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Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered



Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired by Disney after a number of tweets about rape and pedophilia were uncovered by internet sleuths.

Disney severed ties with James Gunn and pulled the plug on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 when some of his (now deleted) social media posts were uncovered by Michael Cernovich and other sources.

Posted between 2008 and 2012, the tweets often joked about abusing children. Here are some examples (Warning: Disturbing content):

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Justin Bieber was a minor when this tweet was posted.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered


Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Gunn joking with Lloyd Kaufman about being part of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association).


Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

The previous tweet linked to James Gunn’s blog, which was deleted since then. There was some disturbing content on there.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

One of the blog posts linked a video called “Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves”. His response is telling.

The archived blog post contained these three disturbing comments.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

The video was sent to Gunn by Huston Huddleston – a movie director who pleaded guilty for … guess what. His Wikipedia entry states:

Huston was arrested on April 24, 2018 and charged with child p---------y and other crimes, including contacting a minor with intent to commit a felony. He was held at the Pitchess Detention Center North Facility on $750,000 bail and pleaded not guilty on May 22, 2018. His court date was June 12, 2018. On June 21, Huddleston pled guilty to one misdemeanor charge of possessing child p---------y and has been added to the sex offender registry.

The uncovering of this disturbing content caused some uproar online which lead to Disney cut ties with James Gunn. Alan Horn, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, announced Gunn’s firing in a statement:

“The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values, and we have severed our business relationship with him”.

James Gunn responded with a series of apologetic tweets.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Shortly after, Gunn went through his post history and deleted thousands of them. He even mistakingly tweeted himself searching his post history.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

When Roseanne Barr got fired for racist tweets from ABC (which is also owned by Disney) , James Gunn tweeted this. Very ironic.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Media Reaction

Most media sources framed the story as a “Liberal vs Conservative” issue and some Hollywood people came out of the woodworks to support Gunn. Here are some headlines popping up across mass media.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

A headline from CNN.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

A headline from Vulture.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

A headline from Screenrant.

There is also an online petition circulating around to re-hire James Gunn. At the time of writing these lines, the petition contains over 200K signatures.

Michael Ian Black Too

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

On July 21st, tweets posted by actor Michael Ian Black were uncovered by Cernovich. Here are some of them.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Oddly enough, Black also writes children’s book. Here’s the cover of one of them.

Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered


In Conclusion

Both James Gunn and Michael Ian Black claimed that their tweets were attempts at dark comedy. In what kind of weird, out-of-touch bubble do these people live where joking about raping a baby is considered funny? Why is this kind of stuff so normalized in these Hollywood circles?

I don’t know about you guys, but here’s what would happen if someone dropped this kind of joke in a social context around my way: 1) A record would scratch loudly 2) Five seconds of complete silence 3) Someone says “What the F did you just say” 4) Fists start to clench.

Abusing innocent children – and destroying their entire lives in the process – is one of the vilest, most depraved and evilest thing a human could ever do. It is the furthest thing from being “funny” and, to most decent people, simply hearing about the subject is enough to ruin their day.

For years, industry insiders have been claiming that Hollywood is rampant with pedophilia. The documentary An Open Secret explained how “important men” in Hollywood use their position of power to abuse children, and lots of movie directors are involved. So, while mass media is going in a pointless “Liberal vs Conservative” frenzy, here’s my suggestion: Police investigation. Now.

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Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

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This vile, evil garbage doesn’t even cross one’s mind unless it’s in their heart first. All jokes stem from a place of truth within the one delivering it. This makes me so sick to my stomach and I’m so ready for Hollywood to burn in Hell.

Truth & Light

Sick forks


you’re right on. The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings out that which is good, and the evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings out that which is evil, for out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks. – Luke 6:45


I have to say his tweets are downright abhorrent. What he wrote about abusing children and pedophilia… it is NOT funny. I’m 1000% behind him having lost his job and hopefully he never works again. I simply cannot believe anyone would support him after reading what he wrote. In what universe is it funny when children are abused? As a survivor of years of sexual abuse, I can say from experience there is NOTHING F’N FUNNY about it. It torments the victim their entire life. Who the F&^% would laugh at that??? Seriously?? The nightmares, the PTSD, the fear, the depression, the suicidal thoughts, the eating disorders, the inability to trust, the panic inside… none of this is funny. It’s horrendous is what it is. And to make a joke about that, it’s downright disgusting and atrocious. It is a sad world that we live in when people can say “but it was a joke” about something so vile and others support him for it.


I feel you and I’m really sorry for what happened to you and how these “jokes” must affect you. Disgusting and atrocious. You have to have a very evil mind to laugh about this.

Twin star

I feel you Survivor.


you said it best… I too was a victim to rape, pedophelia, etc and I suffer with PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder and crippling depression as well as many other health and psychological problems as a result of trauma.
I know these tweets were not a joke they were serious and the writers of those tweets are depraved and disgusting. I have no words after reading them just prayers and groans to God begging him to protect children from these predators and perverts.


Sadly, when they are exposing them, they are also “doing” the “Overton window”: 1. First you are shocked hearing about child abuse 2. Then you get used to this kind of news 3. Then they use famous people to “normalize” such things. We hear about “respectful” people who are dealing with this “problems”: actors, singers, directors, writers, scientists etc. 4. Then they come out with their story, full of “drama” 5. Then they start to publicize articles from great “psychologists” and “scientists” who will try to cover it as “disorder” or “disease” 6. And final level of this “window” is normalizing things that firstly were a shock for society. This is how gays and lesbians became normal. And this is how they are trying to make normal child abusing. Uncovering such people and their tweets is part of their propaganda.

Beware of what u say

Don’t compare homosexuals with pedos! A homosexual can be a h--o having consensual sex with other adult, without raping adults nor children, while pedos are, by concept, child rapists!


He’s not comparing homos with pedos. We all know it’s not the same. What he’s saying is the same strategy that was successfully used to make homosexuality acceptable to most is now being used to normalize p***ia. Have you heard of the TED talk which claims that pedophilia is an “unchangeable sexual orientation” (I’m quoting exact words!)? It was removed from the platform after it went viral because of the scandal it caused. You can watch it here.

Beware of

@Carina, sorry, I expressed myself badly. What I meant is that homosexuality doesn’t cause any harm when it is a consensual relationship between adults, while pedo****** is always harmful, it is always rape. So I don’t understand what makes homosexuality so bad, considering that some people just can’t be happy in heterosexual relationships, only in homosexual ones. That’s the only way they can be happy in love relationships.


I believe it does cause harm, both to the person directly and to society as a whole, though more indirectly. Yes, it is true that it is consensual. But food for thought that many who are now practising homos were sexually abused as children, and others became so as a result of other kinds of abuse (verbal or physical violence, typically). Some of them (though a minority) will become pedos themselves.


@Carina, the question is: homosexuals (not bisexuals) only feel good in homosexual relationships. So I don’t understand why it is so bad to just support their right to behave as homosexuals, considering they’re adults and in a consensual relationship. How can this cause society a harm? Have you ever heard of cases in which a guy is married to a woman, but he is in fact a homosexual? Due to family values, he gets married to a woman but is not happy in that relationship. So he cheats her with another man because that is the only way he feels good in a relationship. Sometimes he even transmits diseases to his wife due to this behavior. Why don’t we just allow the homosexuals to be what they are? I think that allowing them to get together is actually better for the society. P.S.: I’m heterosexual. I just feel empathy for the homosexuals. Try to put yourself in their shoes.


You won’t dind much empathy (or knowledge) among these so-called Christians.

alyssa faison

I know right? They have taken over the comments section. It used to be full of insightful, informative comments. I miss that. Now I now why VC won’t touch any political topics.


Try me

Those Who Have Ears Listen

loveisall you’re pretending to be but are not: knowledge of the truth is what you are lacking and ignorance is the currency of fools – which sadly is what you are. Real love tells the truth even when its unpopular and hard to do. Real love is not just blindly accepting anything that comes along. People are on their way to hell and real love is shouting from the rooftops for people to hear the truth but sadly most will not listen. So bag on Christians all you want we’re used to it but your kind of love is not any kind of love at all as you’re comfortable with people perishing as long as they can consensually get their rocks off. shame on you because you’re really the hypocrite but are too blind to see it.. sad and I sincerely hope you wake up before it is too late.


I think that’s just not the case here, we are all adults and understand that people make choices all right with that, we are discussing the issue of child abuse, that’s it I grew up not minding much (nor judging) what people believe, likes or does as long as it really comes from their own personal decisions, as grown adults, and not coming from abuse, or cohersion etc. We are looking at the worst stage of underage abuse systemic indoctrination, so consensual homosexual shouldn’t feel it’s a personal thing please! it’s CHILD ABUSE WE ARE DISCUSSING AND EXPOSING.-


I know that, toni. I was just discussing a subject, that’s all. I thought there was no need to remain talking about ped*******, since everybody agrees that it is completely wrong and evil. I was just trying to talk about a different subject. But I understand, the main subject of the post is p*******, that’s right. I got it.


It is a lie that almost all homosexual relationships are great relationships. That is the brain washing campaign right there working its magic. In fact, a lot end up emotionality draining and predatory, or vampiric as well, just like pedophilia. Some homosexual couples that I know of who have now split, have said that while sex was great, things remained superficial or where rooted in gender control and bending of masculine / feminine energy to serve needs. So it it is a lie to say it is just “free love”. Loving just anything can be very dangerous too.


I have 3 lesbians as relatives: My mother, one of my cousins and her partner (she is part of my family now). The three suffered child abuse. I’m sure there is a connection between sexual abuse and homosexuality, I also have read about it, but now it would be the end of a career if some doctor tries to make a serious study about that connection. Nowadays ideology trumps truth.

Beware (trying to understand the facts)

Not all homos were abused before. Only a part of them. I’m pretty sure that there are homos who were never abused in their lives but, still, are homos.

D D d

Carina, a lot of abused hetero’s stay hetero for the rest of their lives. Some might turn into heterosexual predators. Tell me please, why make the distinction with this homothing?


Not really though, youre wrong. Homosexuals are that way because they are. Why are people straight? Same reason as to why theyre gay. Theyre not that way because of abuse. I know firsthand.

Keep your religious beliefs to urself

Where do you get your information that “many who are now homosexuals were sexually abused as children” can you cite your references and to which countries this refers because tbh I think it’s BS


God hates this vile act! 1Corinthians 6:9,10 “Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, 10 thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

Jeez chill

Ehm this is awkward. “Sexually immoral” meaning people who have sex freely. Nuns, priests, they dont have sex before marriage. Also, who are you to know what god says? Do you talk to him? “Greedy people”. Greed is in everyone of us. Me, you, we all have some form of greed. So no, i dont think its wrong. Fight me.

D D d

Ted talks, started of as intellectual hipster conferences, but have gradually changed to full blown propaganda with some heavy agenda-pushers over the years. Even ex drug-gold-digger princes Mabel of Orange talks Ted, about change. Well, she sure changed her tune over the years. Anotherone where you see nasty things when you look into her eyes.

Glenn Smith

Homosexuality is exactly a perversion of human nature and should be compared! Faceless just spoke the truth!


Well, you may think whatever you want, but we all know that 100 years ago homosexuality was considered as something very disgusting. As history showed us, only “elites” were practicing this kind of stuff. And only behind closed doors.
They had plan, they reached it: normalization of homosexuality. Now we live in the world where the negative opinion about LGBT can make you persona non grata.
Nowadays, they have new plans: normalization of child abuse and cannibalism. And if you think that it will never get “normal” then you are wrong. You are already the part of agenda because you don’t consider homos as something wrong. Imagine talking to average people from 1800-1940 and telling them about this? Trying to convince them that homosexuality isn’t wrong at all – they would have said that you’ve lost your mind. You know why? Because they weren’t brainwashed yet by the media.

beware person

@Faceless. You can’t argue that just because in the past people used to have a certain type of thought, they were right. In the past there was a lot of racism too, for example. Now racism has diminished a lot. So, using your reasoning, in the past things were right, and now people were “brainwashed” to think that racism is “not ok”? I think rationally about everything. I’m not brainwashed, I think for myself, ok? You should use rational arguments instead of just saying “in the past, things were like that, so that’s the way we should think”.

Jeez chill

NOT JUST THAT THOUGH! Islamophobia, racism, anti feminism, so much more. Sorry, @Faceless, but your logic id F L A W E D.


These behavior has been w us for ages: starting from Egypt Babylon to Roman Empire, they destroyed the natural laws and been trying hard to “normalize” this way of “living” in hell as opposed with living in harmony w the true nature of humankind so why would the Creator bother to bring to life a man and a woman (wombman) its a sad day when everyone is trying to explain and justify such horrors!!

D D d

According to ancient legend, not only the elite practised it, but even sheppards and nomads from before the use of our modern calender, preferring it over goats and sheep. All over the world I mean, not just the UK or Afghanistan. Some say it is even in the bible.


he’s not comparing them. Only outlining sexually depraved behavior which includes homosexuality, adultery, fornication, b--------y, pedophilia… all the same behavior comes from a depraved heart and godless soul. And those who practice such things will not enter the Kingdom of God. Period. I know its unpopular and people don’t want to hear it but it doesn’t change the facts. Broad is the way that leads to hell and there are many on it.


another quote : Hell can not be attractive,
so the devil makes an attractive path to it.

Sadie Slays

What’s the alternative? Remain silent? Not causing an uproar over it is exactly how this situation has been allowed to fester for decades. Enough already. Expose these people and make sure your outrage is heard. Refuse to buy into the manufactured narrative.

Sadie Slays

It’s getting more difficult to tell if these “concerns” are genuine or if they are part of the effort to silence and demoralize anyone who criticizes these sick people. Suggesting that outing them is “part of their propaganda” implies that you should stay silent because causing a ruckus would make this worse. Or that statement is intended as demoralization, i.e. “you can’t win no matter what you do.”

Screw that kind of defeatist thinking. The tide is turning and this is most vocal and aware the public has ever been about Hollywood’s child abuse problem. Keep pushing and don’t let these naysayers drag us down.


Certainly seems strange that they wouldn’t have simply replaced the director instead of trashing the whole project.

Thy Unveiling

Probably a deliberate move. Makes it look like they did the right thing by firing him, but now others are vying for him to get his job back cuz they want the movie to be made, so Disney will be “coerced” into rehiring him to make this unnecessary film. Meanwhile that was the plan all along; testing to see if the mainstream will be willing to accept or overlook such “humour” in exchange for “entertainment” (that the “useless eaters” pay for…)

Beware g

Exactly, I think the cases of pedo****** should be exposed, for sure. And I don’t think that (sane) people will get used to it and think this is normal. Only pedos think this is normal. I’m always reading news about cases of pedo******, and nobody ever, in the comments, supports them, except for pedos. If exposing pedo cases were a kind of conditioning, people would be already used to murders (since murder news are constantly exposed in the midia) and would already think that they are normal and ok. But nobody thinks that murder is normal or acceptable.


I totally agree Faceless! TPTB are conditioning the masses to make pedophilia acceptable. I’m thinking it was feminism that was engineered in the 60’s. TPTB had goals to make women independent. Mothers were encouraged to rely on babysitters and then, daycares, to help them raise their children while they worked. Daycares like the McMartin Daycare! Their next goal was to make homosexuality more acceptable. Which, in the bible, homosexuality is a big, big sin to commit. TPTB are doing anything they can to defy Our Heavenly Father!


it reminds me of people with the belief of “agefluid”


Thanks I couldnt have said it better myself, it’s just over the top egomaniacs’ world we live in and are lured to come into, well nooo, Saddest part of it is younger generations take it as normal beause they unfortunately are succeeding in their “agenda” it’s just overwhelmingly disappointing to see most under age Boys and girls dance and talk mimicking these p**dos and parents just do nothing, seriously this needs attention to the level of schooling parents!!
The irony I can talk about these sad subjects with my grand-daughter (grateful for this) but not with her mother, my own doaughter thinks I over react to everything and she’s just in denial, good think I’m not a quitter, and I talk to them both my grandchildren in their age terms to each one about avoiding anything fantasy entertaining, or activities involved w animal abuse, etc. I am thankful to VC for his eyeopening hard work all the time, Thanks VC and the comments section is also very gratifying to see how many are in the same page, let’s keep on fighting the evil no matter what.-

George S

I think you may be right. Seems to be a pattern there…


You are 100% right as to how they evil scum maggotsprey on the very young and then make it seem like it’s all ok !!! This is extremely sickening and so very very wrong to do this to poor innocent kids and in their very sick filthy minds it’s all good !!! These people need to be hung by their BALLS just to start !!! I find that if they are treated just as bad or worse then they will get the message that in no way this is right and to pay very dearly for that !!!! WRONG IS WRONG !!!!




How could ANY of this be considered “taken out of context”? It can’t.

Isn’t it great when their egos are so big that they can’t help but OUT THEMSELVES AS CHILD PREDATORS? So many in Hollywood have been getting away with this for so many DECADES that they probably thought they were invincible.

Think again.


First time I cry like a baby reading one of your posts… I am speechless. What the F*** is wrong with this world? How can a man be so confident about being a pedophile that he knows publicly tweeting about it wont even get him in trouble?… That’s f----d up.


pedo stuff is part of the satanic culture this people are coming from. for them is is just normal to rape a baby. that is why this people are talking about this stuff like other people are talking about there favorite singer or energy drink.
well tweeting about this in the open is very stupid, most of these people are not that stupid.


i find this behaviour not exactly “stupid”, just overly confident, arrogant, etc. in 2 words: typical satan. it’s not an isolated accident at all, meaning that is a normal pattern for satanists, abusers, etc., to believe nothing’s gonna happen to them (with such a fallen angel and his minions protecting him!). confront this with, for example, the whole pizzagate investigation. read those tweets, they are still online. they are even more extreme, they got photos, disturbing, disturbing pics… names and surnames… but i am not shocked at all… why should they hide? noone is coming to hunt them down, right? nothing happens, like in pizzagate…. what happened? nothing! do you think podesta is now a good christian? do you think they do not meet anymore, do not molest anymore? satan lies so much that he even lies to himself, thinking – and convincing all of his followers – that he’s gonna win at the end, and he gonna gift em all with eternal life in whatever alternative dimension/world he conviced them exists… in “his world”… im pretty sure he gives them a mirror version of the return of Christ and the rebirth of this planet in His name – the… Read more »


p.s.: consider also that they ARE stupid… they just SEEM awaken, smart, creative… that is just daemonic work. illusion.

they are BLIND from one eye, consequently from one of the brain’s emisphere… so they see just half of reality, they are dumbed down. yes: stupid.


Thanks v.c I knew you’d do a story on this but man is it even more disturbing that he hadn’t just said one disgusting tweet there were many more! I don’t care how funny they think it is it’s blatantly obvious that man needs to be as far away from children as possible! And Disney we know you harbour all the pedof1les anyway so making him quit is just you trying to look like you care when you really don’t! Wouldn’t want my children becoming actors because of these very reasons! #HOLLYWIERD #SAVETHECHILDREN ❤️❤️❤️


We need to take back this culture. Not only does it fail to protect children it is actively preying on them! I have a 2 month old and honestly I struggle a lot in dealing with the horrible things I know happen not only in Hollywood but in every socioeconomic group. I read recently that HALF of minors in India have been abused sexually… half! ANd There’s 225 million hildten in India; do the math. The amount of predators is astounding… these people need to be OUTTED and we HAVE to stand up. I am absolutely boycotting Disney. I think this is the worst post I’ve ever seen on VC bc it’s so blatant.


As someone who has been archiving everything islam/muslim, since 9/11, you are correct in what you said about India. I have some horrible, atrocious, evil articles, about this rape epidemic in India. The worst ones are the babies! And the young girls that die because of what these “animals”, have done to them. It’s so unbelievable, what so called “humans” can do. But that’s satan, he was thrown down to earth, with thousands of other evil angels, and they rule this earth, for now. The only thing we can hope for is that blessed day, for our Lord to put an end to it. And I can see the evidence that that day is coming soon. Of course, everyone down through the ages, has said that. But our God, said to watch for the signs for His return, and I do believe, I know a major one, that shows that we are close. I could be wrong, but I feel positive about it. I won’t say anymore about it, except I hope the peace plan between two certain countries, won’t a 7 year one, or else that will be, the beginning of the end. But back to India, I got… Read more »



Actually, 79.8% of the population of India practices Hinduism and only about 14.2% adhere to Islam. It always amazes me how gullible and uninformed Christians like yourself find a way to demonize Islam. How about “archiving” everything about the Vatican and all of the pedophile priests they harbour, or does that not fit your biased narrative? Furthermore, research who the real culprits behind 911 were, rather than running with the bogus official narrative, which is what “they” intended for you to do in the first place.

Good day.

Sadie Slays

When your country has 1.1 billion people, 14 percent of the population is 140 million people. India has the world’s second largest Muslim population (first is Indonesia). Now I’m not going to claim that Muslims are the sole source of child abuse in India, but it’s disingenuous to portray them as some tiny minority.

And yes, it’s a worldwide problem. The Catholic Church is part of it. Orthodox Judaism is part of it. Saudi Arabia and Dubai have rampant child trafficking problems.


You may not claim that Muslims are the sole source of child abuse in India, but Joanofark06 certainly was. And what’s disingenuous is linking Muslims to 911 when we all know that it was an inside job. Countless of innocent children have lost their lives from such lies, and frankly, I’m fed up with it! VC is not the place for hate and misinformation, go spread that bs elsewhere.

Good day.


And there’s still the US/MEXICAN border problem w thousand of south american children being abused in every way and form separated from their parents and families left on their own for the monsters what to do? We can’t rely only in the creator he said help yourselves!!! we need to bring them all w their satanic systems down!!


You should learn to read before you post.

Just me

I’ve noticed too how intolerant people on this page are towards other religions,don’t make their game, we are all brothers and there are good people and bad people in every nation,culture, religion,that should be your main criteria for judging others. As for India is nothing to do with religion, is about an overpopulated, poor country, add to it the patriarchal society and traditions, plus the human nature( Maslow’s pyramid of needs) at its worse, men who cannot afford to get marry, or have a healthy relationship,anything related to sex being a tabu,the interaction with opposite gender being very restricted, all those suppressed emotions and instincts lead to such things. Not justifiable, still atrocities, but have nothing to do with religion, no man with fear and knowledge of God, any God, will ever do this.


Intolerant? Wow. Look up the definition of tolerance. It’s not the same thing as acceptance or support.


Apparently, you only bothered to read skydweller’s posts before agreeing with his misplaced criticism of Sadie. I didn’t see a single post blaming Muslims for rape in India. The OP just said they saw the stories when researching Islam after 9/11. Children of the PC cult get triggered so fast that they lose all rationality. PC fascism is using the same kind of conditioning that this website seeks to expose.


Yeah you are right I just read a story, one of hundreds, about recent cases in the Catholic Church and these monsters are never prosecuted, and some still practicing priests. Hate with all my heart the Catholic religion and frankly we should be looking in our own yards because theirs plenty of sh*t to clean up right there.


They will be judged. Every single one of them.

Just like anyone else they will be judged by a rightful, incorruptible judge, he who is able to save and to destroy.

D D d

..” someone who has been archiving everything islam/muslim, since 9/11..”
What a strange string of words. Fully following the media’s blunt and vague offences. The media that predicted the unrelated falling of the Third unattacked tower, during a live show about the Two attacks on the Two other, live on tv, attacked twin towers.. Was it the bbc’s tickertape, I forgot?


Not strange at all. Many people began reading more about Islam and Muslims after 9/11 because Muslim terrorists had just murdered 3,000 people. It’s strange that you do not understand that.


There’s dark humour and there’s this. This is not dark humour is just plain dark and only a sociopath would find this funny. I don’t see the wit, I don’t see the critic .It’s just sickening





angry teen

I can’t believe people think Roseanne’s racist tweets are WORSE than CHILD ABUSE?!? WTF? The fact that people are so brainwashed into thinking racism is the worst thing in the world is messed up. Yes, racism sucks, but raping kids is a much bigger issue i feel. I’m appalled by this, absolutely disgusted and scared. I also particularly hate how pedos are trying to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I think the LGBTQ+ movement was created just so creeps could exploit it and normalize their own f----d up behaviours. It makes me really angry, because i don’t think the elite actually gives a f--k about gays. They’re just exploiting everyone and everything. Same with feminism. They say it’s for freedom but they always have hidden perverse agendas. It’s so messed up. I don’t think the feminist or LGBTQ+ movement is bad, but they’re exploiting it for sure. That’s what bugs me. We’re all f----d in this world. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity/nationality, sexuality, age, gender etc. is. They fabricate these political/ societal “revolutions” and it’s not like they come out of thin air, feminism was and is still needed but the way they spin it is only… Read more »


Roseanne’s tweet wasn’t really racist. It was politically motivated. Roseanne doesn’t like regressive leftists, so she made fun of one in a way that was viewed as insensitive by all the precious little snowflakes being conditioned by the left’s PC propaganda. The snowflakes don’t care about Roseanne because they disagree with her politically. They just used the tweet as an excuse to get her fired because millions were watching her show and they HATE when our numbers smack them in the face. They pretend that everyone thinks the way that they think and they attempt to destroy anyone who does not support regressive insanity.

angry teen

I hadn’t read her tweets, but after reading them I really don’t understand the outrage.


This unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. These men obviously think they are invincible. I think there’s a circle of these pedophiles in Hollywood who all protect each other. I’m really glad now they are being exposed for the scum that they are. They have an incredible amount of power and abuse it by preying on vulnerable women and children (both male and female) alike. They then intimidate their victims into keeping their mouths shut about the abuse that is inflicted on them. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and thrown in prison where they belong; away from society. I feel that sex offenders (rapists and especially pedophiles) never fully “recover.” But, with plea “deals” and powerful lawyers, these scumbags will probably not serve as much jail time as they deserve, or get the punishment that they should receive.


I encourage anyone who is appalled by child abuse in any way to get involved in your community as a Guardian ad Litem or CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and STAND IN THE GAP for these children. It’s an epidemic what is happening to our youth. Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death among adolescents. It’s due to a number of factors, but the main one, running like an undercurrent beneath every single human issue, is Godlessness. Get. Involved.


“Police investigation. Now.” For sure! I am afraid to think of how many children and babies are currently being abused right now by nasty ped***iles. Makes me wanna cry. I hope God protects the kids and babies…


I would hope God would too, and maybe, hopefully, he is, if someone or some people would pray for them. But sadly, satan was thrown down here to earth, and his many minions. THEY rule the world for now (until God decides to come back and put an end to all of this), and there’s nothing that pleases him more, then people doing these horrible, sick, gross, evil, etc etc…things!
The only thing that we “normal” God fearing/loving people can do, is to know, through His Word, is that these “people”, will be in hell, when they pass on. For now, we can take a moment, and ask God to watch over all children, who are in “those” kind of situations, where they don’t know what’s going on, and their so scared.
This article was so horrible, I can see how some people, (like me), that cried, just reading these horrible people’s tweets. I do hope that come to know the real God, so they change their lives around, and be forgiven, before it’s too late for them. But there will ALWAYS be evil in this world, until the DAY!

D D d

@Beware: your last sentence I did not comprehend. How can your god protect babies? That god sure does have a very weird norm of selection, which one to have mamed and which one to have people. Can you be a bit more clear about that protection thing please? Does it work on new born unbaptised ones too? Or do those innocent babies have to fight some sort sort of battle to gain access to heaven after they are killed? And, does that protection work on those other babies killed by let’s say roadrage?
People Have To Protect Babies.. in my humble opinion.

beware girl.

“People Have To Protect Babies”, yeah, for sure.
My last sentence was just a wish. I know it sounded weird. It’s just a kind of prayer I did… Sometimes I wonder: does God really exist? Why doesn’t he protect innocent people (like babies), or animals that are being harmed by evil people? But maybe God really exists, I just don’t know how he “works”, maybe He does protect the oppressed ones, maybe doing this needs time. I don’t know, I’m just praying for babies, kids… that’s all: a prayer, a wish they get protected.


I believe God exists. God created humanity with free will. Divine intervention takes away free will by removing the consequences of our actions. All of us should do more to protect our children. It is our responsibility, not God’s. God looks after us in His own way, by entering our hearts, giving us inner peace and love, and blessing us with eternal life in Heaven after the mess that our sins have created on Earth. God gave us life, this Earth, freedom, and His son so that we may be forgiven for our sins. What we do with those gifts is entirely on us.

Beware girl

@Matt, great words!! I agree, it makes sense.

beware girl..

DDd, why this nickname? I’ll change my nickname in the next VC article, this one I chose was too random lol

beware, ima girl

* I hope God protects all of us. I was only focusing on kids and babies. Got it? VC, sorry for the too many messages. I just wanted to make things clear…


Blah, blah, blah. You’re an atheist. I don’t care. God doesn’t solve humanity’s problems for us because that would interfere in free will. If God cleaned up every mess humanity made in our evil, free will wouldn’t exist because there would be no consequences for our actions, while also proving as fact that God exists (which further harms free will), and that would defeat the point of our creation. If God wanted more angels, He would have created more angels. God created humanity to be free, even when that means that some will freely choose to ignore the evidence of God all around them or choose to commit evil acts.

Beware Girl

@Matt, I’m not an atheist. I am more like Agnostic, but tending to become Christian, mainly now after reading your smart words hehe

Beware Girl

“Tending to become Christian”. I really meant it, I was talking seriously. Your words made sense to me.




That A to B shift is well underway, as The Vigilant Citizen is already so well aware of. The sexualization of children, the allowance of children to decide they want to be transgender and make irreversible decisions to do so, and now all this Hollywood Pediphilia stuff will – first state how bad it is, then soon after a shift of how normal this really is, and later what about the consensual rights of people of all ages, on and on and on… Then, one day, this will be seen as a human rights issue and be proudly accepted by the masses world wide as love has no boundaries or barriers. What a s--t hole we live in.

Twin Star


Of all the articles I’ve read on this site in the past decade that have made my stomach turn, this gives me a nausea like no other.

It’s about time people see through the veil that is Hollywood. Lives and souls depend on it. People f-----g love their illusions though… Enough is enough.


This is SPOT ON, thanks
-abusing innocent children – and destroying their entire lives in the process – is one of the vilest, most depraved and evilest thing a human could ever do.


This is disgusting! I only read a few of the tweets and couldn’t continue. He thinks this is humor that is taboo? What a sick demonic possessed individual he must be. Only Satan could be behind these perverse thoughts involving sweet innocent children. We must pray for ALL children of the world. We live in times where they want to make pedophilia the norm. God help us fight off these satanic ideas and agendas.


These are things you do not joke about. And, clearly these pervs were not joking. These were totally real posts. Where’s the police. Oh, beating up a traffic violator.


Sounds like some of the “jokes” that pr!ck Bob Saget has made over the years. Even worse, he allegedly said something disgusting about his own baby daughter.


Bob Saget should be investigated as well he has made some extremely disturbing comments and “jokes”

D D d

I thought the jokes made about him by others were a bit more disturbing. Were they maybe observatory satire, or just cold repeated gossip?

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