Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”




What was supposed to be a standard movie-promoting interview got a little realer when Katt Williams was asked about the Illuminati and its influence on the entertainment industry. The interviewer originally asked Williams about Dave Chappelle’s “conspiracy theory” where he claimed that most Black comedians wear a dress at some point of their career. Here’s the Chappelle interview (originally posted in my 2010 article When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry).

Kevin Hart, another Black comedian, recently generated some controversy when he wore a dress on SNL. This move was interpreted by some as him “selling out to the Illuminati” as he became yet another Black comedian wearing a dress for cheap laughs.  I am not sure if there’s a direct correlation between wearing a dress and selling out to the Illuminati (although the percentage of dress-wearing Black comedians is exceptionally high) but Katt Williams’ response to this controversy and the Illuminati in general was quite interesting.

Far from brushing off the question for being ridiculous, Willams acknowledged in a matter-of-fact way that there’s an Illuminati controlling the entertainment industry and that it forces artists to push its Agenda. What happens to those who go against the grain? They get bad press and their careers suffer terribly.

For instance, Dave Chappelle refused a 50 million dollars contract to shoot a third season of his iconic Chappelle Show because he didn’t agree with the messages it conveyed its audience. He then got labelled as “crazy” (remember his Africa expedition) and, since then, he did not appear in anything “Hollywood”.

Katt Williams also got a truck load of bad press in the past years, not to mention legal troubles. He feels that these issues keeping arising because he refuses to follow the Illuminati Agenda. In his words: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”. Here’s the interview:





    • crimson goddess on

      Everytime I see a celeb in the press wirh all these crazy issues suddenly, I know in my hear they have pissed off the illuminati or went against their plan. Their is no way in hell Lindsey Lohan would continue to do the things they accuse her of. Shes pissed off some people.

      KAT protect yourself!

      • I think about Lindsay you might be wrong… she's a child star, she def went through some sort of mind control and she may be cracking up (or be pushed to crack up in a way by some certain triggers). After all, she's gonna be 27 soon…
        Another option is, she's just a completely lost girl, who achieved too much too soon and lost herself in the addictions, trying to deal with it all in the eyes of the media. And as for the stealing, it's just looking for the attention (she didn't get it from her "loving" parents, that's for sure!).

        I don't agree that she's one of those stars who went against Illuminati in any way, it just doesn't make any sense and reason, while the mind control looks exactly like what happened to other young child stars.



    • Research The Boule, which is the black version of the Illuminati. A great place to begin is with Steve Coker.

    • I agree I don't Kevin Hart there was something about him that just rubbed me the wrong way, I always thought it was because he divorced his wife who was with him when he was nobody for that trophy looking plactic he is with now

    • They control everything. The matrix is how it most easily conveyed. They give us clues and even claim to mind control the masses on their website. I am one of the normal people that suffer because I am outspoken about what goes on.

  1. Thank you for posting this. I can't stand Kevin Hart, another Uncle Tom. Great to see some people are still keeping it real!!!

    • I can't believe Kevin Hart wore a dress lol Katt Williams deserves respect. He totally gets it and will not sale himself to the industry and wear a dress . Dave Chappelle was amazing and glad he's words open some people's eye. Now Kevin Hart might think he's the only black actor on Snl but I don't know but wearing a dress for what 10 seconds of laughter isn't worth it smh. He already sold out too late for him smh.

      • That's the way the British joke. They have men dressed in women's clothes and vomit. Check Little Britain, one of the characters is dressed like a chav and the other is also dressed occasionally like a strange old spinster. And films like St. Trinian's or something where the headmistress is a male actor dressed in woman's clothes. And even when they visit other countries, they get dressed in bikinis and pretend they are women. British have a thing for cross-dressing.

    • Hon uncle Tom dosent mean sellout please properly check your research uncle tom was actually strongly respect ed by the slaves and never sold out but sambo yes selll out kevin hartnis a sambo not and uncle tom and I m not being rude if I come off as rude I sincerly apolgize.

      • Thank You Gerlinda ….people need to research and your not coming off rude for telling people what they need to know!!

    • Uncle Tom, what does Uncle Tom have to do with this. Love how uneducated people talk. Maybe you should go do your research before commenting on a post, and looking retarded.

  2. Watching this I feel as if he has resonated with what he is expecting to happen to him. May God bless him and keep him.

  3. Katy Williams got bad publicity on his own. I went to his show and he was acting like a whach job. They freak out and want to blame the illuminati.. smh.

    • Ever heard of MK Ultra and mind control. This is now happening to thousands of people around the world. Not just celebrities. They want you to think that he's crazy or on drugs. I suggest you read "The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elites Covert War against the Civilian Population." It explains a lot.

    • Or, maybe the illuminati harassing him behind the scenes is driving him nuts…resulting in erratic behavior. Things aren't always what they seem.

      • I love Katt Williams! Real always recognize real. He far from crazy. He is a child of God, evil hates good and vice versa. Get with Jesus or be lost in the sauce, literally. Jesus lives! Please believe.

      • Jesus is not real…check out Rev. Ray Hagins he will explain….Its Mother God not Father God….we as a ppl have been tricked…

    • Everyone can perceive a moment differently, subjectively. Usually we make a moment either worse or better for whatever we want to believe. Nostalgia at it's finest.

    • You Are a fregin idiot. you are definetly labeled a nonthreat a "Cow" feed yo dumba** then str8 to the slaughter!. You wasn't wit him shootn in the gym..my bad..let me say in other than dumb down lingo "You haven't walked one day in his shoes!!! you must be one of them folks that takes McDonalds commercials at Face value..dumba**

  4. You should have posted video as to what started all of this. In his comedy he goes on about gov, gay people in Hollywood, he outed Jamie Fox…… A lot of people saw his truobles coming. Google Professir Griff on Katt Williams. You will see glimspe of his comedy which landed him in this position. " The Pimp Chronicals & Kattpacalypse " Warning he use the N word a lot, and a lot of profanity. Other than that definitely one of my faves !

  5. I just watched the video…. Creepy around 0:55 he twitches as if being shocked or something…. He also sounds as if he is doped up on something!!! Doesn't sound like him @ all. Kind of sounds like he's defeated….. Smh

    • You have to be kind of "crazy" to even be in entertainment in the first place. It sounds to me like Kat Williams is an eccentric type who found a niche and is now being put under extreme pressure by those in charge. As a result, his eccentricities and the things he uses to cope with stress, may be affecting his overall behavior.

      I wouldn't judge him quite so harshly. Walk a mile in the shoes of an entertainer, then see how you act.

    • I didn't notice that. It looked to me like he had a moment of emotion, especially when he said "end quote", (don't remember what minute that was at) and shrugged it off like guys do when they get emotional. I don't think there is a good reason to suspect he is programmed or getting shocks when he has spoken out against the illuminatti. Not EVERYONE is in it, though many in Hollywood and elsewhere are.

    • I noticed that too! Perhaps they've implanted a chip in him or something. Roseanne and many other people are speaking out about the electronic torture that's been going on. I suggest everyone research this stuff. It can happen to anyone.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        That's so true. I recently visited a relative who was hospitalized for a medical procedure. They were coming out of the druug after the procedure and the nurse and myself got an earful. He was describing a torture chamber where they attached something to his head and an electrical current went through it. IOt got confusing because it appeared they were talking to someone as they were screamioing not to put something in their eye. The weird thing is another relative was with them because they kept calling their name and kept askioing did they do certain things to them. As they were trying to get the other relative to respond, they descriibed where they were. It was a very creepy experience

    • Maybe he just has a medical issue that he wishes to keep to himself, instead of the rest of the industry that publicizes it for publicity and pity.

    • So I looked at that thinking maybe it was just hesitation of some sort, but yes it actually does look pretty weird. I dunno, the rest of the review seemed pretty normal aside from him maybe being stoned.

    • Wow, I hadn't noticed that odd reaction to some type of remote stimulant. I too, believe that Katt was further psychologically altered most recently. Katt has been a MK ULTRA subject since his most impressionable years of development. They have been researching and perfecting remote stimulants to control behavior for decades. I maintain to those that are interested- follow and study Katt Williams as a small glimpse into the past and future of behavior modification, mind control technology and philosophy.

    • He sounds like an educated negro who went to a white school. Would you rather have him act like a full on nigga each and every moment? Got damn, get a life, hater.
      The twitch is normal than a mfka.
      He sittin' on a set with a scary movie 5 poster in the background obviously caught off guard by the question, and he was probably struggling between keepin' it 100 and suffering the consequences or sugar coating the shit for the sake of the project.
      Real recognize real, YOU BLIND MUTHAFUCKA.
      And like a true G, he kept it 100.
      With that said…
      Go back to the closet and finish applying yo mammy's lipstick to go with that dress.

    • Idk I do that when I pop my neck. It was a surprising question and I'm sure Kat got tense from it. So maybe popping his neck was to calm himself. Who knows! :/

    • That's actually how he sounds all the time, except on stage. He is a very educated person, and his stage persona is just that: a persona. However, he does use his humor to make very valid points at times

  6. Dave should be proud of himself for saying NO even after being pressured by the directors and producers. I feel sorry for people who work in the movie industry, can't believe how much pressure those people get on a daily basis.

  7. You people are idiots to say the least… Kevin Hart is a funny stand up and beat Eddie Murphy in box office sells. He talked about how he is a bitch in his stand up, so you really think he cares about wearing a dress. Katt has always been a real dude, but he let the fame get to his head and lost his head. Know he's throwing strikes at Kevin, because all he can get in the industry is a shitty Scary Movie 5 roll. You really want to know about reality in comedy write a Bill Hicks article.

    • Kevin Hart is an industry puppet like everyone else. What you see is not who he really is but the image he is paid to portray. People always wanna stand up for celebs when there is not point- they don't control their careers or what you see of them. And the ones that break away and try to do their own thing end up like Dave Chapelle.

      • well people talk about dave's life now like it in some type of mess. i hear he's doing fine. i imaging things are more calmed down for him right? he has room to work on more personal projects im sure <=]

      • I live close to him, I've seen him in public a few times in the quaint and stoned town of Yellow Springs, he's a chill guy. My mom talked to him once about his whole running away to Africa thing, I wanna talk to him about some of these things one day.

    • Whatever you say KEVIN, dude your career was suppose to be over after SOUL PLANE but you did what you had to do to to save it. Truth be really told YOU'RE NOT FUNNY.

  8. already loved his comedy, now i really respect him for having a strong voice in a tough environment. keep it up katt! now i might even go see scary movie… ok probably not worth the $ for the theater but maybe when it hits netflix 😉

  9. Good to see that the illuminati concept is getting normalized, at least in terms of stars being able to candidly talk about its existence in interviews

  10. Kevin Hart willfilly submmitted to the Illuminati's demand while Katt, atleast initially resisted them. That's why Kevin Hart's career has sky rocketed while katt's continues to plateau. Remember the elite control every facet of society and if you are in favor with them, you would be deemed more 'successful' in the public eye.

  11. Its funny how I was watching SNL with Kevin Hart a few weeks ago, and I thought to myself how I really didn't like his brand of screaming, unfunny and ultimately Uncle Tom-ish comedy. Something about it just didn't sit right with me. Its funny how you can watch an actor and just sense that you don't like them for some inexplicable reason, and then later, you find out they are part of the agenda.

    Some of the black actors I feel this way about who I used to admire are:

    Denzel Washington
    Morgan Freeman
    Eddie Murphy
    Danny Glover

    • oh, I also want to add that there's a difference between comedians who are laughing with the audience and comedians who debase themselves to get the audience to laugh AT them. I felt Hart's brand of comedy spoke to the latter style, especially in a self-hating sort of way. It made me cringe in embarrasement as he screeched and bug-eyed through that SNL performance.

      • I will also add;
        Tyler Perry. I still haven't watched any of his movies. From sleeping in a car to owning private jets. Yeah right!
        Will Smith.
        Samuel L Jackson.
        Jamie Foxx.

      • Especially his young daughter they have total control over her life and style smh sell outs

      • No One u know on

        Why does it have to be illuminate that pivots someone from being homeless to owning jets? Last I checked Tyler Perry professes from his lips to everyone's ear that he is in love with The Lord Jesus Chriat and He is his savior! He doesnt just say God…He says The Lord Jesus Christ! Anyone working for devilish people will never speak of The Lord Jesus Christ. N if u are a believer of The Lord u would know he is able to take a homeless man and make him the richest person in the world. Where is ur faith in The Lord? Seems u all have more faith in the devil!

      • Then why did George Bush? Why do so many rap artists and other mainstream musicians claim faith in Jesus Christ while blatantly promoting the evil agenda? All Tyler Perry does is sell ignorance and stereotypes coupled with rape stories because he was sexually abused as a child. It's one thing to talk the talk, if I say "praise Jesus" and then murder a schoolhouse full of children I don't think it makes me any less evil.

    • That is so ture because they have always been a group of celebs that I dodn't like I ust didn't like with without reason because it was just something about them and then I find out why…

  12. Could be all a setup as well.

    Chapelle was in the film "Half Baked" which glorified cannabis use as well as making cannabis users look dumb to the adult anti pot crowd. Double meaning film to control the masses.

    Think about it, you have all this info on the web on why pot was made illegal to get young gullable minds to be be militant pot activists then you have the anti pot crowd saying dumb things like that it produces impotence or sterility to enforce their ideas, both sides are mistaken I can assure you that. Obama even said in 04 he was in favor of decriminalizing. He has done nothing in respect. It will be illegal for now with the sole reason to incarcerate the ones they want, while they let the rich, burgoise and aristocracy consume whatever drug they want. Most sintel agency workers also consume and do not get drug tested since they are working for front companys of these agencys. And pot will be legal soon, it is all planned out, 2 states legalizing it now all of a sudden? All the Hollywood pro pot movies? MTV with all its videos also glorifying drug consumption and then 30 seconds later you get a Partnership for a Drug Free America commercial? That is a paradox.

    • Ah yes. The weed controversey. I don't agree that Half Baked glorified weed use. It depends how you look at it. They main users in the movie were all losers with crappy jobs who lived together in a crappy apartment. One could argue that it was a public service announcement against weed use. Chapelle even quits at the end. I agree with the double speak aspect you mentioned but I would argue that cannabis has been heavily demonized more so than advocated. A lot of people mistakenly put weed in the same category as Heroin and the other hard drugs. A la Reefer Madness. It's misinformation for the uneducated. You can drink yourself to death but you can't smoke yourself to death. At one point Cannabis was legal and alcohol was illegal. The lumber industry lobbied to get cannabis made illegal because hemp was cutting into lumber profits. All kinds of products can be made from hemp and it is resilient and easily grown. Paper, clothes, rope, etc. On top of the fact that it would help save trees, it has medicinal properties for the very sick. Anything used in excess can be dangerous. Personally I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. Jails and the court system waste way too much time focusing on these minor issues. It should have never been made illegal in the first place. It's just another case of corporations getting into bed with the government. They get what they want, profit, even if the long term effects are negative for everyone else. Monsanto, Haliburton, Big Pharma, Standard Oil, etc. I'm more worried about this countries addiction to prescription drugs. The long term effects of which are highly dubious. Sorry if I rambled on a little. Just my two cents.

    • The.World.IS.A.Flood on

      I live in Seattle and it wasn't * legalize it now* medicinal use has been legal here since 95 97? and every year we have what's called a Hemp Fest that is huge…it has been on the ballot here to legalize so many times it was just hard to find the balance between state laws and federal ones.

    • I think they want us on drugs so we will be more easily controlled. I think you are right it is planned out to become legal. I think the war on drugs is a smokescreen to cover up the true agenda. I also don't think cops should have to bust into a drug house and get killed over some marijuana and adults smoking it. So I am against drugs and also against the fake war on drugs.

      Anyway, Chappelle being in that movie early on. He could have realized at some point that he was being sucked into working for their agenda and tried to change directions with his career after making a few mistakes like that movie.

    • @JMM
      If you have watched the full video of Dave Chapelle he talks about how Hollywood twisted up his movie Half-baked and it was one of the things that led him to getting out of Hollywood. I like Dave he is a smart self thinking man.

    • Dave Chappelle actually said Half Baked, when it was modified was not the movie he wrote. He went on to say this a pot movie for kids. He wasn't happy about it.

  13. I'm sorry to be the constant doubter, but once again, things don't add up. Katt Williams is starring in a movie with Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen, Kendra Wilkinson, Snoop Dogg, etc., and yet he is NOT involved with the Illuminati?

    Just take a closer look at the movie poster placed behind him in the interview… http://collider.com/scary-movie-5-trailer-poster/

    We've got the pyramid formation topped off by some lovely fella (note sarcasm), Ashley Tisdale throwing up the infamous salute, and even a butterfly perched on the evil hand up front.

    I'm not very familiar with David Chappelle, or Katt Williams, but, I just dunno……

    • Ms. Adventure on

      If you're not familiar with them, you should check out their work. Both Chappelle and Williams are brilliantly hilarious, talented comics – and I would even say anthropologists – whose "jokes" have layers and layers of meaning to them.

      I too noticed the symbolism of the poster and the roster of stars. A bit of a mixed-message, as is often the case. Methinks Katt is trying to play his cards very, very carefully….

      • besides its not like he made the poster,how do we know. if he is for real about his spiritual beliefs,and he is always talking about the Lord,they did that to make him appear double minded.when you tell the truth remember the enemy always try to make you look false.now whatever happens in the movie i dont know,didnt see it,im just speaking about the poster only.

      • "He needs the money" – c'mon. He can pack an arena, not just a crummy nightclub like most traveling comics. He's big-time, and doesn't have to stoop to this shiite.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      I completely agree with you. Looking at the poster I did notice the symbolism and also Katt is dressed like a priest, holding what looks like a bible which says, "I put the sin in sinister." Katt has stated on a number of occasions, and alludes to it in this interview, that he is a Christian. It really strikes me as odd that he is willing to be in this notoriously "sell-out" style movie which I'm sure is bound to have many anti-Christian jokes in it, many of which will revolve around his character. Maybe he is doing it for the money, or submitting to the pressures of Hollywood, but it really bums me out because I thought Katt had cut all ties with Illuminati Hollywood.

      • Katt Williams was member of the Nation of Islam which was a organitation created by the C.I.A. to cheat the people about how is true Islam. Malcom X was member of this organitation aswell and thats why he became famous but when he realized of gis mistake and he converted in the true Islam he was assasinated by C.I.A..
        The prove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MqeSPF48tg

    • Good points, my2cents. I thought something was up watching the video, as it looks like a good ol' pyramid sans capstone at the top of the poster.
      Notice (after zooming the linked photo of the poster; it's not visible in the clip above), Katt himself wearing a clerical collar, holding what looks to be a Bible, but instead says "I put the sin in sinister" with a cross at the top of it's cover.
      It is interesting how freely he talks of the illuminati and claims he's on the outside looking in. But at the same time, he's cool with blasphemy and taking a paycheck for it.
      A couple more items: drug use is depicted by (alleged) murderer and former pimp "snoop whatever-du jour" and ted, and the phallic ghost in (gun-slinging, knife-weilding, woman-beating, whore-mongering) Sheen's lap.
      Watched the trailer too…a real laugh riot. Smacking a baby against the wall, pots and pans falling on a guy's head, Sheen getting racked then proclaiming "I've come back from worse than this!" Lindsey Lohan (where do I begin…) screaming when seeing herself on the news being hauled in again – yes, being above the law indeed hilarious! And a rating on rt.com of 86% wanting to see it. People are easily amused.

      • I 100% agree with you. Also, in the trailer at around the 1:00 mark was very telling( I can't even bring myself to type the name of the image in the book). And at the end of the trailer, nothing is funnier than a child saying, "A dollar to make me holler…" (pleeeease note sarcasm on that one!) I love a good laugh, but nothing about this sick movie qualifies as humor to me.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I have wandered if cryptology plays into this like most kings in the past had secret messages along with symbolisms.

      • I started "googling around" on the internet about cryptic messages after reading your comment. I somehow stumbled across a website showing cryptic messages in the video game "Assassin's Creed"… .http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Cryptic_Messages
        I'm not a "gamer", but I know that some video games are saturated in symbolism; Assassin's Creed obviously being one of them. I'm going to dig around some more and see what else I might stumble across. I'm sure that cryptology does play a role in modern times, but I've never really specifically looked into it. Thanks for the new challenge!

    • That's right some muslims are under control but you don't understand me, Malcom X was killed because he left the Nation of Islam, Farahkan is still a member of the Nation of Islam.
      This "religion" was created to made propaganda against the true Islam, the members wanted to create two countries in America, one for whites and other for blacks and that's so racist actually, that why Malcom X left the Nation of Islam and start to preach Islam but not for so long because he was assasinated 6 months after his convertion.

    • Saying a lot for not being Familiar , so perhaps you should catch up with speed Cause KATT has already been targeted and set up several times in parking lots and his show , so just because he's making movies Doesn't mean anything about the cabal not going after him ..

      Besides he should be supported for being a man and standing up to the the Moloch Worshiping cabal …

      • But really though on

        But it aint outside is it?

        It's on the damned movie poster! It did'nt get there by accident ffs.

    • im not sure if you know or not but charlie sheen is against the illuminati and this movie is produced by charlies sheen's production company

    • well what better way to make his words lose weight than to put him next a bunch of illuminati puppets? It's a great strategy. Imagine if every single person on tv and radio was in the illuminati, it would be too obvious. They like rubbing it in our faces but they still need to have us thinking that in some way this whole illuminati thing may not be true.

    • I agree. And the evil arms coming out of the light lit black trapezoid, they wrap around the whole lot of them, forming a pentagon. So, I find that very hard to believe that he isn't apart of the Illuminati.

  14. If anyone talks that he is against…Does that make a difference?
    Illuminati is not a sacred word to repeat over and over even in negative sense.
    In my own thinking if one like fame and money above anything else this individual is already in NWO.
    Plenty of stories confirm that.Initiated in lodges folks make decent money not doing anything.
    Hollywood and media are just examples of such growing trend.

    He is not in any danger.Not even one dark fact revealed,not even one string puller is compromised.
    Nothing told.Disregard Katt Williams.He will not dare to become a new Michael Jackson in plain talking.
    This is VC readers who are really against.God help us!

  15. Chappelle had it right because he didn't completely succumb to the elite. The thing with Kat, and this movie poster, is that he isn't entirely going against the grain. He's doing the bare minimum which won't get him into a lot of trouble, but can still give him some cash to survive the way he lives. Who knows, after that interview maybe we won't be seeing a lot of him. Katt also wasn't bashing Hart, he was saying how he understood why he did it, and why not? If he's not going to be directly effected, he's just doing what he's told and he's getting good recognition for it from the masses. It's all a ploy, and it just puts more questions in our heads. But Katt, I thought I saw a stand up he did that discussed Hollywood parties and how messed up they were (a room where a bunch of men, a-listers, were sleeping with each other and doing drugs) if you think about it, he was at that party, but he didn't have to do all that. It's confusing to say the least..

  16. I would beg to argue that it's not only black comedians that have to do this. Although it is something we do see a lot many white actors and comedians have done it as well. I'm a black woman and so I'm not just trying to blur the race card here but it's not just us, I think it goes along with the whole homosexual agenda of the industry, etc. Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Daniel Tosh, Dustin Hoffman just to name a few…

    • besides wearing a dress, I think the standard for white male actors is kissing another man. it happens ALL THE TIME like at award shows and just anywhere. Gross.

      • So true, and it's always *supposed to be funny* but never, ever is (despite the guffawing of the audience, as if they're trained seals – even now, though it's been done for decades). Yet another facet of conditioning…

    • I think what Dave C. was getting at is that they all of the black comedians to do this…not all of the white comedians have to to that…

    • No it isn't just black actors and for the record I'm black too and it seems many of the "A" listers have to wear that dress…do not forget Tom Hanks, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Johnny Depp and those are ones I could think of there have been so many. It's must be a rite of passage in hollywood.

  17. Kat Williams talks about not wanting to "join" (the ever commercialized term) "Illuminati," but you can't join, you're born into it. I'm sure he's well aware, maybe he is referring to the Boule.

      • Charlie. Sheen dad's and brother are in the industry. His father is very well known actor martin sheen, his brother is emilio estevez a director
        Read up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Sheen
        Dont ever ever leave your guard down, things are said here for a reason. Research different websites, opinions and facts. They do not recruit, they brainwash us constatly with missinformation, lies and deceits. Anytime something is getting heavily promoted in the news, soon enough we find out the bills that passed unnocited, funnily enough i get my american news in websites from other countries.

      • Charlie Sheen's father is a Jesuit. It's all about the bloodline and if you don't have it then you're not in.

    • Just because they're not in the Illuminati, doesn't mean they aren't Illuminati puppets or in other occults.

  18. Watched a small part not even half of Kattpocolypse before turning it off. He swears what seem like 3 to 5 times before closing a statement. Can comedian deliever a joke without bad words?. Maybe his deal in not wearing a dress is being excessively vulgar

    • oh boohooo cry a motherfuckin river… you are a fuckin idiot… goto any construction site and have that same complaint…

      • No he wore a dress at the archery contest when he snuck in with little john and blinkin. all three were wearing dresses

    • He's the only one not wearing a dress, it's a robe – almost like a long santa jacket (of different color). Look closer, there's a shot with all three and Elwe, you can see it distinctly is not a dress like the other two. He is, however, wearing a wig. Google image search his name and the movie title, you'll see a good shot of it.

    • The butterfly signifies Monarch mind control programming. That's why it's on there. There's all kinds of symbolism in the poster.

  19. Which is why I want to take the independent approach in my quest to become a film director. All that glitz and glam is for the birds….give me a condo here in DC and two cars and im good…I refuse to sell out for a few bucks.

    • Then u won't make even a few bucks. Besidew, why even put a target on ur head like that?? Get u ur own business, stat under the radar as much as possible like me

  20. I remember watching the interview with Chappelle about the dress thing so I started to pay attention to it in movies and television. The latest "America's favorite black guy" is Michael Strahan. Not only is he the host of Kelly & Michael, but he has been all over morning television appealing to all of the suburban, typically white families. In physicality he is a 6 foot 5 inch, 250 pound plus black man. On top of his size, he was known, defensive end in the violent game of football. Looking at his stature alone, he would make for a very menacing figure. About a month into his stint as the host on Kelly and Michael, the producers of the show make Michael act as both Oprah and Madea. These actually became reoccurring roles for him. What better way to degrade and make a menacing figure seem passive and submissive, then to dress them up regularly as a woman.

    • Aww man, not Michael Strahan too! That's so messed up. I really respected him as a great football player. You see this "no harm" stupidness and it just takes away from the greatness of the man. This stuff is not coincidental, either. They're trying to mess with people's heads and emasculate these guys publicly. It's such a shame.

      Now Kevin Hart in a dress doesn't surprise me. Someone was just telling me how on an episode of Hollywood Husbands Kevin Hart got pulled over by a cop and the cop simulated a sexual act from behind him while telling him "This is what you're gonna get in prison". I remember when that kind of thing would have been so out-of-bounds nobody would ever do it. These are 21st century Illuminati mind games pushing a homosexual agenda, pure and simple.

  21. Bounty Hunter on

    Lindsay Lohan, that poor girl. Like someone mentioned, you dont get "in trouble" unless you pissed them off, and I feel for her with all these mandatory rehab treatments and jail sentences coming her way….they're trying to "fix" her
    And what's that odd that she, Williams, and Sheen are in the same movie? All three of them are considered highly unstable and crazy by the media

    • very true. i look at Lindsay and think, they are trying to reign her in and she is resisting, thats everything she does is a joke or bad. Fashion POlice has a field day with her. Then there is Charlie Sheen. Its quite possible that this scary movie is a way to get all of them (Katt, Charlie and LIndsay) into line.

  22. There's a question that's been on my mind for a while… How can you tell when a celebrity's image is being destroyed by the elite? Versus a celebrity just being wreckless on their own? I'm starting to wonder if any celebrities would contemplate blaming the powers that be on their bad behavior that they're 100% responsible for. I DEFINITELY believe that some end up victims from being resistant, but is the "Illuminati" thing actually turning into a scapegoat? We shouldn't be completely sold just yet on Katt being the next victim… Since the "Illuminati" situation is out in the open now, I'm sure a bunch of celebrities will lurk from the shadows and blame their misfortunes on declining the elite's offers. Heck, Nicole Scherzinger is a perfect example.

    Remain skeptical and utilize intense critical thinking until the truth can no longer be denied.

    • How is Nicole Scherzinger a good example? She's extremely successful, maybe not here in the states as much, but she has a lot of success overseas. :) Why do people always think just because your home country rejects you, when you comes to Americans, you are not successful? Hell look at Kylie Minogue? She's biggest in the UK but is fro Australia.

      Regardless though, you make a good point, some people definitely will use it as a scapegoat for sure, but use discernment, it wont be hard to spot the phonies because you can't cry wolf forever.

    • gladtameetcha on

      Well let's be honest….. No one really knows what goes on with a celebrity unless they actually HANDLE that celebrity or are friends with them.. Tabloids are not going to be trustworthy sources of info, nor are interviews since the celebrity could lie. Same thing with biographies-it could all be a pack of lies….So how do we use discernment when celebrities are not even who they REALLY seem to be and we have no way of knowing who they REALLY are???

    • i am not sure anyone in it would come out to say he or she is not in it or blame the illuminati.. u cant joke with the devil that way when he is giving u things.

    • There's bad behavior and then there are the ones who are fine one minute and all over the news next with their 'troubles' and the reports are neverending about the same person Lindsay, Britney, Charlie, Amy, MJ to name a few. You can't turn on the television or open a magazine without some mention of their latests antics. And then just suddenly their better and back to working or their dead. That's the diffence to me.

    • Does anyone here remember just how scared of them Randy Quaid was and is?? This isn't illusion. And the ones who make a stand end up dead. Another one mentioned the butterfly?? CIA are in Hollywood, and I believe the butterfly is a hint to Project Monarch.. mindcontrol.

  23. As SOON as i saw the SNL skit with Kevin Hart as quvenzhané, i thought "That didn't take long'
    K.Hart is my Favorite comedian, but I can already see where his career is going to end up as soon as he started 'acting' and broke up with his wife.

  24. I find it interesting he's speaking out against the illuminati, and yet he is in this big new moving coming out. Most of the time when stars do speak out, their career dies almost entirely. Perhaps he's not through with them yet…

      • Since when does talent/funniness determine why someone makes it in the industry. There's PLENTY of untalented people who are famous. IMO his survival has little to do with talent.

    • perhaps he is a good actor and not all in the entertainment industry are illuminati. maybe too they want him. so cant let go of him…

  25. B. Bending Rodriguez on

    It might be less illuminati and more racist when they have a black man wear a dress. Well, it's a little more complex than that actually. and at the same time it's not. Think about it: The stereotype of a black man is that they're hyper-masculine, compared with say an Asian or a white man, viewed as unintelligent- being absolutely frank here, that's what most of racist society wants to believe. They don't see black men spending days and hours quietly in studies at universities or gardening, never mind the great African societies that once were. And often seen as implicitly heterosexual and/or homophobic. So put that angry "ape man" (sorrysorrysorrysorry but it's the truth of how they're seen) in a dress and make him jump around like a girl. It's funny because it seems contrary to "how it's SUPPOSED to be" to them, the idea of a man, let alone a BLACK man in drag, imitating the emotionality and mannerisms typical of a girl. Martin Lawrence or Jamie Foxx, very manly, very black, but with BOOBS, lip gloss and high heels???? lolwut? i'm not disrespecting people who like drag culture regardless what race ya'll might be, just saying. Also yes, Korean Bobby Lee and Caucasian Paul Vogt have done the drag thing too, so yeah..

    • Ms. Adventure on

      Yes, it IS racist, and it IS demeaning and degrading and emasculating for any man who is NOT a drag-queen. That is what makes it so upsetting to self-respecting people like Katt and Dave, and IMO, that is PRECISELY why the Illuminati "get off" on doing things like this to people.

  26. Good on you Kat for speaking out and exposing the dark agendas of the illuminati.

    Well said and well explained. Hope you consider following Dave Chapelles lead and do something good for your sake

  27. Kat Williams has been speaking out about this and hinting things in his stand up acts a lot lately. Although, I respect those that speak out, the industry does not.

  28. I don't know why but it seems very suspicious to me that so much people talk against illuminati in media. At least two people in a short period of time.

  29. By the way I noticed Julian Lennon using mk symbolism which is surprised to me cause he's not a mainstream musician but he's a good one though. If you're interested check out his official site. The very first thing you'll notice will be a covered eye. Also there's a butterfly on the cover of his new single 'Someday'. The single itself has the same message as 'Imagine' by his father. So this is very disappointing to me…

    • gladtameetcha on

      I dont think he had much choice. Both his parents signed on the dotted line. Lennon repented, but then paid the price.

      • the sins of the father….they sign their whole bloodline away, not just themselves

      • Well Yoko wouldn't have to sign on the dotted line since she is already bloodine. The daughter of a descendent of the Japanese Emporer and a banker!

      • Speaking of John and Yoko (although Cynthia Powell is Julian's mother, whereas Yoko mothered Sean) both of them suffered a lot of media scrutiny during their heyday. They too were called 'crazy' (like the others mentioned in this article) for their anti-war protests, and the media had a ball making fun of their relationship. Although they had success with their music, it all ended abruptly when John passed. Some people believe that he was actually assassinated by the Illuminati, but who knows. As far as the public is concerned, Mark David Chapman killed him.

  30. kevin art sold out if u watch laff at my pain he explains how he took his daughter to disney world the park was closed he lost her and she came back crying this was part of his initiation he gave up his daughter!!!

  31. Two thumbs up for Katt, way to stand your ground!!! Regardless of how they'll treat him in Hollywood…he'll still have his integrity!

  32. Well, if this is true. Katt getting re-introduced to drugs could have been part of the plan. People are quick to judge who knows the truth…

  33. Notice that on the top of the "pyramid" shape there is a halo of "illuminated light" at the very top, just like the pyramid and illuminated eye.

  34. I have soooooo much respect for Katt Willams for speaking so well on he felt about it.Always liked his comdey.Everybody Go Out and Support Him &this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD Bless

    • No. Please consider *what you are supporting* and don't rule out the distinct possibility that Katt is trying to deceive…he is still taking a paycheck for appearing in this abomination after all. And, wearing a clerical collar with a defaced Bible on the poster.

  35. What about a couple months ago when Katt Williams slapped that Target employee out of nowhere (there is a video of it on youtube). Was the Target employee apart of the illuminati and rightfully deserved a pimp smack?

    • I didn't know a lot about Katt, but researching him since I saw this article makes it more and more look like the Elite are trying to break him down, reminds me a lot of what happened with Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen, who, ironically are also in the new scary movie…. Coincidence? I doubt it.

  36. What L&T said.

    Or, perhaps you should peruse this site for at least *a few minutes* before posting. Just a thought.

  37. Truthseeker2013 on

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU Katt should protect himself. I'm curious though, I WATCHED HIS HANDS AND I do believe he may be giving some type of secret hand signals.

    I feel what if the Illuminati is using this to their advantage somehow?. After reading about the model who was doing an interview and she recalled a horrible repressed memory and accused the Prince of Monaco for raping her and they stopped production and erased the tape searched the entire audience to see if they had any electronic device. Then wouldn't he be treated the same. I was also doing some more reading and found out that celebs, models and the like wear jewerly to indicate what drugs they are pushing or carrying or ionvolved with such as riubies, emeralds and diamonds. He is wearing jeweelry too. I mean right there they are privy to who really is behind large amouunts of

    • gladtameetcha on

      Don't forget that MIND CONTROL is behind it all. These people may want to get out, but fear of death, and MIND CONTROL stops them. Remember you only get into the Illuminati CULT if your BRAIN can be controlled.

  38. Truthseeker2013 on

    Sorry for the additional post. My point he knows the big whigs who.sioit back and watch and use strategies. I trully believe they sit back and watch what works and use it to their advantage and what doesn't work they fall back regroup and wait to reintroduce it into what is working.

    My point is now they see many are becoming aware of the wearing dresses in public so they stop that buut use what else is working. Thanks VC BECAUSE IT OPENED UP MY EYES. I now have other questions because IOI truly believe Katt may want us to question other things that he can't say until we reveal more.

    I also wanted to know doesn't it strike you as odd that the crazy card is immediately dealt and these celebs are immediately taken to some mental instotuution for rehab?? IOI've been doioing reading on that too especially whene electroshock and drugs are involed. I also am suspect of these expert doctors who have insurmountable power with their words. I believe these mental institutions could be a cover for reprogramming sites in the MK program

    • oh absolutely. when i hear a celeb has gone into rehab…i just know its reprogramming time. their brains must be mush. can you blame them for acting out sometimes. their lives are not their own

  39. I watched Big Momma's House 2 last night and I found it too hilarious. It kinda made me think that they were making fun of old black women, but Martin's performance was hilarious. But at the same time, I didn't really like the stuff with his wife thinkin' he cheated on her with a huge woman. Then going around and askin' random other black women (why it was other black women I don't know) if their name was 'Kerry', not at all thinkin' she might've been of another race. Anyway, I think men dressing up to a degree is funny, and to some instances it isn't. Take White Chicks for instance. That stuff kinda crossed the line 'cos the Wayans were skankly dressed women…but they were WHITE women, whearas at least Martin was wearin' a huge fat suit and acting somewhat like an ape (no offence intended) with all those weird noises. Although, it is true that it's more common for black comedians to dress up as women than it is for other comedians. I've never seen Russell Peters wear a dress. Also, I don't get why people aren't bringing up things like black men getting earrings, braids, perms, having high-pitched voices, wearing skinny tight clothing, wearing pink at times too (a la Cam'ron), or even that some black men are preferred because of their lighter-skin tone and also sometimes make fun of each other and portraying the more Westernized look as superior to say the more Negroid African look (Friday, Big Momma's House) the list goes on. Katt talks about other men dressing up like women…WELL WHAT ABOUT HIM?! He's had that perm, those earrings, and the feminine voice since he showed up!! He's been cross-dressing this whole time?! I just don't feel sorry for him at all, Dave Chappelle is another story, but him? He premotes that stuff if anything.

    • I loved big momma's house 1. It was soooooo hilarious apart from some cringeworthy moments.The scene in the bathroom was good.

    • Umm..Eygptian (African) men wore earings… Men of all races wear perms to straighten/and curl their hair, so the preference of hair length and texture makes them homosexual? So if a black male is born with a grain of hair that grows straight and decides to grow it out he's gay too?
      Most braids are unisex so what are you getting at? High pitched voices…im not trying to take up for Katt Williams but to use him for an example: if a man voice is like that because he is born like that makes him gay? The trend of tight clothes I dont support that, but all that is a game of follow the leader.
      lt's like you based your ignorant view of the black american race by tv and popular culture, and that is really sad to see that you are just another person outside looking in. Who gave you authority to say how a black man should dress anyways?

    • If you have to criticize, you are not jealous of other people's success/family/life and humble you are in the right path.

  40. Haha i can only laugh about this.
    Whatever is being broadcasted in whatever form, is supposed to be, otherwise it wouldnt be broadcasted.
    Think about that and dont just be naive, cos it seems like most of you are.
    How are you any different when you believe everything you read or see here?

    • Research the symbolism to these societies. I like to think of the content frm this site as a tool to exploit some evil of this world. If there's a evil side there has to be a good.

  41. I've been reading this website last week: http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/ and it talks a lot about Katt Williams and what kind of things he might be going thru, the website also talks about the real meaning of Django Unchained and all the CIA Monarch/ MK Ultra Mind Control that is happening.

  42. Ok i agree with many of these articles but "bad press"? this guy slapped a target employee, threw a burning cirgarette at someone, his mic at someones head..disrespecting women…list goes on and on. i dont care how anti illuminati you are..thaat shouldnt be an excuse to say oh hes not that bad..its just "bad press". this article makes me angry

  43. KnowledgableFollower on

    Also, did you notice the girl on the poster (from the show 'Modern Family') with a terrified/traumatized look on her face as this creature-like hand is feeling her up, and what's on his hand? A blue, Monarch butterfly, clearly indication MK Ultra. I know it's not relevant to the article but I'm just surprised no one pointed it out.

  44. I immediately thought of what happened to Martin Lawrence & Dave Chappelle when I heard about Katt's drug-fueled breakdown. Maybe the official story is to blame drugs, but it's really a programming breakdown, like when Britney shaved her head.

  45. The Illuminati has a real name "Satan" is not people who control this people is the Devil Spiritually giving this people what they desire. The Fame, the $, the Women ect. In order to really have The Lords Mercy they have to let all that Go.

  46. When a black man (especially if he's a comedian) has to wear a dress by force OR by his own free will, it means that he is the white man's queen and/or bitch.

    I know the symbolism is harsh, but that is EXACTLY Illuminati-driven message.

  47. yeah I'm gettin in legal trouble and the people say bad things about me. That ain't the illuminati. Its cause u black. Lol. You say that shit all the time kat. now u gonna be a hypocrite and blame illuminati. I swear idk what's more of a publicity stunt. Calling out the illuminati or acting like your in it. Ima get famous and show all of you that the entertainment industry goes no deeper than entertainment.

    • i dont think it would cause everyone on this site would just say you sold your soul for fame and fortune even though they know nothing about yet are quick to judge you.

      doesn't the bible say he who is without sin cast the first stone?

  48. ok. but never have respected Katt after on one of his stand-up things he completely went off on MJ. his voice, words, eyes, were compelled overflowing with hate for MJ and just cussing him out every other word and it was way waaay too much. I was just like wth you need to calm the hell down isn't any reason to go off on someone like MJ on tv like that. it was so hatefull i felt sick it was just weird

  49. Rebecca Wright on

    I have a big mouth for the truth. And a backbone. And, as you can see, I'm not afraid to hide behind a moniker. And, yes, I get a lot of resistance, hatred, and backlash. But God is my strength and I move forward doing His works.

    I have stories and they aren't as bad,fortunately, as others. I've learned to just appreciate life and the moment I'm in rather than carry on in fear. I know people are listening and watching but I don't skulk off in fear. I just say 'allo and wave and move on. It kind of pisses them off when they know that you know and you acknowledge them, then carry on. 😀

    If you are right with God (and before you argue, there is only one God; there are multiple religions to get you to Him), and you are right with yourself, then you'll be ok.

    And, yes, I'm eternally optimistic and always have a smile and a happy thought for all. :) <3

  50. I really hope Katt stays on track and doesnt succumb to these a**holes! I looked up to him for his courage and bravery in opposing and exposing them . HOWEVER KEEP IN MIND, that he just got an OWL tattoo on his chin, a symbol used to represent all wisdom, also used in bohemian grove. This makes me a little unsure about whose side hes on now…

  51. man the entertainment industry wants money if it takes a guy wearing a dress than thats what is gonna happen. Im sure k.hart wasnt forced to wear it he was shown a fat check and he jumped in the dress. Its hard to see clear when blindfolded with a check…or religion for that matter

  52. Oh and I forgot to add, in addition to what nonsense said, Race and Racism is ever existent, but tends not to matter as much or have nothing to do with it, when the big bucks are in play. I've seen Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler as a lady and a host of other white actors and comedians. Soooooo?????

  53. Korbin Pheenix on

    be clear daves deal was for 52 million dollars.. when they offer somebody money or make a payment of some significant amount at 52 million/billion its usually to start building on a future goal of some type.

    The Number 52 is linked to the Great Pyramid and Masonic and Templar symbolism. 52 is the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid.

  54. I fear for Katt Williams. He probably has a target on his back already. I admire him for having the courage to talk about it. I wish the best for him.

  55. MediaRotsYourBrain on

    For someone so humble and claims to idolize Jesus, he sure has a filthy mouth. I also don't get the whole I respect God but I say G*d Dammit and use his name in vain which is one of the 10 commandments. If you going to be outspoken and speak the truth you better make sure you the support of the "All Mighty" You can't blame all bad publicity on the Illuminati if you going to use your gifts to attack everyone. You know Barrack is a puppet and you know he's going to have the backing of the media, so you shouldn't be surprised if you go into a hornet nest and end up getting bit. I don't understand what people consider comedy now days. A naturally funny person shouldn't have to use profanity as shock value to get his/her point across.

  56. In the past few years there has been a lot of other comedians not necessarily black who have also dressed at women..and it's odd because they are already at a "peak" of success so why the need to do so? ex/ James Franco at the Oscars I believe full drag in wig and link dress…..horrible, wasn't even funny..really sad actually. And Adam Sandler….really?? Jack and Jill or whatever that movie was called…really how sad for comedians……

  57. So, I actually saw this movie and thought it was interesting that it contained the symbolism for the satanic rituals. The pyramids, ( which the drawing actually looked similar to a witches symbol) the baal god, some chants, etc. The worst part was that they were making a joke out of it like those things they depicted weren't real… like " haha hehe, saying satanic chants is funny, nothing happens when you do it, this is a FICTIONAL story therefore its not real!" I told my husband I felt uncompfortable with it and he made me feel like a loon telling me that I take things too seriously, but I personally feel like that are things in the world, evil things and spiritual things that SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED WITHOUT. I personally think all scary movies are blaphemous seeing that they all tend to include some type of possession, devil worship, etc… but I think it also relates to that whole thing about making light of serious matters so that people become oblivious to what is happening by dismissing it as fake or unimportant.

    • Don't let him make you feel crazy. If something makes you uncomfortable then there is definitely a reason and no one should discount your feelings.

  58. kevin hart is funny and so is katt and the whole weed arguement like its just annoying. weed in its natural state is fine but if one puts a bunch of other stuff in it and therefore taints it of course it wont be good for you. Besides drugs can mess up the mind and whatever these weird drinks these celebs were drinking

  59. You see Katt Williams is exposing the illuminati and and truth.and because of this they took his kids shame I feel sorry for him.stuff the MWO and stuff what they stand for.I fear God not the illuminati.I support katt and Dave Chapelle all the way

  60. I hate this for Katt cause he seems like a real down to earth guy and just wants to make you laugh and he is too funny but they want him ti be apart of their plan before they will ever allow him to live that Hollywood lifestyle again so Kevin Hart gets to shine sad

  61. I just noticed something about that movie poster behind Katt there is a butterfly on the monsters hand and the monster has his arms around the actors could this mean that they are all monarch mind controlled slaves and if so can we hold that Katt statement about the illuminati be genuine.

  62. Did you feed your family today? Did you work on your dreams? Did you help anyone else besides yourself? If you can answer yes to these three questions, you are a success.

  63. What I saw at 00 :55 looks like a glitch possibly a programming glitch.. I have followed Kat for years, and many of his antics that he has displayed, seem like programming issues. Now he is trying to be free, but of course this will not been easy.

  64. I wanted to mention Randy Quaid – he's so very scared and believes they are trying to kill him and his wife. Also the butterfly on the hand is a nod to Monarch Programming. Mindcontrol, which is relevant as it keeps coming up in things like the Century Theatre shootings. James Holmes was a perfect example. Thoughts?? Oh and Death to the New World Order. And as a great man said. I'm killing it.. Killuminati. Peace all and stay aware.. they DO exist.

  65. At the end of his comedy special, Kattpacalypse. Katt Williams talks about his legal troubles pointing out that he had been arrested multiple times and had not actually stepped foot in a courtroom for his supposed "crimes." He then goes on to say, Satan's people ain't shit. He know whats up and fights the good fight. Support him for his strength and sincerity in these matters!

  66. I wonder if anybody can add to this. I notice that Arsenio Hall's name is in red and he has a drummer in charge of a band who is Italian (my thoughts were Roman Empire). Also, he had Angela Bassett as a guest and she looked as if her left eye had been hit and covered with make up ( that is what I noticed). She is acting like a witch on a television series. Now, this is the female who implied about Halle Berry that she would not want to win an oscar by acting like a crack whore…
    I do not know if this was a joke, but I also observed Arsenio bending one knee to Howie Mandel. What is that about?

  67. A lot white actors seem to be wearing dresses too. Recently james franco, and I noticed that 2 of the "it's always sunny" cast have worn dresses so far. But f course it was funny in the episodes. Franco was just another very strange and suspicious incident. I remember kurt cobain wearing one, which was even stranage for him.

    I'm glad Katt williams divulged a bit. Too bad all we ever get from these celebs seems to be a little bit of info here and there, never enough for the whole picture.

  68. There is no lover of life who is not our 'inside man'. We are the essence of the human spirit, that which we have in abundance strengthens us, and for their lack cripples lesser men. Your stabs in the dark can only be corrected when you rectify you rself against these facts. What you accuse us of happens in the homes of your supposed allies, but the tide of generations roll from my house. The greatest feat of brainwashing is deciding who you wish to be and assisting others to do the same. The loss of innocence in a mournful thing, but when it comes time for you to play the black swan, by god you do it, and in recorse god allows you to see the maturity of other pure souls and glimpse the nature of the tao.

  69. Illuminati Agenda = Zionism

    Its as simple as that. Hollywood is run by jews. Hollywood is ALSO run by the Illuminati. You expect me to believe that these are two separate groups? You expect me to believe that this is just COINCIDENCE??

  70. kevin hart have sexual moments with p diddy you always see kevin hart as a puppet for p diddy that's the reason his career take off he always with p diddy

  71. Firstly I'm a fan of most of these men, but it doesn't negate the facts. Remember this universal rule: If there is a reoccurring complaint, then there's a problem. Besides Denzel Washington (who actually won an Oscar <but after being crooked despite all the positive roles he played) There is an overabundance of leading black male rolls that wore a dress before they went mainstream. Even the half-black actors that were masculine men were demeaned to a dress. Here's a test: Can somebody/anybody name 7, black, male, mainstream, actors between the ages of 21 and 50 that haven't wore a dress in their career? (Simple rule: mainstream means mainstream. I'm looking for staring actors, main characters in movies, that premiere in theaters with televised advertisement.) I could only come up with 4…

  72. We are told, do not put your light under a bowl so that it leads none and is extinguished, but leave it so a high hill all that all may me led and see the Light.
    Light it uP, Katt.
    Now we can help him by supporting his projects, buying his dvds etc.
    One Love, One Light.

  73. casey lee pittman on

    ok here it is illuminati is all leaders around the world to admiral to colonel to general to commander and chef and irs mj12 cia nsa all leaders are the main source and actors and musicians and rich ppl are lil puppet slave girls do things keep us in dark open your mind and they want one world order and religion and they have killed billions with viruses like aids or h1n1 and other way jets leak stuff in sky and poison our food and pill it make you better lol no and 300k kids get eatting by rh- bloodline reptilians and change give military technology 1937-1947 hollow moon ship mission make it a working big ufo planet mars planet of war and asteroid belt was a planet and war came blow up gray reptilian hybrids and lazers blue red green yellow white fighting in space now and we were made from cave men and fallen angels mixed and that is missing part dna lol dumb like the tunnels underground usa cant hide from one that knows all see all lol they are DONE

  74. Katy McIntire on

    God bless those who take the narrow road that is less popular and less traveled because it is righteous. There is nothing funny about a man in a dress, honestly and there is nothing more refreshing than an actor who has a mind of his own.

  75. Bitchtits3333 on

    oppressed people can't be racist. They could be homophobic, but that's a different story. I.E. The use of the word nigger. It is seen in American society that it is not okay for white people to use that word because it is offensive to the black community. This is true. Yet I've met white people that would actually complain about it. Like "why would black people constantly use that word in rap music and in their conversations if it was used for so many years to convey hate towards their race?" Duh. The word is integrated in their language because it is their right. People of color are still oppressed here, yet they have a little bit more opportunity. Not as much as white people. Never. But the fact that white people are afraid to use that word around people of color says a lot. When white people are scared they use power and wealth to oppress and create their dominance in american society. This power turns violent lots of time and the blame is always shifted to the oppressed. Never white people. To call a black person racist is saying that they are on equal footing with lets say….white males. Yeah, this black comedian may be offensive, but he can say whatever he wants. I don't blame him for his "jokes." Unless your talking about the author of this article, who is probably white I might add., I disagree with your statement. Kate Williams can say whatever the fuck he wants.

    If anything I feel like this interview is a threat from the illuminati though. You don't follow their agenda, you will be miserable and have bad things happen to you. You will be oppressed. This hints that the leaders of the illuminati are probably white males because they are most definitely not oppressed. The symbols that are soooo obvious now and the fact that's it's being openly talked about while nobody is doing anything about this pretty much show that the illuminati are winning. Fuck I'm scared. And people call this a conspiracy theory. Probably because they're to scared to believe it. Have a good day.

  76. ANYONE, of any race, can be racist. A lot of your generalisations about 'white people' are racist, because they are generalisations. No adult can say 'whatever the fuck' they want, without fear of being called on it, whatever their race, if what they say is genuinely offensive. Katt Williams is a grown man. Why reduce him to the status of a toddler? This idea that 'you can't be racist to white people/oppressed people can't be racist' – it's the same old divide and rule. And it's a double-edged sword. You tell someone -esp. a child – long enough that they're oppressed; they'll 'never' have as much opportunity as white people – that's a toxic cocktail to give a child.

  77. (I'm one of the people on here who only gets short spaces to post with!) Take a look at the oppression of the working class white people, throughout history. And some of them kept themselves down, with the same old paradigm: 'You're oppressed'. And others used love, and every chance they got, and didn't promote hate and snobbery. Guess which ones succeeded/had the best – ie. most loving, lives? And took every chance they got? And as for the 'n' word – it's not about being 'scared' to use it, around POC or not. It's about respect. And the fact that rappers (violent; misogynistic; sponsored by 'them'), use that word, doesn't give it validity. It's a bit like 'feminists' using the words 'whore'/'slut' as a 'power' thing. Massive own goal. To say 'oppressed people can't be racist' is insane! It's a bit like saying, 'Women can't discriminate against men', or 'gay men can't rape straight men', etc etc. And guess who wins when that kind of insanity takes root? 'They' do …

  78. OMG I SOOOO AGREE WITH U! I have been having tgis conversation on twitter about an undercover racist, it srarted when explaning how trayvon martin calling george zimmerman a cracker didn't mean he was racist.. follow me @jasmineskyhigh on twitter

  79. You're right in regards to bitchtits also being a generalizing moron but It doesn't matter because Katt Williams is not racist and telling mildly offensive jokes does not make you a racist. If anyone has ever been offended by anything Williams has said they should see a doctor about getting that stick pulled out of their ass.

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