats left of us are just a me're shadow of what they use to be *sigh* I prefer leaving a mark on this beautiful planet that means that I actually did something to sustain our race, and I agree with "religion makes you a slave" I use to be Catholic but I let go of all that, I didn't really see the use of praying, going to church every morning, or giving money in a wooden box, its as if they're saying "do it or your going to hell!".

      • our beutifull planet is being destroyed and eaten alive :/ depopulation hmm yeah it would save the planet but its just f*****g wrong the solution might be alot easier then it looks but they dont listen i live in a country home in europe there is beutifull but country itself is going to hell i walk with my bare foot every day in summer and in cold winter days i just love to touch the snow feel it i wish people would start being like they used to in balance to stop choosing sides gods or any crap like that but see what you are doing to your land your home to people beside you :/

        i used to be lutheran………but churches just drained my energy i literaly almost passed out in it if god is so great then he would take all people to heaven he would stop misery the pain lol and i love that people tend to call me satanic just because i like fire and darkness XD they even yelled at me that im going to hell for it……….no thank you ill go the middle path neither heaven nor hell……..but if i have to choice ill take hell ๐Ÿ™‚ and thank you for understanding

  20. I watched this video all they way through, and while it is filled with imagery of human robot hybrids, the actual message of the video is very anti-transhuman. In the beginning of the video the girls are resigned to a life of being poked, prodded and programmed, this leads to the "robots" breaking down (symbolized using various black plastic hearts). next the word love flashes on the computer computer screens, (I believe this is the girls discovering what is truly important in life). Finally there is much rejoicing and cool dance moves, and if you stick around to the very end of the video the girls find true happiness when they UNPLUG.

    that said, I have to admit, cybernetic/genetic upgrades to human physiology or intelligence is not something that bothers me. Anything more than walking out into the elements butt naked is altering our natural state. prosthetic limbs, pace makers, insulin shots, tooth fillings/false teeth, eyeglasses… Upgrading is simply what humans do.

  21. Well, the song sucks. I'm sorry, it does. It sucks eggs, big time. Who wrote the music; a bunch of robots? LOL!

    As far as sexbots go … I'm not surprised at all. In a Luciferian world, sexual intimacy with just about anything and everything imaginable, in unimaginable ways, gives them a thrill like no other thrill in the world. Recalls to my mind the scene in the movie "Splice", where actor Adrien Brody's character Clive Nicoli has sexual intercourse in the barn with the female human/animal hybrid. I guess he was getting a sort of "two-for-one" experience since humans are already comfortable practicing b********y as well normal sex between human beings.

    A sick, evil, and wicked world we are living in. The time is now to decide whom you will serve: either wickedness or righteousness.

  22. My buddies girlfriend thought that chips implanted in our brain is the next breakthrough after the Ipad.

    I swear on my beloved dog who just passed away that she said that. You don't want to know how much I love/d my dog.

    When she said that my heart dropped.

    This s**t is f*****g serious and real.

    I am not a tech toy…

    I am a human being.

  23. Scary. Is there a phobia for having electronic devices inserted in to your body? I'd like to know the name of my fear.

  24. attached to my name is a video that proves sex dolls/ sex botz are taking over our culture & how obsessed our youth (especially online) have become with them. The song is actually called sex doll its a friggin music video! What is happening?

  25. Well, we could always try and make an actual anti-illuminatie sub-conscience that is shared by the masses in much the same way.

    2 Obvious things I need to point out tho.

    1: Illuminati are a gazillion of miles ahead in corrupting human social and global intelligence. (Mass consciousness)

    2: We might fall to what we fight.

    On the other hand we could work towards a resource based society. ->

    I think we all should start cranking out products to this idea and let them fly freely over the globe, but how ever we must be careful as screaming "BEWARE OF THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!" is mostly the way to get yourself ignored/shunned/put away in a "loony"-bin.

    And guys lets invert their symbol for a change, cause f**k em why shouldn't we.

  26. Music is too sugary and the song is way to repetative the chorus is annoying. The robot girls are corny.

    My thoughts are that there is mind control/one-eyed symbols and truly an agenda of transhumanism

    to turn people into robots and or to act like one. I think except for traditional japanese music and instruments this bubble-gum sugary sweet cavity filled music is hard to listen to. Its like little girls all dressed up pretty like some baby dolls in action. I can't stand most pop-culture radio top 20 songs its to fake.

  27. Well, we should be honest about ourselves and if you look at human history, the race of homo sapiens has never done much good, only wars, hate, envy, destruction of the planet, endless killing of animals etc. , so why shouldn't get the robots a chance ?! It seems we don't deserve this gift of life that god has given to us, so if God is in everything he may be as well be part of this ! But I think, in the end, we all, together, have brought this future upon ourselves, over the centuries, together with the aliens, of course, or maybe we are the aliens….ask the Earth….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wake up, dude. We have had our history, our symbols, and even our DNA hijacked by these fiends. Despite everything they have done to degrade our mental/spiritual abilities and our connection to God, we are still here, waking, fighting, evolving, praying. We DO deserve this world of Beauty (Tifareth in kabbalah) that We were given. Just because they keep trying to contaminate it and infiltrate it, you wanna just hand it to them and let them take it over? Because that is their end game-to conquer and fundamentally change our world/dimension into what we would describe as "hell." I say f*** that!

  28. I think the robots are more of a symbolism of the Monarch mind programming of the thousands of children in the US each year. Be more aware of the 'HUMAN ROBOTS' than actual robots in a literal sense.

  29. perfume's whole concept is robotic it's to match the music genre. you should check their older stuff too cause they have been doing this for years.

  30. I live In Kyoto Japan and it was only last night that I undeliberately saw this 'girl band' performed on TV. There were some young girls in the audience that were shown, watching the girl band singing and dancing provocatively in such short and almost transparent skirts. They seemed to adore these singers. I thought to myself, how could their parents allow their kids to watch this?

    On another note, I was wondering what kind of group or 'forces' trying to push the transhumanism agenda? I thought the Illuminati only belongs to the Western world, with the descendents of the 'illuminated ones' (a.k.a Humanoid reptilians?). But are there Illuminati members in Asia, too?

    • Some parents don't care, some parents think that their children need A LOT of freedom, some parents see it as normal.

      I say that evil people, (13 families, musicians, actors, etc.), want to better the world for themselves. In other words, that means killing people and sick things related to that.

      The Illuminati belongs to the entire world. The New World Order calls for a unified world. Sadly, Asia is therefore included. That's why it shouldn't be "all for one", and we should care about our brothers and sisters in other nations. They don't care for your creed, race, ethnicity, culture, moral standards, hierarchy, whatever. You are sheep to be slaughtered in their eyes no matter who or what you are.

  31. Robots replacing humans eliminates the need for humans, if depopulation occurs w all the believers gone there will be jus enough people to control and they'll all have a luciferian New World orgy! Honestly I'd rather not stick around for it anyways…more power to em!

  32. I love perfume! I have seen many more hidden-type things following them over the years..they love using Triangles and one-eyed gestures….but I just love them, been following since their fist single.

  33. is it me but have ya noticed ever since visiting this website and keeping up with it, things have been happening to me

    strange phone calls, people with the masonic sticker on their car following me, online weird incidents…

    but im not afraid im protected by God 360 ๐Ÿ™‚

    God loves you <3

    • That's the same as when your pregnant and you 'suddenly' notice beautiful pregnant people everywhere or when your dieting and suddenly notice hamburger ads everywhere.

      Yea, there are mason symbols on license plates and other symbols everywhere. Try not to let it make you bitter. Our school principles are masons and I know this because they have the best parking spots in the parking lots and I see it on their license plates. ;P

      Again, remain cheerful and forgiving and don't let bitterness get ya.

      • Can't believe that. My father-in-law was a freemason and school headmaster. That's why he managed to become headmaster in his early 30s. Talking about connections. I'm astonished, completely.

  34. I'm first on the anti-mass-media bandwagon, but I don't really see a problem with transhumanism. Yes, it would be exploitable by the scum of the earth, but so are mobile phones, the internet, computers and cars. These devices in and of themselves are not evil, some of their applications are.

    Our entire history is filled with people inventing things to gain new abilities. A more efficient man-machine interface (eventually going to implants as auxiliary memory storage and cognitive capacity) is in my admittedly ex-media-addled mind another possible step along that path. As always it will be the uninformed that will be exploited, and that's another thing that hasn't changed in our entire history.

      • Not all sex is illegal. God allowed sex to be between 1 Man and 1 Woman.

        Satan has an objective called "Do what thou wilt" which rejects God's law, (pushed by aleister crowley and alice bailey who are both satanists; and also music artists like Jay-Z). Basically, the satanist agenda says to "Allow sex in all forms". including sex with objects, sex with animals, homosexuality, sex with multiple partners (orgies), etc. These are things that are abominations in the Bible and are rejected by God. Satan however, wants to destroy the image of God's people, and so he uses his doctrine (composed of 10 laws) to go against the 10 commandments of God. You can look up the laws yourself if you don't believe me. A good place to start is to search "The Forerunner Chronicles" or "Forerunner777" on youtube. He's a former music artist who left the Industry and started exposing them. He has really good information that you need to hear, including what I've just told you.

      • Other places you can check for "Christian" law is in leviticus, which has detailed instructions on how animal sacrifices should be prepared.

        No thank you.

      • In response to Pstonie:

        "detailed instructions on how animal sacrifices should be prepared. No thank you."

        Yes, the Bible makes many references to sacrifice.

        The sacrifice of animals occurs from Genesis to the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), and then the sacrifices end.


        Because, Jesus was the "lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." John 1:29

        The people of the Old Testament confessed their sins over the beasts that were slain, and looked forward to the hour when Christ would sacrifice of Himself for mankind.

        The people of the New Testament, and beyond (that includes you and me) look back to His sacrifice.

        "For Christ suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh. 1 Peter 3:18

        Sin has a price – death and separation from God. Christ bore that penalty on Himself for each one of us.

        Interestingly, Satan twists the whole blessed concept of Jesus' sacrifice and produces counterfeit sacrifices.

        There are many Bible verses which talk about the POWER of Jesus' innocent blood that was spilled.

        Satanists also receive ALL sorts of worldly power from blood. Just google satanic blood rituals and you'll see what I mean.

        Why do you think so many kids get abducted and go missing every year?

        The Bible should be investigated (and I do mean investigated) in its entirety ….

        Don't get turned off by a few strange verses.

        2 Corinthians 5:

        19 For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

        20 So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!”

        21 For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

        God bless all those who want to understand….

      • Leviticus 1:10:

        "If the offering is a burnt offering from the flock, from either the sheep or the goats, you are to offer a male without defect. You are to slaughter it at the north side of the altar before the LORD, and Aaron’s sons the priests shall splash its blood against the sides of the altar. You are to cut it into pieces, and the priest shall arrange them, including the head and the fat, on the wood that is burning on the altar. You are to wash the internal organs and the legs with water, and the priest is to bring all of them and burn them on the altar. It is a burnt offering, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the LORD."

        These are literal instructions from the superstitious idiots responsible for writing much of the bible, and cannot be passed off as metaphors about Jesus.

        Blessed be all those who can read.

      • "Leviticus 1:10:"

        Ever watched the movie Food, Inc.?

        Ever visited a slaughterhouse?

        Ever visited a factory farm where many or all of the animals can't move but have to stand or sit/lay down if they are lucky and are prepared for the slaughter?

        Ever seen chicken factory farms where the chickens are raised and housed in complete or near darkness until they are slaughtered?

        If you consume animals coming from these farms, IMO you are guilty of not preventing these crimes against life forms and have no right to condemn a Bible verse.

        Many anti-Christians will point to these chapters of the Bible, while not batting an eye while watching travel shows where people visit tribes who continue to slaughter animals today. Where is their vocal opposition to these tribes practices? But if it's in the Bible.. OH NO! LOOK OUT! The atheist squads will be upon you to shame you in one way or another.

        But if you have a bone through your nose and you slaughter pigs for a form of nature or some obscure fake god, they give that a free pass.


      • pstonie, you are showing that you don't have an understanding of the bible. Those commandments were given to people by God because it is what they could understand at the time, and they needed to show obedience to something before more commandments and refinement could take place. Yes it is in the Bible, no that is not something we are supposed to be doing today. Please curb your sarcasm so we can have a good discussion.

      • @ soup

        I would gladly call backwards bone-through-nose tribes on their backwardness if they offered their beliefs as something I MUST adhere to. That is the problem I have with it, not what they're doing to themselves. Do and believe what you like, but don't come and tell me your laws apply to me and expect to be taken seriously.

        @ Rebecca

        I get that part, most religion seems to be (amongst other things) about forcing moral standards on a populace that might not do it otherwise. I however do not feel like I need a moral big brother telling me what to do, and if I did, it wouldn't be someone who told someone else to have an animal sacrifice in their honour.

      • If you are going to quote the Bible, please make sure you quote the whole thing! You are only using half and trying to make a whole point. You quote Leviticus, which is in the Old Testament. There are 2 parts of the bible. Read the book you choose to quote all the way through and you would know that Jesus's death ended the need for animal sacrifices.

        Blessed be all those who can read.

        Even if you do not want to have a "moral big brother" telling you what to do, there is still a big brother telling you what to do in the form of laws and a judicial system.

      • I was making a specific point, I didn't need to quote the whole bible. I wouldn't want to anyway because I always try to keep my posts coherent.

        You say that Jesus' sacrifice ended the need for animal sacrifice, and I say a deity that makes any such behaviour a requirement is not someone I want anything to do with. I agree with many philosophies (mainly those of Jesus) from the bible and find many other parts useful, but the whole I must reject. I think the parable of the tares describes quite adequately what has happened to the bible itself and the misnamed religion "Christianity".

        What I was basically attempting to get across was something I think appears in the bible as well: By their fruits shall ye know them.

        Using that bit of wisdom, I decline the invitation to that club, based on years of experience I have already had with it. As a basis for an operational philosophy, I think that "do unto others as you would them do unto you" just about covers it, but that's not enough for some people. No, you have to be in their union as well. Too bad it's the union with the motto "Love me or suffer for all eternity". By their fruits shall ye know them.

        I don't know what your observation about the judicial system is aimed at accomplishing. Is it your suggestion that I should submit to one broken and exploited system because another is already attempted to be forced on me? My answer is still no thank you.

  35. As a parent,

    It's getting harder to monitor what my kids watch and take in from the media. It's everywhere. From the tv, to magazines, books, movies, commercials, billboards. It's like I'm always reprogramming them to "think for themselves".

    • As a kid myself (I'm 15), I completely agree with you. Illuminati symbols are EVERYWHERE nowadays, there is no escaping it. My mum is constantly telling me to be aware of these things and stop listening to music or reading magazines with Illuminati symbols. However, celebrity culture is so big and popular right now, if you stop reading magazines, watching tv programmes or listening to music, you're seen as a 'social outcast' in school. It sounds terrible, but is so true. The illuminati is in everything right now, so much so, that trying to deter from their 'messages' in media is either virtually impossible since they are everywhere, or 'socially immoral' (according to teens my age).

      • And it also carries on into the workplace as people fail to mature these days and remain perpetually adolescent. Distance yourself from celeb culture, tabloid newspapers, soap operas and reality programmes and you won't be very popular in many workplaces. We have to stand against this hive mind mentality. It wasn't so long ago when somebody on the internet was urging me to listen to Jessie J more closely after I had judged her to be talentless. I stood my ground and refused to.

      • I hate to say it but it's at all age levels. You perfectly described what happens at the teen level in schools. The same for college and work. After that there's pressure to "live your life" which means be promiscuous and too selfish to ever settle down and have a good family. Then there's the midlife crisis where you are supposed to do whatever you want, again be selfish, and forego your family again. It really never ends, but it does get easier the more practice you have just saying no and insulating yourself from those things as much as possible.

      • I agree- you will be labeled the "social outcast"- but who cares? I was labeled that way in high school, but I honestly didn't care. That place is WAY overrated anyway. I had close friends who got that going with the crowd, isn't the right thing to do. I had a teacher who had a giant cutout on her bulletin board that said "What is popular is not always right, What is right is not always popular". I loved that. I liked being different, and still do. I get at least *part* of the big picture, and don't buy into this brain-washing crap society feeds us.

        You shouldn't give in either- what is the freaking point of trying to fit in with the crowd when you know its not right? Think for yourself, stay vigilant, and educate others. ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you!

  36. C. S. Lewis wrote in "That Hideous Strength" about the transhumanist agenda of the luciferians that rule our world. He had an amazing in depth understanding of the nature and components of the agenda. He also wrote about the beings dwelling on the Moon, that already had "sterilised" their side of the planet, demolishing everything that would have a real life. That is what transhumanism is in my understanding: a concept to rid humans of everything possibly valuable, especially their soul, a grey, lifeless form of… machines, where soulless beings complete without their own will the wishes of the fallen ones… a grey technocratic controlled hell where even this world's emptiness is more than the objects of that one.

  37. What's most weird about this is that the lyrics to the actual song "Spring of Life" promote dancing for joy, springing up and just generally living and enjoying life. At the end of the video the girls are unplugged and they shut down, which kind of trivializes the entire point of the song. The lyrics are saying one thing while the video is saying something completely the opposite.

    • You are spot on. This video may push the transhumanist agenda but the main message is that once you disconnect from your phone/internet line, you disconnect from love. In other words, the only way to feel loved is to continually participate in social media. That's the real message VC needs to address. Thanks VC for getting everyone started in the right direction.

    • I noticed videos not matching up with lyrics back in the early 90's…way before my eyes were "opened". It irritated me, so I quit watching them back then! Little did I know videos were used to brainwash!

    • I think you've completely failed to understand the point of this music video. The Perfume girls are displayed as androids who are incapable of love and real emotion. We can see that what they truly want is to be human (example: Nocchi crying as she looks at the hearts on the floor, Kashiyuka's programming changing to the word "LOVE"), to have the titular "Spring of Life". The whole point is that being a robot is BAD, and we should embrace the full range of emotions that really make us human. I can't decide whether your ignorance is hilarious or scary.

  38. This reminds me of "Chobits" a japanese cartoon or anime about how a guy finds a robot girl and they go out, totally trans humanism, the Japanese people seem to be really into developing robots not only to work as their teachers, servants or whatever, now they also want to fill a sentimental void

    • well you know many Japanese people aren't allowed to have cats where they live. that's why cat cafes are so popular there, and it also accounts for that emotional void. ;0)

  39. btw. the girl who hides her eye (Kashiyuka) really looks like a computer generated hologram in most of the videos and pictures, there is something missing in her eyes, something no animation can fake… i wouldn't be surprised if she is a digital experiment, she wouldn't be the first as far as i know

    • yes I noticed that one of the girls on the video, her mouth didn't look quite right, and flat eyes. I think it was the second girl they showed close up while sitting in those chairs at the beginning of the video.

  40. We were made in the image of our creator so Lucifer will do anything to defile that image. Transhumanism is an easy way to do that. I read about the sexbots too – pretty sick stuff.

    • Don't suppose you have evidence for your claim that we have a creator or that Lucifer exists. Not saying they don't but you make a claim, back it up.

      Besides, if the two do exist, surely Lucifer is better? He punishes bad people and has, according to the bible, killed less people than god.

      Also, if we were made in god's image, does that make god a bi-sexual hermaphrodite (therefore presumably fine with gay people) or does that make us invisible, apathetic, genius sadistic psychopaths?

  41. Aside from all the transhumanist agenda stuff, the implementing of technology with humans, the assimilation of robots into everyday acceptance, blah blah blah../

    The music sucks!! How on earth do people listen to this garbage?!!! It really blows my mind.

    There are sooo many talented musicians out there that are REAL ARISTS…just that fact alone that those real talented people are not on MTV makes you believe there is an Illuminati.

    • Well actually i like the song, and i think if it would be an english song and with a different video then there would be more people who would like the song. And its ignorant to say that the song is garbage

      you have a other music taste so there could be people who have a other music type than you.

      • A lot of music, actually, not consisting of girl bands that use computers for instruments and synths for voices with mindless lyrics.

  42. UNBELIEVABLE! Just last week, I read an article on yahoo about Sexbots!!! This is the Start of Legal Prostitution and DeHumanization and VC said! More and more, the Illuminati has been incorporating robots into our lives so we can perceive them as part of the human society. It has become a Norm just like the way they are incorporating aliens and outer space objects as an initiation to the fake alien invasion! From movies like Robots, I-Robot, Aliens, WALL-E, Jimmy Neutron, The Iron Giant (1950s), Lost in Space, TRANSFORMERS, Star Wars, Independence Day, The Day the Earth stood still, Robocop, The TERMINATOR, etc THE LIST GOES ON! Once Again, this is all included in the New World Order Agenda. DeHumanizing humans into robots makes it easier for the world leaders to control us. We will be like slaves; The government is already dumbing down society as we speak. Resist the NWO and BE VIGILANT CITIZENS!!!

    • Actually, Sexbots would be good for society cause it would eliminate human prostitution. If you have a problem with technology, then get off of your computer. Hypocrite.

      • Jude Laws character in A.I. had a terrible life in Kubrick's original vision. Even with Spielburg watering it down it was bad.

        Reducing sex to s******g and peeing often problematic for somebody… W***e or John.

        Maybe by sexbot you are thinking vibrator?

        Intelligent feeling sexbot bad idea.

      • If you're going to sit there and tell me that sexbots are good for society, then you might as well go find one yourself and pleasure yourself. In the same sense, calling me a hypocrite for not liking the idea of sexbots being incorporated into this world makes me think that you do not fully understand the motives behind the invention of these items. Hence, you probably didn't even read VC's article, or my comment. Robots destroys the need for humans in the world. And if you don't know, the world leaders believe that the earth is overpopulated. The plan is to wipe out 90% of the world's population. If you don't comprehend, then maybe you're just a sheeple who came here to criticize those who either know the truth or are seeking the truth.

      • Ironically, the only sheep here is you. If you think the truth is that easy to find, you're f****d.

        The world is much more complicated than that. Drop your bible and go read a biology book. That'll do you some good. In terms of truth, the bible is equivalent to harry potter or lord of the rings. Cretin.

      • How is having sex with a robot any less dehumanizing than prostitution??? And where do you get off (no pun intended) making the sweeping claim that prostitution will just magically go away with the advent of umm… "mechanized copulation" shall we say??? You're making the irrational (again, no pun intended) miscalculation that people will find the real thing less preferable…

    • The increasing number of solar flares is supposed to interfere quite severely with all of our high technology over the next few years. As horrific as these new innovations are, even nature is fighting back with a vengeance.

      • Not really.

        The number of solar flares and sunspots increases and decreases on a roughly 11-year cycle. In other words, there was last high activity on the surface of the sun (called a 'solar maximum') in 2000. But you may already know that, and this might not be what you're talking about. Nature is just doing what it has always done since the sun was born.

        The magnitude of these maxima also fluctuates, increasing slightly coming up to the 1950s, but since then it has been steadily decreasing, and so it is predicted that the strength of the solar maximum next year will actually be the lowest since 1928.

        So please read up and know what you're talking about before you say things like this (and just so you don't try to accuse me of the same thing, I have a degree in astronomy).

  43. When it comes to videos like this, there is an element of self-parody, as so many musicians nowadays are 'manufactured'. It would be interesting if the video's art director was interviewed about the inspirations of the imagery used.

    • I don't think that would be very enlightening. I'm sure he got his "inspiration" from the millions of other portrayals of pop stars as robots and the record label's orders.

      • Just to enlighten you guys on Perfume… ever since they banded together 10 years ago, their whole gig has been futuristic techno pop. Look at Linear Motor Girl, Electro World, Polyrythm, Ceramic Girl, Computer City, Akihabalove, … it's kind of their running theme.

        And think what you want, but I think this stuff is being overanalyzed. The Japanese market is just as fabricated and manufactured as American pop culture. It's called consumerism. Go figure. I will also say, it is hard for me to find many popular/easy to find Japanese artists that wouldn't be used as torture music (AKB48, for example).

        And if you want to get all illuminati, then check out 2NE1, "I am the Best". Go poop your pants over it.

    • thanks vigilant for keeping ours eyes opened "While this video in itself will probably not change one’s outlook on life and the concept of humanity" by the way i like the fact that you keep it funny and sarcastic lol

    • Thanks for this well written article VC. My doctor said I need a pacemaker but there's no way I'm putting this devilish thing inside my body. God will save me.

      • Jen, I don't want to be rude, but if your doctor says you need a pacemaker, you should probably get one. Until god actually comes down and apologises, personally, for all the suffering he has caused, and until he decides to actually love everyone, or until every single religious person either a) ignores the parts of scripture that promotes hate against gay people and indeed anyone at all, or; b) accepts and follows all of scripture, including the parts about not eating shellfish and stoning women to death for not being virgins, then if I were you I would put my trust in a doctor, rather than my faith (which is by definition belief without evidence) into god.

        I'm not saying there is no god, I'm saying that there is a lack of evidence and that if there is a god, then I hope to it that it is deistic, otherwise it is cruel and sadistic. I'm saying that without medicine and treatment developed by people, then there would be even more suffering and death in the world. People live so long now thanks to science. It took millions of years to get this far, we owe it to our species, to our world and to any god there may be, to act like it.

        For the sake of clarity, I'm not sold on this NWO idea, though I am sure that no governments are 100% open and I do think that our celeb-obsessed culture is an issue. I think there may be an "elite" though they are not reptillian shape shifters. I also quite like this this website as it does contain some excellent articles.

      • Mr. Nemo, which parts of the scriptures promote hate against gay people? I can't find anything hateful. I only see that "man shall not lay with man." I'm not aware of any scripture which directs you or I to react to homosexuality. It only directs people not to be homosexual. It seems to me that you have some hate in your heart just as most/all other human beings do. I don't think you're handling it in a more responsible or respectful way than anyone else.

      • Hey jen. It's beautiful what you wrote but do be careful. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. Use His nature to heal yourself. I recommend you look up wheatgrass juicing. There is an excellent book on the subject. Wheatgrass Nature's finest medicine. It contains alot of scientific background and testimonials of people and even their animals who were cured by drinking it and taking enemas. On a similar note you could try the raw food diet and incorporate lots of fresh raw foods in your diet to hydrate you and give you enzymes to heal back to your full potential. There is so much you could read on the subject. Good luck to you and anyone else who takes my advice and tries raw food diet. You will look and feel amazing. Got rid of my social anxiety and helps me feel calmer. Juicing greens is my fav way to be healthy. It makes my hair grow fast. Makes my lips pink and under my nails gets pink and it almost sort of looks like im wearing nail polish smtms. Its very pretty. It makes your skin very beautiful and puts you in a good mood. I have a juicer and typically juice kale and carrots and whatever other fresh veg I find at the supermarket and I drink 25 ounces a week. Good luck+


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