How Mass Media is Spinning the “Panama Papers” to the Elite’s Advantage


Described as the “biggest data leak in modern journalism”, the Panama Papers reveal global corruption of the financial elite. This “leak” is however carefully controlled and targeted towards specific individuals in order to serve the true elite’s agenda.

An anonymous source contacted journalists around the world a year ago and provided them with over 2.6 terabytes of data from Mossack Fonseca, a notorious Panamanian law firm which sells anonymous offshore companies to the financial elite. The documents were obtained by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

On April 3rd, several news sources revealed simultaneously the story, effectively centering worldwide media attention around this single issue. The massive leak – dubbed the Panama Papers – includes over 11.5 million documents and implicates 72 current and former heads of state.

Although the leak reveals a gigantic system of global corruption around the world, it curiously names very few powerful figures in the U.S., Britain and the Western world. On the other hand, many of the “wrongdoers” happen to be “outsiders” or at odds with the Western elite. In fact, many of the people named by the leak are associated with regimes that the elite is looking to destabilize. Are the Panama Papers carefully orchestrated to target specific individuals?

Media coverage from British paper The Guardian focused on Vladimir Putin - although he was not mentioned directly in the Papers. Meanwhile, David Cameron's father is.
Media coverage from British paper The Guardian focused on Vladimir Putin – although he was not mentioned directly in the Papers. Meanwhile, David Cameron’s father is.

Let’s first look at the Panama Papers.

What are the Panama Papers About

The Panama Papers claim to expose the financial secrets of heads of state, athletes, billionaires and drug lords. Dating as far back as 1977, the records come from a little-known but highly influential Panama-based law firm called Mossack Fonseca, which has 500 staff working in 40-plus countries. The firm is one of the world’s top creators of shell companies — corporate structures that can be used to hide ownership of assets. Here is a nice vulgarization of the scandal posted on Reddit.

In business, you can avoid taxes by investing in something. If a company makes one million dollars, but spends 500,000 on investing in new technology for their product or something like that, they’re only taxed from the remaining 500,000 because that’s all of their “profit.” (I’m not a businessman so I’m not sure on the complete legality of all the kinds of spending but I think this is a basic summary). This is all normal and fine; all companies require investing in order to grow their company.

So a company in Panama basically made a business in creating fake businesses. Companies could “invest” million of dollars and then it wouldn’t be taxed, because according to legal documents it isn’t profit, it’s an “investment,” which is untaxable, and then they would get their money back from the fake business. So imagine if that $500,000 of investments from my above example was fake, and after awhile 90% of the money was given back to the business (I’m assuming the Panamian company took a cut of the money as payment). 2.6 TB of data in total, over 11 million documents and over 200,000 fake companies. According to the website that published the news of the leak, they were contacted by an anonymous source with encrypted files with the data sometime in 2015. Here’s am exerpt from the article:

Over a year ago, an anonymous source contacted the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and submitted encrypted internal documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm that sells anonymous offshore companies around the world. These shell firms enable their owners to cover up their business dealings, no matter how shady.

Apparently there’s several trillion dollars of money that should’ve been taxed and wasnt. Not sure if that means trillions that should’ve been taxed off of, or trillions of dollars of straight tax money, but either way it’s a LOT.

Many political leaders (many seem to be in the Middle East), and celebrities are involved as well. To prevent any one person from being blamed for the leak, hundreds of news organizations are going to release further full details tonight (that’s what Ive heard, not sure how true it is) but the list apparently has thousands of people/companies on it. There’s 11 million documents though, and even though hundreds of journalists have been going through the data for months, there’s still information that has yet to come to light.
– Reddit, Panama Papers

The ICIJ released a video on YouTube explaining how offshore companies facilitate wars, human trafficking and drug dealing.

How the Story Serves Elite’s Interests

Although the allegations in the above video are serious and disturbing, one can’t help but notice that it mainly focuses on Russia and Uganda. In fact, the media spin of the leaks does not focus on the true world elite –   part of organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

A perfect example of how mass media is spinning the story can be found in USA Today. Under the title “Panama Papers read like Who’s Who of world power”, the paper lists some of the main culprits. It doesn’t take long to realize that the title should actually be : “Panama Papers read like Who’s Who of regimes world power is looking to destabilize”. Here’s USA Today’s list.


Though his name does not appear on any of the records, Putin’s associates are cited frequently as having profited from or participating in a sprawling network of secretive financial dealings.

Among them, according to ICIJ, was world-class cellist Sergei Roldugin, a friend of Putin’s, who was reportedly listed as owner of offshore companies that received tens of millions of dollars in shadowy payments and secured control over a substantial part of Russia’s TV advertising business. ICIJ said “the evidence in the files suggests Roldugin is acting as a front man for a network of Putin loyalists — and perhaps for Putin himself.”

Other Putin associates cited included childhood friends and billionaire brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, who collectively owned at least seven British Virgin Islands companies that invested in a pipeline construction company and acquired machinery to build a villa in Tuscany, Italy, for Arkady’s son, Igor, as well as other activities.


His two cousins, Rami and Hafez Makhlouf, who have been the target of international sanctions and are suspected of controlling key gateways to Syria’s oil and telecom business, held numerous offshore accounts through which they filtered investments such as telecommunications assets.


Deng Jiagui, the brother-in-law of China’s current leader, became sole owner of British Virgin Islands companies called Best Effect Enterprises Ltd. and Wealth Ming International Limited in September 2009, according to ICIJ. Though ICIJ says it’s unclear what those companies were used for, Deng took possession of the companies while Xi was a member of the nine-person Politburo Standing Committee that rules China. Deng and his wife held hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, according to a 2012 Bloomberg report.


While Russian troops invaded eastern Ukraine in August 2014, he is accused of  having become the sole owner of a British Virgin Islands firm called Prime Asset Partners Limited, set up through Mossack Fonseca as a holding company with assets that include a European candy factory. Before taking office in 2014, Poroshenko’s assets included auto plants, a TV channel, a chocolate business and a shipyard.


He held what ICIJ described as an “unspecific role” in a Luxembourg company called Safason Corporation SPF S.A. that owned British Virgin Islands companies that took out $34 million in mortgages for luxury homes in London. He also was the primary user of a yacht named Erga that was held by a British Virgin Islands company.


While mayor of Buenos Aires, Macri did not disclose his position as a director of Fleg Trading Ltd., which was incorporated in the Bahamas in 1998, according to ICIJ.


He owned a British Virgin Islands-based trust called Lynden Management Ltd. that was established by Credit Suisse and came under scrutiny for the murky source of its funds, according to ICIJ.


The former journalist and radio host and his wife, Anna Sigurlaug Pálsdóttir, held nearly $4 million in bonds in three Icelandic banks through Wintris Inc., a British Virgin Islands shell company, according to ICIJ. He failed to disclose his 50% stake in Wintris when he took office in 2009 and is said to have sold his share in the company to his wife for a $1 at the end of 2009, according to the report.


He controlled a Panama-registered company called I.M.F. Holdings and a British Virgin Islands company called Moonlight Estates Limited that each controlled real estate in England, according to ICIJ.


He was a director of multiple British Virgin Islands investment companies, held three companies in Seychelles and had family members serving as board directors of several British Virgin Island entities, according to ICIJ.


He held several investment companies based in Panama, including two he co-owned with then-Qatar Emir Hamad bin Khalifa, and previously held several companies in the Bahamas and British Virgin Islands, including one through which he managed a $300 million yacht named Al Mirqab.


Cameron’s late father, Ian Cameron, avoided British taxes for 30 years on his investment fund, Blairmore Holdings Inc., according to the U.K. Guardian, part of the network of organizations that reported on the Panama Papers. Ian Cameron’s fund employed as many as 50 Caribbean experts annually to sort through red tape for Blairmore, which was based in the Bahamas but incorporated in Panama, the U.K.Guardian reported.

There was no particular allegation of wrongdoing against Blairmore, and David Cameron’s office said the prime minister has fought tax-avoidance schemes as a public policy.


The world-famous athlete and his father, Jorge Horacio, held an offshore company called Mega Star Enterprises that Mossack Fonseca registered in 2012, according to the U.K. Guardian.

Though offshore accounts are not illegal, the Guardian noted, Messi and his father have been accused by Spanish authorities of tax evasion for alleged involvement in shell companies based in Uruguay and Belize. They have denied those accusations, according to the Guardian. Messi, a native of Argentina, plays on Barcelona’s soccer team.

– USA Today, Panama Papers read like Who’s Who of world power

With the exception of David Cameron’s father, there is a distinct lack of figures from the true world elite. On the official website of the ICIJ, the main culprits are clearly listed, complete with their faces.

A screenshot from the ICIJ website.
A screenshot from the ICIJ website.

According to the website, the main countries involved in the Panama Papers are: Argentina, Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ukraine, Russia, China, Syria, Palestine, Greece … and a little bit of UK.

Although corruption is undoubtedly rampant in these regimes, why are the culprits of the Papers either puppet states or somewhat at odds with the true world elite? Is this “leak” actually an underhanded attempt to destabilize specific forces?

Like most mass media “leaks”, the information released has been carefully curated and controlled by the powers that be in order to serve a specific agenda . Under the guise of “investigative journalism”, pressure is put on a specific set of regimes and individuals. Meanwhile, the true elite, the one that takes part in  the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg meetings, the CFR and so forth are exempt from the scandal.

While the masses are lead to think that they are learning the ugly truth about the world elite, they are actually being served a small part of the picture. What do you expect? The biggest scammers in the world happen to own the newspapers that “leaked” the Panama Papers.

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No mention of the Rothschilds. But it did include the Prime Minister of Iceland, who shut the central bank down, and jailed the bankers. I am always suspicious whenever mainstream media pushes hard on any story.

This is a misconception that he jailed the bankers, that process started way before he became pm and the main aim of his government is to get the banksters back into action, they do take all the credit for everything and use the MSN to advertise it, but in reality they have taxed poor people more than ever, while cutting taxes for the super-rich and cutting the funding that has been used to jail the banksters. He´s the head of the party which many of the biggest bankers and criminals in Iceland belong to. His party and their government partners are the same ones who brought us the banking crash. He´s almost as elite as they can get in a small, western nation like Iceland. His dad has millions in tax havens, some of which he originally stole from the state while he was in a political office. Don´t believe… Read more »

very interesting, Anna … are you Icelandic?
i have read in alternative media that he was the good guy who jailed the bankers, too – not just msm ….. do you have any good english-language links that tell this story of him being elite and NOT responsible for jailing the bankers? …. would love to research this further

On French TV tonight they confronted the Rothchilds of Luxembourg. The Rothchild bank (Ariana..the president of said bank.).

And nothing mentioning the vatican bank, which is at the foundation of all the corruption. You might call these papers a literary false flag attack.

It should be mentioned, that the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is a prime tool for the occult elite. This paper supports every aspect of their agenda (globalisation, military interventions, abolition of cash, the depravity in the movie and music industry…).
The mere fact that it was the first media contacted by the “leak” is a reason for all of us to proceed with extra caution.

Is the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) the paper(??) / media outlet that some German guy (who wrote the most famous German book that can’t be bought in Germany) said they are all CIA operatives who got paid to publish pro american propaganda?

Or am I rambling.

I’m sick of MSM highfiving each other whenever they get away with Putin bashing.

Yes, his name is Udo Ulfkotte. I’m from germany and no how this s**t works! All sick p********s.

This world is full of corruption everywhere. I don’t think this Earth will sustain us for much longer. “For the anxious watching of the creation eagerly awaits the revelation of the sons of God” (Rm. 8:19)

Amen to that… God’s Word can be counted on for accuracy without question… As long as the individual who reads it is being lead by the Spirit of the Living God… Otherwise that person will misinterpret God’s viewpoint entirely, and believe that our Creator is nothing more than a tyrant…
God is love… If one has HIS Spirit, that individual is lead by an understanding that supersedes, and surpasses all other ways of thinking that have to do with a carnal mindset…

A little update from the same Jim Stone:

“UPDATE: All you need to know about the “Panama Papers” – NO AMERICANS LISTED. Only anti-NWO leaders listed. Soros funded. Still 100 percent on target as of 11 AM CST.

Premier of Iceland, who fought off the bankers already gone. Need I say more?”

Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian president, is said to be funded and mentored by Darth Hideous. It’s also interesting that they share ethnicity, they are both Jews. Not all of them on the list are anti-Nwo.

Yes, interesting to see that the finger is being pointed at many third-world nations and (so-called) corrupt politicians who are NOT based in the USA. There is noticeably little mention of anyone to do with Rothschilds, Central Banks and other organisations which pull the strings of political and economic power in the Western world.

This is more distraction for sheeple. Allow me to quote Jim Stone (u can go to his site and see for urself) on this Panama Papers fabricated scandal. In short, another Zio scam, much like Snowden. ” April 3 2016 Panama Papers: 2.6 terabytes of data The Mossack Fonseca Interactive Web Of Secret Companies This is a mess. A jumble of disconnected stuff as I put this together. OK, HERE IT IS, in a nut shell: A slightly more than initial sniff test on this one smells like Soros has targeted second and third tier players in the world economic and power structure, to purge that structure of people who have stood in the way of the New world order. IMPORTANT: They got the goods on many more people than will be reported, and are only burning who they want. Additionally, not much with regard to the super huge power… Read more »

One part I’m not clear about. From what I understand, China is part of the NWO. Well, the Chinese Communist Party is, at least. The NWO FUNDED the CCP. So how exactly are the CCP NOT part of the club?

No is a lie. China is against the occidental elite and he is fighting against this american elite. that’s why china is looking to destabilize USA.

China is doing everything the elites want from forced abortions for population control and causing severe pollution so they get more jobs shipped to them by American elites. They are not against the NWO.

i didn’t say that china is not part of the NWO. I said clearly that China is not part of the occidental elite. China has their own plans for the New World Order that are different from the plans of the USA (occidental) elite.

Then why do they do whatever they are ordered? China, like most of Asia is secretly under the control of the Li family that’s apart of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. When the Chinese government are told to jump by US officials, they ask how high.

Very true….-_- I don’t see how they AREN’T illuminati.

Of course they are and it’s obvious when somebody like former Secretary of State Henry Kissenger under Richard Nixon, who currently advising Barack Obama what to do helped get mass murderer communist Mao Zedong in power in China.

(I’m Argentinian) Mauricio Macri is the rich son of infamous multimillionaire Franco Macri, who has had factual links with Propaganda Due, benefitted himself from the last Dictatorship we suffered 40 years ago, etc. Mauricio has reached the Presidence only because of the disastrous results of 12 years of Kirchner goverments, along with his whole political campaign, which was based on empty, impossible promises (Zero Poverty and so on), and in many ways resembled Barack Obama’s campaign, which bombarded people with phrases such as “Yes We Can” (Macri used “Cambiemos” – that’d be “Let´s Change”). He’s fully backed by local mass media, because he is ferouciously endebting the country, tying it to the IMF, WB and institutions alike. His team is full of elite’s pawns, all too well known in my place. In spite of all of this, people have been fooled – again. That’s why it’s really surprising that he’s… Read more »

actually the “k” government did some good things for the country and the people, is not “disastrous” as you might think, m*cri es far way worse


Yo vivo en Chile y me alegra ver que a pesar de que nos divide la cordillera, hay cosas que nos unen. Espero logren salir de su situación como país, siempre he admirado a su pueblo por su valentía y voluntad (sacaron a de la Rua) … Acá en Chile tenemos un capitalismo que se ve exitoso, pero es un medio súper agreste y violento para vivir, sin mencionar que acá todos hablan pero nadie hace nada…. me alegra ver gente de nuestras latitudes en esta página, saludos!

Nos unen muchas cosas, todo en definitiva, siempre y cuando sepamos entender que paso en la historia realmente, si no pasa como acá, que se considera al chileno un traidor, todo por supuesto, debido a la ignorancia arraigada y el desconocimiento de lo que realmente paso durante las dictaduras de américa, todos están equivocados.
Todos los pueblos del mundo son victimas del mismo grupo controlador y manipulador. Lamentablemente sacar a “de la Rua” no fue un gran merito, simplemente por que crear el colapso social y económico fue todo un plan llevado perfectamente por quienes dominan Argentina. Si realmente en ese momento se hubiera aprendido algo, nunca tendrían que haber llegado al poder ni los Kirchner ni Macri. Saludos compañero

Muy interesante Lucas, yo también soy Argentino, la verdad debo admitir que es cierto todo lo que decís. La agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial para la Argentina esta siguiendo su curso perfectamente, endeudamiento, fragmentación y segmentación social… Macri es un títere como lo fueron todos, un tipo paupérrimo e impresentable que fue metido con calzador por su padre (perteneciente a la logia P2 como bien decís) para sus intereses empresariales y pagarle las deudas al sionismo judío por los “favor-sitos” durante la dictadura, otorgándoles carta blanca a la élite para seguir decidiendo el destino del país, no olvidar quien financio su campaña y como les esta pagando el favor con el canje de deuda…. en fin… tanto para analizar, demasiada impunidad , me quedo con el hecho de que hay personas como vos que entienden que pasa.

I’m Argentinian too. I’ll reply in English for the sake of those who don’t understand our language. You know, even before the elections I had the strong suspicion that Macri, Scioli, Massa, Stolbizer and all the supposed rivals in the presidential race were actually shaking hands and cutting deals behind closed doors. Same as in the US and so many other countries that mislead us into thinking we choose the candidates we like when in reality, we’re choosing one among a series of puppets, all of whom bow down to the same powers. Hegelian dialectic at work: We choose the left path or the right path, or even the path in the middle, but in the end, all roads lead to the NWO. In Argentina’s final round in the last election, either we chose yet another Populist who was going to fill his own pockets (and those of his “friends”)… Read more »

There is a common comment “If elections could actually change the system, elections would be outlawed.”

I live in the Netherlands.. some years ago a sister of the (then) queen was found out to be using the queen’s accountancy advisor, who funneled a big deal of her money offshore to avoid taxes in this country. But no one questioned the whereabouts of the countries queen’s bizznizz and her billions being invested abroad. They wouldn’t dare. Still don’t dare. All press, politics and opposition are scared of the family.

Remember folks that the Club of Rome is forming the final kingdom before the return of our Messiah… That is the very reason their has been a rapid increase in hedonistic behavior since 2001… This moral fall into the abyss began in 1963… While we look at the leaders as the problem, the reality is their success to bring forth this Satanic, or Luciferian world order depends on the spiritual condition of humanity, and the escalation of sinful behavior since the 60’s… We have been our OWN worst enemy because of allowing the spiritual principalities of darkness to influence our behavior…. Which of course is in direct opposition to our Creator’s will, and desire… This in turn leads to the downfall of nations… Eventually leading to what is being formulated now which is the 7th head of the beast that Babylon, or Satan rides… (see Revelation chapter 13, and 17)…… Read more »

It is not about money to those who have it in abundance… It is about an agenda that only a few, compared to the masses who exist, who fully understand the plan… But even those who have been made privy to this, these individual’s have, and will continue to be used for an end that will not be expected…
For these individual’s expect a thousand year reign of their kingdom, and in defiance of our Creator…
But there is only ONE GOD, and HIS will is certainly a foregone conclusion…

To all students of bible prophecy the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ is clear. Clear prophecy, most of which has already happened can be seen in Revelations & Daniel and various other places in the bible. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: (Isaiah 28:10) The fact that most of GOD prophecy has already happened indicates that we are in the last days. Exactly how long we have left we do not know as GOD also says: But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day; 2Peter 3:8. But each servant of Jesus must be long suffering, patient and the most any human being can wait to see the face of Jesus is a… Read more »

I knew it, anything media promotes or claims to expose is either fake or not what they are trying to show.

Its all about Greed , And were have my Tax s gone over the past 15 years ? war more war/ greed war on this and that/ more war on that /drop big bombs on that, it gos on and on and on I have to pay even more tax for this ,
And lets not forget the Banks and there bailouts / more so its all part of the show after 911 ?

What do you mean ?

The way things have gone down the drain in this country, I’ve actually considered moving to another country, Panama being one I had been researching….not sure now though?

…1st time I heard of the Panama papers was today. Hopefully it’ll be the last..

Keep dreaming

The Bank of International Settlement (BIS) in Basel Switzerland is the real financial cancer of the whole wide world. You can’t talk about banks without mention Switzerland – the bank with a country.

Of course, it’s a pretend neutral country set up by the Knights Templar to be their piggy bank. It’s also the ancestral home of the House of Hapsburg, one of the 13 most powerful families. No wonder it’s always untouched.

“While Russian troops invaded eastern Ukraine in August 2014…”

I ;hope that VC is not responsible for this remark.
If the Russians had ‘invaded’, they would now control all of Ukraine. The efficiency of their armed forces in Syria should make that clear.

The statement should be something like “While the illegal Kiev regime was attempting to commit genocide against the people in eastern Ukraine…”


So…one thing I’m not getting here.
If these guys are being targeted, are they good or bad?
Does the occult want them gone? Or are they trying to push them to their goal?

All in all, this sounds pretty weird. Also, if history repeats itself…it seems to me like America is in kind of a subtle Civil War…not fought with weapons, but with words. The enemy this time around is somewhat, invisible I’d say.

If what I said is true, and America is going through a Civil War…it would make sense if another World War was coming. But in what form would it take?

They are people who the elite want out of the picture. Most are probably still bad but not as bad as the elites. It’s kind of like Obama verus Putin. Neither is a good person and they both are literally gangsters but Putin is not actively trying to destroy his own country.

Very well stated and what I have thought all along. A lot of people have been going on about Putin being great, but I have never been sure whether you could trust him. But like you said,…he doesn’t seem to want to destroy his country and does seem more intelligent than Obama…doesn’t necessarily make him good though

Very true.

Wanting the lesser evil in charge is still allowing evil to reign.

Yeah…it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t evil.
Probably why I lean towards Cruz…he seems the most sane.

I know Trump is evil for sure though. My grandmother is so blind…-_-

Cruz is just as bad and a fraud. I don’t like Trump and it’s crazy seeing the people who truly believe he’s some sort of savior like Obama’s fans did in 2007 but Cruz is an obvious overt Freemason who will sell this country out for the NWO agenda. His own wife, who’s probably his handler is a CFR member who also worked for Bush and his main cheerleader is Freemason Glenn Beck, who’s been exposed for years for spreading disinformation. Those facts shows along with the fact he supported the Trans Pacific Partnership, that gave Obama more dictatorship powers are signs not to trust him. He’s not even eligible to be President because he’s wasn’t born in the US. I get Obama’s history unknown and heard his step grandmother state he was born in Kenya but we can’t keep allowing foreigners into positions of power just because they appear… Read more »

Hm, you make a valid point. Apparently Obama’s mom was also a…lady of the night, to put it mildly.

However, some of the things you said were lies of Trump. No offense.

So basically, none of the running is eligible? Geez, we’re screwed. Too bad the age requirement is 30…I’d try to run. 25 more years to go sadly…lol! Kidding! ^-^

I would try though….

Yes, the Bible thumper, who is caught having numerous extramarital affairs meaning involved in sexual scandal, Goldman Sachs funded, open border supporter “lyin’ Ted”.
In addition, Heidi Cruz has worked on the Bush for President campaign, has worked for 3 investment banks (JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs), was an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

You got that right, soldier.

Are you trolling, or what?

Well, in all honesty, I wish Mark Huckabee (love that name! It’s hilarious! ^-^) was still in the running….but sadly, no.

I just think Cruz is a step up from Trump. But…some of the arguments against Cruz people often use were made up by Trump….just saying that in terms of the Republican Party, it seems that anyone besides Trump is a good idea(even though I wonder how his America would look…)

No, what Bly was saying does not sound like the occult, haha. What he was basically trying to say is that all of the people on this burn list are basically puppets. The elite don’t really care if you’re for or against them: if you’re in the way, they will get rid of you. They will punish you if you step out of line. Most of the people honestly aren’t innocent. Most who have found money and/or fame did so by making some deals with the elites. Maybe they went against them, maybe they did exactly what was asked of them but no longer served a purpose. It’s not really about “good” or “bad.” You could assume, if you wanted to, that they’re all bad because they made deals they shouldn’t have. It’s really about perception. Basically, though, the point is that none of these people are running the show.… Read more »

Oh! Ok! My bad!

The rabbit hole thing and others kinda threw me off. :p lol! 🙂

Maybe neither… Hegel was the one to install a formula in which you fund both extreme positions, in order to arrive a consent it’s good for you (the elite)

pretty sure you have no idea who Hegel is

You really can’t look at as good and bad. Everyone has a role to play in this grand experiment that is nearing its end here on planet earth. The “elites” understand what is happening here on an energetic level, that humanity is awakening at an unstoppable pace now, and their plans, thousands of years in the making, are out of wack leading them to improvise. Hence their creation of “the new age” movement, and countless other controlled opposition figures and psyops to fool us. The rabbit hole is so deep and confusing and hard to comprehend, we would all be better served to simply know, that this is an illusory reality, a dream like simulation more or less, where we choose to incarnate in order to grow and evolve spiritually. Your soul is the real you, not the meat suit. We are sparks of Creator consciousness, and therefor creators ourselves.… Read more »

Sounds rather Gnostic.. is it?

It did I have to admit…whether it is or not is beyond me.

“Everyone has a role to play in this grand experiment that is nearing its end here on planet earth” Bullshit. ” we choose to incarnate in order to grow and evolve spiritually.” Bullshit. We are the ultimate state of being and all of this 3D nonsense is an illusion meant to disconnect us from the original state of ultimate power and wisdom and freedom. Being the ultimate state of being, there is no need to evolve. Who we really are never incarnated. “Your soul is the real you, not the meat suit.” No it isn’t. The soul is another illusory construct just like the body and mind, all forms constructed of light/thought by the liar who conjured this illusion up through thought in order to attempt to take control of the original state of power, wisdom, and freedom which is who we really are, which can never succeed, but this… Read more »

The ‘Bad guys’ are very real, unfortunately. I agree to an extent, that they are part of us..I say they’ve become part of us through programming (media, subversion of OUR institutions eg religious, economic military even our own races and ethnicities). I agree with the poster below that you seem to be describing the occult/masonic/talmudic principle of duality that is in reality a subversive concept (hermetically duality) designed to weaken and control us through a rejection of objectivity…which is a very dangerous ideology when applied to any kind of social organization, imho..

..sorry – the ‘bad guys’ we’re talking about are those fingered in the ‘Panama Papers’ …and I went off to another topic. So the above is apologies. .

It’s fine! No need to worry! 🙂
Nice wording al the same!

….I don’t know why, but what you said kinda sounds like something the occult would say.

“Rabbit hole” “Don’t look at it as good and bad” “illusions” ect.

Sorry if I’m misreading it…that’s just kinda what it sounds like to me.

All i heard was, they are not a Christian and here is some wacky gnostic buddhist reincarnation story.

While on the surface, this is huge news (and it is news to many who rely on the msm as their sole source of information), it’s actually a cannibalistic move by the Cabal. All of those blatantly missing from this report are most likely responsible for it as Full Disclosure is coming no matter how hard they fight it. It’s easier for them to throw their associates under what they hope is a big enough bus to distract the masses while attempting to make it appear that A) they would *never* participate in these types of things, and B) they’ll try to *fix* it. This is a move that might buy them a bit more time. It’s probable there’s a counter-move already in place by those who oppose this faction and if so, expect to see these guys under an equal or slightly bigger bus in the very near future.… Read more »
Reading all this is was at first making me sick. Now after seeing the almost total absence of big monies, ie: American Banks, Old Money families and most of the ‘pro-westernisation’ countries; this leak is making me mad. I picked up straight away how many of the Western Media Organisations were focusing on Putin even though he is totally absent from the actual papers, and would appear by all means to be vindicated according to the lack of his presence. But it hasn’t stopped many media organisations from trying to tar him with someone else’s brush and drum up a vilification story centred on maybe’s and could be associations that no one can actually prove. How is this happening in the world right now. How many people cannot see that this stinks of a set-up in order to pre-empt another ‘conflict situation’ like the terrorist attacks we keep experiencing around… Read more »

Why Argentina’s president is in that list ? Looks very strange for me.

Yes, it doesn’t seem to make sense at all. If it is true that he’s been a faithful puppet of the elite, who made an agreement to pay a very immoral debt, who is going to borrow more money to the IMF and World Bank and get us more enslaved to the world powers, and who is applying, it would seem, orthodox neoliberal recipes to solve the Argentine financial crisis, why destroy him now? Why not wait until he’s carried out the “sale” of what remains of Argentina? Perhaps nothing will come out of this, and this is just a warning for him to toe the line.

The world has become too confusing.

sorry, but being from Argentina, i can confirm you that m*cri is a puppet and lap dog of the “elite”,

Perfect document, the mainstream media is controlled its from the pit of hell

Their tactics are so glaringly obvious once you know what they are up to. When the NPR breaking news story came up on my FB feed, I commented, “looks like Putin isn’t getting with the program. Time to take him out.” Sadly not one person got it. And the NPR audience is supposedly so witty, educated and clever.

Only one crony of the puppet Mex president ?!
Where’s the dirt on ex Mex president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, billionaire crony Carlos Slim, The Arellano Felix crime syndicate , Jorge Hank Rohn (who controls extensive gambling sites across borders), owner of media monopoly Televisa Emilio Azcarraga Jean etc. ?

This also such a dumb strategy. What did they hope to achieve? Mass uprisings in China and Russia? Isn’t that what sanctions are for? (Which are also almost useless.)

Another angle raised by some is that this is a distraction away from the Hillary emails.

Made me think of the the movie “The Devils Advocate. “

Damn. Good points, VC. Thanks as ever for your insight! Love and light ~~~~!

That is nothing but a list of George Soros’ business enemies. Thank you, George. Burn in hell.

In Italy we know the methods of these “elite” … those whom you call leaks, in Italy they call Pizzini, are the tickets with which the Mafia, communicates with his men….

This was an attack of the Occidental Elite (USA, UK and Europe) against their enemies of Asia, Middle East and Russia. Is interesting, that of all the people that goes to the Trilateral Comission and Bilderberg Meetings didn’t appear in the leak. Also USA is one of the biggest tax heavens in the world and nobody talks about that. THIS WAS A MEDIATIC ATTACK! to distract the masses from what is really happening right now politically, economically and socially.

I jus watched the 1995 movie Strange Days, and it eerily predicts a 2pac like rapper who was exposing truths and he was murdered by police and the media reported it as a gang related death. The movie has a conspiracy undertone to it. Was very interesting

The movie was made in 1995 but is set in a futuristic 1999 at the verge of Y2k. It involves a lot of corruption from higher ups giving orders to police

The 1999/2000-thing was just an exercise in massmediamanipulation. To get naieve masses to react, whether they want or not – because .. what would happen if one did not conform to what ”experts” instructed..? (Socalled experts who could imagine pc’s and computers to stop working in the next era, because some very very inteligent designers all missed the chancing of the century when desinging the software.. yeah right. Surprise! Like the lifespan of a tv, being transformed from 18 years to 3,5 years tops.
We all are being duped by corporations to make them money – they are not to provide service and quality, remember that. And corporations can be bought, or hired, like mercenaries.

This was an attack from the Western Elite against is enemies. This is the reason why any important name from the western elite didn’t appear in the “leak”. Also all the wealthy people that had their money in this off-shore companies are not receiving any real punishment, they only need to pay their taxes and they can walk away like it nothing happened.

I don’t understand this talk of ‘Occidental attack on its enemies’ – a comment repeated multiple times here now. It seems very clear to me the Illuminati is one global system, one entity. Their symbols are the same throughout the world. Why would they stage an attack (an actual attack, as opposed to a fake staged attack) on themselves? Do you really believe some countries are still not controlled? Do you think Putin, for instance, is truly not part of this and isn’t simply playing out his part as ‘the opponent’ in some sort of Hegellian problem-reaction-solution-style setup?

It seems very naive and dangerous to put trust in any of these people.

Soy Panameña y la verdad estoy muy molesta de como los medios de comunicación hablan sobre este tema como si el pais entero estuviera trabajando o estuviera ligado a UNA compañia ( Mossack Fonseca), La verdad me repugna como le están haciendo marketing a esta noticia, la llamaron PANAMA PAPERS, por que no la llamaron MOSSACK FONSCA PAPERS? FONSECA FRAUD? ahora Panama esta en la lista negra de Francia y las relaciones están tensas ya con varios paises y nos estan discriminando y catalogando como corruptos asquerosos cuando en realidad es UNA compañia, por que cuando hablan de Putin no mencionan a Rusia? tampoco voy a negar que aca hay corrupcion, claro que la hay, como en todos los paises del mundo. La verdad yo creo que todo esto es una conspiración para joder a Panama, cuidado y terminamos como Syria.

es verdad, Panama fue sacrificada por los gobiernos poderosos del mundo para poder sacar este ataque mediático contra los países del medio este, asia y este de Europa. Los medios de comunicación lo hacen ver como si Panama fuera un país que solo se dedica a ser paraíso fiscal cuando no es verdad. Y también es increíble como los estadounidenses no se mencionan en este escándalo. Cuando ellos son los principales en el negocio de esconder el dinero y no pagar impuestos.

Poroshenko not serving the interests of the elite enough? So who’ll replace him as Ukraine’s President? Ehud Barak? Avigdor Lierberman?

The Middle Easterners- well, all for the glory of Greater Israel (you SHOULD do an article on how Israel was set up to protect Rothschild interests, hint hint)

I’ve been waiting for more discussion on Panama in general. This does not surprise me. Panama used to be home to LOADS of US military and is literally the link between the Pacific and the Atlantic. So much trade is done through here and I think there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Nobody thinks of Panama as having a large part in economics but it does. I know there’s shady sh*t going on here but the only information I can find on Panama and the illuminati is basically at the beginning of the canal years. I wish more research could be done!

do it then. dont be lazy. you’re already on the internet and know how to read.

My dad’s small business in Canada is taxed 2.5% on 500k of profit! My new business in USA is taxes 15% min because of pass through S Corp, but I have to pass it through. A C Corp is taxed 35% and can keep it in business books

Might a better tax rate would jelp

This is off subject but is there any way to cover all of this flat Earth nonsense.

NWO in a nutshell to simply put, no wonder why the elite have the sheeple themselves to pay off taxes while they don’t

Wolf Cola everybody…

Chespirito Apodado Del Chómpiras

Hi again, Vigilant. There are many Brazilian sites that copy their articles of your site. But that only help to spread your word. I would like to speak of the game Illuminati: New World Order, quite hidden films such as The Matrix, 1984 and some films of Stanley Kubrick, Star Wars, Angelina Jolie, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise.

Chespirito Apodado Del Chómpiras

Hi again, Vigilant! I would like to return to the Sinister Sites, and recant the Solomon Temple Brazilian (by the way, as I mentioned, I’m Brazilian). I would like you to know that the creator is an evangelical false that created the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, and in fact, he is a Freemason, and so did the temple. Another thing I would like is to talk about the false trip to the Moon, the false global warming, the generations that ruled the powerful connected to the elite, and his power in the Vatican.

Also can you please do the 1000 Temple of Baal arches that they plan on erecting?

The anonymous source was likely Western intelligence, hence no naming of US elite.

We are using Reddit as a source now, eh? Sounds credible.
My only qualm with this is how can I store my money off shore? I pay over 30% in taxes and it would be nice not to have $17,000 ripped from my hands every years and distributed elsewhere.

Russian trolls are already here… Please stop russian intervention in Ukraine! Help our people in this fight against treacherous Russian aggression!!! We want to live peacefully in our independent democratic country without murders of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians by russians military forces

Maybe this is an energy/psychic attack on Putin? The sheeple’s collective hatred will cause him to choke on a bagel.

WW3 is coming.
It’s coming sooner than we expected.
I can see the whole world turning against each other because of this “scandal”.

The labelling of the wars is image-tactic. There were many many earlier world wars. Colonialistic entities have been using migration and killing of natives for centuries. The way to make The People offer up their sons and daughters to slaughter and be slaughtered has been changed. Remember it was mainly with posters in bars and doctors’offices and shops and everywhere? Now it’s done via television, radio, newspapers, internet.. The one they call Number Three is part of a set of wars to reach a particular goal, the unity of mankind – on paper. Or, as others call it, a re-organisation of the slavesystem.

WW3, like NWO has been here for a while.