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Wrong Side of the Industry: The Bizarre Breakdown of Katt Williams



Wrong Side of the Industry: The Bizarre Breakdown of Katt Williams

In the past few years, Katt Williams has been rather vocal about the shady side of the entertainment industry. Simultaneously, he is involved in a long series of strange and humiliating events.

In 2013, I discussed Katt Williams in the article entitled “Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment” because he openly addressed the dark side of the entertainment industry. In an interview he stated:

“We are against the Illuminati at our own detriment. When people are against the Illuminati, then, they get punched in the face all the time, the press hates them and nobody likes them. End quote.”

Three years later, Katt Williams gets punched in the face (literally), the press hates him and nobody likes him. Here’s the 2013 interview.

In the above interview, Katt explains how the Illuminati destroys the lives of those who do not give in to its industry’s demands. Katt has also been steadily going against Kevin Hart whom he identifies to be a prime example of a Black comedian who “sold out” to the industry.

Three years later, Williams’ fixation on Kevin Hart did not fade away. In fact, in February of this year, Katt called Kevin Hart a “puppet” on stage, adding that “somebody’s hand is stuck up that baby”. He even strongly insinuated that Kevin had to do sexual favors to get where he is today. (Warning: Explicit language).

After receiving a truckload of backlash after the release of that video, Katt apologized and even got the video removed from YouTube due to ‘copyright claims’. Did he say too much?

No matter what the case may be, Katt has since shown the symptoms of a classic “celebrity on the wrong side of the industry” breakdown.

Classic Case

When one is on the wrong side of the industry, one is subjected to a long series of career-destroying ordeals coupled with public humiliation.

In a only a few weeks, Katt has been allegedly involved in several bizarre events such as holding 5 women at gunpoint, assaulting a pool store clerk and becoming a battery suspect in L.A. On March 7th, police raided William’s house and arrested him.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia say the warrant was part of an investigation into Katt that began on March 1, after one of Katt’s bodyguards claimed he was beat with a baseball bat and choked after refusing to “engage in criminal activity” at Katt’s behest.

The bodyguard claimed Katt threatened to kill him … but said the assault was carried out by others in the group.

When cops raided Katt’s home Tuesday morning … they found several firearms, and “large quantities” of marijuana.

Katt was booked for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment.  Cops say they will also add the drug and weapons charges.
– TMZ, Katt Williams Arrested After Cops Raid Home Find Drugs, Guns

Ten days after that arrest, a woman named Jamila Majesty filed a bizarre lawsuit against Katt claiming she was subjected to a beatdown involving witchcraft and magic spells – two years ago. Majesty stated that “his witches beat me for hours”.

A woman has reportedly accused the frequently arrested Katt Williams of orchestrating a bloody five-on-one assault involving witchcraft — all because she used his bathroom.

The alleged attack took place two years ago, when the hotheaded comedian invited aspiring actress Jamila Majesty into his Malibu home, TMZ reports. There, Majesty says, five women beat her senseless for three hours and Williams burned her face with a cigarette — all while a book containing “teachings on sorcery and spells” sat by a mysterious fire.

Majesty detailed the harrowing alleged assault in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming she sustained broken ribs, split tendons and facial scarring after being “imprisoned” and “tortured” in Williams’ bathroom, according to papers obtained by The Wrap.

Williams even joined in, she said — slapping her, punching her in the ribs and helping the group of women beat her.

She allegedly lost consciousness several times, but says her assailants awakened her with ice packs to resume the brutal attack.

Majesty also claimed to have noticed a volume sitting on a bed in the “Norbit” star’s house that appeared to be “a wiccan book, something evil, with teachings on sorcery and spells.”

A blazing fire on the premises, she continued in the lawsuit, “was fed with unusual things for a fire, I am not sure what, but my intuition picked up on it and the fire smelled of sweetness more so than a normal fire.”

Williams also had one of the women “read (Majesty) psychically,” she said.

Majesty escaped around 1:30 a.m. and drove her bloodied self home, claiming she avoided calling the police for fear that Williams would retaliate, according to TMZ. The actress is seeking unspecified damages for assault, battery, false imprisonment and negligence and emotional distress.
– Daily News, Katt Williams accused of orchestrating bloody bathroom beatdown involving witchcraft, burning woman in face with cigarette

To conclude this perfect storm of a breakdown, Katt Williams appears in a viral video where he sucker-punches a teenager who then proceeds to manhandle him.

The video ends with Katt laying on the grass, thoroughly humiliated. Then that video went worldwide.  Then police launched a criminal investigation against him.

In short, Katt is going through a destructive breakdown which can be attributed to drugs, mental problems or straight up idiocy. While the world is asking “What is going on with Katt Williams?”, those who know about the dark side of the industry detect symptoms of someone is being afflicted with “wrong side of the industry” curse. It torments you mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Ask Michael Jackson about it. Wait, you can’t.

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Wrong Side of the Industry: The Bizarre Breakdown of Katt Williams

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They hated it when you get vocal. When you tell the public what truly goes on behind the scenes. Katt has been doing just that plus he uses his humor. He hasn’t bowed to them yet. I hope he stays strong. These dark forces have presstitutes at their disposal, they own mainstream media. It’s easy for them to vilify you, make a mockery of you and an example out of you. It’s crazy the malice behind. Unfortunately, not everyone can read between the lines. The masses are so easily led and blindly so. I know this of course because I too had to break from the flock. Question everything and do your research.


It’s also why Boule member Steve Harvey attacked him. What’s sad is a lot of people truly believe Steve Harvey is actually a Christian when he stated on the Kings of Comedy that he talks to God through his third eye. Anyone who claims they are seers who can communicate to God through a third eye or all seeing eye is not a follower of Jesus Christ and the elite believe a third eye opens where they can talk to the baphomet Satan after receiving oral sex from another man. So Harvey is probably also a closet bi sexual. Then Kevin Hart was in his think like a man movies. Steve Harvey has been rewarded more and more from the elites since he had words with Katt Williams but would try to make his fans think he’s just blessed but he sold his soul.


SO TRUE!!! Steve Harvey is bought and paid for. Period. He doesn’t have me fooled for one second. And that wife of his is going to take him to the cleaners to boot. Just watch!!


Another sad part is I know people who know Katt Williams because I lived in a small town he now resides in, and regardless of his demons he is a Christian trying to make himself better but Christians would attack him for his mistakes before ever seeing the truth about Steve Harvey.


That is so true

kev Allah

You don’t have a damn clue what you speak of. Stop spreading misinformation.


The only misinformation on this page isn’t from me but from the clips of Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams claiming only black entertainers are forced wear dresses to be humiliated and emasculated. Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Arthur Luncan, Wallace Beery, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams, John Candy, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Patrick Swayze, Robert DeNiro, John Travolta, Richard Jenkens, etc… all wore dresses too.


After Tracy Morgan accepted WalMart’s settlement millions, he had to dress like Marilyn Monroe(ultimate Beta kitten) at the most recent Oscars.

open your eyes




There’s ton of New World Organizations that VC hasn’t made articles on like the rest of the Russell Trust & Key fraternities, the World Zionist Organizations, the JASON society, the RAND corporation, the Club of Rome , the Order of the Quest, the B’nai B’rith International, the Chatham House, the Scroll & Key, the Roshaniyya etc…. To learn these things it’s best to read whole books about NWO because VC wouldn’t have the time to breakdown and explain every secret society that’s for the NWO.


But who, or which groups, are at the top of the pyramid ? Because somebody’s gotta lead them..


At the top of the pyramid is satan; directly below “him” is the 13 bloodlines, MistaX correct me if I am getting it wrong as you seem well in tuned and your insight is welcomed. I have done some research and this is what I have pieced together. The 13 bloodlines are as follows:

1. The Onassis bloodline
2. The Rothschild bloodline
3. The Rockefeller bloodline
4. The Russell bloodline
5. The Li (China) bloodline
6. The Astor bloodline
7. The Bundy bloodline
8. The Collins bloodline
9. The DuPont bloodline
10. The Freeman bloodline
11. The Kennedy bloodline
12. The Reynolds bloodline
13. The Van Duyn bloodline

From those 13 there are also interconnected families such as the Royal family of England and any other “Royals” around the globe. Politicians, leaders, military, you name it these people are all involved.

There is such a web of evil weaved between these families and their associates it’s almost unfathomable.


thanks for this info! there is a tons of information out there – you just have to be hungry enough to find out the truth for yourself and we need to stop relying solely on VC

Chris Zehna

LMAO the third eye is not that stop spreading disinformation shill. Third eye is the 6th chakara, the ajna chakra, something you me and every other human on this earth have. It is activated through processes such as yoga and meditation, and is a huge source of wisdom and intuition. Consciousness……

I can tell yours is calified cuz thinking the third eye is activated after having oral sex with a man then used to talk to Satan may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Don’t listen to this guy do your own research we are better than this don’t succumb to his fear!!!


I don’t think the illuminati cares about people getting vocal. On the contrary. They like exposing their craft to the public, it purges them from their evil doings – according to their belief. The punishment is never about being vocal. It’s about not staying in line.


Hello; by being vocal Katt WAS being out of line. His public opinion is what led them to plot against him and anyone else who dares to turn the tables on them. BTW, real illuminati HATE colored folk of any kind. They HATE us. That is very telling information to me; that someone could hate another being just for their complexion. Doesn’t matter if you’re Indian, black, mixed race, Hispanic, African etc. So for all of you who think black artists are really in the Illuminati they aren’t they’re just being used as puppets and some don’t seem to mind being used…..


Clearly a no-brainer of what happens next after you attempt to expose the elite, since it can backfire on you pretty badly leaving you messed up in a bad way.

Katt is no different from this as seen in the video.


Amerika has crossed the threshold of Soddom + Gommorah

Intelligent Divine

Yeah because a half a-s celebrity got choked out by a teenager.


We still remember what he said about industry, no matter how many breakdowns he is going to undergo.
One thing must be understood: all people in the elites and showbiz are one way or another involved in dark things (drugs, sorcery, sex perversions and so on). There are no pure good guys there. But when the bad guy says the truth, it’s still the truth.


But, most people have innocent vices (alcohol, entertainment, mild sexual fantasies) L’illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, abuse & exaggarate these weaknesses in people..


Katt williams is tired of so much abuse, so he decided to tell everything that he knows about hollywood!
Like that Kevin hart story is true, kevin sold his soul, suck a lot of richards (pe***), he is friends with p diddy #1 gay and also kevin is overrated and he is being pushed everywhere in hollywood.
So yeah Katt williams is going to be the next blood sacrifice and they (THE ELITE) is going to make him suffer, to later kill him to send the message, that if you talk about what is really going on hollywood (blood sacrifices, luciferians and gay sex) you are going to suffer and end dead in a very painful way.
Katt is being very brave to keep talking about luciferian hollywood!

Jackson 77

Majesty is not credible at all. Who goes through all of that and does not go to the police? It didn’t happen.

The Winter Soldier

And who drives home bloodied?! If she was really “badly hurt” she would not be able to do that!!


A lot of things happen to a lot of people. Fear of retaliation (or fear they won’t be believed or will be ridiculed in terms of rape cases for example, which happens quite often), distrust towards law enforcement etc, could easily discourage someone from going to the police. I’m not sure that she’s credible either but I definitely don’t think that the fact she didn’t go to the police for sure means “it didn’t happen”


I find it curious that she was able to sit in a driving position with broken ribs. When your ribs are even fractured it’s hard to breathe, never mind sitting in an upright position for any extended period of time . Also where are the pictures to prove this incident happened?


Thank you Death2Elites!

Spot on. Most women take pics of their injuries even if just to remind themselves of what happened in future. If for some reason now she does provide pics they are most likely photo shopped and put out there to pacify people like us who them deem as “conspiracy theorists”.

I’m just a realist! Rest of the sheep out there need to do the same and wake-up.

Knowledge is power, true power.

i was raped and i didn’t report …. there are a lot of reasons why ppl who ‘go thru all that’ don’t report

that said, in this case, we do not know if there is more to the story – maybe this guys IS being set up…???

but don’t start insinuating that ppl don’t go thru certain s--t then don’t go to the police, coz that just ain’t true


Regardless, you weren’t there either. Most likely she made it up. This isn’t about you. It’s about the illuminati and Kat Williams.


Thank you BLBR; I would go further by saying this “Majesty” was paid to tell that story. They probably wrote it out for her, had her memorize it and told her once she delivered she would be paid….in cash of course….no transactions of any kind to be found!


Majesty? What kind of name is this? A bogus one? I do feel for Williams….


I am so glad you made this post…I knew it had to be sabotage. I hope his fans all step up and support…it’s a physical/spiritual battle at this point.


Watch his video when he says “now they got my babies!” It’s very creepy & I knew something wasn’t right after he said that


I pray for Katt Williams. I don’t really know what to pray for. God knows what’s really going on, I don’t. It seems like he’s been set up and pushed around to get him to shut up.


That’s the best thing we can do for him….if all of us pray for him—for direction, protection, and some verifiable proof to show he is not what they say. My heart hurts for him, but I admire his bravery, it’s gotta be scary to speak the truth within such a powerful, blood hungry industry


Amen Syd. Well said…..

Prayer is powerful beyond our own understanding folks. Pray for everyone, especially the elite; you know why? They need it the most!!!!!!!!!!!


Whitney said, “Pray for my soul.”


So incredible sad, and so sick that they feel the need to torture their victims on a world stage before they kill them or get rid of them another way. It’s pure evil.


Yes mam it is. Pure evil streaming right down from the devil himself. They have no remorse for others, no compassion, no empathy, no love, no faith, no hope……just empty vessels trying to be God. There is only one father, one God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the father. Jesus is all about peace, love, equality and humility. Beautiful the son of God….


Sarah so true. But there is nothing pure about evil. I know it’s hard because it seems like the wicked are winning, remember “God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. They’ll get theirs soon enough.

Truth Seeker

Maybe the people he is fighting have actual demons inside them and he can see them the movie Devil’s advocate comes to mind when they wanted to get rid of that lawyer and he was beaten to death by people who appeared to be joggers… at this point it is more of a spiritual battle than physical. Although there is another twist too his programming has him so messed up now that he can hardly differentiate between hallucinations and what’s real…I feel for all of them that try to break the programming however I can’t be too sure as I don’t know them personally and I am not living their experience so I will never know what really transpired, that is if they knowingly did this or blindly “sold out” if it is the case that they did so blindly the only way to get out is to tell the truth and seek spiritual redemption.


Idk, bc honestly, when i watched the video w thev17 yr old, that kid looked like a demon to me and i thought the same exact thing which you said. I mean, thats really what this sites about, that truly, its a spiritual war.

twisted strawberry

Y you say he look like a demon


Apparently, demons all look like adversaries…


The whole video shows that kid harassed him, got in his space, was purposely provoking him. It’s not right. It’s almost like he was a plant up there at that time to f with him


Also, when the kid was asked if the situation could’ve been avoided by a reporter, he responded : Yes, i know Jesus said to turn the other cheek but sorry to say im not Jesus. So he could be.

Apres Ski

It’s a battle for your soul . . . Period!


Katt Willaims can see demons. Yes, of course! That must be it!


I went to his show in NYC this past Friday, and let me tell you VC. He has CROSSED OVER and his humiliation was DEFINITELY part of his initiation into the occult. If any of you are able, look up pics of his show (he’s still touring) online or more specifically on ticketmaster. com. The stage set up was MASONIC with pillars on each side, black and white flooring, what appeared to be a fireplace with FAUX GREEN FIRE (which is symbolic of witchcraft), toppled with a glove on his LEFT HAND, and 2 chimera’s or lions on each side. He told little to NO JOKES, but spent most of his time speaking of his wealth, throwing (FAKE SHADE) at Chris Brown, Kevin Hart and Jay Z, and speaking about the events in the news. He also said something that was the most chilling to me. He said that something to sum of “you can only run so far from them, and that eventually they will catch you”. At that very moment I realized that he may be dead sooner than later and it would be passed off as a drug issue. I hope and pray that he is delivered… Read more »

Apres Ski

You can lick’em or join’em! I hope he hasn’t joined them but they probably threatened his children, friends and family.


I called it from the initial ‘report’ of abuse. The wording sounds rehearsed (and ridiculous) and lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice much less 10 times. Katt has to make a decision and it’s a sad one. While you have talent, Hollywood demands more to be part of their clique. To be a part, you must bow to their standards, rules, rituals, and gods. It’s not fair but it is what it is. So Katt, what do you choose? Will you bow for Hollywood or bow for God? Praying the blood of Jesus cover and keep you.


Skepticism is best. He sounds like he could be playing both sides, like he is saying I know this controlling group exists and I am not a part of it. His rant about Kevin Hart could be his call to get attention to get initiated. Always be skeptical about public figures: politicians, actors, comedians, certain musicians.

It’s the rebellion against nothing because he knows he cannot change it on his own. This could all be a humiliation ritual.


“His witches beat me for hours.”

That’s some Boondocks s--t.

Ben Dover

It’s the Gaylluminati..


Isn’t it similar to what happened to Tupac? Wait a little longer, I wouldn’t be surprised that we find Katt Williams dead in a ditch.


You are correct. I thought the same thing. Sexual assault charges….CHARGES…are the fastest way to destroy credibility with the public. I’m sure charges will be dropped eventually, however that article will only be a small footnote as the damage has already been done.

Similarly, you’ll see Dave Chapelle bomb on stage and appear intoxicated from time to time. It’s really upsetting because of how hard these 2 guys have tried to fight to keep their souls.

Good Luck Katt!


You are correct. I thought the same thing. Sexual assault charges….CHARGES…are the fastest way to destroy credibility with the public.

John Todd


I love people that come out against the f’d up-ness of the industry but I hope they are prepared for the $$$$ storm that will come their way for doing such a thing.


They are, or else they would stop talking. When a real Christian gets the opportunity to prove his loyalty to God, he takes it in order to hopefully make up for all the sin.

Loyal reader

Glad u wrote this article

Twy La Hudson

I hope he comes out ok…but we all know what happens when you go against them!! Keeo ya head up Katt….I still admire you for your truths!!


Just so I can be clear, Katt bears no responsibility for slapping women, jumping on a stage hitting someone who happens to have an entourage, and sucker punching a 7th grader then saying a celebrity shouldn’t be hit? It’s because people are enabling his behavior. Yes he spit truth and so did Dave Chappelle, but you didn’t see him going around initiating fights with people. So how about holding him accountable for his actions. You can’t claim he’s on the wrong side of the industry when he’s causing his tail to get beat. It would be one thing if he was being set up, but we see these confrontations from start to end. Even when DMX’s spiral started happening, you never heard of him running around slapping people and DMX is as raw as it gets so cut it out.


Lame a-s puppet, why would you come here do spread your disinfo? If you search on the web you have the full video at youtube, the kid goes all the way to get the sucker punch, also he is the biggest kid on the block, not with his parents and no one actually broke the fight until they got everything on tape.

You need to stop lying to other people, you are allowed to keep lying to yourself you fool.


Lying to people, lame a-s puppet? lol. I saw the whole video and I satill stand by what I said. So you chose to partially address my comment. So again, you’re saying he shouldn’t be held accountable. So lets run with your comment that the kid went out of his way to get sucker punched. So you’re saying there’s no other options. He couldn’t have avoided the situation all together or he couldn’t have walked away from it? There’s a plethora of other things that can be done besides sucker punching a kid. I could careless about his size, the kid didn’t strike first. Especially if you’re claiming that the industry is after him, the last thing you should want to do is initiate something physical. So basically you’re saying for instance, if you stood in front of me saying what you just said to me name calling me like a juvenile and spewing you rhetoric, that it would be deserved if I punched you and broke your jaw? Now, since you want to partially address my comment, address the rest of it too. Show me where Chappelle wilded out, show me where DMX, who is about as hood as… Read more »


@Silk…all eyes will not see and all ears will not hear….remove the scales from your eyes SAUL.

open your eyes

🙂 Nice

The Winter Soldier

Silksoul, I believe you call that a burn. 😉 🙂 XD

Apres Ski

Or he’s being jumped in just like they do when you join a gang. Think of Kanye jumping on stage and humiliating Taylor Swift.

That was part & parcel of the joining the Illuminati or Show Biz.


Again. Silk missed the point.

kev Allah

You actually made NO point.


I don’t think anyone is saying he shouldn’t be held responsible. But people under tremendous stress do bizarre things. If any of this is true, it would only make sense.


People on drugs also do bizarre things….



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