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Kat Von D’s Wedding Was an Occult Elite Ritual



Kat Von D’s wedding with Rafael Reyes was described as a “breathtaking goth wonderland” by magazines. But there was much more to it: It was a blatant ritual drenched in the symbolism of the occult elite.

Kat Von D’s wedding with Rafael Reyes was, in many ways, rather conventional: It took place in a reception hall, there were wedding vows, a huge wedding dress, elaborate flower arrangements, and, of course, a massive cake. In short, it had all of the things people love to read about in celeb gossip magazines … And that wedding was heavily featured in all of them.

However, there’s one obvious detail that nearly every magazine conveniently forgot to mention: It was a deeply satanic affair. Indeed, the wedding prominently featured the symbolism and the color codes of occult elite rituals – exactly as described on this site for years. It was more than a wedding: It was an occult celebration.

Let’s look at the pics.

The Invitation

Nowadays, no wedding is complete without an Instagram-worthy invitation. Kat Von D’s invitation was posted on Instagram by a friend who dubbed it “the most epic wedding invitation known to mankind”.

On the box containing the invitation is an inverted cross in black relief. Under the cross are the words “en vida y en muerte” which means “in life and in death”.

The invitation itself is written on the back of a skull with an inverted cross on the forehead. The cross is right on the pineal gland – esoterically known as the third eye. Contrarily to what they have you believe, the entire event was deeply spiritual.

In case you didn’t know, the inverted cross is the main symbol of satanism. If you’re about to say: “No, the inverted cross is not satanic, it is the cross of St-Peter, I’ve read that on Wikipedia”. Stop right now. Because you’re wrong. In this context, it clearly means satanism.

An altar of the Church of Satan. Notice the inverted crosses and the colors red and black. The wedding also had a ton of candles and skulls.

If you still do not believe that all of this is satanic, simply look at Rafael Reyes’ music as part of the duo Prayers. His artist name is Leafar Seyer which is his name in reverse. Classic satanic inversion.

In an IG post, Reyes announced that his son would be called Leafar. Yes, Rafael in reverse.

In his single Edge of the Blade, he sings lines such as:

“Sleeping with the devil just to pay my rent”

Reyes is also all about the pansexual, gender-bending agenda that’s been going on. In his song One 9 One 3, he sings:

“I’m f*cking your girlfriend and I’m wearing her lipstick…”  “I’m f*cking your girlfriend while she’s painting my nails…”

Reyes shows off his ring and his nails on IG.

The couple received this gift prior to the wedding:

A blood-red candle with the inverted cross and the words “en vida y en muerte”.

The Dress

Kat Von D’s posing with her dress and horns.

Kat Von D’s dress was 100% blood red with absolutely no other color. She also was wearing “custom-made bridal horns” – a continuation of the obviously satanic theme. The dress was created by Majesty Black, a designer who is no stranger to occult symbolism.

The logo of Majesty Black features an inverted cross inside a triangle.

Kat Von D’s dress and shoes were embroiled with the “bloodline sigil” of Kat and Reyes.

The sigil consists of a crowned three-headed dragon.

Sigils are used in magick rituals.

“A sigil is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity; in modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome.”
– Wikipedia, “SigiL”

There were also performers that were dressed in all-red latex.

Even the performer’s faces were covered in latex. They love that suffocating, dehumanizing stuff.

The Venue

The wedding took place at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel in California, a mythical place with a rich history. Established in 1912, the hotel has been, for over a century, a hotspot of Hollywood celebrities. In 1976, the hotel was featured on the cover art of the Eagles’ album Hotel California.

The cover of the Eagles’ Hotel California album featuring the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The song Hotel California has been long rumored to be about satanism in Hollywood. Even the inside of the album cover was the subject of various theories involving Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan (this subject would require an entire article).

The venue featured an “angelic white” reception space.

In occult rituals, white represents purity … before sacrifice and initiation.

There was also a big inverted cross.

Like in the ritualistic videos analyzed on this site, white (representing virginal purity) leads to red (sacrifice).

The “ceremony room” was all blood red.

The cake was a big red castle. There were also countless drippy red candles, causing the room to look like it was drenched in blood.

There was also a red piano and these creepy dancing people again.

The guests were given glass table cards … with an inverted cross, of course.

Flower arrangements at each table featured skulls.

The fact that there were skulls everywhere made this event a celebration of the elite’s death culture. Also, all of the guests had to wear only black … as if this was a funeral.

This magazine headline is accurate: The wedding was in perfect continuation of the satanic, occult-elite themed 2018 Met Gala (read my article about it here).

Reyes was dressed in a black mariachi suit.

The bride and the groom sitting on their red throne.

So, yes, this was more than a wedding. It was a ritual.

In Conclusion

The Kat Von D wedding was all about the symbol of the inverted cross, the color red (representing blood sacrifice) and black (representing completed initiation and death). Coincidentally enough, the wedding happened on June 2nd and kicked off a grim week punctuated with the shocking deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Spade was found hanging from … a red scarf.

Does the wedding mean that Kat Von D has been further initiated into the occult elite’s system? Keep an eye on the symbolism she puts out and you’ll have your answer.

One-eye sign on her official website.

One-eye sign on her brand’s IG account.

I guess we have our answer.


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