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Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising



Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Asia Argento, a figurehead of the #MeToo movement and the ex-girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain was reportedly been accused of sexual assault on a minor. This is not surprising at all.

Legal documents revealed that Asia Argento paid former co-star and child actor Jimmy Bennett $380,000 after he accused the actress of sexual assault. The events happened in 2013, in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey. At this time, Jimmy Bennett was two months past his 17th birthday and Asia Argento was 37 years old. Since the age of consent in California is 18 years old, the assault qualifies as statutory rape.

Legal documents obtained by the New York Times state that the 2013 encounter was “a betrayal that precipitated a spiral of emotional problems”.

The fallout from “a sexual battery” was so traumatic that it hindered Mr. Bennett’s work and income and threatened his mental health, according to a notice of intent to sue that his lawyer sent in November to Richard Hofstetter, Mr. Bourdain’s longtime lawyer, who was also representing Ms. Argento at the time.
– NY Times, Asia Argento, a #MeToo Leader, Made a Deal With Her Own Accuser

The document lays out Mr. Bennett’s account:

Ms. Argento asked the family member to leave so she could be alone with the actor. She gave him alcohol to drink and showed him a series of notes she had written to him on hotel stationery. Then she kissed him, pushed him back on the bed, removed his pants and performed oral sex. She climbed on top of him and the two had intercourse, the document says. She then asked him to take a number of photos.
– Ibid.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

As he was driven home to his parent’s house, Bennett began to feel “extremely confused, mortified, and disgusted.”

A “Mother-Son Relationship”

Legal documents state that Argento, who is divorced and has two children, was both a mentor and a mother figure to Jimmy Bennett. His lawyer Gordon K. Sattro wrote:

“Jimmy’s impression of this situation was that a mother-son relationship had blossomed from their experience on set together”.

Social media exchanges between the two show that they refer to each other as “mother and son”.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

In this Instagram post, which was taken right after the assault, Argento refers to Bennett as “my son”.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Bennett first met “his mother” in 2004 – at the age of 7 – when he was cast in the movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. In the Argento-directed movie, Bennett played the role of the son of a drug-addicted prostitute (played by Asia Argento). The son was a victim of neglect and who was even raped by her boyfriend.

The movie also featured child actors Cole and Dylan Sprouse who played the role of Asia’s son at age 11.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Cole and Dylan Sprouse are best known as the stars of the Disney series Zack and Cody.

Here’s a sum up of the what happens to the Sprouse’s character. Prepare to be horrified.

Sarah realizes that if she is going to keep her men she cannot say Jeremiah is her son. She persuades Jeremiah to cross dress so he can act as her “little sister”, and Jeremiah’s cross-dressing evolves to include his mother’s seduction techniques. After dressing up as a “baby doll” version of Sarah which consisted of her makeup, her white nightgown and her red high heel pumps, Jeremiah seduces Jackson (Marilyn Manson), his mother’s latest man, who initially tries to rebuff the boy’s advances, but then gives in. Sarah is furious with Jackson for giving in to the boy’s advances and with Jeremiah for ruining her panties with drops of blood on them, and she takes Jeremiah and leaves.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Dylan Sprouse dressed as a mini-prostitute in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Asia with the kids who played the role of Jeremiah.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Argento and Bennett at age 7.

Read the Signs

In my article The Occult World of Asia Argento, I highlighted the actress’ clear connections with the occult elite and satanism. I also included bizarre pictures involving her children.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Asia posted on Instagram a picture of her daughter and a spiral.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

The spiral is strikingly similar to a symbol used to identify pedophiles, as seen in the FBI file.

Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

Asia also posted this image on Instagram. In the original article, I asked why she would post this specific image. In the light of the recent accusations, we know why.

In Conclusion

Asia Argento grew up in the sick world of the occult elite. She fully assimilated its satanic philosophy and its strong tendency to prey on and abuse children. The accusations of Jimmy Bennett are probably only the tip of the iceberg. It is time for a thorough police investigation on Asia Argento and her entire entourage.

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Asia Argento Was Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor: Not Surprising

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What parent in their right mind would allow their child to star in a role like that?! Absolutely disgusting. I’m sure it was all for the money too. Not real parents.


I’m sure the parents were cheered on by the Hollywood establishment as being Oh-SO PROGRESSIVE and not forcing their sons into an “artifical construct” of “sexual orientation”.


His parents also stole his money and property from him …..


Really? Although I can’t say that I’m surprised. I’ve heard of parents mismanaging funds of child stars previously. Where can I read more about the parental monetal theft please? This world is on self-destruct mode anyway. Yahweh Yahuwshua will undo all of this soon.


In addition to these claims, Bennett’s parents have reportedly cheated him out of at least $1.5 million. The actor says that his mother and father started a trust that they would periodically deposit his earnings into, and that they eventually barred him from their house, cutting him off from his personal belongings. He filed a lawsuit against his parents in Orange County Superior Court in October 2014. The case was settled by late December, but the terms were not disclosed.


They are from families of satanists. This is something generational. Watch movie “true detective” . Vc wrote an article about that movie. They born and grow up in that horror and abomination. The parents know exactly what they r doing in Hollywood with their children

Windmills of his mind.

‘What parent in their right mind would allow their child to star in a role like that?’

What modern secular family would not?

Today, parents sit their children down in front of the television. They put them online and they send them to trans/homosexual indoctrinating schools.

I know of far far worse than this due to parents and schools ‘tolerance’.

As a teacher, I have seen a total collapse in anything you could call ‘parenting’.
The more ‘middle class’ and ‘educated’ the worst.
Thus, teachers children and social workers children are often the most damaged.

I left Europe.


You beat me to it.


F--k if she is a little boy lover, that can be treated with modern medicine. Where and or who this Satanist aspect comes from god only knows.


I can’t imagine how any parent in their right mind would let their child be involved in anything within the entertainment world. What a satanic pit it all is. Even what seems good is there to deceive you and pull you into darkness.


Probably because those parents are satanists


I read on IMDb that the the mother of the Sprouse boy who played Argento’s 11 year old son is in the film too. I think she has a small role as a stripper if my memory serves me correctly. I don’t wish to confirm that as I don’t want to go on that movie’s page again, so sickening. If that happens to be true about the mother, then yes, the parents are Satanists and luciferians themselves.

Yours Truly

Parents who love money more than their own children. Or they are satanists as well and don’t give a damn. SICKOS.


I’m disgusted by all the people that think sex between an older woman and an under-18 male is ok. There was a definite power differential, he thought she was going to help his career, and they had a mother-son relationship. It’s creepy and gross and it was no different from the sexual harassment and assault committed by Harvey Weinstein. It would be a civil case regardless of the young man’s age. It is a legal case because of the age of consent in California.


For this particular instance, she deserves a gold medal, and this kid deserves to be wrapped in shrink wrap and beaten with a rubber hose. This episode would be perfectly legal in most states, and based on the pictures, there seems to be no inebriation, signs of assault, or emotional trauma. This was a shake down, period.


Agreed, Buk. You are coherent.

Robert Milby

First of all, you clearly are wrong, your first sentence. The SRA going on here, was suffered by Argento as a child, as well, and is generational. Secondly, you have a lot of research to do, it seems. Finally: look at the little boys pupils in the snap of the demonically possessed woman, Argento, standing over the boy, whilst he is wearing a black tee shirt. He is drugged. Not only must she be prosecuted for the abuse, she must be deprogrammed. It is a dark coven that is running the show behind the scenes.

Windmills of his mind.

In the 1970s you would still hear that rapists would say,’You want it really.’
Eventually, I hope society will grow and develop to the extent that it also protects children and the vulnerable from predatory perverted women.

I hope.


As far as I know, weinstein hasn’t been implicated or even accused of molesting children. I could be totally wrong, but feel like the justice warriors would have been all over that if it were the case. So this is much different and seemingly worse than Weinstein.

Weinstein is a gross human being, but is there any proof that he raped anyone? Seems like he mostly used his power as a movie exec to get sex from women who were all too willing at the time to secure a role and only recently had an attack of conscience. Please correct me if I am wrong since I don’t really care about Hollyweird other than helping to expose the rampant pedophilia.


Got damn it! VC you was already zooming in on this vile witch back in June with her own article. Fast forward to now & those dots(IG post) start to connect. God bless you VC, you’re on top these devils.


This is why males don’t speak out about sexual abuse–they are stigmatized. So many people (mostly male) are acting like this guy got lucky that he got laid by some hot chick. It’s disgusting. He trusted her. And if I was 17 and someone I trusted offered me alcohol, I’d probably drink it. No telling how drunk he was when he was taken advantage of or if he was drunk when these pictures were taken. He may have been scared to leave. Aside from ALL of that, he was a MINOR, so she broke the law. It’s this type of thinking that will get age of consent laws lowered or even diminished in this country.


First off, this kid didn’t, “speak out”. He shook her down for cash. Secondly, this was a fully developed young man, that would have been legal in most US states, that was seduced by a red hot MILF. God bless her, she deserves a medal, and this little betrayer of friendship should be wrapped in plastic, and whipped with a garden hose until he passes out multiple times. Thirdly, show me the photo that shows signs of inebriation, assault, or emotional distress by the young man.

Windmills of his mind.

Interesting values you have Buk.

What prison are you typing from?

The Shame Campaign

Says a lot about his own childhood programming and resultant values. Do they let prisoners use social media?


So you’re saying that majority of US states are lawless, and that each legislature must be in jail for having sane laws?


Buk – Said like a true pedophile


Buk, I support and understand you. He definitely was not a child. 17? Here in my country 17 year-old people are considered adults. The legal age of consent here is 14. Maybe 16 would be more appropriate, because that person would be studying in school yet.


This didn’t happen in your country.


Buk clearly is looking for conflict here. He or she is certainly delusional.


The human brain isn’t fully developed until the 20s, certainly not age 17. The “fully-developed” argument is for sick people who want to sleep with children.

VG Fan

Like M@cr0n’5 wife

VG Fan

A few points…
I went snooping on Asia’s instagram and indeed she had the pics with her victim from March 2013, with captions calling him “son”and her “love”.
According to her released statement he was the aggressor and said she froze during the act.
Another website released the post coital pic of the two in bed together.
She did not look frozen in the aftermath of what she calls an aggression.

Why would she pay any hush money to the kid she accused of being the aggressor?
Why would she blame Anthony Burdain for the payoff? He is dead and can’t defend himself.

Rose McGowan defended Argento on twitter but also said she “got to know Asia 10 months ago” I found the wording interesting because I saw a pic of the two women on Asia’s IG from 2003 (15 years ago).
Rose wants us to belive she just took a pic with a woman who is a good friend of her ex fiance and directed his saint music video relased in 2004 but she didn’t know her?

Shine a light on these sinister women, they have a lot to answer for.

Glenn Smith

You pretty much summed it up! You just shined a light on all that darkness…

VG Fan

TY Glen, between these two MeToo hypocrites there have been two suicides….
rose mcgowan / Jill Messick
asia argento / Anthony Bourdain
Not a coincidence they defend eachother so fiercely


classic case of “accuse others of what you secretly do.”

i also now have greater suspicions she was involved in bourdain’s death.

if “ygam” (from her IG caption) is what i googled it to be, they claim to “help young people” – could be a secret recruiting center to get children –


The only suspicion I have is that this might not have been the only occurrence, and could have started early enough not to be able to hide behind the MILF defense.


also noted – the pentagram on her ring in the movie

VG Fan

she has pics all over her IG with an even younger actor she kept calling her son as well, 16yo Andrea Pittorino who looks very much like her victim Jimmy Bennett. She had “sleepovers” with him, she’s so blatantly sinister out in the open.


If you go to the ygam website, you’ll notice several very suspect logos/graphics…

A friend of God

Yes I noticed the graphics. The small hand in large hand… was linked to a certain “fake news”! It’s in plain sight. These children will come with a problem. A money problem at that being very vulnerable and impressionable.


“Bennett began to feel “extremely confused, mortified, and disgusted.”

“Legal documents state that Argento, who is divorced and has two children, was both a mentor and a mother figure to Jimmy Bennett.”

That’s why he got so confused and disgusted. She was a mother figure to him. So the sex seemed like incest to him. And considering that she’s (probably) a Satanist , I wonder what kind of “experiments” she performed on him…


On another note VC, I don’t know what you use to run this website, but I hope you have all of your amazing work backed up and at the ready to be moved to another host. The censoring of alt media is in overdrive now and this site and the information therein is too important to be lost.


This reminds me of the movie “pretty baby” with Brooke shields as a young girl living around adult prostitutes and then having a relationship with an older man very creepy even worse was my best friends father used this film to show her that doing things with daddy was ok!!!!! Soooo sad and what about the movie Lolita? VC can you do an article on these two movies as they are definitely pro pedofile material

Just me

Wow! I hope your friend is alright

fb/electreofficiel - censored AF, plz support...

Absolute filth.

We’re seeing a big pro-pedophile push in France lately; makes sense considering how the “French” republic is nothing but an alliance of masons & zionists.


I don’t disagree with the pedo push that seems everywhere, but are you trying to equate that situation with this? Last I checked 17 was legal in almost every state but Ca., and 17 year olds 999 out of a thousand are physically developed.


Physically, yes but mentally, spiritually and psychologically no, they are underdeveloped.


Where I live, 14 is already legal. I wonder. There should be a universal age of consent for all countries. Instead of those disparities.


Why? There isn’t even a universal currency/language, etc and you want to start with universal age of consent? Countries should have the freedom to keep their cultures and identities and have laws that reflect such.

VG Fan

Just ask Macron if his teacher now wife should be considered a pedo. He is helping normalize that filth!


I’ve been watching Katy Groves’ YouTube channel, hearing her heartbreaking testimonies, and this whole mess of female pedophiles stems from mind control and satanic bloodlines. Sick. Jesus can’t come back soon enough!


Forget waiting for Jesus let’s just waste these bastards now.

K Lina

Victims of abuse often become abusers themselves. I wonder if she was abused as a child in addition to Harvey Weinstein’s characteristic perversities.. Her family sounds really creepy.


just look at the wikipedia page about Asia Argento, yes she was an unhappy child.


WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOL, look at this freak.


I think she was.


And that picture/role of Dylan Sprouse is disturbing. He looks uncomfortable with the picture of him his brother and that pedo.


Things can not be hidden forever. There comes a time people will wake up all together. Then these sick bastards will be dragged out of their holes.
Their arrogance makes them think they have the power to manipulate the minority’s and can do whatever their sick minds want to do. WRONG. The good people are still in far more greater numbers. The problem is that people can not believe these sick people are as rotten as they are. It’s time for people to wake up and take action. For the sake of these poor children! Time is now!

Keep up your good work VC! Extremely important knowledge and database of articles.


@opinion nobody in the United States cares about age of consent laws in places like Brazil, or really anywhere. It all has to do with the States’ laws. It’s a nod to regional sovereignty at best, and slightly inconsistent at worst. 14 is completely too young for an adult to have sex with. no discussion necessary there. Whatever your difference of “opinion”, I’ve seen all of your comments on this thread and it’s clear you are a sympathizer because the “guy” was 17… look at the picture of them together. He looks so fresh faced and innocent. It really makes my stomach turn the way people RATIONALIZE and justify statutory rape. She, as a woman approaching 40, was a perfect example of a pathetic/desperate abuser who took ADVANTAGE of a young person and knowingly enabled him to drink/normalized his own inebriation — none of this is okay. He was only TWO months out of being 16 years. That’s not socially acceptable in the US. Sorry.


In the majority of US states it is. Maybe she should have met him in Nevada.


17 is already an adult. No child… Thanks, Buk. One rational person here. I remember when I was 17, and was definitely not a child. Well, I guess 14 is a too young age too. That is why I suggested 16 as the ideal age of consent. In most US states it is the legal age of consent so I guess most people agree with 16.


Not to mention that she knew him since he was 7 years old and referred to him as her son. It just makes my stomach turn thinking about it. It totally doesn’t matter how old he ever gets after she has already referred to him as a son. He could be 30 years old and it would still be gross.


Asia now claims she just gave Bennett $380.000 as he was going through “economical problems.” Who would even believe that?


Well, he apparently wasn’t seeking justice for that vile assault he endured.


Can you connect this to Anthony Bourdain’s suicide?


You can. She has responded to the allegations saying she didn’t rape Jimmy, but he came around demanding money and so Anthony gave it hoping he would leave them alone. There was a bit more to it than that, but that is the gist. You can find her full statement online if you wish.


Anthony was her boyfriend, and it’s completely logical he would be involved in deciding how to handle the situation, and odds are, he was in the closet filming it when it happened. You don’t make it to 50, dating a chick like that thinking you’re in a vanilla situation.
That’s not a connection to suicide.


Now we’re getting somewhere. Was he afraid of something coming out so he killed himself? Was he offed because he knew too much?


I would rule out suicide, but the timing of this and his death are pretty odd. I’m starting to think that this was by far her first encounter with Bennett, and that maybe he took it easy on her with the 17 encounter because it’s something that can be defended in most States. Now if this started waaayyyyy earlier, and Anthony found out, then who knows.


Well, anything I say would only be speculation and gossip since I wasn’t there, but Asia’s statement DOES connect Anthony Bourdain to this scandal and it is possible it played a role in his depression/suicide.


Bourdain was probably “suicided”, like others who supposedly hanged themselves. But the reason why that happened, I find it very hard to guess! Maybe something related to the illuminati/occult elite.


Bourdain and Argento weren’t even dating when this allegedly happened.


Sadly and as usual, dont expect any justice to be done.


Having this pooh boy wrapped in cellophane and beat with a rubber hose for hours? Still might happen.


I don’t know if anyone noticed the pentagram on her ring in that pic of her pointing at Bennet.


good eye


So then if Asia Argento had to pay hush money to Jimmy Bennett, then he obviously wasn’t a victim of monarch Programming right? Because don’t mk ultra victims become WILLING personas that partake in sexual acts. Oh Lord my mind is racing with questions.

Who is actually programmed and who isn’t? And regardless if programmed or not, do these predators still molest children in the industry?


Maybe something went wrong in the programming and he started remembering the MK Ultra torture sessions performed on him? Who knows… It is too hard to guess what really happened between them.

D D d

A persons own will and mind are not deleted but submissioned. Somethings pop up sometimes. First the wonder and questioning, then the searching for answers, then the finding the manipulators. Looking around and finding patterns.
I am almost sure Asia did and does the same things to others. Let’s find out her connections, people of the law.


I think the indication to know who is programmed or not is through their behaviours. In one way or another, those who are victims of monarch programming have meltdowns and breakdowns. It’s my way of spotting them. They show weird and problematic behaviours and then spread themselves to oblivion and a lot of them resorts to drugs. Also take note when a celebrity goes to “rehab”, that’s like a code word for programming them. Some celebrities are not under monarch programming even though they show blatant symbolisms about it. Some of them just willingly sold their souls and celebrates it. I believe that the predators in the industry doesn’t care about who are programmed or not. They molest whoever they want knowing that the victims would be too scared to speak up. Without the monarch programming aspect, the entertainment industry in general all over the world is a dirty industry. There are a lot of predators. Prostitution, drug dealing and all sorts of seedy activities are rampant in it. So even without monarch programming, some celebrities will sleep around willingly and they don’t even have to be beta kittens to do it. Madonna is an example of that one. I… Read more »

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