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The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin’s Funeral



The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

The funeral of Aretha Franklin was a public event that was attended by a slew of celebrities such as Ariana Grande and the Clintons. And they made it weird. Here are some of the things that were wrong about the funeral.

Aretha Frankin was known as the Queen of Soul and the events surrounding her funeral were definitely fit for a queen. The 8-hours long service was streamed by several news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Word Network and BET. It was lead by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III and was addressed by Rev. Al Sharpton.  Among those who paid tribute to Aretha at the service were Ariana Grande, Bill Clinton, Faith Hill, Fantasia, The Clark Sisters, Ronald Isley, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Holliday, Jennifer Hudson, Shirley Caesar, Stevie Wonder, Eric Holder, Gladys Knight, Tyler Perry, Smokey Robinson, and Yolanda Adams. In short, it was a made-for-media event.

When I saw the picture of Franklin laying inside her casket, legs crossed, while wearing ruby-red 5-inch Christian Louboutin pumps, I sensed that the funeral would be … different.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Franklin laying in the casket.

During Franklin’s 4-day “farewell tour”, she wore 4 different outfits, complete with makeup, custom-made earrings and so forth.

At her funeral Bill Clinton even joked:

“I want to say, and I hope God will forgive me, I was so glad when I got here and the casket was still open, because I said, ‘I wonder what my friend’s got on today. I wanna see what the girl is carrying out.”

One can argue that Aretha would have approved of this funerary display based in style, fashion, and luxury. She lived as a diva so it is only normal that she would “depart” as a diva, right? I guess, I have no idea.

However, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have approved of the other incidents that occurred at her funeral and the mass media response to it. Here are some of the things that were just wrong with the funeral.

Using Her Death for Politics

During her funeral, a lot of people said a lot of things and even more people complained about the things that were said.

First, Trump’s tribute to Franklin featured the most Trump sentence ever:

“I knew her well – she worked for me on numerous occasions.”

A few speakers used this poorly worded sentence to turn their eulogy into an all-out political tirade.  Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown University professor said:

“Then this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leach, you dopey doppelgänger of deceit and deviance, you lethal liar, you dimwitted dictator, you foolish fascist. She [didn’t] work for you, she worked above you. She worked beyond you. Get your preposition right. Then he [has] the nerve to say he’s going to grab it. That’s not what Aretha Franklin said. I’m going to give you something that you can feel.”

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Michael Eric Dyson

Jesse Jackson, who ran for president as a Democrat in 1984 and 1988, also had a political message.

“We have long lines to celebrate death, and short lines for voting. Something is missing. If you leave here today and don’t register to vote, you’re dishonoring Aretha.”

Then, there was the 50 minutes-long eulogy by Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. It was long, fiery and contained strong opinions that were definitely not “politically correct”. As expected, it caused a lot of “ire and concern” in mass media.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Rev. Williams is a long-time friend of the Franklin family and was hand-picked to eulogize Aretha Franklin. Williams also preached during the service for Aretha’s father Rev. C.L. Franklin in 1984.

After speaking on Aretha Franklin’s life, Williams addressed a slew of issues that some found to be controversial. For instance, he talked about women not being able to raise men on their own.

“Where is your soul, black man? As I look in your house, there are no fathers in the home no more. Where is your soul?

Seventy percent of our households are led by our precious, proud, fine black women. But as proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are, one thing a black woman cannot do. A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man. She can’t do that. She can’t do that.”

As he railed against broken homes, Williams used the term “abortion after birth” to describe the situation of children being raised without a father or mother.

He then went on to explain the importance of having a household that is comprised of both a man and a woman.

“Anytime we stray away from God’s design for what the home is supposed to be, heavy will be our results.

God has told us what to do with our home. He designed the home. I mean God put in a home a man and a woman, a father and a mother. God put in the home a husband and a wife. A provider and a nurturer.”

He also added:

“The straights need to respect the gays. The gays need to respect the straights”.

He then took aim at the Black Lives Matter movement:

“It amazes me how it is that when the police kills one of us, we’re ready to protest march, destroy innocent property. We’re ready to loot, steal whatever we want. … But when we kill 100 of us, nobody says anything. Nobody does anything.

If you choose to ask me today — Do black lives matter? Let me answer like this. No. Black lives do not matter. Black lives will not matter. … Black lives should not matter. Black lives must not matter. Until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves, black lives can never matter.”

It did not take long before news articles and social media influencers bashed the eulogy.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Clearly, this old-school reverend ruffled some feathers. His eulogy was deemed “a disaster” and many questioned why he was chosen to speak. Well, the answer is: He was a close friend of the family. The real question is: Does every single media event now needs to be tainted with political debates and calls for censorship? I mean, it was a funeral.

Ariana Grande

Everything about Ariana Grande’s presence at the funeral was off-putting. It was as if it was scripted to derail the funeral and to make it “occult elite”.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Brushing with the elite.

First, it should be mentioned that Grande’s latest single is called God is Woman. The video is based on the rather blasphemous concept of her replacing God through sexuality – a reference to the occult concept of Sex Magick. Therefore, her being in the “House of God” for this service was already questionable.

Additionally, many found Grande’s dress inappropriate for the occasion as it broke the unofficial church rule of “below the knee”.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Ariana Grande performing “A Natural Woman”.

Smokey Robinson, who was at the funeral told TMZ about the dress:

“She’s a young woman and she’s doing her young thing, and I think it was inappropriate. I do.

I love her, I think she’s a great talent (but) somebody in her camp should have told her she was at a funeral and not let that happen. I don’t think she was trying to be disrespectful… It was just inappropriate.”

Once again, instead of celebrating Aretha Franklin’s life in the sacred context of a church, things turned into Hollywood weirdness. For instance, it did not take long before pictures and videos of Bill Clinton salivating over Ariana’s behind went viral.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

That facial expression.

Then, Ariana stood next to Bishop Charles Ellis III. After joking about her name sounding like an item at Taco Bell, the bishop held his arm around her and his fingers pressed against the side of her chest. He was quickly accused of groping Grande and this incident became the “highlight” of the religious service. The hashtag #RespectAriana became viral.

The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

The Bishop grabs Ariana while the words “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” are prominently on display.

The next day, Ellis apologized for “crossing the border” and added:

“The last thing I want to do is to be a distraction to this day. This is all about Aretha Franklin.”

Well, that’s what happened. This religious service, taking place inside a church, turned into a story of old men lusting over a pop star who is styled to look like a 14-year old girl.

In Conclusion

Aretha Franklin was the daughter of a preacher and grew up singing gospel songs. This aspect of her upbringing followed her throughout her life and, of course, it had to be reflected at her funeral. On the other hand, Franklin’s career truly took off when she began singing “secular” pop songs – a move that met her father’s disapproval. When she became the superstar, Franklin became rich and famous and brushed with the higher-ups of the music industry and the world elite.

The dualistic nature of her life and career were also present at her funeral as a traditionalist Baptist church service clashed with the “immorality” of Hollywood. The resulting product was a long, bizarre event laced with controversy.

While the funeral was for Aretha Franklin, they made it about Donald Trump, Ariana Grande, and divisive political debates. While church services are about the greatness of God, they made it about the sleaziness of men.

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The Many Things That Were Wrong With Aretha Franklin's Funeral

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Johnnie Walker Red

Wow, black Rev. Williams lays some truth down and is all but run out of the church. Bless you Rev. for speaking the truth, which will never be accepted by the sick, Satanic ilk that occupy the sewer known as Hollyweird.


What did Rev. Jasper Williams Jr say that was wrong? I am surprised Tariq nasheed didn’t call him a white supremacist.


Nothing. He said nothing wrong. The man is literally throwing those younger activists a life-raft and they won’t reach for it.

Marlon Dion Glenn

What he said was truth. In this generation, speaking truth is verboten. The preachers of today, most of them, are charlatans and hirelings. They have no interest in teaching the truth. If Jesus showed up one Sunday, they would throw him out!


Tariq is a fraud. He doesn’t know what he wants to be. He used to be a pimp, then an author, he wrote books on how to get white girls then he became an “activist” for black People. And now he’s a singer. Lol. What a joke.


Oh, okay I had no idea that, that was Tariq’s past. I’m not saying that you can’t be reformed but I see that he is a fence rider, looks like it’s time to unsubscribe from his YouTube channel.


His comments were epic, same thing goes for white families now, it’s all female raised, there is no hope. There can be no family without a father and a mother.


I just started getting into listening to Tariq partly because everyone talked sonbad about him that I was curious to see what the controversy was all about. Now he has me scratching my head because the Pastor Williams made some pertinent points.


Anything with the Clintons is dodgy! Wonder if will offer Ariana to fly the Lolita to Epstein island! Creeps ewww they make my skin crawl


Wow. Please grow up.


Who are you replying to?


She probably has when she was a minor. Shes been in the industry since she was a child. Who knows what those kids go through.The way bill looked at her its like hes had her before. Creepy. And the fact she dresses like a child… idk seems like shes a victim of sexual abuse and now likes the attention she gets for looking like a lil girl. She’s like the pied piper.. she lures little girls to follow in her footsteps.


“Respect Arianna.” What a joke when she wears the clothes of a s--t and performs like one, and is one.

God bless the old preacher, a man who was willing and brave enough to stand up and speak truthful things, which evil people cannot tolerate.

2 Kings 17:14-15 Notwithstanding they would not hear, but hardened their necks, like to the neck of their fathers, that did not believe in the Lord their God. 15 And they rejected his statutes, and his covenant that he made with their fathers, and his testimonies which he testified against them; and they followed vanity, and became vain, and went after the heathen that were round about them, concerning whom the Lord had charged them, that they should not do like them.


Wearing the clothes of a s--t is not an invitation for sexual assault. How about we discuss why the bishop thought it was okay to grope a woman without consent?


The bishop did NOT grope her! He held her a bit too tight but he’s personable with everyone he meets. The media blew the whole thing out of proportion! I know him & he’s a man of integrity not some sleaze off the street!


This is a very harsh view to take. Ariana like many before her is a mind control victim she is controlled. see Monarch slaves -MKUltra.


And she didn’t choose to let them program her? Come on. You can’t have things both way. And, killuminati, nobody says sexual assault is right for any reason (though I would hardly call a misplaced hand assault), but when a woman dresses and makes up in a certain way, whether you or she likes it or not, she is saying that she has no respect for herself and her body. Why should anybody else devoid of morals, respect her?


If you read about the torture they are put through, of course they did not choose that, thus the term mind control victims. A great irony is, these celebrity media idols that have reached the “top” are in reality enslaved pawns. Don’t hate on them, hate those preying on them and creating them.


Ariana freaks me out she looks like a little child, but too sexual


“wears the clothes of a s--t and performs like one”
i have to laugh at this


Well, having a world famous song about not caring about how awful someone is as long as she is being f*cked by him so hard that she could barely walk is kind of sluttish indeed.

Just A Guy

Which song is that? I’ve never cared for Grande. I’m not attracted to women who look like little girls, or better yet, little boys.


The song is called “side to side”


What song? Could you provide the name of the song for me please?


Clearly you haven’t got the memo…if you’ve been studying the occult or even been reading VC for a reasonable length of time, you’d know that these celebrities have no control over what they’re doing. they’re MK slaves.


Ariana Grande is a high-level slave to the Hollywood system and she doesn’t decide what to wear or how to look, that’s the reason they have handlers and these are the ones that choose the physical look of the “commodity” or celebrity. They only use and abuse these vulnerable entertainers.


Exactly, she is a PROSTITUTE. Should be obvious.


Frankly, I see nothing wrong with what the Bishop preached. Yes I agree that Aretha’s funeral should not have been used as a political platform but the truth is, Americans cannot handle the truth.


For one, A black woman can raise a black boy to be a man. There are many examples of that, not just in families I know, but celebrities who grew up with strong support networks, uncles, cousins, not all fathers are great role models, am I wrong?

Just A Guy

No, you aren’t wrong, but we are talking in the aggregate here. The majority stats are not in the favor of single motherhood success.


Ohh I see, Thanks!


In my opinion, do not escalate the situation. A family with both parents is always better, but one should not convince boys from single-parent families that they are inferior men. When I am surrounded by men, this only reveals and strenthens my femininity in me. Why it should be different for boys.


It wouldn’t surprise me to read that Ariana is one of the Clintons (husband and wife) sex slaves.


This is true, and is why people should not be hating on Ariana, she is just a victim and pawn, another Monarch slave.


If you haven’t watched, take a look at a couple of “Victorious” episodes where Arianna played Cat Valentine. Let’s just say a very feline role.


Slick Willy and Hitlary probably both tag teamed her after the funeral. Look at the way that Hitlary is gripping Ariana in the pic above. She’s gripping her the way a man would do a woman.


VC, good article. But I think rev. Williams missed a point. He said:

“one thing a black woman cannot do. A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man. She can’t do that. She can’t do that.”

How many women are obliged to raise their children alone, without a man to help, because the father of their children left them or died? Many women cannot find a man to help them raise their children after the child’s father died or left them.. It is not easy. So they are unfortunately obliged to raise their child/children without a man to help them, but they can do that, they are able to do that. It’s not their fault that they could not find a man to help them.

Antonio Navarro Jr

Dearest, what he said and unfortunately it is true most of the times (there are some absolutely fantastic men that were raised by their mothers alone) because most men need a good man as a role model and because they don’t have one at home, they use the street thugs as role models and then they become street thugs. Women are not to blame, men are, but something has to be done, somebody has to do something to break the very vicious cycle of women being left by the men that fathered their children, and if I am not mistaken, many of those men who you say, and it is tru, died, a great many of them died by being killed by those street thugs that grew up without a father and learned to be street thugs because street thugs were their role models


As Antonio said, there are (Gentle-)men out there who were raised by women, they at least learnt to keep their hands to themselves. Not all of those disadvantaged (Gentle-)men are Christians either – Does the Lord really have to now start teaching us common sense as well? I smell hypocrisy in his sermon,a human flaw unfavourable to the Lord – Hope that was mentioned in his apology..


When we talk about “raise”, it’s not so much about the feeding, clothing, housing, schooling, or any other physical things for that matter. It’s more about teaching the boys to become masculine. Right now, we have a masculinity deficiency crisis going on because there aren’t enough men stepping up to the plate and being actual men. With no father figure around, boys aren’t taught how to respect women, be strong, be a leader, and other attributes fitted to a man.

Also, I feel like the girls with single mother’s have it hard as well, and don’t get enough attention. Without a proper father figure in their early life, they are not taught how to respect themselves and don’t have a good male example from which to base their selection of an ideal mate on. Then that’s how you end up with these women that w---e themselves out, looking for any sort of male attention, when really their just coping with all of that time that should have been spent by the father.

Just remember that raising a child has a lot more to it than just feeding and all the aforementioned things above. Food is not the only necessary thing to live.


Well said!


If you guys are right, then he should have been more specific. When people don’t explain something well, it can be interpreted in wrong ways. People must be very clear about what message they want to pass…


* He = the reverend should have been more specific


No. People should raise their comprehension skills. Somethings are common sense and should no need to be explained to adults, like their teaching a child.


No, “Anonymous”, you’re wrong. You cannot argue that something is “obviously” common sense when it is not so obvious for many people. People may have different interpretations from sermons, and this happens very frequently. Don’t be so arrogant saying “this is so obvious!”. And I’m still not sure if that is what that religious man (the reverend) really intended to say. How can you be so sure?? I suspect of EVERYONE that is a famous religous person in the Catholic Church (like priests, for example), since the Catholic Church is famous for being very corrupted.


Well said. A woman can’t raise boys to become men.


The irony of it all is this.. Was the Rev. raised by both parents himself, because apparently he was raised by his father and uncle? If so, the whole ‘Importance of fathers’ message he is trying to emphasise is not going very well, especially considering the men who brought him up clearly forgot to teach him ‘Keep your hands to yourself’?


The bishop and the reverend are two different people if you look back at the pictures and names. The reversed delivered the service and the bishop is the one who delivered a groping.


They should keep their legs closed and stop having all of the b-----d children out of wedlock until they find a good man to MARRY… not 5 baby daddys..get a clue


Well, the “They” that you speak of are following after the ideals of socialism, and feminism that has spread like a virus throughout their communities by the majority.


I strongly disagree with the statement that women can’t raise men. My late maternal grandmother raised my uncle, and he is definetly masculine as have countless other women I agree with u


Many black women are masculine. All they wanna do is scream and brawl. Of course their sons and daughters will take on that behavior.


What a typical liberal would like to wear to a funeral…. what about covering those legs and arms as this is a service event, in laymen terms “formal wear” common etiquette… She wanted the attention as usual. Nothing new. Yawns.

Cancel her

She still looks like a child, she’s a disgusting creep…thats why dan schneider loved her.


You realize she was dressed by her stylists/handler right? She was forced to do this. Blame them, not her.


That doesn’t excuse her for selling her soul


People don’t like what Williams said because the truth is cold and hard.
Ariana- all I can is people treat you exactly how you choose to be perceived. Singing songs about riding d*ck all day and wearing outfits that barely cover your nooks & crannies. #feminism LOLOLOLOL
People do not have a right to grope her but ogle her? Well… that’s not illegal and that’s what she chooses to put out in the world. Everyone knows Clinton is a perv, too.


I think they were both wrong: Ariana was ethically wrong, with that super small dress, mainly considering she was at a funeral and among religious people and politicians, so her too short dress was super disrespectful. But the guy that groped her was wrong too, mainly coinsidering they were at a funeral, the funeral was being filmed and shown to the public, and also he is a religious man! They were all wrong. As for Bill Clinton, he didn’t directly disrespect Ariana, but he could have tried to disguise that he found her attractive lol


Hi “MyName”,
She IS attractive and everyone is aware of that.
IMO, she is trampy because she chose to flaunt her good looks in a very trampy dress at a funeral.
The gropy “reverend” and that sick, old fool named Bill Clinton were just “admiring the goods”.
I don’t know what has happened to this country.
A solid week of lies and pontificate regarding John McCain who should have stepped down the moment he disclosed his glioblastoma brain cancer over a year ago, now this crazy, political, sexual show at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.
How sad.
I am disgusted with America and my fellow Americans.
Have a good day,


Hi, Gunny. Don’t worry, the whole world is decadent, and the occult elite is everywhere, not only in USA. So don’t be so upset. And your country has good qualities too.

Just A Guy

People find Arianna attractive? She looks like a little girl, or even a little boy.

P Bell

Well said.


No man should grope a woman, no matter what she is wearing. It’s not an invitation. You dont see women groping shirtless men on the street, in subways, at the beach.. do you? It doesn’t matter that he was a religious man or what his position in society is, no person should be getting groped by ANYONE. period. Whether its on tv or behind closed doors! sheesh you are all missing the point entirely. misogynists.

Jessica James Jane

It’s not uncommon for sermons to be like that in Black Church. During Black funerals the preachers will talk about a Host if things. It’s isnt always appropriate BUT it isn’t unique. I grew up going to church in Detroit, actually a mile away from the church where the funeral was held. This is how COGIC service works.


I think Aretha was a great lady, my hats off to her, but I myself thought the service was a bit lengthy, I started watching at 8am, did my chores, cooked dinner, took a nap and when I woke, it was still going, that was definitively a funeral to remember. But as for as Arianna, she should have been more respectable in her attire. Any time some one stands in the pulpit fill with ministers with a dress that short, kicking her legs, they are asking to be stared at. They could have been thinking negative thoughts about her as they watched. I am a black straight heterosexual sexual woman and I looked, but my thoughts were, you nasty girl etc., etc., etc., is that dress that short, why did she wear that, can they see under it?


Her wearing that short dress had nothing to do with her being sexually assaulted. When will the victim blaming stop???? If she had on a full formal ball gown, this predator still would’ve groped her. This is exactly why women don’t come forward because of people like you and women no less, victim blaming. Well if she hadn’t have worn that dress then she wouldn’t have gotten groped lol smh

P Bell

No one’s saying she deserved to get groped because of her dress. As Darleen pointed out, when you CHOOSE to dress a certain way, it puts out a message, whether you like it or not. It gives people thoughts – whether you like it or not. Why not wear a classy dress???? Dressing more moderately/respectfully would surely have put the attention more on the performance of Aretha’s famous song and less on how Ariana Grande LOOKED. The so-called “minister” who groped her was leering and super gross and he probably would have groped her if she was wearing a 3 piece suit. But Ariana needs to take responsibility for choosing to dress like she was headed to da club right after.

Memo to Ariana: it’s a FUNERAL, not the VIP room.


Ariana is not a Christian due to her disapproval of the Church and practices that celeb-trend religion (already a disaster waiting to happen), some say she has an outfit specifically made for all her formal appearances (industry slave). Darleen, Are you really surprised? I am a black straight heterosexual woman too but for the reasons I mentioned, let alone other reasons; like difference in upbringing, I would think twice before judging her decision of attire (if it was her decision at all – industry slave). There was definitely an agenda because all looks fishy to me, I mean the voices of Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia are not ones I would ever expect to be paired alongside Ariana Grande. . Who invited her to attend? (I know you don’t know and neither do I but like VC said, some of the guests are questionable additions to this already dodgy Television show, I mean Funeral).


Women should be able to wear whatever the f**k they want without getting their b---s grabbed and poked at. Accidentally touching a boob is one thing, continuing to poke and touch while a person is obviously trying to pull away is another. Watch clips of this.
It’s a sick world where people decide weither a women deserves to be physically assaulted in a sexual way based on a short dress, no matter if it’s a celebrity or not.
I could care less about what religion or political affiliation or who any of these people are or associated with. This sh*t just has to stop.


Women are assaulted wearing full Muslim dress, so anyone that says women ask for it by what they wear can f*k off.


Another reason modern feminism fails. Not only do women already have rights, but they get too angry and act like women are babies everybody has to protect. Naw — take responsibility for yourself. Otherwise, people will say “I couldn’t care less.”

P Bell

No, women shouldn’t be groped against their will, no matter HOW they look. No man gets permission to do that – ever. But how about this: if you dress with some class, self-respect, and dignity, instead of having your b00bs and @ss hanging out/on display, then you will GREATLY REDUCE the odds of a man thinking that’s OK. I mean really, what GOOD reason is there to dress in such a way that screams *SEX*?!?!? Can’t women stop confusing “sexy” with slutty?? And before I get a lot of *obvious* comments about how women get verbally and physically assaulted even when they are dressed moderately (duh, I know, that has happened to me too), please think about how low the bar has gotten over the last few decades. I am SO sick of seeing “celebrities” like the Kartrashians, every one of the Real (Fake) Housewives, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj (barf) and on and on dressed like hookers with their breasts popping out and their butts bursting from teeny pants and skirts. Like, as a woman, I am offended by their sluttiness. Stop acting like you should be able to dress like a ho and not be leered at like one!… Read more »

I like to wear dress

There were times when I used a short dress, but my intention was only to impress a guy (only one guy). I wasn’t asking for other guys to grope me. But then again, I was at safe public spaces and not at night, so I wasn’t running any risks…

I like to wear dress

And women don’t “ask for it”. Nobody asks to be raped. They are just being silly by running the risk of being groped or raped, but there is no law that says: “if you are using provocative clothes, men are allowed to rape you”. So… Men, control yourselves. Women using short skirts or dresses do not deserve to be raped, they are just being silly. And women, be wiser, don’t run unnecessary risks.


woman?i challenge anyone who believes that creature named Arianne Grande is woman to google some transvestigations. THATS A MAN BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Look @the pics, that JAW line, broad Shoulders/shoulder to head ratio, PROMINENT BROW RIDGE, SLOPING FOREHEAD…..yeah……ALL MALE TRAITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They push his transgender stuff because………THATS WHAT THE “ELITE” Luciferians are. Take a look at the image of a Baphomet deity. Male “member”, female breasts, and a mendes goat head. Time to WAKE-UP to reality folks, Hollyweird, the music industry, politics, etc they are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! OBTW, google Aretha transvestigation while you’re at it, ITS JUST HOW THEY ROLL!!!!!


I don’t think Ariana (her name is NOT “Arianne”, as you said) is a male. She has way too delicate face features to be a man. Maybe she is a clone, I wouldn’t doubt this.


i agree….a natural man singing a song about a natural woman…their inside joke….and they are everywhere, have been for a long time.

Just me

Must be hard for Jennifer Hudson to sing and be there but nobody acknowledged that. She thought she will be the next big thing, how she performed at Whitney ‘s funeral too. She’s trying so hard to please the puppeteers and they don’t care at all. So sorry for people like her

George of the Concrete Jungle

She had her family sacrificed for fame. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

Just me

There’s no doubt about her horrible personality,but I still feel pitty for her, all was for nothing in the end


You have no proof of this. This is just speculation and conspiracy, but you speak as though it’s facts…

Just me

Look for the article on Withney’s death,right on this site. You will see how Jennifer took a picture with Withney and a music mogul days before her death, while Whitney was laying in a bathtub upstairs they were all celebrating the Grammys downstairs in the same hotel. And guess who sang in Withney’s memory at the Grammys and was praised for it? Ups Hudson again,she thought she will be the next Whitney, but apparently child looking Ariana in her skimpy outfits stole her spot. And that’s what we know from the media about Hudson,if you were to dig deeper I’m sure there’s a lot more. Sorry to break this to you,but she is a ville woman who will do anything for fame

No maverick

I was surprised to see the little lolita wannabe, dan schneider made Nickelodeon star trying to sing in a setting where any lady in the choir could outsing her without even trying. What an embarrassment to Aretha’s memory. Stick to singing over the rainbow and famewhore with that schizophrenic boyfriend you spray tanned barking chihuahua!


It’s 2018, and yet even VC readers blissfully continue to view these events on their own terms – as if everyone who attended and/or performed was there of their own free will and wearing what they chose to wear etc. Please.

Like all entertainers, Aretha was both a victim and a perpetrator of the occult-banking-intelligence-militaristic system. Even while in the casket she had to be milked and pimped out for all sorts of nefarious agendas. There is no other way.

What really saddens me is that she was a reverend’s daughter — like so many other celebrities and even political leaders nowadays (Merkel, May). I can maybe understand the navy or the air force torturing and brainwashing people. But to be a clergyman who talks about God all day long, and it’s all just a front for dark powers and ritual abuse – now that is unspeakably sad.

P Bell

It is really pathetic that a true legend like Aretha wasn’t honored by fellow performers and speakers who are also REAL legends, not throwaway, minimally talented pop stars like Ariana Grande – that was a real head scratcher as to why SHE was chosen, when there are so many others that could have taken her place. Gives a lot of credibility to VC’s article that she was purposefully used (and dressed) to promote some *other* agenda besides actually keeping the focus on Aretha.

On a totally unrelated note: the pictures I see of Ariana’s boyfriend/fiance/whatever makes me think he is likely a heroin user. I have been involved in recovery ministry for years and he sure looks unhealthy to me and has the signs: very skinny, pasty coloring and the telltale yellow/brown rings around the eyes. In event pics, he has makeup/concealer on, but in everyday paparazzi shots, you can really tell.


Yes. Ariana was just so out of place… wonder who invited her?

tsk tsk

Puhleeze…Ariana Grande was just doin’ what a “beta kitten” does best:’hoe-in’ it up! CL Franklin was a religious perv who held sex orgies for church services…Aretha Franklin was also sexualized/”active” as an adolescent.


Surprised the occultists in the room didn’t burst into flames listening at that traditional family sermon.


Did the article mention Louis Farrakhan? Anyhow, what a mess.

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