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What Happened to Whitney Houston?



What Happened to Whitney Houston?

What Happened to Whitney Houston?

As someone who grew up during the peak Whitney Houston’s career, witnessing her downfall and, yesterday, her untimely death, has been difficult. Blessed with arguably the biggest voice ever heard in the music industry and endowed with a fiery personality that matched it, Whitney was the archetype of the diva superstar. Her song I Will Always Love You is now the ultimate song for aspiring singers to showcase their talents. However, no matter who attempted to take on that on that song, they exposed themselves to the same comment: “Good, but not as good as Whitney”. She was the personification of pure, God-given talent.

Unfortunately, the saying “The higher they fly, the harder they fall” has applied to Whitney all too well. The young girl who got discovered while singing in a church choir and who went on to become most awarded female act of all-time descended into a fiery hell of drugs, abuse and trauma.  Upon learning about her death, I immediately recalled a particular interview that disturbed me. It was the lengthy interview she gave Oprah in 2009, where she described her drug usage and her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. While her words were unsettling, it was her entire demeanor that got to me. The diva personality was gone. The fire in her eyes was extinguished. She simply wasn’t the same person I saw during the 90’s. When she took the stage to sing her new single, the heavenly voice we expected to come out wasn’t there. It was as if her soul was sucked out of her.

Watching her discuss with Oprah, I kept asking myself: “What the hell happened to Whitney?” Most people would immediately reply “drugs”. She did go to a few treatment centers for celebrities. But I had the sick feeling that there was more to it. Her eyes betrayed deep psychological and even spiritual trauma. Marijuana and cocaine, the two drugs she admitted using, do not make people this way. Even if she did crack or whatever other drug, there was something else in her eyes and I felt that Whitney was holding back the true cause of her downfall. I asked myself: Was she under mind control? Was there an occult ritual, black magic or outright, literal selling of her soul involved there? Did her “contract with unseen forces expire”? Was Bobby Brown her handler?  This portion of Oprah’s interview particularly struck me and, when I first learned about her death, this automatically came to my mind:

Oprah: Did you think something was gonna happen in those drug-crazed, drug-filled days where you’re sitting for hours and days?

Whitney: There were times when he (Bobby Brown) would smash things, break things in the home. Glass. We had a big, big giant portrait of me and him and my child. He cut my head off the picture. Stuff like that. And I thought, “This is really strange.” So I figured, cutting my head off a picture, that was a little much for me. That was one sign.

And then there were other things like he started to paint in my bedroom eyes. Just eyes. Evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room.

Oprah: He started to paint on the walls?

Whitney: Yeah. The rugs. The walls. The closet doors. If I opened the door, there would be one picture. Then I’d close them and there would be another picture and eyes and faces. It was really strange. …

Oprah: What are you doing with all of that?

Whitney: I’m looking at it going, “Lord, what’s really going on here?” I was getting scared because I felt something was going to blow. Something was going to give.


Marijuana and cocaine can make people do crazy things, but this kind of behaviour was symptomatic of something a lot deeper. The cutting of one’s head and “evil eyes” are two obsessions of mind control victims (and/or spiritually disturbed people). Whatever the case may be, something awful happened to Whitney Houston in the years following her success. But what? What was Bobby Brown’s role? Difficult to say. In the same Oprah interview, Whitney described her mother’s attempts to rescue her.

Whitney: She said, “It’s not worth it.” She said: “If you move, Bobby, [the sheriff will] take you down. Don’t you make one move.” And he stood there like he was scared.

And she said: “Let’s go. Let’s do this. I’m not losing you to the world. I’m not losing you to Satan. I’m not doing this. I want my daughter back. I want you back. I want to see that glow in your eyes. That light in your eyes. I want to see the child I raised. And you weren’t raised like this. And I’m not having it. So you make a choice, and you make it here today because I have a court injunction that says you have to go.” …

– Ibid.

Now, the day before “music’s biggest night”, Whitney was found dead in strange circumstances (apparently drowned in her bathtub) at age 48. As usual, drugs were almost automatically mentioned as a cause of her death. However, as it was the case for Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and so many others, the investigation will probably be a long tedious process, full of vague statements and many contradictions. There are already reports of Whitney acting erratic in the hours before her death.

“First she first visited Brandy, Monica, and Clive Davis at rehearsals for the mogul’s pre-Grammys party, where a Los Angeles Times reporter described her as reeking of alcohol, “visibly bloated,” and “disheveled in mismatched clothes and hair that was dripping wet with either sweat or water.” According to the Times, when Houston wasn’t mugging and gesticulating wildly for Brandy and Monica — who were doing a media junket, as well as preparing a duet — she was alternately skipping around the lobby or “wandering aimlessly” around the Beverly Hills Hotel grounds. Reportedly, guests had even called security to report the singer doing handstands by the hotel pool.

Houston’s Thursday was about to get worse… way worse. That evening, she attended a party headlined by Kelly Price at the Tru nightclub in Hollywood. As she exited, seeming  intoxicated, photographers took close-ups of her legs, which appeared to be spotted with blood streaks, along with scratches on her wrists.”
– Yahoo! News, Whitney Houston’s Tumultuous Final Days

Despite her death at the fourth floor Beverly Hilton Hotel, the traditional pre-Grammy show, with its glamour and glitz, took place at the same location…while her body was still there. As they say in showbiz, “the show must go on”. The show will indeed go on and I’m somehow reticent to see the kind of tribute the industry music is reserving her. If Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse are any indication, those who fall off the grace of the industry do not get a proper tribute…but a celebration of their sacrifice.

Was Whitney’s death an actual sacrifice or simply the result of years of abuse? The same question applies to countless artists who died too soon and in bizarre circumstances.

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What Happened to Whitney Houston?

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Right before she died, I was thinking she was like THE ONLY singer who might be a Christian….not that im some super saint, because im know im not….hehe, but it was shocking to me!

Blame the Hubby


She was really unlike the others, she was kind and gracious, she had talent and was never ashamed of the name of Jesus!


I remembered who Whitney Houston was today. How much of a beautiful and loving soul she is. Not forgetting 'crazy Whitney'; the audacity of bringing MILLIONS of people to Church to worship all that is good and right no matter what your denomination or religious belief; to be filled to the brim with LOVE.

Thank you Whitney for reminding us that REAL MUSIC has the power to uplift, inspire and stir the soul. Thank you for reminding us who true musicians are. Stevie Wonder. Real music is about upliftment and veneration of the spirit. It has nothing to do with the degenerate artists and wannabes spearheading pop music today.

I always thought that Whitney was, in a way, older than her years, far too classy and did not belong to her generation of artists. That is because she belonged to the great tradition of musicians famous or unknown who just sang from the heart. She was not manufactured and ultimately transcended that which could not contain her, with love.

Thank you for everything Whitney!

Fly home babygirl. Nippy.

Love you always.

A x


Hello VC! I saw a very interesting episode of TV One's show "Unsung" about the life of Phyllis Hyman from 2008. Coincidentally, she was a Clive Davis Arista records "Diva" – until he discovered Whitney. Phyllis also died tragically (after struggling with cocaine and alcohol of an overdose) just before a scheduled performance. Also, just before her 46th birthday.


We really do feel the loss left by Whitney's passing. It should be noted, here with all due respect that the rich heritage of singing in the black/African community is centuries old. The depth of the deep spiritual voices coming from the black church create many Whitney Houstons, borne from centuries of struggle. In other words, Whitney is from a lineage of great voices. Mahalia Jackson could be seen as her spiritual predecessor. Mahalia had a powerful voice that could render tears from a rock. She is probably the most famous gospel singer produced by the black church. Few know of Mahalia (may she rest in peace) unless they were in the black community in the 60's. There were many great voices (Marian Anderson, etc.). Whitney was the voice of an era and her passing is tragic.


Did anyone see Whitney Houston the day of her death? Anyone other than her bodyguard and her Aunt/stylist? I can’t find any account of her being seen in public, which is strange be cause seems like everybody and their momma saw her Thursday and Friday before her death; and they’re all to eager to speak about her alleged erratic behavior on those days…but no one seems to have seen her in the hotel or otherwise the Saturday she died. This, along with the account of water pouring into the hotel guest’s room below her at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, and the fact that the coroner was requested to leave her body in the hotel until after midnight, speaks to some kind of ritual that required her to be dead on the premises for a certain length of time. I believe she had been dead since the early hours of Saturday morning. Also, her bodyguard noted that she was cold when he found her..hard to believe if she had only been in the tub of presumably warm water for an hour or less.


VC, thanx for the good work. Did any one realise that she dies in room 434. which when added together, comes upto 11?


Another "coincidence" her home she shared with Bobbi Brown was on the market in New Jersey for quite a while and wasn't selling, a few weeks before her death, they took it back off the market…I'm sure now that house may very well be worth a lot more money. Disgusted.


We must observe Bobbi Brown's carrer. Apparently, he has a record to promote. Let's also observe his daughter's career path.

I wonder if maybe Whitney wanted to tell something about what really went on with her life besides being guided to use drugs. I remember that before settling with Bobbi, there were rumors of her living with another woman as a couple. Now that is a common publicity stunt. I also wonder if Whitney got tired of what was required of her and wanted to stop complying. It's easier to manipulate someone on drugs and later is even easier to destroy this person's reputation due to the stigma of being an addict brings. Or could it be that her vintage hits and image will bring more money to "them" if she died young?

Whitney was given a talent from God but she opted for fame and showbiz. Unfortunately, those are other names for Evil. May her soul rest in peace!


Main word here evils, translates to Elvis (the beginning of the labels, the King, also one of the first monarch slaves)

Michael Jackson (King of Pop)

Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul), still pushes their agenda, so she's safe…for now

Prince (his name was his title, a Prince)

Madonna (the name of the "virgin Mary"), still pushing the agenda

Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), still pushing the agenda

Queen of the Night…and so on.

Bottom line is Whitney was a ritual sacrifice set-off to self-destruct on that day, at that time. Whether assisted by someone or not.

They are slaves to the industry which is run by dark forces.


I just want to add that we should all be praying for all these people. People sign contracts and/or their parents sign them on as sort of a "meal ticket". They are caught up in this stuff and know their time is short. Prayer does work and that's what Whitney would want too, I believe.


11 Feb is also a Roman Catholic feast day called 'Our Lady of Lourdes'


As I recall, Madonna's daughter's name is Lourdes.


nice observation! Bet not too many people figured that one out.


Your right, makes me wonder about all the other 'odd' names celebrities name their kid's.


Whitney was really unlike the others! I believe in all of the madness she lived in, God knew her heart, and He never forsakes her, I believe she’s in a better place now, but I’m not sure, no one can know but God.


That was very interesting I always knew that whitneys death was not all drug related

VC please do an artical about that naughty boy song lalala the whole vid is extremely puzzling especially the ending it looked as if the little boy was given to be sacrificed


Gotta see this vid — it will make you REALLY wonder:
"Whitney Houston WAS sacrificed — the best evidence for YOU to decide"


I actually don't believe Whitney was killed in any Supernatural way by the Illuminati. I'm not saying the people around her weren't agents of evil. Anyone pushing drugs has to be evil, knowing what it does to people. I believe Whitney had a habit that she couldn't control. That is what killed her. I had a dream around 1990 to do with Whitney and this powder compact she was putting on her face . It was so disturbing, I knew it was about the destruction Cocaine would bring to her life if she ever took it (at that time it was inconceivable for me to think she was using) I wrote an anonymous letter to the address on her back for Nippy Productions, telling my dream and that Cocaine would rob her of her voice and pride if she ever got into it. I didn't sign it because I didn't want them to think I was some kind of nutter.


Wow! That's deep. You have a gift.


Wow! Read this Vanity Fair article about Whitney's "demons", her "handlers" and other illuminated catch phrases!


Bobbie Christina in Oprah interview says Whitney prepared her for this, …"…she knew… that's how its gonna go…"


Someone mentioned Whitney's legs were straight up in the air when she "drowned" in the scroll down for a still shot from madonna's superbowl high priestess show – yup legs straight up in the air. seemed an odd dance move at the time but now…

jana teper

Did Whitney know about Gagas speech in 2011?


Rihana is th next one to sink


Some articles on human psychology&developmental patterns would be appreciated.

Positive research on the basic tools we can eventually use to change ourselves and to make a change in the world. (:

Courtney Scofield

I would advise you to go somewhere else to obtain such writings. This is not a restaurant, and nor is Vigilant Citizen your waiter/waitress.


“I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.’” This reminds me of a surreal scene in the movie, Tropic Thunder.. In the scene, Ben Stiller’s character, Tugg Speedman, was captured by thugs and residing inside the, “Flaming Dragon Compound”.. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s character, Les Grossman, was discussing the missing celeb, Tugg, and the topic shifted to Tugg being worth more dead than alive, and pitches a deal to Tugg’s manager, while doing a dance to some wild music. The look in Cruise’s eyes, the expressions on his face, coupled with his wild dancing when talking of this, “deal” was scary, almost like a deal with the devil moment.. Here is the particular scene: Les Grossman: Speedman is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. That’s physics. It’s inevitable. Studio Executive Rob Slolom: We’ve been handed an incredible opportunity here, Peck. Les Grossman: The universe… is talking to us right now. You just gotta listen. [turns on Flo Rider's "Low" and begins to dance to the beat] Les Grossman: See, this is the good part, Pecker. This is when the job gets fun! Ask… and you shall… Read more »

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