What Happened to Whitney Houston?


As someone who grew up during the peak Whitney Houston’s career, witnessing her downfall and, yesterday, her untimely death, has been difficult. Blessed with arguably the biggest voice ever heard in the music industry and endowed with a fiery personality that matched it, Whitney was the archetype of the diva superstar. Her song I Will Always Love You is now the ultimate song for aspiring singers to showcase their talents. However, no matter who attempted to take on that on that song, they exposed themselves to the same comment: “Good, but not as good as Whitney”. She was the personification of pure, God-given talent.

Unfortunately, the saying “The higher they fly, the harder they fall” has applied to Whitney all too well. The young girl who got discovered while singing in a church choir and who went on to become most awarded female act of all-time descended into a fiery hell of drugs, abuse and trauma.  Upon learning about her death, I immediately recalled a particular interview that disturbed me. It was the lengthy interview she gave Oprah in 2009, where she described her drug usage and her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. While her words were unsettling, it was her entire demeanor that got to me. The diva personality was gone. The fire in her eyes was extinguished. She simply wasn’t the same person I saw during the 90’s. When she took the stage to sing her new single, the heavenly voice we expected to come out wasn’t there. It was as if her soul was sucked out of her.

Watching her discuss with Oprah, I kept asking myself: “What the hell happened to Whitney?” Most people would immediately reply “drugs”. She did go to a few treatment centers for celebrities. But I had the sick feeling that there was more to it. Her eyes betrayed deep psychological and even spiritual trauma. Marijuana and cocaine, the two drugs she admitted using, do not make people this way. Even if she did crack or whatever other drug, there was something else in her eyes and I felt that Whitney was holding back the true cause of her downfall. I asked myself: Was she under mind control? Was there an occult ritual, black magic or outright, literal selling of her soul involved there? Did her “contract with unseen forces expire”? Was Bobby Brown her handler?  This portion of Oprah’s interview particularly struck me and, when I first learned about her death, this automatically came to my mind:

Oprah: Did you think something was gonna happen in those drug-crazed, drug-filled days where you’re sitting for hours and days?

Whitney: There were times when he (Bobby Brown) would smash things, break things in the home. Glass. We had a big, big giant portrait of me and him and my child. He cut my head off the picture. Stuff like that. And I thought, “This is really strange.” So I figured, cutting my head off a picture, that was a little much for me. That was one sign.

And then there were other things like he started to paint in my bedroom eyes. Just eyes. Evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room.

Oprah: He started to paint on the walls?

Whitney: Yeah. The rugs. The walls. The closet doors. If I opened the door, there would be one picture. Then I’d close them and there would be another picture and eyes and faces. It was really strange. …

Oprah: What are you doing with all of that?

Whitney: I’m looking at it going, “Lord, what’s really going on here?” I was getting scared because I felt something was going to blow. Something was going to give.


Marijuana and cocaine can make people do crazy things, but this kind of behaviour was symptomatic of something a lot deeper. The cutting of one’s head and “evil eyes” are two obsessions of mind control victims (and/or spiritually disturbed people). Whatever the case may be, something awful happened to Whitney Houston in the years following her success. But what? What was Bobby Brown’s role? Difficult to say. In the same Oprah interview, Whitney described her mother’s attempts to rescue her.

Whitney: She said, “It’s not worth it.” She said: “If you move, Bobby, [the sheriff will] take you down. Don’t you make one move.” And he stood there like he was scared.

And she said: “Let’s go. Let’s do this. I’m not losing you to the world. I’m not losing you to Satan. I’m not doing this. I want my daughter back. I want you back. I want to see that glow in your eyes. That light in your eyes. I want to see the child I raised. And you weren’t raised like this. And I’m not having it. So you make a choice, and you make it here today because I have a court injunction that says you have to go.” …

– Ibid.

Now, the day before “music’s biggest night”, Whitney was found dead in strange circumstances (apparently drowned in her bathtub) at age 48. As usual, drugs were almost automatically mentioned as a cause of her death. However, as it was the case for Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and so many others, the investigation will probably be a long tedious process, full of vague statements and many contradictions. There are already reports of Whitney acting erratic in the hours before her death.

“First she first visited Brandy, Monica, and Clive Davis at rehearsals for the mogul’s pre-Grammys party, where a Los Angeles Times reporter described her as reeking of alcohol, “visibly bloated,” and “disheveled in mismatched clothes and hair that was dripping wet with either sweat or water.” According to the Times, when Houston wasn’t mugging and gesticulating wildly for Brandy and Monica — who were doing a media junket, as well as preparing a duet — she was alternately skipping around the lobby or “wandering aimlessly” around the Beverly Hills Hotel grounds. Reportedly, guests had even called security to report the singer doing handstands by the hotel pool.

Houston’s Thursday was about to get worse… way worse. That evening, she attended a party headlined by Kelly Price at the Tru nightclub in Hollywood. As she exited, seeming  intoxicated, photographers took close-ups of her legs, which appeared to be spotted with blood streaks, along with scratches on her wrists.”
– Yahoo! News, Whitney Houston’s Tumultuous Final Days

Despite her death at the fourth floor Beverly Hilton Hotel, the traditional pre-Grammy show, with its glamour and glitz, took place at the same location…while her body was still there. As they say in showbiz, “the show must go on”. The show will indeed go on and I’m somehow reticent to see the kind of tribute the industry music is reserving her. If Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse are any indication, those who fall off the grace of the industry do not get a proper tribute…but a celebration of their sacrifice.

Was Whitney’s death an actual sacrifice or simply the result of years of abuse? The same question applies to countless artists who died too soon and in bizarre circumstances.



  1. Whitney was really unlike the others! I believe in all of the madness she lived in, God knew her heart, and He never forsakes her, I believe she’s in a better place now, but I’m not sure, no one can know but God.

  2. Right before she died, I was thinking she was like THE ONLY singer who might be a Christian….not that im some super saint, because im know im not….hehe, but it was shocking to me!

    Blame the Hubby

    • She was really unlike the others, she was kind and gracious, she had talent and was never ashamed of the name of Jesus!

  3. Hello VC! I saw a very interesting episode of TV One's show "Unsung" about the life of Phyllis Hyman from 2008. Coincidentally, she was a Clive Davis Arista records "Diva" – until he discovered Whitney. Phyllis also died tragically (after struggling with cocaine and alcohol of an overdose) just before a scheduled performance. Also, just before her 46th birthday.

  4. That was very interesting I always knew that whitneys death was not all drug related

    VC please do an artical about that naughty boy song lalala the whole vid is extremely puzzling especially the ending it looked as if the little boy was given to be sacrificed

  5. I actually don't believe Whitney was killed in any Supernatural way by the Illuminati. I'm not saying the people around her weren't agents of evil. Anyone pushing drugs has to be evil, knowing what it does to people. I believe Whitney had a habit that she couldn't control. That is what killed her. I had a dream around 1990 to do with Whitney and this powder compact she was putting on her face . It was so disturbing, I knew it was about the destruction Cocaine would bring to her life if she ever took it (at that time it was inconceivable for me to think she was using) I wrote an anonymous letter to the address on her back for Nippy Productions, telling my dream and that Cocaine would rob her of her voice and pride if she ever got into it. I didn't sign it because I didn't want them to think I was some kind of nutter.

  6. Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson have poor vocal technique. This why Keys sang the anthem so slow (so she could take a breath in between almost every word, including the last one, which is for the most part a no-no in vocal teaching). They both felt the need to embellish tastelessly to cover up their vocal faults (they know that the general public is ignorant about the voice). Jennifer Hudson, after the introduction by the Sandy Hook Choir, entered the song for al least two measures singing sharp (the opposite of singing flat which is too low, 'sharp' is too high … just listen). One or both singers may already be developing vocal problems (nodules, polyps or vocal chord edema/swelling). They know this and much of their 'artistic' performance is to cover this up. Singing falsetto during the crescendo notes reveals a lack of coordination of the basic 3 or 4 vocal registers. They are basically 'cover up' artists and must make their millions quickly before their voices deteriorate either through bad technique, drugs (in the case of Whitney Houston who also had an underdeveloped falsetto), or emotional problems, all of which effect the voice. If you want to hear great voices, listen to Richard Tucker, Lucianno Pavorotti, or Ben Hepner. Tony Bennett is also an example of a singer who uses the voice well. This also includes Michael Buble. Mariah Carey and Taylor Dane are examples of those who have learned well, and also learned from their mistakes. As for Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson they need to relearn how to sing because they just do not sing well.

  7. I believe they killed my Whitney! I grew up really loving this woman, as a child of the

    70's and 80's. I heard the news and my heart broke when my daughter told me! I really

    thought to myself at that instant, they killed her! Whitney may have used drugs at one

    time in her life, but I seriously doubt that was her cause of death! I think Whitney knew

    she was marked, like Micheal Jackson kept telling Dick Greggory, "They are trying to kill

    me". I think Amy knew too! Their has been evidence that Whitney at one time was

    involved in the Luminati Hollywood organization of Hlooywood, as a large majority of

    today's celebs are involved in. Look at the whole movie "The bodyguard", lot's of

    symbols and her "How will I know video" with the masonic checkered floor. Look at her interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney outs Clive Davis! Clive is one of the biggest Satan worshippers in Hollywood! Amy did not want to be involved in that circle, Michael spilled the beans on how evil and Devilish the business is, they killed these very talented celebs and many others. The illuminati is real and if you know to much info, and try to leave they will kill you! Britney was so tired of dealing them, she went and shaved off her hair and said many

    of times to the people inside the hair shop, " I 'm tired of people touching me", why don't they leave me alone! She wasn't crazy, she was scared and had enough! People wake up! "Satan is walking the earth like a lion, going about the earth to see whom he can consume", says is the Lord Jesus. These celebs are either forced to go along with this deal or your career does not get very far at all! They took the deal and they woke up and wanted out! Thank God Whitney came back to Jesus and now she rests with Jesus! I can't stop crying everytime I

    see her video's or hear her singing! I love me some Whitney, Micheal Jackson and Amy!

    Look at Bob Dylan's interview with 60's mintue reporter " Ed Bradley", he confesses to

    selling his soul to Satan for fame and fortune, a long time ago! Go to youtube.com

  8. No amount of debate can bring Whitney back, and no one will probably ever have a completely factual account of how Whitney died or who was involved. I think anyone who is angered by her death should stop speculating and start holding Hollywood accountable. They have destroyed many lives in their Satanic quest– through drugs, r**e, torture, blackmail and murder, to name a few. We need to send a message to them. Tell them to keep Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Madonna and all their other Satanic puppets who are trying to push an occult world on us. All you have to do is call garbage out and it will run away. The last thing they want is to have their secrets called out. I think it's time we start doing just that.

  9. Bobbie Christina in Oprah interview says Whitney prepared her for this, …"…she knew… that's how its gonna go…"

  10. Did anyone see Whitney Houston the day of her death? Anyone other than her bodyguard and her Aunt/stylist? I can’t find any account of her being seen in public, which is strange be cause seems like everybody and their momma saw her Thursday and Friday before her death; and they’re all to eager to speak about her alleged erratic behavior on those days…but no one seems to have seen her in the hotel or otherwise the Saturday she died. This, along with the account of water pouring into the hotel guest’s room below her at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, and the fact that the coroner was requested to leave her body in the hotel until after midnight, speaks to some kind of ritual that required her to be dead on the premises for a certain length of time. I believe she had been dead since the early hours of Saturday morning. Also, her bodyguard noted that she was cold when he found her..hard to believe if she had only been in the tub of presumably warm water for an hour or less.

  11. We really do feel the loss left by Whitney's passing. It should be noted, here with all due respect that the rich heritage of singing in the black/African community is centuries old. The depth of the deep spiritual voices coming from the black church create many Whitney Houstons, borne from centuries of struggle. In other words, Whitney is from a lineage of great voices. Mahalia Jackson could be seen as her spiritual predecessor. Mahalia had a powerful voice that could render tears from a rock. She is probably the most famous gospel singer produced by the black church. Few know of Mahalia (may she rest in peace) unless they were in the black community in the 60's. There were many great voices (Marian Anderson, etc.). Whitney was the voice of an era and her passing is tragic.

  12. Some articles on human psychology&developmental patterns would be appreciated.

    Positive research on the basic tools we can eventually use to change ourselves and to make a change in the world. (:

    • I would advise you to go somewhere else to obtain such writings. This is not a restaurant, and nor is Vigilant Citizen your waiter/waitress.

  13. Another "coincidence" her home she shared with Bobbi Brown was on the market in New Jersey for quite a while and wasn't selling, a few weeks before her death, they took it back off the market…I'm sure now that house may very well be worth a lot more money. Disgusted.

  14. “I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.’”

    This reminds me of a surreal scene in the movie, Tropic Thunder..

    In the scene, Ben Stiller’s character, Tugg Speedman, was captured by thugs and residing inside the, “Flaming Dragon Compound”..

    Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s character, Les Grossman, was discussing the missing celeb, Tugg, and the topic shifted to Tugg being worth more dead than alive, and pitches a deal to Tugg’s manager, while doing a dance to some wild music. The look in Cruise’s eyes, the expressions on his face, coupled with his wild dancing when talking of this, “deal” was scary, almost like a deal with the devil moment..

    Here is the particular scene:

    Les Grossman: Speedman is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. That’s physics. It’s inevitable.

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: We’ve been handed an incredible opportunity here, Peck.

    Les Grossman: The universe… is talking to us right now. You just gotta listen.

    [turns on Flo Rider's "Low" and begins to dance to the beat]

    Les Grossman: See, this is the good part, Pecker. This is when the job gets fun! Ask… and you shall receive!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: [dancing along] Right…

    Les Grossman: You play ball… we play ball. I knoowwww… you want the goodies!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Welcome to the goodie room!

    Les Grossman: You paying attention? I’m talking… G5, Pecker! That’s how you can roll. No more frequent flyer b***h miles for my boy! Oh yeah! Playa… playa! Big dick playa!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Swinging past ya knees!

    Les Grossman: Big dick, baby!

    Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Yep.

    Les Grossman: [turns off the music] Or… you can grow a conscience in the next five minutes and see where that takes you.

    Rick Peck: Let me get this straight. You want me to let my client of 15 years, one of my best friends, die in the jungle alone, for some money and a G5?

    Les Grossman: Yes.

    Rick Peck: [pause] A G5 airplane?

    Les Grossman: [whispering] Yes… and lots of money… playaaaa!

    [turns on the music and dances again]


    Maybe Randy Quaid is not far off after all, when he mentioned, “Star Wackers”, Google it and him for the details..

    I found the Growing Pains star, Josh Andrew Koenig’s, aka “Boner”, suicide very strange as well, if it really was a suicide..

    Apart from celeb deaths, Google the mysterious case of Rebecca Nalepa, and how the media started to dig into the mysterious death (Dr. Phil even got involved) until a story about Natalie Wood’s mysterious death came out of nowhere (great timing, Illuminati, you scum bags!) and pushed Rebecca’s story out of the way and finally Wood’s news dropped off the radar and of course, Rebecca’s death vanished.

    If you examine the patterns in national/world news, you begin to notice trends, stories which “they” want buried become buried by distraction, usually related stories they dig up from the past but they have many methods of buring unfavorable stories..

    When the world is dominated by secretive intelligence agencies, when they’ve bragged time and time again about owning all of the media in their country, when content is tightly controlled and dissenters suddenly go mute or disappear, how can we have any faith in celebs being any more than carefully managed pawns/drones with dope piled on by an operative in their life to corrupt them..

  15. I knew there was something weird about her death . It makes no sense for another big old school singer to die before some big awards . Then all that devil ish they were doing at the awards made it seem worst . Plus they bearly said anything about her . Basically it seemed like they didn't do anything to change the program , they just said a few things about her here & there in the show .

  16. That "Medusa head" is not snakes at all, but represents an octopus, just like the so-called "snake skirt" of the Aztec? goddess Coatlique, and the 8-limbed Hindu goddess of destruction Kali, and even the huge skirt of the headhunting witch "Mombi" in "Return to Oz"—all these goddesses associated with multiple snakes & limbs, and necklaces of human hearts & heads like Aphrodite—all represent the Female Kraken, which is Lucifer, collector of human heads & hearts because they believe they contain human souls.

    Hard to believe, I know, but please consider it.

  17. Some of Whitney's wardrobe from The Bodyguard are already being set to be auctioned off at the end of March, with some things from other celebrities too. They say they were planning it a long time.

  18. My big question is why did it take her entourage so long to check the bathroom? Why did whitney have perscription medication in her possession, while she was getting ready for the weeks upto the 'music's biggest night' ?? And as if jennifer hudsen just randomly got up on stage and preformed whitney's biggest hit without preperation…???

    There are alot of what if's & at the end of the day us mere mortal people will never know the real truth.

  19. Its SO MUCH I wanna say, but I know I HAVE to be careful HOW I say it because I LOVE this site. But in my opinion, what U just described was a person who was HIGH AS HELIUM!! Heavy sweating, acting all crazy skipping&singing down the hallways, not really making since, YEAH Whitney was HIGH then & possibly tipsy too. This was NOTHING new for her at that point. The part I HATE the most is that apparently there was no one who TRULY loved her. EVERYONE in her so called entourage HAD to know she was getting high like that (aint NO WAY she scored it by herself)& yet no one intervened to save her (not even her innermost self). ALL OF THEM living good off her sucess.. That's what hurts the most to me… NO ONE faught for her!!

  20. After looking at everything, i must say it all points to something. And, honestly, I believe that

    if Whitney was sacrificed, she knew she would be. I believe it's possible that she KNEW beforehand, and acted erratically to garner awareness to herself and the impending situation. Think about it, if she KNEW and continued to behave normal all grammy weekend, no one would question or suspect anything outside of a "normal, but sudden" death. Maybe she knew that by raising awareness (i.e. passing a note to brandy, "swimming" alot", singing "jesus loves me"), she would be alerting people to pay ATTENTION to what was really about to happen

  21. "After reading this article, I guess that starts are immortal and if they die, it's surely because of the illuminatis and stuffs. Also, I think that infact, no one is suppose to die, it's all the fault of the illuminatis and stuffs. ALL IS THEIR FAULT! NOBODY IS SUPPOSE TO DIE! WE ARE IMMORTAL YEAH!"

    Common guys, everybody was born to die one day so….I don't see what's strange in that. There are people who died even younger than all those stars, and the illuminatis and stuffs did nothing. So we'll not blame them everytime that a star dies.

  22. I've been reading your thoughts on Whitney Houston, and I think you may have missed something significant from Houston's past. That would be The Body Guard, and its ties to the movie Metropolis, which you have discussed on this site. The movie makes a deliberate reference to Metropolis very early on. Houston's character is filming a music video for a song called "Queen of the Night", and she's wearing something that would belong in the "transhumanism" category, suggesting she was doing it well before the likes of Beyonce and Rhianna. There is also a scene where Kevin Costnor's character is walking around the set, and past a statue of Maria from Metropolis. Even the poster of the movie has him carrying Houston while she is wearing that costume, although her face is oddly obscured. Is it a coincidence that Costnor spoke at Houston's funeral, and that he spoke in length of making The Body Guard?

  23. Have yet to see this mentioned, but it’s one of the first things I thought of when I heard about Whitney’s passing… That being it made me think of the report “Lady Gaga Bathes in Human Blood; Meets with Freemasons Says London Concierge” VC did an article not to long ago on here, but the exclusive interview with the maid and story can be read here


    Anyway, I was trying to track down the exact date she stayed and even what floor, though that’s tough to figure out. I think the date could have been on, or at least around 7/11/11 though. Also, the whole date of 2/11/2012 interestingly enough the dates add up to correlate to 7/9/11 range. Most know by now these sicko’s like the number games, as it means so much to them to have things carried out on specific dates and times.

    7/11= 9
    7/11/11= 11
    7/11/2011= 13 which = 4 which = 1111

    7 months later…In the land of 77 OZ… The ultimate Illuminati movie and 14 Books.

    2/11= 4 = 1111
    2/11/12= 7

    Whitney was 48= 12 = 3
    Now just picture that 3 sided Pyramid and Pop an Eye in there! Now poke that damn eye out! 🙂

    Anyway far reaching here? That’s for you to decide. I am just seeing what I see… Just remember what GI Joe told ya kids “Knowing Is Half The Battle”… Well at least that was about right. Btw, nice GI Joe article VC. Keep up the great work. Much love peeps!

  24. Whitney's Movie the bodyguard [forgive me if this has been discussed already] smacks of an initiation – especially the scene when she is hooded and takes it off to reveal the Isis like futuristic costume then Kevin has to save her from the crowd on the checkered floor – her home has the pillars of some Grecian or Roman temple with checkered floors in fight scenes between Kevin and her other guard later that night – establishing his autonomy over her and her willingness to relent thereafter in the movie…She is singing the "Queen of the Night" when Kevin saves her…Not so different from what we have seen the last few weeks only milder.

  25. I remembered who Whitney Houston was today. How much of a beautiful and loving soul she is. Not forgetting 'crazy Whitney'; the audacity of bringing MILLIONS of people to Church to worship all that is good and right no matter what your denomination or religious belief; to be filled to the brim with LOVE.

    Thank you Whitney for reminding us that REAL MUSIC has the power to uplift, inspire and stir the soul. Thank you for reminding us who true musicians are. Stevie Wonder. Real music is about upliftment and veneration of the spirit. It has nothing to do with the degenerate artists and wannabes spearheading pop music today.

    I always thought that Whitney was, in a way, older than her years, far too classy and did not belong to her generation of artists. That is because she belonged to the great tradition of musicians famous or unknown who just sang from the heart. She was not manufactured and ultimately transcended that which could not contain her, with love.

    Thank you for everything Whitney!

    Fly home babygirl. Nippy.

    Love you always.

    A x

  26. Whitney Co-wrote "Queen of the Night" meaning she had already married the Black Knight( I'm not speaking racially meaning a African American Male), when a person writes or sings lyrics they composed, usually it's a soul confessing, what the tongue sometimes wouldn't dare to speak, or in other cases the spirit that's controlling or intertwined with a soul dictating .. The Knight would never chose Madonna or Lady Gaga and forever more their life will exist of being Peons, Slave Workers or the Evil Enchantresses similar to tale of Sleeping Beauty…

    In 1985 a pact was made and Satan and his demons used every weak vessel and avenue to warn, that he was coming to claim the soul which was promised in 85…Hence, Whitney knowing her time was up…

  27. I am watching ABC good morning america on saturday, the morning of whitney’s funeral.

    they keep promoting whitney, then flashing to a monarch butterfly segment they are going to show as well. they just keep showing hundreds of butterflies on a tree.

    um, coincidence?!?!?!?!!? it is freaking me out. how random that on this morning they are showing a monarch butterfly segment. I’m thinking not.

  28. Didn't Rihanna get beat up by Chris Brown the day of the 2009 Grammy's, too? What a weird coincidence that two black female industry artists are caused bodily harm, in the case of Whitney death, the day of the Grammy's. I also find it strange that both have partners whose last names are Brown. Both incidents happened 3 years apart. And Whitney just so happnes to die in 2012, a year of monumental significance to many, i.e. end of the world, shift in social consciousness, etc.? Maybe I'm piecing things together that shouldn't be, but I think I see a pattern….a ritual sacrafice pattern? Maybe…I don't know.

  29. Another victim in Whitney Houston may have fallen to the illuminati and their devices which definitely assures me that when one gives in, he or she is suppose to live up to the evil standards of the illuminati.

    After all, "once you get in, you never come back out alive" because when you do, unfortunate events will happen to you.

    Therefore this truly shows how the illuminati wants people to do their evil biddings and promote their brand to the world of the many unknowing fans of their "stars" and that they can't say no because they have to serve willingly without defiance.

    Well what more could I say, the show must go on though because the illuminati is done with her like the others and moving on to their current crop of enslaved celebrities like Lady Gaga.

    But about Whitney Houston, its so unfortunate that a prospect of her calibre in music would end up giving in to the dark deeds of the hidden New World Order. She would have been an awesome singer if the drugs and negativity had not gotten in the way of her angelic voice and astoundingly successful career.

    Like all her fans here wishing her well, may she rest in peace.

  30. @Grrl: I stated my facts where are yours. Interesting how black Christians always attack people who exposed them to facts then resort to emotional name calling about people who don't know or care about them. I did NOT degrade their art as a matter of fact I acknowledged it, like I said before just because someone is talented does not mean they're religious. "Show some respect" written by the name calling black Christian. For some reason your kind believe they have some imaginary authority over people they don't know. This is a free country, with free speech and mine happens to have facts. Yours–NONE. Your name calling will not detract from my statement–typical hypocrite who is emotionally blind to the music industry because some songs give you a temporary "feel-good" moment. You're such as blind stereotype (look at your username) it's laughable and contemptable at the same time. Get over yourself and actually read a book.

    p.s.: that's one way to get facts!

  31. From a comment on TMZ

    "j: 12 hours ago

    Just thought about this too: added to the mix…Ray J dating Whitney fits in here too, because of the Kim Kardashian connection….it is all kind of gross…How weird these people all inter-twine…and Kim was at the Hilton Party when Whitneys body is upstairs…

    add to my earlier comment:

    Creepy death connection six degrees of Whitney H (dead unknown how)…Mom Cissy H…background vocals Elvis P (dead drugs/heart attack)…Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson…once married to Bruce Jenner…now Kim Kardashian stepdad…now married to Kris Jenner…once married to R Kardashian (dead /cancer)Lawyer to OJSimpson…Johnnie Cochran(dead/brain tumor) was his lawyer as well as Michael Jacksons (dead/drugs…longtime friends with Whitney….Michael once married to Elvis Daughter Lisa Marie…Full circle?

    One demon chasing them all around?

    What kind of creepy and dead connections can you create that I am not yet seeing?"

    • Holy crap that is freaky!

      Wonder if they all get it on with each other. People say the movie "Eye's Wide Shut" is true. That satanic rituals are all about sex, drugs, sacrifices, etc. It makes sense that it happens.

  32. I cry every day since saturday. I still can't Believe it. they killed her. they did it again. '' According to our sources, friends of Bobbi Kristina tried knocking on her door repeatedly Friday night … but she didn't answer. We're told they called security to get them to unlock the door and help them get Bobbi out of the tub. Our sources say it happened on the same floor of the hotel where Whitney would be found dead the next day. We're told the room Bobbi Kristina was in was booked under Whitney's name. (TMZ)'' They did it again!!! I am devastated.

    She said to her daughter once ''Trust me that I trust in God'' Why God? Why did you allow this? WHY? i'm losing my faith in everything. I think I can't stand this anymore. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me it's april fools day. She can't be dead. why God? She has a great soul, great heart, good mother, good person, good daughter, strong woman. WHY??

    • You're absolutely right to feel frustrated by Houston's death. However, there are thousands who pass way each day and many of them are very young and less privileged than her. You ought to get it into some kind of perspective.

    • God didn't do it, but he also gave us free will. Jesus came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly John 10:10

      I do agree that Whitney's death and announcements and changes in announcements surrounding her death had made me suspicious. I think she was crying out for help at the end, maybe even trying to fight, in some way, what was going on. I'm glad she turned to the Lord. I pray the truth comes out and the dark forces in the industry are exposed.

      She was beautiful. The light in her was Jesus. Both she and Michael Jackson gave us fun, care free, and love music. The way they went out, with the world left to believe they were drug addicted, crazy, and paranoid, should not have happened with those two. They were in the industry and surrounded by people who had been in the industry for decades. Who knows what they saw and what the old timers told them about the industry. If Chaka Khan knew, don't you think they knew? MJ was trying to tell the world about the industry at the end.

      Michael and Whitney weren't entertainers. They were ARTISTS.


  33. Whitney's death is a wake up call of the evil in the industry. The public are not so gullible as before. People do not just die of an overdose, especially addicts. There are so many variables. If Whitney had such a bad past, she would have had an overdose at the peak of her drug use, years ago. The industry rids itself of entertainers who won't go along with the program, or the financiers, like banks that foreclose, want their investment back on performers.

    I am tired of the so called "drug overdose in hotel" deaths of enormously talented artists: Lenny Bruce, Hank Williams, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Prinze, Elvis, John Belushi, Michael Jackson, Phyllis Hyman, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and now Whitney. Previously, it was airplane crashes that was a high risk for entertainers including: Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin (car crash), the band Lynard Skynard, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Aaliyah, Otis Redding, and John Denver. We must not forget two blatent murders by gunshot: John Lennon and TuPac, two of the most powerful, and peaceful, voices who could influence millions.

  34. I cant wait for VC’s article on the Grammy’s It was sooooo much occult activity and symbols from Nicki Minaj to the Michey mouse ears the people were wearing on stage.

  35. Whitney Houston was given a gift of her voice. Nobody MADE her go the wrong way with it. You people are making her out to be a saint when in reality she gladly dove into the drugs and party life. Proud to be a "cougar". Bobby Brown was much younger than her when they met….and the latest guy she was chasing was half her age also. She said in the Diane Sawyer interview she was "too rich" to do "crack". In Oprah's interview she said she laced her joints with "rock coke"…Newsflash…that IS crack.

    She bought her underage daugher booze. In "Being Bobby Brown" she closed her daughter out of the bedroom while announcing her and Bobby was "going to make a baby". Subjected her daughter to things a child should never have to see. No wonder the child at 15 attempted suicide and has gone into the party world herself now.

    There was no "rehab" for Whitney….she said on Oprah she went into a rehab where she could take her daughter with her. Bull….it was a house she rented and SHE called it "rehab".

    She was an unfit mother. Into the party life and leading her daughter there as well.

    To the person who wrote Rihanna was mumbling something while Adele won. Yeah she was and she was also sitting down while the whole place was giving Adele a standing ovation. It was not a "ritual" or "spell"….it was just rude and disrespectful.

    Truth is the "industry" is all about money. Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney, etc…all died because they did drugs and were irrisponsible. If there is any conspiracy here, it's that an industry helped them reach fame. That industry also depended on the money generated from their fame. We all remember Elvis's last concert…fat and sweating. His insistance on being in the spotlight and his obvious unrealistic, drug mind thought he was still at his prime. The industry who helped build him knew he wasn't…but he had the control. Same with Micheal and his "this is it" tour that everyone knew he was no longer able to fulfill. Bottom line here is if there is any conspiracy….it's that if we help you attain fame and you insist on throwing it away on drugs…..we'll let you destroy yourself……but you will not destroy the industry and the people who helped you get there. If you want to go broke on drugs…go right ahead….but you will not destroy all the people who stood behind you and helped you get there….who now depend on that income and are not throwing it away on partying and drugs.

    They will not let you go out into public and show the world what a loser you became and bring a halt to proceeds alot of people depend on who helped you get that fame.

    The entertainment business if built on sex. Sex sells. There is no ritualistic transformation an artist must achieve…..just willing to give up their morals and do what sells. Those who do…would have done it in the real world also…..had they never been a star.

    Madonna had no talent….she got fame from her religious attacks….. and she is still doing it. Now Nicki Minaj is doing it. This is not a illuminati or occult move….it's Hollywood and the music industry know's what sells.

    Unfortunately the one's who end up golden don't appreciate their fame. Like Whitney told Oprah…she had traveled the world with Bobby and done everything….what else was there to do. She got bigger than herself and did not appreciate anything…even the people who got her there…not even the fans. In the end she lost her money and her voice from her selfish choices. THAT is GOD at work.

    When Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand end up dead in a tub…then I'll believe this occult conspiracy…..until then I see people God blessed threw it away because the bad and wild life was more fun. THEY made that choice and many stars don't.

    To uphold them and call them victim IS occult.

    • Yes, sex sells and the industry is about money. But that's NOT mutually exclusive with the theory/fact (depends on your belief) that there is an occult aspect to all this.

      I am not an addict, but I don't sit here judging everyone for being so "stupid" to use drugs in the first place. I have since learned that alot of hardcore drug addicts have serious traumas in their life that they are trying to medicate.

    • You really don't know that "It was not a “ritual” or “spell”….it was just rude and disrespectful."

      Do you read lips or know her personally?

  36. some people were talking about the blue color, in Apocalypto, the human sacrifice for Kukulkan – the god of the sun (Maya) who is a serpent were painted with blue color before being killed!

    in Whitney's case, i think Hudson will take her place, last year's Grammys, Hudson won best R&B and Whitney was the one who gave her the award, and she whispered something in Hudson's ear, in this year, Hudson sang the tribute!

  37. in Whitney's case, i think Hudson will take her place, last year's Grammy, Hudson won best R&B and Whitney was the one who gave her the award, and she whispered something in Hudson's ear, in this year, Hudson sang the tribute!

    some people were talking about the blue color, in Apocalypto, the human sacrifice for Kukulkan – the god of the sun (Maya) who is a serpent were painted with blue color before being killed!

  38. Has anyone seen the article (video) about how HLN host Nancy Grace made these comments about how Whitney Houston's death may have been murder on The View. Well. the corporate mass media (including Barbara Walters) which is most likely owned by the Illuminati elite were outraged and attacked her on the news just for merely speculating that the autopsy report might show that it was a murder. It's so obvious how mass media covers up for these people and discourages the average viewer to even speculate there was foul play in Whitney's murder. Thankfully, Nancy Grace continues to defend the controversial comments she recently made regarding the death of superstar Whitney Houston. You could see the video in the link below.


  39. I am just going to point to a list of facts 

    Fact 1- The occult mega ritual performed on that Sunday was incomplete. Ancient ceremonies were always sealed with a sacrifice. Whitney was killed on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath, concluding the week of that  horrific Super Bowl black mass. If you watch the performance, you will see an "M" on the floor for Madonna but I argue that it was a "W" for Whitney. Further, the following day marked Queen Elizabeth ll diamond anniversary. Madge's performance (queen of the industry) was saturated with diamond images, AND, due to the lapse in time, would have been aired in England Monday early in the morning, the day of Elizabeth's anniversary, as opposed to Sunday night. And we all know Madge's ties to England! I believe Whitney was the sacrifice for this ritual which concluded Elizabeth's anniversary week. The Grammy's adds extra symbolism in that it is the post-ritual-sacrifice 'celebration' which took place in ancient times. First the priestess performs the rights and rituals at the beginning of the week (Superbowl ) then you perform the sacrifice (Whitney)  lastly you celebrate the appeasement of the gods with music and entertainment (the Grammys). 

    Fact 2- It was Brandy and Michael Jackson Jr's birthday. I will briefly address the latter before going more in depth with the former. 

    Remember when Heath Ledger was found dead in Mary Kate Olsen's apt? Many truth seekers have conjectured that it was a 'hidden in plain sight' moment where the initials MK for Olsen were a sign pointing to mk-ultra. Well, with Whitney dying on Prince Michael's birthday, I feel this is a sign too, pointing to MJ's ritual sacrifice and alerting those in the 'know' who/what was really responsible. Now, onto Brandy…

    When Brandy first came out, Whitney Houston was very jealous and thought she was being dethroned. Though vocally and stylistically they were very  different, it was clear that Brandy was becoming a new rising star, and representing a new generation (especially with Disney's help) while Whitney was seen as older and catering to more mature audiences, no longer a young pop/r&b diva.

    They made a Disney/ABC movie together where Whitney played fairy godmother to Brandy's Cinderella and eventually the two developed a real life mentoring friendship. (It should be noted that the same dynamic happened between Whitney and Diana Ross… Ross feeling upstaged by the new rising star in Houston. Brandy and Ross made a film together as well.)

    Brandy, in the mid-late 90s was HUGE. Like other Disney stars who had their own alter ego show (Moesha, Hannah Montana, etc) she often struggled to find real identity and struggled with serious anorexia like the rest of them as well as bad relationships. Mind control? 

    In these last years, Brandy has remained obscure. She was involved in a car accident that killed a 38 year old man, but was never arrested. Hmm…

    As far as the Glitter/Sparkle/Dream Girls connection goes, connections here are exhaustive. Diana Ross, (drugs and anorexia) was Queen Bee #1 and the inspiration for Sparkle which was the inspiration for Dream Girls. Mariah sought to make a modernized version called Glitter but as many have pointed out, she had her mind control melt down that year and the movie tanked. Whitney was going to make Sparkle with Aaliyah but we all know what happened to her…  Thus what we got was Beyonce and HUDSON in Dream Girls ten years later, a role which sealed Hudson as a star, won her an Oscar, and with the sacrifice of her mother (Kanye style) she really blew up and is now the voice of the new r&b diva… 

    It is no coincidence then, that Whitney would be killed on Brandy's birthday as she is set for a comeback. Ray-J, her brother, dated Houston briefly and somehow got into the picture again in the last few weeks of Houston's life and was with her the evening she died. 

    I don't believe Bobby Brown was her handler. Handlers are usually balanced people, they have to be. She was on drugs before they met, anyway. And since he was in the boy band New Edition before becoming a solo artist, I believe he too ( like Houston) were under mind control, hence his 'bipolar' disorder, substance abuse, domestic violence, and eye-drawings. Can we say mind control meltdown? 

    Ray-J on the other hand, if not a handler, has some sort of role to play. After all, for someone who doesn't have a defined career, he lives very large. Someone mentioned earlier that he deals drugs to the stars. He was definitely involved in this to some degree…. After all, he initiated Kim Kardashian.

    Fact 3- This was definitely a planned 'hit.' It is no coincidence that Bobby Kristina Brown was found in the bathtub on Friday evening. She was checked-in under her mother's name though in a diff hotel room. Whoever the perpetrator was, they went to the wrong room Friday night! Thus the attempt on the following evening and success. Poor Bobbi Kristina has been suffering from anxiety attacks and will see her mother's body for the first time tomorrow. 

    Fact 4- Gaga. Someone pointed out that Born This Way came out on February 11, and that Gaga eerily mentioned Houston as the vocal inspiration for the song. It should be noted that the video's inspiration was reminiscent of Madonna's 'Vogue.' I've already made my plea for Madonna's ritualistic role in this… She actually performed Vogue at the Super Bowl show, she opened with it. AND, in addition to Gaga's Marry The Night vid that people have mentioned here, does anyone recall the article Vig posted about Gaga performing a Satanic ritual at a LONDON HOTEL WHICH INVOLVED A BATHTUB BEING FULL OF BLOOD?!?!? 

    Fact 5- Clive Davies. He was to Whitney (and Alicia Keys and others)  what Tommy Matola was to Mariah Carey. Here, I believe he was the true puppet master. He hosts an annual preGrammys party at the Beverly Hills hotel and it was reported that after news of Houston's death spread, he kept his party going. Umm, excuse me? Your surrogate daughter of the last 25 years dies–practically in the next room– and you keep partying? WARLOCK!!!!

    Keep in mind this all transpired the first week of Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. I find it funny that this anniversary is in 2012 and it is an Olympic year… Which are happening in London, England! It is also an election year, the Mayan calendar year, etc.

    • Great breakdown! I just want to add onto fact 4 – Gaga:

      Gaga's video "Edge of Glory" features Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band saxophone player). I always thought is was an odd coupling.

      He died on June 18 of this year and ironically, Bruce and E Street Band was the opening performance act at the Grammy's.

      Is Gaga the grim reaper?

      More info and video here:


  40. I thought VC would dig a little deeper with Whitney's death than this. There's a lot of creepiness surrounding her death and I know we will never know the truth.

  41. I always suspect that someone or certain people that truly despised Whitney Houston’s talents, success, recent come back in the music industry, etc. are involved in the sudden death of Whitney Houston on last Saturday afternoon!

    First and foremost, we all know that Whitney Houston had a major and important event to attend that same evening and the following day! Therefore, it is not logical and conceivable that she would overdose herself with prescription drugs or reckless enough to take them with alcohol! Secondly, the preliminary toxicology analysis indicated that there was “no alcohol in her system” which confirmed by the coroner! Thirdly, could the sedatives that revealed on her blood stream came from the food or water that she had earlier on that day? If so, the LAPD and the Coroner’s office truly, honorably, and justly need to exam and include all possible facts and evidence that played role in the sudden death of Whitney Houston who was gifted with a voice of beautiful angel!

    Whitney Houston was one of my favorite singers and had a powerful, angelic, and beautiful voice! She expressed herself so beautifully, passionately, and humanely through the lyrics of her songs! I started listen to her songs since I was a teenager. In addition, I am sure she was classy, kind, and compassionate person inside although she may have made some “small mistakes” in her life by unconsciously getting involved with recreational drugs in the past and being unconscious of the harmful ramifications that would have on a person’s daily function (physically, mentally, spiritually, and cognitively, and emotionally) when this person is using and keep using recreational drugs or even prescription Rx!

    As far as I am concern, I know that someone or some people may be responsible for her sudden death because it is “simply inconceivable” that she would do this to herself either intentionally or recklessly prior to the major and critical event for the Grammy Award and the renewal and reorganization of her life as a whole! We need to seek justice, peace, and order as a whole for Whitney Houston because “she is entitled and truly entitled to justice, peace, and order” although she is no longer alive, but her spirit is here with us given if someone or some people are in fact responsible for her tragic and untimely death!

    Thank you!

  42. So, crazy thought: As we sit here gawking at a group of people being sacrificed before our eyes, ancient-times-style, right before our eyes, do we keep consuming this website and others like it like snack food just STRAIGHT-UP like Roman times…what I'm trying to say is…

    Should we…try to rescue them?

    • They are so surrounded by powers (physical and spiritual). I think we can pray for them…which is huge in itself. I wouldn't want anyone to burn in a pit because they or their parents sold their soul to the industry and now regret it and can't find a way out.

  43. The world is truly deceived and bewitched by the influences being blatantly displayed before them. They are so fascinated, enchanted, entranced and mesmerized that they cannot connect the dots: Madonna’s Egyptian/Roman occult ritual at the Superbowl (which Nicki Minaj took part in) just days before, followed by the “sudden death” (sacrifice) of the once (so called) “innocent” victim Whitney Houston on the eve of the Grammy Awards, thus ensuring another HUGE viewing audience to take part in the next part of thier Egyptian/Roman occult ritual performed at the Grammy’s, complete with monks, sacrificial altars, roman priests and a Pope. Of course the death of Whitney Houston ensured everyone would be dressed in black at their ceremony, which is required at ceremonies in which witchcraft is performed. No one will connect the fact that Nicki Minaj was dressed in red , which is symbolic of blood sacrifice, and the fact that these rituals must be performed with members dressed in black and red, even as you witnessed at the Superbowl. And no one will question why Ms. Houston was acting erratically before her death and seen with bloody scratches on her body, or those two loud thumps which were heard in her hotel room by the occupants below her before she was found neatly lying in her bathtub.No one will connect the dots. They will continue to take part in witchcraft, sorcery and rebellion being fueled, in part, by the so called “entertainment” industry.

  44. I've read alot of people talking about Gaga, another interesting thing i just came across was her song "fashion of his love" was written about Alexandra mcqueen and musicially inspired by Whitney houston's "i wanna dance with somebody" Alexandra mcqueen died 11th Feb 2010, Whitney 11th Feb 2012….

  45. The sun newspaper (ahem) had a picture of her with a hand above her pointing up.

    She also said she knew she was going to die soon & was looking forward to seeing jesus.

  46. I am still in shock at the loss of this bright young woman that certainly did not deserve to die in such a horrible way, and to leave her body in the hotel room while those devils partied is open blasphemy. Ya'll all i can say is that these people DO NOT care anymore whether we know or not. They are showing us that they are in charge, that they can give life and take it away as an when they feel like. They are playing God and they know there is nothing anyone can do about it cause the majority of people are mere cattle, sheep, they do not question anything. We are in for a very rough time folks these devils are truly EVIL.

  47. Hello VC, recently I seen a video on youtube stating that the Illuminati is not responsible for the mind control and evil that is being seen in the music industry and media. They state this is the work of the "Dark Order" do you have any idea what the Dark Order is?

  48. When you know the root, you know the fruit. When it comes down to it, satan killed Whitney Houston because satan is at the root of the music industry. The music industry steals, kills, and destroys people.

    God is going to change the music industry so that talented people like Whitney Houston can be spared a life of drugs, witchcraft, and death.

    How is God going to do it? By using us to exposed the principalities at the top and kill the idols from the root.

  49. when it comes down to it, satan killed Whitney Houston because satan is at the root of the music industry. God is going to change the music industry though. When you know the root, you know the fruit.

    We've got to kill the idols and expose the spiritual principalities at the top if we really want to see change, and see people like Whitney Houston spared from lives of drugs, witchcraft, death, and hell….

  50. I think Whitney was awful in the interview. She didn't have to give one in the first place, she isn't stupid, she should have known what kind of questions she was going to be asked. If she wasn't prepared with answers she should have just stayed off the phone. All that fake, "I love you" crap was just that… crap. I do think Wendy crossed the line in asking about the "circus sex", I must agree with Whitney, that was nasty.

    Also Oprah is showing her interview with Whitney tonight on OWN, at either 8 or 9 PM EST. I tried to post that before but I don't see my comment. I guess I did something wrong.

  51. Hey guys heads up, looks like there is prophecy revealed:

    But February made me shiver

    With every paper I'd deliver

    Bad news on the doorstep

    I couldn't take one more step

    I can't remember if I cried

    When I read about (Whitney?) his widowed bride

    But something touched me deep inside

    **The day the music died**

    Don McLean – American Pie

    reference at the end of this article, updated 16th

    *a http://www.911truth.ch
    Fernando Tognola

  52. Just came across this about the x-factor contestant who had the arguement with whitney on that night. Suprised she had met her b4 her fame and had a rant abou her on sum website (twitter i think) just before xmas. Conicidence I dunno but its all very suspicious. read this first http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/whitney-h

    then thi shttp://www.examiner.com/contemporary-art-in-orlando/xfactor-s-stacy-francis-disses-the-legendary-whitney-houston

  53. It sucks THE VOICE that raised me, got snuffed out on my 28th birthday. I don't find it peculiar Whitney was singing 'Yes Jesus Love Me' in a seedy nightclub. I bet the letter she gave Brandy; when she barge-in that E interview with the biggest devil of all, said HELP ME. She knew they was after her. But, of course everyone turned a blind eye to her erratic behavior, and will blame the drugs and alcohol for the caused of her demise. We will never know what was on that letter she gave Brandy, or how a grown woman gets in a bathtub with barely enough water in it and "drown" while an unbeknownst entourage lay around in a suite, oblivious to everything. I hope someone with a PURE heart shield Bobbi Chris. Whitney, I always love you, and your soul is finally at peace with our heavenly father.


    Remeber when the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill blew Lauryn out of this stratosphere, and she won those five grammies, I believe they tried to initiate her. But, Lauryn gave a middle finger to the beast, and she's now deemed as insane. It's similar to how Fiona Apple's career fizzled out on her second underrrated album, because alot of the lyrics were about the machine that was trying to program her into become another enslaved artist. Aaliyah's tragic end, still hurts. I just don't get why they did her like that. As much as I loved 21 (I guess that's the mind controlling) I saw the soulles or dead eyes on Adele at the ritu-I mean-Grammy's. Look at Adele's interview when she first burst on the scene. Here eyes were full of life. I remeber being caught of guard when "Beyonce" started praising her first album. I was shocked that such a pop tart like her, even knew who Adele was. But, Adele's rise, makes all the sense now.

    I knew when the supposed ''private" fake couple made the world see their demon spawn with just a click of a mouse, something peculiar was bound to go down. I told my mother (of course she laughed) I bet you see the 666 symbols behind that beautiful (I can't lie) demon ears. The 666 tactics and symbolism is so blatant now, I'm surprise the sheeps haven't caught on yet. I feel even more crazier s**t will go down THIS YEAR. That's why I know which side I stand on, because the WAR has just begun.

  54. for me the most blatant in-your-face confirmation that the Madonna Superbowl performance was indeed a sacrificial ritual for Whitney Houston was the symbol on her throne:


    Its called a "whitney's umbrella" Wikepedia describes it as follows

    "Whitney umbrella (or Whitney's umbrella) is a self-intersecting surface placed in three dimensions. It is the union of all straight lines that pass through points of a fixed parabola and are perpendicular to a fixed straight line, parallel to the axis of the parabola and lying on its perpendicular bisecting plane"

    Coincidence?! I think not! All the signs are there throughout the ritual, but this was the clinker for me.

    One more thing: an umbrella gives shelter or protection from the elements. Were they implying that whatever protection Whitney enjoyed, was finished as well.

    Very very evil. BAD Madonna!!!

  55. I have a theory:

    Nicki Minaj's perfomance was contrived, check out a portion of the Roman Holiday performance:

    Witch, twitch, b***h!

    Godmother's right, this is World War 6

    This right here is gonna make a chick die

    And this right here is gonna make a chick cry

    And this right here is an undersigned shock

    And this what I do when a chick breaks flock

    I'mma put her in a dungeon under, under

    All the girls ain't eating

    They dieing of hunger

    Mother I need, who is this ohh

    And yes maybe this a type of tourettes

    Get my wigs someone go and get my beret

    I submit this was a demonic message to Whitney and her daughter Bobbi. Notice the part that says "And this right here is an undersigned shock, And this is what I do when a chick breaks flock"

    I had to look up the word "undersigned" the definition is being the one or ones who's signature appears at the end of a letter or document- in a sentence: All of the undersigned persons are bound by the contract. (and that is exactly the definition you will find at Dctionary.com)

    The satanic industry was warning all it's superstar attendees, this is what happens to you when you don't play by the rules.

    • Wow…that is so sinister, but good to know. So those in attendance were sure to get the message….obey or your out. It reminds me of when Prince used to wear things that said "slave". They're all slaves.

  56. Celine Dion and Shaka Khan (excuse my spelling) need to watch out now. We need to be in prayer for them speaking out like that…especially Shaka Khan. Once you start talking too much, something always happens.

  57. Now I need no more proof of the wickedness of some of the so-called celebrities. They kept Houston's corpse in the hotel whilst a party took place eh? Nobody in their right mind would attend this gathering/party and enjoy it. The bunch of them are utterly a waste of space. I am not willing to spend a penny on their tat.

  58. I haven't read through all of the posts yet, but I have a question. What is the significance of the number four? Beyonce seems to be obsessed with it and Whitney died on the fourth floor, room 434. Can anyone please answer?

    • The Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese don't like the number 4 because it is nearly identical to the word "death" in their culture.

      Whitney died on the 4th floor in room 434 (4 + 3 + 4 = 11).

      As well, Whitney (whose old security team never let her take baths only showers plus never left her alone in the bathroom for prelong periods of time checking up on her every 7-10 minutes) was removed from the bathtub (by whom?) and laid out on the hotel room rug by the time authorities arrived on scene.

  59. Celine Dion ‘Scared of Show Business’ After Whitney Houston’s Death… Celine was on GMA and said…

    “I am so scared,” Celine Dion said today on “Good Morning America.” “I’m scared of show business. I’m scared of drugs. I’m scared of hanging out.”

    “That’s why I don’t do parties and I don’t hang out,” she said. “That’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid.”

    “Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me,” Dion said on “GMA.” “It’s just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood.”

    then she says…

    “When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason,” she said. “Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything? "

    (view video here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/02

    • But isn't Celine married to her handler? Didn't she get a crazy exotic egyptian style wedding or something? I'm glad she's not in the dark side of the showbiz, but she is being handled by Angelil.

  60. I was literally talking about Whitney two days before her death! weird. But I also did the same for Amy Winehouse so I am not sure if I have a gift for prophesy or something, but that happens to me alot.

    Everyone has covered everything so here are a few tidbits I'll add:

    1. Alicia Keys necklace was an upside-down gold pyramid

    2. The Grammys started with a prayer but ended with the real agenda…evil Minaj routine

    3. During the opening prayer, the cameras scanned the crows and I noticed Winehouse's parents were looking at the camera and not bowing their heads

    Just a few more on her actual death, not that I am saying i know how she died since I don't know, but these are facts that struck me as odd.

    1. Her legs were apparently straight up in the air. And when you "fall alseep" in a tub I would think your back slouches and your knees get raise.

    2. First they said Ray J found her, then bodyguard named Ray, then an Aunt? So many changes in story like they were trying to get story together

    3. Homicide was ruled out immediately, but shouldn't there always be some sort of inquest?

    4. Ray J saying "Whitney's dead and We all have to deal with that" was a bit telling.

    That's all I have to say, like so many other readers I refreshed the VC page a lot! Just to see if a Whitney articles was up. Thanks VC for speaking out when others don't

  61. Does anyone find it strange, she died in the same manner her career jumped off 27years ago, excerpt from Robyn Crawford's Letter

    "It's so strange that she died when she did. February was her month. Her first album was released on Valentine's Day, right around the time of the Grammys, right around the time of Clive Davis's party. It was an orchestrated thing. She was Clive's girl, his great discovery. And she died right before Valentine's Day, right before the Grammys, right before Clive's party. Of course, she was going. I don't know if she was singing, I don't know what kind of pressure she was putting on herself. But she was going, that's for damned sure."

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/the-side/music/whitney-hou

  62. It's interesting that Whitney gave Brandy a note before she died and Brandy said she doesnkt want to reveal what was in the note for her own personal reasons. Souunds like she might be afraid to tell what the note said.

  63. Well the entrance was totally demonic, with Nicki coming in like an innocent red riding hood with a pope like figure who could be a p*******e taking her innocence. But then, her performance just blew me away…the exorcism of roman!? YEAH…. that one was definitely symbolic. Gaga was heavily understated in all this madness, apparently it was Adele’s and Nicki’s night to “shine”. Whitney was barely acknowledged and the J Hud performance hardly touched the audience as much as Adele’s Rolling in the Deep…. maybe that song has a deeper more sinister meaning than she (or anyone for that matter) is willing to admit….

    Who rolls in the deep? The beast of revalation who will emerge from the sea???

  64. And now I'm reading that Clive Davis or someone requested that the body not be removed until after the party was done? And her body did, in fact, stay there until a few minutes before the party was finished? That sounds shady as I don't know what…

  65. Why won't anybody talk about that music executive that woke up after hearing 2 loud booms in Whitney's room next door to her? she heard screaming and everything hmmm..

  66. an interesting source for VC studies – a testimony of mk ultra victim




  67. Like ruby23 said most of the stars have family members either talented artist themselves or in the military or the gov'. Check the videos on u-tube on laurel cayon in california they talk alot about this kind of stuff. I read and saw on u-tube where a high up military personnel was deep into witchcraft and satanism. There is a video on u-tube of a satanist who tells of the fact that music is creating to control the minds of young people. Its all about the beats of the music and how it keeps young children

    and young adults preoccupied and under control. I really believe that all the dark side to being famous and rich goes real deep and way back.

    • Yes, Jim Morrison's (of the Doors) father was high up in the military. Jim attended UCLA and knew Francis F. Coppolla. Jim also died in bathtub in a hotel of an "over" dose, mysteriously, found by his girlfriend. I always found it odd that he came from a military family.

  68. I'm sure you all noticed the checker floor in Melanie's Pepsi commercial right? Anxiously waiting the whole grammy synopsis to come out. Opened with a prayer…. nearly closed with an exorcism via Nicki Minaj, I have a feeling that's not a coincidence.

  69. Okay, I have some things I need to say: Firstly, did anyone else see Rihanna when everyone was clapping for Adele? She was muttering some ish I'm not clear, the camera showed her for, like, 5 seconds then it went back on her and she was doing it again. I mean, it was just strange how she had her eyes shut and talking to herself while evryone else was praiseing another artist.

    Also, I wonder what it is that Whitney wrote for Brandy that she didn't want to tell the world about. This is really sad, all these artists see this happening and dont fear that it might happen to them too. I have no idea how things are done in satanic rituals but I'm African and before I got born-again (I thank God everyday fro saving me!) I knew that the were some African tribes that had gods and sometimes those gods would need a human sarifice. Sometimes it is specific to what sacrifice the gods need and sometimes it's not. But all I'm saying is all these stars need to watch out, the devil is a liar and is never filled by any human; it always wants more and more! One day it will want one of them and then they will have gotten all this money, fame, houses, girlsboys, power for absolutly nothing. It is not worth it, when one dies none of their belongings or status goes with them. The world moves on one way or another.

    Whitney will forever missed, but just like those before her this goes to show that no matter how talented you may be, when you're not needed any longer, you will be replaced….sadly for her and MJ and Amy this meant but death!

    P.s I wonder what sort of ritual was going on during the pre-grammys party with the body of Whitney still in the building…..SICK PEOPLE!!!!

    • @Olsta Can I just say that its not just some 'African religions' (which?) that you say utilised human sacrifice. Christianity itself is based on human sacrifice. JESUS himself was THE human sacrifice. What do you think 'the blood of the Lamb' that people pray to be covered in is? Every Sunday when you go to mass, you are also partaking in a 'ritual sacrifice' by eating his 'body' and drinking his 'blood'.

      The difference is that this is done as some form of good and not the evil perpetuated by the Illuiminati.

      People just need to really open their eyes and think about all things rather than blindly following what they are told all the time. Religion is no different. Maybe you'd be wise to research what some of those old African religions are about. They might also be closer to the source of all that is good and right than you think!

  70. Another great article VC! I'm also waiting to see your breakdown of the Grammy's. Not just Nicki but Rihanna's was a bit occult like as well.

    Love Whitney, always have since I was a teenager trying to sing like her. I pray that God remembers all the times she praised him in Jesus's name regardless of the repercussion. I truly feel that she was blindly led astray by those she trusted.

    I was taking a look at her older videos and came across "I'm your baby tonight". I became sad after watching this video. Wow. It was pretty blatant back then. How blind I've been. I suggest you all check it out.


    Tons of programming imagery. Single bright rose., mysterious man in the mirrors and shadows, multiple Whitneys, mirrors, champagne triangle. The whole video is pretty disturbing but check out 1:48 of the video. You'll see a bright yellow rose with a gray background. Followed by pillar and arch like background around the window. She passes a birdcage and then the furniture is black and whit animal print.

    The absolute creepiest of all is at 2:17. Pause it. WTF is sitting at the table with a mask? Looks like an owl mask, not sure but it passes pretty fast. Sad that this is a pretty old video.

    Rest in peace Whitney. May God Bless your soul.

  71. Does anyone find it weird that Rihanna's Song You Da One

    Contains Lyrics From a Whitney Houston Song:

    Your Love Is My Love


    My Love Is Your Love?

  72. @Joey: many thanks for reposting the calendar!

    Regarding her premonition (http://www.tmz.com/2012/02/15/whitney-houston-premonition-death-jesus-bible/), it came to my mind that they don't even have to murder "handled" slaves in the common sense… actually, the victims could be influenced to kill themselves. Any kind of trauma or deadly depression will do (remember this quote from the interesting movie Inception : "She was possessed by an idea, this one, very simple idea, that changed everything. That our world wasn't real. That she needed to wake up to come back to reality, that, in order to get back home, we had to kill ourselves. ")

    So maybe it was no premonition, reading about her last days (if these reports are true) and how she quoted that certain bible passage about being baptized IN THE WATER… ("As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.")… well, that's really odd and i don't believe in these coincidences.

    "when Houston flashed a big smile and remarked, "You know, he's so cool … I really want to see that Jesus."

    • @ Amber. I think you are totally correct. The premonition was probably her final MK programming codes starting up. All MK slaves are programmed via certain themes and Whitney's was probably the Bible. When they wanted to her make her final exit, that the programming would automatically cue specific Bible chapters regarding Baptism in water, as you have identified.

      We KNOW MK programming is real so this is totally possible.

      A couple of other things to throw into the mix.

      1) An article in Forbes magazine that the person in the room below Whitney complained that there was water leaking into his suite the days before her death and they sent security up to look at it but then denied it was the suite Whitney was in.

      2) News reports that Bobbi Kristina fell asleep in the tub the night before Whitney's death in the same tub

      and 3) That the suite was actually Clive Davis' but that Whitney and her 'entourage' were 'graced' with using it for the duration of their stay.

      Maybe there was something messed up about that bath tub?? Who knows?

      I promise, I never made any of those 3 points up. Its all been reported in the press.

  73. Oh my goodness! I knew it. I knew that Whitney Houston's death has something to do with mind control. Just like Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson. I can see a trend that is happening. Music industry in US is really scary, once you sign the contract, there's only one way left – death.

  74. It's so sad that she's dead. I still cry whenever i hear the greatest love of all, it's so beautiful and it will always be my favorite song it always empowers me and makes me strong when i feel weak. RIP Whitney!

  75. VC, please can you write an article about Abu Quatada in the UK? Is the human right act (which is preventing him from being deported back to jordon) controlled by the elite?

  76. Bobby Brown did not have a decent song in his whole career. He was always a superficial consumerist sellout. Suck up to the man and take the money. Sorry that Ms. Whitney had to get attached to such pathology. African-Americans were doing it right in the music industry up until the 1980s and 90s and it all turned into bling and showing off. No comfort or human peace can be found in this tragedy. RIP Whitney

  77. “ I need to thank Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it."

    — From Lady Gaga’s 2011 Grammy speech. “Born This Way” the single was released on February 11th, 2011. Whitney Houston died on February 11th, 2012 on the Eve of the 2012 Grammy awards.

  78. I love glee, but is it merely coincidence that they had "I Will Always Love You" all set and recorded for tonight's episode, the weekend after this happened? Madness.

  79. Although her death was tragic it was foreseen. The fact of the matter is that Clive Davis had to get his money somehow. The western music industry today is hemorrhaging horribly and as Chaka Khan stated that one of her managers told her she "was worth more dead than alive". Nikki Minaj's auora and get up and the grammy's was disgusting and disgraceful. The death of Etta James, Don Cornelius and then Whitney Houston serves as a great symbolism for the death of the western music industry as a whole and a warning to other lover level slaves.

  80. VC i <3 you! this is exactly what i was thinking, that whole fight with chris brown and rihanna i think is similar to this of whitney and bobby, in the interview with rihanna she describes chris as "no soul" that when she looked at his eyes, that wasn't the person that told her she loves her. And when they interviewed him you can tell in his eyes that he didn't do that. But i don't know thats just my opinion i know it was kinda out subject but ever since it happened it reminds me of this with bobby going crazy.

    god is with us <3

      • Also, re: Oprah, her cable network is called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and that spelled backwards is NWO (New World Order).

      • @thenumber11, although your information proves insightful, I'd also like to point out that Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards.

        Harpo is also the husband of the character she played in "The Color Purple" Sophia. The Color Purple was adapted for film in 1985. It is also her favorite book, which she has turned into a Broadway musical.

  81. I know we're all mourning the passing of one of the greatest artists in history, and yes, we all have our thoughts and interpretations over her death. However, I'd like to share this link in hopes that we can be grounded in a sense of realism and the dire facts surrounding the demise of the Whitney Houston of yester-year and the Whitney Houston as of late.

    This link isn't about the eerie circumstances surrounding her death, but rather the take-charge accountability of Houston's actions:


    I love you all, and God bless! "To thine own self, be true".

  82. Anyone recall a child-star-actor Cory Haim?

    How about his fellow child superstar Cory Feldman?

    Im sure you do..

    I have been intrigued by the latest accusations that Feldman has been declaring he will reveal in a book the names of the men that sexually abused him as a child in the busines.

    VC did a couple articles on Feldman..

    Feldman has also said that the number one problem in Hollywood was pedophelia and that it was the main cause for Haims death for it drove him to a path of self-destruction..

    I jsut recently realized that Cory Haim died March 11, 2010!!!!!!!

    The blatancy of the industry is leading me to believe that they either jsut dont care to be caugh or they think they have the public so fooled that we will not catch on.

    Either way..time is coming people!

    The day Christ will return for His bride!

    Will you be one of the ones that will meet Him in the skies or of the ones left to face the monstrosities that await the world as the book of Revelation depicts???


    Let us Pray for these poor souls trapped in the grasp of the evil one who KNOW his time is coming to an end!


    • Yes, I found that odd too. The minute I found out that Whitney died, I automatically asked myself, "What's today's date?" 2-11-12. oh and add those numbers up. 2+1+1+1+2=7.

  83. Well we do know one thing for sure now that W.H. is gone "SOMEONE" is going to make lot of $$ money $$. Soon we'll see greatest hits cd come out perhaps a book or to maybe even a concert dvd. They always want to cash in on someones soul. The fat cat ellites who very well may be illumanti – satanist are greedy hungry pigs. I too agree that she may have been a killed as in perhhaps a ritual or scarfice killing. If not the people around her must not have done to well in stopping or try to stop her from her drug abuse usage. The doctors seem to keep the pills and other substances flowing without her family,freinds or managers saying { " no, don't give her any more prescribed drugs." } Who was really there. I know she was adult with a will and mind of her own, but if someone in my family was using to many drugs prescribed or not I'd do everything I could to help them get off the drugs. I think its odd that the stars and entertainers really don't seem to have much to do with their own families. Think about this most of the stars and preformers have other well known celebrities as the godparent to their child. Where are their family members. Elton John has Lady-Ga-Ga as his child's godmother.

    So many stars and singers have lost their lives to some very,very evil people. I wish it would all end for Gods children { we are all his children } could leave this world on Gods time not mans. I noticed or maybe it just looked like it to me that L.L. cool j. was smirking & smiling as he said the prayer at the grammys. I hope its not what it looked liked and that I just thought it look like he was smiling cause if he was smirking as he read the prayer out loud something truly is dark about her death. Thing is as soon as I heard about her death while listening to coast to coast on am radio early in the morning the first thing that I thought of was that she was killed/murdered. Alot of people feel that way. The legal drug pushers and the doctors are making sure that they get hooked quickly only to go through so much pain and then a quick death. Some people use others as if they are just a peice of trash or something to experiment on.I love my music/books/movies etc. but not at the expense of their souls or their life.Its all getting way out of hand. Did anyone see nicki m.'s grammy preformance it was very dark and disturbing and ritualistic. I was wondering she sang in her song "roman holiday" could the night of the grammys been some roman religious holiday? I know that roman is suppose tol be one of her alter egos a bad-*ss teenage boy, and that she has the fairy god-mother alter ego and the pink barbie type alter ego. I was wondering was she trying to get rid of the alter ego {Roman} live on stage

    or was it all hype and dramatic showtime fluff to get ratings. She was at the red carpet before the grqammys on e-entertainment channel and walked in with what looked like a man dressed as a pope and I thought what the heck, this is so weird. Her robe like little red riding hood or perhaps a cardinals kind of religious robe. Why does she always have someone hold her hand when she steps out of cars or down stairs/steps. Same with lady Ga-Ga. There are too many people hanging all over them waiting

    hand and foot on them. W.H. was a really good singer with a voice that was God given. Sad to see her gone so quickly. Same for many other singer like M.J and A.W. etc. etc. etc. I was thinking that Adele or the x-factor pepsi girl was her replacement as well. The evil-doers in the music industry need to seek the lord and change their ways or its burn in hades for them. It's probably too late now with all the evil things that they have more than likely done. Professor Riff as some really good u-tube videos out there on the dark side to the music industry.He was a hip-hop/rap preformer I believe with public enemy. U-tube also has a really good series of videos on the evil side of the music industry by a man named todd who was an x-mason/illumanti and he worked for the sony record industry. He talks about some of the really dark aspects to the industry and now the man is missing and no one knows his whereabouts. I wonder who will be next??

  84. Did anyone watch piers morgan chaka kan told the truth about the music industry i wish i could have seen his reaction when she said it was demonic and they sacrafice people. so if you ever had a doubt what we have been saying ther is your proof i almost fell over when she said that. im trying to fid the video but here is a article saying what she said in the interview. http://www.christianpost.com/news/whitney-houston

  85. Great findings as well as in many comments I read, I will include some of these,

    please visit http://www.911truth.ch for more connectors on top page,

    I even dared already to title it:

    Whitney Houston Murder Coverup

    ps. VC I think you meant portrayed rather than "betrayed" in the line " deep psychological and even spiritual trauma. Marijuana and cocaine, the two drugs she admitted using, do not make people this way" ?

    Fernando Tognola

    • @911truth Switzerland I admire you for speaking out on your beliefs, however… I would really like to point out that your diagram of Whitney and the Illuminati card game isn't quite accurate.

      The woman in the top right corner is Karrine Steffans author/p**n-star and goes by the repulsive name "Super Head". She is known for her tell all book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" as it reveals her past of sleeping her way through the entertainment industry. She has even admitted to sleeping with Bobby Brown. She has actually recorded a video ridiculing him as he sleeps on her couch. SHE IS NOT WHITNEY HOUSTON, so please correct that for it is EXTREMELY offensive to compare her to Whitney.

      Also, Whitney Houston is NOT KNOWN for "iconic blond hair" but rather her large, signature brown curls during her rise in the mid to late 80s.

      I hope you find this information helpful and insightful. I strongly urge you to change that picture to a REAL Whitney photo.

      God Bless!

      • shame on me,

        thank you so much!!!!!,

        I do so today, you see I end up adding to the confusion when I don't take heed and check all sources as was done in the good old days, I just did an image search that said whitney and assumed it to be so 🙁 ,so much going on should not be an excuse,

        thank you also for the kind words and the heads up



      • re iconic blonhair, true, the iconic part is more general that Whitney's, Rhiana is an recent example, most of Hollywoods staging rituals are usually not suspected "in time" by the stars themselves,

        I found a pic, Ill replace,

        God bless and a gift for eclecti










































  86. The most comments I've ever seen on an article. But I just had to system another thing. Whenever I think aboutthe things people in the industry have to go through – I just compare it with the Temptations. Sad lives for them all…

  87. As with the rest of the world I am sadden by the death of the ultimate "Diva" Whitney Houston. Being a 27 year old female I have grown up listening to her music and in my bedroom with my hair brush as a mic TRIED to sing like her. I have for about a year learned about the disgusting illuminat occult and its power in not only the government but also in the entertainment industry. For some reason my gut is telling me that this has the illuminati all over it, but of course nothing can be proven concrete. Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Madonna yes they are the occults most obidient "members" but they lack what Whitney exuded from her soul and that was a certain strength, and certain street smarts and certain spark in her personalithy that made you feel like she was an Aunt or Godmother. If this is a "alleged" illuminat sacrifice this is one that has hit me a little to hard and has truly put a bruise on my heart. Whitney's voice was proof that there is a God, because only a voice like that can come from God, whoever or whatever God maybe. He wanted us to to just appreciate her gift, and be inspired, but sadly there are demons the unfortunately ended her life her on Earth way too soon. And the fact that the pre Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where her body was still laying went on is completely disgusting and just to show that they had no respect and no care in the World for her to Rest in Peace. I guess its true that the "show" must go on. But I say F!@#$ you to all of those who had no regard and no feeling for Whitney in that hotel party and as I always like to say "God does not sleep and God does not like ugly"

    • Britney is NOT obedient to the illuminati, she has been on the Disney mk since childhood but she fights them hard, to the point they had to turn her into a zombie to obey them. Britney tried to save herself and her children but they sent her to programming, my thoughts and prayers are with her.

  88. did anyone catch the CNN interview that chaka khan did last night?….she mentions sacrifice and the demonic industry in it….should be up on youtube.

  89. Did anyone see Nicki Mianj arrive at the Grammys with that Pope looka alike? Hmmm…it almost seems like she was there to perform the last rites for Whitney. I don't know but I was getting bad vibes from the whole thing. Also with Jennifer Hudson singing the dedication to Whitney,it seemed like the passing of the torch to me.

  90. Because of Whitney's death this was the second most watched Grammys of all time. What disturbed me even more than Niki's disgraceful performance was the fact that they wanted to ensure that as many people as possible saw it. They knew many people were tuning in just to see the Whitney's tribute and after that at almost every commercial break you heard a voice enticing you to stick around for Nick's performance saying 'everyone will be talking about it tomorrow'. So sick that they knew the content but kept tempting viewers to watch it anyway. Whatever the purpose it was well planned and executed.

    Also I know it has been pointed out before but I just can't get over why her body needed to be in the hotel for 8 hours?? Usually once it's clear that nothing can be done, the body is photographed and there may be an initial examination then it is transported to the medical examiner where it can be examined in a controlled environment with the necessary equipment. Why leave a body to sit there for so long allowing decay and rigor to set in? I've never heard of this happening before.

    • They get energy for their rituals when there's a sacrifice and they get energy when people watch their stuff being done…like the Superbowl. Going to a concert or event is a big energy feeding frenzy for their sinister activities too. It's kind of like energy feeding vampire's. That's why that vampire and undead crap is on tv all the time. Their inducting us into their "stuff". We participate innocently and ignorantly by watching it. But at the same time we want to know what they are up to….so they win. Just pray a lot after watching things and/or read the bible to protect yourself from the darkness of it all.

      • @ JD if truth be known, I'm really torn emotionally. I want to pay my respects to the beautiful soul that Whitney is but am apprehensive about watching the live streaming of her funeral in 5 minutes just because of the energy-harvesting. We get so manipulated. Love u Whitney. RIP.

  91. You are right, this was a blood sacrafice, by the illumaniti. It's weird how she died, in her hotel bathtub, then that same night they gave a party for clive davis her manager, I think in the same hotel. Then at the grammys..DID YOU SEE WHAT NICKI MINAJ WAS WEARING??!! SHE WORE A RED BLACK PRIESTESS ROBE, AND AN EMNROIDERED FACE THAT RESEMBLED WHITNEY HOUSTON!!! AND THE WHITE GUY WITH HER WAS DRESSED UP LIKE A PRIEST!!! Just go to abovetopsecret.com or google Nicki Minaj at thr grammys!!!

    • I'm pretty certain that was Versace label that uses Medusa (the snake haired goddess) thing as a logo. Versace, the one that was sacrificed years ago, now his messed up sister took over the label.

  92. alot of people who don't even believe in God are disgusted and appalled by this horror show at the grammy's, Their are people all over the internet in uproar defending christianity now, who claim not to be christian, I think thats a testament that God is in us all. (whether we know it or not) Props to all the atheists who are defending religion at this very moment, God is Bigger than that stage and he will shine thru, she pissed alot of people off and got them thinking. The strangest thing is, God can take that stupid performance and use it to turn people away from the darkside.

  93. I have a bad feeling about Adele-no doubt she has a powerful voice, but I really don't know what her songs are about and what she's REALLY singing about. I tried to watch her PBS concert and turned away while she was singing her 1st song-she just gives me a bad vibe.

    I live in NYC and Whitney's picture was on the front page of both the News and the Post- pictures of her looking drunk, disheveled and totally out of it. I get the strong feeling that the media is trying to make the public believe that her death was caused by drugs and alcohol-just another junkie who died from abuse. I am not buying it at all!

    I read online today that Sony has increased the price of all of Whitney's music.

    I really don't have the words to express what I am feeling now- and what I have been feeling for awhile about the evil in this world-I just know that for the past ten years I have been urged by the Holy Spirit to stay in prayer constantly, and to keep God in my mind and heart all the time. I know that the music industry is just the tip of the iceberg of all of the evil in this world. It seems to me that it is getting bigger, but my spirit tells me that the veil is being lifted from many eyes and that it was there all the time-now more and more souls are becoming aware of it.

    I know that I am a spiritual warrior and have been one all of my life. Now is the time for all of God's warriors of the Light to come together all over the world to bring Light to the world through prayer. My spirit tells me that sincere, heartfelt prayers for the world by God's people will cause great damage to Satan's plans.

    Thank you VC for this site because I don't have (or know of) anywhere else that I and people like myself can express these thoughts and feelings and have others who understand where we are coming from.

    • @Bronxgirl174 I too, am glad that the enemy is being exposed through sites like VC. As believers we need to profess our belief openly and boldly for all the world to see! Time out for games, there are souls on the line! And I agree, that PRAYER is the key!

      If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

  94. theres a video of mariah carey and whitney houston singing a duet at the academy awards, dressed in full white gowns, then a white dressed choir emerge behind them on a pyramid of stairs in atop a black and white checkerboard stagefloor, then a golden sun rised from behind the pyramid and rests atop the pyramid all the while they are singing, there can be miracles, when you believe!!

  95. Miley Cyrus commented on the pre-Grammy awards party on her Twitter. She deemed it "inappropriate" due to the death of Whitney, and didn't attend.

    Suddenly, I'm very worried about her.

    • I've been worried about Miley and more importantly I've been worried about her influence over my 9 year old niece. All of the Disney connections, the sex kitten programming, being an oversexed preteen/ teen taking sexy pics on her phone, smoking weed or fake synthetic weed, having a little sister with a lingerie line for tots, dating older men when she is underage, pole dancing performances on children's award shows, dancing around like a bird in a cage proclaiming how she can't (and won't) be tamed, and having penis cakes placed before her gaping mouth….. I could go on and on and on with the Wiley Miley Cyrus. You have good reason to be worried about her and all of the young girls in the industry like her, as well as of the young girls in the world being brainwashed, desensitized, and demoralized by them on a daily basis

  96. We must observe Bobbi Brown's carrer. Apparently, he has a record to promote. Let's also observe his daughter's career path.

    I wonder if maybe Whitney wanted to tell something about what really went on with her life besides being guided to use drugs. I remember that before settling with Bobbi, there were rumors of her living with another woman as a couple. Now that is a common publicity stunt. I also wonder if Whitney got tired of what was required of her and wanted to stop complying. It's easier to manipulate someone on drugs and later is even easier to destroy this person's reputation due to the stigma of being an addict brings. Or could it be that her vintage hits and image will bring more money to "them" if she died young?

    Whitney was given a talent from God but she opted for fame and showbiz. Unfortunately, those are other names for Evil. May her soul rest in peace!

    • Main word here evils, translates to Elvis (the beginning of the labels, the King, also one of the first monarch slaves)

      Michael Jackson (King of Pop)

      Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul), still pushes their agenda, so she's safe…for now

      Prince (his name was his title, a Prince)

      Madonna (the name of the "virgin Mary"), still pushing the agenda

      Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), still pushing the agenda

      Queen of the Night…and so on.

      Bottom line is Whitney was a ritual sacrifice set-off to self-destruct on that day, at that time. Whether assisted by someone or not.

      They are slaves to the industry which is run by dark forces.

      • I just want to add that we should all be praying for all these people. People sign contracts and/or their parents sign them on as sort of a "meal ticket". They are caught up in this stuff and know their time is short. Prayer does work and that's what Whitney would want too, I believe.

  97. Do we really need an article about the significance of Nicki Minaj's performance? It was obvious that she wanted the world the know about the nature of the being at work within her. The "being's" voice was also heard during her performance.

    I am not a Catholic, but the mockery of innocence (seeing the altar boys being mocked by the dancers) as well as the mockery of God were not at all lost on me.

    Obviously, those of Minaj's ilk will continue to mock all that is good and sacred (that continue to be available to us, by the way, if we search for it), and then, in a flash, they will be no more. And that is where there suffering will not only intensify, but will be everlasting.

  98. Ok I stumbled onto this site and as I began to read the comments, I was thinking this is really way out there. Way hard to believe and just way out there. Seemed unrealistic and all I could think of was Randy Quaid running around screaming about star killers. Seemed a bit coo coo until…. Just as I was reading this stuff and thinking it is unrealistic, the headline news showed a clip of I believe it was Chaka Kahn being interviewed I believe by Pierce Morgan about Whitney's death… She was speaking about her own sobriety and stint in rehab…and how it helped her and she'll never do coke again….She then said something to the effect of "when you go into rehab and you (here she mispoke) "get handled"…err get a handle on it.."

    Seemed like a slip up there…and had I not found this site and read these things, I probably would have thought nothing of her slip up.

    OK people…I'm a believer!

    • dang that's quick! I started reading into all this about 2 years ago and I think it took about 3-4 months of reading before I started to realize that this was all too much to be coincidence. The aha moment/veil being removed is devastating and scary moment or it was for me anyway. I guess with things in hyperdrive to day, it's a bit easier to see through the lies.

      • Honestly, Chaka (sp) said enough to get her into trouble….so say a prayer for her safety from the bloodthirsty, greedy, evildoers in the industry.

  99. *IMPORTANT!*

    Did anyone see the CNN interview last night – it was that Pierce guy interviewing Chaka Kahn who was VERY UPSET AND DISTURBED about Whitney. She said they were dear friends.

    She called the music industry HIGHLY DEMONIC and said it SACRIFICES PEOPLE'S LIVES.

    What other proof do we need???

    She rolled her eyes when she said music industry, and said "or whatever it is."

  100. *IMPORTANT!*

    Did anyone see the CNN interview last night – it was that Pierce guy interviewing Chaka Kahn who was VERY UPSET AND DISTURBED

  101. As I am waiting for a W. Houston update, I'd like to change the topic for a moment

    Did anyone see Nicki Minaj's performance?

    As I watched maybe 5 seconds of it, I had to turn off my tv

    I was not only appalled but sad that most have no idea what they are being fed.

    Mind control for the masses at its best


    • Yes anyone interested in this should check out Nicki Minaj's interview with "ryan seacrest" that took place early this morning on la's kissfm. you can find the interview on nicki's website or on kissfm la's website, or probably alot of other places, the interview is about 12 minutes and explains sooooooooo much, nicki says after she met madonna she became a different person, she referred to madonna as being "witch" (thinking her listeners would think she said , rich, then Ryan seacrest(was that really him anyway) laughs nastily, she also says that this performance at the grammys was the only performance in her career that she is proud of. She goes on to say that performing with madonna at the superbowl changed her. then she goes on and on , oh, oh , oh, and what about her outfit at the grammys' little red riding hood and the the fash hoes dressing all in red the next night. hmmm.

      • by fash hoes I am referring to guilina and her co'host on fashion police, they call nicki minaj a fash hole on their show monday night, but mimic her outfit, (same shade same color same cover, neck to palms in blood red.) and kelly wearing that white sweater with the giant black eleven on it, now sharon osbourne gets praise because she refused to attend the party at the hilton saturday night on the 11th, but then her daughter wears that disgusting sweater.

  102. did anyone else watch the interview that Chaka Khan did on CNN commenting on the Demonic industry that robs artists of their essence, in relation to Whitney's untimely death. I was pretty shocked and some of the things she was revealing.

  103. its so sad that Whitney had to die so untimely n leaving christians mourning at the loss of her soul.(doubting if she'd reconciled with the Lord again.)let's say she ws kinda naive n refused to admit that the devil ws getting hold of her. may the Lord have mercy upon the reamining preys of the devil. n that may they know He's the only One who saves no matter how hard it may seem to be. no one is save in the hands of the enemy,satan. Whitneyyyyyyyyyy!!! How sad and painfullllll. :'(

  104. Great Article VC! Does anybody else find it weird that she died in a bathtub? It reminds me of the Lady Gaga video, where she in the bath dying her hair (symbol of her turning to the dark side). Does this mean anything or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

    Oh and VC, are you British? Well done, for always being alert to the news! 🙂 Whenever, I watch something and look on this website, there is ALWAYS a article about it! IMPRESSIVE:)

  105. This is a terrible thing that happened to Whitney. I read this article and decided to do a little research on Clive Davis then came across an article about what Chaka Khan said. quote – "I think we all, as artists, because we're highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called 'music industry,' is such a demonic thing," she told Morgan. "It sacrifices people's lives and their essences at the drop of a dime…I had a manager once say to me, You know you're worth more money dead than alive." http://global.christianpost.com/news/whitney-hous

  106. So monday feb 13 I was watching Fashion Police for the grammy's, what were guiliana and kelly wearing and what does it really mean? Guillana in blood red and kelly osbourne wearing a white sweater with a giant black 11 on the front. The other host, a man, was wearing a red jacket, red shirt and red bowtie. It all looked so planned and sinister, especially since the show was dedicated to the grammy's and we all know what happened this weekend. At the end of the Show Joan Rivers unsympethically read a telemprompter metioning Whitney, then threw her hands up, as to suggest, who the bleep cares but i have to say this anyway.

    • Hmmm…now makes me wonder if her husband Edgar really committed suicide or was sacrificed for her and daughter to have continued fame? Maybe he wanted out of the Hollyweird bloodthirsty sham.

  107. A quote from Chaka Khan regarding Whitney's death:

    "I think we all, as artists, because we're highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called 'music industry,' is such a demonic thing. It's sacrifices people's lives and their essences at the drop of a dime…I had a manager once say to me, ' You know you're worth more money dead than alive.'

    Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/who_does_chaka_khan_b

  108. Did anyone hear chaka khan's interview on CNN regarding Whitney…she straight up states the MUSIC INDUSTRY IS DEMONIC and she goes on regarding the 'Sacrifices'.

    • I caught Chaka's interview. She made very telling comments on the industry but the only remarks that got media coverage were the ones regarding Clive Davis' party and the fact that Whitney's body was present at the scene the entire time that some of Hollywood's greatest names partied beneath her lifeless body. This was a very blatant ritual sacrifice where the elite gathered and fed off of her energy and life force the entire night…. her body was taken away by the coroner's office moments before the party ended. DISGUSTING!

      Clive was not even overtly saddened by the death of his protege because it was all a part of the plan…. Clive Davis is the handler of many artists including Jennifer Hudson so it is not shocking that there are numerous links between the late diva and rising star. Don't forget about J Hud's family being slaughtered… now she is more beautiful than ever, she's lost a ton of weight, she's married and a mother, and she is at the top of her game. A LOT has happened since those tragic deaths and she seems to be doing fine, suspicious? You bet. I guess coming in 4th place on American Idol has really really worked out for Jennifer because she is quickly rising to the number one spot!

      • Hudson's vocal power is heavenly anyway. She only came 4th because of her heavy figure. Hudson's, Houston's, Carey's, Ross' vocals are superb.

      • @ Drewe: I actually thought she sounded like a dying donkey singing "I Will Always Love You"; and she is dreaming if she thinks she will EVER be as great as Whitney. Are you serious? She lost American Idol for being fat but went on to win an Academy Award for a role she gained 20 lbs for? That makes absolutely no sense, but if you say so it must be true….

      • @Oh dear I never watch idol or x-factor, so I wouldn't know the quality of her singing there. However, I enjoyed her singing in the dreamgirls. She isn't as good as Houston, Chaka etc however Perry, Rihanna, Spears etc have weak voices in comparison to hers.

  109. Someone mentioned that the "sacrifice" of Whitney (death) and the "birth" of Blue Ivy Carter were connected. Perhaps more so than we think… Ok so, while reading a few articles on the hours before Whitney's death, I read that she displayed some erratic behavior, including ranting to Monica about her disdain for wearing "blue" for the Pre-Grammy event.

    According to the article: (excerpt) 'A source tells PEOPLE that Houston was "twitching her nose constantly" and ranting to Monica about what she was apparently supposed to wear to the Davis event.

    "I don't wear no blue," she said, according to the source. "I don't want no goddamn blue." '


    If you noticed, lately, his color has been a symbol of significance to two major illuminati puppets, Jay-Z & Beyonce (Blue Ivy). I just learned from an earlier post here that Adele's middle name is Blue. I noticed that MK'd (BETA Sex Kitten) Kim Kuntrashian wore a long blue gown to the Pre-Grammy event…

    What is the significance of blue all of a sudden?

    Any other "blue" connections worth mentioning?

      • the Dad rented the smurfs movie from the redbox, instead of the blue smurfs it was p**n, for a few seconds, now its national news, how the hell did they find this story, worse things have happened.

    • Yes,there is:

      The blue fence around the olympic area ——quote;Not just any blue, but a vivid, electric cyan that dazzles the eye, that seemingly has little to do with any blue in the natural world.

      And:"None of us like the blue," said an elderly woman whose front windows were full of it. "The ducks don't come to the canal any more," said a younger neighbour. "And there are more mice on this side now. I think they've come across.

      It,s a long article to read but somehow something tells me it contains information about "the blue"

      Alsoo the ingredients of the blue paint are secret.


    • The star Sirius is represenetd by the color blue and is deeply significant in this new age of enlightenment.

      I'll just add that Sirius is a powerful celestial body, but is not evil in and of itself.

      Freemasonry/illuminati are aware off its significance and it plays a central role in their beliefs. They are the ones trying to appropriate that beautiful, majestic power for their evil-doing.

  110. I just realized something i think we all discarded since it wasn't one of the big names of hollywood. but did you all know Cory Haim died march 11, 2010?

    this is becoming blatantly obvious..blood is being shed…for the devil can only imitate what GOd has done!

    his time is near! his punishment set! his petty servants will too face their demise once that glorious day that Jesus returns for His bride!

    what side will you be on???


    • the twin towers were shaped like an eleven , demolished on the 11th, resurrected as beams of light as an eleven shooting up to the heavens, and most importantly, This is Spinal Tap's amplifier goes to eleven.

      • .. this is a reference to the "church" as the bride of Christ, which reaffirms the belief that Christ was divine and never had an earthly wife. This idea evolved in contradiction to some of the gospel which gave women a more prominent role as disciples, particularly Mary Magdalen.

  111. Hey vigilantcitizen, i have been reading your site since i knew about it. just recently, nikki minaj made a eerie performance during the grammy awards. would you please enlighten us about that blasphemous performance. i want to know what exactly was the POINT of her performance. i mean, why in the world was she so blatant and what impression is she trying to make? thanks!

  112. also it should be noted how they opened the grammys with a prayer and closed it with an exorcism 😛 all of this seems to sketchy as for taylor swift having the number 13 on her hand she always writes that number on her hand before she plays live its her "lucky" number lol

  113. I was watching an interview on E! news and they showed a video of her barging in on the interview brandy, monica and clive davis were having that you spoke about. her hair was dripping wet and they stated how she had handed a note to brandy and brandy looked at it quickly and handed it to someone behind the cameras it was such a short glance that they figured it was either a short message for help or something of the sort or it was a long message and she wouldnt have time to read it so she gave it for someone to hold. i thought that was important to point out. today i stumbled upon this article on perez hilton's website (http://perezhilton.com/2012-02-13-brandy-whitney-houston-mourning-quote) and it says whitney died on brandy's 33rd birthday. maybe there is some significance there. that is rather strange don't you think? any opinions?

    • Here is a video of the E inteview
      She says she jsut got done with 2 hours of swimming–so her hair is still wet. She seems to adove Clive Davis. I personally feel that she ws the chosen sacfrice because she was openly confessing her trust in God and singing more songs that reflected that–the illuminati HATES that–they understand the power of music over the masses–it is a powerful tool to control–so if an artist breaks free and starts professing God-the illuminati will destroy that person. I think MJ was trying to do this before his untimely death. Their choice of death by drugs is unlimited–and easy to put the blame on the artist instead of homicide. The music industry is corrupt and lately they are blatantly pushing thier agenda–because Satan knows his time is short. Stay strong in God/Christ in these days! He has already won the victory! RIP Whitney, you are now with the God who you professed as your strength. Your voice was a gift to the world!

    • i looked at that video and noted one thing. brandy looked at the note and handed it to someone else. there seemed ot be nothing on that note becuase Brandy's expression didnt even change. she just carried on chatting to whitney and handed over the note. i read a report later where Brandy says she chooses not to reveal what was written on the note for personal reasons. I think that bs-that she is tryng to sensationalise nothing. if that note was so important would she have just handed it over-she could have shoved it in her bra, like most of us normal woman would do. please, Brandy is just full of BS like the rest of them. THis is a ploy to make us think of Brandy all the time. I, before this was wondering constantly what was in that note. now i dont care: it was probably nothing. whatever whitney said, it was not important to brandy.

      • @Janine,

        you are tripping. The note wasn't important to Brandy??? And you know this how?

        So people can think about Brandy? Wow, so Brandy told Whitney to walk in, give her a note because she knew all of this was going to happen.

  114. Saw the photos of Clive and crew (with Alicia Keys etc.) immediately after they found out about her death. They really didn't look that sad opposed to Michael Jackson's family in the photos all looked devastated. I also noted the comments from reporters saying Whitney's voice was pretty much gone–so I can see that there was little use for her anymore in the industry and plus she was always out of hand. Better of dead than alive (to some).

  115. I knew she was murdered, but I'm getting a bit upset at people blaming Bobby Brown. He may have been her handler but he was pretty messed up I'm thinking maybe Clive Davis was her handler. I'm not a well versed in these matters as VG but I'm thinking Bobby was a messed up as she was and unlike her they took him as a child.

    Also people are painting Whitney as a saint. She was not an innocent who was corrupted. I think she was already corrupt as many entertainers are. Whitney was a closeted lesbian and was said to have been in orgies with Magic Johnson, Arsenio Hall, and Paula Adbul during her days as Eddie Murphy's beard. Well I guess they were beards for each other. I also was told by people who grew up with her that her brother Michael is a long time addict and she probably got high with him. She definitely was getting high before she met Bobby.

    It's truly annoying to hear people blaming him for making an addict. She was older, more famous and had more power and money-how could he possibly make her do anything. It's amazing how easily the media controls the minds of the weak. Whitney was a hood chick, they turned her into an angel and people had the nerve to be shocked when she got with Bobby. She's like him!! Does anyone has links proving this? I swear I saw an article about her drug use way back befoe she met Bobby but I can't find it.

    • "I grant you I partied…I make too much money to ever smoke crack…The biggest devil is me…It's my decision…I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy…I don't ever want to be in a realm where I'm caught in a mold and can't get out…I'm not self destructive…I'm not a person who wants to die…I want to live…Singing isn't fun anymore because people are different in the industry…Don't pray about the drugs, leave the drugs alone…I know I'm a child of God and I know he loves me."

      Whitney Houston to Diane Sawyer; 2002 Interview; Struggles with drug abuse


    • Her former body guard wrote a tell-all book concerning her drug use and lesbian affair with longtime friend and former assistant, Robyn Crawford. I believe it's titled: "Good Girl, Bad Girl".

    • yes i dont believe Bobby introduced her to drugs. there have been a few reports of late and she said on oprah that she had dabbled with cocaine before she met Bobby. The rumours about her been a lesbian is weird in so many ways. 1) Whitney said on a few occsssions to the media that she was NOT a lesbian and not gay. ) marrying BObby could in no way be only because she was 'cleaning up her image' to get away from the gay/lesbian allegation. Bobby is the last person she should have married to clean up her image. 3) after we all saw the real Whitney with the drug, her looks, her house (remember that bathroom filled with drug paraphenalia), her life (being bobby brown) and how trashy she had become, would anyone be surprised if she came out that she was a lesbian/gay. The things we learned bout her life because of the drugs wer much worse than admitting she was gay…yet she never did because she was not gay. Her sister in law Tina brown said Whitney would take drugs and sex toys into her bathroom and stay there for hours taking drugsa and pleasuring herself to the point where her voice was so hoars. this Tina Brown also said she saw Whitney with a woman many times. Now if so many ppl in the music industry knew she was a lesbian…why is there not one pic…nowhere of her as a lesbian;. Peter Tatchell said Whitney used to go to gay/lesbian rights rally's-where is the proof Peter…or is just your word that we are expected to take. Tina Brown took pictures of whitney's disgusting bathroom for the national enquirer, why didnt she take pics of the lesbian things too…so there to its just her word. The bodyguard that wrote the book, again not one ounce of proof….only word of mouth. Tina Brown also said that Whitney used to go for days at at time and hideoiut at crack houses (she describes that when Whitney was high she was exceptionally horny). We all know that drug addicts do anything for drugs -any sexual act, anything that they would not do when they are sober so if what Tina says is true, Whitney should have contracted AIDS long time ago. I believe people like Tina painted a worse picture of her than was really true. I think Whitney said somehting like that on the Dianne Sawyer interview. It just doesnt add up. Yes she was a druggie, but she loved that idiot Bobbi and she was loyal to her marriage. I dont believe the lesbian stories. Maybe RObyn Crawford is a lesbian but I dont believe Whitney was. And yes she may be from the bronx but I believe she was not a wildebees as people have described her. i believe that the industry, drugs and bobby brown made her wild. SHe said it herself, she liked the way he made her feel. He brought out a wild side in her and she liked that….but even she does not blame him,…she said many times she did what she wanted. and she did drugs as long and as hard as she wanted. she was an unhappy person on the inside, and the drugs and sex toys etc thing was to try and make herself feel good…from someone really hurting deep down inside. from what i read, she did want to be a singer badly more than she wanted to be a model, but i think she got to a point where she had seen and done it all(she said on oprah)and she just wanted to be normal. She didnt see herself doing anyhitng more, she just wanted to be a mom and a wife, but the music moguls were putting too much pressure on her to do this and that. she got to the point where she wanted to sing on her terms…but as we know it dont work like that

      • Okay, but let's remember Tina is Bobby's sister. Any of that stuff could have been embellished or made up. Blood is thicker than water.

  116. Ok. Despite the heavy significance involving Madonna at Super Bowl halftime, I don't think that M would actually be in on this thing with Whitney. And I also don't think that Brandy, Monica, nor J Hud will actually benefit from her passing.

    As for Ray J and Clive Davis, that might just be as whole different story.

    One last thing I should add: there have been reports that in her last few days, Whitney displayed a hell lot of erratic behavior, although her family said she seemed "fine". Could it've been an programming breakdown?! /:

  117. Ok I'm a bit confused and would appreciate some clarification. Was she ever in the Illuminati? If so, did she escape or try to escape out of it; therefore as a result, they killed her?

  118. Molly and Jules, I have had serious problems with paranormal activity which spanned generations. You may have weak faith, it is essential to draw closer to Yahuwah. Demons feed off of fear, so the more fearful you are the more you will attract. There is a very good reason that it states in scripture to FEAR NOT. 1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. To love is the greatest commandment and fear is actually the opposite of Love. Hate is not a primary emotion it is rooted in Fear. I have read that when you watch horror films the shock value actually has an effect on your soul, like a loosening which allows demons to penetrate. I don't know how true this is but it's interesting. I've also read the p*********y, drugs and alcohol have the same effect. That is why they call hard alcohol spirits. You are opening yourself up to their influence.

    • I think you have some truth in your words you see some time in the past that I watched Paranormal Activity me being Cristian and believing in demons I started seeing things out of fear and I started to get a little paranoid some may think is stupid but….And now that I had read your comment it has open my eyes; fear is a powerful emotion that can open undesirable doors in your life , it can affect you even if your a Cristian or not.Fear paralyses you, doesn't make you reason in times of danger in reality it is a powerful emotion.It doesn't matter in what you believe in but in what you fear.

    • I could never understand why people would enjoy the horror/paranormal genre, especially when it comes to computer games (e.g. F.E.A.R) and movies. Honestly, I, a Christian, do read Stephen King's books but I don't get affected by them. it's only when the genre is audio-visual, then it really gets to me.

      Anyway, are horror genres a way to get people used to demons?

  119. So ironic, the night before Whitney's death, I goggled her to see what was happening in her life. Just as sure the next morning, she was pronounced dead. Whitney was heavily on my mind for some reason. The next person who was on my mind was Chris Tucker. I'm praying each and every day for our nation.

      • Um first of all, Adele was super famous even before Amy Winehouse's death <_< And second of all just because they are both British doesn't mean anything. Oh and third of all, everyone loved Adele's voice because it's AMAZING! She has much talent and she wouldn't need any sacrifice to make her famous.

  120. This is another incident of the illuminati taking charge of a person's career. The question is, who sold Whitney out? Was it Bobby, or someone she was close to. Her soul was sold to satan.

    Father in the name of Jesus, have mercy on Whitney. May she, along with many others be a witness to upcoming and current celebrities that when you sell out your soul for the sake of the "one eye", illuminati you have sold your soul to satan. Repent! and return to God.

  121. I have yet to read through all the comments, but didn't Whitney once say she would DROWN her child if they turned out like Madonna? Sounds like someone is having a sadistic laugh…

    • Madonna can't sing and can't dance. Whitney is dead but the tip of her fingernail was more talented than the hag Ciccone.

  122. They totally killed her off to distract us from bigger things. Are they passing a law? What else is going on in our world that they are making us focus our attention on her death. May she rest in peace but people are killed and die everyday. Let us acknowledge her great life, as we do others who pass, and live on and care for those who are still with us. Let's open our eyes!

  123. Whitney Houston’s sudden death is troubling and a bit hard to absorb. The conflicting reports about her mental/physical last-moments-status can only inflame the situation. My sight limits me to the obvious, another superstar addicted to the Molotov cocktail of death (i.e., fame, drugs and alcohol). But my vision begs the answer to the question…Could Whitney have been a covert sacrifice for the Satanists controlling the music industry?

    * Nicki Minaj. She levitates, speaks in tongues, and gives the world a peek of her alter ego Roman Zolanski, a possessed soul in the grips of spiritual warfare. Comic relief, broadcast to the masses, all at the expense of the church, where Whitney birthed her career. But it was Minaj's entrance into the Grammy’s that was most disturbing. Coupled with the Pope, she presented herself in a Red Robin Hood outfit complete with the face of a character supporting a medusa-like hairstyle. The hooded piece is similar to the one worn by Whitney in the acclaimed movie “The Bodyguard”, except Whitney’s was black. Google it. Enlighten yourself. It has been stated “red” in occult circles represents sacrifice. Coincidence? Was this a salute to Whitney’s death?

    One of Whitney’s favorite hairstyles throughout her career is a medusa-like treatment. Check the album “Whitney” and the plethora of Whitney images available online. Witness any familiarity with the red dress hair design?

    Scanning the blogosphere and news articles, the world wasn’t sure how to decipher Minaj’s demonic performance. The reviews are far from spectacular (“inadequate, horrible, inappropriate, distasteful, ad nauseam”), but this performance wasn’t looking for acceptance. It was another satanic ritual that took place before millions of non-suspecting witnesses at an awards ceremony. Mission accomplished.

    * Whitney interview (“Nothing But Love” Tour 2010). She comments on the status of the music industry and the dark elements that exist. Whitney did not embrace the behavior/artistry of the current slew of “Pop” artists. It is quite evident that the participants of the industry have indeed sold their souls to the devil. Was the gospel of Whitney (“Yes, Jesus Loves Me”) now out of sync with the power elite? There is no arguing the fact that she died in the midst of those that will profit most from her death.

    WATCH: "Nothing But Love" Interview…


    An unprecedented dual of epic proportions for the soul of man is among us. A blight has arrived in the universal world of music. Yes, people seem to have a knack for destroying themselves, but today, the music industry wields massive influence over one’s career. In several instances it is being used as the ultimate instrument of deception; the ushering in of a new age, the elite's scheme. As an artist, you are either IN or OUT. Areas of gray fade away into oblivion, along with those that provided "the light". The veil of secrecy is being lifted right before our eyes as the agenda consumes the spirit of our youth in a negative way. I’d advise humanity to suit up in the thickest coat of armor available…Jesus Christ. It has begun.

    • That's a very important point you made about the "Medusa head" logo, because the “Medusa head” is not snakes at all, but represents an octopus, just like the so-called “snake skirt” of the Aztec goddess Coatlique, the "many-snake-legs" Mayan god(dess) Kukulkan mentioned by another poster here, the 8-limbed Hindu goddess of destruction Kali, and even the huge skirt of the headhunting witch “Mombi” in “Return to Oz”—all these goddesses associated with multiple snakes & curling limbs, and necklaces of human hearts & heads like Aphrodite—all represent the Female Kraken, which is actually Lucifer, collector of human heads & hearts because they supposedly contain human souls. The horrific Aztec & Mayan human sacrifices were NOT to please the "Sun God", but represented the cruel Moon Goddess Lucifer/Venus TAUNTING & DEFYING the compassionate Sun God, by killing his creations.

      Hard to believe, I know, but please consider it.

      • Also, remember that excellent article by the Vigilant Citizen on that Polish singer, with her multiple moving limbs and hair swirling above her while all the humans were being killed?

        And remember Eris, the Goddess of Chaos in "Sinbad", with her swirling hair?

        And remember Madonna's Superbowl skirt with multiple straps hanging down? All representing an Octopus, at least in my humble opinion.

      • That's why so many of these goddesses have "blue skin" or "blue blood", just like octopuses and all their relatives like squid. The "Avatar" movie seemed entirely UNDERWATER, with those islands floating above, and all those bioluminescent lights everywhere, and "jellyfish souls" hanging on long strings, just like octopus hang their white eggs on long strings in their dens. Humans couldn't breathe there because it was UNDERWATER.

  124. Funny…it's jus so funny how Melanie Amaro JUST met Whitney Houston. She told her to "carry the torch." Melanie is definately doing that I see. How? Did anyone see the superbowl commercial of Melanie singing Respect by Aretha Franklin? The commercial was very symbolic and it looked as if there was a ritual going on. It was a pepsi commercial involving Elton John sitting at his Throne. At the ending, Elton falls into "the underworld" after Melanie takes the cup from him and throws it to the stick like notch. At the end, there sits Flavor Flav…hmm and not to mention the Masonic checkered Floors…makes me wonder. She's clearly the next to rise.

  125. Let's dispel a myth, Whitney Houston was not some young girl who was 'discovered' singing in a gospel choir. She was from a gospel and r&b dynasty. Cissy her mother, along with her sisters & brothers sang in a very popular group that sang all over the east cost. Cissy's sister, Arther Lee Warwick, is Dionne Warwick's mom, making Whitney and Dionne 1st cousins. And I believe Cissy sang back up for her niece and many others for years. Yes, Whitney was raised in the church but it's not like some music industry execs stumbled into the church and found her. Cissy actively and vigorously promoted her daughter and used her name to open doors that probably would have been closed to most others. Chaka Khan even said in interview with CNN that it was Cissy who introduced her teenage daughter to the singer and that is how Whitney came to sing back for Chaka. Whitney was 'a very young girl at the time' she said. So you have to wonder, was show business her dream or her mother's? Was she ever really given a choice? She, like Michael, seemed to be thrust into the business before they were old enough truly understand what they were getting into. Then once in it they may have discovered to their horror that it was not all it appeared to be but getting out of it was not going be as easy as getting into.

    Was she a sacrfice? We probably will never know for sure, but her untimely death seems to be pulled from the same playbook as all the others. Lots of media hype about supposed voluntary drug use, an apparent recovery/comeback with a new tour/movie/album, then bam they are found naked and alone away from loved ones with cause of death to be determined at later time when they can make stuff up. And since the public has been thoroughly programmed to believe they were closet junkies then oh well, what did you expect…they had it comin'.

    What is really disheartening is that we will never learn the truth about her anymore than we learned about Amy or Michael or Britney or anyone else found dead in a bathtub. It'll be interesting to see the spin put on this whole thing in the weeks and months to come.

    On a side note: I found it 'interesting' to say the least that Clive Davis, her supposed 'mentor' could not bring himself to cancel his party held in the same hotel where his protege' was just found dead hours before….smh! Hollywood is a sick place, just mind boggling!

    • Thanks for that last sentence Tee. I can't believe how many people are defending the decision to go on with the pre-Grammy party. People have become so desensitized they can't even understand how ghoulish and wrong that was.

      • I can't help but think of a couple of instances in the WWE where something similar happened. Owen Hart fell to his death during a pay-per-view but the show went on. Chris Benoit and his family died (I firmly believe it was a triple murder set up to look like a murder/double homicide), he was slated to win a title…show went on.

        Eddie Guerrero, if I remember right, died right before he was supposed to win a title belt…and he and Chris Benoit were good friends.

        I don't find the entertainment industry quite so entertaining anymore, needless to say. It's run by sick, demon-possessed people.

    • Thank you for this post. I got so tired of reading that Whitney was "discovered" in her NJ church choir. She had industry ties before she was even born. I was listening to her cousin Dionne before Whitney was born. I always said that Cissy sold that child to Clive, and I know that sounds harsh, but you have to notice that over the years since she was 18, the ONLY time she seemed genuinely happy and "in control of herself" was when she was with Bobby. You might think I'm nuts to say that, but when she was with Bobby she, at least, controlled her own destiny even if it seemed she was spiraling out of control with drugs and alcohol. However, once her mother insisted she divorce Bobby, Whitney was rarely seen without Clive's hand on her elbow. She was under his control once again, even though she was drinking heavily. Once her handler was able to get her back under his control, it was easy to lull her into a false sense of security until the end. 2/11/2012.

      • Agree, @Icanseeit. Whitney & Bobby's relationship was dysfunctional to say the least, but I believe that at least on *some* level, they truly loved one another and were soulmates. She always spoke of the love and passion that they shared, how similar they were… But you have two people who were likely so DAMAGED by the industry, that they didn't know HOW to love one another w/o drama and drugs.

        To paraphrase another diva, Miss Ross, I hope that someday, they'll be together…

      • I totally agree with you. Cissy was no stranger to show business, but always labored in the background for many artists. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Enter Whitney with her talent and the girl never stood a chance. I always got the feeling that she was trying to please her mother and rebeled with Bobby the bad boy trying to break free. She goes back to Clive and now she's dead. I wonder if her mother believes it was worth it now.smh

    • Yes, she was a part of the system. No one was aware of this stuff as much as they are now. She and Madonna ruled back then. If and when Madonna, Celine or any puppet can no longer be controlled and stop cooperating, the'll be gone too. That's the game, as everyone can see now. There's always payback for fame.

  126. The first thought I had upon hearing Whitnety Houston had died was that her date of death was "suspicious":

    2/11/2012 = three 2's & three 1's =




    =333 >> The Masonic #33 taken to the third (triumvirate) degree.

    Her poor Mom must be devastated. Very sad. 48 is too young. The entertainment industry is wrought with destruction. Everyone should flee from it while they can.

    • There is more to think about: Born in 1963 and die in 2012. Let's calculate. 2012-1963=43. Counting by years, Whitney die at 49 and 4+9= 13.

      Pronounce dead at 3:55. Ok.. let's calculate again : 3+5+5=13

      Date of the death : 2/11 .. let's count once more : 2+11=13

      Something to think about?

  127. "When she took the stage to sing her new single, the heavenly voice we expected to come out wasn’t there. It was as if her soul was sucked out of her."

    She allowed her spirit to be sucked out of her, replaced by a more compliant and predictable personality. Being a pop icon can be a dangerous way to live, especially if you are clueless to the multidimensional powers that manipulate and control you.

  128. Would disagree about Bruce (not Bob Seger). If there seems to be one tough guy left in music who doesn't bow down, it would be him. And "We Take Care of Our Own" IS in fact a message, to the republican party…the party of the millionaires.

    • Seriously, Dude? The GOP is the " party of millionaires " ? None of the Hollywood liberals are millionaires? None of the Democrat politicians are millionaires? Never heard the term Limousine Liberal? No liberal CEOs? Especially on a site devoted to exposing and fighting back against the NWO this kind of blindly partisan crap is laughably naive. The Elites come in all flavors and they get their power from pitting us against each other in exactly this way. Strip away the political party names and ideologies they hide behind and they're all the same. Power and money for them, slavery for us. Open your eyes, brother.

  129. i knew vigilant citizen will post this article. i'm not a Whitney fan but her music is like a solace whenever you hear her voice. when i saw the news (in the internet Sunday morning) i'm shocked because her death is untimely and at the same time the death of Ms. Whitney Houston reminded me the death of Ms. Amy Winehouse (her death is still a mystery), i know Whitney is a chain smoker and addicted to drugs, gone in and out of the rehab, then she released her last studio album "I Look To You" in 2009, i thought she was totally recovered, the in the news it says that the cause of her death was emphysema, yes given that she is a smoker but i felt that something is wrong, terribly wrong of her death, that something the illuminati is behind of her death, and i think she is the sacrifice, because i notice before the night of Grammy Awards she is i think okay, and then the untimely death of Whitney was announced. Whitney you will be missed forever and your music and memories will lived forever, God Bless…

  130. In light of Gaga's blood sacrifice in her London bath tub last year, and then her "presence" at the Grammy's last night, this all just seems suspicious. And what kind of friend is Clive Davis, anyway?

    Very odd times. I can 'like' music, but I will always question the message, and who is behind it.

    • Read the lyrics. That's a huge giveaway to all of it. You can go back years and read the lyrics and "see it". We get seduced by the beat. Videos have a lot of the symbolism…a lot of people reveal them over on youtube.

  131. Pardon me if someone mentioned this…

    In light of Gaga's blood sacrifice in London last summer, this story seems suspicious. There she was in the front row last night, cheering on her peers.

    Eerie, to say the least.

  132. I find it odd that the opening performance for the Grammys was a song "We take care of out own" by Bob Segger which is his for single off the new album "Wrecking Ball." This was all immediately after a solemn mention of Whitney opening the Grammys.

    How did the police have Whitney's body identified by family members, yet Bobbi-Christina was not aloud to see her mother at the hospital?

    After the Grammys I went to the grocery store and found it odd to see so many tabloids covered the story of Whitney being drunk/relapsed and messed up at TRU nightclub the day before her death. There wasn't any mention of her Death in any of the magazines that same day I went. They must be in on it too conditioning the masses for an assumed cause of death.

    Lastly a People Magazine had Adele on the cover about all her triumphs and sickness Ect.. First thought that came to mind would have to be, maybe she was the beneficiary of Whitney's death because Adele just miraculously recovered from nearly losing her vocal chords and career.

    I watched Adele in slow motion well accepting her Grammys, and her eyes looked like she went through some shock therapy courtesy of her handlers. Her eyes were possessed.

    Oops one more, During the final tribute to Whitney just before the Jennifer Hudson did I will always love you, Anyone notice the light that covered Jennifer Hudson. It was shining down, and the image of Whitney dissipated. SO Perhaps maybe Hudson was the beneficiary as well. THe way they operate nothing is buy surprise. I wont even mention Nikki Manag…

  133. just wanted to jump in and say…find it ironic that in the movie The BodyGuard..Rachel (Whintey) and her sister(Nicki) were sitting outside singing the song Jesus Loves Me and then the sister dies by gunshot. Also the picture that they chose to display of Whitney at Clive's pre grammy party speaks volumes yet one word…sacrifice….out of all the pictures they could have shown they showed Whitney standing with her arms open wide looking upward…like Jesus on the Cross looking upwards….this really spoke volumes yet very blatantly…sacrifice…this is no surprise to me that this has happened…very very sad but this has illuminati all over it for sure and what a personal message to other musicians as well…Whitney found GOD and I know her heart and soul were changed from the inside out….she was no longer demon possessed….like the evil we see today…she was not afraid to let them know she loved GOD!! May you rest in peace Whitney for GOD has you and you have GOD forever!!!

  134. In 'Bodyguard' when she sings 'Queen of the Night' she is dressed like the Metropolis robot even with the bob haircut… Coincidence? or is it 😉

    • not coincidence, by my opinion. Good observation. I now remember that movie. The bodyguard himself might be a symbolic figure…the handler's figure which guards the victim from the influences outside -, in the beginning she doesn't want him and doesn't accept him, but later she falls in love with him. The stockholm syndrome of victims getting in love with their torturer. The target of the mind control is breaking down the opposition of the victim and making it to accept the handler as the master, obey the commands…in movie she wears as the pagan goddess Isis which is represented in metropolis in transhumanist way. We have seen that many of new stars at least ones wear metropolis transhuman goddess. It is like a possession and dedication of the victim to that goddess. The victim is used as the container for the spirit of pagan goddess, so until the victim is a container, she is important and must be protected, guarded. Once she will stop being used as container she will be sacrificed. That's what happened to whitney..

  135. We'll see who is next…I cannot see long life for Christina Aguilera…o Spears. That MAFIA so called Music Industry is terrible! Nobody can stop those people?

  136. BREAKING NEWS, I have been doing a lot of digging for the truth, so when i stopped yesterday to relax my boyfriend struck gold. he was on forbes on his smart phone reading article when he found one on whitney the guy who wrote the article has been her friend for 25 years and of her family, so my boyfriend read me the whole article and I was shocked, it conformed things that we already new and stuff media kept trying to change the story about. After my shock worn off the first thing that i asked him was, is forbes skull and bones and he said he didint know so i looked it up and found out they where and this is what makes me solidly belive this article even more. Now I remember while doing my reaserch on the illuminati i found out they have been fighting each other and it has been getting worse so it makes sense why forbes would let the guy put the truth out about her i think whitney ad her family was very lucky to have this friend in another faction even if they are illuminati so they get the truth about her death out, he is also doing another article that will shock us even more and i am waiting for that, here is the link http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerfriedman/2012/02

  137. Let us not move past the fact that when initially reported (at least, on the west coast), we were told that "Houston is dead, but the location of her body is unknown." We went from THAT to: Houston was found dead in a hotel bath tub. Venue change?

  138. I don't see how Bobby could be her handler especially since he is someone who struggles with addiction himself. Coming up as a child in a boy group who knows what kind of abuse he experienced. Please remember Whitney is from NEWARK, NJ she is a hood girl, stop painting her to be some angel.

  139. Not sure if it was mentioned, but did anyone else notice the ever-present CBS eye symbol? And, when in a commercial break, LL Cool Jay did the "OK"/fingers in a circle/666 symbol around his right eye – I think it was some sort of plug for CBS.

    • I noticed it too! Luckily I have DVR, but I tried to show it to my fiance , but she thinks I'm crazy & delusional about all of this stuff…

    • When I watch CBS, I C BS. Listen to the song Sly Fox by Nas. You might NOT be a hip-hop fan but the song is definitely worth a listen to at least once!!

  140. The comments about Adele's change in personality reminds me of the great 70s movie, The Stepford Wives.

    Nicki Minaj's performance didn't outrage me as much as her walking the red carpet in red with "the pope" Nicki didn't own the moment, she looked handled and disconnected.

  141. someone posted a calendar here with all "their" important celebration days, but i can't find it anymore in all these comments… has it been removed or am I too confused by 170 entries (wow) – could the person who posted it please email it to me, or point me there? – THX 😉 i hate to miss information

    • runmayarun says:

      February 12, 2012 at 10:15 pm

      Actually here is the FULL list of yearly rituals with dates, type, usage age etc just to show this is happening ALL THE TIME – AND ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE however pls note Satanic ritual holiday dates like the Grammys change annually according to the regular calendar and differ from cult to cult:

      *Jan 1 : New Year’s Day | Druid Feast Day | Age 15-33

      *Jan 7 : St.Winebald Day|blood|animal and/or human sacrifice and dismemberment | male if human

      *Jan 17 : Satanic Revels |sexual oral, anal, vaginal | Age 7-17 female

      *Jan 20-27 : Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Candlemas | sexual and blood |oral, anal, vaginal | human sacrifice| female or child (any age)

      *Jan 29: St. Agnes Eve | Casting of spells

      *Feb. 2 : Candlemas | (Sabbat Festival)| blood | animal and/or human sacrifice |

      *Feb. 2 : Satanic Revels | sexual | oral, anal, vaginal | Age 7-17 female

      *Feb. 25 : St. Walpurgis Day -blood – communion of blood and dismemberment – any age

      *Mar. 1: St. Eichatadt | blood | drinking of human blood for strength and homage to the demons|

      Any age (male or female)

      *Mar. 15,17: Eides –

      *Mar. 20: date varies | Spring Equinox |(Sabbat Festival) (Major fertility Sabbat) |orgies |oral, anal, vaginal | any age (male or female, human or animal)

      Shrovetide | three days before Ash Wednesday (which is a Witch Sabbat) | date varies

      *Good Friday: |Day of Passion (death of Christ) | blood | human sacrifice | male only (adult)

      *Date varies: – Easter Eve Day |blood | human sacrifice |male or female (adult)

      *Apr 21-26: Abduction| ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim

      *Apr 24: St. Mark’s Eve | divining and herb gathering

      *Apr 26: May 1| Grand Climax De Meur -|oral, anal, vaginal

      Corpus De Baah l 1-25 (female)

      *Apr 30 : Walpurgisnacht|Roodmas Day |blood |animal and/or human sacrifice |any age

      Beltane Eve (often celebrated with a festival that includes bonfires and fertility rites)

      |greatest Witches Sabbat

      *May 1 : Beltane | Walpurgis Day May Day | Druid Fire Festival Coven Initiations

      *Jun 21: date varies | Feast Day | (Summer Solstice) | orgies | oral, anal, vaginal

      animal and/or human sacrifice | any age (male or female or animal)

      *Jul 1 : Demons Revel |blood |Druid sexual association with demons |any age (female)

      *Jul 20-26:Abduction ceremony preparation+holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax

      *Jul 25: St. James Day |gathering of herbs

      *Jul 27: Grand Climax| (5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice) Da Meur| oral, anal, vaginal

      human sacrifice |female (child or adult)

      *Aug 1 : Lammas Day| (Sabbat Festival) |blood |animal and/or human sacrifice |any age (male or female) (Feast of Sun God, Harvest seasons begin)

      *Aug 3: Satanic Revels |sexual | oral, anal, vaginal |7-17 (female)

      *Aug 24: St. Bartholomew’s Day | (Great Sabbat and Fire festival) large herb gathering

      *Sep 7 : Marriage to the Beast (satan} |sexual |sacrifice, dismemberment | infant – 21 (female)

      *Sep 21: Midnight Host |blood| dismemberment and hands removed for Hand of Glory| (female)

      *Sep 22: date varies |Feast Day| (fall equinox) orgies oral, anal, vaginal |any age

      *Oct 13 – 30: Preparation for all Hallows Eve, Samhain (Halloween)| Abduction, holding and ceremonial preparation of individual for human sacrifice (13 -Backward Halloween Date)

      *Oct 28-30: Satanist High (Holy Day related to Halloween) | blood |human sacrifice each day any age (male or female)

      *Oct 30-31 |All Hallows Eve and Halloween Night blood and sexual| sexual climax, association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrifice |any age (male or female and/or animal)

      *Nov 1: Satanist High (Holy Day related to Halloween)| blood| human sacrifice |any age (male or female)

      *Nov 4: Satanic Revels |sexual |oral, anal, vaginal| 7-17 (female)

      *Dec 22: Winter Solstice (Sabbat Festival) (Feast Day) |orgies |oral, anal, vaginal |any age (male or female, human or animal)

      *Dec 24: Demon Revels| Da Meur High Grand Climax | any age (male or female, human and/or animal)

      Christmas Eve |blood| Receive body parts as Christmas gifts |infant male

      Also the first and third of every month. Put 1 and 3 together and it makes 13, though ritual/worship can occur at anytime, frequently coinciding with times of stress. All Friday the 13th’s are high satanic days. All full-moon nights provide reason for major occult activity (easiest to move around without difficulty and without being detected).Holy week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday). Some groups are thought to sacrifice, cook and eat a human baby on Easter Sunday..

      ps: Isaiah 54

  142. If you disagree with this type of performances you should contact the Grammys, Superbowl, honestly if you come here and comment on a blog WON'T have the same impact of your valuable opinion. Has any of you done it?

    • Liz, ur question is right and u have got a good idea, howveer, i doubt that the grammys would care about the protests of the people, they would ignore us and wouldn't even give a notice about the protests…i think, surely there were protests against the grammys going on while there was a dead body up on the floor, there are many persons which surely sent protest, called or wrote to grammys for their cruel performace with the dead body laying over them… The grammy orgnaisers say that they couldn't cancel a party with 800 participants, it sounds ridiculous as an excuse, i know… They could do it, cause the money they have spent for grammys is nothing for them, they get that investment back in one day of disk selling of just one of those "stars" participating in grammys…then they could simply change the date of grammys and gain at least a little bit respect of people by such a sensible gesture. But grammys went on as if it was ok, even more now we know that it was important for them to have the dead body killed on propose for that ritual while they were celebrating… the meaning, the important detail of party was that dead body, without that the party/rtual ceremony would be vain or less effective…

  143. It is also interesting to hear celine dions words on the passing of whitney:

    “I am so scared,” Celine Dion said today on “Good Morning America.” “I’m scared of show business. I’m scared of drugs. I’m scared of hanging out.”

    “That’s why I don’t do parties and I don’t hang out,” she said. “That’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid.”

    “When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason,” she said. “Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything? What happens when you have love, support, the family, motherhood? You have responsibilities of a mother and then something happens and it destroys everything.”

    “Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me,” Dion said on “GMA.” “It’s just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood.”

    “Taking pills to go perform and taking pills to wake up and taking pills to go to bed. It’s so unfortunate,” she said. “I’ve always said you have to have fun and do music and you can never be part of show business because you don’t what it’s going to get yourself into. You have to do your work and get out of there.”

    • Celine dion's declaration is interesting, however even if she claims to be out of show business, i have got some suspects on her as well. I have read many years ago from some magazine that she had a relation with an old man since she was very young, it might be her manager. Not that all managers are handlers, but it is almost impossible in our days to become worldwide famous if you don't accept the elite agenda…


      • She married her handler. The old man called Rene Agnelli and father of her twins. He has her on a tight leash.

      • i also found that disturbing when i read years ago that from a young age she was involved with this man Rene. I heard what Celine said on tv, but even with that, i think she is deflecting and blaming whitney's demise on obvious things like drugs, bad companyonly. she is in the industry and for some reason seems protected. she also signed a music contract as whitney did….her husband is obviously her handler… i think she is speaking in ignorance as if her choice to not party has saved her somewhat. there is probably some kind of agreement within the industry for her husband to keep her in check. she is not anymore freer than whitney was except she is not a junkie. she is under control as well, just a different kind. time will tell

  144. @Levi,I too watched parts 1 and 2 of The Oprah Winfrey interview with Whitney from 2009.I'd almost forgotten much of the content even though I recorded it back then. I have read and studied up on this whole demonization of the music industry since going to a G.Craige Lewis presentation of "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" at my church back in 2005. I've seen all the dvd presentations of everything except the last 2 (parts 6 and7). I don't quite get the significance of either Whitney's or Oprah's statement concerning the 48th and 50th floors. I knew as a teenager how the Masons were demonic but didn't understand the Luciferian connection until maybe 7 years ago-long before I even knew about Vigilant Citizen. After learning about the occult connection the music industry has been involved in,I got rid of alot of the music I once owned. I watched online The Truth Behinf Rock&Roll a few summers ago,and it was just as disturbing as The Truth Behind Hip Hop. What some people fail to recognize is that music itself is somewhat hyptnotic and bypasses your conscience and goes straight for your subconscience mind. Music (rap/hip hop,pop,and definitely rock and heavy metal) are all within the wrong frequency of what's called the devil's domain. Do some online research concerning frequency and you'll learn that subjecting ourselves to merely listening to this stuff that's in the frequency of the devil's domain can most assuredly corrupt our DNA itself. This stuff and help open the doors to a spiritual realm that's corrupt and therein lies death itself. Words DO carry frequencies that lead to life or death. Even the Bible states that "by your words you'll be justified or condemned". Somehow we don't apply this to everyday life and something as leisurely as listening to music. I'd almost foegotten about Whitney's "Queen of The Night" video until I saw the link mentioned in someone else's post and sure enough,she was wearing the attire of a modern day "Evil Maria" from the 1920's movie "Metropolis". All that I could think was WOW! Whether or not Whitney knew and really understood what she was doing back in the year The Bodyguard was made in unknown,but surely the producers and directors knew exactly what was up. I thought that Aaliyah's attire in "Queen of The Damned" looked very silimiar once I realized Illuminati sprinkles throughout past and present movies,videos,and performances. I too realized Madonna's "performance" at this years Superbowl was a black mass,but I doubt if any of us realized how soon the sacrifice was to come. This SHOULD be a wake up call to all those who desire to go into the "entertainment business". What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul? God's Word hits the nail right on its head for all of these entertainers we listen and look to look as though their very souls have been sucked out of them.

  145. a happy person can smoke marijuana and stay happy. a happy person can't use crack and stay happy. it makes no difference what industry you are in, you don't use thousands of dollars worth of cocaine and not lose your soul.

  146. happy people can use marijuana and stay happy. happy people don't use crack and stay happy.

    makes no difference what industry you are in, you can't keep your soul and do thousands of dollars of coke a week.

  147. I am glad you covered in an article on Whitney and dug deeper into the interview and the commenters also brought up some good points. It shows that we can never be complacement in watching as well as praying. I slacked up in my prayer for Whitney and I feel I let her down but God is control. We must get our directions from God on where we go, who we marry, what eat, drink. We are made to be totally dependent on His will. She should have NEVER returned to the Music Industry! She would have still been with us

    • Once you sign on that dotted line, sell your soul, they will not let you go. Whitney didn't have a choice whether to return to the music industry. She was owned by Clive Davis. He was her svengali, her chief handler. I'm going to do some research on Ray J and Brandy. If they come from a military background it will be very telling because I smell a rat with the Ray J connection in Whitney's death.

      • i believe Rayj had a part to play in her death. and that he was her handler after she got rid of Bobby Brown. As Chaka Khan said on Piers Morgan, 'if it wasnt Bobby it would be someone else'. Whitney was destined to be handled in this industry. First by the devil Clive Davis and then Bobby, her bodyguards and assistants and then Rayj…till the day she closed her eyes.

      • I find it kinda hard to think Brandy has anything to do with it. She's a "has-been" monarch and if anything needs to watch out for her own safety. She's another one that's now in the worth more dead than alive category. Who knows what was on that note Whitney gave to her when she interrupted Clive Davis/Brandy/Monica interview. May have been some kind of warning or plea for help. Whitney may felt some strange goings on surrounding herself.

        Ray J? Definitely shady. I'm glad so many here have pointed him out. Yes he is a handler because he had that reality show where he was definitely "handling" all kinds of bizarre-acting women on it.

  148. Waiting for an article on Nicki Manaj's performance. She was possessed and all these dudes in the cult robes. She was wearing some weird dress that was RED with a weird face on it. She was standing next to this dude that looked like the pope. So I will wait peacefully for that article. 🙂 ^_^ Can't wait VC 😀

    • Didn't watch the grammys intentionally but i heard how messed up it was. I heard Katy's performance was also eerie. nicki is the new main event, gaga move on over. She looks dead behind the eyes now, only God knows what they've done to her. Far cry from how she was before she became famous…

      • Lady Gaga has such a beautiful voice. I wish she wasn't in the Illuminate :/ ! She has inspired me to keep my head up high and not let anyone bother me because God made us all beautiful! :/ Lady Gaga please… Come back <3

  149. I was just watching Whitneys interview with Oprah and something caught my attention.. At the end of the 2nd day of interviews, Whitney stated how she woke up prayed and wondered what Oprah was doing. Oprah said she woke up and prayed also that they had a good, clear interview.. Then Whitney stated that she was looking out the window wondering where Oprah was and what was she thinking.. and that she didnt know what floor she was on. Whitney stated she was on floor 50 and Oprah followed with " I was on the 48th floor!!!" Is it just a coincedence or has this been the illuminati's plan from the beginning.. Check it out for yourself. Heres link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CKc1NYe7Tc..
    Fast forward to.27:30

    • Very interesting. I was just watching that interview yesterday. Besides what you mentioned, I found a lot of things about that interview strange. i dont like Oprah and believe she is so deep in this industry she can never come up. What you mentioned aobut Oprah saying she was on the 48th floor is very interesting and too interesting to be a coincidence. I believe her death was planned way in advance. I even believe that her last album was intended to be her last album. Eveythign else that she did since was allowed by the powers that be. I read yesterday that the sequel to Waiting to Exhale will now be played by someone else (obviously. i felt sad because life certainly had more opportunities for whitney to rise above, but those evil bastards made sure they cut her off and that she will never enjoy the fruit of her labour. Oprah creeped me out when she said that WHitney's wasn't a 'come back' but a 'come through'…there was just something wrong with that statement.

  150. Did anyone notice how Clive Davies' speech read like something written sometime ago!!!!!! Pretending like he had no idea….pleeeaaaseee!!

  151. I'm not buying anything the media is saying! I caught this story right as it was happening and they said Ray J had "found" her. So I didn't know who that was so I look it up and it turns out that he is a young R& B singer and he's Brandy's younger brother! Ok so then it turns out that he has been dating Whitney and was with her recently! So the news retracts and says oh no Ray J wasn't there according to his publicist! BS! So Ray J hangs out with Jay Z and is a 33rd degree Freemason! Also he has a fake video of a Satanic Sacrifice on freaking Youtube of him killing his sister Brandy! You can look it up! And 2-11-12 was Brandy's birthday people!! Are you serious??? There is no way anyone would kill themselves and want to be found naked and she wouldn't do that right before all those people were expecting to see her at that party! This one really stinks and I pray that the Lord will avenge her death!!!

    • Actually, it was just a mix up (which does happen from time to time….even if media corporations purposefully deceive the masses the majority of the time, mistakes can/do happen). Anyways, the person who found Whitney was a security guard named Ray which the media incorrectly reported as Ray J. As far as the reports that Ray J wasn't around, he had actually been photographed with Whitney in days leading up to her death. Brandy was also in town so I doubt Ray J would miss all the glitz and glamour of the Grammy's… especially since he is usually somewhere close clutching Brandy's coat tails for dear life. Also, he was photographed leaving the Beverly Hills Hilton on Saturday night, the night of Whitney's death.

      • I am all for media mix-ups, but this case was a media cover-up. I was actually watching CNN when this all happened and they were talking to one of their female correspondents who was ON the phone with Ray J's best friend. He told her that Ray J had been the one to find Whitney's body in her suite, and he stated "He's all messed up right now", and then maybe 15 minutes later there was a "report" called in from Ray J's publicist who insisted that it was a mistake and that RayJ was nowhere near the BH Hilton. Then a little while after that it was reported that "Bodyguard Ray" was the one who found her. The question ends up being, "who was the best friend who was on the line with the correspondent"? She seemed genuinely shaken when she had to revise her "report".

      • @ icanseeit: Truthfully, who cares if Ray J found the body? Why is that so sinister or even out of the ordinary if they were dating and he was with her in the hotel room at the time? And of course he would be upset if he did find his girlfriend dead in tub, wouldn't you? I think some people are truly grasping for straws here… sometimes there are no dots to be connected but other people will see drama and all sorts of madness where there is none. Of all the things going on surrounding Whitney's death, who cares about the conspiracy theories linking Ray J to the situation. Cool, he is Brandy's bro, and it was Brandy's 33rd birthday, but what does that have to do with anything either? It is creepy and may not be a coincidence, but if we are gonna bring up the issue with no relevant information linking it to the death of Whitney, why bring it up at all? People are giving Ray J far too much credit to think that he played a part in this scenario as a handler or anything other than a clueless celebrity drone used to make other stars look good. He sucks at everything he does and at life in general, but now he is supposed to be some Illuminati mastermind working for the elite? Get real! People need to focus on whats really real which is that creepy man behind the scenes who has profited the most off of Whitney's life and death….Clive Davis.

  152. Hi guys,

    It si sad what happend to Whitney, may the lord bless her soul and may she now rest in peace.

    Great comments from everyone and article by VC.

    I was reading the daily mail and ran in to this creepy Nicki Minaj performance at the Grammys, this just confirms how the Music industry has hidden agenda and ocult rituals in this events look for yourself


  153. swear, 1 hour before I got the CNN text Whitney died, I was telling my two friends about this site… about the symbolism and cult activity that goes on in music.

    one friend refused to believe me. and she told me not to send her any links because she didn't want anything ruined for her.

    the other, she was fascinated and asked for links.

    I sent her links yesterday and she texted me during the grammy's "I SEE IT!" she said LL Cool J did the circle hand motion around the eye.

    I was so happy to know she believed me!

    and I know that it is just coincidence, but I am so spooked that only an hour after giving a 30 minutes speech on the Illuminati, we got word she passed. so spooky.

  154. Am I the only that has noticed from major award shows or from looking at some paparazzi pictures that some of the female divas often have bruises around their legs near their crotch or in their wrists? Like I always try to give a blind eye to that.

  155. @Tomas What utter BS! How can you be a wholesome and megastar?… without selling your soul? Like really? Do you know the meaning of 'wholesome'? That's the problem I have with some of y'all. You crown anyone who reaches a certain level of success illuminati, like a person cannot reach success by staying true to themselves, their craft and their beliefs. You don't know her story, all you see is where she's at right now and judge her. She worked hard for what she has and the only reason she's still successful is because of her humble character and critically acclaimed songwriting that many people can relate to amongst today's musically challenged pop-tarts. What has she done to be torn apart? Idgi. But everyone's entitled to their opinion. Not like you will, but I dear you to watch her 60 min interview which is just 15 min, though that would only show you the tip of what type of person she is.

    • Emma,

      You speak of Miss Swift as if you "personally" know her from a T.V. interview. Are you serious? It is a known fact that Artists are "chosen". Yes they work hard and all that but they are chosen. How many great Music Acts are "unknown"/ "underground". Those at the top are "chosen" to be there and only if they "play ball". You ever think that Miss Swift is the Perfect specimen to lead nice girls down the road to hell? Shoot I'd follow her! LOL!

      But really unfortunately the "entertainment" industry really has very little to do with entertaining and much more with Indoctrination/ Idol worship.

      VC even had an article about the 20909 VMA’s and Talyor Swift’s Initiation. http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/the-2009
      Here are some vid’s on the Music/Movie Biz and what it takes to make it
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn-3GhbtXVE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COnk6MhATY8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydyDatDV8vs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x3bPZ_dPX8
      It’s time to be “fully aware” no matter how scary it might be. Because only the “Truth shall set you free”.

      Be Well


      • Tomas, i do agree with you. Well said. However, there are lot of blinded people who don't wanna see the truth. I will sound banal may be, but i bring the well known phrase from apocalypses: "they will have eyes, but they will not see, they will have ears, but they will not hear." Curiously, the same phrase is written also in the holy book of muslims. "we gave them eyes to see, but they can't see. Of course it is our curse on the blasphemous people. We could make them totally blind without seeing the light of day, but we let them see just by the eye, not by soul. So they will have the square free to make a choice, to sin and collect their sins till the end of world. They will pass by the true way, but deny it. They will meet the truth, but will not accept it, cause we blinded their hearts. This is the punishment of arrogant."

  156. Very strange how Lady Gaga was wearing a black veil over her face at the Grammy Awards, because women used to wear black veils at funerals. As someone mentioned previously here, Lady Gaga had said “I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it — because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it.”, and interestingly, Born This Way was releaed on Feb. 11, 2011, and on Feb 11, 2012, Whitney Houston died. Lady Gaga was also carrying a golden scepter and she was wearing a black S&M style outfit along with her black veil, and she was wearing bright red lip stick. The scepter could be a symbol that she has conquered something, or that she is now "the Queen" (at least in her mind), because of Whitney Houston's death. Too much of a coincidence for me that she was dressed like that at the Grammys. Maybe Lady Gaga wanted Whitney Houston dead because she envied Whitney so much, and maybe Whitney's death was like a "gift" to Lady Gaga from her controllers. Whether Gaga wanted Whitney Houston dead or she was just dressed liked that as part of the ceremony following the ritual sacrifice of Whitney Houston, I don't see why this isn't suspicious enough to warrant an investigation. Maybe someone should bring this to the attention of the police, and maybe this could be what brings down the corrupt music industry.

    • I realllly think that was a coincidence…and even if it wasn't i was probably because she was heartbroken that her idol had died. These people may do some evil things but they're still human, they feel loss and sadness and honestly i think people on this site look to much into what lady g does and overestimate how bad she is…(and btw i don't believe these stars are mind controlled)..u guys seem to overlook all the positive she's done you know my brother was gonna kill himself but lady gaga inspired him to be brave.

      • You said "These people may do some evil things but they’re still human, they feel loss and sadness". You must not know what psychopaths are; they have no regard or empathy for other people, they are completely egocentric, and at least 1% and as much as 4% of the general population is comprised of full-blown psychopaths, and very few of them are in jail, and you usually can't tell that they aren't normal when you meet them, and they are often very good at convincing others that they are kind and caring people. The mainstream music industry is without a doubt run by psychopaths on the executive level, and many mainstream "artists" are also psychopaths, and Lady Gaga may very well be a psychopath. The Illuminati is run by psychopaths.

      • to sam and other funs of lady gaga: while there was laying a dead body over, she was celebrating grammys, your "wonderful persona" gaga was on grammys to celebrate…is thsi how she is "human and good"?…lady gaga went on some party with dress done by fresh meat – just because she feels excited by it, she finds it "cool"…for me it was just sick. Your lady gaga was singing on scene with a bloody heart in her hand and puting the blood on all over her body, licking it…do u think it is wonderful????? people, where is ur vigilance, where is ur heart???? how u can adore it???? how can u find it normal or worst even "wonderful"'???? it is simply sick…

    • I loved what Gaga was wearing, she's very into fashion and knows how to dress differently from the rest. When I saw the veil, I thought it was a great touch. Versace is a great choice, It made me think of how she is mourning with the death of Whitney. She loved Whitney so why would she want her dead? She isn't evil and she had no problems with her. The feud going on with her is apparently Katy Perry. Gaga has NEVER called herself the Queen, when she first came out she called Britney Spears the queen of pop music now. Born This Way was released on Feb 11th 2011 because a massive inspiration and friend of hers, Alexander McQueen died on that date the year before. If anything the Grammys were all about Adele and I don't think she deserved all those awards, she didn't even write any of the songs.

      • Lady Gaga had the dressed designed for her before Whitney died, of course. Whitney died on the night of the 11th. Do you think Versace designed and made the dress for her in less than 24 hours? Maybe the idea about Gaga herself wanting Whitney dead doesn't add up, I'm not sure, Gaga could be a psychopath who was obsessed with Whitney, but her wearing what she wore was definitely at the very least part of the celebration of Whitney's murder. This was probably a plan two years in the making; they have an excuse for why Born This Way was released on Feb 11, because Gaga said it was because of Alexander McQueen's death, and McQueen was probably murdered himself, as he was found hanging in his home. Then they could explain the black veil Gaga wore to the Grammys by saying that it was in relation to her latest single, Marry the Night, and coincidentally, the music video to Marry the Night has scenes with Gaga in a bath tub, and Whitney Houston was found in a bath tub. Whitney's death was probably a ritualistic murder, which was at least two years in planning.

      • gaga was dressed for funeral party/sacrifice ritual and versace designed it on propose. Gaga is sick minded, she likes such things, the dead flesh, the death, bad energy, sadness, tragedy and etc. It is a kind of holiday for her, not the mourning…that's why the red lipstick. Red and black – as you can see also in movie of stanley kubrick "eyes wide shut" are the colors of satanist on sacrifice rituals…

        they were all prepared and dressed up on propose. Cause they knew that whitey was going to be killed for sacrifice, it is simple. It was not decided at the last moment, it was not an accident, it was planned very previously and done on propose…

      • i'm sorry, but gaga is evil, she knows what does she do, she follows consciously the evil, she promotes it consciously, she is from illuminati family. Of course she was broken and directed on the evil direction since she wss little by the mind ocntrol techs, when she was little she didn't have a choice and chance. But now she is adult, she is aware of what she is doing, you never saw her upset or sorry of what she is doing, she seems very proud, determinate and enthusiastic of promoting the evil. She accpeted of being a doll, robot. And i bet gaga doesn't give a damn to the death of whitney houston, for her it is a kind of must ritual. Regarding her fashion – it is not that she becomes "cute" if the money of elite dresses her up by expensice, fashionable coutures. They do it on propose in order to make the evil worshipers appear as attractive, "cool", in order to gain the simpathy and adoration of masses at least by appearance (cause there is no inner sense in all their mission, it is just a crazy, suicide tendency followed by the insane people on power). I would advice everybody to watch the movie "they live", that movie talks about monsters living among us, which suck the energy of people, corrupt the souls and rule secretly. Those monsters have an appearance of elegant, nice people, but if the hero of movie wears the special eye glasses he sees the real faces of those monsters – the terrible monsters hiding behind false appearance. The nromal people blinded by their propaganda can't see their real faces, the people think of them with adoration and respect…this is what happens today to the masses dumbed by the evil mechanism of propaganda, brain washing.

        It is not gaga that decides what to dress up – it is her imagemaker, the elite marketing which decides her appearance. The gaga that u see today is not what she supposed to be if she wouldn't be handled and used by the elite…she is just a stupid puppet without any talent. I bet, she can't properly chose even a pair of socks by herself. It is simple. By other hand not always she is "elegant", i can't call elegant the dress she had on her made by the animal meat (or it was a human meat? who knows…)…i can't call elegance this


        or this


        or this one


        and lots of other sick wearings she had on her.

      • what we see on gaga&co. is just an appearance. It has nothing to do with elegance. It is just a sickness and a wish of attraction for any cost. The lights of show business blind the people, the constant propaganda on calling "nice" what is actually ugly make people accept them as nice at the end. There is a wisdom of some smart politicians which say that: "repeat enough long time some lie which will be accepted as truth at the end". It is about the human psyco – the mind control i sbased on that – repeating something until it enters the mind of victim.

        the real elegance is this one


        no vulgarity, no demoniac


        the simplicity and charity


        it is because today there are no more such real icons to give an example of real elegance and beauty, so people take an orientation on what they see today on show business – the perverted, depressed, dark people with sick images…

      • Sam, after all what i explained, you still say that gaga is a "wonderful" person as honestly i don't see anything wonderful in her apart the ugliness of soul and image. She ruins the brain of young people, she openly promotes negative behavior, occult, suicide, violence, pervertion and etc. all out of moral values. Moral value is the only thing that differences the human being from the other animals, if you wanna grow up spiritually, the first thing to do – is working hardly on ur morals – this is the only way since the humanity exists, even when there were no one of dominating religions of our days, the human beign based own existence on moral values. Without limits of morality there is a caos – the reign of the evil. The caos brings to destruction. It is simply about logics…do u like to ruin urself? to let urself go under the gaga nonsense? it is ur business, i can't tell u anything, it is ur choice.

        So if you call gaga wonderful after all that – i'd say no comment to you…it seems we have different understanding of what is really "wonderful". You and me see the things from opposite sides of the reality. It is about the choice…hope ur choice is not just for a tendency.

      • @severalminds I don't believe any of that. I'm sorry but just because gaga is different doesn't mean she's not a good person and pretty much everything you said was crazy. I'm sorry but someone who's saved the lives of so many can't possibly be happy when someone dies.and you say she has no talent? i'd like to see you go up their and perform like she does. i don't like her music personally but i have seen interviews of her and she seems very nice. now she may be in an evil industry but i don't for a second think she is evil. every "little monster" that i've seen had had nothing but good inlence and happiness from her and her music. most people on this site hate gaga but i'm gonna speak my mind and say what i really think and i honestly think she's an wonderful person/artist. btw most of her music videos on this site have been misinterpreted(at least in my opinion), especially marry the night. people are probably gonna reply with "proof" that she is bad but sorry i'm not buying it. i think this site is great in some article but not so great in others.

  157. Here's a good link:


    Also Jennifer Hudson did the Weight Watchers Commercial performing "I Believe In You & Me" where she's singing to her old self(Pre- Sacrifices and the selling of her soul, and the Oscar), the commercial also is very Metropolis… A lifeless or souless robot, singing to her old animated, bashful childlike self…

  158. I'm reading tweets by Jaheim, an R&B artist who speaks up about how sad Whitney gave almost 30years of her life to put Clive Davis on a throne, etc…

    Interesting… he knows his career might take a turn but I love this guy. (you may not know him if you don't listen to R&B but still… he used to be a Grammy nominated singer).

  159. I find all this stuff very interesting and at times get caught up in it. But every now and then i get hit with realism and have questions that need answering. For instance, the movie Angels and Demons is on right now. So far in the first 30min ive heard the words Illuminati and secret society about 10 times. Halftime shows, Grammy performances, high budget hollywood movies, etc. How can a "secret society" be so visible in the public eye. Doesnt make any sense to me and makes me skeptical about a lot of the theories ive heard on this site. Hopefully some of you can explain.

    • @ Seamus:

      “Today, when the elite needs a part of its agenda to be accepted by the public, it is done through desensitization. The agenda, which might go against the public best interests, is slowly, gradually and repetitively introduced to the world through movies (by involving it within the plot), music videos (who make it cool and sexy) or the news (who present it as a solution to today’s problems). After several years of exposing the masses to a particular agenda, the elite openly presents the concept the world and, due to mental programming, it is greeted with general indifference and is passively accepted. This technique originates from psychotherapy.

      Predictive programming is often found in the science fiction genre. It presents a specific image of the future – the one that is desired by the elite – and ultimately becomes in the minds of men an inevitability. A decade ago, the public was being desensitized to war against the Arab world. Today, the population is gradually being exposed to the existence of mind control, of transhumanism and of an Illuminati elite. Emerging from the shadows, those concepts are now everywhere in popular culture. This is what Alice Bailey describes as the “externalization of the hierarchy”: the hidden rulers slowly revealing themselves.”

      See Article found in link “Read This First”: Vigilant Citizen – Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by the Mass Media

      • perfectly explained! thank you, Truth teller!

        by the way, anubody knows where did end Alicia Keys which was so talented and not enough "evil" for elite's standards?

        i see, they push out any real talent in order to dumb the people's mind only by the rubbish such as gagas&co. The good art is dangerous, it makes people smarter and free…

      • @ severalminds & Mary: I have some info on Alicia Keys that may interest you.

        Personally, I wouldn’t be so quick to discount Alicia Keys’ involvement in the grand scheme of things. She pushes the elite’s agenda as all artists seem to do in one way or another. She is just more subtle and less abrasive than artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many others. She does play her part though, trust me. Some red flags include the fact that she was originally signed to Columbia Records (President: Clive Davis), then Arista (Founder & President: Clive Davis) before releasing her debut album ‘Songs in A Minor’ on J Records (Founder & President: Clive Davis). To say that Clive Davis is a media mogul would be the understatement of the year. There are barely any media corporations that he hasn’t played a role in at one point or another. Google him sometime and you will be shocked about the artists he works with and the careers he has influenced and helped build over the years.

        Alicia is also married to rapper/producer Swizz Beatz (of Ruff Ryders fame), who began his record label Full Surface in 2001 with the help of none other than Clive Davis. As a producer/rapper, Swizz has worked with many musical acts, most notably Jay Z’s ‘On to the Next One’; a song/video which VC has thoroughly analyzed in an article called “The Occult Semi-Subliminals of Jay-Z’s ‘On to the Next One’”. Swizz also produced the song “Million Dollar Bill” (which was written by Alicia Keys) for Whitney Houston’s 2009 album, “I Look to You”. According to sources, it was Clive Davis and record exec Larry Jackson that orchestrated the collaboration. And let’s not forget Alicia's monumental hit with Jay Z – “Empire State of Mind” (A.K.A. The Anthem of New York City, a modern day Babylon to some…).

        When Alicia Keys began her music career, she was sort of androgynous, playing with a tomboy like swagger and attitude that artists like TLC, Aaliyah, and Ciara utilized in the early days of their careers (even Rihanna in her ‘Pon de Replay’ days wore baggy pants and a more masculine look). Sure, one might be tempted to say it’s just a fashion trend. But looking deeper one must acknowledge a calculated effort at achieving a certain image as all of these women are unique and began their careers at varying times in music. Even if a trend is occurring, VC readers know that fashion is also used to push the elite’s agenda. (Also notice how these stars become more feminine and over sexualized as they experience success and rise in the public eye.)

        Furthermore, Baphomet is androgynous for a reason: to represent the duality and unification of masculine and feminine energies. According to the article “Who is Baphomet” fetured on VC’s sister site Secret Arcana: “Baphomet embodies the culmination of the alchemical process – the union of opposing forces to create Astral Light – the basis of magic and, ultimately, enlightenment. Baphomet himself is an androgynous character as it is bearing the characteristics of both sexes: female breasts and a rod representing the erect phallus. The concept of androgeniety is of a great importance in occult philosophy as it is representative the highest level of initiation in the quest of becoming ‘one with God’.” I encourage everyone to visit the site and read the article for more info on the subject, it is very interesting.

        As a side note: Alicia named her son with Swizz Beatz Egypt… ode to African roots or something else entirely? Hmmm… it makes you wonder.

      • Truth teller, thank you for the information on alicia keys. It doesn't surprise me that she also promotes the elite agenda or at least she did it, as she is disappeared by some years…i think there is no "star" on show business of hollywood which don't promote elite agenda, it is a kind of sware, initiation tha must be accepted by anybody who enters that damn show world, cause it is owned by the elite totally and they want the entries to follow their politics…It is especially applied on the most visible, promoted stars. There are some stars which are not so well known, because they don't follow the occult. They realize few albums or movies searched and loved by a little circle of funs.

        i have a question to web site administration: i remember, yesterday i wrote a comment talking about possible pagan mixture with catholic religion. It is disappeared. Was something wrong with that? i think, it could be interesting and useful for somebody. There was no offence in that comment, just some analysis and opinion. It was an answer to ruby23 as she talks about the pagan origin of the name "jesus" which is very possible as the christianity is handled a lot by the pagan worshiper leaders…


      • is alicia keys her real name or some art name? ur comment made me think on it…cause if she dedicates to mind control – then alicia could allude to "alice in wonderland" a mind control describing manual written for "children" by the mason writer which is used as reference since a long time. The "keys" may mean "key of solomon" the key of divine wisdom which illuminati pretend to hold…

      • @ severalminds:

        No, Alicia Keys is not her real name. Her real name is Alicia Augello Cook. She took the stage name Keys to represent the fact that she plays the piano. But who knows, there could be more to it…

      • I love alicia keys! she's still popular, don't know if she's part of all this though. and btw say wat u want about gaga but have u ever seen that girl sing? she's got some serious talent, can't deny that. i hate to say it but i still listen to her song poker face sometimes its such a good song.

    • I believe it also plays into the aspect of our free will. Because it is ultimately a luciferian agenda, those who succumb to believing and accepting (by not rejecting) it must freely do so. I don't think the "NWO" is necessarily new, but we will be shown exactly who the "world" belongs to. In the End we will have each chosen whom we follow….. and no one will be able to claim that they couldn't see the difference.

    • It's true because so many of us are to busy to understand the game that is being played. Especially now since the economy is melting down. People have other problems and not looking at the big picture. So, they are still considered a "Secret Society". Stop wearing those red bottom shoes and maybe the blood would stop shedding!!!!!!

  160. Yes hello all

    On hearing of W. Houston's death the first thing that came to mind was Blood Sacrifice. I mean she died after 3pm and the body remained in the hotel room until late in the evening. The body remained there while the Pre-Grammy party went on downstairs, why? The next thing that came to mind was an interview I saw recently (not even a month ago) I think it was on Larry King, with Clive Davis and Jennifer Hudson. What caught my attention of the interview was that it seemed to me that Mr. Davis was "Handling" Miss Hudson. It also seemed like a coming up in the rankings interview. I also find it interesting Mr. Davis was W. Houston's "mentor" and now is "mentoring" Miss Hudson. Had Whitney served her purpose and was "useless" now? Was Whitney replaced with a "new" updated version in Miss Hudson? The answer to these questions seemed to have been given when I happened to tune into the Grammy's and right before my eyes saw Jennifer Hudson sing (nearly not as well as Whitney btw) "I will always love you" Miss Houston’s signature song. I got some major goose bumps I'll tell you! Mind you now I have no "proof" of any of this. All I have is my discernment. These people at the top are some sick twisted S.O.B's! Also just replace the TO in Houston with a D and you got Hudson. So we see Houston TO Hudson right before our very eyes in plain sight?

    Be well


  161. The theme of the evening was "we take care of our own." It started right out, with Bruce Springsteen singing it, and speakers kept repeating that mantra all night. Funny too how Dave Grohl was such a big presence. (He performed 3 times) Considering his Nirvana connection, and the initiation of Adele and Jennifer Hudson, along with ending the show with Paul McCartney, who has managed to sustain a career and live a long life, without overdosing or getting shot, the message is, "Stay with us and we will take care of you. Go your own way, and we will off you," like Whitney, and Kurt, and John.

  162. Whitney Houston was probably one of the greatest female voices we’ve heard in the last thirty years. Her vocal abilities were more unique and powerful than anything we’re listening to today. What has happened to her is truly a tragedy. My heart breaks for her family.

    I’m starting to think that the truly talented people such as Whitney need to take the independent route to success so they don’t lose control. It seems that talents such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and the long list of others whose lives were cut short due to drug and alcohol problems, begin the roll downhill once they reach the pinnacle of fame, thanks to the “handlers” and the corporate giants in the music industry.

    On more than one occasion, I’ve heard the term “sell your soul”, even from folks who wouldn’t “sign the contract”. We know people who left Nashville because they were not willing to get entrenched in the drug scene to become a “star”. I believe a lot of the music industry is a cover for drug laundering.

    We know another phenomenal musician who recorded his guitar licks on the albums of celebrities, would be picked up in a limo at the airport, taken to the Waldorf-Astoria……but then he found out how Mafia-controlled the music industry is…..and he bailed out. He bailed out on a lot of money, but he has his freedom and his own recording studio.

    There is something to be said for artistic and creative freedom. There is something to be said for making your own decisions. Freedom and happiness are underrated.

    Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson had it all…….money, fame, talent, originality……but they were spiritually miserable and desperately unhappy. In the end, it’s a trade……money and fame for misery and addiction. No matter how famous or how rich, if you lose your life, it’s not worth it.

  163. Am I the only one who noticed the upside down W and a bulls eye mark at Madonna's half time show???? Is it just my imagination??? x with a circle around it.

    • Alice,Hey!!I saw your comment and my daughter and I played Madonna's performance back, and you are right! Both our mouths were agape as we beheld the W with an x in the middle, with a huge circle around it. I didn't notice it before, and then as we watched the whole 12 minutes and (I think) 47seconds-we couldn't stop looking at it through the whole show! My daughter thought it was really freaky too! Do you think maybe it was some kind of weird symbol for Madonna,perhaps?Probably not.

      If this was a blatant message shoved in all our faces, it is terrifying. If the entertainment industry went as far as to show an intial with an x and circle around it, they are bold. They think we are too stupid to notice, or care, and we should be enraged by this. This is a sickening display of "hidden in plain sight." If it was a symbol of Whitney's fate to come, we wouldn't have known enough to save her-as it could have been anybody's initial. But the worst part of this whole thing, is just how arrogant, disgustingly brash, heinous, and truly evil "these people" are. The fact that they "show" their intentions, and obviously get away with their different agendas is very troubling, and disconcerting at the very least. The more I learn about the Illuminati, and their plans for world domination, and the lengths they have gone, and will go to is horrifying beyond belief.

      Also, I was upset with Mia(is that her name?) for flipping off the camera, and all her fans, and all America. I don't really understand why she did that. What stupid statement was she trying to make? Because, I hope she knows that she would not be in the position she is in now if it were not for her fans. Yes,Mia, your fans pay your salary-every penny of it. And this is how you repay them?????Also, because you live in America you were not hauled off the stage for your little display, and killed or put in jail. So, who was she flipping off-the fans who pay her salary, or the country in which she is allowed such freedoms???? The blinding disrespect of some of these "singers" completely astounds me in times as such. It sickens me to no end when these "performers" so terribly misuse, and misrepresent their freedoms of speech. I, for one,think that there should be some kind of consequence for such flagrant disregard for our constitution, which exists to protect, and serve us. Instead, these people believe that the world exists only for them, and only to further their careers, as well as basking in their own "glory."

      Despite all the negatives I have pointed out, and all the evil agendas of the Illuminati for the New World Order,there is hope. We are not helpless. We are not stupid. We are not unaware. We are not uninspired. We can boycott those performers cd's, and all other products, and concerts they spew in our direction. We can get groups together to keep certain artist's from performing in our town's, and cities. (People have done this for Marilyn Manson concerts, and have even been very successful in keeping him out of certain states!) We can spend our hard earned money on other things that are good,and worthy of buying. We can stick together and write to certain stations when these "performers" act unbecomingly during our viewing time, and switch the station.

      Lastly, I do not believe these evil powers can stand up to our living God. Not a chance. Yes, the Bible does say that there will be a time when Satan/Antichrist will take over, and rule the earth. There will be a time when the Antichrist will demand we take the mark of the beast if we want to buy or sell. And there will be a time when some of us will be killed for refusing to take his mark. But the Lord God will show us what to do, and will bless those who refuse the mark. Those who love the Lord God, and His Son, Jesus will be saved for all of eternity, while those who sell out to the Antichrist will suffer eternal damnation, and punishment. But in the end, God wins. It is as simple as that. Let us look to the Lord God for help, and join together to help one another stand tall, and refuse all evil in these diabolical, and trecherous times.

      Alice, I hope you have a nice Valentine's Day, and God's blessings to you and all of your family.

    • Makes sense…everyone watching that Superbowl could have been watching an entire black mass of a ritual sacrifice that was going to take place. The way the were all lined up on that W, marching on it (her).

  164. I don't know if this has anything to do with Whitney's death but Rihanna's Talk That Talk album was released November 21, 2011. And the album artwork includes her celebrating inside of a bathtub, with champagne (or some type of alcohol). The final song is also titled "Farewell." But maybe I'm just reading too much into this.

  165. Isn't it a bit too coincidental that Lady Gaga would reference Whitney Houston in such a personal meaningful way on the same day a year before during the same award ceremony.

    This sounds a lot like Illuminati (monarch) ritual killings in order to further a persons trauma and bring about an alter, this is commonly done with twins or two people the Illuminati bind together psychically through ritual or symbolically through brainwashing.

    "I need to thank Whitney Houston because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – [because I wasn't secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar]"

    If you read the books by Fritz Springmeier and understand how handlers create alters through abuse (memory trauma) then what has occurred could possibly be monarch-related.

    I am quite certain that the handler would have profiled Lady Gaga (as they always do) to see what is meaningful to her, essentially by killing Whitney Houston you can create a switch that goes on within her psyche and bring the alter forward where certain instructions or ideas are triggered. (to her it would seem like any other human that what she thinks is normal and coming from her own mind, when we know that is not the case at all)

    So to test my theory, let's see what Lady Gaga does next shall we.. Either what music video or song she does or what publicity stunt she performs. I could be wrong but I am usually always right (in the same way I predicted that Lindsay Lohan would not show on Ellen to promote her Marilyn Monroe Playboy shoot. Fritz Springmeier once again to thank for that.)

    • * I forgot to mention that Lady Gaga's quote "“I need to thank Whitney Houston because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – [because I wasn't secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar]” relates to (Doll Programming). I'm sure the author of this blog would agree to that. 🙂

      • WHy the heck would she imagine Whitney of all people singing that nonsense. Does that even sound like a song Whitney would sing? Yeah that was a sign.

      • I'm not disrespecting Whitney, but there's been speculation since the 80's about Whitney's preference to men or women. I grew up in Whitney's generation in the 80's and there was no one she was publicly dating until her late 20's and then came Bobby Brown. There were pic's of her with Michael Jackson and other men, but never a serious boyfriend, until Bobby. Many believe now, that it was a "set-up" pretend like marriage. Then no serious man after Bobby either. Ray J (handler/drug enabler) doesn't count. So anyway, there is a possibility she could have been bisexual, lesbian, transvestite in the closet. That might have been Gaga's way of exposing it. Because that song is for homo's, transvestites and the like. Just saying it's a possibility. People don't want to believe it because they consider her to be an idol, goddess, Christian, etc. So not really sure if there's truth to any of it or not. Just saying….

    • So The Clowns Decide To Sacrafice Our Elders During Black History Month 2012 When The ELDER'S ENERGY IS RETURNING!!! How Dare They. Etta, Don & Whitney. They Always Say Rituals (Death) Comes In Threes. Etta Was Sacraficed Becuase Of Her Opinion Of Beyonce. Stop Believing In The Same CIA Stories. Plane & Car Crashes, Overdoses, Drowning Etc.. Newsflash Whitney Was Supposed To Relase A Movie. "Sparkle", A Remake Of The Classic Film & She Mysteriously Overdoses And Dies In A Tub. Does This Sound Familiar?.. The Same Situation With Britney Murphy, Who Was Set To Relase A Movie Then Suddenly Overdoses And Dies In Her Tub. What About Heath Ledger Who Died Before His Movies Was Set To Be ReleBased Or Eri/c Lee( The Crow/ Bruce Lee's Son). Wake Up People.

  166. if the music industry is evil and works for satan, then why does everyone keep supporting it by buying the artist records that get sucked into the spiraling downfall of the evil. perhaps the ones supporting it are the real targets.

  167. @emma

    I understand where you are coming from, and understand that i am not bashing Taylor. It is just interesting how all of these symbols come into play constantly during performances. You have your opinion and i have mine. If anyone who reads these comments should def. do their homework and come to their own conclusion.

  168. Lest not forget it was a pre grammy night Chris Brown abused Rihanna….maybe they hv a demon possessed party akak pre grammy party…it reeks!

  169. psssh Swift was sworn in the night kanye publicly shamed her and beyonce "let her have her moment"…wake up. doesnt matter the genre of entertainment…they're all pawns.

  170. Something I had forgotten about which recently struck me. Osama bin Laden (who, before being the boogeyman behind 9/11, was a long-time CIA asset in Afghanistan against the Soviets), had an obsession with Whitney Houston, to the point he wanted to marry her. While I haven't looked yet into Whitney's status in terms of Monarch programming, something about the bin Laden thing makes me think Whitney was a Beta used by bin Laden as a gift from the CIA, at least once. Why else does an allegedly devout Muslim pine for a "sexy diva"-type American?

  171. I just read a tweet from Patty Stanger (millionaire matchmaker) calling Adele "Queen of the Night". Whitney had a song called Queen of the Night, the video to this song is just weird. Also find it strange and interesting that all these stars that have died before their time, their death has been attributed to alcohol. While they were doing fine moments before according to "witnesses" they suddenly expired. I know it takes but a moment to die, but by alcohol and Rx meds… I would think a witness would see some signs of drunkenness or drowsiness, excitability, something…?

    I also wonder how the death of Etta James (another black female singing legend) and Soul Trains Don Cornelius tie into Whitneys death. Etta James couldnt stand Beyonce. Beyonces baby was introduced to the world "officially" the same day Whitney died. We all know about Jay-Z and Beyonce. And then of course there was the superbowl and the grammys. Nicki Minaj's performance was truly disturbing and sickening. I didnt watch the superbowl or the grammys but watched clips online. I knew when I heard about Whitney, it had something to do with the two big events, The grammys and the superbowl.

    R.I.P Whitney

  172. @ i want the truth… u are sooooo right.. i follow melanie amaroo and wen i saw her tweet on "she lives in my voice" n all dat whitney tweets i got an immediate sick feeling i knew something was offf.. i also thought of jennifer hudson too waiting to take that throne. lets watch her incline now

  173. Six days between Madonna's performance and Whitney's death. Number of Grammys Whitney won = 6. Number of Grammys Adele was awarded on the night of Whitney's death…6.

    'Just a coincindence, nothing to worry about'.

    • Honestly, I think that, no matter what message Madonna gave out during halftime, anything regarding Whitney would be the least of her worries/thoughts.

  174. Who noticed when Jennifer Hudson sung, She was inside a pyramid shaped by the stagelight with Whitney at the top like the all seeing eye?

  175. Any one else find it weird that bobbi kristina fell asleep in the tub on friday night in the same hotel that her mom died in? CREEPY!

    The day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton … her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel … TMZ has learned.

    According to our sources, friends of Bobbi Kristina tried knocking on her door repeatedly Friday night … but she didn't answer. We're told they called security to get them to unlock the door and help them get Bobbi out of the tub.

    Our sources say it happened on the same floor of the hotel where Whitney would be found dead the next day. We're told the room Bobbi Kristina was in was booked under Whitney's name.

    As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized twice since her mother's passing and we're told her family fears she might be suicidal.


  176. I feel like this is one case where drugs really were the problem…as was the same with Amy Winehouse, the body can only take so much and from the recent pictures of Whitney before her death it is quite clear that she is off her head on either drink or drugs… I have to disagree V.C with your opinion that abusing coke and marijuana do not cause a person to suffer deep psychological and spiritual trauma, speaking from experience they most certainly do. I am currently battling my own demons, I am an alcoholic and drug abuser, whenever i consume either, my personality completely shifts and changes me into a person i do not know or like. whenever this happens, it is like I am possessed and it is most scary. Yet i still do relapse, not because I am being mind controlled or anything sinister like that, but because of this disease i have, coupled with depression it has most certainly stolen the light from my eyes and the eyes of all the other human beings burdened with this curse. I am a huge fan of your website and I do agree with alot you have to say, but not on this one.

  177. I am just gobsmacked by Whitney's death, the Nicki Minaj performance…I don't even know what to say.

    The Mickey Mouse heads segment was disturbing – I almost didn't want to look at the tv.

    And someone pointed out Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters was wearing a Slayer t-shirt with a pentagram, he was also wearing an inverted cross necklace.

    So, so blatant and in your face, the whole sick mess.

    And Adele looked hypnotized, very robotic.

    • I am so very relieved that someone took notice of Adele's demeanor throughout the award show. I've only seen one interview with Adele (on Chelsea Lately) where she was so bubbly and her personality seemed so vibrant and unrestrained. I expected the same, if not more, of that exuberance but such was obviously not the case which shocked me. Not only did she seem expectant, but as you point out NJVigilantCitizen, she was completely robotic and almost unemotional. The smiles seemed rehearsed and forced rather than genuine. And the crying for her last award? Not convinced.

      Also, there was a moment when the camera panned over to her and she looked as though she was completely zoned out…and when she realized that she was on candid camera, she put on a smile. All very odd.

  178. I feel Whitney was a sacrifice FOR Adele, cause the media says a new Queen was crown last night at the Grammy's 6 nomination and won ADELE and also Jennifer Hutson tribute is like saying the Queen is dead now she is the new Whitney, I deeply believe she was sacrifice and they all knew even her manager Clive Davis he knew he brought she up as a superstar and take her out, the whole music industry knew exactly what happen and they still celebrate in the same hotel where her body was like it was a total celebration of her death and all the fake tears and words and it was strange how in the Grammy LLCool J TOLD adele welcome back and she was crown the new Queen RIPN Whitney Houston…

    • From what Im seeing, Whitney was a sacrifice for a whole bunch of ppl. I was of the opinion that only Jennifer Hudson was going to be moving into her place because she was with CLive Davis on Pearc Morgan. Now i beg to differ. The queen of pop, Whitney, super, uber talented…bloody excellent singer was taken out, and replaced with Adele, Jennifer, Brandy, Monica, Chris Brown, Ray J and Nicky Minaj. Seems 7 artists were upgraded in exchange for Whitney. ALl of the above will have fame they never had before. I was wondering if Madonna's superbowl sacrifice was only for Whitney.

  179. Im sick & tired of all these things …. until when we should whatch these things happen ?

    and us not do anything. i cant stand it anymore , i think we should tell everyone .

    whole world must know whats happening.we cant let them be Gods and us be their doll

    and let them control us….whose with me ? huh ?

    let's promote this site .share it in your Facebook,Twitter,websites…. and more.

    if U know other ways please inform .



    come on pleaseeeeeeeee.

  180. Thanks VC for writing about Whitney, just what I've been waiting to read.

    Condolences to her daughter and mom, they need our prayers through this hard times. RIP Whitney.

    Didn't watch the 54th Grammy Awards but did read the comments on Nicki Minaj's performance so I just had to Youtube it to see what the fuss was about.

    Really sickening. Watched it and I was thinking what the heck did I just saw …!? Nicki looked crazy and demented, fine … she's supposed to be possessed by demons, but why this kind of act for the Grammys?

    Sometimes I think these people get a kick out of being blasphemous … and the entertainment industry has totally run out of ideas … really sick stuff they call entertainment nowadays … devil worshiping, demonic possessions, mass orgies, blasphemy towards religion, mocking family values, over-sexualism …

    No wonder I dont watch TV anymore. God help us all!

  181. Its a coincidence: whitney , a very innoccent singer, was found died in her bath tub…..the very exact same way britney murphy was found died…. murphy , another inocent one, was ALSO found died in her bath tub… O.o coincidence????

  182. Also, we all know that the industry communicates with symbols that often contradict or make ambiguous their statements. I was reading about Whitney's death on msn and… guess what? They say Jennifer hudson gave a "near-perfect" rendition of Whitney's hit song…. And the pic that accompanied it gave me chills… i'm not sure why. But the pic they chose to accompany it… Jennifer was literally "in the spotlight", and by that i mean Whitney's pic was in the background and it was dark al laround her, with Jen in the forefront with the stark spotlight on her, almost as if they're hinting that Jennifer IS Whitney's replacement( sort of like how Beyonce was symbolically dead and replaced by sasha fierce by appearing in a boot of a car in crazy in love and upgrade you). I'm just saying, they could have used another pic for that article. That one doesn't, in my opinion, give tribute to her. The memorial was for Whitney, Why is Jen in the spotlight?

    • Isn't it ironic that Jennifer Hudson 1st single was entitled "Spotlight". She finally got it, and moves to the next tier in her career within the Industry.OMG!!!!!!!

      Here is what the allegedly critics say about the single.

      The song received generally positive reviews. About.com said that "If you were one of the people wondering if Jennifer Hudson could sustain her vocal energy, power and passion on a full album like she did in the role of Effie in the movie Dreamgirls and like she also does on the album's opening song and first single, "Spotlight," then wonder no more: the answer's a definite yes. "Spotlight" exemplifies the album as a whole: it's got a strong, independent woman singing strongly about love and relationships. In this case, the song is about a controlling lover: "If I'm just love's prisoner, then I'm bustin' out," she sings.".[4]AllHipHop said that "“Spotlight” as catchy as it is was not debut single-worthy, and a brand new artist wouldn't have been looked at twice; but because it was Jennifer (and penned by Ne-Yo) attention was paid.".[5]Allmusic said that " 'Spotlight' was both promising and satisfying, nearly a dead-center bull's-eye — dramatic but not over the top, powerful but not a gratuitous fireworks display, a melancholy but striking midtempo track with a gently thumping four-four pulse.".[6]Digital Spy said that Hudson "navigates the emotional complexities of 'Spotlight', on which she plays a downtrodden girlfriend".[7]New York Daily News said that the song's "trendy, staccato backup vocals give the song spine. Better, the character presented by the lyrics – a put-upon woman who's finally stepping out – fits Hudson's persona as the angry queen of payback.".[8]Slant magazine said that "Lead single "Spotlight" is a serviceable, pulsating, you-did-me-wrong jam that is, thanks to Stargate and Ne-Yo, perfectly in line with today's trends."[9] The Times said the song "is predictably mid-tempo as it tries to please all her fan bases at once."[10

      The music video is extremely related to Whitney's death;

      The song's music video was directed by Chris Robinson and Hudson introduced its premiere screening on BET's 106 and Park on June 24, 2008.[11] Ryan Gentles from the plays Madea Goes to Jail and Diary of a Mad Black Woman appears in the video as Hudson's love interest.[12]

      Hudson appears talking on her cellphone to her friend, complaining about her over-protective boyfriend. After she gets off her cellphone, she puts on a jacket and a scarf and leave her house into an alley, then entering a nightclub, dancing and having a good time until she sees her boyfriend Gentles. She then takes his hand and leads him into a white room with stripes telling him that she loves him but that he needs to realize that she is a good girl and not to worry before it is too late. Towards the end of the video, Hudson is walking down a runway with her boyfriend sitting in front of the runway. The video ends with Hudson getting off her cellphone. A bottle of Campari is prominently displayed in the video in a scene featuring Hudson and Gentles at the nightclub


  183. Whitney was lucky she lived as long as she did. VC accurate about the eyes being soulless. I saw that same thing about 10 years ago. This is a cocktail of factors: shitty marriage to a psycho ego fueled drug addict who forces his horrible psyche and beats you down badly and you are hitting the pipe at the same time. A lot of coincidences, but we are getting used to these very public rituals and our minds drift to conclusions. That being said, no doubt some switcher has taken place.

    Nikkei mania as Linda Blair in the exercising and totally trashing Catholicism along with the song ending with the priest losing his attempt to regain her soul and her possession by Satan causing her to float will be the next bc piece.

    strangest site other than this? Lady gags looking foolish in her outfit and not getting any play in this show at all. Maybe she is has been to tbs now they got these other puppets.


  184. "We're told Coroner's officials informed the family there was not enough water in Whitney's lungs to lead to the conclusion that she drowned."

    "And we're told … Whitney's mom has arranged to have the singer's body flown back to Atlanta, as early as tomorrow. The family was told the Coroner has no problem releasing the body because there is no evidence of foul play"


    There you have it, your official victim. It seems odd that the body is released this soon. In fact, I haven't even heard a body being released this quickly in any death. Usually, they keep it a week to do a through analysis. Especially in the strange circumstances. However, as soon as I started hearing reports here in Canada, the first words were, "NO FOUL PLAY WAS INVOLVED" Naturally, the media announced this even while she was still at the hotel. The narrative was quick, blame drugs, and wrap your "findings" around that and release the body before someone else gets a chance to find out the truth. You'd think wounds on her wrists would have given the clue that something might not be right here.

  185. As soon as I read this I knew it wouldn't be long until it was on here. The usual shady death, drug abuse, abusive partner etc. I thought straight away somethings not right. Only comfort is she is now free of it all

  186. Her death def came unexpected wonder who will be next. Has anyone seen Nicki Minaj's performance at the Grammys? Not only was the song irritating and HORRIBLE ( as usual) but it was so demonic. If u havent seen it Youtube it

  187. I am writing a novel about DID, and as part of that, I was as "lucky" as to consult with a spiritually disturbed boy, who says, he has no intact personality, and his inner world is filled with labyrinths and eyes and he is obsessed with drawings depicting one-eyed little girls. I can only agree with VC's conclusion…

  188. In my attempt to connect the dots, I hypothesize that Whitney Houston's sacrifice will stand to benefit Brandy the most. First of all, Whitney died on February 11th. Brandy's birthday is February 11th… and guess what, she just turned 33! Brandy was with Whitney just before her death. She's also attempting (another) comeback this year… my hunch is that it's going to work just fine for her…

    Also worth noting: Whitney was dating (?) Ray J, Brandy's younger brother. Odd, no?

    And finally, this isn't the first time Brandy has been involved in a potential sacrifice. Remember in 2006 when she killed a woman on the freeway?

    • Brandy didn't kill that woman. That woman ran into the car in front of her. Brandy was driving behind all of that. She also has songs after that happened which speak out against "them."

  189. I think the Grammys will tell everyone if it was a sacrifice or not. Look for symbolism during tributes to her. Of course, they may be putting the symbols in just to get us confused.

  190. I am wondering if the introduction of Blue Ivy the previous day had anything to do with the "bow-out" of Whitney Houston the day after. Just wondering why the most secretive couple in hollywood did that so publicly. A "new Whitney" is born?

  191. I do believe in spiritual synchronicity at the time of death and I am amazed and moved that Whitney's last song was "Jesus Loves Me". It seemed random that she was singing it at a party in club and I hear that she came up on stage and asked Kellie Price to give her the microphone. Was Whitney sending a message back to the evildoers?

    • It DOES show some proof that she was getting back in touch with her Christian/Gospel roots and was slowly rejecting her occult programming.

      Classic "She was leaving the FIRM and had outlived her usefulness. Therefore she had to be done away with."


      • Ino even Chaka Khan spoke about Clive still doing the party and saying "It is what Whitney would have wanted" Chaka said knowing the kind of person Whitney was she would have been like stop everything if Im not there. And the little I know about WHitney, I agree with CHaka. Even Sharon and Kelly OSbourne tweeted they could not go to any parties. I never knew her and I wouldn't have been able to party-at least not that same night.

  192. Since the number symbolism here has been so far spot-on, this next thing should be spot on:

    She (Whitney) was born on August 9.

    Died on February 11.


    Simple but obvious when out in that context.


  193. Whitney WAS a part of the 27 club:

    Quote from National Post newspaper:

    "It’s astonishing to look back at what a star she once was: over the course of her 27-year solo career, the New Jersey-born singer sold 170 million albums, singles and videos."

    Imagine that huh?

    • Alexander Mcqueen died Feb 11 also… Lady GaGa was his last muse..she released Born This Way Feb 11, and stated she dedicated the song to Whitney…. smh God bless…

      • The single Born This Way was released on February 11, 2011, but Gaga actually didn't "publicly" dedicate the song to Whitney until Feb. 13 after receiving her Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. Nevertheless, it is still very creepy and questionable given the present circumstances surrounding Whitney's death.

        From usmagazine.com:

        Another diva on Gaga's mind lately is Whitney Houston, whom she surprisingly thanked onstage while accepting her Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. "I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote 'Born this Way,' I imagined she was singing it — because I wasn't secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing 'Born This Way' when I wrote it."

        Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/lady

  194. Nicki Minaj is ridiculous at the Grammy. Anyway, is there any chance Adele is in the Illuminati as well? I just wish she's not. She really is a talented singer. Well, I've googled her and found a picture of her covering one of her eye, but couldn't it be about Illuminati?

    • The stars are NOT in the Illuminati (one does not "become" Illuminati, but is born into an Illuminati family). Stars are just pawns forced to push the Illuminati agenda through their art towards the "masses". Adele is also just forced to push this same agenda and Illuminati symbols – but maybe she has no idea what it means to "cover one eye" and why she is being asked to do that at some photoshoots.

      • And let me add to that…that interview was conducted on 4/22/11 and here we are less than one year later and she wins 6 Grammys, two years after Beyonce won the same amount. Last night was her coronation into the club.

      • Iampastorswife, good observation! blue is the color that is used a lot by illuminati. I have read that many illuminati ruled countries have the color blue on their flags which might mean or allude to their power in those countries…furthermore when the people mean the elite people they say "true blue blood" which is not a simple coincidence by my opinion…on masonic initiation ceremonies there are blue silk motives on the participants…of course for normal people all that sounds sick – so much ceremonial, obsession on symbols, details is the sign of mental sickness, however they are sure they are the selected, best, elite ones…the exact name if that mental sicknes in psychiatry is "maniacal obsessive compulsive disorder". Is the genetic sickness of occult followers…the normal person shouldn't give a damn to ceremonies, hierarchies, rituals and etc. a normal person which trusts own potential and respects himself, shouldn't need rituals and sinister forces in order to reach the fame, adoration, consideration or other…those who have a complex of self inferiority, so they need a lot of slaves, adorations, rituals around in order to feel safe and powerful… the handlers of the victims are worse cowards than their victims actually – it is easy to torture the helpless little children or prisoned, drugged, weak people. It is easy manipulate the hypnotized masses across the tv, they don't let the logics and free will do their job. They dumb the minds, force the people to choose what is ok for the dark power (today if u wanna watch some movie, tv channelk u don't have the choice between good and bad, but between "bad" and "worse". It ain't a fair)…They do everything in occult, hidden way using their money and power, by dishonest methods….all the reign of evil servants is based on the false, terrorizing and blinding luxury appearance – u just put ur special eyeglasses and u will see how they are actually ugly and miserable…

  195. I'm not sure if it's been stated already but with the comments about Madonna and her blatant "priestess" ritual ( that included Nicki Minaj who herself performed a blatant illuminati ritual tonight), it has only been recently that I hear Madonna or others refer to her as "Queen of Pop."

    I was disgusted she'd been given this title especially because it is Whitney's title. I remember thinking last week that even if Whitney died, she'd still be the Queen of Pop –forever. No one else gets the title. It's not passed down. I never noticed until the superbowl that Madonna was ever referred to as the Queen. Now I see why that's recently been in our consciousness. I would not have fathomed that Whitney would really die at this point in time however, it was an incredibly blatant performance at the SB and Nicki's was equally bold. It'll be interesting to see if Madonna as "queen of pop" resurfaces. (BTW: did Madonna make a public statement about Whitney's death?)

    Also, for those of you who've never seen Sparkle, it involves the death of one of the daughters. There are 3 daughters in a group like dreamgirls or the supremes. The daughter who dies (NOT Jordin Sparks character)is a talented singer but she has a truly evil husband and he gets her hooked on drugs. She dies. In this remake, Whitney plays the mother of these three girls. Coincidence?

    • Ya know, I think people signify The Bodyguard, which was very much an r&b album, as Whitney's definitive album so much that in some ways people forget just how pop she really was at first (esp. since after the Bodyguard she continued to do pure r&b rather than more pop-influenced music like she used to do). So, even though people remember her huge hits like I Wanna Dance With Somebody or Greatest Love of All, many tend to think of her more as an r&b great – which is not entirely inaccurate but leads to people not really thinking of her as the 'pop' queen. In some ways the same holds true for Mariah – she was very pop in the beginning, but transitioned more to r&b influences over the course of her career and for all intents and purposes is now considered an r&b singer. So now many people think of her as one of the definitive rulers of r&b as well, but somewhat neglect to consider how much influence she had on pop.

      It also doesn't help that with the current batch of singers we have, the ones who derive the most influence from Whitney and/or Mariah are usually r&b singers, while the ones who are clearly following the Madonna mold are all pop. The most obvious Madonna clone of them all is Lady Gaga, who is arguably the most visible pop star today. But Gaga's far from the only one – you also have Britney, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc. All these pop tarts who sell more on putting on a show than on their voices. So it makes it seem like Madonna is the 'queen' of pop.

    • A misc fact about Sparkle: Whitney was originally going to make the movie with Aaliyah, but we all know how that turned out. 🙁

      And another thong, Whitney's title isn't Queen of pop, it is "The Voice".

  196. Have you seen her smile? not looked, Really SEEN it? It was so beautiful… but haunted. I don't think any of us could truly appreciate the horrors these people go through, none of us could even begin to imagine… She was so strong, to be abused like that and still, somehow find the strength to smile and laugh… i dont care if people say"SHE CHOSE THIS LIFE THEREFORE SHE KNEW WHAT WAS COMING TO HER" It doesnt matter. NO ONE deserves to live like that( if we can even call it living). and no one certainly deserves to die like that… Truly like an animal in a zoo. Are we really as ignorant as the "elite enlightened ones" think we are?? Can people TRULY not smell something very, very fishy going on in Tinseltown? I don't only refer to the increasing frequency of these deaths, but the circumstances they are found in and also the universal CRAP LINE that those murdering ingates feed us… Whitney Houston : Cause of death : Drugs.

    Amy Winehouse : Cause of Death : Drugs

    Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, need we go on? And the investigations after? They're jokes! When will the masses wake up and stop swallowing the nonsense fed to them? OPEN YOUR EYES. BECOME VIGILANT!

    Whitney Houston, may you rest in peace.

  197. I have several disparate thoughts so my apologies for the general lack of cohesion this post will likely have.

    One thing that I feel is important to emphasize here is that addiction is a disease. Some people are more predisposed to that weakness than others and I think Whitney was one of them, and it was used against her…I always hear or see so many people blame Bobby Brown for getting Whitney started on drugs but honestly just by being involved in the entertainment industry, if it hadn't been him it would have been someone else. Who knows, it may HAVE been someone else before she even got with Bobby, and we just don't know it. I don't think BB was ever one of her handlers (that would be Clive); BB was too messed up himself to really 'handle' anyone. Besides of which you can usually get a feel for who the handlers are b/c they always seem to be behind the scenes and/or give of a subtle but unmistakable puppeteering demeanor. I do think however that Whitney's handler(s) made sure to exploit her weaknesses by making sure she was always surrounded by temptation. BB was always going to have some drugs around and basically be her supplier…and when she left him she ended up dating Ray J (rumored to be a drug dealer himself, and that is why he's able to afford a lifestyle that his lack of career success would otherwise not accommodate). Ray J was the one first reported by several eyewitnesses to have found her. I do not believe the later spin that media outlets tried to put on it by saying her bodyguard or a housekeeper did.

    I have a feeling Ray J is a lot more directly involved in some things than anyone would guess. He's very D-list but his continuing presence in the public sphere is quizzical, to say the least. He doesn't strike me as being a handler, but more of a supplier or enabler; the middleman between the actual handler and the victim; and the eventual 'clean-up' person in the end. (I always suspected that about Mary-Kate when it came to Heath Ledger, as well.)

    I am not certain if Whitney was truly a sacrifice or an unfortunate loss, but I lean toward sacrifice b/c having that pre-Grammy party while her body was still in the building was all kinds of shady. It was so obvious to me that 'they' were harvesting the energy of emotion from her death – what easier way to capture all that energy than by having a huge gathering with the body lying a few flights above them? Even that – a body above them, as if she was 'floating' off a theoretical table in some ritualistic exercise – struck me. Extremely creepy and grotesque. I don't even get WHY they need to do that – what do they do with all this collected energy anyway, bottle up the air in the room like sacred perfume and then pull it out when they need to spray it onto some other clueless wannabe into a star? It's just so strange.

    Moving on to the Grammys…Nicki's performance speaks for itself so I won't even bother to analyze that. She's getting a horrid reaction to it anyway – actually Nicki's been getting a lot of negative attention lately – so I suspect her performance might have been an unwitting ode to her own celebrity 'sacrifice' as it were. I feel like she is really on the verge of falling off in popularity and we have possibly witnessed the final push over the edge. Anyway, I want to talk about the end of Adele's performance. I know it was supposed to be "her night" and that there was a huge anticipation for her first performance since having vocal surgery so of course the outpouring of adoration and respect to her was very expected; however, there was something EXTREMELY strange about how the cameras lingered on the standing O she received after her performance. Literally, it was for over a minute. Any other time, cameras usually pan out for about 10 to 15 seconds at most and then move on to the next segment or commercial break. So at first, I was happy to see the standing O she received (I am a fan of hers) but 30 seconds into it, it suddenly felt very uncomfortable to me and I felt this weird, pervasive tinge of negative undercurrent beneath what was supposed to be a joyful moment…again, like there was more energy harvesting going on somehow. I will also note that her voice sounded different. I know she just had surgery and all and she still sounded great, but it really almost sounded like a different voice altogether. Even though she sounded excellent, it just threw me off.

    • they use the collected negative energy for reaching their disgusting wishes, the elite has power only on sacrifice energy…it is not durable, it is not long lasting, that's why they need to go on with sacrifices non stop. It is an evil thing, so temporary…

      nicky minaj tries to present a possessed person as cool, something to adore, to copy. She makes the rumors of totally possessed by evil, rebel against God and being happy, proud of this possession in the middle of a lot of adoration, fame, money, lights and etc. Actually she is not so happy in real life and probably she suffers worse than the hell because of the evil possession, but on the scene must fake being under mind control, she is just a robot, nothing more, an ugly doll created and manipulated by the evil industry. The scene, all dark and smoky environment is a kind of hell where she does the most disguting, sick things..she is promoting her evil idol, it is about a lot of hypnosis, lights, sounds which cover the real disgusting face of the evil, they use all their technology, power, money to promote it as something nice, cool while it is not. This is what they want to pass to the masses by such ugly, disgusting "performances"…just don't watch them, just ignore them and think of them as you would think about a piece of useless sh…t, u will see, they will lose their power. All these scandals, misterious deaths are needed in order to catch ur attention on their unbearable product, but u don't give a damn, just ignore them and they will disappear soon as a bad smell from bathroom…

    • Wow, your post was deep, especially the part about the energy being used from her body being right in the same hotel as the party. I've heard that before. I truly believe if you combine all of VC'S article on illuminati/brainwashing/ music industry, you still will be just barely touching the surface of what really goes in. I think if we could be a fly on the wall we would be truly shocked/ Scary. I plan to focus on Jesus and take what I know about this dark side to pray for people.

    • @justanotherface just wanted to acknowledge that it was your comment that got me thinking more about Ray J's possible connection to this whole thing!! No smoke without fire!

  198. "Evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room." — Scary s**t!!

    Today the great and underrated Corinne Bailey Rae won her 1st grammy. I start to fear for her.

  199. Take a look at Jennifer Hudson performance intro and the lighting which surrounded her was in the form of a Pyramid and she borrowed one of Diana Ross dusty wigs from the 70's, We already know her track record when it comes to "FAME"; Madonna that deprecate hag, people are overlooking the fact the her crazed stalker, had escaped the mental institution yesterday, but miraculously after Whitney's death was reported, CNN broke news and said they captured him. Whitney was no longer useful in filling Arenas, making pop music for the sole purpose of Idolatry and they sacrificed her, to transfer her energy to another.

  200. I did not watch the Grammy's. I refuse to watch fake celebrities pretending to mourn the loss of a woman the media and even fellow celebs made fun of for the better part of a decade. I will pray for her family, especially her daughter, and hope her next experience whatever it shall be, will be a good one. RIP

  201. I found Katy Perry's and Nicki Minaj's performances at the grammy kinda creepy! I'm really tired of this old role of exorcism and singing in a church. There was a moment that a boy was praying and a dancer girl trapped her legs around the boy! C'mon, where's the moral?! At moment like these I laugh cause everyone complains bout a middle finger at tv, but not about this! And that mickey mouse faces really scared me. And what scares me most is that the people in there found that mickey thing funny! By the way, did you all observed that David Ghrol was wearing a Slayer T-Shirt with a pentagram? I think that Adele is now the new Whitney Houston, cause she was the biggest star of the evening!

    • I think Adele will crack under the pressure of it all like Mariah did at one point, but hopefully she'll pull it together or will she have to give in?

      As I replied to an earlier post, I think the "heiress" is the lovely songbird who won X Factor. (sorry, I've forgotten her name.) That's a five million dollar contract AND the recent Pepsi commericial with her, Sir Elton and the checkerboard floor says it all. Who'll be her handler I wonder. Sad.

      • No doubt, Mr. Money Bags Simon Cowell. This is why he dominates every show he is on. He only picks the best people to represent his side of the show, and in the end he is cleaning house to get rid of any of the people who may stand in his way. Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and that British host all got the boot from X Factor. In the UK, the show's judges are always being replaced because he is looking to keep the parts on his well oiled machine up to date and relevant to his task of mass media manipulation and over consumption.

    • So what if Dave was wearing a Slayer shirt? he loves metal, he was for some reason put in a metal category. All rock/metal bands use pentagrams, and images of Satan or whatever, it's not a big deal. It's for shock, its why pop stars use it now. So people will talk about it.

  202. Made room for Beyonce's baby…. one day baby pics, next day Whitney's death 🙁 Not saying the baby is evil, just saying, coincidences happen.

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

    • Blue Ivy will be groomed to be the next big "voice". Whitney was sacrificed for the baby.

      Side note: I live in NY and the Empire State Building was blue the night the baby was "born".

  203. Whitney…

    I wasn't born until the mid 90's, but I have (and still am) been/being brought up with her music. I remember reading that she had passed yesterday on a non-credible gossip site. Me and my mother ceased all conversation, and had to find out the truth.

    We found out that yes, she did die. And also, yes, they are pointing to drugs as the cause of her demise. Why do they always do this? It's become so obvious a person of my age has spotted it out. But I knew this a while ago. Don't they believe in the word "insanity"? No, not the crazy synonym. The insanity definition when you do the same thing, but expect different results or get the same results.

    They've done this too long to just think we'll brush it off as an overdose. They think we're idiots…

    I remember the look my mother gave me. She KNEW what I was thinking. Another killing. I informed my parents of my beliefs and they are somewhat on the same wavelength. Though my father…he's stubborn. It just causes me to think about the masses. A great generalization – most, I suspect, are just like my father. If they hear the truth, they listen, but think celebrities are just "hopping on a band wagon". Oh, how that irks me.


  204. I just watched Nikki Minaj and her ultra satanic satyr of the catholic church performance @ the grammy's disgustingly blatant is an understatement.

  205. Death is so 'saddening' and some times so untimely if not always. One striking question always comes out, now she is gone where will she spend her eternity. I know not everyone conquers with me on the issue of Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately they'r all real, don't wait until it's too late to find out but ultimately it's your call. I do remember the interview as if it's yesterday. Now, was she involved in all of this Satanic mambo-jambo or was she just a victim of it. If she was involved it's so sad to note that she made a wrong decision. Nevertheless, RIP Whitney.

  206. Did anyone else see the number 13 on Taylor Swift's guitar?, and Nicki's performance was creepy and predictable. RIP Whitney, one of the most beautiful voices on this earth. Get ready for the media to tear her down…

    • Nikki performance disgusted me. Hey Nikki, aren't you a rapper? Way to go girl.

      R.I.P. Whitney

      Sorry I wasted my time on this stupid show.

    • Umm. I don't think you know but Taylor was born on the 13th and it has ALWAYS been her lucky number ever since she came out in 2006. Just like 7 is mine(I was born on the 7th(So now ppl aren't allowed to have lucky numbers now?). It has no freakin' Illuminati reference whatsoever. She's one of the few good wholesome artists out there(She didn't even attend the Clive Davis pre-grammy party while she was getting dressed because she felt like it would not be right). I like reading stories on this site but sometimes the overanalysing of things you have no background knowledge of, can give off the wrong impression of an artist that someone has not been following up on.

      • Taylor Swift is just a puppet like they all are, she hasn't been around long enough for you to "see" anything yet. Everyone thinks their idols can't be a part of this sinister industry. She's controlled like the rest of them.

    • @KilluminatiMaMi Umm. I don’t think you know but Taylor was born on the 13th and it has ALWAYS been her lucky number ever since she came out in 2006. Just like 7 is mine(I was born on the 7th(So now ppl aren’t allowed to have lucky numbers now?). It has no freakin’ Illuminati reference whatsoever. She’s one of the few good wholesome artists out there(She didn’t even attend the Clive Davis pre-grammy party while she was getting dressed because she felt like it would not be right). I like reading stories on this site but sometimes the overanalysing of things you have no background knowledge of, can give off the wrong impression of an artist that someone has not been following up on.

      • Taylor Swift might of been "wholesome" at one point but as soon as she became a megastar that is no longer there. You can't be a megastar and be wholesome. How can you be "wholesome" when you sold your soul to the Devil? Grant it she "seems" wholesome but that is just her persona.

      • The whole Kanye/Taylor debacle was covered by VC back then. Clear initiation ceremony.

        I would look that up if I were you.


      • I agree and what I usually do is research their family. Most of these celebrity artists come from families who are powerful and wired to the elite or military industrial complex. This is NOT a coincidence. Taylor Swifts Parents worked on Wall Street, come again??? Her Grandmother was an Opera Singer?? Many other young artists have lineage to The Royals or numerous celebrities in their families. This is not a shot in the dark folks. When you repeatedly see the children in the family becoming megastars by the age of 15, hmmm that is a red flag that there is more going on behind the scenes. These people have way to many accomplishments for someone of such a young age. They were systematically groomed for their position, like Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, and many others. No one mentioned that Whitney is related to Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin was her Godmother and her father was John Huston Entertainment Executive.

      • The knights templar n the number 13

        Taylor even got it on her perfume bottle as well

        Everyone knows the number 13 has a bad

        Rap n a negative meaning. So i wouldnt be suprised if it

        Was her lucky number =T

    • 13 Has always been her favorite number. Her birthday is on the 13th. Even before she was famous 13 was her favorite number! So don't even start with Taylor Swift.

    • I saw a post by someone that Michael died before the BET awards, Amy Winehouse before VMA's and now Whitney before Grammies. I would have never watched it myself if it were not for the tribute. Also, do you notice how every Whitney Post on Grammy's has Adele mentioned on how great she is. One article went on to say that even though Whitney is gone there are other great voices still here. Adele can sing but will never soar as Whitney,in influence but notice the blond hair and Marilyn Monroe cut. Red lipstick. She won Whitney's career total of Grammy's in one night. Adele did not even mention Whitney at all!

      • Oh and one more thing.. Adele's Vogue Cover was released,……. did not put together anything till I read the comments on Madonna and Superbowl halftime show… by the way.. came to conclusion on a separate note. Superbowl is rigged… but this is creepy and it will all come to light. The elect will not be deceived.

      • how do you mean excatly that the superbowl was rigged? By whom won the game? or Performance during halftime show?

      • Giants won and someone had to die for it. Sad. And even the two star Giants players were there to present Adele… Funny. Madonna had her eye on Victor Cruz during her Super bowl junket. I smell an affair coming

      • Very Interesting observation! Tell me that some of you didn't wonder why two NFL players showed up at the Grammy's. This is all connected. I mean the entire game, who wins is planned, just like the US presidency, but I digress.. but yes even the acts are chosen. We all know that Madonna's black mass act had a purpose. Seven Days later Whitney is dead, then another ritual is performed… by Nicki Minaj another upcoming witch in the industry…. There is some weird stuff going on.. Also for the upcoming movie Sparkle. Whitney tried to executive produce that years ago.. but AAliyah died who was to be in it….. Now the movie is finished, Whitney is in it….dies before it comes out.. AAliyah had a movie comint out too before she died…. Queen of the damned.

        Whitney's Queen of the night costume was similiar to AAliyah's years ago too, but I have to believe inspite of all the media hype.. Whitney was reconciled with God.. my prayers are now feverently with her daughter… Whitney screamed out after the Oprah interview that she did not want her daughter in the music industry…. we all know why.

      • Nadine, I want to send you a early Valentine Wish for opening my eyes!!! Your remarks are amazing. I will definitely pass on the info!

        Thank you! They also refuse to let her daughter in the room!

      • Thanks! same to you. Also all vigilant citizens have got to watch the The Truth BEhind Hip Hop (TTBHH) with Pastor G Craig Lewis on You Tube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMGhLjlzI58. Someone also mentioned it on here as well. It is another absolute source for being informed. No coincidences there. solid facts, history and massive eye opening revelation!

      • Yes, TBHH (Truth Behind Hip Hop) is an absolute eye-opener. Although G. Craig Lewis has many installments to the series, I highly recommend starting with TBHH part 5.

        …"The Truth Behind Hip Hop V (part 5) goes where many messages against the evils of our nation dares to go. With in depth insight into the formation of America and it’s occultic infusion of false gods, G. Craige Lewis explores the spirit realm, in search of the origin of false god worship and how it plays into the worship of celebrities, performers, and entertainers.

        You will be captivated as God strategically sums up this message by painting a biblical picture that illustrates Genesis thru Revelations and how music has propogated the plight of the spirit realm. This is a must see video and will change your life and views on how the devil is using entertainers to get worship."

      • I'm very curious to find out why there were two egyptian sarcophysis outside the entrance of the funeral home when Whitney's viewing was taking place. I don't think that's normal. If this was what was outside the entrance I wonder what the inside of the funeral home looked like. Did they have an Egyptian/Babylonian theme set up inside for her viewing? Wouldn't this be counter to the Christian Baptist funeral/home-going they had for her in private/public? What about the viewing after the service which was to continue to the following morning until the burial?

        If there were two opposing themes to her funeral services, one christian/baptist the other egyptian/bablyonian then this would be very important to know. It would be hard to find out though.

      • There were absolutely opposing themes in that funeral, all I needed to do was watch some clips and see some pic's. Cece and her brother…well do research on them, you'll find it. And just looking at Clive Davis makes me sick to my stomach, so I can't look at too much more right now.

      • Yes I will do some background research on the Winans, I remember BeBe and CeCe from the Jim and Tammy Baker program. Pastor Winans bothered me a bit during the funeral the way he was always standing, it may be a small thing but why take away from the person singing.

        He was supposed to give a eulogy. He was a long time friend of the Houston's and is said to know them well. The eulogy is suppose to focus on the person who has died and why they were loved as well as perhaps a few stories about the person. This is why I didn't particularly like that he took that opportunity to preach the prosperity gospel. It was inappropriate, he could preach the prosperity gospel on any other Sunday if he so chooses, why preach it during what was suppose to be a eulogy for Whitney Houston.

        He did speak about 'priorities', among other things he said that we need to make Him a priority throughout our whole lives basically and not start talking about him in the last few days of our lives instead of living it. Him saying that seemed to me to be a dig at Whitney since it is well known that she was turning to Jesus in a major way in her last few days even while she seemed to be acting erratically.

        I don't recall him saying anything personal and touching about Whitney throughout that whole so-called eulogy. I did find out that he believes there is nothing wrong in his view with christians being rich. For the funeral/home-going to have ended on that kind of note was inappropriate and not even biblical.

      • Someone online, maybe on YouTube, said that that particular funeral home likes to put those sarcophagi (sp?) outside for funerals. It would be nice if we could get a confirmation on this.

      • She (Nicki Minaj) really dissapointed me!!!I mean I should have known but that was so sad to watch….and the way she kept yelling "mother no!!!" was creepy.

  207. 'As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina was taken to the hospital once last night and again this morning. We've been told she was "hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable."

    Sources close to the family tell TMZ … the family believes she might try and take her own life. According to one source, the family feels Bobbi Kristina needs help and they are considering *rehab* as an option.' http://www.tmz.com/

    Rehab. Rehab for what exactly? Kinda odd that they think a distraught child who has just lost her mother needs REHAB. Are we talking drug dependency too or….Re-programming?

      • I'm so sorry to hear about Bobby Christina. That poor girl! To have to be on suicide watch and rehab? rehab for what? Suicide is extreme, even in the death of ones mother but it still isn't out of the realm of normal human reaction. These demons try to medicate or re-hab you whenever people show normal human emotions.

  208. Guys, this goes back yet another generation, but whose career as a beautiful black goddess representing authentic divine feminine energy was Whitney's largely based upon?

    Diana Ross. Clive Davis was honoring Diana at his pre-Grammy party after she received her first-ever Grammy yesterday (a lifetime achievement award.)

    This is the day of Whitney's death? It's as if the Illuminati got a two-for-one here: sacrifice one Black demi-goddess to extinguish the rare recognition afforded another Black demi-goddess.

    Both women represented the good in all their art. Neither ever resorted to vulgarity or sexual debasement to sell their music. Madonna is their polar opposite.

    • Good point Grrrl,

      I thought that was very strange when Diana Ross was recognized. I thought, hmmm… that is funny because like you said, Whitney was a similar beautiful black singer.

    • "Both women represented the good in all their art. Neither ever resorted to vulgarity or sexual debasement to sell their music. Madonna is their polar opposite."

      FALSE. Diana Ross slept with Barry Gordy when she was with the Supremes/Motown and afterwards Diana Ross sang most leads and the group became: "Diana Ross & the Supremes."

      Also, rumored that she molested Michael Jackson, a young boy in the business who admired her. That's what the song "Dirty Diana" referred to. Why do black Christians think they and whatever blacks they admire are righteous? Just because someone is talented does NOT mean they're good people. Deal with facts please.

      • Oh, I KNEW IT!

        From the first time I heard the lyrics to "Dirty Diana" I knew that it had something to do with an attack on him by a beta, but i had no idea that Miss Ross was it…

      • If you're going to post on here that Diana Ross molested anyone, you better have some proof, not just a "rumor." Where's the proof?

      • I'm guilty of that myself but you are absolutely right! What an interesting theory…never thought of the Diana connection…and did she really molest MJ?? Wow

      • where are YOUR facts? according to his biography Diana Ross was to marry him when he turned 18. Obviously she was invovled in some sort of 'relationship' beforehand. P.S.: why not use that inquisitive mind to conduct your own research instead of having information spoon-fed to you? I can't stand blind followers.

      • That's a vile accusation to throw at Diana Ross. And I'm not even going to ask you where's your proof, because I know you have none. "Rumored" to have molested MJ?? Are you completely nuts? Disgusting.

        And all that talk of "she slept with her mentor", get over it. They were in love and have a daughter, so show some respect. There was nothing wrong with their relationship.

        You are obviously not familiar with her art, or you would know what she's all about through her songs. You also should research her children. They are all healthy and successful, unlike the children of most celebrities.

        Get your facts instead of making yourself look stupid.

  209. Seriously I hope Vigilant Citizen talks about the Grammy's especially Nicki Minaj's "performance". Yea sooo not weird at all -_- and the creepy electronic mickey mouses. Like what was up with that? The "smiles" we're creepy as hell and seriously I did not see it's purpose at all. The whole thing gave me a serious chill.

    • I agree. The mickey mouse heads almost seemed like a hypnotism. I think something was being transmitted subliminally and it also seemed like a huge celebration — a celebration of evil triumph as in: "the queen is dead".


    • Forget Nicki's performance — VC needs to do something on house DJ Deadmau5. He is the one who uses the Mickey Mouse head when performing.

  210. I think that most people who get involved don't have any idea what they're messing with. Who would become involved with a industry if they know it will kill them? I think they just want money and even I can relate to that and I'm sure most of your can too and would be willing to sign any document without reading. I'm sorry to say.

  211. I need for you to look at Whitney's video for "Quen of the Night": http://youtu.be/rFcnGLFGbL8

    I'm not saying that she actually played a role with the elite! Just look at what she is wearing here!

    PS Take a good look at the background and the FILM that is playing behind her. ugh x(

  212. There's no business like show business is the understatment of all time. People still aspire to become a star tits the one business where you will almost definitely end up in the gutter. The bigger they are the harder they fall. hollywood ripped this woman apart and spit her out. How can we be suprised that she was on drugs? Its almost a requierment ib hollywood. Take our young stars today like justin bebier, mindless behavior or taylor swift as big as they are now I very they release a book each about they're drug use, molestations or other abuse a young stars. I bet you that if whitney had never become a star, she would have been happy. Yes she could have bought anything she wanted but as we all can see I didn't make her happy or healthy

  213. cnn said it was thw third floor she was on and pronounced dead at 3:55 , so many different story's being reported,but one remains the same at this time no police or any really giving the full details yet…

  214. Like many others, I've been waiting on a VC post…glad it didn't take a week 🙂

    I'm deeply sadden by the lost of Whitney Houston, the greatest voice of my life time. Her remake of "Greatest Love Of All" was heard by my little 5 year old ears in 1987 while living in the second largest project in Atlanta with my mom heavily strung out on crack. Those words song by Whitney Houston spoke life in a hopeless child. She told me that I was the future and I deserved a sense of pride. Her voice commanded me to not follow in anyone shadows and if I was to ever fail and fall in life, as long as I believe in me, no one could take away my dignity. When I aged and found myself looking for love in all the wrong places she bolted melodies that reminded me to love myself, depend on me and not a man, exhale and let bullshit relationships go. She was my musical Auntie and I love her for working hard all these years to share her God-given talent with little ole people like me….RIP Whitney Houston, gone but NEVER forgotten.

    I must mention this and I hope VC will come back as this story progresses and provide some insight. Why didn't they allow her daughter or anyone close to the family into the hotel room? Why did her body remain in the hotel room from the pronounced time of death at 3:55pm until 11:30pm (According to media reports). And the craziest of all….why did Clive Davis continue with his Annually Pre-party while Whitney's dead body was upstairs???? I'm just saying….if I didn't believe in sacrifices before, damn it I do TODAY!!!

  215. These days I'm not that quick to jump to the "illuminati was involved" theory. Its just not a practical way to look at things. That mindset indicates that anyone with money cant perish without them having to have been killed by someone else. We know MJ, Amy, and Whitney all had their personal problems. Sure, some of those problems were produced by a messed up industry but the fact that other people have been able to achieve success without selling out, if there even is such a thing, and are alive to tell the tale. People need to separate the mind games Kanye West and Jay Z play to get attention from the reality of drug abuse. Like Lionel Richie and Smokey Robinson said, there are many average joes going through the same issues celebrities go through, but the difference is famous people live under a microscope. If the guy living across the street from you OD's theres not much material for you to speculate on as opposed to someone with the celebrity of Whitney Houston. Whatever may have caused her death we need to also realize that she was a grown woman and ultimately responsible for her actions as an adult. I believe everything has a reason, and if the Lord took her away the day before the Grammys it must've been for a good reason. The lessons learned here, the world still loves Whitney and self responsibility shouldnt be left of the shoulders of an industry, an enabler, or your image in the media but on your personal desire to persevere and stick to what you know is right.

    • I agree with you somewhat Joey, I too am not quick to point fingers at the elite. However, when it comes to drug abuse, that's a poison I know all to well and I can honestly say that the number of people in my demographic to over-dose or die from a long history of abuse is no where near the number of famous people that have died in this manner in the last 10 years! And with two parents addicted for a total of 27 years of my life (thank God they both are fully recovered today) I know A LOT of people on drugs and alcohol or who were once addicts, and I don't know of that many fatalities that mirror how many of these celebrities leave this world…..just a thought. We are not just speaking of people dying…Don Cornelius died in old age but committed suicide and there wasn't much Illuminati talk as there should've been behind that one. When Gerald Levert died, he died in peace because the cause of death was not unusual. He was not linked to the illuminati. But with some celebrities, it is almost a dead give-away…if Clive Davis hadn't been involved in every aspect of Whitney's musical career…I wouldn't connect the elite to this either but because they are indeed involved in her success and destruction…all fingers are pointed! She executive produced and starred in the upcoming movie Sparkle…please believe this movie will bring in big bucks, (us black folk are going to sell this bad boy out..trust me) and that number has now increased before we've even had the chance to think that far in the future but the elite have, and her death will make this movie a damn golden-globe-oscar nod without much effort. If she was living when the movie comes out, because her name is listed as an executive producer alone!, they will try to discredit the movie and taint it by recapping her history with drugs and what not. Now people will show up and show out to support her and all her previous work…the Whitney Estate just went through the roof and they started counted that cheddar at 3:56pm on 2/11/12!

  216. All there is left to do is pray… she has passed but there are more that can be rescued but only htorugh the BLOOD of CHRIST that can be done through prayer. so all the warriors of CHRIST arise and pray!!

    Mya God have mercy on the wicked..for God does not desire for NONE to perish Ezekiel 18

  217. I believe that is a picture of Dionysus or Bacchus on Nicki Minaj's dress could be Apollo as well. still looking for that image It is so familiar….

    • Dionisys? Medusa? I disagree. That image on nikki minaj's blood-red dress looks like a spot-on likeness of Whitney Houston. What's even creepier is when you realize that such an embroidered detail would take hours, if not days of labor, and would not have been likely to have been any sort of last-minute, added-on "tribute" to Ms. Houston. It was like a big, disgusting billboard, advertising their wicked deed, and their arrogance and immunity from justice.

      Sidenote: In the days following her sad and strange death, I have been moved to pray for her and for her daughter; many times I have had the song "I'm Every Woman" pop into my head, and I see her, gorgeous and brassy and joyful. I'd like to think it's a little message from the universe that's she is at peace, and that in sharing her singing gift with the world, she's fulfilled her mission to inspire and empower people.

      I think it might even be a lesson to us all: that even though she was surrounded by the trappings of wealth and fame, and she fell prey to drugs and probably even mind-control techniques, she never stopped believing in Jesus. Even in her last days, she clung to her faith, in bold defiance of her "handlers." Because of this, He saved her and took her home before those demonic forces could do their worst and steal her soul.

  218. I was waiting all day for you guys to post about this… I am wondering if she was the Illuminati sacrifice, before the Grammy's? She's clearly too old to have been "thrown from the freedom train" and doesn't fit into that 27 Club theory, but it sounds like she most definitely was experiencing what I think was Bobby's breakdown. Possibly her own too…

  219. You forgot to mention, Vig, that Whitney's body was STILL IN THE HOTEL ROOM while the party was going on below her. And, THAT is the creepiest part of it all.

  220. The sacrificial months for the killing of the king and / or victim are February, May, August and November (NB, Read 'The Divine King in England' by Margaret Murray). Please keep these months in mind when researching the deaths of famous people. Thank you VC for being quick off the mark with Whitney Houston death. RIP beautiful lady.

    • Also, the 25th day of any given month are known to bring about a lot of unexpected events, mainly sacrifices. Notable examples are Aaliyah (8/25/2001), Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (4/25/2002), and Michael Jackson (6/25/2009).

      • Thanx Antonio for bringing up the 25th of the month as a ritual day.

        Please bear with me as I quote from "The Divine King in England" by Margaret Murray re: specific ages and years of divine king/victim,

        "49 & 63 were, however, the most important of the mystic numbers, for 49, being 7×7, was the Climacteric year; & 63, being 9×7 was the Grand Climacteric. In the same way, the early years of a reign, especially if the king was a child, show few victims; the 21st, 28th and 35th years of a reign are increasingly marked by a Substitute Victim."


        "Lilly the astrologer remarks on the death of Charles I 'He lived 48 years, and about 72 days. He died in the beginning of his Climacteric Year fatal many times where killing Directions in the Nativity threaten'."

        Maybe if these numbers were checked against the age and reign times of the current Monarch of England, perhaps one may locate a Substitute Victim.

        Thanx for being patient with me.

    • february, may, august, novembre – one month per every season. Usually they try to do the important sacrifices on solstice days…

  221. I was so waiting for this post but before I address it.

    R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Gone too soon. I am just happy that she finally gets the rest she deserves. She never really truly recovered from the problems that stemmed from her marriage to Bobbi Brown. I can only hope that Bobbi Kristina won't be exposed to the same conspiracy as her mother was. Somehow, I think it's too late but we never know.

    I am pleading with VC to diagnose Nicki Minaj's entrance to the Grammy's today.

  222. Thanks so much, VC! I've been impatiently waiting for this article! I am not one bit shocked by all of this. It's sick how obvious their agenda is.

  223. "Her song I Will Always Love You is now the ultimate song for aspiring singers to showcase their talents. However, no matter who attempted to take on that on that song, they exposed themselves to the same comment: “Good, but not as good as Whitney”. She was the personification of pure, God-given talent."

    HER song, you mean Dolly Parton's song. Give credit where credit is due, Dolly blew her away.

    • @Elle We are all free to our opinions. I think Dolly WROTE a beautiful song, but it was Whitney who did the song JUSTICE, to the point that many don't even know it's a cover.

      Apparently Ray J was in the room with Whitney or carting her around that night. Whitney was also to perform with Brandy and Monica. I'm quite certain she was a sacrifice. I expected something sinister very soon after Madonna's SB performance. I told my husband to turn the channel but he insisted "it's just music"… tsk tsk.

    • Nicki Minaj's arrival at the Grammys dressed in red, with a guy dressed like the pope, bishop of some kind. Seeing the picture, just gives me a sick feeling.

      I'm not even a Christian, but this just speaks EVIL. I know that most of the illuminati, are involved in black magick/devil worship. Just sad that people so willingly give themselves over to the dark forces

      • Well the entrance was totally demonic, with Nicki coming in like an innocent red riding hood with a pope like figure who could be a p*******e taking her innocence. But then, her performance just blew me away…the exorcism of roman!? YEAH…. that one was definitely symbolic. Gaga was heavily understated in all this madness, apparently it was Adele's and Nicki's night to "shine". Whitney was barely acknowledged and the J Hud performance hardly touched the audience as much as Adele's Rolling in the Deep…. maybe that song has a deeper more sinister meaning than she (or anyone for that matter) is willing to admit….

  224. I read wikipedia a couple hours after her death hit the news.. Wikipedia said she died in canada.. Could be a mistake but I found it really odd.

    • i read on another site that the story was she died in canada, then all the stories were pulled and said she died in her hotel room. it is very strange. who knows where whitney died. i read reports that a lady on the 5th heard 2 loud booms and then the scurrying of feet and a male voice. Now the story is her entourage was with her. the first story was that she was alone and Ray J found her. So yes as the story develops it changes drastically. We are obviously been fed agenda. who knows what the real story is. Another thing: i heard of her death shortly after it was announced. i put cnn on and got online, the story then was that ambulance were called at 3:43pm and she was pronounced dead at 3:55pm. now the story is she was resuscitated for 20 mins. not so.

    • @Sjang, when the news of her death broke, someone posted a comment on a site and said to people "read the first line of her wiki page" and many were like they have changed it from Canada to USA, many were asking if she died in Canada or in the USA. When I tried looking that line was omitted from her page. Interesting.

  225. This is astonishing. That so many of you share the same views as myself. 🙂

    I have no idea who VC is. First time seeing a post of his, but a lot of the commentators are mentioning that VC is someone who speaks realism. I concur from this post.

    I just want to say first Rest In Peace Whitney. Gone too soon.

    I am all to familiar with the Illuminati, The Comittee of 300, Free mason, sacrifices etc. Aaliyah, Tupac, Amy, Michael, they are all blood sacrifices. I can honestly say, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. I really have to admit I got caught up yesterday. Reading THIS post, has just gave me a reminder, and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that my eyes have been opened, and I am reminded of the truth…and not thankful that she has passed. Lemme just make that point clear.

    I have not been paying attention to what's been occurring as of late, with respects to the Olympics and the superbowl…I opted out not to watch the Superbowl, and as for the Olympics…I am not interested. however, due to the previous comments above, I will be doing my hwk.

    But, I must bring it back to Whitney, and say that I am terribly sorry we lost a wonderful star. May her soul rest in peace…if she was trying to come out from the devil's hands, like Michael at the time of his death, then I hope she has finally found peace, and she was at peace with GOD.

    • Being new to the site I suggest the "read this first." Then about VC. Read the sections that interest you first. Then go thru the rest. There is a lot on this site. Also, to educate yourself go to the sister site: secret arcana and knowledge files. Downloadable e-books if you have/make the time. Seriously, buy just reading VC in months you be up to speed on all this zionist bullshit we live with. Keep an Open Mind Truth Seeker and Welcome!

  226. it's still too early to determine on the cause of her death. we need to wait for the autopsy results.

    btw, her "blood" on her leg is just red wine.

    R.I.P whitney. your amazing talent and beauty will be missed.

  227. When i first heard the news i was in the lobby of some building last night and they originally said she was found by clive davis dead in a club not the bathtub and they changed the story today? weird.. i was waiting for a post on this website

  228. i can't believe this! after reading this article on TMZ I was a little skeptical


    "Whitney Houston's 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was just rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles … and it's her second trip to the hospital since her mother passed away last night … TMZ has learned.

    According to our sources … Bobbi was taken out of the Beverly Hilton on a stretcher (see photo above). It's the same hotel where Whitney was found dead.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police and fire responded to a call for a medical emergency, but would not confirm who was transported.

    According to our sources, Bobbi Kristina went to the hospital last night as well, but was not transported via ambulance. We're told she was "hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable."

    As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina got into an angry shouting match last night with police officers outside the hotel room where her mother was found dead."

  229. Yes I thought to myself how odd it was that she died at this hotel, where all the grammy activity is going on, on this particular day. Despite all her drug binging, she never ended up in a hospital or almost drowned as they are trying to say. As we know it, just like MJ, they will make more money off of her being dead, than her being alive. I don't know what happened but it is questionable.

  230. I agree with the poster that said that now people who were not going to watch the Grammys will tune in now to see Whitney's "tribute" – and be exposed to more satanic mess. I think it's strange that Clive Davis did not cancel the party seeing that Whitney was his great "find" and he was her "greatest supporter". I think that Clive invested alot of money into her last comeback, and realized he wouldn't get it back because Whitney was sick and could not perform as she used to-sounds like MJ all over again. Again, a case of someone who was worth more dead than alive. Little more than 24 hrs after her passing, her music is #1 in downloads.

    I do believe that Whitney believed in God-but she was in an ungodly industry and had some ungodly people around her who enabled her addiction and kept her high in order to take advantage of her both financially and spiritually.

    RIP Whitney Houston-you are Home now.

    • Not only did she believe in God, she was a Christian woman who started off singing in church. There is a recent interview of her on truthquake.com speaking out against evil/dark singers in the industry, and she began singing Gospel again. NO wonder they did her in. She was getting back in touch with her faith.

    • So, now that the Grammys are over…

      1) The party continued as she lay dead upstairs

      2) LLCool J opens with a "prayer" for W, but then says it is a celebration!

      3) Hudson, another CLive Davis protoge does the tribute.

      So yes, they made it into a celebration of her death. Was the 2nd highest rate Grammys.


  231. There is a video on YouTube in which Madonna says she is scared of W. H. popularity. I also wondered about the big red M/W in the Superbowl video. This is definitely no coincidence

  232. Whitney died on February 11th.

    It is exactly 11 yrs since Whitney sang at the SUPERB OWL or Super Bowl in 1991. Im sure you're aware of their obsessions with the number 11 aswell as Owls.

    this is all linked in with the London Olympics and 2012 in general . The sacrifice of Whitney Houston is the last act in the Madonna Super Bowl and Queen Elizabeth jubilee goddess worship .

    With hindsight it is obvious, the sacrifice of Whitney Houston should come so soon after the SuperB Owl and Queen’s Jubilee (there’s always a triple aspect)

    Re Super Bowl from the perspective of the audience Madonna danced on a giant ‘M’ blazing in sacrificial red, the letter is seen as an M but from the performer’s view, it is a ‘W’ . So we have Madonna jumping up and down on a ‘W’ in knee high leather boots surrounded by performers dressed up for a Mass . The question is what type of Mass ?

    11 is a powerful occult number.. or so they think. Alexander McQueen also died on February 11th. M.I.A;s son and heir to the notorious Illuminati Bronfman family, Ikhyd Edgar Bronfman turned 3yrs old on February 11th of this year, and fellow Interscope labelmate Lady GaGa released 'Born This Way' on February 11th of last year. But ofcourse this is all coincidence

  233. Wouldnt be surprised if the industry did this

    To show the newcomers if they can do that to Whitney

    Imagine what they can do to them

    Funny how she died a week after Madonna

    Was paraded around as the industry priestess !

    Singing "Like a prayer"

    Making a mockery of the God Whitney believed in!

    • I found it really odd she died only a few days after Madonna's mega spell at the superbowl.

      Maybe, it was all done to channel evil energy toward Whitney so she decided to end her life.

      It may be a little far fetched but you can never know with these crazy people.

  234. I'm sad but am finding it hard to actively mourn Whitney's passing. Not because she wasn't a beautiful effervescent star but because we've all been duped into believing how 'wonderful' the lives of these celebrities are for sooo long. But the reality, once you understand the signs is anything but.

    Those that enjoy the trappings of 'fame' soon find that they wished they'd never signed their contracts with the devil. They are all just caged animals in an zoo for all the world to see with trainers and ringmasters keeping them in check and the money rolling in. I mean, if they are all trying to escape their 'wonderful lives' with drugs – how great can it really be?

    It just seems that the illuminati music/film industry doesn't even care that the rouse is up with their public rituals and sacrifices anymore. How many within the last couple of years? Lucky you got a new handler husband and those babies Mariah because it would have been you instead of Whitney! Still might. How rare it is that a celebrity dies of natural causes in old age anymore?

    2012 is the year of transformation and change! Couple that with the absolute decline of the traditional music industry and Hollywood and you can expect a few more celebrity deaths so they can milk every last penny out of those back catalogues or final films!!

    My life is just great compared to all of this!

    • When I first hear of her death, I was shocked and thought 'that came out of no where.' I consciously told myself not to emotionally react….I agree with you.

  235. “Despite her death at the fourth floor Beverly Hilton Hotel, the traditional pre-Grammy show, with its glamour and glitz, took place at the same location. As they say in showbiz, “the show must go on”. The show will indeed go on and I’m somehow reticent to see the kind of tribute the industry music is reserving her. If Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse are any indication, those who fall off the grace of the industry do not get a proper tribute…but a celebration of their sacrifice.”

    This is so morbid and disturbingly disgusting. I get the Hollywood adage that the show must go on, but how could anyone party on and drink the night away with Whitney’s body still in the Hotel on the fourth floor? Considering the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death and this creepy Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party, how could anyone deny the occult aspects and elements of ritual sacrifice that is so glaringly obvious?!

    Clearly, Bobby Brown is not to blame because he “got Whitney hooked on drugs”. People need to take a closer look at Clive Davis because he is clearly more than her mentor. He is honestly more like a handler and his insisting to have such a morbid display as a tribute for his ‘protégé’ enforces what VC says: “those who fall off the grace of the industry do not get a proper tribute…but a celebration of their sacrifice.”

    People should keep a close eye on Bobby Kristina….she is not only genetically predisposed to drug abuse; she is genetically gifted like her troubled mother and father. Since Clive Davis is her Godfather, he may be waiting to use the trauma of Whitney’s death against her to rope her in and use her up. She is already in the hospital suffering form a nervous breakdown…..

    • Seriously! I wouldn't go into that party if my life depended on it! Creepy and evil. When I have seen celebrities occasionally in the past I have just looked the other way. I wouldn't be caught dead asking for an autograph from any of those people. They are not what they seem. Real people don't need that stuff!

    • I think BK is in real danger. I just heard that Bobby Brown is taking her back to the east coast tonight. Where is Whitney's mother? Where is Dionne? Who's watching over Bobbi Kristina. It's getting out that BK is breaking down and hospitalized twice now and is on suicide watch. It was mentioned that she may need "rehab"? I guess now they'll start giving her the drugs in rehab to "calm" her. Very frightening.

    • If they're all under form of mind control don't blame the puppet but the handlers.

      They are the one organizing everything and the stars are just tools for them.

  236. I didnt think there was anything suspicious until I watched the oprah interview.

    It seems they wouldnt let her have the career she wanted unless she submitted to them she wouldnt & so they destroyed her.

    She could have been like madonna always able to jump straight back into the limelight.

    But she obviously wouldnt carry out their agenda & so they used force & f****d her up a bit.

    I dont know how they would do it exactly Im s