BBC’s Children Show ‘Just a Girl’ is About a Transgender Child Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs


The BBC series aimed at children as young a six describe how Ben became Amy by taking hormones to halt puberty. It is yet another example of the agenda promoting the blurring of the genders. And they are now aiming children.

Last year, I published an article entitled The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation where I explained how Jenner’s sex change was intentionally publicized and celebrated because it was part of a larger agenda promoting the blurring of the genders. This agenda is even more obvious and insidious this year because there’s a conscious effort to reach children.

A child with the word 'Transgender' stamped across the screen: Mass media's completely insane agenda a gender blurring.
A child with the word ‘Transgender’ stamped across the screen. This sums up what mass media has been about these past years.
Although the 'Amy' is played by an actress, the story says that she used to be boy named Ben.
Although ‘Amy’ is played by an actress, the story claims that she used to be boy named Ben.

CBBC’s series Just a Girl is the latest baffling attempt at normalizing, trivializing and even celebrating the completely unnecessary process that is childhood sex change. Freely available online on CBBC’s website, the series even teaches children about taking hormones and puberty-halting drugs. Do we truly know the effects of such drugs on one’s developing body and brain chemistry. Of course not. Why is this radical and aberrant process promoted to children?

Do children need to know about a boy who takes sex change drugs? AND WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?!
Do children need to know about hormone blockers? AND WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!

In my humble opinion, parents who subject their children to radical treatments such as hormone blockers and sex change surgery should be trialed for child abuse. Instead, these things are actually encouraged in shows aimed at children and society is following suit.

Some NHS clinics (such as the Tavistock Centre in North London) have been prescribing hypothalamic blockers to children as young as nine. In another case, a seven-year-old boy was ordered to be removed from his mother’s care because ‘she was raising him as female’.

This is what the elite wants to see: Confused children wondering is they should change sex. HOW ABOUT YOU GO OUTSIDE AND RIDE A BIKE OR SOMETHING?
This is what the elite wants to see: Confused children wondering about their gender. HOW ABOUT YOU GO OUTSIDE AND RIDE A BIKE OR SOMETHING?

Here are quotes taken from Just a Girl.

In Just A Girl, Amy says: ‘When I was born, Mum said Dad was so pleased that he had a boy to take to the football. But Mum knew I was different. She realised early on that I was born in the wrong body.’

She adds: ‘My Mum supported me when I did a PowerPoint presentation to my class about transitioning and that I wasn’t going to come to school in boys’ clothes any more, but girls’ clothes. I wasn’t Ben, I was Amy.’

Later Amy is shown telling a friend, Josh – a boy who wants to be recognised as a girl – that she is on hormone blockers, saying it took ‘ages’ to get them after ‘loads of tests and talks at the clinic’. ‘Once they realised I was trans for real, [I] got them,’ she says. In another entry, Amy tells viewers she has developed a crush on a boy called Liam, but confides: ‘Liam thinks I’m just a girl, but I’m not. I’m trans. And what’s he going to say if he finds out? Stop being my friend? Why? I’m still me, aren’t I?’
– Daily Mail, Does your child really need to know how ‘Ben’ became ‘Amy’? Furious parents slam ‘damaging’ BBC sex change show aimed at six-year-olds

This last bit appears to be taken straight from a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) handbook. The goal: To confuse young minds about sex and gender.


The show was accused by several groups of ‘sowing the seeds of confusion’. Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said:

‘The more we promote the idea that a boy can be born into a girl’s body and a girl can be born into a boy’s body, and that drugs and surgery can put things right, the more children will become utterly confused. Respecting and preserving a child’s birth sex should be seen as a child protection issue. It is irresponsible of the BBC to introduce impressionable children as young as six to the idea that they can choose to be something other than their biological sex.’’
– Ibid.

The BBC defended its series, releasing a statement which claimed the program dealt with “universal themes that many children relate to”.

“Just a Girl is about a fictional transgender character trying to, make sense of the world, deal with bullying and work out how to keep her friends, which are universal themes that many children relate to, and which has had a positive response from our audience.

“CBBC aims to reflect true life to our audience, providing content that mirrors the lives of as many UK children as possible – you only have to look at programmes such as The Dumping Ground or our BAFTA winning and ground-breaking transgender story ‘I am Leo’ to see that is the case.”

The BBC mentions I Am Leo which is another CBBC production. It is a documentary following a 13-year old teen’s process to become a boy. Leo (born Lily) is one of the youngest children in the UK to be given hormone therapy.

In short, the BBC and the rest of mass media are fully committed in pushing the gender blurring agenda to children before they even reach puberty.

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As a child, I wanted to be a boy! I cut my hair short, wore jeans and t-shirts. I played with cars and in the dirt. I hated pink and loved blue. I was rough and tumble. I only played with the boys. But when I hit puberty I became more like a girl. I’m glad this wasn’t around when I was a child. How confusing would that have been? How does a child really know what they are until they go into puberty? You are taking that away from them! I still like “masculine” things but I also love having children and being a woman. Society has determined what is “masculine” and what is “feminine”. But in reality nothing is really masculine or feminine. It is only defined by culture and society. Why can’t boys wear pink dresses and still be boys? I think that putting them through this… Read more »

when I was a kid I was extactly the same but when I hit puberty everything changed,… this type of show is really bad for kids, they want to confuse them

Trans person hurted by blinded heart

In that case you will not be forced to be a boy. Otherwise you could return to be a girl because hormone blockers as the name said is blocking and delaying the puberty the most feared stage int all transpersona life. And medicine do right to use hormone blockers and not direct hormone treatment in childs. in other hand adults can asume the responsability by his choises.

It is child abuse to stop a child’s puberty stage by pumping them with drugs. This is pure evil. So many adults are obsessed with sex and are sexualizing their children in doing this. Sex should have absolutely NOTHING to do with childhood.

please learn the difference between sexuality and gender

You’re using the word “sex” with two different meanings, and conflating these as one. Also you’re confusing gender with sex. “Sex” may refer to one’s biological configuration. Also “sex” may refer to acts related to procreation. These are two different meanings. Of course one’s biological configuration has a lot of influences on one’s childhood experiences; this is obvious. Boys and girls have separate sports, restrooms, educational settings, manners of dress, toys, behavioral norms, etc. On the other hand, children are not usually concerned with acts related to procreation, and most people (including most advocates of gender-variant expression) would agree that this is a good thing. “Gender” refers to one’s internal sense of integrity / identity. Most people’s internal sense of integrity / identity matches their biological configuration. Moreover, most people lack the empathy to see that some people may have different life experiences and may experience pain in different ways.… Read more »
Rose: See all my revues: Sexuation dysphoria is in a very few cases, a biologic condition at birth. This is an invert of brain sex, structural, neuronal, for entierly life. So these kids need the entierly caregiving of their supporting parents together . Mean that this is a medical condition and nothing other. So if you were parent of one of these kids, you would do enything to your child being alive and happy. The parents of these childs, I know some of them, they were not prepared to have this issue with their child! They adapt, this is a disability for the child, wich is born with that and nothing else to do, changing the body for reaching the brain, the identity, mind and soul for going higther: God don’t makes mistakes: Sent you a test for you and society, not against the child. Science help human to understand… Read more »

It is child abuse to stop a child’s puberty stage by pumping them with drugs. This is pure evil. So many adults are obsessed with sex and are sexualizing their children in doing this. Sex should have absolutely NOTHING to do with childhood. Absolutely nothing.

You’re using the word “sex” with two different meanings, and conflating these as one. Also you’re confusing gender with sex. “Sex” may refer to one’s biological configuration. Also “sex” may refer to acts related to procreation. These are two different meanings. Of course one’s biological configuration has a lot of influences on one’s childhood experiences; this is obvious. Boys and girls have separate sports, restrooms, educational settings, manners of dress, toys, behavioral norms, etc. On the other hand, children are not usually concerned with acts related to procreation, and most people (including most advocates of gender-variant expression) would agree that this is a good thing. “Gender” refers to one’s internal sense of integrity / identity. Most people’s internal sense of integrity / identity matches their biological configuration. Moreover, most people lack the empathy to see that some people may have different life experiences and may experience pain in different ways.… Read more »

This is a big load of intellectual mumbo jumbo basically trying to have it both ways. You can’t say that “sex is different than gender” and then claim that someone with an “internal sense” of their “gender identity” HAS to have their sex (which according to you is not their gender) MATCH their gender. Either private parts count when it come to gender or they do not. You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. If gender is entirely separate from sex, then there should be NO NEED to reconfigure the body to match the gender. DUH.

You just attempted to redefine the meaning of gender. Lmaooooo nice try jackal.

Perhaps, looking up the definition of the word will persuade you otherwise. Via multiple sources, it will clearly express that they are alternatives, if not equivalents.

“Gender” came into popular use in the 1970s, but before, it was known as the “sex” of a person. It still is, for many people.

Gender was an ideology about homosexuality at first. When psychiatrics saw persons who claimed they wera not born as the body was telling for the one who see the sex (see Robert Stoller). Lot of works were on the intersex persons, and have proved that if comes an error to choose what sex giving to the baby, this child will still growing his ‘gender’ without taking care the selected sex for him. So, gender was used as the idea of a sex lived, improved by the child, without knowing exactly why. But now, we know! The structure of the brain is sexed, brain is male or female, and it is possible to see, with scientific studies on human, and more on animal, that brain sex can be inverted. So using ‘gender’ is now a non-sense in neuro-sciences. But when speaking of some peripheric facts in sexed identity, gender is usable… Read more »

The brain is sexed at birth structuraly différent between boys and girls…. so this is the sex of the brain that could be inverted. That fact makes change in what you said: sex identity, so, is the result of brain neuronal sex, that makes gender very biological, so said Male or Female.
That’s not easy to live in a body wich dont match at all the sexed brain, sexed identity, you are in fact as a normal person.

Puberty blockers induce a state of disease in the child. The absence of Puberty. transitioning through Puberty is a normal and healthful thing. I’m sorry you feel this way. But this is a form of child abuse.

Purity blockers are only for children who need them, and make them serene.
Not creating a state of disease.
Purity for these children would create a big desease if not stopped: Risq of self-harm-trying(35%) and suicide-trying 40% (statistics: Royal children hospital of Melbourne, Australia). Some of them choose to die, if they can’t access to treatment, or have parents who refuse to help them.
A mother reported me that her brain daugther did’nt want to see herself nude in front a mirror because of her boy sex, and one time had taken a cutter in the bathroom to self harm the sex.
That are facts.
So where is the child abuse?
Purity blockers are needed, when medical fact show that brain sex is inverted structuraly, and not the result of a psychological desease/disorder.

Bottom line, this is wrong. Kids don’t know jack. They don’t know enough to make these kind of life-altering decisions. The parents are there to guide, teach, help children. But with the globalists agenda…*shakes head*…good lord, I’m so glad I am already an adult and not growing up in this crazy, f’ed up world. And I’m very glad I don’t have kids for the gov’t (and I mean the WORLD gov’t, the NWO people) to have them try to mind-control and subjugate.

Make no mistake, this goes even beyond the transgender agenda, beyond MK Ultra…this is about the subjugation of the human race by the globalists elite. The Illuminati and their ilk.

Are you a man or a woman? When you were little, did you know whether you were a boy or a girl? Most people know, even at a very young age, whether they are boys or girls. In most people, their sense of who they are matches their biological configuration so there is no problem in this matter. However, a few people know themselves to be boys even though they have female biology, or the other way around. They are not confused about their gender; they know what they are and they have a hard time because their inside does not match their outside. There have always been people like this, it is nothing new and many traditional societies have place for people like this. Moreover, hormone therapy is not an all-or-nothing deal, and it is reversible. If a person quits taking hormones, they revert to their biological configuration as… Read more »

jpinkney wrote: “If a person quits taking hormones, they revert to their biological configuration as determined at birth.” Sorry, no, this is 100% FALSE. A woman taking testosterone to transition to male will permanently and irreversibly damage her voice. Go look up “detransition” videos on YouTube where young women who tried to be male talk about their transition – their voices are ruined and they have a lot of regret about it.

No doctor told them testosterone would affect their vocal chords permanently. It can also cause liver damage.

Purity blockers are not sex hormones, so this is not the good word. Children with children with sexuation dysphoria condition, between 10 to 13, have only purity blockers as every ‘normal’ child who have an early purity and are reversibles. Hormones are irreversible and are given only for child who have nos any desease or trouble with purity delayed, at age 16, but sometimes before, as this is not useful to wait for more time. So important to make difference between biological sex dysphoria and psychological deseases, wich are not requiring any purity blockers or hormones. Some adult persons who were in age to take themvelves (without psychiatrist) the decision to take hormones and were wrong, experiment their regrets, but a child with a biological condition if properly followed by the doctors have never any regret, that also a fact. But, with the awfull agenda everyone can see that more… Read more »

I’ve been following this discussion and kept wondering what the hell are “purity blockers” just to find out you are talking about PUBERTY blockers. I would call them “Purity extenders” as they delay entering adulthood by the phisiological mechanism of puberty.

Random paranoid question: Would pedos be attracted to a 17/18 y/o that has not gone through puberty by means of blockers?? If yes, that would be a “genius” legal way to get their kicks.

ok with you.
Very most of people as young children, begining to speak express that they are truly one boy or one girl.
Thinking in terms of brain neurological sex, this is an evidence that they are not confused about their gender; they know who they are truly.

Says purity blockers, because they are not hormones and are reversible.

Hormones are unreversibles.
They give male or female caracteristics in squeletal form, skin, hair growing, voice, hardness ot the face traits ….

kids know more about who they are than their parents do. whether or not their parents expose them to the show, they can and should question their identity. however, with positive exposure, they can hopefully live their lives with less (completely unnecessary) shame and violence than earlier generations.


Children actually do not have enough knowledge of human growth and development to make “choices” at elementary-school level. As for “should” question their identity, that seems to be a matter of opinion. Many of us feel that children have no reason to believe this is something they “should do,” and parents agree.

If we really want to be non-sexist, boys can do “girly stuff” and vice-versa; there is no reason for body mutilation. Another kind of mutilation now being pushed is for people who “know” they were born blind or with no legs and search for doctors who will “put them right” through unethical and immoral surgery.

Ok with you. There is an agenda awfull, Satanic agenda making us speaking and speaking about these poor kids.
But, these children are exploited, amalgamated to something having nothing meeting to this agenda:
I’m afraid of this.
See my other coments for understanding how these children have nothing to to with these medias.
This is only a medical question, rare condition, above one birth to 50.000 (Netherlands statistics), and for the biologic issue, three or four more for the psychologic disorder.

So it only delays puberty? Do you have to keep taking it then? You can change your mind and go back? Just curious.

Yes, this is a very important point, so thanks for asking this question.

Moreover, not just anyone can get hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery. To get either, one must satisfy rigorous medical standards. And sex reassignment surgery is not available to children. One must be an adult, and satisfy even more rigorous medical standards.

No, this is not true anymore. Go read stories from people who have detransitioned…just one or two sessions with a shrink about their confusion and immediately they are put on hormones that can do permanent damage to a body. No “rigorous medical standards” apply anymore.

Same here- I refused to wear a dress, mainly because I felt uncomfortable with my legs rubbing against eachother, I wasn’t used to it. I thought how ideal it would be in the ‘future’ (like Star Trek, etc.) if clothing and hairstyles became gender neutral. Then puberty hit, and I wanted to attract boys subconsciously and later on, I definitely wanted the attention of the opposite sex. God forbid I had been able to make some life altering decision prior to my hormones kicking in!! There should be an age limit on how young one can be to take these drugs and (more seriously) have non-reversible surgeries!! Don’t cut off your breasts despite your chest, or something along those lines!!! I still have a ‘guy’ sense of humor, but like to look like a woman as well.

Of course there is an age limit on how young you can get hormone treatment or surgery. Please do a little research before you sound off on things you don’t know enough about.

For one, children don’t get sex-reassignment surgery. If the evidence is clear that they are transsexual (rather than simply experimenting with their identity or fantasizing about enjoying the privileges of the opposite sex), they may receive hormone therapy from around age 12 or so (when puberty would normally occur) until at least age 18 (or legal majority age in their country) or preferably till mid-20’s, when the brain is fully mature. Then, and only then, they may make a decision to have surgery, or not. (Most choose not to.) The hormone therapy is not permanent, and reversible. The surgery generally isn’t.

“The hormone therapy is not permanent, and reversible”

Sure, after screwing up the entirety of a kid’s childhood during his or her formative years! Yeah, reverse THAT.

This is an error: Hormone therapy is unreversible.
Purity blockers are reversible and used in early purity in other children.
There’s two sort of conditions that makes this childhood condition: One is psychological, and then psychological therapy must help these children, the other condition is biological, the inverted sexuation of brain before birth, wich is the one that need the medical treatment before purity coming, wich without tis care, can make these sort of children attempt suicide still they are 7…

You’re either deceitful or misinformed, people are not born with sexually inverted brains. There’s never been a study that proves this, nor is there a test someone can take to find out they have this condition. It’s just another myth the trans advocates and activists push to make their agendas seem more legitimate and less harmful

so let me get it straight, a society with the aim of considering all people equally worthy regardless their sex orientation ACTIVELY PUSHES KIDS WHO ARE NOT TRUSTED TO DRIVE A CAR TO ALTER THEIR HORMONE BALANCE DURING PUBERTY TOWARDS THE OPPOSITE BIOLOGICAL SEX? this is a farce.

Thank you for adding some facts and sensibility to this discussion.

Finally someone who sees things exactly like I do! Why the hell do people nowadays think that taking hormones and going through sex-change operations is easier and more acceptable than just f*cking painting your nails and wearing dresses or cutting your hair and wearing ties?! I mean, seriously, are people really this close-minded, yet pretend they’re the open-minded ones?! Oh, the irony.

No one is saying medical intervention is easier or more acceptable than making cosmetic changes. Most gender variant people are able to achieve peace of mind simply by making the changes you describe. However, there are a few who do require medical intervention. For these, the standards of care are very rigorous before one may qualify for hormone treatment and/or surgery. Please get educated on complex matters before you speak out on them in public. Speaking out of ignorance doesn’t make you look Godly; it only makes you look ignorant.

When one sees a poster use the made-up term “gender-variant” and then accuse others of being uneducated and ignorant, one knows the poster is an extreme left-winger. Cultural marxism is not good for children or other living things.

Makes about as much sense as the crazy SJWs claiming gender isn’t binary, but rather a spectrum. Search on YouTube and you’ll find these nutty Tumblrinas.

Dear “jpinkney”, I’m actually educated enough to understand the difference between gender and biological sex. Are you?

As a child, I wanted to be a mermaid but my parents didn’t get my legs fused together because of it!

Hahaha awesome answer..!!!

A mermaid is a mythical creature. A person of the opposite sex is a human being.

I wanted to be a cyborg. I’m glad my parents didn’t let me gouge out my eyes and have them replaced with implants or have my limbs amputated and replaced by bionic equivalents.

Children have fanciful ideas. That is all part of being a child. To allow and encourage them to act it out, when they do not fully understand the consequences of their actions is child abuse.

The child abuse is when you do nothing to save your child from suicide. Sexuation dysphoria is a medical condition (DSM5: Gender Dysphoria) You are true, this can be an fantasy, but when it is not, what are parent role? some of these children commit suicide at age 7… what should you do as Father? … Purity blockers are reversible, that make time for decision for doctors. This decision meet DSM5 criterias, and not people advice.
This desision is hard to take, but for some children, this is the best decision, because this is the sex, structural sex of brain (certainly, no media said this to us, because their agenda is the one of the NWO lobbies, but brain have a sex, not a gender, and this structural sex can be inverted before birth…. What could you do as parent or doctor if this linear life condition appends?

I’ve been following this discussion and kept wondering what the hell are “purity blockers” just to find out you are talking about PUBERTY blockers. I would call them “Purity extenders” as they delay entering adulthood by the phisiological mechanism of puberty.

Random paranoid question: Would pedos be attracted to a 17/18 y/o that has not gone through puberty by means of blockers?? If yes, that would be a “genius” legal way to get their kicks.

When i was a kid i wanted to be a jew. so i started reading the talmud and eventually started screwing every gentile over , shekels baby!

what are you, some kind of mermaidophobe?

and a delusion is a delusion.

When I was a kid i dreamed of being Michael Jackson. He was real person. I wasn’t given a billion dollars and skin bleaching cream. How does it make it any different just because you long to be another human being rather being the person you already are?

Nothing to do with the discussion. This is a medical condition, sexuation dysphoria, and, in one rare case to 50.000 birth, a biological condition , brain sex inverted, so justify the purity blockers, and then hormons and surgery. So nothing to do with your psychopathia, if true!

f*****g bullshit. And that goes for the so-called scientific proof behind this ridiculous theory too

Seriously ? you are obviously brainwshed too. I quote you : “Society has determined what is masculine and what is feminine”. So much bullshit in this sentence. It isnt society who defined masculinity and feminity, it is NATURE. The nature give unique hormones dosage that are different for men and women.And believe it or not, hormones are already secreted before puberty but in far smaller doses. A boy is a boy since its birth. Its nature way. Testosterone make men strong and protectors of their tribes. Oestrogen and progesterone make women full of empathy and love. It is NATURE and not MAN MADE.

Nope – recent research shows that most of these differences you quote are not biology but social norm. Be careful, because with statements like yours you justify things like girls not studying science “because they are not so good at maths” or boys not being nurses because “women are born naturally to care for others, but not men”. Many people are already tired of that discourse. Being a man or a woman is just about the physiological reality of the sex organs and not about personality traits or the roles that they should assume based on those traits.

Could you provide reference links for the “recent research” that you mentioned?

And, by the way, women not studying physics or math has nothing to do with them not being good at it. It’s because they are usually more interested in other fields. Hormonal balance DOES impact our behavior, like it or not. And there are MANY studies that prove men and women perceive things differently. And no, that is not because of a social construct, it is mainly because of biology.

Are you referring to pms/period-related-‘difficultness’ (how to put That a bit female-friendly?) What about those oh so easy to trigger testosteronies/males? Not even periodic, but a la minute. But, the triggers are mentally, so that’s cultural, I guess.

The issue is in how food effects us biologically. You eat nasty foods you’re going to have a hormonal imbalance. That means a girl is gonna look like a boy and vice versa. And they’re going to think that way and they will be inclined to emulate social patterns of their counterparts. Unless, of course, if they have proper guidance in life. Then they can be raised with traditional values (assuming they have some sense of culture) and understand the importance of community and their duty to their fellow brethren, as opposed to themselves and their individual desires.

Also, kids are going to inclined to think tha way when their selfish idiot parents use them as a method of virtue signaling to those around them as to how “tolerant” and “diverse” they are. Someday we’ll see the aftermath of kids whose lives were ruined simply by trying to please their parents.

Which foods cause boys to look like girls and vice-versa?

Lavender makes boys grow boobies and soy protein isolate can raise estrogen levels to the point where they outweigh testosterone. I am female and use to love bolthouse farms vanilla chai, until I realized it was making “auntie” overstay her welcome for up to three weeks. Sometimes she would come back a week later.

Actualy whe know that some chemical products you find in food can modify a few the brain sex before birth, as the mother eats or breathes hormonal disrupters . We eat hundreds or thousands of chemical components. On rat, 50 years ago, this was still knowed how invert brain sex, in the short window, when brain is growing… we know from a few years that it is the same for human brain (before birth essentialy)…. so…

I love science and math. I have a degree in electronic engineering and teach electronics and radar theory for the Army. My interests are part of my “nature”. There are very few women in my field because girls are not encouraged to excel in math or science. That is due to social conditioning, not nature. My daughter loves science and I encourage her to participate in the STEM program. You need to break that conditioned thinking!

Girls can encourage themselves in STEM education, or any education for that matter. Nobody ever encouraged or discouraged me in anything, mainly because I wouldn’t have listened anyway. I decided what I wanted and I went after it. Nobody ever needed to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, or what was best for me. And now I’m a scientist with patents. Some people are just born to do a thing.

When I was little, when people actually had sets of encyclopedias printed on paper in their houses, I found the section of Differential Equations, and read and reread that section maybe hundreds of times, at first sounding out the words, then later actually understanding it. Kind of funny, huh? I was born a nerd, LOL!

Yes, see hypermasculinisation in autism spectrum, Simon Baron-Cohen work

seriously, it annoys the s**t out of me to see all these women pretending that they are strong independent women, and then blaming the lack of women in STEM on “societal pressure” as if women are too weak to overcome adversity and make a decision for themselves without the consensus of society. So f*****g what if women arent actively cheerlead into being engineers? if women are as independent as they say they are that shouldnt matter to them at all…

People self-select college majors and careers. Girls are more interested and better at reading and writing than boys, who are more interested and better at in math and science. This, of course, is a generalization with exceptions such as your daughter and yourself. As a teacher for many years, the daughter of a teacher, and the wife of a teacher, with advanced degrees in education, I can tell you that “encouragement” will not change the interests — It may encourage the student to try the new things, but the preferences will stay the same (usually, they have not tried the new things, because those subjects hold no interest for them.)

If students were that changed by a teacher or parent’s “encouragement,” it would be a much less frustrating world. But if we do not condescend to them, we see that they choose their own interests.

As you love science, I think you will be interested to see Simon Baron-cohen autism researh center in Cambrige and the complete work of his scientific, neurologic, team. I let you finding why . Brain sex can be reversed, so much that it can be the other at birth.

you are delusional. There is a concerted, nationwide effort at every level of education to encourage girls to pursue STEM, and guess what? it isn’t working, because women generally aren’t interested in those subjects. No one is saying women shouldnt be allowed in STEM, so don’t act like you’re a martyr for being an engineer. Just because some women are passionate about those subjects doesn’t change the reality about the majority of women, anymore than there being some male daycare owners means all men are interested in babysitting all day.

As an educator, and a female gifted in mathematics, I have seen, all too often, another reason why females are less likely to excel in STEM fields. It is this: excellence in science and math requires a lot of time dedicated to concentrated study, and women are often not allowed this time. When a female is engrossed in study, she is often called aside to tend to her family’s needs — clean the house, cook, tend the sick, take care of errands and family business, etc. Her academic aspirations take a back seat to these demands. However, when a male is engrossed in study, his family respects his study and his privacy, and often sacrifices their other wants and needs to make sure he has the time and space to advance in his academic goals. (This is a pattern, though not absolute, so there may be individual exceptions here and… Read more »

And boys are called aside to mow the lawn, walk the dog, help dad change the oil in the cars, pull weeds, wash and wax the car, and so on. No free rides for anyone.

In my family, I was supposed to help cook, one of my brothers was supposed to mow and trim. I hated my job, he hated his, so we switched. Neither mom or dad cared, so long as somebody got the stuff done. Turns out that I still hate to cook to this day, but my brother loves it. That was his thing, I guess.

This makes one wonder what culture the poster lives in. In most of Western civilization, the attitude that girls must do the housework while boys study is looked at as a backwards idea.

American women nowadays don’t cook, clean or really do anything. I have had to pick up the slack or every woman ive ever dated. Basically, it is now considered ‘sexist’ to expect a woman to get off her ass.

This is very true, and I’m a woman. But I cook and clean and stay at home with my kids. It’s what I and my husband want. The only people that have ever been hateful and nasty to me about it are other women. Many look down on me and women like me, so from my experience the whole “women can do whatever they want!” propaganda is just propaganda to get women to work. Which is fine if that’s what you want, even women back in the old days still worked if they wanted. My grandmother born in 1918 worked outside the home. It wasn’t like women were chained to the stove and enslaved to men! Personally, I hated working and am glad I don’t have to do it any longer. Other people may feel differently, and I don’t insult or belittle their choices despite not sharing them. Unfortunately that… Read more »

You need to ask yourself why they are usually interested in other fields. That might show the way to a topic in the right direction,mid you are unaware of where this research would be found.

Biology, and brain structure at birth, this is due to the sex of the brain: You are true, brain have one sex and you can’t change this: If you are a woman and proud to be this one, you were birth a little girl: But, this is exacly as the very rare condition of brain sexuation dysphoria, these children (few of them) experiment: For example, born girl with the appearence of an intersex or normal body (because some intersex children experiment the same way if, when born, bad body was on the birth declaration). This is a medical condition, however, not a people discussion.

it is SO refreshing to hear a woman acknowledge that. Modern day feminists act like acknowledging ANY kind of inherent differences between the sex is akin to advocating for enslaving women. It is an absurd denial of reality that I cannot fathom.

If you think it’s bad for men when they point out reality, think of how bad it is for women that do it! Women loathe women that don’t or won’t conform to whatever the prevailing and current trend is. Unfortunately that trend now is denying reality. But I always say “you can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. People apparently have to learn this the hard way. What a shame for all the children that will be messed up. And here I thought my generation was bad already, I fear it can only get worse!! And sometimes I feel like an alien because I have literally nothing in common with most people, who appear to be greedy and materialistic and will sell out their family, faith, culture and heritage to fit in or make a buck. Disgusting what people are nowadays.

Careful with the potential Straw Man argument. Just stick with what Jack actually said instead of the slippery slope.

Not social norm. Let’s see the “research” you quote, who did the “research”, who paid for it, and experimental design.

I’m a woman with degrees in math, chemistry and engineering that I got 32 years ago. Nobody stopped me then, aand nobody tries to hold me back now in my scientific positions. Your “research” is bogus and biased, by people who have an agenda.

People don’t get how science works because they don’t understand how community works. So there’s a scientist. And he has friends. And his friends and family rely on him to figure s**t out while they do what they decided to dedicate their lives too. And then their are rich people with agendas that can use money to corrupt said scientist. And voila! “Science” is bullshit sponsored by an “intellectual”. This is considered magick in the occult. Connecting two seemingly unconnected things. And everyone is none the wiser.

yes, this is true for now, some of the scientis are paid to make false research, this is knowed by publischers of science work. But in this case you can compare ancients researchs, or research on animal brain, or some states researchs made in a free philosophy of what science should be. I did this, and brain sex is easy to demonstrate. In Australia, these childs are treated by doctors who show to justice and family, and students, that this is a biological condition before birth.

The research I see cited around suspiciously doesn’t focus on the situation of guevedoces, children with some extraordinary development issue which makes them transition into males at 12.
They are believed to be girls, so get treated as girls. Yet, they rebel against it. If it was all about social norm, that would not happen and they would have a crisis instead of a liberation. This should be considered one of the most unbiased case to examine.

Yes, true , Kjnhinuj. Those who are linear, because of their inverted brain sexuation are in a liberation permanent state, when they are allowed by doctors to be themselves. But only those who have a true inverted brain sex. In other case this is a gender identitiy psychological disorder, so, when allowed, their crisis is still the comon fact that may make the decision to not give them the purity blockers. The one who have an inverted brain sex, and identity corelates, are truly saved by purity blockers, if not, too hard to live in a body wich is not your’s, so, 35% of suicide, or 40% of self-harm (auto-surgery-trying!) (statistics from Australia at royal children hospital of Melbourne) They know, we know, that this is for their entierly life, but the result is they are alive!

Then why do ones that have had the surgery still have a high suicide rate? Perhaps because they are mentally ill, and not actually trans?

Sorry, but perhaps they’re not teaching biology in schools anymore. Males and females are different — one has XX chromosomes; one has XY. It is not the sex organs and it is not a “social norm.” It is science. Why are so many on the left anti-science?

Vladdy. One has xxy or xx/xy, some have xx working as xy, others has xy working as xx, that’s also true. When the brain is being built, enzymes and genes expression play the most important role for brain sexuation and aspect of the external sex. There’s one hundred sorts of biological sexuation. Brain of all of us is first female, on males fetuses it becomes male, on female fetuses, it becomes female. And reality is more and more complicated! So this birth-condition with brain inverted in his sex, realy exist, and concerns a birth to 50.000. But, the hidden satanic agenda wants to lie about all this.

literally every comment you’ve made is one hundred percent drivel, do us all a favor and go comment somewhere else.

Girls generally are not as good in math as boys, that is a fact. It in no way means that a girl can’t pursue a career that uses higher math. It simply means that you’re going to find more men than women in those fields.

Is that why a bull is so much like a steer?

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Torn on this one!

Actually, societal practices would give people the greater propensity to believe that girls should not be studying science. I, myself, have never felt the necessity to avoid science , and especially math, because of what I am biologically oriented to do, but rather because of the way that people behave towards females studying those subjects. I never grew up believing that I could not handle math because I would have the opportunity to be with child after the onset of puberty, but rather because people looked at me strangely when I would become jovial about those subjects and negated the idea that I could actually be satiated by them. Surely, you could argue that this is a predicament stemming from the desire to instill biological belief in today’s youth, but that would be vastly erroneous. Societal values themselves due stem from biological beliefs, but they do not have to– which… Read more »

No, biology is a strong origin for brain sex before birth, and then for sexuation identity as Male or female, this is the core, identity is the flesh, and the social gender is only a skin. In a rare birth condition brain sex can be inverted, this is neurological, and proved by searchers. Some of these children are in this case.

Guess what? there is a biological basis for why more men take an interest in math and science than women, and why more women pursue nursing than men. Men are more interested in problem solving, or in systems and how they operate, as opposed to people and social networks and how they operate. Women are more prone to nurturing and empathizing, which is why they gravitate towards nursing over being a diesel mechanic. The argument is not that no women are capable of being good at math and science, but it is a fact that women in general are less interested in math and science as a career field than men are. and there is nothing wrong with that.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Societal-defined gender roles are indeed based on hormones and biology; however, they are not as rigid as you suggest. Also, many traditional societies have defined roles for people who do not fit the usual binary models.

Please look into other societies and cultures and you may find out about peoples who have defined gender roles differently than a person of Western culture might expect. Some of these peoples are extant traditional peoples who have lived the same way for thousands of generations. Surviving remnants of these peoples remain in out-of-the-way places in the world where the influence of Western civilization has, for the most part, left them at peace to maintain their traditional cultures. Others are extinct or assimilated, yet reliable records remain of their traditional ways.

“left at peace” too often means acceptance of slavery and child soldiers.

Stop with the role question, this is partly a psychological condition gender dysphoria (DSM5) and partly a biological condition, neuronal brain sex is inverted before birth, this is a linear condition in entierly life. Generaly parents becomes to see this condition at age 3, so this is not society. Identity is sexed by sex brain at first, so the role part of the parents is quite only what is the skin on the core and flesh. Other tips are ideology.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to answer the ongoing ‘nature versus nurture’ debate here but nice try

Male and female areally not the same as masculine and feminine. The former is nature, the latter is assigned by society.

I agree

You remind me of the movie “kick ass 2” when the girl is acting tough but then she sees the video of the guys and the slow music comes on. Instaneous realignment of priorities.

LOL! Yeah, pretty much!

Yes, this is an example of the cultural influences telling males, and females, what behavior is expected and acceptable.

No, it’s an example of how hormones work in normal people. It’s biological.

I upvoted!

No its a movie. And it’s making a funny scene based off of real events. This actually happens in the natural world as opposed to the decision to change your gender. Aka mutilate your body.

Movies are lying. Reality is different, and to discuss reality, juste see reality. Read every of what I say that are realities. But you are true that the NWO have an agenda, satanic agenda, to makes us slaves, and kill family desire for having children.


There’s a difference between wanting to be a boy and knowing that you are a boy.

I always describe myself as a male mind in a female body. I have a cousin though that always claimed that she was actually a boy. She swore up and down that she was a boy. She grew up and married another girl. But she grew out of thinking that she was a boy. So I agree with giving them time to grow up and then decide.

Please, define “being a boy”… And while you’re at it, define “feeling like a woman”.

Society and culture doesn’t determine masculine and feminine, hormones do, which is why you changed at puberty.

Transexualism is a mental illness. And IT IS likely caused by society and culture, along with breathtakingly incompetent parenting.

What are you referring to when you say masculine and feminine?

Christina, See upside for more. This is common that some girls want to be a boy, neuronal brain can be partly structuraly inverted in his sex, this is more and more common due to factors partly unknowed in prénatal growing. But this can also be a psychologic and normal phase. But in some rare case (one for 50.000 birth) this is not a phase, this is a structural condition of the brain, wich is neuronal sex inverted, that we can call sexuation dysphoria, medical condition, (DSM5: Sex dysphoria/gender dysphoria, not nurtur, but Nature, this is important to say!

why can’t boys wear pink dresses? for the same reason they dont need hormones or sex changes. It’s a blurring of reality and people are more fake than ever now. Why don’t parents teach them a boy wearing a dress is wrong? because IT IS WRONG whether you want to believe it or not.

Some of the sickest minds in the world. Remember, none of this could happen without adults funding and producing this filth. Ask yourself if you know anyone in your daily life who agrees with this.

As for the stick figure “parents” pushing this, they finally have their trophy child to show off how “open-minded” and “tolerant” they are. This can not and will not go on forever…

I’ve met people that agree with it. It’s funny they all seem to be so much alike. It’s like they put on a uniform. They’re all ignorant, uninformed, overeducated, oversocialized, oversexualized “liberals”. And I put that in quotations because they are actually some of the most closed-minded people I’ve ever met. They pretend to be open to ensure them the chance to play the moralist so they can pull on your strings and get you to pay attention. They are simply cowards with no good intentions.

I can think of much sicker minds. People who want to solve problems with more guns, more torture, more violence. People who want to de-humanize and demonize their fellow humans. People who believe that “he who dies with the most toys wins.” And people who think the Golden Rule only applies to people who look like them and think like them. I know a few people in my daily life who agree with letting a transgender child be who they are. I’ve known transgender people, they say they knew from a very early age that their gender (internal sense of being) did not match their sex (biological configuration.) They say it’s painful, kind of like having to wear ill-fitted shoes day in and day out, for life. Only a lot worse, because the pinching and blisters and pain are not in their feet, where it can sometimes be ignored; the… Read more »

How can you possibly compare surgically altering a human being’s biology to changing a pair of shoes? You are MAD.

Granted, it’s not a perfect analogy. But it’s the closest most people can come to understanding the pain of having a body that does not match one’s soul.

That is the dumbest argument ever! You claim on the one hand that what’s in your head somehow trumps the biological reality, that the biological reality doesn’t really matter, but then the only “fix” for this is to change the biological reality? As if it is some sort of torture someone has to live through? Give me a break!!!! I have a cure for this: STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR SO MUCH AND FOCUSING ON THE SELF AND GO DO SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR LIFE!!

Again, well f*cking said, “ginger”. Couldn’t agree more.

A weak analogy is one of the “many” logical fallacies…

Jpinkney, perhaps people would be more inclined to listen to your points if you acknowledged (or appeared to understand) that VC’s main point is the normalisation and trivialisation of gender reassignment aimed at an impressionable, very young audience.

Yep, I’m full of hate for people who want to put kids on dangerous hormones and hormone blockers for the current SJW “virtue signaling” fad when 97% or more of “gender confused” children get over it without intervention.

As for not liking your body – so do a lot of people – get over it and stop self-obsessing.

I hated my body. Never took my shirt off in public. Now I’m in ridiculous shape. Because I hated myself and realized the true reason for that rather than listen to some jackal doctor.

Yes but dont put on their head all the misery of that society!
Some parent I know of a such child, said me: We must be easy with all that, not so complicated. Medical issue, Parents issue, supporting our Child, telling how this is a prénatal biological condition, not a such complicated society theory, not depending of parenthood, advice of people, or philosophy from doctors, or an awfull agenda (agenda is true, this is an awfull nigthmare at this time…but also for these parents!

How can children know what sex they are if they don’t know about sex???? This is just so that p********s can start having sex with children because they “know what sex they are”!!!!! Soon it will be ok to have sex with kids because they are ready.

you should definitely learn the difference between sexuality and gender

Once again, if sex and gender are NOT the same in any way, shape or form, there should be NO NEED to change one’s sex to “match” one’s gender. This whole transgender thing is a fraud based on gender stereotyping.

Ginger: you are lightyears ahead of the crowd.

Well f*cking said.

Well f*cking said, “ginger”.

Exactly. It’s progression or evolution as they put it. The river is flowing in a certain direction and it leads to chaos.

They know if they are boys or girl, that’s identity, and this identity coming for most girls before age 3 and for boys before age 4. Nothing to do with having sex or what you say, this is “who I am”, they say.
They know that, and they says it clearly one day, and partly because they identify to the same sex parent, only by words, feeling, and certainly not knowing sex anatomy, this is unusefull. “I’m mama because mama is the same of me. Mumy is a girl so I’m a girl, sure” we think together” “Dad is a stranger, boys are strangers for me”

Second part: Yes, you are true the agenda has the project to keep sex ready kids since 10 with their ONU sexuality right! find out more!

Do not forget the occult origins of this heretical phenomenon. It is anti-children, anti-family, anti-culture, and anti-Christ. A child responds to 1000’s of cues, cultural foundation, learning, self-awareness, growth, and reinforcement. In the majority of these deeply unsettling cases, the perpetrator of this crime against a little boy or little girl, is their own Mother. Consider this. Do not forget: what becomes of the child or teen’s body itself, the mind, the cognition, the child’s emotional, psychological, and intellectual development? What happens 10, 20, years from now? Immune disorders, imbalance, hormonal disorders, cancers, drug-addiction, alcoholism, suicide? Deception is an overwhelming aspect of this ruse. The joke, however evil it is, is being played on children and deluded, imbecile parents. The parents are quite simply change agents for the new global order of madness. READ history, esoteric history, and apply it to today.

Halloween III Season of the Witch. “Happy Happy Halloween…….Halloween…..Halloween….Happy Happy Halloween…..SILVER SHAMROCK”. Yes, the joke really is on the children and parents. This is devilry. Pure devilry.

Robert, ok with you on this agenda aspect: a nightmare.
But, biological invert of the sexe brain realy exist as a neuronal contition at birth and for life.
Nothing to meet with that awfull agenda amalgamating these kids to a satanic project from the NWO.

I was totally and utterly lost for words when I read this article especially because I live in the uk and this is the first I’m hearing of this show. No demonstrations, no boycotts…… nothing .
If any of you were ever in doubt about the state of the world and where we are heading surely it should be clear that history as we know it is about to end.
very abruptly

Well, I’m sure there will be lots of anger by this, from many people, but you can guarantee that most print media, online versions’ forums, will have moderators, hard at work, deleting any negative comments about the show. Give the Daily Mail, their due, the overwhelming number of people who commented were utterly disgusted by the show and rightly show. However….. Overall, the people in the UK have happily accepted the brainwashing and heavy indoctrination, courtesy of the incredibly controlled msm and academia, since the end of the war, so much so, that if you were to tell them that the moon is made of cream cheese, they would eventually believe it so. Tell a lie, over and over again and people eventually accept it as truth. Look at reality here: 1. They said that the homosexual nightclub shooting was done by an angry Muslim. 2. They said that the… Read more »

All this is a consequence of the NWO’s unelected global government project, because while you are debating some poor children who have only been themselves, their plan is to suppress democracy and reduce the world population of the two Thirds: for it they need sheep who prefer their lies to the cruel truth!

If transgender people are a sign that the end is near, why has India survived so long with Hijrahs in their midst for centuries or more?

These kids are nothing, and have nothing to do with some end.
Hijahs have nothing to do with these kids.
So let these kids alone.
Read my comments!

You should also pay close attention to “Islam: The Religion of Peace” which is currently taking over your country friend. I mean…just google the Khan of Londonistan…

I’m not surprised. Neurolinguistic programming was developed by the CIA under the mind control programs. The Tavistock Institute was heavily involved in programming (including the Beatles). Alfred Kinsey (p*******e and sex researcher) and the Kinsey Institute are behind the transgender agenda. One of their main objectives is to confuse and control. Another main objective is population control. These children that are receiving sex changes will not be able to procreate without additional help. This makes the eugenicists richer and able to control who can reproduce.

Also, the BBC is full of p********s who were part of the Jimmy Saville network.

omg p********a has nothing to do with allowing people to be themselves. p********s are interested in youth and frequently do not care what gender their victims are

You’re not fully aware of the agenda. They are soft-selling the public into accepting more and more. And yes, their next argument will be that p********s should be allowed to “be themselves”. I don’t agree with oppressing someone because they are transgender. But I believe there are different ways to go about treating them. It is a form of body dysmorphia and can be treated and accepted. But giving a child life-altering drugs at such a young age instead of counseling to treat the disorder and just accepting them as being different is such an extreme violation of the child’s rights.

This is a biological birth condition. See my comments. So, in this case, theses children will never change their brain sex, sexed identity and mind. this becoming at birthe, so no-way to treat them in an other way than help and accept that they are not to young for adult decide to help them: School life is no drug treatment and only at purity, they receive a reversible treatment, then they are 16 years old to give their advice to the doctors who ave the team who decide….So, I studied this, one birth to 50.000, not too much for speaking in public of these children….. And a biological condition, it is the truth, certified on twins , animal from 60 years, human from 6-8 years RMI studies, post-mortem studies…etc…. But agenda dont want this to be told, lgb… dont want this to be told, NWO major medias, dont want this… Read more »

Let’s not forget the hundreds of coworkers at various levels who KNEW about it or even saw it and did nothing.

I was just thinking how funny that the NHS Clinic in London is called the ‘Tavistock’ Centre

Yes! With the publicity, more and more boys and girls will come for nothing: This is a serius center, with a medical and psychological ‘protocole’ and will show that most children who will come in this clinic are just in trouble. Chidren with the biological brain invert condition are only one to 50.000 birth, but they will be huried by such people.
This is their fault, they don’t want to say the truth because they receive money from the NWO, via fondations, and they are afraid to say all this. Anyway, if they speak, no media will interview them!..
But don’t laugh against those kid, nothing funny.

Trans person hurted by blinded heart

The only transgender agenda is to stay alive and not be killed by haters who dont know and do not undertund about gender, biology and psicology.

Well YOU obviously don’t know about biology. You are AGAINST nature by blocking the way nature choose who you are. And stop whining, you already are in the mainstream. Why do you still continue whining ? And please, stop using words like love and tolerance, because we know people like you are only sexual perverts and you are totally intolerant about people who are not sexual perverts like you.

Its actually quite easy to stay alive. You just do nothing and you will live. It takes a conscious action on your part to die. Don’t do it. Choose life. What does it matter what others think? Do not limit your view of yourself through the narrow gaze of others. They have no power over you. Only you have power over you. Be whoever you want. You can be a boy in a dress. Or a girl who looks like a dude. You don’t have to cut your bits off. You don’t need to fit into others molds. Can’t you see you ate perfect as you are? The transgender idiology is narrowing gender not widening it. It’s ideology is forcing people to fit into their boxes. They Say you must ‘pass’. It’s the reverse of what people think. They impose this ideology. There is no need to transition. Just be… Read more »
“Its actually quite easy to stay alive. You just do nothing and you will live.” This may appear to be true if you are fortunate enough to be in a societal role that is favored. (Even then it’s not true; if you do nothing you will still die. You still need to obtain food, shelter, etc,) If you’re not so fortunate, you may experience life as a struggle. You may be a woman or child in a war zone, pressed into service, or raped, or killed. You may be a person in a poverty situation, with clean water and sufficient food not always available. You may be a person with a visible disability in a place with limited resources, shunned, and forced to scoot about on a piece of cardboard and beg on the streets. You may be a member of an ethnic minority, killed in a horrendous manner without… Read more »

Cris, I like your generally positive message, but I think it’s also somewhat patronising to tell someone with gender dysphoria that they’re “perfect the way they are”. I think the “do nothing and you will live” part is also condescending, because dysphoria and the feeling of being trapped in a body which feels wrong can and often does lead to suicidal thoughts. A lot more effort is required to get through this than just “do[ing] nothing”.

Other need to change… Did you studies the NWO agenda and the lobbies to whoom he gives money and money? No, certainly, because he makes you hating ‘the other that need to change’ without understanding that this is not peoples the issue. There is an other reality: These kids are hostage of NWO, medias, to diffuse their agenda, disrupting society, families, maternity.
Before opening the mind, must open the eyes and see. why is this a war?

This is always simple to say: “Be yourself”, but a society dont work as “everyone do the whatever you want or dream” You must understand others that dont think as you, understand what is the truth, what is possible, the WHAT to say. So, ok I’m myself, but I speak and explain, I’m able to uderstand that society works with undertanding one for others.

Biology first, then psychology.
Of course, humans are diverse & there are rare graduated variants.
The problem is that it often can be manipulated into psycho-ology.
There are ideological fanatics, those wish to destroy the most common variants as being of no value, or denying their existence altogether, using minorities as politicised useful idiots.

“and do no undertund about gender, biology and psicology” – Friend…I think you’ve demonstrated how little YOU know about these subjects. To state that “haters” do not “understand”…and to assume that all those that do not agree with you…are ignorant. Just, wow, reading your posts on this forum have reinforced why I generally despise “other people” as a whole.

You despise “other people” as a whole? Let me guess, are you Christian? Or a member of any viable religion? Because Christianity, and most viable religions, do not regard hate as a virtue.

Jpinkney, here’s another example where you’ve missed the point of a post but responded anyway. Sorry, if I see your name again I’m not going to read your comment. I’m finding it frustrating watching you lecture others when you seem unable to listen or process an opinion different from your own. Conversation is a two way street.

Good point. Jpinkney sounds like a surgeon looking for clients.

How do you think we conquered the world? By letting the rabbits run the jungle? The predators protect the jungle from vermin who only consume and never create. Figure out how life works weasel.

trans person hurt by blinded heart, you are so right! when we are ourselves, we hurt no one. i honestly hope these haters can have a change of heart, and maybe get to the root of why they can’t be accepting of something that really doesn’t affect them at all

This affects children who are not old enough to make that kind of life changing decision.

And their classmates, the family, the neighbours, everybody, for the rest of their lives.

really? how old were you when you realized you were old enough to know who you were?

There is no definite answer to that and you know that as well as I do, Ralph.

When you fight to allow biological males into women’s safe spaces you are hurting women. When you fight to push children into surgery and hormone blockers you are hurting children. When you promote gender stereotypes as being “innate” and “in the brain” – as if girl’s can’t like math or toy trucks – you hurt everyone, male and female.

wow I never thought about that perspective- so spot on! In good old abnormal psych- this was considered “abnormal” just 20 years ago- the agenda is moving swiftly

Fun fact of the day: rapping is actually a form of neurolinguistic programming. And it’s being used to promote and advertise products to our youth. And those products are all european. Gucci, versace, LV, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Ferrari, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Rolex, etc. You look at who’s behind Universal Records. Vivendi. Look into their history.

No. the one who is behind all this, mind control, agenda, is the american NWO , the project for a world governement without vote or democracy: For that they need people hmmm… They need sheeps who prefer their lies to the cruel truth.
These childs are used by them, but they exist. This is a medical condition, for some this is a biological invert of brain sex before birth, so, actualy, they use some of these childs for their ideological project, but it is not true these children did it because of the NWO satanism.

Listen: pointing out evidence of this disturbing trend of sexualizing children does not make one “transphobic”!!! This issue goes far beyond “transphobia,” “homophobia” or any other current PC buzzword. Bottom line: Children should never be encouraged to make life-altering medical decisions just because the technology & drugs are available to placate their current whims!

Keep it natural, administering drugs is child abuse.

Do you think any kind of medical intervention for children is child abuse? Is it child abuse to administer vaccinations, to treat Type 1 diabetes, to treat childhood cancer. THere are some people who believe all of these things, so this is a serious question, not a mere rhetorical remark.

Does it hurt to kill some children, to save some others?

Yes, vaccinations ARE child abuse. And purposefully creating diseases by poisoning food and putting animal products and additives everywhere then treating said diseases with drugs and chemo instead of total lifestyle change and prevention IS child abuse, no, human abuse and, of course, animal abuse. Do yourself a favor and please go watch “Forks over knives” and “Earthlings”.

I love when folks point out that all these “phobia” words are mere buzzwords created to try to control others. My absolute favorite one though? Islamophobia. Because anyone who truly knows and understands this religion, knows that there is no tolerance, there is no acceptance. There is only, subjugation.

I studied with them. They are ridiculously smart but you’re right. They consider any other system of belief to be “idol worship”. As if mohammed isn’t a f*****g idol.

As an ex-muslim, I totally agree. Islamophobia is pure fiction.

Kids are not encouraged to take a décision wich is medical. Don’t see this show, see reality and read scientific works. This is not technology, the matter. This makes now about 18 years that children with this biological (or in most cases psychological condition) are treated in hospitals. Only the one who have the biological brain inverted condition received Purity blockers, since 18 years! (in the Netherlands) so what? (biological: one birth to 50.000) (psychological, years ago one to 18.000 , now ten time more perhaps! because of média and disturbing society The decision is the doctors diagnostic, and yes the child is listened, normal, no? Parents to, who are supporters of their child, normal no? But who are not encouraging their child?, they are afraid, for future. But their child know who he/she is, in biological condition, this will never change. Where is parent abuse when your child is… Read more »

Obviously, there is an agenda behind this, as Vigilant Citizen and others have been saying for some time now. This is about not letting children just be children anymore. They need to become small adults; they need to be hypersexualized and to start thinking about ‘identity’ in a completely unnatural way, far too early.

I expect we shall start seeing more and more of this, this agenda being pushed ever more blatantly. It won’t be long before children need to receive sex education in school as seven-year olds. The gender confusion and dilution agenda is in full swing now.

Everybody here should start talking to family and friends about these ideas that’s being nefariously implanted to make society as sick as possible to prevent this course from happening.

please learn the difference between sexuality and gender

Oh yes, I know all about the “difference” between sexuality and gender. Sex is fact, biology. “Gender” on the other hand, is a bunch of offensive, made-up stereotypes about males and females that belong back in the 1950s, stereotypes that if a boy happens to pick up a doll and plays with it, that must mean he is a she. Or that liking a certain type of color (pink vs. blue) means you are one “gender” or the other. “Gender” is a bunch of stereotypes. It is nonsense. It is offensive and regressive.

Thank you! I’m so happy to see someone who actually gets it.
Let me add that gender roles are responsible for many gay people out there.

Ok with that, Ginger. And do you know inertsex conditions?, do you know about brain neurological sex invert before birth?… All these are biological conditions, and all life you must live with this abnormal body in front of your proper sexed mind…. I don’t use gender , because brain and identity are not social, they are part of sexed structure of brain. indentity is part prenatal and part life family, not society. <gren monkeys, in a studie prefer cars if they are male or dolls if they are female… So, where are stereotypes in green monkeys!….

if you are confused, i’m sorry. ask annnny trans person, nonbinary person, heck any cis person, they are not confused.

What makes me sad, “Ralph,” is that you hated being a female so much you had to go through all of this nonsense to try to make yourself a man. You are not a man. You are a female with issues about being a female. Maybe you thought you’d be more powerful as a male, or taken more seriously, or that girls “aren’t allowed” to like “masculine” things, which is total nonsense. Or that being a female means you must like make-up. It’s stupid stereotyping, that’s what transgenderism is.

“ginger”, exactly! Let me add that transgenderism and sexism go hand-in-hand.
“ralph”, sorry but, screw you and your stupid urge to divide people into stupid categories. Ugh, the word “cis” makes me cringe every time.

Ok with you, ‘Anonyme’ these words divides and makes stupid wars so we must’nt answer.

And you, Ginger, are you a man? What makes you a man? Only your sex and his use? Animals have a sex… What is your human sex in you?… Ha, your mind, working with your brain!..;your identity, perhaps your soul, but…. As you speak in place to others…. You know ererything in others, this is fine.
But you dont know the sex of ralph, his mind sex, his brain sex, his identity sex, like yours!

You’re using the word “sex” with two different meanings, and conflating these as one. Also you’re confusing gender with sex. “Sex” may refer to one’s biological configuration. Also “sex” may refer to acts related to procreation. These are two different meanings. Of course one’s biological configuration has a lot of influences on one’s childhood experiences; this is obvious. Boys and girls have separate sports, restrooms, educational settings, manners of dress, toys, behavioral norms, etc. On the other hand, children are not usually concerned with acts related to procreation, and most people (including most advocates of gender-variant expression) would agree that this is a good thing. “Gender” refers to one’s internal sense of integrity / identity. Most people’s internal sense of integrity / identity matches their biological configuration. Moreover, most people lack the empathy to see that some people may have different life experiences and may experience pain in different ways.… Read more »

Pure evil. Why are we normalizing Munchhausen by Proxy?! Giving hormones to HALT PUBERTY?! How is this not illegal child abuse?!

People should stop watching TV! this is a crap like Kardashians and Hollywood music!

I don’t have a T.V. and I can’t remember the last time I watched one.

Quit TV about 15 years ago and never looked back. I hear about some of the programs shown on mainstream TV now and just shake my head. I’ll catch the occasional sci-fi movie, but even those now are becoming filled with propaganda and “programming”. (Thanks VC for pointing some of those out for me!)

I don’t own a TV and have not owned one in years. But I do have empathy for everyone, even those different from me. Don’t see how the two relate.

Really?! Do you have empathy for, say, other animal species? Because if you pretend so, then maybe you should educate yourself on all the cruel, repugnant and unnecessary drug tests that are inflicted upon innocent, sentient beings just so you and some other spoiled little special snowflake could mutilate their body in order to make a point.

Yess! crassssch the TV ! Stop watching for saving you proper family life!
I’ve no TV for years now, chance for me!

Of course I would give my child powerful drugs that change their sexual gender, because at the age of 6 years old, I fully trust my child’s sense of judgement and maturity level to make such a decision.

Let them drive a high performance car too, as at least you don’t permanently affect their innocent plastic minds & mutilate their innate biology, the very essence that makes them unique human beings.

The drugs do not change a child’s gender. They delay puberty in a child who is experiencing gender dysphora, until the child is an adult, and old enough to make a more permanent decision.

just, this is not a decision, this is his entirely mind, and when this is biological at birth, you will just be a supportive parent!

What a scary world, we are living. Dark ages are coming, we are gonna back to roman empire and its pervert sexual practices …. in worse. Seriously, people are so brainwashed nowadays, the elite isn’ even trying to hide their agenda. Seriously are people this dumb to let those sexual perverts rule our world and normalize their sexual perversion ???

Beyond disturbing…

Tell me about it. A little further up in this thread I got dozens of thumbs-downs because I said that people who want to solve all problems by torture and violence, and those who want to limit the Golden Rule to those who look and think like them, are sicker than those who would use modern medicine to help a child deal with body dysphora. And I even had the nerve to publicly state that Jesus said nothing about gender expression, but plenty about refraining from judging others and about having compassion for all! Last I checked I had 47 thumbs down for these remarks. 47 and counting. And now people are saying that the Jews are behind all our problems, and the Holocaust was a lie. And getting nods of approval. I’m starting to see the kind of mentality that flourishes here, and to realize that continuing this discussion… Read more »

This is what you are missing: YOU ARE NOT HEALING ANYONE BY PUTTING THEM ON SYNTHETIC HORMONES!!! You are turning that person into a GMO experiment. That is NOT healing. Sex change is butchery – it is the modern lobotomy.

Don’t you notice that we’ve been hearing a lot throughout media and such about the high rates of young people are into the whole transgender thing? I have nothing against transgenders but the fact of the matter that you tend to see ALOT of people who are more confused about their gender sexuality MORE THAN EVER esp at young age!

Sex transitioning is so natural but a tv series with make up artist and digital tricks had to employ a real female to look like a convincing trans boy. How unsurprising.


Good point.


there is a long and sad history of trans people not being in control of their own narratives. this is not an indictment on transness, but on the entertainment industry trying to make alll narratives more aesthetically synthetic

No one wants to point out the truth. The BBC is run by Jews. They’re the co-ethnics of Joe Slovo. When you point out the truth then the Useful Idiots scream: Racist! Bigot! Homophobe! Anti-Semite!

Political Correctness is a war on noticing. It’s all a Cohencidence goy. Don’t be an anti-Semite. Don’t notice. Just irrevocably damage your children through drugs. Good goy!

Well said. I’m sorry to admit this but the jews are behind every single problem that’s facing us today. Fact. And no, I don’t just mean “zionists”, I really do mean the jews. Even the holocaust was a lie. Everyone should check out a documentary on YouTube called “The Greatest Story Never Told”, and also a video by Eric Dubay called “Adolf Hitler vs. the JEW world order”.

“the jews are behind every single problem that’s facing us today” do you not realize how stupid this statement is? I’m amazed that you have upvotes and at the same time scared that some people have the same line of thought as you. In recent years this site has been filled with extremists and bigots, Intelligent conversation no longer happens in the comment section, it has become a place where people come to manifest their utter ignorance by yelling “MASS MEDIA IS WRONG MAY JESUS SAVE US, THEY DESERVE HELL!!!!111!” and defend stupid ideas like the holocaust is fake. It is very dissapointing that vigilant citizen attracts this kind of braindead people instead of the knowledge seeking ones that it used to. Now every time I hover at the comment section I just cringe at all the people calling everything and everyone brainwashed when they are the ones who clearly… Read more »
Tell me about it. A little further up in this thread I got dozens of thumbs-downs because I said that people who want to solve all problems by torture and violence, and those who want to limit the Golden Rule to those who look and think like them, are sicker than those who would use modern medicine to help a child deal with body dysphora. And I even had the nerve to publicly state that Jesus said nothing about gender expression, but plenty about refraining from judging others and about having compassion for all! Last I checked I had 47 thumbs down for these remarks. 47 and counting. And now people are saying that the Jews are behind all our problems, and the Holocaust was a lie. And getting nods of approval. I’m starting to see the kind of mentality that flourishes here, and to realize that continuing this discussion… Read more »

in my country it is forbidden BY LAW to say the holocaust is a lie.
that means it must be true, right? 😉

To “Victor”, you made me laugh with your ignorant, stereotypical assumptions about me. Just because I happen to disagree with body mutilation, oh, sorry, I mean transgenderism, and just recause I think the holocaust is a lie, it doesn’t make me a close-minded bigot, not does it make me a christian. In fact, I’m an atheist, and I’m very anti-religion at that. I’m also an animals’ right activist, a vegan, a women’s right activist, and an asexual whose homo-romantic, so I do live my life outside the f*cking box you’ve just dared put me into, and I know very much what descrimination is. I’m no bigot, I’m just not as stupid as you are to actually believe that Hitler was this super evil man who just happened to hate the jews, and that the poor jews were the innocent victims in the story. And me disliking them is no discrimination,… Read more »

Please do not narrow things down too far. There are a lot of non-jewish-people who want to play ”executioner” for money, like in the middle ages. They are everywhere! And some of them do not even need nosejobs to blend in.

Like the kid from game of thrones. Ramsey Snow. A lot of f*****s like that walking around unnoticed because they were raised in lalaland and they haven’t been tested. Yet.

Childhood and Children are under attack. This is a war.

It’s so ridiculous,when I was small I was a complete tomboy.Seeing this show I would’ve thought that I needed to be a boy.I grew out of that stage.Let them decided when they’re older if they still feel that way.

This is sick. Who is the intended audience of this show??? Oh that’s right, impressionable kids! Absolutely disgusting. ….So, I guess I’ll be taking away all media/entertainment from my own kids when they are old enough since it is openly weapon-ized and perverted now. This honestly makes me so angry….We have to protect our kids! I actually work in the inner city and I see how kids are affected by stuff they see in TV and this is going to majorly confuse them. I seriously hope that this “show” flops and that people complain about this indecent show so it’s cancelled. We cannot accept this!

This is way too sick for words. People LOST THEIR MINDS when Miley Cyrus was twerking etc. on tv which was frivolous and silly enough. But this is another dimension of sick. A little boy wanting to be a girl is now something that children can watch, the same age group of kids that don’t even know what the essential differences between their bodies are. And indeed, where are the Christian or SANE parents in this?? They should rally together and have this trash banned. But unfortunately, for kids whose babysitter is the telly, it might be too late to prevent exposure because once exposed, that seed of doubt and curiosity will always be there. Thanks for the article, VC

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Superman, but attempting to fly from the top of a business center probably would’ve killed me.

Love it, me too!

Kids? Really? As if the Bruce Jenner one was not enough, now they are after our kids? So now we are to raise our kids in a unisex fashion -they may just turn out to be either sex when they are nine. *eye roll* So will the drugs come in raspberry flavour and in mickey mouse packaging? *eye roll*

I know I’m not the first to say so, but it bears repeating: THIS IS CHILD ABUSE.

I’ve seen videos of old transgenders who regret their sex-change … it’s dangerous to encourage these individuals. I just tell them to think for themselves, and if any doubt crosses their minds they need to reconsider.

Just if they are doctors who makes the diagnostic, more and more wil not have treatment. But the ‘regretting’ persons are the one who doctors told them this was dangerous to do.

This is a national scandal and just as bad, it’s coming from the BBC which is 100% funded by the taxpayers. The BBC should be sued for child abuse and closed down and those at the top sent to prison for a very long time to protect innocent minds from their satanic agenda……
Of course the chances of that happening are slim as the BBC is a just a shill for the government.
May doesn’t have children but if she had I doubt if she would be happy about this program but then again, she’s just another politician………… so you never know……

good to see u back on serious topics vc. because there can nothing more serious than trying to create a literally retarded and disturbed human society. “Do we truly know the effects of such drugs on one’s developing body and brain chemistry.” we know at least something by now, thanks to scientific pioneers like KONRAD LORENZ who founded comparative ethology. if u want to learn something about your own behavior u should read his books. he found out decades ago about behavioral patterns, learned and inherent. and how they can go wrong when disturbances occur in early ages. no matter if animal or human if u are hindered in your development u will have psychological probs and always be behind the others. and thats what my personal conspiracy theory is here, as outlandish as it may seem: the dark forces behind the curtain are trying to create a new… Read more »

sick… and this is why I don’t watch anything from mainstream media

It is interesting, in that the Transgender Movement is wholly regressive and homophobic – an unexpected development. Aside from the chemical manipulation of children’s biology, this movement enforces a binary and rigid gender understanding. There is no discovery of the child’s natural identity, an assistance to the development of an individual’s essence. Instead, non-gender conforming children (tomboys, “sensitive” art kids in the Kurt Cobain model, children affected by media images, kids with their own, non-conforming interests) are seemingly rushed to begin altering their bodies and brains, to the delectation of “experts”. The whole thing is as uptight, judgemental and unpleasant as the blue/pink gender identity scheme from the 1950s, only this enforcement is coming from the “left”, the opposite side, fueled by pharmacology and plastic surgery. It is sick. Suffer the children.

That is a fantastic point, anonymous. And a new perspective that I’ve not heard before.

Indeed, the transgender movement is very sexist and anti-gay.

Watch out father of LIES you’re going down!

I am appalled by this. How can it be universal if most kids you speak to do not know what this is all about? They would only learn about it from this crap. They are confusing kids and planting seeds that have no business being planted!!!! Why not have a seperate channel with this type of programming so that those kids interested in it, can CHOOSE to watch. This is why I dont have TV.

Fu uckin bbc, get rid of whole corporation please.
paedos/scammers/abusers/savile/cliff richard etc..

I think that both the critics and the proponents of this have it all wrong.
“The blurring of the genders” should be a blurring of the unnecessary roles and identifiers forced on children (eg. I was pressured into wearing “feminine” clothes and getting my ears pierced when I did not like it) – it would be wonderful if the pressure of gendered expectations was erased.
I do, however think that human dimorphism should not be dismissed (neither should naturally occurring mutations a.k.a. intersex).
Trans advocates and allies rarely discuss the real and often dangerous consequences of blockers, surgery, and hormone treatment (for fear of giving transphobes further ammunition, I guess). This is harmful to trans youth, as many of them may later decide they don’t really want to transition. Detransitioners and transitioners who experience complications are often silenced and criticised by the very people who should be supporting them.

I am not qualified to comment on if or when someone should take hormone blocking drugs or transition genders, but I will say I think that making a show about a child transitioning is exploitative. A process that intimate should not be public, and should certainly not become a pop culture sound bite, with a brainless title gleaned from a pop song, a medical and psychological procedure reduced to entertainment. This child is going to be messed up. And just think about how many perverts will be attracted to this.


Its a sick agenda by the zionists who are aluminium oxide ionispheric spraying, feeding us with flouride, GMO herbicides/pesticides/registered pesticide corn, pharmaceuticals, hate, stress, emfs, autism and cancer. Its about reducing the population size, will to fight their corruption and profit from our stupidity and illness.

I got my weekly flyers in the mail today which included a “toys for xmas” flyer from walmart. On the barbie page they had little boys modeling playing with the barbies instead of a girl. Toys play a big role in kids at a young age, I was shocked to see boys instead of girls in the barbie section. This is further proof that they are trying to confuse children at a young age.

….Sign of the End Times. Its unbelievable how blatant they are being by trying to throw this whole ‘transgender movement’ in our faces.

The poor kid should have getting counseling, not hormones.

How about Transspecies?

I bet there are some poor suggestible souls who are convinced, or more likely will be by the MSM that they were born in the wrong species?

Can you imagine a placid personality wanting to be a dolphin, & being aided & abetted by the latest prosthetics, surgery & mind-bending wonder drugs.

The Satanists will be itching to get to those impressionable little kiddies…

Wait, shall we try and test the market first? Let them pretend first, wearing a furry suite and feel more comfortable then in jeans, around other people in various public places. Can’t wait for Man having operations to be a baby again, too. 😉 Or a clown.

In the next couple of years, classes will be full of transgender, gay, bisexual children. The MSM, liberals, progressives or whatever you call them, have been trying to convince us that gender is a social construct, trying to blur the lines between male and female. These people forget that our differences are the reason we have survived this long as a species, but they have this aggressive agenda and are taking it to kids.
It is always better to catch them young. I wonder if sports teams will be divided into male and female categories and other such things in future.
If the titanic sank in 2016 and they called for women and children to get on the boat first, all the men would be in luck, just say you identify as a woman or child and anyone that argues call them a bigot!

In the screenshot of the show above, where it shows the girl with the word “transgender” across it, anyone notice the peculiar picture hanging on the right side wall of her bedroom??? It looks like three people with a dog/puppet, but I can’t make out the faces of the people to figure out who they are. Sometimes the “background details” of these things are very telling and leave important clues. Very rarely are they random or insignificant.

“This last bit appears to be taken straight from a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) handbook. The goal: To confuse young minds about sex and gender. ” In the US, we have “I am Jazz,” which is not fiction. Jazz, a boy who believes himself to be a girl (and the whole family is going along with it), wants to date boys and actually said “boys don’t want to date girls in boys’ bodies.” Yeah, know why? Because girls in boys’ bodies are BOYS.

Why are people even discussing this usually i find comfort on vigilant citizen as i find people with a similar perspective as me, but i would never have expected vc readers to argue over this gender dysphoria child andangerment bs… This is so tragic, on so many levels… Man has meddled with food, and look what has happened. Epidemic disease, soil depletion, and honeybee collapse. Man has meddled with the family unit structure, and look what has happened. Abortions, broken homes, suicide, crime. Man now wants to meddle with biology. WHATS NEXT? Man is the cancer of the earth.

SIN is the cancer of the Earth. SIN, brought on my modern man’s unfathomable stupidity.

It’s like an epic war between good and evil… just only one side has actually been playing, because on one team they’re [almost] all IDIOTS.

No wonder we’re losing.

Given the saturation of our media with sexualised and (presumably) sexualising content, it’s hardly surprising that “gender dysphoria” is affecting more and more people, at younger and younger ages, including pre-pubescents. But we should be clear – whatever their age, this is a psychiatric disorder, and “treating” such mentally disordered people by encouraging their delusions (which is what they suffer from) will almost always be disastrous for them.

but what if they really are the opposite gender, inside? then you can see, by the way society stereotypes people on based on gender, why they would want to have a sex change

Interesting how all of this slowly evolved from the humble beginnings of breast surgeries and then moved on to other extreme plastic surgeries. Now we have reached gender choices in children 🙁

Mad World

DYING world.

British broadcastig can be just as confusing as this children’s show. There is an American cartoon about crystal jems who are all female an some having more masculine attributes as others. I knew something was immediately wrong when two if the gems “danced” to fuse and emotionally attached to each other and thought the obvious. I read that BBC had blocked one particular part of an episode of this ritual dancing because of secual undertones. Yet, influencing the minds of young children with actual depictions of a child who doesnt een know who he is yet becoming (biologically he will never be) is ok? This makes no sense.

Typical of the sick minds at the BBC

YOURE JUST A LITTLE KID OMG you’re still searching for your identity! i’m 19 already yet i’m still searching who i am before making huge changes. like even if you want to change your sex, at least wait until you’re past your puberty! before puberty your hormones are not mature yet, you’re still not stable yet–why are you even changing them.

i’m so frustrated that not many people (esp. parents) didn’t get this point -______-

The concept of things, all things, is blurred by spin and lies. Let’s keep education clear of propaganda, the kids with trouble about gender (yes they excist) should just know they can talk when needed – not force all kids to wonder about being a girl/boy at an age they really still do not know what a boy or girl is!? Puberty is something you can warn them for, without proppelling them to streetlevel hopelessness for bodychanging prescriptiondrugs from GlaxBayOrElse via the schoolnurses. Talk to your friends-with kids maybe about what an appropriate age is for sexual manipulation – then most will probably give you credit for being against these hormoneprograms for children. Then maybe they can see that it is an agenda, globally, and make the connection to other related stuff.. .. Like a fashion-festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, a while ago, with Fetishism as state-sponsored-theme, for all ages,… Read more »

Talk about attacking the children indirectly through this brainwashing program

Do you remember The Economist 2015 cover? On the left side there is a kid watching the flutist infamous to hypnotize children to follow him, if you look you can see near him a clownfish.
In zoology, the clownfish is known to be able to change sex from male to female naturally.
Coincidence? I think not

Wow I remember the cover but never noticed that or at least never knew what it meant.