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Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

In a deeply disturbing “comedy skit”, Will Ferrell rents clown children to people and jokes about molesting them. Pure Hollywood sickness.



Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Will Ferrell has been yelling in our ears for decades and has made tons of money doing so. He starred in about seven thousand movies where he played the same exact role of a loud-mouth rube and people laughed every time.

But not this time. This time, it was deeply unfunny. Because this is not a “comedy skit”, this is a window into their souls. It is an exposure of the true nature of Hollywood and those who run it. Here it is.

In this AdultSwim comedy skit, Will Ferrell is the owner of a “child clown outlet” who rents clown kids to people. Throughout this annoying skit, Ferrell says that the kids are “his seed” and jokes about “touching” them.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Ferrell beats the crying clowns with a hammer while the other ones trapped in cages. So funny.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

At one point, Ferrell holds an actual crying baby and says: “I made him, he’s fresh! I might have to bury him in the back if he keeps acting like this”.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Later, we see an actual child inside a cage.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Another actual child eats trash that was thrown on the floor.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Another kid struggles as he is forced to perform.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Then there’s a funny joke about keeping them sleep-deprived by blowing a horn at them.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Then there’s a funnier “joke” about how this guy “touched a clown”.

The entire thing is filmed with an annoying and deeply unsettling editing style that is reminiscent of MushroomLand … a viral YouTube channel that was also about the mind control and abuse of children.

In short, the video is about “breeding” children, abusing them, trafficking them, exploiting them, and killing them when they become useless. This is what actually happens in the occult elite’s child trafficking system. This is not funny. Unless you’re one of the sickos that take part in this.

A Widespread Disease

Why does Hollywood love to joke about abusing children? Nobody finds this funny. The very thought of this kind of stuff generates pure anger and revulsion in most people. But this his Hollywood. It lives in its own bubble. They are so drenched in this depravity that they feel comfortable joking about it.

Sadly, this is not my first article about Hollywood jerks joking about hurting and sexually abusing innocent children. Last year, we discovered in horror the long list of child abuse tweets by Disney director James Gunn. In another article, we looked at a comedy sketch by Dan Harmon (the co-creator of the popular shows Community and Rick and Morty) where he literally takes his pants off and violates a baby.

Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)


In both cases, the directors said “i’M sOrru, I dIdn’t KnoW :(“. They eventually kept their jobs and mass media embraced them with a warm hug because they’re all part of the same system.

The main problem with this “comedy” is not the jokes themselves, but the mindset behind it. It is a well-known fact that Hollywood is a cesspool of child abuse and exploitation and these “jokes” are merely a reflection of it. In other words, the only people who find child abuse funny are child abusers.

Here’s another thing these people love to joke about: Satanic blood rituals. Here’s Will Ferrell (again) in a “comedy skit” about a Satanic ritual to ensure success in showbusiness.

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Will Ferrell's Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

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He has always disgusted and repulsed me. He’s not even remotely funny and it’s obvious that he has a career because he did something required to have it, not because he’s talented. I’ve always sensed something menacing from him on screen, so this makes perfect sense. I just recently finished watching the office where he’s in a few episodes and there is a dark cloud on the show when he’s on it, he totally ruined the fun vibe, and that’s not for nothing.

They Live

” Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ”
The goal of all evil is to pervert and reverse Gods will, his plan and creation. Just look at the nickname of the United Nations, the ( UN ).
The UN prefix means to undo – unmake and reverse things does it not ?

Mystery Babylon worshipers believe Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the Garden of Eden by an unjust and vindictive God, this is their rebellion. Study the Mystery Babylon expose by author William Cooper and you will be ‘ enlightened ‘.


“Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
-St Augustine.


Aleister Crowley is the person who made that statement not St Augustine.


He was quoting St Augustine.

I see hypocritical people

You’re getting all the down-votes but people just need to do a simple web search and they’ll find plenty references that this is indeed a quotation which originated from St Augustine.


Apparently it is found in the Thelemic foundation scripture, which are satanist.


Thanks for making me laugh On a more serious note, there is the unquoted part adjoined to this commonly quoted bit which gives it context. Crowley is misunderstood largely owing to La Vey picking out selective parts of his work and misrepresenting it as a whole.


Very true. Only love, then do what you will. Honestly hard to go wrong with this advice, but you can’t expect Christians to have actually read the work of one of the great foundational voices of the whole religion.


It is unfortunate more Christians don’t read the Bible – the very Word of God!


I think their anti Catholic radar must have pinged….and that’s one of the few Catholics whom they actually ‘accept’!


Bull, love under will means your will / selfish desires come first. You really have the wool pulled over your eyes.

I see hypocritical people

Why is everybody down-voting this? The comment is an accurate quote which comes from a Christian scholar. It means that as long as your actions are motivated by genuine love, then you can do as you wish because your wish is always to do good out of love for God and your fellows.

The Collector

Buzzword bingo winner here


Yeah hes never been funny, he seriously does bad films. had a friend who loved his “more cowbell” but that friend turned out to be seriously autistic, lol! Only that kind of people thinks hes funny. One has to be at a childs level of maturity.


You don’t have to be racist to point out that he’s not good/funny!!! Jesus!!! Autistic people, or more politely people on the spectrum, are intelligent, it doesn’t mean anything if they like something we don’t like or find stupid.


that wasn’t racist. Just saying.


Vixy, you seem to be completely ignorant about autism. Your comment is not racist, but it is insulting to autistic people. How dare you write such vile things about people with a disability – particularly when what you are writing is a pack of garbage.


VC, look into will ferrell a little more, I have a theory that hollywood actors and actresses are related, but will ferrell, ryan reynalds, kristen bell, sarah jessica parker etc are more closely related than others I believe, probably siblings, they look identical, there is something very eerie about their close-together eyes and cold faces

Avocado Farmer

If you look him up on famous kin, you’ll see that he’s actually related to a lot of famous people, and even the queen, if I remember correctly.


He looks like a BUSH to me, a lot like one.

Avocado Farmer

Nevermind. I could have sworn I saw him on that website, but no.


wouldn’t be surprised since that little girl discovered that all or most US President’s are related… except TRUMP.


Will Ferrell looks like the male equivalent of Amy Shumer. They both look like creepy Cabbage Patch Dolls


Could they be from the same ‘batch’ in the laboratory “Cabbage Patch” ?

The Collector

If you want to belive that, go ahead.


You’re right! First time I saw Ryan Reynolds, I thought he was Will Ferrell’s younger brother; the resemblance was striking. Still is.


Look at his eyes! They look reptilian. Pure black.


Has nothing to do with being Jewish, there is good and bad in every group.


I feel the same way about Will Ferrel. Bill Cosby also gave me bad vibes, waaay before it was known what kind of person he was, he gave me the creeps. I was only in middle school but I could sense this barely-suppressed anger showing thru his mask on TV even though he was supposedly a good guy on a family-friendly show. Always trust your gut.


Will displays psychopathic tendencies, for sure. His SNL audition was unfunny and his rage undeniable. But the person that creeped me out the most and literally gave me nightmares, was supposed to be one of the sweetest men in the industry: John Ritter. In preschool, I watched afternoon reruns of Three’s Company and, while I understand the show was a racy comedy and his character was a charming creep, there was something about him that scared me like no other celebrity before or since. He appeared *too* sweet, *too* lovable, and downright disingenuous. His anger was the only thing that felt authentic. When he did show it, on television or movies, it was frightening because it seemed bottomless, and only a fraction of what he would be capable of during a fit of fury, off camera and behind closed doors. He even guest-starred in a rare nightmare of mine a few short years before his passing. Surprised at the news of his untimely death, my fear was reignited and a sense of guilt imposed as *everyone* who ever knew him or worked with him was declaring him the perfect gentleman, father figure, and sweetheart. Having forgotten about this until now,… Read more »


John Ritter was killed by the elites, he was a good guy going to do an expose on Hollywood and pedophilia. He was writing a book. Then boom he was killed by medical condition they cause, like heart attacks they can cause too.


Could you point to any information that might verify a manuscript and exposé? I understand he was born into a Hollywood family, with a defect in his right eye. On *Sept. 11, 2003 he suffered a heart attack and was ultimately killed by aortic dissection – this particular *9/11* being his daughter Stella’s 5th birthday. (She later transitioned into a “male” and is now known as Noah Lee.) Interesting, too, that he was rushed *across the street* from *Walt Disney* Studios to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, dying at the same Burbank hospital where he was born. No one ever seems to get the chance to speak out about the industry and its affiliation with pedophilia – the ones who do are usually so damaged or controlled that they appear to discredit themselves.


I’m glad to see there are others who are repulsed by this disgusting creature, I never ever found him to be funny at all.


The office had a homosexual agenda from the start. Ferrell didn’t bring the dark cloud. The series just became dark near the end as its agenda became more and more obvious.

Vox Quod

Sarah, Will Farrell is hilarious! Very talented and everyone thinks so! You obviously were born without a sense of humor!


The video is not allowed to be played in my country because of copyright laws or something, so I thank you for the screenshots. Isn’t this called “soft disclosure”? They are telling us what is actually going on but acting like it’s just a joke. Desensitizing us.

Truth & Light

Pawns they are


Pawns In the Game. William Guy Carr.


yes, the literal term used by scientists that work towards mind control research all it “Soft Mind Control”. read “TRANCE-Formation of America” to learn more about this and other very true, very relevant things going on to this day involving Mind Control and how it has already been used on society. Also, don’t eat before reading.. the details of this particular person’s experience are so horrifying that your stomach will do flips.


i think it’s like their weird version of karma- if they “tell” us what they’re doing (even if through masked skits) they are somehow absolved of “bad karma”. Idk, I just know that “karma” is a big part of their belief system, so it’s just a thought


Ferrell seen dining at one of Marina Abramovic’s “performance art” cannibalism dinners should surprise none here.


He did look uncomfortable.


That’s the point of the Tim and Erics Awesome Show, show. To be surreal, awkward and strange. Its not funny imo it’s weird and not in a good way.


I can’t believe this kind of depravity is considered funny. You get shamed,insulted, bullied,fired and even death threats if you go hunting, wear animal fur or you don’t support the LGBT community but nobody does anything when someone makes pedophilia jokes and uses traumatized children in such sick ‘comedy’videos. People don’t care when a weak person, child or woman gets abused but they do get super offended and violent when you address them using the so called wrong pronoun. This world is sick and rotten to the core. May God help all of us who are too weak and too affected by such terrible things.


This world is becoming sick and rotten to the core like you said. That’s the whole point. The Kabbalist Luciferians are turning the world upside down. They want to take what is good and make it bad, and make what is bad, good. They want to make what is healthy, sick!, and want to make what is sick, healthy!
Social engineering on different levels.

Q sent me

The other video is very much aligned with set / props like Stanley Kubricks movie ” Eyes Wide Shut “, they are telling you this is NOT art.
Its a blood sacrifice ritual.
The Las Vegas massacre happened on Oct, 1st , a similar blood offering day that year called Ashura , and it happened in front of the symbolic BLACK pyramid called Luxor !


You seem to have pulled that off a video. It is a bit of a faith mishmash of an analysis which doesn’t really pull together for those who understand the origins of the component belief systems

The Collector

That’s a lot of unsupportsble assertions there.


I remember a song in the 2000s that went “everything good is bad, everything bad is good”, it was on the soundtrack to the LGBT themed movie “Party Monster”


The whole trans thing is simply an angle to get people to accept pedophilia. Imagine any other situation where adults can obsess over the genitals of children, and it not be considered a crime. Mutilating children, preventing puberty (so they stay young looking and therefore attractive to pedos), convincing them that they’re the opposite sex, or using “trans” issues to hide sexual abuse of children. Oh yes that’s exactly what this is. Look at Desmond is Amazing and Lactatia and the other “child drag queens” and imagine any other situation where children are allowed to be around adults that are engaging in sexual activity, innuendo, etc. Look at James Younger, the little boy whose mother is trying to force him to be trans. Look at Jazz Jennings. All absolutely unequivocally child abuse, but it’s portrayed as “helping a child be who they really are”. Any excuse for predators to get close to their prey. Look at “Drag Queen story hour” where convicted child predators read books to children, encourage them to lay on them, and read books like “What color is your underwear”. But be like TI and try and ensure your children stay safe and unmolested and you’re a… Read more »


I was with you until T.I. came up. That guy is a major tool and useful idiot. What he did to his 18yo daughter was horrendous and I’m sure there’s more behind his stunt. Maybe he’s molesting her? Who knows, but he’s too invested in his daughters private parts for comfort or to call it normal. That guy TI is a degenerate and sleeps around on his wife. He also mentions he lets his 14yo son have sex….so that right there is disgusting. 14!


I think it’s responsible to know whether or not your children are having sex. Especially when they can get diseases, some fatal and/or incurable, could get pregnant, etc.

As a parent, if you had a teen daughter get pregnant then everyone immediately says “well why weren’t you paying more attention to her?” but if you pay “too much attention”, you’re a controlling creep.

Well, the job of an actual, involved, caring parent is to prevent stupid teens from ruining their lives. This mentality of “total freedom” for teens, is insane and has created all of the whack job, depressed, drug using, disasters walking around today.

If TI is paying the bills he has a right to know. I don’t know his reasoning for him allowing his son’s behavior. But the absolute reality is, men and women AREN’T the same and while no teen should be having sex, it’s worse for a girl. That’s just facts. Sorry if people dislike it.


Teenagers will do what they like. There is only so much that parents can do to influence them. Parents should try but not die trying. Life is a grand, extended learning experience and they shouldn’t be destroying every potential lesson before it has been delivered. Sometimes, parents think they are doing the right thing by discouraging a serious relationship, encouraging their children to gain an elite education, invest in real estate but all they are doing is steering their child into a dissatisfying, beige, bourgeoisie lifestyle which their soul will long for them to break out of forever. It isn’t even related to being liberal or non liberal. It’s how life unfolds. Parents want to steer you towards what they perceive to be best to prevent you from experiencing the hard knocks they attributed to not having the same support. So impose their will, you take some of it, you leave some, then they die. Boom. If you haven’t found your voice as a young adult in all of that time because you were programmed to be the mellow, obedient child then you will have a very hard time moving forward like a pro. You have to be able to… Read more »


Huh! Like marrying a 30 year old man at his Temple when you were 16?


he is such a hypocrite and contradiction. i wouldn’t trust him for a second and that whole reveal about his daughter, etc. only proved that point further.

D D d

All sides of the spectrum are warped. I remember Toddlers And Tiara’s. For the (mainly) hetero-predators and their cooperative minions to show the world how it is done, the making of … so to speak.


Hi. I fully realize the world has gone pretty much insane at this point but I’d still like to make a request to all readers here: Share this article on social media like Facebook etc (Vigilant Citizen already has a FB profile you can share from). It’s a petty little kind of resistance but it’s something. We need to do all we can to try to shout out to the ‘normies’ that something is terribly, terribly wrong and they HAVE to wake up and try to understand. Clearly, the welfare of children now in the hands of p-philes is at stake. Simply sharing this article on Facebook helps raise awareness of these hideous things going on, which we MUST confront. I hope you share this sentiment, and can see the value of efficiently spreading the world with such little effort. We can hope that if enough of us persist in doing this, eventually it will dawn on the sleepers that they can’t let this go on looking the other way. There is power in numbers and I believe an upfront presence on social media platforms can help turn the tide so that people in general and the fence-sitters in particular… Read more »


I do this too and it does work. People DO agree but they are afraid to share because they don’t want to be look at as crazy. By sharing, you encourage others to share while also showing them that they are not
“crazy” at all and that their are like-minded people out there. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE because either way… we die if we do nothing about it. The little things we do can help wake someone up and in turn wake another person up.. and most of all.. use this knowledge to protect ourselves and OUR CHILDREN from the brainwashing of media and Shadow Govt!

D D d

After more than six years of spraying n my country..
..I still ask people to compair the colour blue in the sky on their pictures to earlier years.
It is always co-incidently cloudy for a lot of years.
Followed by a segway into sideways a lot of the times too. But I notice some keep track of it more than they used to..


#mute will ferrell…and that other freaky guy


The recent increase of this type of media exposure is:
1.) Desensitize. Jokes soften the blows of outrage these people justly deserve.
2.) Preemptive defense. “It can’t be true. They make jokes about that topic.”

In other words, they know we’re on to them.


It is not just this media, it is the use of comedy as a whole. Comedy is used to get someone to laugh. When one laughs what would normally be suspect, be justifiably threatening, would be horrific becomes less disturbing. The more one laughs things that are a threat are now not so. We become used to that which is being made fun of. The TV show “Will & Grace” and some before that, made fun of homosexuals, made them appear stupid and non-threatening. Now we have homosexual activists suing cake makers and other heterosexuals, because they refuse to abide by the queer wishes. Citing their religious beliefs, heterosexuals are being chastised and made targets. All because comedy has this affect on the ignorant public – “Oh look at, hahahaha, it must not be so bad after all.”
And isn’t it interesting how the great majority of comedians, actors, producers, and those in the media are from the “J tribe”. We are led to believe it is nothing, we’re conspiracy theorists. we are antisemitic. The whole time they manipulate us with movies, music and the rest.

D D d

I laughed so hard about Mel Brooks’ movies. Still do. Funny thing ..entertainment.
Maybe I will find some nasty clue somewhere in them too next time I watch – I will mention it then. Who knows, maybe I missed some Kubrick-style background or pre-genderthing-agenda’s, when i was younger?


I thought Mel Brooks were great really funny, and I started reading sights like this, and if you remember the final piece in the Producers he sings “There’s no business Like SHOA business”, I didn’t know at the time that a certain cohort called a part of History the SHOA. I think this is mocking in plain sight.

D D d

The producers. Good spot. Nice one to mention, yes. Haven’t seen it for a while, but next time certainly will be looking at it more critical than the first time long ago. It’s whole story line is about his heritage and generalising j-jokes though, even the ‘showbussiness’ and ‘bussiness-bussiness’ parts of the story, is what I got from it. A lot of it overlaps what is still called showbizz.

The Collector

In Blazing Saddles Hedley Lamar and The Governor were most likely Masons and Sheriff Bart was a Prince Hall Mason.


It doesn’t surprise me that YouTube allows this clip to remain on their platform. Meanwhile, decent, informative content creators are taken down. Satan never sleeps. Don’t watch this stuff. It is poison, just like p--n.


“the only people who find child abuse funny are child abusers”
I agree. They are sick creeps!
“where he literally takes his pants off and violates a baby”
I saw this video, it’s unspeakable how disgusting it is. Really, it’s sick, dirty and obviously completely unfunny


Hollywood and the weirdos that work there need to be surrounded by crime scene tape


3:36 – “do you have a discreet adult party that you need clown catering?” – WTF!!!!!
3:55 – “I touch a clown, now i’m going to jail” – YEAH I HOPE SO.

and the second video reminds me of eyes wide shut. totally sick!


I thought the exact same thing 😐 I mean come on!! Talk about (not so) hidden in plain sight!!


The kids faces it makes me go insane to think this happens and what if these clips were of real abused kids and we are looking at them without anyway to help them!!!


my thought’s exactly. i lean more towards they probably are actually abused kids. sick.


WTF???? The mushroomland thing is still the sickest and weirdest thing I’ve seen on this site in the 11 years of its existence. Just sick. May these disgusting, abusing individuals get what’s coming to them.


I heard his name was on the passenger list for Epstein’s Pedo Island, people have been posting that list on Twitter.

Imagine my shock.


Will Ferrell was a very big name and sort of still is, those big names do the sickest things, it’s that simple, he’s a psychopath as anyone can see, watch him on old conan o’brien interviews, he’s crazy, mentally ill.


Will Ferrel has never been funny. His movies are always forced humour that often includes extremely sexual scenes and references for the sake of it as they don’t even make sense in the context of the scene. That Satanic “””fake””” ritual (By Chris Gethard and Will) has ALL the elements of actual withcraft in it. The only funny thing about that skit is the catchphrase at the end, “funny because it’s tru (sic)”. Yeah, funny to you and your base, depraved, idiot viewers, maybe. I guess you glorifying Satan was “funny” because it’s “tru”, too 😐 worst of all, I read this at night while trying to sleep and I’m sure I’ll have nightmares now :’)

Some Black Guy

i disagree, old school and step brothers were hella funny son lol


Well, I personally have never been a fan of his brand of “humour”. I don’t like things that are over the top or overly vulgar. But if you liked those,can I ask you, do you think he’s still funny now? Particularly in these examples?


“Get-hard” is an “interesting” last name, which adds another layer of ugly to this mess.


Right?? I’ve been wondering if it’s only a stage name and if it is,it’s all the more sinister.


I will admit, HE IS FUNNY, that is not the problem, he’s just some b-----d bush family member out in the open with his filth, at least he is semi honest.

The Collector

Wait, Will Ferrell is a member of the Bush family?


This is also alluding to child actorsiand the pedophilia in the business. The mond control tactics through starvation and sleep depravity, the trafficking and prostitution of children and actors, even the sacrifice by death is alluded and ultimately to them- they are just clowns. He should be ashamed of himself #boycott willferrel

Bob Saccamano

I cant believe that video is supposed to be funny or even entertaining. Its one of the worst piece of crap I`ve ever seen.


This guy has been forced to eat a lot of feces in their rituals.


I dread to watch this video. It’s like you will be accused of something just for watching it.


I agree. I stopped watching it halfway through because it just felt wrong.


I won’t watch it cause I’ll get angry or cry. I’ve seen the screenshots and it’s more than enough to make me feel uncomfortable and disgusted

Don’t Vape

That’s exactly how I feel about the free p--n offered on the internet 24/7. Maybe it’s a trap? Make sure you read all the tag lines so you’re not clicking on something that can get u arrested or used as blackmail one day.


Or maybe choose not to watch in the first place??? the worst trap is not the one they are setting for you as a viewer, but the drug cartels, human trafficking and money laundering which props up the industry to which you are giving your approval.


So. The media tries to end Pewdiepie’s career, burn his reputation to the ground, and paint him as an evil man for a word he accidentally used in the heat of the moment. Twitter goes crazy angry at Pewdiepie.
Will takes off his pants in front of a baby, alluding to sexual abuse and pedophilia. Says he didn’t know better, the media forgives and forgets. Twitter keeps tweeting about other things.
People will call you crazy when you state the simple truth that the media controls what the masses will care about, but if this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

Electre /

The systematic media destruction of Pewds ? A very, very relevant exemple… Because who did he offend, and who owns the media, again ?


The media is owned by those who aim to create artificial villains to entertain and give a sense of fighting for social justice to the public and innocent people have to take the fall. Pewds is one of them, it seems. In the meantime, Epstein’s horrific crimes and partners in crime were never as widely discussed by the public. Surreal. I understand why the media brushed it off, but why did the public who care so deeply about justice that they are willing to end someone’s career over nothing?


Calm down guys, YOU don’t even know him. For those of us who have had dealings with him, we know that he is not really the character he plays in his vlogs and he has done this many times before he got caught out. He is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams so there is nothing wrong with letting emerging stars through instead.


The takeaway here is the way the media handles two extremely different things and how the public follows it. Pewdiepie is simply the first example that came on my mind while reading how the media ‘forgave’ Will. Regardless of how Pewdiepie acts off camera, the point is that the media used what for all intents and purposes was a blur in the heat of the moment to burn him at the stake while Will and others who intentionally joke about pedophilia get away with it. The media dictates what the public cares about. I’m pretty sure the masses would be far more outraged at Will’s comedy but they aren’t because the media decides who takes the fall. I was talking about the power of the media, not Pewds per se. 🙂


I cannot really answer this without going into what some of us ( including M) saw at his wedding after party and outing him in a bad way.

What I can say is that it is two sides of the one coin and while skits are disgusting, unforgivable and raise questions, the people who are caught seriously and purposefully like Epstein .. and others…deserve to be vilified by the media as priority.


Will or Pew? What’d you see at his wedding after party?


As I was saying to someone the other day, we need a purge and we need it now.


No civilization endures this type of depravity for long.
Someone/thing will be raised up to deliver judgement.
Could be an earthquake, or China, but someone will.


Totally agree. I keep waiting to hear about the “Big One” destroying Los Angeles and Hollywood. Can’t happen soon enough. The depravity, as you said, can’t be supported by a civilization without some type of rebellion. What that looks like, I have no idea. But I have a feeling 2020 is going to be one helluva rocky ride.

EZ Off

Four million people, including children, seems like a lot of people to wipe out just to get rid of a relatively few Hollywood scumbags. Sigh, its worth it though, I suppose. If you don’t live there. And think the tectonic plates are moved by justice.

Truth & Light

If we all have to suffer for a purge – am all of it. We do nothing to stop the depravity anyway

D D d

Years of showing shows and movies about the purge-thing have payed off with this generation I see.. The normalising succeeded?
”Sad but true”

Michael Angelo

Right on point! I always see the younger people talking about “purging” and killing people off I see that there programming agenda is working on a few Low minded individual also the satanism is working the people on top are mocking Jesus there’s a JESUS CHRIST THAT WILL COME AND JUDGE THOSE THAT TURNED AGAINST HIM ITS NEVER TO LATE TO TURN TO JESUS CHRIST HE IS REAL AND WILL COME TO FIGHT FOR US! STOP WATCHING MOVIES AND HEARING THE RADIO PICK UP THE BIBLE AND START WALKING IN THE RIGHT PATH! And this is coming from a 23 year old person who sees how badly my brothers and sisters have been tainted with the black toxic goo so much mind control y’all need to break out from! Get the devil out of you! And let Jesus Christ guide your life!


Ha! I’m not part of the “young” generation. But thank you for your kind assumption.


@DDd: yep, it seems people have accepted the idea that humanity should be wiped out.
I’m always amazed when people say that we are the cancer of this planet. I always ask them: Are your parents a cancer? Are your children a cancer? Should they be exterminated?
This idea that the annihilation oh humanity would be a good thing is very dangerous to say the least.


I always say “well why don’t you go first?” Somehow they don’t much like that suggestion and never actually lead the way on showing us how population control works.


You nailed it Astana.

The Golden Rule is utterly lost on some. As is irony.


yup! you read my mind! A purge is not the way! Mass violence with more innocents dying than the actual people who deserve it? smh… de-population agenda anyone?

The Collector

What is “smh”?


I know where you’re coming from. We all want to eradicate evil from the world, but hoping for a purge doesn’t make us different from them. After all, depopulation is part of _their_ agenda, amirite?


mainstream media dies a little each day, from people being disgusted with filth and from social media use and the internet in general, it has a few years left, no one will care at all soon about others opinions, the future looks grim for media, and sadly, no one will really care about anything at all, but it is good media is dying, when boomers die off, it dies with them, no one under 40 would ever watch cnn.


I’m mid 20s and I am confessing to watching Morning Joe! That’s only because I need a Joe in the house after my Joe leaves for work. Morning Joe is my wooden, digital stand-in husband to ease me into the day


Huh! They are both millionaire in the. Illuminati though

The Collector

Who is?

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