Elijah Wood About Child Abuse in Hollywood: “There is Darkness in the Underbelly”


During an interview, actor Elijah Wood steered off path and addressed the dark side of Hollywood stating that child abuse is rampant and that “There are a lot of vipers in this industry”.

Elijah Wood spent most of his life in the entertainment industry. A critically acclaimed child actor at age nine, he went on to literally grow up under the spotlight. He therefore knows a thing or two about the real, ugly side of Hollywood – especially about its tendency to prey on children. While actors usually keep their mouth shut about these issues by fear of being “suicided” or “overdosed”, slip ups sometimes occur and nuggets of truth emerge.

During in the interview with the Sunday Times about his new movie, Elijah Wood steered off path and opened up about the ugly side of Hollywood where people in high power abuse children with no repercussions whatsoever.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organised. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Wood then explained that victims have no recourse because they “can’t speak as loudly as people in power.”

“That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people. They can be squashed but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

Wood stated that he was spared from the abuse, mainly because his mother did not allow him to attend infamous Hollywood parties filled with perverts of all kinds.

“She was far more concerned with raising me to be a good human than facilitating my career. If you’re innocent you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed. People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.”

These comments corroborate Corey Feldman’s claims that Hollywood is “currently sheltering about 100 active abusers”.
“I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry … It’s the big secret.”
– Daily Mail, ‘Hollywood’s biggest problem,’ explosive claim by former child star Corey Feldman
In 2013, Feldman explained that “one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist”, abused his best friend Corey Haim.

“An adult male convinced [Haim] that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all ‘guys do.’

So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers, during a lunch break for the cast and crew, and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized”.
– NY Daily News, Corey Feldman’s new book details abuse he and Corey Haim experienced in Hollywood


Nearly every time a celebrity opens up about the truth in the industry, they feel the urgent need to backtrack, deny and claim that they were “taken out of context”. Do they receive a phone call threatening to end their career and/or their lives? Whatever the case may be, Wood felt the need to clarify that he never witnessed any abuse and that his claims were based on what he saw in documentary.

“The Sunday Times interviewed me about my latest film, but the story became about something else entirely. It prompted a number of false and misleading headlines. I had just seen a powerful documentary and I briefly spoke with the reporter about the subject, which had consequences I did not intend or expect. Lesson learned.

Let me be clear: This subject of child abuse is an important one that should be discussed and properly investigated. But as I made absolutely clear to the writer, I have no firsthand experience or observation of the topic, so I cannot speak with any authority beyond articles I have read and films I have seen.”

These pathetic backtracking statements are simply more proof that the Hollywood elite has a powerful stranglehold on artists and media outlets, while enjoying total immunity versus the law.



  1. Wow, Wood clearly really sold out here. He knows what’s going on but covering his own ass apparently takes priority. “Run, Frodo!” indeed! I am disgusted and disappointed.

    Worse, with the continuous, numerous reports from so many Hollywood celebrities – and even FBI’ own Ted Gunderson – the authorities *have to* be aware something stinks in “Hollywood”. They do nothing about it, though, because they’re in on it…

    This is a truly sick world and it only works because people are kept oblivious to what happens, all only possibly because these prized “celebrities” do not have the guts to speak out… Almost even worse, it’s apparent from reading many comments on this site those who *do* know are merely entertained spectators, content to watch the carnage unfold from ‘protected’ positions. This world is going down but hey, I guess that’s a-ok, huh? Same apathetic mindset that allowed them to push through Patriot Act and equivalents and is now responsible for the sorry state US (in particular) leadership finds itself in.

    What is wrong with all of you (speaking broadly here)? Why are you just letting them win?

  2. I love this guy, we were born in the same year, and I have been following his career since I was a young girl and saw him in Back to the Future II…it was a bit part and even though he was only on screen for less than a minute, his big blue eyes and face just stuck with me…I saw him next in Radio Flyer, The Good Son (with a very creepy Macaulay Culkin), Flipper, and North. I was a big fan, I would buy those silly teen magazines full of cute celebrities and put his pictures on my wall. As a teen, I sent him a fan letter and got back an autographed photo. I think that Elijah is one of the few child actors from the 80s that has grown into a well adjusted, sober, intelligent adult. I may be biased due to my lifelong affection for the actor, but I am proud of him for making it to this point in his career where he feels confident enough to speak plainly about the things that he deems wrong with the “biz”. I am sure that he was also “asked” to rescind his comments, to “re-clarify”, and that he did so without batting an eyelash. I don’t think any less of him for doing so, and neither should anyone else. What would you do if someone were literally holding something or someone you love hostage and the only way to fix the situation or save that thing/one is to backpeddle? I’m fairly certain that 99.9% of the gen pop would do whatever they had to do to make things right and save the thing/one they love. He is a hugely talented young man and I look forward to seeing him entertain the masses for decades to come, not get cut down before his time because he stepped out of line according to the folks in charge.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. These “elite” are nothing more than sociopaths on power trips. All of them should be locked up but that won’t happen because members of the police force are in on it too. Running child trafficking rings for these sickos. Yeah, accidentally “overdosed” like they did Prince and people still belive that nonsense. Prince was one of the few cleanest dudes in the industry period, vey aware, very spiritual. You can’t even begin to imagine the degree to which Warner Records is involved with the coverup in that one. The deal with his masters, the hospital, the crematorium, Warren Beffet, mass media with TMZ&CNN(Warner) as the organizer behind their lies to sway perception, it’s crazy but I’ve probably already said too much since there’s still an outside investigation going on.

  4. I have no proof but Elijah is probably one of the abusers. You know how the elite like to parade their agendas in front of the world, so they get one of the most famous offenders to publicly denounce child abuse while he himself is one of the abusers. Hidden in plain sight.

  5. People wake up!!!! The Israel they show you on tv is not the biblical Israel!!!! Israel is not a place it’s a people and guess who those people are??? You guessed it Americans… I mean people brought here on ships…. God said he gave Jacob’s seed a new land and new language…hello thats English people!!!! The people flocking to Israel on tv are not the true chosen cmon wake up America!!! Why do you think we are always the last country do experience disaster…it’s called Christ has mercy on America but now we are babylon…his mercy will not last on a greedy self centered nation any longer…REPENT AMERICA!!!

  6. An adult male convinced [Haim] that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all ‘guys do.’

    Charlie Sheen is who sodomized Haim. Let that be known.

  7. Possibly Wood is a “stalking horse” here, preparing the public for some first-hand tales of abuse to come out?

  8. I like Elijah Wood. I think he is a very good actor and cool guy. I truly hope that he has a good supportive and protective system around him, and he does not end up “mysteriously” dead.

    • He probably does. It’s just that he is not allowed to offend the puppetmasters. His homeys can keep him grounded, but the star/system has a strict code. One could expect a cleansing ritual publicized via mainstream outlets.

  9. What’s that saying, if you want to know who controls you, take note of who you aren’t allowed to criticize. I guess, this goes for everything in Hollywood (and in life..)

  10. These are the key words in Elijah Woods’ backtracking comments “which had consequences I did not intend or expect. Lesson learned”.

  11. no such thing as “chosen ones” the holy Quran clarified this. jews are the most sickest most appalling people on earth. God threw them out for a reason. they cannot b fixed.

  12. I think it is very brave that he came out and said that. I wonder if he was abused himself but does not want to upset his parents? Of course he is backtracking, he wants to live and needs to eat.
    As for all the trolls/shills on here that blame all evil acts in the world on the Jews may I remind you that Jimmy Saville was not Jewish. Satan accepts hate in any form shape or size. Be concerned about the well being of our children and go spread your evil rumors somewhere else. (in hell for instance)

  13. This reminds me of Former Scorpions Bassist that claimed He Attended Elite Snuff Parties. Also is a good thing, that Elijah Wood apologized for his hollywood abuse comments, because at least, he is not going to be killed of an overdose like Amy Winehouse.
    But Mind control techniques and hypnosis are real in hollywood and most of all singers like Rihanna and Beyoncé have been abused by the industry since day one.

  14. I was just reading the Hollywood reporter has an article now with Corey Feldman taking about stuff. He is saying he can’t name names because he would get in trouble because the statute of limitations in California. I don’t know if that’s true or not.
    Maybe they will put Corey and Elijah in a movie together now?
    This all seems kinda weird…..

  15. In 2013, Feldman explained that “one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist”, abused his best friend Corey Haim. See— why not use his name and make the person responsible bear the accusations? At some point you can no longer be scared of knocking on the devil’s door.

    • Because of the slander lawsuits that would ensue from saying something like that. What real proof would he have now that Haim is dead? Unless he’s got it on film, or a confession on tape, you can’t reveal names like that, as much as it would be nice. Have you read about Cathy O’Brien and her naming presidents, including Reagan, and celebrities like Kris Kristopherson and Jimmy Buffet? Yeah, people will ask for proof.

      • Probably because the masses won’t believe Rocky has a thing for dolphin p**n or half the other stuff she claims. I know I question how she’s able to recall things from infancy. Regardless, the book is an extremely difficult read written by a “nobody” so it’s not a threat due to lack of mass appeal. Famous celebrities speaking out is a bigger threat, since the masses respond to celebrities. The biggest proof of celebrity influence on the masses, imho, was how big a role Oprah played in Obama’s first presidential election.

  16. I wish someone would have the guts to talk about this and help these victims have some closure, it disgusting the world we are living in this has to be a sign of the times,open your eyes folks

  17. It makes me think about whether I would tell them to do their worst and stay true to my original message. I’d like to think I would… Emphasis on like to. At least he said SOMETHING. And I’m assuming that to most people reading the times article, the reasons behind the “clarification” would be evident. Also, it would be naive to think that statements aren’t made for people.

  18. Has anybody heard about Nicole kidmans dad being from a exclusive p*******e ring in Austrelia before he died?I heard he was accused of it and then went into hiding in Singapore and somehow died mysteriously.

  19. They may be escaping authorities now, but they’re not going to escape God’s judgement. Man, oh man will they ever face it

    • Matthew18:6
      “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

      • That’s how it works. There are good guys n galls in all the institutions we generally associate with tptb. But overall, every one of them is complicit in one way or another. However, the common man has a great desire to elect rulers, especially rulers they deserve.

  20. Why did he even say it from the start when he knows that he will be backtracked? Cos it ALWAYS happens when you speak of truth you get backtracked or worse ..

    Anyway I hope he will be safe after what he said, he seems like a good person.

  21. I was in an acting class with him in SF back in like 96-97…..I knew then what was going on and never involved myself with the entertainment scene again. His parents were most likely involved in some satanism to turn him out like that because all of us knew what was being implied.

    • What do you mean? Like how Feldman said that the casting couch auditions include children, too? I keep seeing Zendaya and what’s happened with her. Two years ago she did a Disney movie about cloning a boy, and now she’s hanging with Swift and being pushed to the front of the pack. Makes you wonder.

      • Yeah, that’s the one. There is one about cloning, but I don’t keep up with Disney! All I remember is that she was on TV and now she’s in fashion mags. Why? All she’s done is Disney crap. But that speaks for itself, I guess.

      • See what I wrote above – the whole casting couch concept was more for the kids whos parents had knowingly sold them into the abusive dynamic and had probably conditioned them before the process had even began in their own sick ways…i mean the whole child acting/auditioning thing is a conditioning towards mind control…and the only thing kids are really valued for is their innocent blood and sexuality….they can read your DNA and determine very quickly if you have the right type of energy/blood for their esoteric/satanic indoctrination programs to be most effective….my aunt is real famous in hollywood and my bloodline has dirty lineage in it….so I was chosen for this prestigious program without even having to audition….im tellin you ANYBODY you see in TV or movies has taken the oath…(to lucifer and of silence) …doesnt mean they have sold their soul yet but their contract can still be called in whenever their handlers want…most “stars” these days get hella burnt out on the rituals and rebel….as a result they are cloned so their brand can continue making money and their spirits are sent to the astral realm in a kind of limbo….i know it seems crazy but its true…real abstract concept but they have the tech to pull it off…the more you know….the more you wonder…and wish you didnt..

      • Hello Sea,

        I believe myself to be relatively well versed on the concepts and and information you have shared and I have a few questions for you:

        1. I know a person who was child famous and their mother was unhappy at the requests the directors and producers were making of said child, ie too sexual and inappropriate for the script etc. The mother asked for a closed door meeting w said higher ups and when the mother exited the meeting, she “was never the same again”. The mother, to this day, will only say that she was yelling at them and all of a sudden one of them physically changed. She will say nothing more about it except that and becomes visibly upset and traumatized at these thoughts. Can you shed light on what might have happened? What this physical change might have been? I of course have my own theories, but am interested in your thoughts.

        2. Can you please speak more of this astral realm? How are these clones sent there and what happens there? Can you give some names of who might be there presently?

        3. You say they get burnt out on the rituals? What type of and frequency do you mean?

        4. If an oath is taken, yet the soul is not sold, what would it take for the oath promise to be called upon? Can you name any oath breakers?

        Just curious. Always interested in new information on this fascinating and disturbing subject. I appreciate any info and/or replies from you.


      • Yeah I am interested in all of these questions as well. What do you think this “physical change” was and what do you think was said?

      • When they would take a specific portion of us to the “advanced class” that was held in the attic area of the building that i remember having satanic/esoteric statues and symbols – it was more about following their directions at first – then sexual situations were implied and by then most kids were already too rooted in the control dynamic to resist when they were told to go off with this or that person.

  22. I’m glad some celebrities speak out against child Abuse in Hollywood but I’m frustated that no one dare to reveal the names of the abusers (except for few names in the documentary”an open secret”): obviously everyone in the industry knows who those big names are, so why are they keeping this secret? If their career and a bit of spotlight are more important for them than the safety of children, they really are human garbage.

    • You need to read a book called The Franklin Cover-up. I warn you, parts of it will haunt you for the rest of your life, but it fully explains what happens to people who talk.

    • Read “Jackie Coogan: The World’s Boy King: A Biography of Hollywood’s Legendary Child Star “. P********a has been in Jewlywood/Hollyweird pretty much since always.

      • Watch Shirley Temple in War Babies. Good grief, how long has it been going on? Since a pervert got a hold of a camera and other perverts paid him money for his illness.

      • All of this makes me recall that when cameras were first in use, many refused to have their photo taken as “they stole your soul”.
        Sure seems like they who believed that were correct, all those many moons ago…

    • Alison Arngrim from Little House on the Prairie, who’d been abused as a child, talked about it in her book. In her case it happened within her family.

    • Also The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave book is amazing, i learned so much reading this book about mind control techniques and hypnosis, used in the military and entertainment industry.

    • I dont know, maybe because they worry about being suicided. Besides, these p********s are in high positions and, they are untouchable and protected..

  23. Seems like any p*******e in power uses this power to get their prey. Hollywood has powerful abusers. Many have great power in government politics. Some use the power of their money upon desperate poor children, some from 3rd world countries, that need money for their families.

  24. If anyone else keeps denying Hollywood is fill with p*******e parasites than you’re ignorant. Hollywood is a big organization crime, like a mafia, whether is p********s pigs, political, etc.. Is an organization that supports criminals, all the p********s are Jews, until the Americans accept the truth that Jews owned Hollywood they’ll know how’s the real bogeyman. Hollywood isn’t a fairytail that just magically hires “talented”people, no, they choose who their puppets will be and carry their agenda. I would rather to theater without any links to the Jewish cabal than be in a Hollywood movie, nothing’s free, you get and give something in return. How sinister that industry is, and even kids aren’t safe from those parasites.

    • So what if Hollywood’s filled with Jews? What does that matter? If they’re practicing that mysticism malarkey, then yeah, that’s bad stuff, but just being Jewish isn’t wrong. In fact, because they’re God’s chosen people, they will be judged more harshly for their crimes and iniquities.

      • Theres one born every day, isnt that so, Dixie? God’s chosen ppl? Dont make me laugh please. Anyway (Zio) Jews unfortunately run pretty much everything on this prison planet. Welcome to reality.

      • You need to read more. The Hebrews are God’s chosen people via Abraham down through Isaac and into Jacob, who had 12 sons. Good grief, if this upsets you, deal with it. Meanwhile, to answer other questions mentioned in this thread, YES God has favorites. Those who want a relationship with Him are favored. However, He has a soft spot for the lost. If you feel that you’re”good without God,” that’s because you feel His grace in your life. Don’t mistake it for your own works. When He comes back for His Church, His grace goes with us, totally removed. Think the things written on this site are bad? Wait until there’s no hope.

      • Actually, it is you who needs to read more, Dixie. Look up “Ashkenazi Jews” on Wikipedia. Not from the bloodline of Shem, but of Japheth. A mere 3% of Jews in 1000 A.D., by the 1930’s they were over 90%.

      • looool so what? even if the Ashkenazis’ are not THE chosen race there are like 2 other Jewish bloodlines. As far as we know – any Jew that is brown, is most likely legit a part of the chosen race.

        But now with the Quran and stuff, we knows that none of these jew boys are gonna have a good time.
        speaking of their evil…. whatever compelled them to look past Jesus after it was quite clear who he was…. i dont know… couldve been the work of mysticism and Jinns.

      • Your ignorance is offensive… it’s offending me. Biblical “Jews” = Humanities attempt for self government in defiance of God’s will. Being contrary to God’s laws of faith, love and mercy and what’s more is to deny what Christ accomplished for us by His death.

        “Ethnicity”, is the term we should refer to talk about our common ancestry, cultural traditions and common histories that to include a person characteristic features inclusive.

        “Semitic“, is an adjectives that describes primarily language, and etymology. As a secondary description it can be used to describe the people that speak a group of languages and their religions. We are one race… a human race. God does not choose one child over another. What he does for one, he does for all. God, not being of any color, He does not have flesh and bones. Man was made in God’s image… his spirit, his attributes, divine prerogatives, moral awareness of good and evil, or conscience, which we perceive in our spirit.. God’s ‘chosen race’? His entire created human race, children of the promise. By characteristics that clearly distinguish free from any religious, ethnic, political and or cultural groups found in history on earth. It’s really only a matter of men to choose his God.

      • Yapheth/Japheth now dwells in Shem’s tents…as it is written…

        apartheid occupied/land invasion circa the Balfour Agreement despite what the masses are taught/told/believe.

      • These things that runs hollyweird are jew-ish. Not the real Jews. They’re not the chosen people so you are right about that.

      • Truth abounds Historically, the Jewish dispensation myth is by far the most self serving indoctrination, taught for approximately the last 2,000 years by learned men. This alleged allegation of Jesus, Christ is in no way substantiated by facts nor by biblical literacy. Jesus, was no religion for that matter, he was ALL truth manifested into the flesh. He had no need for religion, nor would he have gained from it. Avow that religion, was Jesus greatest obstacle, during his ministry here on earth.

        Jesus mother Mary, was a pure descendant of Judah, and not a Levite, which is commonly believed, as Judaism its taught as passed down in a matriarchal lineage. There is no “plan” involving salvation for any ONE group or segment of humanity. There is NO segregated plan that applies exclusively to a people of Jewry or any RELIGIOUS group faction or those who lived in Old testament times – or even for people living in New Testament time. Every human. Without Christ and the Holy Spirit of God,they are Blinded. We are one race… a human race. God does not choose one child over another. What he does for one, he does for all. God, not being of any color, He does not have flesh and bones. Man was made in God’s image… his spirit, his attributes, divine prerogatives, moral awareness of good and evil, or conscience, which we perceive in our spirit.. God’s ‘chosen race’? His entire created human race, children of the promise. By characteristics that clearly distinguish free from any religious, ethnic, political and or cultural groups found in history on earth. It’s really only a matter of men to choose his God.

        Written in the literary form of parable (e.g. symbolistic). Whereby biblical literacy shows us the Kingdom of Christ, is to be understood ‘spiritually”— not literally. The scripture is saying, How many believe the report of God concerning JESUS CHRIST and his finished work on the cross. Is our faith based on what God has said…on what the world says? God, eternal, unchangeable, uncreated, the highest of all, and sovereign. And why Jesus preached repentance, grace, and mercy– not condemnation. Jesus came to establish the relationship with us back to God. That’s was what the covenant was. The relationship! Once one believes in the relationship of the law is fulfilled in itself by the honoring of the relationship. Bridging us back to God.

        Biblical “JEWS ” true meaning are any who choose man created laws above Gods inspired law of grace, faith, mercy and love.= Proof of Gods true character. Primitive human societies then took these basic moral tendencies and codified them in the form of laws, religious doctrine and cultural customs.

        Religion dissociates people from their own conscience, allowing them to escape free-will responsibilities. Rome/VATICAN created the synthetic ‘state’ of ISRAEL in 1948 and is owned, operated and run by the JESUIT Vatican under the guise of their other cover creation the UN. Biblical “Israel”, not a literal destination or nation on Earth. The ‘kingdom’ are God’s people. It has always been “spiritual“ and not political. It wasn’t political then, it’s not political now, and it’s not political in the future. Christ rules spiritually in the hearts of men. This is what happens when evil men try to do what God has already taken care of. Jesus clearly shows us how religion kills the spirituality of true faith. which creates the true relationship with GOD through Jesus. Religions are the ploys WARS are sold through. Religions don’t just begin, they are created for political manipulation. Rome is the birthplace of politics.

      • KJV Genesis 15:13-14

        13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

        14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

        KJV Acts 7: 6-7

        6 And Yah spake on this wise, That his seed should sojourn in a strange land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and entreat them evil four hundred years.

        7 And the nation to whom they shall be in bondage will I judge, said Yah: and after that shall they come forth, and serve me in this place.

        WHO are these people, who in fact fit the prophecy?

        they are NOT one and the same people who, in fact, cornered the slave trade- that we know as je-WISH today. converts, if that to the faith.

        so, when folk go into the Book…they can’t skip over portions of what is written. KJV Deuteronomy 28 goes into further detail, regarding the curses for disobedience… NOT color…as it has been told/taught to the misled masses. WHO fits what is written?

        yes. there ARE many translations/verses. when one digs deep enough…they will see that those who bring us the satanic ‘bible’ ALSO now re-write and publish all other translations.

        those led by the Comforter will recognize and leave the leavening. not to mention, they will go in search of the removed Books which pretty much teach AGAINST what is now the ‘trend’ and popular. namely mingling one’s seed/bloodline via interracial mating/dating/marriage…among many other things.

        the protocols of the learned elders of zion can ONLY prevail where there is ignorance of what is written.

      • Didn’t you just literally provide proof that they are favored? “They run pretty much everything” = “God’s chosen people”…can you explain to me how one disproves the other? I mean, if anything, you’re proving the case. Their prayers get answered. Yours don’t.

      • Chosen ppl?! God has favorites⁉️ The bible has been edited beyond belief. Even the King James had his version….how many versions/edits??

      • Lol, so much hate for the Jews. Come on guys, not all Jews practice witchcraft and control the world. God’s chosen people were the Jews, but now thanks to Jesus we are all His chosen people if we believe in Him.

      • They are still God’s chosen people because God has not forsaken them. Christians haven’t taken their place, they are chosen and we are saved by grace. We got lucky is what happened.

      • the Most High is NOT a respecter of persons. however, He IS a respecter of nations.

        due to the fall of the natural branch Hebrews, and you can identify them through 400 years of slavery, treated wickedly in land that is not their own- to this day. (NOT cornered the slave trade and the wealthy ruling collective currently) due to the Hebrew fall…all other nations now may know salvation. ashkenazim converts are NOT these people. negroes are Shem. so painting Messiah white is messing up quite a few people. though it IS written that the heathen would lay open the Book and paint it in their own image.

        it is less ‘luck’ and more causing the Real Hebrews to know spiritual ‘jealousy’…more punishment, really.

      • fok do NOT need to agree nor like what is written…

        however, they WILL need to know what is written to keep from being deceived.

        the deception is strong and penetrates DEEP in the earth. those who love not the Truth will be given over to a strong delusion…as it is written.

        rename the land. carve it up and create the middle east out of thin air. go back in history and see that the same land mass is what we know to today as Africa…

        named after a white skinned colonizer.

        it was named something prior to the land invasion.


        these were people of color.

        the ‘olive’ colored lie… would ring more true if folk were pointing to the Black olive.

        KJV 1 Maccabees 3: 48 And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.

        and while we are at it…

        those who say they are who they are NOT, specialize in violating ALL words written. sound familiar?

        KJV Matthew 23: 8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Messiah; and all ye are brethren.

        in this ‘great Chr-stian nation’ folk MIGHT wish to learn what is actually written, as opposed to what they are taught and told.

      • it is very clear in KJV Romans 11 that there IS a natural branch. spiritual branches are admonished to not boast against the natural branch. unfortunately, the natural branch’s identity has been usurped, globally, by european converts who are more related to atila the hun, than Messiah.

        replacement theory doesn’t quite cut it. due to white supremacy MANY are guilty of boasting against the natural branch who fits the prophecy written of in KJV Genesis 15:13-14 and KJV Deuteronomy 28.

        the Real natural branch is despised across the globe. because they are a people of melanin.

      • The natural branch had 12 tribes. And those 12 tribes were multi racial. The white tribe were the jutes aka Judas. The backstabbing.

      • They are members of (((The Tribe))) and Jews are known for their nepotism and preferential treatment for other evil, Satanic Jews. Jews are the most evil people on the planet today!

      • Your oppinions of mystisism are incorrect. But your views on Jews are, although dogmatic and historically inaccurate, very balanced. Still need to do more research though love.

      • the ashkenazim gentiles who pretend they are Hebrew are NOT His Chosen people. they are imposters. synagogue of satan would better describe who these people, who cornered the slave trade, are.

        His Chosen people, are to make NONE feel a stranger and to teach the nations His Laws, Statutes and Commandments. THIS is what they are ‘chosen’ for…

        the ashkenazim, from the sons of gomer, do precisely NONE of what is written. though they WILL be judged harshly for their ongoing crimes against humanity, in the invaded Promised land and elsewhere…

      • you question is more indicative of a gomer pyle intelligence and knowledge of what is written…than anything else.

        the ashkenazim are the sons of gomer…as written in Scriptures.

        they hail from the isles of the gentiles.

        you DO err for NOT knowing Scriptures. as per always…souls perish for lack of Knowledge. there is NO way that the nations would be so lost/confused, IF they knew what was written in Torah.

        KJV Genesis 10: 1-3,5
        1 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Yapheth/Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.
        2 The sons of Yapheth; Gomer and Magog…
        3 And the sons of Gomer, Ashkenaz…
        5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided into their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

      • HOW but for the ignorance of what is written, would what the synagogue of satan calls ‘goyim’ believe that the ashkenazim are anything other than gentiles?

        the Real Hebrews are awake and telling the Truth to those who would rather believe replacement theory and other assorted lies that allow them to continue to hide.

        free will.

        the Most High accepts it and so do i…

        what folk can NOT say is NO one ever told them.

        it is wicked and completely forbidden to boast against the natural branch.

        KJV Ezekial 3:17-19
        17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Yahuthim/Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.

        18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

        19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

    • @ Antihollywood
      You smell like a troll, and I know cus I am one. The difference between us however is that I’m freelance. I know who you work for cus you’re trying too hard. Nice job covering nuggets of truth with piles of s**t, b***h.

    • You seem to be more interested in spreading hate for the Jews then caring for the well being of abused children. For this reason I am unable to take you seriously. And Jimmy Saville was not jewish btw. Satan will accept evil in any form, shape or size.

      • Messiah was/is Hebrew…not to be confused with the gentile ashkenazim jews who own/operate hellywood and pretty much everything else. these are those who say they are Hebrew…but are NOT. nor do they fit any of prophecy in Scripture/Torah. their h-ly book is in fact the talmud, if that.

      • There’s a difference between normal Jewish people who practice Judaism as it should be and zionist jews who basically control our media and have ties with the development of israel and destroying muslim religion and muslim countries not aligned with the US. Please read a book or watch a video or at least read all of the articles on VC, not just the one’s that have famous people in them.

  25. Hey everyone, lets not attack him for backtracking. I’m not sure if any of you have ever had your life or familie’s live’s threatened but, it very well could be after this interview he received a scary phone call in the middle of the night. That’s what abusers do, they know exactly how to silence people. We don’t know, but I applaud him for at least saying something.

  26. This has been clear to us from the beginning. It’s a sick world. Good for him for trying to shed some light on the matter.

    P.S: Vigilant, did you write this? I felt a little disconnection. I hope everything is all right!

  27. The Sunday Times is British, right? Sometimes UK press (while of course still flawed and corrupt no doubt) is so much more truthful. When would The New York Times or whoever else in US media have published a word of this type of honesty?

  28. Well at lest he had the guts to talk about it even though he back peddled what he said.Maybe they threaten him?we don’t know.

  29. I worry about him now. Yesterday when I read the article I felt he is so brave and they have already gotten to him.

    • I read a book called Satan’s Underground and the author details how she was gang stalked and threatened after she left her handler. They have extremely terrifying techniques but he needs to be bold and call on Jesus who is always faithful to save.

      • I always wonder, do you guys actually know how retarded you sound? If he’s speaking the truth he’s already saved. Christ us a principal, not a f*****g superhero dumbass.

  30. I was pretty shocked he said anything about it really considering he said he wasn’t involved. Why say anything then? Which I guess was part of his backtracking.

    I personally think he encountered something in that dark underbelly. And maybe he put it out there since he hasn’t had a decent role since LOTR.

    I think of Corey Feldman. He says p********a is hollywoods biggest secret and then he reverted back to a scummy kind of person who has lots of women around him. Didn’t help him get a career back but I think they shut him up with some money and some women. Wonder what will happen now with Elijah, though I don’t think they can shut him up with women. I have never seen a picture of him with any woman. Maybe he gets the next big role?

    Anyway..,the next one who says anything-name names already! No one ever does. I know they are afraid but why say anything if there are no names, what does that matter then?

    • I think if he’s telling the truth about never being abused, then he’s speaking in behalf of another child star that he is friends with. That person may be too scared.
      And Elijah Wood was pretty awesome in wilfred. About a guy who had childhood trauma and projected his other personality onto a dog

    • The reason why they don’t name the pedos is because they will get taken to court for slander or libel (because, you know, people don’t think pedos are good people and calling a person a pedo amounts to character assassination). Then when you’re taken to court you need to PROVE the accused are pedos. The only way to do that is to get a LOT of the actual victims to testify and Elijah and Corey don’t have any control of that. Hopefully some victims will see this info and start uniting and testifying like those ladies did against Bill Cosby.

    • What’s it worth if he backtracks, he’s a coward for letting criminals shut him up, Hollywood is a criminal organization that needs to be shut down.

      • These ppl do not think for themselves. A team of ppl think for them. We who are aware know better. He spoke the truth and then was told to backtrack. Even if someone say ish about the Fraudashians, ppl now politely backtrack like cowards.

      • I agree with the latter part of your statement, but methinks you doth pretest too much regarding the former. Talking the talk is one thing…..

    • There is an upcoming book Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film by Jay Dyer. Idk, but if it is any good let us know.

  31. He’s backtracked now, saying that he “hasn’t actually witnessed it”. Why are these people so afraid to tell the truth? There are children being hurt here. Absolutely disgusting.

      • Right…I discovered the other day after witnessing a circumcision, that the rabbi sucks off the blood in the baby’s penis when doing a circumcision….talk about perversion. Am sure they are responsible for the circumcision craze. Circumcision is mutilation yet USA wants to make a big deal over mutilation in other countries. Hypocrites‼️‼️

      • I’ve never witnessed a circumcision by a rabbi, but I’m pretty sure sucking the blood off an infant’s penis is not how God intended it to be performed. That’s child abuse, and if you witnessed it firsthand, why didn’t you speak up?

      • Circumcision per definition is abuse. The child can not decide for itself, the parents choose – to make it belong to a group of people with the same mindset. Circumcision is torture and not for health purposes, but to make the child dissociative. I can understand it when there are penisproblems ofcourse, but that is 0,01 %. (You know, in the Netherlands it is forbidden to cut the ears and tail of a dog, but it is okay to cut of a part of a young boy (and woman is some cultures)..

      • @DDd – Children want to run around naked too, but parents teach them that it is not the way to behave (human). I guess you’re not a parent because the act of “parenting” is precisely choosing things that the child cannot decide for itself. Don’t mistake parenting for abuse. Abuse is beating, f*cking, or telling the kid it’s a loser who will never amount to anything. I don’t see circumcision as any of those things.

      • Then what is the reason for cutting away a piece of human flesh from a child, without a medical argument. Hygiene is not an argument, if you do not live in a sea of sand without water. Teach the kid to clean himself, like a normal human being. Or is that too confrontational for some, talking with your own children about cleaning the body you are born with? Better sex is a myth, a concept, too.

      • Out of curiousity, how “god” intended it to be? “God” intends to genitally mutilate infants?

      • The gentiles must have been really unclean people for God to want to separate His people from them. Let’s see, a lifetime of smegma or a clean penis? A little snip doesn’t make a child dissociate. If that kind of pain produced DID, why every month I’d be a different person. And there are all kinds of screwed up secular laws. I can’t take my dog on a beach where a dead seagull is washing up on shore, but if I’m 39 weeks pregnant and decide, meh, no thanks, I can just go to a clinic and have my child killed. No questions asked. Circumcision is the least of our problems in this world.

      • Circumcision is an effort to put a difference between animals and man (because animal penis’s have “sheaths”, and the circumcision cuts off the top of this sheath). The circumcision operation is nowhere near as traumatizing as being born, so saying circumcision is abuse is ignorant. People are circumcised for the same reasons why humans wear clothing and teach their children to wear clothing instead of running around naked like animals. We also teach our children not to masturbate in public and sniff each others assholes too. lol

      • Then there is the point of “why not let the boy choose” at an age he can choose for himself, instead of forcing brutal mutilation on him before he does, albeit by a man who studied for being capable and willing to do the cutting.
        Why do people respect their own child not enough to wait and discuss it like intelligent parents. If he wants it, it will be his own choice. And by the way, your saying : ”an effort to put a difference between animals and man (because animal penis’s have “sheaths” .. Well, talk about concepts, this one comes with its own pamflet, memo, and set of rules. But still does not answer anything but manipulating a mans body, because you can. If ”God” wanted man without a ‘sheath’, he would have made it that way himself, would you think?

      • Mans ego has allowed himself to create a dustinction between himself and the rest of the natural world, therefore man has become the most dangerous of all the animals because he is “chosen”. Well I’m calling bullshit to that fallacy. Most of you chose your f*****g selves as important based on diluted information older than millennia. Our bodies, minds and spirits were once forged in the fires of pragmatism, now they lay festering in a pool of egotism. Nature herself will choose if we are fit to survive… Y’all better start getting in shape you fat f***s.

      • Could you please spread your hate for the Jews somewhere else? In hell for instance…. P********a has taken place since the beginning of time in any civilization, check out the Roman Empire, Caligula and other filth.

  32. Backtracking little twerp. Here we have all these evidences of this filth going. Does anything ever get done about it? Do any of these pervs ever pay? Not in England or America. It’s because this crap goes all the way up to the top of governments, where it’s facilitated.

    • Have you ever had your life seriously threatened? Most people who speak out like this either die or have their careers ruined. Those of us who know the truth know that him backtracking doesn’t matter. He must be terrified and we should have empathy for him. Those who commit those acts will be judged on their last day.

      • Well no. If he choses money and career over the vile things being done to the innocent. I have no putty for him. YOU SHALL FEAR NO MAN! If he had the shield of The Heavenly Father protecting him, then there is nothing Satan’s little army can do to him. You suppose to fear The Creator only. So he is a man of little faith if he is afraid of man.

  33. Of course they’re going to try everything they can to make him seem like a crazy lunatic whose word shouldn’t be trusted. And that’s if he’s lucky…. He can surely kiss his acting career in mainstream movies goodbye. It took a lot of courage to say what he did and I believe every word.

      • what claims did viggo mortenson make? i havent heard a thing. I tried googling it but nothing came up…please elaborate

      • It is truly sad about Viggo Mortenson getting blackballed. He was a compelling actor with star power. Exactly the kind of person who SHOULD be a star.

      • The only statement i know, is that viggo said anti israel comments. And because hollywood is funded by the jews and israel, you can’t work in the luciferian show business and be against Israel.

      • That is ridiculous, I’m sorry, but being ani-semetic doesn’t help anybody. Your attitude is disgusting and just perpetuates unneeded hate. I’m sure you’ll lash out against me too as people with wild and unsubstantiated claims always do. Satan is always coming against Israel because he hates them, yes, I am a Christian, and I am tired of Christians being tight lipped about this, people like you are the problem not Israel. There are bad people everywhere, but anyone targeting a specific group and their entirety of their people as being evil because of where they live or their genetics is ridiculous. Logic and reason never seem to evade people who have no religion or who focus on paranoia or fear.

      • Mathew 5:44

        But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

      • Bullshit u learned that in school. And they taught u that because they don’t want u pointing fingers. Some people are to blame that’s the reality of the world we live in. When it’s you admit to it and be a bigger person. But hide ur f**k ups and it’ll only get bigger. Thus the issues with jews.

      • Please read more VC articles and realize that Judaism that regular people practice is not the same as zionism and mysticism that’s practiced among hollywood and political elite. Israel is a manufactured country that many elite had hands in making in the 1950s. Do you think it’s a mistake that Israel is constantly at war since it’s establishment?

      • If you can’t see the Zionist Hand in the upcoming Police State by now… Impossible to believe.

      • No people…The Jesuit Order…stop blaming jews….there are papal serving jews who are not really jews

      • I’m not even going to down-vote you, because I understand your earnest defense (I was there once, too), but “Israel” is not “Jewish people”. While it is true that some people who speak against Israel are anti-Semetic, not all people who criticize the actions of that COUNTRY are against Jewish people.

        It also is just a fact that Hollywood is “run by Jews” and they are proud of that fact. Why shouldn’t they be? They are very successful.

        Combine these two factors, and it isn’t really SO surprising that Jewish people might assume an anti-Semetic context (like you just did), just for being critical of Israel, and therefore, not want to work with Viggo.

      • Anti-Israel and anti-semetic are two different things. Semetic is a language group which includes arabic, aramaic, hebrew, etc., encompassing ALL the peoples of that region.

      • It has nothing to do with religion or race. But Izrael as a country is oppressive to the Palestinians. Also the country was founded on a lie that it was the homeland of a people who are not even the original jews but pretenders. You’re very wrong if you defend Israel.

    • Woods said it himself, although I fear he might also become “suicided”, “overdosed”, “crazy” or worse. Especially considering how the elite thrive on immunity from the law by taking out the whistleblowers and also anyone who dare to cross them.

      It makes me value a common life more than that of luxury and fame at the cost of selling out your soul to be a slave for the illuminati.


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