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Droid DNA “Hyper Intelligence” Commercial and its Transhumanist Message



Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

This TV ad promoting Verizon’s Droid DNA phone is weird, cringe-worthy and also promotes something else: Transhumanism. Indeed, the ad does not only sell a smartphone. Not unlike movies and music videos, it normalizes the concept of “upgrading” humans by merging them with machines.

While most of us already entertain a somewhat unhealthy, dependent relationship with our cellphones, this ad makes things creepier by showing the device completely modifying the user’s body and genetic makeup. Yes, it is “only a commercial”, but all of the concepts behind it are real and will be available to a very rich and limited public very soon. Here’s the ad.

The ad takes place in some kind of transhumanist lab where the “Droid DNA Augmentation” process begins. Right from the start, we hear the usual vocabulary associated with transhumanism such as “augmentation”, “upgrade” and so forth. Many people believe that the human body is the most advanced machine on Earth. Not transhumanists.

Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

When connected to the phone, the guy’s DNA makeup changes into a black, artificial, robotic DNA string. Was that included in his 3 year contract with Verizon?


Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

Something is then shot right in the guy’s veins. Meanwhile, we hear “neuro-speeds increased to 4G”. Yes, they do love “shooting” or inserting things into our bodies under the guise of “its good for you” in order to better monitor and control us.


Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

While scientists are supervising the procedure, we hear “brain upgraded to a Quad Core processor”. Really? Are our brains inferior to a Quad Core processor, a technology that will be totally obsolete in about 10 months? Didn’t know our brains were Pentium 4’s.

The ad ends with a purely transhumanist slogan: “It’s not an upgrade to your phone, its an upgrade to yourself”. Yes. And then, if they don’t like you, they’ll just re-format your Quad-Core processor brain and re-install a better version of you. Go transhumanism!

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Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" Commercial and its Transhumanist Message

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Sir. IsaacNewton007

you're sharp VC..
Keep it up !!
We Like It !!!!!!!!


So… if I buy their phone…my DNA gets spliced, a chip rammed up my arse, and my brain reformatted to Windows 8.
Thanks Droid it’s all I ever wanted!


Machine controlling men via transhumanism. Classic!


Who cares if it's only available to the rich. Transhumanism is not a "luxury" of the rich I want to indulge in.


as soon as I seen this I said it’s transhumanist.


I mean, I guess I can see why someone may be worried about this…But I think about things I know people have. Would you say that glasses is like the most ancient form of transhumanism; do you want to tell me that I'm submitting to the elite because I've needed glasses my whole entire life? How about hearing aids or robotic limbs? You are easily offending a lot of people with this ambiguatious post. There is a ton of grey area here; it's not as easy as "ohhp, there's Lady Gaga covering one of her eyes again."


This commercial creeped me out. Can't get more blatant than this. Thanks VC! :0)

Miss Dee

Always read VC, never comment.. But, Pentium 4s: Lmao! Good One!!! & So True at the Same time. Keep Up the Fight 🙂


Yep I just knew there was somethin strange about this commercial. Ever since my eyes have been opened to all these different conspiracies, I see signs and symbolism everywhere and in everything. The crazy thing is every time I say to myself "Vigilant Citizen's gonna be all over this"…low and behold…you are.

Tim A

I remember seeing this commercial as well and thinking to myself how weird it was however all Android commercials that Verizon has put out have had pretty much the same theme that this one did. Having said that, I recently upgraded to the Droid DNA and it is a beast of a phone. Surely that must count for something. I’m actually typing this very post nit right now. If HTC and Verizon keep putting out pimped out devices like this one, I can look the other way when their stupid commercials come on.


I think I'll release a competing phone and call it "The Borg Phone"


it's funny how people ask me " OH MY GOD YOU DON'T WATCH T.V?" or "(GASP) YOU DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE?" hahaha if they only knew just how free I am


When I saw this commercial for the first time I just about fell over. I’m glad to see you covering it. I wouldn’t have noticed its underlying message without reading the information on your site first, VC. Keep up the hard work and thanks for what you do!


Good call VC. Did anyone else notice the 'eye' view coming from inside is forehead looking down at himself, and the camera zooming and as it enters through the forehead there is an eye/pupil- even has a reflection of what it's viewing.


Yeah… when I first saw this commercial, I, like many others of like mind on this site, also cringed… ;-/ This phone and so called technology does not attract me at all… I have to agree, the human mind and body are thousands of times more complex than any tool or technology that man can create…. they often mimic, but can never quite do it like the original… perhaps, if the theories of extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings is true, then these cold, unfeeling, technological beings as they must be, must at the same time hate AND admire the human form and wish it for themselves, need it… yet they can never quite recreate it…. so instead they have to subjugate it… thus we have 'Transhumanism.' The 'upgrade' to humanity.. if they ever manage to convince the masses to actually implement technology literally into the human body, which they are getting close to doing… then imagine the hell that would be created! It is the Book of Revelations coming to fact…. just imagine the 'upgrades' the 'technological software/hardware' incompatibilities alone that we have also suffered through on our our computers and mobile devices and we are supposed to go through that… Read more »


Oh and to add to my own post just 7 minutes ago (not 'Anonymous' as it says), oh well…. is this commercial, like VC says, actually demonstrating and actual device that will augment one's DNA and merge technology with the human body and mind? Well no, ofc not, but it does represent the mind of the elite and Transhumanist that wishes this on humanity and whose scientists are probably working on it as we speak…. as is being said on this site… anyway…


Oh yeah, knew I would forget something.. there is a specific technology that is already out but being introduced little by little, right now it is only in Austin, TX (technology central) and Salt Lake City, UT of all places… another emerging technological center, you'd be surprised… don't be fooled by the Mormon thing at all…)… but of all things, it is called ISIS… another occult and esoteric symbol with many layers of meanings… but anyway, of all companies, no big surprise at all! Verizon is touting it…. ofc… as…. drum roll please….. as a way to pay for everything through your cell phone… so, the disappearance of all cash… [insert Book of Revelations reference here…] 😉 So it's like that's one step, then one step further, separate but related, integrate technology into ALL facets of daily life and eventually literally the human body and mind and we do have the Book of Revelations in practice.. ('de facto!' 'in practice').. so yeah…. echoing what a lot of people are saying on the comments…. I think the Trans-humanists would love nothing more than to have all money digitized then they would literally be able to produce it out of thin air… Read more »

le roy elliott

another good article we dont have verizon in the uk, but the agenda goes forwards nonetheless. Ill be watching out for similar ads (we had a lot of dodgy corporate propaganda around the olympics) glad to see youre still writing its always interesting ive been getting your articles by email for years now.. Its appreciated!!! 🙂

No Credit Due

We all need to leave our computers – they are a part of our brain – externalized. So easy to track us. Are we really to believe we are to be dependent on laptops and computers for the rest of human history? Nah. S--t's weak.


The 'S--t' may be weak as you say….. but that does not mean it will go out of existence… they are already and will further develop technology of which our sci-fi movies and TV shows touted as 'science-fiction' only some years ago, but are soon becoming 'science fact.' So the fact that you say the technology is 'weak' means they will want to further integrate it into something not as 'weak' namely the human mind and body…. which this whole article is about…. and however they track everything on the computer, imagine how much easier and more ubiquitous it would be to track individuals when they have microchips, in effect homing devices integrated into their brains or bodies. Just be aware…. whatever you think in your wildest dreams, they have already started working on …. and whatever is the worst thing you can think of doing, they have probably already designed and sometimes implemented in their heads….


I'll be first in line to get my biotronic brain chip with web access. Already need one. Just I'll tweak it out of the control grid.


If you can….!!


weird, or wonderful brain comapred to an infime quad core cortex a15 processor ._.

27 moni

There is another one where the beats by dre speakers are implanted the the mans ears. I know some idiot is looking at the commercial saying”cool, I gotta get that”

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