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Corey Feldman ‘Targeted by Death Threats’ After Announcing Project to Expose Hollywood Child Abuse Ring



Corey Feldman 'Targeted by Death Threats' After Announcing Project to Expose Hollywood Child Abuse Ring

Corey Feldman claims he was almost “run down by two trucks” after confirming plans to bring to light the full extent of Hollywood child abuse.

Former child actor Corey Feldman has been mentioned several times on Vigilant Citizen because he’s been, for years, the most vocal denunciator of child abuse in Hollywood. While he always claimed that several high-powered Hollywood executives are part of a child abuse ring (and that one of them raped his co-star Corey Haim at age 11) Feldman never released any names.

Probably energized by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Feldman recently released plans to expose Hollywood abuse with by directing, producing and self-distributing the “most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed.” Feldman said on Twitter:

“Right off the bat I can name six names, one of them who’s still very powerful today.”

He also said he can show a link between paedophilia and one of the major studios.

Feldman also started an Indiegogo campaign for $10 million to be used to fund the film, a legal team, and security for himself and his family. Feldman’s wife, Courtney, suggests the money is to ensure their safety after certain events have left him paranoid he’s being targeted.

On October 19th, Feldman tweeted:

“For the record: I will not be going on a talk show to disclose names of my abuser or anyone else’s abusers. So please stop asking me to do so. Also let me add, this is not about fear of being sued! Yes that’s a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety for my family.”


Since Feldman launch his Truth Campaign, Feldman claims that he’s being targeted and his life is being threatened. On October 23rd, he was arrested on a marijuana charge in Louisiana after his tour bus was pulled over for speeding. Feldman believes that the arrest was a shakedown in response to his campaign.

Mangham Police say officers pulled over Feldman’s tour bus for speeding when they found Feldman was driving with a suspended license.

Police say they searched the bus and found marijuana and prescription pills. Feldman was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, speeding, and driving with a suspended license. He was able to pay a fine and was released.

On his Twitter page, Feldman said he had nothing on him but was charged because the tour bus is in his name. He said the marijuana was a member of the crew’s, who has a legal California prescription. He also claimed the pills were legal, and officers promised to drop the charges if he could provide proof of prescription.

He claimed the traffic stop was “a bit of a good ol shakedown,” and that officers asked for pictures and autographs after he paid the fine in cash.
– KNOE8, Police release details in Coery Feldman traffic stop

He adds that several members quit his band because they were fearing for their lives, wondering if “someone got to them”.

Finally, Feldman said that he had a “near death experience” when two trucks nearly ran him down.

Will Feldman ever actually spill the beans and expose the system. Feldman says in his video:

“It’s not easy. I’ve been degraded at great levels. Rumours have been told, stories have been made up about me… all because they fear what I know. Justice will be served. Because this is about good and evil.”

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Corey Feldman 'Targeted by Death Threats' After Announcing Project to Expose Hollywood Child Abuse Ring

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I hope God protects Corey Feldman and he is able to release details of those involved in paedophilia and child rape in Hollyweird.

I encourage all readers to pray for him to be be able to do this.


He’s trying to sell his sh*tty movie project by begging for donations instead of just naming names and possibly saving kids being abused RIGHT NOW. That is downright evil. The fact that you’re hearing about this through the media means that they want this out which means that this is a scripted, staged reveal. Psyop 101.


Yep – controlled opposition hosted by sneaky little weasel, Corey Feldman.


It’s the Revelation of the Method. They want to acclimatize everyone to a reality with a shadow government, police state, p******philia etc. They’re openly letting us know what they’re doing, it’s predictive programming. That’s why they’re flaunting their symbols everywhere. That’s why it’s so insane people keep supporting them by buying their junk, listening to their mind-blowingly horrible music or even voting. One should be REBELLING not ALLOWING this, that’s insane. Feldman needs TEN MILLION USD to create a movie and for his ‘protection’? It’s mockery. They’re basically saying, “you can’t even expose us yourselves, you need us to do it for you. Send us your money (and we’ll create a meaningless movie)”. Those of us interested in combatting the NWO need to connect. We need to create a group aiming to expose and overthrow this whole system. The problem is there aren’t enough of us ‘awake’ yet to affect any real changes. Our current objective must be to make people understand that this is not something they can simply laugh off and pretend doesn’t concern them. Many people understand these things are happening but are unwilling to take the consequences. This has to change, and it’s our collective responsibility… Read more »

Paul Atreides

Skepticat I totally agree with you! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it? My idea is a web site dedicated to comments. What are your ideas. I don’t want to give mine totally away! But you are correct we do need to unite no matter how small our numbers.
Speak up America! How do we ALL connect & talk & exchange ideas??????

D D d

A website based on comments.
Love it already. Can I bring the subject of upvoting and downvoting of comments to the matter?


Localhero, While without solid proof I’m unsure if this Is a scripted psyop, but that theory very may well be the truth. That aside I agree with this comment; this IS evil. It’s absurd that this Is moreso Promotion for himself/his film/his other art such as his band who imo are terrible/ect. Esp. as you said, meanwhile children are Still being abused, as this guy (Feldman) refuses to say names that Would Stop a great deal of such horrific things. What exactly is the Point of releasing a film/the campaign/ect to Expose if he’s Not in fact exposing anyone!, just Saying he Knows?? Oh wow, what a lot of f-ing good that does!! And he’s pulled similar bs in the past!! I remember clips of his (or maybe it was his & Corey Haim’s show too, idk..) reality show where he And his wife (maybe gf or fiance back then, I just saw these clips..) were Obviously f-ing with Haim on a Bizarre level. In one clip he’s at this dinner with Haim, eating & brings up how they both were abused as kids. Then Haim said Multiple times very clearly, he didn’t wish to talk about it. Specifically with… Read more »


He cannot name names because his life and his family’s life is on the line. He is dealing with people in power who will kill anyone who exposes their evil deeds and wrong doings. His main goal is to let the public know what’s going on in Hollywood to protect the children and spread awareness. This in itself is not an easy task.


Surely though their lives would have been on the line the moment he announced he was going to name names. I don’t understand why he can’t just name them and be done with it. What’s the bet that a few months down the line he ‘dies of a heart attack’ or some other bs, his movie ‘mysteriously’ goes missing and we never find out who these people are.

The Earthling

On the money with this one


Maybe he’s allowed to expose those who are marked for breaking the oath in some way.


Just prayed for him and his family and friends’ protection while he Exposes the creeps.


If he was really a threat for anyone, they already got rid of him and his family. They would fear that he talks anywhen, when he might feel safe. Do Mel Gibson and Elijah Wood, who spoke openly about pedophilia in Hollywood, get death threats too? But then again it doesn’t matter anyways since whole Hellywood is a sh*thole. That’s why I think it’s so fake, when here and there someone is accused of molestation and rape, cause they are ALL involved. I got the impression though that some of them really love what they’re doing (raping kids etc.), they even post such stuff on Twitter etc. claiming as jokes (yuck!) while a few only seem to do it during their rituals when they’re under drugs and forced – but I might be wrong. With Michael Jackson f.e. (never been a fan btw.) I always had the impression he wanted to make up for the bad things. But it could have only been a trick.


I have to ask, if he is so vigilant about exposing evil, why are there pics of him wearing a 666 shirt, making occult hand signs (one at the head of this article), etc. I believe he was abused, but some things don’t add up with all this.

If he really wants to be safe, the best thing he can do is name the names now and in a big way. It doesn’t take making a movie to get the job done. It all seems kind of fishy to me.


Great questions!! I believe he has been a victim but the fact he doesn’t just come out with it to me is because he fears for his life but I don’t see how making a theatrical version will help protect him. I am wondering why myself?


I just saw that Corey retweeted this: To all’a’y’all who keep saying “@Corey_Feldman should just name his abusers”: he did. To the police. In 1993.

Messenger of Yahweh Yahuwshua

I’ve heard just this over the years. Do you by nay chance know who the names were that he revealed? Apparently he reveals the names in a coded way (in an Anagram in his autobiography Coreyography), is this true?

D D d

I have read it, and in it he says the same : no names. If they are in the book, I have not seen them. But I did not read it backwards, with a mirror.. He does point out some periods and if you know him personally, you will know who he meaned by building a timeline, is my guess.


I´ve also read it and I think it´s a good read, and I´ve loved Corey Feldman for decades, but I really want him to either stop milking this thing or naming names.

Markov D. Beast

2 names were thinly veiled in the book. Some website outed 6 or 7 of the abusers. No one we heard of. Blind items claim the ones that wont be revealed by Corey F. are well known and very powerful today.


If he did, and they did nothing, he sat on this for almost 25 years.


And what have the police done about it since then?


He must be afraid that, by not being able to completely prove it, he would suffer the consequences. Regarding the 666 simbology, maybe he was forced to do that, as all the other artists who throw simbology. If he did not do that, he would not be an illuminati puppet anymore. And people who give up being part of them end up dead.


I completely agree! The hand sign is very upsetting if he is claiming that he wants to expose evil in favor of good. He claims the elite are supposedly already trying to scare him, so why would he still feel like he needs to be their puppet. Either you’re on their side or you’re not. I am not convinced he is not on their side. He could very well target specific people in the industry in his movie, who the elite have designated to take the fall. I doubt he will live to make this movie if his intentions are pure. If he lives, the movie will be a propaganda piece with half-truths.

D D d

The handsign is told to be working as a hypnotic devise, greeting visitors that way, for example.

In Sweden they have royalty, with a statue in the old frontgarden doing it. Neptune with trident it is called by some. The public can only take a picture with telelenses, as it can only be seen from the back up close. Some more disturbing statues in their back-gardens too, by the way.

D D d

Drottningholm Palace


-Hey what’s up with Drottningholm Palace statue’s ?
Pretty creepy !!
it’s hard to figure them out, pictures are all taken from behind the statue’s, but several of them seem to be proning sadism, torture and homoeroticism…

Gabriel Paul Clark

Most of these so called gestures he’s making were basically what he’s trying to get us to understand. There’s higher ups that make you do these things if not they’ll take you out for not serving Satan there god to pay homage. He’s clearly sick of being on puppet strings. Half you people are probably the Elite paid to discredit someone in some way. You do The true Gods will Corey. I’ll pray for your safety


I agree with you 100%. People who spill the beans, say that the way to protect yourself, is to be as public as possible. He has been planning to talk for years.


He’s definitely an Illuminist. A three-minute search for pictures of him has him making plenty of Masonic 666-signs over and over again. He’s also allowed to stay in the Hollywood spotlight which I doubt would be the case were he serious about exposing things. Looks like this is just more ridiculing the public and Revelation of the Method.

I’ve had it with this. We need to throw these jackasses out but before that becomes possible we need more backing. Keep talking to others about what goes on. You could start by forwarding VC’s article here on your social media accounts. Failure to act on all of this is allowing it to happen.

Paul Atreides

The more I read from you SkeptCat the more I like how you think. WE should build a site together!

Truth & Lighth

Its call mind control


Forget making a movie; he should ride the current disgust and momentum aimed at Hollywood abuse and NAME them. NOW. For once the mainstream is listening. They will go back to sleep very soon regarding this issue, he has to speak now while the energy and awareness is in his favor. The fact that he won’t, and that he is going to these lengths to just create a fictional movie–albeit inspired by these real life horrors–is suspicious, to say the least. Why just continue to vent about what happened to him through a medium when he can strike now and help end the systematic abuse by naming these demons?


Asher, That’s all theater you’re watching. It’s The BS Express!


Raise 10 million to make a documentary to expose the pedos in Hollywood? Gimme a break, Corey. So if he got the funds TODAY, it would take at least one year to put that film together and then he could privately release it. But so what? Is Corey baiting the Elite Pedos in Hollywood to expose themselves (no pun intended) and to take a swipe at him because they believe he’s actually going to do this? Is he even that clever? It makes zero sense. It has been pretty much revealed that Bryan Singer has had just as much “power” in Hollywood with boys and male teens as Harvey Weinstein had with women (although, there are a few people I know who swear that Weinstein’s biggest secret is that he has done the same thing to young boys, but who knows?) So who is protecting Bryan Singer? What studio head? I’m sure it’s Disney he’s referring to. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Full disclosure: I worked with Corey Feldman back in early 1990 in Los Angeles. I was hired to do a total “fluff” piece on his “charitable giving.” I spent two days on a… Read more »

D D d

You can name names too. Marionets/puppets are like executioners, you know, payed well, just to stand in the middle of it.


DDd, I left the entertainment business in 1992. I have no direct knowledge of who abused Corey Feldman or Corey Haim, who I also interviewed three times. I knew Bob Villard who was featured in “Open Secrets” and he was creepy but I had no clue what he was involved in with young boys. It was NOT an “open secret” to me. I saw more crap from stage mothers who offered to sleep with directors/producers in order for their child to get a starring role in a TV show or film. But that is nothing new and has literally been going on for as long as the theatre business has been a business.

D D d

I see. But I meaned, for example, your editor ordering you to produce the piece anyway anyhow or else you’d be fired. I said ‘can’ as in make your own choice.


???? Yeah. I made my own “choice.” I left the company. Do you actually think I would have had the “power” to change the agenda of the company I worked for? You sound as if you are blaming me for “making the choice to leave.” You might want to tone down your judgmental tone a bit until you are in the same situation I was in.

I left a job that paid well and had incredible benefits. I left because my values didn’t match the company’s values any longer. Sometimes in life, you have to CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES WISELY OR ALL YOU’LL DO IS FIGHT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Remember that as you move forward in life.

D D d

This is totally going a way I did not intend. I do not judge you for making the choice you made. Maybe I would have made the same one. But when talking about agents and coworkers knowing about rape-like-stuff or forcing fairytales, mY thought was, yOur editor could have some explaining to do. Him/her I meaned by executioner, as in forcing the memo he/she got from upper echalons, on you. Everyone has to survive, we just fight different battles sometimes.
”you can name names” as in ” you lived through it”- it’s an other way of receiving.
Capslock, ..really?


My editor/publisher AT THAT TIME made the decision to run the story all on her own. She paid for my time and the crew’s time to spend two days on the set with Feldman. She wanted to get something for her “investment” and when I refused on the grounds that writing a “fluff” piece about Feldman who had just been arrested for buying heroin was not something I felt comfortable with, her response was, “The story won’t run for another 4 months. By that time, his arrest will be forgotten. So write the damn story. And if you can’t do that, we don’t need you around here anymore.” I remember those words to this day. I was just another writer and I was replaceable like every other writer, actor, producer, director in Hollywood.

My editor/publisher’s decision was a pure business decision on her part. She had “no explaining” to do. We sold fantasy and “fairy tales” (as you called them.) That’s what Hollywood is. One long fantasy and for 12 years, I helped create and write a lot of that fantasy.

Get over the caps lock. No drama intended. I use it for emphasis. Nothing more.

D D d

They sold stories, and the story had to come out in 4 months. Months ahead planning of fluff pieces sounds like some directing in some direction. Whatever fluff, the name had to come up in the papers. Seems to me there were deals on the background, and that’s what I reacted on, I guess. But I might be wrong, I don’t care. I like to puzzle, and your story has holes in it to fill in.


My story has holes to fill in? You are turning my simple and true story into a conspiracy that doesn’t exist.

D D d

No, I am implying editors get memo’s about stars that need publishing. Your editors wanted Corey-fluff. But why? Who told them to tell you to prepare that story.
But I get it, you have been traumatized and fight every half battle as if it is your own.
Safe the energy, this is all about words, not about you. You have made the right decision.


What the hell? For the last time, it was the PUBLISHER’S DECISION because she had paid for myself and a crew for two days and didn’t want to lose her “investment.” I wasn’t told to “prepare” a story. I was told to write a fluff piece on Corey’s charity at that time.

No, sweetheart, I have NOT been “traumatized.” Are you making a joke? Traumatized because I was asked to write a story and refused? WTF? This happened in 1990 and I had ZERO trauma. Reserve the true trauma for those who have been abused or destroyed by the business.

“Fight every half battle as if it’s my own?” Again….WTF? I mentioned a story about Feldman and you have completely misrepresented my words.

Yeah, I know it’s not “about me.” ???? You seem quite young and very immature. I think this conversation is over.

D D d

I get it now. I think.
Thank you for clearing it all up.

Bobby V.

Jane, it’s a losing battle with D D d. She doesn’t seem to be able to understand your story because she is too interested in creating conspiracies where they don’t exist. This is what happens when one does not possess critical thinking skills which they stopped teaching in school decades ago. Jane, I hear you. Of course, you’re not a “victim.” Puhleeze!!!! People today turn every damn thing into victim culture. I hate it.

D D d

Bobby, By assuming I am woman, you make yourself known as someone who interpretes too much too, based on incomplete onformation. You are not one to judge me in this matter.


Oy, tough room lol Good for you, Jane 😉


JC, LOL! Yeah, right?

Paul Atreides

Good for you D D d. We all can grow in our viewpoints.

Paul Atreides

It’s sad to have to read how upset this person has made you. You know your story Jane & now I know part of it. It sounds like you are a very admirable woman who would be a tremendous asset to any writing endeavor. I only wish I had the talent to be a writer. You go girl!
From a hetero 50 yo male who respects a woman who respects herself! Good for you Jane!


This person has not made me upset one bit. If I allowed this type of stuff to make me upset, I wouldn’t be worth much, would I? I was simply trying to get her (I think it’s a woman) to understand and she seemed to be having trouble doing this.


I love that you’re clearly trying to pick up babes on VC…heterooo baby, 50 YO and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the ladies


PLEASE don’t ever feed a troll like this again, but thanks for the laugh 😀

Paul Atreides

You go Jane! You the woman!

Paul Atreides

Good for you Jane! I wish more women had your courage and strength of character. I pray you are in a great relationship with a great man!


I am, Paul. Left Hollywood and never looked back.

Rebecca C

I’ve made this comment before. I’m getting suspicious of Feldman. At least it seems he wants money and a career back on track before he will name names to protect people? That is wrong, we need to protect people now. There is safety in coming clean too, as in if he is dead we will know exactly who to investigate if anything should happen to him. So I am getting a bit suspicious of Corey and he is a losing a bit of credibility with me.

D D d

If yOu can not give him safety, why asume someone else should/cloud/would?


I was all aboard and rooting for him, until he said he is going to sell this video. You want to make money on these crimes, call crime stoppers. He degraded his own creditability by pimping his paedophilia experience into income. He won’t make it to the video’s release.


Yeah! How can you accept donations for something and then sell what you made to the people who donated to you?


Precisely for that reason it becomes obvious this is just a staged Illuminati show. How many rape victims make movies about what they went through? If he knows there’s ongoing, rampant p****philia at work in Hollywood with children currently being abused and he’s in a position to expose it why on Earth would he make a movie about it?

He’s one of them. They’re just taunting us at this point. Look, guys & gals, we’re walking around inhaling chemtrails and basically waiting for them to commit the next obscene crime against Humanity. It needs to end and to make that happen WE NEED TO ACT. It is very easy to distribute information in this day and age so take the time to pass the word around.

Paul Atreides

How shall we do that SkeptiCat?


its been years of a who done it for real.. we heard him the 1st time and he nvr gave any answers then and wont now.. hes lookin out for himself not other kids RIGHT NOW


For all the time he spent on this video. He could have named the names and when/where/how, and be done with it.


A documentary would be better than a movie. People don’t want to see a movie about that stuff. It’s too gross.

D D d

Friday the 13th, Scream, Agatha Christie, 27 detective-movies-including-death-scene per weekend on all tv-channels, Bambi’s mother for the kids to enjoy death for amusement.. I’m sorry, what did you say about people?


A documentary IS a movie. It is a kind of movie like a drama, a comedy, a thriller, a documentary. I think that is exactly what he is saying – he’s going to make a documentary. I’ll say it again, a documentary IS a movie. Geesh…


Prayers for Corey Feldman and his family!


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have followed your work with admiration for some time now. And when Wienstein (who is just one of thousands who are doing these vile behaviors) was finally exposed, I thought of you — you have courageously and vigilantly (to use your own word!) held a light to these issues for many years. I hope the mask keeps being ripped away so that the festering cesspool known as “Hollywood” can be changed for the better. You have played no small part in helping this process. With blessings to you.


Makes no sense. He protects himself by NOT naming now but that he’ll make a film instead. Wow, that is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Oh, and he wants 10 million too. Sorry, as much as I believe there are elite paedo rings this story is going nowhere. I suspect controlled opposition.


I suspect controlled opposition too. He was abused, but he is working for his abusers now doing damage control.


he’s being used to “expose” a patsy….

Just me

He’s waiting for money while as we speak other children are being raped and more lives destroyed. Disgusting


Looks like a handlers’ blackmail via a victim:

I (=my handlers) will name you (=six random handlers’ foes) if you do not xxxxx (=obey).

Same as Weinstein story: victims (I believe that they all were and are abused, so surely was Corey) recently woke up to make W’s brothers get him out of the business quickly.

I just don’t buy it. Victims still are puppets. And it’s disgusting and it’s perverted. But there are other ways to expose abusers: leave the country and make a huge story outside of Hollyweird pedos. Until then, it’s all parts of the sick mind game



Also, his face cannot hide when he obviously lies (=or says what he was told to say) on the video

On the ball

I dont doubt that he didn’t experience some pretty dodgy situations in his past, but he is spoiling all his credibility by selling himself out …


If Corey Feldman comes up suicided, we will know for a fact he was murdered. At that point, the public should collectively ban all Hollywood films. It is happening to the NFL and we can do it for Hollywood too.


I already did it! Ever since I began researching this stuff, I lost all interest in watching movies


He should say the names before something wrong is gonna happen.
Pray for him.


i really wonder if the movie will ever come to light


He’s trying to sell his sh*tty movie project by begging for donations instead of just naming names and possibly saving kids being abused RIGHT NOW. That is downright evil. The fact that you’re hearing about this through the media means that they want this out which means that this is a scripted, staged reveal. Psyop 101.

D D d

There ”is a problem”. There has to come a solution. So, people will ask for money, as they ”can produce a solution”. Or an idea of a possible solution, or a concept about a new future where they culprits are behind bars and all children will be safe around the world… You just have to pay for it. See, the pattern emerging here?

Paul Atreides

D D d your not very clear in expressing your ideas.

D D d

I noticed. I also have a weird sense of humor some souls cannot grasp. It happens.


I think he is either stupid, or he’s doing this to obey some sick plan by the industry masters. If he dies (no matter the cause of death) before his movie is done, I will know that the industry killed him (most probably). If his movie is IN FACT released, I will know that it is NOT THE TRUTH, or not the complete truth — only partial. The illuminati control the whole industry, mainly Hollywood, so why would it let this guy show the complete truth? And let him live??? It will be a FAKE TRUTH movie!


I have read the comments below and most sound like preschoolers wrote them for all the naivete. Do you have any idea how much it costs to make a documentary? Or a movie of any kind? I do. 10 million is chump change. He won’t get rich making this movie and he has to eat and support his family AND he will very likely have no other way to make a living once it is released, if it ever is. It is going to cost a mountain of money just in legal fees and to get it distributed, much less the actual making and post production. I’d like to see any one of you working for one or another corrupt company (as I know almost all of you are) quit your job and blow the whistle. Of course you would not. You have bills to pay. Use your brains. Wait and see what he’s going to do.


Finally, a non-self-righteous voice of reason. Thank you.


Rubbish. 10 million is not chump change. The entire series of Planet Earth cost 8 million.



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