More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”


We’ve seen in several previous articles (notably The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music) that the normalization of transhumanism is an important part of the Agenda in mass media. The merging of humans and robots in order to for a new kind of “upgraded” transhuman is a concept that is heavily promoted in movies, music videos and video games.

Almost all major pop stars have been portrayed as a robot at one point or another in their career. Not only does this make the concept of transhumanism cool and sexy for young people, it also makes a profound statement about the nature of the industry (pop stars being robots with no minds programmed to perform).

In Japan, the widely popular group Perfume brings the same message and imagery to young Asians with videos such as Spring of Life. During the entire video, the members of the group are robots that are being tinkered with by unseen programmers. During the chorus, they do a dance routine attached to wires – not a lot of freedom going on there. Also, they hide one eye a bunch of times to salute those who control them.

At one point, the fembots appear to be feeling love and start acting more naturally – which is the next step in the development of this technology: Natural looking and feeling robots that can even simulate emotions. Here’s the video.

While this video in itself will probably not change one’s outlook on life and the concept of humanity, it is another piece in the gigantic puzzle that is mass media around the world. This particular video is aimed at the millions of young people in Japan, but other videos and media are aimed at other people around the world and of different age groups. The combination of all forms of media pushing the same idea ultimately normalizes it – especially when the idea is promoted to young people. So, whether you like transhumanism or not, it is being aggressively pushed around the world.


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137 Comments on "More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”"

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Perfume is dead ( ; _ ; )/~~~

i know this is very old but I would just like to point out that this video has nothing to do with transhumanism at all. This video is about the group leaving one record company and moving to another. They were not happy being in the record company. They didn't have a lot of freedom ( hence the cords attached to them during the dance scenes almost like leashes ). They were being forced ( programmed ) to act and be a certain way. In the final scene where they unplug each other, that's when they decided to cut ties with the record company and move to a much bigger one.

Idk that's just what I got from watching the video

I get what you alla re saying but one thing that hitts me is the realisation of the lyrics in perfume songs, they often sing about innocent things like in most of theyre songs and i havent seen them as nothing but cutsy electro singers with theyre visual art just being art. so this makes it difficult for me bcus what do you determant to be soly art (like if you like the visuals of a shape or a pattern). bcus when I see American music videos the satanic imedge is clear in comparison like Kesha Rihanna and so on show skin sing sudectevly and so on. While Perfume songs i have read translation and nine times out of ten its about either being a girl in love, having a nice day, everyday struggels and finding streangt. and if the lyrics hint at annything more its verry clean like 1mm… Read more »

1)Perfume aren't sexbots. Look at their clips and lives. They don't have anything about sex. If you want to see sex robots, go and search AKB48.

2)Jpop music isn't trash. That changes people to people, but if you don't like it, just say i don't like it. Perfume even have an "Best female J-Popgroup" award. Yea, a trash(!) group can take an award like that

3)Illuminati started to "show" themselves so badly around 2011/2012. Example, int 2003 or 2007, a lot of persons didn't had any ideat about Illuminati. Perfume used "robot" style and their symbols for a long time. That group is like 10-year-old. Also, they used futuristic theme for a long time too.

IKR! They do a lot of electronic dance music with loads of autotune, why wouldn’t the robot idea appeal to them? As for the triangles, they’re a three person group. Do the math guys.

This is probably one of the best Perfume conversations ever. Im glad we are all obviously insane and skeptical about the evolution of music. Reasons why they are real people and not "sex robots": at 1:39 in the video Nocchi makes a huge mistake and almost falls on stage. In fact this entire video is mistakes made by these "sex robots". oh an here are a couple more videos including mistakes:… Part 2: Of course there is going to be symbolism in a music video. When isn't there? Perfume is very symbolistic to their past in school and in their (mostly previous) insecurities. Part 3: If you knew anything about traditional Japanese "dancing", you would know it was primarily with there hands. Perfume tries to imitate the style with their own twists to it. They can dance, but instead they do their own style which makes… Read more »

Fyi everyone above who's claiming this video ISN'T full of obvious symbolism are clearly overlooking all the other Perfume music videos/live performances on Youtube – ALL of them contain symbolism, many more obvious than even this one.

Here's a few:

If you can't see the checkerboard coloured black and white floor, you must be colorblind

Too bad – this song is awesome nonetheless. J-pop, let alone Japanese media in general, is a hundred times better than Western pop, regardless of all the symbolism in both.

Check out Perfume's other video. Checkerboard floor in second half of video.

Clearly a piano.

I'm sorry, but I think the review for this music video is very pessimistic. I think this video actually represents the idea that we have all been plugged in and controlled by the system, but once we begin and learn to LOVE, we become happy and more in touch with our human spirituality. This is evident in the music video because once love is "programmed" into the "robot girls", you can see the emotion and they become more realistic instead of emotionless and depressed individuals. Unconditional love for everyone is simply what it takes to be a good person. Turn the other cheek. Do not judge, and be tolerant of others and their beliefs. It seems horribly contradictory to claim to be vigilant and yet only support your own beliefs without considerations of others. This is simply my two cents, I do enjoy this website and the conspiracy THEORIES, it… Read more »

Yes, I completely agree with you. I didn't even think that was especially difficult to work out from the video. I think that if people try really really hard to look for alleged symbolism in every music video that exists, they'll find it regardless of whether it's actually intentional or not. It's the same way you can see shapes in clouds and whatnot.

Nah, J-Pop isn't globally relevant enough to be actually affiliated with it, but it does seem like they're emulating and catching on with the symbolism trends in Western videos.

A blindingly obvious example here in David Guetta – Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj

I can't believe people get paid for making crap like this.

One thing to add for those who say '' Japs are obsessed with Cyborgs, robots bla bla ..and its going on for years "". firstly you say ''going on for years'' well lemme tell you folks, its not like years in a sense that some 300 or 400 years ago… technology is a bud that grew right after 1970's!! and btw if you study Jap history, japanese sought technology after WW2 when they hit with a thought that only technology can save them from repitition of events like Hiroshima, Nagasaki! thats where their so called obsession started … To add to this Jap media being a Satanic propaganda thing, when infamous Pokemon came out in 90's it was a major hit in the world except few countries that banned it. Out of them was Saudi Arabia.. and the reason Saudi Government banned Pokemon was what lies in this video of… Read more »

heloo VC i have a question. At the beggining of the video, there was this part where the girl was sitting in the chair and the robot arm was like yuh know, pointing at a part of her, was that even necessary?

Actually, if you'll look closer, you'll see the robot is working on the mechanics inside her exposed forearm.

Cyborgs, Robots and Androids have always been a major figure in Japanese media, in movies,anime and manga and video games. So this isn't anything new and there truly is no new agenda. Japan has been perfecting life like robots and they seem very real! The next step in our evolution might just be this tranhumanism step and finding ways to become more advanced. Personally I can say that this video can tell how computers or robots can somehow develop their own identity from what they were created for. Somehow a soul can be made from a computer, something lifeless and follows commands. I think that's inspiring.

when i saw the machine thingy working on the the girls robotic forarm i was all like luke f*****g skywalker!!!! 😮

As much as I love Perfume… As soon as I saw this music video, I couldn't help but cringe at the symbolism. The covering of the one eye, the entire theme of them being controlled/ programmed and re-programmed by some unseen force. Their robotic movements, coupled with their dead expressions in those scenes…It all felt wrong to me, I don't like seeing Perfume like this. Someone on Youtube commented that both the music and the video made them inexplicably sad.

Sometimes being enlightened is tough work…

The Japanese have been obsessed with robots-androids, cyborgs and all kind of sci-fi stuff for years!!! If you think this video is something special or represents some recent phenomena, you are mistaken. Please look at some Japanese media like manga and anime, you will have this kind of stuff going on for decades, there are special genres for this…

I couldn't argue with that. I recollect I used to watch some Japanese-S. Korean films in the cinema theatres in the 80s with all sorts of destructive humungous bad robots, androids etc. They were very popular back then.

Vigilant please look @ this, its from an upcoming rapper who is getting real big.

its soooo weird and scary!!!!!!!!!

I just watched this…this is as blatant as it gets. If people call that art, they are just as sick in the head and lost as lost can be! I already can see some of the comments now…it was only a dream, dreams don't mean anything. Ugh, SMH. It's only going to get worse. I can see this guy Performing with Nicki Minaj or Jay Z or Rihana and everyone just loving it. I've been studying this cap for a while and it still makes me sick to my stomach.

I wonder how long more they are going to promote NWO Agenda Transhuman but not Biblical

Noooooo!! Not japanese groups! Even though I don't listen to them but still… Thx for the info VC.

Koda kumi – pop diva

utada hikaru – you make me want to be a man, devil inside

olivia lufkin- little pain, into the stars

a lot of jpop songs are about illuminati. Also mangas like ghost in the shell, yu gi ho etc…

Trans Resister Radio this week spoke about Transhumanism.

very relevant.

I know this might seem unrelated, but I recently discovered this video on youtube, which I find eerily similar to the elites vision of the future and trans-humanism.

Coincidence, or a message warning us? I ask you to watch this and decide for yourself.

Wow, powerful stuff. Must have had a hefty budget to achieve such high production values– large cast, superdigital w/filter effects, the works. Notice that it's related to a video game, which are pretty effective tools for the illuminati in tricking people into participating in their agenda. I'd bet it's something like a "preventative strike" type of disinformation, cooked up now to quell or undermine some future protests against "augmentation." Some people say that they're supposed to give warning before actually carrying stuff out. Besides, we all know how they love to brag.

That is a good point, I hadn't considered how expensive that probably was to make.

What I consider things like this to be is a sort of justification in their sick minds. They can tell themselves, "Well, we gave them hints, clues and in this case showed them the future. Since they are too stupid to get it, they must deserve whatever fate we deem them worthy of."

OH COME ON!! This song is so fun, why did they made this awful video?! Thank you Universal Japan :/