Wonder Girl’s “Like Money”: Promoting Transhumanisn Through K-Pop


We’ve seen in previous articles that the concept of transhumanism (which can be defined as the merging of humans and robots) is actively being promoted in mass media, whether it be movies, TV shows, music videos or video games (for articles on the subject, type “transhumanism”  in the search bar at the top of the page).

A blatant example of the promotion of transhumanism can be found in the Wonder Girl’s latest video, Like Money. This widely popular K-Pop group is crossing over to America (the song is in English and features Akon) and has been pushing Illuminati symbolism for a while.

Member of the group Sohee in photoshoot featuring one-eye and Mickey Mouse mask (representing Mind Control). Many other symbolism pics of the group can be found.

In the video, the singers are depicted as robots constructed by faceless scientists and presented as “new and improved” versions of themselves. Yes, apparently losing one’s soul and becoming a remote-controlled robot is now considered an “improvement”. If you  want to watch the video, you can view it here.

The video starts with scrambled video of a single eye, a fun way of letting you know that there’s going to be some Illuminati Agenda going on there.

The intro of the video describes “Project WG and is pretty much an infomercial for transhumanism. Here’s what it says:

“Project WG, deemed a success. Human genetics are combined with robotic enhancements. Yubin, Yenny, Sohee, Lim, Sun: Bionic women given the title of Wonder Girls. They are perfectly designed for complete domination. The future is now.”

These short few phrases contain pretty much all of the characteristics of the transhumanist agenda. By using words such as “enhancements”, “bionic”, “perfectly designed” and “domination”, the concept of transhumanism is sold as something better than regular old human beings. The last phrase “The future is now” is a nice example of predictive programming as it basically tells the viewers that transhumanism will inevitably be part of the future.

The next scenes of the video show members of the group completely blank and lifeless on high-tech operating tables and being put together by faceless scientists. Not only does it make transhumanism look cool, it is a great way of depicting puppets of the music industry. All of internal organs (even the heart) have been removed to be replaced by mechanical parts.

If eyes are windows to the soul, than this electronic eye is a window nothing much.

The rest of the video features amazing lyrics such as “Love me like money, Love me like cars, Love me babe love me babe wherever you are” – proving that brains were probably also removed during “Project WG”.

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111 Comments on "Wonder Girl’s “Like Money”: Promoting Transhumanisn Through K-Pop"

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Kpop is really going crazy. Wonder girls were never like this. the song like money is so crap too and kinda bland and robotic i don't even know why akon even rapped with them. Funny how their american debut has symbolism like this…

“Love me like money, Love me like cars, Love me babe love me babe wherever you are” also sounds like they are just mere materialistic objects and nothing more. It's really degrading.

Reminded of Blade Runner… that movie with today's eye is very Illuminati and very transhumanist. In the book Deckard was a human, while in the film they "made" him turn out to be a replicant (in a mindf*ck way). Of course there are many films in the topic, just I was viewing that one recently.

One of the biggest weapons the devil uses against you is discouragement.

In fact I would say it's the biggest weapon. If people are discouraged about what the devil is trying to do…you don't have enough mental fortitude to do what you were meant to do.

So I refuse to be discouraged by the elite…or fearful of them for that matter.

right on

It seems that whenever a kpop group release this kind of video i literally cringe. Like for instance shinee with their song lucifer. Their company lamely explained the meaning behind the title of the song. What im worried about is that young people especially the kpop fans sometimes blindly follow these idols to the point of being aggressively protective of these people. So raging hormones + visually stunning + coolness + "perfection" illuminati agenda has found an easier way to infiltrate the minds of these young people. And perhaps the idea of expansion of fame most especially to america. Im sad really im saying this from a point of view of occassionaly enjoying kpop music.

VC, have you watched The Hunger Games?

I found that the movie is sick.. I don't get it, the movie is based on kids novels right?

I feel sick watching it.

I'm not if its based on a kids novel, but what I do know is that it is based on a Japanese movie and the Japanese movie was a whole lot worse than the Hunger Games movie.

I got a chance to meet the wonder girls while shooting at their US movie, in which I had a small part. They were very controlled.

I want to know more!

It might be a good idea to go over Psy's famous song, which interested Justin Bieber's company. Psy, whose very nickname is psychotic, has been a presence for 11 years; even though he was virtually unknown in America till now, few Koreans didn't know him. It was Psy's music video which made him known in America – someone should analyze it.

Here is what i am confused about , why do they feel the need to expose that they are mind controlled in all of these videos , photo shoots etc? is it part of a game? they get something out of it?

Stories of Satan often center around Satan going to God and asking God to allow Satan to control mankind's behavior, by overriding human's freewill, essentially turing them into robots.

what's Project WG?

Project Wonder girls

Re: transhumanism, I once read a sci-fi story about a planet where the entire population had retreated into a system of technology and drugs that allowed them suspended animation in constant pleasure, in other words, immortality in a state of bliss. Or, at least it was supposed to, and worked that way for centuries, but eventually the pleasure centers of their brains were so overstimulated that the input became neverending pain, and they were powerless to stop it because they were hooked into machines that kept them in drugged stupor. There was nothing to be done except pull the plug and let them die to end their suffering. I was very young when I read that but it made an impression on me. You can seek to enhance the flesh all you want with machinery but it has limits. If you try to push past those, there is hell to… Read more »

Again VC staunchly refuses to deal with IU, probably the most destructive K-Pop "artist" ever.

IU is deeply into occultism (cruel fairy tale) and symbolism (her Micky Mouse hairdo appears quite often).

In addition she single-handly drove K-pop close to extinction thru her style, which is diametrically opposite the trend of K-Pop.

Speaking about Micky Mouse, even North Korea, probably last place on earth without illuminati symbolism, began to feature it in national shows, with the young fatso leader and his wife watching it with fun.

There is no escape from it anywhere from the earth…

The rest of the video features amazing lyrics such as “Love me like money, Love me like cars, Love me babe love me babe wherever you are”, I have to laugh everytime you get sarcastic. It reminds me of the lyrics in Brave New World :

"Hug me till you drug me, honey;

Kiss me till I'm in a coma;

Hug me, honey, snuggly bunny;

Love's as good as soma."

OK if you insist we might give him a go. Thanks!

Paralympics are coming up and here in England the Channel 4 are advertising it as 'Meet the Supperhumans' – transhumanism?

"The rest of the video features amazing lyrics such as “Love me like money, Love me like cars, Love me babe love me babe wherever you are” – proving that brains were probably also removed during “Project WG”." LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! XD

It indicates that we should love human beings like material possessions which is insulting. You love your car? nope you like it and you discard it easily when it gets old and tatty. There's no real attachement to things. The same applies to humans.. I love you as long as you are healthy/attractive/young/wealthy etc but I'll get rid of you as long as you are no use to me. That's not love, simply use it and bin it. The lyrics could be written by a kid IMO. They lack depth.

Horrible! We should evolve humankind through organic means like Frank Herbert suggested and not technological monstrosity. I really hope we can fight this kind of a future.

If you want to know what the future of transhumanism holds, watch the movie Repo Man (2010).

i enjoy watching k-dramas but i keep my distance from k-pop. It's no different from popular music here and I'm certain they employ the same "ear catching" methods that make songs hard to get out of your head. I gave one song a chance and it grew in my mind like cancer. The imagery was just so attractive that I was finding myself getting sucked into k-pop music very rapidly. The images of the pop stars are so glossy and calculated and I see the way their fans all over the world eat it up and obsess over these k-pop stars who are notorious for having no control over their lives and being puppets in every sense of the word. It's really sad. At this point they could advertise their evil agenda even more blatantly than this and their fans would not care!!!! They'd eat it all up. I'm just… Read more »

Thanks VC for this research. I think as long as we are still under their grid, we are all doomed.

We can either fight and expose these demons or run and find a sanctuary elsewhere.

Hope you will be doing the Olympics soon, it is a chock full, a buffet should I say packed with Illuminati symbolism and acts. Simply Disgusting !! All in plain site and the unawaken sheeplings are dancing and cheering along. Arggghhh!!! So frustrating.

yes! i saw a few pictures on yahoo of the closing ceremonies. what's up with pet shop boys costumes, and annie lennox's black mass looking performance. good grief!

not only do they devalue humans by turning them into robots, they go further and make the exclamation that they are only worth loving as much as various material items. the human is the same as the car, they money, etc, nothing better.

wide world popular people always have something with illuminati. it's a shame that I like Girls' Generation so much and I also am sure that they related to it since they're really popular an I've seen some one eyes pics of them

I was wondering when VC would post something about this. I listen to K-pop over American pop, and I can see the same agenda being pushed…but I was a bit shocked how blatant this video was when I saw it promoting transhumanism so openly. These girls are really trying hard to get noticed by the American music market…it looks like they will do anything (or more like their CEO) to get seen. Their Korean music is much better, and frankly, less disturbing compared to the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. K-pop artists are nothing more than puppets to their CEOs. I would not be surprised at all if there is monarch mind control going on behind the scenes. These young people are told how to act, what to say, how to look, and many of them look fake, especially SM Entertainment's crew (mostly SNSD and Super Junior). They hardly… Read more »
I agree with you… I too prefer to listen to K-pop and J-pop over mainstream american stuff but the agenda in the asian music scene has become so blatant that i honestly wonder if anyone questions anything any more.. i was shocked when i saw the love like money video… its was riddled with symbology, its like the masses have become so blinded to anything that the illuminati are flauting themselves knowing that no one will say anything anymore.. the secret is well and truly out.. Another thing is i was watching 2ne1 video.. the one where the girl gets abused and later murdered by her ex while speed racing against him in some formula one- drag race sort of race.. and the thing that disturbed me about the video was the ending… That girl was killed in the crashed but she came back and joined her friends at the… Read more »

you know it's messed up behind the scenes and that they are just promoting an agenda yet you still listen to and support it all….

Have to listen to something. At least K-pop is somewhat catchier than American crap. Even Mozart put out Freemasonic music…The point I'm trying to make is that it doesn't matter where you try to hide because it's everywhere. Even hillbilly country music is used in mind control programming. In other words, you can't listen to any music of any kind without promoting the same agenda.

They only want you to get used to the idea of merging human bodies with technology, because it will result in less resistance against the implementation of the RFID chip. 😉

See, they can't be sure that everyone is running around with a fully identified, GPS tracked mobile phone these days, especially the poor people won't get some, so they need that f*****g chip inside you.

That's the agenda behind it. It has to be cool. ^^

And really: there is not so much of a difference between the one tracking device and the other.

Get real, "future is now".

not just the poor, the smart people won't get a smart phone either.

monitoring your internet connection will do the same job, except for the GPS device.. and you will need an internet connection, no matter how smart you are

see, it's not hard to guess that mobile phone/smartphone/netbook/personal computers are going to be one single device at one point in the future – the "general purpose computers" is at risk


And guess what, the handler showed here is their company's (JYP Entertainment) CEO. That is something to be worried about.

who handles their handler? i say it's disney, or abc or whoever is at the top of that company. if anyone is skeptical about disney being in with mind control, ask yourself this question. why do they allow their trademark mickey ears and likeness to be used in so many degrading ways in too many pictures and music videos to count, if it is all about kids and magic and innocence and whatever. why doesn't disney sue these music groups? because they are giving the orders to put the stupid mouse ears in the photos.

The wheat and the tares… Be the wheat…

I felt that the 'love me like money, love me like cars' was portraying the wrong type of love – what, you're saying that we should love you like an inanimate object? Like something that is useful for a time and then thrown away when it wears out, or becomes no longer profitable to keep you?

It's very in line with the transhumanist message and with how they're going to be used by the industry.

exactly what i thought too, but to take it a step further… not only is that the wrong kind of love, but they are actually equating the person to the car, money, etc. they are saying they (people) are no better than those material things. that is the end goal of transhumanism. devalue people, make them disposable, no individual worth. they want us to ask, what is a person anyway, what makes them so great, nothing. so who cares if i use this woman, who cares if i starve and neglect this kid, etc. of course that is not true. it actually reminds me of the movie "the island" a little bit. Those people were grown as a commodity to be harvested for parts, but they were still worthy real people, despite being viewed as tools and not human at all by the people in charge.

Ow yeah furthermore these pips,guys, babes are cute, gorgeous hot, quite talented but

they're the puppet of the devil disguised as angels of light. =) don't be deceive tsk tsk they might lead people to hell with the state of brainwashed calamity.

well i can see that the eastern music industry is into it esp. Korean pop groups. If the western music industry can do it, then the eastern people can be used to slave more of the blind people here at the east coast. It's a global issue. I never thought that 2ne1, super junior, this wonder girls and others are committed with this devilish stuff too based from their latest/former music vids. Let's pray for their souls, they're leading eastern people/ youth even western pips far away from the truth, and it's almost an epidemic strategy through the use of the music industry. and yeah they really influence other cultures (like here in the Philippines) even if there's a barrier which is our own native languages that blocks us from understanding it. They establish this by having a tour with their music bands most likely here in east asia too.… Read more »

Iv tried leaving this reply twice smh.so short version we ate already part robot.nano particles,vaccines,food,haarp???

Funny coincidence.I looked up project wg and,it took me to a website dedicated to robots.wg project also "could" mean willow garage project.

This is wad America music industry did to them… They were once so pure and makes great music, but now it's all s**t. That's y I dun like it when kpop stars go to America industry…

I agree with you on that. It is like whenever BoA (sorry for the comparison) came to America. Before America, her music was actually decent and I actually listened to it. Now, its not the best it could be. I hope that doesn't happen to the Wonder Girls. I love this group and I would hate to see them go to… this.

Are you kidding me? BoA's debut song ID; Peace B is filled with mind control references. The English version of the songs is not a translation, it has different lyrics for what I remember. Even the English version has mind control references, she's speaking with her alter ego and notice these lyrics "Log in together as one, Connecting to my neverland". The point of the lyrics even though she left her handler because she says she believes that she can make choices on her own, but still has an alter and she still "connecting to her neverland" which is probably a code word to dissociation. ID; Peace B was released with the first Korean album, so it was before she went to the USA.

all this stuff is really sickening..when would it end..i live in the caribbean and some people actually think this stuff is cool, cant really blame them cuz the dont know better…everything we see on tv is either american or british and i mean everything, so they believe what they see. trying to convince them otherwise is a waste of time , they either call u freak or laugh at u. away from the point i really wonder what caribbean culture is everything is so americanised. the fellaz wanna be like weezy (-gag) and and ladies dress and act like beyonce…we totally lost our culture to this s**t…anyway i do love america its a great place but the media sucks….brainwashing has hit the caribbean on a major scale

America has lost it's culture to this crap, too. Don't think for a second that most Americans like or approve of the crap that makes up most of pop culture. The media and the puppet masters push their agenda any way they can and it doesn't matter how we feel about it. It's about keeping everyone distracted and dumbed down so they can have their way with us. We are all in this fight together.

REAL Rastafari wisdom is the truth and answer (seriously look at everything Bob Marley discussed in interviews regarding humanity, plus he has certain songs that hit it on the head also).

I come from the Caribbean too. Where are you from?

Great article vc as always! Just throwing this out there: there is a part in revelations that says that there will come a time when people will want to die and will not be able to. I'm not sure of the verse right now but, if you opt to live a life as transhuman, I could see how not being able to die would fall into this category. They are trying their darnedest to achieve eternal life here on earth which is not the law of our creation. Most people say they want to live forever but why would anybody want to live forever never having an end to this evil of the world. After all how would ever see our love ones that have passed away before us? Just my 2 cents….

Revelations 9:6: "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."

Thank you Chi, that's it!

Another perfect example is "Turn me On" by Nicky Minaj ft. David Guetta, VC you should have a look at that one!

I wish some of the people I work with were robots, so they can actually do their effin' work, or at least shut up. So this idea might not be bad after all.

You've missed something here Vigilant. One of the people who was putting the girls together in the video was Park Jin Young, the CEO of the of the company that Wonder Girls are from. Could this be a blatant reference to mind control?

With that enormous amount of cosmetic surgery and skin bleaching, no wonder Koreans have been called "plastic cyborgs".

South Korea Has World's Highest Rate Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Political Cosmetics: Korean Skin Bleaching

Thanks for the article, VC.

How would you define braces? Because it is basically a form of plastic surgery.

Braces prevent tooth decay.

Amen Arsene.

Some people would be better off as robots, atleast u can turn them off

As long as these illuminati babes put out, I'm in. I'm gonna get me some 😎

With that kind of attitude, i'm sure you will be welcomed with opened arms by your Illuminati masters….

Stop being hypnotized by this. Fear is a form of worship to these Cabal people, and so are its derivative emotions like anger and hate. I'm not saying you should feel those things. I'm saying that the Illuminati's power is all smoke and mirrors, just like the Wizard of Oz. Pull the curtain aside and it's just some measly old fart. The real menace is our own collective darkness. The Illuminati is able to operate so "effectively" because society leaves enough room within its own cognitive dissonance, moral dissonance, and compartmentalization processes for the "bad guys" to exist and operate in relative comfort, and it runs infinitely deeper than you might imagine. Point is though, that until you look inside yourself and confront the aspects which are similar to the Illuminati and their flamboyant wickedness, then it's a waste of your time and energy to fume over this kind of… Read more »
I would like to amend that I intended to convey the idea that you should still feel your feelings in that second line, just so there's no confusion whatsoever. I'm gonna add some stuff I saw fit to exclude last time for good reason. Maybe this addendum will help some people. I don't care if it's only one, so long as you can fill in the gaps somehow because of it. It's healthy to acknowledge and accept what feels organic emotionally, but it can also be imperative to draw on the will to transcend the downward-pulling forces, or at least beat them around until their binds loosen on you. The words which lift us up and put us down when we hear and say them in real live can get echoed in our psyche, almost to the extent that we become crippled or obsessed by something after the original influence… Read more »
I am so glad that more people are starting to see the Bigger Picture in all of this illuminati/demon stuff. I would like to add to your statement about "somebody taking a better look at what we're doing and establishing some higher ethic we can all live by…lead by example and supplant the old paradigm." In fact, that has already happened. Zoroaster, Buddha and Jesus all put a stop to some pretty heinous stuff that was going on in their respective societies. Eventually their works and teachings all became diluted/corrupted, but they are part of a great chain of teachers/prophets throughout history who worked to correct the balance. And they're just the ones we (have been allowed to) know about! I'd wager there were similar situations and figures in ancient Asia, the Americas, even Atlantis or Lemuria/Mu. Also, you've addressed more succinctly than I've managed to, the challenge of focusing… Read more »

Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to you.


Yes, this is the truth!

Gratitude Appreciation, Joy, Love, Light, Peace, Wealth, Wellness, Healing, Success to you and all.

your basic premise is great. you have to stay positive. living life believing things are all darkness does not help anyone. focus on the good. while somethings are getting worse and worse, other things are getting better, and will continue to as long as we all try.

I believe you have said it all perfectly. May good fortune continue to find you and may others hear the wisdom of your message. Brilliant!

The last sentences you wrote..a trip. Love it

Well the singularity point which humans and technology will merge together isnt a bad thing. I believe that its our destiny to control our evolution. Of course, This should be done through ones own will and not be government mandated.

Imagine you well be capable of doing tremendous feat that were only a dream not to long ago. We will finally be able to utilize our full neuro capability and possibly have eternal life.

Through this we will be above the pyramid of fear of the illumanti or freemasonary or whatever secret cabal that controls. We will be independent and connected.

It well be OUR NEW WORLD. Where freedom is worth dying for.

Humans and technology already began to merge. I am living proof. My defective pancreas is augmented by an implanted digital Continuos Glucose Monitor, which heps me control my blood glucose level. Without it, I would most certainly be dead already.

Other examples include: wearable insulin pumps for diabetics, artificial hearts, heart pacemakers, digital cochlear implants that enable deaf people to hear, and probably other devices that did not immediately come to mind.

i would never replace any part of my functioning body because it is better than anything man can ever design. the same goes for every person.

This is nonsense. While biotechnology can do a lot of good (new limbs and organs for people who have lost them, increased functionality, etc.), with the current rulers right now, the last thing we need is human augmentation. Until we cleanse these vermin from the control of our governments and institutions, there's no way in hell that I would implant myself or replace my organic parts with synthetics.

I would never implant myself with anything, no matter what.

Also, the body can die but the soul is inmortal,no need for robotic "enhancements" nor singularity. To reach inmortality, seek God.

I know the secret to reach inmortality, whe live though our descendants, whe pass them knowledge though our genes and parenting, there is the inmortality (at least in our current state)

Transhumanism is the losen of one's soul mind and emotions to control by a specific program design by transhumanist,do you think if such happen the spirit which is stronger than soul and body can be recreated it can't happen man spirit is make up God spirit even the God head so in that case man can be manpulated in way

$32 trillion hidden by the elite, about $75 billion is needed to end poverty. poverty is maintained because to continue the slave mentality. no weapons, bio tech firms are threatened with bankruptcy, ever, but hospices, orphanages are, there is no credit crunch, money is pumped in industries that are oppressive and profitable and have aims at rapid depopulation. we are the enlightened ones, not the 'elites' who are just evil

And how the hell do you know that 75 trillion is hidden by the elite? Did they tell you

And suddenly, the article has been deleted. Read it on Yahoo instead guys.

its 32 trillion you illiterate fellow

monsanto and bayer ag to become bankrupt soon? not likely, maybe after google and apple

Jesus christ you don't actually invest in the stock market do you? Biotech stocks have one of the highest rate of bankrupties ever. But I guess you ignore facts- imagining that biotech are propped up by the government and never go bust must suit your conspiracy theories much better than the truth

This shows how the world takes its end soon,every day i seat and ask my self how people continue being blind like this?God has given us eyes to see but some of us don't want to see!!OPEN YOUR EYES the end is near there is the time to get change!

blah blah blah. These are the End Times, eh? Every generation has thought that. Somehow we always muddle through, and things continue to get improve. Look at average lifespans, the curing of diseases, and the other advancements we've achieved by building on our knowledge. Cowering in fear of some horrible end does no good.


This is part of their america debut which I find is quite awkward. The were a much different group in South Korea and were nothing like this. Shows you how much the american media can influence you.

Exactly! They released "Like This" 2 months ago in Korea and it's a great song, then they release this garbage about 2 weeks after! It's just senseless!

Our future isn't bright…

The only thing more powerful then fear is hope.

The love is the strongest feeling, I guess they have already figured that out and that's why they are replacing love with hate and fear, now I realize our best hope might be the samson option. They will never get me alive!

From the look of things, our present isn't very bright either.