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The Occult World of Asia Argento – Anthony Bourdain’s ex-Girlfriend



The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

A look at the life, career, and bizarre social media posts of Asia Argento – the girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain at the time of his death.

Warning this article contains images that might be shocking to some.

After the unexpected news of Anthony Bourdain’s apparent suicide, many eyes turned to his girlfriend Asia Argento. While some sent her love and support, others outright blamed her for Bourdain’s death.

The main reason for these accusations is the fact that she was spotted being “romantic” with her friend Hugo Clement on the weekend before Bourdain’s death. Weeks prior, Clement, a French journalist with Konbini news, had reported on Argento’s speech against Harvey Weinstein at Cannes.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Several pictures of Asia Argento and Hugo Clement surfaced on the weekend preceding Bourdain’s death.

After Bourdain’s death, Rose McGowan acted as a PR agent for Argento and wrote a letter on her behalf, stating that Bourdain was depressive and that the couple had an open relationship. Here are parts of it:

“Anthony and Asia had a free relationship, they loved without borders of traditional relationships, and they established the parameters of their relationship early on. Asia is a free bird, and so was Anthony.

Do NOT do the sexist thing and burn a woman on the pyre of misplaced blame. Anthony’s internal war was his war, but now she’s been left on the battlefield to take the bullets. It is in no way fair or acceptable to blame her or anyone else, not even Anthony.”

Considering that fact that a very few people know exactly what happened to Bourdain, outright blaming Argento for the death is not an appropriate thing to do. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Bourdain was fully invested and involved in Argento’s life and world in the months leading to his death. And this world is pure occult elite.

Born in the Elite

Asia Argento is the daughter of the movie actress Daria Nicolodi and of the famed Italian director and producer Dario Argento (who is the son of film producer and executive Salvatore Argento). Asia’s father is best known for his horror films in the 1970’s and 1980’s, notably in the subgenre known as “Giallo” which mixes elements of gore, occultism, eroticism and psychological horror. In short, his movies were, well, horrific. Asia Argento would soon star in a few of his productions.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

A symbolic pic of Dario and Asia Argento from 1998.

Asia began acting at age nine. At age 18, she starred in her father’s movie Trauma which features her escaping from a psychiatric hospital, people being decapitated and her mother being electroshocked after the death of her baby. Monarch mind control stuff.

Later, she starred in the Three Mothers trilogy which is about “a triad of evil, powerful witches stationed across the world to manipulate humanity on a global scale”. It also a coven of cannibalistic witches. This “crazy” story is not as fictitious as some would believe.

Coincidentally enough, Asia Argento has claimed on social media to being a witch.


A look at Asia Argento’s social media accounts reveals a plethora of occult-elite related images.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Asia posted on IG the cover of the book “The Red Magic” by G. Frank Ripel which is about the ceremonial magic of Aleister Crowley and the Rosicrucian Order. Asia wrote the caption “Red Magick for the Red Witch”. I guess she’s a “red witch”, whatever that means. The book is a gift from journalist Filippo Brunamonti.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

The day of Bourdain’s death, author Amber Tamblyn called on witches worldwide to cast a spell for Asia.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Asia does the “as above, so below” hand sign. Appropriately enough, her caption says “As Above So Below”.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

This hand sign is extremely important in occult circles. It can notably be found on Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet and on the “The Magician” tarot card.

Some posts are a little less subtle.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

One of the comments: “Evil looks good on you”.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Asia with Marilyn Manson. The symbol on his hand is the sigil of Lucifer.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Speaking of the devil…

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

A drawing of Asia by artist Joe Coleman.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

An actual painting by Joe Coleman “Auto-autopsy”. I’m not going to analyze this.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Asia holds two deformed babies in a jar while visiting Joe Coleman’s Odditorium which is his personal collection of the creepiest stuff you can imagine.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Wonder why she posted this on IG…

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

“Blood Sisters” … I’m pretty sure that’s real blood.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

A 1970 documentary about witchcraft.

Considering all of this occult-elite stuff, would you be surprised if I told you that Asia does the one eye sign all the time?

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Devil horns + one eye hidden.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

One eye sign. Notice the yellow Illuminati drawing above her son’s head.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

One eye sign before Cannes.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Asia with her son and daughter doing the one-eye sign. The comments got real.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Hiding one eye of her daughter.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

A pic of her daughter with a spiral symbol on her face. Why is there a spiral symbol on her face?

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

The spiral is similar to the “little boy lover” symbol on this FBI file.

The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

Why did she post this specific image? Why?

In Conclusion

This post is not about blaming Asia Argento for Anthony Bourdain’s death. It is an examination of the occult context with which Bourdain found himself to be associated to in the last months of his life. We might never know what actually lead to Bourdain’s death. However, like Kate Spade, who died the same week, Bourdain was surrounded by lots of occult elite people. And, in this kind of twisted and depraved context, things can get very dark, very fast.

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The Occult World of Asia Argento - Anthony Bourdain's ex-Girlfriend

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WOW! What a scary, twisted individual. I fear for her children but I’m sure they’ve already been programmed. Just the picture of her with her hand over here daughter’s face is chilling.

I haven’t seen Suspiria (directed by her father) but I read the plot on Wiki and that movie is PURE EVIL. I’m almost positive she knew about Bourdains death before it happened. While Bourdain was NO saint, he seemed to be mesmerized by this nasty woman and look where he is now…6 feet under.

Lastly, you dont need to be a Christian or any other type of believer to see that Satanism is a plague on this earth. And as VC has stated many times, its practiced by people in the highest of places. Let’s watch out for each other, no matter our differences. We must fill this world with love and do our best to stomp out evil. Stay woke and stay safe out there Vigilant Citizens.

Truth & Light

Send this dark soul light


That poor child doesn’t have a chance 🙁 Bourdain while one of the elites may have not really been that deep into it, but got suckered into the really dark side by the witch. Anthony, I am really sorry that you got involved with this stuff, RIP


Sadly and unfortunately they all are, anyone in the “twiligh zone” “star of any kind or field” they all are since birth, since child the sooner the better for their disgusting pairents who sell themselves along w their poor innocent children where’s the exit to this!!???

Friendly Stranger

The theme song of Suspiria is the music “Jesus Love Me’ played backwards.


In the comments sections on the picture with her and Marilyn Manson, there is a comment left by Dylan Sprouse (Disney Kid, twin of Cole Sprouse, stars of Disney show The Suite Life of Zach and Cody), he leaves an initial comment of “Throwback!”. Asia then responds “@dylansprouse we spoke about you and @colesprouse of course. We remember it all, wonder if you do too.

Dylan replies ” of course, I still remember my hesitance in dressing up like a girl and him easing my nerves by telling me he does it all the time. hahaha. As a kid it made it easier knowing that adults also did it.”



Wait what?….This should be included in the article.

Thy Unveiling

Pocketsofthefuture has done a few videos on this Asia etc mess; he showed a clip of the way young Sprouse was dressed like a young Madonna/Monroe and the way the adult males were speaking to him. It all seemed so Off and sick. The general movie plot seemed deranged (I think movie mom was a hooker or she rented her young son out or something equally deplorable…) He was definitely being abused and groomed on that movie set.

A Call for an Uprising has a video about Marilyn Manson having both the little boy lover and little girl lover tattoos (I think on his inner arms) as well as a “joke” Manson did saying he thinks there should be an app called Kinder “Like Tinder, for sexy kids” (Kinder implies it’s kindergarten age range.)

The more things come out, the more they all connect.


yeah, when you remove all the rightwing xtian jew haters from the mix. I wish this readership was a LOT more secular. like, chill out.


Where’s the proof of Jew hatred Marie?
I’m an ex-Jew myself and what this community has got up to over the years, is totally horrid! Are we Jew haters, because we reject the evil, shallow “temptations” of Lucifer? Are we right-wing nuts because we send our love out to horrible deluded people like you Marie? Like it or not Marie many Jewish people have been involved in the occult and black magic for the past 60 years or so since WW2! Because the readers here question & examine the evil behind the scenes workings of celebrity “occult worshippers” we are accused of being “anti semites”. For the record Marie, Anton Levay-the founder of the Church of Satan in California (San Francisco) was a Hungarian Jew!


Christians, Conservatives, and Libertarians do not hate Jews. In fact, we are the largest supporters of Israel outside of the Jewish community. Get your facts right. The National Socialist party in Germany was left wing in reality because they had a totalitarian government. They were called right wing in Europe at that time to differentiate them from the other socialist and communist factions that were fighting to take totalitarian control of the country. Conservatives and Libertarians believe in small government, individual freedom/liberty/responsibility, and the US Constitution. The left (which has nearly complete control of the media in all of its forms, as well as the bureaucracy and education through unions) smears us with the tag of “right wing” to divide and conquer the people through focus on race, religion, heritage, sex, etc just like their comrades in the National Socialist party and Stalin’s USSR. Their propaganda is so widespread at this point you probably don’t even realize it anymore, as evidenced by your wish to rid this site of people that have strong religious beliefs. They have force fed their twisted beliefs to our unsuspecting populace, while calling their opinions facts and their opposition whatever horrible slur they think will… Read more »

Not Weary

Thank you Matt! Sad more people don’t see this.


VC commentators always add lots of relevant information!

Aj Von Incognito

The comments are as important for me as the articles.


It seems indeed really weird but there’s an actual explanation for Sprouse’s comment:
in 2004, Asia has co-written and directed the movie “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”. Sprouse played the main character, jeremiah, a young boy who is mentally, physically and sexually abused by his mother and her lovers. In a very disturbing scene, after dressing up as a “baby doll” version of his mother, Jeremiah/Sprouse seduces his mother’s latest man played by Marilyn Manson. The man tries to rebuff the boy’s advances, but then gives in (because in the mind of those sick hollywood writers, a child wanting to seduce an adult is something that can happen)

There’s plenty of monarch mind control symbolisms in the movie and I don’t recommend it unless you like watching a child/young actor being humiliated and abused.

VG Fan

Holy Canoli! I went on imdb that scene is listed in detail in Manson’s character “Jackson” write up. The Sprouse boy in makeup looks like Dannielyn, Ana Nicole’s daughter… wow this is disturbing!! But oh so edgy for them I bet Rose McG knew about Manson’s movie too.


And McGowan used to be Marilyn Manson’s former fiancée, just saying.

VG Fan

Of course that’s why I mentioned her. A children of god cult member herself, why does Mc Gowan gain having a pro pedo circle of friends/ lovers? Victor Salva defender. She’s no saint, I saw her on Stern shaming Corey Feldman for not admiting he had sex w Manson. She’s #Me Too trash.


In this movie Jeremy Renner r*p*s a very young Jeremiah played by Jimmy Bennet. Sincerely this is a very good reason to never ever watch another movie with Jeremy Renner in it.
On a different note “The heart is deceitful above all things” is from Jeremiah 17:9 and the abused son’s name in this movie is Jeremiah.
They are mocking Christianity as much as possible.


One of the posters even does the “one eye” symbol with Sprouse. Plus didn’t her dad make Suspiria, which had tons of masonic floor symbols.


How is that twisted evil posing as a film legal? Shouldn’t it be considered child p---------y? There are some very twisted evil people in this world with far too much power. We have to fight these jackals before their corruption destroys society.


Did she not also star as the twisted, child abusing/using/selling “mother” in said movie?


I pray for those twins.


The pain in those little boys’ eyes breaks my heart. They’re young men, now and looked like they’ve seen war. God bless them and heal them.


I don’t get how the parents allowed their children act in such a film. It’s disgusting.


Their parents allowed it to happen. They sold their souls for money, while voluntarily sacrificing their own children to the twisted Hollyweird cult. They are evil.


That’s so interesting that she questions him “do you remember?” Monarch programming includes torture and abuse so severe that many times victims split personalities and forget what happened. I read an account that explained that the abuse is generational, the personality splits are needed for survival, and that abuse and incest is mandated. If the author didn’t abuse her son, she knew, or believed he would be sacrificed. When you are born into this way of life, it’s almost impossible to have a conscience. The author explained that these organization are comprised elite Illuminati, Mafia, and satanic worshippers. She said some Masonic organizations aren’t aware of Illuminati, while others are 100% dedicated to Illuminati. They sacrifice babies, children, and adults seeking demonic power for Royal Families/Bloodlines. From what the author explained, it’s possible that people like Asia are living life as an “alternate” and don’t remember the heinious abuses perpetrated on them, or what they have done to others. We have to pray for all of them.


From her twisted social media activities, it sounds like Asia knows exactly what she is doing and loves doing it. There are some very sick parasites/demons posing as people in mainstream pop culture and they seem to be more active and more brazen with their wickedness than they were even a decade ago. It’s beginning to seem like a buildup to some horrifying future event. We have to take back control of our culture before there’s nothing left to salvage.


Those little babies in a jar should be given a proper burial or even cremation I guess. But not displayed for someone’s entertainment like a joke. That is human life and someone’s child. I find that extremely disgraceful and despicable. And there is a photo online of Bourdain holding one too. It sickens me.


I agree with you 100%. I had the exact same thought

D D d

Yes, and let’s bury the mummies back to earth, too. Let’s ship them back to where they were stolen from. Let’s skim all the musea for it and while you are at it, end all wars?

Just me

Come on, I’m all for science and progress, if you will be a doctor you will practice on dead corpses and you might need to see all sorts of diseases,malfunctions and malformations at work. But otherwise why would you want to see such things exposed? Oh today I will enjoy myself and go watch some natural monstrosities at this very normal museum who has them preserved in jars! Insert lot of sarcasm


yeah I’m with you on that, sad but most were probably genuine medical specimens that were sold and now used as a twisted joke by these sick people. But hey, what do you expect? Evil to value life? Nope. Guess not.


her mother, Daria Nicolodi, considers herself a white witch. She wrote the whole “Suspiria” script and said that it was about the story of her grandmother. this family is into witchcraft from generations… no matter if magic is white, red or black: it always comes from the devil. Now Asia is about to start participating in the italian edition of X Factor as a judge (with absolutely no qualification or competence). I bet that after the death of Bourdin her career is going to rise, the price to pay for fame and fortune. I remember that in Turin (known in occultic circle as “the magic city”, and it’s not coincidence that in the same there is one of the largest egyptian museum) Asia also performed in a blasphemous play that was about mocking God and Jesus Christ.


Sounds like she needs prayer, lots of prayer. One day, in this life, or the next, she will have to face God for this stuff, because I know how the story ends.


How can these people live in a reality of such twisted evil ? What kind of person could surround themselves with such images and still be able to sleep at night ? Are all these people sociopaths ?


Souless selfless narcissistic abominable in-humanoids!!


You need to read up on Monarch Programming, and just how generations of occult practitioners carry on some in secret, while lately more are coming out blatantly encouraged by social media and their “fans”.


“…they loved without borders of traditional relationships…”

Don’t you love the wording of that. The connotation being that traditional relationships are stifling, suffocating, entrapping. Ironically, it love without borders that eventually bring entrapment.

Just me

Yep,who needs a loving,loyal,faithful partner, who will always be there for you no matter how much money you have, a partner with whom you can build a home and family with. No, you can be in an opened relationship to be used then discarted when someone new appears, be stocked with a psychopath who doesn’t love you, but won’t let you move on with your life,who will introduce you to her deranged entourage with satanic tastes and which will ultimately bring you death. You don’t have to be a genius to realise which one sucks.Yeah I think I’m good with being in a boring marriage and going home to the same person year after year.


Good analysis! I couldn’t put my finger on why it sounded off to me, but you nailed the implications on the head!


Don’t get it. There are so many things we could argue about Asia Argento or that message Rose Mc gowan sent. Why such a statement should look as an attempt against traditional couples and love? This could have been their special agreement, and we have far more examples of “normal” relationships. this doesn’t look as a message against monogamic love.


These “women” don’t know what love is since no one ever loved them. That’s why they now scream about having been harassed and raped.

Jackie D

@Valmer: I am posting this response as a woman (no quotations necessary – what an odd choice on your behalf implying innate sexism and judgement, imo) who has been in a blissful, %100 monogamous relationship for ten odd years now and plans to remain with my beloved partner until the day I die – I just thought I’d preface my reply with that background to establish a lack of bias (but also lack of judgement) towards alternate lifestyle/relationship choices. I believe Rose was defending/illuminating her friend and Anthony’s specific relationship structure, not heralding it as the only option that ‘works’ or people should emulate. B/c not only are we deeply variant as individuals but even more so as an individual when paired with an equally unique and complex individual with whom you embark upon a romantic journey. I am also an assault survivor, though i never ‘screamed’ about my history, nor prosecuted it legally nor even spoke of it for almost 20 years until I found a safe outlet and supporter in, yes, my loving husband bc i wasn’t strong enough or felt secure enough prior. To insinuate this recent movement of women speaking out about oppression as simply attention… Read more »


Crazy how all these symbols are in our face, yet we just scroll through them like we don’t see them. The huge disturbing painting by Joe coleman and the picture of her daughter with the spiral on her face freaked me out the most


That painting by Coleman really f*ed me up!! No wonder VC doesn’t even want to analyze it. I’m truly disgusted by these degenerates.


Exactly, some things are so depraved that they don’t deserve our time or contemplation.


Same. Wish I hadn’t seen it.


I have read many articles on VC but this one was one of the scariest. This “woman” is pure evil, it all looks like Anthony was some sort of Sacrifice. Great Article… Thank you.


I agree! The same with Bon Scott with the AC DC hard rock Scottish-Satanic band of the 1970s & 80s. Bon Scott died from a suspected “overdose” in England in 1980, he was an alcoholic, but drug user (besides pot), I doubt it!
The horrible Young Bros were known to be have into Devil Worship and were over ambitious and would’ve “sacrificed” Bon Scott to get the world wide fame for the petty, Aussie pub rock band, unknown outside OZ & Limeyland, until Bon’s “sudden” death in 1980!
The Young Bros theme song “Highway to Hell”- very disturbing!
Only one Young brother left alive now, the other 2 deceased ones on their “Highway to Hell”!
RIP Bon Scott & Anthony Bourdain

Jackie D

Erm, AC/DC were Aussies, mate. Also, aside from the obvious “Highway to Hell”, which was so camp/tongue in cheek that I fail to comprehend how anyone but the most sheltered zealot could even take it as legitimately and ”threateningly’ satanic is just mental. All their other songs were typical teen-marketed hedonism/shagging anthems, which I guess is ”loosely’ satanic in the actual sense of what the (non)religion stands for those actually educated and not fuelled by evangelical ignorance like a Starbuck’s triple latte…which must be the height of ‘living on the edge’ for most of the misinformed posters here. But willfull ignorance, like tweeting while driving or the likelyhood that Taylor Swift will continue to make us cringe with her attempts at being a ‘bad girl’/destroyer of men and humanity in general, is on the up and up! i.e. we’re doomed as a species… (shakes head in pointless dismay)


You protest too much. You know the evil you’ve done and are trying to lower the bar out of fear.

The song is as serious as going to hell is serious. You will find that out one day if you do not repent.


They were Scottish indeed,the man is right.They moved to Australia,they weren’t born there.And yes,their songs are really bad,no wonder why they became famous,we are surrounden by people with absolutely not good taste at all.

Friendly Stranger

Two VERY important things are missing from this look at Asia Argento. First. she starred in The Stendahl Syndrome for her father Dario. Not a big deal, you say? What if I told you pop wrote the script as well and Asia is raped in graphic detail SIX TIMES over the course of thre film, with her dad directing.

Second, Asia is my favorite of the #metoo girls. After saying she was raped by Harvey Weinstein, she then went back and had a sexual relationship with him for EIGHT YEARS. WHO DOES THAT??? Kinda casts a pall on that story, eh?

So yeah, I’m sure Mr. Bourdain has some issues with his girlfriemd especially after defending her against Harvey then she says she kept going back. Now this other guy?


Well you’re right and I for one suggest that we stop watching such abominations which even in YouTube or wherever you can watch them is simply givig them approval for their wrongdoing sinister sins et al, we must stop watching their movies, videos, memes cartoons etc./ Now most kids they say are their own. well they aren’t, remember they have many ways of obtaining kids sad but true, either trhu surrogates, adoption, stealing, more often than not they are not their own breeding, but even if they are they do it is just outright offensive and they are becoming more sadistic, cynical and blatant the more we “watch” the just sayin’, Best,

Just me

I didn’t knew all this stuff about the #metoo! What the heck?! They are basically making fun of thousands of women who’ve been abused and genuinely believe that finally someone’s hearing them. Aww wait that’s what they do best , deceive and creating wars. Man Harvey must’ve done something really bad to them, to be executed this way.


That#MeToo movement is soo fake.


And I bet that delusional “Marie” telling us to “chill out” etc, would turn around accuse you of being “anti-semetic” for dare mentioning that horrid Jew-Pig-Harvey Weinstein. I’m an ex-Jew myself and the recent scandals involving high-profile Jews, like Mr Weinstein, has vindicated what I have been warning people over the years about the community I was raised & abused in and their links to Satanic worship (Synagogue of Satan) and I’m not kidding here either folks!


Asia is one of the more in your face occultists out there. Her attempts at empathy for her ex seem hollow. I had a post removed from a mainstream news sit for simply calling attention to her belief in the occult with a single sentence. I think we are at the start of more and more acceptance of the occult in a pedal to the floor way.


We are indeed, just this past two weeks or so, I received several not one but several invitations in Facebook to witches groups etc. it’s everywhere, we gotta stay as VC always says Safe and Vigilant!! of course I erased them all and blocked those people out, but think of younger kids / teens their absolutely vulnerable and those are their targets 🙁


Woah, this woman is full of evil. Pretty sure there’s legions of demons in her. Frightening and sinister stuff out there. May the Lord Jesus come back quickly and bring His righteous judgement for all these depraved people.

D D d

So, lord jesus is a judge now too? He sentences? Like, by the book? Which version?


Mocking Jesus? That will do you “good”.


JESUS CHRIST!!! That thing from that guy Joe Coleman! What in God’s green earth is that? I don’t blame you VC I wouldn’t Analyze that either. It’s really some sick stuff going on behind the scenes with these sick people. A few weeks ago I figure Anthony Bourdain’s death was his own demons. But damn I can see this witch was apart of it. She even forces her kids to do this stuff!! Like WTF!!!


When you blaspheme the name of Jesus then how are you any different than them?


With all due respect, what some might consider blaspheme may be a figure of speech for others. It seems to me that no saying in the world can compare to physically/emotionally hurting another soul.


Dean is correct, using Jesus name in vain is blasphemy. Trying to normalize it as a “figure of speech” does not make it less so.


RWM, yes I agree with you and view it as blasphemy. However, I don’t see it on the same scale as what Dean called “them” referring to the witchcraft and sacrirfices mentioned in article. I would never be okay with “normalizing” any of this nonsense.

Capronic dethroned

They’ve been programmed people in movies and Hollywood to speak the name of Jesus in vain and to blasphemy. So people have been brainwashed and cuss his name like it was just another slang for some reaction.


As an ex-Jew, the Orthodox Jew fanatics, used the Talmud to make the most horrid & blasphemous remarks ,mostly directed against Jesus Christ (whom the Orthodox fruitcakes refer to as “the failed prophet Yushua”), the Orthodox Yids also said slanderous nasty quotes against the Prophet Mohammed as well, but the worst was saved for our Lord Jesus Christ (eg- Yushua (Jesus) boils in s---n in Hell etc etc).
I would like to challenge that Marie girl to read to what the Talmud really says about the Lord Jesus Christ and then come and accuse us readers/bloggers of being right-wing anti-semites!!!!!!


@rwm.”Dean is correct, using Jesus name in vain is blasphemy. Trying to normalize it as a “figure of speech” does not make it less so.”

Exactly! Did you see how many people agreed(the amount of upvotes)with that person who’s trying to downplay blasphemy? SMH.I guess it should be expected considering the wicked times we’re living in now.


You wanna know why those people up voted my comment. Because they’ve sin just like me. They don’t sit behind their keyboard & act like their St.Holy them selfs, & judge other people unlike you & that clown dean. You are a fake religious person. I don’t care what you & that dean person, & the people who up votes his rude comment say. Bet every last one of you are sinners, because that’s what you fake supposedly upright religious people do! I can admit I’m not the most religious person. But I wouldn’t dare compare a person who uses god name as a reaction, as blasphemy; by comparing them to saitinist you sick bastards! I didn’t care who down votes this!


Yes we kinda have also fallen for this, we really must be watching our tongue, thoughts and actions to the extreme, we can always say Yikes!! just sayin’


@Lilly.”It seems to ME that no saying in the world can compare to physically/emotionally hurting another soul.”

@Dean is 100% correct.You know why he’s correct? Because the ONLY opinion that matters says he’s correct and that’s Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.So it doesn’t matter what “it seems to you”.God says it’s a sin to blaspheme his name.That means it’s a sin!


Don’t you ever in you’re life mention myself in the same sentence with those monsters. I said what I said! How dare you try and compare a man of God! To these Santan worshippers, you & those people who voted you’re comment up need Christ!


Jesus is a fictional character, a lie, invented by ancient Roman imperialists, the Flavians, to keep the populations submissive to their rule. (source- ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ by Joseph Atwill (2011) and we all know who the father of the lie is, right? (hint – John 8:44) They control both sides. The bible is the most evil, genocidal lie of them all


Reliable Roman records of the time record the Pharisee-Babylonian(Devil worshippers) “Ashkenazic Jews”(tribes of Dan & Ashok) organizing a Kangaroo-court and carrying out the crucifixion of Jesus (Yushua) themselves! Then these same templar (Synagogue of Satan) Jews tried to implicate the Roman Authorities in Christ’s crucifixion-to whom Roman, Pontus Pilate “washed his hands ” of this Babylonian-Zionist set-up, because Jesus (Yushua) DARE take on the evil Satanic-Babylonian-Zionist money-lenders at the sacred Temple!
Only the evil Zionist Devil worshipping pigs put out this mis-information, that Jesus (Yushua) was a “fictional character”.
Also Vatican 2 was a total scam and a Zionist plot to take over the Roman Church and make it part of the Temple of Solomon (Temple of the SUN-SOL is SUN= Devil worship).
And now the same Zionist Pigs are out to destroy what’s left of Christianity and also attack the Moslems.
The Moslems recognize Jesus, as an important prophet and refer to Satan as “JINN”
The Moslems also reckon the next coming anti-Christ will be a Jew!


Hi Dave, can I just correct you on a couple of points.
It’s Muslim, not moslem.
Satan is called Shaytan in Arabic. His proper name is Iblis, “Shaytan” becoming his title after he rebelled against God. Jinn is his species, and the shayatin (plural of shaytan) are the evil among the jinn, just as Muslims will refer to evil humans as shayatin or shaytans as well.

I don’t think we consider the antichrist to be a jew, just that as the Jews rejected the prophet Isa/Jesus (peace be on him), they will be the ones to think the antichrist is the messiah, whereas the Christians and Muslims will accept Isa (peace be on him) as the messiah sent by God. If anything the antichrist will be a follower of Shaytan.


That yellow ring is a reptilian eye.


the deformed babies in the jar was the worst…
God please destroy these evils


how did they die?


Amber Tamblyn, close friends with Quentin Tarantino who’s movies were produced by Weinstein AND close friends to Asia Argento who was raped by Harvey. Rose McGowan who was raped by Harvey, married to Robert Rodriguez who’s films were produced by Weinstein, and married to Marilyn Manson who worked with Asia Argento. Witchy

Friendly Stranger

SO thay all raped each other?

Just me

No rape at all,they are all hand in hand, friends behind the scenes, pals from attending the same satanic worshipe parties,and other atrocities mentioned on this website. But since moral values are not their forte, and there isn’t enough power and money for all,they tend to rip each other apart from time to time. That’s why poor ol’ Harvey was thrown under the bus

Jane Doe

“Poor ol’ Harvey”?!? Don’t make me projectile vomit, unless you’re referencing that human firework Harvey Price, who doesn’t need your sympathies, as he could probable rape you, imbecile…


Mcgowan is writing a book where she says she’s going to name the predators of hollywood. She said in an interview she feared for her life cause “people like her get killed”. She also called out Tarantino and Rodriguez on their abuse. There’s an article in which she says Rodriguez (her former fiancé not huband) was playing mind-games while directing the planet terror movie and then sold the movie to her “monster’s” company while knowing he was a her rapist.

Just me

If she will write something, it will be more rumbling about Weinstein and others that have already fallen from grace. The real predators will never be mentioned, nor caught. #meteo was just a distraction from something else that was happening during the same time,that’s all


WTH! these photos are just awful-esp the pic that VC wouldn’t analyze its horrible terrible, and her baby w/the pedophile scribble on her face and the pic of a woman undressing a boy. My heart goes out to everyone born into this evil, I pray they all escape it. We never know what our kid’s friends are into-I so appreciate the scrutiny my parents gave to anyone before I could enter their homes as a kid

D D d

An image of a suffering (dead?) man hanging on a cross over the door, the teevee-set, the buffet, will creep me out everytime. When I have kids, i’d warn for that,too.

Sexual Continence

RED witchcraft means sexual witchcraft, i.e. using sexual energy to obtain the intended result. Usually means draining men’s vitality for that (i.e. s---n and the vital energy associated with that), and leaving them dry physically and mentally as well. Depression ensues shortly.
Open relationship in this context means, she needs more “resources”, because she probably dries them out too quickly.
Men need to learn the functional difference between sexuality (instinctual) and eroticism (amative), practice sexual continence, and just plainly stay away from such women. They are basically succubus.


Wise words!

Just me

Yes I’ve heard of witchcraft involving menstrual blood, but being more on the rational and logic side I always thought they were just folk stories,now…not so much


Her father Dario Argento directed the ‘Three Mothers’ trilogy, which consists of 3 films about Witches and feature occult/satanic symbolism. I wonder if Asia had something to do with Bourdain’s death, maybe a sacrifice like some people have already mentioned. Her IG is creepy af and some of the images shown on there are disgusting…. I mean even the reptilian eye ring, the spiral on her daughters face, the hand covering her daughter’s face, the baby in the jar and THAT painting by Joe Coleman….Sick people.


And a remake of her father’s movie Suspiria is going to be released in November. Bourdain dies. Coincidence?

Friendly Stranger

The remake is directed by Luca Guadagnino of “Call Me by Your Name” “fame”, a film that tried to normalize pedophilia. And stras Dakota Johnson from “Fifty Shades of Grey” that tried to normalize bondage.


The occult is dirty n depraved. I think it’s better to b aware but not too involved in their filth n perversion as it will weaken one’s mind n morality. It is too sick to dabble in that world. The elite occultism are extremely sick people, sicker than penitentiary perverts. They walk free. They have been tortured n mind controlled since birth. no freedom have they. They cannot even think for themselves. Avoid their sick world n enjoy the freedom that they don’t have. They r slaves to rituals n unreal nonsense that THEY believe to b real. The ELITE r slaves to ritual, numbers, dates time, never a free moment.
So pity n avoid them.

Thy Unveiling

VC you left out her deleted tweet of her shirt (it said something along the lines of “F--k everyone; you know who you are”) just hours before his death.

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