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The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion



The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

The life, career, and occult symbolism of XXXTentacion and the bizarre circumstances around his death. 

The first time I heard of XXXTentacion was after he had been punched in the face while performing a song onstage. After the massive blow, the rapper laid unconscious on the stage as people in the crowd filmed the grotesque scene. Shortly after, videos surfaced online and X was the subject of insults and ridicule. Little did we know, nearly exactly a year later, X would again be assaulted … this time with more permanent consequences.

On June 18, XXXTentaction was shot and killed in Florida in an apparent drive-by shooting and robbery. As his inert body slumped behind the wheel of his sports car, witnesses took out their phones and filmed the grotesque scene. When the videos leaked online, X was, once again, the subject of insults and ridicule. But this time, he was also dead.

Bad Rap

A recurring comment about X’s death is that “he deserved it”. There is no doubt that in just a few years, X had managed to anger a whole lot of people. He had a bad habit of assaulting fans who got too close to him during shows, he got into multiple “beefs” with other artists, and he released content that was deemed offensive by many.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

In the video “Look At Me!”, X lynches a white kid, a scene that caused a great deal of controversy.

While these traits could describe many rappers, it is the abuse testimony given to police by his ex-girlfriend’s that have lead people to call X a “monster”. Here’s the first part of a long list of alleged abuses:

“The first incident of domestic violence occurred about two weeks later. He slapped her and broke her iPhone 6S, because she had complimented a male friend on his new jewelry. (XXXTentacion later repaired the phone.) Later that day, XXXTentacion left the room and returned with two grilling implements—a “barbecue pitchfork” and a “barbecue cleaner,” she said—and told her to pick between them, because he was going to put one of them in her vagina. She chose the fork. He told her to undress. He was lightly dragging the tool against her inner thigh when she passed out. He did not penetrate her with it.
– Pitchfork, “XXXTentacion’s Reported Victim Details Grim Pattern of Abuse in Testimony

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Mugshot of X in 2016 that was later used to promote the song “Look at Me!”.

Fans of X state that his long list of felonies and his violent behavior are a result of his difficult upbringing and mental issues. Other say that he was a troubled soul and that he had demons. Usually, people mean that metaphorically. But in X’s case, the demons seem to be a little more literal.

Talking With Baphomet

X was part of a new breed of rappers that tends to creep out the old school people: Their faces are full of tattoos of bizarre words and images. They rap about Xanax, suicide, and depression. Their demeanor is reminiscent of zombies (possibly due to the pills they keep popping) and many of them are into dark, occult, satanic stuff. One commercially successful representative of this generation is Lil Uzi Vert (read my article about him here). Another one was XXXTentacion.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Behind X: Baphomet in front of a vulva, surrounded by girls and money burning. Music business.

X was rather open about his connection to Satanism. In his 2016 song I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine, X raps:

 “my Lord, I spoke to a Baphomet, he
Said he would save me if I gave him one thing you needed
“What is this thing?”, I pleaded; boy, it’s the key to even, yeah

And as I spoke, my fangs were shown
Taken aback, he smiles and tells me
“What you crave will soon be yours
But what I crave is already mine”
Anima vestra
Anima vestra

In this song (which eerily begins with the words “It will all be over soon”), X recalls his troubled past and asks the devil to “save him” and “to give him all he can offer”. The devil tells him: “What you crave will soon be yours. But what I crave is already mine”. X then repeats the word “Anima Vestra” which means “your soul” in Latin. Essentially, X tells the devil that he is ready to sell his soul to him.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

X with a “Team Satan 666” hat.

The classic one-eye devil horns combo.
The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Devil horns with a dualistic mask at the BET Awards.

In 2017, X got what he craved: a $6 million deal with Capitol records. This enabled him to buy a $1.4 million mansion in South Florida and a whole lot of fancy stuff.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

X was renovating this mansion at the time of his death.

While X was finally able to buy the things he “craved”, he also apparently realized that these things came with some hidden costs, which caused him to threaten to leave the music business several times.

In October 2017, X posted on Instagram that he was terminating his deal with Capitol Records because he’s “tired of this sh*t”.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Unsurprisingly, X was unable to end his contract. He remained signed to Capitol Records and went back to making music. His album — called “?” — was released in March 2018 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

A few months later, X’s life was cut short at the young age of 20. And, whether it was intentional or not, the details surrounding his death are highly symbolic.

Symbolic Death

X, who wore a “Team Satan 666” hat, died on 06/18/18. In kabbalistic numerology, the number “18” is translated to “6+6+6”, which would make the date of death 6/6+6+6/6+6+6.

Also, everything about his death relates to the material things he got after “selling his soul”. The news reported that X was shot inside his BMW i8 sports car while shopping for a new motorcycle. There was also mention of a Louis Vuitton bag being stolen which reportedly contained thousands of dollars in cash.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Several photos and videos posted online show X’s body inside his car with the doors open. It was almost a grim piece of performance art that could be called “The cost of fame”.

According to dispatch calls, the suspects were described as “two black males wearing hoodies, and the shooter was wearing a red mask”. As stated in countless previous articles, red is the color associated with blood sacrifice in occult circles.

A few months prior to his death, X posted an eerie video on Instagram where he foreshadowed his own death. He even talked about being “a sacrifice”.

In the video X says:
“If worse thing comes to worst, and I f—ing die or some s— and I’m not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life.
If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me.”
Shortly after X’s death, all kinds of eerie social media posts surfaced.
The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

On the night following the shooting, rappers Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo posted this picture featuring a red mask on social media. The pic was reportedly taken near the shooting spot. The duo denied any connection with the shooting.

A tweet posted by a bizarre Twitter account, @LeftLoafer, apparently predicted X’s death. According to the timestamp, the message was posted shortly before the news of X’s shooting went public and several hours before he was pronounced dead.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

The death scene itself was deemed suspicious by online observers who noticed that there was absolutely no blood or bullet holes anywhere on the body or around the car.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

No blood anywhere.

Usually, in these kinds of crime scenes, there are bullet wounds, bullet holes on the car and blood everywhere. This detail led some to come up with theories about X not being dead and that it was all a hoax. Or, maybe he did die, but not from being shot. Maybe the robbery story was a cover-up?


As if all of the above wasn’t disturbing enough, the aftermath of X’s was a sad reminder of the toxic state of pop culture. Here are some examples:

The hashtag #cutforX started trending after X’s death, where trolls encouraged gullible people to cut themselves in tribute to the rapper. Shortly after, some fans posted pictures with X’s name carved on their bodies on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

A memorial to remember the life of X in Los Angeles turned into a riot as mourners allegedly threw rocks at police who answered with rubber bullets and pepper spray. Fans climbed on cars and on the roof of buildings while those below screamed: “Jump for X!”

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion memorial.

Geneva Ayala (the ex-girlfriend who gave the police testimony above) was kicked out of the vigil in memory of X being held in Florida and the tributes she left for him were burned.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

Ayala’s IG post about her burned tribute.

The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

The original tribute had 666 written on it.

In Conclusion

Everything about X’s death has a dark and sinister aura surrounding it. From the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death to the trolls asking people to hurt themselves in his name, it is as if X’s “demons” tormented him and his memory even after his death.

After asking the devil for “everything he has to offer”, it seemed like X had it all. He even showed signs of wanting to turn his life around and to do some good in his community. Unfortunately, what the devil craved was already his … anima vestra.

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The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion

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The fact that people can just take photos and record a slumped dead body in a car is beyond me. This young generation has been totally desensitized. They’re numb.

truth soldier

I completely agree with you, however it feels like that was meant to happen to complete the ritual. This was designed to play out in social media. They draw power from these types of huge public displays. This set the stage for the twitter crap and the vigil turned riot (which was the culmination of the blood sacrifice ritual).


Yeah. Fear frequency harvesting.

truth soldier

That’s a brilliant way of describing it.

alyssa faison

People have always been bloodthirsty. The Romans built stadiums so the masses could watch people being killed by animals for entertainment. Public executions have been popular since biblical times through today. “This youth generation”- come on man. How can you even post this as some kind of informed opinion? Your historical ignorance is showing.


No. Anyone not a kid know this type of public behavior would never have been accepted in earlier times. If you grew up from mid-20th century to the 80s….you know very well that the culture was NOT like this then.

Victor Oluwaseyi Adeniran

“The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.”

From 1984 written by George Orwell in 1949


Do you HONESTLY believe that what you saw was real? ! Watch any show on homicide/murder and you will find not find a clean crime scene like what was posted “via snapchat”


I hear you,… but if there were camera phones 2000 years ago then many people would have filmed crucifixions I suspect!!


What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Mark 8:36


You can turn to god and believe after selling your soul.


That’s a nice cop-out.


yes, you can.. but sadly.. many have their lives cut short before they get to do that


I believe that sometimes they may have done that, but we don’t know it. I had demons before and as I started to think more about God and got closer to him, the demons went berserk and tried to make me kill myself. All I could think of was jumping in front of a car. When I finally turned to Jesus to save me they disappeard, but returned a little bit later and tried to convince me to leave Jesus. I didnt.
And my demons wasn’t even that powerful. I would say they were hillybilly-demons. I can’t imagine how it is being part of the darkness of Hollywood. May he rest in peace.


It truly breaks my heart reading such things. I mean just by looking at this young mans eyes you can tell he was gone and lost.
To think that he had a terrible life on earth and is probably having a worse eternity is saddening.

God loves you people, don’t let the temptations of the devil lead to you selling your soul. It won’t ever end well. The devil is a tricker, he will make it seem as though he is helping you but he is, instead, killing you.
I pray for his family and all his fans and other youngins trying to make it into the music business…let this be a warning for them to stop. The industry doesn’t care about anybody!! it is so sad. man, just 20 years old. The youth really need our prayers, they are falling into the devils trap younger and younger by the day!


It is a good cautionary tale…. why would this break your heart- he lived in a manner that would naturally end this way.

Members Only

Because its sad, jojo.


You on the other hand sound like such a good person. Disgusting.


“having a worse eternity” ?? He’s dead!! That’s that! No eternal NOTHING! Romans 6:23, Ecclesiastes 9:5,6, Psalms 146:3,4, Ezekiel 18:4,20. Stop spreading the lies, death is nonexistence if you say it isn’t you are part of the problem Genesis 3:4


The sad truth is just how dangerous the entertainment industry is. People sell their souls for fame and fortune. Yes that’s right anyone can sell their soul for those saying you can’t sell it because it belongs to the Lord you are mistaken. God has given us free will to make choices and to pick who you will worship. Either Satan or Jesus but you can’t worship both. With that said you can repent and Jesus will receive you with open arms waiting to give you salvation. God sent his son to the cross to shed his blood so we have salvation and eternal life in heaven. Satan is an imitator so he wants a blood sacrifice to trick humans into believing there’s no turning back. But the blood of Jesus Christ trumps any blood oath or sacrifice so it’s never too late to turn back. These celebrities don’t turn back because of the power, fame and fortune. They perish and sadly like XXX lose their life without repentance and are then locked out of heaven through their own choice. The Bible says what good is to gain the whole world and lose your soul. That confirms you can indeed… Read more »


You missed several key points.
1. A few months before his death, he posted a story on his instagram saying something along the lines of “If I end up dead, it was Drake. I’m snitching rn!”
2. Also shortly before his death, during an interview on facebook live (i believe, possibly IG), when the interviewer brings up Drake, XXX responds with “that n**** tried to sacrifice me!” then starts a huge apology to Drake (who just so happens to be the 2nd highest paid rapper, right now. we all know what it takes to get there.)
3. XXX posted proof multiple times that his ex was NEVER pregnant and that she got someone else to beat her up because she wanted $$$$$. Hence her IG name is now “liar”. He never abused his “pregnant girlfriend”. But for some reason, that’s the story that stayed mainstream…we all know about the humiliation stage….


I’m glad someone gave the full background. I just hope he knew that he could repent before it was too late. He seemed to be changing his life around and many readers have said that he was trying to cut off a lot of people who were bad influences in his inner circle. I believe he was set up as well and the police and media are trying to pass this off like it was a random robbery gone wrong and not a hired hit. The killers knew where he would be beforehand. I hope he cried God for forgiveness with his last breath.


In my mind, I want to believer he repented way before this happened. Hence his positive messages to the kids, trying to set up ways to give back to his community. He even said in a video that he”thought he wanted to be a villain, a bad guy, but realized it wasn’t what he really wanted” I think that world scared him straight. But of course you can’t back down from that life once you accept. They won’t allow you to live normally after rejecting them.


You’re right. I hope that’s the case because I rarely cry when people I don’t know pass, especially celebrities, but he’s just been heavy on my mind even weeks before his murder happened. I felt lost that day. He was special. In the same way, Michael Jackson, Diana, JFK, were special souls obviously in different areas of life. He was just beginning his journey on the right path and I felt like he could’ve done many great things if he had more time. He repeatedly said since January of this year that he felt like someone people were trying to kill him.

Too bad he made the wrong deal and had to pay for it so soon when he wanted out. Hopefully, this is a wake up call for those in his industry still flirting with using demonic power. Hopefully, Jesus is with him now. I feel he is.


I can’t believe we live in a time when thugs who make fortunes off bashing white people, calling women B– and WH—, urging people to kill cops, and saying they worship the devil…are considered “special people.” This is all part of cultural Marxism, where the elites planned long ago to destroy our culture and heritage of being positive and good and replace it with the glamorization of torture p--n, rape, and graphic blood and violence. Those who do not allow this kind of garbage in their lives can see that it is no wonder people are being beheaded, gang-raped, groomed by muslim gangs, and tortured by people like MS-13. If you or your kids are part of this, get out of it. This is evil. Love your country and don’t let these people destroy it with rot like this. We are a culture that used to have celebs like Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart who went off to war to save our society. Wonder what they would think if they could see that those who inherited this beautiful land are letting it turn into a hellhole Making America great again is going to require all of us having high standards… Read more »


Thieves and murderers founded this “great” country. What selective memory you have! Tsk tsk


Men of God who gave their lives, family and fortune to build this country based on freedom and Christian morals is why you can opine something so ridiculous. Don’t destroy the nation which allows you the right to think for yourself and move freely about. Yes, wicked men have destroyed with impunity and roam the earth but the standard of truth remains. This country was ordained of God as the promised land and we who cherish liberty, family, innocence, righteousness and Christ will cherish and defend truth and battle for the hearts and minds of all of God’s children to be free from sin and bondage.
You are angry at the wrong crowd, and the hidden history.


Everytime a thug, who made his money off being ghetto trash, whether living in a mansion or the hood, they always say “he was turning his life around.” This is such BS. You saw what he was selling—-lynching white kids? And you’re sorry for him? C’mon, people. …

I used to teach, and I saw how kids idiolized these people and tried to be like them. Guys like this thug ruin lives. It’s disgusting.


Question: Does Thug = blackman/kid? White people really did lynch kids and pregnant women tho and you’re mad at a simulated lynching?! Backwards…..


Not “white people”. Evil people.
The same who control Hollywood, DC, etc. the elite of the world.
Do you not see Eugenics N--i Planned Parenthood as modern day child sacrifice and “lynching”? Do you not know of the Venezuelan government controlling and murdering its own “brown skinned people”? Do you not understand African dictators who have tortured and slaughtered their own black skinned people?
Racism, societal ills and communist regimes of mass murder are social constructs born out of rebellion, satanic hate and Cultural Marxism, the same Socialism brainwashed Americans are embracing as we speak. It is not me vs you.
It is them vs all of us.


he was not a thug look at the positive things he did he helped the people in the parkland shooting.


All mass shootings are part of the violent Marxist “Revolution” the Socialist elite are funding, managing and orchestrating.
Francis Fox Piven, BLM, Antifa, Maxine Waters, Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, Lady GaGa, Occupy Wall Street, Environmental terrorists, mass shootings, gun control and confiscation, etc. all fascist propaganda to divide and conquer.
This rapper may or may not have known this.

Members Only

I am a huge X fan. Thank you.


This is very dark and creepy, but why is there no blood or bullet holes anywhere? Did they use some type of advanced gun where it doesn’t shoot or injure you like a typical gun? I know the CIA made a gun like that called the Heart Attack gun in the 70s:
“the heart attack gun is electrically powered by a battery and fires an extremely small bullet of ice with frozen shellfish toxin in the center. Once fired the bullet enters the target and melts without a trace except for a small red mark on the victim from where the bullet entered. The victim will feel a small pinch or nothing at all. The cause of death of the victims is said to be heart attacks and the gun is used by the CIA to commit assassinations that can’t be traced back to them. Many believe that the CIA is still using this gun today.”

michael Keenan

This filth simply disgust me. Why are we putting up with satanists who are marketing this evil to our children. Satan is the god of this world but Jesus Christ is the Savior of this World, the son of man, the son of God who will kick him straight into the pit and the lake of fire on judgment day. The end is coming so you should get right with God and get your family and your friends right with God. You either follow Light and Truth or you follow darkness so make your choice.


Thank you. I have been puzzled by the people not just accepting this but glorifying and glamorizing it. Children listen to this stuff. They watch the lives of these people and try to be like them. They need heroes they can look up to. Whether or not you are a Christian, you can spot evil when you see it. All good people need to stand up against those in the “entertainment industry” who are influencing our kids. Don’t let them.


God was stronger in X he would have changed him, that s why they killed him. He knew it. He couldn’t complain. He just hoped to lead other youths through his path. In this satanic world, X is tempting, and those who dig, he leads to the lord. If god will. He wanted be Madara, ends up like Pain facing Naruto


I was literally checking your site everyday after his passing hoping you’d make a post about this. Thank you.


Still waiting for the Avicii one

did u know?

He (AVIICI) killed himself, probably wasn’t a “sacrifice” of any sort, nor was he “programmed” to do it…He was severely depressed, couldn’t handle superstardom, suffered from severe pancreatitis and alcoholism, had taken some time off touring as well … His death and the reasoning behind it are not “suspicious” at all so there’s no point to make a post about it. The only things you can take away from his death is to takecare of yourself and others around you + how the industry drains people.Think twice before you chase superstardom. Can you really handle it? And Love yourSelf first. RIP AVICII


I didn’t who X was until his death cause really, I’ve been mostly ignoring pop culture for the past year or so, to the point where even if Taylor swift had released an album this year I would only know about it once it get’s here. But even so, this is just weird beyond comprehension. These people are openly Satanists and yet people flock to them like they’re some oasis. It’s just bizarre how desensitized people have become to these things.


Yes. Thanks. It’s good to see people recognizing that this is not healthy for our society! We are supposed to be a civilized people. WTH is this?


you all need to know that selling your soul to the Devil is a contract which can be annulled ONLY by turning to Jesus Christ and repenting for making the contract. You will need someone to cast the spirits out of you, someone who walks in the authority of Jesus and is filled with the Holy Spirit. There is no contract with the Devil that is without the shedding of blood….that shedding of blood to seal the contract is what invites the demons into your life. They will destroy you. Unless you cry out to Jesus and egt prayer for deliverance. Just saying…

Truth & Light

Your soul was created and belongs to God/Source. Only a fool thinks he can “sell” his soul.


God gave us free will, so you actually can sell your soul. And yes, you can still undo that under God’s grace with the help of strong believers in Jesus Christ.


In the song “Black horse”, the lyrics suggest (this is my personal interpretation of the song) that once someone makes a deal with the devil, there is no going back: “once you’re mine, there is no going back”. But as the devil is a liar, my theory is that this idea reported in the song is a freaking lie, so maybe there really is a way of “going back”, but probably that would be a very hard path. This is my guess. Well, anyways it is better not to run the risk! So kids, don’t ever make a deal with devil! Never!!! You don’t know what will happen to you!


Maybe there really isn’t a way to “go back” and give up the deal. Well, at least the devil won’t accept, of course. But maybe there is a way of escaping that? I DON’T KNOW. But kids, don’t do it.


God is the ultimate power. Only He can save us. Jesus died to save us. YOU CAN ALWAYS BE SAVED.


As long as you have breath in you, there’s no point in time that the grace of God can’t rescue you. The blood of Jesus that he shade wipes away ANY sin, there is no sin one can ever commit that God can’t save them from.. key word here is, as long as you have breath. Jesus came to save the living, and He will save you even with you last breath when you call unto Him. That is the saving grace. This grace will not be there in the great tribulation. I pray non of God’s children will be around for that.


Red Cloak in Eyes Wide Shut: When a promise has been made here, there is no turning back.
Bill Harford have to take the hard path, even though he never sold his soul.


Madonna left a tweet about this. Warning that once you enter into contract there is no backing out.
Family and friends watch Stranger Things like it is an addiction yet it is sinister, about government torture and mind control.


Fantastic sleuthing and reporting Vigilant Citizen!


These days you have to look and act tough to impress people and get respect. If devil worshiping will shock people and scare them, then they will jump into it. More sensationalism, nothing new. Most of these people are unprepared for all the fame and money they get. They push everything to the extremes.


Stuntman Mike: Scary tends to impress.


No. If you are in that type of area, get out of it. I live in a rural area in the middle of the country. We don’t have to look and act tough; we don’t try to impress; we get respect by being the best we can be, being good role models for kids, being kind to others. This IS new; when we were growing up with Led Zeppelin and Rod Stewart, with movies like “the Graduate” and just being kids….we would have been shocked to see that part of society in the future accepted this. It started getting really nasty when thug rap was accepted. People tried to go to court to say it was pornographic, but the judge and elite critics and lawyers made the plea that it was “art.” That opened the door to slasher films, graphic descriptions of sex acts in music, late night hosts calling people c—–, all of that, which any respectable person would never have agreed to before. There were always some no-class, low-class people like this, but they kept it hidden. It was filthy and shameful. It was not considered normal it was mentally ill. The acceptance of this goes right along… Read more »


“XXX” represents 666, right? The “X” letter itself is already representative, I guess because it resembles the “skull and bones” logo, which is a field of the illuminati. And X is also the 24th letter of the alphabet (2+4 = 6). The movie “Triple X”, for example, has the 3 X, representing 666.


The word “tentacion” is reoresentative too. It means temptation, which the devil loves.


yea it would basically translate XXXTentacion into Devil’s Temptation

Person (I'm a girl)



Do you mean “temptation”???? Because there is no word “tentacion.” That’s not a real word.


I think it was more of an edgy sex reference that translates to XXX TEMPTATION lol. He said so himself and that he had a sex addiction when he was younger. I don’t see how X=6 without making it be that way in numerology when X=simply 10 in Roman numerals.

A personn

How do you explain the movie name “Triple X”, which doesn’t have anything to do with p---------y? How about “X files”, “X-men”, “X games”. Here in my country the “X” is used a lot too. There is a singer who says to the public in a show, “Make the ‘X’.” (his name doesn’t start with X). Besides that, XXX Tentacion also displayed the “Team Satan 666” message, appeared in front of Baphomet in a photo, etc. And there is a photo of Crowley the satanist doing the “X” sign. So yes, I think the X letter is used by satanists.

A person..

Type “aleister crowley x David bowie”, without the quotation marks and search in Google.
Edit: I just found out that Asia Argento (satanist) is an actress in the Triple X movie!


I don’t explain it because I’ve never believed in nor understood numerology outside of face value numbers i.e. 7=holy/ gods number 6=incomplete/man. I’m not saying X didn’t dabble in satanic things at all, I was just confused how you came to that conclusion about his name. You didn’t have to get defensive lol. Now I understand.


These children were raised in the Marxist schools of thought, the satanic Kinsey Model of “children are sexual from birth”, socialist communist hippie communities raising children in sacrificial wickedness.


VC, please let us know your thoughts on the children detention camps, there are only boys in those camps, where did they take the girls?


It seems to me that this young man sold his soul and realized what the price would be! I hope and pray X was killed because he turned to Jesus Christ Our Lord!


It’s sad because he did have a tough childhood and Hollywood is so perverted and destructive


Surely God has a soft spot for these people. Selling your soul however kinda takes it to a new level, but it’s usually a result of xyz.


Why would God have a soft spot for them? If that was true, wouldn’t he have stopped the abuse/cruelty/ect. before it ever occured? God let these people suffer and did literally nothing and continues to do literally nothing to stop the evil. How anyone could worship a being that does nothing to protect children from abuse is beyond me.

Oh, and blaming Satan is a total cop out. It gives Satan more power than your god.


Once you sign, that’s it. #HotelCalifornia, South Beach style. Fortunately, I never even heard his rap and ignore the culture, cult of today’s pushed musicians.


Wrong – lie – that is NOT it,
there is no sealed deal –
you can get out by calling on the Lord Jesus Christ!
We (everyone, anyone) can always, anywhere, anytime call out to God
for Him to rescue us, save us and help us repent and change our ways —-
Just call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved –


So true Chris, there is no sin the blood of Jesus can’t clean and no deal or covenant that can’t be undone. Jesus came for the living, so as long as you have breath, it’s not late at all, even when you call on Him with your last breath, He’ll jump right in and make you new. We are under the grace of God, and it’s in abundance. This grace however will leave this earth during the time of the great tribulation after Jesus comes back for His own. I pray no one is around for that time. God bless!

Thy Unveiling

It’s true. You *can* have your “deal” nullified if you earnestly wish to serve and love Our Creator in Heaven. I know from experience. In 2011 I moved into what I quickly discovered was my hometowns secret Amityville house. There was always an eerie feeling of being Watched, a red glow came from an unused room behind the laundry room, I could Hear music nobody else heard (no, it was not a neighbor nor was it me “hearing things.” Yes, it did only happen when the dehumidifier or a form of white noise was on, however there were chord shifts, drum and guitar solos, vocal changes, radio announcers inane chatter, different songs. All distinct enough to hear that it was definitely “radio” but indistinct enough that I could not make out words. It always stopped when the white noise did.) The scariest moment was when I was working on my (now abandoned) truther blog, home alone aside from the Unseen Watcher. It touched me. Literally touched me, running it’s “hand” up and down my arm. I was trying to be a good Christian at the time and cried out “Please Jesus, be with me. Jesus be with me. Jesus be… Read more »


Its ONLY through Jesus. No other light sources or auras, or forcefields etc. You have to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour by praying “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, thank you shedding your precious blood for me on the cross of Calvary, I accept your forgiveness for my sins. I am now your child”. Simple. After that, find a good set of believers or a church that believes ONLY in the Bible from cover to cover. You WILL be set free. Amen.


Considering that june 21 it’s Summer Solstice, and animal or human sacrifice are offered, so I believe in the possibility that it was sacrificed …


It seems like those rappers Solider jojo and solider whatever are the murderers. They look way too happy and look like they are celebrating something. Gives me the creeps.

Anyway, I actually met XXX in Beverly Hills when I was on my lunch break. I had no idea who this kid was. He got ambushed by paparazzi outside and took photos with all his fans and signed autographs. He came in the restaurant and greeted me. Even offered to buy my lunch. I had snuck a photo of him and text my cousin (who was his in late teens) to see if he knew who the kid was and he obviously knew of him and listened to his songs.

When I looked into him and saw how many enemies he had and all the crazy s**t he has done I couldnt believe it, he was so f*******g nice to me.

alyssa faison



Yeah he was a wild teen in and out of juvy with no family structure but most of the later incidents were good ole’ character assassination when you don’t stick to the script.


Hey, how about Drake involvement? I want to know about it more


Drake ordered the hit in my opinion. 600 Breezy already went on record saying Drake gave him the ok to kill x. Breezy is in prison so it appears Drake had some ppl in FL do it for him.

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