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The “Body Hacking” Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits



The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

The “body hacking” movement is about implanting into the human body technology such as RFID chips, cameras and even LED lights. By bypassing health and ethical issues associated transhumanism, this body hacking pushes this movement to strange new frontiers.

As stated in my previous articles about the subject, transhumanism has been heavily promoted in mass media in the past years, whether it be through movies, music videos, video games and documentaries. Often, the word “transhumanism” isn’t even used. Instead, we simply show how a robotic enhancement “upgrades” the human body and makes it cooler, effectively selling the idea to people who believe they are being entertained – especially young people.

A by-product of this trend is “body hacking”, a movement that forgoes the ethical and philosophical questions associated with transhumanism to go right into drilling robotic parts onto one’s body. While many of us dread the day when microchips implants will be a requirement in a dystopian society, some people actually pay to have it done to them.

Here’s an interesting article about the movement from NPR.

The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

Justin Worst, Marlo Webber and Jes Waldrip show off an LED light implant. Grindhouse Wetware calls it the Northstar.

A curious crowd lingered around Amal Graafstra as he carefully unpacked a pair of gloves, a small sterile blanket and a huge needle. A long line of people were waiting to get tiny computer chips implanted into their hands.

Graafstra had set up shop in a booth in the middle of an exhibit hall at the Austin Convention Center in Texas’ capital, where he gathered last month with several hundred others who call themselves “body hackers” — people who push the boundaries of implantable technology to improve the human body.

The movement evokes visceral reactions, brings up safety and ethical concerns and quickly veers into sci-fi questions about the line between human and cyborg.

Graafstra is a pioneer in the space. Using his own body to experiment, he designed bio-safe magnets and the microchip he was about to implant into the hand of A.J. Butt, who was sporting a tall, blue mohawk.

The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

A.J. Butt got an RFID microchip implanted into this right hand.

The implantable RFID chips hold encrypted information, and their unique ID numbers can be used to open doors or unlock the owner’s smartphone, which is what Butt wanted to do.

Butt took a deep breath. The needle plunged into his skin at the base of his thumb, and a chip bigger than a grain of rice slipped just below the surface.

Across the way, Sasha Rose, who was working a meditation booth at the convention, watched the people line up to be “chipped.”

She shook her head: This was the craziest thing she had seen. She wondered about Graafstra’s credentials. She thought this was a medical procedure, so should he be performing it? Did his clients know the potential consequences of carrying personal information on a device inside their skin?

“More than the crazy concept, it’s actually people’s willingness to accept it. That’s why it’s crazy to me,” Rose said. “People are just willing to just line up and go, ‘Yeah, stick that in me.’ ”

At night, many of the convention-goers gathered at a club on Austin’s Sixth Street.

Graafstra was outside with Ryan O’Shea, whose company Grindhouse Wetware made the Internet squirm earlier this year when it released a close-up surgery video of one of its implants called Northstar. In it, a man gets a small incision in his hand, and then, with a metallic tool dipped into it, the skin is lifted to produce a cavity where a round subdermal implant with five LED lights is placed.

The result looks dystopian — the incision is stitched with black thread, and LED lights make the skin on the hand glow red.

But body hackers view the world differently, Graafstra said. They believe technology has reached a point where it can improve the human body instead of just fixing what’s broken.

The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

A piece of art on display during a BodyHacking Con party in Austin.

“A patient may someday come very soon and say, ‘My eye is totally fine, but I want an eye that can see infrared. And I want an eye that can zoom,’ ” Graafstra said.

That kind of future — where the human body is augmented by technology — is the goal of many of these experiments.

O’Shea said Grindhouse Wetware is using its LED device to test how long a device like it can remain charged inside a body, and Graafstra said his RFID chip is a small attempt at merging digital identity with physical identity.

“I think once people realize, ‘Oh, it’s OK that my grandma has a pacemaker’ … people are going to start to accept this,” O’Shea said. “You know, the era of transhumanism, I would say, is here. So let’s accept that and then see where that logically takes us.”

Inside the club, a drone hovered above the dance floor. The polished steel and the electronic dance music gave it a futuristic feel.

Standing near the bar was Tony Salvador, who studies social values and how they affect technology at Intel. He was at the conference to get a feel of when and if “body hacking” may be accepted into the mainstream.

Sometimes, he said, technology moves too fast and outpaces accepted social boundaries — not to mention laws. He argued that was part of the reason why early wearers of Google Glass were called “glassholes.”

“It created a social misunderstanding,” Salvador said. “You didn’t know what was going on.”

To Salvador, the boundaries of acceptance are a matter of our social philosophy, an area that he argued was driven by esoteric discourse without tangible moral and ethical recommendations.

The philosophers, he said, are letting us down.

Alva Noë, a philosopher at the University of California, Berkeley and a contributor to NPR’s 13.7: Cosmos and Culture blog, has written extensively on what he calls “cyborgian naturalness.” He disagreed that the modern philosophers dropped the ball, saying that tackling the matter would involve unpacking two questions:

  1. Is it OK to cut into human bodies for these kinds of experiments?
  2. How much tolerance should society have for artificially enhancing the body?

To the first question, Noë said he found the “body hacking” experimentation on humans “ethically disturbing” and couldn’t fathom a doctor or any other scientists conducting these kinds of operations.

The second question was more complicated.

“We don’t condemn people for using glasses to see better,” he said. “But we do start to think taking speed to cope with your work life is questionable.”

Because those kinds of judgments are an ethical question, drawing a tolerance line may always be a moving target, he said.

“We may reach consensuses and then lose them,” Noë said. “Just as there was once a consensus where it was OK to smoke to function effectively, and now we have the consensus that, increasingly, it’s not OK to do that.”

If there’s a rock star in the body-hacking movement, it’s Neil Harbisson, a colorblind artist from Barcelona who persuaded a doctor to implant a camera in the back of his head. The antenna, as he calls it, essentially lets Harbisson listen to colors by detecting the dominant color in front of him and translating it into musical notes.

The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

Neil Harbisson, an artist from Barcelona, has a camera implanted in the back of his head, which he says allows him to listen to colors

The way he tells it, a medical ethics committee in Europe had refused to sign off on the operation, but a doctor agreed to perform the surgery anonymously. From it, Harbisson emerged with a camera connected to a device on the back of his skull, its lens dangling in front of his face on a rod that arcs over his head.

As he walked the streets of Austin, he described how he perceived the world: the red traffic light sounded like an A note; the green grass sounded like an F.

In his keynote address at the conference, Harbisson said the first time he heard those colors in his sleep, he felt truly cyborg. Now, he no longer identifies as human but as a “cybernetic organism.”

“If we define ourselves as organisms, suddenly our group is wider,” he said. “We are on the same level as an insect, or as a cat, or as a plant.”

Harbisson is well aware of how the world perceives him. He moved from Barcelona to New York City in search of “peace” with another friend in the transhumanist movement, Moon Ribas. Ribas has an electronic device in her arm that she said vibrates when there is an earthquake anywhere in the world.

On more than one occasion, people have tried to rip off his antenna, Harbisson said. That’s part of the reason why he co-founded the Cyborg Foundation to advocate for “cyborg rights.”

When asked if he’s ever thought about just taking the antenna off, Harbisson demurred.

“To me, it’s much stronger, the wish to sense what’s around me, than the fact that people keep annoying me,” he said, adding that maybe, in the future, as others get new senses, he’ll be considered normal.

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The "Body Hacking" Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

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Mark of the beast here we come.


hi;you’re totally right


So many Christians on here, anyone can answer – supposing you take the scripture literally, the world is flat according to the Bible. Do you believe this? Particularly wonder what Vigilant Citizen’s thoughts on the flat earth are.


Seperating the literal from the allegorical is the biblical dilemma. Because there are also bible passages that if taken literally describe the world as round. It’s all about the interpretation. If people of the time believed the world was flat, then they would try to interpret the bible according to their own world view. On the contrary, now that consensus is a round earth, you can also find passages that describe the modern view of a round globe.


Honestly that’s just not really true … anyone really familiar with scripture knows that the Bible is very clear AND consistent in its descriptions of this plane. And that there is a firmament, a vaulted dome, that covers the plane and separates the oceans above from the oceans below. Nothing in the bible can be accurately interpreted to say the earth is round or a sphere or spinning through space. I’ve just been confused for a while on how someone can be a “true believer” and yet believe in a ball earth spinning through space? This, of course, applies to all religions. It is clear the earth is a flat plane in the Koran also, the Jews believe in a flat earth, as well as the Hindus and Vedas, the ancient cultures and religions of Babylon and Egypt and Sumeria, all subscribed to a flat and domed earth.


Oh I suppose it has to do with the fact that – in the end – humans wrote the Bible, albeit through the Holy Spirit (which makes a world of a difference). Jacob saw angels decending and ascending through from a luminious ladder….. In todays world, would we not describe that as an alien spaceship? with those things being busy at work in and around the ship? I think the Bible, in certain cases, is metaphorical only because the people of that time had no other words to relate to and describe the situations they were presented with. In Mahabharatha for example, flying chariots? CHARIOTS? im soorry but that sounds like a ufo to me. but that fella does not know the cultural history that we do to allow him to describe it as anything but a “chariot”. But dont get this confused with parables! Jesus spoke in parables beacuse The Lord realized that even the Jews dont have to sense God gave them to understand crap, so He opened the Holy Spirit flood gates onto the entire world, BUT had to speak to them as they were as babes. Cus Genetic degredation ya know? (sister/livestock lovin + you guys… Read more »


If you want to take everything totally literal than it’s hard to argue. You’re expecting an ancient text to describe the world as you and I know it today. An impossible feat. I take it as a poetic way of describing the nature of the universe to an ancient populace. A vaulted dome is a beautifully worded way to describe the sky. The bible describes the world as a circle. Is a sphere or globe not circular? Does the bible describing the four corners of the earth point to a flat earth? But a circle has no corners, be it flat or spherical. Like I said it’s a matter of interpretation. To prove your point everything has to be taken completely literally. I don’t believe everything in the bible is literal. That there is an allegorical component is a certainty. And that’s why I think we are at odds here. You wanted to discuss the subject with someone who takes the bible 100% literal. That’s not me. Regardless of that I respect your views and thank you for a cordial discussion on the matter.


Don’t know about other religions, but not true what you said that ‘it is clear earth is a flat plane in the Quran.’ That is incorrect, Islam never said Earth is flat. I don’t have time now, but as soon as I find it, I will cite it here. Proph. Muhammed said (or to be correct, Allah revealed to him ) that the universe is constantly expanding (and that was ab. 1500 years ago) and that all the bodies circle in their paths (orbits).. As soon as I find the hadith he said , I will post it here. And that was and still is belief of the Muslims around the world.


If you walk with God the Father, Jesus Christ you will read Gods word and gain Knowledge. For all the people who take that rfid chip willingly they are condemmed for all time….The Mark of the Beast
16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…Aliens are not space brothers. They are the fallen angels/demons/devils/evil.

Jackson 77

Please, tell us which scriptures says the earth is a round globe. Actually, Isaiah 40:22 says “…above the circle of the earth.” It does not refer to the earth as a ball nor a globe. But a circle which could very well describe a wheel shape therefore being a circle and flat at the same time.


Its not flat like pancake. Its Oblate spheroid shape. Tace perfect round circle from top put hnad in center then axectly same place on bottom and the crush it until the east and west ere longer then the north south. Thats oblate spheroid.


Where is there a reference to this in the bible other than a figment of your imagination?


I’m a Christian, and I believe the Earth is flat, but salvation depends only on faith in the gospel of God’s only son, Jesus Christ, who gave his life on the cross as full payment for our sins, was buried three days and then resurrected. There is evidence for a great many things in the Bible that is suppressed by our satanic world oligarchs, for example: a stationary flat earth covered by a firmament dome, ancient giants, the world satanic oligarchy itself, the Great Flood, etc. I was born again after years of research into phenomena like these by which the Holy Spirit led me to the inescapable conclusion that the Bible is 100% real. (Luke 4:5-8, Psalm 93:1, Genesis 1:6-20, Genesis 6:4, Jeremiah 8:9, Jeremiah 9:3-6, John 3:16, Luke 18:17)


Never mind the opinions of opinions with regards to what the bible says! Have a look yourself … The bible says in Job 26:7 that the earth is suspended upon nothing and Isaiah 40:22 states that the earth is a circle. These scriptures are from the Old Testament and so have been saying this for thousands of years.
Humans like to follow fashion, which isn’t always right.

Hope this helps and if anyone wants more questions answering you can find lots of information at or in the bible itself.


I’m not a Christian but I still think the Earth’s flat.


Nice original thought.


the head antenna fool was on tv in Australia, for real


I always had a different picture in my mind about the time of chipping, like we will be force to do it, those who refuse will be haunted down etc. But never that people will accept willingly, I think at this point if they will put a price on the chip it will have great sells. Really!? What wrong with human kind!? Sometimes I believe we deserve everything that will come…


It will be made into a fashion statement and those with common sense who do not participate will be considered ‘behind the times’ or simply ‘not cool.’ It falls under the category ‘groupthink’ and ‘peer pressure’ and ‘trending.’ No words can adequately describe how disturbing this is.


I haven’t been considered cool for quite some time, and I am ok with that.


Yes, like everyone having an Iphone or a Macbook! shake my head.

laquisha jonson

you sound like a boring android user.. stay mad!


The group pressure will continue when people implanted with tech can do the job better versus people with no tech forcing folks to eat or take the tech…

kev Allah

Ibn khaldun spoke of group feeling centuries ago. It is the essence of the corporation and the only way that true humans will free themselves from the maze.


It’s always voluntary before it becomes mandatory.


This is very well-studied in marketing. We as consumers can be innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority or laggards (I tend to be the latter type, typically). At this point, I would say transhumanism is in the “innovators” or “early adopters” stage. Once they get a critical mass of people to adopt the system and swear by it, they will convince many others to join in. Perhaps by then they can make the system mandatory without causing too much resistance. Especially if the switch is “free of charge” (which of course, is not free at all, for it will cause your loss of freedom).

sandra hawley

sounds like windows 10

The Winter Soldier

Windows 10 is pure evil…it keeps pressuring me to update to it…basically harassing me with how much. •_•

D D d

You can, with some attention, undo the update that includes the annoying add. In due time turn it on if you want to enjoy the update. Look it up, just a few steps, I was relieved when it worked, you will understand. Compare a few sites that you think make the steps clear, within minutes restart the pc. I am not irritated anymore when i turn on the screen. Probably saves memory and such aswell, it seems the thing is running better without the popup of that ‘manu-facturor’


I understand your plight. And those whose phones suffer from the chronic disease known as “software updates”.


They will do it subtlety. They will declare all the paying methods obsoletes. And give a certain time to people to get used to RFID chips while still using the “out of date paying methods”. And then set a deadline for everybody to get one(a chips of course).
If you don’t, you will find yoursef out of the “system”without even realising it.


They will do it ” subtly”.


Very well-said, I believe that is exactly how it will happen. “Transitioning” has happened many times in the last 50+ years…

“16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

-Revelation 13:16-18


I think you are right, they will create in the majority a desire to have it, maybe hype a shortage of them and then people will queue up and demand as a right they get theirs first. It will be hellish clever. I will never get one. I would rather die first and I mean that. I have spent thirty years trying to get people to wake up, some people go insane over this stuff, others just will not take it in, don’t want to know, most people think its normal to get a flu jab every year, I will not get that either, we have been conditioned by a thousand baby steps to arrive here, there is no going back. Agenda 21 is on schedule and in charge


@Lin: Wow, it must have been rough to have been awake for 30 years. It’s only been 3 for me and it feels like an eternity…


funny, i was thinking of this very thing today. got my new debit card which is one of those chip cards. didn’t realize it until i went to swipe and it wouldn’t take my card. told me to use the chip reader instead. “aha!” i thought “and so it begins…” little chips and not swiping cards are already being phased out. doesn’t seem too far of a stretch before implantation becomes available, all for the sake of practicality and simplicity, of course! (eye roll)

kev Allah

And that will be the undoing. Do you expect the farmers of the world do get implanted? We don’t care about tv nor the Internet. Never mind a chip. The day these morons get chipped is the end of the system as they know it. A return to the force of man.

Peace sells, but who’s buying?


Those LED implants are five-pointed stars.


6 stars..dont forget the middle


Star of David. Six Points. Jews.

Mark of the Beast.




kev Allah

There are jews against Israel. It isn’t the jews. It’s the fakers of the world. The pretenders that hop on the bandwagon and water down everything. The culture vultures. And they come in every shape size and color. Real vs fake like Tupac said.


Yes, just like “everyone else”, they have subjugated the Jews and rendered them susceptible to “sheepism”.

Lucas T

For f*ck’s sake people, I feel we must start raising awareness about transhumanism, seriously. Besides the lack of debate from the MSM (no surprise) on this topic, the FEW mentions it receives are positive/neutral, and they never talk about the IMMENSE POWER it would give to the owners of hi-tech companies, who would be transformed into full-time technocrats (rulers by the ownership of technological advances). All your personal information, medical records, every single step you take… going to a massive data centre where the information is processed, classified and then, patterns of mass behaviour are obtained, and that’s when things get serious. But hey, poor Noe, we’re all for “cyborg rights”, right??? (sarcasm/off)


I feel you, but even if we do raise awareness people are too stupid to realize there’s anything wrong with transhumanism. I think we should be attacking the people who created this garbage instead, and any company that sponsors it.


I think you have a primitive understanding of “who” is creating these, right now. Attack the corporations, not the curious nerds.


Sign me up… But how do we get to them?


You already carry a microchip… in your mobile phones and ipads. These can basically track you wherever you move, whatever you search etc.


Yes, but it will now be conveniently available to those who would rather prefer it to be housed under their epithelial cells in comparison to metals!


When transhumanism is in full effect people without implants will be considered primitives or less evolved from their no doubt evolutionary point of view, what is wrong with being a plain vanilla human? Just as God made us.


Well…. if i wasnt a Christian or Muslim…. id totally jump on the transhuman bio-upgrades! imagine how enticing it would be – leg boosters to run faster, better than 20/20 eye sight, even wings to fly if we can! Moving tattos! I mean the human body would become a living piece of artwork! BUT I also think, the mark of the beast is not a silly little implant, IT HAS TO BE something that changes your genetic code. Because if you are no longer the same original software, then how will the Holy Spirit come down to us? I mean Noah’s flood only occured because the “seed” of the world was corrupt, humans were more advanced than we are today and so deviant that if God were to let it continue – there would not be enough pure blood families to allow for the Messiah to come down to earth and fulfill His promise. (to save us from the flesh we brought upon ourselves by eating the “apple”) (and yes God knew we would do that, its quite clear that this a test to harvest all the benifts of randomizing your results while getting rid of the chaff) So yeah,… Read more »


I’m a bit late to reply to this, but I thought I might have a few cents. First of all, I’m not religious in the typical sense. Without going into too much on deity aspect because that’s a whole other ball game for me, I take a lot of what was written in the bible as a metaphor. I understand that statement probably won’t be too favourable in this community but I’m not going to mince my words. So The specific point I wanted to make was in relation to your “the mark of the beast is not some silly little implant. It has to be something that changes your genetic code” comment. I think right now we are in a phase of desensitizing humans. We are normalising this practice- making it seem innocuous and inventive and innocent and probably some other words that begin with “I” too. I’m not going to question the motives of those currently advocating and exploring this idea because I CAN see why this would be appealing. I, however, am just far too cynical. The likelihood to me is that, in time, this will become oppressive and a method of control. In time as the… Read more »


That is highly improbable considering that those who already have the changed genetic code are not readily willing to expand it.


My wife recently was forced to update the Android version on her smartphone. There was nothing she could do to stop it. It kept reminding her every half hour or so, and in the end it just updated itself. Seems it won’t be too long before faceless people are updating peoples implanted chips with new software whether they like it or not. Truly scary.


Don’t you find everything electronic does its own sweet thing, I switch the playstation on for five minutes of Netflix and it spends an hour downloading upgrades, no deferring it to a better time, same with the phone and the computer, its all a nuisance but can you imagine having to go offline while your microchip upgrades, there was a Doctor Who episode some years back, Cybermen invasion, but the people had earbuds that were remotely activated and updated, the people just stopped, all at once everywhere when it was going on, totally lights out, then when it was done they carried on like nothing had happened, it was sort of predictive and chilling to me because I can see a day when that really happens, and it isn’t far away now


TV show Continuum had a lot of chilling predictions… The first two seasons were good but got a little wonky after that…


“I think once people realize, ‘Oh, it’s OK that my grandma has a pacemaker’ … people are going to start to accept this,” O’Shea said. “You know, the era of transhumanism, I would say, is here. So let’s accept that and then see where that logically takes us.”

Um, a pacemaker keeps you alive. Hearing colors or microchipping yourself or getting LED lights stuck under your skin ARE NOT THE SAME THING. If the object isn’t designed to keep you alive, it’s cosmetic and motivated by vanity. Wanting to be alerted to worldy earthquakes or hear colors does nothing for humanity but push the boundaries of insanity even further to the fringes… how exactly does that help the world? And blind acceptance of these kinds of things is ALWAYS a terrible idea. You can’t even blindly accept Jesus. Nothing good can come from this, because people don’t know when to curb their technological appetites.


You’re right, but I would argue that the boundaries perhaps are not as clear-cut as you suggest. What about apps or devices for helping blind people to “read” on a computer, devices for helping paraplegics to communicate, implants that allow people to recover hearing after years of not having it, advanced prostheses for people with lost limbs who can recover the ability to walk almost as well as with the original leg? Most of us would accept those (perhaps with reservations considering certain substances used in those devices when attached to the body may be harmful long-term). They are not death-or-life, but certainly the quality of life
I whole-heartedly agree that anything that makes you superhuman (prostheses that allow you to run faster than an athlete, for example) is a definite no-no.

The Winter Soldier

I agree…it’s good if you’re disabled and such…but if you have nothing wrong with you there is no need for you to go about “Enhancing” yourself

D D d

Do not forget lazy, as an argument. A lot of generations are made lazy, just look around. Even using a switch to turn on a light at home is being portrait as reason for chipping. Laughing my s of here, but that’s mixed with enormous feelings of loss and tragedy for mankind.


Is the human body not amazing enough to people? Did all of these weirdos have a lot of wax in their ears or something during your time in school where you should have learned about all of the complexities of your body and its systems? Enough to not need to be falsely “enhanced” and tampered with by technology that serves a far greater and darker purpose?

But no… we are bent on destroying ourselves and surrendering to the system apparently. People are so dumb.

I’m sorry to all of us who are sane… that still have common sense, awareness and are not heavily drugged up like these people probably are.

Not a day earlier

They can “chip” me while performing my autopsy.


“Over my dead body” has never been used so appropriately.


But it will be in… 😉

The Winter Soldier

….I believe you have made one of the wittiest original comebacks… *applause*


Under no circumstances will that be placed in myself or families hands. I do not care how “uncool” we may be called. God bless!


Start of a new era.


Or the anti form of supercalifragilisticexpialdocious.


This comes to no surprise at all. There are hundreds of empty people who have no respect even for their own bodies that they will try to “enhance” their lives with chips and implants in order to be happy (or become slaves, your choice). So be it. As long as this will not be mandatory in the future for all human kind but just an option, then let others mutilate their bodies for the sake of technology.


Most of the time, “live and let live” ends up being shoved down our throats and forced upon those who don’t want it. It’s nice only in theory, because that’s never where it ends up staying.


The implants haven’t made it to the MSM yet because they’re still working out how to make it attractive as a must-have gadget rather than something that appeals to those on the outer fringe of society.

I’m curious about who’s really financing these implants. I’m also wondering how easily they can be hacked (especially the one used to turn things on/off). I can’t shake the feeling this is even more insidious than it appears.

At some point, I anticipate some that have chosen to be chipped may find they’re no longer in charge of their minds or bodies. They’ll be on the receiving end of programming and committing compulsory acts of violence triggered via internally received communications.

I can only hope people still hitting the snooze button begin to wake up soon. Hopefully, MKUltra, the transhuman slave, will be what gets their attention before the transhuman agenda becomes a reality.


Exactly. Ironic that the fans of this technology call it “biohacking”. They’ve no idea what they’re setting themselves up for! Some time ago I watched a TED talk called “All your devices can be hacked”. Scary to say the least. Of course these bioimplants will be hackable, and there will be a worldwide industry of “virus makers” (governments may be behind the scenes) and companies selling you “firewall” solutions to be “safer”. Where does the craziness go?


These people are morons. A pacemaker and eye glasses are completely different than putting lights under your skin because you think it’s cool. No one WANTS a pacemaker. It’s not cool. Huge eye roll. I live in texas. I thought people in texas were actually smarter than this. Austin is so weird I can’t even stand visiting my BIL there. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Dumb. When their hand gets infected and has to be amputated they’ll see how stupid they were.


yes, how cool it will be to be called one handed Suzie lol


Austin has to live up to it’s nickname apparently…


And what happens when the microchip works itself into a vein and stops your heart?


yeah! what a great idea (sarcasm)


I am sensing hostility… 🙂

D D d

Look at their eyes, a lot of them are on drugs, or what they think are medicin. Being gullible and naieve thinking is the effect of that. Cool to be handled like that ai’t it? Very important to wear makeup to improve your life, too. Another divide and conquer, hah!


I have had 5 open heart surgeries and I do not want to become more robotic than I am!


oh how cool! I want the earthquake chip so i can wobble when an earthquake strikes somewhere! And i want one in my hand so i can turn on my dumbfone! and i love that antennae sticking out the back of that guys head, so i want one of those too! and an eye that can zoom in – sounds great!


Sarcasm at its finest : )

The Winter Soldier

It’s one of the few reasons I read the comments!


Get three of each for me and my family! And also a set of robots that help me with household chores while they spy on me and send info to the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and any galactic entity I haven’t yet heard about.


Once you have women accepting and promoting abortion, slaughtering their own flesh and blood within their wombs, noone should be surprised, people dont respect their integrity enough to fight against this devilish slavery.
This is the end. To all catholics mates, please go and confess before it is too late.
Peace on you all.

roman catholic an original true christian :P

I wonder if Antoine is downvoted for being a catholic. Yup, i think I’m right. The hate is real and it is sick.


I’m not a Catholic, but I upvoted you because I agree with your post on the most part. I would say to all believers, we need to get right with God, like… now!


Search for ‘DARK NET’ S01 E02 (UPGRADE).
Kick-a-s show about technology/web taking over the world.

It’s Real and it’s Happening. It’s Messed up and Frightening to witness all this unfold.

But God is Magnificent, in Him we find our true salvation and redemption.


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