Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”




What was supposed to be a standard movie-promoting interview got a little realer when Katt Williams was asked about the Illuminati and its influence on the entertainment industry. The interviewer originally asked Williams about Dave Chappelle’s “conspiracy theory” where he claimed that most Black comedians wear a dress at some point of their career. Here’s the Chappelle interview (originally posted in my 2010 article When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry).

Kevin Hart, another Black comedian, recently generated some controversy when he wore a dress on SNL. This move was interpreted by some as him “selling out to the Illuminati” as he became yet another Black comedian wearing a dress for cheap laughs.  I am not sure if there’s a direct correlation between wearing a dress and selling out to the Illuminati (although the percentage of dress-wearing Black comedians is exceptionally high) but Katt Williams’ response to this controversy and the Illuminati in general was quite interesting.

Far from brushing off the question for being ridiculous, Willams acknowledged in a matter-of-fact way that there’s an Illuminati controlling the entertainment industry and that it forces artists to push its Agenda. What happens to those who go against the grain? They get bad press and their careers suffer terribly.

For instance, Dave Chappelle refused a 50 million dollars contract to shoot a third season of his iconic Chappelle Show because he didn’t agree with the messages it conveyed its audience. He then got labelled as “crazy” (remember his Africa expedition) and, since then, he did not appear in anything “Hollywood”.

Katt Williams also got a truck load of bad press in the past years, not to mention legal troubles. He feels that these issues keeping arising because he refuses to follow the Illuminati Agenda. In his words: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”. Here’s the interview:



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God bless those who take the narrow road that is less popular and less traveled because it is righteous. There is nothing funny about a man in a dress, honestly and there is nothing more refreshing than an actor who has a mind of his own.

Well said Katy. I 100% agree. The elite as they call themselves don’t have a real sense of humor, they are quite pathetic really when they only relish in someone’s misery and embarrassment. They take pride in watching you fall from grace; they take pride in watching you die in front of them…..just bad bad bad.

Katt Williams u got heart

And very intelligent I might add.

So, I actually saw this movie and thought it was interesting that it contained the symbolism for the satanic rituals. The pyramids, ( which the drawing actually looked similar to a witches symbol) the baal god, some chants, etc. The worst part was that they were making a joke out of it like those things they depicted weren't real… like " haha hehe, saying satanic chants is funny, nothing happens when you do it, this is a FICTIONAL story therefore its not real!" I told my husband I felt uncompfortable with it and he made me feel like a loon telling me that I take things too seriously, but I personally feel like that are things in the world, evil things and spiritual things that SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED WITHOUT. I personally think all scary movies are blaphemous seeing that they all tend to include some type of possession, devil… Read more »

Don't let him make you feel crazy. If something makes you uncomfortable then there is definitely a reason and no one should discount your feelings.

your husband has a very seriously detrimental quality of ‘dismissiveness.’ better check that asap.

Illuminati Agenda = Zionism

Its as simple as that. Hollywood is run by jews. Hollywood is ALSO run by the Illuminati. You expect me to believe that these are two separate groups? You expect me to believe that this is just COINCIDENCE??

I have a big mouth for the truth. And a backbone. And, as you can see, I'm not afraid to hide behind a moniker. And, yes, I get a lot of resistance, hatred, and backlash. But God is my strength and I move forward doing His works. I have stories and they aren't as bad,fortunately, as others. I've learned to just appreciate life and the moment I'm in rather than carry on in fear. I know people are listening and watching but I don't skulk off in fear. I just say 'allo and wave and move on. It kind of pisses them off when they know that you know and you acknowledge them, then carry on. 😀 If you are right with God (and before you argue, there is only one God; there are multiple religions to get you to Him), and you are right with yourself, then you'll be… Read more »

Exaaaaaaaaactly….RESIST FEAR, LIVE LIFE!

wow Rebecca, you made my day. 🙂

You are right! I am with you 100%.

Rebecca, you are so right in all but one thing. There is only one way to the Father in Heaven, through his only begotten son Jesus of Nazareth the Christ.

Although there seem to be many different Christian Churches one can join, this is the only religion to Heaven. I will not, here anyway, get into how the Lord will judge and save those worthy of obeying his laws written on their hearts. To often this gets brought up via atheists, whom not only know about Jesus, they reject Jesus. For this they will be judged, as for people around the world who do not know about Jesus trust God will judge them fairly.

You seem like a wonderfully intelligent woman and I am in no way here to argue with you. May the Lord bless you and yours.

At the end of his comedy special, Kattpacalypse. Katt Williams talks about his legal troubles pointing out that he had been arrested multiple times and had not actually stepped foot in a courtroom for his supposed "crimes." He then goes on to say, Satan's people ain't s**t. He know whats up and fights the good fight. Support him for his strength and sincerity in these matters!

You see Katt Williams is exposing the illuminati and and truth.and because of this they took his kids shame I feel sorry for him.stuff the MWO and stuff what they stand for.I fear God not the illuminati.I support katt and Dave Chapelle all the way

let the truth fly baby

God bless katt ,for spreading the truth

I immediately thought of what happened to Martin Lawrence & Dave Chappelle when I heard about Katt's drug-fueled breakdown. Maybe the official story is to blame drugs, but it's really a programming breakdown, like when Britney shaved her head.

they kill whitney houston too

I hate this for Katt cause he seems like a real down to earth guy and just wants to make you laugh and he is too funny but they want him ti be apart of their plan before they will ever allow him to live that Hollywood lifestyle again so Kevin Hart gets to shine sad

They don’t “want” him. They want to control him! His thoughts, his actions, his opinions. They want him to have the same skewed view as most of the other entertainers. They want him to want to be worshipped like the other Muppets; think Beyoncé, “bow down b*****s”? This female thinks she is a Goddess. LOL Brainwashed much? Money and fame are the blinders. But the truth is there is only 1% of the world’s population that is truly wealthy. 1%. UNO. All these entertainers, artists, actors and actresses are “rich” in comparison with most of the population but is their wealth never-ending? Heck no! They live within their means; the truly wealthy have NO means. They own everything and they don’t “bank” their money, they own the money! Think, then think some more; take a break then get back at the homework, stuff they don’t teach you at university. For… Read more »

be clear daves deal was for 52 million dollars.. when they offer somebody money or make a payment of some significant amount at 52 million/billion its usually to start building on a future goal of some type.

The Number 52 is linked to the Great Pyramid and Masonic and Templar symbolism. 52 is the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid.

man the entertainment industry wants money if it takes a guy wearing a dress than thats what is gonna happen. Im sure k.hart wasnt forced to wear it he was shown a fat check and he jumped in the dress. Its hard to see clear when blindfolded with a check…or religion for that matter

This is a great temple of the Illuminati were you find, riches, power and fame, are you a business man or woman, are you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer, are you a student or graduate, who so ever you are in all over the world dose not matter to us, what matter a lot to us is to see you happy and rich, we are giving you the chance here to be what so ever you want to be in life, join the Illuminati secret brothers hood and get all you need in life, we offer every thing you need in life, if you are really ready to make it in life is better you join us now! How to Join Illuminati and become rich and famous! How to Join Illuminati in united kingdom How to Join Illuminati in united states How to Join Illuminati in South Africa… Read more »
ok here it is illuminati is all leaders around the world to admiral to colonel to general to commander and chef and irs mj12 cia nsa all leaders are the main source and actors and musicians and rich ppl are lil puppet slave girls do things keep us in dark open your mind and they want one world order and religion and they have killed billions with viruses like aids or h1n1 and other way jets leak stuff in sky and poison our food and pill it make you better lol no and 300k kids get eatting by rh- bloodline reptilians and change give military technology 1937-1947 hollow moon ship mission make it a working big ufo planet mars planet of war and asteroid belt was a planet and war came blow up gray reptilian hybrids and lazers blue red green yellow white fighting in space now and we were… Read more »

hey im casey pittman im trying tell all truth but this site wont let me sorry

We are told, do not put your light under a bowl so that it leads none and is extinguished, but leave it so a high hill all that all may me led and see the Light.
Light it uP, Katt.
Now we can help him by supporting his projects, buying his dvds etc.
One Love, One Light.

Firstly I'm a fan of most of these men, but it doesn't negate the facts. Remember this universal rule: If there is a reoccurring complaint, then there's a problem. Besides Denzel Washington (who actually won an Oscar <but after being crooked despite all the positive roles he played) There is an overabundance of leading black male rolls that wore a dress before they went mainstream. Even the half-black actors that were masculine men were demeaned to a dress. Here's a test: Can somebody/anybody name 7, black, male, mainstream, actors between the ages of 21 and 50 that haven't wore a dress in their career? (Simple rule: mainstream means mainstream. I'm looking for staring actors, main characters in movies, that premiere in theaters with televised advertisement.) I could only come up with 4…

kevin hart have sexual moments with p diddy you always see kevin hart as a puppet for p diddy that's the reason his career take off he always with p diddy

There is no lover of life who is not our 'inside man'. We are the essence of the human spirit, that which we have in abundance strengthens us, and for their lack cripples lesser men. Your stabs in the dark can only be corrected when you rectify you rself against these facts. What you accuse us of happens in the homes of your supposed allies, but the tide of generations roll from my house. The greatest feat of brainwashing is deciding who you wish to be and assisting others to do the same. The loss of innocence in a mournful thing, but when it comes time for you to play the black swan, by god you do it, and in recorse god allows you to see the maturity of other pure souls and glimpse the nature of the tao.

A lot white actors seem to be wearing dresses too. Recently james franco, and I noticed that 2 of the "it's always sunny" cast have worn dresses so far. But f course it was funny in the episodes. Franco was just another very strange and suspicious incident. I remember kurt cobain wearing one, which was even stranage for him.

I'm glad Katt williams divulged a bit. Too bad all we ever get from these celebs seems to be a little bit of info here and there, never enough for the whole picture.

Poor little multi-millionaires, such a hard life they live.

I wonder if anybody can add to this. I notice that Arsenio Hall's name is in red and he has a drummer in charge of a band who is Italian (my thoughts were Roman Empire). Also, he had Angela Bassett as a guest and she looked as if her left eye had been hit and covered with make up ( that is what I noticed). She is acting like a witch on a television series. Now, this is the female who implied about Halle Berry that she would not want to win an oscar by acting like a crack w***e…
I do not know if this was a joke, but I also observed Arsenio bending one knee to Howie Mandel. What is that about?

I wanted to mention Randy Quaid – he's so very scared and believes they are trying to kill him and his wife. Also the butterfly on the hand is a nod to Monarch Programming. Mindcontrol, which is relevant as it keeps coming up in things like the Century Theatre shootings. James Holmes was a perfect example. Thoughts?? Oh and Death to the New World Order. And as a great man said. I'm killing it.. Killuminati. Peace all and stay aware.. they DO exist.

What I saw at 00 :55 looks like a glitch possibly a programming glitch.. I have followed Kat for years, and many of his antics that he has displayed, seem like programming issues. Now he is trying to be free, but of course this will not been easy.

Did you feed your family today? Did you work on your dreams? Did you help anyone else besides yourself? If you can answer yes to these three questions, you are a success.

The butterfly signifies mind control.. That is why it is on there.

I just noticed something about that movie poster behind Katt there is a butterfly on the monsters hand and the monster has his arms around the actors could this mean that they are all monarch mind controlled slaves and if so can we hold that Katt statement about the illuminati be genuine.

Good thing he's against the industry… God bless this guy

kevin hart is funny and so is katt and the whole weed arguement like its just annoying. weed in its natural state is fine but if one puts a bunch of other stuff in it and therefore taints it of course it wont be good for you. Besides drugs can mess up the mind and whatever these weird drinks these celebs were drinking

In the past few years there has been a lot of other comedians not necessarily black who have also dressed at women..and it's odd because they are already at a "peak" of success so why the need to do so? ex/ James Franco at the Oscars I believe full drag in wig and link dress…..horrible, wasn't even funny..really sad actually. And Adam Sandler….really?? Jack and Jill or whatever that movie was called…really how sad for comedians……

For someone so humble and claims to idolize Jesus, he sure has a filthy mouth. I also don't get the whole I respect God but I say G*d Dammit and use his name in vain which is one of the 10 commandments. If you going to be outspoken and speak the truth you better make sure you the support of the "All Mighty" You can't blame all bad publicity on the Illuminati if you going to use your gifts to attack everyone. You know Barrack is a puppet and you know he's going to have the backing of the media, so you shouldn't be surprised if you go into a hornet nest and end up getting bit. I don't understand what people consider comedy now days. A naturally funny person shouldn't have to use profanity as shock value to get his/her point across.

I fear for Katt Williams. He probably has a target on his back already. I admire him for having the courage to talk about it. I wish the best for him.

Dave wore dress in Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Oh and I forgot to add, in addition to what nonsense said, Race and Racism is ever existent, but tends not to matter as much or have nothing to do with it, when the big bucks are in play. I've seen Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler as a lady and a host of other white actors and comedians. Soooooo?????

So, Gina? Tyler Perry is British?

I really hope Katt stays on track and doesnt succumb to these a**holes! I looked up to him for his courage and bravery in opposing and exposing them . HOWEVER KEEP IN MIND, that he just got an OWL tattoo on his chin, a symbol used to represent all wisdom, also used in bohemian grove. This makes me a little unsure about whose side hes on now…

Well if he's MK-ULTRA then it would explain how some of his multiple personalities are on their side…

ok. but never have respected Katt after on one of his stand-up things he completely went off on MJ. his voice, words, eyes, were compelled overflowing with hate for MJ and just cussing him out every other word and it was way waaay too much. I was just like wth you need to calm the hell down isn't any reason to go off on someone like MJ on tv like that. it was so hatefull i felt sick it was just weird

yeah I'm gettin in legal trouble and the people say bad things about me. That ain't the illuminati. Its cause u black. Lol. You say that s**t all the time kat. now u gonna be a hypocrite and blame illuminati. I swear idk what's more of a publicity stunt. Calling out the illuminati or acting like your in it. Ima get famous and show all of you that the entertainment industry goes no deeper than entertainment.


i dont think it would cause everyone on this site would just say you sold your soul for fame and fortune even though they know nothing about yet are quick to judge you.

doesn't the bible say he who is without sin cast the first stone?

When a black man (especially if he's a comedian) has to wear a dress by force OR by his own free will, it means that he is the white man's queen and/or b***h.

I know the symbolism is harsh, but that is EXACTLY Illuminati-driven message.

The Illuminati has a real name "Satan" is not people who control this people is the Devil Spiritually giving this people what they desire. The Fame, the $, the Women ect. In order to really have The Lords Mercy they have to let all that Go.

I have said it a MILLION times, Katt Williams is a prophet. And he is the realest.

Also, did you notice the girl on the poster (from the show 'Modern Family') with a terrified/traumatized look on her face as this creature-like hand is feeling her up, and what's on his hand? A blue, Monarch butterfly, clearly indication MK Ultra. I know it's not relevant to the article but I'm just surprised no one pointed it out.

Ok i agree with many of these articles but "bad press"? this guy slapped a target employee, threw a burning cirgarette at someone, his mic at someones head..disrespecting women…list goes on and on. i dont care how anti illuminati you are..thaat shouldnt be an excuse to say oh hes not that bad..its just "bad press". this article makes me angry

Joyce @ ASouthernWriter.com

Professor Griff said they were going to start coming after him… he was RIGHT!

I've been reading this website last week: http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/ and it talks a lot about Katt Williams and what kind of things he might be going thru, the website also talks about the real meaning of Django Unchained and all the CIA Monarch/ MK Ultra Mind Control that is happening.

Are you suggesting that they don't exist?

Poor guy's name is "Katt". If that isn't a direct, blatant allusion to MK Ultra, I don't know what is.

Haha i can only laugh about this.
Whatever is being broadcasted in whatever form, is supposed to be, otherwise it wouldnt be broadcasted.
Think about that and dont just be naive, cos it seems like most of you are.
How are you any different when you believe everything you read or see here?

Research the symbolism to these societies. I like to think of the content frm this site as a tool to exploit some evil of this world. If there's a evil side there has to be a good.