Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at Age 22 … and her Death Was Not an Accident


Bobbi Kristina Brown died on July 26 – six months after she was found face down in a bathtub and three years after her mother was found dead in a bathtub. In both cases, the true cause of death remains unexplained, a hallmark of a elite-sponsored murder.

On January 31st, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the legendary singer Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive, face down, in her bathtub. She never fully regained consciousness as she was kept on life support for month while contradicting information circulated about her health.

As I stated in the article I’ve written right after Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious, the similarities between the “crime scenes” where Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina were found are simply too strong to overlook. Simply put, placing Whitney and her daughter in a bathtub is a sick way of confirming that the same authors are behind both murders … and these authors are the occult elite of the entertainment industry, who turned against Whitney Houston at a crucial point of her career.

Three years ago, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown stated that Whitney’s death was “not accidental” and that Bobbi Kristina was “not safe”. Unfortunately, she was right.

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: Bobbi Kristina ‘Is Not Safe Right Now’

Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, is speaking out for the first time since Whitney Houston’s death, defending her brother and sending a warning to Bobby & Whitney’s daughter — Bobbi Kristina.

“I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina, yes,” Leolah told Access Hollywood of her 18-year-old niece, who she refers to as “Krissy.” “Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it’s very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that.

“Right now is the time to just really shut the door,” she continued.

Leolah and her attorney, Reginald Mason, remained unspecific about who may try to harm Krissy.

“There are persons that possibly would want to take advantage of Bobbi Kristina’s fragile state of mind,” Mason claimed.

Leolah claims her brother Bobby is not doing well, but says he is not to blame for Whitney’s demise.

“Bobby has nothing, nothing at all to do with Whitney’s death,” she told Access.

While awaiting toxicology results to determine what killed the singer, Leolah told Access that she has reached out to the Beverly Hills Police Department to make sure they do a thorough investigation.

“I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental. No,” she claimed.

According to Leolah, what then killed the singer?

“My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all,” she told Access. “But, it’s very important to know that she did not just pass away like that. No. And if it’s the last thing that I do, I’m going to find out what truly happened to my sister.”
– Source: Yahoo! News

As it is always the case with celebrity ritual killings, the true circumstances around Bobbi Kristina’s death will forever remain a mystery. News sources are reporting that the long period of time that spanned between when she was found and the time her death will make finding answers extremely difficult.

This is a rather convenient for those who do not want the truth to come out. We should however expect vague explanations relating to “drugs” or “alcohol”, as it is the case for all bizarre celebrity deaths.

Only two weeks before her death, another piece of news made things even more suspicious : Steve Stepho, a drug dealer who admitted selling heroin to Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon was found dead in what is said to be an “overdose”.

Steve Stepho was found dead on July 2nd, two weeks before the death of Bobbi Kristina.
Steve Stepho was found dead on July 2nd, two weeks before the death of Bobbi Kristina.

While his death might appear somewhat irrelevant, Stepho had been confiding to media sources and opnely discussing about Bobbi Kristina and her family. This article on radaronline even contains a video of him talking about the Brown family. Did he know a too much about Bobbi Kristina? Was he deemed a threat because he was going on record and speaking about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina?

Whatever the case may be, the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown is yet another example of how the occult elite is sick, twisted, sadistic, vengeful and bent on ritualistic and symbolic murders. While most people will accept the official story of her death, all of the signs point towards another hit from the dark side of the entertainment industry.



  1. Forgive me if someone has already mentioned this but is it just a coincidence that after she publicly announced that Angela Bassett a man (more than once) she "died"? We could ask Joan Rivers who publicly announced the same thing about our current first lady but……. well, you know what happened.

  2. The Truth is Already Out!!!… y'all just don't want to BELIEVE IT!…THE ELITE ARE REAL… and if you still waiting on the Truth to "Come Out" your Ass is SLEEP…WAKE UP PPL!

  3. What I find most interesting is this site and all of you commenting are experts on satanism and recite verbatim vivid imagery and knowledge of significant holiday and numbers, etc of the occult. Do you know the details of your religion this way?

  4. My thoughts on this? you may not like them. I think BKB was not as marketable as Whitney. She was not as….traditionally "pretty" as Whitney, she could not sing like Whitney, so was not as marketable and could not make as much money for the industry. The result? Her death. on another topic – Paris Jackson is being kept alive because she has something they want. I feel for the boys. I fear they are going to go down this same path of destruction, either by their own or someone else's hands.

  5. When I was in Wal-Mart looking at the magazines and I saw this headline a little while ago, I was saddened but not exactly surprised…
    Very good article.

  6. I have gone through most comments here and some people said the truth will come out one day. That is a very good thing but the critical part is "how long will it take for that truth to come out, the longer the less effective. people would have move on."

  7. What i wonder is how do people really buy these drug overdose/suicide excuses? Trust me, in many showbiz industries around the world where rottenchild slaves are not found, drugs are common and most celebrities do lead a wild lifestyle. But they don't die like this.

  8. I agree that it was no accident, but COME ON, not EVERY mysterious death or homicide is a ritual sacrifice. Actual plain murder happens, even in the entertainment world. I believe that's the case with both Whitney and her daughter. Whitney was naive enough to take in a kid she didn't know, her daughter coupled up and stayed with him for years despite domestic violence. Believe the theory in the article all you want, but are you going to say that domestic violence doesn't kill? Do you believe that psychopaths don't exist outside the industry? If an everyday "normal" person would take in a stranger and get abused would you tie it to the illuminati? I commend the education to the public on symbolism and evils of the industry here, but not everything involving someone famous is tied in to these rituals and no one is immune to non-ritualistic deaths.

    • I forgot to mention drugs, too. Point is: "everything = illuminati" is a dangerous assumption! Think of other possibilities.

  9. Bobbi Kristina nearly drowned 24 hours before Whitney Houston was found dead. Bobbi K was supposed to die before Whitney because she was set to inherit all her mom's money……& then she was found face down in a bathtub 6 months earlier, which is exactly how Whitney was found. Another blood sacrifice. R.I.P BK and WH. I've heard that Angelina Jolie is supposed to be next, but god knows.

  10. When you think about Randy Quaid's self-imposed exile to Canada…and voicing what I think we all can agree are legitimate concerns about "Star Whackers"…it makes sense that Bobbi Kristina Brown would either die or be killed.

    See, I think there's good reason to question whether her suspicious brush with death prior to her mother's death (in much the same manner) was an accident. I don't mean that it was unintentional, but rather that it was intended for her mother and not her. Of course, upon realizing this, she posed a significant threat if she were to ever evade the grasp of those that could kill her and went public with these revelations.

    I have little doubt she was killed…but perhaps it had less to do with her, per se…and more to do with controlling information about the true circumstances surrounding Whitney Houston's death.

    Obviously, none of us know for sure, and much of this will be speculative…but if I had to hazard a guess, that would be at the top of my "likely scenario/major factors" lists.

  11. Find it strange that the unveiling of baphomet in Detroit late night the 25th, and then this satanic ritual killing (although predone, because she was in a coma) happened the very next day.

  12. Did you see the new pictures from the funeral? An egyptian casket, similar to the one Whitney had was seen as they took out Bobbi's casket.

  13. After reading this article I went into my room and the radio was playing Whitney's song I wanna dance with somebody, what a coincidence and wow, what a voice she had. There are so many holes and eerie similarities to Whitney and Bobbi's deaths that I don't see how more people aren't questioning the story. RIP to both of them.

  14. Anybody seen the latest news about Leolah's outburst at Bobbi's funeral? She said "'It's not over. We've got evidence of who Pat really is, this is going to be a long drawn out process," as well as speaking about 'the truth' about Pat Houston and clearly states Whitney and Bobbi were murdered, so maybe there is hope in the situation? I'm interested to know if VC knows anything about the Marion P. Foundation (run by Pat) which supposedly helps troubled teens, Leolah says it's an evil and dirty foundation. Shady indeed!

    • Leolah warned Krissy immediately right after Whitneys death that she could possibly be in danger and for Krissy to be very very careful and to not trust any1
      Leolah also was the 1st to say that she felt Whitneys death was foul play and that Whitney took baths
      I believe most of them know and a lot of indusrty insiders know, but they know that they better not say anything
      I hope Leolah be safe and wise . But finally, some1 who speaks up
      Dont 4get "The Bodyguard" movie
      Some say thats when all this stuff started

      • *Meant to say* Leolah said that Whitney NEVER took baths
        Whats odd also is that every1 who was always by Whitney was nowhere to b found , including Bobbi K on the day of her demise
        No 1, I mean, No 1, answered their phones when Whitney was trying to find them
        So many theories, just dont know which 1 to believe

      • I saw the pics from that night taken by some pap photographer.

        Whitney's walking out of a night club with her older brother and Pat. Whitney's clearly inebriated, you can see her face and her eyes, she looks agitated and hostile. Ray J (younger brother of singer Moesha), is also pictured leaving the club behind Whitney. Whitney, her brother and Pat get into a car where Bobbi's waiting… I think their next stop was the hotel where Whitney died. I've little doubt Pat knows something or was somehow involved in Whitney's murder – something very untrustworthy about her.

  15. I just read that her funeral is today on 01/08/2015. It was a blue moon last night. I know that might hold some significance to these freaks…..

  16. This is all too weird. Bobbi kristina's death will be ruled as a drug overdose. How can a drug overdose cause lacerations on your body and brain damage that's irreversible? Could she have been injected with something to have caused the brain damage? These people are demonic and only care about there own pockets getting fatter. If she was in so much danger why wasn't she convinced to go live with a family member that truly loved her. Nick Gordon was the last one to see her alive and they may have hired him to be a hit man. He will definitely not be charged with anything but might get a year or two in prison like conrad Murray. This young lady was probably on drugs but I don't think it killed her.

  17. They killed her for her money. She was the sole heir of Whitney's music, Now that she is dead Whitney's music and her estate is up for grabs. RIP Bobbi Kristina. 🙁

  18. I believe we are in hell but in the upper echelon. The wickedness will not stop. Time To ascend. Research the other dimensions and how we are tricked into reincarnating back here and how to avoid. Also, i know family members sacrifice to revive their careers. A big part of me thought it was Bobby Brown and this was planned for years. Now he's got a new infant daughter.

    • I hear you, Crimson. Time to DETACH from the media programming and go into self. I think this is a prime moment – a turning point. But in order to be physically and psychologically prepared to "leave" (spiritually leave, as we will be present physically, manifesting in service to a greater good), we need to detoxify the body, eat a high PH diet, stop eating animals and get right. That way, we'll be in the eye of the storm as everything collapses around us…

      • Please do not be mislead into thinking that going into the self is the solution. It is the cause of all this darkness. Luciferian and Satanic belief systems rely very heavily on the idea of the self being paramount, of the self as the only authority. This is becoming a popular new age and modern concept most obviously embedded in the Apple products that appeal to the ego; eg. iPhone, iPad, iPod. The idea that the self is the only authority is encapsulated in the conclusion of the philosopher Rene Descartes that "I think, therefore I am." The problem with this theory is that you place your existence as a result of your thoughts, but your thoughts don't make your existence. God makes your existence. To believe otherwise is to suggest that one's thoughts are greater than God. This results in a divinising of one's own mind, exalting the intellect as a god and worshipping the illumination of oneself. Hence Illuminati.

      • we were created in Gods image with all the powers of God. He gave us free will to be creators of our own reality. We are of God, stop belittling the power of the self.

      • You need to get right with God, yes, the God of the bible, this is the only thing that will save your soul.

      • God in the bible is not the real God. It's a construct of man. God is love. It's that simple. The God in the bible was a selfish, unforgiving, un loving entity. God is within, not in a man made book.

  19. Absolutely sad for Bobbi Kristina Brown but at least she is finally at peace and is with her Mother God knows where but they are at least together. Sad sad story.

  20. i know we have the power to fight and overcome the sick, vile and corrupted powers that unfortunately be. it's in the numbers. it's all in the numbers. we outnumber them by the billions…I dream of the day where we get to watch just one of these sick f***cks up against a wall and trembling w/ fear because the tables have finally been turned. I can't wait.

    Beautiful Bobbie, be in peace and love.

  21. Of course this was not an accident.
    Krissi being found in a bathtub unresponsive and then in a coma and then finally her death.
    If the drug dealer was shot, probably no one would've even questioned, it but the fact he 'overdosed' was a huge red flag.
    Who benefits from these deaths?

  22. My heart breaks every time I see or hear about Bobbie's death. She was born in tragedy and ultimately died in a tragic way. It's obvious she didn't have a strong support system around her. Mostly greedy sadistic people that only wanted Whitneys money that was left to Bobbi. I hope there comes a time where love and compassion make the world go around instead hate and evil. Sadly that day may never come anytime soon. Stay vigilant everyone and strive towards positivity 🙂

  23. The Grammys took on a gospel spiritual theme this year. Mimicking Whitney's funeral. BK was expected to die in February like her mom. And that award show this year was in anticipation of her death & making fun of it. Her boyfriend wouldn't kill her..she was his meal ticket. Although the media is making it seem like the bf did it.

  24. It seems pretty obvious it is the dark side of the enertainment industry doing these killings but what no one understands is why

    Just to prove their power?
    Just to show that they can do it?
    Just to sacrifice celebrities as a tribute to the Devil?

    They are clearly part of an occult
    in which
    I understand that they are doing it for that
    but morally its hard to understand why or how anybody could do such a thing,
    to be so cold

    It surely must be a mental illness
    or just plain evil

    I am sad for Bobbi as she was targeted simply because she was Whitney's daughter

    I am worried for Anna Nicole's little girl and what will happen to her when she gets older
    after what happened to her big brother

    There are so many for them to choose from nowadays with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes topping the list

    Perhaps they do such to simply to show they control all aspects of global domination- not just politics (The One World Order) and mass media but celebrities as well-
    after all culture is one of the most important things of all in brainwashing the population
    and if they can brainwash the celebrities
    it just makes it that much easier to brainwash the public

    I do believe the majority of celebrities are brainwashed-
    not all but most

    Because mass media won't look into the details of Bobbi's death (as they are controlled by the same group as those who did such to her)
    the story will be swept under the rug with no real investigative reporting
    as most stories are nowadays

    There is no such thing anymore as independent media except on independent websites

    Maybe Bobbi meant nothing more to them than a trophy like the Minnesota dentist and Cecil the lion
    but to those of us who value human life
    she did mean something

    As one article I read recently about the Planned Parenthood schedule wrote
    the scariest thing about the baby parts for sale abortion scandal is not the mass media ignoring it
    -its that the political left is perfectly okay with it

    If they are okay with selling baby parts for sale
    there is nothing they aren't okay with

    They accept anything evil
    as long as its done in the name of "compassion"

    • Amen, you said it. These people are okay with this insanity. No moral, no love, perfectly fine with the genocide going on around them, shoving food in their mouths while selling baby parts.

    • oh god no one is selling baby parts. sale of medical waste for research has been part of the medical culture for … always. The problem with alarmists is that anything can be construed as evil because it's easier to cry "evil" than use critical analysis. That, friend, is how the demon wins. By getting you to fear the world around you.

      • Erm, selling parts of babies who have been killed for convenience is selling baby parts.
        This has nothing at all to do with medical research. Perhaps it's time for VC to do an article on the use of human tissue from dead babies killed through abortion in the cosmetic industry. It is on record here in the UK, Hansard, the written account of our parliamentary discussions, that a member of the House of Lords spoke of making babies into face cream for the rich. I kid you not, it is happening.

      • Yes, I guess nobody's thinking about who is buying those, and why they want them. The woman on the video said they always want livers. What for? It sounds cannibalistic to me, and the elite is so degenerated I can easily see them eating dead babies on top of a salad. (and I don't mean this to be funny)

      • A babys cut up arms and legs and sucked out brain is not medical waste, but a murder scene! The elite has successfully brainwashed you into devaluing of human life. One day they will do human sacrifice in the middle of the towncentre and you will walk past, thinking nothing. Because they have killed your conscience

        Time is running up. You need to get saved! Pls view Gods plan of salvation here:

  25. I still can't believe they had that Grammy party on the ground floor while Whitney Houston's body was freshly dead, growing cold on a hotel floor right above them. Now THAT was satanic.

  26. Witness protection. Faked deaths.

    I don't really need to look
    Very much further,
    I don't want to have to go
    Where you don't follow.
    I will hold it back again,
    This passion inside.
    Can't run from myself,
    There's nowhere to hide

  27. I knew I would find this article on Whitney's daughter, it may looked as if she also knew too much about "the illuminati" apart from being a ritual sacrifice like that drug dealer friend of hers.

    "They" sure know how to be cruel and tyrannical without ever showing remorse for "their" killings as with other celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and others.

    Reminds me about the obvious circumstances on Paul Walker's unfortunate demise.

    • Omg ive been Anna Nicole obsessed for the past month and still.
      I remember when i found out she died i was like 16
      I didnt even know about her when it happened in 2007
      But i saw an E special possibly in fall 2007 and it was like i knew her, i freaking cried.
      Ive been watching videos of her and its as if she never ever died.
      Yet i still want to be a star.
      Anyways the craziest thing.
      It was last sunday i was on my way out of Barnes & Noble when for some reason a book with Whitney & her daughter on the cover caught my eye.
      I stoped and looked at it.(cover)
      I cant remember what i thought
      (I had forgotten all about her comma)
      Then the next day i find out shes passed away.
      Yet i stil want fame & fortune more than anything in the world.
      I wanna be able to become the greatest me and TURN ON for the cameras.
      I am i forever lost?

      • No, you are not forever lost. I'd still like to be a wealthy, successful author. Not enough to do horrible things that endanger others, mind. I think the dream of money and success I'd ingrained so deeply in our society that its a part of most everyone. Even if its a simple longshot like winning big on a ticket or at the casino. It boils down to a much simpler dream of not having to worry about bills, rent/mortgage, providing for your loved oneones, etc…basically knowing you have enough to do what you want and need to do. With the made up bs of inflation, its understandable to want financial freedom.

        As for fame, I used to want that too. Be on magazines, TV, in movies, the ultimate eff you to everyone who'd put me down. Fame equalled love IMO. As i got older, i realized I like my privacy and that the camera does not love me. A famous writer i could handle being. Very few writers get swarmed, their lives are not as insane as those in front of the camera. Maybe JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer could say otherwise. But overall, you could walk past Dean Koontz and never notice.

      • Well I want to be a famous, wealthy actress and writer. I never give up working on my dreams no matter what is going on.

      • My ten year old also wants to become a famous star.
        I've been sharing VC's site with her for years now.
        This girl can see symbols in all media now. Before I even notice.
        She knows the bad.
        She knows one has to give up themselves to be the star 'they' want. She even knows what hhappens to them if the rules aren't followed.
        But, she still wants that fame and fortune.

        I've done a few days as an extra on a tvsshow they're filming by me. I'm sitting there starring at these stars trying to Decipher in my mind how much torture they really endured to become who they are .
        That life is not for me.

        I guess if my daughter wants to take that path to stardom… The vigilance in me will be shining bright thanks to this website!

      • The problem is that you won't become famous without the Illuminati. And they select you at a young age, usual the parents of these celebs are involved in some satanic cult and this is where they select you. (-> Madonnas Dad involved in secret military operations and member of Knights of Malta, Lady Gagas Dad is also a Knight of Malta. Amy Winehouse was a jew and most rich jews are part of the illuminati.) They might even determine the day when you get born, by causing an artificial early or late birth. And they look at your genetics, it needs to be easy to program you with mind control techniques. If you don't have the right genetic make up you are not interesting to them. So if your parents or caregivers don't belong to a cult, chances are very low that you will reach stardom.

        Also the money the celebs seemingly have is deceiving because a lot of it goes to the producers and handlers. They controll your bank account. I guess this is why Whitneys daughter died, because they want the inheritance. As a celeb you will spend a lot of your time under mind control with multiple personas living in you. And you will spend significant time at satanic rituals at night and in rehab facilities to get electroshocked into submission. Not really a great life in my opinion.

        Google the Keisha lawsuit against her producer. He has beaten her regularly and given her date r**e drugs and raped her when she was unconscous. This is the life you can expect. Or google Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, the child actors who got regularly raped as teens by producers and regisseurs. This is the norm, not the exception. These Hollywood moguls are all perverted.

        Time is running up. You need to get saved! Pls view Gods plan of salvation here:

  28. Very sad.. May her soul RIP.
    VC I just saw an article about a Baphemot statue
    That got unveiled at a Satanic temple in Detroit.
    Have you seen it?
    I really feel like people don't even care anymore,
    Soon there will be more statues everywhere.
    God please help n protect us!!

    • You are so right Jade, stay close to Jesus and you will be fine the USA is in self-destruct mode there is nothing we can do it's part of end of days plan-GOD BLESS YOU.

  29. A great amount of people seem to think Bobbi K's Aunt-In-Law, Pat Houston had something to do w/ both deaths. Bobbi Kris passed before she could get the bulk of her mom's money so now the money will be given to her maternal granny – Cissy Houston, her two maternal uncles and Pat Houston. Sad.

    • Pat is a rat and snake……didnt whitney brother introduce her to drugs?! what big borter does that?? they are horrible human beings!!!

  30. Look into who is the beneficiary of Whitney's estate now that BK is dead. Don't be surprised to learn that her family members may have had a hand in this. They are a part of the "industry" as well. Money is the root of evil.

      • Exactly. People, not money, are good or evil. For example, I can donate to help my local animal shelter (yes) or to bet against a dog in an illegal dog fight (no). I can spend it on VC's book (yes) or buy the Satanic Bible (no). I can buy food that nourishes my body (yes) or buy a pack of cigarettes (no). It's the character of a person that determines how money is used. That applies to any group of people, as well, from a few kids with a lemonade stand to nation builders.

      • If you are living in The United States of America, your money has been borrowed money for over decades. Other people make profit with you using Money, even if for charity. In Europe, most money-systems work differently, but they are changing all that by banning cash more and more, and force the use of digital money or cards. Public train transport already is impossible in holland without a card.

  31. The people who did this will never be caught. They are walking around as if nothing happened. And even if their names were announced, nobody would believe it and they wouldn't be arrested anyway. I don't know how these people sleep at night telling lies and committing and plotting rapeand murder of good ppeople on a daily basis. RIP Krissy. You were brave and you stood strong against your oppressors. I pray that Jesus hastens his coming so you can see your mom soon. Thank you VC, by the way.

    • How was BK brave? How did she stand strong against her oppressors? Critics are one thing. Almost everyone famous has them. But oppressors? Did she even know she had oppressors? I saw her give an interview once. She reminded me of Lindsay Lohan with her general demeanor and baby voice.

    • "For they sleep not, except they have done evil; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall." ~Proverbs 4:16

  32. the work of the evil illuminatis..they will do anything for fame,money and richess forever…so predicitable and if it seems like it's to surreal! It's not!

  33. It could be the boyfiend did it and killed bobbi like her mother was, knowing the illuminati angle on bobbi's mother and made it look like an elitist doing looking strange and mysterious circumstances to free him of blame. Frame the illuminati that know one can or will prove exists. It could have been about inheritance. It could have been because they were fighting that night (neighbor witness) and in anger he killed her and covered it to look like she did it like her mother.

    • No wool…you still have the wool over your eyes….nobodys framing the globalists…have you not been paying attention

    • Most of the times it is just a matter of ''follow the money'' as in ''follow the yellow brick road''. There ain't a brick in that quote for nothing..

  34. In one of the earlier posted comments I came across a theory referred to as a' water event'. What is it exactly?

  35. Reality is becoming too real. I was hoping I'd see an article on this here. I hope no one wakes up before its too late. Thank you as always for sharing. It is appriaciated.

  36. Waiting for this article. Has anyone made some numerological study on this one? Any specifics numbers or suspicious dates?

  37. Have they arrested nick Gordon yet? He definitely had something to do wth Bobbi Kristina's death and very possibly Whitney's!

      • For a while I was thinking Nick Gordon was the one who was trained to kill Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. I thought he would be the next to die since his missions were complete Yet he's still alive, common with scapegoats, since Whitney was so famous. The way Nick came to live with Whitney was strange. She just took him in even though he had a mom and other siblings. What made him so special to be chosen to lives with a famous, superstar millionaire? Why was he being rewarded this extravagant lifestyle? I'm guessing he was being groomed to be the scapegoat by getting him hooked on drugs? He was born in 1990, moved in with Whitney when he was 12 y.o., so in 2002. Ten years later Whitney died and three years later it was Bobbi Kristina's turn. So, 13 (note the #) years after Whitney took in her "God son" she and her only legacy are gone, with Nick still alive. R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina. My advice to Nick is to dedicate your life to Jesus. The so called good life you were chosen to experience was really the road to hell.

  38. It ties to Elisa Lam's death. She disappeared on January 31, 2013 and resurfaced in the Cecil Hotel (meaning blind) water tank on February 19, 2013 (which links to Witney Houston's death of Kabal #45). The plug finally pulled on Bobby Christina Brown on July 26, 2015 (Kabal #14). Our next water event will be part of the #14. All of it is ritual and very predictable.

    • you need to be more specific with what you are stating here because I don't understand that you are saying. also, I don't
      know much about kabal so if you could elaborate some more it would be appreciated

      • Illuminati use Egyptian mythos in their rituals . Osiris cut into 14 pieces by his brother Seth. When add the date 7+26+2015 it results in 68. Further reduced to 14 and then to 5. Same can be said of 9.11.2001 as a 41 further reduced to 5 for manifestation (as a pentagram). The key numbers should add to 42 for the matching event to 911 (without the year) now 14 years later. So 42-11-9=22 on a day of 14. Either 9.22.2015 or 11.9.2015 or 11.22.2015 are candidates, but only 11.22.2015 adds to 68 or 14.

    • Cabal 14=7+26+2015 or 68 or 6+8=14 because Seth cut Osiris into 14 pieces. Okay so the event may be a 68 even. What is if 923 is really a calendar day? 326 upside down for 11/22/2015 and a cabal 14 or 68. Isn't Kali celebrated in the month of November? What is the water death? Does it tie into all of the hanging deaths too? Simone Battle, Robbin Williams, L' Wren Scott and Sandra Bland? Hang man also meaning knowledge. What is the tie? The publicity stunt on Hoover Dam occurred the day day that Simone battle committed suicide for a cabal 45. Obama turned 54 on August 4. Does that mean the event is this year? Synchronicity is full of kinds of twists.

  39. Poor Bobby Brown…this is all proof that he truly had nothing to do with Whitney's demise and that he ran for the hills when he was able to, but couldn't save his daughter.

    • I'm wondering if Whitney knew what they were trying to do to her daughter, sacrificed herself in Kristina's place, and then they took both?

      • That is a good point. There was a lot of footage of Whitney acting erratically the night she was killed. She kept singing "Jesus Loves Me" and gave a note to the singer Brandy, whom won't reveal what was said in the note. These high profile singers have to sacrifice someone they love as a trade off for celebrity. She probably knew they were going to kill her daughter and decided to go instead. But if I were Bobby Brown, I would not have left my daughter out of my sight for a moment. He was irresponsible and I'm sure he knows what all went down with Whitney and his daughter.

  40. Sad but expected bcuz apparently someone tried to drown her in the hotel bathtub the night her mother died.

    OAN Vigilant I hope u will do a story on Sandra Bland although it's not industry related. The story just seems so bizarre and I know I would break it down for us and expose some things.

    • I believe it was a hit. Sandra was very vocal about Ferguson and other injustices in recent times. She was recording videos trying to reach the masses and her community. I don't for one second think this didn't happen on purpose. There are thousands of moles in the police departments across the U.S. working covertly for the illuminati. They have all the info they need on our phones to know where we are, where we are going and when we will be there. A few weeks before her murder another young woman died in the same manner. Also ruled a suicide. I think they are ritualistically mordering in jails too in order to create racial chaos.

      How else will they ignite the implementation of Martial Law?

  41. I read these articles and find then very interesting and frightening..there seems to be a lot of truth here…BUT when the article ends by saying 'all of the signs point towards another hit from the dark side of the entertainment industry'…what exactly do you mean?

    what signs? I think we need specifics here. why would they go after her daughter? Im not saying there is no truth here..but I wouldn't share this article because its just too vague.

    • Man, you really have to do your own search, if you came here expecting to be intelectually pleased in one single post you should be better watching Discovery channel or something like that. This is a place to share and investigate TOGETHER.

    • $$$ From what I've read she inherited Whitney's funds and there are family members of Bobbi Kristina's who wanted it.

    • You should probably start from the beginning in regards to this site. Plus you can find all kinds of info on the Internet and YouTube. This is Satan controlling these people. Some have sold their souls to be in this industry. A lot of these musicians and celebs are just puppets.

  42. Remember in the movie Constantine when Reeves character uses the bathtub to transition from Earth to Hell!? I suggest everyone to look up Tupac photo shoot in bathtub weeks before his death. Very weird. Also, a music video that's fairly new from ASAP Rocky "long live asap" shows a scene of a bathtub with the masonic pillars. Very very weird.

    • um… the bathtub was used to awaken Weiss' character's psychic abilities… totally different…
      Reeves used a chair facing east, his feet in a bucket of water and stared into the eyes of a cat to get to hell.

    • I read something yesterday that the occultic "Powers-That-Be" prefer to kill that way so "water demons" could drag the souls of the intended targets to Hell. Apparently, it's easier that way.

    • Yeah good point. And there's also Rain Man that demon in the songs .and water apparently has life our energies toughts memories emotions even the music we listen can influence the structure of water molecules. There's so much knowledge they hide from us… all in all RIP Bobby Kristina you are an enocent soul

  43. Wow… what a sad news… but in a way.. I was kind of expecting this. This was going to happen sooner or later and we all knew that. This saddens me as she was very, very young. She couldn't even get to the 27 mark. Who could have said that the price of being the daughter of the most successful pop signer of all times would have to be paid with her own life.

    This news comes along with the sad news of Mayci Breaux's funeral yesterday, a pretty girl from Louisiana who was killed in a shooting by a nobody when she was going to watch a movie. My God… what kind of sick world are we living in…

      • I have to state that that sounds a bit tyrannical. If he is the truth why must we submit. Only a false lord needs validation for his own truth. I'm sorry if I offended but I was simply replying to your specific wording. God knows no religion.

      • praise/worship is a man made concept. brain washed/religious nutz. very closed minded sadly. religion puts God in a box. god cannot be contained!!! god is god whether you worship him or not. whether you are deador alive. god is!

      • Yes God is God without worship but as a follower and someone who loves God you would want to and love to worship your God. God does not need our praise or our worship to be who He is, but the fact is that He created us and His son Jesus died for us which is the greatest sacrifice anyone could ever do. He gives way more than He ever receives and if anyone had any respect for who He is they would bow down and worship because whats the use in having a God if you dont acknowledge Him or love Him. Its like having the best dad in the world and youre the bratty teenager who says "I hate you, I'm leaving, I didnt need your house, your clothes, or your food anyway." Its not religious nonsense when you do it from your heart and not with the man made concept of " i do this because i have to and because the bible tells me to not because i love him."

      • Christ is truth. Only those who don't understand Christianity -or those anti-Christs looking to decieve – would try to attack Christianity through such general, ignorant terms. But I'll let you spseak for yourself –

      • Um, Stevieb you seem to be on high defense for no reason here. That comment didn't warrant calling anyone ignorant. Get a grip.

    • how could the blind goats not connect the dots?! highly unlikely that both mother & daughter died under similar circumstances. i believe pat houston is a dark force is both whitney & bobbi's life. oh well, the fame and fortune is never worth it.

      • The Holy Bible is the word of God, and Satan rules this world until Jesus The Christ returns, for if He did not return, there would not be a single soul left upon it. Animals are souls as well, and are the most innocent of the innocent, and pure. Satan uses people to commit the most horrific evil acts upon these poor creatures because they are pure and innocent. Satan hates good loving creatures, and people who attempt to do good. Nobody on this earth can solve the problem of evil because only God can, and will do this when He feels like it, not when we want Him to. We are all enslaved by pure evil as evil surrounds us all, and the love of money is the root of all evil. Guess who is really running the Lottery? May God help us all.


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