Ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones: The Group Was a “Prostitution Ring”


Singer Kaya Jones, an ex-member of The Pussycat Dolls, claims that members were ‘passed around’ by music industry executives. 

Kaya Jones was discovered by R Kelly when she was 13 years old and was signed with Capitol Records by age 16. In 2003, she auditioned and was selected to become part of the girl group The Pussycat Dolls. She then moved to Interscope records and went under the tutelage of music producer Jimmy Iovine.

Only two years later, Jones left the group while it was still recording its debut album claiming that “that it was no longer fun to be in the band”. In an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Jones said:

“When everyone is not on the same page it affects the group so that I think was the worst part and I decided to leave. It was not because I wanted to be solo and I didn’t want to be in a group anymore, I left because it stopped being enjoyable, it stopped being fun.”
– Yahoo! , Ex-Pussycat Dolls member Kaya Jones: It was no longer fun

The Pussycat Dolls

Today, 12 years after quitting the group, Kaya launched a series of explosive tweets explaining why it was “no longer fun” to be a Pussycat Doll. Not only it was “no longer fun”, it was a nightmare.


On October 12th, Jones began posting tweets about the “Hollywood elite”, probably in response to the Harvey Weinstein debacle.

On October 13th, Kaya posted about being “abused”, “drugged”. “silenced” and “blacklisted”.

She then made bombshell declarations about The Pussycat Dolls, claiming that it was, first and foremost, a “prostitution ring”. She even added that she kept a journal and a timeline of events.

One cryptic tweet appears to blame the founder of The Pussycat Dolls for the death of a member of the girl group G.R.L.

The above tweet is clearly aimed at Robin Antin, the founder of the Dolls, calling her “the den mother from hell”.

Robin Antin, founder of the Pussycat Dolls.

Antin started her career in the industry as a dancer and choreographer. She then went on to build a literal a “Pussycat” empire.

“In 1995 she founded the modern burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls. By 2005, she diversified into various media including a pop recording group with international hits, a Las Vegas nightclub venue and floorshow, various merchandise, and a reality television series. Since then, she has gone on to create other girl groups, including Girlicious, the Paradiso Girls, and G.R.L.
– Wikipedia, Robin Antin

G.R.L. was the most successful group following The Pussycat Dolls and were signed to Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald’s label: Kemosabe (read my articles about Dr. Luke and Kesha to understand why this is significant).

On September 5, 2014, Simone Battle, a member of G.R.L. was found dead at the age of 25. The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging. A spokesperson for Battle stated that she “suffered from depression due to financial issues”.

Simone Battle

In her tweet, Jones apparently blames Antin for the death, stating:

 why another 1 of her girl group girls committed suicide? Tell the public how you mentally broke us

Bizarre fact: Antin’s Wikipedia bio lists one of her occupations as “Hollywood Madame”.

Robin Antin’s Wikipedia bio listing her as “Hollywood Madame”.

The name Hollywood Madam is associated with Heidy Fleiss who ran a massive escort operation during the 1990’s. Was Antin’s page “hacked”?

In her following tweets, Kaya Jones then explained the mechanics of industry control.

In the following days, Jones replied to those claiming that she was making this up while still going at Robin Antin and Jimmy Iovine.


Robin Antin told The Blast on October 15, that Kaya Jones’ claims are “disgusting, ridiculous lies,” adding that she is “clearly looking for her 15 minutes”. Antin was reportedly surprised that Jones would speak for The Pussycat Dolls, stating that:

“Jones was actually just on a trial and never an official member of the group. Jones was just one of the many girls that auditioned for the group over the years, but ended up washing out and never became a permanent fixture.”

Regarding Jones’ tweet about Simone Battle, Antin said:

“It is not just nasty, but it’s unfathomable and disrespectful to everyone who works towards suicide prevention and awareness. Antin says bringing up a suicide in such a brazen way not only scars the family, but the millions of people that loved and cared for Simone.”

Sources say that the group’s lawyer is drafting a legal letter warning Jones to “stop spreading lies and damaging the brand”, or face the legal consequences. The timing of these allegations is quite unfortunate for Antin since she is reportedly working on a Pussycat Dolls comeback.

Other members of the group remained mostly silent on the issue. However, in 2013, the group’s lead singer Nicole Sherzinger had some evocative words regarding the industry.

“This is such a tough industry, you know. To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.”

So, is Kaya telling the truth or, as Antin claims, is looking for her “15 minutes”? Well, to be honest, while Kaya’s claims are disturbing, I cannot say that they are surprising. The group’s name is Pussycat Dolls – a name that clearly refers to Beta Kitten Programming. As stated in my article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control, Beta Programming is all about creating sex slaves to be used by the elite. To achieve this goal, handlers cause slaves to dissociate through drugs, abuse, and trauma. Kaya’s tweets describe this specific situation and I wouldn’t be surprised if members were pushed into a “light” version of MKULTRA to achieve these aims.

No matter what the case may be, Kaya is spot on about this fact: The music industry needs some cleansing.

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I wish people like her understood that what’s happening to Harvey Weinstein is not Hollywood being more responsible. It is a purposeful take down – almost like a mob hit performed by the media. I’ve noticed that everyone claiming abuse outside of Weinstein has not named names. This girl is brave but naively so. I pray that she stays safe. I see a lot of truthers reporting this same thing but I hope the whole event doesn’t embolden some victims to come forward at their own detriment. People should be able to talk about their abuse, but I have this nervous feeling that this climate is only safe for victims of Harvey Weinstein and maybe for those who want to make vague references without naming names.

Your mentality of fear is actually what created the behemoth known as Weinstein.

This is exactly what they want people to do…live in fear. The veil of everything is lifting and there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. These people are not all-powerful like they are made out to be. You could say Weinstein is a cover for Vegas, but can you prove it. More and more is being exposed everyday. More and more these once powerful players will fall. More and more they are making glaring mistakes and exposing themselves.

Never forget that good people and “white hats” do exist. Now is just the time to flush the rats out into the open slowly but surely.

Much love.

this is an incredibly problematic comment. you’re basically saying abuse victims should keep quiet for fear of their career/being killed/whatever the case may be. i mean… really? that’s the whole point, abusers want that power and want their victims to be so afraid that they shut up about it. any woman knows that this exposure won’t fix the problem over night, the problem is too deeply seeded in history and our culture for anything to change that quickly, but it’s a step in the right direction. the less people who cower in fear to these assholes, the better.

No. I think dawnitis is saying that the victims of abuse some perpetrators other than Harvey Weinstein need to realize the truth. They should not assume that everyone is moving towards more responsible and transparent Hollywood. The only reason people have spoken up against Harvey Weinstein is because it’s his time to be taken down. Hollywood will still viciously protect other Hollywood Elite members.

I meant to say victims of abuse **from perpetrators other than Harvey Weinstein

You didn’t get his point Emily. He was saying that the women who come forward who accuse anyone other than Weinstein may get themselves killed.

They might die, but we all need to stand together and fight for what’s right if we want to put an end to all this evil. Not stay silent out of fear of what could happen to us. There is more of us than them, but as long as we do nothing, it feels the opposite.

I’m sorry to have assumed it was a man that wrote that.

You nailed it dawnitis. This will never go any further than this sacrificial hit. It will die out after its 15 minutes of fame, and the pervs will keep on perving.

On another note, it bothers me that these girls that are speaking out now, have known about these things all along, just as everyone in the entertainment business does and always has. Their feigning surprise is total phoniness.

Also, when you aspire to be in a business that glorifies dressing and acting like a s**t, and projects a complete lack of morality, what is it you expect when you arrive? And, why do you keep dressing like a s**t, all you female stars out there? How do you expect people to take you for anything but?

Let me tell you, first you need to READ LEARN AND UNDERSTAND the specifics of abuse they all are subjected to!! They are CON TROL LED assets (assettes) from childhood, they’re told how to dress, what to say, even what to think or not, what to say or not!! if you don’t understand the basics, then you shouldn’t come in and say whatever is on your mouth, they are victims!!

@ Synickel: “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7) If anything, all of us, including all these half-naked women, should use this opportunity to re-assess the situation and ask ourselves just what the heck it is we’re all doing. When we can have an entire civilization turning a blind eye to all the things VC is exposing, something is very, very wrong. I for one am sick and tired of this whole situation and what life on Earth has been turned into in the 21st century, and I’m ashamed it takes them openly peppering the skies with chemicals and putting pyramids with eyes in children’s cartoons for the full scope of how wrong everything we’re doing is to finally dawn on me. Make no mistake, this… Read more »

SkepticCat-How are you personally going to correct the situation?

Hey Skepticat very very very well stated. The A.C. is waiting in the wings. Just awaiting his cue. He will arrive and deceive the whole World. And then with the return of Christ after his defeat (A.C.) we will ente into the world which you describe. A World w/o this abuse so prevalent today. Amen. Faith in Christ Jesus

I was obsessed with PCD back in 2005-2009, I was 10-14 back then. What the hell was I thinking? What the hell were my parents thinking? Geez these girls are disgusting to me now. I feel sorry for them.

Well it’s worse nowadays. Have you read the lyrics of the most “popular” songs being fed into the public domain these days? They sound cheerful enough… until you realise they’re all about death/suicide/addiction/r**e/etc.

Take the latest one by Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha, Back To You. The chorus goes:

Whoah, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you f**k me up
We’re on the ground, we’re screaming
I don’t know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it, and I can’t take it
But I keep on coming back to you

The rest of the song is equally full of nasty stuff, yet kids are walking round supermarkets with their parents, singing along to it while it blasts out the radio.

This group was being heavily pushed so you’re probably like one of a million other people in your age group who listened to PCD. This was also a time when the Bratz dolls were being pushed as well, a brand that was tied to the same hyper-sexualization of teens/pre-teens agenda. My older siblings grew up listening to and loving Menudo and it turns out that all the kids in that group were being used/molested as well. Seems like the music and entertainment from every generation has some heartbreak behind it – heck, even Shirley Temple, Michael Jackson, and so forth. I feel sorry for the PCD too. Clearly this girl is hurting.

I remember Menudo, that is so sad. But I think even worse is that the Menendez Brothers who killed their parents, well the dad Jose Melendez was one of their abusers. So everyone completely ignored those guys claim of abuse and they are still in jail today. How utterly messed up is that? I mean Jose Melendez is known as a ruthlessly cruel r****t of young boys, imagine having that as a father. I would have killed my parents too.

Messenger of Yahweh Yahuwshua

Don’t feel to bad. They were attractive, and you played into the elites game. heck even I did, but of course we know better these days.

Even all these years later, I still love the hoody Nicole wore in Buttons. The writing around the hood “cuff”; very nice.

as long as Zionist Jews run Hollywood & the illegal US Reserve Bank & the illegal IRS, this sort of stuff will continue.
same as how DUMB Americans enlist in the military to go kill innocent ppl for a paycheck & the hope of getting their college education paid off because of the lies they fed by crooked ministers n their Churches & Zionist mainstream media.

Stop linking Zionism here. America’s Holyweird is not run by Zionists. It’s run by THE FATHER LUST, SATAN.

Can someone please give me the basics of this belief that “Zionist” Jews run western gov’t/Hollywood. From what I understood the Zionist movement is a group of secular Jews who argue that the Torah is outdated. They want the Jewish people to stop waiting for the messiah who is supposed to be coming according to the Torah, and just form a secular Jewish state/gov’t. That is historically the movement. Obviously you are referring to something else. To me personally, this theory is very anti-Semitic in nature and very odd that Jewish people would be concerned with torturing young artists when you consider events like the holocaust. I understood that those running the U.S have old money and are families like the Rockefellers. Is this incorrect to your knowledge?

Controlled opposition right here….stating that Hollywood is not run by Zionists ( are you serious?) and also branding it an antisemitic statement. The same card is being played all the time in the medias when anyone mentions the Palestinian apartheid/genocide.

The way I see it is you have your normal everyday Jewish people, then you have your elite people who claim to be Jewish but aren’t. The elite stick on the title “Jewish” but are actually worshipping Satan and practicing Kabbalah and Satanism. They are using the Jewish people so they can build a 3rd Temple on their land and bring in the Antichrist in the name of “love.” The elite also want people to hate everyday Jewish people who haven’t discovered that their Messiah already arrived. It’s working too, alot of Christians hate Jews.

That is the best explanation I have ever heard of it. I struggled trying to understand it for a long time, but you broke it down perfectly. Also if you look at movies that Hollywood made during the Holocaust that mention the war, notice how they downplay what was happening. Also how they boycott Charlie Chaplin when he made that movie that outed Hitler and the Whole Nazi agenda. Very ugly stuff.

First off thank you for answering my question without anger or insult. Secondly, this explained it very well and made a lot of sense. Makes me think though, because I always assumed Islam would usher in the anti-Christ, but of course Satan would want to mock God in every way possible with his own “chosen Jewish” people. Thanks again, I’ll keep looking into it. Very sad.

Ughhh hello???? They are Ashkenazic jews!!! Actually started by Rockefellers best friend..Amschel Baue or now called De ROTHSCHILD!!!

I wish I could give you 1million likes! well said. and still there is the Trans-gender agenda missing here, VC I’d like you to address it cos it’s real most of these dolls are fabricated we know that but also from Male to Female and viceversa… I been through it at YouTube: Channels: MrE ABC, Jeremiah Weeps2, C.Riga Shira, Vicki S., Sodomy to the fullest, squaring the circle, and lots of info. there from starters like Shirley Temple BLACK to Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, please have a look. O.O

A similar fiasco is happening in France, it’s been revealed reality tv candidates are sold to wealthy men in Dubai. The moment you accept to be on tv you’re doomed.

more info please?

A former reality tv candidate has revealed she was asked by her agency to sent bikini pics of herself for a photoshoot in Dubai but once on site, she was sent to a sort of “harem” where naked girls were ordered to perform sexual acts on random men. The girls were payed 15000 euros for a week. Scatophillia was one of the degrading thing they have to do. The former candidate says that a “madam”is present during the auditions for tv reality shows: her role is to choose the girls who will be “useful onscreen and offscreen”. She sells those girls and receives a commission. You can think that this girl is crazy or that she’s an attention seeker but a very famous reality shows host has revealed that he knew there were a dark underbelly in those shows and that most of the female candidates were living this type… Read more »

Hey, what is the Show called that revealed it?

“Terriens du dimanche” on C8 channel.
The former reality show host made his revelations in a show called “touche pas à mon poste” and newspapers gave the “gory” details of the story after interviewing a lot of former candidates.

I just want to add something: don’t bother to search for more details about that story because (sadly) France is the country that still reveres Polanski and DSK.
This affair will be silenced quickly.

Would you please be willing or able to write an article on this for VC’s other site? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would want to read it!

(I’ve been wanting to write for him, myself. But an insomniac toddler and the process of moving at the end of next month have been keeping the writer in me dormant.)

I’m sorry but my English is not good enough.

Well that is okay that is what an editor is for. You should write it and any issues can be fixed. It is the information that is important, I think you are more than good enough.

Of course Kaya speaks the truth. It’s common knowledge that all these little starts are pimped out. Do you really think there was NO REASONING behind the name of the band? It’s pretty obvious if you think about it.

More wh o res of babylon

The ultra man named Jason West

So many similar stories from child stars…. Corey Feldmen and now this girl among many others accounts about predators in the Business.
None of this is surprising but yet still so shocking.

Dont you find something suspicious? It’s like everyone coming out all at once……For some reason, it could be all orchestrated

Andy Signore was ousted around the same time. You probably know him as The Honest Trailers guy on YouTube. I imagine Screen Junkies are going to lose a lot of viewers, because honestly? Those trailers were the only thing worth watching on that channel. On the one hand, I’m glad that more and more pervs are being ousted. Austin Jones, another YouTuber, was busted a couple months ago for getting young fans to send him inappropriate videos. One less predator on the loose. But on the other hand, I am suspicious about how rapidly more and more of these stories come out. Victims and witnesses have spoken out against the predators in the past. They were ignored, threatened, bullied, harassed, blacklisted and more while the sickos were protected. Yet in the last year or two, suddenly victims and witnesses are finally being heard. Why now? It’s wonderful that more people… Read more »

Her revelation makes perfect sense, especially when you consider the way they dressed and the poor quality of their musical output (and of course, the fact that they were ruthlessly aimed at little girls, because no one over the age of 14 could possibly take them seriously). They were sl*tty looking and completely rubbish at the same time. The ultimate dumbed-down corrupting influence. The Pussycat Dolls always made my skin crawl, and now I know why!

I always thought it was weird that they only showcased one girl singing. I remember thinking why would the other girls even want to stay in that group. You know.

Well that and the fact that they are also Trans-Gendered from childhood, some even from the womb o.o

what are you even talking about

Discovered by R Kelly at age 13 and in an all girl band “The Pussycat Dolls”……
Well VCers, if you haven’t worked it out by now, what more can I say??!!

Right… I am surprised VC didn’t link his r kelly article to that part of the article. No coincidence I am sure.

The most sad thing it is this “cleaning” will never come.

Ahhh Solaris you do not know about Jesus Christ. It WILL end! Amen

Even if people don’t believe that pcd was this bad, the name of their band should disturb you. WhI would let their kids listen to a band called pussycat dolls? No hate to you that did listen to them, this is just how I feel.

Have you heared of a show about toddlers dressed up as prossies, for entertainment of adult tv-watchers? Very popular, made tons of money being sold of to the whole world. The show, I mean – I hope.

Is it too early for a follow up series? Showing all the girls and their moms and dad’s ‘and such’ in normal daily life again (!).
Will they have to pay petty cash to tina-loving ex-toddlers? …
Or will it be big bucks for an autograhed headshot, and a waitinglist of two seasons for an appointment.

Toddlers and Tiaras? Yeah, somehow I once found myself sucked into that part of YouTube; simultaneously horrified yet unable to stop watching.

There was a possessed girl, Brenna (I think) in a couple episodes. There was one scene where the way she held her head in anger was unnatural, not human. Her insane determination to win could be described the same way. Part of me wants to see an update of her when she’s an adult, I won’t lie. The other part of me thinks she’s going to be one scary “woman” (then again, channeling demons by the age of 6 is pretty scary stuff…)

The thing is here in the USA, the radio stations play the same several songs multiple, multiple times per day, literally drilling them into our heads so before you know it a song will catch on in popularity and people don’t even usually know the artist, song name or even how they became popular, they just get groomed, chosen, and at the whim of their record label they can have their career’s either paused or promoted and in some cases lives put to an end. All of those things should disturb us but it doesn’t until we pull the blindfold off.

In Stockton CA the radio station had this whole hit or diss think when a new song came out. People would call in and if the overwhelming majority said diss they would never play it on the station again. At least that was what they said. I remember this Jennifer Lopez that everyone called in and said diss. Well they kept playing the song so people started calling in and complaining and the dj said on the radio they were being forced to keep playing even though the audience by huge majority said they didn’t want to hear it again.

In Orwell’s book 1984 there is a machine called the Versificator which churns out the latest hits for the proletariat (the masses) to hum along to and keep them distracted. I always think of that when I hear a new tune, just manufactured drivel but if played over and over will work it’s way into your brain and you will mistake familiarity for pleasure. Not unlike actual persistent abuse!

When you have the keys to the keys, it is not so difficult, it seems. Elton john, Phill Collins and others basically wrote 700 times the same songs for disney and look what it brought us. Idiots. The Coldplay-thieves and other pop-40 writers : 10000 popsongs in 30 years containing the phrase ohh-oohh-oohh for audiences to repeat, and you know what : they do.
Now, can we please have some more education, please, so the public gets bored by those tricks, instead of getting hyped up and in for a drink and a cuddle with death?

Who* not whl.

The “den mother” also gives the typical response that they always give when confronted with the truth.

The den mother looks evil if you ask me.

With Kaya Jones dropping a bombshell on her “handlers” when she was with the Pussycat Dolls, she clearly has put a target on her back and I hope she stays save since the Illuminati is now out to get her. Always good to hear people expose the industry for what it really is since selling one’s soul to the devil for all this fame and fortune at the expense of being a slave isn’t worth it. Besides, its not surprising that the “handlers” themselves are denying the obvious claiming that whoever is defaming them is delusional. And yet the sad thing is that most people would enter the music industry and hollywood because they think its fun unaware of what they’re really going to be in for which involves either being a pawn promoting the NWO agenda or die trying to go your own way. The tweets from Jones most… Read more »
All of Hollywood is lying and covering up the perversion that has taken place in the entertainment industry for years. I am 68 years old and was exposed to the industry when I was 17. (I fled that town after 6 long, terrible years of wallowing in that cesspool). At that time EVERYONE I knew, knew about the pervs that run the business. Agents that abused clients and gave them names related to some sexual characteristic. Producers and Executives that shared the ‘newbies’ who came to town until they had made the rounds and were sent back home (the lucky? ones). Others became employees of the industry and became part and parcel of the sickness they call entertainment. I believe those who deny knowledge of the degenerate atmosphere, or disclaim being abused themselves are only trying to deny to themselves that they succumbed and sold their soul for fame and… Read more »

I was curious to know if Robin Antin is jewish, so I looked through lots of sources and I finally found a mention of her parents being jewish in the wiki page for her brother Steve. How surprising!

Well spotted – I did the same thing but hadn’t thought of checking her siblings’ wiki pages. That makes all the abusive producers mentioned in the article above Jewish.

Dont you find something suspicious? It’s like everyone coming out all at once……For some reason, it could be all orchestrated

And the common denominator? All the male producers mentioned in the article above, Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Luke, and Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein all happen to be powerful Ashkenazi Jews. Yet the three aforementioned cases are about as substantive as a teardrop in the Pacific Ocean when compared to the decades of draconian record contracts, usury and the general slave/slavemaster relationship between entertainers and entertainment executives who happen to be Jewish. And it’ll go on like this for many more generations or until we’re well and truly under their control – which seems not very far off.

Iovine is an italian name. I knew someone who drove him…he liked the sophia lauren type. I assume his god is $.

Good for you Kaya. Sending you love and positive vibes. On a semi-related note, my wife and I just finished watching Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix, and would recommend it to all. Minor SPOILER ALERT, Ted Kaczynski was a victim of early MK Ultra trauma programming at Harvard University which I had no idea of, but the show dedicates a significant portion of an episode to. I of course don’t like or agree with Ted’s methods of harming others in order to get people to listen to him, but there is really no arguing that he is a brilliant mind and thinker, and his manifesto resonates more and more with every passing day.

I watched that. I felt sorry for him. It is such a sad story. I don’t agree with his methods but he was brilliant and his manifesto was right really I have to say I agree with him completely.

The Powers that be are slowly letting the public know what’s going on maybe for predictive programming… I noticed that too as well as on the popular show “Stranger Things”…

Fringe was another one that showed what They do programming-wise

Pray for this woman

Slowly the truth is coming out! Thank you Vigilant Citizen for this blog!

Look it up on Youtube when Sacha Baron as Ali G says fi before PCD was on stage “And now the SINGING PROSTITUTES” … it stuck in my mind for about a decade.I think it was MTV awards or something like that.Just remembered that when I saw the article.

I remember when Kim Kardashian was first getting a name she performed with them. Kinda makes sense now. I know lot of people hate her, but have you ever noticed how disassociated she is most of the time, and she always just looks really sad. I feel sorry for her.

Just a reminder, many of these people have spoken out, for years. However, they have been purposely shut out of the media. Do you honestly think that they of can go to any of the thousands of media that are now owned by 6 corporations?

This is what I don’t get?! You know the type of industry this is and I’m sure you started seeing this when you first started out at the age of 13 with R Kelly. Why would you keep pursuing it if you saw ALL the evil around you? Not everything that shines is gold. The fame and money is what controls you, not Hollywood. Sometimes you have to walk away from it all and start something new. YOUR DREAM LEAD YOU TO A NIGHTMARE.. its time to wake up!

Erotic service provider of 18 years

Let’s get the terminology correct. Consensual prostitution is what the vast amount of sex workers are doing. You may not agree with it, like it- whatever. That is your perogitive just as it is my perogitive and many thousands upon thousands maybe even millions of other erotic service providers. Completely different from consensual prostitution is sex trafficking or forced sex labor. By legal definition sex trafficking involves FORCE FRAUD and or COERCION. What this woman describes, of she was forced, tricked or coerced- that isn’t a mere prostitution ring that is a sex trafficking ring.

Yes it matters. Let’s use the correct terminology.

Erotic service provider of 18 years

Let’s get the terminology correct. Consensual prostitution is what the vast amount of sex workers are doing. You may not agree with it, like it- whatever. That is your perogitive just as it is my perogitive and many thousands upon thousands maybe even millions of other erotic service providers to choose to offer erotic services to other consenting adults. Completely different from consensual prostitution is sex trafficking or forced sex labor. By legal definition sex trafficking involves FORCE FRAUD and or COERCION. What this woman describes, of she was forced, tricked or coerced- that isn’t a mere prostitution ring that is a sex trafficking ring.
Yes it matters. Let’s use the correct terminology.

I remember seeing them on TV as a teen and thinking how they’re so cheap and slutty looking and how the whole band concept is stupid woth a stupid name, like, who’d listen and be into this kind of thing? P***y. cat. dolls. They all looked like prostitutes anyway.

Fifth Harmony and Little Mix are following the footsteps of PCD they’re also an example of mk ultra victims that’s why Camila left Fifth Harmony

Oh please, Camila’s still a puppet for them; she just left because she wants more for her “services”… Btw if you watch Fifth Harmony reacting to their “Down” video, you’ll notice that it seems Lauren was glitching…

I’m confused. Where exactly was Lauren glitching? In the reaction, or in the music video? And what do you mean by glitching?

No this is not why. She left because she got on her knees for handlers who found an opportunity to use her to dumb down the masses. She may have left the group but she’s still equally as famous if not more, there’s a bigger price to pay.

Dont you find something suspicious? It’s like everyone coming out all at once……For some reason, it could be all orchestrated

I think it is but not sure of the motivation. Maybe as a distraction with the stuff like Vegas shooting and Hillary scandals??? Not sure but a lot of things seem to be happening all at once.

FINALLY!!! What truthers have been trying to tell the public FOR YEARS!!! but we were called haters and tinfoil hats…smh the truth is coming to light!!!

Robin Antin is jewish.


One more word in all of this : Motown. Let’s see what comes to surface regarding Motown.
Or is talking about abusing coloured people bad karma?
Hollywood is not big enough. What about New York? Paris? Dubai?

I have heard stories. motown was a nitemare for the singers and writers. a nite mare.

Well we know for sure that Diana Ross/The Supremes were Motown’s best selling artists. There’s no way she wasn’t forced to give up something precious to gain something like being an icon in the music world. Furthermore her relationship with Micheal Jackson was quite interesting. Ever heard the song Dirty Diana? I’m guessing Ross is still playing the elites game as she’s still on tour at 73 and Micheal Jackson, well….he’s dead. Berry Gordy is another shady character. He’s been married several times to women trying to come up in the industry. I believe he also has Freemasonry ties. And by the way DDd, I’m not completely understanding your ‘colored person’ comment. I think society does speak about the abuse of ‘colored people’ but the (fake) Jews run the show. A lot of information is filtered but I’m sure if you look long enough you can find some very peculiar… Read more »

I forget his name but the young guy who sang why do fools fall in love has a really interesting and disturbing story. They messed that kid up.

I think she has something to do with Florence Ballard’s death.

Most stay silent. Still.
A lot of them, when they get older, start to sing in churches and make money out of collections, I am told. Turned to god.
Payed by believers and church-visiting folk, after the show, I mean service.
True, false?

I noticed just now, i phrased it dubious. I meaned coloured people doing the abusing.
Sorry for that. Mary Wilson comes to mind as an biopgrapher. Albeit with tendencies to write between the lines, as she has clearly a will to survive it all.
La Ross in a way is a victim too, but of Her Own ambitions and personal greed – mixed with lies, manipulation, drugs, booze, mindgames and torture-by-contracts by her boss/owner back then, yes same BG.

Don’t forget Vanity she is pretty vocal about what happened to her.

Can we not use the term ‘coloured’? Thanks

Can we please be less toddlersschool and be grown up about things? A tree is a tree. I am of the colours pink and sort of white, in summers more beige. Many others are not.

The World Is Waking Up!!!

Take legal action against her? HOW???!!! She DID NOT NAME the “den mother from hell”. She DID NOT NAME the group. Why so defensive, Antin? For all you know she could have been referring to someone else. For all you know the group could have been a garage band that she was sure would make it with that “den mother from hell”. Why so defensive? By the way that tired-ass “looking for her 15 minutes of fame” line isn’t convincing anyone. Revelation, b*tches!!! This is it!!! Everybody’s waking up!!!

She’s either going to end up dead from “suicide” or reported to be struggling with drugs and they’ll have Nicole Worcestershire sauce (or however you say her name) make a statement in defense of PCD….if they even care that much. This kind of stuff goes right over sheeple’s heads.

Just read that the other PCDs have reacted, mostly offering faux concern for her mental health, but mostly responding with strong denial that they as a group of women have been used for sex by powerful Jews.

*Such a vile place:* Obama let his daughter intern for that vile man (Harvey Weinstein) and we all know Obama knew… With all the surveillance tech and Intel they have, do you really believe he didn’t know.

Barry was most likely pimped out by his mother and used to entrap powerful men. When he was seven years old he had a cross-dressing prostitute as a Nanny. Turdy was her name.

Of course Obama knew , he’s too high up the food chain not to know. It look how the media have spun it , no guilty by association….nothing .

So sad. And just heard news that PCD was trying to make a comeback? I’m glad that she (as well as many other women and men) came out to tell her experiences but also really scared for her. Hopefully she stays safe.

I remember watching the making of the band Girlicious and looking back at it, it really was like watching a casting show for prospective prostitutes. So sad why did I even waste my time watching or being interested in watching that as a child? The entertainment world is deceptive and sleazy. Yuck. So sad and yes there is more behind the whole Weinstein situation it’s not just him obviously but Hollywood and the evil propaganda media will put it all on him. Blind world. God help us. Just accept and follow Jesus Christ. He really is the only way, the only Truth and the only Life.

So, has anyone else noticed the fact that these “expiations?” of prurient lust seem to happen in spates? In other words, I guess I should just ask the obvious….why now? Why are these actresses and singers, as if on cue, all of a sudden filled with an obsession to ” be authentic” ….”get over this wound”. I’m left totally taken aback, with curious thoughts instantly filling my mind such as were you just diagnosed? Why the sudden desire to come clean? All of you? At once? Where was the eagerness to blame another after it happened? Why wait all these years to finally pounce? Because of the perpetrators supposed influence? What has changed about said influence that now makes you feel safe to say something as opposed to yesteryear? I mean, I’m just curious.

worried about the future

I was analyzing the movie “Despicable me”. It is full of things related to the illuminati. It was produced by ILLUMINATION Entertainment, it is full of messages such as “Go dark”; “Being good is SO overrated”. I live in South America, and in a local shopping center, near the exit of the shopping, there was an advertising image of the film, saying “It feels good to be bad” (in my language). I was wondering HOW MANY CHILDREN see those messages and how they influence them! Plus, there is the “one eye” sign in the minions. The meaning of the word “minion” itself is very significant. The letter “G” on their uniforms. I saw the checkered floor too. And problably there are many other illuminati references…

creepy terry richardson is finally banned from the fashion industry: strange timing, don’t you think?

Yes VC has mentioned this perv in several of his articles. One guy even said he makes Weinstein look like bambi lol I’m watching to see how this unfolds.

Thank you for another informative article. The Pussycat Dolls were most definitely subjected to Beta Kitten programming. And new girl groups like Fifth Harmony most likely were too. But, I have to point out that Wikipedia articles are user edited. So, it does not need to be “hacked”, for someone to post something cryptic/suggestive on it.

Incredible. Bravo, Kaya! Ty VC.

I’m waiting on Nicole’s reaction to this. It’s sad. I loved PCD. But no surprise.

Kaya did an interview with info wars where she said Nicole got the most air time because she was used sexually the most she broke up marriages and so forth the interviewer then redirected her

Nicole’s reaction was, going on with her carreer and taking it a step up. Collecting more money, for when the well dries up and gravity gets in the way of another adjustment of looks.

I feel sorry for what Kaya has endured. But I do wonder all these women that walked around parading like prostitutes either on stage or on the screen…… they did agree to do that at all cost. Can you imagine if all women walk away from the casting couch? All children are protected from pedo’s? There would be no shady Hollywood anymore. But as long as they are willing to sell their soul for fame & fortune the Weinstein’s of the world continue to reign supreme.

And yes I do understand that a lot of these “stars” come from broken home seeking attention and what not.

I have a feeling that Kaya is going to be suicided.

I would like to see Kaya Jones journal. God knows what she went through. She should continue to be brave and expose all.

One suggestion for the site: talk about some emojis that are found in many applications. For example, in many chat applications, like whatsapp and other messengers. What about the “six pointed star with middle dot” (that’s its official name). I find the description of this emoji in many sites, but I just can’t find its MEANING, what it REPRESENTS… And it’s different than the “hexagram” (or star of David), because of the MIDDLE DOT it has inside. My question is: does the hexagram with a DOT INSIDE IT has a specific meaning or purpose for MAGIC or for MASONRY???

I wouls suggest something about the Black Sun thing,but as i am not really sure about it,i won’t write more.

Sing in the “microphone”.

Look at all the other names mentioned in the article….Interesting tweets and now Robin Antin is denying all of what Kaya Jones is saying.

….I hope this poor girl has good security….something tells me she is going to need it… 🙁

Do you think you could write an article on Corey Feldman?

To the people writing antisemitic comments on here – just know that Corey Haim AND Corey Feldman are Jewish – yes, there are some horrible Jews – those are fake Jews – just like there are horrible people who claim to be Christian & Catholic & Muslim! There are terrible people from all walks of like – many victims like the 2 Coreys were Jewish, too! So stop hating on 1 religion! I am Jewish & most Jewish people are decent and nothing like the high powered monsters described of in the entertainment biz!

While i understand how these people (the so called media “elites”) turned out this way and so cannot look down on them, they must still bear the full responsibility for their choices. They would be lucky to get the chance to do so in this lifetime before they die