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The Occult Meaning of “Crown” by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

TXT is a brand new K-POP group that took over world music charts in only a few days. “Crown”, the group’s first video, sends out a clear message: TXT is owned by the occult elite. Here’s a look at the blatant symbolism of the video “Crown”.



The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

My first article about K-POP was nine years ago and, since then, things have evolved considerably. K-POP has exploded from its Asiatic market base to take over the music industry worldwide. For instance, in 2018 the group BTS successfully crossed-over to the Western world to become one of the best-selling musical groups in the world. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), BTS represented the second best-selling artists worldwide in terms of physical, digital, and streaming platforms, coming in second only to Drake. In December 2018, Billboard reported that BTS ranked #8 in their year-end Top Artist Chart and #2 in the Duo/Group ranking, second only to Imagine Dragons. Another confirmation of the group’s “acceptance” into the Western market: BTS will be the musical guests on Saturday Night Live on April 13th alongside Emma Stone.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

BTS at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

BTS was formed by Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. Six years later, Big Hit announced the creation of a second K-POP group: Tomorrow X Together – also known as TXT. Consisting of five boys aged between 16 and 19 years old, the group is described as “BTS’ little brother”. Although the group just emerged from the laboratories of Big Hit, it only took days to reached the top of the K-POP world. Why? Connections. To who? The Crown.

Straight to the Top

On March 5th 2019, TXT was introduced to the public in a media showcase organized by Big Hit. The following day, Spotify chose TXT as the “Early Noise” feature of 2019 – an initiative to identify the next big thing in music. A statement released by Spotify stated:

“Early Noise is the culmination of Spotify’s commitment to unearthing rising stars and we are very excited to play a part in TXT’s rise to the K-Pop stratosphere. Through the Early Noise initiatives, we believe that Spotify can develop a global audience for TXT and connect this young talented group with fans from all over the world”.

When the world’s largest streaming service has got your back, you’re doing good. There’s lots of YouTube love as well. At the time of writing these words, the group’s first video Crown amassed over 35 million views in less than ten days. These numbers directly rival those of top Western mainstream artists.

It’s been less than a week since their debut, and rookie K-pop group Tomorrow X Together are already making waves. Their first mini album The Dream Chapter: STAR dropped on Monday (March 4), and it didn’t take long for the Korean boy band to clinch the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Top Albums chart, dominate worldwide Twitter trends, and sign a U.S. distribution deal with Republic Records. Not to mention, the music video for their debut single “Crown” racked up over 14 million views in its first 24 hours.
– MTV News, Your Guide to Tomorrow X Together, the K-Pop Rookies All Over Your Timeline

Considering the fact that TXT is a brand new group, does it mean that it’ll be bringing a fresh, new, innovative energy to the music world? Of course not. For instance, take a look at this pic found on Twitter.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

The unavoidable one-eye sign, proof of elite control.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup


Here’s another promo pic.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Horns and pizza? Hmm…

During the media showcase, the group was asked about the song creation process. Beomgyu’s answer is short, yet perfectly sums up the group’s reality.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to participate directly with the lyrics.”
– Billboard, Inside Tomorrow X Together’s Debut Showcase in Seoul

The video Crown sums up another reality of the group: They are owned by the occult elite, which keeps forcing its agenda and symbolism on popular culture – especially towards young people. Here’s a look at it.


The Korean title of the song essentially translates to The Day Horns Grew Out of My Head. Wow, that sounds kind of satanic. But is it, though? Yes, it is.

This is the “official” explanation of the song.

One day, a boy wakes up to find horns sprouting from his head, and these horns made him feel confused and alone, so he isolated himself, afraid of what people would say — until he met a boy with wings and he didn’t feel so alone anymore; and by connecting with another person, the boy starts to see his horns as a crown.

However, through occult symbolism, the video adds another layer to the song which takes on a deeper meaning.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

The video begins with a dualistic, black and white checkered background.

The background and the group’s attire focus on the elite’s trademark colors: Black, white and red. These colors and the dualistic checkerboard pattern are extremely important in occult rituals.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Masonic rituals take place on a checkerboard floor meant to represent the opposing forces of duality. This is where “transformative” ceremonies occur. The members of TXT are about to be “transformed” as well.

This powerful combination is also used in Monarch mind control.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Kim Noble – a Monarch programming survivor – created a series of paintings describing ritual abuse. The dualistic pattern is extremely important.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Leaning on a dualistic pattern, horns grow on Beomgyu’s head.

The lyrics of the first verse describes something an MK slave would say:

You, who’s staring at me blankly in the mirror
Is not me (YA, YA, YA)
Dizzy headaches and
Something on my head
Wanna run away, wanna disappear
Far away (YA, YA, YA)
(Save me) Who am I?
I don’t know who I am oh

Then, they realize that horns are growing on their heads.

My body must have gone mad
There’s a horn coming out of my head
What do I do? I don’t know how to stop it
Oh, I’m the only bad thing in this world
(Save me, maybe I have turned into a monster
Got no one but you)

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

The alter persona in the mirror turns into a devil.

In the second verse, the boy meets a guy with wings.

Why is the world treating me like this?
Got a horn on me all of a sudden
Would there be a light? Even for the devils?
And then your wings were spread in front of my eyes

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Another example of duality.

In the chorus on the song, the singers embrace the fact that they have horns on their heads.

There’s a horn rising up on my head
But I love it
You become my crown
The sensation of going pit-a-pat
My heart is mayhem
But I love it
(We have finally become perfect)
[The two of us, us, us]

The symbol associated with evil and black magic (horns) has turned into a symbol of power (crown). The union between the horned person and the winged person has made them “perfect”. This alludes the occult concept of the union of opposites. The refrain of the song further exemplifies this concept:

Tell me please
I’m the only one who completes your half
This moment, my name is called

Did you know that there’s a mythical figure that has horns, wings and that represents the union of opposites? Its name is Baphomet.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

This depiction of Baphomet by Eliphas Levi symbolically represents the most essential element of magic: Duality.

In occult symbolism, Baphomet represents the esoteric forces at work while practicing magic.

“The practice of magic – either white or black – depends upon the ability of the adept to control the universal life force – that which Eliphas Levi calls the great magical agent or the astral light. By the manipulation of this fluidic essence the phenomena of transcendentalism are produced. The famous hermaphroditic Goat of Mendes was a composite creature formulated to symbolize this astral light. It is identical with Baphomet the mystic pantheos of those disciples of ceremonial magic, the Templars, who probably obtained it from the Arabians.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Appropriately enough, the song Crown contains several references to magic. During the hook, the group sings:

Stop the loneliness, abracadabra
Stop the suffering, abracadabra

To most, abracadabra is a silly incantation used in stage magic tricks. However, in occult circles, this phrase is believed to be imbued with actual magical power. Its origins are ancient and mysterious.

Scholars who support the Hebrew etymology say that abracadabra is a corruption of the Hebrew, ebrah k’dabri, meaning “I will create as I speak,” ie that the act of speech will magically create new realities. If this is indeed the derivation, then it would chime with the kabbalistic notion that the words and letters of the Hebrew alphabet have the power to create.
– abracadabra, Jewish Chronicles

The bridge of the song contains another reference to magic.

Your existence changes my world like magic
I’m not in pain anymore
(I got crown on my head)

In the video, the concept of magic is represented by the pentagram – which is also found on the forehead of Baphomet.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Note that inverted pentagrams represent Black magic.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

Soobin is completely surrounded with pentagrams.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

The smiling band members do a cute little dance routine as a cute little (inverted) pentagram appears. What a cute way of introducing the occult elite’s symbolism to children.

With a few simple (yet powerful) words and symbols, the video describes the occult process of the union of opposites to create magic. Considering the fact that the members of TXT did not write any of their song’s lyrics, this profound meaning comes from their puppetmasters. Does the video provide proof of such a claim?

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

A big fat one-eye sign confirms that this was all an occult-elite-approved message.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

The video ends with the band members back in their original position with horns flashing over their heads. They’ve been “hornified” by the occult elite.

Did you enjoy the video? If so, you can also buy a Baphomet-inspired shirt.

The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

In Conclusion

Only days after being introduced to the public in a media event orchestrated by its mother company Big Hit, TXT was launched into the “K-POP stratosphere” (as Spotify puts it). The video Crown is the group’s introduction to the world, a manifesto summing up the beliefs of those who own them.

While this video featuring innocent-faced adolescent boys has a cutesy vibe that is meant to appeal to children and teenagers, its symbolic message is quite dark and profound: It describes the forced exposure of the boys to the dark, evil side of spirituality (horns on the head), an experience that is described as painful in the song’s lyrics. When exposed to “the light”, the group ends up embracing the horns – referring to it as a “crown”.

In some ways, Crown is the group’s “initiation” into the occult elite’s industry. Indeed, to make it big, artists need to “grow horns on their heads” and embrace the deformity forced on them. Furthermore, they must be used to normalize the occult elite’s beliefs and symbolism to the youth in videos that use cute visual techniques to communicate powerful messages.

The main one: Confusing horns on your head for a crown.

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The Occult Meaning of "Crown" by TXT, the New K-POP Supergroup

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I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Amen


Amen!!! May the Holy Spirit abide within and sanctify.

Mama Legba

Ugh, my heart goes out to these boys. The South Korean entertainment industry has so many terrible conditions for artists – using them into exhaustion or worse, and then disposing of them about as quickly as they become famous – on TOP of this. Many of them are as young as these boys, and some of them even come from poorer backgrounds and then seek fame and fortune to help better them and their family’s lives, if they can make it. They train for years just to hardly be involved with the creative process at all, literally becoming the mere packaging of the products they sell. I love their people and many of their artists, but the image of fame over there is as sick and superficial as ours, if not in some ways worse. Even the fans have a tendency to chew them up and spit them out, or turn their backs on them over the smallest scandal. Seeing these kinds of symbols draped and scribbled all over their images gives me a particular pain in my heart for them.


I wish the world wasn’t like this. It pains my heart that young people who just have a passion for singing and dancing are used like this. They work so hard to reach their dreams. It pains my heart.


And not just in Korea! I have a friend in Malaysia whose teenage daughter wants to break into K-Pop. The girl seems quite fragile; she had to change schools because of cyber-bullying. She spends all her time rehearsing dance routines. Imagine her flying out to Korea, thinking this is her big chance and she’d better do ANYTHING that’s expected of her. It’s too scary to think about how this ‘game’ will grind her down.

Parents, please talk gently and in context to your kids about pop and social media etc. Help them see that this is not real! There is so much life and meaning elsewhere, away from these dark and exploitative domains.

D D d

Disassociation maybe, Dayne? The wanting to escape into a fantasy world, they can imagine is real (with help from global media cults). No psychology or mental help needed – just dance your troubles away..or something like that?
Sad really. One thing you can do is guive a messege to her that there is another route. Confronting.


Dealing with reality in a healthy way seems to be a major problem with children and adults alike these days. There’s nothing wrong the arts when you are truly gifted and artistic; however, more and more people are invested in creating a persona that will gain attention. They often never actually deal with improving their every day lives in practical ways and often become obsessed with some alternate reality (social media, becoming an entertainer/influencer, over-spending, addictions etc.). People like this need to leave the internet alone for a while, get a job and/or volunteer, create goals that are not attention-seeking/narcissistic and make a plan to achieve those goals. Every day, they need to create a schedule of tasks that puts them closer to achieving their goals. Spending time outdoors and time with healthy friends and family members will help to create a healthy reality so that you will not need to dissociate/escape constantly. Escapism/avoidance/dissociation never fixes the internal problem.


They also require counseling more than anything.

D D d

Counseling works both ways : there are a lot of corrupt psychological counselors for the celebrities and their offspring and wannabees. It is one way to find very personal and crucial information on them – to abuse.
Ofcourse we all knew that, did we not?

Mama Legba

I’m not too familiar with the industry’s rules or policies, but I do know that a lot of celebrities were pushing for more/better mental health options, especially after the 2017 suicide of SHINee member Kim Jong Hyun. I don’t doubt that they provide it, but is it enough considering the load they take on, is it effective? Quality? Is it perhaps anything like what we see with our celebrities in America, and their renowned doctors? I find myself asking these questions.


Please send her articles of how foreigners are treated in that industry! It isn’t pretty. The contracts are tantamount to indentured servitude, with rife sexual harassment.
Korea is a ‘cold-blooded’ as one NK defector put it.


VC needs to talk more about BTS! Like for real, where’s the BTS article?


That group is heavily into the occult, that its insulting!
ABC Christian 5 had a video on Idol taken down, which showed what they were promoting.

Mama Legba

I feel bad for them, personally. Though absolutely can’t deny the symbolism. Being familiar with their industry – the youngins are absolute products for the industry to use and throw away.


which the promoting for bts is love yourself and speak yourself, so now it’s bad to love yourself in the name of “god”?


There are many gods in this world (invented by satan), but only two REAL ones. Satan and the God of heaven, Jesus Christ. So which “god” are you talking about?


Remember that Yahweh, Jehovah is Yaldabaoth The Demiurge, he is Saklas which means fool and he is the god of the so called holy bible. Read The Nag Hammadi Scrolls & Pistis Sophia then you’ll realise that there is no such thing as Sin only ignorance of the concept of choosing Love over Law. The Serpent is that which was sent to save us and taught us that we were greater than the god of this world and liberated us. Peace Be With You 🙂


I saw that ABC5 video! It was spot on, like his video about George Michael.
Most videos about them like that get strikes. I hope the others are still up!


Yall doing way too much now. It comes a point where its time to stop being extra… these guys are positive. I had to check becuase my daughters love them. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Mama Legba

I’ve always been curious about the rapper Zion.T. Always thought that was an incredibly weird (granted, transliterated) name for a S. Korean star. He was close friends with the late Jonghyun of SHINee (suicide), as well.


Man. I never was into k pop until I started listening to BTS. I will admit that I really like their music however I do see alot of symbolism in their videos. Their is a dark side to the industry.


I have to admit, as much as I enjoy BTS’ music, I hope VC writes an article about them and their “universe”. The BU, or Bangtan Universe, is a series of music videos, short films, short stories, books, even webtoons, and the symbolism and imagery throughout is nothing short of an extraordinary feat to push the elite’s agenda. The material for this universe is derived from books like “Demian” by Hermann Hesse (which follows a boy who fluctuates between the “world of light” and the “world of illusion”. It also explores themes of duality and good vs. evil.), “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin, “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami, to name a few. Their upcoming album “Map of the Soul: Persona” is the beginning of a new series of albums (much like their previous releases) touching on the four major Jungian Archetypes: Persona, Shadow, Anima/Animus and Self. Needless to say, the subject matter is questionable inspiration for a “pop album”…


Their name “TXT” stands for – Tomorrow X Together. What a strange name, could it possibly mean – Tomorrow seX Together? They look very pre-pubescent also, just the sort of thing the pedophiles who control the industry live for. And the fact that they’re made to wear a bright shade of pink lipstick in some of their online pictures, only adds to the obvious. I guess all that’s missing is a cheesy – melting pizza to glue this all together, oh wait!…


The X is probably related to the meaning of the letter “X”, it has an important meaning in occultism.


x is used as a substitute for “and” a lot in asia


Im pretty sure it tomorrow BY together. It just seems like you just sexulized something that didn’t even involve any thing sexual in their group name, and yes pedophilia is a problem not only in kpop but all over the world and the western industry too. Also in the korean culture it’s pretty common to see men with makeup, plus the shade of the lipstick could just be put on them because it suits them better than other colors, therefore attract more fans, because let’s face it looks do end up being a factor weather its a samll or big factor.

Rhonda Shaw

So this is ok with you the sexualizing and the occult symbolism? If not then why the defence


i stayed in korea for a year and no it isnt normal for guys to wear make up even there. tell you the truth, koreans are more homophobic and insist that men speak in loud low voices etc


Common in kpop …if you took th time to learn about the groupsoutside of work you would know they dont wear it regularly.


Don’t forget the pizza symbolism..Pizza is purported to be code for little boy lover/pedophilia according to some sources.

Amy E Morrow

Oh, i was so mad yesterday when the local public radio station had a special segment stating that “pizza gate” was a fake news hoax…what rock did they think people just crawled out of?

Rhonda Shaw

Main Steam Media msm are now propagandist machines they will not tell you the truth. You have to go elsewhere to find unbiased info these days.

Wow. Can this get any more blatant?!


This is so blatant and undeniable!! I don’t know why most people don’t understand the meanings of those symbols! Really, I don’t understand this.


I can only see satan blinding them, is the only answer. It’s very sad.

D D d

Just imagine how young they were, when they were dropped in that world, to become this.. It takes practise and mind rinsing, implementing of codes and dance moves, besides mediatraining and diet directing. This does not happen overnight.
Who are their parents?


That’s a great question. I always wonder who the parents/people behind the madness.


Actually it is up to the person who is wanting to become an idol to make this decision, not their parents/gaurdian, plus it’s something that they must have really wanted in order to make it this far.

D D d

Oh please, open your eyes. Parents have given away their kids since they were offered food and power for the first time. And that was not yesterday.
Remember: children do not know anymore than what they are shown and educated !


Ih pleae, open your eyes. Children are learning by themselves now, I f----n hate school and wasn’t shown s--t by my parents ok karen. Last time i checked my parents haven’t sold me away for food or power

D D d

Evolution did not happen to our advantage when it comes to the peoples offspring, my dear. They still have to learn all the basics. The instincts have to be triggered and the assumptions about reality implanted. Children learn themselves theses days? How do you mean, that everything is already on their screens? No. Falling out of a tree or feeling in love is impossible to mimick via sidebars and flashing images. How to put a brand-bandaid on or how to stuff yourself with brand-icecream when that love is unanswered, that is shown. How to buy new shoes as comfort, that is shown. How to march for concepts, that is shown. How to be human is being adjusted to how to being robotic before your very eyes.


Of course someone has to teach the children the basics but then they just go off, like oof. I mean like damn there’s a few kids/teenagers already make a living. We enventurally have to go out and discover the world but still know the safty rules. To see everthing in our own way. Although there are limits on your opinions, just like yours how you think almost everything is practically unholy and the doing of satan. Yall need chill, stop accuse artist of being into satanism. Satanism isn’t even what you would think it is. It’s actually just worshiping yourself instead of some other this, person or “god”. There’s no sacrificing or brain washing going on, don’t worry just foucse on yourself. Face yourself, love yourself and finally speack yourself. Learn to love yourself then learn to speak yourself. The last two sentences were something i learnd from BTS, the older brother group of TXT. They aren’t saying to worship the devil, they don’t care about your relegion. They have even said that they don’t care about your relegion as you can see from the speach leader of BTS kim Namjoon said in the UNICEF. So if they don’t care… Read more »

D D d

I have not clicked the Read More link in your messege. For a reason.
“There’s no sacrificing or brain washing going on, don’t worry just foucse on yourself” ..
is one of them.


So you decided to stop reading because you simply don’t want to accpet the fact that satanism isn’t what you think it is?

D D d

No, .-., I deceided I was not interested in an elaboration of a closed view.


I was just trying to explain what satanism is and what it is not. Im not trying to be closed minded, im sorry if that what you felt, D D d. Im just trying to get to see fromanother point a view and see what it really is. To open your eyes and see something else.


Exactly. This has been going on forever. As far back as the 1920s child stars (Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, Angela Lansbury…), celebrities were clearly SOLD by their parents during early childhood into something horrific, of which showbiz is just the glossy veneer. TXT is just an umpteenth manifestation.

Project Camelot

This honestly makes me feel devastated. What do we do when the whole world is being manipulated and construed to advance the agenda of elite corporate pigs? How does one expose the truth without sounding manic and delusional? Are we just going to talk about it amongst ourselves or are we to actually take action? If so, how? I am inquisitive because this topic manifests many questions in itself. I am not religious so please don’t tell me to pray for the best and to believe in Jesus Christ, but i do believe a spiritual war exists within this dimension. This world is for the NOW, yet we are being subconsciously manipulated, controlled, and lied to down to our core. I believe we must begin demanding the truth. Our governments are deceiving us. From the food we eat to the news we repeatedly see. It is time to stand up. Who’s with me?

Chrissy Snow

It makes me sad to see how people have tried to rise up and change the world for the better in favor of the ones getting screwed over, which would be the middle class and working class slaves like us. We saw the yellow jacket protests get shut down with the help of the media. That was a real movement that should have spread like wild fire around the entire world. If we want to make significant change we have to all start to revolt by turning off our TV’s and start to get back to nature. We’ve strayed so much from that. We have to stop indulging in the creations of the elite and stop giving them as much of our money as possible. Save our money, and educate ourselves. We need to revolt against the politicians that want to raise taxes and make US pay for stupid s--t like this new “green” bull crap. Making us pay more taxes isn’t gonna save the world. It’s a scam. We have to show them we mean business and gain back control of many aspects of our lives that have been stolen from us. The less power we give the media… Read more »


What are you talking about? The yellow vests are still protesting


Sorry, but praying and believing in Jesus is the only thing to do because it will only get worse and worse. I know that this isnt what you wanna hear but you need to take another red pill and this one is about the true Regilion/Jesus Christ. I didn’t believe at first untill I studied all the profecies made by Jesus when He was on Earth (in the Bible) and after by His Prophets including the many appearences of Virgin Mary. Everyhting They have said it is happening!! It is scarying to realise that Jesus tried to warn us in everyway possible but we didin’t want to see exactly like you do now. This site shows how satanic everything is and yet you still don’t think that this has nothing to do with Jesus. If the big corps just wanted to take over the world why the satanic thing? Exactly the time the profecies said that satan would try to take over the world? And he will for a short time, it’s written and it is happening


I agree with you in almost everything with one exception: the appearences of Virgin Mary. The messages that those apparitions has given are anti-biblical and demonic in nature. They are another deception, the real Virgin Mary would never give such messages. Stick to the Bible and discard extra-biblical prophecies. May God bless you and guide you.


Many people are with you but I have to tell you that religion is not the answer but Jesus IS! Satan is taking over the world with false religions as the Bible predicts. Everything will just get worse because the fallen world is sinful and there is no hope apart from salvation through Jesus Christ. Confess your sin, ask God for forgiveness and live a Christian life secure in the knowledge of eternal life. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. The Bible says ‘What will it profit a man (woman) if he (or she) gains the whole world but loses his/her own soul?’ We need a Christian revival.


Confess your sin, ask God for forgiveness and ask Jesus Christ into your heart as your Savior


I made a video that reached 107k views on youtube and 2,5k likes and only 900 dislikes.
Make videos on youtube.m and spread them among fans. That’s what I did and it worked oretty well

Rhonda Shaw

Dear can you even think you can fight a spiritual war if you reject the only one who’s conquered the enemy? Jesus /Yeshua (in hebrew his native language) is the only way out of this. Please do not reject the King and your Creator because of mankinds failures to walk in his way A very good book that isn’t long and hard to understand about Jesus it “I Jesus” by Chuck Missler you can find it on Amazon or maybe in a public library. I hope you will read it then go back to His love letter to you the Bible. BTW It doesn’t hurt to pray it is a conversation between you and Him. I assure you he desperately wants to hear from you. Much love…


Plus the group themselves seem to have adopted a very feminine look to them. Which I would assume is a nod to androgyny which is also a characteristic that seems to be desirable in the occult world.

Semiotics John

Concerning symbolism, don’t forget to mention the deer horns. It represents the Horned God of the witchcraft.

See the Hope

Don’t be fooled, evil is not winning, they have already lost! Reality = There are beings that are not human that exist> they are not bound by the same limitations as humans> another way of saying “evil” is anti-human (they have set themselves against us)> their techniques of driving humanity to self-inflicted ruin are beyond our ability to resist or overcome> we are victims of their ability to deceive, manipulate, and twist us into an inverted reflection of what we really are Greater Reality! = things are not what they seem> humankind has a representative, a savior, a bodyguard, one who conquered our enemy for us> religion is pure and total insanity from His point of view> above all else we should quite associating Him with religion (THAT is the very thing that keeps the blinders on)> Jesus’s every recorded word was a plea for us to abandon religious thinking and come to Him instead> Christ is emphatically FOR humanity, not against us > His plunge into the darkness, our darkness, at the cross was on our behalf – for our sake, to redeem us back to Himself> we are now IN Him> He is “the Son of Man”> the… Read more »


I noticed a pattern about “religion is bad”…
I confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
it is so subtle the evil is eliminating religions to make only one, where they say its the same god that we all adore
and here is when they set their false christ, the antiVhrist

See the Hope

Religion is simply what we do when we don’t know Jesus. That’s really humanities problem – we don’t know our Father or His love. Which is why Jesus came to reveal His father to us. In the absence of this KNOWING, that will supply the peace we crave, we compensate with an endless array of attempts to address the pain in our souls.


Your comment is excellent.


That’s sick how satanism is on the top of fashion, ugh.


All these guys have sweet little “seductive” girly-faces. Or at least they have to act like it. No, this group is ridiculous and so are their songs. I listened to it on YT. Bunch of garbage really.


VC, please do a review about the movie ‘Mother’ by Jeniffer Lawrence. I could not sleep after watching it, i would appreciate your take on it.

D D d

Please – do elaborate.


it’s mocking the Creation and the Sacrifice, making of that a loop, like a sadistic creator.
she has a child, and the people get the baby and eat him alive, while his father watches with pleasure

D D d

So the cannibalism thing again. In a family setting. Thank you, now I really do not have to see it or any promotion of it.


It’s definitely not “cannibalism in a family setting”. The allegory in Mother! was so simple to understand, a caveman could break it down. Javier Bardem as the writer is God, Jennifer Lawrence as his wife is a mixture of a Mother Earth archetype as well as Asherah who is God’s wife that ALWAYS gets forgotten in Judaism but is there nonetheless, the house they live in is the Garden of Eden and their property is all of “Creation”, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are Adam and Eve, their sons are Cain and Abel, the crystal thing in the writer’s room is the forbidden fruit, the book that the writer writes that drives everyone CRAZY is the Bible, the baby is Jesus and the part about all the people killing and eating him are representations of the crucifixion and the symbolic “eating His flesh and drinking His blood”, and Jennifer Lawrence blowing it all up in the end because the people destroy her home and kill her son is representative of how this planet is basically set to self destruct at this point due to humankind’s bad behavior and mistreatment of thr Earth and everything sacred, and thrn everything begins again… Read more »

D D d

Thank you, but does this mean you saw the whole thing yourself?


No good fruit remain good when they’re exposed to this kind of society. If not suicidal, they’ll have trouble differencing good from evil. And innocent soul will think that they’re forgivable no matter what they have done simply because they are convince that they’re saint who can do no evil

Jim Hansen

The use of Satanic / Masonic imagery with this group is really overt at this point – nothing is subtle. I truly believe that we’re in a period of accelerated events – getting to the end times sooner than later.

Speaking of Pentagrams – this one is in Kazakhstan – (video is wrong about the distance – it’s 1/4 mile, not a half mile).

Some “news sites” try to explain it away as just a star but you’ll notice that it’s a perfect Pentagram when viewed from a perspective of North-up, South-down. For more “disinformation” on this thing, just DuckDuckGo or Google “lisakovsk pentagram”.


Ok so im here to explain how txt could possible be referring to the conspiarcy theroy from the wings album and that it might be in the story too, first of all “the boy with the wings told the boy horns that his horns were beautiful” the boy with the wings is probably a referrence to Taehyung a memeber from bts the boy with horns being txt. Im not going to explain anymore but there is many videos that could help explain it. Yes it does involve the “devil” but there’s a mean behind it. It’s not to just say “hey please stan our lord and savor satan that is our king”, it tell’s a different story.


I was a fan of BTS before they got into the top of K-Pop. Their change was so sudden. They were so underrated before they got recognized in Korea then globally. ARMY (BTS’ fans) call it “success through hardwork” and calling their evil masterpieces “art”. It’s so sad to see these young boys scouted to the evil.

Please investigate ITZY’s case, too. They are a girl group under JYP Entertainment, affiliated with Big Hit. They debuted a week prior to TXT. Both groups are dubbed as “monster rookies”.


Nah, BTS had symbolic signs even in their debut music video. They were never “innocent” in the beginning lol.


These are grown men. Yall got too much time on your hands.


can we please get an anlysis to the ‘Us’ movie?


They don’t even make an effort anymore

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