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Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead



Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

The Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman (an important part of the investigation) and a woman leading the Flint lead poisoning lawsuit were both found dead in less than a week.

Everything about the Flint water crisis is as toxic and disgusting as the water that is being pumped into Flint homes. From the crass negligence that allowed such an insidious thing to happen, to the lack of will to fix it in timely fashion – not to mention the obvious attempts at covering up the truth: The situation is poisonous. And that poison could easily spread across America.

This is not simply a water cleanliness issue. It is about allowing parts of America to devolve into toxic cesspools, where problems are “solved” with underhanded police-state tactics. In the span of a few weeks, crucial files mysteriously disappeared from the Flint city hall, the Water Treatment Plant Foreman died suddenly at age 43 and a woman leading the lawsuit against Flint was murdered in her home.

Toxic Water

Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

Flint tap water in dated bottles.

The Flint water crisis began exactly two years ago, on April 2014, when Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water to the Flint River – to which officials had failed to apply corrosion inhibitors. Almost immediately, Flint residents complained about the water’s color, taste and odor. In the following months, numerous water issues arose, with little to no governmental action to fix them.

  • August and September 2014 boil-water advisories were issued by the city due to coliform bacteria detection
  • On August 21, 2014 test showed the city’s water tested high for THMs, a chlorine byproduct of disinfecting water, with which long term exposure has been linked to cancer and other diseases.
  • Though the city stated that the water was safe, the employees of the Flint Public Library declared the water undrinkable after noticing that the water from the faucets and toilets was discolored.
  • On March 2, 2016, it was reported that the state of Michigan blocked Flint from returning to Lake Huron water from the Detroit water system when it agreed to grant the city an emergency loan of $7 million in April 2015
  • It was discovered that the high levels of lead were due to orthophosphate being omitted from the water treatment process, while using a pH of 7.4 and that the orange water was due to the high concentration of chloride in the Flint River water, which caused excessive corrosion of the cast iron mains pipes.

Far from taking decisive action, governments denied that the water was toxic.

While the local outcry about Flint water quality was growing in early 2015, Flint water officials filed papers with state regulators purporting to show that “tests at Flint’s water treatment plant had detected no lead and testing in homes had registered lead at acceptable levels.” The documents falsely claimed that the city had tested tap water from homes with lead service lines, and therefore the highest lead-poisoning risks; in reality; the city does not know the locations of lead service lines, which city officials acknowledged in November 2015 after the Flint Journal/MLive published an article revealing the practice after obtaining documents through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.
– Robin Erb, Flint doctor makes state see light about lead in water

The net result is that over 10,000 children (mostly Black) were exposed to water contaminated with lead. Lead poisoning has devastating effects on the brain:

Childhood lead exposure causes a reduction in intellectual functioning and IQ, academic performance, and problem-solving skills, and an increased risk of attention deficit disorder, aggression, and hyperactivity. According to studies, children with elevated levels of lead in the blood are more likely as adults to commit crimes, be imprisoned, be unemployed or underemployed, or be dependent on government services.
– Julie Mack, Lead levels elevated for thousands of Michigan children outside of Flint

Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

Flint water pipes.

A massive investigation is now underway and lawsuits are being filed. And things are turning uglier.

Cover Up

Now that the federal government opened an investigation on the issue, news emerging from Flint are downright sordid.

First, in March, important documents went missing, the police openly admits that it was an inside job, and that the crime will most likely remain unresolved.

Days before the federal government opened an investigation into the Flint water crisis, someone broke into a vacant City Hall office full of documents related to the embattled Michigan city’s water system.

Nearly three months later, officials have confirmed that a TV went missing, but little else is known, according to the Flint Journal.

Without suspects or a firm handle on what else may have been swiped, authorities told the paper last week that the crime may remain unsolved.

No warrants have been issued in the case, but officials don’t shy away from speculative statements that stop just short of conspiracy theories.

“It was definitely an inside job,” police chief Tim Johnson told the Journal. “The power cord (to the TV) wasn’t even taken. The average drug user knows that you’d need the power cord to be able to pawn it.”

“It was somebody that had knowledge of those documents that really wanted to keep them out of the right hands, out of the hands of someone who was going to tell the real story of what’s going on with Flint water.”

Days before the federal government opened an investigation into the Flint water crisis, someone broke into a vacant City Hall office full of documents related to the embattled Michigan city’s water system.
– Washington Post, The mystery surrounding missing water files at Flint City Hall: ‘It was definitely an inside job’

On April 16th, Water Treatment Plant Foreman Matthew McFarland (who had been interviewed regarding the water crisis) was found dead at the young age of 43. Cause of death? Unknown.

Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

Matthew McFarland

Already reeling from the news of criminal charges against one of its workers in the wake of the Flint water crisis, city workers are now dealing with the sudden death of a foreman at the plant.

Water Treatment Plant Foreman Matthew McFarland, 43, of Otter Lake died suddenly on on Saturday, April 16, according to his obituary.

The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department said a friend found McFarland unresponsive at a home in Otter Lake. There were no signs of foul play.

An autopsy did not determine a cause of death and police are awaiting toxicology reports. The investigation remains open.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Matt’s co-workers, his family and especially his children,” said Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. “He worked for the City of Flint for more than 18 years and we thank him for his devotion and service.”

“We all have been brought together by this water crisis and we are all mourning his death,” Weaver said in a statement. “In lieu of flowers, the family has expressed they would appreciate donations to establish a fund for (his children) Vance and Ella’s college expenses.”

McFarland’s death comes as Flint’s water plant deals with news that Flint Utilities Manager Michael Glasgow is one of three men facing criminal charges in connection with the city’s water crisis.

Glasgow is accused of tampering with evidence when he allegedly changed testing results to show there was less lead in city water than there actually was. He is also charged with willful neglect of office.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees Stephen Busch and Michael Prysby are charged with misconduct in office, conspiracy to tamper with evidence, tampering with evidence and violations of the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office confirmed that McFarland was previously interviewed as part of its ongoing investigation into the city’s water crisis.
– mlive, Flint water plant continues to reel with sudden death of foreman

A few days later, a 19-year old woman leading the Flint water crisis lawsuit was found shot dead in her home. A culprit was arrested. Was he a patsy?

Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

Sasha Avonna Bell

A woman at the center of a bellwether Flint water crisis lawsuit was one of two women who were shot to death inside a townhouse earlier this week.

Sasha Avonna Bell was one of the first of a growing number of people to file a lawsuit in connection to the Flint water crisis after she claimed that her child had been lead poisoned.

Bell was found dead April 19 in the 2600 block of Ridgecrest Drive at the Ridgecrest Village Townhouses. Sacorya Renee Reed was also found shot to death in the home.

An unharmed 1-year-old child was also found inside of the Ridgecrest home when Bell’s body was discovered and was taken into custody by child protective services. Police declined to confirm if it was Bell’s child discovered in the home.

“Sasha was a lovely young woman who cared deeply for her family, and especially for her young child,” said her attorney Corey M. Stern. “Her tragic and senseless death has created a void in the lives of so many people that loved her. Hopefully, her child will be lifted up by the love and support from everyone who cared deeply for Sasha.”

Bell’s case was one of 64 lawsuits filed on behalf of 144 children by Stern’s firm, New York-based Levy Konigsberg, and Flint-based Robinson Carter & Crawford.

The lawsuit named six companies that had various responsibilities with respect to the treatment, monitoring, and safety of the Flint water prior to and during the Flint water crisis, according to her attorneys. The case also named three individual government, or former government, employees who played significant roles in the alleged misconduct that led to the alleged poisoning of thousands of children in Flint, her attorneys claim.

The Bell case, however, played an important role in determining the future of the more than five dozen other lawsuits that were filed.
– mlive, Woman in leading Flint water crisis lawsuit slain in twin killing

Everything about this story is revolting and dirty facts are emerging from everywhere. However, mass media largely ignores this story. Those that do are flooded with comments about “tin foil hats” and “conspiracy nutters”. It is as if shills are paid kill that story online … or maybe that poisonous lead has already done its debilitating, mind-numbing job.

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Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

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Thanks for bringing attention to this. Although most people probably focus on the Kardashians or whatever.


hahaha! people really love the kardashians.


NOT me!!

not important

And yet this is what you all choose to contribute to this post…in a major way are you not part of said problem? The first thought you all have is a Trump or kardashian comment what about building on or contributing with something substantial like gee I don’t know depopulation being a motive. Scary that it’s obvious Michigan is a target state for the beginning of the end in my humble opinion


first Detroit, now Flint. & i agree with the use of the word “depopulation” for “motive”. Their selected officials out&out LIED about this. Now records gone and people being murdered? I am so grateful that you write/inform of this.


Kardashians was so yesteryear. It’s either spew nothing but hate for Donald Trump or obsess he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ who’s come to save the world right now in mainstream media.


Screw the Kardashians and their “Rockefeller” lifestyle that influenced the fate of Lamar Odom and anyone involved with them. This story however is clearly a good example of alleged depopulation as how the NWO prefer it, and conspired assassins as usual to take out the whistleblowers.

A classic conspiracy theory with all the necessary elements in it.


This is the kind of thing that Black Folk are fed up over, but the real enemy remains hidden every time…

White People, and All People, need to invest themselves in such injustices–not just by looking to the Federal Government for saving. We all need to pursue these things as vigorously as if it were happening in our own community–

What happens to your neighbor always comes to your door with enough time. And we are our Brother and Sister’s Keepers.

Ignore race baiting and divisive rhetoric and read deep hi$tory and look for patterns of power and wealth accumulation. And make your leaders accountable for what they do, not just say. Lies are easy to tell, and easier to believe with a smile or pointing finger at the same time.

Blessings of Peace to all.


u sound like a zio jew they are desperately trying to kill off the white race


@breonna Did you actually read the comment or did you just see “Black Folk” and “White People?”


Actually you sound more like your playing from the Protcols of Zion (illuminati) playbook that says divide people over race because they are to stupid to see beyond race. The Zionist elite hate everyone and want to enslave everybody but believe in racist supremacy so they only see whites has the biggest threat who will fight back so they are targeting whites more in media. But the truth is they want to destroy everyone who isn’t helping in their world domination plans.


You nailed it! Everything you are saying is 100% true, and anyone who buys into their “division of races” is ignorant and therefore exactly in the position where the elite want them: DIVIDED!! “They” want to create chaos…Why? NWO…



Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Stop #WhiteGenocide

The Austrian

“the real enemy… white people”
you are nothing but a stupid racist.


Read the comment properly you bigoted blind fool.


Lol how that jackass never responded back


I agree with you 100% as this country has never seen ignorance such as this fueled by greed and self serving politicians whose bottom line is the dollar! What goes around comes around!

not important

Indeed. Follow the money. That always leads to the truth

random person

I agree. Well said. Truth!


Where’s Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on this? Not profitable enough for them? How is it that more people don’t see how much Black people are targeted? There’s this case, the welfare cycle, the fact that planned parenthoods pop up in predominantly Black neighborhoods, and how the criminal justice system’s prisons used to be filled with White men but after the Civil Rights movement are filled with young Black men? I know part of it is cultural, music that promotes violence and fatherless kids, but surely when something like this happens, more people should take notice and CARE. These elites don’t like any of us, regardless of race. They want us all dead.


Listen to “Colonized Mind” by Prince. It’s all there. He knew.


Where are the Beyonces and Rihannas on this issue? And I’m not talking about just donating water and giving money through their “charities”. Why won’t they ever use their high status to get to the root of the problem, and call out these corrupt officials and politicians that are the cause of these predicaments and suffering to people? But Black Lives Matter, right?! Rhetorical question. They don’t give a damn. They will lose their careers if they ever dare question ma$$a.

D D d

A lot of them do, for organizations linked to United Natons..


Beyoncé’s #BeyGOOD project will work with the Genesee County chapter of the United Way, which is donating clean water, filtration systems and more supplies to families living in Flint. In addition. Beyoncé is also partnering with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint to create a fund that will address long-term developmental, education, nutrition and health needs of the children affected by the Flint Water Crisis.


And you missed my entire point. I said why not use her influence to go after the ROOT of the problem by calling out the officials who are at fault here? She can give as much water and money as she pleases but that still does not solve the problem of the poisoned water. Will she still be giving them water five or ten years from now? They need to fix the actual problem so that it doesn’t happen again. Most charities are scams anyway. They use them as tax write-offs.


I’m so confused as to why you would expect or solicit an r&ab singers influence or opinion on an urgent public health hazard. Stop idolizing the beyonces and rhiannas to the point that they are the first second third or fourth to come to mind in such an instance. Demand action from the people who’s responsibility it actually is to ensure the drinking water is safe. Your whole comment is aimed at beyonce taking some kind of responsibility for something that isn’t her problem. Blue ivy is sipping Evian. WE are responsible for us. Not any celebrities. The first comment mentions kim kardashian, I mean, you all are as concerned with them as they are with themselves. Put the blame where it belongs. You didn’t mention anything towards the government officials who dropped the ball or purposely deceived the citizens. And I agree that more artists should speak on social issues however they are crucified when they do that as well for the simple fact that they’re not consistent and they’re not informed enough. Would you really take seriously the words of someone whose last line you heard was something about shaking their booty? Lord I hope not, but I… Read more »



Jellified Skunk

Because even if you don’t believe she is MKed, speaking out means 1 of 3 things: 1. She ends up ‘mysteriously dead’ like in a car or plane accident. 2. Her character gets assassinated avid her influence destroyed. 3. Her carreer gets destroyed. – there is a high price to pay for being as successful as Beyonce and it is called integrity. You will rarely ever see a celebrity speaking out against an issue that is embroiled in this much dirty work because they know that they will be dumped, probably by their label or all they’re endorsements will be stopped. In the end it is all about money. If you think Beyonce or Rihanna actually care about anyone besides themselves, think again. Their music does they don’t. Michael Jackson may have had issues, but he never stopped so Speaking out against neglected, starving, or abused children. It permeated his music and he was criticized unjustly for it. ‘Earth Song’ is hands down one of his best and most underrated songs. Celebrities have a number of agendas have to push, especially gun control and racism. You see it all the time. I would love to see this exposed, but it… Read more »


Where ARE YOU? The reason the #FlintWaterCrisis made national news is Jackson, Sharpton, Bryant, & countless others WENT TO FLINT, brought water or had it delivered including many entertainers-the Carters included Have you called the Senate or written letters or sent water? There is a $600M budget surplus in Michigan but #AresstGovSynder won’t release Amy money. Frderal funds are being blocked by Sen Mike Leeo R Utah Google it!


Okay, but my point isn’t so much on celebrities giving aid to Flint, it’s the lack of outcry from them on this issue and so many others. No one can do what the elected officials have the power to do. We can physically and monetarily help our Flint neighbors, and we should, but where’s the cage rattling antics from these people? They’re always around whenever a Black kid gets shot by the police after doing a crime, but they don’t give a lick about the unborn, the women affected by it (and the kids who are born into perpetual fatherless homes), or these poor Flint kids who’ll probably have some kind of permanent brain damage by drinking KNOWN polluted, city water for months on end. What we need to do is clean house in the governments that are blatantly corrupt, but the problem is that they’re usually protected by an even higher corrupted form of government. Want to melt your mind? Read a book called The Franklin Coverup. It’s about satanic abuse via the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha, NB. So many people killed for speaking out against High-ranking government officials. And this was back in the mid-late 80’s.


Never mind, your agenda is clear.


I see it too, crystal clear.

not important

What agenda would that be exactly? Maybe this wasn’t spelled out how I personally would have, but the point is valid. Anytime legit issues arise these talking heads are nowhere to be found…if you ask me, which I realize noone did, they are for sure part of the problem.


I live just south of Flint and have relatives who have Flint water. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them the facts about the cover ups in this case. People just live by ignorance is bliss I suppose..

Truth & Light

Masses are asleep…love and light to these selfless souls


Listen all of you around usa, do not drink your water. This week they found high levels of lead in tacoma, washington and seattle water. They are as well spraying, chemtrails this past two weeks. It doesn’t matter what race you are, Flint was a test. Be careful what you eat too. God Bless all of us.


Boiling water cleans contaminants but it doesn’t help with fluoride. The thing is flouride mostly only effects IQ in young people by decreasing it, so if someone is an adult with a full functioning brain it won’t really affect them. So just boiling water to get out lead or lithium that’s secretly put in tap water until getting a water filter helps but people with kids should stay clear of it.


It does affect the pineal gland. I’ll let you decide whether or not that is important (there is A LOT of New Age nonsense surrounding this topic, but it is true that Descartes believed it was the “seat of the soul” and some people believe it is literally the organ with which we see internal/mental pictures; try to look for actual scientific literature on its function and importance).

Anyway, there was one study done, on hamsters, which concluded that fluoride causes calcium to accumulate in the pineal gland. This calcification is usually considered to be something which occurs with age, anyway, but it can’t be a good thing to speed up the process.

Non-scientific, pure speculation, but could calcification of the pineal gland be the reason why children/young adults tend to be more imaginative than middle-aged and older people? If so, wouldn’t any theoretical PTB want an unimaginative populace?


Don’t forget the highly reactive Chloride

CJ Ski

Ask Governor Rick Snyder what happened. He probably took the documents, or one of his cronies. HE is at fault for all of it, not the water plant workers, they were doing the job they were told to do. Kind of a coincidence (not) these two people are dead at the height of this investigation. The Flint residents are still living on bottled water and now they have to worry about their health and the health of their babies and kids. Oh, and Governor Snyder said he would drink Flint water for a month, yes he filled water from a faucet in someone’s house…MY A-S he’s gonna drink that water. He probably left it at the first dumpster he saw on his way home. A foreigner poisons the water, they’re a terrorist, the Governor poisons the water, it’s just another day in Michigan.


He agreed to Drink FILTERED tap water for a month, clearly a publicity stunt. He should have to drink,cook, wash and shower with the orang, stinky, foul tasting unfiltered water he assured was safe.


He should spoon feed flint water to his children like he did theirs.

English Rose

This needs to stop. People need to wake up and take note of what they are eating and drinking…!!


I’m not always invested in VG’s theories, but this is reality and is beyond obvious. No one’s going to revolt though, and next thing you know, people are going to be picked off like cherries without any “hiding” of the motive needed.


VC writes media doesn’t give Flint the attention it deserves…outrageous!!! (Like “our” media in Germany lying to us about reason of mass immigration..)
Government(s) trying to hide the perpetrators. Business as usual smh Most governments are EVIL if not all.
thx for the article VC…


Heroes. May they rest in peace and get avenged.


Unfortunately, like the missing/stolen papers said, this will be unresolved…we’ll talk about it…try to bring light to it…too many ppl will mysteriously die. Then that’s it.
Why talk about it if mine of us will never do anything? We’re all aware now…I want to live and enjoy my life, be a good human being and continue to grow… I can’t think of anything to stop the amount of evil in this world… Sorry, I’m rambling a bit, but I’m fed up with these ppl. But what can I or anyone else do about it?


“They” poison the water, our food, the air and our minds. I believe these two people were murdered by TPTB. Thanks VC for posting this article.


Its disgusting.. RIP Sasha and Matthew, I hope justice is done for you


Sounds as suspicious as the Clinton body count!

Apres Ski

Eventually, all will come to light in this case just like we found out Oswald was a patsy for the CIA/FBI/Miafia that killed JFK.

NICE GOING VC! You’re bringing out the Darkness to the Light . . .


Wow, just wow!


I am amazed at the amount of people who do not realize how bad tap water is. This is a perfect example of why I buy bottled water, and no not the purified crap by Aquafina, Nestle, or Dasani, but quality spring water. Next time someone thinks I am crazy for spending money on this I will remind them of Flint. All tap water is terrible and unless you have a damn good water filter on your faucet, you should never drink it. Chlorine is a number one ingredient used to filter water and it is bad for you, among the numerous other hard minerals and contaminants that come with it.


Get a berkey. You really have no idea what that supposed spring water contains.


Well bottled is still better than tap. I’m referring to brands like Evian and Acqua Panna which do come in glass bottles.


Even if it’s clean water going in, it’s not after being in the plastic bottle.


Even if it’s clean water going in, it’s not after being in the plastic bottle.


Bottled water companies are taking the natural resources and charging us for it. Water is a big issue. Scientists have been talking about it for as long as I can remember, I’m 36. They are just as evil as any other corporation.


If the bottle isn’t stated as being put through reverse osmosis then you are wasting your time even when the bottling company claims it’s spring water. Know what the elite themselves look for when they are buying clean water. I have nothing against all Jews in general but a lot of the illuminati elite are falsely claiming to be Jewish and keep clean food hidden from most everyone by marketing it kosher, meaning blessed by a rabbi proving it to be clean. Just a word of advice if your really into being completely healthy.

Jackie Rose

as usual we are just pawns or collateral damage for a bigger agenda and the innocents continue to have to pay for it 🙁


I don’t know how they are going to cover this problem with water without solving it. Even if some documents disappear, you can always measure chemical ingredients in the water again. Some things are not easy to hide, and they can’t kill everyone who knows it.


People are so blind to whats really going on in the world. Beyonce’s lemonade HBO special was all over the news and social media for a week while I heard nothing about this until I came to this site. People should be concern about the water they are drinking instead of a hour video that was created to boot albums and keep people distracted from the realities of this world.

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