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Kate Spade’s Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death



Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

Andy Spade appeared in public wearing a bizarre mouse mask when leaving his apartment, two days after his wife’s suicide. Also, he wrote and starred in Kate Spade’s final marketing campaign eerily called “Where is Kate?”.

Kate Spade’s husband Andy Spade – the brother of actor David Spade – emerged from his home on Thursday afternoon wearing a bizarre mask of a mouse cartoon character. He snapped: “Do you know the meaning of privacy?” to the photographers as he walked by.

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

Spade leaving his apartment wearing a mask.

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

Spade enters an SUV while still wearing the mask.

Spade was wearing a mask of Bernard from the 1977 Disney movie The Rescuers. The plot of the movie involves retrieving the “Devil’s Eye” – the world’s largest diamond – from a place called the Devil’s Bayou. This is all rather appropriate considering the occult context of the suicide (read my article about Kate Spade’s death here).

Note that the mouse wears a red scarf (Spade reportedly hung herself using a red scarf).

Spade was later seen returning to his apartment with his mother Judith Spade and close friend Oberon Sinclair.

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

Andy Spade – without the mask – with Oberon Sinclair.

While it can be argued that Andy Spade wore the mask to avoid journalists, it pretty much incited the exact opposite. Considering the sad context of Kate Spade’s death, wearing a mask of a mouse smiling is extremely creepy … especially considering the fact the occult elite loves to wear animal masks in ritualistic situations.

And there’s even more strangeness surrounding Andy Spade.

“Where is Kate?” – The Final Ad Campaign

The final ad campaign of Kate Spade’s brand Frances Valentine was named “Where is Kate?” and ran in February 2018. The ad was written by Andy Spade and features him playing the role of a detective following Kate Spade as she attempts to flee.

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

In the ad, Andy Spade follows Kate (played by an actress) as she runs from a home to a pool to a beach.

The final shot shows the detective chasing down a Frances Valentine bag as it blows away on the beach. As the sun sets, he dives toward the bag — but both the purse and Kate Spade prove elusive.

Frances Valentine deleted the “Where is Kate?” ad campaign from its website. However, it is promoted on social media

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death

Kate Spade's Husband Wears a Bizarre Mouse Mask Two Days After Her Death


The death of Kate Spade is surrounded by lots of strange events, symbols, and “coincidences” – a signature of the occult elite.


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Him wearing a mask like that would attract more attention, so the whole privacy thing might be nonsense. The more you dig, the creepier these deaths are.


The Rescuers mask… him chasing Kate down… the quick snapshot of a porno scene in The Rescuers movie is eerie, too… are the elites bored or is their depravity reaching an apex?

D D d

Is it just the nose jobs or just me, but dont Andy and Oberon look like rodents to you? That is, without masks.


I noticed that too.

Her daughter’s name is FRANCES BEAtrix
Kurt cobain’s daughter: FRANCES BEAn

both were “suicides”

D D d

I can not remember having this much upvotes. And this not for wisdom shared, but for dissing people I do not know personally. But thank you. Sometimes we see alike?


You beat me to it. I was about to comment the same thing.

Tom Jones

My cynical, world-weary (and usually bang-on accurate) powers of deduction tell me that this was a pre-planned event to boost sales of her new and existing brands while adding an enduring ‘mythic’ status to both…and the husband was in on it from the start.

It all adds up – the husband recently walking out on a spouse who is known to him and her circle to have certain mental & emotional stability issues; the ad campaign with the eerie tagline ‘Where’s Kate’ just earlier this year produced by the husband; the certain disappointment of the couple selling their last shares in 2007 prior to the huge upsurge in value & share price of the legacy brand;…and details of the death that are decidedly consistent with the previous deaths of other high-flying fashion designers.

This mask thing today, though, really clinches it.

The only question is whether Kate is really dead or if this is an elaborately staged hoax.


Reminds me of deaths before film showings: Yechin, Fischer, and the most famous (lucrative) of them all: Ledger and Walker.


Ray Charles, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and others. Movies released right after those people died. To me, it’s suspicious.


What are you talking about? They were all old when they died and there was money to be made from a biopic. Nothing suspicious about dying of old age surely? The young is a different matter.

Marshall Ramsey II

My wife had made the same conclusion: That it was about money.


None of these hanging deaths make any sense. Kate Spade, Steve McQueen, L’Wren Scott, Michael Hutchence, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell.

Who even hangs themselves in this day and age? Is this not a preferred method of ritualistic killing in masonry?


Remember also, tech wiz kid, Aaron Schwartz, who a few years ago was found by his girlfriend hanging in his room.

Also Mary Kennedy, the wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., was found hanging from the ceiling in their barn a few years ago.

Then there was a young 15-16 y/o girl in the UK who hung herself from a tree in the woods behind her house, after two years of being tortured by the Electromagnetic Radiation from the school wifi-microwave-radiation & nobody believing her (except her Mom who sadly found her hung on the tree).

I’m also surprised by gruesome hangings. Seems people would choose a “milder” method like pills & go to sleep & never wake up vs. traumatic suffocating hanging.


In the town of Bridgend and surrounding area in South Wales, from 2007 until 2012 79 young people commited suicide and almost all were by hanging. 23 males in 2007 alone.


Initiation into Masonry is done by putting a ritual noose around the neck and a mask over the eyes. Masons also believe that by beheading someone- guillotine or hanging- you deprive them of the right to eternal life after death.

Marshall Ramsey II

This brings back to mind the supposed suicide of David Carradine. I thought he was murdered back then.


Women typically don’t want to mess up their face/body when they commit suicide or leave a mess for others, so a gunshot wound or wrist slitting are usually not the preferred method. Pills may not do the job and leave the person in a coma or brain dead.

Thy Unveiling

I’ve heard that in hanging deaths, it releases the bowels. If true, kinda defeats the no-mess ideal

Creighton Lee Rose

ALL deaths result in such do to losing electrical nerves signals to muscles-skeletal, cardiac & smooth varieties…;)

D D d

In a way, it happens at birth too, I am told by a dirty nurse. Nice, such a circle of life..


David Carradine also.


Also, let’s talk about the red scarf emoji. How the He L L does one hand themselves with a scarf from a door knob. I’m an engineer. My father is an engineer. I’m surrounded by engineers. Mathematics makes that impossible. It is literally impossible. -Anynomus


My mom hung herself from the bathroom doorknob with a phone charger cord. When one has decided to leave the world, nothing will stop them.


Not trying to be hurtful. But HOW? Lying down or what? It just isnt physically plausible


In Japan, there are intructions as to how to kill yourself by door knob.


Hadn’t seen your post, I’m sorry for your loss.


some years ago there was a guy in Sweden who hung himself live on the internet in a door knob. 🙁 its possible.

Jon B

Walter: Horrific. I am so, so sorry….


The Wire season 3 proves that true


my brother is a police officer and he told me him + team discovered someone who’d hung themselves door-knob method. ….I don’t know how either….but it does seem possible.


Tie one end of the scarf/rope/whatever around the knob on one side of the door, run it up over the top of the door and down the other side. Granted, needs to be a very long scarf and you’d still need to be shorter than the door and length of rope…but doable.


You could make a post about Avicii’s death.


And now Bourdain. How many more celebrities need to ‘hang themselves’ before the general public stops taking this BS at face value?


Tell me about it


Why is his right shoelace always red

D D d

Maybe as an association with the red scarf …..think about the moment he puts on his shoes and laces them up.. (Oh dear, that came out wrong but telling.?)(I accuse noone, it was just thinking out loud. The man needs a real judge.)
The train of thought went via mindgames that take years of preperation..




Red wrist bracelet. Jews are always involved it seems.

Jon B

Because he’s oh, so occult…God, they are clueless bores!!


When they were quick to report she hung herself with a RED scarf, I immediately thought, “ritual.” I hunted around online to see if I could find any magickal or esoteric meaning about either a red scarf or hanging oneself with one and found nothing. There’s gotta be a “meaning” to it.


To Jane re the Red Scarf: Being in the fashion industry, Kate probably had scarves of many colors & maybe just grabbed one that happened to be Red. Or, Red as in “Red Shield” > Rothschild. Or, Red as in “Red Terror” > Communism/Bolshevism. Or, Red as in the “Blood of Christ.” Or, Red as in the Red cord/thread/rope which the ancient Israelite spies to Jericho told Rahab-The-Harlot to hang out her window. The backstory to that is that two Israelite spies were sent by Joshua to spy out Jeticho. –Rahab, a harlot, had hidden the spies from the Caananite king & told him the spirs had fled in an opposite direction. –In return, she wanted a favor from those spies, that she & her family be spared when the Israelites returned en masse to destroy Jericho. –They granted her request & told her to hang a Red cord/thread/rope (depending on which Bible translation you read) out her window so her home (& family) would be recognized & spared when they later destroyed the city. –Bible ref.: Joshua chapters 2 & 6. –Rahab later gave birth to Boaz; Boaz later married Ruth; they gave birth to Obed; Obed was father… Read more »


I’m not discounting your idea. But I think this red scarf had meaning that might be more tied to Rothschild than Rahab. And I totally recognize that Kate must have had a gazillion colored scarves to go with her gazillion colored purses.

The husband’s mask wearing feels like a code or sign to “someone.” Just the whole thing has a weird feel about it and has from the get-go. For example, why did they release the contents of Kate’s suicide note so quickly?? That’s a pretty personal thing and it seemed to imply that “Daddy” was to blame.

The woman I’m not sure about is Oberon Sinclair. I don’t know….something about her is off. She’s a PR woman known for “reinventing Kale” and turning it into the big seller it is today. Odd claim to fame. Spade’s husband looks cowed in that photo with Oberon, as if Oberon is in charge. Maybe it’s just the way the shot was taken but in other shots of Kate’s husband, he seems reluctant to be “seen.” The mask just makes it more obvious.


You got it. In Kaballah they wear a red string around the wrist for protection. You see Madonna with it all the time. Red scarf no accident


We all probably have a prostitute ancestor. Very informative, though.


I agree there doesn’t seem to be any relevance to include the color of the scarf besides to add to the ritualistic aspect of her alleged suicide. Red is hugely symbolic for their rituals. It means a satanic blood sacrifice.

I found this info on

Color representation uses the symbolism of color to create a magical effect. Color is used during ritual and spell work to direct a spell in the proper way. Color is used in magic to symbolize the effects that want to be created. It causes a sympathetic effect and represents aspects of the spell.
RED – symbolized by the energy of Mars, [also, Aries]. It represents the element of Fire. The color red can represent anger, rage, blood, desire, lust, passion, and the energy of action. It can also represent leadership or influence. For Satanists, a spell performed with the color red, can represent sexual desire, revenge, and aggressive magic. It is also useful as a focus of the will and to remove obstacles.


Thanks for that info.


Red (as far as I know) is the color that represents sacrifice in rituals. “Red being a symbol of sacrifice and suffering”.


Notice the mask also has a red scarf


It’s an elite ‘rat mask.’ You’re forced to wear it as a signal if your spouse ratted. The message to other members is: ‘rat and we’ll kill you too’.


Where have you got this from? Genuinely curious.


It’s pretty bizarre. I wondered about why he was wearing that mask. Was Kate’s death planned?


Friend of a friend…

‘This is out there but I’ll share it so you can decide whether totally insane or just nutty. I heard in the Q community that she was murdered and that the reason had to do with her talking with FBI about known Pedophiles and their secrets she knew. The husband was made to wear the mask as a sign of what happens to “rats” or those that rat them out. She was murdered with a scarf (hanging from a door knob?) and the mouse mask also has a red scarf. The rat or mouse mask is Bernard from the movie the Rescuers who rescue children.’


I have read about this. What does “q” stand for

Cloaked Truth

Creepy but very interesting.


Interesting how the fashion/movie/tv/music industries seem to be populated by a lot of generational family. Funny how most don’t talk about that.


The presence of Oberon Sinclair is possibly significant. Sinclair is supposedly one of the Illuminati bloodline family names. It’s connected to Scottish Masonry and is also conected to the French St. Clair line that can trace its presence in the British Isles to the Norman Conquest. They held land in Essex County near the domain of the powerful De Vere family whose modern scion was occultist Nicholas De Vere, who claimed to be a Merovingian dragon lineage Grail prince. The mother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the maiden name Margaret Sinclair. She is also bipolar as Kate Spade’s sister claimed she was. And the name Oberon is connected to royalty and magic. It’s the name of the King of fairies in Shakespeare and is mentioned in a significant magical text in the Folger library, the Liber Officium Spiritium. There is a modern translation called The Book of Oberon. Oberon is also said to be the semi mythical brother of Merovech, the founder of the Merovingian line from which the entire royal bloodline of every country in Europe is supposedly founded and from which the Antichrist it is said will arise. They are supposedly descended from the Roman emperors… Read more »


Yes, saw that SINCLAIR, to easy!


Very interesting! Thanks for that info especially about Trudeau. Creepy how he’s in the news right now! Trump insulted Trudeau calling him dishonest & weak and pulling America out of the G-7. Which, IMO, Trump is just playing role and so is Trudeau!


Just curious, if you look at the name St. Clair and Sinclair, the latter could mean sin clair, sin as opposed to saint.
Just my 2 cents.

Truth & Light

Fishy, now anthony bourdain committed suicide or were they “suicided”. Sacrifical lambs am leaning to


I was going to type this just now! So many suicides of famous/rich people, right? And I just read this now, for my surprise: “Bourdain **hanged himself** in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France”. Another hanging! Another coincidence??? I don’t know, maybe he even has done illuminati one-eye signs or other types of symbology.


‘Where is Kate?’ Bag’s label written in red.The two women walking across the Black and White crossing.One wearing black shoes the other wearing white. Hmmn.


And one is wearing a black and white dress, while the other has a black coat over a white shirt.
As you say…hmmm.

Thy Unveiling

Where tf does one even get a creepy Bernard mask? I don’t want one, but it’s not like Rescuer merch is prevalent. Even Disney Prince stuff is rare. Princesses, yeah. Villains, new line out. Rescuers? Oliver and Company? Good luck finding paraphenilia for those films!

D D d

Maybe Bayer who took over Monsanto is giving away new masks of a dead Prince Bernhard of Orange from the Netherlands – with a familybox of their white pills for mind-adjusting. Like when they did in WW2 in the camps, testing fluoride and medicins. for release on the masses. Guess the links with Dr.Feelgood, the speedfreakfeeder for the elites, last century.

By the way, fluoride in babyfood, who can think of that!?


My thoughts exactly. It is in great condition considering how old the movie is. And considering the relevance of the rat/ red scarf it seems he may have ordered this on Amazon in advance for this occasion. That was my gut instinct when I saw it. I don’t believe any of the things these ppl do after the sacrifice is complete are coincidental.


Red shoe laces on one foot- who is he sending message to and what message- also red scarf was another designer 4 years ago mick jagger wife- also isn’t June a big pagan month – didn’t happen 6.6 but close enough. He was at the apt the same time she died? Lots of bloggers making fun of tje mask that ot brings more attention while he claimed privacy. Who made him wear it? Is he Controlled as well or just mental?


LWrens scarf was black

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