The Satanic Temple Unveils a Massive Statue of Baphomet in Detroit


The unveiling of the 9-feet tall and 1.5 ton statue of Baphomet took place in Detroit and was dubbed “largest satanic event in History”.

On July 26th, the Satanic Temple unveiled a massive bronze statue of Baphomet sitting on a throne, complete with two children look up to him in admiration. The unveiling took place in an industrial building near Detroit River after attempts to have it installed near a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol have failed.

The caduceus on Baphomet's lap is meant to represent an erect phallus. Combined with the two children, this statue is a true nod to the occult elite's favorite obsessions.
The caduceus on Baphomet’s lap is meant to represent an erect phallus. Combined with the two children looking up to him, this statue is a true nod to the occult elite’s favorite obsessions.

The unveiling was preceded by an event which gathered several hundred guests. Before entering the premises, guests were required to sign a contract “selling their soul to the Devil” – which was also a way of keeping protestors at bay. Attendees celebrated under red lights cheering “Hail Satan,” as bands and DJs performed on a stage beneath a big, red inverted cross. Officials of The Satanic Temple delivered speeches alongside a pair of shirtless men who held candles on both sides of the bronze statue.

Guest danced and cheered under an inverted cross.
Guest danced and cheered under an inverted cross.

Tickets to the event were sold from $25 to $75 and proceeds went to support abortion rights an important cause championed by the Temple. Its official website states:

The Satanic Temple (TST) supports personal choice in the context of abortion and, as part of a multi-faceted Women’s Rights campaign, TST is offering religious exemptions from arbitrary, insulting, and outright harmful anti-abortion legislation that has been steadily encroaching across the nation.

Without going into the pro-choice / pro-life debate, I can confirm you one thing : The true satanists of this world are  bent on child sacrifice. Practitioners of Black Magick (as represented by the inverted pentagram behind Baphomet) have always attributed to the blood sacrifice of children the greatest possible potency to accomplish rituals. While this might sound completely evil and crazy to regular people, these sacrifice HAVE happened and STILL happen, sometimes in the highest elite circles on Earth. So, while there’s a pseudo-political-liberal spin behind the actions of the Satanic Temple, the choice of this specific cause echoes the darkest of Satanic rituals.

One thing I found completely aberrant about this event is the mental gymnastics pulled by mass media to depict it  as one big positive thing that is not about Satan. They say it is about political issues … although the event was organized by the “Satanic” Temple … and that the statue was of Satan … and that people were yelling “hail Satan”. For example, this article entitled Why a Satanic statue isn’t really about the devil does its best to make the event about everything except what it is truly about.

The modern Satanic Temple has nothing in common with the  horror-movie conception of devil worshipers, aside from a penchant for black clothes and inverted crosses. The temple — not associated with the Church of Satan founded in the 1960s by Anton LaVey — views Satan not as an evil figure, but one who dared question authority. They see the human body as inviolable, and prize rationality and skepticism.

It’s on those grounds that the Satanic Temple has questioned corporal punishment in schools (the temple offers adherents who attend school in such districts a form letter explaining corporal punishment violates their sincerely held religious beliefs), and are suing to overturn mandatory waiting periods for women seeking abortions. Here in Michigan, the temple installed a “snaketivity” display next to a Nativity scene at the state Capitol in Lansing last Christmas.

The unveiling and literal worshiping of a gigantic Baphomet Statue is therefore disguised as an event about “rationality” and touted a necessary step towards a more progressive society. Even if the concept of Satan is deeply theistic, the event was praised by atheists groups everywhere.

In short, the unveiling of this 9-foot tall Baphomet statue is a perfect example of deceiving the masses into accepting and welcoming the cult of the occult elite. Even if media spins the issue and pukes out paragraphs over paragraphs of pseudo-political diatribes to rationalize what is happening, the symbols do not lie. A statue of Baphomet was unveiled.

Baphomet has been the idol of secret societies for over a thousand years – since the time of the Knight Templars. Today’s secret societies descend from the Knight Templar and literally rule the world. They are behind the biggest atrocities humanity has ever committed, from unjust wars to underground child abuse rings to blood sacrifices to MKULTRA to things we don’t even know about. The occult elite is a product of multi-generational Satanic families and the philosophy they embrace allows them delve into their sadistic obsessions with any repercussions.

So, no, this is not about “rationality” and women’s rights. It is about unveiling a statue of Baphomet and making it acceptable to the masses.



  1. Yo I’ve been a memeber of The Satanic Temple for about a year now, when do I get all my money and power?

  2. Man, that party was fun. Many of you fools are confusing The Church of Satan with The Satanic Temple.
    Part of the reason TST was given its current name is because religious nut cases like you would freak out. And it worked.

  3. “They… prize rationality… ”

    Do they really? How is worshiping Satan “rational”???

    I really wouldn’t take their word for it.

  4. these fools are only fooling themselves. it’s better to worship stale fruit loops. Christ is the one true savior and the light.

  5. Judging by the comments, I’m going to guess that this is a conservative website. It’s amazing to me how few people actually know what Satanism is. Luciferianism, Devil Worship, LaVeyan Satanism, and Temple Satanism are all completely different belief systems. Devil Worship is what most (ignorant) people view as the only for of Satanism, and is almost always attributed to the other three.

    This event was help by Temple Satanists. They view Satan as a symbol of individuality, empowerment, and knowledge. Their main issue is individual liberty. A person should be able to do what they want, so long as is doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. Temple Satanists are atheistic, meaning that they don’t believe the Devil actually exists.

    By the way, that spiel at the end about Devil Worshipers ruling the world – about Baphomet being an idol to a secret society – that came from a guy named Leo Taxil. He wrote a series of books, some under false names, that “exposed” this world-wide conspiracy. He admitted it was a hoax.

  6. Please Brother’s and Sister’s read the book The Ladder of Divine Ascent Saint John Climacus,
    many questions will be answered and for those who cannot understand what is happening and choose the atheistic path of nowhere they will understand that are the lost lamps and Jesus Christ as a Good Sheppard is waiting their return. Ask for him, open your eyes and ears Govern your soul with the 10 commandments of God, Love him with passion and he will reveal to you. Can you see your wireless internet ? but you still try to see God with your blind eyes instead of your heart in order to believe

  7. Dear all Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ and Sons and Daughters of Virgin Mary unfortunately at that days Christians will suffer they will be tracked and traced in order to be vanished terrible things will occur wars and madness but God will not abandon his children the ONE the CREATOR the ARCHITECT of the world. Have in mind that at the come of his presence 4 signs across the 4 acres of the Earth will be seen as a mark the planet will be shaken the rich and corrupted will try to hide deep in the mountain and secret paths because of their fear. The Judgement day will be for dead and alive at that time everyone will be measured and weighted for his acts and the book of life will open for everyone. Evil is a fallen angel and will be destroyed once and for all because chosen dark instead of light and everyone who will follow this souls will never have rest thirsty will eternally feel grief and sorrow because abandoned the truth of light the A and Ω of the Triad God – Holy Spirit – Jesus Christ. My Brothers and Sisters don’t afraid to speak for Jesus Christ don’t afraid to speak for the Holy Lives of Saint’s because your names will be referred from Jesus Christ Himself to his Father. I love you all and God bless for allowing me to write to you all.

  8. Before the Evil establish government and at the duration of their ruling, World everywhere will be in a mess there will not be safety or stability crisis in all the planet people will have lost their beliefs and Evil will fulfill their atheist impassiveness with the ”new religion” food will be a total garbage human relations too, the core values of the family will be destructed, brother will be betray brother and the nature will be severed for the actions of the people everywhere as an act of freedom unseen terrible acts will happened the new Sodoma and Gomorrah will rise. The sun will want to be lost, the earth too, the climate will get sicker all the universe will want to get destructed the soonest because the 10 Commandments of God will be infringed and the people will have been ruled by corruption, hate, blood and inconceivable needs of flesh. Part ii

  9. I Bless God for allowing me to talk i am Christian from Easter Orthodox Church and i apologize for my bad English. I advice everyone to study the Apocalypse of St Johns was written in a cave in Patmos Island of Greece and God allowed to unveil the last days of the world. That days a world financial government will be established most of the population will have stamped by a bar code which unveils the 666 this code will be stamped on the head or the hand and will be used instead of the credit card it will be secure, easy, quick and they will convince the people that without this installment nobody will be able to buy from the markets 144.000 people will only refuse and move to the mountains to survive. The number 144.000 is not for accuracy but just to understand how few people will at the end will be saved from Jesus. Part 1

  10. Who like satan that’s the devil the devil try to take gods plays but God sent a angle to throw down satan and let him be there with satan dead people scream and a lot of people scream in hell

    • what a re the fruits of this degeneracy and sin? Anyone following the poison water debacle in Flint-Detroit area? FULL of lead for at least a year, kids being mentally deranged and brain damaged. So bad folks now taking case to UN. This is where zio-Masonic darkness worship leads. ‘Wages of sin is death’ and they are literally getting what they paid for

  11. …and this is just the beginning of the end…they are no longer hiding in the back rooms and cellars…they are in full view and totally unperturbed by the nuisance of any opposition…things have changed…for the worse…

  12. Whats heaven and hell?….i mean if you interpret a picture or symbol or statute as something right or wrong…it means youve accepted the ideology of whatever that idea is trying to convey….you can be anything you want..until someone changes that line of thinking….heres an example…someone invents life on the moon…then he proceeds to eradicate all life on earth…he makes laws..writes books..saying he created the NEW populated world….who in turn are controlled by machines…if you can control the environment around you..then you can manipulate it to your hearts desire…the scary thing is soon you wont have a choice…..comply or die!!!

  13. So I suppose then there should be no debate about the 10 commandments being placed and remaining in courthouses across the country nor should the image of Jesus be offensive….because those are "political" movements. The 10 commandments discourages murder, lying, honoring your parents, not stealing, being faithful to your spouse……..theft is a political issue as it can be linked to amount of people struggling with economy cause there's no jobs. Murder is a big issue and really people get murdered during wars civilians etc…… The future of tomorrow depends on today's kids and today's youth struggle. Yes the 10 commandments are also political as well….so if this satanic garbage can be acceptable so should 10 commandments.

    As far as atheists supporting Satanism…….a lot start atheist and turn toward satanism. Neither wants to believe in a God because neither wants to be told what's right, what's wrong, what's a sin and what's not. Both have same ideology….."Do what thou willst" The only difference is perhaps a lot of atheists are "in-the closet satanic" but it's more politically correct and acceptable to be atheist. Atheist have no loyalty they just believe what they want and therefore can support whatever religion they want… long as it's NOT big bad God who tells them what they shouldn't be doing.

    Atheism is a lazy ideology as you don't pick a side you just take what you want from whatever u want. I knew a lot of friends that started off Atheist and later saw them representing Satanism years later….it's no coincidence anything to keep people from God

  14. The trippiest part of this story for me is that the unveiling happened on Obama's 6th-year / 6th-month / 6th-day in office. (2378 days from 1/20/09 – 7/26/15). Massive 666 tribute indeed.

  15. I live in Detroit. Lots of people protested, and nothing has changed. I know some of the people involved in erecting this statue, and their personalities are completely different from a few years ago. I don't want anything to do with it, and I'm pretty sure they all sold their souls for a couple dollars. A couple of dudes also made out in front of it as it was unveiled. I didn't attend though.

  16. purely arrogance of the people behind this BTW the Living God cannot be mock
    well it aint a surprise cause ever since before Christ baphomet worship was practiced by some ancient people,
    until now it still exist which shows that the world is still being deceive by this goat stones and manmade dogma.

    Deutoronomy 4:28
    And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men's hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.
    Leviticus 26:1
    You shall not make idols for yourselves or erect an image or pillar, and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it, for I am the LORD your God.

  17. "Largest satanic event in History." Hmmm, I hear that they actually had a few hundred people in attendance. Billy Graham filled stadiums! These miscreants are irrelevant…and, certainly, not to be feared. Most of them were, probably, on the A/V squad in high school, mainlining Clearisil and playing "Dungeons and Dragons." They are, for all intended purposes, "dysfunctional."
    We are in the most exciting period in human history. Prophecies are being fulfilled, the lines are being drawn…and the battle is already won. Be bold, be "vigilant" and keep the faith. Even if we are faithless, God remains faithful. There should be no fear or foreboding within us.

  18. Satan is coming to take over the Earth after Putin and Obama's World War 3 devastates the planet, WW3 will be the catalyst for the New World Order and Satan being worshiped as the world's one religion.

  19. also isnt strange that it was unveiled on the day bobbi krisitina died.i dont believe in coincidences.whitney houstons child sacrificied.

  20. You want to talk technical is Christians can have their 10 commandments on a public building why not Satanists exactly. Does not better if you agree with that religion or not who seems to be a satire of religion to begin with. Freedom of Religion remember. We are a nation separated regarding religion and state. If one group does it then why not another.

  21. It's crazy how people don't find the statue unpleasant or so out-of-place at all. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

  22. Dont worry, its in DETROIT. I already know people that have a plan in works that involves and couple trucks and a local scrap yard. hahah F**K THE GOVERNMENT.

  23. So to prove how rational and tolerant you are, you have to be a staunch atheist and sign your soul to the devil? Isn't that like in the crappy movie "Meet the Millers", where the only way to prove that you're not homophobic was to suck another man's penis?
    Only that was played for laughs.


    A shame it has come to this:

    "We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge. In fealty of the God Emperor, our undying Lord, and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus on the Imperial world of Earth. I hearby sign the death warrant of an entire world, and consign a billion souls to oblivion. May Imperial Justice Account in All Balance. The Emperor Protects."

  24. I heard about this on Fox News a couple weeks ago a Dj knew you would post an article about it. All the things in the book of Revelation are starting to come true and it is important we stick to what we believe. I commend Vigilant Citizen for speaking out against the atrocities in our world today.

    • It's extremely important that people believe in the word of God and become born again in Christ our Lord. That's what's important. Before it's to late because we're are with out a doubt living in the last days.That's what it all comes down to.

    I urge you to reconsider removing any references of abortion from this article completely. Abortions are not "sacrifices." There is no validity to that whatsoever except in some paranoid, slanted, Christian conservative mind.
    So many Christians are already anti-choice and with PP coming under fire from the conservative media lately I HAVE TO INSIST that you edit this article as to not contribute to anti-choice propaganda. I must insist. Anti-choice only hurts women. These references and correlations are completely baseless and offensive.

    I have been following all of your articles and this site for several years. But this offends me on every level. Farewell, VC. You've become increasingly more presumptuous lately and this just takes the cake.
    This, people, is fear mongering catered to Christians.

  26. The fact that Satanists are unveiling a statue in order to make war with Christians is nothing unusual. It's a counter-measure to the Planned Parenthood baby butchers reaction — a "social call" to rally the troops.

    What I found a bit shocking was that Coast to Coast with George Noory was actually schilling for the Satanists the other night, downplaying the whole thing as some sort of "social commentary." The guy Noory was talking to said the Baphomet was actually just an "ugly depiction" of God, but the schill failed to identify which God.

    Disturbing days.

  27. I am born and raised in Oklahoma, and I thank Jeshuah that we still have many smart Christians left in my state.
    The elites attempted to test middle America, but failed, because it was just a test to see how far "they" could take us.
    "They" failed, and I am beyond PROUD.
    "They" knew that if they could pass it over on us Oklahomans, that they could then "pull it over" on all of America.
    Thank you Lord, and shame on you……., you people in Michigan.
    Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, easy pickins' you filthy elite.
    Shame on you Northern States Americans.
    Being neutral is for those lame Northern Europeans that were easily taken over by Germany.
    My ancestors, and you ancestors did not come over here to be NEUTRAL.
    Wake up, you people, we are strong Americans, and that's the reason we are here instead of Ireland, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and Sweden.
    Good job guys, you douche elite.
    You are doing a good job of pulling the wool over our eyes.
    I watch that show…"The First 48," and it occurs to me that many of our big cities are just complete trash piles.
    Besides that show, I will tell you about the other trash in our country…….
    Detroit, Memphis, Miami, Denver, Dallas, Cincinatti, Louisville, Seattle, Baltimore, New Orleans, Kansas City, and the utmost filth…CHICAGO.
    That is the dirty dozen.
    Close contenders are San Francisco, El Paso, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Portland.
    What's worse is obviously Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City.
    I've lived all over the world, and been everywhere.
    I tried starting a website called "pitchforks to DC," but I haven't got the time or money to continue working on it.
    I just hope that you all realize that all of these presidential candidates are pre-picked for us at the Bilderburg meetings, and that we truly do NOT have a say in our elections. We are living in a phony matrix.
    Jeb? Really? Do you really want more of that Skull and Bones Illuminati s**t? We've had enough of that, haven't we?
    Hillary? Really? You must be an idiot if you would even consider that. She abuses mind-controlled slaves. Or should I say "IT," as she is some kind of monster. Her demon is showing, super clearly.
    Trump? He just plays into what we want, he has no intention of fulfilling his thoughts, he is a billionaire illuminati, duh.
    I feel that we are the worst socialist country in the world, because we are just sheep that don't even realize it.
    Anyways, good luck to you all, and Yahweh bless Oklahoma and all of you that took the time to read this.

    • it’s carved by man’s hand, it has no life, no power. the created and fallen angel, satan, has some power but limited by creator God and for a purpose and for a time. repent and give your lives to Christ before you perish for all eternity. Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the spiritually lost, there is no salvation from sin without his our true repentance, turning from sin, and his loving forgiveness.

      • with grammar correction: it’s carved by man’s hand, it has no life, no power. the created and fallen angel, satan, has some power but limited by creator God and for a purpose and for a time. repent and give your lives to Christ before you perish for all eternity. Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the spiritually lost, there is no salvation from sin without our true repentance, turning from sin, and his loving forgiveness.

  28. Notice the human body with a horned goat's head, which is commonplace in Satanism, which is a mockery of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The goat (or ram) head represents the Devil, the god of this world (II Corinthians 4:4). The two fingers in the air is a Masonic Handsign. Notice the 5-pointed Pentagram on his forehead. The two snakes show the duality between good and evil. The snake is the servant of Satan, as taught in Freemasonry. The goat's head is commonly revered in rock music. Baphomet phallus is Hermes' Caduceus – a rod intertwined with two serpents. This ancient symbol is has been representing Hermetism for centuries. The Caduceus esoterically represents the activation of chakras, from the base of the spine to the pineal gland, using serpentine power (hence, the serpents) or Astral Light. The wings are that of Lucifer, the fallen archangel.

    The pentagram or pentacle is probably the best known and used of all occult symbols and is considered to be the most potent means of conjuring benevolent spirits. The inverted pentagram, with the point of the star is downward, is used to conjure up the powers of evil. As the circle is believed to enhance the powers of a particular symbol it is usually added to the pentagram. The ordinary (point-up) pentagram is the symbol of witches, warlocks and Wiccans in general and which they call "The Great Rite," whereas the inverted (point-down) pentagram is the symbol of Satanism. The point-down pentacle is also the symbol of Masonry and the Eastern Star.

    Masonic writer Manly Hall writes:

    "The Pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having two points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the "sign of the cloven hoof" or the "footprint of the devil". The star with two points upward is also called the "Goat of Mendes" because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat's head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, its signifies the fall of the Morning Star [Jesus Christ]".

    "The Goat of Mendez is the god of the witches. (Mendez is another spelling of Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt where fertility worship – Baal worship — was practiced). Masons admit readily that Baphomet is a pagan fertility god and, more importantly, that Freemasonry is a fertility cult religion. At any rate, this mockery of Jesus is a satanic symbol and figures prominently in Satan worship." -Kerr Cuhulain (Occult author, police investigator, and friend of witches)

  29. "the temple offers adherents who attend school in such districts a form letter explaining corporal punishment violates their sincerely held religious beliefs"
    So this is how its going to happen?? This is how we're going to be murdered for not taking the mark of the beast??
    Its ALL in the Bible…

    • They are not 'seeing through it' nor are they 'being taken in.'

      They are laughing and giggling.
      They are frivolous, if they take it all in jest, then it cannot really be serious can it?
      If it's not really serious, then they can come to no harm.
      After all, nothing really matters, lighten up!

      It's not their fault….nothing is…ever…just a few cells…what's your problem?

  30. I've though for some time that the contemporary western world is threatened most by frivolity.

    Adults refuse to grow up or take any responsibility for the damage they do, to themselves or others; retreating into frivolity and pretend 'concerns' for anything at all that is far removed and irrelevant.

    Grinning and joking all the way to Hell….with a side order of self satisfaction.
    Some generations have been lost to greed, power and false prophets.
    This one?
    Lost to frivolity, the terminal craving to 'belong' and a deep seated need to never ever grow up.


    • It leads to a lost generation and their children will be even more lost since they will grow up with no guidance. That's how you make a dumbed down mass that is totally manipuable. And the smat ones? Most of them don't want to have children because they're witnessing that the world is going downhill. #fuckedupworld

  31. In this teaching we will be looking at the occult roots of abortion (aborticide) with little known historical facts about abortion and how they relate to witchcraft & modern day feminism. Patricia Baird-Windle, Founder and owner of Aware Woman Center for Choice (AKA: abortion clinics) was quoted saying: 'You practice your religion and let me practice mine.''My religion is a holy ritual child sacrifice' On August 4, 1992, two employees of Aware Woman abortion clinic, Veronica Jordan and Rebecca Morris, registered a non-profit religious corporation known as the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida (WRCF). The stated purpose of the WRCF is to provide an umbrella organization for witch covens throughout the state of Florida. The incorporation papers list the two abortion clinic employees as directors of the Wiccan organization. Shortly after the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida was founded, Carol Ebbing, another Aware Woman abortion clinic employee procured the book entitled: The Sacrament of Abortion by a Ginnette Paris, a witch in France, who presents abortion as 'a sacred act' & 'A sacrifice to Artemis. In this teaching we will also endeavor to show you how the struggle against this horrific act is primarily a spiritual one. Throughout history, certain pagan cultures have sacrificed human infants to satanic deities as a part of a complicated ritual in return for favors asked of them. While few of those involved in abortion today are consciously engaging in child sacrifice, that is precisely what abortion is: The sacrifice of a human life on the alter of convenience & to the god of self.

  32. For the record, I'd hardly consider a 9-foot tall statue MASSIVE. Threats are only as big as you make them…. Peace!

  33. Baphomet /baf'-ō-met/ n a mysterious idol the Templars were accused of worshipping. [For Mahomet]

    Chambers Dictionary 2003

  34. This organization exists solely to rile up the religious right, and from what I can tell they are doing a good job of it, and furthermore don't care what people think. This statue was created particularly to use as stance against religious propaganda- of any kind- appearing on government property. It's because of this that the Ten Commandments monument was removed from the Oklahoma State Capitol, because the organization fully intended to take the Baphomet there. All the trappings of the organization, the 'hail Satans' and inverted crosses, are simply atmospheric trappings designed to gain publicity and shock the pearl-clutchers. No one voice should be heard in the public square, and if Christians want to have their mythology endorsed by the state, then you have to allow other mythologies that platform as well.

  35. Ahh the Cabal grows more bold. More plain sight than hiding these days. As evil grows the righteous must stand firm. Be not deceived by trivial issues of the world. The spiritual battle is raging. Constant prayer and thanksgiving are the sword and shield.

  36. I love how there's loads of people simpin' and supporting this statue like its been beneficial to their lives. So glad I can see what is hidden in plain sight. I bet there's going to be plenty of Satanic rituals in front of this statue/idol.

  37. This organization exists solely to rile up the religious right, and from what I can tell they are doing a good job of it, and furthermore don't care what people think. This statue was created particularly to use as stance against religious propaganda- of any kind- appearing on government property. It's because of this that the Ten Commandments monument was removed from the Oklahoma State Capitol, because the organization fully intended to take the Baphomet there. All the trappings of the organization, the 'hail Satans' and inverted crosses, are simply atmospheric trappings designed to gain publicity and shock the pearl-clutchers. No one voice should be heard in the public square, and if Christians want to have their mythology endorsed by the state, then other mythologies have the right to share that platform as well.

  38. May we have a list of the names of the people who signed this contract with the devil and participated to this event?
    This new version of the website is really heavy to load and I cannot browse quickly, it takes minutes to read oner page. Do something. Thanks for the information.

  39. "Even if the concept of Satan is deeply theistic, the event was praised by atheists groups everywhere."

    Whoah! Let's hold it right there for one second and consider this assertion calmly and rationally.

    To the best of my knowledge, atheists have always argued that neither "God" nor "The Devil" exist. To the best of my knowledge, atheists argue unequivocally that neither can be proven to exist, therefore neither does exist.

    If someone says he believes in "The Devil" and approves of "Devil worship", is it really reasonable to define him as an "atheist"?

  40. LMAO. atheists support satanism as a joke because they see all this superstitious nonsense as a joke. the fact that you tools can't appreciate that is a testament to why atheists mock you

  41. One thing I disagree with in this article (it may have just been the way it was stated), but History believes that the Knights Templar worshiped God and that the majority were righteous men. However, they were very wealthy and the
    French King owed a lot of money to them. By declaring them heretics he was able to seize their money and avoid his debt.

    This article is terrifying. I can't help but wonder how long it will be until our Savior comes again.

  42. Hideous. I might just roll my eyes at it on first glance, if not for the kids depicted being drawn in by him and then it becomes more distressing. Even if you don't believe in God, Jesus, or Satan, this display is wicked and perverse. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The statue itself is dumb and holds no power, but the reality is that truly twisted minds want the youth to be immersed in darkness as early and as fully as possible. Sad.

  43. Shock value, There have no understanding of the signs or symbols that there are using , or the meaning of Baphomet ?
    The Blind leading the blind , In a greed of a dead Age .

    • Correct. I wonder if that choice was made to make it more "appropriate" for the Oklahoma Capital steps. Seriously religious people. You think we can stop with this and work on sustainable food and energy now?

    • Oversight? Ignorance? Phallocentric suppression of the sacred female?

      On the bright side, at least in this case nobody can accuse this group of "goddess worship." 😛

    • A new Satan, replacing the old model….now I've heard it all!!
      Does that mean the new Satan is more, or less tolerant??
      And people thought Christianity was confusing!!!

  44. I can't believe those idiots signed contracts giving their souls to Satan!! That's not free will, that's a cult!
    No wonder the world's in a mess with rubbish like this.
    The children gazing 'adoringly' at Satan is probably more disturbing than anything else.

    • I have zero fear of any demons, gods and ghosts or politicians and bankers. What I fear are weak-minded followers with a strong conviction that they are following the correct path. Those are the ones who have an actual impact upon reality.

      • Let me make sure I understand you:
        Are you saying that you have a strong conviction and
        that your above statement and belief are on the correct path?

    • That's still free will.They're willing to worship satan and if that means signing a contract then so be it. These people have chosen to worship the devil like fools.

    • Exactly, the enemy targets children. He knows if he can get them young then he has a greater chance of destroying them. Egh! He is such a fraud! That’s why we must pray for our children constantly, pleading the blood of Christ over them constantly. The Bible says pray without ceasing. That scripture couldn’t be more important, we are in a spiritual battle and the only way to be equipped and ready is by praying, worshipping, and reading and living by The Word of God! But the great thing is the battle is already won!!!! we just have to be steadfast and endure

  45. Hey have you noticed how the boy in the statue is actually shorter then the girl and on the "solve" (destroy – left arm) side of Baphomet? For how knows what I’m talking about this is the biggest show of is real nature a chthonian (feminine – passive – chaotic – yin side – titanic – demonic [belonging the masses, demos, of chaos) divinity can do. Most of you probably have taken note of the peculiar anti-masculine policy of the elite, the male principle (active – assertive – spiritual – Olympic / Uranic) is part of the yang side of creation, since they want to take this same creation out of balance on favor of the yin side, and since their divinity is the archetypal “inverter” (lord of lies) they put the male figure of the statue (which in absolutistic terms belongs to the “coagula” side) right on the “solve” side, with this operation they achieve their usual inversion of truth plus they state their goal: to destroy the active, spiritual part of creation, to bring us on the realm of matter without soul, the realm of the animal-man, the kingdom of Satan, the dimension of chaos, the absolute yin.

    • Lots of grammar mistakes, here you go…:

      Hey have you noticed how the boy in the statue is actually shorter then the girl and on the "solve" (destroy – left arm) side of Baphomet? For who knows what I’m talking about this is the biggest show of his real nature a chthonian (feminine – passive – chaotic – yin side – titanic – demonic [belonging the masses, demos, of chaos]) divinity can do. Most of you probably have taken note of the peculiar anti-masculine policy of the elite, the male principle (active – assertive – spiritual – Olympic / Uranic) is part of the yang side of creation, since they want to take this same creation out of balance in favor of the yin side, and since their divinity is the archetypal “inverter” (lord of lies) they put the male figure of the statue (which in absolutistic terms belongs to the “coagula” side) right on the “solve” side, with this operation they achieve their usual inversion of truth plus they state their goal: to destroy the active, spiritual part of creation, to bring us on the realm of matter without soul, the realm of the animal-man, the kingdom of Satan, the dimension of chaos, the absolute yin.

  46. Abortion is child sacrifice for the most part. You are ending the life of a child in favor of your needs and to lessen your own burdens. Think about it.

  47. ‘Danny wilten’ is an online poster on fb and utube that is has proven to be a freemason and hopeless disinfo failure- his utube videos are always trying to justify crap like this. The huge intellectual feats these occultists go to try convince you that a spade is anything but a spade is pathetic.

    • Please! The Vatican is the biggest nest of p*******e Satanists in the world. It's utterly corrupt. Google the story about the gay bath house ATTACHED to a Vatican building. All of the criminal money laundering, hoarding stolen riches from other nations, child murder, pedo networks…It's time for everybody to get REAL.

    • Do some research… Catholicism is of satan. Satan has so effectively blinded Catholics, that they even bow down to statues, while denying they are committing idolatry:

      "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God…" -Exodus 20:4,5

      in Luke 1:47, "And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour." It is sinful to place confidence in man (the Pope), over God. Psalm 118:8 states, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." Who is the Pope to create new doctrines, which are nothing more than the traditions of men? Jesus strongly condemned such traditions…

      "Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men … Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition … Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye" (Mark 7,8,9,13).

      Did you read that? Read it again, please! Jesus said that the traditions of men make the Word of God of NO EFFECT. In other words, you can't trust men and God, it's one or the other. Are you going to trust what the Catholic Church (men) have to say, or are you going to trust the Word of God? The Bible gives us some stern advice in Romans 3:4, "God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar…" Carefully notice the words, "every man a liar." That includes the Pope!

  48. Im a satanist and i think this in no way represents us or views, this is just people who found something which will get a lot of attention and it has worked. And Baphomet is normally/originally a female and a deity in paganism as opposed to a symbol for Satan. It is people who dont understand why or where things have come from who label anything as demonic or against God as it is easy to do and diverts negativity from their own religions.

    Over all this was more a publicity stunt and unlikely to be Satanistic in any way, it was purely to draw in attention and what is more distracting than a demonic ceremony held in such a way. Im not saying it may not have a few Satanists there, but most are just there to prove a point and raise money for their cause.

  49. What creeps me out is the inverted crosses and symbolism of these Satan worshippers
    and how these same images are in the music videos, etc done by celebrities

    Even just recently that Justin Bieber video goes along with the Satanic worship

    So we are seeing it not only in the news but its being promoted by celebrities in their music videos
    as well as clothing lines producing t-shirts, etc with such on it

    Its a whole Satanic culture rising up

    More than anything the Satanic culture is anti-Christian and against God

    Its not like they are doing their own symbols, they are doing reverted crosses and anti-God imagery
    so its not an independent religion
    its an anti-Christian and anti-God religion

    The people behind this are against God and the Bible
    and they have the most powerful people and celebrities in their pockets doing their bidding for them
    for money, fame and power

    Luckily there are people who see through this
    but these are the people being targeted now
    not only politically but religiously

    We have now entered the time in USA where politicial and religious persecution has taken over our culture, our government and ultimately our country

  50. If one religion is allowed you have to allow the rest as well. Christianity isn't the only religion in America nor the world. America doesn't have christianity as its main religion. So satanist wanting a stautue shouldnt be a suprised, this country is a beautiful melting pot.

    Can you seriously imagine if america was all christians, there would be no inviduality at all. Our differences make us unique despite our disagreements. If christians truly wanted america to be all god fearing then just outlaw all other religions besides yours.

  51. This site if full of religious fanatics..preaching about God..mind your own business people seriously. You claim to read the bible, did it not teach you forgiveness and acceptance? and Yes, even Christians did a lot of evil things back then and they still do. How about burning those poor women in the name of god because they were titled as "witches"?? huh?
    Stop being so self-righteous. Non of you act like Jesus did..not one! He has forgiven people

    • So wouldn't this rant of yours make you the hypocrite,
      or one of the fanatics you're condemning?

      Where's your "acceptance and forgiveness?"
      Or is this what yours looks like?

      Please explain for me why you want the "christians" (read: folks you disagree with) to shut up
      so everyone else can cudgel them death, fairly.

      Solution: Present your FACTS. Let folks make their own decisions.
      Leave the insults and rants to the 3 year-olds, their tantrums, and their "poopy heads."

    • The Bible also taught us that YhWh does not want us to accept the evils of the world. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Hard ideal to grasp? It takes love to fully understand 😉 The point of Christianity isn't being perfect, but overcoming the dark blemishes of our human nature.

      • Are you well? By saying you believe in the existence of Christ or by claiming you are Christian, you never claim superiority. You are as human as everyone else. Christians are people who have their own battles. They are not some special beings or angels. Even the Saints highlight that all their visions, their ability to know what the future is all about and every other charisma they own are not by their own accord. They are blessed and surely due to their genuine humility. We are talking about humility and we think we are humble but we aren't.

  52. This reminds me of what violater from the move Spawn said : "How come God hogs all the good followers and we're stuck with the retards"!

  53. A lovely lady I knew for many years was born and raised in 1929 Mississippi smack in the middle of Jim Crow. She had lived as many years in Mississippi as in the north (including Detroit) by the time I met her. We would often talk about racism and people’s attitudes toward others. For years she told me she preferred the South’s racism to the North’s. When I asked why, she said it was because the south was honest about it. You knew (being Colored, Negro, Black, and probably African American even still), there were certain things you do at the risk of your life, like expecting to be treat equally to “good white” people. In the north, the white people made a big show about treating people fairly, but got into their hidey-holes and acted the same, if not worse, toward non-white folks in terms of jobs, education, housing, and general societal fairness and decency.
    I am a good deal younger than that lady, and did not see racism to the extent that she did, so those conversations never seemed to make sense. But in the past 20 years, I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing EXACTLY what she meant, but not as much about racism as about the condition of the nation’s soul. Racism has been, is now, and will always be a symptom of a much deeper problem, and our currently acceptable “treatments” are like putting a band-aide and Neosporin on a cancerous tumor. This statue is disease erupted in full living color, but it is only an outward symptom of a fatal condition.
    People are going to argue until the next big news story about free speech finally being given to “minority” religious/philosophical viewpoints (it’s NOT a minority). Or that this isn’t a statue of Satan, but of Baphomet, and that’s really “a positive” symbol of…, or of various other points of frank silliness and irrelevancy. But here’s the truth: your problem is an 8 foot mutinous angel that has just placed his flag in the middle of your soul, not just a city that’s fallen into criminal disrepair. What’s worse is that he’s not actually “an angel,” any more at least, or 8 feet, so you cannot remove this problem by yourself ala Ghostbusters, The Exorcist, or the myriad of other supernatural battle movies.
    There is exactly ONE solution. But that solution is so distasteful for some, in fact MOST, that they would much rather savor the ersatz novelty and exciting ecstasy of evil cloaked in their own ideas than deal with an exclusive and crucified GOD that might, horrors, require similar commitments back. Imagine a Supreme King REQUIRING ANYTHING, for SHAME!!! For most, the allure of “Do What Thou Wilt” pulls so much stronger than “Thy Will Be Done” that they allow themselves to forget our “Universal Payment Plan:”
    Pay now, Play later.
    Play now, Pay later.
    Whatever happens last continues forever.

    Like the lady said long ago: this action (the statue) makes the situation honest. You now SEE the problem, with no more subterfuge, in one of the most unfortunately appropriate places possible. Your response shows conclusively which way this battle will go.

    • So now you see it too. There is no difference, the show about rights and wrong, left and right, white or coloured – it is mostly a farce. Everywhere, not just in the U.s.a.. The form and spin/concept is different, the content still the same ol'sjait : no effective rights for induviduals.

    • NO NO JUST NO.
      This is clearly a statue of satan, wake up you.
      I'm sorry that you do not recognize that, but it would only be amazing that you would.
      Just because an old black lady told you something, doesn't make it true.
      I think that people like you are the racist ones. Just because someone is black makes their words more
      meaningful? NO.
      I don't know what "ersatz novelty" means, but i do know that your own personal guilt is showing.
      Not only have my Scandinavian ancestors never done any wrong, but MY FAMILY has never done any wrong.
      You have NO RIGHT to tell the rest of us that we have ever hurt anyone.
      Clearly proved, I have never hurt anyone, nor has any of my family.
      Don't you dare listen to an old hurt woman, and blame ME for it.
      YOU PAY HER.
      I am SICK of this unfounded guilt that is put upon us.

      • You need to re-read Time's Up, Jay. You're having an emotional response that clearly shows your misunderstanding of the post.

  54. Knights Templars founded Switzerland in the early 12th century. Switzerland, the home of BIS, is behind the economic war against humanity.

  55. This statue doesn't have breasts like the others depictions of Baphomet.
    I wonder why, if the elite has the purpose to spread the androginy topic.
    Any thoughts, anyone?

    • They probably don't want to alienate the feminists – after all, they do work for the same ends (destruction of the family, abortion rights, etc).

    • My guess is they had a better chance of getting man-tits here on the capital steps of Oklahoma. Ya know. Some would consider it nudity and whatnot.

    • They hate the divine feminine aspect? Reproduction, compassion, intuition, maternal love, the female body?
      I do see this in the elite, a sort of seething hatred of the traditionally feminine. It's "weak", in their warped opinion

  56. It would have been nice if whoever wrote this article had backed up the claim that "the event was praised by atheists (sic) groups everywhere" by a few links. Atheists lack the belief in the existence of gods, hence the idea of atheists condoning devil-worship seems preposterous to me.

    • Agreed, certainly, but I have no problem envisioning many ‘atheists’ applauding this in the name of ‘freedom of expression’. I don’t know about you but atheists tend to be amongst the dumbest and most vile people I encounter so I’m not really surprised.

  57. Divide and conquer. Knowledged is not widespread, it is passed on to newcomers, it is passed on with great care to those who can be of benifit. Some know, some are made to think they know, just like in real life.

  58. They're after abortion rights and yet those two little children look up to "Baphomet" as if its a supreme deity.

    That church is no different from the common agenda that they share with the illuminati, especially with depopulation.

  59. I'm all for intellectual and artistic middle fingers to religion, but f**k those wierdos for placing kids on this statue. I understand that it's supposed to be reminiscent of the figures from The Devil tarot, but given the global infiltration of barnyard animal worshiping kid f*****s, I truly hope that statue is crushed into powder and pissed upon.

    • Brilliant comment. The "the global infiltration of barnyard animal worshiping kid ****ers" sums up everything that is wrong w/ the world today. Nail on head. Even the goats are probably appalled and ashamed.

      • Thanks for the acknowledgement. I truly feel that humanity could be preforming far beyond our current conception if it wasn't for this leftover this monkey instinct to follow the self-imposed leader rather than lead ourselves. Yet somehow, not only do we fail (nor are we taught how) to recognize the characteristics of socio- and psychopaths, but we place/allow the least qualified among us in positions of power and influence. No matter who you obey or what you worship, you are providing your will to a force that has convinced you it knows more and it knows what's best.

        Keep those eyes and mind open. Much Love!

      • Those poor, non-idolized, regular goats, right? They are way too awesome be depicted so ridiculously. I dare anyone to not smile at a YouTube video of a goat. Talking goats, fainting goats, pygmy goats, bouncing kids, goats being buds with other animal on the farm, "Stevie Nicks" on South Park…

        I love those critters, just don't think I'd spend $100,000 for the bronzed statue of one with a human body, tits, and snakes intertwining around is junk.

      • Precisely! Goats are adorable creatures that have been unfairly objectified and demonized by human scum. Besides that, don't some of these people actually **** and/or kill goats? I remember reading that somewhere. Poor kids…. :-/

      • Interestingly enough, "the global infiltration of barnyard animal worshiping kid ****ers" also applies to Christianity, but more specifically the Catholic chruch, a religion based upon surrendering your will over to the lamb.

      • Yes and no. It's not about surrendering your will TO a lamb. It's about BEING like a lamb, surrendering your will to the holy shepherd, aka Lord. (Which could in essence be your own will.) A subtle difference, but one worth pointing out.



    Gone are the days when people would build towers to challenge God, now they abandon all pretense and build statues of the devil instead. If Jesus had a grave He would be rolling in it, but wait, he doesn't have a grave because THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, THE ROOT OF DAVID, HAS CONQUERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I thought most American cities are now bankrupt?
    State of Pennsylvania with its counties and cities sure does act like it. Schools are hurting… Heck, every budget seems to be hurting.
    Could be worse here, we could have a huge p*******e statue with children by its penis.

  62. I found this terribly disturbing. Beyond horrible and a true sign of the end times. To not hide but to put their moral decay on full display. Well now is the time for prayer more than ever. May he Lord look over his flock and help us in this sea of moral decay.

    • Omg so now when evil is at its strongest you suggest we sit around n pray n wait for someone to save us??
      No, get up n do something. I don't care who you worship if you stand for good then stand the f**k up n do something!!

  63. Like I said before the people of Detroit DO NOT support this satanic bs so for all of you people leave judgemental, classist, racist and derogatory remarks about Detroit you need to evaluate yourselves and why you feel the need to judge a whole city based on the actions of a few sick people. There are good and bad people everywhere your city is no better or worse than ours.

    • True, bad and good people everywhere. .., but you don't see nasty sick 9' statues in other cities – do you?
      (I have been hearing a lot of bad coming from Detroit for years, despite the statue obviously, is it that dangerous and dirty out there? I've never seen it.)

      • Just go on instagram.
        Sometimes I go on there to view this lady called Deelishis who was the winner of a reality show called The Flavor Of love
        I believe she was born and raised in Detroit and she seems to be doing quite well
        She appears to live in the Suburbs and in the pics, she always have her windows open and the streets look very safe and spotless
        So maybe we are being misinformed somewhat by the media

      • To both Ann and Richie: Detroit is like every other large city. There's good and bad if you know the right places to look.

    • I agree, there are good and bad people in Detroit. The problem is as always, corruption i both government and industry.

  64. I live in Toronto, and every week a news magazine comes out called 'NOW"

    There's an article about rap singer drake, who happens to be from here. I noticed that he is into a lot of occult stuff, hanging out with the usual scummy occult singers. so it was kind of no surprise that on the cover of the magazine the headline of the article says the number '6' three times. also he has started to refer to Toronto as the '6ix'

    I can scan it and send it in if anyone is interested.

    • I still am in awe a showbizzy black guy who has had two nose jobs to date and played a dork on Degrassi can collect the number of drooling hip hop fans that he has. His music is awful. His fame and cred are completely bought and paid for, yet I am still in awe that it exists at all.

      • I know. I agree . I can't understand how many of these 'artists' have any followers at all. They are horrible.

      • You should look into a man named John Todd. He is a former industry insider and he explained how the record industry would have witches cast spells on the music before it was released. I believe it goes on to this day. That would explain why so much garbage is considered popular.

  65. I looked at the pictures, read the story and the comments, and what came to mind were the words..let the children come unto me…do not hinder them. Then I thought of the pictures I have in my childhood bible stories of children standing beside Jesus sitting down, looking up to him. I also remember all the religious people waiting either in jail or awaiting trial, with hundreds and thousands of child victims.
    I think I will give myself permission to have a direct link to God thank you very much. …cut out the middle men…and women….I think I do a far better job of ‘saving my own soul’.
    This ‘desire’ for innocent little children….it maybe under the guise of religion….it is across all walks of life…Satanists do not have the monopoly on it.

    • Uhhhhh… Ha'Shataan has always mocked YhWh and the Christ to come that has and will come. Lucifer takes what is good in the eyes of the Father and perverts them. The fact that you even posted as you did is testament to the fact that you have allowed yourself to be deceived. "…. They will make the bad to be good and the good to be bad…"

  66. Watch a video on Youtube called 'Jinn talks about Illuminati". You will be amazed at what these devils do my friends!! Stay close to the Eternal Lord, Creator of All, the Mighty and Wise.

    • "Jinn" is the Arabic word for "genie". Genies are not benign in Arabic mythology whatsoever. Hence, I personally would not believe anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who calls himself Jinn. The first clue to what is probably complete disinformation.

      • Actually, "Genie" is a fictional concept that comes from the very real existence of 'Jinn' revealed and clarified in the Qur'an over 1400 years ago. Yes there may be disinformation but they are not as intelligent as humans. Plus you can judge the accuracy of information based on other sources, i.e. what actually happens in reality.

  67. The Satanic Temple seems to be allied with the common left leaning political talking points. Obviously, rabble rousing. Truly insincere with the placement of the caudecus (sp?) and the two adoring children. Very pedo. Another reason to abandon Detroit.

  68. What is wrong with people who choose to do this and what does it say about our society that this happening in plain sight and no one seems to care? Signing a contract to the devil, partying next to an inverted cross, idols made to evil in public spaces, selling aborted baby parts for profit, and a total lack of respect for God. Our society is becoming a cesspool of filth. Scary times in deed. Keep your family and loved ones close.

    • Probably 20-something hipsters who think it's "cool" because they have been bombarded with luciferian imagery via the media all of their lives. It's become very trendy to wear all-seeing eyes and the like. Take for example the ice bucket challenges that have happened over the past few years. Those are very much contributing to the Satanic agenda while the public thinks they are helping a charity. We need to be diligent, do our own research and educate others in hopes that people will wake up and do the same.

    • The Truth will shine through it all. That's what we're seeing unfold; there will come a time when no one will be able to deny it.

    • Well this isn't surprising to me because the word of God said these kind of things would take place during the last days. All you're seeing is people saying good is evil and evil is good. The confusion is real and the devil loves confusion.

  69. And then again, what better way to put the final nail in the coffin of a city that is bankrupt in everything. It is appropriate to symbolize a dead and damned city with a dead and damned being. Congratulations Detroit on your epicly moral bankruptcy.

    • I thought the same thing: Why would the elite choose Detroit to erect this satanic statue? Maybe the elites feel that Detroit has been 'conquered' by the NWO (i.e., Detroit's bankrupt, no pensions, high poverty/ crime, etc) so this city has been *dedicated* to their 'god.' Actually, I think this is what the loving elite hope to do to the rest of America: just completely gut us so that the whole country is one giant 'Detroit.' And, then they'll just mark each city that falls with a baphomet statue.

      • IMHO it's done to piss off Christians and get a violent response in which to feed the media negative images of Christians.

    • Gary, that would look like an obvious conclusion, but I am curious to see if there are economic changes, growth, and even financial successes following this ceremony. The Beast is the master of the MATERIAL world, and often grants rewards on that plane for his followers, if ONLY in this lifetime. Time will tell–but what a price for your soul.

  70. I saw a sneak video from the unveiling and regarding the 2 men standing with candles on each side: as they removed the sheet from the top of the statue the 2 shirtless men kissed each other… promoting the illunnati gay agenda

  71. In the Bible, Satan is actually working for God. He is a kind of overly eager district attorney; read the story of Job, to see what I mean.
    The goat head devil is a creation of the middle ages, and those fools believe, that he can grant them magical powers.

      • Do not mix it up. The discharge is still upcoming (We only know about it because there was a revelation).

    • Incorrect! The devil challenged Jobs (and by extension all mankinds) integrity. Saying Job would only worship God because he was blessed, but job proved the devil a liar. He maintained his integrity to God showing that man would still love and worship God even in difficult times.

      • Big Al is right about it, the job story is basically the tale of a bet between the devil and god. Which, unsurprisingly, ends it the utter and complete defeat of the devil. I doubt you ever read the bible.

    • Hey Big Al,

      Just wanted to correct your statement there. Satan does not work FOR God but AGAINST God. In the book of Job, Satan questions Job's loyalty. He tells God that Job is faithful only because he has everything and that if it were all taken away from him he would not be faithful.

      God permitted Satan to test Job and despite all the hardships Job remained faithful and in the end, God gave Job double-folds of everything that was taken from him.

      I do not know how you missed the obvious context, perhaps you should read the book again.

      God Bless you,

  72. A friend of mine went to see the statue she even mentioned that there are couple of people at the back wearing full black with painted faces , red scary eyes holding two black goats that are not dead YET! but she mentioned that this group of people had some goth satanic silver cups as she herd them saying that they will sacrifice these two goats and drink their blood for satan.
    Not to mention that there was also a group sex at the event also for celebrating this glorious day as they claim.

    She mentioned that the vibe of this Satanic Temple was BEYOND horrible too!

  73. These very same people will clamor to the Lord when they're lives are at danger, a loved one is very ill, their lives are falling apart… Remember, God is NOT mocked!

    • I think that the articles I have read on this website are very interesting because I do not percieve life the same way that a lot of other people do. It is not what you see in life but what you look at and what you choose to pay attention to that matters most. #1 I think that labeling people Christians or Satanists is not a good thing to do. #2 Everything in life has to do with symbols and those symbols meanings (Baphomet, I do not believe exists.) GOD=Gold, Oil, and Drugs= Money. I think a lot of beliefs are pure manipulations and people need to see things as they really are. Baphomet (The word Home is in the middle of the word.) Our english language is a trip and so our American traditions. Satan= Santa. Just flip letters and move things around and you will then find the truth that everyone chooses to seek!!!

      • By the way a lot of things in life are based on entertaining ideas and not anything that is actually real. The ideas from books is where a lot of ideas for other books, songs, movies and all kinds of enterainment media come from. So everything in life has a purpose and everyone in history has had a role to play in enjoying their lives to the fullest.

      • If you believe that all of life is aligned with symbols, acronyms and letter flipping..then you have a long way to research..the things of GOD are much deeper then an acronym…and if one is to believe the acronym as a faith or other word playing games and based how to spell GOD out into a belief of non-existence then how do you have enough rationale to claim He does not exist by spelling out an acronym.. Ummmm…ok..pray for ya

  74. Wow! That is a bold statue for the satanic elite to put up. Even an innocent child can look at that statue and know that something about it is wrong. I feel sorry for all the people dancing in that club. People will do anything if you tell them its trendy. And, they paid for those tickets–that's just crazy. They paid to worship the devil. Damn! And, of course the event is sponsoring abortion because the devil always asks for blood sacrifices. He loves the death of innocent life.

    You guys, this is such an incredible time to be alive. We are witnessing so much evil unfolding in America, a country founded on christian principles and a constitution that protects and respects the dignity of human life. This diabolical evil manifesting now is so genius because its being done incrementally so that people will acclimate and ultimately accept it due to 'tolerance' and relativism.

    There is a reason you & I are alive at this time in history, when everything good is being inverted and everything bad is being promoted as normal. We're going to have to stand up to it.

    • “We are witnessing so much evil unfolding in America, a country founded on christian principles and a constitution that protects and respects the dignity of human life. ”

      White life… preferably rich, is all that is about.

      This constitution didn’t do anything for the Native American human beings to whom this land actually belonged to before christians sailed in and butchered them into near extinction, the descendants of whom are now living in poverty on reserves.

      It hasn’t done anything for the black human beings who were kidnapped and brought over by christians to be slaves; the descendants many of which are now living in poverty in ghettos and in very real danger of getting killed by cops for things like driving while black.

      It hasn’t done anything for the Earth Mother, whose body is sickeningly abused and disrespected by pollution, deforestation and industrialization and near extinction. And if She goes, so does everyone including white christian capitalists.

      This silly statue is another thing tossed out by the powers to entertain and divert like those sick music videos and tv shows. The only thing that is going to save us is to change at a deep fundamental level. Learn from the people who lived on this land for eons and who managed it as a paradise on Earth.
      We have to start treating the land and each other with love and respect. Christian capitalism and this kind of respect is mutually exclusive.

      Mitakuye Oyasin

      • Gracie, would you please enlighten VC readers on exactly how Christian capitalism is 'exclusive'? And, what is this 'deep fundamental change' you speak of? Are you referring to communism? Or socialism? Those practices haven't worked out well for countries that have fallen victim to them, just ask Chinese people who have lived through 'the Cultural Revolution.' They will tell you how wonderful and loving communism really is. Or, go ask people who live in Haiti or Nicaragua how amazing socialism has been has how it has transformed their country for the better. Most people will laugh and look at you like you are crazy.
        Gracie, did you know that America is the last beacon of freedom? We still have a constitution that protects you and I from tyranny. That's why so many 'undocumented migrants' flood our borders every month to come here: because of the incredible freedoms and promise of opportunity that our country offers to hard work and sacrifice. That is what the American dream is all about. And do you know how the American dream came to be, Gracie? Through Capitalism. That's right. It works. It's not perfect, but guess what?!? There are no perfect systems. You claim that if we just give up all of our rights by becoming socialist like Europe and just get rid of our constitution, THEN, all our problems will be solved! Big government is so loving and will protect us in this loving Utopia that you entice us with. Well, I'm not buying it, Gracie. I don't trust big government, Gracie, and you shouldn't either. They WILL NOT protect you or look out for you once you give over all of your rights. That is a lie.
        Also, it is true that America doesn't have a 'politically correct' past. News Flash: no country does. No country is perfect, Gracie. The US never claimed to be perfect but we ARE trying to move forward and do the best with what we have. That is the American way. And, if you don't like it, you should move.
        Gracie, I know that you are a troll. You are not fooling anybody. What I want to know is: how much are they paying you to troll conservative blogs and make these outrageous statements? Whatever the amount is, it's not enough. You are being lied to and manipulated. I ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself: what am I doing in this country's great time of need? How am I being of service to others?
        I will pray for you, friend. I pray that you turn to God and embrace true American values and love the country you're in instead of hurting it and trying to spread anti-patriotic sentiment. If you want to solve the above problems which you have enumerated at length, the change has to start with you. Start your own YouTube channel. Start a blog. Volunteer. Help others. Pray. Love your family and friends. Get in shape. Learn a new hobby. Try to wake others up to what is happening in this country before it's too late and we become the next Nicaragua, Haiti, or China.
        Also, I know you're a dude. Most people who troll are dudes.
        And lastly, you should check out this Lily Allen song called "URL Badman," which totally chronicles life as a troll. It's hilarious and pretty catchy as well. I think you'd like it. Here is a little taste, just for you xox
        "I work at home in my parent's basement
        I don't troll, I make statements
        I'm not a cliché sittin' in my PJ's
        Double cupping at lunch on a Tuesday
        I'm like Drake, see, so don't hate me
        I get vexed if you don't appreciate me
        Real talk, I'll put the world to rights
        And, when I'm a big boy, I'm gonna write for Vice…"

    • You're right. Things like this just make me want to continue to be a good person. A person showing the love of Christ. I guess someone has to show it right? Even if its just a few… Being a Christian is not a loser thing to be. And I won't walk around feeling like a loser just because the world does not respect my beliefs. 🙂

    • this nation was built on lies, bondage and genocide. the jewels of the Most High enslaved here.

      go to KJV Genesis 15:13-14 and again for the Gentiles in KJV Acts 7:6-7 and see…


      the Wrath is lining up.

  75. I don't claim to know whether Satan exists. However I do wonder about people who call themselves Satanists, then state that the religion has nothing to do with the classical definition of Satan, but is about rationalism. Then why not call it rationalism instead of Satanism? Aligning yourself publicly with what the adherents of several major religions worldwide consider to be the highest principle of evil but then claiming that you are persecuted or misunderstood just seems arrogant, misleading and self defeating to me.

      • Thank you. It just seems to me that for folks who say they value rationalism, they aren't exhibiting very much of it. Common sense says that redefining Satanism is going to be a hard sell, because it's so culturally loaded, and if it's not about Satan, then why take on that baggage? And if it's about rationalism, then why introduce the woo-woo to it by using symbols like a goat's head that plainly evoke irrational feelings? You can't have it both ways.

        If nothing else, then this should put a definitive end to the argument that the Baphomet symbol is not Satanic, because if it isn't, then why is the Temple of Satan using it?

      • That's the ruse. They can't plant the seed of their true intention unless they go all out with these symbols. It's too important to them.

        If anyone questions it, they'll sugarcoat it, as they have. What can/will anyone do about it? Will the public care enough to create enough of a stink? Maybe. But while thats happening, oh wait, look over there, another kid shooting innocent people at a mall, or another senseless act committed by a police officer. Forgotten.

    • I don't understand that either. If Satanism is truly just existentialism and hedonism, with the purest of motives, why is there a need to align oneself with a religious symbol at all? Is it simply to be cheeky? Seems a silly reason to choose an icon.

      Also, if "true" Satanists are taught to RESPECT the BOUNDARIES of OTHERS, then why do so many of them get away with literally MURDER, ABUSE, and manipulation? Are those morally decrepit considered "bad" Satanists by the "nice" ones?

      This is why I shun most if not all religions, Satanism included. Too much bullsh** for me.

    • Fleurdamour, I've wondered that for years. Thank you for your comment.

      This is my take (in order):
      1) GREAT diversion campaign.
      2) Straight up LYING is part of their "religion/philosophy." (If it conforms to what you really want, DO IT.)
      3) Those fully initiated know full well satan is not the abstraction they tell the stupid people (that includes just about everyone else).

      They are correct that the full "mythos"of satan is a Judeo-Christian concept. So part of the diversion is if you mock Christianity, you can automatically relagate what they say about their "enemy" as a bunch of bogey man fairytales,
      and inject a more scientific definition for the modern age.

      What's hilarious is how after all their redefining of satan/ism
      to be a concept of following the left hand path, rationalism taken to its ultimate form, etc,
      they end up with
      one of the most distilled rationales of why the "Judeo-Christian" satan did exactly what he did.

      Almost as if Aleister or Anton was snickering behind their hands saying "only those crazy frequent bible readers are going to pick up on this little slight of hand, and NO BODY listens to them anymore anyways."

      Or maybe they didn't know how truth always has a way of peeking out of its shackles.

      • … were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11 v 26) New Testament. All the sacrifices mentioned in the Bible are performed during the Old Order and human sacrifice was discouraged by having an alternative provided. (The ram caught in the thicket when Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac, Genesis 22)

      • You are missing one glaring example. Jesus. Did God not sacrifice his son to "save" mankind? Sounds like blood magic to me…

      • Your mistaken, GOD didn't sacrifice JESUS, he gave HIM…the Pharisees, the people and Pontius Pilate all chose to sacrifice HIM.

      • Jesus offered HIMSELF. If you have a problem with someone being willing to die in your place so that you can live forever, then you have a problem indeed. It gets tiring sometimes listening to people who don't really know a thing about the bible sling around accusations and judgements on God and call him a sadistic tyrrant. Study the bible before you act like you know what it says.

      • Why does everyone on here look at the information provided and immediately assume they should follow the teachings of an age old book decided in a committee of people the very like you wish to place down off their power bases. I suggest looking and researching the true unedited texts. Do the research and learn for yourselves. I am not a Christian. I am a follower and child of the Almighty. The one in who's name is unspoken. The one true God of this universe. I follow my eyes and what they see. I do not follow blindly what a website or a book tell me. Most information is controlled by the powers that be in this world, anyway. It's all falsehood. Do the research. Learn for yourself. Be at peace.

      • The Pharisees (descendants of modern Jewry) prompted the Romans to crucify Christ. Pontius Pilate didn't believe Jesus should be put to death and hoped the vicious beatings the soldiers inflicted would suffice as justifiable punishment. (as depicted in Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ")

        But it was not nearly enough to satisfy the evil intent of the Pharisees who felt threatened by the teachings of Jesus.

        This biblical synagogue of Satan wanted Jesus Christ put to death and wouldn't let up on the Roman judiciary until they caved in to their demands.

        Driving spikes through the wrists of criminals wasn't normal protocol for the Romans either. This was another sinister punishment the Priestcraft devised against Jesus that the Romans were compelled to enact.

        With the death of Jesus, Pilate may have "washed his hands and sealed his fate", but he held no animosity towards Jesus. Neither Pontius Pilate nor the Roman empire can be held solely accountable for His death.

        Modern Jewry has yet to atone for the most heinous hate crime in all history, with the crucifixion and deicide of the Christian Lord.

      • How about when God told Abraham to sraceifice his child to show his belief but then stopped him? Are you forgetting your so called God killed more people than satan ever did? Literally he killed 2,476,633 while satan only killed 10. And from those 2,476,633 he killed there's literally a chapter for 135 of those killings and some of them weren't even marked so I'm worshipping the lesser of two evil so, satan.

      • Hold on Lucy. With the system of this world (created by satan) Lucifer has killed way more than any being or entity and is still killing. He created the monetary system which is the catalyst for most evil on this planet and the abuse of drugs, murder, cannibalism, r**e, child molestation, human trafficking, wars over resources and control etc. And re-call God did not allow Abraham to kill his son and had no intentions of doing so. That story was there to illustrate that in order to restore man, someone would have to humble themselves as a sacrificial representative for mankind. Hence Jesus who was the third part of God Himself as a human. Go ahead and worship the one who made a system in which survival of the fittest is law or do some more research about the one who actually intended for us to live on this earth not even needing monetary systems, government, or fighting over resources. We are supposed to be walking aroung naked in good weather eating vegetation(not other animals) and petting lions. (animals in the garden version of earth had no need to be agressive). Don't conclude on your theory just yet. I'm not saying follow God or anything. But just look at it in the right context with an objective point of view.

      • actually Abraham is Hebrew. the whole Scriptures is about Hebrews…not to be confused with those today who call themselves Jew-ish.

      • Early Jews did sacrifice ANIMALS according to the law of sacrifice. However, this law was satisfied when Christ accomplished the Atonement. I just finished reading the Old Testament yesterday, I don't think humans were ever sacrificed. The closest thing would be the story of Abraham and Issac, but Issac was never sacrificed, that was simply a test to see if Abraham would do all that Gid asked him to do.

      • Judges 11, see Jephthah. But this wasn't because it was commanded. It was because Jephthah made a stupid oath.

        Also, I would not say "satisfy." He took upon the Torah, becoming the fulfillment of it in all regard. Now in the Torah, there are curses, but really it is the same curse for all disobedience: death. There is one particular curse that says, "Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree." Therefore, on the cross, Yeshua took upon himself the curse of the Torah and yet he was righteous. As such, he removed the Torah and redeemed believers through the faith of Abraham.

  76. "Even if media spins the issue and pukes out paragraphs over paragraphs of pseudo-political diatribes to rationalize what is happening, the symbols do not lie. A statue of Baphomet was unveiled."

    That last sentence says it all. You cannot put these historic symbols out there and then sugarcoat their meaning. It's infuriating how dumb they think we are. Even more infuriating that they actually do fool some people with this bs.

      • Dear Mpk,
        I was struck by this inconsistency too.

        Dear Live The Almighty,
        atheists are usually not satanists, even though some confused people might think they are both. I think mental confusion is a more or less common phenomenon not only found among atheists and satanists, but among all human beings, theists or not.
        I'm not sure why you brought up homosexuality. Perhaps satanists and homosexuals look the same from your standpoint, but I can assure you it is possible to be the one without the other.

      • Gee, calling homosexuals as confused as satanists, and that with a name like yours.. Reminds me of stories about witchhunters and religiously closed-minds. Not about respect for your fellow human being, yeah respect for your own kind, but not for people in general. Silly, really, this divide and conquer, is it not? It works for the greater purpose is seems, even with people who believe in the almighty, but selectively resent ''his'' creation. And that's plain stupid, i think and totally goes against ''Love thy fellow man''. You come with arguments , then we can talk.

      • But homosexuals are confused. Men and woman were meant to procreate and multiply. Same for transgender people. They need psychological help, not gender reassignment surgery.

      • Dear First Born and Live The Almighty,

        I do not know how we went from satanists to homosexuals and then transgender people. These are three different categories, and I'd like you to be more precise: could you please explain the logical progression, if indeed there is one?
        Perhaps you have first-hand experience in satanism, homosexuality and transgender, but I think it's not nice calling people confused, when you are confusing things yourself.
        My experience has shown me so far that one can be satanist, homosexual and transgender, or two out of three, or one out of three, or none.

      • First Born I agree that they are confused but they need one thing and one thing only and that's Jesus Christ.

    • Mpk– guess who atheists call out to when they are having hard times??!! God!! Yes, every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord!! I pray they repent and come to Jesus!

      • There are people who don't believe in Satan/Lucifer or God, but follow the philosophy of Satanism. Most of these people are part of the LaVeyan church and they believe in no higher power, just an atheistic satanistic philosphy. That is the greatest myth surrounding LaVeyan Satanism- that it's devil worship.

    • I can't understand it as well. Especially when Satanism is actually a religion just like Christianity, Islam and Jewish and ALSO MONOTHEISTIC.

    • No, they don't believe in God. They are essentially atheist. They believe man created the concept of God, and that man is God, and therefore believe in exaltation of the self above all else. You see? Pride like the being they see as only a symbol of rebellion and non conformity. Wanting to be as gods. Not wanting to serve anyone but themselves.

    • Nope, you're actually pretty far off the target. Most satanists (especially at this event) don't believe in any God at all and do not believe one exists. Rather, they believe in a kind of egotistical nihilism. Nihilism doesn't conflict with atheism at all, in fact someone can follow both. That's why athiests don't mind satanists, not because they actually believe in satan haha.

  77. Ha! They are pathetic! Jesus is world wide and worshipped in every tongue, and all you can muster is putting a statue in Detroit. You might as well have thrown it on a trash heap where it belongs. Detroit the liberal bastion is the next best thing though. Lol. You worship goats, and we eat them for dinner. That should tell you something.

  78. Satan came from the heavens and was cast out by God. So for satanists , atheists to say they do not believe in God nor can they believe in Satan as it cannot exist without God.

    • Incorrect. There is no supernatural antithesis to God. Ha'shatan is used of many things in the Bible and many times, it is referring to the powers that be, i.e. the nations. One could say that the Elite are "Satan." Peter is called "Satan." Not because he was possessed, but because he stood in opposition to the Messiah. Its also used of the yetzer hara, evil inclinations, and is seen when it says "Satan entered into him."

      If a supernatural Satan exists, then he works for God and not against him. There are two events that suggest this. The first is in Job, where Satan stood among the angels and God gave him power to test Job. The second is in the Temptation, where the Holy Spirit led Yeshua into the wilderness to be tested by Satan. I have heard Jewish men compare Satan to Mr. Slugworth for Willy Wonka.

      We know that there is no supernatural antithesis to God or a dual universe as God specifically denies this in Isa 45 in His address to Cyrus. In this address, He is destroying the very idea of dualism and Zoroastrianism. Many say that Zoroastrianism is "monotheistic." This is as true as saying Hinduism is monotheistic since all come from Brahman. It is from Zoroastrianism, that the concept of "fallen angels" and a supernatural antithesis to God derives. Specifically, the Christian "Satan" is derived from a combination of Ahriman from Zoroastrianism (adopted into Jewish mythology), Hades/Pluto from the Greco-Roman Pantheon, and Semyaza from the Book of Enoch. We see other influences as well such as Pan and Loki.

  79. Btw, I am not surprised that the Satanic Temple was praised by atheists. Actually I am happy, because it exposes the hypocrisy of atheists. Atheists dont want God to exist. The idea of something greater, better and smarter than them, scares to death self-centeed, narcisistic, arrogant, self-righteous and I-know-it-all people like atheists. But atheists have no problem with Satan. Atheists and Satanists have a lot in common: they both serve Satan ( and both will end in the same place 😉 )
    God wins every war and His enemies always lose even when they win .

    • Atheist and Satanists do not have anything in common. For an Atheist God doesnt exist and neither does the devil. Another misconception is that Atheist do not want God to exist, for an Atheist God does not exist. So Atheist are not scared of something bigger or smarter, neither do they think they know it all. In retrospect to you who seems to know about a God who is at war?

    • Dear jessie, please be assured that not all Atheists think alike. I do not live in the USA and thus haven't heard about "atheists (sic) groups everywhere" praising the event. To me it would seem deeply illogical to worship the devil (or any entity for that matter), yet consider oneself an atheist at the same time.

    • Do not stereotype all atheists. You make it seem as if all the atheists in the word have praised this satanic stupidity, when, in fact, very few did; and those that did, I doubt they're really atheists. Atheists do not believe in Satan or any other fictional character. Atheists are not afraid of your god because they don't believe he exists. Atheists are not arrogant, they simply refuse to believe in something that has no proof, contrarily to god believers who claim to know the truth and judge everyone who doesn't agree with their childish fantasies. Also, your god is a very cruel a*****e for letting trillions of innocent non-human animals die every single year just because his "favorite creation" wants to be self-indulgent and torturous. Stop believing in fairy tales and get a reality check. Watch Earthlings. Wake up!

      • Your comment is contradictory… you are saying you are an atheist but at the same time saying God is very cruel. If you didn't believe in God you would not have any opinion of God at all. The fact you can make that type of opinion means in your conscious you do believe but have negative views on your belief of God.

    • Well, I don't know about other athiest, but I'm glad this is happening, not because I believe in any of these bullshit fairytals, but more to the fact that, if we have to tolerate Christian beliefs, why not Satanic beliefs? I'd much prefer if neither existed, but if one must be tolerated, than the other should too, or are you hypocrite elitest because your religion is the only right one? If you want to protest this, than protest all the other religions, or is that intolerant? As long as they follow the laws of the land, then what's the problem? Satanism actually sounds better than Christianity, in the sense of support for the rights of people, rather than Christians putting down people for who they are and what they want to do

  80. Оn fb Satanists argue that "them must accept" tolerance, aha
    Who can accept someone who feels entitled to r**e and then eat your child ??
    I HATE IT.
    [really good article, thanks].

    • Actually I've studied Theology and religious Satanism forbids harm of children and animals and also 'sex without getting the mating signal' which means Satanism is against r**e. The "eating of children", "animal sacrifice" are myths brought on by Hollywood. Also most Satanists are pro-choice because they are right, women's bodies shouldn't be policed.

      • Like I said earlier- There are people who don't believe in Satan/Lucifer or God, but follow the philosophy of Satanism. Most of these people are part of the LaVeyan church and they believe in no higher power, just an atheistic satanistic philosophy. That is the greatest myth surrounding LaVeyan Satanism- that it's devil worship. But still like I've said even theistic Satanism forbids harms of children and animals and is against r**e.
        It's funny how you tell a someone who has majored in Theology she "hasn't studied enough" and to "dig deeper". Sorry I don't take advice from someone whose theological knowledge goes as far as Hollywood movies and probably Wikipedia.

      • I'm an x-satanist, and that is not true. "Do what thou wilt" is the whole of the law to them, and they take that to the nth degree… You can study all you want, but unless you are in it 100% for any length of time, you will not have any sense of what they REALLY believe or actually DO. Spells, incantations, mind control in any form, whether chemically induced or done from a spell or anything else, is only a small part of even some of what they do.

      • Do you have an email address? I'd love to talk to you more about this. Are you a christian now that you are no longer a Satanist and what made you decide to convert to something else?

      • And the myth of kumbaya-singing satanists is brought on by Disney and luciferian marketers, lol. Jesusknight is right, there's a lot of compartmentalization, just like in any such type of organizations.

        Any marketer knows you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. No one starts burning children at the altar of Moloch, they always start by braiding and oiling their hairs like those who do, for the cool factor, so to speak. 🙂

      • True, in that Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan, wrote in one (maybe more) comment, he considered abortion wrong and killing animals for sacrifice wrong. Accordingly, The Church of Satan rituals exclude living sacrifices. Yet, there are other satanists who use the shock of killing as a kind of stimulation to achieve a dissociated state.

      • You've studied well. It seems anyone else is too ignorant to do some research before posting comments on here as if they were facts. There is literally a rule in the satanic bible against hurting children because they are innocent or animals as well as waiting for the person to give you the mating signal before making sexual advances. We do support pro-choice because the woman has the right to choose if she wants to keep the child or not because after all it's growing inside of her not inside anyone else.

      • That's rubbish! to say that is to say god is a liar. Gods word says that satan comes to kill, steal and destroy , but I have come that you may have life and life more abundantly. So even if satans book says it is against killing children , he is a liar, deceiver and a trickster which makes its nothing for him to say that and do the complete opposite.

    • I have known Satanists… and no part of their religion involves the r**e and cannibalism of children. You're thinking Hollywood.

      • There are crazy f***s within every sect, and denomination across humanity. Not all Christian churches dance around with rattlesnakes, but some retards do.

        I do feel LaVey Satanism has some truth as a philosophy since the following is one of my all-time favorite quotes:

        "There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised." – Anton LaVey

        But it is a complete joke when it comes to dress up and ceremony. C'mon. If you want to truly rebel against God, create a successful and happy life for yourself without him or any other figure that demands your acknowledgment. Become your own god, like the extension of the universe that you are.

      • True in the sense that those who demand tolerance of their perverted ways, are very intolerant of the established norm in society. Without God's Word and foundation priciples to guide us we become morally corrupt. Having a statue of baphomet for the world to see shows how far and desperately wicked a portion of people have become.

    • when i look at detroit & chicago i have to winder what dark forces/evil spirits were let go thru those cities….after all detroit had a lot of famous ppl back in the day and chicago has a lot of politicans and famous folks from there too…..

    • Note that it's not the real "Baphomet" as depicted by occultist Eliphas Levi. The original is androgynous, with a nice pair of female breasts to go with the phallus. Try Google image search for plenty of examples.

    • Well while satanic statues are going up, 10 commandments are going down, plan barren-hood is selling baby parts, alternative doctors are dying because they have made a big discovery curing autism and cancer, I can see the end times prophecies coming true when it talks about In The Last Days… Just be ready to meet your Maker.

      • Yes, the results of our sin is indeed ugly. By the way…. He isn't dead anymore, Ernest. His love for you can save… like it did me.

  81. I hear so many people siding with this and talking down about Christianity. Why do people support evil or anything Satanic. I've even heard people say, "Well they're better than those Christians!" It just proves who's the ruler in this temporary world when you even have atheists siding with Satanism. Sad world we live in.

    • I totally agree. I'm not a Christian, fairly non-religious, but would never side with Satanic beliefs. The more one wakes up, the more you see the agenda. They want these people to think it's no big deal to sell their soul. Idiots.

    • I am not taking sides, Tutu… but if the Christians can erect a monument of one of their religious symbols on public land, then shouldn't the First Amendment protect the right of other religions to do likewise?

      • A Religion that espouses pure evil and negativity? Please you have to choose between dogma that teaches child sacrifice to another that is opposed to it. Which will it be?

    • Too true, Tutu. People are unaware that Christianity is under attack through orchestrated propoganda. The 'Elite' Money Power intend to bring in a One World Religion (also a One World government, a One World Currency – digital only for total control – a One World Army). But first they need to collapse Christianity or it won't work.

    • Yeap! Tutu I noticed the same thing. We're seriously living in the last days. We have people calling good evil and evil good, just like the word of God said would happen during the last days.

    • I'm an atheist (well, agnostic, now) who was once fooled by Satanism.

      I did not join any groups, certainly, but I did not mind association with Satanists. I did not bother to find out what they actually believed, but wrongly assumed that it made no difference because "Satan isn't real". I was actually surprised when these people were revealed to be ego-maniacal, back-stabbing, manipulative assh*les.

      Yes, I know. The follies of youth. That makes as much sense as saying "because I don't believe in Allah, people won't blow up buildings in the name of Allah". It seems so obvious now, but I assume something similar goes on with other atheists who are casual about this acceptance of a philosophy which literally promotes being a selfish assh*le and promoting one's own interests over all other concerns for the welfare of others.

  82. These people are quite clueless – though I will say that this statue is a response to the placing of an ornament bearing the Ten Commandments at a public building. As much as I appreciate the Ten Commandments, I think a total separation of church and state – ie, a republic – would eliminate so much of the (orchestrated) conflict in U.S. society. There shouldn't be "marriage" at city hall, just "civil unions" – for any adult, gay, straight, whatever. "Marriage" is a religious ritual. Get the civil union license (which should be expensive, so idiots actually consider what they are doing), THEN find a private church, mosque or temple to perform the wedding ceremony. Or make one of your own, I guess.
    The issue of "marriage equality", for example, has been deliberately dragged out for years, a social issue that sweeps mass attention from the strategic economic R**E of America via banksters, illegal immigration (aka slave workers with no voice, just living day to day), the cull of the middle class and the polarization of all American people, who have more in common with each other than they are willing to admit (thanks to media mind control). If America were truly a republic, one's personal beliefs could not be utilized to degrade the economy, divide the people and wreck the social landscape of a righteous and transforming nation. Stay tuned: America ain't over

    • Folks have tried to have an absolute "separation of church and state" in the past. It only led to death and disaster.

      Good example of this is France during it's Revolution. Hundreds of thousands of people died during it because the supporters of "separation" turned their rifles and bayonets against believers.

      Another one was the Russian Revolution when the Imperial Family was murdered, along with countless numbers of Russian Orthodox and Catholic Christians by the Communists.

      Same thing with the rise of Mao Zedong during the Chinese Revolution.

      Remember the old saying "Nature abhors a vacuum"? So does Society. If we don't obey and follow Almighty God in every aspect of our daily lives, whether in private or in public, we'll end up with we're seeing in Detroit. And it will only get worse from there.

      • You are mentioning the revolutions where christians has been killed. What about all the pagans that was burnt on stakes for doing "witchcraft" and not wanting to convert to christianity? Paganism pre-dates christianity.

      • I know …you read this somewhere and I say… you don't have glue about history and who perscuted who. What we are witnessing is that the "disturbed" want their way and the "disturbed"control the money, therefore… they buy stooges and have for a very long time. Then the professional stooges convince lower level stooges that their way is right and a political system is born. Try digging deeper and thinking longer and chase real history…you might be surprised.
        As far as the statue goes…it's just more bs shoved down the throat of America by a "disturbed" upper class.

    • Marriage predates Christianity. I agree with the total and complete separation of church and state, but marriage predates Christianity.

      • Of course marriage predates Christianity, silly lol However, marriage is a concept that was created by the Creator, and no finite person, place, thing, or idea predates The Infinite God.

    • You need to read the documentation surrounding the formation of this country, since you do not understand the part about freedom of religion.

    • People's personal belief's will always color how they lead. period. In fact, I wouldn't expect a leader, muslim, christian, budist, atheist, satanist, etc to not allow those beliefs to affect their leadership.

      What Jefferson (in his letters, separation of church and state is NOT in the constitution, go read it. It's common misconception programmed in to people through school), and the other founding fathers were referring to was when the church was controlling monarchs in England, Spain, France, etc. That was the problem. That is not happening here today, not with the way things are set up.

      Is it a possibility it could happen? Yes, if we get rid of the constitution and continue eroding the constitutional form of government.

      History is more important than your personal opinions, call me an idiot or whatever you like, but history stands on its own.

      You cannot seperate someone's religious belief's anymore than you can expect them to forgo their favorite clothes, food, friends, etc. Just because they get in to office. Even more so with religion or absence of religion, as it is woven in to every fabric of a person's life. It creates or affects their value system, and is part of the reason they were voted in to begin with. Like it or hate it. It doesn't matter.

    • Marriage isn't actually as religious as we think that aspect of it came from Europe way back along with Christianity. Now, it can be very spiritual. Countries all over the world have been arranging marriages forever without a bible or other holy books.

    • This is an inaccurate representation. Where are the breasts? If anything this is a representation of IMBALANCE, and an insight into the misuse of occult truths for a patriarchal end. The irony here is that those who truly understand the significance of the hermaphrodite (hermes/aphrodyte) are themselves becoming scapegoats for an imbalanced agenda at the cost of the sacred,nurturing feminine. Please everyone, don't be duped into throwing the baby out with the bathwater when viewing so called "demonic practices" they aren't as evil as they seem when viewing the complete picture. And without the feminine aspect, this picture is anything but complete.

    • I get what you are saying Cecil. However, read the book "THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE" by DR JOHN COLEMAN – you won't regret it and a lot of things will fall into place.

  83. I find it curious that the "children" that look up at Baphomet in awe are a female child and a "black" child… the primary sacrifices within the abortion business.

    • Interesting. Baphomet is supposed to represent both male and female, a combination of opposing forces. This statue lacks the female characteristics usually found in depictions of Baphomet. However, we can see this in the children. We also see a black and white dynamic with their races and we can draw a similarity to the checkerboard floors we are used to seeing in Masonic lodges.

      • That is very strange…good catch. Suppression of the feminine under the guise of "equality" is a hypocrisy I have noted a few times now in several of these "Satanic" groups.

        As the article noted, this group is not associated with the Church of Satan, but I always found it very telling that the daughter of Anton LaVey, Zeena Schreck, left the church and publicly denounced it as "encouraging men to remain permanent, spoiled children". She, herself, gave birth to her son at the age of 13 (and therefore was statutorily-raped at the age of 12).

    • black boy, white girl

      mixing the races is a big part of the satanic agenda

      they don't choose their symbols by accident

      • Nothing wrong with race mixing. After all we all bleed red blood. Stop falling for the lie like it is the worst thing on earth. If two people can find and love each other regardless of what their skin looks like, who are you to judge?

      • Not Satanic. You're Satanic for advocating race-separation. If you believe we all came from Adam and Eve, then we are all brothers and sisters. You are fooled by material appearances = worship of material world over honor of human souls.

      • Is that news, or a threat? Is it being removed, or are you claiming you are removing it? If it is being removed, would you mind sending a link?


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