The (Authorized) Downfall of Harvey Weinstein


He was once a powerful, untouchable Hollywood mogul. He has now fallen from grace and was fired from the company bearing his name. What happened?

Harvey Weinstein is the archetype of the sleazebag Hollywood producer. He promised young and beautiful actresses roles in exchange for sexual favors. If things didn’t go his way, he would frown and say the typical Hollywood line: “You will never work in this town again”. If the subjects of his advances dared to turn on him, he would throw money at them until they shut up. Or worse, he would threaten to destroy their career through his mass media connections.

“Multiple sources said that Weinstein frequently bragged about planting items in media outlets about those who spoke against him; these sources feared that they might be similarly targeted.”
– The New Yorker, From Aggressive Overtures to Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

If you’ve read other articles on this site, you already know that the Hollywood elite is filled with evil, sleazy, perverted, manipulative, and unusually cruel individuals.

Harvey Weinstein was one of them. And it wasn’t even hidden.

An Open Secret

For years, Weinstein’s string of sexual assaults was an open secret. Even worse, it was a running gag. Here’s a clip from the 2013 Oscars where Seth McFarlane alludes to Weinstein’s abuse of actresses.

The crowd laughter is somewhat disturbing.

Here’s a clip from 30 Rock about the character Jenna turning down Weinstein.

Weinstein’s sphere of power was not limited to Hollywood. He made his way into the political elite by becoming an important financial supporter of all major Democratic candidates over the past two decades.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Weinstein has personally donated $1.4 million to the Democratic Party, its candidates, and its committees since 1990. In addition, his network raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Barack Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016, which allowed him to reach a higher level on the donors’ scale, and a higher level of access.

For instance, in August 2011, Weinstein invited New York VIPs (including stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Keys) to his New York home for a fundraising reception for President Barack Obama – who was in attendance. Yes, Obama was at his house.

Harvey Weinstein was also a regular at the White House. In 2011, he was at the table of honor at a State Department lunch with Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel. In 2012, he was at a State dinner in honor of the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, designed Michelle Obama’s gown for the occasion.

On June 20, 2016, Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser at Weinstein’s New York home where about 60 attendees each paid $33,400 or more to attend. Yes, Clinton was at his house.

With the candidate there in person, a June 20, 2016 fundraiser at Weinstein’s Manhattan home snared $1.8 million for the Clinton campaign. The Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick attended event was one of many Weinstein was involved in last year in Clinton’s battle for the nomination and then against Donald Trump in her effort to become America’s first female President. Pushing others to write hefty checks, Weinstein himself gave thousands personally to Clinton campaign and $30,000 to the Clinton Victory Fund.
– Deadline, Hillary Clinton Gets More Big Bucks Support From Harvey Weinstein, JLo & Sarah Jessica Parker

Weinstein was close with Hillary …
… and her husband …
… and her daughter.
Weinstein with Obama and Schumer.
Weinstein at Planned Parenthood’s 100th Anniversary Gala on May 2nd 2017 – with Hillary.

Another tidbit: In 2004, Weinstein was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Fall From Grace

For decades, Weinstein appeared to be untouchable, but something happened recently. The elite stopped protecting him. The omerta was over. Rumors turned into on-the-record accounts and, soon after, the floodgates were opened. Since then, a mind-boggling number of Hollywood actresses have come forward, accusing Weinstein of everything from “inappropriate behavior” to all-out r**e. Here’s the most recent list of accusations.

Cara Delevingne: The model turned actress said Weinstein tried to get her to engage in a threesome with him and another woman in a New York City hotel room

Gwyneth Paltrow: The star told the New York Times that Weinstein touched her and suggested having joint massages in the bedroom before she started shooting the 1996 film Emma. She said she told her then boyfriend Brad Pitt about the incident and he confronted the mogul.

Angelina Jolie: Jolie told the Times she had to turn down advances from Weinstein in 1998 and chose never to work with him again. She said she warned other women about him.

Louisette Geiss:  Actress was called to a late night meeting with Weinstein in 2008. He allegedly emerged in a bathrobe and told her he would green light her script if she watched him mastUrbate. She left the meeting.

Judith Godreche: The French actress says Weinstein tried to massage her and pull off her sweater after asking her up to his Cannes suite to see the view in 1996.

Dawn Dunning: Aspiring actress says she was called to a meeting about future film projects in 2003. When she arrived Weinstein presented her with three scripts for his next three movies which he would let her star in, only if she had three-way with him. She fled the hotel.

Tomi-Ann Roberts: Weinstein met her when she was serving tables as a college junior in 1984 and told her to meet him at his home. When she arrived, she says, he was naked in the bath and told her she would give a better audition if she was nude. She says she refused and left.

Asia Argento: The Italian actress has accused Weinstein of forcibly performing oral on her when she was 21. ‘He terrified me, and he was big. It wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare.’  She said she went on to have consensual relations with him over the years that followed. She documented the alleged attack in her 2000 film “Scarlet Diva”.

Katherine Kendall: The Swingers actress was told Weinstein had to stop off in his apartment to pick something up after a screening in 1993. He changed into a bathrobe and told her to massage him. When she resisted she said the mogul returned naked and chased her.

Lucia Evans: The actress, formerly known as Lucia Stoller, claims Weinstein forced her to perform oral on him in 2004. Speaking to the New Yorker, she said that she suffered years of trauma after the incident, which occurred in a ‘casting meeting’ in a Miramax office in Manhattan. He reportedly called her late at night after the incident.

Mira Sorvino: The “Mighty Aphrodite” actress told the New Yorker that Weinstein tried to massage her in a hotel room at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival. He then went to her home in the middle of the night, but she called a male friend to protect her, she claimed. She said turning down the mogul adversely affected her career.

Rosanna Arquette:  The actress also said her career suffered after she rebuffed Weinstein’s advances in the early 1990s. At a hotel meeting he tried to put her hand on his erect penis, she claims.

Rose McGowan: The actress, who made her breakthrough in 1996 in the Weinstein-produced slasher revival movie “Scream”, reportedly sued Weinstein after he assaulted her in 1997 at the Sundance Film Festival. She signed a non-disclosure agreement at the close of the suit and has only referred to him obliquely in social media since. On Sunday, she referred to being abused by a ‘monster’ and has previously referred to being raped by a studio head.

Ashley Judd: Judd’s film roles include the 1997 thriller “Kiss the Girls” – and says that during the filming of that movie, Weinstein repeatedly asked her to watch him shower. She was one of the women who spoke out to The New York Times this week, saying: ‘Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.’

Emma De Caunes: French actress Emma de Caunes said that she met Weinstein in 2010, soon after he told her he had a script he was producing based on a book with a strong female character. Weinstein offered to show her the script, and asked her up to his hotel room, where he began to take a shower. He then emerged naked and with an erection, asking her to lay down with him on the bed and telling her that many had done so before. ‘I was very petrified,’ said de Caunes. ‘But I didn’t want to show him that I was petrified, because I could feel that the more I was freaking out, the more he was excited.’

Lauren O’Connor: A former employee of The Weinstein Company, she told executives there in the fall of 2015 that there was ‘a toxic environment for women at this company’ after one of her colleagues told her that Weinstein had pressured her into massaging him while he was naked, the NYT said.

Ambra Battilana: An Italian actress and model, she told the NYT that in March 2015 Weinstein invited her to his New York office. There, she said, he asked if her breasts were real before grabbing them and putting his hands up her skirt. She reported the alleged incident to police, but they did not press charges. According to the NYT, Weinstein later paid her off.

Jessica Barth: Weintein reportedly pressured Barth, an actress, to give him a naked massage in the Peninsula Hotel from 2011 onwards.

Laura Madden: An ex-employee, she told the NYT that Weinstein had asked her to give him massages from 1991 onwards, while they were both in London and Dublin. ‘It was so manipulative,’ she told the NYT. ‘You constantly question yourself – am I the one who is the problem?’ Weinstein denied knowledge.

Emily Nestor: Nestor had been a temporary employee of the Weinstein Company for just one day in 2014 when Weinstein approached her and offered to boost her career in exchange for relations, the NYT reported.

Zelda Perkins: An assistant of Weinstein’s, based in London in 1998; then 25, she reportedly confronted Weinstein after she and ‘several’ others were harassed and later settled out of court.

Elizabeth Karlsen: The Oscar-nominated producer of “Carol” and “The Crying Game”, among others, told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday that almost 30 years ago, an unnamed young female executive who had worked at Miramax with Weinstein had found him naked in her bedroom one night. The exec was in a house rented by Miramax at the time to cut its overhead costs.

Liza Campbell: A freelance script reader, she told the UK’s Sunday Times that Weinstein had summoned her to his hotel room in London before telling her to get in the bath with him.

Lauren Sivan: The former Fox news host said that Weinstein trapped her in a closed restaurant and masturbated in front of her to completion in 2007. He took her to a closed restaurant beneath a club she had visited and attempted to kiss her, then when she refused, he cornered her and made her watch him touch himself, according to The Huffington Post.

Jessica Hynes: The British actress, best known for her roles in the Bridget Jones movies and for co-creating and co-writing the sitcom “Spaced”, said she was invited to audition for Weinstein when she was 19 – in a bikini. Hynes, formerly known as Jessica Stevenson, said she refused to wear the skimpy item – and lost the job.

Romola Garai: British actress Romola Garai said she felt ‘violated’ following a meeting with Harvey Weinstein in his London hotel room when she was 18 in which he was in a bathrobe. Garai, best known for her role in “Atonement”, said she had already been hired for a part but was told to audition privately with the Hollywood mogul because ‘you had to be personally approved by him’. ‘Like every other woman in the industry, I’ve had an ‘audition’ with Harvey Weinstein,’ she told The Guardian. ‘So I had to go to his hotel room in the Savoy and he answered the door in his bathrobe. I was only 18. I felt violated by it’.   

Unnamed assistant: Weinstein allegedly behaved inappropriately toward a woman employed as his assistant in 1990. The case was settled out of court.

Another unnamed assistant: In 2015, Weinstein reportedly pressured another assistant into giving him a naked massage in the Peninsula Hotel, where he is also said to have pressured Barth.

Unnamed Miramax employee: At one point in the early 1990s, a young woman is alleged to have suddenly left the company after an encounter with Weinstein. She also settled out of court.

Unnamed woman: A woman who did not wish to be named because she feared Weinstein’s connections told The New York Times that the producer had summoned her to his hotel at an unknown date and raped her.
– Daily Mail

More than 30 women have now gone forward and accused Weinstein of all kinds of misconducts. Some of these allegations date from over 20 years ago. Hillary Clinton went on record to claim that she was “sick, shocked, and appalled” – as if this was all ground-shaking news to her.

Why is this all unraveling now? Why did these stars come forward at the same time? When Weinstein was protected by the elite, the actresses who tried to tell their stories were told no one would believe them, to shut up, that it was no big deal, and, if they persisted, to take hush money.

Now, whether it was the result of too many well-known women being willing to go on record or some other un-reported reason, Weinstein has fallen from the grace of the Hollywood elite. The media wall that used to protect him–the same way it continues to protect countless other elite abusers–has fallen.

Weinstein is now in the midst of a classical American “downfall”. In the span of a few days, accusations flew from everywhere, his marriage fell apart, and he was fired from his own company.

Despite all of this, many fear that Weinstein might “pull a Polanski” and avoid any kind of legal prosecution. (Roman Polanski was accused of the abuse of a 13-year-old girl, but avoided prosecution in the US by fleeing to Europe. He continues to be revered as a director.) While Weinstein’s Hollywood career is over, he might just be able to sit on his millions of dollars and avoid jail for the rest of his life. So far, no criminal charges have been brought against him.

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Agree

Going against this tidal wave of accusations is Lindsay Lohan. In a bizarre Instagram video, Lohan (with her new accent) stated:

“He’s never harmed me or did anything to me. We’ve done several movies together. I think everyone needs to stop; I think it’s wrong. So stand up.”

This video was rather unexpected because Lohan of the most obvious cases of Hollywood celebrity being “abused” by the elite. She even appears in photoshoots describing her status as Beta Kitten.

Lindsay Lohan in a photoshoot by Tyler Shields where she is about to be “used” by a bunch of men.

Lohan’s video was deleted after about an hour. Rose McGowan, one of the most vocal accusers of Weinstein tweeted:

“Please go easy on Lindsay Lohan. Being a child actor turned sex symbol twists the brain in ways you can’t comprehend.”

She is right. Child actors are repeatedly abused and traumatized to create MK slaves out of them. As explained in this article, Lohan’s sudden change in accent and speech pattern is a symptom of trauma-based mind control.

Tip of the Iceberg

Although the allegations against Weinstein are appalling and disgusting, they represent only the very tip of the iceberg of the sordid actions “rumored” about the Hollywood elite. What about child sex trafficking rings? Ritual abuse? MK slaves? Ordered assassinations? Of course, divulging this information would put at risk the scumbags that are still under elite protection. Right now, the allegations against Weinstein involve Weinstein only, and that’s how they want to keep it. It is a controlled demolition.

Actor James Van Der Beek published a few tweets in support of the actresses who spoke up and revealed that it happened to him as well.

As you can see, he does not name these “old, powerful men”. Why? Because they are still protected.

Was Weinstein involved in more than sleazy Hollywood producer sexual assault? We probably won’t find out, but the last paragraph of the New Yorker article about Weinstein definitely makes one wonder.

“He’s been systematically doing this for a very long time,” the former employee who had been made to act as a “honeypot” told me. She said that she often thinks of something Weinstein whispered—to himself, as far as she could tell—after one of his many shouting sprees at the office. It so unnerved her that she pulled out her iPhone and tapped it into a memo, word for word: “There are things I’ve done that nobody knows.”
– The New Yorker


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Wish the whole thing would come tumbling down. Their jobs, awards shows, everything.

Babylon and w****s of Babylon will fall

Who res*

The problem is you’re outnumbered. The vast majority of people out there support them. They like their bread and circuses, internet p**n, NFL, NBA, MLB, TV and movies. They support abortion, euthanasia, and gay “marriage”. They don’t go to church or believe. They use IVF and support experimentation on humans, etc. etc….souless, materialistic, brainless, greedy, sexually perverted, complacent, gullible, apathetic zombies all around us. With that said, I highly doubt “their jobs, award shows, everything” will come tumbling down, ever.

Come on, leave the gays and the IVF users out of this.

Ain’t nothing wrong with women wanting to have babies after they loose their ability to procreate.

And if you can’t accept that god made some people gay instead of straight then show me in the bible where it condemns it cause only the book of Leviticus even mentions it.

“For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done… Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” – Rom 1:26-28, 32

”they deserve to die”
Aaron, you make me sick, just quoting that. Truely sick, like in throwing up. But I keep collected as there are no christians like you in my area to spill it onto.
How’s that for a punishment, vomit in your face for saying some other people should be killed in the name of god.

“A true believer” said “show me in the bible where it condemns it (homosexuality) cause only the book of Leviticus even mentions it.” I showed “a true believer” where it is condemned elsewhere in the Bible. “D D d” states “vomit it your face for saying some other people should be killed in the name of god.” That’s not what Paul means and that’s not what I said. He’s not advocating for anyone to be executed for sin. Death is the penalty for sin. All have sinned; therefore, all deserve to die. And all people do die. Read the next verse (Rom 2:1). A sinner cannot condemn another sinner. A sinner should focus on himself. But notice what he says? The “kindness of God” should lead to repentance. That means: stop sinning. If the sinner does not stop sinning, then he is “storing up wrath for [himself] on the day… Read more »

”God’s righteous decree that..” As in contradiction to dying by natural causes.
That God is not judging here, people like you are, by decree or out of ambition to rule the world yourselves?
Repeating subious phrases like biblequotes like that is pretending they are true.

There is nothing wrong with being gay. Gay “marriage”, all sexual acts outside of true marriage, including masturbation, homosexual and heterosexual acts are sinful. Having sex with your girlfriend outside of marriage is sinful, the same as doing homosexual acts as homosexual acts are always outside of marriage. There is nothing wrong with women wanting to have babies. IVF is a grave sin against God as is abortion. Very serious sins which are called MORTAL SINS. Mortal sins lead to eternal damnation. To be in a state of mortal sin is conscientiously choosing by free will to separate oneself from God. It is not only about heaven and hell, but also peace and happiness in the world. If we strive to remain in God’s grace, if we choose to live justly, if we try our best to do God’s will the world will be a better place. Jesus Christ is… Read more »

Please get yourself a benedictine egg and shove it up your a**

You butt hurt, Rick the?

Ok, there are good Christians and then there are extreme Christians. You… ‘man’, are an extreme Christian. What gives you the right to say what is a sin and what is not? Did you know that the Inquisition and ALL its horrendous activities were done under the name of God? Do you realize that? And what’s wrong with IVF? and what’s wrong with abortion? Oh and just to burst your bubble, you do realize that the Bible was written by a bunch of mortal men, right? And the whole Bible book is just a compilation of stories from other religions, shifted to suit the Bible’s agenda. Think about. Reflect. And CALM DOWN.

It is not I who decides what is a sin or not, but the Roman Catholic Church. I am one of God’s servants. I’m not going to answer all of your questions, but I will touch on IVF. WHAT’S WRONG WITH IVF? A lot….. – babies are not property or material goods – it is negative eugenics – ensuring that those who cannot breed pass on their genes, making it more likely that future generations will also not be able to breed (screwing up the human gene pool) – humans have no idea what they’re messing with – 24 out of 25 human beings conceived using IVF die – IVF fosters a mindset that every couple has the “right” to have a baby rather than the privilege granted by God – IVF babies form the distribution stream for stem cell research which experiments on them and kills them. – Every… Read more »

”I am one of god’s servants”
Who told you that? Did you know when you were 3 years old? Was it part of the drills/workshop in becoming societies’ executioner? Because to me you sound like a jesuit with an attitude.

Hahahaha… you are a joke.

Don’t forget to mention Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman. They have been trying to warn us for years.

Terry Crews just admitted to being groped by an exec at a party in front of his wife. He failed to name the perp, though.

Not actors but also Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington wanting to expose a p*******e ring in the industry. Then they both “commit suicide” one year after another. The entertainment industry is filled with terrible people. They do not single out any group; children, women and men are all abused. These industry execs deserve exactly $0 that I work hard for and I will not give them more by going to movies or buying CDs at this point.

Do you have a link to support this theory?

” he does not name these “old, powerful men”. Why? Because they are still protected ” !!!

” he does not name these “old, powerful men”. Why? Because they are still protected ” !!!

The timing of this story is suspect. Everyone’s asking questions about what really happened in Las Vegas and suddenly this salacious story is thrust upon us 24/7 while the shooting investigation takes a back seat in the headlines…

Exactly. The LV narrative is falling apart rapidly. It doesn’t make sense how this was allowed. Why was there a Home Land security drill there? Where is there always a drill happening the same times as these events?

I was thinking exactly the same thing myself as soon as I saw this break the news! The Daily Mail – up until now covering every angle of the Las Vegas ‘Incident’ – yesterday had not a word about it. But page after page about Weinstein! I am sure that people such as him are playing out a modern version of Faust. They are allowed to accumulate all the fame, celebrity, money and have get out of jail free style protection; with the tacit agreement that at an unspecified future point they will have to ‘pay’, if it suits a particular purpose. The situation in Las Vegas is getting out of hand – they really didn’t think this one through properly – so they need a huge celebrity distraction for the ever hungry media. I doubt very much if anything will come to court – too many others involved still… Read more »

Or to distract from the massive Equifax brrach. A chinese hacker group has nearly half of the american population’s info and only one head rolled. The hackers had 3 months to syphon data to their heart’s content and even when equifax found out about it theu took 8 weeks before telling americans abpit what happened. Of coirse the news only offered a watered down version of this and never revealed much except for going to the equifax site to sign up for ssn monitoring. When i went to the equifax page yo see if my info was conpromised they didn’t answer with a straight yes or no, their website just said it MAY have been conpromised. The news have not reported anymore on this. The eliye is always fabricating “squirrels” to distract from the real important issues. I’m so sick of them!!!

And now Equifax will verify taxpayer identity for the IRS.
Many got rich of the hack through put options, the CFO also resigned before the breach was reported and just like Silverstein prior to 9/11, Equifax took out an “anti hack” insurance policy.

He literally just said to TMZ that he is “going to get help” WOW!

What a year! Hurricanes, the downfall of Hollywood, Hugh Hefner dying…I think God is telling us something, dont you?

The hurricanes were man-made, and wasn’t Hurricane Harvey a big one? Someone was “warning” us, but it wasn’t God. It’s no coincidence there’s another Hurricane Harvey.

Same old same old, he was telling that stuff when the floods came over Zeeland in 1953, but noone could translate his jibberish.


No. ”God is telling” something by ”having Hefner die”’ ”downfall of Hollywood”?
Embarrassing. Not to offend any children, but..
I had to make a remark.

Trump was about to call a snap Presidential Address that every network in America is obligated to broadcasting live. He was going to out some element of the deep state on national television (probably CIA or FBI) and provide the evidence to back it up. Then the hurricanes happened and delayed it. Then Las Vegas happened and postponed it a second time. But they had to rush the Vegas operation and botched it badly, so they had to sacrifice a big fish in the form of HW in order to divert attention from that. Now that Hollywood has started coming apart at the seams virtually overnight, I can’t wait to see what they trot out next to divert attention from their previous f**ckup. They’ve literally gotten to the point that they’re not fooling anyone anymore.

Does anyone know of a good reporter or obligatorily small press team that is staying on top of the facts in NV, so we could all keep track of the updates?

You’re right. It is suspicious. but it is what most, will be interested in, as it is Hollywood news.
It keeps their little minds off of events such as hurricanes, and whatever it is that happened in Vegas

perhaps he was the 2nd shooter at Vegas…!

If Harvey Weinstein looked like Brad Pitt these same women claiming sexual harassment would be bragging !

If Harvey Weinstein looked like Brad Pitt? That’s precisely the point, he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt and no one was interested in him sexually. Don’t you get it? When you aren’t attracted to someone and yet they use their power to control your very livlihood, it’s got to be a horrible experience, one that you can never forget.

Mmmm…maybe. If you listen to the audio of him harassing people, it was pretty overt and not smooth at all. He was agressive and insistant. I think the women may have been less frightened, but I expect many of them would still have refused and been offended, and certainly a bit scared and shocked. No doubt some of them would have jumped right on that opportunity (no pun intended), but the majority still would have reacted negatively. Maybe if Brad used his charm slowly and methodically, and THEN pulled some crap like that. But not the way HV did it man. He just EXPECTED these women to obey.

Bragging? The point is that sexual harassment is something that makes you feel bad, not proud of you being in that situation. If a handsome man is trying to r**e you or ruin your career it is still not pleasant, you know.

that’s a rather fu**** up way of lookin’ at it…. smdh…

But why was he kicked out of the elite group ??

That is the big question which few are asking. It appears that the Attorney General is closing in more and more on the pedo-ring(s). Something must have taken place behind the scenes.

And so “they” have evidently chosen to throw HW under the bus, and are trying to use him to deflect attention from the REAL issue–systematic satanic abuse of CHILDREN by the rich and powerful–by focusing on HW’s abuse of ADULT women. “Look over here, not over there!” We’ll see if it works…

Because they couldn’t give up Jeffrey Epstein? Funny how Jeffrey Epstein’s victims just won a 5.5 million settlement and the media doesn’t care…

And he just happens to be another Ashkenazi Jew pimping/abusing the goyim.

I guess it has to have some connection to him supporting the wrong elite group or going into the wrong direction seen from the global elite. For the past decades there was the global elite in the US working together with the US forming the US elite. Now the global elite is shifting to China but not everyone within the US elite is happy with this. They want to stay the leader of the world and hold on to power. A lot of them would lose their job and income. So there is a war going on between these two groups with Trump being the leading figure of the global elite within the US. And Clinton was the representative of the US elite, but she quickly understood against whom she’s fighting and that she didn’t have a chance and admitted her defeat right away even stating that “Donald Trump is… Read more »

Betty, your eyes are open but you’re not seeing the forest through the trees. Good luck on your journey, I hope your search for truth brings you closer to what is really going on.

Thanks. I wish you the same. How can you be so sure, you’re the one who knows better?

His inner uglyness got out in a way no operation could disguise, and ”they” do not want ugly people around them.
He might go live on a remote island and make us all think he is dead.?

He’s Hollywood’s equivalent of Jimmy Saville – the BBC and British politicians knew people were getting closer to exposing the sordid activities of those in power, so when he died they dropped the bomb, but made sure all attention was on Saville and a few other expendable ex-celebrities. For years they’ve been promising to investigate politicians involved in paedophile sex rings but keep kicking the can down the road, hoping people are still too distracted by filthy celebrities and terrorism.

Why did they choose him to be the sacrificial lamb? Who knows – but it’ll probably be something to do with debts.

My guess is to distract us from the shooting in Vegas.

Hollywood is so super satanic that I gave up watching movies years ago. The movies themselves are brainwashing tools and the stuff that goes on behind the scenes is demonic. These people are fuelled up on the powers of darkness and I don’t want any part of it. When we spend money on something we are basically saying YES & supporting it and I do not support this Hollywood evil. It’s time to turn away from all these things that destroy. If we all stop going to the movies or buying DVDs it’ll make a difference. Sure there are tones of sheep out there who will forever be asleep but there are a lot of us who are wide awake and sick of it. So we must act wisely and realize that we the people have power. Let’s use it.

Hollywood is now obviously in decline but look what we’re getting in its place: the same from cable TV producers. The amazon guy just got fingered. He looks like a MTF tranny to me! I think behind the scenes, there’s some kind of totally unbelievable transgender wars thing going on! THAT is the real story! All kinds of extreme sexual/gender WEIRDNESS.

Yes! ACTION! Down with the NWO!

Where are actresses like Meryl Streep who always whine about women’s rights? Why don’t they speak up?

Read a biography about her carreer and the people she met during the build-up. You do not even have to read between the lines. It appears Mis MS was not quite of the same victim calibre as a lot of the typical mangled startlet, but a girl who early on saw how mind games work.
But, as we say in Holland since Alex is King, ”That is just one opinion.”.

Meryl Streep is a two faced hypocrite!!! Have you seen her comments about Roman Polanski who is ALSO accused of doing sexual behavior to miners and when she said “ I wish he wasn’t in jail?” Look it up on YT.

Type this in your search and hit enter.
“Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Abortion Activist Meryl Streep”
Do you think Meryl Streep is going to help you?

If you go to the movies or buy DVDs, you are giving your money to creeps like Weinstein.

“There are things I’ve done that nobody knows.” Harvey Weinstein

There is God Harvey who sees everything. You can not hide from him.


Yep – God sees everything through our eyes

Could be, who knows?

They’re trying to get out in front of the coming Pedogate leaks that are coming up; as if they aren’t involved.

Too little, too late. Here we come for you…

The Weinstein story is taking the Las Vegas shooting out of the news. Right now the official LV shooting story is unraveling and people are starting to ask too many questions. This story is a distraction.

Absolutely correct, Adam.

They noticed no one was falling for their hoax mass shooting and it’s non existent CCTV footage and ever changing story.

It’s too late. The goyim know.

P********a/Homosexuality is basically a requirement amongst the Hollywood Jews – I worked in Hollywood for 23 years and saw it all around me. I’m thinking that the only reason this is coming out is that another *more powerful* Jew wants him out of the way and he wasn’t willingly stepping aside . This is the only reason that the Jewish-controlled media would actually expose rather than minimize and protect him. I’ve heard his brother wants control of the company – and this is one way to get it.

I’d be shocked if he was charged, and even MORE shocked if he went to jail. I think he will pull a “Polanski” and run off to Europe where he will continue to harass/r**e at his leisure.

I like this explanation.

Me as well, as it coincidences, well, with what happened to Bill Cosby, after he wanted to buy NBC.
And not a peep, about him now, on msm

Either that or he will flee to crime headquarters of Stolenland, like so many other rapists and human traffickers.

This guy is no doubt a handler and programmer of young wannabe actors and actresses.. the fact that Lohan is on his side indicates that she has perhaps been used and her memory wiped… this is what happens. She is no doubt invovled in SRA and often these people have no clue about it.. Harvey is a prime candidate for Sexual ritual abuse and his invovlement with the Clintons, who are serial sexual abusers is also telling.. How many women need to be complaining of sexual advances or r**e before something is done about these types of men..? The media is rife with it and in this time of great unvieling I pray that all of these possessed reptilian types are outed and named and shamed.. The light will expose this darkness and women and all those who have been abused please know that by keeping that a secret it… Read more »
Harvey’s assignation comes across as a public demonstration by the elite what they can do to even Hollywood power brokers as a demonstration to others to stay afraid and keep their mouth shut. Overwhelming fear has to be achieved In order to keep a nearly universal silence on the perversion that occurs daily by many executives. Otherwise, someone’s conscience might bother them so much that they would blab/confess and let the cat out of the bag. There’s a reason the finger held up to the lips is a common trope (i.e. “silence”). The mafia does the same thing. If you cross the mob and they kill you they will make one of 2 choices of what to do with the body 1) cut it up and or chemically dissolve it and make it disappear leaving no trace so who knows what happened or 2) use it to send a message… Read more »

We need to talk about Jennifer Lawrence. Lindsay Lohan’s support of him is downright suspicious.

Well, Lindsay Lohan…the cheap betta kitten that had to be sent abroad bcs only foreign low totem pole elite minions want to have fun with a fotmer US betta kitten. That girl is completely broken and just keeping financially afloat by servicing the elite’s janitorial ranks. The US elite uses her as a caution tale to the current high ranking bettas so they obey or else end up in the “has been, used rag” betta export level.

Remember her couch pics, she’s probably one of those who gave in to the pressure…. It’s sad

What he did was wrong, let’s be clear. The women were victims. That being said, it boggles my mind that they would not speak up earlier, fight back or not take the movie roles! Is fame that important? What about these Ben Affleck allegations now. So far two women have come forward on him.

Many many stars have slept their way to the top. Jlo comes to mind and many others. She can’t sing but has a singing career. Was she victimized, who knows.

As long as there are women hungry for fame, these men will use their power to vicitmize them. A shame.
Reading the list it looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the only ones with any kind of guts to defend themselves. Good for them.

Not to be snarky whatsoever, but did you perhaps miss a lot of the cues that indicated many of the women were indeed speaking up? One of the women at his company approached executives, police refused to charge in another case, one told the NYT in 2015, et al. Speaking out or refusing movie roles (which several also clearly did, or were forced to do anyway since they didn’t comply) was not going to resolve the problem when he was still being heavily protected. Beyond that: trauma. Asia Argento specifically said she wish she would have ran away. That was the difference between her and the character she depicted in a film she directed that included a scene alluding to her attack. The character in the film ultimately ran away from her abuser, but in real life Asia went back. Clearly she regrets that, but she was also a 20-something… Read more »

Nah, they all just wanted to make it big in Hollywood. Fame has its price. Mariah can sing,…Jlo LOL LOL!

But she is a tranny if you do your own research…!

That’s right never blame women. I’m rolling my eyes by the way. I’d strangle Harvey Weinstein myself but let’s not kid ourselves here, J Lo and the rest are in on the scam. Get a client bud.

Angelina Jolie is a predator. let us be clear on that.

I think this is all truly disgusting and it’s only one example of the entire hellywood industry. But I do have a couple of concerns about the accusations. One is that just about everyone of them mention a robe, a shower/bathtub, and a massage. I like that it gives you a visual of what an executive is really like, kind of like using the phrase “used car salesman”, BUT I do want to point out that repetition is the key to propaganda. Also, I question any accusation made by Jolie, Paltrow, and Judd. These three were raised in the industry and fiercely protect it and the establishment. And why would Paltrow be at a campaign party at his house just a year ago?! So, I’m not saying that I don’t believe this. I’m just pointing out some things to consider. It seems as if he is being taken down like… Read more »
… but precisely because, as you point out, these revelations are so suspicious, it simply supports this hypothesis that this Sweinstein story is being pushed because people are asking way more questions about the Las Vegas hoax than these psychopath controllers like to see. I don’t trust these Hollyweird skanks for one second, either, with this ridiculous story that all of them (quite a list of people) have kept quiet about the abuse for so long but now suddenly come out – just as Vegas conspiracy theories are trending to the point Google scrambles to modify search algorithms. I don’t know what in the world is happening in that upside-down festering pit known as Hollywood, whether these ‘celebrities’ are all MK slaves, practicing satanists, actual demons or androids – but I’ll tell you one indisputable fact: Hollywood STINKS. The hypothesis posted by others here that this is a cover up… Read more »

I know you believe that the Las Vegas shooting was a hoax but I had a friend that was there who was sprayed with the blood of the woman standing next to her. Her best friend’s daughter was shot in the arm and the daughter’s father was shot in the foot.

Doesn’t mean people have not been murdered. It’s a hoax in the facts that we have been served : who planned the shooting, who did it, what is the real reason… Sorry for the people around you who has been involved btw 🙁

A friend of mine mentioned the reoccurring use of the name Harvey lately-this guy, hurricane Harvey, and the harvest festival in LV. Looked up the meaning of the name and it says “eager for battle” and “warrior”. We know the elite like to communicate in codes so who knows.

@ Curious. Well done! First piece of info in this comment thread that leads a bit further than the surface froth. I’m going to follow this line a bit more now. Thanks!

The great spiritual battle is upon us and us humans will suffer the detriment. Be prepared for war, famine, death and destruction. Times are upon us…

Excellent catch

What does the name Weinstein tell you? And in what combination? Since when? How many?

They are claiming that he is no longer protected because he is doing a film with Robert Dinero on vaccines.

DeNiros film already came out not too long ago. Are they making another??

<< This seems like an important piece of information-

No, he made a film about the brutal Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine. The real “third rail”.

Ive been waiting for VC to write about this, well done. OAN I saw the post on FB and I hope that whoever you are that you stay strong in faith. There are so many including me that rely on your site. Stay Strong in Gods name!

Lohan with her weird accent also doesn’t even look like she means it. She holds her head kind of strangely to the side and she doesn’t look into the camera but kind of down. As if she wanted to wriggle herself out of this situation. This is not how someone looks who really means it, who really wants to defend someone. Just listen to how she says at the end: “So stand up.” There’s no power behind it at all. And then this strange accent. This is definitely mind control. Thanks for linking to it. I’ve never seen it so clearly.

This reminds me of the plot of the movie “Starry Eyes,” which VC wrote about.

Yeah, he was thrown under the bus. The Gay Mafia? It would not surprise me to see a suicide coming to keep him quiet.

This is just a distraction. Dude has already done a ”Polanski, no doubt.”


I like the article but none of the questions got answered… why is Harvey not protected? Why has this come to light now?

Just like the famous story about Charlie Chaplin (who was an infamous womanizer) : He was propositioning a woman at a party, trying to entice her with a variety “goodies”, but she haughtily rebuffed him every time. Finally he said, look I’ll give you a million dollars to sleep with me. The woman stopped and looked at Chaplin, intrigued for the first time. Chaplin then reportedly said, I knew you were a w***e, it was just a matter of price.

This crap has been going on forever and I applaud the women who rejected Weinstein, if their stories are true, but something more is going on here and it ain’t just Harvey being naughty.

It’s definitely a smoke screen.

Chaplin? That story was a joke, written all over comedybooks in the last century, but it did not contain the name Chaplin / then. Real popular when that movie about one million/for/one/night came out (, was it Robert Redford in it?).
Not to totally contradict rumours about frivolous but silent movie stars, by the way. Drugs were used to butcher weaker minds even then.

Where are all the loud-mouthed feminists who were screaming about Trump?

Exactly. When things like this do not make any sense, then you know that there is hidden agenda, an ulterior motive for sure.

Get out of your pajamas and put on adult clothes. Wake up.

This is all very sad. But all these women chose for fame over dignity. I am more interested in exposing the Hollywood pedo’s where the kids were truly innocent and the parents turned a blind eye.

All these women did no such thing. Where are you guys gathering that, are you all skimming or skipping past the synopsis of each reported victim’s case? Most of them clearly made other choices and did not become famous because of it. Regardless… it’s victim-blaming. Please don’t.

Yes because adult women are never innocent and their r**e just doesn’t matter as much. Jerk.

Thank you VC for another great article. This has abuses have always been known. I wonder what happened that they ousted him.

Theories please?

Harvey now has nothing to lose, and he knows people who are even scummier than he is. Why isn’t he getting revenge by exposing others (Even if he doesn’t directly divulge their names)? Why did he “agree” to be the sacrificial lamb, why isn’t he trying to drag others down with him? He seems to have nothing else to lose so why are the other scumbags still protected? He’s obviously the biggest perv ever but it seems to me he’s the kind who’d love revenge and would expose others just to get revenge… that doesn’t make sense?

I doubt he’s the biggest perv ever. Who knows what kind of filth there is over there.

I also doubt he’s the biggest perv ever…

But what if he was part of the plan ? What if he accepted to be thrown under the bus ? Maybe, it doesn’t matter since they also have the escape plan ready for him… and the guy is so f****d up in the head that it makes him feel more powerful to think about all those stupid dummies who believe he finally got caught… on a beach, a drink in his hand, thinking at his next victim… Don’t know, just an idea…

Stop the MONEY supply to Hollywood!
Turn off your TV’s, cancel your cable TV subscriptions, cancel Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services, and DISCONNECT from these corrupt and evil scum bags.
As long as we keep our TV’s running, our cable TV subscriptions current, and keep streaming the filthy garbage that is churned out and regurgitated by Hollywood, we keep these people rich and in business.

Haven’t owned a TeeVee since 1989. Can’t believe, in the 21st century, that people still ‘watch’ that asinine little invention….

Hollywood, CIA west, has been a Jewish cesspool of r**e and depravity since it’s inception as an instrument of propaganda. It is run by (mostly gay) Jews who think it is fine to molest men women and children, especially goyim. Weinstein has been thrown under the bus for two reasons: 1. Timing–his crimes have been going on for years, so why now? Answer: to distract people. Their hoax in Las Vegas did not succeed in getting the masses to clamor for more security (body scanners etc.) Everyone knows that Vegas is the most surveilled place on earth–more than any bank, so any part of their ridiculous story completely falls apart instantly. A guy uses his Filipino girlfriend’s ID to register? Yeah right. While people were arguing about a “second shooter”, they have zero awareness of the ramp up to WWIII, or the fact that Equifax hack has compromised the personal… Read more »

Anyone think Weinstein wife knew about his behaviour

Hi VC such a sad article… but please add a warning at the beginning of this article that it may be triggering for victims of r*** and s****l assault (such as myself) … I can’t read through the details of this … too traumatic 🙁

So sorry to hear that. Sending you a big hug. May you find the peace you deserve, God Bless xxx

I wonder why all of the sudden all these accusations toward this guy, since all these celebrities are part of the elite hollywood culture. Something else must be going on. Think about it, Angelina Jolie complaining about this, when we all know what she’s been up to all these years like supporting the elite’s agenda. I don’t know, I feel that if this guy is being attacked right now it must be for a different reason and not merely for harassing these women. Again, I might be wrong, its my hypothesis.

Jolie could very well be apart of the distraction; pretending to be bothered when in actuality she’s just another huge name who will get heads to turn when she speaks.

The censorship is real. Shared this on social media and it was immediately buried in my newsfeed so no one would see it!

Thanks for at least trying, Jaymie! Censorship ain’t just happening in China, Facebook is one of the biggest propogators!!

Your newsfeed? Like a trough? You need a newsfeed? A social newsfeed?

check this out. It was written into his contract that he could not be fired for sex claim accusations. lol!

Proof that his behavior was well known. That makes them complicit in the abuse…

Why are these women believed, but the women in the Bill Cosby case are just called liars?

Why the generalizations you use?

What I don’t understand is the “why” of it. We can certainly plainly see the “how” part unfolding. But these actresses are also presumably leftist Trump-haters, so I don’t think this has anything to do with conventional politics. This is the Left sacrificing one of its own top money-makers.

I can’t figure out why it is suddenly open season on a guy who was best buddies with Obama and Hilldawg. Wouldn’t a guy like HW have plenty of dirt on top politicians he could use as insurance against just this sort of take-down?

HW has no outlet if he is not allowed an outlet.

(I wonder, if in Turkye people are still able to look up news like this, or if the internet-censorships is already complete overthere, like in testmarkets as the Korea’s and China for example.)

And Hollywood reveals the ugly head of those so-called “old powerful men” such as Weinstein whom I assume must have either done something or the “elite” are using him for something more in addition to being a fall guy. Lindsay Lohan defending him is a clear example of what being a “Child star/ MK ultra sex kitten” is like and what it can do to you mentally as Rose McGowan has clearly stated.

Recent celebrities so far gave the warning about the dark side of Hollywood where one has to do disgusting deeds just to make it into the industry where the higher-ups control every aspect of your life even if you have to be their “slave” eventually.

Could be anything on why Weinstein wasn’t “protected” by the powers-that-be so just have to wait and see as this develops further.

Voluntary ‘sacrificial lamb’ to distract from the rampant p********a in Hollywierd possibly????

That’s my guess too…

i like that you used the Term “Authorized”.That’s the key term.Its not an accident neither is it a sudden discovery.They’ve sacrificed him to the dogs

I believe soon were going to see more of these moguls being outed.

I don’t think so, what about Dan Schneider from Nickelodeon, very suspicious, he seems a perv. man who likes preteens and teens girls and boys also probably, but he is still, very protected by the elite, imagine all the murky waters in the child networks, like Disney, nick

This story would make a great film. It could be called “deplorable Kant”. I doubt it would be funded by Hollywood but maybe crowd funding might work. Actors who will “never work in this town again” could play the roles. The revenge would be so sweet. Only difficulty would be finding someone as fat and ugly as Harvey. Now there’s a challenge.

Challenge, are you kidding? Just go for our last generations’ politicians.

Weinstein and others at the top with all their money can afford any pretty upscale or lowscale hooker they want. They aren’t going to risk this type of shame with well known actresses.

This is media hype to get everyone’s mind off the Fake Vegas shooting.

My friend was at this fake Vegas shooting and got blood sprayed all over her. And her friend’s daughter was shot in the arm and the daughter’s father shot in the foot. Why do you say it was a fake shooting? Another co-worker lost a friend of his who is at this concert.

Let’s not kid ourselves and be honest here. Weinstein is the tip of Jewish run Hollywood. The Jews even brag about owning Hollywood. The vast majority of these warped sickos, from Roman Polanski, to Jeffrey Epstein, to Harvey Weinstein are Jews with many of them still hiding and not yet revealed.

So who broke the story? WikiLeaks or Hollywood attacked the current President so did the current administration retaliate? Or did he threaten someone who was or either related to someone more powerful than he and sealed his fate?

IMO, they turned against this guy because there are too many stories of abuse in all levels within the industry and they might think that putting a name to the abuse behavior maybe can lower the pressure in the media. Why exactly this guy? Maybe he is the most hated among them.

Since the author mentioned Lindsay Lohan in the article I thought maybe I could comment a bit on that. I think it is quite plausible that LH had been *replaced*. it is not impossible to find someone with very strong resemblance to another person. There are many politicians who have doubles that could fool people unless they pay close attention. LH’s fans and journalists do not meet her often enough or know her well enough to be able to tell if that was an imposter. If it was the real LH then the accent was from a demon living inside her methinks. MKULTRA’s role is to force a person into submitting to demonic possession.

Why does noone mention that Rose McGowan was engaged to Marilyn Manson?

The timing of this is Very suspect. It conveniently took the Las Vegas shooting off the headlines….or more to the point, it took the ever changing narrative about the timeline and people involved off the headlines. What better to distract the Sheeple then a salacious Hollywood perv / p*******e story.

But Donald Trump said the word “p*ssy.”

And grabbed genitals and raped his wife and raped little girls with his buddy Epstein and….ad infinitum, nauseum.
Wake up