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The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

Paz de la Huerta went from being tagged a “major Hollywood celebrity” to a “major nutjob” in a few short years. And things got worse after she accused Harvey Weinstein of multiple crimes. However, a close look at her disturbing social media posts reveals another story: She been abused and controlled by the occult elite for decades.



The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

Paz de la Huerta is an American actress and model who is mostly known for her role in the HBO series Broadwalk Empire and her countless magazine photoshoots. Between 2005 and 2010, at the height of her career, de la Huerta worked with A-list celebrities and partied with Hollywood’s most powerful people. However, after a series of bizarre and traumatizing events, de la Huerta’s career came to a screeching halt.

Nowadays, de la Huerta is mostly known for appearing in paparazzi videos of her stumbling around while looking heavily intoxicated at social events. She’s also been a frequent subject of ridicule by celebrity gossip sites who have been documenting her erratic behavior for years.

While she was dismissed as “crazy” by mass media a long time ago, de la Huerta hundreds of posts on social media tell a darker story – one that sums up perfectly disgusting, hidden side of the occult elite and the entertainment industry. Before looking that that (now deleted) Instagram account, here’s a quick look at her past.

Troubled Past

Paz de la Huerta’s parents are Ricardo Ignacio de la Huerta y Ozores (Spanish nobleman and 17th Duke of Mandas and Villanueva) and Judith Bruce (and authority on birth control in Third World countries and United Nations Consultant).

Paz obtained her first role at age 12 in the movie 1998 The Object of My Affection which starred Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. She then steadily climbed the stairs to stardom until things took a horrible turn.

In 2011, de la Huerta was nearly killed by a speeding ambulance truck that was driven by a stunt driver on the set of the movie Nurse 3D. This event was highly suspicious, especially when one watches the video of it.

In this disturbing video, it appears that the ambulance actually steered left at the very last second to violently hit Paz. Furthermore, the ambulance was driven by a stunt driver who is literally trained to perform dangerous car stunts. Was it actually a murder attempt? As we’ll see later, the story surrounding this accident and its aftermaths is extremely bizarre.

No matter what the case may be, the accident nearly killed Paz. She filed a $55 million lawsuit against Liongate film claiming that the accident required her to undergo over 20 surgeries and left her unable to work. The case was dismissed.

In November 2018, de la Huerta filed a $60 million lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, accusing the director of raping her on two separate occasions in 2010 and then embarking on a campaign of harassment that she contends damaged her career.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

Paz de la Huerta with Harvey Weinstein at the Soho Grand Hotel in 2010.

Contrarily to other Me Too figureheads such as Rose McGowan, de la Huerta’s accusations generated little support and sympathy from mass media and the entertainment industry. Weinstein’s defense team has called her allegations “preposterous and, unfortunately, the product of an unstable personality with a vivid imagination.”

In May 2019, while de la Huerta was working on her lawsuit against Weinstein, she was hospitalized for “severe emotional distress”.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

Throughout these difficult times, de la Huerta remained active on Instagram … and that account was terrifying. Indeed, most of her posts were actually calls for help as she accused “evil women” of abusing and torturing her while constantly pushing her to suicide.

For reasons unknown, that IG account was completed deleted in the past weeks. Luckily, since I was actually working on an article before the deletion happened, I’ve saved some screenshots and copied the contents of some captions. Now, more than ever, I believe these need to be shared because they explain the “why” of de la Huerta’s behavior while shedding light on the dark and disturbing side of the entertainment industry.

The Deleted Instagram Account

At first glance, Paz de la Huerta’s Instagram account appeared to consist of hundreds of selfies mixed with some pics from her glory days. However, when one took the time to read the captions associated with these pics, things got very dark. Nearly every picture was accompanied by a wall of text where Paz described her constant abuse and trauma at the hands of “evil women”.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

A typical IG post by Paz combining a “beauty pic” with a troubling caption about evil women trying to destroy her.

Although Paz’ captions often sounded like the ramblings of a crazy person, they actually told a coherent and precise story of systematic abuse at the hands of specific people – notably her own mother. In one post she writes:

I’ve always been incredibly generous even to my evil mother who if she wanted me to be healthy and successful she wouldn’t have done the unconscionable thing she did to me in Spain that she had tried to do so many times before but my good karma always saved me if I survive this I’m writing a book about maunchhausen bi proxy.

On several occasions, Paz accuses her mother of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Here’s a definition of it:

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse.

Note: Since most cases of MSBP are between a caregiver (usually a mother) and a child, the rest of this topic will describe that relationship. But it is important to remember that MSBP can involve any vulnerable person who has a caregiver.

The caregiver with MSBP may:

  • Lie about the child’s symptoms.
  • Change test results to make a child appear to be ill.
  • Physically harm the child to produce symptoms.

Victims are most often small children. They may get painful medical tests they don’t need. They may even become seriously ill or injured or may die because of the actions of the caregiver.

Children who are victims of MSBP can have lifelong physical and emotional problems and may have Munchausen syndrome as adults. This is a disorder in which a person causes or falsely reports his or her own symptoms.
– Michigan Medicine, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Although she was under the strict control of her mother since birth, Paz says that things got worse since the 2011 ambulance accident. In another post she wrote:

Since my truck accident I’ve been surrounded by these evil women trying to convince me I was sick so they could lock me up for the rest of my life out of envy and fear for their reputations but when I met Mika that night it was a break from the psychological torture.

In another post she wrote:

I have been crying for months … it’s inhumane what these monsters have done to me. Because of them I didn’t get my justice against Lionsgate. I was going to marry a man and they messed that up to. My boyfriend of 15 years won’t talk to me because he says I’ve been so naive and he’s afraid I will take my life. I had a career in Paris before they did the unconscionable. One old assistant of mine brave enough to step forward has saved all of their emails of their plans for me these last years since I had my truck accident. They’ve been trying to have me committed for the rest of my life only because I hold secrets of years of unconscionable abuse . I was never going to tell until what they did to me in Spain , the only country they could get away with it. All I did was cry after this one abuser said evil things to me and I was speaking to Micheal rebel the famous therapist that told me to run away from them years ago before they kill me. They are trying to drive me to suicide, they have been doing it for years. They have gas lit me. (…)

I want my famous friends to read this and help me get away from these abusers who have gas lit me held me prisoner in a city. I have few loved ones and are trying to put me in a cage for the rest of my life because I know too much. I will speak to this assistant who was brave enough to step forward.

As stated above, Paz claimed that she was abducted in Spain in 2018. She reportedly spent six months “locked in a cage” while undergoing intense trauma at the hands of “evil women”.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

A post about Paz being abducted.

In another post she wrote:

I was making money modeling and I was about to sign with the best agency until I stupidly got on that plane to Spain where evil I didn’t even know existed awaited me. What can I say? Truck accident, rape, near fatal cuncussion, and I’ve never been a blamer and I’ve never even cared to sue because by heart I’m a very positive resilient woman but this is the greatest injustice I’ve ever endured in my life and never have a witnessed just how cruel humanity is.

I did nothing to warrant being locked up in a cage in a foreign country for six months they are still trying to keep me from having the proper medical care my evil mother has even voiced that she doesn’t want me working well than what am I supposed to be an invalid.

In another post explained that what happened to her could only happen in Spain – perhaps due to her father’s connections.

The only reason they got away with what they did was because in Spain my medications which they knew I needed one was illegal and I don’t know how they got away with keeping me there for so long it’s illegal to do that to someone Any where else in the world and because a judge put me there they made my evil abuser my custodian which I’ve had legally changed since and she forbade me from speaking to the two men my lawyer and best friend who had the power to get me out of that hell in a day. I tried to commit suicide nine times when I was there.

In another post, de la Huerta compares her situation to Rosemary Kennedy who was lobotomized by her own family.

do you know the story about the Kennedy girl we’ll she was very beautiful and sexy and vivacious the life of the party her mother was so deadly envious of her an ugly uptight prude like one of my main abusers and she basically did to her daughter what these to evil women tried to do to me lobotomize her the poor girl was robbed of her life and spent the rest of her life staring at a wall … extremely sad story and it almost happened to me I’ve never wanted to sue for any of the injustices I’ve endured until now and I have a killer lawyer share you’re stories with me and let’s support one another these evil women belong in jail

On several occasions, de la Huerta mentions an assistant who is willing to come forward and testify about the abuse she underwent in the past years. In one Instagram post, the assistant wrote a long caption summing up the situation (you can tell that the text was written by another person due to the presence of actual sentences and punctuation).

My name is Kimberly M., I am writing of behalf of Paz as I was friends with her in 2016-17, during that time witnessed some very bizarre treatment of her by her caretakers. Before Paz left Los Angeles for Paris I became her assistant for a short period of time, in order to try and help her in a situation that seemed desperate. From the outside, it seemed that she was becoming increasingly frustrated with how her caretakers were handling her and was suspicious of their care. From my point of view, she needed to be around more good role models, friends and people that cared for her in order for her to find her own stability and eventually start acting and modeling again. When I started the job I thought this would be the intention of her caretakers as well, but soon found out this was not the case. My main interactions come in dealing with who was my boss for the job, Kimberly. The first signs that Kimberly had ill intentions for Paz came from the fact that she was trying very hard to discourage me taking the job of helping Paz. Telling me I had no idea what I was getting into and repeatedly calling me to tell me negative things about Paz, often keeping me on the phone for hours at night, trying to convince me that Paz was not a good person and couldn’t be helped. I could not figure out why she was trying to influence me in this way and soon began to ask questions because I was in disbelief. Some of the things I was told include that Paz was untreatable and too far gone for help. She then told me that no treatment has worked on Paz in years, and that she has become more of a burden to them (Kimberly, Judith) than was worth putting actual effort into. One day I still was not completely sold that Paz is untreatable, and confronted Kimberly who got very worked up and revealed to me that they think she is so untreatable, that they have given up and have been actively delaying or sabotaging some of the things Paz was asking for. The most disturbing thing that was revealed was that they were trying to let her fail, so that she would go mad or cause enough altercations with the police/law to be put in an institution for life.

She also told me that because Paz’s godmother (her client) was the only one contributing to her financial stability, and that she had taken it upon herself to relay negative information to the godmother, sending bad reports (knowing that she had not attempted to facilitate a good report) and convincing her that Paz would be so much of a burden financially overtime, that she should accept her as a lost cause, and have her put away for life in order to save herself the money and trouble, even going as far to make her sound like a danger to others. Never in my life did I think they would actually be able to follow through on such plans as I do not think Paz is insane, but a particular artist who’s been through a lot of trauma and needs adequate time to grow her own stability and find happiness in her own way. I may not know the extent of what led to what in her situation, but I know what I witnessed was wrong on a moral level and believe that it may have contributed to their attempt to put Paz being put away in Spain.

As the assistant wrote, Paz was subjected to “a lot of trauma”. And under details on her social media accounts point towards trauma-based mind control.

Trauma Based Mind Control?

To those who know about the dark side of the entertainment industry, Paz de la Huerta shows signs of trauma-based mind control. Her early beginnings in the entertainment industry, her abuse at the hands of powerful people and her history of bizarre behavior (a typical result following MK breakdown) are all visible symptoms.

As explained in this article, trauma-based mind control (also known as Monarch programming) is about subjecting a slave to trauma so intense that it causes dissociation which leads to the programming of new alter personas. In several Instagram posts, Paz actually refers to an alter-ego named Malificient.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

An Instagram post about her alter-ego.

Like many other victims of trauma-based mind control (such as Kim Noble), Paz also has a penchant for creating extremely symbolic paintings.

The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

A painting by Paz de la Huerta that is replete with MK imagery. It depicts a Virgin-Mary-like figure with a blindfolded child who appears to be subjected to all kinds of foul treatments. Strange fact: In one of her posts, Paz wrote that she replaced memories of her mother by the Virgin Mary.

In Conclusion

Although she can be easily dismissed as a crazy person who says crazy things (media has been doing it for years), Paz de la Huerta has actually been documenting her story of abuse and control in great detail. Through her numerous social media posts (the only outlet she had until very recently), de la Huerta provided a first-person account of her systematic destruction at the hands of the people closest to her.

Is she actually crazy or did the abuse make that way? In an infamous interview about Hollywood, Dave Chappelle once said:

“The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive. I don’t understand this person so they’re crazy. That’s bullsh*t. These people are not crazy, they’re strong people. Maybe that environment (Hollywood) is a little sick.”

Hollywood is not only “a little sick”. It is very sick. It completely destroys minds, bodies, and souls. It turns strong, intelligent and talented people into spaced-out zombies who appear to be completely out of it. It takes an incredible amount of strength to come back from mind control at the hands of the occult elite – and many don’t come back from it.

In short, if something suspicious ever happens to Paz de la Huerta, the true cause of it is most likely contained in this article.

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The Troubling Case of Paz de la Huerta and Her (Now Deleted) Instagram Account

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This one in particular breaks my heart. It doesn’t seem that she “sold her soul”, but rather was forced into it by her family. Those are the ones I am sad for. Those who were never given a choice right from birth. Britney Spears is a perfect example. So sad.

Jeffrey Jones

Lots of families do this sort of thing to their children. I’m one of them. Variables change, but the results are the same: gaslighting, abuse, trauma. Jesus Christ is the only answer, and my parents knew that and desperately tried to keep me away from God. I couldn’t help but feel a certain deja vu reading this story and others like them.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

God bless you, Jeffrey. My heart goes out to you ❤️

Jeffrey Jones

Thank you.


May the prophet keep guard your way through live.


OK Mohamed is really God to you… You don’t even wish for “Allah” to guide him and keep him safe but wishes upon the “prophet”. That is very telling and revealing.


Knowing that muslims believe Jesus Christ is “the prophet”, isn’t it possible this person was merely being respectful of Jeffrey’s Christian beliefs? That how I read it.

just sayin'

muslims always mean mohammed when they say “the prophet.”


Where was god when all those horrible things happened to u? Keep being a slave then….


Bondservant to Christ. Child of God.

God help you, Christinne.
You’re unaware of your own enslavement.


Some of us believe God does not control things. Humans have absolute free will. I believe Creator is love, and I strive to be a conduit for love. I am so sad for all these victims. Not sure why humanity is so sick. Blaming God is a copout.

Jeffrey Jones

Correct. God gave mankind free will, and Satan really is the god of this world, has been ever since we fell. Blaming God because this world is messed up is Satan’s greatest trick, that and convincing us that he doesn’t exist.

D D d

Satans Greatest trick seems to be useing a cloack.
He will come if you summon him, in flocks. Use the right prayer, or a cloacked one in this case.


Cloaks…of disguise, and flocks…of sheep?
Is that to say that Satan masquerades as an angel of light?
Is that a warning to be weary?

D D d

The longtime grooming of searching vc readers to external websited Cults and closed communities.

Mind controll and its puppets – right here at the Comsecs.

If you can get through the name-calling and abuse in the comsecs, it is worth the time. Think about what you read here.

Use the brain you got born with.

Do not believe me, or them, make up your own mind. What are they really saying?
You are here, learn.

I just used their own words to spot their lies, distractions, slander and re-directions.
Mostly from one discussion even!
I Looked further and then it went darker.

I am so sorry that a lot people of good intentions and true faith, will get the same abuse as I get here.
Do not let it distract you.


Solid advice and an urgent warning, DDd.
So you looked further, too, and were disrupted?
I hope you can find a bit of Peace today. ❤️

Don’t Discuss Dicks

What did you do to deserve clear answers?


Oh, is that what DDd stands for…?

John 3:16

Nothing, except believe on Jesus.
If you pray to God in His name,
believing, your answers will follow….

Electre /

Thanks Erin, I was about to answer just that.


Tried to check out that link, looks like you were suspended, someone didn’t like what you were saying, may I ask what it was?


You are aware of that 99,9% of them are born into this through breeding programmes bc mk starts already in the womb by sticking needles into the stomach amongst other things? That and kidnapped children from the streets. Its a straight out LIE these people was ever in on it and shows you need to learn more about how this is done!


Yeah, most all of them are generational, just read Brice Taylors book, there are millions of these abuse families, all with the same artwork of the child abuse rituals.


Radiohead features all the symbolism in their lyrics and artwork. One of their most beloved songs is particularly demonic, but no one seems to pay attention to the WORDS. Thom Yorke himself has said the audience hasn’t a clue; he hates performing it and alludes to channeling during it. Notice too, Thom has that wonky left eye. Big clue. Look into who his father is – that’s another clue. Sad world this is!


Would this be the song “Creep” from Pablo Honey? Reading this gave me chills. Never got a good look at Thom Yorke but in general I’ve noticed the wonky eye countless times over the years & always wondered about it.
I notice it very blatantly in Paris Hilton, in particular.


No, the song is actually “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from their sophomore album, The Bends. “Creep” was their big hit single in 1993, played all over the airwaves. Thom lamented that people would pay for concert tickets with the express purpose of hearing that ONE SONG, leaving the venue straight after it was played. “Creep” itself is a rip-off of the (brilliant) Hollies, whose 1972 song “The Air That I Breathe” is infinitely better, both sonically and lyrically. One of my greatest regrets is being sucked into the melodic charm of “Creep” as a bright, ‘peace and love’ 10 year old girl. Like many songs on the radio in the 90s, it was damaging. Still, Pablo Honey was an underrated album IMO. Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6 were personal faves and perhaps it was mediocre guitar-driven rock compared to their later stuff, but it was consistent, if nothing else. I spun that album from start to finish for YEARS, more than any of their other output – OK Computer included, which is something akin to heresy for Radiohead fans. Anyway, that was way more information than necessary….


Sorry; Nix Track 1 for a double of 5…so, Track 2, *5*, 6. Not that it matters.


I’m a little confused because you said Street Spirit (Fade Away) was “demonic,” which in that context makes me think that you believe Thom & the band are pawns/controlled/ect. I’m a giant Radiohead fan, who also loves the second album The Bends!! And I see what you’re saying about the lyrics being creepy, but So Many of their lyrics ARE Very creepy in their entire discography & cover other dark topics in society. (Seriously no pun intended with Creep/creepy..I suppose I could say “vaguely disturbing” instead..) It’s always been kind of part of the whole image & theme of that specific band. So it truly sounds like you’re a big fan here, but you’re at the same time saying they have songs that are so-called demonic? (Meaning their music is somehow “evil” or negative? I said a bit confused..) And the band does truly hate their breakthrough single Creep, because it was intended as almost like a joke song, because it sounded like so much of the other music coming out at that time. At least that’s what Thom said. Also the literal lyrics in Creep say “buzzing like a fridge,” meaning all this music sounds the same & dull… Read more »


Here, Thom discusses “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” in his own words: “‘Street Spirit’ is our purest song, but I didn’t write it. It wrote itself. We were just its messengers. It’s biological catalysts. “It’s core is a complete mystery to me. I wouldn’t ever try to write something that hopeless. All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve – ‘Street Spirit’ has no resolve. It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. “I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn’t play it. I’d crack. I’d break down on stage. That’s why its lyrics are just a bunch of mini-stories or visual images as opposed to a cohesive explanation of its meaning. I used images set to the music that I thought would convey the emotional entirety of the lyric and music working together. That’s what’s meant by ‘all these things are one to swallow whole’. I meant the emotional entirety, because I didn’t have it in me to articulate the emotion. I’d crack. “Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe they don’t realize what they’re listening to. They don’t realize… Read more »


Thank you, deadpopstar! You’re right to call me out on the inconsistency of sounding like a big Radiohead fan while denouncing their music as being demonic, evil, and full of negative energy. I would never have even classified myself as a fan, believe it or not. But something about their music had a pull on me, for sure. Take, for example, “No Surprises” – quite possibly the most beautiful song about **suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning**, ever written. I have to admit, even now, I still get excited at the mention of it and the intro immediately begins playing in my head, from memory. You are spot on about the video, iconic and memorable. Someone sent me an advance copy of Meeting People Is Easy (VHS, whoa!) and I can still remember the making-of footage, clear as day. Knowing what was going on outside the frame and behind the scenes kind of changed the music video for me thereafter. It was neat and all, but ruined the art. I miss being interested in art – itself is short for artifice. That’s all it amounted to: deceit. The depth I thought was there was an illusion, all along. The truth tends… Read more »


One song that really creeps me out by Radiohead is Paranoid Android. There’s a darkness to that song that says a lot about this stuff IMO….in CODE


agree. Her family sounds like they are occult Satan worshipers that let their child go through MK ultra and handed them over to Hollywood. Like so many others other. So sad….


I agree Paz has a male body.

But, how can you say her situation is fake??


Welcome to reality, many women have Adams apple. And even if she was male, her trauma is no lie. Go check ur eyes and ur heads!


Excellent point: It’s about the TRAUMA!
Both males and females have been TRAUMATIZED and VICTIMIZED!
It’s not exclusive to Hellyweird; it’s more COMMON than realized!


I certainly don’t and I have seen a few but not that many! The ones I have seen are white, European with long term unhealthy sedentary lifestyles. They seem to always be overweight or have the same large weight fluctuations as poor Paz. Recent immigrants are often more feminine looking because they come from countries where their food hasn’t been interfered with and they have had limited exposure to gender bending chemicals in cosmetics and other similar products. They are also less likely to ever use chemical contraception which I understand can interfere with hormone profiles in a huge way. This edgy, aggressive, androgynous look on women which was initially promoted by the fashion world and now raises no eyebrows in mainstream society, masks the fact that they aren’t confirming to a trend but they have hormonally altered over a relatively short period of time in history of around three generations. The values which held marriages together and on a larger scale, society, have been mocked by the cultural engineers to the extent that they are considered absurd nowadays. Women should dress beautifully and be demure and clean. They should put family over the work environment and nurture their children… Read more »


The “adam’s apple” you describe, Noa, sounds more like an enlarged thyroid. Unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles can contribute to that, though medications are also a major culprit. Radiation affects the thyroid and that has been an ongoing, accumulating problem since 1945, with an exponential increase since 2011.

Thank you for your clear, accurate observations.

The third paragraph is especially sad and true. For years, finding appropriate modest, feminine attire has been a challenge because the alterations have been so minute. Notice how shapeless every garment has become. Dresses are now shaped only to create the illusion of curves on men, and are unflattering on real, biological women. Years ago, I thought it weird that I had curves and a body so that no clothing would look correct or fit correctly. Now, I understand. I don’t have the time to go into here, but it is increasingly difficult to find modest skirts and dresses. Some of the latest trends and “fashions” are scandalous and downright perverse. Footwear, too, is succumbing to the genderless campaign. These dolls are the future, and the future is already here.


Thanks Caroline. You are very right. Even while I was growing up, girls seemed to wear trousers all the time. My mom used to sew beautiful dresses for myself and my sisters. We loved them but if we had been image conscious, we would never have worn them because they never helped us blend into the crowd!
Even more so today, the shops either have clubby, slutty dresses or sporty stretchy ones. Even their maxi dresses are really odd because they are too low cut and the top and you could easily spill out.. well I could for sure! They are just not celebratory of the sensuality of the female body in a gentle, attractive way.

The other thing I have noticed is the growth in the number of high school girls desperately trying to work impossibly short school skirts when it mostly doesn’t look flattering at all ( to put it politely).

Curves have been crudely sexualised to exclusively mean plastic Kardashian types with Brazilian butt lifts on the beach with their bottoms wedges into their butt and fake breasts and pouts. This isn’t attractive or feminine and I bet it is really uncomfortable.


Uncomfortable, indeed!

I agree with all you said, and must confess to envy: You and your sisters were so blessed to grow up with handmade dresses! How lovely!

Re: midi dresses, I have the same (ahem) problem as you, and learned that, so long as the back is high enough, it helps to wear the dress backwards 😉


Great tip, thanks!


You’re welcome!


What a joy to have come across your comment. This is one of the most relevant and truthful splash of words I’ve come across in quite some time. I take comfort in knowing there are people out there among us who truly get it, as ugly as It is, unfortunately for us all.


then there is THAT whole aspect of it, too. I am glad I stopped watching anything Hollywood over 20 years ago. I never really gravitated towards it in the first place because they never seemed like real people to me.


Everyone has a choice.


^ This is a point that has been stressed, lately.
In this context, I’m not so sure we do, anymore.


Imo most celebrities – if not all – are born into their bloodlines by the same satanic breeders. Just when you look which celebrities are related to the British royals, French royals etc. around 10-20 degrees … Bush and Obama are 11 degrees cousins and so on. Meanwhile I think they’re all related in a way over xx degrees. Most of them – especially “women” are transgendered too – starting in the mother’s womb. I think there are some real men left tho, but I could be wrong.


Agreed. RIP, men :'(
Deep, masculine singing is a thing of the past, too.
Still grieving the loss….




Sadly this is so. Noticed an adam’s apple on this poor soul. Very sad to have no choice but other make it for you.

just sayin'

One thing about the “distant cousins” thing is that once you get back far enough, you can prove familial relationships between any two people. The msm uses that as an attention-grabber sometimes, but it’s meaningless.


*****Paz’s instagram account *****@iampazdelahuerta was back up when i just checked


“Hollywood is not only ‘a little sick’. It is very sick.”
And ALL of us participate and fund this sickness when we subscribe to cable TV, use streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, etc., buy their foul music, buy the products that they sell or endorse, attend their concerts, buy books about them or purchase fashion/gossip magazines.
It’s time for thinking, decent human beings to DETACH as much as is humanly possible from the system, whether that system be public education, feel good churches/synagogues, the entertainment industrial complex, and surveillance technology.


Yessss! It is all NOISE to keep us enslaved. Break away, it’s hard but its vital for our souls and happiness


And yet, people still admire and envy celebrities.


They envy her in these very comments.


This rings of truth, yet I don’t understand why?


Shallow superficial ppl do. They present them as glitz and glamor hiding the vileness behind the scenes. Her mother is repulsive


Her mother is the one who should be locked up! Evil B---h- she’ll get her comeuppance.

D D d

The celebrities are an example.

Look around you.

Actions speak louder than words.


Cryptic warnings.

D D d

”.., do not try to read or understand anything at all beyond Biblical scriptures until this passes…”
That’s not me talking here.


If not you, then OCD?

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

I still don’t know why. These celebrities are misguided. I do not trust them in the mainstream media telling us who to vote for and how we should think. I get angry when they do that. Hollywood is the biggest bully; yet, use the bully victim strategy when people do not go along with their disturbing agendas.

Unfortunately, she tried on several occasions to warn people. I guarantee that those who followed her on instagram wants her life. Some people just seek destruction with no help from these evil people.


I read this article last night and then I went to Instagram, it looks like she has a new account and the oldest post is 5 days old, newest post is 4 hours ago. The new account name is save_paz_de_la_huerta. This is so sad, she is talking about piece of mind when she dies as if it will be happening soon. I think she’s had multiple pregnancies and lost them all too, she mentions in the video about when she dies being surrounded by her children. I saw some “fashion photos” of her and a few she looked like she was in the early stages of pregnancy. How can something like this happen? How can no one reach out and help her when other famous celebrities have been “helped” out of a “breakdown? Where are the Rose McGowan’s and Alyssa Milano’s with their #metoo movement to protect her. She seems to tag a lot of celebrities as if reaching out to them for help but she is reaching out to the very people that are mixed up in this disgusting behavior. She also lists a phone number on multiple posts, I almost wanted to reach out but this might be… Read more »


I tried finding her Instagram. Said it’s not found. Poor girl.


I just tried looking today and it seems to be gone. I wonder if she has a new account.

just sayin'

Does anyone think this may be PR? With the Independent Spirit story o here (and others), it sppears that H-wood does a lot of “ritualistic play-acting” for the public.


PR that destroys this woman’s spirit, soul and body? Someone mentioned above how Paz seems to get swept under the rug more so than Rose McGowan or Alyssa Milano’s #metoo publicity. So I don’t necessarily see how this publicity has gotten Paz better acting gigs…or even proper attention.
‘Ritualistic play-acting’…well, they do that too. Good way to numb the public to what’s really happening. (Reminds me of the misguided disbelief: ‘Lucifer doesn’t exists, that’s just in movies and man-made’….NOPE).


* misguided belief


Its @save_paz_de_la_huerta_


I always thought her acting in Boardwalk Empire was too real to be “acting.” Poor soul. So many celebrities are coming forward. May they be brave enough to keep doing it. Aaron Carter comes to mind.


Isn’t it odd which celebrities are covered when the come forward? No one gave Paz a chance.

We hear so many stories now and I feel like the true stories such as Paz are pushed out of sight out of mind because they are real and would show Hollywood’s true self but the news networks are part of the Hollywood system so they are told who and what to focus on.


She seemed sexually exploited/objectified…and perhaps that’s all she was trained to be[?].


On her newest account she talks about her mother and Weinstein having some sort of arrangement and how the apartments were set up next to each other. There were see thru mirrors so he could watch. I’d like to know a little bit more about her parents. Something seems fishy and this poor woman needs to be free of this trauma and violence.


Update, she says she is safe from black magic at the moment and living on an Indian reservation in Peru. I hope she is safe. For some reason her story is bothering me on a personal level. I always felt bad when I saw the negative publicity but that is nothing in comparison to what she goes through daily.


So many people are living through a similar hell and the world is just blind,


They are so wrapped up and distracted, but that is what the uppers want. When I google Paz and see pictures it makes me feel so much worse for her.

Some she looked pregnant but we obviously never heard of her actually bearing a child, tasteless photos of her being called art, but it isn’t art she was/is a pawn for these sick people.


Interesting tattoo of a cobra ready to strike.
The tip of its tail starts between her toes and goes up to her shin.

D. Freeman

Lesson ?

Don’t Sell Your Soul…

You are worth more than that.


so true


I don’t think this is a “sold her soul” case. She was born in hell, and was probably pushed to acting/modeling, since her mother is such an evil woman. It makes sense she would want to make money of her child.


D. Freeman obviously likes to think that he hasnt sold his soul in beliving the ignorance of kidnap rape and tourture being a choice. Does the D stand for DR?


Even worse when you’re forced into it by older family members who want to exploit you for their own selfish gains.


. ^ Heartbreaking that this happens!

D D d

You mean like a parent?


Yours feels like a voice crying out in the wilderness, DDd. I don’t think this question can or will generate any votes or responses. Of course it could be a parent…But who would want to acknowledge that? That’s too disturbing a thought. For anyone. Sending you good thoughts ❤️

D D d

Your are so right, sometimes reading the truth is mind blowing. Especially for those who lie.


Another keyboard warrior. She didnt sell any soul, she didnt choose her doomed family. Do u remember being asked to be born on this prison planet?


He was warning VC readers not to sell THEIR souls.
Because even though her family offered her up,
OTHERS can still SELL THEIR SOULS, and for what?

It is not worth it and her family is evil.
Souls can only be saved by Jesus Christ.


“Prison planet” sounds like Alex Jones….


thumbs up


That feels like a subliminal, anonymous 😉


wow. I feel so bad for her. Where is she now? This is terrible…Such sick and evil people in hollywood. It really is the devil’s playground. I will pray for her. My whole life i did theater, sang, danced growing up. Went to college for acting and moved to Hollywood to become an actress. I got to Hollywood and something deep in me said no, this is not your path, it’s evil. My mother used to tell me Hollywood was evil, she never elaborated she just said it’s an evil place. I get asked all the time hwy i never perused my acting, i tell them Hollywood is a sick evil place that i didn’t want to be apart of and i’m so glad i’m not.


I always wanted to be a model and actress. Since I was 12 everyone would tell my mom to get me into modeling. I’d ask her to take me to acting classes and she never did. Now that I’m older I’m grateful that she didn’t. I would have gone through the same sick stuff these people in Hollywood go through.


Of course the mainstream media will dismiss this and call her “crazy” for trying to break out of their control. Dave Chappelle was so damn true to his word on what the Illuminati has been up to in “hellywood” and “musick.”

Paz clearly was forced into the industry and not out of her own free will by a family of “handlers” who intend to exploit her for their own sinister gains. I won’t be surprised if she gets “disposed of” later on since its nothing new for older family members to exploit their younger ones.

I’m guessing that alleged ambulance “accident” was meant to not only kill her but also put Paz in the same scenario as Aaliyah in terms of a “ritual offering” by the looks of things. At the moment, Paz is enduring the same misery as Britney and Lindsay in terms of mental breakdowns and sabotage a la monarch programming.

God be with you Paz.


I feel sorry for this lady as I judged her as well. She always looked a bit “out there” on TV. But now I know why and this is heartbreaking. With a childhood straight from hell and a daily dose of phycological torture from demons around her how is she supposed to survive that? The devil is doing a grand job of normalizing everything that the Lord despises. May Paz the la Huerta be surrounded with the love and power of the Holy Spirit and may she reach out to Jesus Christ who can truly be the only one who can save her.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!



Look at her role in Enter the Void.. she has a sickly sexual relationship to her brother, dissociates during sex w her johns, she depicts true misery in her acting’s to the point it makes you shudder.


This movie (enter the void) was directed by Gaspar Noé. He’s a french director who’s very succesful. I’ve never watched enter the void but “Irreversible” was sick. His movies always deal with themes such as incest or rape.


Reminds me of Mischa Barton who was drugged and said her mother was a witch.


“I’ll be your conduit. F— yeah!” Spooky.

There’s a 1995 video of her at just 9 years old with her sister, and her mother is briefly shown. It’s a morning show and there is a creepy pedo vibe.


Didn’t Mischa play a MSBP victim in the Sixth Sense?


She did. Mom was poisoning her so she would always be sick. There was a video tape of it that she showed the little boy.


Paz’s mom was a “consultant” for the evil United Nations; she never stood a chance. Poor Paz. I never knew much about her, but she pinged my radar when she was hanging out with Scott Weiland. That was a weird pairing and now he’s dead. I’m not saying she’s connected, it’s just strange. He had her in one of his music videos too when he went solo.


There are many strange connections in the music—and movie—biz.
Just as with bloodlines, all very surprising. Military involvement, too.


Also, in her last posts she also claimed that her own father was an abuser of ver since childhood. She said that he was in love with her and usually would give her drinks and sleep with her. It got worse when she said that she was also in love with him. Since she said posted about it, for some reason, they started to hack her posts about it and soon they deleted her acc. Last week she posted a video on Twitter in a hidden acc that she’s being hunted down and she’s hidding or other way they’re gonna kill her. It’s all so disgusting about her case.


What’s the Twitter handle?


This is very sad to read. People should never rely on anybody else to save them or use alcohol and drugs which open up direct portals to demons. They need to educate their children to reject addictive substances.


I would go so far as to include medications.


Yes. Me too. I have completely given up on all pharmacy products. Everything I use is based on ancient wisdom and I have not fallen ill in literally years. If I feel a cold is coming on, I megadose on vitamin c and use my infrared sauna. I also make my own fresh turmeric and ginger drinks with local honey ( the local is very important). My kids love those too. You can buy these shots but they are so expensive it is not ethical to participate in creating a parallel market for people with higher disposable incomes. Essential oils like eucalyptus are also great for bunged up little noses. My baby daughter loves a few drops of lavender oil on her pillow at night.


By your own standard you are blasheming the fact Jesus went around saving people. Seems you have a portal you need to shut down yourself. Just goes to show that substances arent the only way in which such demons can acess a mind and allow an individual to bathe in such ignorance as to think your kind of attitude serves anyone but your self. Love thy nieghbor ring a bell?


Anonymous, a.k.a. Stone Thrower,
Or, Thrower of Stones

a Virgin-Mary-like figure

”I could not figure out”
”just how cruel humanity is”


These fragmented cries for help appear here, sometimes. I have seen them on other threads and on other articles. I imagine they come from the same person, someone who is themselves fragmented. I have tried to assemble the pieces from my vantage point…the terrible difficulty that entails makes me further empathize with those whose entire existence is dedicated to picking up the pieces of not just their lives, but themselves. I hope they know they are loved ❤️ I hope they are aware that people on the outside care deeply for each, precious part of them. Right to their very core. They are loved ❤️

D D d

I understand why you use the third person. More people assemble information. That is good.
I myself have nothing to hide. Reading back what I wrote earlier – I support that.
Thank you, for caring anyway.


Paz met Scott Weiland in a rehab center and was crazy in love with him. They dated around 2008/2009, they broke up but she always said he was the love of her life. I believe his death was quite suspicious. Any idea of what really happened?


Max Spiers, also now dead, was friends with Scott. I think all three of them may have met at the same place which ties in with Kelly’s comment actually. Max was originally addicted to painkillers but then it progressed on to heroin. You never would have known with Max though. He was a lovely gentleman.


Scot was friends with Max Spiers also dead and that guy from Pantera. The latter knows stuff.


Scott was very literal on his lyrics about what was really going on behind the scenes. People just didn’t listen to him.


They never listen until it is too late.


They dont listen even when its too late


Exactly, Jess.


when theyve had mpd mind control programming they can be detected by the rapid blinks they do when they need to flit through their personalities to find the right one to bring to the front in response to a situation.,You will see them blink rapidly in rapid succession.


Thanks for sharing this!

D D d

And: Think about the answer when you asked someone a question.
Are you satisfied with it? Or did they give you a cloud of words.


Do mental blocks and aversion indicate mind control? Perhaps misperceived as writer’s blocks and “airhead”ed-ness? What about unintentionally and secretly signaling distress—frequently—without possessing any knowledge of its meaning? (Yet a complete stranger takes notice and the time to remind you, “You’re ok.” This is the first time you draw a connection, though you don’t learn of the signal until accidentally, much, much later. But, you still unconsciously signal distress, all. the. time!)


^ That was an actual question and not a hypothetical.


Those could be signs of mind control. Even if it’s not, the following suggestions might help.

It’s a good idea to try to stay calm and grounded in the present moment. It is important to have compassion for others and for yourself. Self-compassion is especially important if you find out you are sabatoging yourself; try to appreciate and love the parts of you that are undermining you instead of getting angry at yourself. People suffering from mind control often unconsciously sabatoge themselves in a misguided and unconscious attempt to protect themselves.

Take plenty of time for self care such as exercise, meditation, eating healthy, art work, regular sleep schedule, etc. Notice things that are good. Praise God if you believe in God. I think all those things can help. Even if it is mind-control you still have power so don’t despair. You’re making progress just being self-aware enough to notice and ask this. Best wishes.


Thank you. That advice means a lot.
The following was especially helpful:

“People suffering from mind control often unconsciously sabatoge themselves in a misguided and unconscious attempt to protect themselves.”


Had a pastor who did this.
Prior, I thought it was a trait exclusive to politicians.
After, I extended it to include narcissists.
Now it all makes perfect sense. Thanks!


You meaned the cloud of words, Claudia, ofcourse.


I did meaned the cloud of words, Anonymous, ofcourse.


Sorry, that sounded offensive – not my intention!
I did mean the cloud of words.

Politicians and lawyers are known for this empty rhetoric of convincing slogans and subliminal gesticulations. Mega pastors, too, are full of this slick talk and able to speak out both sides of their mouth, serpent like. It’s a defining characteristic of narcissists and psychopaths. Clouds of Words and Mirrors.

But the level of nothingness experienced with the aforementioned pastor was…shocking. I’m convinced the entire church was under heavy, generational mind control. He was so erratic and non linear, yet pompous and puffed up, giving the appearance of fully functioning! Even now, my mind struggles to make sense of it.

People need to pay better attention.
Listen to the words and the Message.

Legally Blonde

She sure did show her hoo hah a little too much on Boardwalk Empire. That is an evil show: my husband and I made two attempts to watch it but just couldn’t get through because of the insipid darkness. Poor girl.


Assistant could not be an alter-ego of her?


i was also thinking that…?


I thought that when she mentioned alter personas and the way the communication was written. I wish I could see more of her art too.

Let Em Fall

What are the black squares on the insta posts covering up? I am not trying to insuinate that something is hidden, I am just genuiniely curious!


She posts her lady parts a lot and I think VC was trying to keep it classy.

Let Em Fall

Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the reply!

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