‘Super soldiers’: The quest for the ultimate human killing machine



We’ve seen in previous articles that the concept of transhumanism and “enhanced human” is being actively promoted in movies, music videos and video games. Here an article from the Independent describing the “enhancements” that are being planned to be given to soldiers to make them better at killing people including exoskeleton, memory erasing drugs and exposing the brain to magnetic fields. What’s even more upsetting is that the author of the article sounds actually quite excited about these “improvements” that deshumanize humans into unthinking, highly altered killing machines.

‘Super soldiers’: The quest for the ultimate human killing machine

Guilt, tiredness, stress, shock – can specialised drugs help to mute the qualities that make soldiers human, asks Michael Hanlon?

The ancient Spartans believed that battlefield training began at birth. Those who failed the first round of selection, which took place at the ripe old age of 48 hours, were left at the foot of a mountain to die. The survivors would, in years to come, often wonder if these rejects were the lucky ones. Because to harden them up, putative Spartan warriors were subjected to a vigorous regime involving unending physical violence, severe cold, a lack of sleep and constant sexual abuse.

As with the English public schools, which used similar tactics to produce the warriors who carved out the British Empire, the Spartan regime worked; the alumni were the most feared soldiers in the eastern Mediterranean. And ever since then, military chiefs have wondered whether it may be possible to short-cut the long and demanding Spartan regime to produce a soldier who kills without care or remorse, shows no fear, can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.

In the post-war era, the future of fighting was thought to be about tanks and missiles, large impersonal machines that would fight huge battles over the open terrain of Northern Europe. The soldiers would be pressing buttons in a command centre. But despite the advent of drone aircraft, much of 21st-century warfare is turning out to be a drawn-out, messy business, fought on a human scale in the mud and dust of Afghanistan. And fought against a mercurial army of irregulars who melt away into the fields and farms once the skirmish is over. Modern soldiers are not the cannon fodder of before. Highly trained and super fit, each one represents a huge investment by the nation that sends them into battle. A soldier who is too tired to fight effectively, who has gone mad or who is suffering from severe stress is like a broken-down tank, no use to anybody. What if soldiers could be made that did not break down?

The era of The Terminator, the perfect robotic killing machine, is decades away; to date, all efforts to create a humanoid robot that can climb the stairs, let alone fight the Taliban, have been risible. But scientists are reporting breakthroughs with the next-best thing – the creation of human terminators, who feel less pain, less terror and less fatigue than “non-enhanced” soldiers and whose very bodies may be augmented by powerful machines.

Efforts to understand the brain of the soldier and put this knowledge to good use have been going on for some time. Professor Jonathan Moreno, a bioethicist at Pennsylvania State University, studies the way neuroscience is being co-opted by the military. “Right now, this is the fastest-growing area of science,” he says.

The Pentagon is currently spending $400m a year researching ways to “enhance” the human fighter. The defence giant Lockheed recently unveiled its “Hulc” (Human Universal Load Carrier), a science fiction-like, battery-powered exoskeleton that allows a human to lift 100kg weights and carry them at a fast run of 16kph (10mph). The videos of the Hulc in action are truly impressive. Superman strength is one thing, but soldiers still need to sleep. In Afghanistan the average soldier in combat gets only four hours’ rest a day and sleep deprivation is the single biggest factor in reducing fighting performance. Not only are tired soldiers less physically able to fight and run, they make more mistakes with the complex weapons systems at their disposal – mistakes that can prove deadly to themselves and their comrades.

Using chemistry to attack fatigue is, of course, nothing new. Two centuries ago, Prussian soldiers used cocaine to remain alert and Inca warriors used coca leaves to stay alert long before that. Since then, nicotine, amphetamines, caffeine and a new class of stimulants including the drug Modafinil have all been used successfully, to the extent that American soldiers can now operate normally even after 48 hours without sleep. Now the chemists are trying to tweak the molecular structure of this drug so that it will switch off the desire for sleep for even longer.

Tiredness is not the only psychological problem faced by soldiers. Combat is immensely stressful and although proper training means that men and women can remain focused while in mortal danger, it is afterwards that problems begin. During the Vietnam War, one in three soldiers was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and in the Second World War a significant proportion of Allied conscripts never fired a shot in anger because of stress and fear before the battle had even begun. Up to now, PTSD has been treated by a mix of psychotherapy and antidepressants – effective techniques but expensive and time-consuming. But as with fatigue there may be a chemical shortcut for PTSD.

The trick is to erase unwanted memories, or at least take away their sting. Professor Roger Pitman, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in the US, has been experimenting with a drug called propranolol, a “beta blocker” normally used to treat high blood pressure, which he believes can erase the effects of terrifying memories.

Professor Pitman has given the drug to young volunteers who have suffered extreme trauma in, for example, road accidents. Those given placebos suffered nightmares, and remained fearful of the road. When exposed to recordings describing their accidents they suffered typical stress responses – sweating, beating heart, dilated pupils. But those who had been on a course of propranolol showed no response at all. It was as though the trauma had not happened. For a soldier, memory-altering drugs such as this could mean violent combat becoming no more troubling, retrospectively, than a visit to the gym. “The problem is,” Professor Moreno says, “what else are they blocking when they do this? Do we want a generation of veterans who return without guilt?” You may not even need drugs to short-out the unwanted side effects of battle. Dr Albert “Skip” Rizzo, a psychologist from the University of Southern California, has created a “virtual Iraq” video game, in which veterans have been able to re-enact their experiences to release pent-up stress.

Generals not only want stronger, more alert and less stressed soldiers; they want smarter ones, too. One of the most bizarre neuroscience findings in recent years is that by immersing the human brain in a powerful magnetic field, its powers of reasoning and learning are almost magically enhanced.

No one knows exactly how “transcranial magnetic stimulation” (TMS) works, but the Australian neuroscientist Professor Allan Snyder believes that magnetic fields in some way “switch off” the higher levels of mental processing that normally cloud our thoughts, allowing a “pure” form of reasoning to take over.

“Each of us could draw like a professional, do lightning-fast arithmetic,” he says. In fact, some subjects in TMS experiments have acquired (temporarily) similar abilities to the rare “autistic savants”, people who are able to perform astounding arithmetical feats and memorise whole telephone directories (an autistic savant was played by Dustin Hoffman in the film Rain Man).

In 2009, a US Academy of Sciences report concluded that within 20 years we could be using TMS to enhance soldiers’ fighting capabilities. As Professor Moreno says, “there is talk of TMS machines being used on the battlefields within 10 years in vehicles and in 10 years more in helmets.” Why? Being a soldier demands a high level of technical expertise. It is no longer just a case of pointing a gun and shooting. Even combat rifles are now “systems” and mastering battlefield electronics requires a lot of training.

It may seem clear that if you could create a man with no scruples, who feels little pain and no fear, you would have an excellent fighting machine, but this may be a case of be careful what you wish for. We get scared for a reason – to avoid danger to ourselves and others. Fatigue may force us to rest before sustaining damaging injury. Even post-traumatic stress disorder may have a beneficial role. Moral scruples help soldiers to act as an effective team – in battle, troops will always say they are fighting for their mates before Queen and country.

Take away the humanity of the soldiers and there is a danger that the battles and wars we fight will become inhuman as well. Most of all there is, surely, a danger that these techniques, far from producing better soldiers, will actually produce a squad of zoned-out zombies, who will be no match for the determined, driven and highly motivated zealots of the Taliban.

– Source: The Independent


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So that means terminator is coming into reality

Search for Duncan o Finioan. There are interviews online with him. After an accident memories started to pop up. He found out he's been killing people and trained as a super soldier. Scary stuff.

Crazy thing…people using others to killing for a political fake motive….in some games simpacks are only to cure live…..in real live thats very more bizarre..is dificult to believe that people are so idiot

"More guns, less butter" – Both parties, except Rep. Ron Paul of course

Of course the real "heros" are the ones who put their weapons down.

I personally fell as though "man" should stop attempting to take on the role of GOD. Man himself is a flawed creature and can only strive for a "perfection" that is and will forever be unattainable in this troubled world. If man cannot create a birth control pill that is 100% effective minus the risks of blood clots, cervical cancer (in the oral contraceptives) what would make you think that this plan for "super soldiers" will ever be a total success??????……. idk…. just a thought

Do a google for David Corso with Duncan O'Finioan in YouTube and listen to what they have to say. And also google Jesse Ventura MK Ultra. These men already exist and have for decades the only difference seems to be that now big pharma is more involved as well as our increased infatuation with mechanics and fancy toys.

It's not just the soldiers they're tapping into:


Oh how good it must be to have premeditated text and imagery float above your eye – so helpful!

Utter BS

It's funny that they mention the whole PTSD thing because I recently watched a documentary that commented on soldiers and veterans suffering from it. They stated that it was common that many go untreated because they treatment methods are so "expensive" (as if this training to wipe away human emotion is any cheaper). They also said that many being treated for the disorder/syndrome were not treated until almost being declared legally insane. How torturous does that sound?

Glad you're calling attention to this VC, and yes it does seem like this (among other transhumanism garbage) is on it's way down the pike… if games like "bioshock" (the game has all manner of elements from transhumanism, including but not limited to: control of people with synthesized chemicals/drugs/pheremones, genetic augmentation to make monsters, cybernetic nanite enhancements etc.) and cartoons like "batman beyond" (some episodes deal with "splicers") are any indication, we might be expecting cyborg monsters looking more like something out of a horror/surival/military game than a real person. As some personal confirmation, I can tell you that during my time in highschool (in the late 90's) as I was attending a computer building class (the pentium 2 processor had just come out within the last 6 months or so, if that helps with date and time.) some recruiters from the navy showed up to try to fish for… Read more »

What happen to the days where throwing a football around on the Holidays and riding your bike around town with friends was perfect.

The Jolly O' Days are sure missed. I feel like we are all "plugged" in very many litle ways.

God bless.

They are already creating hybrid human/animal type beings "underground". Transhumanism experiments. I wouldn't be surprised if they are already creating a brood of supersoldier/policestate beings to bring in their NWO to a close.

As far as the author's comments on an inhuman war being fought by these soldiers, I thought war was already inhuman.

Those would be "furries" yep, or rather, the sort of things that those of the subculture fandom want to be. Remarkably their subculture has had knowledge of this stuff for some time. Gene splicing, gene therapy, various other forms of augmentation and transhumanism, these are all something folks are being prepped for. (and from many angles, at that.) Could something like "Dog Soldiers" (yes, it's a werewolf movie, but the theme does eerily fit this.) very far off?

and Furries(nothing to do with feral animals) IRL are actually Illuminati genetic experiments

Oh my goodness.. this man is practically salivating over the thought of these super soldiers! I get the feeling that this is where our 'zombie' comes from – a being that doesn't think, that doesn't eat, it just does. No feeling, no sympathy, just a bearer of death.

What baffles me is the ridiculous amount of money being spent on technology for war, rather than strategies for peace.

Money truly is the root of all evil.

I watched something about ptsd on the history channel about these soldiers coming home from the miltarty and they just snap(so they say). I believe one guy killed his girlfriend, and one guy, well both guys killed their girlfriends, and they locked them up, of course, MURDER, LIFE, knowing they were suffering from PTSD. Which was probably the reason they were sent home. The government already knows these things and I think it was wrong to send them home due to this fact. They should get them some help before releasing them to come back home. It's too dangerous. These soldiers have this problem before coming home. They send these guys to a counsler to talk about everything that's going on with them and if they even breath ptsd they add their names to the pstd list and do nothing but the let them go home. Now the list is… Read more »

"society" is generally very messed up. a lot of sci-fi concepts in movies are coming true. soon movies like gamer will become real life. that type of tech wont only be used for military.

This is the Clone Removal part we use during a normal session with an abductee. It's a very important part. http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/flash-

creepy!… and don't forget the human cloning.

we now know that every abductee ( alien and/or milabs abductees ) has at least 3 clones which are activated once in a while and are sent to battle fields, or to make them blow somewhere, or to kill…

When the mission is finished, the clone is turn-off. if it's damaged, a new clone will be make…

There's a reason humans suffer f*****g PTSD from wars and it's a damn good one. We need to prioritize the well-being of the human condition, not these godless miserable wars. This is the wrong way for us to evolve. I know it's hard, but it's time to wake up, everybody. This is not a f*****g test.

Not sure how many military or ex military are vc readers here but one thing that's interesting is that the SMA (sgt major of the army) recently issued a brief over the coming changes in the US Army and there's about to be some dramatic downsizing because we're so overstrengthened right now. I'm wondering, just out of curiosity, if the fact that we will be downsizing will also have to do with the ability (or inability) to take to this programming. It would make sense, considering that at this point, you will no longer be able to fail more than one pt test in a six month period in the calendar year. They're also cooking up a new pt test which is going to be more geared towards combat training rather than just physical training and assessment; and if i'm not mistaken the new pt test is on trial in… Read more »

Holy crap.

I haven't even read the full article, and I know that's stupid, but after reading the first few words, I needed to make a comment.

The people who plan to do this are inhumane. They're cruel. They're monsters.

One day, I would like to hope that these people who treat humans like pawns get what they deserve.

I think it's going to be like karma. Humans weren't meant to be gods. There were people who didn't understand that, and the longing to be all-powerful consumed and devoured their soul, and the very power they wanted eventually murdered them.

The greed that humans were born with will corrupt us and will be the end of us.

That's the price to pay.

Do you know! the Illuminati, despite makes our race Killing Each other for most of our history, are loves Transhumanism!

"Most of all there is, surely, a danger that these techniques, far from producing better soldiers, will actually produce a squad of zoned-out zombies, who will be no match for the determined, driven and highly motivated zealots of the Taliban." The U.S. government creates its own enemies, invades countries, up-heaves their societies, provides them with arms, trains them, then are surprised when they rebel. As rebel forces in the Middle East have been dedicated to fighting the US because they see our government for what it truly is, America's own citizens, beginning with this mass awakening of OWS, will show that same determination. Then it's just a matter of enforcing the police state (already in effect in NY) that the elite have been salivating for and opening up those FEMA camps… hmm this could all be averted if the police just decided to protect civilians and the troops refused to… Read more »

Dexamphetamine + repeated trauma + brainwashing

also, anthony perro project superman