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Autopsy : Eerie Similarities Between Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston’s Deaths



Autopsy : Eerie Similarities Between Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston's Deaths

Other than the fact that both Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown were found face down in a bathtub, a new autopsy report concludes that they were both found with the same combination of drugs in their bodies.

The more the investigation on Bobbi Kristina’s death progresses, the more it bears the classic signs of a ritualistic murder covered up by compliant authorities. While this might sound like an outrageous claim to the average person, those who know about the dark side of the industry understand that it is fully plausible – and that several key facts points towards it.

As I’ve highlighted in my previous articles about this case, Whitney Houston’s last years were those of an ex-star who found herself at odds with the higher ups of the entertainment industry and who got stuck in its dark and toxic underbelly. As drug problems merged with a total mental breakdown, a spectacular downfall ensued. Countless reports of odd behavior surfaced as Whitney was found to be trapped in living conditions reminiscent of a mind control slave. In a rare interview with Oprah, Whitney described her life with Bobbi Brown:

Oprah: Did you think something was gonna happen in those drug-crazed, drug-filled days where you’re sitting for hours and days?

Whitney: There were times when he (Bobby Brown) would smash things, break things in the home. Glass. We had a big, big giant portrait of me and him and my child. He cut my head off the picture. Stuff like that. And I thought, “This is really strange.” So I figured, cutting my head off a picture, that was a little much for me. That was one sign.

And then there were other things like he started to paint in my bedroom eyes. Just eyes. Evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room.

Oprah: He started to paint on the walls?

Whitney: Yeah. The rugs. The walls. The closet doors. If I opened the door, there would be one picture. Then I’d close them and there would be another picture and eyes and faces. It was really strange. …

Oprah: What are you doing with all of that?

Whitney: I’m looking at it going, “Lord, what’s really going on here?” I was getting scared because I felt something was going to blow. Something was going to give.
–, “Whitney Houston Tells All

In short, she was a classic case of an industry pawn who paid dearly the price of fame. Not unlike Michael Jackson, Whitney’s life was cut short just when she was gaining a little grip on her life and right when she was becoming a little more vocal about her ordeals.

Whitney’s death was apparently not enough and, as if struck by a multi-generational curse, the her daughter lost her life in circumstances that are exactly similar. Leaving both mother and daughter face down in a bathtub is the kind of “signature” a serial killer would leave to link both murders. New information now confirm that the similarities go beyond the setting of the crime scene.

Same Fatal Cocktail of Drugs

The autopsy report confirms that both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina were found with a strikingly similar cocktail of drugs in their bodies.

comparison of autopsy reports for Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother, singer Whitney Houston, shows similarities that go beyond how both women were found.

The reports say the women had used cocaine, marijuana and the same prescription drug used to treat anxiety before they were discovered unresponsive in bathtubs, according to WXIA-TV, 11Alive News, in Atlanta.

Brown’s cause of death is listed as lobar pneumonia due to “hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, delayed effects” and “immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

Autopsy findings revealed a cocktail of drugs: “Marijuana, alcohol (ethanol), benzoylecgonine (a cocaine-related substance), benzodiazepines (medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety), and morphine.
– Mass Live, Autopsy report: Many of same drugs found in Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston cases

Not unlike most elite-sponsored killings, Bobbi Kristina’s investigation is muddled, confusing and full of contradictions. Her prolonged coma is the perfect excuse to say: “We don’t know what really happened and we’ll never will”. The autopsy report states:

The other question which arises is manner of death. In other words, did death result from natural causes such as disease, an intentional act such as suicide or homicide, an unintentional cause (accident), or in an undetermined manner when a more specific manner of death cannot be established. Death was clearly not due to natural causes, but the medical examiner has not been able to determine whether death was due to intentional or accidental causes, and has therefore classified the manner of death as Undetermined .
– FCME, “Update on the Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown

While the investigation is far from over, some sources claim that Nick Gordon might have been accessory to the killing. Whatever the case may be, Bobbi Kristina’s death goes way beyond Nick Gordon: It is the work of a shady force that is powerful enough to kill those it doesn’t like … and get away with it.

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Autopsy : Eerie Similarities Between Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston's Deaths

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so sad. Generational Curse you say…and you are right. What I find worse, is that this was Whitney’s only child. The cutting off her life (Whitney) and her daughter’s ends a legacy that this world will never know again. Whitney was super talented and had a voice blessed by God. Bobbi Kristina did not inherit her mother’s voice, but who is to say that that her daughter one day would not (they say it skips a generation) What’s heart wrenching, is that the whole tree, along with potential fruit has been cut down and uprooted and from there nothing will ever grow again. Every time I play me some Whitney my heart breaks all over again. It’s strange to me still that this world will never know more of her music. She is gone…and so is her baby. A tragedy in every sense. Sinister

Thy Unveiling

Had Bobbi Kristina had a child, the child would have been another victim of “the curse”

It’s not really an actual curse, per se. Although this was some Industry ritual sacrifice of sorts, and the Industry is cursed by Their own design. So I guess they did fall prey to a curse. Idfk. This “civilized” society is really messed up.


I’m sure the world will not forget about Whitney Houston. I was just watching a re-run of her movie “The Bodyguard” the other day on TV.


That was an amazing movie. i really cried at the end of the BODYGUARD. Whitney was a pure spirit that was abused for the masonic industry since the beginning.


Oprah has got to be one of the filthiest people on the fact of the earth – top ranking satanic witch deserves a million paper cuts


totally agree!!!

The Winter Soldier

*slow claps* I hate her with a vengeance…she’s so annoying during those weight-watcher commercials.

Her: “I love bread!”
Me: “I wish you were dead! ….so I wouldn’t have to deal with this annoying commercial. Go back to hell satanic spawn!”

I’m sorry, that was uncalled for….


Quite an aggressive and dark thing to say.


Her legion of millions and millions of worldwide fans are completely blinded/brainwashed by her supposed sense of virtue and spirituality.

Unfortunately, she’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and herself (ego-driven pursuit of attention), that’s why her O magazine covers only features her, albeit digital photoshoped to make her appear thinner and lighter to appease her overlords, and continue the indoctrination of the masses to value materialism and vanity above their own spiritual salvation.



Are we sure Oprah is not just another pawn, like Whitney?


She is. Oprah’s too high up in the ranks at the moment. But her time will come…….


“Million papercuts”


Ugh my laughing faces did not appear. Anyway, hilarious comment.


Blood sacrifices is what they are. I’ve read that the water/tub is a reference to some sort of goddess water ritual(?)…. Both mother and daughter found in bathtubs, same position, 3 years apart…. Also 24 hours before Whitney was found, her daughter BK nearly drowned in the bathtub and rescued by family/team members. Her daughter was supposed to ‘go’ before her, so the money/estate couldn’t go to BK – but “they” messed up.


Didn’t Anna Nicole Smith and her son die under similar circumstances?


And also Brittany Murphy and her husband.


Peaches Geldof and her mother, Paula Yates both died of heroin overdoses with their youngest children at their sides.

Twin star

Makes me think of Brandon Lee’s death being so similar to his fathers- both were on the sets of Movies. Hollywood at it again…

Twin star

His father being Bruce Lee.

Twin star

I got ahead of myself- correction- Bruce Lee was not on a movie set like Brandon but- was working on. Film ironically called- Game of Death- while Brandon was killed on the set of the Crow.

Intelligent Divine

His father’s death was nothing like Brandons, your comparison is nonsense.


They were both shot on set. Bruce Lee survived and later died of cerebral edem but Brandon died from the gunshot. They were most likely sacrificed by order of the illuminati Li family for teaching Kung Fu to people who aren’t Chinese.


That is the same combination of drugs that killed River Phoenix. I’m not exaggerating.


I loved him in “I Love You to Death.” He was so talented, and it’s such a shame what happens to young people in the industry. They’re preyed upon and exploited. 1 John 2:15 sums it up perfectly. “Do not love the world. Anyone who loves the world does not have the love of the Father in him.” It will eat you up and spit you out.

Big Al

You are right. But there are more on this list: John Belushi, Chris Farley, Philip Seymour Hoffman…etc.


It happened to Peaches Geldof, too. What really stood out to me was the anti-anxiety meds. The coroner on Phoenix’s case said many didn’t realize he’d long been on anti-anxiety meds.

I know that industry workers die from overdoses, drug addicts follow certain paths to getting high but it’s odd how it’s almost the same combination, all of the time. Not just a Speedball, heroin, whatever; all of this combined with other drugs in almost the exact same way. It’s like there is a ring that introduces them to this stuff in a very, specific way. Or worse…


Raffles van exel is one of the drug dealers that distributes the drugs in hollyood.
He was the one that gave drugs to Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Whitney Houston.
Is incredible that these celebrities are given drugs at the same time, that their mind control (mk ultra) programming starts.

Intelligent Divine

Or maybe it’s like these are celebrities have real anxiety issues and self medicate with illegal drugs atop of thier doctor prescribed medication. The ring your speaking of is called going to a party and getting high, not being held accountable because the yes men they surround themselves with are on the celebrity’s payroll.


The Viper Room where co-founded/he died has some serious symbolism indoors. An inverted cross on one of the logos, one eyes painted on the walls, a sign that says “sell your soul for rock n roll”, there are other mentions of Satan in the “artwork” though i can’t recall what, it’s been a couple of years and I wasn’t paying enough attention then to really embed it in my memory specifically, just enough to have left me uneasy
An anagram for his name is “VIPER Heroin X” too (his family’s real last name is “Bottom”).


*Not that that’s surprising in Hollywood, but I thought others may find this of interest.


wait, I’m researching it and he wasn’t a co-founder – my fault. Probably more like a sacrifice for Johnny Depp. 🙁


wait I’m looking into this and he wasn’t a co-founder – my fault – probably rather a sacrifice for Johnny Depp. 🙁

J. Anthony

I still remember the video of Whitney surprising Brandy and Monica during an interview days before her death. Of course, her handler, Clive Davis was present too. Whitney passed Brandy a note, and Brandy’s face told me all I needed to know. Whitney kept saying, “I almost drowned,” and she was soak and wet while doing all of this. Of course, no one “noticed” this…


Clive Davis backwards spells” is a devil” minus the v & c .. the truth hidden in his name.


Rip Whitney and Bobbi Kristina.
Anyone knows what’s happening with Madonna, dressing up as a sad clown? She’s allegedly devastated losing the custody battle, but a clown? Very weird, I’m sure there is some mkultra reference here, I wonder if VC could look into that.


How disturbing! I can’t believe some of the evil that surrounds us in the world! No one should ever get away with murder!


Please write an article on the recent film London Has Fallen if you get the chance to see it.

No wool

I wanted to see that. Whats up with it that it needs an article?

Truth & Light

the fame & money are never worth it


Respect to your username! 🙂

Johnny Canuck

Were these Women doing the dog-paddle when they drowned? Who the heck dies face down in a bathtub? People are found floating in pools face down, but a bathtub????


By this point, Whitney’s days were clearly numbered when her handler Bobby did all those things that she mentioned on Oprah


The children of celebrities that sold their souls to the DEVIL usually have no choice whether or not they become part of the ILLUMINATI. In most cases, MK ULTRA/ILLUMINATI multi-personality disorder programming with amnesia blocks begin during the child’s most impressionate years, infancy to the age of 5 years old.
By the time of teen years, they simply don’t seem to know if they have been programmed or understand how deep the programming had gone. They soon discover that alternative (termination/self destruct) personalities have been implanted in their subconscious able to take over the body and mind triggered by various different codes, pictures, sounds and keys as simple as just a telephone ring or tone.


Poor kid, poor Mother, people think they made suicide… i do not belive in it. I still see her both en Concert in Poland, they looked so happy and she was proude with Bobbi, i hope they are in better place.


please, oh please write an article on “the minions: movie” if you have had a chance to see it.!


In June 2013, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, began resisting forced ILLUMINATI programming, she exposed in a Twit one of the secret retreats for Satanic Programming and indoctrination, the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple in Pacific Palisades, CA.
Paris said that she woke up to the ILLUMINATI when she was 12 years old, but her trauma based programming most likely began in infancy like her younger brother.


Lake Shrine is a pond that you can walk around with benches. That is all it is.
It was built by Yogananda who I don’t believe was or is (in death) affiliated with mind control.
He brought vegetarianism, yoga and mindfulness to the West. The first man with long hair in California. Not, I believe, a Luciferian or mind-controller. Lake Shrine, though small and uneventful, isn’t a bad place to sit under a tree for a little while and examine your thoughts. That’s really all it is.

Donn Swaby

Though I was happy to read too that Paris had woken up to the Illuminati and what they did to her dad, the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is NOT Satanic. The first reply to your comment states truthfully that the Shrine was created by a well known yogi, Yogananda Paramahansa. My wife and I and some of our friends go there every Easter because they have a non-denominational celebration (they recognize Jesus and several historical sages as being Divine Avatars). I would compare it to Agape Church, which is also non-denominational (not even “Christian”) The Shrine has a lovely pond with koi fish and turtles, a cascading waterfall, meditatation room, walking path, benches, and a gift shop. A portion of Ghandi’s ashes rests there, put there on August 20th (my birthday) 1955. It is one of my favorite quiet spots in Los Angeles.


You would be surprsied how pretty and artistic are th settings where mind control sessions and satanic initiations are being done in. Dont judge a book by its cover.


They got you and you don’t even realize it. Mind control hell of mind control trip. They make all so sweet and serene and innocent. Be careful my friend.


Bobby Brown sold Bobbi Kristina off into a Negro Rosicrucian Satanic Solar Circle that is a cell of a greater more powerful and ultra secret assemblage, the Ninth Satanic Circle.
Another child, that is on a very dangerous path is Willow Smith and i fear that poor kid is going to end really bad like Lindsay Lohan or Miley cyrus!


What we don’t say is how Bobby Brown is a victim in all this as well. Maybe Nick Gordon is taking the fall for this? Or is he part of it all, that’s my question.


The part about Bobby Brown painting eyes everywhere might have more to do with crack cocaine induced paranoia than illuminati mind control though.


Rip Whitney and Bobbi Kristina.
Anyone knows what’s happening with Madonna, dressing up as a sad clown? She’s allegedly devastated losing the custody battle, but a clown? Very weird, I’m sure there is some mkultra reference here, I wonder if VC could look into that.


Reminds me of that Anna Nicole Smith clown video & we know how things ended for her.



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