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Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

An ad by Sprite Argentina features a mother helping her daughter bind her breast and a grand-mother helping her grandson dress in drag.



Sprite Argentina (owned by The Coca-Cola Company) recently released on its social media platforms an ad titled Orgullo (translated to Pride) which depicts several scenarios involving parents and their gender dysphoric children dressing up as the opposite sex. Set to the emotional song You’ll Never Walk Alone, the ad depicts the premature sexualization of children as a wholesome family activity.

Here are some of the key scenes:

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

A mother applies make-up on her son, who looks about 13 years old.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

Another mother helps her daughter bind her breasts.

The fact that we see this woman tightly strapping on this undergarment as emotional music plays in the background is odd. One of the many reasons this is odd: Binding breasts leads to important health risks.

Binding for extended periods of time can lead to rashes or yeast infections under the breasts, back or chest pain, shortness of breath, overheating, or fractured ribs. Unsafe binding may lead to permanent deformation of the breasts, scarring, and lung constriction and long-term binding may adversely affect the outcome of a future mastectomy. In one study, 97.2% of those surveyed had some sort of health problem caused by binding.
– Wikipedia, “Binding”

In another scene, there is more body-tightening going on.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

A grandmother straps on a corset for her grand-son in drag.

In the 20th century, corsets were deemed dangerous and “instruments of female torture”.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

The boy then makes a “sexy” move in the mirror while wearing a “sexy” outfit. He’s a minor.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

In another scene, parents drop off their son and his boyfriend to a gay pride parade. Apparently, the boys are too young to go there by their own means.

This ad is not merely about “pride” or “diversity”, it is about pushing an agenda. It is about involving minors in it and shaming parents who do not actively get involved in it.

An Agenda is Being Pushed

The gender-blurring agenda has been identified on this site several years ago and it keeps getting stronger. We know that there’s an “agenda” (which means “an underlying often ideological plan or program”) going on because:

  1. It is over-represented in mass media
  2. It is pushed by powerful actors
  3. It targets minors (and their parents) intentionally.

Here are some recent examples:

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

An ad by Gillette featured a trans man (born female) learning to shave.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

An ad for a “gender-neutral” Barbie doll featured boys wearing dresses.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

A video made by Teen Vogue told its young viewers: “This idea that the body is either male or female is totally wrong”.

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

A BBC series titled “Just a Girl” followed the transition of a boy to a girl. It also taught children about taking hormone blockers to stop puberty.

If you believe that global corporations such as Coca-Cola create social ads because “they care”, you are dead wrong. They don’t. They are pushing an agenda that was precisely calculated and thought-out by powerful think tanks to shape and mold a new generation. What they are actually looking for is confusion, anxiety, insecurity and a general feeling of disconnection towards everything that is real. And they are succeeding.

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Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

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Dix Dox

We are living in the end times. Exciting but scary.


What do you find exciting about it?


Exciting because amidst all the madness and sadness, something good is coming ever closer.

homo erectus

maybe slightly titillating… but that’s it 😛


When ones comes to the inevitable (everyone awakens at some point) realization that our consciousness/soul/spirit is the real us, not the meatsuit human body/brain that is merely an vehicle to incarnate and experience duality, it renders fear obsolete and makes all the madness manageable. Like JFK said, the only thing we should fear, is fear itself. Fear is reason we have a police/surveillance state, fear is why our Creator given and constitutional rights are eroding at increasingly fast speeds. Fear is the opposite of love and the key way our occult overlords manipulate us. Our spirit is a spark of Creator consciousness and eternal, meaning everything we fear is illusory and in the words of David Icke, love is the only truth, everything else is illusion.


Love comes from God. (See: 1 John 4:7-21)

Alexandra Polishchuk



yes in the outcome the satanists wil be flung into the bottomless pit and there will be a thousand years of peace .So not may survivors then .Very few. Maybe one or two Maybe none


They are not that many, only dominant. You have to sin willfully, not of ignorance.

Colon Labe

Less is more unless it’s satanic bottomless, more or less.

D D d

End times, that sounds so dooming and fatalistic. We do not know the outcome, yet, of our turmoil and upcoming disasters. For those who survive at any time life is an endtime. I prefer a term like testing-times, or crisis if that word wouldn’t be overused already.
Children are our future.


Scary thought at the end there Ddd. Keep doubling up the birth control. The girls in the shop windows in Jordaan could dupe you and you would have paid money for the privilege. Can’t blame them, I suppose.


Is that how you confront people, Noa?
On a related note: Can addicts be shamed?
Sad to see what’s developed here.


It’s not how you see it Seeker. They are soulmates those two. We have the tech for testing their combine energies and it comes out totally perfect. Souls cling together like twin baby kittens even when they argue. They love each other.


What are you implying is the ‘addiction’ Seeker? I don’t consider him addicted to anything.


Ah-hah. Hilarious.


You never know who’s eyes G-d is watching you through


Play nicer Noa.we promised your mom we’d look out for u. We reach out in love.dont ignore us. U r one of us u don’t belong here u r star seed beautiful.u r a lost lil girl.look what they say bout u


I am from Argentina and there are many commercials like this. Since 2010, they have been pushing the agenda down our throats. The radical feminist movement has even made up an “inclusive” language, where there is no “he” o “she” so people who don’t consider themselves male or female are not discriminated against. The Royal Spanish Academy has been battling with the movement and the universities that have started to use the language. Also, they are trying to get general sex ed (we are a catholic country and basic sex ed is not taught in public or private schools, which I think is bad because sex is an integral part of being human, but anyways) to teach about gender identity. Another commercial that I can think of is Topline, which shows same-sex people kissing each other. And I can go on and on and on… it’s a sad reality.


Same in sweden instead of han och hon (him and her) Its now “hen” lol!


An example is “ciudadanos y ciudadanas” (Male and female form of Citizens) now they are trying to get “Ciudadanes”.


They should talk about the MercadoLibre clothing line.


Yes the ads are creepy.


Especially the MercadoLibre ad ”Moda Sin Género” ( Genderless Fashion ). That one part in the end where there is a male and female voice talking at the same time… very robot-like and creepy indeed.


Same in Mexico


I watch that commercial and see great tragedies unfolding and cannot believe a parent or grandparent would smile and lovingly release their damaged/ignorant child into a lifestyle that is voraciously destructive.


Jesus is coming back soon.


but not as a man


There he is; he’s come back as Christ-inne!!

Truth & Light

Hormones to stop puberty – so you stunt your growth whether you want to be boy or girl? I am Transconfused. Enjoy your cancer later on – there’s no way those hormones do not adversely affect you


They do, very much. People who had to take them for legitimate medical reasons (early puberty) developed terrible brittle bones. They also cause a lower IQ, and yes, cancer. There have been lawsuits from those who were given them.




better tell him he left capslock on 😉

D D d

”If only there were smileys for capslocked talk?”

Mr. Lucky

Absurd. God does not take sides, and there are no Chosen People.

The Creator gives each person free will to do as they please.

Then they must suffer the consequences of their actions.


Stupidity at its finest, too bad the sheeple are going to buy into this gender-blurring crap just the way the elite wants them to in order to “normalize” it.

complicit compassionate care-giver

someone is making money here or is that just the beast that they can come up with? know who you are

Truth & Light

They are sick sick sick sick


an example that it is clearly an agenda is TLC’s show Jazz, it’s about a little boy, dunno the age, less than 15 I would say, transitioning into a girl. And I say it’s clear because all the network’s publications on media about the show are ridiculized or made fun of, it has no actual supporters, and even so it’s the show that clearly has more publications and coverage. So it’s not because it’s popular or people like it, it’s because it just needs to be aired. The rest of the shows, if they don’t have an audience, they are obviously left off, killed, but not this one. There’s the agenda


I read an article about Jazz a few months ago that basically said he is having a hard time in life and put off going to Harvard. It sounded like a nervous breakdown of some sort. It’s very sad what has happened here. I can only imagine the immense pressure and manipulation pushed on the poor kid by producers. He was told he would be a hero and now he’s probably been pushed aside for the next agenda puppet to be put in place.


There is a site that covers Jazz and I think he is having a mental breakdown. And why wouldn’t he? He was castrated and mutilated beyond repair. His mutilated genitalia needed revision surgery at least once because it was ripping apart. He never had any sexual desire as he never had puberty! His family gaslighted him and never gave him a real choice. I wonder how much he is starting to understand. Evidently a lot of post op trans deal with this. It should be a crime because it is. Poor Jazz.


Hear, hear, Astana!
Castration and mutilation – Transgenderism in a nutshell.


An article just came out recently about “Detransitioners” – trans people who regret their hormonal changes and wish to be taken seriously in the medical world, but instead, they’re expediently dismissed. There’s little interest in helping these individuals.


So sad … for those who “changed”, and for those who now want to be, but can’t be, “UNtransitioned.


Part of the UN Agenda 2030 – look it up!


Really? If only people would see them for what they really are…


There is an film called “I want my sex back” it is very touching. It touches on lots of things. One especially moving guy had transitioned, then tried to get surgery back, and (as to be expected) no longer had a working p---s. But *spoiler alert* found a woman who loves him anyway and they were so sweet I was crying so much.

Also, Walt Heyer (who was in the movie) talked to Candayce Owens in an interview. He talked about the “professionals” and how they push anyone who comes in into transitioning. Like “Hi, how are you, I’d like to ask abou…” and the so-called trusted professional gender-scientist doctor experts say:



Yeah I remember Jazz was writing children’s stories, definitely a “You’re a role model, you’re a hero” type of situation. If not from the parents, from someone. Then watching as Jazz got out of the surgery, and had that pain. Something was wrong, but everyone was saying… “it’s OK it’s OK”. Then the show almost immediately popped to the next day, and a clip about “discussing my boyfriend with my parents”. It was just so strange. But I understand needing time to decompress after something like that!!! I had a trans m-f friend who complained about very heavy bleeding after surgery. It’s just a VERY intense surgery, which should NEVER be taken lightly. Even after my hysterectomy for cervical cancer, it took a long long time to get back to my former self. I hate the agenda being pushed to little kids. That being trans is “OMG SO GREAT! THE BEST THING EVA!” but, I still feel for anyone who is a pawn to this agenda. There is a meme of the democrats throwing a random person out of a black van…and the “pawn de jour” is always being thrown out into the street. It’s definitely what they do. Sad… Read more »


That’s one step forward in the agenda. There is a lot of getting scared because this brings lots of confusion in on kid’s mind. This overrepresentation in media is working very efficiently. If you ask the new generation (in Western countries) most of them will agree that this is a good thing.

But for having known a few persons from the transgender community, most of them really regret their choices. They all agree that the mental disorder had nothing to do with the gender but precisely about depression, self-esteem. They now have a destroyed body and an alienated mind. Those consequences are irreversible and what would probably happen is them getting suicide.

I also know teenagers that being bullied because they are weird, find support in online communities who push them to transition. Then comes a lot of suffering in their families.

But isn’t that the purpose : chaos in the family cell ? create unrooted individuals ?


I just want to echo your comment. I’ve seen the same thing happen with trans folks I know. Last year a trans friend of mine took their own life. He was originally a female, experienced rape and sexual trauma as a female and transitioned in the late 90s… before it was trendy. He struggled all his life, with addiction and mental/emotional instability. He was a beautiful person whose life was ruined by being an experiment for the medical industrial complex. i’m disgusted by the participation of “doctors” in disfiguring people who are uncomfortable in their skin. It is a high form of sorcery masked as altuism.

From what I’ve seen, unhealed sexual trauma almost always plays a part in why people transition. There was a time I didn’t want to be a female because of sexual trauma, I didn’t want to be a man though, but if I had any inclination to do so because I was uncomfortable in my female form it’s really crazy to think that some “doctors” would have no problem taking out my uterus to mold me into their idea of a “man”.


I’m personally scared that these “trans kids” are being abused by those that are supporting this transition. Why else would any adults have such a fixation on children’s genitals? It’s terrifying and sickening and provides the perfect cover for predators to prey upon children.


No sane person would do this to a child. Agreed.


A house without the LORD Jesus Christ is already serving satan by default. Take God out of the lives of parents and kids, and you have an open portal for demons to enter. They continually work to speak in the minds of the innocent to confuse them and make them think that this agenda is going to solve their mental issues. It won’t. It will create more. PLUS family is about GOD, he wants family. Satan wants the opposite. NO family unit . Therefore if you push people to be another gender, you have stopped all reproduction of the human race. I am sick of seeing gender issues everywhere. An Ulta ad I watch with the “Your beautiful” song flashes various women from all walks of life, on the screen. One of them flash a tranny. So they are subtly and sometimes not so subtly pushing it in all commercials, etc. Adam and Steve is not a THING. Sally does not have two mommies. And a boy can never be a girl, and vice-versa.


OK wait… I have to work on this more…

How can a 4 year old boy have a period?

1. Born a girl, but mom raises her as a boy.
2. Nope, still a 4 year old.

It’s just another weird agenda driven pile of nonsense.


This is bringing us closer to the coming of Jesus, who will put an end to satan’s agenda being carried out by fools. It will not and cannot go much further.


They push all this crap onto us and theres people out there who almost seem like they can’t think for themselves. Really sad.


There will be a real backlash.
Occult 1%-ers are not known for understanding consequences.

Michael Angelo

Oh no no! Not more of this immoral crap I’m tired of it looking at all this alpha males turning into possessed homosexual demons and that’s what they this is This whole agenda just keeps trying to knock the 4 pillars the breaking down of the family I’m sick of seeing this paraded like it’s something good there preying on the youth Trying to confuse them and make the parents accept it I just pray people wake up already and realize that this is not acceptable

I see hypocritical people

Why do they always portray these hypersexualised transgender images? Lots of trans women just wear ordinary women’s clothes, rather than glittery corsets and sky high teetering heels. It’s especially weird to put kids in corsets but somehow it’s supposed to be ok if they’re trans. If a born-female girl kid was portrayed getting laced into a corset by her grandmother the mainstream would see that as inappropriate sexualisation bordering on child abuse. You don’t get “pimp my granddaughter” ads, so why is “pimp my trans granddaughter” any different?


Feminism prohibits the sexualization and objectification of females, but does not object to the feminization and sexual humiliation of males. So, a grandmother tying up a corset on her granddaughter equates to antiquated oppression and would be vociferously railed against, while to do so on a young boy is progressive and liberating!

What is probably most disgraceful is how all of the adults in this commercial have become subservient to the capricious whims of children. Ah well, just another case of art imitating life, I suppose?


Exactly. Children go through phases. I was a tomboy but I never thought I was an actual boy nor did I want to be one. I also didn’t think that my not being girly, made me any less of a girl. This adherence to extreme gender specific behavior, to decide whether or not a person is “actually” their gender, is nuts. Especially because they act like you don’t have to conform to gender norms at all. They’re insane.


Moral relativism gone berserk here- born males know that putting on a nice dress isn’t going to make them any more female then wearing a glittery corset.


Dress-up and make-up help people to play a role, whether on stage, or in life. If women tend to over-apply makeup to “mask” their insecurities, don’t you think the same would apply to men?

There’s a transgender MTF with DID who speaks candidly about this on YT. His experiences as a male were so terrible that he does not and will never, ever, want to return to that sex. He described uncontrollable sexual urges that were satisfied by unspecified sick and dangerous methods, causing him great shame.
So basically, we’re talking about honest victims here, who can’t change the past that they are forced to struggle with every day in various ways…so, they resort to changing their reality in effort to deny the past.

D D d

Toddlers And Tiara’s


Communism just won election there and the bunch had finished the country once before, they are hypocrites and corrupt big time! I was soooo surprised to hear that they got back.
Argentina is in danger now…
Don’t cry for me, i cry for you


Agree I am from Argentina and we are going down the pipes. Civil war at the turn of the corner I think. I cry for me.


I’m from argentina too (and am also not happy about the election results) but we’re not going into civil war. That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think? It’ll be the same it was 4 years ago.

I’m also proud to see the progressive and feminist movements here. It’s much needed in a machista country.


Than you have thrown in your lot with the global corporations and their sick agenda.

You don’t win in the end.


Not the red band of khabbal on the grandmothers wrist.




“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”
Genesis 1:27
“And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”
Genesis 1:25

It began with Adam and Eve in the Garden, and ever since, mankind has been defying God and trying to thwart His plan for the salvation of humanity.

Now mankind is tampering with the humane genome.
GRIN technologies (genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology)is being used to tamper with God’s creation and create “improved”, genetically modified human beings.
This ends very badly for humanity, and for all life on earth.

If parents and guardians TRULY loved their children, they wouldn’t use their children as political battering rams in order to further their own personal agendas.
Subjecting their children to powerful, sometimes deadly drugs that forever alter the physical and sexual development of their children is an abomination.

hey girl hey

This world is so crazy! I feel bad for children who are confused because their parents push them into being transgendered. Kids should not be allowed hormone drugs until they are adults and really know what they want

annihilator of barbarians

The icons of baphomet


And once they have achieved in their establishment of a society that is “confused, anxious, insecure and has a general feeling of disconnection” it will be ready for The Leader to rule them.


I think binding breasts is unhealthy.


Indeed, no difference as far as I can see to foot binding. It’s a way to deform the body.

In for a penny, in for a pounding

Consciously or otherwise we decide where we place our attention, choose wisely



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