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Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After a Comedy Short About Raping Babies Surfaces



Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After a Comedy Short About Raping Babies Surfaces

The co-creator of the hit TV shows Community and Rick and Morty Dan Harmon deleted his Twitter account and issued an apology after a comedy short featuring him raping a baby doll surfaced online.

In 2009, Dan Harmon created a pilot for a series entitled Daryl. Described as a “groundbreaking new show about the dark side of therapy”, Daryl was originally meant to be aired on Showtime, but it ended up on Harmon’s website Channel 101. In the pilot episode (which is still available on the video sharing site Bitchute), Harmon takes off his pants and simulates sex with a baby … twice.


According to Harmond, the pilot was meant to be a parody of the popular TV series Dexter, where the protagonist kills murderers to prevent more people to be killed. However, in Daryl, the protagonist … rapes babies to prevent murders … or something.

In case you don’t want to watch the video (which is understandable) here’s a quick sum up:

Dan Harmon, who plays the role of a therapist, prescribes a bunch of sleeping pills to a patient. When that patient falls asleep, Harmon creeps into his house, goes into the baby’s room and gets butt naked.

Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After a Comedy Short About Raping Babies Surfaces


Then, Harmond proceeds to simulate sex with the baby for several horrific seconds as we hear a sound effect of a baby crying.

In the next scene, Harmond convinces another therapy patient that, in order for his baby to not become a murderer, he must rape it. Later we see, again, Harmond butt naked violating a baby doll for a few painful seconds … as the father watches. The next day, the father thanks the therapist who replies:

“Believe me when I say it was a pleasure. You know, that’s funny its the first time I’ve been able to do what I love without feeling guilty. I wish there was a way to know every baby that was going to be murderer unless I raped it.”


The show was posted on 4Chan in a thread entitled “Dan Harmon Pedo Exposed”. The video quickly circulated around the web and backlash ensued. Shortly after, Harmon deleted his entire Twitter account.

As the controversy grew, Harmon issued an apology.

“In 2009, I made a ‘pilot’ which strove to parody the series ‘Dexter’ and only succeeded in offending. I quickly realized the content was way too distasteful and took the video down immediately. Nobody should ever have to see what you saw and for that, I sincerely apologize.”

Adult Swim issued a statement that appears to confirm that Harmon will remain employed with the company – although it does not approve of the video.

“At Adult Swim, we seek out and encourage creative freedom and look to push the envelope in many ways, particularly around comedy. The offensive content of Dan’s 2009 video that recently surfaced demonstrates poor judgement and does not reflect the type of content we seek out. Dan recognized his mistake at the time and has apologized. He understands there is no place for this type of content here at Adult Swim.”

Earlier this year, Megan Ganz accused Harmon of using his position of power to sexually harass her.

Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After a Comedy Short About Raping Babies Surfaces

Harmon admitted his wrongdoings and apologized to Ganz.

Media Reaction

Not unlike reaction to James Gunn’s tweets about child abuse, most media sources avoided describing the contents of Daryl and rather focused on attacking “alt-right trolls” and “conspiracy theorists”. An article on AV News states:

“Offensive though the video may be, nobody is actually offended by it. This is a work of mock outrage, generated from the depths of Reddit and 4chan and shepherded into the mainstream by alt-lite goons like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec. It is the very same stream of bilious CHUD-thought that successfully railroaded James T. Gunn by digging up old, sardonic tweets from his Troma days and feigning such shock that the director got canned from his Guardians Of The Galaxy series.”

Once again, we witness the politicization of an issue that is not political at all: The normalization of abuse culture in the entertainment business. Daryl is yet another nauseating symptom of a cancer that has been ravaging Hollywood for decades. And the fact that mass media refuses to address the issue is telling. The problem is not with the joke itself, it is with the culture that it stems from.

This is not about Right versus Left. This is about Good versus Evil.

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Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After a Comedy Short About Raping Babies Surfaces

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How is any of this even entertaining or funny. It’s just sick.


Very very sick and evil…


Not entertainment, but training of the gullible masses to accept such horrific, subhuman depravity. None of these vermin ever seem to truly pay for their actual crimes. They issue empty, mendacious apologies, all while mocking the victims. Notice how they never do anything to benefit civilisation; respect their fellow human beings, save children from trafficking, nor help other people in any way?


They are saying , “nobody is actually offended by this video.” How about all the children in the world?


How about all the non-pedos in the world?


Most people are not pederasts and pedophiles, and would never do such horrific, sub-human, anti-human things. They are always recruiting, these low-souls. If enough of the normal, decent citizens deny them; do not purchase their fake art and filth, we will have a chance.

Priscilla Michel

How can they say nobody was offended? I was offended!!


I too was offended. Any healthy, empathetic, compassionate, critically-thinking person would be.


It really does not matter what they say in the end, for they are liars, frauds, and users of other humans. They are actors; playing a role, while playing in the evil septic tank of hollywood.


True, Robert. And I was offended by the pedo’s video content, too.


they lie


It made me feel sick just reading about what he did, no way was I going to watch the video. Anyone who is not a disgusting person would be offended by this. No idea why they would politicize it. They want people to think it’s “normal” or “ok” and it is not and never will be. One hopes it never will be.


yea, and how about me?


What’s weirdest to consider is that this person, who wrote that line, may actually NOT be aware that people would find it offensive. They may be so completely surrounded by people who have normalized “shock humor”, that they are COMPLETELY JADED. They think “people who are offended” are like, little old church ladies. People like this do not really consider the opinions of the suburban middle-class to be the “normal” opinion, because of being insulated by the “big city”, which, by it’s nature, accepts everything and must, to function. If they DO consider the “suburban middle-class opinion”, it’s usually to mock it, or make a caricature, such as the ever-popular “Karen” meme: (read: a middle-class, married, stay-at-home White woman who has strong opinions about how her community should function). I am not joking. Some of them are that removed. Remember, they were actually shocked that Trump won. They had no idea. They didn’t know the numbers of Americans who were rural, or live completely different lives than they do. I’m just asking you to consider it, because I’ve had to have this conversation with THEM quite a few times, as well. This country is too divided and BOTH sides see… Read more »

Sadie Slays

“This is not about Right versus Left. This is about Good versus Evil.”

Worth repeating.

Makes you think

Seriously…wake the hell up people. Right vs. left is a g-----n puppet show put on to distract you, keeping you fighting each other. The same people always win no matter which fake American party holds sway. Drop the right and left issues and focus on the right and wrong. All the people arguing right and left are slave to cognitive dissonance, your inability to accept that you’ve been bamboozled.

All politics are a lie. Love is not. Start there.


YES, and many people, who have a heart and care about their fellow human beings, would agree. Our numbers are not diminishing, no matter what the lying, degrading media says. Decent, moral and modest people exist. Many of us have families we love and take care of.
And, no, the masses did not willingly choose filth and sewage, passing as entertainment. It was conditioned; inculcated, as part of the rebellion that international globalisation has brought.


100% agree


As a native american once said ” the right wing and the left wing are part of the same bird “

Mark M

That’s a great analogy, Jim!


This is just so sick. The nerve of these people. Yet if you criticize homosexuals, p--n stars, or any other debauchery that isn’t part of the Hollywood agenda then you will lose jobs, endorsements and at times even their own family. They have flipped evil for good and sick for healthy. Judgment is coming to America very soon. All of these sickos and all who turn a blind eye to such filth will have to face God’s wrath for he favors the children. The kingdom of God belongs to such as them. The children are being either aborted or abused. What a twisted world this is.


Bork called this decades ago in his book, -Slouching toward Gomorrah


“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil….Isaiah 5:20


Ever thought Joanofark06, that maybe many Christians have confused good with evil as well? The “god” of the Old Testament was a wicked, Saturnian demon that claimed bad things were good all the time.


pretty obvious from your comment that you haven’t even read what you’re talking about, so I’ll end the discussion right there. thanks.


Ben, I don’t mean this in a hateful way but truly you speak out of ignorance and ignorance is the currency of fools. Learn about what you speak before offering up something that isn’t even remotely true. The God of the Old Testament is a loving, merciful and gracious God – if you understood what you are insinuating you have read, you would know this. Your comment is unacceptable for anyone who knows the God of the Bible.


I kind of have to agree with Ben on this. The “god” of the OT was pretty much vengeful and not very loving. The God of the NT — the Father of Jesus — however, is a loving creator who wants to bring ALL of His sheep home. He is fair and just and merciful. I think the problem is that we try to find a way to believe in both the OT and the NT and it simply can’t be done — unless you are schizophrenic. Even Jesus contradicts some things in the OT. “Eye for an eye” becomes “turn the other cheek”. OT says to stone an adulteress and Jesus said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Some parts of the OT should be included in the Christian bible — but many parts shouldn’t. The “god” of the OT was most likely just the tribal god of the Jews. You know, the one that hated anyone who wasn’t a Jew and even wanted the women, children, and animals killed when he demanded that they be wiped out? Saul learned the hard way not to disobey that order, didn’t he?


Carol, the real fool and ignorant is just you.
1. Jehovah is not God, particularly not the God of Christians
2. God said ; You shall not kill – and than Jehovah kills any perceived ‘enemy”
3. Christ fought against Jehovah
4. If you believe in the Old testament, than you are a Jew, not Christian
5. It is obvious that you are the one who never read the Bible.


Erika, anyone with an honest mind, and heart; with empathy and compassion would despise such low souls. The type of person who would do such a thing, commit atrocities against children; some crimes that are even banned by the Geneva Convention, well, the offenders, do not know; can not know what is coming to them.


Judgment won’t only come to America, the whole world is infiltrated by those demons … I can’t even believe that people can be so sick and disgusting like those satanists.

M. Kennedy

Call a Muslim Brotherhood cell a spade, apologize and you still lose your job.

Act out the rape of a child, and delete your social media in shame, Cartoon Network stands by your side.

America 2018


Adult Swim is TRASH, never watching their shows again (luckily it’s been a year or more since I watched AS anyway).


That’s why I hate comedians: jokes about alcohol, drugs abuse, cheating on you husband/wife and such more.. how is it even funny? This is modern major problems, not something you should ridicule about.
The theme about jokes is very interesting: “comedy” is often used to normalize things. “If you can laugh about it, then it’s not a big problem” is the main moto.
Raping, murdering, offending – nowadays, society laughs about anything. This is just a tool to push further their agenda


It most certainly is a vehicle for the State’s agenda. Re-read 1984; Brave New World, The Trial, Les Miserables; Bleak House, Oliver Twist, etc. The books; not the films.

Johnny Q. Public

Mathew 18:6

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”


Rape jokes have been made funny. Now, baby rape jokes are supposed to be funny? No, its filthy and disgusting.


Not to mention the dead baby jokes. How did we get so callous as to think babies, our own children, dont feel pain as we do? It’s ridiculous.


being able to do what he loves…. now that’s not telling


I looked at Harmon’s picture (the first one, on the top of the page). This guy looks scary and evil!


I kid you not, Clayton Purdom, who wrote the nasty little screed in defense of Harmon – looks just like he could be his little brother.


A careful look at the global elites who own the media that is downplaying the heinous comments made by these pedophiles, while simultaneously trying demonize, as “republicans,” those who dare to expose these pedophiles… not surprising.

Just me

This isn’t about politics, but speaking of,aren’t the Republicans those who are making a p**o paradise in those children camps? Didn’t they push this separation policy? Children who don’t speak English, who weren’t registered in any book,who can’t complain or tell anyone if something happens to them? Already hundreds will never see their parents again, and there were pictures with some being taken from the border to different cities, I wonder for what… It’s sickening and it’s on you Americans, you haven’t done anything to stop this, there should’ve been mass protests everywhere in the country, but I guess I have to much faith in humanity sometimes


Wrong. The original pictures of children’s detention centers that inspired so much hand wringing were taken during the Obama administration. Furthermore, DNA testing IS required to make sure that the children are actually related to the claimed mothers to PREVENT the trafficking of minors for nefarious purposes. It is about politics – always.

Just me

Like I said, people like you are what is wrong with our world. But whatever gets you to sleep, pal! These policy, the centers are happening right now! 2500 children are in cages now, and all you can come up is reality denial and hate spews towards Obama? And DNA seriously? How will they take DNA samples from parents already sent back to Central America? How about the children who went “missing”? How about more than half of them who won’t ever see their families again? They will all end up in trafficking. And it’s all on you again, I couldn’t care less which politician did what, what I care about is this innocent souls who will end up in the hands of these weirdos. And my anger is at you, the population of that country for letting this happen! And even justify it like this one above


Every nation has a right to enforce its laws and borders.
Bleeding heart liberals like you are the problem.

Just me

I’m not even American, or a liberal, thanks God there’s an ocean between us! Nobody says not to protect your borders, but do it in a humane and effective way, what have you achieved so far with this?And again this isn’t about politics, is about those children that were taken away with the solely purpose of what this article is about! It makes my skin crawl only when I think about it, how about you? Do you have children? How do you sleep at night,knowing what is being done in your name? Oh you’re just perfectly fine with it, well that says everything about you. I wish you were half this worry about them, as you are about justifying what your politicians and party is doing!


Again, get back to work, uncovering the truth behind this heresy against families and children. Global depopulation; lies in the media; false politicians. We either stand together as a human family, or die in the debauchery. It does not matter which country one lives in–we are all equal. However, the ruling bloodline families would disagree.
Occult Theocracy, by Lady Queensborough.
Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Baigent, et al
The list is endless.


No. The problem with the world is with the easily manipulated like Just Me who can’t sleep at night because of injustice. They do not think (although they claim to), they only feel, and their feelings dictate all. They bleed, they weep, they rend their garments, all over the injustice flavor of the week or month. They move from injustice to injustice, raging against those who refuse to be as easily manipulated, and especially raging against those who present uncomfortable facts.


You clearly are not researching the cause of these ruination of the human family. Get to work.

Just me

Unfortunately it’s human nature to be scared of asking questions and be scared of what they may discover, it’s a lot more comfortable to live in denial and embrace what you know and is familiar. I know that there’s evil everywhere, not one single country is spared, I know everything about the elites. I was only stating that I have no political colour whatsoever and the only thing I care about are those poor little souls. Research can be done anytime, right now you must act.This is real, happening right now, in front of our eyes, not behind closed doors. What needs to be done is protesting and fighting against it, save a small part of them. But no,is more important the border and all the nonsense you come up with! There’s evil everywhere, but in your country is blatant and palpable and you’re not doing anything about it!


Speaking of children being trafficked, it seems you didn’t do any research on the corruption of some folks in Children’s & Youth Services/CPS and orphanages/foster care system.
Just how do you propose this get fixed while people are exploiting the open borders to traffic in more children?

Jon B

DON’T baffle him with logic??!


What are YOU doing about it, besides criticizing Americans? Surely it must be something tangible and important, for you to be demanding with such a self-righteous tone, that average Americans (most of whom were completely unaware of this problem until recently) are at fault and have to stop it. NO ONE thinks the situation with the children is okay, but what are average people in a huge country, most of who live far away and can’t leave their lives to “go protest” supposed to do? Maybe you should practice what you preach. But please, do tell what YOU have done since you want to blame others for inaction?

Just me

I know about the children in foster care and how all is a big cover up at the highest level. But these children haven’t been tossed into that system yet. I’m sorry I’ve deeply wounded your American pride and feelings by speaking the truth. I did protest when your president was here recently, but we can’t travel to your country and protest for you though. I try to help always, volunteering and other things, not that I have to explain myself.
Also I was not being self-righteous, I was only upset that some people find it ok and justifiable. A lot of you,actually. I would’ve been totally ok with an answer like what can we do,the whole system is against us, they’ve made sure we cannot oppose them etc etc. But don’t tell me is the law and border.
Anyway I wished you were all so eager to attack and defend those poor children as quick as you take offence when you’re so called values and pride are questioned

Just me

And since we’re at it, maybe you can’t protest in the streets, but how many of you took the trouble to write even a 2 sentence email to your local representative and asked them to stop this and represent your outrage at what is happening to those at the top?… Yeah, didn’t think so.
There’s always something to be done, always.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


If you remember correctly it was in this country (uk) that this sort of elite child loving made the news years ago. Jimmy saville and his decades of abuse tolerated by everyone it seems. ( Youtube an old jerry sadowitz video for an audio of him calling saville out in the 80s ) BBC and the old djs, again known to everyone in the celebrity/elite circle. Almost every place harbouring children from the 50s onwards( too many to list ) and lastly media wise, “celebrity” and lead singer of lost prophets who is in jail for continually trying to set up fans babys for sex ( who were willing to give him their babys!!! How does that even happen? Dark web? ) and he was shagging fearne cotton at the time! Our own country is in a shambles mate, just yesterday more pedo news via rangers fc. Fck america and do some of you pussie protesting here rather than faux outrage at an orange puppet fronting america.WE ARE NOT AMERICAN. Were gonna lose this battle if this guy in the op is the stuff we are up in arms about.plenty of actual abusers out there, can get the sympathisers after… Read more »


Actually…in case you weren’t aware and it sounds like you’re not – DOJ found that 50% of children being brought into the United States under 5 are being trafficked and are not with their so called “parents” or relatives…but traffickers exploit the fact that bringing in a child will get them “asylum” status faster. By separating the kids from their traffickers, the government is in fact doing them a favor, so as to prevent further abuse. Further, gov’t workers are doing what they can, to find out who exactly these children are in order to return them properly to their families. A person so logical as yourself surely must understand the great deal of legwork that might take when those coming to the U.S. present no paperwork or any forms of legitimate identification. Surely you must realize that maintaining one of the largest land-borders in the world requires immense resources and therefore bureaucracy. I’m sure you must understand that fixing this problem is not an easy one, and that the citizens of the U.S. are concerned about the children, and that the government of the U.S. is doing its very best with limited resources to repair the damage those from… Read more »

Just me

I couldn’t care less about your precious borders( which BTW you had centuries to find a solution and fix it) or your inflated procents and statistics from a proven lying administration , what I care about are those children! How this policy is providing children for the p**o elites,there are so many lacks and gaps from the beginning and with intention.
If everything is so fine and transparent why no journalist has ever stepped in one of those centers? Why they haven’t shown one single video of what is going inside?
Keep living in your bubble, keep repeating the propaganda of how you are the greatest nation, keep getting offended if someone tells a few truths, attacking and denying, rather than giving it a second thought,keep…


Sounds like a broken record it is obvious that you are anti american and anti trump and try to justify it by saying the children this and children that etc, nobody can take you seriously if you just say america and trump etc. The border has always had these so called problems. America is not even the worst offender in this part. Go to europe or asia where the child traffic abuse is ridicolously high yet you dont say a word about that. Alot of european countries the age of consent has been lowered to 14 etc which is stupid yet you dont say a word. The u. S border centres are actually helping more children than it hurts. But your brain cant comphehend that. If you care so much about children etc then talk about the multiple human rights violations in peru where child prostitution is among the highest in the world. Or in middle eastern countries where they are forced to be married. Or the loads of african countries where thousands of children are abused constantly. If you going to bring up a sensitive topiclike that then actually talk about the countries that get away with it under… Read more »


Much gratitude and respect to you, VC, you are responsible for much of my education and contemporary symbol literacy. Love that you made a seemingly indirect reference to Q, apologies if I’m wrong. You are responsible for much Light.


Dear Vigilant Citizen, could you please make an article about Rick and Morty? The cartoon is highly symbolical and it promotes murder, paedophilia, incest, transhumanism and lots of the themes that are frequently brought up on this site. They are not even trying to be subliminal and a lot of kids are watching this s--t show and relating/beliving everything they say. In one particular episode Morty (12 or 14 year old) was raped by a mayor of some fantasy town. In other episode that has an Inception theme Rick and Morty enter Morty’s math teacher dreams and there’s a party where Morty’s sister (and Rick’s granddaughter) is wearing some BDSM leather garments and she is offering them sex. Should I mention that she’s also under aged? Anyway, the show seems like some hard redneck stuff going around but with much blatant twist like Rick as baphomet scene with all seeing eye and pyramid (is he some kind of an ascended master??) Or a scene with two robed figures stand side by side, one in black and the other in white, pyramids floating above their heads as they cast a sound wave with triangles….whole bunch of a crazy s--t to entertain… Read more »


Morty wasnt raped though, he attacked king jellybean before it happened, he was shaken but thats all. at the end of the episode rick kills king jellybean.

JB Say

Adult Swim’s non-condemnation: “demonstrates poor judgement and does not reflect the type of content we seek out.”

AV News: “nobody is actually offended by it.”

Harmon, Gunn, Black: tip of the iceberg


More ; Alex Hersh , creator / writer of DISNEYS ” Gravity Falls ” cartoons. — Recovered tweets , wishes satan a happy Fathers Day June 2018 , says start CULT by making kids shows. Asks if taking BLOOD from kids is OK……..

grind them into powder


Can you help with a link please?


I dont like rick and morty. They insinuate the doc type character was raping the boy. They also sexualized the teenage daughter. Pedo jokes and insinuation run rampant in that one


Who in their right mind would even release something like this publicly only to dawn on you later. These people r demons swimming in their own perversions, something like harmony to them.


Turn it all off. Do not give these monsters one more cent of your money. Cancel cable, don’t see movies, get rid of your tv. Don’t consume this.

You know, it’s really interesting to see that being a pedophile and jokes about raping babies are ok, but don’t dare be “racist”! Roseanne is destroyed over a joke that wasn’t actually even racist, but this guy keeps his job, has tons of support in his industry (same with the Gunn guy). Is this what you want to support?

I already talk about why I don’t watch tv or support Hollywood or the music industry, now I’ll be pointing this out as well. STOP FUNDING PEDOPHILES! That is EXACTLY what your money is doing. Speak out against it. You will be doing the Lord’s work. Refuse to be part of the evil.


That is sick and the website the video is on says the content is appropriate for users over age 13!


Just reading this article made me want to throw up …w.t.f how can people defend him? This is sick. Disgusting.

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